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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  June 6, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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permits that are being held up, to force the bureaucracy to stop dragging its feet, it's frustrating to americans who are being hurt at the pump. >> carley: yeah, we had rick cot toe, an economist on before we have 14% oil rigs taking oil out of the ground right now. a big problem. got to leave it right there. thanks for joining us. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> steve: gas price us hit another record high overnight. >> carley: nationwide average $4.86. >> all part of biden's great advance session from $2 gas to $6 gas. >> three people killed, 11 hurt in yet another shooting in philadelphia. >> police have not made any arrests but now philly's district attorney is calling for immediate gun control measures. >> a mother and her baby run over by a teen driver out on probation. >> this is absolutely unacceptable. george gascon continues to put criminals before victims.
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[chanting] >> for the largest migrant caravan ever is headed up towards mexico and the u.s. border. >> the administration has put the signal out there that it's okay to come and that's why you will see migrant caravan after caravan after caravan. >> queen elizabeth platinum jubilee wrapping up. >> a pageant and surprise appearance by the queen on the buckingham palace balcony. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ i found the one ♪ stronger than anyone i know ♪ she shares my dreams, i hope that some day i will share her home ♪ >> steve: well, it's a perfect day in london as london weather goes. 67 degrees, it is cloudy and rainy. and we are listening to ed shearn who was one of the big singers at the jubilee
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celebration. welcome to "fox & friends." he we're on monday, june 6th, 2022. we it is the longest day. we will talk about d-day in a little while. ainsley is back on the couch after being so perched so close to the queen. >> ainsley: wonderful experience. i'm grateful to fox and our bosses for sending me to cover that with martha and piers. it was life changing. it was great. this is the first day. buckingham palace was mind us, the queen came out with the royal family and she came out behind us and we got a look. >> steve: unbelievable. >> we went to the concert in honor of her. the light show was spectacular. they lit up as you can see buckingham palace with the british flag and above us, thank you, ma'am, they had a lot of her iconic images. this was a guy we went out to go get some food and something to drink. and this guy was waiting line. the line was the q. two hours to get drinks.
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>> steve: the show, the concert. when the queen was inside with paddington bear she did that thing with the cup. queen was outside on the stage performing? >> that's exactly right queen and adam lambert they kicked off the show. sharon osbourne now has a show with piers over in london. this is one of our wonderful staff members will prime time her name is bella. this is our assistant on my right screen left, that's lauren who put in so much work into steve steve no wonder i couldn't find her. >> our team went worked is so hard. tammy executive producer in blue. >> all three of those ladies were wonderful. this is us in the crowd getting to our seats for the concert. and we saw these guys just wearing british siewtsz and they were cute. i said may i take a picture with you? we had great time. it was educational and got to
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facetime with my daughter every day. i went shopping and i will show you something that's so beautiful. when i went to london 10 years ago i saw this if i ever have a little girl i'm going to buy this for her. >> steve: you have a little girl now. >> ainsley: look at this tea set. isn't that beautiful? last night hayden wanted to get this out and we had a little tea party before she went to bed last night i made sure it was camille tea. >> brian: that's real glass. >> steve: you know how to make tea because i saw piers morgan how to do it. >> ainsley: i think i put the water in the mike quaf and two tea bags. whatever is. >> brian: ed shearn closed with perfect. >> ainsley: strongest woman i have ever known. it was perfect and appropriate to sing to the queen. she made an appearance in green dress. she famously wears bright colors. she says i have to be seen. people in the audience want to be able to say there is the
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queen. little louie stole the show again last night. >> steve: rode around in the streets of london in that horse drawn carriage. actually a hall game presented from years earlier and really real really stuny. iconic images from the jubilee people will remember. >> ainsley: martha expert on the royal family and piers who lived there and. when we were sitting in the stands for the concert saturday night. all the people in the documentaries were sitting around me. i guess it was where the journalists were sitting. they gave us the cease. oh my gosh, thank you so much for everything you taught me about the queen in this documentary and thank you for your coverage. these are people who study her life. that's all they do are correspondence for the royal family. >> what about harry and meghan. besides getting booed how weird is it they are not on that
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balcony. >> steve: they blew it. >> ainsley: they didn't go to the reception afterwards. what is the issue here. going into this trip they will make up, they are brothers. i got more of a feeling they won't any time soon. they sat them separately at saint paul's cathedral for the big church service. and they didn't come -- they didn't go to the reception. and they were really nowhere to be seen after that. they said they are coming in. they don't want to steal the show but they did. the queen didn't show up at saint paul's. that is what everyone was talking about. she wasn't there. but guess who showed up? meghan and harry. that was the talk of the town. >> brian: when that book comes out i hear it's to make the oprah interview -- >> ainsley: i know. >> brian: cash in advance. >> steve: jet lagged? >> ainsley: i feel great. i got sleep on the plane. and chris was with us, too. our stage manager. he said he bought this for one of our staff members that loves
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the royal family. this memorabilia was being sold everywhere on the streets and you could pick up flags and coffee mugs. and we have our biscuits for tea later. are. >> brian: back to issues here hat home. ainsley, not much has changed. >> ainsley: that's all the talk over in the u.k., too. >> brian: always been more in europe, i get it but now here we are not used to anything like this before. if you look at this, we are not talking about months. this have from day to day. yesterday it was 4.84. today it's 4.86. a week ago it was 4.61. the putin putin price hike that story is not flying and it's not resonating with the american public because it is playing a role absolutely. but it's not the dominant role. what i saw pete buttigieg say it's time to make oil companies gas companies pump more they are hoarding in all the profits. that's such an insult from the industry who they degraded from day one who now they want to say
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you got to go drill on those leases that you hold when we know there is so much more involved in it the people they vilified when they got the job they are now blaming because gas prices are high now. which is not acceptable. >> ainsley: all these gas companies lost so much during the pandemic. >> steve: price cratered now up $125 a barrel. almost 7 bucks where that is. >> brian: go electronic, make it ease it on yourself. >> steve: because this administration does not want to punch any more holes in the ground and drill anymore, what are they do had? hat in hand. joe biden is going to go to saudi arabia in a few weeks to beg the saudi's to up the production. right now, there is terrible pain at the person, and that means pump at the polls. and the polls are what we're looking at right now. when you think about the following issues. how important will they be when it comes to your vote? well, according to a brand new abc up sews poll, 83% of you say
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that the economy is extremely or very important to you. inflation is extremely or very important to 80% of you. and 74% of you say that gas prices are extremely or very important. the poll also breaks down by party. and it actually says that 51 % of democrats approve of the president's high gas prices. >> ainsley: that's ridiculous. >> steve: who are those people? they obviously are just trying to support joe biden but to say i'm behind higher gas prices? gas prices have doubled since he has been president of the united states. >> ainsley: i know. everyone is enthusiastic about elections always. it's always nice to report on those or to read the polls and to figure out who is going to run. 57% of republicans say they are very enthusiastic about voting in november. only 44% of the democrats know that they're. they know this is not go looking good for them.
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>> brian: what's going to be left of the country. pull it up this summer. inflation 28% of the country approve keep it up. gas prices fantastic. high five. 27% of the country say keep it up. crime, 38%. how are you doing on guns? 35% when it comes to approval on where you stand on abortion 41%. covid gets you over 500 at 56%. he has been a disaster. the worst thing is to see those on continuings of the president of the united states beach basket and beach bag going out to the beach in delaware during a time when the u.s. public getting slammed by inflation gas prices the problem with guns, the problem with what is happening with crime in this country, you have a fractured white house leaking to politico, "the washington post," and cnn about how they have lost trust in each other. this is what jill wants. jill and his sister. we have to let biden be biden.
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take off the chains. good luck with that hold on tight, america. biden might be biden even more. the few times he has been biden they spend the next three weeks walking back when biden be biden. >> ainsley: they get that from let trump be trump. handling of covid with 56%. but, what's interesting is that's not among even the most important issues for americans. the most important issues, right, economy, inflation and rising gas prices. >> steve: absolutely. all of us are getting impacted. i did that and you look at the price, that is actually a week or two ago because the prices are much lower. it's impacting new a profound way. when you look at what wall street is reporting and what big companies are talking about their customers, you realize that the, you know, the inflation and the gas prices and the food prices are taking their toll us us. >> at walmart they say that shoppers are switching to
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cheaper lunch meat. not buying as many fresh meat. they are buying just half gallons of milk rather than a whole gallon of milk. one is half the price of the other and people are short with cash. kohl's department stores say customers are spending less and dollar tree and dollar general while they are forecasting higher profits because when times get tough people go to the dollar stores big lots stores say they will have less grand quarter because fewer people are buying furniture. big lots sells furniture. people are not buying furniture there. they are going for staples. we are living paycheck to paycheck. >> ainsley: talk to many people that own homes. they will say my chimney needs fixing or my backyard needs this done to it. i'm choosing to do that i have to do this instead of buying the furniture. i really wanted to redo my master bedroom and i can't do that now. you can always tell what matters to people.
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a year ago, two years ago it was covid. you would get in the taxicab and go to dinner with your friends. that was the conversation if you could go out or talking to them on the phone. now it is always gas prices. that's what you are talking it. >> i would say crime. i would say that's a big one. i think a lot of people have seen what's going on, too. i think school security has a lot to do with it obsession with the american people, especially after this shoot them up weekend. meanwhile 13 minutes after the hour. much more show coming ahead. still ahead on this june 6th, a video that's tough to watch. a california -- oh my goodness. a california teenager rammed a car into a mother and a baby in a stroller and she wound up with a five month probation. however, we are just learning of a criminal past that that suspect has. we are just learning from los angeles. >> brian: a lot to that story. plus, migrants on the move. this is like we have never seen before. griff jenkins joins us live as
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>> shootings over the weekend rocking cities all across our country leaving at least 69 people injured and 17 dead. >> steve: what is going on. blood shed in chicago and philadelphia standing out with victims including a police officer a man celebrating his 22nd birthday. >> brian: all right. alexandria hoff is here with more. try to recap all that.
