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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 6, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> so on thursday, the gma producer is teamingng upry the democrats to bring you a full hour of january six with direction. but itn' wasn't. but there are a lot of outstanding questions and on thursday we willhu miss ourta get in some in some detail. il we'll see you then. the best thing was one . >> welcome to "hannity". all right. hannity. democrats say they want this to be january six week, but they will not give you the full story. and by the way, there is a lotco of context, a lotnt of texture,l a lot of things they will not be telling you about. and tonight we're going tou give you the vital information about what really happenedthou on january 6th, what happened on january 4th.. we'll tell you whyde the democrats are not serious about preventing something like this from ever happening again, just like they ignoredey the riots in twenty twenty . ar they're mostly peaceful. okay, telle that to the thousands of injured cops, t
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the dozens of deadhe americans and the billions in property damage that people suffered. democrats will purposefully omit details about what happened on the 6th and before the six. but we will give you thoseel details that you likely never heard before and we have special guests that will confirm all of this for you people involvednf in all of this . but first, joe biden is finally back from the beach. wow. and he is seething with rage tonight not because record highh gas prices which have now more than doubled in justnt 18 months under his watch. he's not seethingg because the american people are suffering from back breaking of what ? forty two year record highre of inflation and looming stagflation, a looming recession not because the borderer crisis which is getting worse every day. oh , and by the way, as we speak, the biggest caravan toca date isra now approaching our southern border. so buckle up and let's not forget that joe is simply turn
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the page on our fellow americans trapped in afghanistan will hit0 the number three hundred this week. if you're counting . we are. it is day two hundred ninety six and joe abandoned our fellow americans behind enemy lines and even confirmed two weeks ago by washington tony blinken now sadly as we speak, joe biden is seemingly unconcerned with any of these serious crises and he's doing nothing to resolve any of them. instead, biden is now throwing a pity party for himselfpo because he's polling lower than donald trump and many are now beginning to compare him to jimmy carter or even worse, approaching, democrats have absolutely nothingng constructie to run on nothing their president, their policies that radical new deal agenda all are massive failures. so are democrats, they are employing what is a desperate, multipronged political strategy for the upcoming election. january six is a parte , but first they're planning to scare you, the voters
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with a heavy dose of hysteria surrounding abortion. nowofteri roe v. wade is ultimay overturned by the supreme court. we have every indications that will happen. democrats will go out there and campaign that a woman's right to choose has been abolished in america. are illegal and republicans aren't to blame. they will revoke coathanger some back alley abortions. they will predict widespread a sufferingbo, despair against por women. they will claim that america, ne as we now know it is over . none of that will be true. abortion is not an enumerated right in our constitution. but if roe is overturned as it appears it may be ,, it will be regulated by individual states per the 10th amendment to the constitution. rd in other words, almost all u.s. states will continue to allow abortion with very liberal states like california etc.lo likely allowing abortion upwi until the moment of birth which we would call in this programam infanticide. now the second prong ofogmo
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the democratic election strategy for the midterms. well, that'scrdt around guns ine second amendment as we speak, democrats are vilifying law abiding gun owners. they're after gun manufacturers or after the nra. they're vowing to restrict your second amendment rights this too as a strategy i predict will fail.edic and don't forget, according to the cdc, there are up to two point five million defensive gun uses each year in other words, they save lives. for example, over the weekend a west virginia woman heroically shot and killed the gunman who was firing into a graduation party at an apartment complex and she isle now beingx credited with savingp perhaps 20 to 30 lives. but of course, the media mob the democrats, they'll never talk about a reporte that incident if democrats get their way, only the criminalsemeir who don't care ai laws will have access too the firearms and we will all be defenseless. ultimately, the fear mongeringly surrounding gunsri is littlepl
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more than a political ploy. and when youoyoy have nothing ea to talk about in a midterm election year and all your policies have failed, i guess it's a hail mary for them now if democrats really cared aboutut gun control, they would call on the president's own son . yeah, hunter biden to be prosecuted. hunter reportedly liedd on hismp background check about his rampant drug use in order to purchase a firearm that would be a felony. thennt get this hunter's gun was eventually thrown away in a grocery store dumpster acrossac from a high school for reasonss nobody seems to know and now we have pictures that have surfaced today showing hunter waving around a semi-automatic handgun while naked. accordinghad to the new york po, they're saying possibly with a can't confirm that part. butju just imagine if his last name wasla hunter trump. what the reaction in the mediath and what the reaction from the democrats would be . but the bidens want to lectureec us on responsible gunhi ownership. does that look likep responsible gun ownership to you, joe ?
