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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 6, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> jesse: a little sassy. slashed the bird to the mom to the mom. why are americans so angry? an investigation. >> greg: baby with a filthy finger. >> jessica: dana's pictures were worth it. >> bret: i like the bear story. always like the bear stories. >> greg: me too. >> bret: thanks. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight officials are working overtime to quell the fierce of economic hurricane and cost surge as the president's poll numbers continue to plummet. gas prices are going the other way. hit a new high for the 10th straight day sitting at 4.87 a gallon up 25 cents from last week. calls for the use of the defense production act to boost u.s.
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manufacturing of solar panels other forms of clean energy. plan lower energy costs eventually for average americans. the critics point out the move opens for china to corner the solar panel market and again avoid unleashing all domestic possibilities. white house correspondent jacqui heinrich begins our coverage live from the north lawn. good evening, jacqui. >> that's right. the president is invoking that war time law to try to boost domestic manufacturing of solar panels. one manufacturer says it is a waste of taxpayer money and falls far short of delivering a policy to sustain the industry. and there is even more blow back over his decision to lift tariffs on some imports. >> in a new clean energy push, president biden is pausing tariffs on solar panel imports from four scioto eastern companies. southeastern
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companies. whether they stalled projects in the u.s. >> how is this not a gift to chinese solar manufacturers to many of whom operate with forced labor and are subsidized by the chinese communist party. >> today's announcement is about one country and one country alone and it's about the united states. >> the white house says the tariff exception don't apply to any materials imported from china. critics are sounding off. a spokesperson for the pro-tariff. it's time to call this for what it is build back beijing. and first solar an american manufacturer of solar panels says it was deeply disappointed with the announcement and quote directly undermines american solar manufacturing by giving unfettered access to china's state subsidized companies for the next two years. today the white house couldn't say which emergency the president is using to invoke the war time law. >> this is a very important part of the president's agenda in getting to that clean energy. this is a way that we felt that we can act to get moving in that
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way. >> the push for sustainable energy comes as gas prices continue to break records. today 25 cents higher than just a week ago. averaging 4.86 for a gallon of regular. according to a new abc poll 8 in 10 voters say inflation is their top concern and only 28% approve how the president is handling it biden taking fire from both sides of the aisle. >> put forth everything the president is doing. i don't think it's enough. my constituents don't think it's enough. >> he takes no responsibility for his economic malpractice because that's what this is. he has missed the diagnosis for over a year. >> the white house says the president is doing everything he can to bring gas prices down but he won't be lobbying saudi arabia to boost oil production if he meets with the crowned prince next month that meeting is under consideration despite the country's human rights abuses a bar that biden upheld denying entry to three latin
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american countries thereby causing the mexican president to back out of the whole plan. bret? >> bret: jacqui, today the 78th anniversary of d-day the battle that turned the tide in world war ii. it's # o 03 nothing from the house on d-day. >> second year in a row for that and it is not like this white house doesn't issue statements frequently. they gave a proclamation on national ocean month. also a proclamation on national home ownership month and a proclamation on great outdoors month. this is something that all the previous past presidents bush, obama, and trump all acknowledged in some form during their first year in office but two years in a row no statement from president biden, bret. >> bret: quite something. chairman of the joint chiefs of staff was at normandy. we should point that out. we will have something from that later in the show. interesting, no statement. jacqui, thank you. a caravan of nearly 10,000
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migrants making their way towards the u.s. southern border tonight and more are joining them along the way. this as border agents there work to control the already massive numbers they are dealing with on a daily basis at the border. correspondent griff jenkins has the story from the rio grande valley. >> chanting liberty in spanish a large migrant caravan stretching some 3 miles long southern mexico undeterred by bad weather. >> it can rain it, can thunder, nobody will stop us. >> mexico call national guard line the road not stopping their march. organizers say it's nearly 10,000 strong with 80% of the migrants from venezuela. >> you can't live in that country anymore. >> caravan leader louise tells fox news they have a message for president biden. >> we also want to tell president joe biden to see, to sit down with the latin american
