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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  June 7, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> todd: fox news alert. americans in 13 states and the nation's capital waking up to gas prices over $5 a gallon this morning. $4.91 for a gallon of regular. >> carley: keeps going up. president biden unwaivering in his decision to cancel the keystone pipeline and drilling permits at home and invoking real war-time power to act vat
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production of solar panels. you are watching "fox and friends first," i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: i'm todd piro. americans say it is the key factor in determining how they plan to vote in midterms. >> carley: seven states are holding primary elections today. alexandria hoff has the latest on the energy and economic crisis, but brooke singman kicks us off with a look at some of the races you are watching today. >> brooke: a big day of primaries with the midterm five months away. this morning, americans head to the polls as the economy and foreign gas prices weigh heavy. several democrat incumbents are looking at strong gop challengers hoping for big pickups in november. mike lavin will face mike
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merrion the and porter is in a new district where republican scott baugh has gained financial backing. the los angeles mayor race, karen bass, who is not seeking re-election is facing real estate developer rick carusso, who has surged in popularity, vowing to add police officers to the crime-plagued city. new mexico, republicans are squaring off underscore state's need for border security, hoping to unseat michelle grisham later this year. in new jersey, newly drawn map left 1.4 million residents in new districts, highlighting failure of democrats in washington looking to make gains over several districts. and veteran nick gegoria will
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face -- and a republican in 20stwent favored to hold his spot in the state's second district. progressives in new jersey are holding back from challenging democrat incumbents as republicans look to make the gains big in november. carley and todd. >> carley: thank you. in texas proaggressivive challenger is demanding a recount after losing to cuellar. cisneros was defeated after -- second amendment rights. >> todd: chicago police officer released from the hospital with support from the thin blue line.
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the officer was wheeled out by her partner who saved her life after she was shot in the head last wednesday during a traffic stop. the suspect is still on the loose this morning. the officer said the events from last week demonstrate the danger we near everyday and demonstrate how quickly an officer's normal day can change into something catastrophic, an officer's life is forever altered. >> carley: a man hunt for the man who carried out this crime, dragging a woman to the subway tracks in the bronx on sunday. the victim was taken to the hospital with cuts to the head and arm, she is expected to be okay. >> todd: and kathy hokul wants to raise the age from -- red
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flag law and another law banning new yorkers from buying body armor with some exception for people with dangerous jobs like law enforcement. listen. >> mass casualty incidents thank god are rare, however, the criminal activity you mention, the soros funded das, all this has been designed to reduce deterrence and we have skyrocketing crime they are trying to turn around and blame on law abiding gun owners and people are not believing it. >> todd: new york is not the only state, california holding hearings on bills tomorrow. a body and mom ran over by a
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teen who was out on probation because george gascon let him off with a slap on the wrist. wait until you hear how george gascon is defending the driver this morning. >> carley: if you live in one of these states, you are paying more than $5, alternate reality because they keep saying the economy is in great shape. tomi lahren is here next. to help prevent bleeding gums, try saying hello gumwash with parodontax active gum health. it kills 99% of plaque bacteria and forms an antibacterial shield. try parodontax active gum health mouthwash.
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>> carley: president biden is bragging about american success, even though the value of the dollar is getting less. >> todd: alexandria hoff has reaction to biden's bizarre tweet. >> alexandria: it was an optimistic tweet, he says thanks to the economic plan and vaccination plan my administration put into effec -- according to this poll from the "wall street journal," 83% describe the economy as poor or not good, a lot boils down to the numbers you see everyday. since may 10, new record gas price highs and 13 states plus
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d.c., the cost of a gallon is over $5. here is senator tom cotton on that. >> for democrats that have fantasy $5 a gallon gas is not an accident, it is the intended consequence. they want gas to be high, they want you to get into electric vehicle or scooters or mass transit, or whatever they ride around town in washington. >> alexandria: the president says the administration actions has kept it from getting worse, is there a new plan? >> are there new initiatives and policy proposals your team is working through right now? >> everything is on the table. we will continue to do everything we can, i don't have anything to preview for you. >> alexandria: nothing to preview yet, janet yellen will have to answer to lawmakers on
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capitol hill after admitting she was incorrect in her inflation forecast. >> carley: tomi lahren, host of outkick is here. congratulations on the new show. how do you think americans who are having trouble filling up their gas tank feels about solar panels? that is where the biden administration's head is at. >> tomi: glad we are talking about gas, this is gas lighting from the biden administration and joe biden wants us to believe by virtue of him and his teleprompter, everything is telling him so. american people are not feeling that. no amount of talking point and narrative control that can change that because when you go, you see it, you're paying for it, things are not going well. i think the most insulting part of the whole thing, his
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administration has no solution beyond changing talking point and narrative to combat what everyday americans are feeling. it doesn't matter if you have a d or r behind your name, you are feeling the effects of biden's america and it will not play well for joe biden and not going to play well for democrats in november, god willing. >> todd: the white house does think they have a solution, it is called getting joe biden out there, that will solve the problems. where is the logic there, tomi? >> tomi: it is a whole lot of talking and the american people are beyond talking, it is not solving the problem, talk all you want, send him on as many campaign tours as possible, tweet until his heart is contents, we're not seeing it at the pump or the grocery store and it is amazing to me really it is insulting he would go on twitter and tell everybody everything is find, it is
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insulting and condisending, he is pompous and indulgent and wants us to read a tweet and think everything is wonderful, rainbows and butterflies, not so in biden's america. >> carley: stacey abrams sits on a foundation that supports defunding police and her campaign has tried to distance herself from the defund message and says she doesn't support all the views. fox news found a statement from the organization after they launched defund initiative and says this is fully endorsed by the board, including stacey abrams. it looks like she got caught in a lie, tomi. does this hurt her campaign? >> tomi: textbook democrat.
