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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  June 5, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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have a great week and we will see you again next fox news sunday. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ good is sunday morning everyone thanks much for joining us but welcome to "sunday morning futures". today, double standards on equal justice. former trump official peter navarro was arrested and put in lead irons on friday at the airport. then he was thrownhe in jail for refusing to testify or contempt of congress but hillary clinton campaign made up c a story of collusion and destroyed lives.
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yet very few have been held accountable so far. hunter biden accepted money from ford officials while his fatherr was vice president. no problem. their ordinary people, honest people locked up this morning because they were asked unchecked at the capitol in the 2020 election. this week the generous six commission goes a prime time, gearing up for a big show appearing in prime time thursday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern. after doling out subpoenas to several trump supporters. coming up the recipient of one of those subpoenas, republican leader kevin mccarthy on januara and the november elections. then corruption in plain sight. hillary clinton's lawyer gets off but witness testimony puts the fbi in hillary herself front and center for their role in creating and spreading the big lie of trump russia collusion. congressman ratcliff told us here three years ago. >> even if you concede that it
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was a predicate to start those there is no predicate to continue a counterintelligence investigation against the president of the united states had to do with making a false representation to the fisa court. >> coming out former dni john ratcliff and michael sussman's acquittal in john durham's next step. and then bad policy results and bad outcomes. economic hurricane apparently coming of the head of the largest banks j.p. morgan ceo jamie dimon's scary prediction followed by elon musk bad feeling about the economy amid his plans to cut 10% of tesla's workforce. >> it is a hurricane. right now but sunny, things are fine. everyone thanks the fed can handle this. that hurricane is right out there down the road coming our way. i >> coming up the democrat agenda and its impact sprayed white leading ceos are expecting
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layoffs to spike as a recession looms after years of trillions of new spending. new climate regulations and expenses setting inflation to 40 years hi. this week joe biden said it's not something he can do anything about. >> the idea we are going to feel the click a switch and bring down the cost ofne gasoline, is not likely in the near term. nor is it in regard to food. spit coming up the economic predictions ahead of janet yellen's testimony and front of his committee this tuesday. with inflation already edit 40 your heart why is chuck schumer still negotiating a climate spending reconciliation package with joe manchin rightht now? we will get into it. then it has been a bloodier as crime and violence skyrocket across the country. for detroit police chief james craig on the impact of defending the police and no bail. and why the democrats next policy push is the new rules on
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gun ownership. all that right here right now on "sunday morning futures". it ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. maria: versus mowing the race is on to get the business of the people done before congresses july 4 recess which begins in three weeks. but before that democrats are going prime time with their hearings on the generate six capitol breach thisee week. beginning hearings this upcoming thursday night in front of the generous six committee at 8:00 p.m. eastern, my first guest is being targeted by that committee. being led by wyoming g congresswoman. the leader of the gop widely expected to be the next speaker of the house. california congressman kevin mccarthy paid congressman,co god to see you thank you for being here. >> good morning maria thank you for having back on the show. maria: did you receive a subpoena for the generous six committee?e? and if so how did you respond?ei >> i did receive a subpoena.