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should your son go to jail? or maybe i'll say it in a way that you'll understand for god's sakes,r joe , can't you a something about your own son ? and thisbo brings us out to the third prong of the democrats election strategy, whichf as you can probably guess is january six twentyis twenty one now that this big hearing set for thursday, you will not hear the real story of january 6thxc anywhere i don't think except here. and you definitely won't hearcr from house democrats or the two republicans that are really democrats a on the committee because remember they kicked off jim jordan and jim banks. they would have asked questions like we have beention asking and they would have gotten toth the truth. but without a doubt their conduct surrounding that fateful day is not this is pure political theater and right on onto this thursday night, the sham january six committee will be holding their big primetime show hearing a full on hollywood
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multimedia extravaganza with of course, hollywood creative license to embellish ammit as desired. and they've even procured fake news production help from a former abc executive of oh good morning america nightline.lion they've gone all out fore all o this and itutthis turns out thit the same executive who reportedly spikedhe the abc news report that would have exposed jeffrey epstein many years ago. we'll have more on that laterin in the program. noww this upcoming hearingto on thursday aims to do one thing and that excite the democratic base, vilify donald trump and all of his supporters yet again. in other words, it's like a third peachment. and just last week, trump adviser peter navarro is thrown in handcuffs and leg shackles at an airportac for refusing top participate in the sham hearing. it was allegedlyat thrown in the same jail cell used for reagan's assassin john hinckley . now this after being charged
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with two misdemeanor processde crimes for not cooperating with house democrats. novarro would have gladlyis and this is the normal course of business c for something not that serious. he would have they would haveesl called his lawyer, say turn yourself in at this location at 8:00 a.m. and he would have done it easily posted bail as is customary with minor i offenses such as the one he'ss been charged with . but he was never given that opportunity. instead, democrats use law enforcement as a political weapon to intimidate and embarrass navarro likee they did with manafort and roger stone and george papadopoulose and so many others. there's no respect for. our federal government or no aspect of it that democrats will not weaponizes this upcoming made for tv. you know, fully produced congressional hearing is no exception. this is where it gets interesting this despite all the hysteria. the truth ise clear . and if the committee had any real intention of getting to the truth and preventing
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this from ever happening again, which should be their goal agai i condemn this in real time.on on my radio show we condemned right here on this program that night like we condemned all the riotstsne in the summerf 2020 that were not mostly peaceful. now they would not be turning to this into another hoax impeachment. of course they've hade a predetermined outcome sadly from the beginning knowing the dangers associated with large protests, it turns out that donald trump approved up to 20000 thousand national guard troops that would bolster the capital . well, in advance of the rallyry on january six . he did it on january 4th. my prediction is, is that theyhe will lie by omission. that critical factt out of the circus presentation that they are creatingth as we speak their hollywood show that they're going to put on they won't focusl on once the president as required by law signedd off on up to
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twenty thousand troops being called up. that wasca his role. thenen the jurisdiction went to nancy pelosi who's'sna in chargf security for the house along with the sergeant of arms and the d.c. mayor bowser, who refused to call upp the guard again. that is their call as required by law. donald trump that his part and if donald trump really wanted this breach of the capital , why would he have authorized up to twenty thousand national guard troopsp nati? there are multiple documents and statements to back allts try this up and the january six committee has all of this . but they won't be including it on thursday, by the way, that would include this letter from mayor bowser declining national guard support prior to january six . these documents from a recent inspector general's report that details how trump's department of defense planned for january 6th and they planned appropriately and theyd responded for calls for assistance appropriately and they did not delay or obstruct the response to the january six riot. a
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now we also reached out to biden's defense secretary mark milley. he was in a high level role atth the dod during januarye six .a a comment. they said they wouldn't get back to us tonightt . hopefully we will be able to report tomorrow what their answer is. t but don't forget right here on this program the dod chiefef of staff,en department of defene chief of staff kash patel along with the acting department of defense secretary chris miller. they will join us ininy a minute along with the white house chief of staff mark meadowsf and president trump himself four of the five people in the room on january all of them have confirmed what we know to be true that donald trump did requestst as required by law, approved and authorized up to twenty thousand guard troops to be called up by pelosi and bouser should they need them and wantd he saw this as a potential of potentially dangerous situation.