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todd and carley, there is a common thread we are discussing, democrats running away from the facts that are on the table. you can't run from the facts. glad we uncovered this, i hope it is problematic for her in upcoming election and her political career. democrats are trying to run away from the policies because they are not playing well with the people. if they remain in power, they will return to the radical agenda and narrative when it is politically convenient. we see it every four years with blm narrative, anti-police narrative. democrats are attempting to make you think they don't support defunding the police, but make no mistake, they do, the proof is in the pudding. if you want to see crime go down and the police supported, do not vote for democrats that have a
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solid record of doing just that. >> todd: i cannot think of a race in my lifetime, where the choice between kemp and abrams is so opposite. georgia will make a decision which way they will make their state go. tomi lahren's new show, "tomi lahren is fearless," tomi, we thank you very much. >> tomi: thank you. one last thing, you continue is bad when you lost cardi b, she is not buying what biden is selling, when you have lost cardi, things are not going well. >> carley: you are fearless, you have an amazing career. thank you for joining us on tuesday mornings. >> todd: san francisco, far left boudin face recall. will it send a message to the
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>> carley: let's look at the weather with britta. >> the issue is going to be later today, we have likely setup for severe weather. hot spot across the plains. ohio moving into western pa. hail and strong, gusty winds could cause damage in nebraska and kansas. turn notifications on the fox weather app. thunderstorms in kansas not producing severe weather, that is starting to get its act together. rain is moving through ohio.
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as it moves into western, pa, it will trigger afternoon and evening thunderstorms. by 6:00, thunderstorms across the area and these are ones we have highest concern about, 10:00 at night, we have thunderstorms rolling through nebraska and kansas and thunderstorms could produce risk of isolated tornado. in addition to thunderstorms, we have a lot of heat. it is the south, it is be hot. we have excessive heat watches for las vegas. excessive heat warning for abilene and san angelo, temperatures are topping 110 degrees. 107 in midland. albuquerque, 97. 107 in phoenix, temperatures we expect in later half of summer, not in june. todd, next time you say you're
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hot, it could always be worse. >> todd: no joke, 110 in san angelo. >> carley: life could always get worse, appreciate what you have. >> todd: thank you, britta. largest ever migrant caravan will continue toward the southern border. >> carley: organizer making a plea to the biden administration as the nation braces for its arrival. griff jenkins is on the ground in hidalgo, texas, with the details. griefd /* grieks >> this is nothing, it can rain, it can thunder, nobody will stop us. >> guard line the road, not stopping the march, it is 10,000
2:24 am
strong with many from venezuela. >> caravan leader tells fox news they have a message for president biden. >> we want to tell president joe biden to sit down with the latin american countries to see what is happening. >> it's been three years since a caravan made it to the u.s.-mexico border. there is concern. >> unaccompanied children are coming across, cartels are using that to divert resources. >>the caravan made it 10 miles, they have 2000 children in it, in hidalgo, texas, griff jenkins, fox news. >> todd: the illegal immigrant -- sentenced to seven years he spent behind bars after
2:25 am
pleading guilty for carrying the gun that killed steinle. he claimed the gun accidentally fired when he picked it up from under a bench. steinle's death sparking outrage. the man is on his way to texas for failing to report his location to immigration officials. >> carley: san francisco district days could be numbers. >> todd: will the progressive prosecutor soft on policy ways make him unfit for office. jackie ibanez. >> jackie: halfway into his first term, polling indicates it will be close with residents frustrateded with sharp rise in crime there. conviction rates and pledging to
2:26 am
fight mass incarceration in a crime-ridden city. his soft on crime agenda is too much for the registered democrats. the deputy district attorneys joined the show earlier and is confident boudin will be ousted. listen. >> boudin, just like gascon, have taken a radical pro-criminal approach, basically the prosecutor is acting like a second defense lawyer and i believe boudin will be recalled. >> jackie: a group of young san franciscoans, young democrats, shifted the blame saying we are fortunate to have district attorney boudin, actually stop trying youth as adults, someone willing to fight for young people, for our own black and
