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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  June 4, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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because i want to give a shadow to one my good friend, colby of west texas, the best cowboy i know, it's his birthday and there we all are. i love him, happy birthday colby, happy 40th. >> you guys look amazing. that doesn't for us but come back tomorrow 5:00 p.m. eastern and will have the big sunday show. >> police man shot and killed a former judge there, bipartisan hit list of federal officials. good evening, i am jon scott and this is fox report. ♪♪ wisconsin police say retired judge john roemer was targeted for a killing at his home by suspect with the hit list. on it wisconsin governor tony evers, mission governor whitmer and senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. much more on this just ahead.
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economic news, the productions with nearly 400,000 new jobs added last month but gas prices hitting another record high today. families nationwide struggle to find baby formula. as the humanitarian crisis continues at the southern border, d.o.j. appealing a ruling to keep title 42 pandemic restrictions in place. tennessee for hogan senator marsha blackburn is standing by and we have fox team coverage lucas thomases at the white house, griff jenkins of the border but christina : is live on the killing of that former wisconsin judge and what else the suspect might have planned. >> apparently the 56-year-old suspect had a list of targets including prominent government officials. the suspect is listed in critical condition right now, police say he entered the home of a former judge, shot and killed him and he went into the man's basement and shot himself. the sheriff's office, call about
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shots fired around 6:30 a.m. friday in the township of -- an hour northwest of madison in rural wisconsin. law enforcement tried to negotiate with the man to get him out of the house but when they were able to enter, they found him with a self-inflicted gunshot wound in the basement. for the victim, identified as 68-year-old john roemer, churchgoing former juneau county judge who retired from this in 2017. he describes as a from a nice guy. the former judge was reportedly found this time tied to a chair and fatally shot. we are working to independent confirmed this information. meantime we do know law enforcement does not believe this was a random act of violence. >> so far the information indicates it was a targeted act it was based on a court case or court cases.
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>> frightening enough investigators believe the suspect had a hit list which includes senate minority leader mitch mcconnell, michigan governor whitmer and wisconsin governor tony evers. >> the suspect appears to have had other targets as well, the judicial system and we are not aware of any active danger to other individuals, those who may have other targets notified of that. >> it's unclear why the suspect might want to target the individuals. the list included bipartisan politicians. this and many others are included in this ongoing investigation which includes the fbi's d.o.j. criminal investigation division. jon: christina, thank you. the white house is celebrating a strong report with u.s. adding 400,000 jobs last month, more
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than experts predicted but gas prices hit another record high with national average $4.82 a gallon, up 6 cents just since yesterday. lucas thomases live with at the white house with more on that. >> the price of gas today is double what it was when the president took office, gas prices have soared, approval rating has dropped. president spoke yesterday enjoying the weekend. >> i want to speak briefly today about our economy and what we are doing to lower cost for american families. i know today is good news, a lot of americans are anxious and i understand. >> part of the anxiety, high cost of fuel and reminder every time someone pulled into a gas station across the country, the price of gas is double what it was, president biden's warning
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according to this chart increasing ever since he was elected. record-setting price of gas, one reason the president was asking saudi arabia to put more oil and they have implied. critics want the president to put more oil in the u.s. he called saudi arabia, facing u.s. policy comes as the president prepares israel next month to think the crown prince with a handshake and photo up for increasing oil production during go back from the left and right. a report biden's treasury secretary did not deport the enormous $1.9 trillion covered relief package which many say cost inflation crisis or exacerbated, janet yellen put out a statement saying the report is false and she always reported that. she said i was wrong about inflation earlier this week, three words you don't hear often. earlier this week the president and chair of the federal reserve, ramped up messaging campaign, some economists look at the declining labor participation rate is a reason to be cautious about the economy. >> you got a lot of people who
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aren't even looking for jobs and these people aren't planning on coming back and they are coming back, flashing red sign, a warning sign of the economy. >> the president just went to church pacific time who had the first time is a small aircraft and restricted airspace, secret service provider statement saying that it made a mistake. jon: lucas thomason the white house, thanks. investigation underway, two separate violent attacks on the west coast in los angeles, a man emergency and stabbed at all. suspect pulled up in a room for four hours what team to custody this two days after a gunman killed four people including two doctors at oklahoma hospital. the shooting a set of of