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why wouldn't he after comingot off the riots ofs the summer of 2020? take a a look. did you authorize calling up the guard and then it became the chain of commandd went to nancy pelosi and to the mayor of a dc, muriel bowser. did you as required by law authorize that 100% and attested to by many people and they turned down nancy pelosi turned it down. they are both written refusal, the communication between police and their chain of command to the dod refusing our request to allow national guardsmen and women to stagear on january four and five beforee january six . did you both ask for the national guard to be calleda withoutt a doubt, john, we've made that very clear . not just once but on numerous occasions. we wanted to make sure there o was plenty ofn national guard on the ready in case there was
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some kind of violence. i had a meeting>> with president trump on the 3rd of january concerning some international threats and at the very endnd he asked if there were any requests for national guard support.d what was the president's response to you with regard to the requests made by mayor bousery and do whatever was necessary to protect n the demonstrators now cash fatele in the former actinget defense secretary chris miller will joinarwill us the second.ha now, of course, none of what you just saw i predict will be played by the january six committeeja. t i don't care about the truth. sadly, they're not even looking for ways to better secure the capital and protect our elected leaders, which we must t do. they're just smearing trump again and again and again and attempting to cement their power in dc. according to reports, we have democrat jamie raskin now wantse to use the january committee to
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abolish the electoral college so major popular action centers new york and california and new jersey and illinois, they can rule the country with an ironun fist in perpetuity. clearly if you're actually interested in the truth about january six and not just using it as ayo political weapon and you want to protect all electedoch officials, you're better offin watching this program here with reaction is the author of the plot to kill the king. by thehe way, number one bestselling children's book in the country, former chief of to the acting defense secretary kash patel is with along with former acting defense secretary christopher millerer. okay, my understanding is tr in the room, president trump,s mark meadows, both of youan and general mills, correct, mr. secretary? yeah, that's exactlyis sean. first off, if you don't mind. thanks for taking this on. i can't help but think.
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seventy eight years ago tonight if we were alive, cash and i would have been on the front lines. you would have been there along with edward r. murrow and walter cronkite takings back europe from the . and this is our front line now. so thanks for taking this on. and being serious about it. there hasn't been enoughon serious conversation and this is an exclusive first timexc cah and i have been on together because we've been separated to make sure there wasn't appearance of collusion or anything like that . so thanks for taking this on. takiso also the four of you i that i've had an opportunity to interview now confirm that onrv january 4thie in the oval office authorize up to twenty thousand troops cash fatele two days before january six , even happened. tell us about that meeting. yeah, it's not one of those. thanks again, john chris , for having us , especially on d-day to talk about a serious matter. it's not one of those meetings you forget the secretary of
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defense, chris miller, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, mark miller,n the chief of staff, the president of united states of america, mark meadows and the president the unitedthel states himself in the ovalf office talking about some of the most serious national security threats we were facinge and then we pivoted to setting up for january s 6th and mr. trump unequivocally authorized up to twenty thousand national guardsmen and women for us to utilize should the second partpa of the law, the requests come in . as you highlight. let me letet me be very clear . both of you said us under oath p under the threat of penalty ofen perjury to the committee. >> absolutely. and to be clear, cash it at best the meeting was one it wase one of the most serious kind of heavy meetings i've been in and it wasn. about a foreign threat that was directed towards the united states, which obviously test you can't talk tr about for fear of ending up in jail. i and so i want to i kind of want to be clear the president as we're leaving is there's a one more thing than we allin
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sat back down and we discussed what was going on in january six . i don't. because i think it's important to bring up so that the opposition doesn't the purpose of the meeting. the president was doing exactlyt what i expect commander in chief to do anyder- commander in chief. wa he was looking at the broad threats against the united b states and he brought this up as on his own. >> we did not bring it up. all right. and cast. the only other person in the room was general milley. now i've had a source tell meea and we've been reaching out to his office. hopefully we'll hearch back frog them. i don't think he's avoiding avoiding us in any way. and that general milley, i had somebody tell me that he signed a document that attests to the very thing that you and the defense secretary and mark meadows and the president have already confirmed. have you heard of such a memo or memorandum that exists that is in the hands of the january 6th committee?