2:27 am
brown youths, low income youth so we can do something about this problem. the group appearing to echo -- polls open 7 a.m. pacific time, we might have to wait until the end of the month for results to be certified. >> carley: in los angeles, district attorney george gascon is doubling down on the light sentence for the teen behind the wheel of this hit-and-run. the intoxicated driver was caught on camera mowing down the mom and her infant, but only received five months in juvenile -- camp. george gascon fired back at critics, tweeting, there is misinformation circulating about an incident that occurred last summer, attempting to capitalize on this incident. he says the punish cemetery appropriate resolution. deputy district attorneys
2:28 am
disagree. >> todd: rightfully so. elections, including in new jersey, pete hegseth is having breakfast with friends, we'll check in with him next. >> carley: and comparisons to president -- and jimmy carter. >> jimmy carter was smarter and more coherent than joe biden. >> carley: joe concha is coming up next.
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>> todd: another report about what is going on behind the scenes in the west wing. politico says things are so bad biden wants to get out more. >> carley: he is seething. joe concha joins us, the political piece says biden erupted over being kept out of the loop about the baby formula shortage. it sounds like the president is getting bossed around and cut out of conversations by members of his own administration. >> joe: i think if you are the commander-in-chief and leader of the world, might want to be privy about mothers, people who have voted for you, having severe trouble getting baby formula. there are rogue actors within
2:33 am
theat -- administration who think they near charge and maybe they are and maybe the president is coming around to understand that. if he is concerned he may be compared to jimmy carter, we passed that exit quite some time ago. the similarities are stunnin record high gas prices under biden. america appearing to be weak, we see what happened in afghanistan, what maybe happening to taiwan. in the end, carter lost 44 states while running for re-election against ronald reagan. if mr. biden doesn't change course, his party is facing a tsunami in november and he is facing his own tsunami regardless who the republican nominee. >> todd: biden said he would fire people on the spot who
2:34 am
erupted at other people, maybe that topic will come up today when president biden appears on jimmy kimmel live for his first sitdown interview in 118 days. your reaction to this softest of softball interviews, joe? >> joe: well, look, his last interview, the rams played bengals in the super bowl in the dead of winter. we need serious people to solve serious problems in this country. with all the issues, inflation, gas prices, border and so on, you have a president who hasn't done a broadcast tv interview and jimmy kimmel doll what he does best, kiss up to any democrat that appears on his show and remind his audience how evil republicans are. president biden should be sitting down with a bret baier
2:35 am
and if he gives a misleading answer or lies that journalist needs to press him on it. when you are polling in the 20s with independents, hispanics, immigration and crime, there are plenty of answers the american people need and they are not getting it from jimmy kimmel. >> carley: joe, if you are president biden, you have the friendly media, especially "the view," cohost joy behar gave president biden a pass on everything. here is what she had to say about republicans. >> joy: they vote against the best interest of their constitience and he against babies in this case. all they care about is making biden look bad. >> carley: joe, republicans vote against babies? >> joe: yeah, oh, boy, the republicans in the majority party in the house and senate, they're not, dem vats have
2:36 am
complete control of washington. the view could be watchable if they actually put somebody or two from the right to balance out what has become an unwatchable show. if you are a stay at home mom and you turn on "the view" and you see these folks giving the president a pass, how can you trust them to give you honest perspective. this is not what barbara walters envisioned 25 years ago. >> carley: certainly not. i was talking to todd. hi, nice to meet you. >> todd: been a pleasure. >> carley: my sister every single morning when we were kids and it was more pop culture and fun and now it is just gosh darn divicive, todd. >> todd: it is. joe, thank you. >> joe: glad we have the names straight. >> carley: virtually shaking
2:37 am
your hand. >> joe: this is from carley getting knocked down in knocker-ball. >> carley: knocked down while winning. i got the trophy. somebody getting a trophy today, it is primary states in new jersey. >> todd: they give a trophy? "fox and friends" goes, pete hegseth is there. hi, hegseth. >> pete: i believe they call it a consolation trophy, carley. she did win the trophy, carley, be honest, it was wonderful approach to knocker-ball and you did a great job. >> carley: you know how i won? i thought it was a secret? i stole the -- >> pete: put the soccer ball in front of you and kicked it while