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countries to see what is happening. >> it's been three years since the caravan made it to the u.s.-mexico border, but the prospect has officials concerned. >> we see large caravans, kids and unaccompanied children that are coming across, the cartels are using that to, you know, divert those resources. >> texas dps lieutenant chris olivares already has his hands full pursuing migrants who seek to evade apprehension. it's a cat and mouse game. authorities able to see images from trap cameras like this one to hopefully follow it up with a capture. otherwise, they become a known got away as the numbers here are surging. in the last seven days, in the rio grande valley sector, 10,278 encounters, 700 and 22 got-aways. and despite the rising temperatures, there is little sign it's slowing down. >> it's constant every single morning, every single day. it's been increasing every single day. >> as for the caravan's progress, they only made it
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about 10 miles north of where they began. made more difficult with 2,000 children in it. but the organizer says they will be back at it again tomorrow at dawn. bret? >> bret: griff jenkins live along the border. griff, thanks. one suspect in custody, another on the loose after gunfire from several shooters in philadelphia killed three people, wounded at least 11 others in a popular entertainment district over the weekend. investigators believe one of the three killed was involved in a physical altercation with another man and those two began firing at each other. a third shooter was among those killed. police are still investigating a fourth shooter was involved. meantime, investigators say the man accused of killing a wisconsin judge on friday may have been planning multiple assassinations after finding a list of powerful political targets. that's raising concerns here in washington as we await a monumental abortion ruling of course from the u.s. supreme court. gillian turner has details tonight from capitol hill. >> officials tell fox news shooting suspect douglas uda had
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a hit list found at the murder scene included wisconsin governor tony evers, michigan governor gretchen whitmer and senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. >> appears to be related to the judicial system. those who may have other -- been other targets have been notified of that. >> the victim is 68-year-old john roamer, a former juneau county judge who retired from the bench in 2017. he was found friday zip tied to a chair and fatally shot. >> this is really the most extreme concern of all that a former party or defendant is going to search you out and mete out his own form of retribution. [chanting] >> the u.s. marshals protect 2700 judges nationwide say they have monitored more than 4500 threats leveled against judges and prosecutors last year alone. >> we are not your incubator. >> angry protesters against
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supreme court justice notice aftermath of the leaked abortion draft opinion are once again raising fresh questions about their safety. >> one of those decisions will be the dobbs case involving the fate of roe v. wade. and that's going to tell us a lot about what it will look like outside the supreme court over the next few months. >> but congressional efforts have so far stalled. efforts to fund protection for the families of the justices and keep judges' personal information like home addresses from public databases. well the supreme court's internal investigation into the leak of the draft opinion which could overturn roe v. wade has intense find we are learning. officials are now having law clerks turn over personal cell phone records and sign affidavits a ruling, bret, from the court on roe could come any day. bret? >> bret: gillian, thank you. let's bring in arkansas republican senator tom cotton. is he a member of the senate judiciary and committee. senator, thanks for coming back. >> thanks for having me on again. >> bret: i want to talk about guns in a second.
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lead action by president biden solar panels, reduced tariffs and initiating the defense production act on climate areas. emergency is here industry between people who make solar panels in america and those who buy them. if joe biden is not willing to protect american manufacturers, in the green energy industry, then is he not willing to protect any traditional industry from china's economic crimes. especially since it seems that a lot of the parts and inputs, if not the panels themselves are made in the jing jiang province where china uses slave labor from ethnic minorities. more fundamentally, bret, when gas is approaching $6 a gallon. 7 and 8 in some states. the fact that biden administration is focused on solar energy as opposed to getting gas price under control tells you what their priorities are. >> bret: what do you think the
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heart is at that he wants to do everything to bring gas prices down obviously they are not doing everything they could be doing. and this executive action proves that. >> yeah. they are not. it's not a priority because it's not a priority for democratic politicians to bring gas prices down. this is exactly what joe biden said in the campaign. that we are going to phase out energy sources like oil and gas and coal. so, for democrats that have green new deal $5 a gallon gas consequence. very much the intended consequence. they want gas to be high. because they want you out of your pickup truck and minivan and get into electric vehicles or scooters or mass transit or whatever they. that's not the waste most arkansans live or americans live. >> bret: talk about coming to some conclusion, some compromise on guns, mental health, school security, here is senators manchin and murphy. take a listen. >> we know we can do so that would have prevented this,