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yeah, thanks, john. so let me be clear. has also testified under oath as as the secretary miller and myself and we'veat always been consistent that the president authorized that if mark milley if my beliefiz said anything otherwise, that committee including adam schiff would have leakedd th that information because it would advance their narrative. furthermore, the memo youwo spek of the national guard reports in through the chain of commandr that through the secretary of defense, the secretary of memo that christopher miller was smart enough to craft that we would not have to go through bureaucratic gymnastics should the request come in .th that memorandum was executed by the office of the secretary of defense, the chairman of cha the joint chiefs of staff and the secretary of the army controls the national guard. i hope that memorandum isho in the hands of the january committee along with a slew of e-mail traffic between the offices i just mentioned outlining and with particularity the request from the president of the united states for up to 20000 national guardsmen and the denial ofde
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that request by mayor bouser and the capitol police and otherm federal agencies. those are the documents that a congressional committee of oversight who cares about the truth? those are d the documentsbe that should be put forth before the american public, though i doubt they will on thursday in this hollywood bonanza. i worked i want the publicnt read the facts. i want the public to understandn this . mr. secretary,de once the president makes that authorizationon and once that is communicated to the, the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi and mayor bowser who wrote down that she denied in writing that she even wanted the guard to be called up, it is not the president's authority to to call up the guard on his own. he can only as required by law authorize. is in their but it's in their jurisdiction, their total call.ictal call. he he has no say in that. >> is that correct? that. the president could mobilizena the national guard, but he made the decision to supportce the local law enforcement and political leaders.
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so what you said is exactlyno right. typically the governors i want to highlight and we reiterated numerous times to all of the cabinet secretaries as well as the political leadership in washington, d.c. that we would provide and the president had authorized any national guard support or any military support. i want to be clearr not just not national guard any military support that they requestedth. we got one request from mayor bouser which we fulfilled in full. and mr. secretary is ises this consistent with what the president did in the summer of 20200? and we had this we had these t local authorities butting heads. the president would authorizeth the use of the guardhe . they wouldn't callgu up the guard, but he left it in the hands of local authorities in almost every instance. >> i wasn'try there for that event. i can only speak about the 6thsa of january events leading up to it. and i c can say definitively president trump offered any
11:21 pm
support requested by suitable officials within washington, d.c. federal state will not state the federal and local. so k cash fatele. let me ask you, we we're told by the committee chairman itch was reported that nancy pelosi is off limits. that means no testimony, no text messages, no emails,om nothing from the sergeant of arms, nothing from mayor bowser . is it and is it not true that the mayor herself in writingg declined the use of the guard that trump authorized? is that true or that true? all that's true and that's not how you run a congressional investigation. i know fromnal my days of runnig the rusticate investigation. but let's put all . let's put the memos and the delegations aside and the authorizations aside and look had the president not authorized 20000 national guardsmen and women then when we did employ and deployde and mobilize fifteen thousand national guardsmen and women on januaryry six , that would
11:22 pm
have been an unlawful command from the secretary of defense, the chairman of the joint the secretary o of the army and thef general the national guard. do you think we executed an unlawful command?? command? that q that question is posed to america in a january 6th committee. of course not. they want it both ways becauset they want the political narrative to defeat the facts. but it'sic just not true . we acted appropriately like the inspector general's report stated and president trump had the foresight to issue the authorization for the national guardsmen and women. those are the hard factse thate congressional investigation of the looting with their politicization of our national security apparatuslu. let me ask you both, mr.. secretary, i'll start with you. to me, it's pretty common commonsensical if those troops that the president authorized were called up to twenty thousand of them, isn't it? is pretty easy to conclude that january 6th as it unfolded would not have happened, that the 2010 and twenty00 thousand troops would have0
11:23 pm
