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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  June 6, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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see you again next fox news sunday. ♪ ♪ ♪ possible. >> good evening everyone. as the household budget shrinks as you eat your dinner in the dark as a take the shorter showers on the order of the california governor newsom says you are suffering and pain is not in vain. it is something called the great transition.
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it's all called bidens great transition. >> to the incredible transition and then to be stronger in the world a stronger thing we have to make the economy weaker to make it stronger because that is a great transition because that is great lower jobs growth is a good thing we learned that on friday. >> were not likely to see the blockbuster job reports month over month that is a good thing. steve: not as many new jobs? as part of the great transition. and this is what they are going with.
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>> what we are doing is preparing for the road ahead with that swift red hot economic growth we had over the last year. steve: swift and red-hot. and with the pandemic lockdown the proportion of adults actually working and here is a senior advisor. that this is an economic transition moment. helen even saying it? since that patronizing soundbite?
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with your stupid destructive policies? what are they talking about? to 2 percent inflation up at 8 percent inflation. from reliable electricity to energy independence from imports to venezuela and to solar panels made by slave labor in china. and then shipped around the world with the transportation on the planet former authoritarian regime forcing biden to eat his own words from the secret police from jamaal khashoggi then begging to pick up the consequences of those stupid policies.
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that is from a place of plenty and scarcity. that is a good thing of course this isn't the first time we have been transitioning they told us the runaway inflation from reckless spending was transitory. >> we suspect they will be transitory. >> our economist a they feel the impact proposals will be transitory. >> the transitory effects. >> it will be several months of high inflation including what they believed is transitory. >> and with that is the inflation problems. >> with a few notable exceptions like larry summers with the spending and confidence in fact as a wall
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street journal editorial 17 nobel prize-winning economist when it was already spinning out of control is inflation do you know how bad bidens inflation crisis is even when democrats are attacking him. >> this is all going according to plan. and it is working. >> the economic plan as we see it is working. >> as we see it. with their eyes closed in the darkroom with the kamala harris soundtrack. and if anybody is actually suffering then that's okay.
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but for most people the great transition will save money in fact every day will be practically free. >> people can buy electric vehicles and don't ever have to worry about going to fill it up at the gas pump. that's a huge thing. maybe she meant the real people it's a huge savings. just plug it in and then off you go. yes electricity prices have gone up the biden regime making is more dependent on the prices will go up further but who cares? it's a great transition. meanwhile in the real world if you're part of a low income community you will be hit the hardest and as usual the democrats are the exact people
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they claim they want to help. has there ever been a more pathetic presidency? just look at him bubbling around in the dying days of the soviet union they are admitting it openly now spent the president has multiple issues. >> the president has multiple issues. >> she did say that again. >> the president has multiple issues. steve: we know. but do not feel sorry for biden because for 50 years he plotted and scheme to get to the white house and for what? he is a cynical scheming machine politician. no vision, no competence and
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no clue. pushing around by the far left and by the bureaucracy and events. and is the great transition it's not transitory it is a train wreck in the best thing we can do is transition putting biden out of the white house into retirement where he belongs. let me know what you think of this and share the message and now here to react is our fox news contributor running for governor of california how are you feeling about the great transition? >> i hated it. we will own nothing and we will be happy that's what they are telling us and if you don't like it then take jen's
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advice. the only problem is americans cannot afford the margarita or the gas. but this is entirely intentional by the biden administration. liquid he did he join the paris climate accord. he banned federal leasing for oil and gas and if it wasn't enough to give americans the middle finger and make it as possible and then to implement that green agenda. and then they have to mock us. the energy secretary says this would be happening if you went and got an electric car so now he is put us in the embarrassing position he is on his knees begging tyrants and dictators for fossil fuels because renewable energy is not there. >> we care about the environment we care about all
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of those things but not in the way that pushes in the moment so this is the argument you have been making that we don't need to have this politics of scarcity. >> if you want to understand what the endgame looks like. look at california. the most offensive taxes in the country we pay more for gasoline, second-highest electricity prices, and the worst outcomes, the worst homeless crisis in american history, the fourth summer of blackouts and water shortages, student performance is continuing to deteriorate. we import a significant amount of petroleum from the amazon and have repressed oil production that has been shutting down power plants not building water storage facilities and it turns out if
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you don't enforce the law then people don't follow it. that's why they are having a crisis here. so horny what the future looks like just look to california. steve: lisa, do you think the way they come out with these phrases? how long do you think this one will last? they will never actually change the policy just the messaging. >> because it is all about government control. just like they did during covid by using a virus to instill fear and control their lives they are doing that with climate change. schools indoctrinating kids and leading them to believe that it will no longer exist in so many years that's why young people are so hopeless because they think there is nothing head for them.