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raising the age. making sure that the age, at least, gives us a chance to work with that person, see evaluate and have a little maturity to them. the second thing is that we know that the red flag laws do work as long as there is due process. >> the house is going to act this week. my hope is in the following weeks the senate will act as well. progress, i hope, will show many of our republican holdouts that the sky doesn't fall if they support common sense anti-gun violence measures. >> bret: so are you for raising the age to buy an ar-15 to 21? >> well, bret, even though liberal ninth circuit of appeals out in california has already said that's unconstitutional, i don't think we should be infringing on the rights of law-abiding citizen because of gun criminals. you just had earlier a few moments ago news from philadelphia and the terrible shooting you had over the weekend there it is a simple fact the vast majority of gun crimes in country are committed by sir serious violent felonies
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in the drug trade. that's why i have legislation that would impose mandatory minimums of felons in possession of a firearm. increase penalties for felons who use a gun or have a career of committing crimes using firearms. the democrats have traditionally oppose these measures because it cuts against their desire to reduce mandatory minimums to reduce the prison population. if we want to get at the vast majority of gun crimes, that's a good place to start. >> bret: if there is a compromise to be had and if it's not we are going to take guns or we are going to somehow exinclude or infringe on the second amendment, and it's to raise an age or increase a background check for an ar-15 or the like, why not get in that conversation? >> well, we don't know what the compromise will be, first. we don't know what legislation might look like. i will, of course, evaluate any proposal, but i will evaluate it with a view to a second amendment right to law-abiding citizens and also what would actually work? once we know all the facts.
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the facts that have come out of uvalde for the last two weeks have been changing somewhat. we may have the basic contours but there are still more we need to learn to ensure we have a proposal that would actually solve the problem. in addition, some of the proposals that you have discussed or that we heard in those clips are proper appropriately addressed at our state capital level by our state legislators rather than here in washington, d.c. >> bret: you wrote a letter to the white house about their effort to potentially reduce student loan debt, federal student loan debt. but you have a concern about ethics. >> yeah, bret. at a time when the president is talking about canceling $10,000 for student loan debt for any who has it numerous white house aides who actually have student loan debt who have working on this matter in violation of his own ethics guidance. that's inappropriate. more fundamentally he doesn't have the legal authority to cancel student loan debt. unfair. was those kids who worked through college and didn't take out loans or paid their loans back or the vast majority of americans who don't have a college degree who works as
3:15 pm
waiters or waitresses or truck drivers or have a small lawn care business. they didn't take out loans now ask them to repay the loans of people who did go to school and agree repay them. that's deeply unfair. the president shouldn't do it. certainly shouldn't have aides who are going to benefit from it working on the matter. >> bret: always like to ask questions on foreign policy. january 6th committee is doing "primetime" hearings starting thursday night. your thoughts of this as we get ready to hear whatever they are going to bring to the table in their investigation? >> well, i have seen a lot of reports recently say this committee, which i think is illegitimate under the house owned rules and regulation. geared towards federalizing electoral laws or abolishing the electoral college that tells you a lot about what nancy pelosi and the house democrats wanted with this committee. it was an effort to try to push through their preferred electoral system to address their weaknesses in our electoral system as opposed to simply find facts on a bipartisan basis. i expect you'll see bipartisan
3:16 pm
theater this week. >> bret: but you did call january 6th a dark day. could you hear something that's going to make that even more prevalent for you? >> look, a lot of people committed violent crimes on january 6th. if they assaulted federal law enforcement officers in particular, they should be held accountable for those crimes. i think what the house democrats have done with this committee from the very beginning is target a lot of people who had no involvement at all on that day and using it advance their political agenda especially when it comes to radical proposals like federalizing our election law or abolishing the electoral college. >> bret: senator cotton, thank you. >> thanks, bret. >> bret: the stocks were up today. the dow. the nazareth gak finished ahead 49. a rejuvenated push to recall los angeles' embattled district attorney amid his controversial sentence in an alarming los angeles hit and run case. ♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ thunderstruck ♪ ♪♪
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♪ ♪ >> bret: elon musk is threatening to walk away from his $44 billion bid to buy twitter accusing the company of refusing to give him information about his spam bot accounts. if he walks away musk could be on the hook for a billion dollars break-up feet. twitter executives estimate that fewer than 5% of the accounts are fake. there are many people who dispute that.
