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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  June 6, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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allied soldiers from several different countries stormed the beaches of normed and turned the tide. >> bret: battle that almost didn't happen. we will never forget that moment 78 years ago today, fair, balanced and still unafraid. "jesse watters primetime" is now: >> jesse: amen, never forget, thanks, bret. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jesse: life is hard and every once in a while we run into a attack that's too tough for us. you know what i mean? sometimes you reach a mountain you can't climb and there is no shame in calling it quits. stuck in a bad job with a lousy boss like gutfeld, maybe it's time to find a new gig. >> do what everything things i'm going to do. >> flip out, man.
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all i want to know is who is coming. >> you are a fighter, you got to know when it's time to hang up the glove. >> come here to lose. >> you hold on, you hold on. lose and lose royally he is going to. i beat the best. i retired more men than social security. >> jesse: that didn't work out o well for apollo cede recognizing you lost your right jab is important. you nor good if you can't perform at competitive level in the ring. while this is all too common in sports pray in the white house. our commander-in-chief is officially done he just can't seem to do anything. joe biden is waving the white flag. he is moving back down to the base, he is admitting he is
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powerless president. so he is going to take a backseat and let the country drive itself over a clip. don't take our world for it. just listen to biden say themselves. >> there is a lot going on right now but the idea we are going to able to click a switch, bring down the cost of gasoline is not likely in the near term nor is it with regard to food. >> tough luck, america, no switch biden can switch to fix our problems, i guess we're are on our own. this is a far cry from what joe promised us on the campaign trail. >> those who don't like me respect me and those who do like me respect me. i know how to get things done. >> jesse: no you don't. that was a lie. sorry, joe, you can't get anything done. we were promised a competent leader instead we got incompetent puppet while the country burns around him, joe has no solutions. he is powerless. that's why this administration
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has been caught flat-footed on every crisis they have encountered. and now when we need them, they are bailing on us, gas prices out of control, sorry, we can't help. >> earlier this year the president tapped the strategic oil reserve hasn't made a difference at all was that a failure. >> look, i don't think it's correct to say it hasn't made any difference at all the price of gasoline is not set by a dial in the oval office. >> jesse: got it, there is no dial in the oval, there with a no switch. there is nothing they can do and it's not their fault. so stop asking about it stephanopoulos. this is the administration's go to move, blame everybody else. it's easier than coming up with actual solutions. >> the reality is the cause of this inflation is the supply chain problem that were caused by covid we're still struggling with putin's war is driving the price of food and gas up.
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and that's, you know, we can't deny that we know americans are struggling. >> jesse: just ride it out. that's the answer. and it's not biden's failures, it's the oil companies, it's covid, it's putin. it's even you for wanting more food. how dare you expect your country to function properly. but it's not just democrats pushing this stuff. their lackeys in the press are rushing to biden's aid. listen. >> there is not of the administration or the fed can do about rising gas prices. >> there isn't much he can do. >> it is helpful to have expectation-setting and i think democrats have seen that as well saying we can't snap our fingers and fix this problem. it's almost refreshing to hear. >> jesse: refreshing to hear tell that to the moms deciding between filling up gas tanks or putting food on the table. so refreshing. these are the same people who just 18 months ago, when conservatives were warning gas prices were going to spike under joe said no, no, no.
