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tv   One Nation With Brian Kilmeade  FOX News  June 4, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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brian: hi, welcome to the saturday, i'm brian kilmeade and this is "one nation." there maybe an end in sight for the woke movement and the militarization of the me too movement. maybe we can cancel cancel culture. bill barr is talking about the durham probe. even though there is not a conviction this week he's kind
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of happy with the way it turned out. we have a new song all about normandy, and one soldier who is over 100 years old, even though he didn't know it. for the last two years you could argue president biden has been the luckiest man on the face of the earth. he was gifted the nomination because he was the only one who could have stopped socialist populist bernie sanders. and donald trump is one of the best campaigners in the nation. and the candidates were off the road. president biden could not rally and joe biden had an excuse to stay home. combined with massive new voting
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rules, joe biden had the white house. but his luck is running out. >> maybe tonight joe's luck runs out. brian: biden's approval hoverings at 40%. president biden's average approval is below that of president trump and any one of his predecessors dating back to world war ii. he's furious about it. he's taking aim at his own white house. rumbles are that the biden white house is adrift. he's at war with his own communications team. massively he has protected his family for 40-plus years.
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now there is cracks in some of that family protection. networks are suddenly examining his dicey deals with foreign nations. confirming the laptop is actually hunter's laptop. his brother says he's not the fixer of the family even though joe called him the fixer of the family. what story is he trying to get ahead of? it's not where his supporters thought things would stand. we are seeing historic inflation, delaying retirement, vacation, car purchases, moment improvements. a labor shortage with no end in sight. and record gas prices, diesel
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prices crushing trucks. but don't expect anything to get better soon and don't blame joe. soot idea that we will be able to quick switch bring down the cost of gasoline is not likely in the near term more with regard to food. brian: we can trace it back to your policies. the latest the baby formula crisis. the most irreplaceable thing in america is hard to find. they knew shutting down a plant in february would cause this to happen. they told the president that and warned the fda when they shut down the plant but somehow the biden administration was kept out of the loop. >> i don't think anybody anticipated the shutdown of one facility in the abbott facility. once we learned of the extent of it and how broad it was, we kicked everything into gear.
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brian: really? too late, joe. and that's not the case. we were hoping to get an answer from the new press secretary about the new comaifn events? you probably won't get that from her. >> i don't have the timeline on the issue of who briefed the president on baby formula. to say there was no specific person is not a valid answer. >> there are so many issues that come up. you have covered many admin sphraiptions there are regular channels that happen. >> brian: first was cbs, now that was nbc. you were more worried about aoc and you and me. joining me is fox news contributor mark tee season and co-host of "the five," harold
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ford, jr. what i outlined there, we are getting reports of infighting within the white house from friendly outlets. >> it tells me they rick lies there is a proper -- they recognize there is a problem. this is not uncommon for a president to do this. president trump had a few advisors and a chief of staff. that's what happens with the job. what i mope they focus on is the substance itself from crime and inflation and the border. i give them credit than maybe the opening suggested. some of these things happen and you just have to be fluid and dynamic. the situation around baby formula, if all of this was presented months back, the
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president should have acted on this sooner. had they not closed down the abbott family imagine what our kids may be facing. we'll see how the president is able to manage this. >> you wrote a baby formula in march, you wrote bit in the "washington post." this is something the fda when they shut down sturgis, the others that weren't absolute down came out and said we'll have a problem. they called target and walmart in february. if the president didn't get the message, why not? >> this is a cautionary tale about big government. the president wants to remake the economy in the image of the baby formula industry. they were told in october there was a problem. the president didn't take any action. they knew in february there
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would be shortages but didn't take action until late may. why does shutting down one baby formula factory leave us to so yet-style bare shelves. soviet-style bare shelves? the reason is because big government regulates -- baby formula is food. it's whey protein, vegetable oil, nutrients, it's not a pharmaceutical product. and they regulate it like a pharmaceutical product. 80% of the baby formula manufactured in this country is manufactured by two companies. if you had a meat packing plant shut down we wouldn't have operation fly meat from europe.