stopped any breach of the capital . so the fact that this isy totally and completely being ignored by the committee to me speaks volumes. what are your thoughtstsmes.pp with that have stoppeded what happened that day? >> i believe it would have wou little to do. my firm belief is that if wewe would have sent even one national guard troop up to capitol hill before the onset of the riote, we would have beeu accused president trump and i and the military and cash cartel would have been accused of fomenting a coup againstve the elected officials on capitol hill. so i think it's important to recognize that the united states military there were 10,000 police officers on duty that day. all of our briefings and all ofn coordination with them, m they said we can handle up toad here's here's here's a headline for you. they said they canli handle up. one million demonstrators there like we got this . we got this . so we were very comfortable
11:24 pm
with the request based on their threat assessment of what they can handle. >> i have less than a minute i doubt they're going to focus on the president's words that many of you will now peacefully and patriotically march at the capitol. so your voices will be heard. we'll give you the last word cash batel. so now this isat going to be a hollywood productionll with hollywood creative license to ignore what is clearly the most relevant facts in the case. and donald trumpnaut authorizing this days earlier. what does it tell you about the committee and about the show that they're going toic put on for the american people missing pertinent information? we have about 30 seconds?. >> yes. so>> what they're doing is they're politicizing nationalou security of our country. they're forcing individuals like me to serve forin 16 years to spend hundreds of thousandsle of dollars in legal fees that should never occur there, attacking people with political subpoenas and vendettas and then crying aboututitic then this justice department doesn't get it. you know what they should do, sean? they should releasese everyry
11:25 pm
single document they have in their holdings. chris and i have seen them. weweanwe want them out and above that they should release every transcript mine. cheryl mills, secretaryer miller's everybody's transcripts to show, s the american people that we took an oath to abide by the constitution. oath to testifyst that day about januaryif six and they can read in black and white what we did and how we actedho appropriately and how the president's authorizationl unequivocal. they don't want to put that on p the front lines, but i'm happy to come on your show and tell the world about it any time youo want. thank you . we'll have you it back .an secretary miller.k thank you . thank you . coming up, the by the administration continues to brush off high gas prices as they move on with their radical green agenda. we'll explain. governor rick perry gives us reaction straight ahead. i feel stronger. i just healthier my blood pressure and pulse and i find i have more energy today. why are so many people giving five star reviews to super virtues? because super beets are nature's secrets.
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now the fighting team's energy and every frontol tonight becaue as gas prices hit one record after another failed far left transportation secretary booted judge f says that biden isn't to blame for this . oh , it's those greedy oil companies. know that the s price ofet gasoline is not set by a dial in the oval officeco hour by hour how much to charge for a gallon of gas. but they're not callingad the administration to ask what theyt should do.on they're doing it based on their goal of maximizingeir their profits. it's been very striking right now to see these oil companies who have become almost ridiculously profitable despite these obvious and undeniable failures. the biden team is hellbent on pursuing the green new deal fantasies of theirs which would destroy the economy is destroying the economy almostsl instantaneously instantaneously. for example, bideny is nowon invoking the defense production
11:31 pm
act not to lower gas prices but to rampp up clean energy production here with reaction, former energy secretary texasgo governor rick perry. you know so but a judge first says buy electric cars. then he blames he's out there saying, oh , well, get used toic high gas prices until we are energy independent only with clean energy. and now he's out there. let's stop blaming oil companies and blaming everybody but themselves. you are the energy secretary. d didth the policy shift from bidn from trump to biden caused h the problems we have at the pump now of the simple answer is yes. but you know, the question i have for the transportation secretary is what's the emergencysecrcr in the renee industry that you would putwo the dpa to workul? n and this is a section of ouruc power industry that produces at mass about 20%. th so the idea that they're going to go use the dea in the solar
11:32 pm