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the experts are saying that's not going to happen. "the washington post" might want to ask some different experts. maybe they were the same experts that said mask mandates work. here we are with gas prices at yet another daily record high. with prices more than doubling since biden took office. but americans aren't it stupid, would he know a failure when we see one. and the people are starting to turn on joe. in a new i'm success poll. less than30% approval rating one are told by voters dominating their state of mind even issues like gun violence abortion rights. issues he is elevating into recent conversations in recent weeks he is still significantly under water. >> inflation, gas, crime, gun
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violence, all the issues people care about. and joe is failing on all of them. and with the people offering a rebuke this intense, you would think joe would renew his focus. no. instead he is still obsessed with donald trump. with the new politico piece saying biden is seething over his poll numbers, the article says the president has expressed exasperation that his poll numbers have sunk below those of donald trump, whom biden routinely refers to in private as the worst president in history and existential threat to the nation's democracy. well, i think we might have a new taker for the worst president of all times. not only is biden lacking a plan to fix our problem, he isn't even aware of them. as the politico piece goes on to say, quote: biden also recently erupted over being kept out of the loop about the direness of the baby formula shortage. across the country according to a white house staffer and a democrat with knowledge of the
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conversation. we can't feed our babies. yet the man supposedly in charge didn't even know about it until it was too late. these are third world type of problems that should never happen in the greatest country on earth. yet, here we are. the biden white house is also reportedly terrified of the jimmy carter comparison and knows how a presidency can soon by crises turn into a one term deal. he doesn't seem that worried about it. the carter thing. the president just took a four-day weekend. four straight days. friday, saturday, sunday, today. relaxing on the beach in delaware. does this seem like someone who can fix things? the only thing joe biden can fix himself is a sandwich. the bidens also seething that the white house staff went let him do anything. does that sound like the leader of the free world to you? this is a powerless president.
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who is complaining that his handlers won't let him outside more. as if that is going to turn things around anyway. maybe it's better for us that joe is missing in action as a president. we can't do any worse than we already have. somehow the democratic party went from barack obama and yes we can to joe biden and no, i can't. the left keeps running cover for biden but is he running out of places to hide great job everything sucks but there is nothing the president can do about it. america has problems and we need solutions. but joe biden clearly not the guy for that. newt gingrich is a former speaker of the house and author of "defeating big government socialism." so, speaker, have you seen some things in your day. have you ever seen the white house claim there is nothing we can do about anything. >> no.
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and i think it's important to remember, first of all, to be fair, jimmy carter was a disaster but he was a lot smarter and a lot more coherent than joe biden. while carter couldn't solve the problems, he at least was there. you could imagine him as a naval academy graduate and a nuclear engineer from the submarine program. he had a kind of competence even if he was incompetent. biden has neither. second, i think it's not fair to say that he is the worst president. buchanan who got us into the civil war still has that title would be fair to say biden is the second worst president. my wife calista went out saturday and filled up her car and came home in a state of shock. she paid $104.50 to fill up her car. i don't care how often joe biden goes on comedy shows and i
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understand he will be on a comedy show wednesday night. first of all, it's not funny when you can't find infant formula and you can't pay for gas and you can't afford food and crime is going up in your city. but, second, that's the real world. the white house doesn't understand, you know, if you are not eating in the white house mess and you don't have air force one taking you somewhere, the world has gotten to be very expensive and very dangerous, and biden seems to have no clue about what is going on around him. >> do you think biden has a clue of how bad it's going to look in the middle of this inflation and gas price and crime crisis that he is going on a comedy show? where the host is going to be kind of joking around? and this is after 100 days plus that he hasn't even done an interview with anybody and is he going to sit down with a comedian? do you think biden sees kind of outside what other people might perceive he think you took a
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cheap shot going on a four day vacation. why does it matter? he is not there when he is in the white house. he might as well be there on a delaware beach. it's clear he is the commander of nothing. in my lifetime we have never had a commander of nothing. and that's what you now have, not a commander-in-chief, but a commander of nothing. but secondly, his staff must be insane. how do you sit around in a room and say to each other i got it, we're going to put joe on a comedy show so we can have lots of people laughing when they can't afford the gasoline, worried about getting mugged, raped, or killed, they are worried about all the illegal immigrants. they can't afford to go and buy groceries anymore. boy, they are going to love joy as a comedian. you can't imagine how dumb the white house staff must be and how out of touch with the real world to think that that would make any sense.
