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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  June 7, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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with foot is is with the iranians not a good idea. >> you could say led to the ukraine war. also inflation, always so much going on. >> thank you, good to be on with you. >> todd: "fox & friends" now. president biden bragging about america's economic success even if gas prices hit new record highs. >> for democrats they want gas prices high they want you out of your pickup truck and get you into electric vehicles. >> bret: as we speak the biggest caravan to date is now approaching our sensory border. >> nobody will stop us. >> i demand it the porous border stop. >> we have to get serious. >> whipping progressive soft on crime policy. >> these bad guys believe our
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criminal justice system is a laughing stock. >> elon musk is threatening to walk away from his bid to buy bitter. >> saying that twitter breached the contract when it didn't provide accurate information. >> seven states holding primary elections today. >> economy and foreign gas prices weigh heavy on voters' minds as republicans look to make big in november. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> steve: i think we would all rather be at the beach. 6:01 inside new jersey going for a daytime high of 72. absolutely beautiful. 14 days until summer, folks. we know a lot of folks are out and about. so seaside heights is downtown shore and that is actually where remember the tv jersey shore was
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from that town. >> ainsley: really? >> brian: weren't they from staten island. >> steve: base seaside heights gym, tan, laundry. >> ainsley: i was recently in your new mexico the woods. silver lake new jersey. what a quaint town. >> steve: lovely. >> ainsley: victorian houses everywhere. wrap around porches. people on adirondack chairs sitting on porches watching kids playing. every house the perfect community. >> brian: can i point out adirondack chairs overraided like you are sitting in a hole. am i happy here because wood panel. >> ainsley: don't you love the big arms. >> steve: i love them so relaxed. >> ainsley: they would be better with a cushion and drink holder. >> brian: please we need cushions for adirondack chairs.
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>> steve: you don't need drink holders because the arms are flat. >> ainsley: they are at an angle. >> steve: not the ones we have. >> brian: get a butler to hold your drink take a sip and hand it back over. thank you very much. no thanks i'm not thirsty. >> ainsley: they are expensive. >> brian: my butler is here illegally. about 15,000 butlers trying to get across the border. so, another guy with a butler and a maid as well as a driver is pete hegseth. that's where he is now. that's where i'm about to toss to. be patient as i give you his preamble. today's voters will head to the polls in seven states for primary elections. >> steve: that's right. and that does include the state we have been talking about new jersey where all of the state's 12 house seats will be on the ballot today. >> ainsley: so pete hegseth is having breakfast with friends at dynasty diner in the township of
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tuckerton, new jersey today. good morning, pete, did you like your preamble. >> pete: i loved my preannual bell brian decides to go to war with the adirondack chair. i love it get nice recline. right on the fat slide don't need a butler. >> brian: pete, do that again. that's awkward. no one is happy like that. >> ainsley: arguing that brian has a pretty good life if this is all he can argue about. >> pete: he these are brian kilmeade problems the adirondack chair. i will say that i -- gym, tan, laundry, big fan and give even more -- i'm going to try to get this right. california, iowa, mississippi, montana, new mexico, south dakota, a little help off camera
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from shannon here and new jersey. knowledge goes to the polls and right now starts opening at #:00 a.m. you can't really see the crowd exactly behind us, but there was a line outside. a crowd enthusiastic to got polls. we are going to talk about the issues an mating and motivating the folks to go to the polls for all the reasons we understand from our economy to our image overseas. we will talk to the voters. enough of the pundits and politicians let's talk to we, the people. i think we have -- this is amazing. this is the philly cheese steak skillet which i have already ordered and we are going to get after it this morning. guys, it's a wonderful jersey tradition. the diners they deliver. and we will be delivering for the voter all morning long. apes ain't eat the philly cheese cake. steve: down the shore not far from philadelphia. >> pete: not far philly cheese steak for breakfast.
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>> ainsley: have you eaten it yet. >> pete: i don't know how to eat it holding a microphone and skillet it without throwing my face in it. i would do it. >> steve: when we check in with you, peter, we will expect a review. >> pete: deal. thank you. >> ainsley: want to see receipt for the gas to get to the diner. how much is there? >> pete: my butler drove me. [laughter] >> brian: not the chauffeur. >> steve: didn't you have to hand the money through the window to the butler for the gas. >> ainsley: you pay more there, too. you are not allowed to pump your gas like $1 more per gallon. >> steve: you don't get the cheap stuff because it's mandated by law. essentially every gas station has a butler. brian would love it. >> ainsley: don't have to get out of your car but you pay a lot more for that. >> steve: pay a little more. pete is going to talk to the folks in new jersey about primary day. one of the things he is going to get his ear chewed off i have got a feeling about not only gas
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prices but food prices. you know it's taking a toll on your economy. yet, in an extraordinarily tone deaf way, the white house yesterday put out a tweet that essentially said forget. >> brian: don't believe your eyes. >> steve: you should really feel good because joe biden is on the case and he is fixing america. >> ainsley: this is what they tweeted out about the robust economy that he has created. at the time i took office, about 16 months ago, the economy had stalled and covid was out of control. today, thanks to the economic plan and the vaccination plan that my administration put into action, america has achieved the most robust recovery in modern mystery. is that how you feel? do you feel we are recovered? >> brian: this i believe is the biden administration kofi moment remember when the president misspelled. that's an inside joke. to me this is joe biden telling everybody you better go out there and tell everybody the economy is good look at all the things i have done. all right, mr. president.
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i will send it out. >> ainsley: they know he is doing well on the vaccination issue. >> brian: send and it's out. everyone in communication has to know what a disastrous statement that was because of what the american people are experiencing. >> ainsley: polls that came out yesterday said he was doing well. the only thing he was doing the best in was the vaccination records and covid. the way he handled that. so now they are using that in this tweet to say don't forget this is what i did for our country. >> steve: they had to put it out as a tweet because if there were live people in the room when the president ran the teleprompter there would be laughter in the background. because when you want to talk about this administration and robust. how about the most robust gas prices in modern history or the most robust inflation in modern history. >> ainsley: 40-year high. >> steve: those are the things impacting people. according to brand new poll 83% of americans describe the state of the economy as poor or not so good. take a look at the price of gas. the average today it went up a nickel from yesterday.
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another dollar if you got 20-gallon tank every time you fill up the tank. it is essentially doubled since joe biden has been president of the united states. look at 13 states district of columbia gas prices are $5. feast your eyes look at that 6.37. you know what? that's the national average and unlike new jersey you have to pump your own gas. >> ainsley: gas prices more than doubled. economy plummeting. 40 year high in inflation. look at the front cover of "the new york post." >> brian: scary. >> ainsley: 32-mile long line of people. at the very end of the photo they just disappear because the line is that long. they are crowding the street. they are coming here to america and you are going to pay for it and politico is comparing him now. they are writing about the parallels between this president and jimmy carter. >> steve: because of inflation
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and essentially a foreign policy morass which we have got right now going on in ukraine. >> brian: the question is, is this intentional? is there just a wink and a nod as the prices go up of the green movement in this country? is this a slow roll of a neil? the president hates fossil fuels or at least he said. that is he getting what he wants now as people are feeling repulszed by the price of gas and oil. senator tom cotton says yes. >> for democrats, who have these green new deal fantasies, $5 a gallon gas is not an accident. it's not an unintended consequence. it's very much the intended consequence. they want gas to be high. they want you out of your pickup truck or minivan and get in electric vehicles or scooters or mass transit or whatever it is they ride around washington. it's not the way most arkansans and americans live. >> brian: they go around private jets or suvs. i don't think their suvs are
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electric. could this be something that the democrats are actually pleased by but they know they are facing an election in a few months and they are about to get pummeled unless they come up with an answer. their answer is blame oil and gas companies for making windfall profits which is just belies the fact of how the industry works. >> steve: when you look at that -- the tweet that started this conversation. it's about the robust recovery. this president did what any president would do coming out of a pandemic. remember, we turned off the economy completely. nobody went to work for a while. and then you turn it back on, of course you are going to have a robust recovery. so what he's trying to do is take credit for that but, at the same time, don't forget it was this administration that was not prepared for the recovery. and that's why we have got the supply chain problem. that's why gas is so high. that's why food is so high. that's why they are going to fly in more baby formula later today from germany. it is a mess across the board.
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is he trying to take a victory lap hey, look what i did with vaccination and with jobs. but does it feel to you like you have robustly recovered? probably not. >> brian: by the way, when that formula comes in, if you need to read the directions i took german in high school. so i could be the only one. >> ainsley: i could help you my last name is earhardt. >> brian: that could help too. i put in all the time with am laps. my dad was betting german was going to be the language of the future. [laughter] >> ainsley: my dad said kolich vision not atari. the beta max. the wave of the future we are going with that not vhs. >> my dad was stationed in germany. you will not be surprised if german culture stay ahead the curve. >> steve: my it dad took german as well in the 50's. he said when he came back you
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should take spanish. [laughter] mexico is right next to the united states. and do you know what? my dad was right. >> brian: he wins that one. >> ainsley: how many years did you take? >> brian: three. fourth and fifth grade. native language speak it all the time at home. >> steve: three of the best years of your live fifth granchtsd 9, 10 and 11. >> ainsley: i have a feeling it wasn't because of german class you love those years so much. >> steve: how do you say robust in german. >> brian: robuste borders. >> brian: no idea. i'm pretty sure i don't know. >> steve: can somebody else ask mr. kilmeade's butler. >> brian: for the rest of the show convert the prompter to german. i that means you two just shut it off. all right, ainsley, if you don't read. >> ainsley: 6:13 here on the east coast. happy you are waking up with us here this morning. still ahead up to 15,000
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migrants could soon join a giant caravan. look at the crowd. they are trekking through mexico, coming up here now. there are calls for president biden to end title 424 as they get closer and closer to the border. they want in. >> steve: plus a swing and a miss. the massive billion dollars offer tiger woods turned down to do, what? that's coming up straight ahead on "fox & friends" live from new york city. look at the guests for the next two hours and 46 minutes. ♪ jardiance is a once-daily pill that...not only lowers a1c,
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>> carley: good morning. some headlines here. starting with this two suspects arrested in connection with saturday night's south street
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shooting in philadelphia that killed three and left 12 others wounded. the two men reportedly insta grated this brawl moments before the shooting broke out. police say a third individual fired first but is not facing charges because it was in self-defense. police say they are still looking for at least two other shooters. president biden nearly missed his opportunity to acknowledge d-day yesterday. 78 years after allied forces stormed the beaches of normandy. finally at 8:45 p.m. he posted this message thanking the heroes of the day but it was already june 7th in france. the tweet was posted hours after fox news reached out asking whether the president intended to mention the date after leaving it out of earlier remarks last year the president did not commemorate d-day publicly at all. progressive candidate jessica cisneros is demanding a recount after losing her bid to henry
3:20 am
cuellar. cisneros endorsed by alexandria ocasio-cortez says the run-off election was too close to call with fewer than 300 votes separating the candidates. cisneros was defeated after cranes strong support for border security and second amendment rights. golf star phil mickelson will play in the controversial saudi backed niv golf invitational series. this will be his first pro-golf after he dismissed human rights record and saudi league could reshape how the pga operates in an interview he has apologized for those remarks. the tournament will feature several pga tour stars. tiger woods will not be one of them. he reportedly turned down an offer of nearly $1 billion to join that series. that's a lot of money to turn down. >> todd: norman is heading it up. he says it's time to take control in golf. they have no say. the pga controls everything. so, they are going to do it.
