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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  June 7, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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before we today is the seventh eighth anniversary of d-day whenst the bravest men ever lived and stormed the beaches off normandy to defeat evilnd and their time and save the worldhe will never forgete their service or their sacrifice. all right. that's all the time we o left this evening. in the meantime, let nothehela your heart be troubled. thank you for making this show possible foromor us next. see you tomorrow night. i'm laura ingraham. this is the ingraham angle from washington tonight . thanksin for joining us . f westoc winging it. that's the focus of tonight'sgl anglee.. for months now we've been telling you that things haveth coming off the rails insidehi the biden white house. tethey got cratering poll numbers. you get higher costs for f everything. th peopleis are leaking on eacht other now. and at this point you got to think that working for h this administration has to be the most painful resumead they had ever.
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guess what since nineteen hundred and thirty eight, the republican two point lead on the generic congressional ballot is the best position forlo republicans at this point in any midterm cycle in over 80 years. my estimate for the twentyup twenty three house make if the election were held today which again it isn't we stiller have five months. m >>on five months from tomorrow would be republicans 200morr thirty six seats to two hundrede and forty one seats. democrats wonmo ninety four to a one hundred ninety nine . that is a stomping or that would be a stop. yes. yes it would and yes of course it's biden who is the drag in nineteen sixty two the president's approval rating jfk 71% bill clinton in nineteen ninety eight it was 63%. is just was 63%. why is his approval rating so low? >> well i think this slide willh give you the answer. this is the net approval ratingp on the economy at this point in a presidency.
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joe biden minus. twenty six points. that is the lowest high for 4 the lowest for any president in the last 40 plus years. >> the faces at cnn tell the story here i think is the big takeaway views b on your on the economy are closer tore look atpu this republican party. 51% democratic party thirty 1% republicans lead on the issue. that's most important. it's no wonder they have a historic advantage on the generic congressional ballot. frankly, i was shocked was thatn even did this report. see it was well t done. they obviously see the writing on the wall. so imagine if let's say back in2 early1 2020 one you were reallyo excited to get a job with this company. youuyore are thrilled then whenu were hired, but then when you finally got inside you realized that the ceo had t trouble verb he ceo had t trouble direct object thing. > i'm also sending to congrep a comprehensive package of
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that will enhance our underlying efforts to accommodate the russian oligarchs and make sure we take their take their ill gotten i gains.te we're going to accommodate themn . we're going to seizewe their yachts, luxury homes and other ill gotten'r gains of putin's kleptocrat. yeah, cleptocracy the guys who are the cleptocracy i don'th know what was mostat disturbingn about that . it might have been the laugh and now the most competent person at the white a house was with jinsongng and now with her gone, things have gone from bad to worse as politico confirms in a new piece out today, aides need toy. quell the finger pointing that's been erupting internally and the increasing concern over staff shakeups. ac according to five white house officials and democrats close toto the administration, the president has expressed exasperation that his poll numbers have sunk below those of donald trump, whom biden routinely refers to in private as the worst president in history.
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pot kettle black. we're living through the worst presidency in modern times right now and since of courseca they can't blame their idiotic left wing policies, they blame their staff. the first lady and the president's sister are seizing members of biden's inner circle, including first lady jill biden and president's the president's sister valerie biden owens haveav complained that west wing staff has managed biden with kid gloves, not putting him on the road more or allowing him to flash more of his genuine, relatable, albeit gaffe prone self. well, if the first lady and vao are intimating that his staffel is incompetent, well, they're kind of right about that . but on this rare occasion his staff is 100% right.ri how many times can biden almost start world war three with off the cuff remarks before they realize maybe don't do them? thank god he's only on one sit down interview during the past
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six months this week is going to be cuddly with cuddly liberal jimmy kimmel becauseha what's happening right now to our country is apparently good for what comedic relief. but f the idea that biden isat going to turn things around for himself by doing town halls across america, our late night shows or sit downs with real journalistss,, it's laughable the guy can barely read the teleprompter now he's going to do freestyle domestic and foreign policy just wing it in the moment i became aware of this problem sometime afterap aprilri in early april about how intense it was. b earli >> but momentser earlier in his meeting with top manufacturers, we knew from the very beginning this would be a very serioushi that we could foresee that this was going to create a tremendous shortage of a tremendous shortage of it wouldld have a very bigy impact. they did. but i this is why obama didn't think he should run kids.