and in the wind side of things is just beyond me. ly if you really wanted to make a difference, what you wouldge have done is sent the message early on in this administration of us and we're going to we're going to be a partner with the energy industry. but what they did is they sent the clear message we don't likey the fossil fuel industry.we we don't likedon' the nucleart industryke and actually when yo look atlo it, the wind and the got their own challenges as well because of the notta my backyard mentality that you see in a lotli of these placesla when youce start putting in big wind farms or you start putting in big solar facilities, fa the local community stops them sos if you don't support fossil fuels and if you don't support nuclear energy, you are going to be in a fool's errand to try to fuel this country and certainly the world. so they're getting it wrong
11:33 pm
and so many different ways. it's it's it is stunning. you know, governor mr.>> secretary, you know about energy and you know about politics. so democrats think that they can mitigate their losses in november by talking about abortion, about guns about january six , then use the usuall playbook. republicans are racist and sexist and homophobicbl, but every single day every americane its smacks of right in the facei when they fill up their gas tank and every item they buybu in every store they go toy is costing a fortune more because of these bad policies. what's going to win the day in november? >> yeah, i lost your connection there for a little bit, sean, but i caught the end of that and i was at a recycling plant last friday and talking to a fella who just working, you know, probably 12 toe 16 hours a day to make ends meet. and he basically recognized me,
11:34 pm
up and he said, look, governor , he said i'm having to make decisions abouto m whetr i'm going to fill up my truck halfway or we're going totr eat tonight and that's happening all across this country and divide them all this and the democrats are going to paye a massive price. and this november, regardlessle ofss what the secretary ofys transportation says, the american people are buying that they know that this isn't putin's price increase. no they know that whenw joe biden said i'm going to do everything i can to change the fossil fueln industry in america, that he meant it and that the american people may not m have recognized what that meant. but what it means is is the price of their groceries is going to go up. inflationgo. is going through te roof. the cost ofst gasoline is going to continue to go up all through this summer in the driving period, transportation costs i mean it is going to be a brutal year. i don't when the engine side is
11:35 pm
the problem and a recession is around the corner, america isth in trouble and this administration is the reason for it and there american people know it will be a massive blowout for the democrats in november. ed the adults back in charge. dults back in this is hurting the poor middle class people on fixed incomes. is hurting tens and hundreds of millions of americansng t. an it's insane. y governor , great to have you. thank you for being with when we come back , the democrats, they continue enacting their soft on crime agenda despite yet another weekend of nationwide violence that defund, dismantle and no law policyye with those policies working out. larry elder, trey penny, whenrn we. return and think i took the lives of six million and thousands of jewish survivors are still suffering o in poverty.
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more shocking crime and democratic on cities and states. look at your screen back int august of 2020 one ,s authorities say a 16 yearsa old committed this heinous hitov and run plowing over a motherun and her young son only to get a slap on the wrist from the l.a. d.a. george gascon. now the teen is receiving just what , five , seven months in a juvenile facility despite beinge on probation and despite a previous criminal record, including a twentyus nineteen conviction for felony poisoning for spiking the drink of a female student, gascóntu tried to blame the sheriff's office claiming that they werehe on board with the sentencing with the sheriff's officept they pushed back , prompted the d.a. to issue a correctionin and it'sa not only california over the weekend, several people killedd and aon mass shooting on a south street in philadelphia. take a look at your screen. lookotag at this footage showing chaos all across city streetse
11:41 pm
as gunfire is ringing out and yet more senseless violence in all major cities. by the way, most with the toughest gun laws far left. philly d.a. larry krasner is trying to claim that the nra is to blame. here with reaction, radio host larry la elder, along with thepr president of the national fallen officer officerfa foundation, trey penny tray. welcome to the show along with larry. we'll startrr with you. know, it's amazing that they want to blame an inanimate object. it it's amazing that the greater percentage of killings and shootings are taking placeci in cities and statesti that have the toughest gun laws. >> why do you think that is? , >> well, shawn, where do you start this ? one of the reasons why i set up my political action committee, held it for america tod get to be soft on crime. this is absolutely outrageous. o number p one job of government s to protect people and property. it's notop toer push critical re theory. it's not to attackth parents. ft being concerned about the quality of their education.