3:21 am
dustin johnson is in, too. wayne gretzky's husband. >> steve: -- wayne gretzky's daughter. >> carley: breaking news. >> steve: the extraordinary thing about tiger woods turning down a billion dollars is how many years does he have left on the tour he struggled. >> ainsley: out of principle? >> steve: how does he make most of his money? >> ainsley: probably endorsements. >> steve: i think the worry is that they would dry up. >> ainsley: you are right. >> brian: other people have speculated that phil mickelson has always been about the money and tiger about the trophy. that's back and forth. and in speaking to greg norman, i spoke to him yesterday about this, he said, listen, i'm not thrilled with the saudi arabian the government and their philosophy, but we're also buying oil from saudi arabia. the uae -- my words on this.
3:22 am
uae tremendous military operation. doesn't mean we necessarily subscribe to their form of government. >> ainsley: you take their issue different issue. if your principles are against that good for tiger woods. >> brian: we are paying saudi arabia for their oil. >> steve: trying to get them to pump more even joe biden when campaigning referred to them as pariahs. tiger woods turns down a billion dollars. >> ainsley: hopefully won't be buying oil from them after the next elections and back to being energy independent. >> steve: ainsley held it up a little while ago "let us in, joe." tapachula on the mexican guatemala border. >> this is the caravan that kicked off yesterday with 6500 people. now estimating it could be closer to 9,000. the estimate is by the time they hit the united states and we don't know exactly when that is, they could have 15,000 people in the caravan. and they are saying hey, joe biden, let us in. joe promised the haitian community they will help us.
3:23 am
help get them real asylum. some of the people who are there are saying. and obviously yesterday as we mentioned the kickoff down in southern mexico was to coincide with the kickoff of the summit of the americas which is starting in los angeles and where joe biden will show up tomorrow. >> ainsley: as far as the weekend recap, there with 2248 apprehensions, 866 known get aways. those are just the ones we know. so that's about a third of all the puns that came over over the weekend. a third of them got away. rescues 28 of those. and criminals they say, too. there was meth we are just learning may 31st. the cbp officer seized $7.1 million in meth from this one car, this one individual at laredo's port of entry after this canine did non-intriewsk inspection the cbp discovered 356 pounds of alleged methamphetamine that was concealed in these personal
3:24 am
belongs, buckets that look like cement buckets. >> brian: while everyone is focused on, i don't know, the vaccine, the president's great economic numbers in his mind, this is probably the most unforgivable thing because this is nothing to do with -- this is everything to do with this administration's lack of policy on the border. they don't care. they don't talk about it. the vice president who is in charge doesn't bring it up. here is the biggest in your face. in los angeles we have this conference of the americas. at the conference of americas are all these citizens -- all these states, these countries sending their citizens our direction. writing a check to them for $300 million. the president is going to brag about all her investment opportunities and empowerment of businesses in that area and not use leverage to say i have 15,000 people storming our border on daily basis 6,000. i'm totally overtaxing our border security. i'm forcing states to use own private security like the texas rangers this has got to stop or
3:25 am
can you expect all this aid to be subtracted from you. instead, not only do they not do that, they have smiles and they are giggling and the one country that could stop it all on the spot is not showing up and that is mexico. because they're upset, hold it, because cuba and venezuela and nicaragua aren't invited. >> steve: keep in mind the summit of americas is all about democracy. when you think about cuba and nicaragua and venezuela, you don't think of democracy. now, here's the thing. on friday, joe biden is going to sign a migration declaration. and i think this has to do with why the president of mexico is not coming. because, according to a report in the hill this morning new plan economic sharing. impacted by refugees and migration. i think when you think about responsibility sharing, a lot of that responsibility is on the shoulders of mexico.
3:26 am
they don't want to do more. , i think is, probably why president obrador is not going. he does not want to sign that thing that says mexico is going to stop people from coming into the united states. ains exactly. they find an excuse why they don't want to come. >> steve: it's the dictator thing. >> you are not inviting dictators. president doesn't believe dictators should be invited. jacqui heinrich asked the press secretary for the white house. why this hypocrisy? how does it make sense to have the president visiting with will -- who the cia ordered the killing of jamal khashoggi. why meet with these dictators? >> steve: we need the gas. cuba doesn't have gas. we already have cigars. >> brian: would obrador who is a socialist be an ally to trump and fortify his southern border and do the remain in mexico policy willingly and suddenly totally change his mind now.
3:27 am
>> ainsley: he doesn't want to come because it's sending a message to his people. >> steve: if he wanted to stop people he would have stopped them yesterday on the southern border of mexico and guatemala. >> brian: what's the difference between the trump policy and biden policy. why did he listen to trump and why is he not listening to biden? >> ainsley: maybe he doesn't want to go and he has to come up with excuse. >> brian: why is he not fortifying his border? >> ainsley: good point. steve: going to cost mexico a lot of money. >> brian: it cost them under trump. >> ainsley: he didn't want to with trump. trump worked out a deal and pulled things away from mexico. mexico said okay fine. >> brian: brian with tariffs. all of a sudden they end up best friend and we had a border under control. >> steve: summit of americas is missing one of the biggest countries in the americas. >> brian: good luck with that i hope they make some progress. >> ainsley: they are talking about migration and mexico is not there. >> brian: as president biden touts the nation's robust economic recovery closed
3:28 am
questions. americans are making it clear they are not happy. stuart varney is always happy but joins us now. steve good morning. ♪ ♪ against meningitis in the past
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>> ainsley: president biden is patting himself on the back over our economy. the president tweeting this.
3:32 am
thanks to the economic plan and the vaccination plan that my administration put into action, america has achieved the most robust recovery in modern history. a new poll reveals 83% of you, the american people, describe the economy as poor. here to react is host of varney and company and american built on fox business stuart varney. good morning, stuart. >> good morning, ainsley. >> ainsley: he polls well when it comes to vaccinations and when it documents what he did with covid. do you think they are lumping that in with the economy in this tweet to that america says oh, yeah, we remember that? >> they are trying to, obviously. the most robust recovery in modern history. well, i will call that a desperate political spin operation. biden is completely ignoring the vicious inflationary spiral that we are now in, which is a real danger to the economy it could kill the economy. he is ignoring that in the interest of spin that he has just got it wonderful recovery. what it is doing is actually
3:33 am
killing the people who are supposed to be democrat supporters. working people, low income people. they are suffering mightily from what is going on right now. did you see today? the average price for a gallon of regular gas across the united states has now reached what is it 4.92, up another nickel overnight. >> ainsley: 4.91 we had it last. >> 4.91. i will take 4.91. it doesn't matter. now look at a map of the united states and see where the $5 handle now applies. it's 13 states plus the district of columbia. already at $5. california you are well into $6.30. so that is an inflationary spiral that hurts working people. and president is digressing or trying to to claim some robust economic recovery and ignoring the inflation problem we have got. it's a serious problem. >> ainsley: everyone is curious. is elon musk going to buy twitter? what's the latest news? >> well, look, there is a lot of maneuvering, he has threatened
3:34 am
to withdraw his bid for twitter because he says twitter is not supplying him with the right information about these fake accounts. musk says i want that information. and you are covering it up. and if you don't give it to me, i'm out of this deal. that's the status quo as we speak. ainsley: what is twitter saying? >> twitter is saying we have given you this information. don't quibble with it. >> ainsley: he wants out of the deal. >> musk either wants out of the deal completely, without paying the billion dollars breakup fee or he wants to do the deal at a much lower price. he offered to do the price at 54.20 per share. twitter is now about $39 per share. he might get that down and take the company. >> ainsley: if he did pull out of this deal so that he could -- wants to recover the billion dollars breakup fee wouldn't they go to court and then there is going to be evidence whether or not they had the information -- he had the information? >> this will end up in court. how many fake accounts are there or not? it will end up in court.
3:35 am
>> ainsley: what do you think the reason is that he could be possibly changing his mind? >> maybe he has found out just what a rotten company twitter is to start with. maybe he is a little diverted by tesla, spacex and all the other operations he has got and finds himself in the middle of this contentious deal for twitter. maybe he just just had enough. i don't think so. i think he wants it i think he wants it at a lower price eventually. >> ainsley: he wants a better deal. >> thank you. >> ainsley: watch his new episode of american built on fox business. it happens tonight at 8:00. stuart stuart the adam bomb tonight at 8:00. a good one. >> ainsley: thank you so much. still ahead, pete hegseth is having breakfast with friends in new jersey as voters are heading to the polls for primaries. hey, pete. heat heat hey, guys it is primary day. who is excited for primary day? cheers] >> pete: i think they are. mr. president, come on over. got rooms full. how are we doing this morning?
3:36 am
we are going to talk to the folks dynasty diner, new jersey, primary day. don't go anywhere. ♪ ♪ when you bundle home and auto with allstate. >> tech: cracked windshield? make it easy and schedule with safelite, because you can track us and see exactly when we'll be there. >> woman: i have a few more minutes. let's go! >> tech vo: that's service that fits your schedule. go to >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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>> ainsley: well, it is primary day in new jersey, and the polls are already open there. >> steve: that's right. and neither senate seat is on the ballot today. but all 12 of the state's house of representatives seats are. >> brian: interest is a lot of redistricting going on a lot of newness. what's on voters' minds. pete hegseth knows and promises to share his insight with live interviews at the diner using our equipment. >> pete: yes, anything can happen, brian. anything can happen. i'm here with, you never know, it's live tv. joel, jim, chris, 17, 18 years, 8 years on the force police
3:41 am
department ocean county. they got off the shift they haven't slept yet prone to saying whatever is on their mind. thank you very much for your service. you come here after your shift often. what do you see here in ocean county? what's it like to be on the police force here? >> well, we love our community. you know, we are happy to work here. we have problems. some of the same problems that are going on throughout the united states. drug issues, mental health, things like that. >> >> pete: how about support? just as law enforcement. environment. people going to the polls, crime is rising. how do you deal with that. >> our community supports us which we are very lucky. sometimes it feels like some of our local -- elected officials may not support us but our community does though. which is very rewarding and everything like that. >> are you going to the polls? you are police officers but also voters. >> we do. like i said we just got off
3:42 am
shift go. home and sleep first and head out after that. take care of what we have got to take care of at the polls. >> do our civic poll. >> pete: new guy pays. i know how the works. thank you very much. i appreciate it mary and marge, right? >> yes. >> pete: excuse me, guys. good morning to you both. thank you. a pleasure to talk to you. >> thank you. >> going to the polls today. what's on your mind as did you go to the polls? >> i want change. i think that law enforcement is a big issue for me. crime is out of control. i worry for my grandchildren, and the future of all children. i would like them to have a life like we did when we were younger and that's just not going to be possible anymore. there is no integrity in the government. nobody is accountable for anything. and children just do what they want. because this is what they are taught from the adults. and i think the funniest thing is that everyone worries so much about racism. they need to talk to children,
3:43 am
because children don't care what color your skin is. your nationality, they just want to be friends with you. and i don't care what anybody says but that's the absolute truth. >> pete: almost like they're seeing the distinction. >> they don't see the difference. >> pete: we were talking as well energy prices, inflation, it's always on. >> it's horrible. gas prices are insane. people run businesses can't do it because they can't afford it then they have to extend that to their customers. then you have the baby formula shortage. trying to find formula for these babies. everything is given free to the illegals at the border. everything. they get everything for free and the americans, hardworking americans get nothing. and it's very, very sad. our government is useless right now. absolutely useless. and something needs to be done. there needs to be change.