2:38 am
the rest -- >> carley: i cheated. i stole the soccer ball, put it in my giant inflatable thing and kicked it in. >> pete: i didn't see that, i will check the tape. even better for you, classic "fox and friends" win, do whatever it takes, i respect that a lot. good morning. we're in tuckerton, new jersey at the dynasty diner. it is primary day, elections are coming ever closer, there are republican primary challenges here, it will set the table for the general election and a lot has to do with what is the future of the republican party. remember jeff van drew, he's in a republican primary, how will he do? we'll talk to voters, this is his district down in south jersey. always better to get the voice of people going to the polls
2:39 am
than to listen to the pundits and politicians and spinsters. we will talk to the voters, we the people on "fox and friends," we will get their perspective. turnout is huge, important part of who wins on these days. "fox and friends" going to the people and it is great to be here, we'll see what the best issues, i'll find out. >> todd: you are not just in jersey because it is a home game, jersey could get real red this november and i don't think a lot of people thought it could get red. we'll wait and see. as a veteran, how much of a slap in the face was it that president biden and this white house basically issued a d-day statement just before 9 p.m. eastern after failing to mention the most historic of events during his remarks earlier in the day?
2:40 am
>> pete: when you think of what those boys did on the beaches and cliffs and guys who dropped behind lines airborne, you wonder whether our generation could muster that, the amount of respect, love, gratitude is beyond measure. the fact they put out a tweet at 8:45. it was actually june 7 in france, where it actually occurred, shows out of step they are with understanding legacy and importance of our country. i was born on june 6 and the first thing i think about on my own birthday is imagine what they were thinking 78 years ago when they were on landing craft knowing they were facing german machine guns, that should be our first instinct if we appreciate what makes this country special. i'm ashamed, our leadership would treat it that way.
2:41 am
>> carley: so well said. pete will be at dynasty diner in tuckerton, new jersey, all morning long. we'll let you go so you can pick up that phone. >> todd: phone calls to pick up. happy birthday. >> carley: twitter saga, elon musk is threatening to walk away. the companies it is too late, they won't let him. kara frederick reacts next. >> todd: and president biden invoking world time power to build weapons or tank r or tanks? no, to speedup production of solar panels, wonder how that will bring down gas prices? cheryl casone will tell us what it all means next. and i'm a federal contract investigator. as a single parent, i would run from football games to work and trying to balance it all. so, what do you see when you look at yourself? i see a person that's caring. sometimes i care too much,
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>> carley: fox news alert. americans are waking up to gas prices averaging $5 per gallon this morning. >> todd: the pain you are feeling is not resonating with the white house. president biden sticking with his decision to cancel the keystone pipeline and invoking war-time power to expedite production of solar panels. cheryl casone is here with more. >> cheryl: good morning, that is the story here, in the middle of
2:46 am
record high gas prices, inflation, baby formula shortage, chinese aggression. president biden is pushing his clean energy agenda, using defense production act to expand production of solar panel parts, heat pumps and electric power. republicans say this is an overreach. >> this is unconstitutional utilization of dpa. this is joe biden not wanting to get us to energy independence. this would benefit china and ourad versearies massively. >> cheryl: chris stewart says, "you can't find baby formula, don't worry potus will have new solar panels ready in no time." they want this to be in place by
2:47 am
2020, quick timeline. >> carley: from one unbelievable story to another. what is going on in texas? >> cheryl: oh, the great state. in response to viral video showing kids attending a -- children would be banned from attending these events. brian slayton say the evens were horrifying and show disturbing trend, our responsibility as lawmakers extend to sexualization of this happening across texas. the video shows performers taking dollar bills from kids and signs in there that are pretty inappropriate. a lot of uproar over this one. >> todd: leave that one there. this is why we can't have nice things, thanks, lawyers. >> cheryl: we all have the need, the need to sue.