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but using climate change to force government compliance. if you look at the green new deal aoc former chief of staff said it isn't about climate change but high overhaul the economy and change the entire economy. that's what it's about and then if you look at the world economic forum they are talking about tracking people's carbon footprint and end-user social credit score. >> so your message is just the opposite. >> so first if you don't enforce the law people don't follow them and the homeless crisis is mental drug addiction crisis. three times more homeless people are killed in california than in los angeles and new york city even though we have fewer homeless people. because we don't require
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people to stay in shelters. it's dangerous to let people to stay inside. the open-air market and the fentanyl market. we will require that people sleep inside and that we have to go into a shelter. it is dangerous. it is killing our children. bring back law and order we can have compassion and get people the psychiatric care, drug rehabilitation, but we should not be empty without rehabilitating the prisoners. we need to enforce our laws and re- standards rather than lowering them until the power plant so we can power and maintain. steve: you had such a strong reaction and good luck. there something else we need to get to because now we have another twist in the biden baby formula crisis. it was created by this
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administration. the closure of the abbott factory in michigan was unnecessary. but if you concede it did need to close there is no excuse for what happened next. as parents hunted for supplies to feed their babies the white house had a statement on may 1h claiming multiple government agencies have been "working diligently ferments to solve the crisis. back in february when the administration started there was not a crisis just a closed factory. so somehow these geniuses managed to turn a closure into a crisis. now we know that multiple industry executives warranty administration at the time the closure would lead to significant shortages and they did nothing about it until it was too late. that is a massive scandal in its own right. but now we have the denial and the cover-up. this was on wednesday. >> whether or not this could
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have moved quicker i don't think anybody anticipated the impact of the shut down one facility. >> did they take that they and nurse day and? >> they did but i didn't. steve: he said i didn't. not my fault. then we saw somebody else tried to dodge the blame. >> i'm not involved in the administration's response. but i think they are doing a very good job as soon as they learned this to be a severe shortage they got on top of it. steve: they are doing a good job? you are not involved? really? let's bring back the white house statement. from the white house, the commerce department, which she
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runs has supposedly been working diligently ferments on the response. why can't biden get their story straight? why do they keep lying about this cracks because they know how badly they screwed this up. they know they are in the wrong and that is why we must never let this one go. yes the abbott factory may reopen we cannot let them that causes pain and anxiety for the most vulnerable and now with another great candidate , this is not a partisan issue. this is basic government functioning and they totally screwed it up. >> it is an accountability crisis. the lack of accountability the baby formula shortage even goes back farther. the biden administration could have been notified as early as september of last year that
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there was a potential problem that the abbott manufacturing plant and for them to be unable to provide accountability and for her to continue to accept responsibility this is why people are frustrated whether the federal government they are told the government spending money to solve problems there are homeless folks, we don't have adequate storage for waters we can only water our lawn two times a week these are all challenges of accountability and transparency and we need to fix those things by electing folks who would be responsive and responsible taxpayers. that's how we get this turned around not by out the skating to avoid the problem that's exactly what the administration is doing with baby formula. steve: estate controller you can do that as an auditor and say what the hell is going on?
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another outrageous part is how they get a pat on the back to solve the problem they created. they are completely outrageous his father and grandfather i understand that's why i directed my, what are you talking about? you did nothing. this is your crisis. and to say help is on the way. here comes the formula. >> if i feel left out i am not running for anything on tuesday. [laughter] maybe one day. but also blaming parents it was their fault because they are hoarding formula just like gas prices or the food is skyrocketing. there is never any accountability with this administration. i never thought america would
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have to use the military to airlift baby formula from europe and parents have to go to tijuana mexico to get formula? it is a story of government incompetence. part of the reason we are here even going back we have for manufacturers in america that essentially produce all baby formula in the united states but that is because of the government program that half is distributed the government program it has created a monopoly but really government is to blame. steve: very good points. >> i think it's obvious we have a transparency and credibility crisis. we change that by demanding more from government. we have an election coming up on tuesday and i encourage
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folks who are interested in learning more about me go to chen for and find out what we are trying to do to bring transparency and accountability and having a watchdog for the taxpayer great to see you. we will
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>> in exactly the way we've come to expect with the border crisis they created this week they will be rolling out with asylum officers and then to speed up the process asylum seekers can now make the claim immediately from arriving at the border and conveniently enough they can only grant protection not deny it. every single change they make is one direction. and with a can make that more clear his giant neon signs all over the border sarah
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carter, this is a significant change to put the asylum decision in the hands bureaucrats. >> i have to tell you this is a big advertisement you talk about a big neon sign and it's important for people to understand the reason why the biden administration is doing this is because they do want that neon sign out there. it has been a problem for many decades going back to 2008 there were maybe 5000 asylum claims per year. people didn't apply because they didn't know about it unless they came from a country where they were facing severe prosecution and away or what advice then you can file when you get there but now with a big advertisement. especially for the coyotes and the human traffickers and drug
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cartels they by people coming across the border doesn't matter your claim. claim it claiming you have been abused by her husband. claim that you are gay and your country will prosecute you. so they teach them what to do so when they come into the united states they are ready to go and believe it or not a lot of special interest groups and lawyers to work with illegal immigrants will go visit them while they are being houston status of have to do to stay in the united states and now with this it will be the floodgates wide open. steve: absolutely right it's a significant change it gets a little technical but there are two parts and with the previous system.