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now the staff isn't keeping him off tvv because they want him to have low poll numbers. because poll numbers. they know he is a complete disaster. has everyone forgottenck what biden was like on the campaign trail back in 2019, whiche is unity c over division? we choose sciencehoe over ficti. we choose truth over facts. we have this notion that somehowow if you're poor yu cannot do it for kids. you're a just as bright and just as talented white kids. i love this place. a i look what's not to like about vermont terms. >> the beauty of it. new hampshire he spent all the time in new hampshire and iowa and got trounced in both states. b it'soth not like he can lean on his newcomb's team either to deliver a powerful message within the eu gas is eight dollars and fifteen cents per gallon and has increased by one dollar and seventy four cents. in germany gas is eight dollars and eighty eight cents per gallon. it has increased two dollars and 16 cents. in canada gas g is i six dollars
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twenty three cents per gallon. twenty three cents per gallon. and ninetyty three says there'st no question that important interests are interwoven with saudi arabia and the president views the kingdom of saudi arabia as an important partner on a host of initiatives that we are working on . how do you have a high level or effective immigration, especially with the region, with the president of mexico and two thirds of the northern triangle countries quite happy n ? i think we'regel able to still u know, we're able to still have an array of conversations and really focus our agenda. >> these briefings have gone from somewhat tolerableha to downright terrible. everyone knows it now it's up in the air which is more cringely biden speaking withoutt notes or his pressh secretary speaking with them. i'm going to call it a time nowo what dr. biden obviously doesn't understandes is that there was only one argument ever for joe bidens
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in twenty twenty and it was in twenty twenty and it was an affable figurehead who would allow the country to gooho obviouthe country to gooho wouldn't be any more drama. well, obviouslysl that's out the window. most people would some chooseof some of that old trump drama hyped by the media, of course, over today's different type of drama causedus by bad policy. > pretty frustrated because the cost of living has gone upri so rapidly and have gas pricesce almostlm seven dollars range. that's difficult. when is it going to end? like it's just it just? took a lot to take in . but you've got to you've got toa get better then you have to pay for the gas so there's nothing we can do. by i am quite frustrated by thepi rapidly increasing prices that comes into play every single day. do you want to drive to the beach now or am i just going to kind of stay t put? ey yeah,? they want you to stay put don't they ? now no one and i mean no one actually wants to seeee and hear more of biden or for
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him to sit in a room and make policy. the man has already presided over endless catastrophes on gas prices. his answer is tos urge saudi p arabia to produce more and let venezuela sell it to europe. t americano drillers sorry you're out ofpe luck on ukraine. biden was snookered. we've already blownwnon about fifty three billion dollars there and now russia is taking more territory. the end russia could end up owning a lot of the weapons we paid for and soon i promise zelenskyy will ask for more money and biden and the establishment republicans mitch mcconnell will greenlight it. it's a total travesty on china despite a record high trade deficit, biden is going to make it easier for china to ship unfairly traded solar panels through third countries and today he declared an emergency to prevent the commerce department from using anti-dumping tariffs to stop this form of cheating. it's a total gift to the ccpus because this emergency is supposed to last twenty four months. it's likely going to kill off o our own solar panelst industry
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as far as i can tell by this t plan for us seems to be following keep the border wide open, hurt the suburbsur and rural areas with high energy costs, ensuree that america produces nothingra really essential, encourage a lot of peoplege like that guy in that clip too stay at home. remember, federal workers aren't even showing up.that, and then at the end of all that hope that china shifts us all the goods we need sending biden on the road, letting biden be biden hey, that's going to be a gift to offset the angle. lots of fresh new material gaffe after the fact clean up by the staff. but it will be hideous for the democrats and more embarrassing for a nation already ashamed of the guy atsh the topam. and that's the angle. all right. joining me now, kellyanne conway, former senior advisers to president trump, author of the new book here's the deal. also with me, victor davis hanson, hoover institution senior fellow.