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i requested, i asked for information 11 pages i sent a letter to this committee pretty sent a letter to this committee a year ago and they asked to talk to me and they never responded. my opinion of the committee has not changed for november with this committee is, remember what the purpose is, first, nancy pelosi has broken 232 year history of the house by nottt allowing the minority to appoint anyone to the committee.s this committee does not have 13 members as the power of the house voted for it to have. with even worse about this committee it is beyond its legislative scope. there are separations of power for the house does not have a criminal investigation. but what they are doing in this committee is going after their political foes, their opponents. we watch it time and again. their role should be why it was the capitol so ill-prepared that day? what do we have to do in the future to make sure it is not. the senate had a bipartisan
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committee look at it and that is exactly what they looked at. the legislative role of the house. but what we have found with one party rule of democrats taking over the house, the senate andl the presidency, they use the power to go after their political opponents instead of bringing down gasoline prices. today it has now doubled since he gasoline prices present biden's taken office. nyare they going to have any ohearings on that? are they going to secure our border? are they going to stop fentanyl for coming across? are they going to let g her parents have a say in their kids education? this is the role congress should be having but not under nancy pelosi and one party rule democrat. maria: this is the point mark will been made recently saying this is not the role for it if it was legitimate legislation pursuit that is something different. but they are not the department of justice. the peter navarro's story particularly dangerous. he was arrested and put on the
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handcuffs and leg irons on his ankles. he said he was mishandled they would not allow them to make a phone call he wanted to call a lawyer, they would not allow him became a public defender three minutes before he was to see a judge. spoke with peter navarro yesterday. are these subpoenas legal? and are they enforceable? what's a raised a question about that. look what they've done for peter. they did not ask him to come in surrender. the report is they actually followed him a card to the airport to make a scene with the handcuffs.s. why would they do that? why would they go about making that happen? he is a political opponent. it's not a criminal on the basis. look is not just bark live saying that the supreme court has ruled there are separations of powers. our role in the house is legislatively if there was a legislative rule that is why i sent a letter to the committee itself questioning what is happening there. especially with what the members of the committee have been
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saying. for memory of adam schiff important e-mail fundraising out on the idea of separating the egg me before even reeves received the subpoena is this a real committee or politicalry committee going after their opponents are trying to raise money? why would they have it on prime time? why would they be holding helix hearing about bring down inflation bring on the cost of gasoline, securing ourng border for these are the real challenges of what america is facing each and every day. a new report just came out that the american family is now spending 311 more dollars every single month because of these decisions by democrats. that is like a new car payment without having the car. we've got to change the course and that it's what we will do in the 156 days from now. spit how typical is it to have a hearings on the thursday night at 8:00 p.m.? the idea to do this prime time pretty want to ask about that. also set up letter back to thisc committee you have several questions you asked including
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what is the topics of what you want to talk about? did you hear back from this committee? >> i had a short answer back from then. the other role of this committee to they said you could actually send the questions they never allow that to anybody in the process. what should they have gone after and why they have gone after. where's the legislative purpose of this committee? are they looking at why this capitol was not secure? are they looking at how can this cap will be better secure?as the senate research they found was the riot gear was locked in a bus far down from the capitol so the police officers did not have the security they needed. the police officers did not have the training they needed. this is the role that should be doing to protect from the future. they think they are of criminal contempt for mark levin is right. the supreme court is rights. the wrong problem here is you have nancy pelosi putting politicalt people on here that you just talked about earlier that create a whole hoax before
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to go after president trump. only for their own political purposes and that is what they continue to plague. maria: peter told me he has executive privilege. is there executive privilege? and what is executive privilege? why would that mean you don't have to go down and testify to talk about something you saw or heard with a sitting presidentad of the united states? >> he worked in the administration produce close to the president. thou be a question probably determined by a court. he has a right to ask that question whether he has executive privilege because in the future those private conversations he had with the present you want to be able to have a conversation to go back and forth what is the best way forward? he has a right to uphold that, go to court and question whether he does have executiveh privilege. spate all of this is michael sussman was acquitted last week. we all know and have followed what has taken place here with the russia collusion reviewer
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among the leaders in the gop who wanted an investigation to find out what were the origins of the russia collusion investigation and the first place. i know that, i worked alongside and watch what you were doing. your reaction to what we learned in that courtroom last week? >> maria first i have to say thank you. you were one of the few people in the press didn't want to go out and when the pulitzer but ask the tough questions to get to honesty prevents we found in the court regardless of the murder, what are we fine? hillary clinton made this up. they made it up to go after the president pretty went to the highest levels. it even went to individuals in the campaign itself. jake's old and is now the national security adviser to the president of the united states. he was a part of this he made this upward word is his wife work? she works for attorney general garland at the same time. after knowing these facts of what went forward, why is jake still in the white house? how is any country going to believe him or how are we going to be able to trust him based upon the slide that he had made
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to try and change the course of an election. that was wrong, hillary was wrong to do it, why did the country have to go through this? why were those players inside congress? adam schiff who is head of the intel committee paid why was he portraying this at the same time as well? these are a lot of questionsio we've got to get the answers too. durham should not stop we learned so much more in the trial itself. yet you workaholic sort of a generate six committee and hauling your call exam to testify or trying to, if you have been working on efforts around inflation efforts to make the u.s. more energy independent. tell me what you're doing? i knew fundraising record amount of money with no wonder 56 days before the midterm elections for there is eight near times story about your new 2022 house candidate being more diverse. tell me about that? >> we are focused on what people need ande what.