3:19 am
>> yeah. it's going to be tough. i actually proved to d.c. from philadelphia. i lived 300 feet from where this mass shooting happened. historical district with a if he has been street south street runs through it in the past few years it's fall ton routine chaos. three people were killed. barrage of bullets were fired early sunday morning. police believe that one of the men killed was involved in a physical altercation that spawned the shootout. investigators say the other man and woman were likely innocent bystanders. 12 others were injured. over 50 shots have been fired in that very same area just injuring one person just four days prior. the national gun archives define as mass shooting though one with a minimum of four people shot. under that standard there have been 13 this weekend killing 17 and injuring at least 6 # people. that includes 15 shot in chattanooga, tennessee, two were killed. another person by a vehicle. and four people shot in mesa, arizona, two of those victims
3:20 am
have died. and in chicago, a police officer was shot and seriously wounded this weekend. it happened during a traffic stop in broad daylight. now, that is the third officer shot in the city in just one week. chicago's police superintendent says since 2019, the number of law enforcement officers who were shot or shot at has increased 500 percent. steve, ainsley, brian. >> steve: that's terrible. alexandra, thank you very much. up on capitol hill, it does sound, according to u.s. senators that this bipartisan push to do something in the u.s. senate may actually be closer than they have been in a generation. so, writes "the washington post" this morning. not as far as what the president asked for on thursday night. you know, with an assault weapons ban, immunity from lawsuit. it sounds like the proposal that they are working on on capitol hill would encourage states to set up red flag laws and allow
3:21 am
authorities to keep guns from people who are thought to be a threat. also, it would harden schools, it sounds like and address mental health. pat toomey, the outgoing senator from the great state of pennsylvania says it feels like they are closer than we have been ever since i have been in this the senate. >> ainsley: the problem is some of these progressive d.a.s are allowing criminals to walk free after they commit many of these crimes. and you see repeat offenders. here is the perfect example. this happened in august of 2021. >> steve: it's graphic. >> ainsley: very graphic. just to set it up. a mom is walking on the side of the road like all of us did when our babies were in a stroller. this guy, look at this, plows her down. turns into her. then he waits for a minute and leaves. she, thank goodness is okay. here he is coming from the other direction. this lady just watched all this happen. she is running towards the mom taps this pickup truck and this guy is driving on the side of the road and drying to get away
3:22 am
and slams into that truck. >> brian: is he a minor. >> ainsley: 16 at the time now is he 17. >> brian: still a minor. goes to trial five months get detention camp. goes to camp for five to seven months because, gascon, the district attorney there, what you are dealing when you are dealing with a minor it's all about rehab. let's rehab him. the victim says this is attempted murder. thankfully her baby is okay. this guy has got a track record. here's the problem. this is just like the buffalo shooter and just like this lunatic at uvalde, their record goes clean, this guy could go get a gun at 18. carp is done. and meets all the criteria of his counselor this guy can go out and act again. we are not changing the behavior we are shielding punishment. >> steve: when gascon and company gave this person camp, he got five to seven months in a juvenile probation camp which is described as less than a
3:23 am
military school and a little bit tougher than a summer camp. but what nobody knew at the time was when the person mowed down that mother and the kid, they were on probation at the time convicted of felony poisoning. they apparently spiked the teenage girl's drink at paul dale high school. sent her to the hospital. yesterday the story was if you were watching the channel that the d.a. said that the l.a. county sheriff's department agreed with the charges and the sentence and the l.a. sheriff villanueva say not true. they weren't involved in the charging decisions so, here we're at this point. we are now realizing this -- by the grace of god the woman and her child are alive but what's going on out there? if somebody mows down a mother and initially they were going to be felony charges but pleaded down, somebody with a criminal record of poisoning somebody at a high school. you would think that would have gone into the determination what
3:24 am
to do with that person who is now free. >> ainsley: poisoning, then he hit this mom and the bean and then it was a hit and run. he tried to get away before that car accident. this progressive george gascon, did he not charge the teenager with assault with a deadly weapon or attempted murder which would have made the punishment more severe. instead juvenile probation camp. >> brian: here is what the victim's impact statement included describing this incident. >> ainsley: goes by rachel not giving last name. >> brian: i thought those are our last moments we were going to be dead. the car approached me and my child. i stopped walking and moved the stroller myself up against the building to ebb sushi we gave the reckless driver plenty of room to pass. as the car goes close to us. the juvenile suspect turned the wheels in our direction and accelerated he aimed to kill us. this is what is going through her head on cycle. here is the question to you at what point do minors get treated like adults and what point are
3:25 am
we going to realize if this person is not going to go quietly into the night. it's assumed anybody near him is going to be a victim of him. obviously the parents, whatever is going on there, the kid is totally out of control. that's the next buffalo shooter. that's the next uvalde homicide perpetrator. >> steve: you saw the video, when the police eventually did catch up with this person, they said that, oh, yeah, i hit that mother. she appeared out of nowhere and hit her on accident with the stolen car. >> brian: no one believes that. >> steve: wait, the car was stolen, too? what is going on. anyway, you heard the story yesterday, it's like an onion, you peel back some more. >> brian: pass a background check and be able to get a gun. >> ainsley: worry more about the person who caused all of this than the victim. take into account the victims and when they suffered. >> brian: that's why these d.a.s are called out. being recalled. and boudin on track in san
3:26 am
francisco. same thing. the american public is fed up. even the liberal portion of this country the rubber has hit the road on crime and violence. >> steve: thank goodness the mother and child are okay. all right. 6:25 now here in the east. carley shimkus joins us now on the mezzanine level. >> good morning, welcome back ainsley. great job in london. >> ainsley: thanks. did you a great job this weekend too. >> carley: thank you. >> ainsley: you are welcome. >> carley: largest ever migrant caravan tapachula in southern mexico to the u.s. border today. there could be as many as 15,000 migrants in the caravan and most of those are women and children. the caravan organizer telling fox news, quote: according to our democrat that are at least 2300 minors and it will be a migrant family exodus. listen to this. health officials in washington confirms the district's first confirmed case of ortho pox. the family of viruses that includes the rare monkeypox. officials saying that person
3:27 am
recently traveled outside of the country. so far the cdc has logged 25 cases of ortho pox and monkeypox in the country. and today world war ii veterans gathering at the american cemetery and memorial in normandy to honor the nearly 10,000 u.s. service members killed while storming the beaches on d-day. several groups are looking to honor those americans here at home with a presidential prayer at the world war ii memorial in washington, d.c. we're talking to dj prayer chris long about that event later this morning. d-day june 6th, 1944. 78 years ago. >> steve: the so-called long e.estest day. thank you, carley. >> ainsley: still ahead the happiest place on earth not so happy for this tri as the disney employee ruins their marriage proposal. how the company is responding today. >> brian: impact of school closures on kids.
3:28 am
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>> brian: welcome back. one of scientists blaming covid-19 for stunting immune systems. really in marjorie writes this: quote one possible explanation for the reason spate of severe hepatitis in young kids is that after two years of being sheltered away from humans, children's immune systems are less adaptive of fighting previously mild pathogens, immunity likely rsv last summer and fall. someone here saying this all along dr. marc siegel. kids are is susceptible need get immunity by being exposed to some these diseases. >> we call kids germ factories. they interact with thousands of viruses every day it primes the immune pump and gets them ready so they don't have allergies so they don't react at the wrong seasons the wrong time. the rsv virus. we saw that the in summer and
3:33 am
fall last year. we never see it in the surgeon and fall. we see it in the winter. why are we seeing hepatitis cases linked to adeno. monkeypox. do you know who may be saying this the top virology just in the world dr. marianne coopman in netherlands is actually studying this in little kids. do you know what she found? her group found that they don't have the antibodies against regular viruses that they normally would have. so, last year, and the year before when you and i were saying caution, what's the collateral damage of these lockdowns of the masks, of the hand sizers. remember the deep cleaning, brian? the deep cleaning for a virus that never even spread on surfaces? collateral damage. >> brian: now they still have in new york city toddlers, pre-schoolers who have to wear a mask because there is no vaccine for them. we'll talk about that. how political this whole thing was and now getting more
3:34 am
details. talk about the cdc and why they kept flip-flopping on their policies, here is why. exposed a timeline of events and maybe you could put 2 and 2 together dr. siegel. cdc says fully vaccinated americans could stop wearing masks? we enjoyed high five only to find poll len ski spoke with unions the next day. all these unions came together beings and the guess what in the policy changes. fast forward to the policy. we find out that after these meetings now suddenly we have to start wearing masks again. all people wear masks regardless of vax status. we think that maybe they got new science? instead it's about capitulating to the unions. >> or new politics? becky pringle the president of the national education association said what do you mean? we care about our children. well, i don't think so because that group nea represents teachers. and it's not the same thing. little children do not have these unions on their side on
3:35 am
their behalf. they are protecting teachers. and that's how come teachers ended up with so much remote learning. right? if you are a teacher via zoom it's different than a 3-year-old via zoom especially in poor neighborhoods where they don't have laps. the amount of damage to socialization and emotional interactions to our young children was enormous. i don't buy that the teachers unions have any concern about that whatsoever. >> brian: psychiatrists had no seat at the table during the process. they have should have been there all along the way. find out 3 feet and 6 feet was totally made up out of thin air. people have no faith at all in the medical community at the highest level in washington. they have lost all credibility. and this is more proof of it. >> because of inconsistency and because of politics overriding all of these decisions and by the way. the research was there i was surprised to see -- not surprised at all. the "new york times" comes out with a survey now that kids have
3:36 am
been affected in terms of mental health? we knew that a year or two ago. studies were out a year or two ago that you had to keep kids in schools. >> brian: couldn't get the president to say that it didn't matter for this president to shae that thanks good to see you in person. president biden's response to president biden's poll numbers. he wants to get out more. he thinks that will help. newt gingrich reacts as the commander-in-chief plans to appear on late night. plus philadelphia's progressive d.a., three people killed in his city over the weekend. when will he admit he has a crime crisis on his hands. that story next. >> we don't have a crisis of lawlessness. we don't have a crisis of crime. we don't have a crisis of violence. ♪
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♪ >> ainsley: a manhunt is underway for a gunman involved in a deadly shooting in philadelphia over the weekend. >> the city's ultra progressive district attorney is placing blame just not on the shooter but the nra. larry krasner urging followers boycott nra donations and being real common sense gun regulation or bring that to pennsylvania. our next guest lost her brother alexander, there is a picture of him back in 2012 in a shooting. and now advocates for peace. roselyn, founder of operation save our city now joins us now. good morning to you. >> thanks for having me. >> have you been through it. your abusive ex-boyfriend threw you off the bridge you lost your identical twin sister to suicide. your brother was murdered and never found out who did that and still unsolved. then you started this wonderful organization it's called save our city. operation save our city. how are you getting through this? do you help other people and that's a way for you to heal?
