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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  June 5, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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and cuddly but they're actually vicious and turn you into a million pieces together the opportunity. >> that kangaroo he was look like he was in the trenches appeared. >> guys are gotta leave it there. have a great time with you this weekend for that does it for us. we'll see you next weekend at 5:00 p.m. on saturday. ♪ 362 deadly mass shootings. this time and philadelphia and chattanooga, tennessee. good evening i am jon scott and this is the fox report. ♪ also had tonight new details coming to light about the man accused of killing a retired wisconsin judge for the suspect allegedly carried a hit list of several high profile politicians. another tough weekend ahead for the white house with inflation driving up food and gas prices.
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yet another record high. the supreme court is back in session tomorrow. key decisions on abortion could come as early as this week. but first tied the latest on this to deadly mass shootings in philadelphia. three people were killed and others killed in a popular entertainment district. three people died 14 those hurt in a shooting in a bar near downtown chattanooga, tennessee. alexis mcadams it's live in our newsroom. >> police to believe a fight between three guys in philly led to the mass shooting in their downtown area. doubt new video shows that altercation at the center of this investigation you can hear dozens of gunshots running out, watch. [background noises] [background noises] >> you hear so many gunshots
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there. also this surveillance video shows the chaos people try to take cover. running in every direction. you can see those large crowds there on south street. overall at least 14 people were shot in three of those people were killed. the people range in age from 17 -- 69 years old. investigators found five guns at the crime scene. you can see the whole downtown is usually busy blocked off a crime scene tape. a philly cop was about this on multiple people opening fire he pulled out his gun and try to take it with the shooters. philadelphia attorney general josh appear as running for governor said he is heartbroken over that mass shooting. saying on the tweet people's not the walk the streets of philly or anywhere in the commonwealth afraid to lose her life to gun violence bitterly to step up with more law-enforcement and better laws. the police asked the public to track down the shooters. >> there are hundreds, hundreds of individuals out there last night. i am asking the public that if
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any of these people, anyone who was out there saw anything, witnessed anything before, during or after to please call or text our tip line. 215686 tips. >> philly police work on that investigation there was another mass shooting overnight in chattanooga, tennessee. police say three people were killed at least 17 others were hurt when someone opened fire outside one of their downtown bars. more than a dozen people were shot others were actually hit by a car that was fleeing the scene. works definitely more than one shooter. do not want to confirm the exact amount but it looks like there will be multiple shootings. >> has been hours since both of those investigation started there's still a lot more unanswered questions at this time per no arrests have yet to be made in either case for the philly to police departments ask a 20000-dollar reward or any information that leads to an arrest in these cases.
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and with information to us a call police. jon: seems like in both cases it could have been worse. alexis mcadams thanks. fox news alert at a chicago police officer rushed to the hospital big shop this afternoon on the city's south side. a police department spokesperson said happened about 2:00 p.m. local time the officer never reported in good condition at university of chicago medical center. no word yet on any arrests. it is the third chicago police officer shot on duty in just the past week. we're also learning more about the shocking killing of a retired wisconsin judge in his own home. according to police the suspect had a hit list with the names of several high-profile political figures including the governors of wisconsin and michigan. the suspect found in critical condition from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. charles watson and atlanta with the details force, charles. >> hi john the suspect in this
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case allegedly targeted that retired wisconsin judge and he reportedly also had his eyes set on possibly harming prominent democratic and republican leaders according to multiple reports 56 road suspect douglas had a hit list and allegedly included senate minority leader mitch mcconnell, michigan, governor gretchen whitmer and wisconsin governor this was discovered after wisconsin authority said shot and killed former wisconsin judge john at roemer inside the judges home before critically wounding himself in juneau county on friday just northwest of the walkie. governor called the alleged attack sickening but made no mention of being a target himself. >> it makes me feel that somebody has devoted his life for good share of his life being a jurist in the state in rural wisconsin, to be targeted like
