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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  June 4, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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duty and responsibility which she has carried out through a great period of personal and public turbulence. she has the entire world's respect. paul: she sure does. and i i think most americans salute her as well. so it's been fun to watch. that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel and to all of you for watching. i'm paul gigot, we hope to see you right here next week. ♪ ♪ eric: well, president biden taking up an encouraging may jobs report given the prices of gas and groceries, well, you know it, they keep rising. now there's growing concern of a possible recession as the federal reserve tries to rein in the red-hot inflation that shows no sign now of decreasing. hello, everyone, with welcome to a brand new hour of "fox news live," i'm eric shawn. hi, arthel. arthel: hello, everyone, i'm arthel neville. well, excuse me, the u.s. economy exceeding expect asians
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adding 390,000 new jobs, the unemployment rate also holding steady the at 3.6%, the lowest since february 2020. however, the positive report is little comfort to many americans who are shelling out more money, well, for just about everything these days. president biden blaming the price spikes on vladimir putin and the war in ukraine. >> fighting inflation is my top economic priority. the two the challenges on the minds of most working families are prices at the pump and prices at the groce ifly store. grocery store. both of these challenges have been greatly exacerbated by putin's war in ukraine. eric: lucas tomlinson is on the north lawn of the white house with more. >> reporter: hi, eric. the good news here, the labor county says nearly 400,000 jobs were added in the month of may. the bad news is many people are leaving labor force altogether. president biden spoke from
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delaware yesterday where he's spending the weekend. >> i want to speak very briefly today the about our economy and what we're doing to lower the costs for american families. i know that even with today's good news a lot of americans remain anxious, and i understand the feeling. >> reporter: -- anxiety, the high cost of fuel, a reminder everyone pulls into a gas station across the country. today the price of gasoline is double what it was when president biden took office. according to this chart, it's been increasing ever since he was elected. the record-setting price of gas one of the reasons the president asked saudi arabia and opec to pump more oil. critics want the president to pump more here in the united states. as a presidential candidate, biden once called saudi arabia a, quote, pariah. the about face in u.s. policy comes as the president prepares to visit israel and riyadh next month with a photo op for increasing production. earlier this week the president meeting with the chairman of the federal reserve and the cameras
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in the oval office, participant of a ramped-up messaging -- part of a ramped-up messaging campaign from the white house. >> you've got a lot of people who have left the labor force, who aren't even looking for jobs. and these people aren't planning on coming back, and they aren't coming back in numbers because this is a flashing red sign, it's a warning sign for the economy. >> reporter: a mote on statistics, eric -- note. if i asked you who had more hits in national league basketball if it was the yankees or the nationals, you'd probably say the yankees. it's actually the nationals. eric: hopefully we can beat inflation. lucas, thank you. arthel? the. arthel: all right. for more baseball talk now -- no, just kidding. while president biden takes a victory lap over the latest job numbers, the ceo of jpmorgan chase with this warning: big with trouble is heading straight for the u.s. economy.