3:42 am
>> yeah as advocate and activist being able to do this work has been part of my healing process. this has been ongoing since 2012. and continues. >> ainsley: rose lind, this morning we get the count from ever city and how many people were murdered. 4 people killed and 11 injured. local adviser just out celebrating his 22nd birthday. what do you say to these families and how do we save the stiff philadelphia. >> i'm definitely mourning for the family of christopher, alexis and gregory. we have been through some tragic stuff in my family. so, just trying to there for the families. then trying to figure out what's going to work for the city. we have been putting together this project called operation stop the plead where we are helping the community coexist
3:43 am
with shooters, like how do we stop the bleed if someone is shot. we are trying everything that we can. until legislation can get control of how people are getting access to these firearms. and how easy it is to get access. so i definitely believe in common sense gun laws. but i also believe that we also need to kind of police our own community as well. >> ainsley: so the d.a., larry krasner is calling for a boycott of the nra as you know. calls for gun regulation. >> the mayor there, jim kenny called for stricter gun control laws. what do you think we need to do. >> absolutely stricter gun laws. my with it twin sister was allowed access to a firearm while suffering mental illness. i think that definitely plays a role in the amount of homicides how easy it is to purchase firearms. we need stricter background checks. we need it to be impossible for
3:44 am
people just to go into a gun show and purchase a lung gun without having a background check. >> ainsley: does there need to be a an age limit? do we need to pump it up to 21? what is the compromise so republicans and democrats are happy. >> definitely bump it up. you need to be 21 when getting chovment we need more legs more rules and regulations to be able to get these firearms. >> ainsley: are you frustrated? your brother was killed a long time ago and you are still fighting for. this yeah. i mean, it's overwhelming, i think, like i said before, doing this work has been so healing for myself and working with families and navigating through systems that are broken. especially even with the d.a. sometimes where he is pleaing people out. the system is broken and needs
3:45 am
to be fixed on a lot of different forefronts. as an activist and advocate not only for my family but others we have to continue this work. >> ainsley: i'm sorry everything have you gone through but you are using that pain to help other people. god bless you. >> absolutely. thank you for having me. >> carley: we begin with this,ner lie two weeks after the massacre in uvalde, officials are still pushing for answers joaquin castro questioning the local school board it choice not to put the ardan co-on administration leave while the investigation plays out. and still burying their children after 19 were killed along with two teachers in that deadly attack. the navy identifies the pilot killed when his fa 18 super crashed last week. flying a routine training mission at the time of the crash. his jet fighter went down in a
3:46 am
remote area. he was assigned to strike fighter 113 out of naval air station. no other injuries were reported in that crash, which is currently under investigation. abbott nutrition resumes production of baby formula at its facility in sturgis, michigan among that shortage across the country. congress secretary says she probably learned about the formula shortage in april, two months after the plant shut down due to unsanitary conditions. the administration has faced criticism for its slow response to the crisis. the birmingham stallions clinched the south division twights a 10-9 victory over new orleans. the stallions are still undefeated eight games into the league's first season. the tampa bay bandits keep their post season hopes alive after 13-3 victory over the houston gamblers. squaring off next week in a game
3:47 am
that could decide the fate of both teams hopes for the playoffs. those are your headlines. >> ainsley: the rangers lost. >> brian: they are up. >> ainsley: check in with janice dean for fox weather forecast. >> janice: good morning. a nice weekend here in the northeast. take a look at it the temperatures are into the 60's and then across texas that's where we have the heat advisories. also looking at the potential for stronger storms for parts of the plain states, across the tennessee and high river valley, could see some large hair, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes in some of these regions, know where you will get your watches and warnings. see that future track especially as you get into the arch with the daytime heating that's where we will see the worst of the storms and into the overnight. just be aware. see where we have that hot weather across texas as well as the southwest. heat indices well over 100 degrees with. 95 in houston, that's going to linkser over the next several
3:48 am
days some of these regions take extra precautions and take karen of the elderly and kids. bring the pets inside because we have heat alerts in some of these areas. fox weather has you covered. ainsley, over to you. >> ainsley: thank you, janice. the president of colombia is calling on a dictators. why is the white house considering sending invites to cuba and venezuela. rachel campos-duffy is fired up and she is coming up next. how long would you pay to own a putter that belonged to former president reagan. we will have that putter and other pieces of history here on set coming up. i didn't realize my dna could tell me
3:49 am
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3:53 am
[cheers] nadal beating in straight sets to win his 14th title. he now has 22 grand slam victories. the most of any men's player ever. how about that? steve? over to you. >> is he pretty good. just saying. thank you very much. colombia's president calling for a ban on dictators at the summit of americans starts today in l.a. the white house still hasn't released a final agenda or guest list as they mull over inviting cuba and venezuela. well, the president of colombia telling fox news, quote. no dictatorship shall participate in the summit of the americans. we have rejected any form of autocracy, this is a forum for people who clearly embrace the value of democracy. joining us now "fox & friends weekend" co-host rachel campos-duffy.
3:54 am
rachel, good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >> steve: you know, it makes sense, if you are going to have a forum about democracy, you are not going to invite dictators and, yet, that's what some are calling for. >> yeah. not just democracy. it's about protecting these countries are human rights abuses and also increasing economic competitiveness, all things which venezuela and cuba clearly are not interested in. so, i have two things to say about this. first of all, this list should -- the guest list should have been organized and decided upon and negotiated upon months ago so that on the heals of this summit which happens in los angeles, we wouldn't be who is coming and who is not all this drama around it. shows the inincompetence of the biden administration. let me also know not inviting venezuela is very performative. remember, we are begging for oil for venezuela right now. we are actually funding this dictatorship. when we don't need to because we have our own oil but we just don't want to produce it right now because of climate change.
3:55 am
i will also note look at the agenda itself, steve, it's called building sustainable resilience and equitable -- equity. it's all about climate change. it's all about progressive ideology. all issues that i would argue with you as somebody who has studied latin american politics and culture in my masters program. these are not the top issues in latin america. especially as we are facing a potential global food shortage. poverty issues. economic opportunity issues and, of course, reinforcing democracy are all issues that should be at the forefront and lastly, steve, the role of china in this. what a distraction we have had with the biden administration all focused on ukraine meanwhile china has been making massive inroads into latin american with their bell tan road initiative buying up resources and throwing their weight around latin america. leaders and certainly don't look
3:56 am
at it right now. there there a possibility mexico may not actually come because the mexican leader says we not shoat up in venezuela, nicaragua and cuba rather are not invited. cuba famously back during the obama years, that's where castro wound up shaking hands with obama at this event. >> rachel: yeah that did happen. mexico might not come there might be some fig leaf issue that gives them a chance to show up. >> foreign minister of mexico will be there. this is all a lot of theater for sure. but, definitely america looks weak in its own hemisphere and that's the headline. >> steve: all right. good enough. rachel, thank you for joining us today ains. >> rachel: you got it, thank you. >> steve: a disney says let it go ruining a moment of proposal. how the house of mouse is responding
3:57 am
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4:00 am
>> largest migrant caravan ever recorded is now gathering. >> it's nonstop. >> administration has put the signal out there that it's okay to come. >> we need him to keep his promise. >> the president is not being very helpful. >> republican senator pat toomey calling on president biden for complicating gun reform. >> senator chris murphy agrees. >> i think the senate needs to do this ourselves. >> 23-year-old isaac arrested 46 times for shoplifting. is he finally behind bars. >> without stopping soft on
4:01 am
crime, without it you will have way more victims. >> gas price another record high overnight. >> nationwide average clock at n. at $4.86 per gallon for joey logano the pentzy ford mustang a winner in st. louis. that's got to feel so good. ♪ god only knows ♪ god only knows it's true ♪ god only knows ♪ god only knows. >> brian: very international show if ainsley is not in the u.k. taking shots of paris for great reason though. because paris was occupied 78 years ago. really for, i guess, in 1940 they were occupied by nazi germany and it was up to us, the allies to put together a group to somehow take france back and take europe back. how would they do that? stormed the beaches of normandy.
4:02 am
i think it was over 156,000 british americans and canadians and they stormed 50 miles of beaches and the trick was you had to make it a surprise. because they were ready for it would have been destructive and not successful. there were plans what if we lost? what if we won? we ended up storming the beaches and paying enormous price 50 miles of normedy beach 78 years ago today. >> ainsley: imagine how scary it would be that young. they are ahead of us time wise, normandy american cemetery and memorial home to the graves of 9386 who died on d-day. >> steve: 2400 american casualties on omaha beach alone. of course, it was code named operation overlord. this is something when you grow up in abilene, kansas, the home of dwight eisenhower the 34th president you hear about because he was the allied supreme
4:03 am
commander and he was the guy who called the shots on d-day 7 78years ago today. >> ainsley: able to go to normandy to see the beaches. a huge american flag flying there they all just wept remembering. their dads were in world war ii and they heard all the stories growing up. the greatest generation. >> brian: pretty amazing. a look back at that meanwhile, three minutes after the top of the hour. it's a story that keeps getting worse by the day. because an administration that not only has a bad illegal immigration policy and border policy, they have nonexistent one. you almost have to conclude they want it to happen. the worst is yet to come. how do we know? over 10,000 illegal immigrants set to storm our borders, two thirds of which is women and children who then become our responsibility to cloth, to food to school and because our system is so broken because our wall is rotting in the middle of a dessert which we already paid
4:04 am
for. we seem helpless just to watch it. >> steve: as we were talking with rachel campos-duffy today in los angeles kicks off the summit of americans in los angeles. only second time the united states has hosted this event since 19 # 4. >> as that is kicking off. they are particular kicking off this particular caravan. amassing in the area of tapachula, mexico right there at the border between mexico and guatemala. 11,000 are there today but they are expecting the numbers to rise to 15,000 this would be the largest caravan ever. >> brian: look at this. >> ainsley: here we go again, right? 70% will be women and children. ranging from infants up to 70 years old. most of them they say have only one pair of shoes. some just plastic flip-flops to make this journey. most of them are from venezuela, cuba and nicaragua. hear what some of the migrants are saying. listen.
4:05 am
>> he promised the asian community he would help them. he would recall title 42 he would have us having real asylum but now we need him to keep his promise. >> brian: keep his promise to who? he is an american president. i'm saying for him to keep his promise. keep his promise. his promise is to this country. to the american people. not illegal immigrants trying to cross here because they assume it's time for them to come. it is not. we owe the world nothing. we are first and foremost we have to guard our borders and find a legal immigration system. pause we actually need people in the workforce. we need some of the first round draft picks to stay instead of just being schooled here and go back. this is no way to run a country.