3:44 am
>> pete: your hope today is by going to the polls is the beginning of some of that change. >> hopefully get new faces in a new regime. something and hopefully the republican also take over and then we can deal with everything and hold people accountable. >> pete: boy, isn't that true? both of you by the way mentioned you have driven many miles to get baby formula. >> yeah. 100 miles away up in northern new jersey, and i always ask can you pick under the formula and that's the sad part. there is no -- nobody cares in the government. i think everyday citizens can do a much better job. i really do. that's what i want to vote for everyday citizens. >> pete: every day citizens. we have got to leave it right there unfortunately. thank you for being a voice for so many here in tuckerton. great folks in new jersey, i know can you barely hear me because i can barely hear myself. back to you in new york.
3:45 am
>> pete: up early having breakfast with friends who have a lot of opinions. thank you very much. 16 minutes before the top of the hour. carley is on the mezzanine level with headlines. >> hello, good morning, the chicago police officer shot in the line of duty is released from the hospital to the cheers from her colleagues. officer fernando was shot in the head last workers' compensation during a traffic stop. she shared this message about the risks officers face every single day. >>ible [inaudible] last week danger each of our officers put themselves in every day. it shows in the blink of an --- >> ainsley: chicago mayor lori lightfoot is calling for judges to keep the dangerous criminals off the streets in the wake of that shooting. a miracle in montana. this 4-year-old boy, his name is liker webb, was found after going missing for two days.
3:46 am
he was found dirty and hungry but in good spirits. he disappeared on friday while playing with his dog near bow lake in northwestern montana. several law enforcement agencies and more than 50 volunteers searched by land and sky for him despite poor weather. he was eventually found just a few miles away from the lake on sunday. god bless him. did you hear about this new york congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez defending the use of the term latin x even many of her democratic colleagues are trying to distance themselves from the word. >> there are some politicians, including democratic politicians that rail against the term latinx. gender is fluid, language is fluid. it's almost as if it has not struck some of these folks that another person's identity is not about your re-election prospects. >> carley: where is rachel campos-duffy when you need her to counter that. 3% of hispanic people use that term latin x.
3:47 am
a woman who spent her whole life in california is experiencing some culture shock after moving to iowa. listen to this. >> midwesterners are super friendly walking up to a customer service person and high how is going today instead of so disorienting and throws me for a loop every time. >> carley: her reaction going viral. rainbows are a plus california mountains usually obscure most of them. so rainbows and friendliness guys that could be iowa's new slogan. >> ainsley: primary day. hope fiscal cliff she will vote. hopefully she will register. when you move to new york and friendly they are like i don't trust you. ainsley: what do you want? >> carley: it's absolutely true. >> brian: really hard on both of you. almost impossible. you put up such a wall now. >> ainsley: i'm from the south,
3:48 am
sorry. when i say yes, ma'am to people. they are like ma'am, i'm not old. ma'am? i don't like that. i'm offended. i'm sorry. >> steve: iowa. >> carley: ainsley never change. i'm from new jersey. >> ainsley: well, see. there are sweet people up north, people. >> carley: thank you. >> steve: the breakfast with friends state today. >> carley: exactly. >> ainsley: still ahead being called the game changer in the dr. nicole saphier diabetes drug shed up to 20% of their weight. do you have to be diabetic? ♪ like diamonds in the sky ♪ dad, when is the future? um, oh wow. um, the future is, uh, what's ahead of us. i don't get it. yeah.
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ci had no idea how muchw i wamy case was worth. c call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ ♪ >> steve: a new diabetes drug helping patients shed weight is being touted as a possible game changer in the battle against obesity. a new study finds the drug helped obese patients without diabetes drop up to 21% of their body weight when paired with diet and exercise. here with reaction and explain how this might impact all of us
3:53 am
is fox news medical contributor dr. nicole saphier. dr. saphier. good morning to you. >> good morning steve. >> steve: this drug works with hormones and the impulse to eat more. and ultimately, it helped the people who have diabetes but now it's got to be eyeballed as something for people who would like to lose weight without diabetes, right? >> well, that's right, steve. first of all, it is a dual ago gonist. it works on your own hormones and help treat diabetes. fda approved as single dose weekly injectable to treat type 2 diabetes. we know in patients with diabetes who take the medication they see sometimes up to 15% weight loss. now, what they just presented this week at the american diabetic association they showed people taking the injectable without diabetes who had a bmi of over 30. those overweight, they also had weight loss reductions even greater than those seen with
3:54 am
diabetes. this could be potentially a game changer. the problem we have here in the united states. we are so reactive at everything. we are not very good at being preventative. so while over a third of americans are actually overweight. that comes in line with a slew of chronic medical problems such as diabetes being one of them. so wouldn't it be great if we had something that we could give people who are overweight to help them lose weighted before they actually get diabetes? >> unfortunately this can be difficult for insurance companies. they don't necessarily cover these medications. so it will be crucial that patients have access to this and they have affordable access to this because we want to make sure we help patients through diet and exercise but medical therapy if they need it to help prevent some of those long term chronic co-morbidities. >> steve: some of these patients lost 50 or 60 pounds and generally to lose that kind of weight you have to have some sort of surgery. this is completely different. the point you just made about
3:55 am
insurance companies, if it is a public health problem as it clearly is, because so many people die from obesity, then why doesn't your insurance company cover this if it's been proven to work? >> oh, steve, if you come up with thosens a, i think you will be a billionaire at that point. this is something physicians deal with every single day. why isn't the insurance company covering this covid showed us obesity is rendering americans vulnerable because of a slew of co-morbidities with it we have to do everything we can when people are already overweight. diet and exercise usually people can lose about 5% to 7% of their body weight. often it requires a surgery. surgeries tend to be more easily covered. imagine that than the oral therapies or injectable therapies. we have to change our mindset. we need to consider obesity as a chronic illness in itself. patients need to commit through good diet and exercise but also as physicians and healthcare community we need to make sure that they have access to medications and treatment to help them with their weight loss
3:56 am
goals. >> steve: i was reading some of the stories from the people who lost all this watt i haven't felt this good in years. people watching this are going to call their doctors later today. what should they ask their doctors about. >> unfortunately what they need to be doing. we have to wait for the fda to approve it for patients to take who don't have diabetes. that's the goal. we want people to lose weight before having diabetes. at that point it's going to be appealing to the insurance companies to make sure that they pay for this for patients who are eligible. >> steve: stay tuned it could be as you say a game changer doctor sapphire, thank you very much. >> thanks, steve. >> steve: coming up on the top. hour. still ais head laughing stock of the country that's how new york city mayor eric adams describes new york city in its message to soft on crime lawmakers as dangerous criminals keep getting released
3:57 am
3:58 am
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when opdivo is used with yervoy. tell your doctor about all medical conditions including immune or nervous system problems, if you've had or plan to have an organ or stem cell transplant, or received chest radiation. here's to a chance to live longer. ask your doctor about the combination of two immunotherapies, opdivo plus yervoy. thank you to all those in our clinical trials. brian president biden touts the robust economic recovery. >> even gas prices record high. >> ignoring people. suffering mightily from what's going on. >> up to 15,000 migrants could soon join a giant caravan trekking through mexico. >> nobody will stop us. >> the biden administration is actually making it worse by creating a magnet. >> we have to get serious about this. >> new york city mayor eric adams progressive soft on crime policy. >> these bad guys believe our criminal justice system is a lasting stop. >> elon musk is threatening to
4:01 am
walk away from his bid to buy twitter. >> musk saying that twitter breached the contract when it didn't provide accurate information on bots. >> today's voters will head to the polls in seven states. >> what's on your minds as you go to the polls? >> crime is out of control. i worry for my grandchildren. >> our governor is useless right now. ♪ play a song ♪ make me want to roll my window down and cruise ♪ back roads >> ainsley: look at that gorgeous sun set. -- i mean sunrise, obviously. isn't that gorgeous? >> brian: i feel like we are on saturn. >> ainsley: biloxi, mississippi known for art museum and river boats and can you gamble there. >> steve: i have been there. >> ainsley: have you been to hard rock? >> steve: absolutely. beautiful town.
4:02 am
somebody could be in a saturn car on that bring today. >> brian: that's a good point which has a moon roof originally that's one of the big attractions. >> steve: saturn roof. >> brian: stuart varney watching do american built on that bridge. >> ainsley: whoever built that did a beautiful job. >> brian: really supposed to make a bridge this big. >> steve: on american built, i know in the first season of that, they highlight the keys bridge from south florida to key west. and it was an engineering and art -- you know architectural marvel how they were able to do that. >> the bump is don't want to make a draw bridge. tired of pulling that up for the cruise ships. >> steve: i don't think it's that high. probably where the channel is. >> have you watched american built. did you a special on the bridges in new york? >> steve: yeah. >> ainsley: back in the day and building all of these and learning how to build bridges many people died because they were so high up and fall into
4:03 am
the water. >> brian: they didn't even go after him. i'm not going to get him and just like. >> ainsley: they wouldn't send a boat? >> ainsley: there goes another one. was that the attitude? >> brian: they were constantly hiring. the stories that people just falling in to the cement as they are putting the piling. >> ainsley: they must have made really good money doing that because who would volunteer for that job. >> steve: that's a terrible story. >> ainsley: on a happier note no one died building that bridge. >> steve: yeah, that's right. so, anyway, in addition to all of that, you know what today is? today is primary day. voters in seven states are going to to head to the polls to vote on the primary candidate. >> ainsley: that includes new jersey where you are from, steve. >> brian: what's the address? >> steve: i can see my town right there. >> ainsley: where all the garden states the senate seats are not up for a ballot, all of the house seats are today. >> brian: a lot of rejiggering
4:04 am
because of the new gerrymanderings. pete hegseth is there having breakfast with friends dynasty diner tuckerton, new jersey. it is loud there, pete. >> pete: it's really loud, guys. and there is a lot of enthusiasm dynasty diner in tuckerton. by the way this is my friend were jenny jo. he is going to vote right after, this right? >> oh, yes. i'm going to vote republican all the way. [cheers] >> pete: she is enthusiastic: by the way sample ballot ocean county across the board. polls open 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. names on this list that folks on our network will know jeff van drew famously changed from the democratic party to the 'republican party. facing a red area. question is will they send him back to congress as republican representative. we shall see. i will say you cannot under estimate both the feeling of despair voters have here about the current trajectory of the
4:05 am
country will you also the hope and optimism go to the ballot and do something about it we will talk to more voters in the 7:00 hour. >> ainsley: did she wear red on purpose? >> pete: did you rather red on purpose? >> pete: of course she is intentional. jenny jo doesn't mess around. steve: trying to turn that blue state of new jersey to red. >> thank you so much you are adorable. >> brian: what happened to the governor's race. >> pete: almost. >> steve: before you go. an hour ago, you were going to try that filly cheese steak omelet. how was it? >> like steak and eggs. you don't think you should have steak and eggs you don't think you should have philly cheese steak you should. if you love it at night you are going to love it in the morning. >> steve: sounds great. nice and cheesy. thank you very much. >> brian: big challenge with something something like cheese steak is the strength. hard to look like an anchor eating a philly cheese steak. that stretches out. is that pete hegseth?