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that. it makes me frankly sick to my >>. >> court records do show he did have interactions with the victim and the past in 2005. the judge roemer sends them to six years in prison after his convicted of armed robbery the 56-year-old since has a key made quite the rap sheet including convictions for firearm while a felon and alluding to police. authorities say his run-ins with the law may have motivated him to target the criminal justice system. >> related to the judicial system at this point we are not aware of any other syndicate and there's active danger to other individuals. >> this is the latest high-profile case involving threats to government officials. april you remember a federal jury acquitted two men of conspiring to kidnap michigan governor whitmer in 2020 and a mistrial was called to other men were cues in the plot after the jury could not come to a
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decision on their alleged involvement. now john, police say right now as they continue to investigate this case, there are no active threats against any of the individuals who may have been targeted by uhde. please continue their investigation as to what led to all this what may have been a motive behind this. back to your john. jon: charles watson, thank you. president biden returns the white house this morning after spending the weekend in delaware ahead of what is expected to be another tough week. some of the issues he is facing could record high gas prices that are still going higher. runaway inflation, baby formula shortage and a heated gun debate. lucas tomlinson's live in the white house with details force, lucas. >> john, earlier today on fox news sunday our colleague john roberts at the senior economic the following question. >> a wind can we expect gas prices to come down?
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>> i think we saw them spike up in may i'm sure that will be inflected in the inflation report we will get this week. i'm not in the forecasting business what else is interesting though is when you ask people how they are doing themselves, you do get more optimistic view. more people are saying they're financially okay. >> also points out inflation is a global problem nine-point to percent average worldwide. looking at this chart the rights of gasoline over the past two years it has been increasing since the president was elected britain has doubled since biden was sworn and buried today another record high regular unleaded gasoline quickly approaching $5 a gallon nationwide. it has already broken that threshold from mid grade in premium gas diesel fuel is up 77% in just the past year alone for gasoline not the only fuel issue facing the president. the baby formula crisis also continues with ten states now 90% out of formula for the
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abbott factory that closely into the shortage nationwide has resumed production with initial product hitting stores in the coming weeks for another flight of humanitarian aid delivered by u.s. military cargo plane flying in from australia expected to land soon caring formula made from goat's milk feed millions of american babies. the president urging congress to also take action on guns after the parkland shooting in 2018 florida raised its minimum wage to purchase a firearm from 18 -- 21. the three day waiting period was added steve scalise was asked if he was open to raising the age after six of the past nine mass shootings in the u.s. over the past years whereby shooters age 21 or younger. >> in california they had a bill to raise the age in the state of california federal court ruled unconstitutional. so instead of trying to go down unconstitutional routes of why don't we look at why young people are doing this? >> members of congress return to
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washington this week for hearings and potential votes. it's not likely any major gun reform will pass leading us to a major issue the upcoming midterm elections. jon: a busy at that building behind you. the supreme court has a busy june schedule before winding up its current session. after the shocking opinion leak suggesting a row of the way it could be overturned, the court will announce decisions on abortion, immigration, gun ownership and religious freedoms. alexandria hoff takes a look. >> court's duty issue opinion starting tomorrow. will do so until the term closes at the end of the month. there are over 30 total, one been the standout abortion right case women's health. a draft opinion by justice was leaked last month create a firestorm for the corporate protester sought as an indication nationwide access to abortion under roe v wade was set to be undone. is not exactly clear when opinion on that will be issued,
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the investigation into the source of the leak is heating up. here's former department of justice prosecutor james trustee. >> going to the 36 or so law clerks and saying we want to see your cell phones party went to see your e-mails any of that type of activity. i would actually hope in light of what a historic and moral moment we had with the supreme court leak they would be the first ones to line up and say what you need to look at? let's get this over with her. >> to immigration cases are set to be decided on one being whether the biden administration is able to do away with the trump error remaining mexico policy. the other asylum related case questions whether states should be allowed to intervene and defend a rule at the federal government does not. the supreme court will also tackle gun rights will issue an opinion on whether a law-abiding gun owners have the right to carry a loaded handgun without having to prove to a state they have a special need to be armed. a religious liberty case is up for decision two, this surrounds a high school football coach was fired after he was seen praying.