4:06 am
ngos catholic charities taking taxpayer money and attraction and magnet from all these different countries they should be ashamed of themselves. >> steve: here's the thing, when the people come into the united states, whether they are, you know, admitted by border patrol or they are got-aways, invariably they wind up in the local community. listen to somebody who lives in the rio grande valley talk about how this is such a gigantic burden on the people in certain towns in the united states. watch. >> almost to the point that it's been going this way so long that you almost get numb to it. it's nonstop. it's just nonstop. we knew the county law enforcement could not deal with the city law enforcement could not deal with the numbers are just too great. >> ainsley: how sad is that you just get numb to it. it happens every day. they are living through it they're walking through their yard. they are destroying their
4:07 am
fences. they are disrupting their cattle or whatever they are growing, their crop. and they are having to pay the price for it. >> brian: where is the president? he is on the beach. unbelievable. on the beach. hey, honey, grab the bag i have a country to run that's being overrun by inflation and imlegal immigrants i need to get tanner if that's possible. also, i think it's important to point out that miranda devine reports today that the migrant flights, those illegals that you are seeing are not just rio grande valley's problem. they are new york's problem, especially. they picked up the pace. no longer are they landing in the middle of the night in the airport. now they are going up to stuart airport in hudson valley and going to another airport in upstate new york where they get on buses in white bags. they have white bags. new sets of clothes. and they are going to be flooding into school systems near you. a lot of times not only not speaking english or spanish but a different language where grammar school teachers and high school teachers have to adapt to them and give the special services that you are paying for
4:08 am
on your budget -- your paycheck to paycheck budget that you are living on right now has to go to people from other countries who are trying to be -- who have beat our immigration system. sickening. >> ainsley: biden is only a year and a half into his presidency. we still have two and a half more years of this. they know that down interest. look at the images, this guy is standing behind him a dilapidated community and is he talking about title 42. this is a conversation they are having. >> brian: our president to keep his word. are you kidding me? >> ainsley: caravan organizer said according to their data at least 2300 minors it will be a migrant family exodus. >> brian: he doesn't even care. they don't each address it the vice president root causes out there making commencement speeches talking about getting rid of people's student loans. and you have a mayorkas who is an embarrassment to this country. no one has done a worse job than him enforcing positions that the president chooses to not pay attention to. it's just stunning to think that he could remain president and never get questioned on this.
4:09 am
he should be badgered by this wherever he goes. >> steve: is he going to be flying out to los angeles on wednesday for the summit of the americas. >> brian: see jimmy kimmel. >> steve: what are they going to be talking about? they are going to be talking about coronavirus, crime change and how to boost economic activity. griff jenkins is down there in the rio grande valley. he will be joining us later. >> ainsley: he hears another caravan i'm going to start packing my bags. >> brian: president going to make time for jimmy kimmel to do his show should be fascinating. >> steve: tape it wednesday at 50:00. president biden returning to another weekend in delaware heated negative negotiations on gun reform. >> ainsley: could come in week as he wants to give president space on their. >> brian: basically said mr. president please don't talk anymore. peter doocy joins us at the white house. peter? >> good morning, one of the democratic lawmakers involved in this senator chris murphy says these are among the most serious gun control talks he has ever
4:10 am
been a part of. >> would president biden getting involved in negotiations help? >> i think the senate needs to do this ourselves. i have talked to the white house every single day since these negotiations began. buff right now the senate needs to handle these negotiations. >> changes senators are talking about don't go as far as as president biden did in his prime time address last week where he proposed an assault weapons ban. instead the heart of these negotiations deal with a type of red flag laws. and ways to make sure that people under 21 years old buying guns don't have anything in their history that would disqualify them if they had been older and part of the system for longer, and for now, these senators are kind of on their own. >> the president might have been a president who would reach across the aisle, try to bring people together. but, he has chosen not to take that approach since day one. he has sided with the far left of his party and really not
4:11 am
reached out to republicans. >> president biden is saying this is you an urgent issue because people are dying every day. is he also saying that he wants to give these talk some space which could take many days. back to you. >> steve: peter, it sounds like what the senators are talking about is much different than what joe biden. i know you were at the white house on thursday night when he had that address to the nation. he asked for a lot of stuff. it doesn't sound like he is going to get that. >> no. might be something but not everything that he wanted. it is notable that officials around here are talking about how joe biden is the right president for this moment because he beat the gun lobby before when he was in congress. but he is not taking any of that experience and sharing it with lawmakers who are working on this right now. he is staying completely out of it for as long as he can. >> brian: thanks, peter. so senator chris murphy insists that biden is not getting involved but briefing him on a daily basis, expanding background check incentives for red flag laws for states to do
4:12 am
what places like florida last has done and funding for mental health and school security. it's unbelievable the democratic position is not hardening schools. that's like a given to republicans. how could that not be what every parent cares about? hardening the targets, providing the many money so the biggest and smallest school get funding whether it's uvalde or some place in little rock, arkansas, be able to get the same funding. >> brian: hire guards that are experienced and trained. i think something could get done. i think florida is probably the best case in point. governor rick scott after parkland passed with a republican legislator passed red flag laws. i have a question for you, how is it working? we want stuff that works. also in sufficient sex county talk to lee zeldin they have taken since 20191, 160,000 gun as way. they say -- 2,200 people under
4:13 am
people 21 years old. how is it going? is it effective? how many shootings were stopped? how many people sued? >> ainsley: retroactively did that checked all the records to find out who had mental health issues. >> brian: red flag laws on the books in new york exercised with great vigilance in sussex county, long island. take a look how it is working. >> steve: if if the senate is able to come up with something. carley joins us from the sad news jon bon jovi basis who was found dead age of 70. alex with a played grace from
4:14 am
1983 to 1984. a cause of death has not been shared. flexing military muscle after north korea's recent ballistic missile test. south korea firing seven suburb fast to surface off the waters of east coast. firing one missile in the same batch of testing. south korea's newly elected president is vowing to be tougher in response to provocations to kim jong un's regime including 8 missile tests conducted on sunday. firefighters in missouri rescuing seven people after a carnival ride breaks down this weekend. three people were stuck 40 feet in the air. firefighters were able to get them off the ride in about 30 minutes. the carnival was part of church festival, officials say they believe a broken part caused the ride to break down. you never want that to happen. my goodness. did you see this? queen elizabeth making a surprise appearance on the final day of her platinum jubilee yesterday.
4:15 am
the 96-year-old was not expected to participate due to those mobility issues that she is experiencing. but she appeared on the buckingham palace balcony in a special moment that represented the future of the british monarchy. but, first, her royal majesty appeared as a hole game waiving from inside a golden carriage on the streets of london. but it was prince louie who once again stole the show. the 4-year-old making some funny faces for the camera during yesterday's pageant. those are your headlines. did you see the video, ainsley, it was so funny. louie was fighting with his mom and you could see kate. on the inside she was like. >> steve: please stop. >> ainsley: this little boy is in so much trouble. >> ainsley: put a pillow over his face at one point. covered his eyes with his hand. made that funny face with his mom. is he going to be the fun watch. the one to watch. >> the third child. >> carley: oh boy. he is so cute. >> ainsley: yeah, is he adorable.
4:16 am
>> steve: he is a handful. he could be king. will. >> carley: well, maybe. >> steve: once upon a time, initially it was called euro disney land in the mid 90's they changed it to disney land paris. and there was a guy decided this was such a romantic spot i'm going to propose to my girlfriend. he is all dressed in white. we have got the proposal. but watch this when a guy in mouse ears interrupts the proposal. [cheers and applause] yeah. over here is going to be even better. so he says come over here it's going to be even better. but i guess he envisioned there was a better spot. in the middle of the proposal. >> the employee runs through and grabs the ring box. this was posted by somebody on
4:17 am
reddit who said that that guy just ruined my friend's proposal. >> ainsley: the crowd booed him. when you see someone proposing everyone gets quiet they watch, they wait they want to see what she is going to say. and everyone booed when this employee did this. >> steve: he said she said yes that's the good news the bad news that guy from disney is in trouble. we regret how this was handled. we v. apologized to the couple involved and offered to make it right. let's hope that might include a free honeymoon or something. something big. >> brian: he said look on the guy's face was he enjoyed breaking up this moment which makes it even worse. >> ainsley: he said it would be better over here. so i think it was innocent. i don't know why it would be better down you want to get up in front of the castle. >> brian: i guarantee you this guy is a clown. is he did this on purpose to ruin that moment. where was he raised? you don't have to be trained by
4:18 am
disney to know you don't interrupt a proposal. if they would have held up a basic game or football game for that moment but in disney they can't stand on platform and let them finish. >> ainsley: it's not the end of the world. they have a great a great story. made it on national television. >> brian: disney is going to be totally empty this summer. >> steve: one of the other details the guy wherever r. before he proposed asked one of the other employees can i do that there? sure. words did not get to the other guy with the mouse ears because he is our, you know, villain of the day. >> ainsley: just so bizarre hovmentd would ever do that? >> steve: who would ever do that. >> brian: i'm telling you it is done totally intentionally. he knows what he was doing. he wanted to ruin that moment. i'm sure if you follow this kid's history. i'm sure he interrupted great moments disruptive in high school and french college i'm sure? graduate school a pain in the neck no friends in life. >> steve: do you think that guy
4:19 am
went to graduate school? >> brian: i'm not really sure. >> ainsley: one of those guys who likes a lot of control. you are not going to do that here. >> brian: i don't want to see any couple happenly ever after? maybe his girlfriend just broke up with him. >> that's where i'm going to go, chris can you look into that? >> ainsley: he gave them a great story. >> steve: absolutely. when they get married, let's hope they put how many some videos so we can update. >> brian: if you have been interrupted with a guy with mouse ears when you were about to be proposed, write us now we will put you first and if you have the video. >> ainsley: i actually was but it was a different story. you are not tall enough to ride this ride, ainsley. my dad is like stand on your tip toes. >> brian: we put napkins in my son's shoes and got him through. basically doing it for our own safety. >> ainsley: i know. it was by like that much. really? going to make a difference? 19 minutes after the top of the hour. president biden sees his plummeting poll numbers and he decides he needs to get out more
4:20 am
in response. newt gingrich on that so he is going to the beach. >> brian: right. good job. a career criminal brags the soft on crime laws let him get away with shoplifting nearly 50 times. new york gubernatorial candidate congressman lee zeldin reacts next. ♪ psoriasis really messes with you. try. hope. fail. no one should suffer like that. i started cosentyx®. five years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infection, some serious and a lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reaction may occur. best move i've ever made. ask your dermatologist about cosentyx®.