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stripmall, at least one person dead and 81, two with life-threatening injuries. one hundred people report of the gathered for party, a fight broke out, no arrests yet. migrants continue crossing our southern border and record numbers fueling a growing humanitarian crisis. migrants shelters on the border are asking for help from the government to prepare for the end of title 42. biden administration is appealing the court decision keeping the pandemic restrictions in place. griff jenkins is live in rio grande valley with more. >> good evening, the brutal heat hit triple digits today. look at this video, we shot this moment ago. one of many groups we've witnessed crossing the border here in la joya, texas, this one had about 40 mostly nicaraguan
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family units. a few hours ago we saw another group you can see in this video, a smaller group, only ten, a family of nicaraguans, three or chinese necklace nationalists, they said they left china and they are persecuted by the government. in the last 24 hours, we can show you how many migrant encounters that have been across the four top sectors, you see at the top rio grande valley sector, 1318, 15 more in del rio, el paso over 1000 in yuma in arizona, 346%, more than 4500 total in the last 24 hours in these four sectors. we had the opportunity to go into a migrant shelter across the river from me, you can see here there are more than 1500 migrants, the director there says there's more than 5000 mostly haitians on the streets
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in the city and he said he wants the administration to send a stronger message to migrants who may be coming to border cities because of anticipation of title 42. he wants the administration to tell them not to come. >> the administration we have right now, all of the families suffering right now, we have families here on the border. >> a caravan leader in mexico confirmed to us 11000 migrants will start marching north. to bring it all home, 11000 that may be on their way monday, 4500 apprehended in last 24 hours, all will come with a bracelet the cartel gave them when they paid. it's numbered, organized, and assembly line efficiency and ultimately it means trumpets for
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the cartel on the mexican side of the work. jon: unbelievable numbers. chris, thank you. let's get into this more, for public and senator marsha blackburn, you've heard the numbers in the senate, numbers he's reporting, your reaction? >> this is something we have expected to happen because the biden administration border policy has been open border. last year there were people from 160 different countries we've been hearing for weeks that the cartel who are global operations are bringing people from all across the globe to the southern border waiting for title 42 to be lifted and we are hearing about the shelters that are packed full and griff jenkins was saying people have bracelets, they are labeled and numbered, they are going to have to repay the cartel when they get here which means human
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trafficking, sex trafficking, drug trafficking not in mexico but in the united states. it is imperative that we build that wall, keep title 42, keep remain in mexico and support border patrol who are working every single day to try to protect us. we are even hearing people from russia and ukraine coming to the southern border to get in the u.s. jon: we heard in the report a family from china walked across our border. your fellow republican senator marshall of kansas made a visit to the southern border. here's what he had to say about what he saw there. >> kansas is now a border state. we have people dying most every day now from fentanyl poising in almost every state and in the union is having people die from
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fentanyl poisoning. what we saw is a humanitarian crisis. the humanitarian across the world, i've been to poland recently, this is one of the worst humanitarian crisis i've seen. jon: the worst humanitarian crisis he's ever seen. who at the white house thinks it's okay to let this continue? >> this is one of the most uncompassionate policies i've ever seen. every state is a border state, every town a border town. one of the sheriff's i was talking to said 80% of the drug save apprehended here in tennessee are fentanyl related. most of the drug deaths are sentinel related. most of the american drug overdoses are fentanyl this is not compassionate. you are giving the cartel control over these lives if you
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do not stop them. because people are coming in, then forced in trafficking, drug trafficking, they are forced into labor gangs, they are also msn 13 gang, your seen crime on the street, when i talked to tennesseans, three big issues, inflation, crime and drugs. jon: we will get into inflation. >> i relate it to the open border. jon: i want to put out the total numbers of border encounters this fiscal year versus the previous fiscal year including end of the trump administration, the beginning of the biden administration, 1,296,000 roughly, so far in fiscal year 2022. than the previous fiscal year, 7,150,000 roughly, it is up 73% just this fiscal year, how can