4:06 am
what is he doing eating -- you have to have like a what chety to cut it degree and grab another bite. that's pete hegseth. >> steve: shows what a professional he is. a -- >> ainsley: brian if you want on a date with a girl and she ate sloppily did you ever ask her out again that would bother you are. and if she chewed gum she didn't get a call back. >> brian: any girl beef steak charlie's whether they wanted to go or not because of the bottomless buffet and all you could drink. >> steve: all you could drink. >> brian: bottomless beer -- have a good time. that didn't help. beer and wine. >> ainsley: how about a cheaper receipt and cheaper bill. >> brian: exactly. i didn't have a lot of money. benningans didn't pay that well, didn't mind 2.35 an hour. because they counted tinns. >> ainsley: all right. >> brian: thank you ronald reagan. >> steve: those were the days.
4:07 am
>> ainsley: we all did it. >> steve: speaking of prices and wages despite the skyrocketing inflation prices president biden is now bragging about his administration's so-called economic success. >> ainsley: there is a lot to brag with, right? >> steve: sure. >> ainsley: biden tone deaf tweet tweet. 4.91. >> brian: peter doocy at the white house with more. feel the economic good times, peter. >> right, yes. a lot of economic excitement at the white house 7:00 in the morning. it's interesting because officials around here are rolling out a plan for the president to use the defense production act to build solar panels and to install installation as part of a long-term climate agenda. but, as for the short-term pain at the pump that people are feeling, not really anything. >> given the fact that keep hitting new highs are there new initiatives, policy proposals your team is working on right
4:08 am
now. >> everything is on the table as you heard say last couple of weeks. we are going to continue to do everything we can i don't have anything to preview for you. >> pete: look at this chart. gas prices all the way 4.30 a gallon a month ago. every day since record high, record high, record high, record high. all record highs except one day may 27th. it's the worst in these states. california, nevada, hawaii, oregon, washington, and illinois followed by alaska. so according to the "wall street journal" now, 83% of americans describe the state of the u.s. economy as poor or not good; however, president biden says it's all relative, tweeting the following: today, thanks to the economic plan and the vaccination plan that my administration put into action, america has achieved the most robust recovery in modern history. and so that is part of the early midterm pitch that it could be worse. back to you. >> steve: so peter, you know,
4:09 am
with the inflation, the economy, when the going gets tough, the tough take a road trip. it sounds like the white house is trying to put joe biden out. they are going to take him to los angeles tomorrow and then new mexico to talk about climate change to tout all of their other successes, right? >> yeah. and they are having problems at home, so they are looking to the world stage. they have got this summit for the americas with about two dozen countries from the hemisphere. talking about things that they think are good for them. winners for them like pandemic response and a green future. whether or not that resonates with people who are paying $6 a gallon for gas in some states remains to be seen. >> ainsley: is this part of the we are going to get out more. every time approval ration are low kamala harris said we need to get out more, we talked about this and now the president is saying the same thing. >> yeah. he likes to go out and there is really no covid restriction
4:10 am
based on the way that they do things around here. that would keep him from going and shaking hands with people and doing a selfie line. and that worked for him over the course of his career. 50 years in d.c. so, it looks like they are going to try to go back for some greatest hits. >> steve: maybe, when he was running for president, he stayed in the basement and ultimately that did work for him. now is he going out and let's see what happens. >> brian: right. >> steve: peter, thank you very much for the report from the north lawn. now go buy a solar panel. >> pete: too heavy. >> brian: thanks, peter. doing the defense prukd act. the president looked at the economy says i know what he would missing, solar panels, i will have to declare it an emergency. remember 1,950ths we started with the defense production act started with a state of war and state of peace after world war ii. quickly we asked everyone to come together and do something state of emergency. so a state of emergency right now and economy going this good is to force companies, competing
4:11 am
companies to work together to make more solar panels. this is a total kiss up to the wild left who feels like he has let them down. >> steve: if they are going to use the kevin's production act. they should have used it on baby formula. >> brian: took forever to do it. >> steve: indeed. now they are still flying it in from germany. ultimately, and, yesterday, the fox business correspondent asked of the press secretary hey, what emergency is it? and she would not name what emergency it was. the emergency is are the midterms. and they are trying to appeal to their base. and the last time. when joe biden was vice president during the obama years. they did the same thing, a big push for solar panels. a company called so he lynn draft and how did that turn out? they lost about half a billion dollars. >> ainsley: you know, when you looked at the polls yesterday that we talked about. the economy was top of everyone's list. inflation was. they said how is he doing on
4:12 am
these issues? and he had really poor ratings. >> brian: hideous. >> ainsley: majority of americans don't think he is doing well. it came to if you kept reading the articles of this i believe nbc i sip poll he was doing well on the recovery after he released vaccines and covid how he handled covid. that's why they included in that a statement. robust comeend our response to the vaccines. >> brian: if you are on a debate stage with joe biden i did great on covid. missed three variants. forgot to order vaccines and when it came to the therapeutics you didn't do the warp speed model i have a therapeutic but have no supply model which means therapeutics were five months delayed and more deaths with a vaccine than trump had without one. so good luck with that right now the american people are being duped on this. >> ainsley: you kept hearing if you got covid by day 10 you might really feel badly. but you can't go get the therapeutics at that point. you had to get them in the very
4:13 am
beginning. so, you talk to people in the community that said i called the hospital, they don't have any. they ran out. out on long island you couldn't get them. people were going to that catholic hospital out there st. mary's. they had them. ran out. they were curious and scared i don't want to get to day 10 and they tell me it's too late and i lose my life. >> covid is one of the reasons why joe biden was stuck in the basement during the campaign. they got him in the job that's why they continued to tout it. stuart varney sat down with us in the last half hour. the in the of the united states is clearly ignoring major problems. watch this. >> biden is completely ignoring the vicious inflationary spiral that we are now in, which is a real danger to the economy it could kill the economy. he is ignoring that in the interest of spin that he has just got this wonderful recovery. what it's doing is actually killing the people who are supposed to be democrat supporters. working people, low income
4:14 am
people. they are suffering mightily from what's going on right now. and the president is digressing or trying to claim some robust economic recovery and ignoring the inflation problem that we have got. >> ainsley: something else that's being ignored in our great city of new york, which many people you said used to be a great city. many people have moved out because it's so expensive to live here and because of crime. so eric adams our new mayor, fairly new mayor he is very frustrated and he lashed out at prosecutors and at judges. because we have all these judges that are lax, that are putting people back out on the streets immediately. they're not putting them behind bars, even if they have a long rap sheet. as long as they don't have a felony or killing someone you get to get released. is he saying you are cutting loose all these suspected shooters and then they are going back out and unleashing more gunfire in our great city of new york. he said the bad guys are not taking you seriously. and our city's justice system is turning into the laughing stock of the entire country. listener to -- you want to say
4:15 am
something, brian? >> brian: no, i would rather listen. listen and you a talk afterwards. >> brian: i promise. >> you know what's interesting? you do a profile? the picture that's emerging after the shooting, after the arrest, after being let go, do you know what they do? they go to another shooting. people no longer believe that you can't do a shooting in the city. no one takes criminal justice seriously anymore. these bad guys no longer take them seriously. they believe our criminal justice system is a laughing stock of our entire country. we have to get serious about this because innocent people are dying. >> brian: why he is saying this now and he has the job already is he went up to albany and he had a list. one list was you want control of schools. and second was on bail reform. if you are not going to give me bail reform. at least give the judges discretion to decide if the criminal in front of them is dangerous to society. and the democrats told a
4:16 am
democratic mayor no. go back. and they handed them a defeat. but i think he should name the names of the people. you should hold it up right there with your graph. these are the lawmakers that believe that bail reform is going a okay as you see this footage and should have the footage right beside the names. and let those people try to get reelected. crime knows no party. crime disrupts lives. that is why $189.5 billion worth of wealth has left this city over the last year. 19.5 billion. they said screw this. >> steve: brian, the mayor actually when he addressing police officers in brooklyn and he was giving the props to the cops who were taking the shooters off the streets. he said the other must do their part the courts have to prosecute. the judges have to make sure they stay in. they have to stay in after they are arrested. he said the lawmakers he talks to up in beanie, he says young people carrying guns because they don't say tawnd got to
4:17 am
understand that. no, you don't have to understand it because, look what is happening. and we have been showing you different things from over the last month or. so let us show you what happened at:45 on sunday. a woman waiting for a subway. all right? so she is waiting for the subway. grand by a man from behind. he grand her with both hands, threw her toward the track. >> ainsley: what's the point? >> steve: who knows. he didn't take anything from her. hit the pavement before tumbling onto the tracks, luckily no train was coming. pulled out by bystanders. she is still in the hospital in stable condition and, do you know what? the guy who did that could have killed her if she would have hit her head on the track. is he loose. they still can't find him. >> ainsley: my gosh. it was so violent. >> steve: that's the random nature of what is going on in this town. this town is a hell hole when it comes to crime and the mayor is right. it is a laughing stock. >> ainsley: our residents say
4:18 am
stand against the wall away from the tracks so you are not thrown in front of. it ie getting your subway car and putting your atm to pet extra money on your campleted look behind you. we shouldn't have to be living this way. talked to someone yesterday who says i am no longer riding the train but i have to go to work downtown. i live on the upper east side and it costs me $40 to $70 depending on the time of day to get a an uber or taxi all the way downtown by the time i pay that $40 to $70 down there and then come back, i basically spent all that i made at the office. so, people are frustrated. i talk to another lady. >> steve: do a cost-benefit analysis is it worth it. all that money out of your pocket and the personal danger to you? is it worth it. you could be standing at the subway to be pushed into a train. >> ainsley: it's sad. everyone loves the city. if you are a new yorker, you love the city. you don't want to have to move. they are forcing you to. one lady said she was on the subway. she looked across at the seat
4:19 am
adjacent to her or across from her, she said this lady had a ponytail and this man was sitting there pulling her ponytail. >> brian: we have the video. >> ainsley: we do? can we air it? when i was in london i guess you did it when she moved kept pulling her back. >> brian: no one did anything. a bunch of guys there. 20,000 have left new york for another state. >> steve: i don't know anybody that says i'm going to move to new york. nobody. >> ainsley: if you are young and saying that to your parents your parents are saying please don't because it's dangerous. steve: and expensive. >> brian: we know how to fix it. we did it before. 19 minutes after the hour. coming up the border crisis gets worse. the president is increasing secret migrant flights to new york state. the shocking new video showing their arrival at a brand new airport. finding the perfect developer isn't easy. but, at upwork, we found her.