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4:24 am
for just $49.99 a month for 24 months with a 2 -year price guarantee. call today. ♪ >> brian: okay, got a serial thief arrested 50 times for shoplifting, bragging about how he took advantage of new york city's soft on crime policies. what an embarrassment. after finally being locked up the criminal revealed to the post, quote: i may have been
4:25 am
caught 46 times but i can't tell you the number i got away with. a lot more than that. this is a blessing in disguise. i know i wasn't going to be sober if i was still out there. i would have died sooner or later. new york congressman lee zeldin is here to react. lee, this is a bigger story, isn't it? >> yeah, the system has become a joke. you are seeing the handcuffs basically put on the justice system instead of handcuffs being put on criminals. a combination of a number of factors in new york state they implemented cashless bail which should be releeld. implemented something called the less is more act signed last summer. have you seen several thousand people released early from prison who should stay behind bars, prosecutors office now who are pledging not to enforce the law. so the list goes on of so many different factors directly related to crime causing these criminals to be emboldened feeling they can get away with everything. >> brian: i want everybody at home to understand how much crime has gone up. take a look at these statistics right now in new york. robbery up 39%.
4:26 am
you have assault up 18%. burglary up 32%. grand larceny auto carjacking up 5 #%. so the mayor goes up to meet in albany, a mayor who is a democrat meeting with a democratic legislature, he got nowhere in trying to do what you just said. why do you think as a republican you could do it as governor? >> i agree that with mayor adams when he says that we should have a major overhaul on cashless bail. i believe judges should have discretion to weigh dangerousness and flight risk and past criminal record and seriousness of the offense on all offenses. what's really interesting, as you are showing those statistics and we have heard stories of someone, you know the asian measure community, pushed in front of an i couldn't know coming subway car lost their life. stacked to death in their apartment in manhattan. beaten to to death with a hammer. that's just the asian community. we have heard it with the sikh
4:27 am
community, jewish community, one week we had three physical assaults anti-semitic attacks just in brooklyn. none of these attacks by the way that i just described have anything to do with guns. there is an issue with illegal guns, yes. people are not -- democrats do not want to talk about any of these other crimes. >> brian: i know. it's sickening. hopefully they will get a message in the midterms. so the president of the united states has got a problem. according to politico. can he not figure out who do endorse. he likes rob as strin know, giuliani best friends with his cad and he has always like you. do you want the president's endorsement? have you been lobbying it? and how much difference will it make in a very blue area like new york? >> >> we have got a great working relationship. we have stayed in touch since he left office. even though he is no longer a new yorker, he is always going
4:28 am
to be a new yorker. and he is somebody who, you know, i think a lot of people have buyer's remorse. they might have voted for biden. as they see with our economy and foreign policy and borders from inflation, the supply chain crisis. >> brian: congressman do you want his endorsement? are you lobbying for it? >> we would certainly welcome president trump's support. there are millions of people out there as well who should join us but, you know, as far as president trump goes, he might be living down in florida now, but, you know, he has strong connections to new york. he is following the race closely. we have stayed in touch with it and if he wants to help us win that will be great. >> did he tell you is he going to stay out of it or do you look to do what he did with dr. oz in the last few weeks before the primary say something? >> well, i have spoken to president trump about it, but i don't want to get ahead of him, i will let him announce whatever president trump decides he wants
4:29 am
to say. >> brian: okay. congressman lee zeldin, a lot of people feel you have the best chance since governor pataki of being a republican governor from new york. >> we are going to win. >> brian: see how that goes. first thing is june 28th in the primary where early voting starts shortly, too. thanks so much, appreciate it, congressman. >> thanks, brian. >> brian: still ahead, hind reportedly wants to get out more and heading to a late night comedy show. good idea. newt gingrich why president biden's plummeting approval rating are a no laughing matter ♪ under pressure ♪ and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences.
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the most cautious driver we got am i there? looking good (phone chimes) safe driving and drivewise saves you 40% with allstate woman it shoots and kills stocker. found the man with a unidentified man with a gunshot wound in his chest as well as a damaged door frame. the woman told authorities that she recently moved to escape that man. he was pronounced dead at the scene. an investigation into the incident is ongoing. five tampa bay rays players are citing their religious beliefs after declining to wear pride
4:34 am
nike gear. uniforms lgbtq community and players were given the choice to opt out. pitcher jason adams made a statement on behalf of the abstaining players. he says all fans are welcomed and loved and their uniform choice was a safe space decision. and listen to this a rare first he a edition harry potter books going up for sale. hard cover version of harry potters and the philosopher stone are starting at $250,000. it's one of just 500 released in 1997. and is signed by author j.k. rowling. the book will be part of christie's upcoming auction. the auction is called the art of literature. exhibition which opens tomorrow and runs through the 15th. so if you are really rich and you love harry potter there is a book out there for you, ainsley. >> ainsley: i never really got into it. >> carley: love it. but $250,000 a lot of money.
4:35 am
>> carley: just go to disney world. >> carley: just go to the movies. >> ainsley: thank you, carley. the white house has a new plan for biden's sinking approval get on the road and it kicks off this week heading out west to visit late night tv show kimmie kimmel. the white house denies any vocioused from reality. fox news contributor and author of upcoming book defeating socialism newt gingrich. good morning to you newt. >> good morning. great to be with you. >> ainsley: good to have you on this. is a we interesting article. they talk about inflation, supply chain crisis, the low poll numbers. parallels to jimmy carter. they say those closest to him are frustrated because the administration is treating him with kid gloves and not interacting with voters and morale inside the white house is plummeting. how accurate is all of this? >> well, first of all, calista went out saturday and filled up her car $10,450. $10,104.50.i don't think there h
4:36 am
human to places like california $8 in some parts of california. people are in a state of shock. as one lady said in washington, pennsylvania. she had to go to five different stores to get infant formula she couldn't afford the gasoline to go to five different stores. people have this confounding effect. groceries going up faster than gasoline right now. you are about to have electricity brown-outs around the country because we failed to invest in a reliable electric system while asking people to buy electric cars. all these things are compounding. and i think the biden people, including the president, don't have a clue about reality. this is not a message problem. this is a reality problem. >> ainsley: you are absolutely right. according to these reports, he
4:37 am
is calling trump the worst president in history. he can't believe that trump's polls were better than his at this point. are they just out of touch? >> >> they live in a left wing crazed bubble. they impose rules. you just had a brief story about this in terms of tampa bay rays. imagine that one of the major league baseball said you have to wear a christian cross or you have to wear a jewish star of david to show your support, you know, people would be up in arms. now instead we are told that you have to be in favor of specific lifestyles in order to show up on the baseball field. i think people are looking at all this stuff together. not any one thing, the cultural war, the economic disaster, the foreign policy mistakes and frankly, president biden's personal incompetence. i mean, you watch him for a while and you cringe to think that this is the commander-in-chief, the president of the united states and it's clear at times that he is just out to lunch.
4:38 am
he doesn't have any idea what he is doing. >> ainsley: first time on late night tv this coming wednesday with jimmy kimmel. the west wing believes there is time for a course correction. we will have to see. newt, thank you so much for coming on with us. >> thank you. >> ainsley: largest migrant caravan ever is getting ready to leave for the u.s. as soon as today. griff jenkins down on the ground at our southern border. griff? >> ainsley, good morning it's been a very busy active morning. dps agents chasing migrants running through the field and they got them. we got it on video. that's coming up next. ♪ your projects done right
4:39 am
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finding perfect isn't rocket science. kitchen? sorted. hot tub, why not? and of course, puppy-friendly. we don't like to say perfect, but it's pretty perfect., booking.yeah. >> brian: largest migrant caravan could begin its journey to the u.s. today. as many as 15,000 migrants gathering in the southern part of mexico with most of those being women and children. >> steve: griff jenkins is live at the southern border with the very latest. so, griff, you are at our
4:43 am
southern border. meanwhile, the migrant caravan is starting at mexico's southern border. >> griff: that's right, steve, ainsley and brian, good morning. yesterday afternoon i communicated with that caravan leader and he said they would start marching 10,000 plus strong this morning. we'll see if that actually materializes. meanwhile here in the r.g.v. sector. one of the hardest hit areas. we have been out with texas dps this morning. and it has been a very busy morning. we where lieutenant chris ole varies. lieutenant. already, you are taking down migrants what happened? >> you were out here this morning and got to see firsthand what u.s. border patrol has to encounter every single morning with these single adults. these are the got aways that we always talk about. with the added manpower we have from our troopers, from our are national guardsmen we are out here helping u.s. border patrol apprehend four individuals running from law enforcement. these are not your asylum seekers single adults trying to get away and avoid apprehension. we were able to capture them
4:44 am
helping border patrol. >> griff: these guys were really running. i work out pretty extensively that has ha hard chase. this individual who was he? >> what we do know is he a 22, 23-year-old male from mexico. based on the area that he is from, we suspect he could be the potential guide for the other individuals coming across. one female involved. that's typically what we see in these groupings, young individual from some part of mexico that's guiding this group trying to make it further into the interior, also in this particular area, they are trying to load up in vehicles. this is where we see those high-speed chases occurring every single day every single morning in the rgv sector. >> you say every single day it's getting worse in the six days i have been here, we actually went back sector bride to look at how many apprehensions there were. there there were over 9065. 645 get aways since i have been boots on on the ground numbers getting worse. what would a caravan mean if it got up on the border. >> increase those numbers much more. the fact we have families and
4:45 am
unaccompanied children coming across depleting resources from border patrol. you got to see first hand an example what happens when resources are depleted and single adults and criminals coming across and drugs coming across. that's why it's important to have our troopers and national guardsmen helping border patrol. great example how working together able to apprehend those individuals. also with the hospital having that air support. you deter rain, open fields it's dark and trying to apprehend these individuals very challenging. working together clear example how we were able to apprehend four individuals. that's only one small area we are seeing here. much more area to cover. >> griff: you mention criminals since i have been here the sector put out a public release that there were eight gang members, five of whom were ms-13 in this area. one aggravated homicide conviction are we seeing more criminals? is this getting more dangerous here on the border. >> it is. that's only a small group they are able to apprehend. u.s. border patrol you saw how many agents were out here this morning. no telling how many more
4:46 am
individuals are coming across and how many more of those individuals are criminals. we won't know that until we actually apprehend them and process them with u.s. border patrol they can determine if those individuals are criminals or guides or what their situation is and what their history is. again, clear example of what takes place in the rgv sector when we talk about got-aways all the time. you don't know who these individuals are until you apprehend them. >> do we have enough resources on the border or does the administration need to provide more. >> of course need more resources, griff. that's a clear example of what we need here. of course, we have been able to augment that with our state resources with troopers and national guardsmen again the federal government needs to step in and provide that support. just goes to show you with having operation lone star in place how we are able to have that extra manpower. even again with having that extra manpower you see how many resources have needed to apprehend four individuals. extra resources always needed. >> griff: lieutenant chris ole varies here with texas dps.