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we were the democrats voted against their frivolous spending shall cause the administration watch the president go after energy so we can no longer be energy independent for the price of gasoline has doubled. we are going to come out the commitment to america. will make energy independent, lower inflation. we will secure our border, stop the movement of fentanyl but is now the number one killer of americans between the ages of 18 and 45. parents will have a parents bill of rights theyy will have a say in their kids education going forward. we will make streets safe again. we will tackle crime paid wille make sure we uphold the law we are not going to pick and choose from the criminal you're not going to let them rotate and just get out and create these crimes. this is a fundamental part of what we are going to do in the commitment of america but more importantly were going to hold this administration accountable. maria: the origins of covid is another question you are right and social media they censored
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that story as well. really quick before you go congressman, nowhere wonder 56 days away for the midterm elections, what are you going to do to that committee the januaru become the majority? right now as we speak there are honest and people sitting in jail because they were at the capitol on january 6. they are still in jail a year later. >> we live in america. people have a right to say and go to court they should not be held for this long inside you watch what is happening to political opponents with his one-party rule. 156 days we are going to become energy independent paris going to secure our borders but were going to make our streets safe again but we need you to help us we have some of the best candidates across this country but if you go to take the, join with us as we fight back because we are not going to bend. we are not going to let them go after our first amendment rights and go after the individualsor they are trying to do for political purposes. >> aren't congressman thanksss very much for being here thiser
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morning. we so appreciate you. kevin mccarthy here. coming up keep passing the buck the unofficial slogan of the bite administration as inflation's sore gasoline prices to press $8 a gallon in california and joe biden pointed fingers at congress after first blaming economic pain americans are feeling on greedy corporate america and on vladimir putin. and not his continued spending and regulations. next up wyomingoh senator john barrasso on that democratic climate policy is having a supervisor grote yellen at a committee meeting on tuesday. join me on mornings with maria e at six to 9:00 a.m. eastern for it is primary season i've got exclusive interview with congressman given a torah candidate that is tuesday on foxbusiness. we'll be right back on "sunday morning futures". our interactive tools and advice can help you build a future for the ones you love. that's the value of ownership.
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♪ >> data a shows that most of the price increases >> data shows most of the price increases we have seen were
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expected and expected to be temporary. quickly the risk of inflation i think there is a small risk. and ino think it's manageable. >> most economic analysts believe it will have a temporary transitory impact very. >> when you guys going to admit you were wrong about inflation? ask no easy questions today. >> oh well, temporary, transitory, manageable all words the white house used to downplay the inflation threat the cost began to climb one year ago. one year later gas prices have doubled the administration is on apology tour trying to convince americans the economy is not as bad as we think it is pretty as treasury secretary janet yellen on cnn last week. >> there's a mistake to downplay this risk did that contribute to the problems we are all seeing right now? >> oh well. i think i was wrong then about
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the path that inflation would take. as i mentioned there have been on anticipated and large shocks to the economy boosted energy and food prices. and supply bottlenecks that have affected our economy badly. and i at the time did not fully understand. but we recognize that now. maria: my next guest will grow janet yellen this tuesday when she peers are for the senate finance committee. wyoming center barrasso is that that third ranking senator. good to see it. thank you so much for being here. you are about to question janet yellen what are you expecting to ask her? >> well at first, president has come out his plan to fight inflation. it's not a plan it's an embarrassment. if a high school kid turned it is in an economics paper he
12:21 pm
would get a d- but for a president to say that the time of record high inflation for prices, gas, grocery he deserves an f it is full ofib finger-pointing, false accusations and maria he takes no responsibility for his economic malpractice. that is what this is. he hasn't missed the diagnosis for over a year end the american people have been suffering. we have been suffering because he refuses to allow us to use the energy we have right here in america. so beholding to the claimant elitist even the "washington post" the pinocchio people gave them for pinocchio's for lying to the american people about his economic plans. maria: we have the op-ed's the tear sheets of the op-ed's he has been on this tour this week trying to tell the american people that he is in charge. but that op-ed on inflation did not give us any solutions. so what is the answer? >> those of the points i want to get into a janet yellen.