3:22 pm
we will see where this goes. meantime in l.a., los angeles' progressive district attorney george gascon is under fire again tonight over charges in the hit and run case over the last summer. the juvenile driver's criminal past calling into question why he was back on the streets. correspondent bill melugin has the story from los angeles tonight and a warning here. some of the images in this report may be disturbing. >> harrowing video out of venice, california last august shows a 16-year-old driver no license in a stolen car mowing down a mother walking with her baby in a stroller leaving them with minor injuries. the juvenile then tries to flee the scene before a good samaritan uses his truck to stop them. fox news has learned that teen was on felony spike ago girl's drink in 2019. in violation of his probation. despite that criminal history on friday, the teen was sentenced to serve just five months in diversionary camp which prosecutors tell us is a little
3:23 pm
tougher than summer camp. this after l.a. district attorney george gascon opted to file. in a statement to fox news the light office was appropriate telling us in part, quote: the sheriff's department agreed with the felony charges that were filed. we stand by the purpose of the juvenile justice system to rehabilitate young people. but l.a. sheriff alex villanueva immediately pushed back tweeting quote we were never consulted as we were not the investigating agency. gascon's office admitted to us the sheriff's department had no involvement and they would have to correct their statement. >> women can't walk their babies down the street in gascon's l.a. and he keeps doubling down on policies. and then he lies to the media. >> and the mom who was run over is blasting gascon's handling of the case and the weak sentence telling fox in part someone with a criminal record tried to kill me and my son and george gascon
3:24 pm
thinks that five months of camp is a sufficient punishment. gascon and his staff are highlighting their incompetence and their complete discard for victim. >> bret, the second campaign to recall l.a. d.a. george gascon half a million signatures. the most ever collected for any petition in l.a. county. they need 70,000 more by the july #th deadline to officially get the recall on the ballot. we will send it back to you. >> bill melugin live in l.a. bill, thanks. meantime, just up the way, san francisco district attorney chesa boudin will face a recall election tomorrow. polls on the recall race suggest the progressive prosecutor is in real jeopardy of losing his seat. critics say boudin is not prosecuting criminals aggressively enough and is putting the safety of san francisco residents at risk. up next, democrats ramp up the pressure on attorney general merrick garland over the capitol
3:25 pm
riot probe. here is what some of our fox affiliates are covering tonight. fox 5 in san diego where the navy identify as fighter jet pilot killed in a training crash fry day. a lieutenant richard bullock was killed when his f-18 super hornet went down during a routine training mission. the cause of the crash remains under investigation. military officials say recovery efforts are ongoing at the crash site. this is a live look at anchorage, alaska, one of the big stories there tonight iditarod sled dog is found safe after disappearing from a check point in the race three months ago. the trail committee says the french musher will return to pick up his dog leon and then head back to france. they found him. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway way outside from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪ baby come back ♪ any kind of fool
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>> bret: democrats growing frustrated with the justice department even after the indictment of the former trump aide peter navarro who by the way is on tucker carlson's show tonight. democrats are urging attorney general merrick garland to pursue more prosecutions over the january 6th capitol riot. fox news is told they may get what they want. correspondent david spunt has the story from the justice department. >> multiple sources inside the justice department tell fox news nothing is off the table when it comes to charging other high profile names in the house january 6th committee probe with contempt of congress. former trump adviser peter navarro told a judge his two misdemeanor counts were unnecessary. >> i let them know that at the justice department. there was no reason on god's good earth to what they did not have to happen. members of the house january 6th committee learned the justice
3:32 pm
department would not indict former trump chief of staff mark meadows and social media director dan scavino. chairman betty thompson and vice chair liz cheney expressed concern saying in a statement we find the decision to reward mark meadows and dan ask a receive trivino for their attack on the rule of law puzzling. we hope the department provides greater clarity on this matter. the justice department has yet to give specifics. later this summer, former trump aide steve bannon will head to trial for ignoring the house committee. >> there is no way for us to really decipher what makes the difference between navarro, bannon and meadows there could be different facts on the ground in terms of their level of compliance with the subpoenas. >> on thursday night, the committee will make its case to the american people in "primetime." former abc news president james goulston has been tapped to bring previously unseen material into the home of millions expected to watch the hearing. and, bret, just hours ago, five