4:47 am
four individuals that didn't get away. a snapshot steve, ainsley and brian how bad it is getting as the you know i have been covering with you guys the border never seen it like this. the caravan if it is 10,000 plus strong that is bigger than the one we covered in 2019 when you sent me to honduras and went all the way up across from eagle pass this situation here is getting worse. that's the bottom line. >> brian: griff, they could stop it if they could. we have seen these caravans bake up before. if the government wants to stop it in mexico. pressure the mexican government to reinforce their border or stop them before they get to ours. this administration is choosing not to as far as i can tell. can you tell if they are trying to stop them? that's great question. that's an important question, brian. when i texted with the caravan leader he says he fully expects the mexican national guard and
4:48 am
immigration police to try stop them from leaving tapachula, whether or not they are successful is the big question and whether or not there is pressure from the biden administration to stop it if it does get out of the southern part and start marching north. >> ainsley: may be the largest caravan ever to come through mexico. >> brian: demanding that joe biden list up to his word. >> steve: griff, thank you for the live report from the valley. meanwhile, coming up, what would you pay to own the same putter once owned by ronald reagan? our next guest is selling history. some of the items up for auction are here on set. you are going to want to hear from that guy coming up next on "fox & friends."
4:49 am
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4:52 am
>> janice: good morning, my friends. if you live in florida you had a rough weekend, right? lots of heavy rainfall and not even a named storm. it became tropical storm alex but before it was just an area of low pressure and brought over 14 inches of rainfall across south florida and the keys. the good news is the storm is offshore in the atlantic and we're not expecting it to cause any problems at all so there is the good news. it is our first official tropical storm of the season for the atlantic and, of course, we will be watching that over the next couple of months. if you live across the east coast, the gulf coast and
4:53 am
florida, you need to be watching and waiting because we know it's going to be an active seasonality fox for all your latest details. steve over to you. >> steve: thanks, j.d. meanwhile how much would you pay for a putter ronald reagan once used or apollo hand controller or original piece of apple technology? >> it is the board that changed the world. >> revolution in tech. >> wow, christmas morning opening these things. >> built by the ultimate odd couple. >> and it started with a $600 board made by a couple of hippies in a garage. >> now up for auction. >> of course i'm nervous. >> it's worth a pretty penny if it works. >> steve: if it works. our next guest obtains and auctions off these rare items as the host of fox nation's selling history, which is available now on fox nation. bobby livingston joins us here on the set. bobby, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: let's start with this thing. it's hart part of american history. >> this is the first apple
4:54 am
computer. >> this is apple 1 computer. and it actually works. >> steve: it's just a board. there is no box. >> i know. these cost about $666 and had you to buy your own power supply, your own keyboard. and there is only about 60 of them that still exist. they only made 200. and steve jobs himself wrote a serial number on the back of this one and made by was knack in the garage of steve jobs. >> the whole idea behind your series on fox nation is every one of them has a story. for instance, tell us about ronald reagan's putter and how you were able to verify that he actually used it? >> it putter was brought had on to air force one when reagan was going to meet gorbachev the first time the russian leader one of his aides had the golf club and they wanted to break the tension. they are waiting to meet gorbachev and reagan uses this putter to golf to relax on air force 1. and the guy that had it retained it and this is all in the show.
4:55 am
you get to learn everything about this golf club and how we know it's theak. >> steve: that deadly day in dallas when john f. kennedy was killed. >> right. >> steve: this is actually one of the roses that jack kennedy had that day? >> right this rose was in the limousine as she drove through daily plaza with the president. we know what happens. they go to parkland hospital and at some point a policeman retains this rose and it's giving to one of the most famous journalists in dallas jay watson. he is the guy that interviews live on the air. the show kind of tells the whole story. >> steve: indeed. all right. apollo 17 mission to the moon. and this is one of the controllers. >> right. where your hand just was ravine used that control tore bring apollo 17 home. the last man on the moon brought the americans home using that. and, you know, it's incredible. it's got all the you want we
4:56 am
have to prove it actually flew. >> steve: absolutely. here you have the temporary parts removal tag this is authentication from the federal government that this was taken off of that. >> that's right. that's right. that's something you will have to learn about on this incredible fox nation show we have. >> steve: check out fox nation, you will actually see the auction coming up in a couple of weeks, right? >> right. the shows don't have an ending. so you have to wait until june 23rd to actually watch the auction to find out what this is going to sell for and this is going to sell for. all of it. amazing event june 23rd in as you discipline bobby livingston, thank you very much. a little bit of history right there. we are stepping aside. piers morgan joins us live coming up next. ♪ ♪ nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard. you get advice like: just stop. go for a run. go for 10 runs! run a marathon. instead, start small.
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5:00 am
5:01 am
in london it is 1:01 in the afternoon. we all got back from london last night. it was a wonderful trip. and we just had -- it was so historical to be there. she's probably the last female queen in our lifetime because everyone -- all the heirs are
5:02 am
men. so in -- her father was the king, her grandfather was the king after her you just advocated the thrown. she was the queen that wasn't supposed to be. >> it's 1:00 in the afternoon in london, it's tea time, right. i know you got a lesson how to make tea from piers morgan. he joins us live from london. piers, good morning. good afternoon, there. >> hello, my friend. >> well, good morning. and i'm going to say i miss you guys. not all of you because you weren't here but you know who i mean. we had a special time together with our platinum jubilee. and i was with some of the most prepared individuals that i ever worked with in television news. it was unbelievable. master class. >> what could you tell me they can't it's like working with ainsley, piers? what have you discovered? >> that feeling when you wake up and you think four hours of life
5:03 am
on american prime breakfast show tv and you just think i'm going to wing it will because it's all in my head and you start to slightly panic when you realize there were four hours without commercials. and you turn to your right and then ainsley with the biggest folder i ever seen in my life had stuff handwritten. it was handwritten. >> that's how i study. >> a guy over here and he's the soccer statistics expert. and he knows everything about it. i reckon that ainsley can go on who wants to be a millionaire with the subject of the royal family and know everything. >> you're sweet. piers, i knew i was working with you and you grew up there so you know everything about the queen and you know all of these correspondents and you covered her for decade. you can wing it. martha is an expert on the royal family and has covered that family for the news channel for years. and so i knew i had to be prepared.
5:04 am
that's how i -- you know, growing up that's how i studied. i rewrote. i redid all of my math homework when had-- i had to write if all down visually. i didn't want to disappoint our bosses. >> show your notes. >> this is what i do for the show. >> right there. >> this is the queen topic, this is gas prices. this is venice, california. that's how i can study. >> so, piers, have you ever studied? >> i didn't like to tell you in the five years i anchored good morning britain, i don't think i ever looked at a script. >> your producers love to hear that. >> of course, things just wrapped up. this was a surprise appearance of the queen on the balcony of buckingham palace with just the primary royals. but you know, because it was produced for the most part, piers, as a tv event, i got to
5:05 am
tell you, my favorite moment was when the queen was supposedly inside the palace having a little tea with pattington bear and she pulled a sandwich out of her purse and started to tap on the teacup. when did they do that? do you have insight into that? because it was so charming. >> well, there were several things that was incredible. i thought that was an amazing thing because it was brilliant lly produced. >> what? >> i know. it was brilliantly done. most importantly, none of us knew anything about this. it was a stunt she pulled with daniel with james bond. it was all the more enjoyable. it was incredibly moving, actually. you got to see a wonderful great british institutions, pattington
5:06 am
the bear and her majesty the queen coming together. it was really warm and affectionate and funny. and i loved it. but i also loved much of the drones district displays that were going on. some of them are spectacular drones i ever seen with corgis and horses. everything flying through the sky. it was magical, absolutely magical. in the end and i'm sure ainsley would appreciate this. she was there from the start of it. in the end, i felt the moment for me which were the greatest were the two simplest, which were the start of proceeding on the first day when we were just outside buckingham palace there. the queen walking out on the balcony and then she missed everything else and there were real concerns about her health. and then she rearound right at the end on the last day, the fourth day when we weren't sure
5:07 am
if she was there. suddenly the flag was there. we realize that means the queen's in the palace and that meant she was coming out. once she came out, i don't think i ever heard nowhere my entire lifetime a bigger roar of anything than the one that i heard ripping down and right through london is and right across the country. >> hopefully that adds another five years to her life. >> everyone's singing god safe the queen. i think she even almost had a tear in her eye. >> well, i mean, maybe when she feels this appreciated, maybe that will add another five years to her life knowing how much people aren't taking for granted. quick thing, when it comes to real politics, it's fascinating to see prime minister johnson how he was caught flat outlying while the whole country was locked down. what is going to happen with him and his vote of no confidence that could coming down? what does that mean in the
5:08 am
british political structure? >> he's in big trouble t no question about it. boris johnson could even be gone as early tonight. it's unlikely that he will go tonight because that will mean he will lose a no confidence vote. it's a possibility. i would imagine he may win it, but not by very much. that means there will be a lot of pain over the next few days and weeks, possibly several months. i think it's the beginning of the end of boris johnson. it all comes down to double standards. this was a guy who made very strict lockdown rules for the country. people couldn't go see their dying relatives in hospitals and they were dying from covid. and at the same time he and his staff were all partying illegally breaking their own lockdown rules. >> and then lied about it. >> 18 members of the staff were fined by the police. think about that, including the british prime minister. fined by the police. it would be like the president of the united states being fined by the police for breaking their own covid lockdown rules. it was a double standard and the brazen hip -- we also witnessed
5:09 am
a dramatic issue on friday when boris johnson turned on the steps of a big royal occasion which would normally be a sort of, you know, somber occasion. boris and johnson came you understand and he and his wife got boozed. i commented to ainsley and martha, i've never seen that at a big royal event. normally you might get it at a sporting event or something. but for a british prime minister, particularly conservative prime minister, where most royal and monarchies in this country would tend to be more on the conservative side. then to be loudly booing him was a really extraordinary moment. >> and meghan and harry. >> well, has an meghan and harry as well. the british public are decided
5:10 am
of brazen hypocrisy. and then do the complete on. they flew in from california. how do they get here? on a massive private plane and flew all the way back to california before it even ended on sunday, before the queen hit the balcony. they're the ones preaching to us about carbon footprint and they're the ones using private planes. that's. >> what do the press say about the queen meeting lily beth? this was a private event. did you read anything or hear anything from your sources about that meeting? >> yeah. i mean, there's been reports that they did meet. it would be surprising if they hadn't because of course the queen went back to windsor castle on thursday. so she was back in windsor. and meghan and harry were back
5:11 am
at fromore cottage. it's very near windsor castle. it's a very short walk to where the queen would be. the word is they did meet. but significantly there were no pictures at all released. it's quite extraordinary, meghan and harry come over, they were basically seen at the thanksgiving service and that was about it. we saw a little picture of them, didn't we, on the first day hiding behind the window because they weren't allowed on the balcony. it seems like a humiliating trip. no surprise they left at 1:00 on sunday. before we had a celebration all afternoon of the best of british. i wonder what prince harry is thinking when he has to leave the country because they've been booed because he lost the popularity. >> sure. >> before we celebrate the best of our country. >> that book is going to blow everything up.