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>> a hurricane -- it's a hurricane. right now it's kind of sunny, things are doing fine, you know, everyone thinks that they can handle this. that hurricane is right out there the down the road coming our way. arthel: jamie dimon sounding the alarm over rising inflation and the federal reserve's interest rate hikes. now, which have some experts talking about a possible version. asked about dimon's remarks, labor secretary the marty walsh did not exactly rule out a worse case scenario. >> what i heard jamie dimon just say is we were potentially going to get hit with a hurricane. it could be a severe rainstorm or it could be worse than that. i think there's no question about that the, we can't really predict the future right now, how it's going to be in the future. arkansas all right. let's bring in robert wolfe, former economic adviser to president obama, founder and ceo of 32 advisers and a fox news contributor. sir, welcome back, concern bob, what do you say? what could this economic
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hurricane look like? who would it hurt? how can we protect ourselves, and could jamie dimon's forecast be wrong? >> well, i was president of the ubs investment bank and ubs america, so i know jamie, and i understand his views with respect to the banking industry9 and the future of the economy. i mean, a couple of things. one, i wouldn't say it was rosy today, so i would disagree with him where we are today. we're having, i would say, strong numbers with jobs and wages, and then we're having everyday, tough numbers with inflation both on energy and food. and if you look at everyday, hard working americans, they're losing money in their pocket every day because inflation's about 8.5 and wages are at about 5. so i wouldn't say it's the rosy today. on the horizon i probably am a little more negative with respect to how long inflation will stay with us, because i cothink the geopolitical risk is going to last longer than we all think. and the unfortunate thing with energy is it's a global with
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market. so it's not just what the u.s. can do, you know? it's what's happening with russia, china and everywhere else. so is i do think we're going to have some serious bumps in the road continue, but i wouldn't say i would be calling for a recession because there are some numbers, arthel, that have shown incredible strength. for example, retail sales were stronger than inflation. arthel: yep. >> and in a consumer-driven economy, that's a sign like things aren't so bad. arthel: well, i, i, i'm going to come back to your point about the geopolitical status of everything, but right now i want to play some sound from president biden who says that more moderation puts the united states in a good place to tackle inflation. let's listen. >> and as we move to a new period of stable, steady growth, we should expect to see more moderation. we aren't likely to see the kind of blockbuster job reports month after month like we had over this past year, but that's a
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good thing. that stability puts us in a strong position to tackle what is clearly a problem, inflation. arthel: so what is considered more moderation, and do you agree with the president's theory? >> you know, i do think we're going to go into a more level setting with respect to jobs. if you look at pre-covid, president trump was averaging about 200,000 jobs plus or minus, and president biden post-covid has been averaging north of 400,000. and that's in a situation where we have, for the most part, brought all the jobs back that we lost during the covid environment, almost 10 million. so i would say we are going to level off, and i heard some of your, you know, your people earlier speak about the participation rate. it is still down about 1% where we were pre-covid, but it's also up 1% from the low. so we're about 62%. so we are bringing people back into the work force. and the last thing i would say,
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you know, about inflation, there are certain industries that are outperforming inflation that got hit dramatically during covid. hospitality and leisure, wages are up knot of -- north of 15%, so you could say they're outperforming where inflation is. so i don't think, you know, we can just make some generic statement. but i do agree with president biden that we will be in a more moderate environment where i would probably disagree more with the fed than with the white house, i obviously don't think it's transitory. i think that they're, they have on the more hawkish, and they probably have to do more than what they're contemplating. arthel: i think they're admitting that as well, exactly what you're saying. but with i want to talk about in the, because president biden and crown prince mohamed bin salmon, the de facto ruler of saudi arabia, they're scheduled to meet next month, the first direct meeting between the two since biden became president. how might that affect gas prices
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here at home? >> well, obviously, if opec continues to have -- to add to the supply, i think there were about 600,000 barrels nay just -- they just announced, you know, it would have been great if they were north of 1 million. so, yes, they did a decent amount but nowhere near what the impact on russia was. so anytime opec's going to increase supply during this time of heavy demand and the reopening of the global, in what we'll call post-covid environment, i think's a good thing for gas price, for energy prices. but we still have a long way to go if we're going to disintermediate everything that russia provided. they were about, you know, almost 10% of the market on a global basis, and you still have places like india and china that are buying from them. so -- arthel: exactly. >> i'm sorry, arthel? arthel: no, no, i hear you, but i was going to ask you, you know, so do you think president biden should meet with the crown
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prince? >> i do. i think it's important to have, you meet with let's call, you meet with our friendnies -- frenemies, right? sometimes they're our friends, sometimes they're our adversaries. i agree we always have to stay strong on human rights. that being said, it's hard to ignore what is going on in the middle with respect to energy and oil, and he represents, you know, the largest economy in the world by a wide margin, and i think it's important that he meets, you know, with saudi and other opec nations. arthel: all right. robert wolf, bob, we'll have to leave it there. we'll have you on again. thank you. >> thank you. arthel: eric? eric: thanks, arthel them. the highly contested pennsylvania senate race is now set. former hedge fund manager david mccormick has concealed -- conceded to tv the doctor mehmet oz. he did that last night. oz will now face off against
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lieutenant governor john fetterman. mr. fetterman's still recovering from that stroke he suffered in the waning dayses of the campaign last month, and he has since revealed some other health issues. alexis mcadams is here with the latest. >> reporter: hi, eric. yeah, we'll get to those health issues in just a second. the mccormick called dr. oz to congratulate him, but it's important to point out this recount a's still going, and it's going to taxpayers, eric, more than a million dollars. here's thest look at that recount happening right now, it's expected to hopefully wrap up by june 8th. so we'll see. the race for senate republican nominee for senate is moving forward, david mccormick has now conceded to dr. mehmet oz, a well known celebrity tv doctor. oz had a lead of fewer than 1,000 votes just before that recount. this win does secure another spot for a candidate endorsed by former president donald trump.