4:20 am
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>> carley: we are back with some headlines starting with this. in the wake ever the uvalde massacre texas governor greg abbott is mandating active shooter training for school districts. meanwhile actor and uvalde native matthew mcconaughey met with lawmakers on gun laws after writing an op-ed on the subject yesterday. mcconaughey saying that while he firmly believes in the second amendment, the time has come to change the conversation on gun control. he will join "special report" with bret baier for his first televised interview on the subject. that interview happening tonight. in los angeles, district attorney george gascon is doubling down on a light sentence for the teen behind the wheel of this horrific hit and run. the intoxicated driver caught on camera mowing down a mom and her infant in a stolen car but only received a sentence of five to
4:25 am
seven months in a juvenile probation camp. gascon now defending the soft punishment saying contrary to what some are claimed, it was not attempted murder under california law. the charge offense our office would have to be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt the minor specifically intended to kill the victims. there was no evidence of that. a texas lawmaker is introducing a bill that could ban children from attending drag shows. the proposal comes in response to this now viral video of young children at so-called family friendly drag shows at a bar in dallas. state representative brian flatten saying, quote: the events of this past weekend were horrifying and show a disturbing trend protecting our own children isn't enough and a responsibility as lawmakers extends to the sexualization that is happening across texas. brian, unbelievable. >> brian: incredible. meanwhile, 25 minutes now after the hour as illegal immigration
4:26 am
at the southern border breaks new records. the biden administration has reportedly upped its secret migrant flights. new york g.o.p. gubernatorial candidate rob as store reno tweeting out this video stuart international airport in the dead of night, not in west chester county. he joins us with more. rob, i can't ask you how you got this but obviously somebody at the airport. >> actually we took it. we knew they were flying into stuart. we took it what you are seeing beforehand they get off the plane. they line up and get on their buses. those are not little kids. there were a few little kids there were some women or girls. but a lot of them are late teenage boys, early 20's, clearly and i don't know what is in those duffle bags. probably maybe de niro from the u.s. government because they get a free phone when they get
4:27 am
across the rio grande. so we are giving everything to non-citizens as goodies including hochul the governor here, $2 billion fund by new york state, so we are incentivizing everybody a to come. but these flights are coming in regularly to rest chester county airport still. now they have expanded to a port authority of new york airport stuart. have the marines and national guard. so they obviously need more runway space. more buses and more places to put those coming here illegally ms-13 take road route. they go for teens. what advantage is it to t. for us to allow teenagers to come for me and ngos to be taking taxpayer dollars to clothe and give supplies to these illegal immigrants? >> >> what the federal government will say although they will not
4:28 am
give us any information these are riewnks with family members or sponsors we have no idea whatsoever. we have been asking. what if somebody is a 17-year-old and 364 day old male? an adult the next day. of the reunification with families who are illegally here as well, so, you could see how it just expands and expands. they get benefits from new york. now kathy hochul has a law. there is a 1951 law executive law number 8 in new york that gives the authority of the governor of having anyone here, non--a foreign national, illegal alien is what they say, to register with the state when they step foot in new york. that, at least, would be a disincentive or at least we would know who is coming in and where because the federal government nor the state are giving any information to the citizens who are picking up the tab for all of this. non-citizens being treated like citizens. citizens being told screw you. you get no information from your own government. and by the way, our hospitals,
4:29 am
our schools, our communities housing, all of that has to be provided by we, the citizens. >> brian: do you know how many new york state residents we are losing to florida in tons, we leave the country and people who have left over 20,000 have left since the beginning of 2022. it's because before things like that. they are tired of their taxpayer dollars going to illegal immigrants from other countries and them not telling us about it final thought? >> no, it's crazy. and hochul said the other day we are going to pick up the tab to help you settle in new york and start your life. you know, look, i don't blame people from coming all over the world. do it legally. this is the greatest country in the world. in the history of the world. but there's a line to wait on. and the minute you cross that border illegally and your first step in america is done the wrong way, then i have a problem with that. we shouldn't be aiding and abetting them by our own federal and state government. >> brian: let alone incentivizing.
4:30 am
thanks a lot, rob. great job. appreciate it we reached out to the newark stuart international airport they did not get back to us. still ahead kyle rittenhouse opening up about his plans to hold the media accountable for coverage. >> the armed vigilante. >> 17-year-old picks up a gun drives from one state to the other. >> drove in from illinois armed for battle thrgets little murderous white supremacist. >> brian: unbelievable. will cain reacts to the lawsuit. ♪("i've been everywhere" by johnny cash) ♪ ♪i've traveled every road in this here land!♪ ♪i've been everywhere, man.♪ ♪i've been everywhere, man.♪ ♪of travel i've had my share, man.♪ ♪i've been everywhere.♪ ♪♪
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4:34 am
we'll make the media pay for what they did. it's hard to go to the store. i can't go anywhere without security. i don't think i will be able to work or get a job because i'm afraid an employer may not hire me. >> ainsley: in exclusive would you have with tucker carlson kyle rittenhouse vowing to take action against those who labeled him a white supremacist. "fox & friends weekend" co-host will cain joins us now to react. good morning to you, will. >> will: good morning, ainsley. >> ainsley: good morning. does he have a case? >> will: i think, yes, kyle rittenhouse does have a case. he has said, by the way, that johnny depp's victory last week in his defamation case has fueled him, has inspired him. we look at the success of nick sand man who filed a lawsuit and
4:35 am
now kyle rittenhouse employs the same attorney host of media organizations from "the washington post and "new york times." to cnn. and now here comes kyle rittenhouse. so, rittenhouse, he became a public figure. he has show whoever he sees facebook or media organization acted with actual malice or reckless disregard for the truth. i think that you and i could spend the next three minutes playing clips that quite clearly reflect a reckless disregard for the truth from numerous, dozens of media figures who, and you and i have been doing this a long time, ainsley. one of the things you are taught or at least you have a moral compass within to you realize you need to have some respect that you are trying to accomplish the truth. we say things like alleged murderer because we don't know until it is proven in a court of law. but, in this case, we saw media figures say definitively is he a
4:36 am
murderer and he is a white supremacist with virtually no evidence to back up those claims. i think that adds up to reckless disregard for the truth. i think in many of those instances, actual malice. >> ainsley: this is america, everyone deserves due process until you are found go ahead. in this case he was found not guilty just to remind you, he is suing for defamation, but he says he -- you said he has to prove active pal his or reckless disregard of the truth. it might not be malice. some of these journalists don't really know him. but reckless regard for the truth. he might have a case there. >> will: um-huh. >> ainsley: listen to what some of the media was saying about him before he even went to court. >> kyle rittenhouse, the armed vigilante who trump has been sounding like outside counsel. >> blue lives matter social media partisan 17 years old, picks up a gun drives from one state to the other with the
4:37 am
intent to shoot people. >> rittenhouse drove from from illinois armed for battle. >> the fact that white supremacists walk the halls freely and celebrate this little white supremacist and the fact that he gets to walk the street freely. >> as a result, will, he says he can't live a normal life and future job opportunities were affected because of what the media were saying about him. >> will: right. let's go back to those terms really quickly, ainsley, reckless disregard for the truth or actual malice. that's different for everyone at home a private citizen. if a media says something incorrect about you, negligence is enough. just getting it wrong negligently is enough for you to have a cause of action. but, if you are a public figure, which kyle rittenhouse became, then you have this higher standard. you just heard that msnbc host for example say murderous little white supremacist, right? that is conclusive, that is definitive statement that she cannot prove and has no evidence to back up. to me, that's not just reckless,
4:38 am
that is malicious ainsley that demands accountability from a media that is supposed to be attempting to tell the truth. >> ainsley: you are a lawyer. what if she actually believes that? what if that is just her opinion? >> will: what somebody would say that's a reasonable extrapolation from what she knew. pointed this to that pork where he was in a picture with some alleged proud boys but i don't think it is a reasonable extrapolation. i think she was operating with malice intent. not trying to get to a reasonable kernel of truth. >> ainsley: real quickly, what happens next? when does he go to court? >> will: they have to file suit first. we saw last night on tucker's show they are planning to and possibly facebook as well and then it takes the same course, for example as nick sandmann. >> ainsley: maybe some of these will settle. we will see. thank you so much, will. >> will: you bet, thank you. >> ainsley: still ahead the polls are open in new jersey. pete hegseth is down on the shore talking to garden state
4:39 am
voters ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday dear pete ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ [cheers] >> pete: we will talk to him in a moment. thank you, guys. ♪ ♪ ♪
4:40 am
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4:44 am
seat is on the ballot in new jersey all of their state house seats are. >> steve: what are the people of new jersey thinking? probably a lot like the people across the country. check in with pete hegseth having breakfast with friends at the dynasty diner in tuckerton, new jersey. good morning to you, pete. >> pete: good morning. it is officially out of control here in tuckerton. these people are wonderful. they are enthusiastic. and excited to get to the polls. i have yet to talk to a person who hasn't said to me as soon as i leave here, i'm going to the polls and going to vote. it's an opportunity to make my mark on the future of this county, on this state. and this country. seven states go to the polls as you said including new jersey. look at this wonderful family that's with us this morning. this is jeremy and wonderful -- i don't know if it's grandparents, parents, kids. >> extended grandparents. >> pete: extended grandparents pilgrim academy, christian school they bore to head out to school and hitting the polls. >> yes, sir. >> pete: what issues are top of mind for you as you go to the polls? >> so many to pick from.
4:45 am
the financial issues are crazy. as a father, and member of the family, i'm really concerned about the lawlessness and godlessness in this country. i see prosecutors not prosecuting, i see the fbi becoming like this political wing. i see the border wide open. the president telling people not to enforce laws. this is a country of laws. and if we start to go down that path, where are we going? and we need god in this country and that's part of everything. we have to find ourselves again. i'm really concerned for our country being lost. >> pete: so well said. you are doing your part by sending your kids to a school where those things are reinforced. >> we decided to send our kids to a christian school a while ago because it's just not -- it's not the same public education it was when my wife and i were kids. indoctrinated. >> pete: amen. well said. real quick, who are you voting for in the primary here. jeff van drew shifted from
4:46 am
democrat to republican who do you like? >> ocean county is the republican home. they do a great job here. they keep taxes as low as they can in new jersey. i vote republican. i vote van drew, i think he has done a good job since he switched parties. he has been great since. we support him. >> pete: thank you very much. beautiful family enjoy school today. thank you very much. how are you doing? etta and. >> ron. >> pete: you are going to vote today what issues are big for you. >> immigration. even though we are new york. immigration. they are bringing in people that's the problem. >> cost of living and crime problem. is my two main issues. because we are both from philadelphia and it's horrible up there. it's just horrible. 540 people got killed last year. i think they are actually going to break that record this year which is new york which is five times the size of philadelphia.