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>> jesse: only thing dumber than that would be to put kamala on kimmel. >> i would love hearing her laughing. >> there is a site that has 10 hours of her laughing. and i think, you know, put her on a show like that, and then recognize may not be vice president but you can at least be good audience for a comedy show. >> jesse: she would actually do well in the audience for a kimmel show. that would be great. speaker, newt gingrich, thanks as always. >> good to be with you, thanks. >> jesse: next, we have an update on the paul pelosi dash cam video and what he does when nancy is not home. ♪ papa has got a brand new bag ♪ ♪ limu emu ♪ and doug. ♪ harp plays ♪ only two things are forever:
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>> jesse: paul pelosi's story is unraveling right before our eyes. so what was he doing at that dinner party when nancy was out of town and why haven't we seen the dash cam video from the night he got drunk and crashed his new porsche. all very strange. just got stranger. thanks to an article published today in the "new york post," quote: two people who know the couple well told the post it was an open secret that paul had an eye for the ladies. and talking about nancy one friend said, quote: he could have dumped her ass for some pretty little thing but is he a good catholic. as for the crash, these friends rushed to defend the speaker's husband, quote: everyone drives home a little drunk in napa. is he a big guy. he probably thought he was okay. so what was he doing at that party? and what happened when he left?
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, well, there is an easy way to find out. >> just release the dash cam and body cam food damage. we have been asking for the footage and mugshot for more than a week. but the california highway patrol keeps giving us the run away first they didn't tell us they didn't have it and then we submitted our request in writing. then our request was denied. when we called to ask out why they hung up the phone on us. we are not going to give up. don't worry. out freedom of information request was filed and we want everything. the mugshot, dash cam footage, body cam footage, drunk tank footage, you name it we want all of it and our lawyers are good. we will have a major update soon. ever wonder what our elected leaders are doing while the rest of the country struggles? you would think they would be looking for solutions to our problems like feeding hungry
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babies, lowering gas prices or maybe catching some of the criminals that have turned our inner cities into war zones. that's what they are paid to do. but they don't. washington is filled with unserious people who only look out for themselves. and it's not a secret. they are actually quite open about it. take aoc. the most unserious person in washington, d.c. she is not proposing any bills that would lower gas prices or help curb inflation. she is too busy exploring her native american roots. watch. >> i feel like one of the things that first started awakening and connecting me in a deep way to my indigenous heritage was connecting to -- when i was surrounded by native people all people come together and i looked around. it's really just clicked that this is us.
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>> jesse: if aoc is lakota sioux. it doesn't do anything for the rest of us. people are paying close to $10 a gallon for gas in some parts of the country. aoc has to know this and she has an explanation. apparently none of it is her fault. listen. >> it's just really really wild person that works any corrupt institution which is what congress is to try and be a normal person surrounded by so much decay in emptiness, that frankly party is very difficult. >> jesse: in other words, it's too hard. she ran for a corrupt job so why
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bother even trying plus there are other issues she is way more passionate about. >> note on gender inclusivity in spanish language people sometimes like to make a lot of drama over the term latin x but even before latin x people were trying to have an at to have the a and o together. gender is fluid. language is fluid. people right now are using the e term as gender neutral in order to be as inclusive as possible. not to make drama over it. >> she is all about beauty, not drama. >> okay, so i got bored and i tried to put on false eye lashes for the 8 medicalth time. i never got it would work. i finally got something new with it feels not bad. it definitely is not the worst attempt that i have had on one hand.
4:23 pm
on the other hand, i feel like it looks way crazier. >> just to be clear even though we are criticizing her. we don't want to sleep with her. again kentucky senator rand paul doesn't waste time posting videos on fake eye lashes. he is actually doing something about your problems. before we get to this new plan of yours, senator, when you hear aoc talk about how your institution, congress is so corrupt and immoral what's your reaction to that? >> when i hear serious policy proposal like latin x i can't help but worry about the other races, so i think the best way to go about this is you know the prefix pan means everything. i think it there needs to be white pan, black pan and brown pan. so everybody needs to have all inclusive. if you are everything you are white pan or black pan or brown pan. but if you are none of those you could be the nulty symbol none of these infinity symbol. she has great ideas.