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victor, the plan they've cooked up is more joe biden. your reaction? this dilemma was known in the campaign or everybody knew he ran a 19th century campaign. he wa 19th century campaign. he was in seclusion and outsourced the attack on donald trump to the media. and one hundred and two millionn people didn't vote on election day, but he had no to record to defend. so it was very easy. but he had a rendezvous where he is today, so he got to be president. he wrote on the trump momentumpn were a couple of months and then his master said, you know, you owe us we got youem electedoc. we say the democratsnd and elizabeth warren and bernie sanders and now we're n going to take over your agenda. and they did and they ruined the economy. they ruined energy. they ruined foreign policycy. and they old dilemma resurfaced . dilemmaem was you put him out there to get in o the arenand and defend his record like every president does. but ifveve we you do that , he's going to be a force multiplier of disasters because
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he's cognitively challenged and that and they knew that from twoyy years ago. b but they never it never they didn't have a wrongdoer who until nowzv and the republicans the conservatives have torn him apart and justifiably so. and everybody says you've got to go back there and defend it. and they said but on the otherye hand , you put him out there and it'll be a rock and a hard life. so what can they do? >> kellyanne and the second part ofy' what i think they're going to try what they are trying is this xtravaganza this week with the january 6th committee access's reporting on the division now in the committee because some of the members want big changes on voting rights and even want to abolish the electoral college like jamie raskin, in the electoral college is an. al undemocratic relic of the early constitution, just like the exclusion of women from votingf f we got rid of in 1920 and the 19th amendment. so you know, we didn't starts out with lincoln's beautiful vision of government, of the people, by the people, for a
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the people. s we started out as a republic, a white male property owners we do still have what i think are some obsolescence political institutions. >> kellyann there we have it >> kellyann there we have it institutions right before thursday's big prime timee hit. yes. they want to run on january six . abortion and guns this time you just heard mr. raschein notd one word about into formulan, inflation, immigration, gas prices g, all the issues that americans are telling every single pollster, including media pollsters are in this country are vexing and perplexing them. voters are very clear about what's bothering them and the president is very unclear vnclei ever being a man with a plan. look, i think joe biden may be the last person to know or to realize that people kind of move past him. there's a new poll out says 70% of americans don't even wante him to run in the future, which means they're done with him now and given her excellent reportth before we started speaking on this panel, you leftist out
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kamala harris. and you know why? because our vice presidentsi basically has a part time no show job. people look past her to she does absolutely nothinghe on the weekends. there's nothing on her public schedule at. this president cannot rely upon her to shoulder some of the policy to shoulder some of the oratorical skills they're both lacking in those. and i think these staffs haveer decided the older staff are trying to think secret and hide the president vice and the younger ones wanted to go out and be cool and go on late night comedy shows and use social media more and take questions in a live town hall. t you can't ask people to do it. they're not capablele of doing. but look, we could joke about this . it's really not that funny when you have a president and vice president who just aren't competent, i don't see anything they're good at and neither does american. vies american. that republicans and conservatives are torn apart to avoid it. it's alsoon independents.hispan he has totally lost the hispanic, totally lost moderates.