4:47 am
crime is a big problem there. we don't even want to go back to the city. >> pete: i have heard that across the board from a lot of people, it is, guys, send it back to you, basic quality of life issues. how much it costs to fill your tank, to buy groceries. do you feel safe, those types of things are the top of mind for people. obviously this administration not delivering, hoping that congress might be able to do something about it i will say, a lot of love for jeff van drew down here and his switch from the democrat to republican party. we will see how he does today. >> ainsley: he said the democratic party left him he didn't leave the party. and happy birthday to you. we saw them singing happy birthday. that was sweet of them. [laughter] >> ainsley: we are so glad you were born. >> steve: have some cake. thank you, pete. >> brian: go get them pete this straight ahead. flipping the script. james patterson has written more than 200 novels. now he is writing about himself. he joins us live with a preview of his brand new memoir which he fully supports ♪ better than anyone
4:48 am
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4:51 am
>> steve: one of the most successful american authors of all time, actually the most,
4:52 am
james patterson has released a new story and it's all about james patterson, his memoir aptly titled james patterson by james patterson and now available wherever you buy your books. and live in the studio, ladies and gentlemen, james patterson. >> still alive. >> steve: i love the idea of this. on the coward ron howard damn near addictive. >> who was that guy on the cover of my book. >> steve: look at that guy. what year would that have been. >> i would have been 50. >> steve: were you at the ad agency at that point. >> i think i was just on my way out. but i was in advertising but i have been clean over 25 years. >> steve: america needs to thank you for the toys r us jingle. >> did i write the line toys r us kid. what's amazing to me about this experience with the autobiography is so many people come up and said this is your best book. it's better than the alex cross and murder club.
4:53 am
jesse watters has already piped in. he read it. he thought it was spectacular. you know, pete was doing the interviews down there in ocean county. and one of the women said i wish it could be like the way it was the way life. that's the way this book is. this book is about kind of, i don't know, the values we had, the importance of love, the importance of family, stuff like that. without getting corny about it. >> steve: no, absolutely not. you start at the beginning. i love the fact that on the morning you were born, you nearly died. >> yeah. >> steve: that's a story. >> my father grew up in a courthouse. his mother was a char woman. they got a little room. it was humble begins. which was great. i have been poor, poor middle class poor and middle class. i'm not that anymore. on balance i prefer this. >> steve: this is, when you were on with dolly parton a few months ago. >> yeah. >> steve: where did you the book together and the music collaboration. >> and the movie coming, yeah. >> steve: and the movie coming, you two have essentially the same story you came from
4:54 am
nowhere. >> million to one shot. we have became great friends. she sent me for my birthday a poem. she framed it and it's new old friends. and she said she always believed there is no such thing as new old friends until she met me. we have only been together for a year and a half now we are new old friends. she signed it i will always love you, dolly. dolly is in there. tom cruise is in there. good tom cruise story. >> steve: tell us about james taylor. >> james taylor, y. when i was working my way through college, i worked at a mental hospital. i was an aid not a patient. james taylor was. he already recorded not recorded but he had already written fire and rain and sweet baby jane and he sang them in the coffee shop. >> steve: so you have had this amazing life. >> i was at woodstock. >> steve: why wouldn't you be? >> everyone my age says they were at woodstock. i looked around and they were not there but i was definitely there. >> steve: i remember it rained according to news reports.
4:55 am
i don't think can i tell that. >> there were a few. there were a few like that. a couple family stories. i said not going there. >> >> steve: so, when people -- >> my dad, he my family took me downstairs i love you very much. because you are going off to war, we have to tell you we are not your natural parents. we adopted you. over the phone this guy said to my father i'm your brother. that's how my father found out about my uncle george. the book is just stories like that one after the other. >> steve: does it explain how you took that life, the hand you were dealt, and became the biggest author in the history of the world? >> well, i think a big thing is having somebody believe in you. my grandmother, she was the best. she had this line hungry dogs run faster. and it applies to dolly and i. we both laugh about that line we are both hungry dogs and still
4:56 am
running. i don't work for a living. i play for a living. >> steve: you are lucky. >> very lucky, yeah. >> steve: you have how many books in all. >> i have no idea. i don't count. >> steve: so many people say this is your best book. >> that's been the very nice thing about this thing. including jesse watters. i mean, people really, really like the book. which is good. thank god. because if they don't, they are rejecting my life. i wouldn't like that. >> steve: you have taken a lifetime to gather the stories and it's fantastic. the stories of my life. james patterson is available wherever you buy books. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. thank you, thank you. >> steve: it's a real pleasure. >> thanks, thanks. >> steve: all right, james. don't go anywhere. georgia governor brian kemp is going to join us live. watching "fox & friends" live from new york city. ♪ how can i resist ♪ ain't nothing but a good time . ♪
4:57 am
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5:00 am
>> president biden is now bragging about his economic success. >> nearly everything, gasp versus record high, record high. >> what it's doing is actually killing the people who are supposed to be democrat supporters. [cheers and applause] >> up to 15,000-mile grins couldn't soon join a giant caravan for mark to go. >> nobody will stop them. >> the federal government nor the state are picking up the tab for all of this. >> there to be serious this. >> mayor adams with policies. >> this bad guys believe our
5:01 am
criminal justice system is a laughingstock. >> kyle rittenhouse holding others accountable. >> journeyed up in his defamation case. >> today's voters will head to the polls in seven states. >> what issues are top of the mind for you? >> as a father are concerned lawlessness. >> cost-of-living. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> brian: if we are looking in seattle where if you have binoculars or if you have a telescope or one of those things you get on the back of magazines speech for their watching the tv. >> ainsley: and then you have a mountain? >> steve: that's mount rainier! >> ainsley: thick great minds think alike.
5:02 am
>> steve: what we are going to say about mount rainey? >> brian: has snow on it. >> ainsley: bainbridge island close that area? my cousins lived there. it's right outside of seattle but i don't know if we were looking at a. i looked up seattle, washington, you can look at news of the top and hear the first three stories. no and insights, average gas prices rose nearly $0.57 and one month. the next headline gas prices continue to store its average cost rises in seattle nationally. seattle times says with inflation and nearly a 40 year high here is what has seen the biggest increase in seattle. >> brian: that's the way google populates the news for seattle and as people go to the polls you have to wonder if in a very blue state like washington state where all the news is economic that can be good for the democrats in charge. >> brian: we will see. give the news that ainsley skipped over as they beat the astros. >> ainsley: how did i forget
5:03 am
that? >> steve: 2 minutes after the hour being i am basically tapped out of my opening shot ainsley you take it from your. >> ainsley: are you noticing that too? >> steve: just now? >> harris: different terrain? >> ainsley: oh, you are saying because i interrupted you not because is what is out we were saying. >> steve: is going to say that the manager >> not far from the mounds of new jersey, steve. talking about regnier.
5:04 am
i know you're not bigoted topography, brian, but they are small hills known as mountains of new jersey. folks are enthusiastic about them and about going to the polls today. it has been invigorating to be here. what wonderful people down here in ocean county. they are all enthusiastic about going to the polls and 1 of 7 states. give mississippi, montana, california, iowa, south dakota, and one more i can remember. new mexico. and new jersey are going to the pulse of. and there is a mix, i am looking over my shoulder and out gas prices and bright they are a gas station for $4.92. yes, everyone is core issues they are talking about whether it's faith or family, education, those things. its brass tacks quality of life stuff. how much is going to cost me forget to letter a to b? do i feed my family make other life choices?
5:05 am
how i feel secure if the police are able to do their job? the drug epidemic. people are talking about things affecting the family and communities and they will go to the ballot box vote that way today. it is very interesting that we've going from democrat to republican party it looks like there's a lot of sympathy for that change of the primary today we shall see. the polls are open, folks are voting in new jersey, and a lot of hope that they'll be a part of the change in this country, guys. >> steve: it seemed like there is a pretty big crowd for a tuesday morning 8:00 in the morning. >> it is a big crowd for tuesday morning at 8:00 in the morning. is because you love "fox and friends," right? [cheers and applause] they love you guys. >> ainsley: will you vote this morning? you're in new jersey right now. >> i will be voting this morning absolutely i'm from the county so i am one of the voters. maybe i will ask myself what my most important issue is. later in the next segment. this morning at breakfast.
5:06 am
they they call that a monologue. they do. give me a couple minutes of your time and i'll give you a monologue. >> ainsley: or you son really rarely we talked yourself. >> brian knows all about that. >> brian: coming up, meanwhile one of the things they're talking about -- >> ainsley: under the bus twice. brain is like you don't like tomography. sorry. >> brian: i've had a terrible block it's been awful. >> steve: straight up, 8:00. ♪ ♪ of the 8:00 hour of "fox and friends" it's unbelievable i'm bulldozing. welcome to 8:00. >> brian: i would like to pick it up from here and just stay on the escalator of life forward onward we go. lustrous move on to a great reporter waiting in the wings.
5:07 am
>> steve: i agree with the great reporter part despite inflation he is openly bragging about his administration's economic success are you feeling that, folks? speak to the president even taking the time to post a tone-deaf tweet as americans are dealing with this new record high gasoline prices every day it's going up. they are climbing constantly. >> brian: peter doocy life of the white house with more. >> good morning we are waiting for the great reporter's to show up and they usually come on lunch. preparing the flight to los angeles for the summer and the americans were he saying he wants to talk about pandemic response, a green and equitable recovery, and also building inclusive democracy. an issue that is not getting top billing like those would be high gas prices. >> giving the fact they are hitting new highs -- >> everything's on the table right now to her to say the last couple weeks. were going to continue to do a reading that we can.
5:08 am
i don't have anything to preview for you. >> thinks of the economic plan the vaccination plan the administration put into action america has achieved the most robust recovery in modern history. and he is right, record number of jobs have been added since he took office. but, records are also being broken at gas stations everywhere. in fact a new record high for a gallon every day for a month except for one day, may 27th, it is worse in california where it's over $6 a gallon. nevada $5.49, oregon $5.41 and "wall street journal" poll finds that 83% of americans now describe the state of the u.s. economy as poor or not good. that is a tough number since the economy is the leading issue in nearly every midterm poll or midterm voters, the administration here is thinking long game by invoking the defense production act to start producing solar panels and installing installations making
5:09 am
a clean future. while admitting there is nothing they can do to quickly bring gas prices down in the present. thank you. >> brian: peter quick question about solar panels paid will we make them here for sure? or will we be buying them from trying to? >> that is not for sure. they are going to be as we understand it importing some of them. the focus is just on getting emissions down more than how or where. >> steve: sure but he is going to do that to appease his environmental base. peter, i have been reading stories of the white house that say joe biden is angry his poll numbers are lower than donald trump's. and new, as an expert at angry joe biden, probably have a listen to that kind of conversation. >> yes. that is not really something you have to worry about necessarily unless you are running for reelection. which, as we understand it, he is.