5:12 am
>> well, that book could be the term weapon. prince harry continues to trash his family and if as the reports are saying, he's going to personally attack the duchess of cornwall as some kind of revenge because she had the relationship with his dad when his mother died and alive. if he does that press that nuclear button it -- for him as a former british army war hero. >> sure. >> to be booed in the way that they were i thought was quite startling. i hope it realizes is because people want -- they don't like him trashing the family. >> he possibly couldn't gotten on his private jet and say that went well. >> right. >> we love having a couple of minutes with piers morgan. you catch him every weeknight
5:13 am
starting at 4:30 in the afternoon on fox nation. piers, thank you very much. >> what a joy to work with you. thank you so much. i'm holding on to that notebook. >> was there any person who did get on the plane is and thought that way, would be ainsley and martha. 'cause you could not have done a more brilliant job. it was an absolute joy to work with both of you. you are lovely group to work with, i got to say. >> we love working with you. so easy to work with you. just conversational. it was wonderful and everyone in the u.k. was nice to us. i really appreciate it. >> all right, pierce. >> it was great having you. >> i have to be sensational because i don't have any research notes. >> it's all in here. it's all in your mind. >> all right. mr. morgan, thank you very much. >> have a great day. i hope you get some sleep. >> all right. 8:13 here in the east. let's join with carley. >> he's so honest, that's why
5:14 am
people love him. >> we have a lot going on here at home including america's crime crisis. shootings overment weekend rocking cities across the country. in philadelphia, police are saying a physical altercation could have been the general any success of brood sheet which left three dead. this is so sad. 22-year-old -- rel veiled the arizona -- a police officer's appear to ignore a drowning man's plea for help. watch this. >> help. >> you're not allowed to swim in the lake. >> that swimmer has since died. officials say officer responded to a disturbance call last month when the 34-year-old climbed a four foot fence, entered the lake and began to swim. the three police officers who
5:15 am
witnessed the drowning has been placed on paid administrative leave as the investigation begins. >> new information reveals that the cdc -- restricted version of its school mask mandate guidelines. fox news medical contributor joins us earlier with his take. >> little children do not have these unions on their side. they're prikdz futures. the amount of damage that was done to social izationand to emotional interactions to our young children was enormous. and i don't buy that the teacher's union have any concerns about that whatsoever. >> fox news report that the biden administration gave into demands from those unions after they threatened to publicly deannounce biden and his leadership. >> and there is this, top gun maverick cruising into the top spot at the box office for a second week in a row after the flim broke records last week.
5:16 am
>> with all due respect, sir, i'm not a teacher. i just want to manage the expectations. >> good morning, i have a varieties. >> the movie second apulled in $86 million domestically and brought over $500 million. that's crazy. i loved it. i saw it opening weekend. >> he does his own stunts. >> i love that he's helping with recruitment in the air force. >> it is. there was a big military recruitment after the first top gun and they're saying that hopefully a lot of people will want to be fighter pilots after this one. >> i wanted to be a fighter pilot after this movie and i can barely drive a car. >> stick to what you know. >> all right. >> thanks, carley.
5:17 am
>> still head, new revelations in south carolina's murdoch murder mystery. >> and all eyes on the u.s. supreme court as we await decisions from justices on 33 cases, including one that could overturn roe v. wade. senator mike lee wants justice. and he's coming up.
5:18 am
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>> there is a new twist in the case surrounding that former
5:22 am
south carolina legal titan who some believe killed his wife and son before trying to saved his own death. the body of alex mur d /* -- to determine if shall really died of natural causes from falling. the host of crime stories on fox nation nancy grace joins us right now. nancy, this is a crazy case that's kind of hard to keep track of everything. so he was accused of stealing a bunch of people's insurance money. his wife and son wind up murdered. and a couple of years earlier, the housekeeper reportedly fell down. she wound up dead. is and now they're trying to figure out if that really is what killed her. >> fell down is an interesting way to put it. and good morning. let's start -- that's a fine wake-up call. exhumation. it's very difficult to get a body exhumed or dug up and then
5:23 am
autopsies. in this case you're looking at 57-year-old gloria, the long time housekeeper and sometimes nanny north murdoch family. i wouldn't get near that place with a ten foot pole. you just kill over and die. catch this. when she was dead -- when she was killed, she fell, apparently, by falling down the outside steps and hitting her head. she was bleeding from the head and the left ear when 911 was called. but they called that accidental. there's -- they call that natural cause death. there's no way falling down stairs outside, brick stairs is natural causes. but there was no autopsy and the coroner wasn't called. that's the first red flag. then murdoch, alex murdoch, suspected in the murders of his wife and son, tells her children, hey, i'll sue myself and give you the money for insurance. he got a settlement of over $4 million and never gave them the
5:24 am
money. >> that's crazy. so, you know -- >> and that's the tip of the iceberg. >> and keep in mind, before it hit the fan, you know, everybody in south carolina regarded him as a, you know, a legal titan, as we introduced it. but, you know, the more you pull -- >> you can't say that any more. >> exactly. because you realize -- he could have been up to stuff for quite a period of time. >> could have been. his law firm kicked him out because there are millions and millions of missing dollars from the law firm, number one. and when you start seeing a trail of bodies. you got the housekeeper, you have a young teen -- boy killed the road near their home. >> right. >> and mallory beach. i mean, it goes on and on. and i think when he had somebody shoot him in the head, it was a way to take focus off him for his wife and for his son's
5:25 am
murders, not some crazy scheme to get insurance money. but this guy took in the tune of millions. >> nancy, final question. how soon will we know if the medical examiner says, yeah, you know what it could have been an accident or it could have been foul play? >> we won't know for a while. they're going to have on exhume her which is a lengthy, legal process. you got to go through a lot of hoops to get an exhumation, digging up a dead body. then there will be an autopsy four years after the fact. that's not easy. they may have to bring in other experts to perform this autopsy. >> all right. nancy grace, check her out on fox nation. nancy, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> you bet. >> all right. coming up on this monday, the price of gas is officially doubled since joe biden took office. we are live. and some drivers pay more than $8 gal gallons to fill up.
5:26 am
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5:29 am
>> well, i hate to say it. gas prices soaring yet another record high this morning, hitting $4.86. >> all right are now almost $2
5:30 am
more than they were a year ago. kelly o'grady is in langz where, kelly, the prices out there are much higher than they are here. reporter: oh, they definitely are. you can see $6.99 over my shoulders. that was very sad when i filled up this weekend. but today marks the tenth straight day of record highs that we've also seen 27 of the last it will day set records. we could see $5 a gallon nationally in mid june. in the past week, we've seen them rise $0.25 alone. that national average is eight cent higher when president biden took office. that means you're averaging extra $35 every time you fill up. one pass is for the u.s. to produce more shale oil. rather than ramp up domestically, the administration is turning for help. even some democrats condemning
5:31 am
the idea of relying on saudi arabia. >> i understand the degree to which saudi arabia controls oil prices. i think that's a compelling argument for us to wean ourselves off of reliance on foreign oil and on oil more globally. we should make every effort to lower oil prices, but going hat in hand to someone who's murdered the america resident would not be on my list. reporter: that $6.99 i mentioned, just to drive that point home. that means if you're filling up a standard see dan, that's going to cost you about $100. that's not even a gas gulfer. i talked to folks here and they're saying it's starting to impact how much they travel and even what happen jobs they take. >> that's about right. all right. thank you very much for the live report. >> thank you. we are celebrating lbgtq+ pride month by highlighting the community culture and history. >> and this morning, we learn about a.i.d.s. activist reverend -- doctor steve peters.
5:32 am
>> fox news media senior michael joenz us now. hi mic. >> remember, this is truly one of the unsung heroes of the last 40 years whose story was repeatedly highlighted in the on scar nominated movie. >> my dreams died. my -- all my ambition died. >> reverend dr. steven peters remembers being diagnosed with a.i.d.s. nearly 40 years ago. >> i was not expected to live to see 1985. >> at age 69 he has had more life of his living with auto immune deficiency syndrome. the virus was still known as grid or gay related immune deficiency. >> what was going through your mind and what affect did it have on you with your friends and family? >> i'll never forget to h being served in paperer plates and can you pleases. and, you know, being told not to
5:33 am
use the bathroom in one person's home. >> where did you find the strength to go on and to be where you are today? >> we have a choice of being scared to death or scared to life. and i chose to be scared to life. i let the fear of what was happening to me motivate me to get out and do everything i possibly could to survive. >> it is not false hope to say to a person who is newly diagnosed with hiv or a.i.d.s. that you, too, can be among the long-term survivors. he turned to his faith and help him. >> god is greater than a.i.d.s. and so i began preaching that.