4:24 pm
infinity if you are everything or pan or maybe the nulty symbol if you are none of the connotations at sex. i haven't had anybody at home ask me about these things. people at home want to know how the hell do i get enough money to fill up gas tank. how's come i can't go on vacation because it costs me $100 to fill up my truck. i don't i hear that at every stop. i don't hear anybody saying they're latin x or whatever that means. no one has ever brought that up to me. i do hear people saying i can't fill up my truck. >> jesse: you have a plan right now, we have it right here. it involves six pennies, the six penny plan by rand paul. a lot of people aren't doing anything about inflation, gas prices, the budget, anything, so tell us what your plan is senator rand paul to get things in order. inflation comes from deaf at this time spending when you borrow money the federal reserve buys your gas and prints up money and goes into circulation that drives all prices up. that's inflation. you have to understand that the
4:25 pm
way you get rid of inflation balance your annual budget. so i have a budget in five years. why did i pick five years the balanced budget amendment to the constitution, every republican in congress usually votes for balances in five years not believable, i'm balance 9 or 19 or year 25. it's just not believable. because we are not even on the planet. but in five years a reasonable plan when i started this about five or six years ago. free spending and it became the one penny plan where you had to do 1% a year for five years. now because of all the horrendous spending in the last two years. we now call it the six penny plan. you got to cut 6% a year. it still could be done. and within six years a balanced budget if not a sur plus and we would be the strongest country ever known. >> jesse: i like it the six penny plan. sounds common sense to me. see if we can get that to a vote
4:26 pm
on the floor before the latin x legislation. >> we will get a vote, there will be a vote on the floor on this. >> jesse: that's great. when that happens we will report it to you here on "jesse watters primetime." six penny plan, dr. rand paul thanks as always. >> thank you. >> jesse: is the media fudging the numbers on mass shooting why would they do that. and later what makes america angry? >> what is your biggest pet peeve. >> stupid people. ♪
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include respiratory tract infection, headache, and urinary tract infection. picture your life in motion with vyvgart. a treatment designed using a fragment of an antibody. ask your neurologist if vyvgart could be right for you. >> jesse: it was another bloody weekend in america with deadly shootings in chattanooga, omaha and phoenix, at least 17 people were killed in the span of just three days. and dozens of others were injured. saturday night. got into fight.
4:32 pm
hitting an innocent bystander. >> jesse: two innocent people were killed and at least 11 were injured. and now an 18-year-old in custody. after the shooting philly soros backed blamed the nra lock up shooters and throw the book at them and he is not doing that so is he just pointing the finger at the nra instead. and we noticed something peculiar. cnn is finally interested in covering crime. >> every monday let's now look over this past weekend. there were at least 10 mass shootings across this country. 15 people dead, 61 wounded. >> jesse: the use of the phrase mass shooting is interesting typically. mass shooting is defined as an incident in which four or more people are killed, by that definition there weren't any mass shootings this weekend.
4:33 pm
but the media likes to fudge the numbers. according to jazeera of all places, there were either six or 818 mass shootings last year. depending on who is keeping the record. so why is the media lying to you? why are they reporting that there were 10 mass shootings when there weren't? by their own definition? this is why. the media is crafty. they want to link the uvalde and buffalo mass shootings to inner city gang shootouts with handguns. that way they can justify taking your rifle away. they are padding the numbers with black-on-back crime, something they never report on, in order to strip law-abiding citizen of their constitutional rights: dana loesch is a nationally syndicated radio host. we caught them, didn't we, dana? >> i would say so, jesse, thanks for having me, this is something that the media and i think the
4:34 pm
gun control lobby has been doing for quite some time. in fact i wrote about this in my second book flyover nation whenever they were trying to count and tabulate the number of school shootings they would inflate it by including any kind of drug deal that went sideways or gang activity that was even a couple blocks with away from the school. they would count that as a school shooting so they would try terrify people, gaslight them into giving up their firearms. they are doing the same thing with this. it is interesting though that cnn is the network that's doing this because they were the ones who tried to act like what was happening in chicago ever single weekend wasn't happening at all. how many school shootings the equivalent of that would have you in chicago but they didn't want to discuss it made mention of this during a speech at cpac one year and the media went apoplectic over it. now they are repeating exactly what i said. so why is it only now that they are willing to acknowledge this, jesse as you said because they need to inflate their numbers. they realize that school shootings and mass casualty