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>> we came so close. we came so close to the goal. by the slimmest of margins -- [applause] it is so important for pennsylvania, so important that we beat john fetterman, and it's so important for the country that we take back the majority in the senate. >> reporter: mccormick and dr. oz now focusing in on the democratic opponent lieutenant governor john fetterman, releasing in the statement saying in part: we'll make sure9 that the u.s. senate seat does not fall into the hands of the radical left led by john fetterman. next up is the november election. oz will go head to head with fetterman to replace retiring republican senator pat toomey. supporters are worried about his health. they actually just announced on friday that he almost died due to an ongoing heart condition. there's been so much discussion about fetterman's health that his doctor actually spoke about it publicly saying if he does take his health seriously, fetterman should be able to campaign and serve in the senate
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without a problem. now, if elected, dr. oz would be the first muslim senator. eric? if. eric: all right, alexis, thanks so much. arthel? arthel: well, eric, disturbing news, police say the murder of a former wisconsin judge was a targeted killing and that the suspect had a hit list of other lawmakers. yesterday morning police got calls of shots fired at the home of judge john romer in new lisbon about 150 miles northwest of milwaukee. officials say s.w.a.t. teams found the judge zip tied to a chair and shot in the head. he was dead when they arrived. the suspect was found in the basement with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound and is in critical condition. police say a hit list found in the suspect's car named judge romer along with wisconsin governor tony evers, michigan governor gretchen whitmer and senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. >> at this point we are not
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aware of any evidence indicating there is any active danger to other individuals, those who may have been other targets have been notified of that, but so far the information that's been gathered indicates that it was a targeted act and that the targeting was based on some sort of case report. arthel: police say the case is being investigated as a homicide and possible domestic terrorism. eric. eric: arthel the, investigations now underway after two separate aacts out west. in phoenix a shooting at a strip maul killed 21 person and -- 1 person and woundedded 8. and two days after a killing many tulsa, oklahoma. authorities say a man stabbed a doctor and two nurses in los angeles. all three in stable condition. christina coleman has more on that. >> reporter: hi, eric. as for the shooting in phoenix, police say a woman was pronounced dead after she was take then to the hospital. a total of 9 people were shot
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including that woman and 2 others who suffered life-threatening injuries. police believe the victims range in age from 18 to 24 year years old. police say when they showed up, people took off running in different the corrections. about 100 people were gathered at the strip mall at the time. police believe altercations between some people escalated into the shooting around 1 a.m. early this morning. >> many rounds were shot into this crowd of people. as everyone fled the area. >> i don't have any indication that anyone had broken in or that it was a burglary or an unlicensed party or anything. all i know right now is a large gathering of people at a strip mall. >> reporter: and hours earlier here in southern california a doctor and two nurses were stabbed inside an emergency ward at the encino hospital medical center just north9 of los angeles in san fernando valley. prior to the shooting -- or prior to shooting the victims,
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rather, the suspect parked his car in the middle of the street, entered an emergency room and asked for treatment for anxiety. after he was arrested yesterday, he was taken to another hospital for self-inflicted injuries to his arms. police say this suspect has a long criminal history and that there's no evidence indicating that he knew victims he attacked yesterday at the hospital. >> we're two doors down, i mean, two buildings dowinngs down and, that could have been any of us or our doctors. oh, it's terrible. disheartening, and with all this other stuff going on these days, just really hits really close to home. >> reporter: and this comes just days after a gunman shot and killed four people and himself at a hospital in tulsa, oklahoma. that was just on wednesday. another brutal act of violence at a place where people go to seek help and care. eric? eric: all right, christina, thanks so much is. arthel? arthel: oh, well, eric and