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the nation continue to sustain those numbers? >> you cannot continue this. what you are going to see if title 42 is lifted, 18000 people a day coming across that border. when i heard that number i was taken aback so i looked up the number in tennessee, 345, 90% of those cities have 18000 or fewer residents in the city. it's the equivalent of the population of a tennessee town coming across the border. your viewers, the population of different towns and cities in their state and get an idea of the magnitude that this is. as i said, they are forced to the cartel, the cartel are making money hand over fist and the american taxpayer is footing
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the bill, the open border is responsible in large part for the drug and crime problem we are seeing in our communities and of course this is something that's costing our local sheriffs and police departments extraordinary amounts of money to deal with this. jon: it's also going to cost of those on the lower end of the wage scale because all of these new arrivals will look for jobs, willing to work illegally, willing to work for less money than many americans are in fact one of the problems the border presents. the biden administration says things are rosy, the president himself said this regarding the economy. listen to what the president said about americans feeling financially comfortable. >> families are carrying less debt, average savings are of, recent survey from the federal reserve found more americans feel financially comfortable in
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any time since it began in. [two bells tolling] that confidence and comfort ability as part of the reason why americans apply to start more new small businesses last year than ever before in american history. jon: give us your reaction to what the president said? >> bless his heart. one thing is for sure, joe biden knows how to build back broke, i will say that because gas is $4.70 a gallon here in tennessee and in 2020 under president trump, same month, june, it was $2.17. that shows you what happened at the pump i'm at the grocery store, prices are up. you go to buy clothes or shoes, everything is up. people are stressed to the max. because they know things are out of control, spending is out of control. crime, the border and when you
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talk about the issue of inflation and how it impacts families, they are beginning to say what is this going to look like? they are very nervous about what the biden economic policies hold for them. jon: a lot of disappointed americans seeing record prices at the gas pump which continued to increase right now. marsha blackburn, senator, thank you. coming up, we are tracking the first tropical depression of the hurricane season in florida, the tropical threat i should say. authorities are trying to pump nearly a foot of rainwater a flooded. we will take you there. plus the hotly contested report in senate primary in pennsylvania. we learn more about the credit company who suffered a stroke last month. ♪♪
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south florida under a tropical storm watch after remnants of hurricane agatha made its way to the state, miami has seen flooding for more than 11 inches of rainfall. the tropical storm warning has expired, florida's east coast. forecasters say the area will have wind gusts up to 50 miles
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an hour, heavy rain is going to continue. hotly contested pennsylvania republican senate primary finally over. former hedge fund manager david mccormick conceded last night, the tv doctor doctor oz will face off against the democratic candidate lieutenant governor john federman is still recovering from a stroke from last month, he's since revealed other health issues as well. here's the latest on that, alexis. >> he said he called doctor oz to give him and congratulations about his wing but does not an official call yet. the recount still going and cost taxpayers more than a million dollars. >> it's now clear to me with the recount largely complete that we have a nominee. today i called doctor oz to congratulate him on his victory. >> here's the latest look at the recount, numbers coming in expecting to wrap up the account
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by june 8, group eight in pennsylvania, it's moving forward. another spot for candidate endorsed by donald trump. fewer than 1000 boat just before the recount know if he is selected, doctor oz will be the first republican senator. the november election, head-to-head with democratic nominee tenant governor john federman to replace retiring republic senator pat toomey. supporters are worried about his health as he mentioned because he just announced friday he almost died due to an ongoing her condition. less than 24 hours after he conceded, both sides beginning general election. federman going after doctor oz selling bumper stickers you can see that read doctor oz for new jersey. in new jersey, moving to pennsylvania just last year to launch this senate campaign. doctor oz focusing on his
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democratic opponent tweeting that now that the primary is over, we'll make sure u.s. senate seat does not fall into the hands of the radical left by john federman, so much discussion about federman's house, his doctor spoke out about it publicly saying if he takes himself seriously, this time he will be fine and should be able to campaign and serve the senate without a problem. lots of eyes watching. this is set to finish by june 8. jon: a race to watch. alexis, thank you. the justice department indicted former trump advisor, peter navarro and two counts of contempt for defying subpoena from the january 6 committee. d.o.j. says he refused to be deposed or hand over documents. he faces up to a year in jail and $100,000 fine with each count. alexandria hoff in washington. >> navarro has taken issue with