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and once all these opinions are issued in the term anza justice steven breyer plans to retire for the judge jackson will then be sworn in with his replacement, jon. >> fastening release coming up. alexander hoff thank you. a caravan of about 11000 migrants is gathering in mexico would be good journey north to the u.s. tomorrow. griff jenkins live along our southern border at the rio grande valley, griff. >> good evening jon we are down along the rio grande just west in mcallen where you can see mexico on the other side of the river behind me part of we go west up in the sky you get a birds eye view of just how difficult this river border is. from the drone you can see the winding river the places migrants can cross. the care venue spoke of and thus our communicate with the caravan organizer there luis and he says indeed at this hour some 10,000 or migrants have not gotten
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temporary work visas for mexican officials. they intend to start marching north come 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. earlier today former acting dhs secretary chad wolf weighed in on what that might mean, take a listen. >> the administration has put the signal out there that it is okay to come the vast majority folks will be released that's were going to see migrant caravan after caravan after caravan and you're going to continue to see these numbers until something different happens. >> look at this video there's already thousands of migrants and just on the other side of the river from me. some 5000 migrants in the city in 1500 in an overcrowded shelter the director there hoping the caravan does not come because there's nowhere to put people. already we have large groups of border patrol agents have their hands full, look at this video that we shot last night with our team at 3:00 a.m. and will joya, texas. a large group just like the ones that come every single night about 100 migrants mostly from central america and nicaragua.
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in another group take a look at this video much smaller group only ten migrants here seven were from nicaragua. we were a chinese national sources here tell me there five -- seven chinese nationals apprehended every single day. now, since i've been here of the last six days jon we have put together this full screen that shows you and just this sector at 9055 apprehensions with a 645 known got a ways. means they were seen on camera. we do not know how many came through and went undetected. finally i can tell you, jon, the border patrol agency are very concerned should title 42 lift. not only the numbers of the caravan might bring if it doesn't leave and ultimately get up to decide which would take say about two weeks based on the experience i've had in the past. if title 42 lifts it could be a caravan a day or more. they are not prepared for that. they are doing the best with what they have, jon.
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>> there are thousands of waiting for that eventuality to cross the border in mexico, right? >> that is exactly right. in fact there are many haitians just in reynosa across the river. we talked to one gentleman named junior he says he will wait until five title 42 lifts he is upset with the way it's been applied in his view to ukrainians and afghans. but they know haitians have to wait until title 422 lifts to ultimately be able to stay. jon: griff jenkins reporting live from the rio grande valley thank you. and coming up the border debate. what of several key issues this election cycle. minnesota congressman joins us with his take it what will propel voters to the polls and midterms in the political odds for both sides. are stopping you in your tracks... choose stelara® from the start... and move toward relief after the first dose...
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360 craniofacial say rush or lunch missile strikes on kyiv this morning the strikes and more than a month bread missiles are poorly took out some american tanks and armored vehicles. the attack came as russian president vladimir putin issued a new threat to the west. russia will target new areas if the u.s. moves forward with the delivery of medium range missile systems.
3:20 pm
trey yingst has that story from kyiv. targeted the capitol of kyiv. explosions were heard around 6:00 a.m. local time we did see black smoke rising from the skyline. this is the first time it weeks that kyiv came at a russian attack by the russian defense ministry started taking credit for the strike saying they key tanks and other vehicles supplied by eastern european countries. the city taken by mike tobin and his group shows the aftermath of one strike as the ukrainians and nine there is any military equipment in this area. >> this factory is producing train cars that are used to transport grain and other goods. no military objects were ever found. >> 's comes as a war of attrition is slowly developing in the east. and the strategic city, ukrainian troops have taken back some territory and fierce street
3:21 pm
battles. the british defense ministry details i russian troops have been making some progress in the donbas region attributing the limited success to heavy air and artillery campaigns. ukraine's defense minister said this weekend he believes the war may end by the end of the year. but russians do not appear to be on the same page but russian foreign minister claims without evidence that europe and the united states are interfering in peace talks. >> the west is not allowing ukraine to negotiate. when ukraine put forward is proposal two months ago on how to this issue we took the proposals in a day later the west forbade the ukrainians to continue the talks process. >> the reality as russian troops continued their invasion into ukraine destroying everyone and everything in their path. it is easy to call for peace talks when you currently control sovereign territory of another country.