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christina, parts of south florida are submerged in nearly a foot of water after a tropical rainstorm rakes the sunshine state. the national weather service says 11 inches of rain fell over downtown miami today. miami-dade fire rescue says several people have been rescued from flood waters, and the mayor is urging residents to stay indoors until water levels go down. now, the national hurricane center says this storm is a remnant of what was once hurricane agatha in the pacific ocean. it could become the first named atlantic storm, alex, when it heads out to e sea later week. eric: ukraine's president zelenskyy warns his country's ache thing heavy losses as russia's horrible invasion continues in the east. up next, we're going to take a look at how ukrainians are keeping up the fight. ukrainians' spirit, their confidence and what they finally need to defeat vladimir putin.
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♪ ♪ arthel: well, it's now more than 100 days since russia's unprovoked war on ukraine, and while brave resistance has stunned the world, ukraine has
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suffered catastrophic damage. ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy says russia now controls 20% of his country. senior correspondent mike tobin is in kyiv with the very latest. mike. >> reporter: and, arthel, in 101 days this has evolved into an old school artillery war in the south and east of the country. russia to in the point has had superior firepower and as a result has made steady gains in the east part of this country. ukrainians have launched a counteroffensive trying to gain back some real estate in the south with limited progress. meantime, the u.n. says 14 million ukrainians have been forced from their homes, most of them women and children. ukrainians say more than 31,000 russian soldiers have been killed since war began here, and people in the center of this country are trying to recover after a ruthless invasion. while much of ukraine rebounds, the people in bucha are changed by the atrocities that came to
1:23 pm
their streets. this woman is assembling an album of her husband. he went on bicycles with his son for an aid delivery, food. they were stopped at a russian checkpoint. >> translator: when my husband raised his hands and began to turn towards the my son, two shots were fired at him and then two shots at the child as well. and when the child fell on the asphalt, a third shot was fired in the direction of his head. >> reporter: this town has come to symbolize war acrossties. nothing is better evidence of that than this disturbing soil. there were so many dead left laying in the open that a local priest organized a mass grave next to the church. in the end, 1312 people were -- 112 people were buried here. she tries to the focus on the son who survived the shooting and the other two. she spent her career raising the kids. now she needs to pay the bills. >> translator: our family was provided for by my husband. we turned to a psychologist for
1:24 pm
help. i try not to be left alone. i went to work, and i'm constantly trying to be engaged in something so that there is no free time. >> reporter: there the has been a handful of war crimes trials in ukraine with thus far. the prosecutor general wants to take these to international courts, and she's assembled a team of 100 prosecutors to deal with the sheer volume of war crimes cases. arthel, back to you. arthel: mike tobin, thank you very much there live in kyiv. eric. >> reporter: you got it. eric: president zelenskyy says russian forces are killing as many as 100 ukrainians a day, but he's still holding out hope despite vladimir putin's bloody and horrific invasion that continues. zelenskyy telling ukrainians, quote: the president is here, the armed forces of ukraine with are here, and more importantly, our people are here. we have been defending ukraine for 100 days, victory is ours. when can ukraine finally see that victory?