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brian: it's not enough to shut down a plant and walk away from it. there was no fda director for over a year during the pandemic. the president talked about gun control. here is a little of what he said. >> i respect the traditions and concerns of lawful gun owners. but at the same time like all rights is not absolute. we need to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines. brian: harold, they are making progress on a bipartisan senate deal. axios said if republicans wanted an out, they now have it after the president laid out that speech. >> i hope they are not going
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to -- you can look at the datedda, most of these kids. brian: age limits you are okay with? >> when there is a crisis, most of the kids doing this are under 21 years old. it seems the like that might be a smart thing to do. and they should repurpose some of that covid money to make sure every school has a trained person in that school who knows how to use a weapon. teachers have enough challenge as it is. i'm hopeful they can find some progress on a compromise. brian: i hope you run for president because you are rational and real. one part i have a problem with is shutting down gun manufacturers because some lunatic wants to do something evil. i think that's a no-go zone. >> if somebody runs someone over
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with a car we don't make the car manufacturer liable for it. i wish they would fire their chief of staff and put harold in there. you could work with someone like harold. the president's speech yesterday was appalling. he said if you are not going to support this go to the polls and vote these people out. we have two things we need to hold together. school shootings are an abomination and we need to protect our kids. the second amendment is a fundamental constitutional right. we can't take a constitutional right away from millions of americans. we can do both things. there are ways to do it if the democrats care about the solution. brian: i fully support the nomination of hairbled ford as chief of staff, but gutfeld
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would let him go off "the five." is it the beginning of the end of cancel culture and the me too movement? critics deem the durham probe a flop. but bill barr who hired durham feels differently. feels differently. we'll be here to explala
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>> i told the truth to the fbi and the jury clearly recognized that with their unanimous verdict today. i'm grateful to the members of the jury for their careful and thoughtful service. brian: are you sure you told the truth to the fbi? the one that says you are coming to the fbi to deliver incriminating information about then presidential candidate donald trump. those are the words on a text on a screen. too bad it wasn't allowed in court because it wasn't available before the indictment.
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now the anti-trump enthusiasts are celebrating. william barr hired durham and he feels differently. mr. attorney general, why are you saying you are proud of durham and what he produced regardless of the verdict? >> i thought they did an excellent job digging up tracks we didn't know before and presents what i thought was a very compelling case. we always knew with a d.c. jury it would be a challenge to get a conviction. from the very beginning i said we had two objectives, one is to get to the bottom of what happened. how did this hoax get generated and pressed against in pursuit
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against a new president. and what was the role of the fbi in this? we have to get to the bottom of that. that's where i told them to do a report when this is done. and if we can make a criminal case against someone, to pursue these standards. i'm proud they took his case and brought it to the jury, even though ultimately they weren't able to get a conviction. but i any they shed a lot of light on what happened. brian: sussmann just lied again. we read his text messages and we were unable to use those effect messages. merrick garland officiated lisa page's daughter's wedding.
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they usually get eliminated as a juror but not this case. >> in order to figure out this case i any you have to make up your mind about what the fbi is. are they a dupe or a willing collaborator. durham staked his investigation on they were a dupe. you have to prove the duped party actually was fooled. i think the evidence was strong that even what sussmann told them was false, it was factually untrue, they weren't fooled at all by it. brian: what about the legal strategy? was it wrong not to say the fbi was comply snitd. >> no, i that that was the right legal strategy. one of the things that would be hard to do with the first case is to prove the fbi acted in bad
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faith and was attempting to get trump. it was sort of a spir to do it. that was a very tall order. i think they would have lost badly. i think the strategy was correct. brian: we rattled off some things gained off of this case. i'm stunned people haven't picked up on this. take a look at some of the things we learned. sussmann admitted his lies in a text message saying he wasn't work for any clients. hillary clinton approved of leak the debunked argument. robbie mook told us that. about the alpha bank link to donald trump that didn't exist. if they didn't do the investigation and find out where it emanated from, some of these guys came forward and said i wouldn't have given this thing a second thought. the last element is the most
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important. that's rodney joffe was accused of giving sussmann data from trump organization computers. he was a source for the fbi in 2016. there was a relationship between the fbi and hillary clinton's tech guy. >> one of the things you mentioned is critically important, which is the role of the clinton campaign. before this all we had was a cia document saying there were indications hillary approved this plan in july. the plan to dirty up trump by linking him to putin. everyone said that's enough to move on. it isn't. that's not admitsible evidence. that's not actual direct evidence. but now we do. we have seen a lot about how the hillary clinton campaign engineered this false narrative
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and getting it to the fbi. also very important is we did see some inexplicable behavior by fbi's leadership. they lied to their own line agents about where this information came from. i disagree a bit with andy. i don't think they had to show all elements of the fiber with misled as to the source of this. but i do think that they showed that it was material. that the idea that the line agents didn't say where did this come from and they were duped by their supervisors and the leadership of the fbi as to where it came from. they kept it secret. that shows some disturbing behavior and casts questions on the motivations of the fbi leadership. the next trial with dan schenko
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we'll learn about this. the only source for this was someone they previously suspected of being a russian agent. brian: straight ahead, lamborghinis and cash incentives are changing college sports. coming up, an alaska woman becomes a hero for kick an opossum out of a bar. 20.