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the why and how of his arrest, he says fbi agents allowed him to go to the airport friday and wait until he was about to board a plane to put him in handcuffs. that afternoon the former trump advisor had his first court appearance after federal grand jury indicted him on criminal contempt of congress. he refuses to comply with the january 6 comedian committee saying since he worked as a trump white house, executive privilege applies to him and exam before the committee. >> there's no set law and the law means squarely toward my right to senior testimony immunity and president trump right to executive privilege. >> in an interview, he called possible prosecution domestic terrorism. he's doing house speaker nancy pelosi over actions of the january 6 committee calling the investigation panel illegitimate. with midterms bringing the possibility of republicans taking the house majority, he says the committee itself is
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under a time crunch. >> i think the january 6 committee and democrats no the clock is ticking against them, one reason i think they are trying to move so quickly because if navarro is prosecuted for defying subpoena and the committee that issued the subpoena evaporates or dissolves the republicans can, i don't see how you continue to persecute the case. >> the second official, contempt steve bennet also fuses to commit. jon: alexandria hoff, thank you. if the justice department said yesterday it will not charge former trump officials mark meadows and dan with contempt of congress. generally six committee leaders call that decision puzzling and asking for more clarity from the d.o.j. this comes as the committee plans to hold its first public hearings on the insurrection in primetime starting next thursday. massive concert tonight,
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celebrating the longest reigning monarch in british history. live in london with a recap of today's events and tomorrow's grand finale, queen elizabeth. ♪♪
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all i am jon scott, this is a
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fox report, the bottom of the hour. his a look at some headlines. police interest appeared in richmond, one person killed and five others wounded at a shooting at a graduation party last night. police say more than 50 shots were fired, these four different weapons. no arrests have been made. uvalde texas sing final goodbyes the children killed in the rob's elementary school massacre. mckenna elrod and taurus laid to rest in the fifth consecutive days of funerals. navy pilot killed yesterday in a super hornet fighter jet crash in california near the mojave desert. naval air station near fresno.
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no one else was hurt. for more on these and other stories might download the fox news app, scan the qr code on your screen or fox marijuana dispensaries across the u.s. are under attack. a surge in pot shop robberies, shop owners say they are easy targets because they can only do business in cash. businesses are pushing for federal legislation to allow credit card payments for marijuana. here's that story. >> show me your hands. [gun shots] >> a robbery in washington and with a shootout in seattle. one suspect is dead but many more armed robberies and marijuana retail stores have resulted in employees getting shot and killed tacoma, oakland and los angeles recently, washington state alone has seen a record 85 armed robberies and
3:33 pm
canvas stores so far this year. this employee was shot six times. >> i got shot the lake, i got shot to the abdomen, chopped up my liver a little bit. i got another shot in the abdomen and another on the top of the lake. >> as it rams up, pot shop owners say reasons include uptick in violent crime, fewer crops and their stores forced to only do sales and cash. >> at the end of the day, there's cash and it's an easy target for robberies, they know they will come in and there will be money laying around. >> forty-four states have medical marijuana, legalize recreational pot or both leaving six states with no cannabis retail. $25 billion a year industry because marijuana is legal under federal law, banks can't touch the proceeds. no credit cards, just cash. there's bipartisan support for the state making act which would
3:34 pm
allow banks to miss it could replace cash. >> they can no longer be targets for criminals and quite frankly, canvas businesses are easy marks. >> banking has passed the house times hit a roadblock in the senate mainly from democrats holding out for federal marijuana decriminalization. >> i will lay myself down and do all i can to stop easy bank to allow the corporations to make more money office as opposed to focusing on. >> latest efforts to pass safe thinking active to a bill designed to make the u.s. more competitive china. republicans see the obvious disconnect so pot shop will likely remain all cash and among the most dangerous dangerous place to work. ♪♪
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jon: day three of celebrations of queen elizabeth jubilee in london, a concert at buckingham palace, 22000 guests, performances by elton john, diana ross, allysia keys and russ stewart among others. alex hogan is covering it all and joins us live from london. >> this event wrapped up with thousands of people packing every single inch around buckingham palace, this was a massive event with performers like diana ross, allysia keys, queen lynn mendel miranda and performances from hamilton, lion king and phantom of the opera. first ever platinum jubilee. queen elizabeth is the longest reigning british monarch. she herself was not able to attend because of discomfort from mobility issues presenting her tonight, the royals family.