11:42 pm
it's to make sure that we doyei something about crime. the good news is tomorrow the, the san francisco d.a. just about in will very likelyec be recalled. and right now there's a movement to gather enough signatures to recall george gascon, the los angeles county in l.a. where i'm livingn right now on homicides are upno year to year almost 40% shootings are up year to year almost 40% and it's now coming to the suburbs. there'ss no an area in l.a. cald hancock park where maxine waters has her five millionin dollar mansion at graduate student was stabbedli o death by a guy with a very longt sentence, should not havere been out on the streets. and in beverly hills, a guy broke into a home owned by an 80 year old retired record murdered his 80 year old wife again long criminal record never should have been out on the streets these soft on crime days, i believe in texasbeli. they believe that bad guys basically are victims of society as opposed to h victimizing society. have to go. you know, i'm looking at this video today and this is happening almost everyry day
11:43 pm
almost in every city in this particular case, it's a guy who's in a car that can kill people. we saw what happened at the bostonaw marathon. people think what criminals are going to obey the gun laws that we pass by their very t nature. they don'thery obey laws, do>> they know they don't. t they don't. in fact, so and i think the democrat leadership of this country has failed the american a people. you look at how they arehe only violent offenders constantly remain on the streets after committing these violent crimes. i mean, this is it's almost like they don't realize that these are gateway crimeswa that these individuals are doing. by all accounts he was an adults . he should have been prosecuted as an adult, especially using on his way to you run over this family like this . i mean, tfa thank god nobody was killed. all that does if he gets a slap on the wrist, all it does isea create an opportunity forte him to come back and continue to do the same behavior over and over againd . there's no accountability. and i think america look, we don't have a problem here
11:44 pm
over and over again, people talking about the guns or the issue, the mental health issue we don't have those are not the issues. the issue is accountability in this country.y we don't have accountability and our leadership is tellingis the american people off the road in almost every city, r in every state that went along, larry, with defund, dismantley, no bail laws, we see crime. you know, going through the roof. you mentioned l.a. it's nationwide. n there'sth a direct correlation between the policies and thee increase in violence and murders and shootings, et cetera. >> what why is that so hard to put together the absolutely. and this whole narrative that the police arere engaging in systemic racism when in factt they kill more unarmed whites every year than unarmed blacks when study after study after study has shown that if anything , the police are more hesitant, more reluctant to pull the trigger on a blackr suspectt in a white suspect had led to this passive policing where the police are t pulling back . bad guysba know what crime goes
11:45 pm
up when you reduce the chance of a bad g guy being caught, being convicted , being incarcerated, crime goes up. d othey may be criminals, but they're not stupid. you know, we showed this video earlier in the program, trey hunter biden naked, we're told. i readon one report said it's a. we a can't confirm that but with a woman and he's got his gun out and i'm listening to joe biden lecture the country about guns and i'mns thinking, for god's sake, joe , to use his words, why don't you get your son to handle a arm a little bit more safely and maybe you shouldn't be putting the fire j on the dumpster near a school. how come he's not in jailai? >> yeah, absolutely.>> that's a the gun issue of political football and all they want to use the gunun issu to ride it all the way through the election. but let me gofa in and give you some facts about the gun right . last year theress was 693 mass shooting. we had 220 mass shootings right now in america. and guess what ? the democrats claimim to be theo champion of b the, the people or
11:46 pm
the inner city. are happening and they're happeningpp in a city where all of our black and minority people are being killed so that if the democrats really want to doo something aboutth the people, they should get there and do something about the gangs and let theset violent offenders out on the streets to victimize our community over and over again. and by the way, where have the big theater on thursday night about january 6th, what about the five hundred and seventy four riots in the summer? 2020. well, i'd like to see that committee come up one dayup ,but i won't hold my breath, larry. thank you , trey. thank you . when we come back , kevin mccarthy calling out the january 6th committee forcau we'll show you what he said. we'll get reaction. lara trump, joe concha, they weigh in as we continue as a homeowner, you've worked diligently to build equity in your home. you may even have paid it off and that's a great feeling. but i need you to understand protection. you are at high risk of a quickly growing new cyber
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we can end hunger. learn more about feeding america dog.