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when the immigration courts and they wait for years. that's true. and then just to get rid of the whole system. and then to invest in the immigration courts. and then just to wave people through. >> right now the immigration courts are backlogged one.7 million i want people to understand people cross the border illegally yes it is a huge number. they cross it illegally in given notice to appear they are not even taken into custody especially if they have a credible fear claim once they have that that is the asylum claim they give them notice and how to report to immigration even if they
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are given the tracking device we've seen people get on planes or when we go to one part of the border and in a tag along with their ankle bracelets and then we can see that at the bus stop they do that to track them and give them myself in which is a waste of taxpayer dollars they put them in the trash and they never report them one.7 million backlog people that are the god away border patrol is estimating two.four through 3 million people entering united states this year. where does it end? here we see a flood not just from mexico but from all across the globe the african nation to afghanistan the nations like pakistan and we
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are seeing that right now do venezuela and colombia. and then finally it is a total abuse of the system. we are pro- immigration in this country. if done properly. properly controlled. and then to go the proper way this thing using those assignment rules are outrageous. and this is what they are doing. thank you so much we will see thank you so much we will see later on the the census tells you a lot about people. you could tell on the census records that at very, very young ages, they were cooks, they were farm hands, they were servants. there's auralia, 4-years old.
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i have learned a lot about the rest of the family, it was really finding gold. one of my grandfathers, didn't even know his birthdate. i figured out the exact year he was born. the census records fill in gaps, it helped me push the door open.
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steve: recently top republicans gathered to plan what is next with the gop taking back control of the house and republican leaders went to immediately start high profile investigations for anyone involved with those disastrous straying of failures us withdraw from
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afghanistan and then also the overseas business dealings with hunter biden someone who is actually there at the gop meetings in the heritage foundation, great to see you. i read this and was very encouraged can we go through one by one? with afghanistan planning an investigation i golf that to and in the impeachment with the fact it was so clear that he ignored the military advisor all the advice that led directly to those of the american servicemembers. could this be a praline to the impeachment quick. >> we have to see. the only thing we know those things you mentioned is people are reporting on it nothing
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congress has done but that is what we are gearing up to do with the oversight project. and with that they have to demand answers. when i'm sure once you start unpacking this we will learn a lot more those disastrous withdrawal. steve: let's look at the other issues. let's talk about the pandemic the response to the pandemic, but what we have focused on is the origins. did you talk about that and meeting quick. >> i cannot go into details what was discussed but covid and the origins are a top issue across the board for
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members looking to get answers. this administration has not done a single thing to hold china accountable for spreading the pandemic and lying to the entire world and then continuing down the path with business as usual that will not fight for the new majority in the congress. we need to know exactly what happened and furthermore we need to hold china accountable for what they unleashed on the world we are still dealing with fallout and then to identify the root cause. we could go through this again in a matter of years. >> especially since doctor fauci who is behind it all, he commissioned the research to make it look like he caused the pandemic actually he commissioned that he is the champion globally so people are saying if the republicans in fact the house they have to get to the bottom of the specifically without she if he
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is there in the administration. >> you are correct in doctor fauci thinks he is untouchable and with this congress they are fan boys and fan girls for doctor fauci so saying he will be living in subject to harsh scrutiny and it's a mandate from the american people who are fed up with this congress and this administration so what we will be doing at the heritage foundation is to turn the mandate into action to make sure once they get the majority it is go time. all gas. no breaks. >> you have cheered me up and everyone watching in the congressional room i'm so pleased you are pushing forward with the incredible important work
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we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm, injury attorneys ♪ call one eight hundred,est resul eight million ♪ steve: last week brought interesting headlines exposing the true state of affairs inside the biden white house instead of the smooth running machine with all of the adults in the room with that expertise the washington media is now reporting that actually the biden white house is adrift with a bunch of far left woke activists with the bureaucrats who are now all in the desperate panic as they survey the total collapse of their credibility with the