1:25 pm
maria soroko joins us now. maria, welcome. you just returned from ukraine. what is keeping your country men and women, what are keeping ukrainians hopeful despite this continuing carnage? >> thank you the, eric. you know, what is keeping us hopeful is the fact that we have the truth, and we do have god on our side. and also the fact that there is so much support from the american people. you know, i am so grateful to you and to your team for inviting me, for bringing razom and for bringing ukrainians to the front lines and for el thing our story. you know, after your show i received so many calls and so many letters of support. the support is tremendous. and janet from delray beach,
1:26 pm
florida, called me and said i saw that ukrainians are cold, and i want to knit hats for them. that was, that was in march. it's absolutely unbelievable. you know, kenneth from plano, texas, sent me this wooden cross that i carry with me everywhere i go because we need these symbols of support. you know, i was just watching the segment before, before mine, and, you know, we have shootings, we have tropical storms, we have war in ukraine. i'm sure it makes everyone angry and feel despair. but we can't have that take over us. we have to have faith, with we have to be strong, but we also need to understand that we are not in control of everything. i am part of a nonprofit in the united states, a nonprofit that
1:27 pm
before russian invasion collected $200,000 a year. but we the still were super effective. and now because of everything that is going on and because the united states leadership and american people they understand that ukrainian democracy, sweg -- integrity and territorial space is crucial to the national security of the united states. and every day we are asking people to not forget about what is going on but also not fall into despair because that way we are not effective. and this is the, in fact, what our enemy wants. eric: your words are so eloquent and so strong and so meaningful, and we thank you. we thank our viewers here at fox news who are so generous to ukraine, to raz the om for ukraine. that's -- razom.
1:28 pm
that's one way you can help. we as americans are with you. what do you immediate? what do ukrainians need? the president, for example, has okayed artillery at 40 miles' length but not 180 miles, and ukraine is asking for that with the props they won't attack russian territory the. -- promise. what is the administration do to finally put the nail into vladimir putin in. >> we need to speak up, and we need to understand that it is important to speak with your representatives. they listen and they do care. they want to hear from you. again, we are hearing from people from kansas, from florida, from ohio that they are with us, and they understand that ukrainians are fighting for their lives, but the whole world is behind us. and in the, again, i don't pretend to be an expert on war, but i have learned a few things in the past three months.
1:29 pm
when you are fighting an enemy, you need to know who you are, what are you fighting for and who is the enemy. and the enemy is a lot weaker than we think. mine, look at -- i mean, look at the images of the second largest army in the world retreat thing -- retreating. it is beyond embarrassing, it is absolutely incomprehensible. so, please, reach out to your representatives and met them know that you have not -- let them know that you have not forgotten about what is happening in ukraine. and it is important for our security as americans, absolutely. we are connected in this world. every country is connected. the prices are going up because of the war in ukraine. ukraine is the top producer of fertilizer, grain and metals. and if ukraine right now cannot export any of that, we are all feeling this. eric: and finally, mariya, there
1:30 pm
were reports that putin has been sick. do you think he will come to the negotiating table? the "wall street journal," for example, they said today that it will take a defeat of vladimir putin to end this war. on the ground. >> you know, i believe in god and i pray for people, and i even pray for vladimir putin even though he has caused me so much pain. but i also have never felt so strong in my life. i'm very proud to be living in the united states, and i'm very proud to be born in ukraine. i don't know what's ahead of us, but i do know that the together we will win, and i invite everyone to come to ukraine and celebrate together with me. eric: together we will win, says mariya soroka, waiting for the
1:31 pm
day when ukraine will fully be free. thank you for your work and thank you for coming today. and by the way, folks, if you want to help, go the razom for charity is helping, and you can help, razom the mariya, thank you, and we'll be back here with more news on the fox news channel right after this. >> thank you. eric: of course. there are or ivity can outshine any bad day. because you are greater than your bipolar i, and you can help take control of your symptoms - and ask about vraylar. some medicines only treat the lows or highs. once-daily vraylar is proven to treat depressive, acute manic, and mixed episodes of bipolar i in adults. full-spectrum relief for all bipolar i symptoms. elderly dementia patients have increased risk of death or stroke. call your doctor about unusual changes in behavior or suicidal thoughts. antidepressants can increase these in children and young adults. report fever, stiff muscles or confusion
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eric: well, the humanitarian crisis at our southern boarder is continuing with migrants, as you know, still crossing, we're told in record numbers. this is a number of republican leaders toured the border e. they say the biden administration is not doing enough to stop the flood of people and drug smuggling.