3:36 pm
in the front of the royal box at the concert were william and kate, and their two eldest children as well as the duchess of cornwall and prince charles, the heirs of the throne who spoke to the public also addressing his mom. >> you have talked with us, he laughed and cried with us and most importantly, you have been there for us for 70 years. >> earlier in the day at the derby, desert crown first placed in while the queen did not attend, her daughter princess and took over the responsibly for her. other deliberations this weekend include trooping the color military parade, a flyover with 70 planes to mark the milestone, a ceremony that triggered the lighting of other beacons around the world at the exact same
3:37 pm
time. the royal family met the cathedral raising giving service honoring the queen. the four-day holiday will wrap up sunday with a jubilee. while the queen did not make appearances in the last couple of days, we did see her in a surprise comedy skit paddington bear and while celebrations here tonight wrapping up, there will be three parties in london all day tomorrow and across the country. jon: we wish her well. alex hogan, thanks. back on this side of the pond, president biden reportedly frustrated, hearing the cleanup campaign makes him look weak. the white house more obsessed with its image. we will pick that up with joe concha coming up. ♪♪
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president biden reportedly is frustrated with aids for walking back his public statements. nbc news reports the president is unhappy about a pattern that developed inside the west wing, he makes it clear only to have aids rush to explain he actually meant something else. the so-called cleanup campaign he's told advisors undermines him and smothers the authenticity that fueled his drive. joe concha joins us now, fox news contributor. joe, can you blame some of the white house staffers who have to try to clean up the sometimes confusing statements from the president? >> i think you mean when the president says that we will
3:43 pm
respond if the russians use chemical weapons on ukraine and therefore we are going to use chemical weapons or we will defend taiwan if the chinese attacks, does that mean we are going to engage china who has a standing military of more than 2 million militarily and nuclear weapons? you can understand by the white house staff has to clean things up but if the president really means what he says that he's the commander-in-chief and therefore should tell his staff when i say something, i mean it and no ambiguity whatsoever, you should not step in and therefore make me look bad by saying i'm trying to say something i'm not actually saying, i don't need clarification but he's not doing that. if he's frustrated, he should talk to his staff and talk about that but it's amazing the president talks about how he's
3:44 pm
mystified by his poll numbers in terms of being in the 30s and 20s on some issues yet you got to look at it's not a matter of messaging when you have for instance, inflation at 1.4% when this president took office and now it's that 8.3%, that's six times increase in inflation, you can't spin the fact that gas prices have now doubled since the president took office. you can't spin the fact that crime in terms of officers targeted more than ever before and we are seeing criminals are so brazen in city after city in this country, you can't spin that anymore. it's not messaging, it's what people feel and see and they know what's going on. jon: i am extremely happy my four children are all grown not in need of baby formula anymore because that's another issue with this white house. peter doocy asked the president
3:45 pm
new spokesperson wednesday and her response i think you can only call a dodge. >> who's the person in the west wing after six or eight weeks that this baby formula shortage was finally something somebody should tell the president about? >> i have to go back to the president -- >> somebody at the white house to say this could be an issue that requires -- >> i don't have a timeline on that. >> yes, he's satisfied the the president is satisfied with the fda's response. we don't know a great deal about what the president is thinking because he himself has had a press conference or even a one on one with the reporter and what, four months? >> we are talking about the super bowl, february 13, rams singles and now here we are in the summer and the president in
3:46 pm
an election year mind you, the guy who got more votes than anybody in history is not being put forth in terms of doing interviews one on one with anybody at this time and it tells you they are not confident he can get the type of answers that inspire confidence in the america people if he gives answers that are forthright and they have to clean it up like we talked about. with baby formula, that is one topic, one issue parents at home, particularly mothers who may have voted for joe biden or a political or saying i don't buy this, i can't believe i cannot get baby formula for my kid in the same thing with gas prices if you want to drive to the store and buy food, it's more expensive, that will cost you a ton of money. the bottom line is in november, i'll leave it here there's a red tsunami coming because inflation