12:22 pm
why aren't we producing more american energy? that seems to be a clear-cut solution. and number two, how can you believe raising taxes is going to help? that is the cornerstone of theih economic policy. that makes no sense to the american people and they cannot afford food or groceries to be faced with increasing taxes. that is not the solution but you are right the president has his cabinet members out traveling the country saying it is not all that bad. the american people are paying $4.75 for gas. they understand they're going to believe their own two eyes which is their wallets which are empty and their savings are shrinking. >> but senator is itng intentional? were going to take a short break i went to ask you if the administration is purposely driving up energy cost to ram through a climate agenda? why is buying plane trip to saudi arabia has been to ukraine he has been to the southern you just got back from kyiv yuma president zelenskyy.
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>> what we want to do is make sure everyday citizens have access, for example, can get into, can afford what winch make everyday citizens can afford electric vehicle where you would not have to worry about the price of gasoline. we are not at that place yet. >> that is the plan, fed up with skyrocketing gasoline prices just get an electric vehicle at least that's the solution biden's energy secretary was pedaling last week gasoline prices are racing toward a $5 a gallon nationwide that are above $8 in california. i'm back at >> senator john barrasso he's o the ranking memr of the senate energy committee but senator your state is an energy state. talk to us about how this president can fix things sooner rather than later.
12:27 pm
>> we need to use american energy appeared we have it in the ground he will not let us get it out. i think joe biden once highrc gasoline prices so we can force people into electric vehicles but member as a candidate he said he absently guarantees he will eliminate fossil fuels and just this week in wyoming the president sided with environmental extremists going after 2000 oil and gas leases in wyoming that were granted from 2015 —-dash 2020 produce not even president then. and to cause people all across the country in terms of high costs. this is unmistakable evidence? right now the president i'm doing everything possible to lower the cost of energy it is flat out lying to the american people and there is no other way to say it, maria. maria: it's really incredible when you look at what is taken place here. and now you have got leaders in
12:28 pm
corporate america saying we are about to seeno a massive collape in this economy. jamie dimon last week the ceo of the nation's largest bank saidve we are going to see an economic hurricane and we had better brace ourselves priest of the bank is going to be much more conservative with lending people need alone they're not going to get it from j.p. morgan in some cases and then you got elon musk singly got to cut staff by 10% he has a quote super bad feeling about the economy. >> three quarters of americans believe the economy is heading worse than it is right now. they lay it at the feet of the policies of this administration the massive government spending, the unnecessary so-called stimulusin package of $2 trillin when joe biden came into office. and maria, their solution is more of the same they're trying to convince joe manchin, kyrstem sinema to spend more money and raise more taxes at the same time for that is a cornerstone of the economic plan which is
12:29 pm
why their plan has failed. american people cannot afford more taxes and they cannot afford to put food on the table and the expenses today just to maintain or they were a year ago is $5000 a year more today than it was last year. we have the energy in the ground we need to use it. once again joe biden is too slow to respond to the needs of the american people. >> we are looking at theec inflation timeline. when joe biden became president consumer price index was at 1.4%. then he signed in the covid relief a package and sent inflation to 2.6% trade then enjoy the democrats are pushing 5 trillion-dollar reconciliation package they said is 3.9 trillion but is full ofai gimmicks. the infrastructure package happened in november 21 that took the inflation rate to 6.8%. and then of course here we are after the korean war at 8.3% but look senator, you know there are things that cost much more than 8% year-over-year. eggs for example the price of eggs are up 22% year-over-year
12:30 pm
for the price of an airline ticket at 33% year-over-year. meat, fish, et cetera up 18 and 17%. you are also worried about potential blackouts this summer, tell me about that. what he think will happen the'r summer? >> we are going to have power t outages all across the country. specifically california is going to be hit the worst. and the president once again has been advised of this. but he is missing it just like he did with the baby formula shortages. we are going up blackouts, we are going to have higher cost people are going to be paying more for spotty service. he went to to buy an electric car said you better by an electric generator if you could afford that. his focus on a wind and solar those are good, but it is not always there when you need it. he said we need more energy transmission lines but i say we need more energy to transmit along those lines. but his attacks in terms of regulation and taxes on oil and gas and coal are making us