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he's totally lost people. you know, iff you're an independent, you don't like washington, you don't like violent. and they look at him and they see why that is so victor axios is reporting that a former w president of abc news who'sde described as a master documentsc a storyteller who ran gma and nightline talented guy mr. goldstone, james goldstone. he's joined the committee unannounced advisor. so he's busily producing thursday's hearing as if it were a blockbuster investigative special victor. they're really pulling out all the stops. this really is all ive they hav it's not gas prices. as kellyanne said. that . yeah, well, there's there's an enormous void becausebe there's no vice president. there is no president that can make an articulatelate argument. if they could, they couldn't defend it anyways t because it's the greatestst disaster in our lifetime and just two years. so everybody's freelancing people in private sector or freelancing but in general is giving us a neo marxist rant about, you know, everything from abortion and we hear
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how horrible the electoral college is. jennifer granholm, you know, my yorkist is talk all the cabinet members who are even more radical than the people who got joe bide elected are freelancing and the message is confused. but there's'sing. one constant thing talk aboutnt thing the disaster that they put upon us . and kellyanne is right. it would be kind of schadenfreude to enjoy what they have done to the democratic and the left. they've really ruined the leftist project for a generationne, which is good. but millions of americans that are watching tonight lower their livest, have been ruined by these people. they can't afford gas. they can't afforddthey cs, food meat anymore.orddthey cs, food the border is the reputation of the unitedd states is in shambles abroad and their lives have been really ruined. a lot of people i think i think it's really important t that thy don't care. these people don't care, butre they're afraid americans are actually they're angry but they're really afraid. and i know kellyanne, you've touched on that before, . uched on that before,
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they're really worried about their families and they're going on like jimmy kimmelim. id youdi got to be kidding me. it'sot insulting and both of yol are fabulous tonight . tonight. ous tonight . thank you very much. thank so much. with th as i mentioned, the angle with gas energy pricese through the roof. president biden use president biden use double down on goingg green and giving them special advantages. his orders seek to boost the domestic production of solar panels and their parts and we'll issue a twenty four month tariff exemption on imports of products from several countries. joining me nowe, mark mills,mi senior fellow at the manhattan institute, someone who is expertly diagnoseds how disastrous this move will be . he's alsoil also the author of the book the cloud revolution. mark who ultima lee benefits from this move with the dropping the tariffs on the panels coming through the third party countries like malaysia it'sy countries like malaysia >> well, china, of course it's an easy answer. china produces more than 80% of all the world's paulista
12:18 am
with solar panels are made from it. it's not irrelevant to note that they do that by using coal fired electricity because making solar polysilicon is extraordinarily energy intensive. so china is doing it with were so china is doing it with were let's set that aside and just look at the energy issues, which is i use coal to make it and we use diesel fuel to transport it and we import it. we're a net importer of almost everything relevantg with respect to to anything g that so-called green energy, whether it's key components of wind turbines, solar panels, of course all the key materials and minerals that make batteriese for electric carsal which china also utterly and completely dominates in thei china one of the things one of the things that the white housea said in response today in one of the reports on it was that , oh , this is all good because this is going to u get us faster
12:19 am
or more reliably to the 20 30 , five zero carbon world they're trying to create. how realistic is that ? and i know you've done greattu stuff for are you on that side? >> well, let's just not to put too fine a point on this either the zero carbon world twenty thirty five has zero percent chance of happeningpe with the world is spent m more than five trillion dollars probably closer to 10 trillion over the last two decades to over the last two decades to natural gas and coal. and that's resulted in a two percentage point reduction in the share of world energy coming from hydrocarbons and solar and wind today combined supplied aboutd three percent of world energy. this is not trillions of dollars are not going to make any difference to the linking the world from hydrocarbons. in fact, as of right now, 95% of all things that move in the world of all a the machines that move people and goods are powered by oil like venezuela
12:20 am
and saudi arabia to be able. to produce it. now today the white house press secretary was asked about a the china connection with all this watch. . >> how is this not a gift to chinese solar manufacturers to make them operate with forced labor and are subsidized by the chinese communist party ? today's announcement is about one country and one a countrye. alone. alone. states. it's about the reliability a ofg our power of our power grid. it's about reducing costs for american families. reaction to that answer shocked, scrambling for those notable briefing book. >> yeah, well, the reliability of our o powerur grid, which is% fueled by natural gas, coal i still is entirelys the result of building enough conventional power plants. in fact, adding more solar and wind is making our grid less reliable and more expensive. and it's a wealth transfer
12:21 am
buying solart's with or without, tariffs is enriching china not americans. it makes americans poorer and living on grid. that's a less reliable and more difficult to make more reliable in the future. p this is this is not a politicaln opinion or a an aspiration on my part. this is just what's happenede in it's indisputable in the physics of energy that when youe add more wind and solar, you reliablewind and solar, you and more expensive and we're t going to have zero us made solar panelss after two years oe the sweetheart treatment that chinese productsse are goig to get .able. unbelievable. mark, you made it really understandable. thank you so muchthan. great to see you. and remember, you can'tke watch us live. make sure you set a series record on your dvr so you don't miss every weeknight at 10 p.m. the wrangell. and up next , radical l.a. district attorney george gascon was just smacked down by an appeals court for ignoring california law. one of the attorneys who argueds the case and one is here next .