3:47 pm
or gas prices, you can't get baby formula, things you can't spend and therefore the american people will say we need a different direction and those are things this administration seems to be many days late and many steps behind. jon: it seems like the president might want to sit down with a reporter and explain what he's going to do about those problems. joe concha, thanks. a major announcement from shakira as we go around the globe next. ♪♪
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russia's war on ukraine is entering day 102 now. ongoing in the east ukraine president volodymyr zelenskyy says nearly 20% of his country is now under russian control. in the suburbs around kyiv, ukrainians are trying to come to grips with russia's atrocity. mike tobin reports from kyiv. >> this has evolved into an old-school artillery war in the east and the south of this country. russia has superior firepower and making steady progress in the east. ukraine has tried to launch
3:52 pm
counter in this house and limited success. 14 million ukrainians have been forced from their homes, ukrainians 31000 plus russian soldiers have been killed. in the center of the country attempting to recover from a brutal invasion. much of ukraine rebound, the people in bucha are changed by the atrocities that came to their streets. polanco assembly, he went on bicycles with his son for delivery. they were stopped. >> my husband began to turn towards my son, they were shot at him and at the child as well. when the child fell, another was fired in the direction of his head. >> this symbolizes were atrocity, nothing is better evidence in this disturbed soil.
3:53 pm
there were so many dead laying in the open that a local police organized a mass grave next to the church. in the end, 112 people were buried. >> trying to focus on the son who survived the shooting and the other two. she spent her career raising the kid. now she needs to pay the bill. >> our family was provided for by my husband. we turned to a psychologist for help, i tried not to be left alone, he went to work and i'm trying to be engaged in something so there's no free time. >> already a handful of war crimes trials in ukraine but prosecutor general wants to take them to the international course and assembled 100 prosecutors to handle the sheer volume of cases. jon: mike tobin and kyiv ukraine, thank you. friction could be growing between moscow and beijing, russian media reports china is banning russia's airlines from flying planes into its airspace
3:54 pm
this is after president vladimir putin sees hundreds of foreign owned aircraft and reregister them in response to rest and sanctions over moscow's attack in ukraine. chinese fear russians cannot maintain the planes and they don't want aircraft issues on chinese soil. here now, other headlines from around the globe, off the coast of japan, south korea says it just wrapped it first military exercises with united states involving an american aircraft carrier in more than four years. concerns over north korea's missile test. in hong kong, police enforced a ban on public commemoration and crackdown. hundreds were killed during the protests in 1989. colombian singer shakira announced her split from the soccer star gerard. they dated 11 years and they have two sons together.
3:55 pm
another look at stories from around the globe. the royals and the world paying special tribute to queen elizabeth the second, ahead, special presentation of sight and sound of the jubilee celebration in great britain. ♪♪
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milwaukee county zoo inviting guests to see the latest edition
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to its giraffe heard. zookeepers posting video of a female calf and her mom, marley on thursday saying newborn is spunky and strong, 164 pounds and only 6-foot tall. the calf needs time to adjust to the world around her but she will join her older sister maia and the rest will be very soon. if you ever want a piece of american history, this could be your chance. several items including an original apple one computer, hand controller from apollo 17 and a rose jackie kennedy carried on her husband was shot, up for auction june 23. live on fox nation. we learn more about the affects up for grabs on my new vaccination series selling history available starting monday on fox nation. that's how fox reports this
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saturday june 4, 2022, i'm jon scott. we leave you with more sights and sounds from the latin jubilee queen elizabeth. >> the commonwealth of the nation. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ >> yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. welcome back, i hope everybody had a decent three day weekend. we have to do the news. following last week's mass shooting, 30 people killed over the weekend


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