3:22 pm
>> trey yingst reporting from kyiv. thank you. we are now just five months away from the midterm elections with the impressive turnout for primary so far this year, all indications suggest americans will likely be voting this november with gusto. let's bring it minnesota republican commerce congressman he is chairman of the national congressional committee and member of the house of financial services committee. congressman thanks for joining us this evening. so, from the standpoint of financial services we've got record inflation he still pursuing more government spending does that make any sense to you? >> frankel you just mention were five months out from the election. number one issue for the election is going to be rising costs in inflation. this administration told america a year ago it was transitory they lied. they're telling americans this inflation that we have not seen
3:23 pm
double-digit inflation highest in 40 years while americans are paying 30, 40, 50% more for different items this administration continues to try to tell them this is not what they think it is. this is why americans are going to hold the biden administration accountable they're going to elect a new majority and that u.s. house in the fall. jon: you get that information the cook political report but i want to put on the screen but they are singer comes to the congressional races. they have got 35 democrat races that they identify as concepts. we are going to scroll them on the screen here. it takes a while to go through all of them. we will let it roll. they are seat starting with iowa and illinois buried 35 democrat house seats that look like they could go either way. there are only ten seats currently held by republicans that are slated the same way. if the numbers and the law of averages breaks down mike it
3:24 pm
usually does, you are looking at a republican majority in the next congress do you agree? >> i believe we are going to have a republican majority. but remember you don't win elections because people are prognosticating. they are doing their job it is something that people want to talk about. everybody deciding who is going to win the big game. but at the end of the game you win elections with great candidates. we have some huge, talented, diverse group of republican candidates that are running across the country. we are winning on all the issues that matter most with the voters that matter most. again it is five months away. we have not won anything yet. but this continues i do expect republicans to be in the majority in the next congress. basics what about immigration and the southern border? we just talked with trey yingst we talked about the fact that 11000 people are getting ready to come across the border in that latest caravan from mexico. that is one of many.
3:25 pm
what is your impression of voter belief on what the white house is doing or maybe not doing on the border? >> jon, first off rising costs and inflation, it is the crime wave across this country. then it is the border at the fact this administration is completely abandoned any sense of border security. and now they are seeking to lift title 42 which is only going to make matters worse. these are all the wrong moves by this administration. they have managed from one crises to the next since they took office, jon and this is why the voters are going to vote them out in the fall. you'll see a new majority in the u.s. house i think you may also see a republican majority in the u.s. senate as a result as well. jon: what about ukraine? has the administration handled the ukraine situation in a way you think voters will applaud? >> look, according to the polling that is out there they
3:26 pm
have not handled the economy well at all where they have not handled immigration well at all. they have not handled gas prices well at all and no, the american voter does not believe this administration is handling ukraine in the best possible manner. so all of these issues quite frankly come down to one word, confidence. the fact there's not been competent leadership coming from the white house or democrats in congress for the last year end a half. that is the reason they're going to be voted out of office next fall. jon: a number of media outlets put up stories this week suggesting they see turmoil in the white house with the president unhappy with his team about the way the kind of coverage he is getting and he does not get credit for what he is done right. and will see the voters say. minnesota congressman tom emmer emmer republican thank you. >> thank you jon. jon: san francisco d.a. chesa boudin faces a recall boat on tuesday. l.a. district attorney george
3:27 pm
gascon is under scrutiny once more because of their positions on crime and punishment. christina coleman updates us live from l.a. straight ahead.