4:35 pm
incidents still, thank god, are rare. however, the criminal activity you mentioned these soros funded d.a.s, billions of dollars that have been dumped over the years into these d.a.'s campaigns in order to reinvent and reshape the judicial system? all of this has been designed to reduce deterrence and now we have skyrocketing crime that they are now trying to turn around and blame on law abiding gun owners. and people aren't believing it. >> jesse: i just can't imagine they keep saying that the united states is the most violent country in the world. you see some of these stories out of south america, some of these just horrific bloody week after week after week. is it really true as america? is that a lie they say that america is the most violent country in the world? is that even true? >> no, it's not true when it comes to mass shootings john lot did a really great stud on this a couple years ago 97 countries that report data the united
4:36 pm
states is 64th on that list. so it absolutely isn't true. you can compare their violent crime rate to that of the united states. one last point, if we are going to talk about the violence you don't see that elsewhere where more innocent people protect their lives because they have the ability to do so than not. >> that's great point. thank you so much for enlightening us. >> thank you, jesse. >> jesse: a 16-year-old who hit and ran over a mother and 8-month-old son. george gascon gave them just 5 to 7 months in a youth juvi camp. capture the flag all summer. a slap on the wrist. really for somebody who plowed into a woman and a child in a stroller. now, they called it an appropriate resolution. but the sheriff and they said the sheriff was cool with the sentencing but that's a lie. the sheriff, alex villanueva
4:37 pm
tweeting we were never consulted as we were -- oh, and did you know about the perp? he already had previous offenses. of course he did. he was already on probation at the time of the hit-and-run. he was convicted of felony poisoning after spiking a girl's drink at his high school. real nice guy. but he guess to go to summer camp. we are watching every liberal-run city completely fall apart. chicago, new york, los angeles, and gascon is just one of the many leaders letting criminals back on the streets without a real punishment. joining me now michael shellenberger california gubernatorial candidate. michael, you have gascon and this other guy chesa boudin who is probably going to get recalled, the d.a. out in san francisco, is there going to be an uprising in california. >> i really think. so we are a very liberal state. when a woman can't walk safely down the street with baby in her
4:38 pm
carriage, i think voters have had enough. and we caught caught that on camera, working class neighborhoods, people much more impacted by this. people are fed up. the message was sent from on high in 2019 governor gavin newsom said that he was considering closing one prison, now he is saying is he going to close three prisons. he has let 30,000 people out of prison early. he wants to let another 76,000 people out of prison early, 63,000 of whom are in for violent offenses. i think all of us, including me want to see addicts and mentally ill people get the rehab and psychiatric care they need. but violent sociopathic prisoners need to go to prison and be there and serve their time not let out early. we are seeing a voter revolt. we will see a voter revolt tomorrow and see it for the rest of this year. >> jesse: good luck tomorrow on. that was i just want to know do you have any idea what jiewf camp is? you plow into a woman with a stroller and, what, you get to run around all summer, go
4:39 pm
surfing? what do they do out there in juvi camp? you go to poison someone you go to januvia j camp, too? >> i mean what we know is when the prosecutors stop prosecuting the police stop arresting and people stop reporting their crime, it turns out when you don't enforce laws, people don't follow them and that's a hard lesson for many of us here in california on the left coast. we're learning it the hard way. i think we are going to start see a response from voters. >> i think so, too. specifically when you get these graphic videos coming out. it's really hard to stomach and it's sad and should never happen especially in a beautiful and wealthy state like california. got $100 million budget and they can't get it together. michael, thank you so much and good luck. >> thank you, jesse. >> jesse: we go all the way to africa to find an answer, very simple question. what is a woman? >> can a man become a woman? >> no.
4:40 pm
>> no? >> no. man has its own duty and a woman cannot do the duty of a man and a man cannot do the duty of a woman. ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ it's spring! claritin provides non-drowsy symptom relief from over 200 indoor and outdoor allergens, day after day. feel the clarity— and make today the most wonderful time of the year. live claritin clear.