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and on the go to block millions of threats. only from us... xfinity. violence youthappe advocate programs. others talk social change. we make it happen. s >>ho the shocking footage ofer a mother and toddler being mowed down in l.a. by a 16 year old in a hit and run is even more shocking because of george gascon's response to it. remember saurus back d.a. gaved.
12:27 am
the driver who has a criminal history just a slapo on the wrist and now he's trying to backtrack on his claims that the sheriff's department agreed with his sentencing. fox's bill delusion is in l.a. with all the details i bill . >> laura , l.a. d.a. george gascon is getting blasted by critics over his handling of this case afterer a juvenile ran over a mom and baby, then fled the scene and baby, then fled the scene months in juviee and it was nott his first offense. take a look. this was allideo caught on video in venice last august. a 16 year old driver, no license in a stolen car mows down a mom walking with her baby in a stroller. the joe biden then tries to flee the scene before a goodn samaritan purposely uses his truck to crash into him t and stop. multiple law enforcement sources tell me that teen driver was on felony probatione at the time for spiking the girl's drink in twenty nineteen . now despite his criminal record, d.a. george gascon's officece opted to file two lessr felony charges for the hit
12:28 am
and run, whichch he pleaded guilty to. in a statement to fox news, gascon's office told the sentence was an appropriate resolution and said the sheriffspr department agreed with those lesser charges. but l.a.t county sheriff is in a waiver immediately pushed back , saying his agencyy was never consulted, had no involvement in the case and that they would neveren be okay with the lightweight sentencing this juvenile s receive. now gasko his office then sent us a follow up email admitting the sheriff's department was not involved in the case and said they would haveav to correct their statement to us . now thankfully m both the mom and the baby are okay, buthe the mom tells me she is i furios the way this case was handled,eo telling me in partne quote someone with a criminal record tried to kill me and my son and george gascon thinks that five monthsmo of camp is a sufficient punishment. ffnishment. highlightingic their incompetene and their complete disregard for victimsmp. and more of the second campaign to recall george gascon has now surpassed half a million
12:29 am
signatures. that's the most ever collected for any petition here in l.a. county. they need about seventy thousand more before a july deadline to officially get the recall on the ballot. b, >> we'll send it back to you, shell. thanks. men and they'lltioned h just mention hundreds of thousands of californians are trying to recall gascon, butififtr they'rt the only ones calling out va's abuses. just last week, an appeals court affirmed gascón overstated his authority when he refused to enforce the state's three strikes law. chris landauer arguedd a case before the california court of appeals and he joins us now. chris , why is this important now? ilaw? it's important because it's important for these days to know that they have to follow the rule of law and it gives an important civics lesson. they say that , well, we were elected and we don't want to prosecute these laws, but the executive branch has a obligatio to enforce the law. >> that's basic civics. now people don't understand this , but he was actually sueda
12:30 am
by his own staff, write his own big office, obviously, but they are unhappy. that's actually that's absolutely correct, laura . and it's really remarkable these this for my clients and they this for my clients and they day have to go into court and say i'm here on behalf of the people of california. they were told by their boss, t by d.a. gascón not to enforce the law. they were told not to plead that the prior strikes that are that the prior strikes that are the three strikes lawnt and that's why the organization of assistant days in gascon's office hired us and we brought this lawsuit and the court just vindicate v our theory that woud violate the law. now gascón has spoken a lot about rising crime in los about rising crime in los this recently, which we know that the numbers are even higher in some of s the jurisdictions that are being yououju know, that are beg administered by very right wing district attorneys and police chiefs unless we address
12:31 am