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362 extremely liberal district attorneys in california are growing skirt nay los angeles d.a. george gascon is responding to criticism over lenient sentencing decision will san francisco d.a. chesa boudin is facing a recall boat on tuesday over what he is done while in office spread christina coleman is live in los angeles with the details. >> jon come l.a. county d.a. george gascon is facing a more backlash for this time is over a teenager being sentenced to a youth camp as punishment for hitting a woman and her baby with her car. we are also learning that the young suspect was on probation for a felony of the time of the crash. now before he showed security
3:32 pm
camera footage of this incident know it is alarming there it is right there. fortunately the victim survived with minor injuries. the video shows this woman and her eight -month-old baby was at a stroller at the time appearing to be mowed down by the then 16 or old suspect of venice this happened in august with a teenage suspect was charged with felony assault by means of force and hit and run. ultimately he was sentenced to a juvenile camp for five -- seven months. as far as punishment the das office said quote we stand by the purpose of the juvenile justice system to rehabilitate young people. also the das office initially said the sheriff's office agreed with the charges were filed in this case. but corrected that statement l.a. county called out their mistake he tweeted today the d.a. released a statement claim the sheriff's office was okay with the lightweight sentencing of this brittle venice hit and run. we were never consulted as we were not the investigating agency or the sheriff's office investigators would never be
3:33 pm
okay with this sentencing. critic's about progressive d.a. george gascon in san francisco d.a. chesa boudin to their soft on crime approach has emboldened criminals for the effort to recall chesa boudin official made the ballot voters will decide tuesday whether i should be booted out of office in an l.a. county the prosecutor's unit voted overwhelmingly in support of the recall effort against gascon. >> public safety is at an all-time low. violent crime is up. it's obvious women cannot walk their babies on the street in gascon's l.a. pre-keep doubling down on policies. and then he lies to the media puts out statements that either he is lying or he is incompetent. >> at this point organizer said they did less than 70000 signatures by july 6 to read to trigger a recall election against gascon they have collected half a million so far,
3:34 pm
jon. jon: christina coleman live in los angeles thank you. last night's deadly mass shootings in philadelphia and chattanooga just the latest in this study series of such incidents across the u.s. overall crime up year-to-year and major cities including new york, chicago, philadelphia and los angeles. james freeman joins us now fox news contributor and a wall street journal assistant editor. it is an easy question to ask may be a tough one to answer. why is crime up so much james? >> you have seen very clearly particularly these examples you cited in l.a. and san francisco but in other cities as well. a new group of prosecutors who came into office thinking that police were the problem. in many cases incarcerated had to be avoided. d incarcerated was the buzzword. and of course you do not want to see anyone incarcerated
3:35 pm
unnecessarily. i think voters in many of these cities and nationwide are seeing the cost that is imposed on the law-abiding citizens when criminals are not taken off the streets. jon: it seems like the whole defend the police thing that was such a catchphrase before the last election, you are not hearing that much anymore at least not from its advocates. >> i think if you want to say there is progress i think people have realized how cruel it is to defend the police. to leave victims really at the mercy of criminals. you see cases not prosecuted. amazing story in the seattle times this week about an internal police memo saying they are not investigating new sexual assault cases against adults. they do not have the manpower since the defined movement and the of police in seattle in 2020 officers have quit the force for they are shorthanded everywhere they have allowed this
3:36 pm
lawlessness appear they've got their hands full and the police remain try to deal the street crime that protect people against the homicides that are in surging. he mentions are not saying defend the police anymore, tuesday in san francisco in the coming months in a lot of places it's an opportunity to say it let's turn the corner and go to new policies. jon: can you put the toothpaste back in the tube issue mentioned? so many officers have left the force they become demoralized. can you flip a switch and boost some pay and rebuild a police force? >> it is hard. you are seeing seattle you first have to take control of the streets again on they are really going to be for law-abiding citizens. it is not just hiring cops, figuring out how to get them back on the force of. you have to let them know they are supported. obviously prosecute them when they do wrong that support in doing their vital job. part of that is they need to
3:37 pm