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>> jesse: looks like the "new york times" is finally admitting what we have been saying all along make breaking the news to the readers that mask mandates don't actually work. saying this: you would think the communities where mask-wearing has been more common would have had many fewer covid infection but that hasn't been the case: any went on to write a whole thing how masks actually do work but when it comes to mask mandates, something is just not adding up, saying, quote: in u.s. cities where mask use has been more covid covid similar rate as in mask resistant cities. so if the paper of record is confirming that mandates never work, i guess they are admitting that we were right this whole time. let's not look at the past. instead let's welcome these
4:46 pm
people to the reality. where we have been for years. it's great to see something what is a woman? that's become a tough question to answer these days. >> word woman provide a definition. >> i can't. >> you can't? >> okay. >> in this context i'm not a biologist. >> matt walsh isn't a biologist either but is he inquisitive fellow. he took a quest around the world to get to the bottom of it in fact, he went all the way to africa. >> can a man become a woman? >> no. >> no? >> no. a woman has its own duty and a man has its own duty and the lady cannot do the duty of a man and a man cannot do the duty of a woman. >> jesse: noted. well, that's human. but, what about assigning genders to let's just say
4:47 pm
chickens. explored that as well. >> i see a chicken lying eggs that's a female chicken am i assigned female or am i observing. >> an achicken has an assigned gender but the chicken doesn't have gender identity. >> we assume they are female if they lay eggs. >> matt walsh doesn't lay eggs he is the host and producer of what is a woman. he joins me now. why did you go to africa to ask these questions? >> first of all, it's just hilarious. that's the first thing. it's just a funny thing to do and puts the left in a position where, look, if you disagree with them then you are racist according to your own rules. id this the real reason we wanted to kind of go outside of the modern western liberal bubble and kind of talk about this with people who live outside of that. and, you know, the interesting thing is that when we did, i was sort of put in a position in the film of kind of explaining the
4:48 pm
gender ideology to people who have never even heard of it before, and i think when you do that, you start to see how absurd an idea is. when you try to explain it to someone who has never heard of it before. and they were quite confused by it i can report. >> did anyone take a swing at you, it looks like the woman you were sitting across from might have had some bad intentions. >> when it comes to the so-called experts, right? that we talked. to say we talked to quite a few of them. they got very, very upset very quickly. it didn't take much. all you have to do is ask them any question at all. any sincere question with real skepticism behind it, makes them angry as far as they are concerned that's not how it's supposed to work. they are suppose to say things and you are supposed to nod your head and agree. you are not supposed to question what they are saying. what i found is they are not prepared to deal with any kind of skepticism whatsoever. >> jesse: so she is supposed to be an expert and you are looking at another one right here. these people are so-called
4:49 pm
gender experts. i don't know what you would call them. that's a new title to me at least. do they ever get to a point where they can't answer the question on or about more talking in circles with these people? >> both. i mean, they talk in circles because they can't answer the question or any question. they especially can't answer the question the title what is a woman and so they just try to find -- it's kind of this constant game of evasion, kind of this whack-a-mole sort of thing where they are dodging here, dodging there. the reason they do that is because they don't have any response, any defense, gender ideology is this thing that just collapses upon even the slightest bit of scrutiny as we discovered while we were doing the film. >> jesse: that's what science is about, right, matt? you are supposed to ask questions and challenge the science be if it holds up it doesn't look like it held up very well in this documentary. i think everybody is excited to see it, as am i.
4:50 pm
and at least you had a nice trip. that looked like a lot of fun. thank you. >> it was. thank you. >> jesse: up next, we hit the streets to find out what's making americans so angry? >> what has joe biden done that makes you angry? >> oh, everything. ♪ ♪ if anyone objects to this marriage... (emu squawks) kevin, no! not today. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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the census tells you a lot about people. you could tell on the census records that at very, very young ages, they were cooks, they were farm hands, they were servants. there's auralia, 4-years old. i have learned a lot about the rest of the family, it was really finding gold. one of my grandfathers, didn't even know his birthdate. i figured out the exact year he was born. the census records fill in gaps, it helped me push the door open.