the root causes of crime, unless we look to the issues of mental health, we look ate the issues of substance abuse. we look at the issues of homelessness. we look at the income inequality. ss it's systemic racism unless we address all things we're goingas to continue to seees crime increases in many parts of the countryth. >> chris , i'm listening to hima >> chris , i'm listening to hima a congressmann, like he's making a legislative argument againstee harsh penalties. absolutely, laura . no sooner have you gotten intooe office in december of 2020, he issued a number of directives to his staff openly saying i disagree with the three strikes law, butb that's the role of the legislature. of course it was supposed tos fulfill the law as it'san written. correct. and that's what's sosws importat aboutt this lawsuit, laura , that again, it's basic civics. the legislature determines the law if the legislature says the penalty for a particular crime, the sentence is between 20 and 30 years.0 a prosecutor can't go in and
12:32 am
seek either 10 or 40 . right. i mean,, the legislature the prosecutor has to operate within the bounds of the law and he instructed the staff notu to do so.e.e. separate issue, supreme court, and i both clerked for court, how important is it to find out who leaked that draft opinion is essential, laura , i hopeec and pray that this doesn't become one of those washington leak things that carries on for years and then people kind of forget about i mean, this is forget about i mean, this is the supreme court of the united states. this never happened in history that a draft opinion has leaked the pool of potential leakers is very small, small. no. ery small, small. it's not a justice. you would think it's a no no. i and so again, i think that this is inconceivable that this has not already been resolved. hap it would have happened under rehnquist. now. mean, the no, listen, laura . i mean the times have changed but again, i think it's important for the court that this be done don professionally and quickly and fast like a month ago.ll
12:33 am
just just get them all in a room. we'll figurere out. all right, chris , great to see you. congrats on the huge win foror you and your law firm.m. well, t thank you , laura . h and thisad guy, you know, i thik a murderer had gascon's name tattooed on his face.e. i think if if the murders are tattooing the da's named. on their face, you know, you've got a problem now. great work. okay, thanks so much. yeah. okay, here's a clue for tonight's within a segment we'll reveal the answer atl the end of the show whichr congressional democrat is already practicing to be an influencer in anticipation of influencer in anticipation of tweett me your guesses at anger raghubir to see if we get it right. but next , some disastrous protest and one critical one mostly ignored by the white house raymond arroyo has seenbu and unseen is next . >> buried in receipts, invoiceso and other paperwork that's preventing you from doing what matters most to get the all new s and rapid receipt smart organizer to scan, digitize and organize your documents and receipts receipts go to so those who are
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get the best deal using idel agent with both properties i saved over thirty thousand dollars for services available nationwide and there's zero obligation calls today or visit ideal agent .com staff. f it's time for our cnn unfeigned segment. we expose the big cultural stories of the day and for that we turn to fox news contributor raymond now raymond, protests areom a part of american life, but some are more appropriate than,
12:39 am
others. >> well, i'll let you judge where this one falls.ver the we, laura . but over the weekend, joel osteen, the lakewood church in houston , abortion activists bracing for that supreme court decisionsi that could overturn roe v. wade decided to protestot during pastor osteen service watch. it's my body, my body, my that i have my mom this is my protest. it is misplaced.he and now's she has been misplaced . why are they disrupting joel osteen service law? i mean, i guess it's because it's televised live, buts he's hardly a pro-life he's hardly a pro-life and if you're going to protest
12:40 am
in a church, what is taking your clothes off a cheap aside from i guess reminding people a near, you that it's time to update their peladon subscriptions that i don't know what does or if you're going tou take your shirtbl public, get te ads a little tighter. first facebook just a little bit sorry. i mean, seriously, rush, i meant ,we're going to see many more this type of protest by these people don't continue to do it during religious . . o it during religious that's off limits and probably the year's most notorious protestt was will smith smackine chris rock in the face over his joke at the oscars. now, the target of that joke, jada pinkett smith is finally speaking out on her red table talk show about alopeciaop and that infamous moment now about oscar night. my deepest hope is that thesee two intelligent, capable men have an opportunity. he'll talk this out and reconcile the state ofth the world today.