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house gop leader kevin mccarthy is calling out the shams januay six committee for the shameless political stunts and they are hiring now of a former abc news producer to orchestratee this political theater. mccarthy tweeted quote the democrats now haveitic turd to the former abc news under whose leadership abc news s spiked a story on jeffrey choreograph their january six political fox news contributors joe concha, lara trump. all right. sons laura , this is the same gy spikes this story that would have exposed epstein many years ago. i find it fascinating that it's going to be a hollywood production with all the license of hollywood. they're going to keep out the main testimony. the five people that were in the room that acknowledge that two days prior to january 6th your father in law authorized as required by law to twenty thousand troops to
11:52 pm
be called up nancy pelosi. bauza didn't call him up, nor are they being questioned. can you explain that to me? if only i could. john. look, the fact that there is even a producer involved in this spectacle on thursday and that's exactly what it is. it's a spectacle. i was a producer for a long time. and why do you get a producer for a situation like this ? you get a producer because you want to tell a story because you want to frame information and feed it out to people in a very specific way. you don't need a producer if you're simply putting out all the facts and telling the truth, which we know we're not going to get on thursday from the individuals in charge of this january six hoax. this is the biggest scam on thursday perpetrated perpetrated on the american people since the russian collusion hopes this is total nonsense that you're going to see on thursday. and the problem is they know the democrats know people do not care about this . they're desperately trying to
11:53 pm
get people to buy into this . but the problem is people are more concerned than with the super high gas prices they're having to pay, figuring out whether or not they can buy enough groceries to feed their family. every week the fully open dangerous southern border finding baby formula. these are the things that the individuals on this january six committee should be focusing on fixing for the american people, but instead they're pushing this because they know they have nothing to show as they go to north towards november. and joe, they want to now abolish the electoral college. we find from jamie raskin if they really cared about riots, why they ignoring the five hundred and seventy four in the summer of 2020 that killed dozens of americans that injured thousands of cops and cost billions in property damage where six hundred and twenty four arsons took place. ninety seven police vehicles will burn. why didn't why didn't they care about any of those riots? i thought, you know, we should
11:54 pm
condemn all riots. they said they were mostly peaceful though all riots are created equal short. and when you look at what happened in minneapolis or seattle or los angeles or chicago, new york , atlanta during that horrific summer and some still continue to this day as far as what are seeing playing out in our tv screens. look, democrats and adam kinzinger and liz cheney insists that this january six committee and the hearings are not about political theater or partizanship. so what better way to prove that than to hire a guy? and james goldstonha, who literally has been paid to produce partisan political theater duringor his broadcast news career his broadcast news career again, this is the guy as pointed out by kevin mccarthy who made sure that jeffrey epstein bombshell that abc first had never sawaw the light of day. think of all the victimsre that could have been sparedd ift james goldston had decided toha go ahead with that story. he had to protect epstein forha whatever reason and that's why the democrats and cheney
11:55 pm
and kinzinger are hitching their wagons to gulfton like so many others in this businessth who claim to be journalists, they're actually politicaleyno activists and the american people know that these hearings are nothing more than weaponizesar political ads aimed at hurting the opposition party . remember january six twenty twenty two , by the way, six months ago all the news networks went wall to wall to wall celebrating that anniversaryti. they pushed the hyperbole button up to twenty four from a scale of one to s 10 and the ratings from that day go back and look at them. they were lackluster. there was barely a bump despite all the hype because most of the american people had biggerng things to be concerned about that lara just brought up. sos in the end i don't think you're going to see the needle in the court of public opinion move one bit. in fact,in i think this is going to have a boomerang effect on the democratic party and the republicans that are involved with this in this particular hearing. seanr . it. i think americans will see right through it. and laura's right. gas prices supply chain,a baby formula inflation rule the day. thank you bothis all the, hannie
11:56 pm
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before we today is the seventh eighth anniversary of d-day whenst the bravest men ever lived and stormed the beaches off normandy to defeat evilnd and their time and save the worldhe will never forgete their service or their sacrifice. all right. that's all the time we o left this evening. in the meantime, let nothehela your heart be troubled. thank you for making this show possible foromor us next. see you tomorrow night. i'm laura ingraham. this is the ingraham angle from washington tonight . thanksin for joining us . f westoc winging it. that's the focus of tonight'sgl anglee.. for months now we've been telling you that things haveth coming off the rails insidehi the biden white house. tethey got cratering poll numbers. you get higher costs for f everything. th peopleis are leaking on eacht other now. and at this point you got to think that working for h this administration has to be the most painful resumead they had