12:31 pm
less -- have less reliable energy in this country. we are seeing with blackouts this summer is the price people are going to have to pay specifically in california for signing up for the green new deal. maria: it's very disturbing they are continuing to push more spending knowing this is what tgot us here in the first place to 40 year highs and inflation. chuck schumer is still trying to negotiate with joe manchin to try to do reconciliation package isn't that right? >> he is trying to do that and with kyrsten sinema they need 51 votes there aren't any republicans are going to vote for this.mi that is their cornerstone of their economic policy, raise taxes, spend more government money which is the taxpayers money which is going to add to the debt and take us away from the economic sanity that we need to bring back to this country that we have lost under this president and nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. maria: senator you are doing all you can in the face of a lot of issues but he just got back from
12:32 pm
ukraine. i know you talked about food security as well. with ukraine being 10% of the bread basket. thank you for doing that. center good to see we will talk soon probably watching all the oudevelopments. senator john brasa this morning in wyoming thank you sir. quick break in the corruption of the highest level. hillary clinton campaign concocted a story about trump colluding with russia produce by lies destroyed, a country corrupted know it's been held accountable. next the first man who revealed the truth revealing former director john ratcliff what is next in john burns russia investigation. stay witht us. ntrol®. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost® today. >> tech: cracked windshield? make it easy and schedule with safelite, because you can track us and see exactly when we'll be there.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> that is what our investigation is going to reveal. i can tell you i have looked at the underlying source documents which include more revelations regarding bruce ohr and his wife nellie and the connection with gps. there was a direct pipeline into the d.o.j. essentially from the democratic national committee and fusion gps that is troubling. more bad details are going to come outut about that unfortunately paired with the fbi was aware of that? we're still determining that. maria: that was four years ago welcome back with us texas then
12:37 pm
texas congressman former national intelligence john ratcliff in this program in february 2018. much of what he told us four years ago and classified important documents all it was proven again last week in a d.c. courtroom. campaign lawyer michael sussman was acquitted by d.c. jury for lying to the fbi. but what we learned in that trial was arguably more important than what sussman did or did not do. join me right now here to discuss what came out of the assessment acquittal in the john durham investigation is once again former director of national intelligent prosecutor texas congressman john ratcliff. john thanks so much for coming back we appreciate you. everything you said over the last several years has yourialized just exactly as said it. thank you for educating our viewers so many years ago. what is your reaction to what happened last week with michael sussman? >> of course the verdict was disappointing because it was contrary to the evidence. michael sussman's own text messages confirmed exactly with the government said which as he claimed to be a private citizen
12:38 pm
coming and when he had a story about a connection between trump campaign server and a russian bank which was clearly false. when the evidence clearly showed he was acting on behalf of the clinton campaign. unfortunately the judge in this case would not allow certain evidence of the clinton conspiracy to be included. but more importantly allowed clinton donors to serve on the jury as well as other democratic donors and even one juror whose daughters on the same sports team with the defendant. unfortunately it was not the just verdict but have a great jury system in this country. but does not always get it right. this jury found michael sussman not guilty she recalled another jury found o.j. simpson not guilty print think most americans that would've paid attention to both trials would have said they got that wrong. but to the point you just made, maria you are right. to the bigger picture here john durham's prosecution may have lost this battle. that they are clearly winning the war the most powerful
12:39 pm
testimony to come out of this was admissions by the clinton campaign about the fact thatpp they trump russia collusion narrative was in fact approved by hillary clinton but you remember when i declassified that intelligence the clinton campaign said it was utter bs. and that media said it was russia disinformation. last week hillary clinton's campaign manager under oath had to admit no, hillary clinton did approve this plan to smear c donald trump and his campaign with fake allegations of russian collusion. and her lawyer admitted under oath to be paid fusion gps millions of dollars to create the now debunked steele dossier. it served as the basis for the investigations into the trump campaign for more than four years. so that is what john durham is going to be focusing on going forward. that is why i am optimistic that not only will he be successful on some of the ongoing prosecution but can expand the indictment that hee wants to bring given the involvement of