know if they are risking their lives, to arrest people who deserve to be arrested that prosecutors are going to prosecute offenders. they're not going to look for any excuse as we have seen in los angeles and san francisco into many other places to find a way not to prosecute, not to incarcerate. let's hope tuesday is the beginning of a pendulum swinging back toward safety. jon: at point r yoder's to a piece you wrote is called defend the police is cruel. you talk about seattle in particular in how that city went overboard in 2020 trying to put down law enforcement. those chickens are coming home to roost aren't they? >> yes and a lot of that is not just the homicides which of course awful and have been spiking in these jurisdictions. it is the general culture of lawlessness allowing crimes of a
3:38 pm
lesser nature to go unpunished. as a story recently from seattle there's a gas station with a mini march. and the same guy isn't showing up over and over again and terrorizing the manager and the customers, throwing rocks at the windows. stealing things. they have fights kind of ongoing fights their spring each other with bear spray. it is almost out of some bizarre movie. but i think you are seeing the politics change and some of these places. tuesday is going to be a big signal to see whether people want to turn the page and of course these elections coming in november as well. jon: who will be watching james freeman wall street journal, thank you. >> thanks jon for. >> coming up on fox report can we expect any relief from inflation or should we prepare for the economic hurricane that is ahead of j.p. morgan chase is warning us about. economist steven moore has some
3:39 pm
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ask your doctor about every-other-month cabenuva. >> the idea we are going to be able quick switch, bring down the cost of gasoline is not likely in the near term. >> i think i was wrong then. the path of inflation. practice of theirs storm clouds big storm clouds it is a hurricane. jon: comments from the president, treasury secretary in the head of one of america's biggest banks as prices keeps going nowhere but up his banker jamie dimon correct about an economic hurricane coming? let's bring in steven moore from the committee to unleash
3:44 pm
prosperity also form at trump economic advisor. a hurricane? that is what jamie dimon says. if you see it that bleakly? >> jon it sure feels like we are all on the beach waiting for this tidal wave of tsunami coming in. now, we got a good jobs report on friday, jon. until the labor market is pretty good right now. anyone is who is looking for a job can find one. here's the problem the out-of-control inflation you talked about who showed what happened with the gas prices now actually double what it was when trump left office. that inflation is causing real havoc with family finances but incidentally when i talked to people around the country and i say we've got art.5% inflation which shows the official rate, people get angry per they say inflation is not 8%. real families when they're buying essentially by the gasoline, they pay the utility bill, they pay for eggs, and
3:45 pm
fruit, and vegetables and groceries. those prices are 15 -- 20%. as for an incredible pinch on americans incomes. one other statistic i will throw out for you, jon the wages are up about 5% or so over the last year. but inflation is up about 8% but so do the math there that means families are getting poorer every month because their paychecks are not keeping track with these higher prices. jon: your time but gas prices paid we have a full screen that shows right now they are averaging above $4.80 a gallon, this is national per a week ago therefore dollars and 60 cents, and a year ago $3.4. they are up to well over 50% in a year they have doubled during the biden administration. >> this did not happen by accident. this was not an active nature. when you played that clip from president biden sing i can't
3:46 pm
flip a switch he actually did flick a switch focus the day he came into office he declared warrior on american oil and gas during the campaign he made many promises to his supporters. i'm going to get rid of oil and gas in the united states. they are doing it and you can see what is happening with the price goes up and up and up as we reduce our supply were about a million and half barrels of production down from where we were hundred trump. i think we be about 4 million barrels higher if we simply allow drilling in this country. there is a gallup poll that just came out a week or two ago that showed only two out of ten americans right now feel the economy is good or great. this really bad numbers. americans are really fearful for a recession around the corner. thirty-six the irony is the president that basically turned off american energy production now said to saudi arabia to beg the saudi's to pump more oil. >> this is so embarrassing it's
3:47 pm
humiliating somehow -- somebody's got to explain to me in the white house why it's better to get our oil from russia and saudi arabia are then get it from alaska, texas and oklahoma. it just doesn't make any sense to me. jon: those oilfield jobs pay very well too. steven market to talk to you. well, all good things must come to an end as the queen captivates her adoring public. live in london with a wrap up of the fourth and final day of queen elizabeth the second platinum jubilee celebration. stay with us. new customers. we got iphone 13s, too. switched to verizon two minutes ago. (mom brown) ours were busted and we still got a shiny new one. (boy brown) check it out! (dad allen) so, wait. everybody gets the same great deal? (mom allen) i think that's the point. (vo) iphone 13 on us for every customer. current, new, everyone. on any unlimited plan.