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brian: this show has been reporting on name, image and likeness, n.i.l. some college athletes are making big endorsements before they even play. including one deal with limb bore guineas. or having their tuition paid for and earn up to $1,000 a month as
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brand ambassadors. not everyone agrees with the policy. all agree it's about fairness and mercy? no. we won't let this become a vehicle for recruiting, coaching or booster involvement. big money payments are everywhere. look at texas a&m and alabama. joining us now to discuss is former nfl reporter sideline reporter michelle tafoya. mitch daniels says i am throwing in the towl. we can't compete with the notre
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dames. >> as much as this saddens me because i love the purity of college sports. it's not surprising. this goes back decades. remember the movie blue chip with nick nolte. ucla was paying guys. boosters would collect all this money to get the best players to come to ucla and play. that was a glimpse into what was going on. obviously it wasn't legal. it was against ncaa rules and you would suffer punishment if you committed this stuff. but early 90s, players started saying if you are going to sell a jersey with my number on it and my name, why am i not making any money. it saddens me, this seems to be where we are.
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but it built up and built up and this was found to happen. brian: the rutgers and the perdues. but at least put the rules in stone and tell us the parameters. i know you lived in the best of the business nfl reporting from the sideline. but colin kaepernick wants to turn back time. he has a tryout with the raiders. how do you think he will do? >> he's been out of the league for five years. that's strike one. strike two is he's 35 going on 36 years old. you can bring him in and he could be a backup. i heard his workouts are not super stellar, they have been okay. but it's the step in the right
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direction for colin kaepernick. if someone wants to sign him, let him do that. they need to understand water in bringing along with colin which is all the media attention he's going to draw because of his kneeling in the past and the documentary saying the combine was like the slave trade. there will be a lot of extra attention on that team when you sign him, if you sign him. i just don't know. if he can still play and a team wants to sign him, i have no problem with that. i just don't know how effective he can be. brian: i used to think 34 was old for a quarterback and tom brady kept playing. >> the difference is they continued to play. they kept in nfl shape.
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brian: michelle and you continue to be in nfl shape even though you won't be on the sideline this year. straight ahead. a 101-year-old world war ii hero captures the attention of a country music star.
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brian: monday will mark the 78th an anniversary of d-day. the iconic allied invasion of europe. paratroopers descended on normandy that day. one of those brave men was jim peewee martin. he parachute into norman day just after midnight on june 4,
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1944. he tries to tell us he is not a hero. >> we volunteered, and we trained for it, and we got paid for it. anybody that does that is not a hero. yes there is -- anybody who says he's not afraid going into combat is a damn liar. but you do the job regardless. brian: his story caught attention of country western singer karen waldrup. together they wrote a song about that day. ♪ on theth of june saved the world that night ♪ 1944 ... geared up ready to win
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that war ♪ he told me about his life ♪ brian: you will love the whole congress and you are about to meet karen. karen, great to see you. , you explained you were asked to sing at pea weeps 100th birthday and you wrote a song for his 101st. did he know he was writing a song by telling his story? >> yes. it was of never meant to make it on the news. it was only meant to be a gift for him. i got this cute jukebox and we presented it to him and now i am
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here talking to you. it's unbelievable. he's incredible. i got four hours to sit with him outside of his house. we sat together and he had up a great memory it was unbelievable the detail he had about the day. i was recording at the time. i was very nervous. but i thought it was up a great opportunity to tell the story. we crafted it out. i wrote it, i brought it back, rinsed back to the audio file so i was able to pull his actual words. and we wrote "normandy" and it's unbelievable that i get to tell his story like this brian: when you sing it, what do you picture? >> i hope it leaves a story for the generations behind us to remember the day and have more of the details.
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there were a lot of things he told me that i didn't know about. a lot of things i learned that day. as jim martin passes on from life, to hear this voice and his words. at the beginning of the track and the ends of the voice it's -- end of the song it's his voice. brian: everyone is down loading it. you did your part know it's our part to support it. we are going to end with this with more of our song. support the song and support peewee. his hometown will be erecting a statue in his honor. we know woke is broke. but are we finally seeing the
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end of cancel culture in america. one guy who has been fighting it from day one joins us. listen to this. listen to this. ♪ he turned on the porch light ♪
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♪ ♪ how's he still playin'? aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength. reduces inflammation. don't touch my piano. kick pain in the aspercreme.