12:40 pm
certain fbi officials in spreading a false narrative to the american people. maria: john it is veryn discouraging to see what is taken place in our country with so many agencies politicized. and really what appears to be a double standard. in two different systems of justice but look what happened over the weekend to peter navarro. former trump official a goes to the airport to catch a plane, as he is actually boarding the plane fbi agents come over and put handcuffs on him. and leg irons on his ankles but he said they would not allow it to make a phone call. and then three minutes he was to face a judge they gave him a public defender. i spoke to him yesterday he told me they mishandled him. and yet, all of these years over the clinton campaign, lies about donald trump and still we are waiting for accountability but yet he is a supporter of trump and they go in take him and throw him in jail.
12:41 pm
>> oh well, i think people see unfortunate there is a double standard the format in the sussman jury came out and said oh well, we didn't think he should be charged there are bigger things going on in this country than lying to the fbi. tell it to michael flynn and to george papadopoulos and folks associate with the trump campaign in the countries led to believe these were crimes of the century. there is a double standard there. and unfortunately that leadership at the fbi has played a prominent role in the american people losing faith and trust in that organization. as i said, with the intelligence i declassified clearly showed not just our intelligence community better law enforcement community was briefed on the fact it was hillary clinton that created this entire trump russia collusion narrative. the fbi knew that from the beginning of a crossfire hurricane investigation. they also note from the beginning of the mueller
12:42 pm
investigation. yet produce a 387 page report on that that does not mention the fact that it was hillary clinton's campaign that created those allegations. so in that is the purpose of what your special counsel is to be, and you leave that out altogether it shows that there was a deliberate effort here unfortunately on behalf of some folks in our law enforcement community to mislead the american people. that was for political reasons. so it would just showedno the notes on the screen the russians know hillary clinton is going to come out the story against trump. the second item you declassified tell me about that? >> by law because there is counterintelligence information involving is creating false
12:43 pm
allegationspa, the cia it was required to send this to the fbi which they did. went fbi agent peter strzok andk as reviewers will note, that is the same agent who for months had sent hundreds of text messages studies personal going to stop donald trump from ever becoming president of the united states. he is a sane agent who robert mueller added to the mueller investigative team is one of the lead investigators. so, from the very beginning it shows the fbi and everyone and law enforcement became part of the mueller investigation were aware from day one, maria, this whole trump russia investigation that was playing out over years to the american people was created by the hillary clinton campaign. again to make that point, 387 page report not one single word about the fact the origins of this came from the clinton
12:44 pm
campaign. that was deliberate, that was willful, that was political, it was intentional. think the american people see that now put that is whator is important about john durham continuing in the face of this notwithstanding what individual stories will do but will tell the story to the american people. accountability is going to have to come from the american people themselves. in november and 2024. in holding the officials accountable from the democratic party that we are involved. and from the fbi that were involved that were clearly acting on behalf to advance a democratic progressive liberal agenda. ♪. maria: is there anything that could happen that will get us more in balance and not have such a double standard? do you want to say thing what fotook place on friday with petr navarro being handcuffed? >> i think it was outrageous. navarro's tonga truth that is really what happened. should hold a press conference
12:45 pm
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>> the nonsense that you're spewing, that tourists aren't coming to our city the, all you have to do is walk up and down -- >> [inaudible] >> no, sir, no, sir, no, sir, you will stop speaking -- [inaudible conversations] >> you're full of crap, and that's the nicest thing that i can say. maria: that was chicago mayor lori lightfoot downplaying crime in her city. [laughter] it was one of the most violent memorial day weekends in years in chicago, 50 people shot, 9 of them killed. fbi data shows that the violent crime is surging in new york, in philadelphia and in los angeles. these numbers are stunning.