3:33 pm
men, including the leader of the proud boys had their charges upgraded to seditious conspiracy. bret? >> bret: david spunt at the doj, thank you. let's bring in senior political analyst brit hume. brit, good evening, what do you make of this thursday "primetime" event and what may come out of it? bret. >> brit: let's be clear about this committee. while it is bipartisan, it is bipartisan on paper only because all the members of the committee, including the two republicans were appointed by the democrats, by nancy pelosi, in fact and she was careful to choose the two republican member who could be counted on to agree to the conclusions reached by her as articulated by benny thompson this is just getting underway the congressman of mississippi the democrat heading the committee we came, quote, critically close to losing our democracy on january 6th. so there you have the position
3:34 pm
where the committee's leaders have already reached speaker of the house this is very much a partisan hearing which is not to say interesting facts won't come out and they won't make an interesting presentation in "primetime." but, look, this is only partially a hearing to determine the facts. it is as much as anything else an effort to give the democrats an issue that they can run on when nearly all the other issues that people care about are working against them. >> bret: to that point we just heard mentioned james goulston the former president of abc news has agreed to join the committee as soon to be announced adviser producing thursday's special as a blockbuster event. the broadcast with never before seen surveillance footage of the january 6th capitol riot. 1,000 interviews and depositions with witnesses and variety of other explosive documents and tips. fox news is told goulston will have a hand in all the hearings this month but particularly involved in the efforts by the committee to make its prime time
3:35 pm
hearing thursday and another one later this month, quote tv friendly. what about that? >> brit: that makes -- well, i'm old enough to remember the mother of all monumental congressional hearings and that, of course, would the watergate hearings. but they were not held in prime time and they were about a president who was still in office this is a activity of a president year and a half removed from office after an effort to upset the election results that not only failed but turned out to be really they cause a riot as an effort to overthrow an election, they were a fiasco: i suspect that great many of the american people have moved on from this and don't really care that much about it anymore which is why this tv professional, former president of abc news has been brought in to try to make the production as dramatic as possible. they may succeed. i question how long people will care about it. >> bret: very quickly, brit.
3:36 pm
maybe making too big of a deal second year in a row for this white house the president not to commemorate in some way the anniversary of d-day? kind of weird? >> i'm surprised. it seems to me an easy call to make. the president hasn't been shy commemorating military events which was certainly on full display on the d-day invasion which came close to failing and only by remarkable prowess in heroism did it finally succeed. it was an amazing event and great books have been written about it. movies made about it one of the most memorable events in american military history. it's i'm at a loss to describe why the president wouldn't take note of it. surprising. >> bret: seems like low hanging fruit. brit, as always. thank you. vladimir putin issues a new warning to the west as ukrainian forces go on the offensive in the country's east a live report from kyiv next. ♪ with less moderate-to-severe eczema, why hide your skin
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>> bret: breaking tonight, british boris johnson no confidence vote securing enough support from conservative party to remain in office as the u.k. prime minister. the vote taking place because of revelations he and his staff repeatedly held boozey parties
3:42 pm
that flouted the covid restrictions they imposed on others. meantime overseas also russia issuing new threats to the west. provides ukraine with long range rockets with the biden administration has already pledged to do. it comes as russian forces strike kyiv for the first time in more than a month and ukrainian forces make successful counter attacks in the east. senior correspondent mike tobin reports tonight from the ukrainian capitol. >> renewed fiercest street-to-street fighting as ukrainian forces nearly driven from the last city they controlled in eastern luhansk region have battled their way half of don't nets. russia has focus read sources there trying to capture the area before ukraine receives rocket launchers with better range and accuracy than the artillery is currently using. volodymyr zelenskyy made a visit to the frontline thanking the soldiers and encouraging civilians to hold on.