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brian: americans are wake up to the end of woke? some liberals have been so fed up they called themselves out. >> stop apologizing. i can't keep up with who is on the [bleep] list. cancel culture is real, it's insane, and it's coming to a neighborhood near you. >> aim canceled or not? >> people need too go to awoke detox center. >> it makes people more racist and people are beginning to realize this is note really what they believe in. it's overkill. brian: one of the first people to pay the price, kevin hart
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after getting intense backlash from old tweets. this week johnny depp won a defamation trial. advocates fear his victory is a sign their movement maybe coming to an end. another targeted by the woke mob, david portnoy. am i overstating we are going to see the end of woke? the militarization of the me too movement and cancel culture? >> i don't think you are overstating. people are sick of it. there is an election around the corner. when you think woke you think left. as a result with that election they realized they have to make a shift. i think it's been coming for a while. it's one of those things, #metoo and blm, they had great
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reasons to start but they went way too far, and people started hijacking those causes for political gain. whether it's the "new york times" or "washington post." they are not caring about the issues, they are tear being advancing their own agendas. brian: canceled by accusation. when it came to backing up the accusation there will be was no there there. >> yeah. and i think he had a great sense in hits statement which is i hope we can return to innocent before guilty. somehow we started trying people in the media. there were no legal charges brought against deputy. depp, some people may say amber heard won. you can't print that article and ruin his career for five years.
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the media is trying to get clicks. they are paying the bills at the expense of other people and it's disgusting. brian: in this week's "new york post," the toxic fueled revolution is coming end end. there was a reason for it. women were getting the shortened of the stick, but they overshot their target. david your approach was always to push back immediately. what was it like being there in the beginning and what does it feel like now? >> nobody likes to see their name smeared and dragged through the mud. i'm a combative personality and i have people who came up to me who have been accused of things and they say we wish we had handled it like. i have nothing to hide. it doesn't mean everything accused didn't do something
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wrong. but people know what they did and didn't do. you have a responsibility to yourself. if somebody is making accusations against you, you have to stand up for it. it's nice and refreshing to seether side where people say maybe there is more to this and we shouldn't rush to judgement. they are quick to ruin people's lives over accusations. they are trying people in the media without charges in a court of law. "the washington post" should be held responsible. business insider for what they did to me should be held responsible. anyone with an agenda and narrative they are trying to complete without any facts and regard to the truth, they should be held responsible. when you see some of these publications you automatically think, that crap. that's terrible. we should believe the victims when they come forward.
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brian: you said we'll find out in the election. what do you think the message will in the election? >> i think there will be a knee-jerk reaction. i think people are sick of what's happened. and it's largely viewed as an extreme left movement. brian: it gets the person, their family and in your case the company. thanks for bringing your attitude, your experience and your tan to my show. >> you have to work on that tan. brian: are you going to go to the movies to see top gun? bring your own popcorn, they are running out. great to see you.
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brian: time for the "news duel" *. we are happy to have with us fox business anchor susan li. a big story happened in brooklyn. look at this video. this opossum runs through the bar. everyone was running from it. she runs towards it and grabs it. she is used moose and black bears. opossums are peaceful anyway, they will never bite. >> when i looked at the video, i thought is that a giant at? one thing about top gun 2, i
11:57 pm
feel there is a lot of correlation between "top gun," tom cruise and brian kilmeade. does brian kilmeade look i won't say mold? brian: i'm not 60. >> this time around he could make $200 million. you know who else has it in his contract? brian: you speculate. we are a fact driven show. owners should have a two-way consideration with their pets. scientists are working on this. students use ultra sonic frequency to translate noises from bats. they think they can do it with dogs and other animals. reporter: do you think you know what apollo and rocky are
11:58 pm
thinking? brian: yes. we have been understanding animals for at least 40 years. remember the first time? watch. >> morning wilbur. >> never mind that. i'm tired of you beating me to the morning paper. i like to read with it my eggs. >> i like to read it with my hay. >> le bron james, the first active blair that's become a billionaire. i'm so impressed. have you looked through his ownership. $380,000 in salary over his playing career. he also has liverpool in the premier league. i looked at spring hill and the production company. i thought about buying spring hill. brian: at 37 he will have
11:59 pm
himself set up in retirement. you are a big basketball fan. >> you don't get rich on players. you get rich off ownership stakes. that's why you are making a move to buy fox. >> always ask for an actual stake. brian: it's the first time we learned something from "news duel" *. >> and you are buying the popcorn when we go to maverick. >> thank you so much, we'll watch all over the channel. let me tell you where you can see me. monday on radio also seen on foxnation. mike lee and bret baier who i never met in person. newt gingrich, rachel
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campos-duffy, three names one person. and piers morgan appears to be british. all serve my own personal accounts. unfiltered with a tieless dan bongino is next. [♪♪♪] dan: joe biden is the blamer in in-chief. maybe the democrat party not their friend after all. will hillary ever be held accountable? covid and


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