1:36 pm
griff jenkins is on the border with the very latest. hey, griff. >> reporter: hey, eric, good afternoon. usually this time of year the surge slows down a little bit because of the heat. not so. today it's 97 degrees but it feels to be in the 100s. look at this video we just shot. moments ago a group of 10 not letting the heat get in the way. it's a small group, 7 are a nicaraguan family, but 3 of them are chinese nationals. i communicated with them with google translate, and they fled china because they're being persecuted by the chinese government. they are just a drop in the bucket compared to the last 24 hours. look at this full screen we want to show you the last 24 hours of the top four sectors along the border in the rio grande valley sector, 1,31 is 8. del rio, more than 1300, el paso over 1,000, as you can see. over in mexico we got exclusive video you can see in the largest migrant shelter there inside.
1:37 pm
the director says he's got 1500 in a space built for 1200, and out in the city some 5,000. we saw over there, by the way, 3 ukrainians and 2 russians. this border crisis, the congressional delegation came to see. we were able to get a ride with them as they accompanied texas dps on the boat seeing the more than 2003 miles of river border here concern 200 miles. we caught up with buddy carter as well who was on "fox & friends" this morning. he waked -- weighed in on what that col -- codel saw. >> unfortunately, i was hoping that i would see improvements, but i didn't see any improvement whatsoever. still overcrowding, still the border patrol agents are overwhelmed. one of them describedded it as working with a bucket in front of a fire hydrant. don't send me more buckets, turn off the tap. >> reporter: and, eric, it looks like we could see even greater numbers.
1:38 pm
fox news confirming with a caravan organizer down in ap the call la, southern mexico, they may start marching, as many as 11,000 strong, if the migrants don't get work visas by monday. eric? eric: griff, that's amazing that people are able to make that journey all the way from china? as you said, i mean, it's pretty astounding. >> reporter: coming from all over the world. in fact, in the last year border patrol officials tell me, eric, they've seen migrants from more than 150 countries. eric? eric: all right, griff. the situation there at the border. thank you. arthel? arthel: yeah, and griff and eric, in addition to the humanitarian crisis, drugs continue to flow into the u.s. across the southern border. according to the u.s. customs and border protection, officials have already seized more than 389,000 pounds of drugs, and as the fentanyl crisis continues to grow across the u.s., customs agents have have seized more
1:39 pm
than 6600 pounds of the kid thely opioid. and that's so far this year. mark brnovich is here, arizona's attorney general and an outspoken advocate of sustain thing title 42 covid restrictions at the border. joining us now, mr. a.g., you were recently at the border, so how bad is the human and drug the smuggling, and is one worse than the other? >> well, we know the people are being exploited, arthel, and thank you for having me on again to share our, the experience. something that all americans need to know about. i was down in the yuma sector. more than a dozen people have died already this year trying to cross the border as a result of heat-related injuries. we also know that about half the drugs that enter the united states now are entering through the southern border, arizona. and you mentioned that 6600 pounds of fentanyl just this year. i just want to put that in context. that literally is enough fentanyl to kill every single person in the united states. and just recently here in arizona we have a case where
1:40 pm
40,000 -- 140,000 fake fentanyl pills were seized with a transformer logo designed to appeal to adolescents and teenagers and 11 pounds of fentanyl powder. that literally is enough fentanyl to kill the entire population of dallas, texas, or san diego, california, in one stop. arthel: wow. >> so we are losing the ability to describe how this is killing and undermining, you know, american values. arthel: so now you're the attorney the general of arizona, as i said, so, of course, you know traffickers know how to game the system. but are there any legal consequences for the traffickers, those traffickers? i mean, are your hands tied in some ways? >> well, this is the thing, arthel, we can prosecute -- i, we prosecute those cases like the one i mentioned. that's a case we're working with the dea and the phoenix police department. by the time we get those cases, that means the traffickers have already got into the country,