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dad, when is the future? um, oh wow. um, the future is, uh, what's ahead of us. i don't get it. yeah. maybe this will help. so now we're in the present. and now... we're in the future. the all-electric chevy bolt euv with available super cruise™ for hands-free driving. - dad. - yeah? do fish get thirsty? eh. find new answers. find new roads. chevrolet. >> tech: cracked windshield? schedule with safelite, and we'll come to you to fix it. find new roads. >> tech vo: this customer was enjoying her morning walk. we texted her when we were on our way. she could track us and see exactly when we'd arrive. >> woman: i have a few more minutes. let's go! >> tech vo: we came to her with service that fit her schedule. >> woman: you must be pascal. >> tech: nice to meet you. >> tech vo: we got right to work, with a replacement she could trust. >> tech: we're all set. >> woman: wow. that looks great. >> tech: schedule now at >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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right now in america we hav a lot to be angry about. gas prices, inflation, crime. we wanted to know what makes a new yorker angry. we sent some of our producers out to the street to find out. >> what is your biggest pet peeve? >> stupid people. >> lateness. >> when people never want to meet up in person. >> the liberals. >> i hate when people yell at people and i see it happen. it's just weird. >> i don't know what we are yelling about.
4:56 pm
>> reporter: what is your biggest pet peeve? >> why can't we have tax put on the prices before you buy them. 99 cents, cash register, $1 even . >> i only have a dollar. >> when is the last time you think you made someone angry? >> probably this morning. >> my ex-girlfriend is probably mad at me. i've been texting her every day. not like in a weird way. >> reporter: what drives you crazy about washington, d.c.? >> well, i haven't lived there in 10 years so i don't know the actual politics. >> i think the politicians say something they should do it and if they don't they should explain why it's not happening. >> reporter: what is a politician dislike? >> i don't like pete buttigieg. >> joe biden. >> what is joe biden done that makes you angry? >> everything.
4:57 pm
>> he is old. >> even if he goes full senile, that is cute. >> i am not working now. they should get full unemployment and things like that. >> i've been trying to do nothing for a while. >> reporter: what would you lik to get off your chest? >> i want this country to turn around. >> i feel like joe biden should get into running or something. >> i will tell you what to do. >> he should call. i was walking in central park today prepping. when i walk i prep because sitting is the new smoking. i notice there is a major, majo softball game going on. there is like three softball games going on at 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon on a workday. and men in their 30s, 40s and 50s are playing softball. a whole nine innings. no offense, it wasn't good
4:58 pm
softball. i saw like six errors in 10 minutes. i'm not trying to put anybody down. maybe they all had the day off or maybe they have a different type of work schedule. i think something is going on here. everybody is working from home. this is what working from home means. you can just cut out and play a full nine innings of softball and the boss has no idea. i saw people sunbathing. i don't know what they are doing , but this has got to stop. don't swing the bat at me the next time you see me. just making an observation. let's do some tests. biden is going on jimmy kimmel. i think i will go to bed. that's what happens with everyone. got filled makes everyone go to sleep eric thomas from new jersey, why is the man who left 300,000 guns for the taliban lecturing me on gun control? that's a good question. we have kevin who complains tha
4:59 pm
she works for a corrupt institution. why does she stay? make a statement aoc. refuse the paycheck or quit congress. put your money where your mouth is aoc. again, we don't want to sleep with you. it's just a critique. don't get the wrong idea. charles from brooksville florida , thank you for the update on polly. please stay on it. if you had a couple beers and got pulled over for a brake light being out it would be national news for weeks. do you think jesse watters prim time could get away with gettin popped for a dui and not having his mug shot front page the nex day? are you kidding me? plus the body can. you know i would have failed th field sobriety. i cannot count the alphabet backwards sober. jesse said joe biden can make a sandwich. would you eat that sandwich? i would not. definitely not. jim out of maine, a beautiful
5:00 pm
state, this is the second year in a row joe biden has failed t acknowledge the anniversary of d-day, but he released a proclamation about national ocean month. that seems to be the case. at least that's what it looks like. not good. tucker is good. he is up next. always remember i am waters and this is my world. good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. peter navarro is the pitcher of a law-abiding american citizen. a 72-year-old retired business school professor who has a phd from harvard university. his most recent job was extremely white-collar. he served as the white house trade advisor in the last presidential administration. famous for his tough stance on china. he's never been charged with a crime anha


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