12:49 pm
my next guest spent 8 years as the chief of police in his hometown of detroit, chief james craig joins me right now. chief, thanks very much for being here. >> thank you. maria: why this spike in crime, and before you answer, i want to show our audience this ad which is stunningly disgusting. here is an ad that new york city is running right now, and it says in the, ready? don't be ashamed that you are using, be empowered that you are using safely. as the city has given out crack boxes so that people can use safe needles. your thoughts. >> you know, i've got to tell you, maria, shameful, but i'm not surprised. when you look at what's going on over the last year and a half, two years as it relates to crime, the feckless administration, these cowardly d. the a.s, some of these judges, they're not doing their job, and no one's being held accountable. so is this is just another example of a freefall.
12:50 pm
we know we see all the crime that's happening suspects who have been violent, predatory criminals that have continually been what? released right back into the community. do you know what's more insane? so let me just start in the. we all recognize what happened to george floyd was tragic. but what because the our president do? he comes out with an executive order to do what? reform police. reforming police is not going to reduce violence. and then he kid it -- did it at the same time when we're in the middle of two the big mass shooting incidents. i'm thinking of the tragedy out of texas where 19 children were killed. how about we figure out how to harden that target? how about we figure out how do we get teachers armed, administrations armed so that a we can create safe environments for our children? but instead you bring out an executive order. it is absolutely shameful. maria: so what is the answer to all of this spike in crime? why do we have no bail?
12:51 pm
why are criminals back on the street the after getting processed, able to commit more crime? >> because the progressives are allowing it to happen. have you noticed that when the conversation does center on crime, there's never accountability with judges or prosecutors. they talk about reforming police. how about reforming the entire criminal justice system? this is not a partisan issue really. we talk about people who who live in vulnerable communities who are suffering as a result of these bad policies. we must do better and we can do better, but who's listening? and i know myself and many folks with my background are all saying the same thing, look at what's going on in san francisco with that prosecutor, my old home of l.a. that prosecutor, by the way, former los angeles police officer, is just absolutely shameful. so now the courts have directed him to do what's right. maria: well, i'm going to take a
12:52 pm
break, but i want to come back and ask you about your own election. somebody does not want you to get to higher office. your reaction to the michigan supreme court disqualifying you and several other gop gubernatorial candidates from appearing on the state's primary ballot in august. i want to know if you're considering a write-in campaign. more with you, chief james more with you, chief james craig, when we only at vanguard, you're more than just an investor you're an owner. that means that your goals are ours too. and vanguard retirement tools and advice can help you get there. that's the value of ownership.
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maria: welcome back. i am back with former detroit police chief james craig and, chief, you are running to be golf, but somebody -- governor, but somebody doesn't want you there. want to get your take on what's going on. are they trying to steal your election? >> absolutely. and you know what? it's not about me, maria, it's more about michigan's voters. we have so much momentum going in this campaign, consistently
12:56 pm
double-digits ahead of all the other gop candidates, not even close. and also at times tied with the incumbent governor and with independents, two polls showed i was ahead with independents. let's face it, i was a clear threat -- the. maria: so, so --, so you were the front-runner. the michigan supreme court disqualifying you and several other gop gubernatorial candidates from appearing on the state's primary ballot in august. tell me what happened. >> so what happened, the board of elections reviewed the petitions and, frankly, they say they didn't do it right. so what they did is they found a signature that appeared to be fraudulent. they just discounted the entire page. they acknowledged it was wrong, what they did. they testified to that. it was rejected by the board of canvassers, it was rejected by all three courts. and so what message does that send? and they didn't, the courts didn't even file the statutes.
12:57 pm
maria: yeah, okay. >> so it's not over. i'm not going to let this go because michigan deserves better. and so we're going to reevaluate next steps. maria: okay. we will be watching. thank you, police chief james craig. thanks very much for being here everybody, i'll see you this week on fox business on "mornings with
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