12:41 am
we a needll them both and we all actually need one another more than ever rightnu. itet was jada pinkett smith who was infuriated that hergh husband and the crowd laugheded at chris rock's joke. it was she who had a word with will smith before he stormed the stage. stage. med the stage. this is i mean, this is like lady macbeth weeping over duncan's death or meghan markle complaining that she was cutr out of the jubilee events. this is your fault. you caused this .e i hate this kind of justification after the fact trying to wash yourself a bit of guilt here. the whole thing is i'm so tired of it, but yet we're drawn to it like a really bad car crash. >> it's a horrible, horrible it's the need to justify in public to try to wash one sins. just confess it's easier. and laura, the most important protest perhaps of the century was brilliantly executed. seventy eight years go today. i'm speaking of the d-day invasion. the allies
12:42 am
not only attacked naziism and liberated europe but showed the power of a united free people fighting bravely and for the common good . you and i were in normandy for that seventy fifth anniversary of d-day and it was incredible emotional standing on that sacred ground and looking at those nearly nine thousand four hundred markers in the housen in the cemetery. and we spoke to some of those d-day veterans you'll remember laura , but only aow few dozenir showed up this year given their ages though. ninety eight year old jake larsen went back to normandy beach for likely his final visit. >> here's what he told nbc about his brother'sr their presence. their souls are way here witnessing this man, not the hero. i'm here to tell you the i'm here to tell you that heroes are buried ct over here. the message is protect our freedom. heir honor these heroes that have given their life at a young
12:43 am
age. >> are these people god bless them and all those men who sacrificed so much but. what a disgrace that it took the white house and the president t until eight t forty five tonight to issue a tweet about d-day. now biden has issued full blown proclamationsma for everythingbu from pride month to earth dayt but no d-day proclamation. but they did get a tweet to honor these heroic warriors this is woefully inadequate. god bless them. and we should recall their sacrifice god every day that why am i not surprised by that, raymond? but we were there for the seventy fifth that was i think i was bawling most of the time. it was soit w moving and so beautiful. >> laura it's like the queenen this weekendd.. this is someone with duty and dignity. they put servicet. first. that's w what these men embodymo and we could all learn a lot more from that , particularly our young people. it's a disgrace. this was anwa elevated talked about now now we tear things
12:44 am
down. raymond, thank you for that . now three weeks back , weat . brought you the story of a wisconsin middle schooler who was being investigated for sexual harassment because he used the wrong pronoun of a classmate. well, we have an important update to that story in moments . plus an ungrammatical follow up one mother's desperate pleaan about the dangers of high thc content marijuana. >> you don't want to miss it more is one of the most misunderstood periods in american. everything about the conventional view is wrong and it could have been just so focused on political point people decided that they needed to find more information to to is actually being not so bad
12:45 am
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seventy five school's out forever. and why more parents are choosing to teach their their br
12:48 am
12:49 am
and sister. three weeks ago we brought youry the story of raiden rapido one of the three wisconsin middle schoolers who was beinglg investigated fored sexual harassment simply for using the wrong pronoun. >> there was >> t a student in my music class that came out as non binary and chose them as pronouns. the perms were extremely confusing to me. somoth i spoke to my mother who said they call her by name . i tried to do that but u i accidentally slipped up. and used the wrong pronounsne and before i knew it i wasw slapped with a letter that said that i was accused with sexual harassment. now after we did the segment there was a huge uproar and as a usual, the anger angle gets
12:50 am