5:34 am
there's a loving god waiting for you and meanwhile you enjoy every single moment you got. >> one of those place was hospice care where the doctor worked as a -- >> i found that i had a gift for being with people as they died. and i had a gift for being able to help people heal into their death. >> his story caught the attacks -- in 1985 he appeared on her show tammy house party. >> and i think it's so important that we as mom and dads love through everything and that's the way it's with jesus. jesus loves us through anything. >> jesus loves me just the way i am. >> there was a huge reaction in the conservative christian and televanglist community. >> jesus loves us through anything. >> the landmark moment was
5:35 am
re-create in 2021 in the eyes of tammy fay. >> i want to put my arm around you. >> and i want to put my arm around you, tammy fay. >> peters was a consultant for the film and developed a close relationship with the actress. she was a guest at the academic's nomination ceremony. >> she did tell me that the reason she decided to do the movie was because of my interview with tammy fay. >> peters say he's thrilled the movie reintroducing people to tammy fay baker and the struggles he went through. he's still shocked that how far the lbgtq+ community has come. >> 50 years ago when i first came out, i never would have thought that we would seat day where we were able to marry. >> what does pride mean to you? do you have a message for toekz this pride month? >> for me, pride is believing in myself, first of all. believing that god loves me just the way i am.
5:36 am
pride is also about the pride in the community, the lbgtq+ community. because we have done an enormous amount. >> reverend peters is still here, still healthy spreading aware and ins love. he credits it all to his faith. >> michael, thank you very much. >> what a wonderful story. thank you very much. >> i didn't put 2 and 2 together. that was the same guy that tammy fay interviewed all those years ago. >> coming up the supreme court could rule today on whether to overturn roe v. wade. senator mike lee clerk. i look back with great satisfaction on my 32 years of active duty. i understand the veteran mentality. these are people who have served, they'e been in leadership positions, they're willing to put their life on the line if necessary and they come to us and they say,
5:37 am
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honey, what's guy fieri doing at the neighbor's house? it's sliiiiiiiiii-der sunday! everyone grab a king's hawaiian slider! ...slider sunday? sliiiiiiiiii-der sunday! we've got philly cheesesteak sliders on king's hawaiian slider buns! oh, my. and we got cheeseburger sliders on king's hawaiian pretzel slider buns! sliiiiiiiiii-der sunndayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! [crash] everything's better between king's hawaiian bread. especially now with king's hawaiian pretzel buns! maybe next time use the gate? . >> good morning. we are back with your headline starting with this tragic story here.
5:41 am
the navy pilot killed last week. lieutenant richard was flying a routine mission at the tim of the crash. he was assigned to fighter squad drawn 113 out of naval air. no other injury reported in that crash which remains under investigation. >> more than 45,000 americans have plead to sponsor ukrainian refugees. this, part of the uniting for ukraine program which launched at the end of april. these applications coming as russia continues to batter ukraine. putin is launching military strike in the capital of kyiv. most of russia's attention shifting to the east as the conflict continues. >> and if you see this video, disney is trying to make amends after a park staffer spoiled the
5:42 am
couple's magical engagement. this video going viral online. watch this. [applause] >> what was he thinking? the theme park telling news week we regret how this was handled. yeah. we apologized to the couple involved and offered to make it right. >> and to the ussl, the birmingham stall clenched the south division title over new orleans. they are defeated in eight games. the tampa bay bandits kept their hope alive with the 13-3.
5:43 am
hope for the playoffs. >> dennis over to you. >> good morning. i have some fans, some fox & friends fans. what is your name. >> lynn and dander son. >> what's your name. >> camera johnson. >> where are you from. >> shanghai, china. >> it sounds like you're from the u.s. do you want to say hi to anyone at home. >> hi, mom and my beloved caroline. >> it is a beautiful day here in new york city to be visiting. 69 right now in new york. it's 65 in kansas city. we do have some storms, some stronger storms moving across the plain states in towards the ohio and tennessee river valley. so some severe storms could be possibly. oeflted -- isolated tornados. we have heavy rainfall in florida this weekend. that system has cleared out but the heat is on for parts of texas and the southwest. did you guys want to the say hi to anyone at home? >> we would like to say hi to
5:44 am
our families spread all over the country. >> very nice. ainsley over to you. >> tell them hello. >> you're looking at a live shot of the supreme court. joining us now is utah senator and former clerk for justice alito, mike lee. good morning, senator. >> good morning. >> so they still have 33 cases and they have a month left. what can we expect today or this week or coming up in the next few weeks? >> well, what you can see is that on multiple times each week for the next four weeks, the supreme court will hold sessions every few days and it will issue decisions as they're finished. one of those decisions will be the dobbs case involving the fate of re v. wade.
5:45 am
>> when do you expect that? do they normally wait till the controversial ones till the very? >> the controversial decision of the term will be held back until the final days of the month of june. the supreme court essentially always add adjourns by the joif june. i suspect the latest we could see a decision would be june 30th, which this year fall on a thursday. in theory, it could also be as soon as today. >> what other ones are we waiting on that are -- has been in the news a lot lately that of we've been talking about? >> there's a case called new york rival rifle and pistol amendment. it involves the second amendment. it restricts the right afforded under the second amendment to only certain circumstances, certain people seen to have been an exceptional need if thoept hold a gun outside of their home. >> what about the coach, the knelt down and prayer?
5:46 am
>> that's also a significant case involving the first amendment. and we'll see a decision out of that one between the end of the term. along with some decisions regarding administrative law and the manner in which congress delegates its law maker. >> tomorrow your book comes out. tell the folks at home why they would enjoy this book. it's called saving nine, obviously saving the court. >> i wrote saving nine to help prepare the american people for what the left plans, which is to expand or pack the supreme court. to pass legislation giving president biden to appoint up to four supreme court justices. not because they are underworked or overstaff but rather so that president biden can dictate the outcome of decisions he doesn't like. when i wrote saving nine to protect the supreme court but not just the court, but the
5:47 am
country itself, the constitution and our system of government. explaining saving nine, which is available for preorder now, you can read this book. it will prepare you. you'll win every argument, not just about court packing but about anything else in government these days because it gives you the tools you'll need in order to stop it. look, the last time the supreme court was threatened like this was back in 1937. as i explained in saving nine, even though that effort failed legislatively, it still had an impact on the court because it threatened and coerced the justices to the point that one of them switched his vote. you can read all about that story in saving nine. >> okay. good deal. i know you know a lot about the supreme court. you were a clerk. i remember you were on donald trump's left when he was choosing justices. thank you so much. >> coming up the prayer given by franklin d. roosevelt 78 years ago today will soon be a permanent fixture at the world war ii memorial. the man making it happen, we'll
5:48 am
join us live. first, let's check in with our friends forwhat's coming up. >> she's back, too. >> yeah, you're back. >> i know, dana, happy birthday. >> thank you so much. you look amazing. you and martha did is terrific job in london. >> i hope you enjoyed it. i was thinking you were back in new york and you said, no, i'm in spain. >> thank you, ainsley. >> welcome home. >> so we're going to get dana back up to speed here. will the alter progressives being thrown out of the office? waiting on the supreme court on the huge cases to be decided, perhaps today. >> i got my cheat sheet. >> will congress move on security after texas -- big issue here. >> that's a big deal. >> and the state where you don't have to pull over for the cops. can't make it up. >> it's also called insanity. see you at 9:00.
5:49 am
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>> we are marking 78 years since the ipinvasion of normandy. one man is leading the effort to ensure peace of that day.
5:53 am
and the world war ii museum in d.c.. that's where other next guest joins us now. okay. thanks for gic joining me chris. first off, what did you decide to do? >> i woke up one morning and i said to my wife, i got an idea. i said i don't know what i'm doing, but i'm going to ask congressmen bill johnson to offer the legislation. he was thrilled and it was followed i up by senator rob portman who entered the legislation in the senate. and it ended up passing in 2014 but unanimous consent in the u.s. senate on the 70th anniversary of the d-day landing. that's the world war ii memorial prayer act. it began the design and placement and fundraising phases because it has to be paid for by private donations, not by public funds or tax dollars. >> right. >> and so that's what we've been doing all this time. >> can you explain to me the
5:54 am
history of that prayer? >> oh, this was a prior that fdr prayed on the morning of the d-day landing. at 9:57 p.m. he went to the airways and he asked the nation to join with him in prayer. so we were d-day plus one in europe. and he references that last night when i came to you about the fall of rome, i knew at that moment that even a greater operation is underway somewhat and it was met with success thus far and i ask that you join with me in prior. he didn't say where. he didn't mention normandy because hitler was still of the belief that the main force was going to land somewhere else. general patton and the fictitious division they put around him in england, the germans thought he was go to lead the invasion, but obviously operation overlord was unfolding on the beaches and in the landings of normandy and france. that's why the president asked us to join with him in prayer. it's a wonderful prayer.
5:55 am
525 words that will be added here. >> chris, they said why that blessing, we shall prevail. help us to conquer the greed. that will spell assure piece peace, a peace of vulnerable to the schemes of unworthy man. when can we see that behind you permanently? >> that's right. behind me is the temporary prayer plaque. we dedicated three years ago. it's kind of a placeholder. it's due for a major upgrade working with the friends of the world war ii memorial at the u.s. park center, the prayer will be -- begin construction next month in july and then it will be completed in early december, is what the contractor is saying. so the major announcement is construction will begin next month and we are delight beside that. >> it's all because you decided to do something about it. you even said, i don't know what i'm doing but i'm doing it. chris long, thank you so much.
5:56 am
>> thank you, brian. >> all right. meanwhile, more fox & friends in just a moment. don't move. with best western rewards you get rewarded when you stay on the road and on the go. find your rewards so you can reconnect, disconnect, hold on tight and let go! stay two nights and get a free night. book now at your shipping manager left to “find themself.” leaving you lost. you need to hire.
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severe stomach pain, or an allergic reaction. serious side effects may include pancreatitis. tell your provider about vision problems or changes. taking rybelsus® with a sulfonylurea or insulin increases low blood sugar risk. side effects like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea may lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. need to get your a1c down? (♪ ♪) ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. >> look at that, the all american summer concert series continues this friday with -- >> i appeared with him on stage and had a chance to meet them
6:00 am
backstage in west virginia. i am surprised by the fact he snuck up while they were playing free bird. they were playing the 1972 version and i'm surprised we haven't kept that friendship going. he put me on stage. >> go to "fox & friends" to register for v.i.p. access for friday. >> we feed you. >> bill: here we go, 9:00 in new york waking up to another record high on gas prices. white house insisting it's not the president's fault. the american people do not sound convinced. show you the numbers to prove that as we say good morning and welcome back to dana perino. >> dana: we went to spain. they were amazing hosts and a wonderful country great to be there. >> bill: happy birthday. how was the trip in a word?


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