1:41 pm
and they're already distributing those drugs throughout the united states. the problem is that the biden administration, by refusing, by decriminalizing what's happening at our border, by creating incentives, they've created this huge flux that's overwhelmed border patrol. and as border patrol agents have to deal with the hundreds of thousands, more than a million people illegally crossing into our country, that takes them out of the field, and the cartels and traffickers use that to have people smuggle drugs and dangerous people into our country. so that's the problem. the system is getting overwhelmed, and as a result of that, the cartels are enriching themselves and making it more dangerous for us. arthel: and you're running for u.s. senate. so what's current, the senate we have now, what are they doing right? what are they doing wrong? and how could you help them solve the border crisis? >> well, the -- [laughter] the problem, arthel, is that we're not forcing the biden administration to force, administer existing law. so whether we're stopping building the wall which now we're paying penalties on as
1:42 pm
taxpayers. the biden administration tried to give government benefits to people here without citizenship. i sued them, i argued that case in the supreme court. we're waiting for a decision. we know the biden administration is not enforcing title viii, and now with title 42 the, i mean, that's just one tool left in the toolbox, but the biden administration and the enablers, the u.s. senate, have allowed them to systematically undermine current system, and that's why we're seeing this record amount of drug cans and people coming into the country. what we need to do the first and foremost before anything else is start the ennows -- enforcing existing law, and the biden administration -- the federal government has an apex of power, border security, national security, stop incentivizing and decriminalize people breaking the law coming into our country. arthel: well, i mean, you laid out a lot of stuff there, mr. a.g., but, you know, what can you do and talk to your fellow republicans in the senate or just in congress in general
1:43 pm
because they are forceful as well? is there something they can do to get the biden administration another the things that you think they are not doing? >> well, i hope so. and the thing is, arthel, that it's bad enough congress is already dangerous enough. but when you combine that with, quite frankly, incompetent or an uncaring democratic president like joe biden, that's when you end up with this tsunami at our southern border. quite frankly, the largest invasion since the alamo at our southern border. and what we need to do is make sure that border patrol not only gets the tools that they need to enforce existing law, those resources, but you can give or provide i.c.e. or border patrol all those tools or all that funding, but it doesn't matter when you have a federal government, the president that refuses to enforce existing law. so me and my colleagues, i shouldn't have to be the suing joe biden over title 42. i shouldn't have to sue him to try to build the wall. i shouldn't sue him --
1:44 pm
arthel: yes. >> that is up to congress when they fund these agencies, and if necessary, they should impeach mayorkas for not doing his job. arthel: mr. , a.g., you laid out a lot there. i'm up against a to break -- >> sorry, arthel. arkansas that's okay. we'll have you on again. mark brnovich, arizona attorney general. thank you for joining us. we'll be right back. 's importan to have confidence in the nutritional drink you choose. try boost glucose control®. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost® today. when tired, achy feet make your whole body want to stop, it's dr. scholl's time. our insoles are designed with unique massaging gel waves, for all-day comfort and energy. find your relief in store or online. ["only wanna be with you" by hootie & the blowfish] discover is accepted at 99% of places in the u.s.