3:43 pm
>> take care of yourself. this is very, very important because without you, there is no ukraine. >> both the u.s. and great britain have promised multiple launch rocket systems to ukraine with a potential of turning the tide, vladimir putin threatened to escalate. >> if they are supplied, we are draw appropriate conclusion and use destruction strike those objects have not struck. russian. >> russian targets yesterday's airstrikes in ukraine. cruise missiles hit where train cars are repaired as reporters were given a tour of the target, there was no visible evidence of weapons. >> peaceful and everyone can come and see. [explosion. >> from strikes on civilian housing to evidence of executions and mass graves, ukraine's prosecutor general is pursuing thousands of war crimes cases. ukraine is using web sites and apps to crowd source evidence of war crimes and the public is
3:44 pm
responding. prosecutors are sorting through more than 50,000 videos alleging war crimes. >> we see now unprecedented volume of crimes. that's why people want to hen. >> and as the u.s. government targets putin allies, a warrant has been issued to seize the property of oligarch roman broke very much. specifically the government wants to seize a gulf stream jet and boeing 787 worth $350 million. bret? >> bret: mike tobin live in kyiv. thank you. up next the panel on president biden's green energy push amid surging energy costs and where is gun control legislation on capitol hill. first, beyond our borders tonight, security officials are working to identify the gunman who killed at least 50 people, 5-0 at a catholic church in southwestern nigeria. you a assailants opened fire on worshipers inside and outside
3:45 pm
the building in coordinated attack before escaping the scene. officials say explosives were also set in that assault. and this is a live look at halifax, canada, one of the big stories there tonight, a ryuless ryu bottom particular boat attempting to retrace the 1620 voyage of the mayflower finally reaches north america. that vessel docked in nova scotia instead the massachusetts coast but it made the trip. is just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ find your rewards so you can reconnect, disconnect, hold on tight and let go! stay two nights and get a free night. book now at ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ stay two nights and get a free night. it's spring! claritin provides non-drowsy symptom relief from over 200 indoor and outdoor allergens,
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on any unlimited plan. starting at just $35 all on the network more people rely on. >> i'm not sure what the emergency is here other than he has a deep division in the democratic party solar industry between people who make solar panels in america and those who buy them. if joe biden is not willing to protect american manufacturers in the green energy industry, then he is not willing to protect any traditional industry from china's economic crimes. >> bret: well, talking about that executive action and the defense production act for solar panels in the midst of all of that is going on let's bring in our panel. guy benson. host of the guy benson show on fox news radio.
3:51 pm
mara liasson, national political correspondent of "national public radio," and morgan ortagus, former state department spokesperson. there is a lot of things that happen all the time, mara. this seems a little out of step, does it not? >> i think you have got a lot of clashing priorities here. the president wants to help to transition it clean energy so he wants more solar panels in the u.s. the solar panel industry in the u.s. isn't producing enough right now. on the other hand, he also wants to punish china for violating trade rules. well, does he want to lift the tariffs to get more products into the united states or does he want to punish china? this is a really -- you know, i think there are clashing priorities here he has decided his top priority right now is getting more solar panels into the u.s. even if it means importing them. >> bret: it's interesting, just going back in the way back clock june 221st, president carter observed that the gasoline
3:52 pm
shortage had disconcerted many. some few americans have reached a state of panic. the president's solar power plan calls for the nation to obtain 20% of solar panel and other renewable prices by the year 2,000. the president was committed to spend more than $1 billion in the fiscal year 1908 to stimulate solar and other renewable forms of energy. in other words, other presidents have chosen at a moment when gas prices are spiking to go after solar this one happens to be president carter. >> everything old is new again. this is one of several comparisons being made between the current president and that particular former president. indeed there was a politico story out just yesterday reporting that president biden is privately seething about his approval numbers and how people are comparing him to jimmy carter. when outcomes are this bad. the carter comparisons may be out and they are certainly going to arise, as for this particular issue on solar power and solar panels and these tariffs, it
3:53 pm
seems a little bit in the weeds for many americans. also seems a little bit in the weeds for the white house press secretary who was asked pretty simple questions what's the emergency here to justify it and her answers were let's say less than persuasive in terms of per situating that she really a has any idea what he they're doing. it might not be her fault it might be the administration fault. a lot of this seems a bit inkiko inherent. >> bret: guy mentioned the tariffs. this is potentially good for china we heard the commerce secretary say this tbleekd might be more tariffs lifted on china. >> to go back what mara said about china and solar panels. remember just last year this administration banned solar panels made in china. they mostly come from the jing jiang reason which we know slave labor is happening.