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nonstop cascade crisis that has come to define the calamitous biden regime. but among all the chaos and infighting the first one from cnn is a gold mine. and now they are starting to get a tantalizing glimpse of the biden in a january memo the white house chief of staff there is a plan to have biden do one each month and that was sucked into the blaming and dysfunction some aids embrace the idea to shake things up a little. that the white house aide said this wednesday now more town halls are expected in the near
12:47 am
future. town halls? that will do the trick. >> all those products coming in the west coast go through los angeles what am i doing here? steve: [laughter] the most effective way the aides found to convince the president is not the right we media caricature when they see him in action. [applause] and what a great way to convince people. maybe it's a caricature
12:48 am
nothing to see here just the president in action. but if you're not convinced by that the geniuses in the white house have another idea to save the bride on —- the biden presidency. what they agree on is the biden's chances for breaking through to what massively the more he picks fights with the republicans. and is that supposed to be unity? >> we must and the civil war. >> i guess it is back and massively increases biden's chances of breaking through his twisted that the approval ratings are worse than trump and how his aides have tried to stifle that persona that has been one of the biggest habits yes the plane speaking persona is one of the most potent assets.
12:49 am
>> yes. it has to do with this industry. not many senators from delaware, it is a small state. [laughter] what a potent asset. but the real secret weapon is something much better or someone much better. this person going back to the house by house for the third time and she has the answers and will save the day. here's how she will do it. "she is helping to redefine the biden narrative two plays that attempted to demonstrate
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it is serious about inflation and the baby formula shortage and it's not a hermit but. [laughter] a highly engaged and ubiquitous problem solver. [laughter]
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steve: welcome back. i have regained my composure. sarah carter is back with us while the democrats take a victory lap the media continues to completely dwarf hillary clinton's role in the hoke. >> that purpose was for law enforcement to initiate the russia investigation, this trial had nothing to do with that. steve: we know for a factory clinton orchestrated the whole russia hoax to distract from her own scandal that because
12:56 am
of the declassified documents from june 2016 showing the former cia director brennan briefed president obama to vilify donald trump in order to distract from the investigation into her private e-mail server ufologist michael seen anyone in that we know with everything it truly was a clinton backed dirty trick why isn't anything being done to hold her accountable? >> first is former cia director john brennan i always believed that memo was a cya for him to cover himself because he was working with hillary clinton even after he briefed obama to target president trump. along with james comey and james clapper it was the same collusion with hillary clinton. now we have that straight we have to go back to hillary clinton. go back to the 19 nineties with white water real estate and into the presidency of bill clinton is see what
12:57 am
happened at the state department with hillary clinton and all the accusations of pay for play. look at the slush fund and the clinton foundation and the connections globally the fact that bill clinton even was paid half a million dollars by a russian bank literally run by the fsb for a speech he gave in moscow, this is like the bonnie and clyde the teflon team of washington dc. in my opinion i believe what they have done is creating a bureaucracy that protects them. we have seen it with the department of justice during with the so-called investigations we saw that with benghazi, when hillary clinton was accused for pay for play. in the fbi did the ridiculous interview with hillary clinton on the 302 and she had cheryl mills and with her with the business?
12:58 am
not even a lawyer. she was an actual. remember that? we see the clintons get away with so much but there is one saving grace. it has become very public. everybody knows what is going on. it is far worse than what the american people understand when hillary clinton did when she created it disinformation campaign against president trump was literally a campaign used by our cia and intelligence agencies against other countries it literally has to be authorized by a presidential authority with those types of operations under c's. she conducted that against the duly elected president against the president of the united states against the american people. i believe in the end, when we have midterms and then in 2024
12:59 am
for the presidential election, if the american people and the independents will vote and come out in a wave against the democrats. steve: but the dirty trick. when you read those it is absolutely shocking what they did and then to get away with it. most people have not read that. went will there be accountability for her personally? >> i think this is the tragedy. we have seen a two-tiered system of justice in this country like we've never seen before especially the last five or six years. the department of justice is not following through a failure on the part for all those that are accountable for their actions.
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the only way hillary clinton will be held accountable in my opinion is if the american people just don't vote for the democrats. hold them accountable and remember it's up to each and everyone to go out and vote. that is our responsibility. steve: a good way to end the show. we will see you bacacacacacac


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