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jon: queen elizabeth platinum jubilee wrapping up today with a passion and a surprise appearance by the queen on the buckingham palace and balcony capping off the four day celebration of her 70 years on the throne. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot is alive with details. >> hey jon a little damp tonight but earlier today was fine just like most of this four day celebration. in fact we sought late today the crowning moment of this holiday in honor of queen elizabeth the second period at the moment the queen said hello once again to
3:52 pm
the thousands gathered near buckingham palace. the court family members present son of prince charles, grandson of prince william literally the heirs of parents. queen had not been seen since thursday but she looked great today. smiling, waving same to take it all in for the public hype and also taking in the pageant parade life and times of the queen including a carriage that brought her to the coronation a. since then according to all hear the queen has steered this country through a lot of bumpyam and kate's children including the very expressive 4-year-old son louis. he made such a hit earlier. not seen again tonight prince harry and meghan peart turns out their agenda of the st. paul service was really their only official outing of the weekend. earlier in the day and really throughout this whole time, street fairs, picnics, outdoor dining, all in honor of the queen and i attended at least
3:53 pm
one, several fine for the biggest alfresco lunch ever held including one outside windsor castle by jon in a statement tonight from buckingham palace, the queen said she was humbled and deeply touched that so many came out to mark her platinum jubilee. a lot of people touched today, back to you. basics looks like fun, god save the queen. greg palkot in london. thank you. so head on fox support this one is sure to warm even a cold heart. the story of the iditarod hound gone missing four months now found in homeward bound. ♪
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jon: if you ever wanted to own a piece of american history this could be your chance, several items, a rose that jackie kennedy carried when her husband was shot, soon go up for auction, then there is this gun. recovered from a very famous crime scene. >> this plain old .38 detective special on the floor. >> this gun is part of what made al capone public enemy
3:58 pm
number one. >> absolutely, this massacre was so outrageous, american public demanded action. jon: how do you verify this is was from the, vent of. >> i like to go to the scene of the crime. jon: st. valentine's day massacre, auction streaming live "fox nation" on june 23, you could learn more in my new "fox nation" series, selling history. >> a sled dog missing in alaska for 3 months has been found, the dog slipped out of his harness and ran away from a checkpoint in march, he was found 150 miles away from this checkpoint, leon has been reunited with his rookie musher.
3:59 pm
of france. the stories that dog could tell. he looks pretty healthy, 150 miles away in alaskan wilderness, good for you. >> that is how "fox reports" this sunday june 5, 2022, i am jon scott, "sunday night in america" with trey gowdy is next. we leave you with one last look at queen elizabeth as she celebrates 70 years on the throne . they accuse
4:00 pm
♪ ♪ trey: good evening thank you for joining us, i am trey gowdy, it's "sunday night in america," there is a line from a popular movie, there are two types of pain, pain that hurts and the pain that alters, whoever said that is right, pain is a great teacher. we could learn a life long lesson in an instant. 50 years ago my mom turn her back for just a second. i decided to pull the iron off of the ironing board, that lesson waseaed


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