results. we're learning tonight that the school district nowraha considers this investigation, quote, closed. britain's attorney saysnv they'e working to ensure 9 that title nine harassment complaints are removed from his record. i should hope so. braiden released a statement to the angry mangler. i'm relieved that it's over anda i'm glad that my parents stood . m glad that my parents stood my hope is that it doesn't happen to anyone else. amen to that . we have found ourselves in a place where we have unknowingly become the next hard drug t dealerhe the state has sanctiond selling drugs that are no s longeran we that we grew up with your products that kidsds describe much closer tolo like a heroin or methamphetamine addiction. i can't stop thinking about using these products even though they know it's ruining t their lives, not just becauseus many in the media want tot ignore this problem or rather pretend like there isn't a problem. it doesn't mean it's problem, it not really a happening now we brought you story after story last weekft, doctor after doctor , people
12:51 am
who are actually dealing a with addictions and the tragedies that come from them firsthand , like my next guest, laura stack. she says her 14 year old son johnny had a 4.0 gpa and a smile that can light up the room. ng weed. but he started smoking weed, eventually started doing a thing called dabbing and hean became paranoidd and then at age 19 , he jumped off the top of a six story parking garage. laura joins me now.ry she's also the author of a dangerous truth about today's marijuana. laura , i am so heartbroken and sick about your lossck, the loss of so many other families out there and a lot of coloradans i think thoughtor they were voting for something that was kind of harmless back in 2012. what do you say to them today? g well, i think that what they thought they wereat getting and what our kids got are two completely different things. and it's it's not just colorado. there are thousands off us all
12:52 am
over the us whose children and family have been harmed, by this poison. they think, oh , this weed. right. i used it. no no it's natural. it'sy' safe. it's harmless. right. meanwhile, they're strippingrg all the organic matter out of it, turning it into nearly raw chemicals by using solvents such as butane and propane and they're putting them into very potent new fangled marijuana products no one's ever seen before totally unabated. no limitsuned. on the potency products such as chater and waxc and dabs vapes oils in any typed of product you can imagine for a heart. laura , let me asksk you how hoh did your son's behavior changeav so he was well, good normal kid with a great gpa and then suddenly sometime during this process of smoking a lotno
12:53 am
of weed, you noticed a change well before he used marijuana, he was very involved in activities. he got a perfect sat score in math. eight hundred out of eight hundred were very involved in our churchery. he had a scholarship to colorado state university. kid. ng state university. i wish you could have met him. he started using marijuana at fourteen and told me h because he went to a party where a friend's's brother had obtaind a medical marijuana card which is a farce at eighteen years old they can legally walk into our dispensaries by these 80 90 percent thc products, take themt to parties and sell them to their peers. their peers. he told me that they all wanted to try to get high at the party and he didn't know what to do. he very quickly became addicted. >> five years later he he died by suicide saying that the mob was after him. we don't have a mob, that umcun
12:54 am
was an fbi base that everybody knew everything about him. he became completely delusional . laura , the story is repeated so many times across the country. the media needs top wake up and start reporting on this as it is not wish it away. it's not going away. thank you for sharing the story. i wish i metll your son as well person i metll your son as well like an amazing person. laura , thank you . thank you . thayou. >> now,ou . thayou. now up next , our wits end segment which congressional democrat is already practicing to be an influencergmgm. well, was thinking about what'se going to happennc and the red wave in november. hurry up, tweetour your guessest ingraham angle. we're going to see ifge yout it get it right. will you? ruined it, be retired then had to face
12:55 am
12:56 am
12:57 am
12:58 am
12:59 am
>> laura: which congressional influencer in anticipation of the red wave? liz cheney, adam schiff and randall road, which one isn't?
1:00 am
here is the reveal. >> okay, so i tried to put on false eyelashes for the last time. i finally got something new in here it is with -- it feels not bad. it is definitely not the worst attempt that i've had. on one hand, and the other hand, it is way crazier. >> laura: i think she looks good both ways. speed to a fox news alert americans in 13 states and the nation's capital waking up to gas prices averaging over $5 per gallon this morning. oh, boy, the nationwide average up five more cents to $4.91 for a gallon of regular. >> todd: the pain you are feeling is not resonating with the white house. president biden unwavering in his decision to cancel to keep keystone pipeline but instead come he's invoking actual


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