2:48 am
>> what the hell? >> good morning, aviators. >> cheryl: being sued for family of hood gone ye, he wrote a series of articles about "top gun," the article the original movie was based on. the family says the right to use the story expired in 2020. "top gun maverick" has made half a billion so far and shocking the family of the "top guns" author, who is no longer with us is suing. >> todd: i think money could make this go away. >> carley: what if it was lawyers. >> todd: we are not that bad. thank you. elon musk threatening to pull out of the twitter deal over this, the billionaire claiming the company is refusing to
2:49 am
provide information on the number of fake accounts. a letter from his lawyer reads mr. musk believes the company is resisting his information right, he reserves all rights, including not to consummate the deal. >> carley: twitter says it will continue to share information with mr. musk and consummate the transaction and enforce the merger agreement at agreed-up terms. the heritage foundation -- kara frederick joins us, what does it mean for the deal, will it close? >> kara: i know two minds on this. elon musk could set himself up to walk away or could be setting himself up for terms. in my estimation, you don't become the richest man in the
2:50 am
world without doing due diligence or not giving your money away. he's trying to figure out what he's getting for his money. he can be setting himself up to get a discount. the deal looks squishy. i am worried it is not going to be consumated. if you look at what it took initially the potter swallowed a poison pill, they had to be dragged kicking and screaming to do the right thing under the threat of lawsuits for not doing their duty by shareholders. in my estimation, i'm worried about the deal going through. >> todd: we view from musk's perspective. if twitter is not trying to hide something, why not hand over the number of bots and be done with it? >> kara: good question. the companies shroud themselves in information, there is a black
2:51 am
box when it comes to things they do, how algorithms work and how secretive they are. the ceo said we can't reveal how many bots there are because that would necessitate publishing private information and we can't do that. why not? transparency is supposed to be a thing. these companies need to be more transparent, period. >> todd: period, end of story. kara frederick, thank you. the biden administration latest solution to inflation, unravel trump's tariffs here is biden's commerce secretary. >> the president has asked us to analyze that. >> carley: wilbur ross played a large role in trump's china policy, he is here live in the
2:52 am
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>> carley: gina romando the biden administration is considering relaxing trump era tariffs on china as desperate attempt to bring down inflation. >> we have looked at it and the president has asked his team to analyze that. we are in the process of doing that for him and he will have to make that decision. >> todd: wilbur ross is the former commerce secretary under president trump. he joins us live in studio in person. is this minuscule relief something like .26% crop in inflation that dropping the china tears would lead to is that worth the long term damage that undoing these tariffs would lead to. >> let's put the .26 in perspective. inflation last month was 8.3% so
2:57 am
this is a minuscule thing not only relative to the economy but relative to the target a lot easier things they could to fix the inflation, changing the policy about being anti-fossil fuel would be a good start. something like 40% of the inflation is coming from energy costs. but you don't hear talk about that. that's an act that they committed without thinking about the other consequences of it. second thing remember they kept saying good things about clean energy is it will make jobs. how does bringing more stuff in from china create american jobs? that's a hard puzzle to solve. >> carley: also, there is a lot of talk this morning, despite the fact that gas prices are at record highs, the biden administration is now talking about solar panels with the
2:58 am
defense production act and waiving tariffs on solar panels coming in from other countries. what do you make of that? >> well, i think it's that this whole administration is only focused on its agenda. the clean agenda. the woke things, all of that. that's what their whole focus is and they never do think through what are the other consequences of it. that's what's wrong with the policy. >> carley: really, quickly, todd, if you don't mind, because you were in the trump administration and you know the messaging that goes into these things, it does feel like the biden administration is sort of in an alternate reality. everybody is focused on gas prices and they are talking clean energy and increasing solar. does that sort of conversation come into play in administrations where they must know how this looks. >> well, when we put the tariffs
2:59 am
on the solar panels one of the considerations is what were the alternatives and what would be the consequences of doing it you don't want china to be dominating such an important sector of the economy. if clean energy and solar is really the big thing, do we really want to be that dependent on china. now, you have to remember, my point of view, i'm one of the only people that both china and iran have sanctioned personally. >> todd: congrats. >> i wear both of kind of a badge of honor. >> carley: as you should. >> todd: before we let you go, you see the economy and money and you understand how our system works. what keeps you up most at night? >> a lot of things that do. mainly what i worry about is actually the foreign policy. i'm very, very worried that we're going to blunder ourselves into a whole series of conflicts
3:00 am
around the world. i mean, trying to make ftses with foot is is with the iranians not a good idea. >> you could say led to the ukraine war. also inflation, always so much going on. >> thank you, good to be on with you. >> todd: "fox & friends" now. president biden bragging about america's economic success even if gas prices hit new record highs. >> for democrats they want gas prices high they want you out of your pickup truck and get you into electric vehicles. >> bret: as we speak the biggest caravan to date is now approaching our sensory border. >> nobody will stop us. >> i demand it the porous border stop. >> we have to get serious. >> whipping progressive soft on crime policy. >> these bad guys believe


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