3:54 pm
declared by president trump and mike pompeo. this administration would lead with human rights. buff when you are potentially making it easier to import solar panels that are made through slave labor, that is not putting human rights first. and also, if we are going to relieve any sort of tariffs on china, what deal are renegiating? what is the bipgd team getting for it? we should not continue a foreign policy where we relieve tariffs on china. relieve sanctions pressure on iran and allow their oil to be bought as well. without getting anything for it in return. that's my big problem. it's like where is the negotiation here? >> meantime on capitol hill, the gun talks continue in earnest, we are told. here is senators murphy and toomey. >> obviously we are trying to convince republicans and so i can only do so much to get my republican colleagues to jump on board. i don't think there is any
3:55 pm
reason why we can't come to agreement by the end of the week i'm not setting arbitrary deadlines. >> expanding are a background checks. encouraging states to have red flag laws could make sense as long as there is adequate due process there are things we could do to be constructive that are consistent with republican values. >> bret: there is a bipartisan group of senators we have confirmed among them senators cornyn, tillis, sinema, murphy, we saw toomey on this earlier manchin has weighed in. it's a growing list. mara, is this different this time. >> boy, i would hate to say that because we have been here before. and we have never gotten over the finish line to get gun safety legislation. but, this time they are working with a pretty -- a set of pretty mod des improvements. in there also might be a raise in the age buying ar-15 from 18
3:56 pm
to 21. that has been done. there is an air of optimism around this since we have gotten this far in the past and not had a successful piece of legislation, i don't want to predict what's going to happen. >> bret: guy? >> well, i think that all the action is in the u.s. senate, what happened in the house and those debates and those are irrelevant. those provisions are going nowhere in the u.s. senate. i think this speech last week from president biden was emotional at times. divisive at times, partisan at other times, perhaps overall counter republican tia but, again, largely irrelevant. the essential question is can this group hammer out some that could get 10 republican senators to join. that's it. that's the math. and i think it's possible, i wouldn't bank on it just yet. >> bret: all right. morgan, i want to end where we started and that is the economic situation. the "wall street journal"
3:57 pm
polling on the economy. opportunity for most people to achieve the american dream. generally, optimistic, 38%. generally pessimistic 61%. state of the u.s. economy, excellent or good, 17%, poor or not so good 83%. and the present financial situation pretty well satisfied 14%. more or less satisfied 51%. not satisfied at all 35%. they don't even ask the right track, wrong track which has been really upside down in every poll we have seen. this is the time that they have to do something to change the equation ahead of november, right? >> i haven't seen any proposals to that effect. people don't make money off of government contracts and people are hurting. people are really making decisions about filling up their gas tank which could be over $100 to fill it up completely or filling up their grocery cart. that's what the administration is missing in terms of tone and
3:58 pm
perspective. the policies referring to that politico piece that guy was talking about earlier in the segment, the policies that they are talking about running on in november are january 6th, are abortion, and are guns. so, i'm not seeing anything that biden's political team is putting out to actually address the pain at the pump pain at the grocery store the pain in every day lives for americans. and until the biden team realizes that they are doing worse than trump in the polling because people's lives are simply not as good today as they were 10 years ago. see their polls decline. >> bret: all right, panel, as always, thank you. ♪ ♪ >> bret: finally tonight as we mentioned at the top of the show remembering d-day. 78 years ago today. more than 150,000 allied troops carried by 7,000 naval vessels stormed the beaches of normed
3:59 pm
france, officially operation overlord. it was the largest amphibious invasion in military history. roughly 4400 allied soldiers were killed on those beaches, including 2500 americans. thousands more were wounded. this year, crowds gathered in normandy as they do every year to honor this time several dozen world war ii veterans in attendance. and all those brave men who gave the ultimate sacrifice to liberty europe from natsz is i tyranny. chairman of the joint chiefs of staff general mark milley spoke at omaha beach today. >> here beaches the normandy 78 years ago, ordinary people from all walks of life came together, served liberty. early in the morning, on 6 june german defenders on these blocks looked out to sea they bore witness to the first blooms of black smoke. 700 allied ships disembarked 137
4:00 pm
allied soldiers from several different countries stormed the beaches of normed and turned the tide. >> bret: battle that almost didn't happen. we will never forget that moment 78 years ago today, fair, balanced and still unafraid. "jesse watters primetime" is now: >> jesse: amen, never forget, thanks, bret. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jesse: life is hard and every once in a while we run into a attack that's too tough for us. you know what i mean? sometimes you reach a mountain you can't climb and there is no shame in calling it quits. stuck in a bad job with a lousy boss like gutfeld, maybe it's time to find a new gig. >> do what everything things i'm going to do. >> flip out, m