5:10 am
that might be the head-to-head, so if you're going to possibly be running against somebody, you want to have the superior pole position. >> steve: obviously. all about the poll numbers thank you so much. >> ainsley: thank you, peter you are a good reporter and early. >> brian: the other thing, kamala harris and harris play yesterday is beating desantis head-to-head. i could not believe that. i know it's early but the fact that she is in the same universe. >> ainsley: there is no way. there is no way. >> brian: don't get him out of the messenger. >> steve: if it was between joe biden and kamala harris was the head-to-head? >> brian: was just that harris is the nominee. she is the number one preferred candidate among democrats right now and to go against desantis she wins back by three points. >> steve: more preferred over joe biden? >> brian: they didn't have them head-to-head. they said if joe biden doesn't
5:11 am
run who would be the nominee's? >> ainsley: she is a woman, she would be the first woman of color, first woman president, first woman of color resident. a lot of democrats would love that about her. a lot of women would like that because they can save the little girls you can do this too. i understand that but the republicans, my god. i just can't. >> steve: she has such a good record. she is in charge of looking at the root causes of the immigration problems. and yesterday migrant caravan kicked off in the southern portion of my go down at the border of guatemala. the mexican authorities did not stop any of them. they just said okay, laredo is it's that way. they are expecting before it's all done 15,000 people will be there this week kicking off yesterday to coincide with the summit of the americas, which also started yesterday in los angeles joe biden is going out tomorrow and will sign a
5:12 am
special document about migration in the new plan for the u.s. of a. coming up on friday. >> ainsley: the problem is if you want to go there and ask other leaders to come and join you so you can talk about migration you would think mexico's president would come so they could talk together since those countries are involved in this. primarily involved in this. mexico's president refuses to attend because he says cuba and nicaragua and venezuela were not invited. the u.s. says the president says he doesn't believe that dictators should be invited. >> brian: you see that banners their 15,000 is about 9,000 now go 32 miles deep. they think by the time it gets to the mexican u.s. border they'll be 15,000. let alone people that were already in there for the thousands of remaining in mexico that have been coming. they are going to overwhelm the border. it's going to be a stampede, and the president is totally indifferent to it. he's talking about economic packages to revitalize economies
5:13 am
of countries that we have no idea what they would even do with our money let alone build a manufacturing plant. they gradually may attract some of their people to stay home, but right now this is a huge problem. it's hard to imagine something bigger. look over the weekend, let's just recap what the del rio sector over. >> ainsley: just one sector. >> steve: 48 apprehensions. >> brian: 66 are the gnome they got away you don't know what you don't see come rescue us 28, criminals to go. >> ainsley: a third of the total got away basically and the operative word is "known." we all know serino is running as a republican and he said that biden is up these migrant flights no rent interviewed him early on the shoney's that we used to just see these flights coming into westchester now we are saying them coming into stewart international airport, which is also the new york --
5:14 am
in new york. we are giving all these individuals benefits. you are paying the tab for all of them, yet you can't get any information on. >> brian: young men on ms-13 essa recruiting age they will go to sponsored families financed by taxpayer dollars have given them bags and maybe a change of clothes or to go we give them plane rides and bus rides in their out in our country. if you are from anywhere else, if you are in kenya or sweden and doing things right, if you are married and american paying fees going through tests taking quizzes in order to pass citizenships test you may feel like a total psycho right now. they are beating you at the game that we rigged. >> steve: here is rob asked reno. >> we are giving a rating to noncitizens as goodies including whole coal governor here, a two billion dollar fund by new york state so we are incentivizing everyone to come. these flights are coming in
5:15 am
regularly. the federal government or the state or giving any information to the citizens or picking up the tab for all of this. noncitizens being treated like citizens, citizens being told "screw you to get information from your own government." by the way, our hospitals, our schools, our communities, housing, all of that has to be provided by week, the citizens. >> steve: who is paying for it? the money is taxed when. weather to state money or federal money, it is tax money. >> ainsley: it's not just in new york, it's happening everywhere. >> steve: every single state. as you look at that migrant care stomach caravan which is heading our way, keep in mind what are the people thinking? according to people who talk to the migrants, they say we are going because joe biden said he promised he would help us. what they are saying is we are calling on him to repeal title 42 by the time we hit the u.s. border. so keep in mind right now tied up in the courts, but by the
5:16 am
time they hit our southern border, they hope joe biden has fixed it so they can walk right in. >> ainsley: we used to talk about the border you would see people running and hiding under bushes and the dead of night. these guys are doing thumbs up to the cameras. >> steve: how what the organizer actually interviews luis for lagrone who told them the care again is over 30 miles. he set to to >> ainsley: and he says please repeal title 42. >> brian: the patient's essence a you promised. the president has no right to promise other people in other countries anything. >> steve: with that many people heading our way, i have heard other people say it looks like an invasion. it looks like it'll be interesting to see what happens when they have the southern border and how will our administration struck the border patrol to admit or turn those people. >> ainsley: brian promise carl he would talk to about 5 minutes
5:17 am
ago. >> brian: i apologize i'm a a little late. >> i'm okay that it's here! is an important topic. we have some work moves to get to interesting story to start with your. the house committee investigating a january 6th riots at the capitol have reportedly hired a former "abc news" executive to produce the upcoming public hearing, the report plays that producer james goldston was brought on board to present the hearing in the style of "a blockbuster." at the hearings are set to begin this thursday. so you hear about the good news in the fight against cancer, a recent study finding out one specific drug was 100% effective against a subset of cancer. the study from "the new england journal of medicine" reveals memorial in new york city gave the direct 18 patients, every three weeks, for six months. every single one of them went into remission. none of the patient suited for
5:18 am
the treatment and none of them relapsed during follow-up appointments up to two years after the trial ended. now, the sample study is extremely small, it is being hailed as a promising step in foul stopping cancer. the hollywood studio behind "top gun maverick" is cut hit by a copyright lawsuit filed by the family of the author that came up with the original story line. >> what the hell? >> good morning aviators. >> prior to releasing the smash hit sequel with the author's widow and son are seeking damages in trying to prevent future sequels. the quotas rather without merit. new jersey to sing a third and there encounters according to authorities the state department of environmental protection reporting nearly 400 encounters
5:19 am
between citizens of his nearly double the rate from this time last year. the ducey family are aware of this trend this footage shows a bear going through steve's garbage last month. is getting unbearable new jersey. it's all those mountains. >> steve: you know what? the number is 400 encounters between bear the people? mine was unofficial, nobody knows about that except people who are watching right now. >> that's right the 400 number comes with an asterisk. >> steve: by the way thanks to my neighbor, sherry, who went out and picked up the garbage. >> thank you, sherry. >> steve: that was a nest camera. >> brian: between the nest and the doorbell like who went through my garbage? now we are actually seeing it. >> did she wear gloves? >> steve: of course she did. >> did you get your social security number? may have been bill?
5:20 am
>> we can trust her. >> steve: i will need to make some phone calls. >> brian: coming up straight ahead follow the money a far left group increasing anti-police funding after stacey abrams joins its board but the democratic running for georgia governor claims to back the blue. hula brian kemp with a sly view of the governor and wants to keep that job. ♪ ♪ the eat fresh® refresh just won't stop! now, subway® is refreshing their catering with easy-order platters and lunchboxes perfect for any party. pool parties... tailgates... holiday parties... even retirement parties. man, i love parties. subway keeps refreshing and refreshing
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5:24 am
♪ ♪ >> this far left organization stacey abrams decided to sit on the board of coming outs increasing its funding for anti-police initiatives shortly after she joins in may of last year. of the marguerite casey foundation announced that 5% increase in anti-cop causes. the group says the move was "fully supported by its board of directors" which recently named
5:25 am
seven new changemakers to the board including stacey abrams. that democratic candidate has also received more than $52,000 from the for the campaign. governor, welcome, congrats on the win. what do you think about stacey abrams joining this board? >> well, thank you for having me, brian. listen, georgians can't trust stacey abrams the same with our men and women in law enforcement they certainly can't trust her policies and serving on boards that are actually profiting from. just this last weekend my family and i visited the men and women of the georgia state patrol and other state law enforcement police in fort department with our crime suppressing unit which we were going out every night this weekend in atlanta chasing street racers and violent criminals. over the last year or so we have actually arrested 526 people that have had outstanding
5:26 am
warrants and 27 of them for murder. the people here know who is doing something about crime and the men and women in law enforcement know who is going to continue to stand with them. that is me and not her. i don't think georgians are going to look favorably upon her being part of a radical organization that wants to defund the police. that is insanity. we see how that is working out for cities who did that around a year ago. >> brian: what you think about the editorial should change to boycott the elk dome at all-star game and moved it meant and afterwards how does that happen? >> she is the darling of the national media. that is why literally people from all over the country we need you in this fight with us. she is going to get every pass imaginable. just today she is calling on me to continue the gas tax suspension in georgia with the lowest gas prices in the country just trying to help our citizens fight through the stacey abrams,
5:27 am
joe biden inflation. she helped joe biden get elected president, she has embraced all these policies that are killing our citizens when they go to the grocery store. and hitting them in the wallet when they go to the gas pump. and now she is flip-flopping on that. i don't think that's a people want, brian, they want steady leaders that are going to be truthful and put georgians first. she is behind the scenes pushing for student debt relief with the president, and then and public she's talking about gas tax. her heart is not where it needs to be and that is with her citizens worried about them every day and that is what i have been doing. >> brian: your editor has been working because joyce have your first ad out talking about your opponent, stacey abrams, let's listen. >> we are the worst state in the country to live. >> bless her heart. >> georgia leads the nation because brian kemp is governor. he reopened georgia first brought thousands of jobs -- >> brian: she said that prior to the primary that start out
5:28 am
with. or state to live in. >> i certainly don't believe that, marty the girls and i believe that georgia is the greatest date in the country to live work and raise our families. she obviously does not. she was against us passing largest state tax and state history. she was against suspending the gas tax. she was a gun so sending a billion dollars back to taxpayers. to help them fight for the biden-abrams inflation. we are just drawing the hypocrisies out to stacey abrams where she is on these issues. we are going to continue to do that. >> ainsley: governor do think this time, less and we are obviously very close. her concession speech but she never gave one pair each and every one conceded to the election. so this, could it be harder? do you expect a harder run? >> look very at all of these kind of races are hard. this will be one of the number one, probably the top race of root governor races in the country trying to knock them off but my focus is on georgians.