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eric: former trump adviser peter navarro sitting down for an interview with fox news after the justice department the indicted him on two counts of contempt of congress. videotapes of navarro refusing to be deposed or hand over documents to the january 6th committee, and he allegedly laid out a plan to overturn the presidential election by pressuring vice president mike pence not to certify it. this all comes as committee is set to hold its first public hearing on the violent insurrection attack. that hearing set in prime time starting next thursday.
1:49 pm
alexandria hoff has more on all of this from washington. >> reporter: navarro has taken issue with the why and how of his arrest. he says that fbi agents allowed him to go to the airport on friday and wait until he was about to board a plane to put him in handcuffs. that afternoon the former trump advisor had his first court appearance after a federal grand jury indicted him on criminal contempt of congress. he refuses to comply with the january 6th committee subpoena claiming that since he worked at the trump the white house, executive the privilege applies to him and that he's exempt from appearing before the committee. >> there's no civil law -- and, by the way, the law leans squarely towards my right as senior testimonial immunity and president trump's right to executive privilege. >> reporter: in an interview with fox news, navarro called possible prosecution of him, quote, domestic terrorism. he's also suing house speaker nancy pelosi over the actions of the committee, calling the investigation panel illegitimate.
1:50 pm
but with midterm thing bringing the possibility of republicans taking the majority, tom dupree says the committee itself is under a time crunch. >> i think the january 6th committee and the democrats know the clock is probably ticking against them. that's one reason why i think they are trying to move so quickly, because if navarro is being prosecuted for defying a subpoena and then the committee that issued the subpoena evaporates or is dissolved if the republicans come into power, i don't see how you continue to prosecute that case. >> reporter: navarro is the second trump white house official to be charged with contempt the. longtime adviser steve bannon has also refused to cooperate with the investigation. eric? if. eric: alexandria, thank you. arthel? the. arthel: well, queen elizabeth's jubilee celebration hits the racetrack, but the queen was notably absent for the second day in a row. we're live in london coming up next. ♪ ♪ which means subway's upping their bread game. we're talking artisan italian bread, made fresh daily!
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arthel: ah, well, it is day the three of queen elizabeth's platinum jubilee celebrations. ed today's big event was horse racing, but the queen had to watch from if home due to mobility issues. tonight the younger royals will attend a star-studded concert. alex hogan is live in london. alec, i'm telling you what, there's that big smile on your
1:55 pm
face -- [laughter] i don't blame you. this is so trillion thrill thing. it's so fascinating. >> reporter: it's a really fun weekend, arthel. people are partying for the third straight day for the first ever platte if numb jubilee, and right now the big event is a concert outside of buckingham palace, and people have been lined up all day extremely excited. take a listen. >> hip hip, hooray! god save the queen! >> reporter: decked out with flags, scarveses and drinks in hand, the crowd started arriving early for on the the's show. some of the many performers include diana ross, alicia keys, rob stewart and george ezra, and earlier odd the princess anne a represented her mother, the queen, at the derby. the queen is a major horse lover, and this is the first time she has not attended the derby since 1984. other celebrations this weekend include the trooping the colour or military parade, a flyover, a beacon-lighting ceremony which
1:56 pm
triggered the lighting of other beacons around the world at the exact same time. there was also a church service at st. paul's cathedral, and hen the four-day holiday will wrap up on sunday with a jubilee pageant. there has been some disappointment that people are not able to see queen as much as they had hoped, however, people are respectful, and and they're a paying their honors, celebrating the queen for everything she has done in the last seven decades. in that time she's hosted more than 21,000 events, and she's also welcomed 1.5 million people to garden parties that she herself has hosted during her reign. arthel? arthel: job well done. all right, alex hogan, thank you so much. eric. [laughter] eric: i guess i can say god save queen, as they say over there. having a great time. arthel: absolutely, absolutely. ♪ woo hoo! ensure, complete balanced nutrition with 27 vitamins and minerals.
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and ensure complete with 30 grams of protein. ♪ ♪
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