5:29 am
i want to make sure i'm putting them first. i believe we have to give people a reason to vote for us and that is what i have been doing. i've done what i said i would do. when i was running, and i did that when i have been in office and i think people are realizing that whether it's the teacher pay raise we have given, good economic policies, creating thousands of jobs in our state to. that is what i will continue to do, give every georgian what they've they voted for me were not a reason to say hey, let's get this guy in there because he wants our state to be great. i believe that it is. >> brian: governor like you said everyone watch that race in your center race against churchill walker and we been watching georgia ever since the 2020 election. thank you so much, governor, congratulations on the primary win. >> have a great day, guys. it >> brian: meanwhile coming up straight ahead on the show is a day late and a dollar short president biden fails to acknowledge d-day until pressed by fox news, someone argued from the anchor of america's newsroom
5:30 am
who coanchors with dana perino and goes by the name bill hemmer, it's now on our set let's see. ♪ ♪
5:31 am
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speech we are back with deadline starting with this the illegal immigrant in the 2015 shooting just got time served on federal weapons charges. jose garcia zarate was sentenced to seven years but was accredited with the time he already spent behind bars after pleading guilty to carrying the firearm that killed steinle he is heading to texas to delmar from failing to report his location to officials. check at this video a family borrowing boat to chase out a jet ski a man and his son for a boat ride closer to where they believed it to be in and said the man let deputies borrow the boat. you can see they did manage to get their guy. they even told the suspect back to shore after he told deputies he couldn't swim. they got him. apple unveiling software changes aimed at expanding the reach be on the iphone. changes includes an upgrade to the car play feature to better
5:35 am
connect to your vehicle's instrument. you can also control climate and check fuel and better levels. additional features include a buy now, pay later installment feature in apple pay. and undo send the function in imessage, changes to apple maps like multi-stop routing and allowing iphones to be used as webcams on apple computers. a lot of updates, guys. those are headlines. >> steve: i think the edits the fact you can edit your text messages after you send something. >> ainsley: i like the undo feature when or how it will work? >> steve: it's coming. >> ainsley: could stop a lot of fights. >> brian: carly, thank you. >> you are welcome. >> steve: meanwhile president biden missing an opportunity to acknowledge d-day throughout the day, 78 years after allied forces stormed the beaches of normandy. >> brian: no big deal, really, he tweeted at 845 last night
5:36 am
tonight we mark 70 foul 70 year since d-day on the beaches of normandy now we will make more solar panels. we must never forget their service and sacrifice in defense of freedom. we must strive every day to live up to the ideals they fought to defend. >> ainsley: the note came after fox news reached out and it was already june 7th in normandy with the time change difference. norman hunter is here to react. >> good to see you guys. you know it is, brian. is the kind of thing you put in your outlet calendar five years before that and it pops up in the middle of the night your mind in the morning. this is simple, simple stuff. they also neglected to do it a year ago. you see the pattern right now. i think there might be something to this about the 8:45:00 p.m. tweet. we were emailed a lot throughout the network estimate that this was so missing. you wonder whether or not to meet the deadline to have an on
5:37 am
june 7th, 345 in the morning in france time. >> brian: joe biden morn in november of 1942 surveys 18 months old when the d-day occurs. for an american like joe biden, how many pieces did you read last week on politico "washington post," cnn about the dysfunction the west? somebody shoot inside the tent to the white house and they are to get somebody down because they do not like the way this white house is performing. this is a classic example of that. >> steve: you know, bill, you know the white house communications are very much ruled by itself. they know things are coming up they will put out a proclamation, they will put out a tweet or some like that. unless somebody doesn't actually like something. and you have to wonder, you wouldn't think that would be the case, but you there is no real explanation.
5:38 am
>> bill: that is one admission yesterday. i think the other in mission, every viewer who watches your show went to a gas station this past weekend and filled up, or put ten bucks and/or five bucks and/or whatever they could afford. it was in them it was a number of their family sitting shotgun in the car or maybe your friend who did the same thing in there looking at that thing saying this is sticker shock. where is it going to stop? well, the question went to the white house yesterday about gas prices and what was the answer? we have nothing to preview for you. >> brian: would he do do over the weekend because this is friend of mine for americans and the answer yesterday just like the normative question. >> ainsley: bili of a special on fox nation. it is very timely considering what is happening with russia and the ukraine. tell us. >> bill: it's called the winter wore and you let history we all do. on september 1st 1939, hitler invaded poland for it in early
5:39 am
december of that year the soviet union invaded finland. what did they do prior to the war? they made demands upon the finished to get land. they wanted to negotiate a treaty defends said no, no, no. they share a border that runs 830 miles. the similarities between ukraine and putin in february 2022 and what happened in the late 1939 it's astounding. it dropped on fox nation here's the preview of that. >> the war was planned by the leningrad military district. by the general staff. they thought obi a walk over 12 days. but they were wrong. one problem was the red army itself. stalin had purged the high command so he was left with generals who may have been more loyal, but less competence. another factor i title fought for military advantage and the other fought for its very existence. >> does that sound familiar,
5:40 am
right? right now with the fenced of the ukrainians are doing. they have imaginative minds. they found ways to hold off the soviet empire. this battle lasted 105 days. to know how many soldiers defended loss question recorded by thousands. soviets lost 125 men in 3.5 months of war and they signed a peace treaty. we will tell you what happened the fence gave a little here and there but they kept their country. and the soviets were held. >> now they are members of nato because they don't want this to happen again. >> ainsley: so if you are a border country to russia beeped on micro should be prepared. >> bill: the reason they say neutral is because of that war. they stayed neutral to act as a buffer from what was then the soviet union in a developing western union under nato. speed to what's coming? >> bill: dana is back. got failed to said she was on a ten day suspension. >> ainsley: [laughs]
5:41 am
>> bill: all kidding aside. nikki haley are coming up shortly a lot of issues to talk to her about coming up. >> ainsley: and the great state of south carolina. >> steve: thank you, bill. >> bill: nice to be with you. >> ainsley: have you played golf at the summer? >> bill: in my mind i have. you always win a little more. let me tell you. >> ainsley: i'm friends with you and i know you love golf so much. >> bill: more to come. and i speak german. knowledge of german in high school. >> ainsley: i had a friend who's took it in high school. >> bill: at six oh five this morning. >> ainsley: the nicest guy ever. 19 months for the top of the hour. >> steve: something bill and dana should be talking about its primary day in seven states including new jersey where pete hanks in lives and is having breakfast with friends of his birthday. >> good morning. i don't play golf and i don't speak german. so bill hemmer has multiple
5:42 am
things on me. its troop and it's true i only speak one line which, american. good to see you guys this morning. we are here at dynasty diner. in tuckerton new jersey, what a great crowd. behind as are some folks at the bar, we will talk to them in a moment because it is primary day. voters are going to the polls here and in six other states to elect those they want to represent them on the ballot in november. a lot at stake. what is on their mind we will bring it to you on "fox and friends." at, finding perfect isn't rocket science. kitchen? sorted. hot tub, why not? and of course, puppy-friendly. we don't like to say perfect, but it's pretty perfect., booking.yeah.
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♪ ♪ >> steve: seven states across the lender holding primaries today including new jersey where the bulls of been open for two hours and 46 minutes. >> brian: all are on the ballot. >> ainsley: having breakfast with friends at the dynasty diner in tuckerton new jersey, what are you laughing about this morning? >> these great folks are
5:47 am
cracking jokes before we go on the air, come on. >> ainsley: anything you can share? >> not appropriate. [laughter] later, i will tell you later, tomorrow. but the places abuzz with excitement because everyone here is heading to the polls or have already been there if i am correct. art and sharon, right? have already been to the polls. >> saturday we went. >> you voted early prewhat is motivating you? >> the economy. this country is going down the tubes and the regime is driving up there. they have an agenda with electric cars you can see gas prices are super high. and our standing in the world is just going down. i mean, you know. i am retired. trying to make it on our retirement. and all i see is it crashing.
5:48 am
the farmers can't farm because of the fuel prices. the truckers can't drive because of fuel prices. the trains, you've got it all, everything has to do with fuel. we were energy independent. >> to think of where we were to where we are now thank you for sharing that. >> the border is upsetting me. i can't stand to look at the news anymore when i see the crossings of illegal people it makes me sad. the supply chain, everything. the cost of living has gone sky-high. so it's bad. >> it is sad, we appreciate you voicing that this morning on "fox and friends" as well. we're going to winnie and terry. winnie, how are you? >> i'm good. >> i be voted yet? >> no. i am voting. >> it's motivating you question >> will first of all i'm a new grandmother with a 3-month-old. we are searching for formula. nowhere in this world, especially in the country, what i ever think i would have to go and look for food for my
5:49 am
granddaughter. luckily we did find some, but on social media we have moms and tears. i only have two more bottles for my child, please. this is america. that is my personal, of course everything else was going on. >> you never thought it was baby formula. >> never in a lifetime but i believe that. >> what do you blame for that? >> biden. i do. honestly because he came in and he was going to fix and make america real good again. do all of this. i ride around and i'm in shock every time i go food shopping. anything. i'm just like wow, so who else can you blame it on? he is the president of the united states. we can't put blame on other people right now. >> they run out of time to blame it on trumpet this point. even though they tried. >> that's the thing. my concern is the supply chain
5:50 am
and electrical contractor. i really can't get the parts i'm looking for. it takes three months to get a substantial sized power powell. at the new keep getting told the production is delayed because of parts coming in from mexico or china or wherever. it's just ridiculous. and now it's going to be hard to get popcorn. do you believe it? popcorn? >> popcorn in the next one question mike you are killing me. we are out of time. what number one issue for both of you? >> children. the future of the children. they are the future of our country. if we don't get smart and something about this we are going to always be in trouble. i have a son who is 21 who will be graduating college and he needs a job. he needs a good future. i want a good future for my son. >> absolute purity did they're telling us trip to go, thank you
5:51 am
for sharing on "fox and friends" thank you. >> dumb xx be too great diner segment, good people. >> steve: meanwhile former ufc fighter john kennedy is repairing his grand entrance he joins us in a minute. ♪ ♪ new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today.
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5:55 am
♪ ♪ [siren] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:56 am
♪ ♪ speak all right! >> ainsley: look at that! >> steve: what kind of a grand entrance here is tim kennedy just rode up to fox here on two wheels chopper and everything. how are you doing? i morning. former ufc fighter. >> tim: good morning. >> steve: your present book is now out, stars & stripes today is available. you finally arrived here. >> tim: what a morning! you have to do something about this traffic. cap bike like this and be like. >> brian: army rangers designed to solve problems. >> tim: they are but i can't fix traffic in new york. >> steve: if someone could fix new york period. >> ainsley: how do we live up to that?
5:57 am
>> tim: i don't know that thing is a lot of fun. american-made. >> ainsley: do you have a motorcycle? >> tim: in fact by five adults out so much 7-year-old is that a motorcycle can't. their degrees like having lived with me for 15 years. >> brian: let's talk about stars & stripes, your life in and out of the military. >> tim: 9/11 we went to the 9/11 memorial yesterday. obviously it's a real place it was in a dark and terrible moment of my life being a selfish prick for a long time and watching american stand and look deciding to jump to their death or burn a life i was infuriated and had to do some excellent 9/11 i walked in the recruiter's office and there was a line of americans waiting for in their and i talk to it recruiter the next day. >> ainsley: go ahead. >> tim: that started me getting in special forces. >> ainsley: let me tell folks at home your career very former
5:58 am
fighter green beret sniper shooter, bronze star, author of "scars and stripes" which i'm sure in your mind there is a lot more on my list that she is forgetting. what an incredible amount of service to our country. now you are the guy, your team are the one the government calls when we need to get americans out of countries. tell us more about that. >> tim: so, obviously withdrawal out of afghanistan was problematic. with thousands of americans stuck there and tens of thousands of allies men and women i served with over there as translators part of special operations. they are stocks. executed by the taliban so our groups in l.a. skin together initially to rescue one man, as these, and the group of christian orphans and then women entrepreneurs and it just kept growing periods before it grew to touch our building. because you are the guy in the gals who saved our guy, benjamin hall. >> tim: yeah. ukraine was a repeat of that. ukraine, russia invades like
5:59 am
russia, pollutant, that guy can't stand him. one of your correspondence benji while i was trying to do the best thing journalist can do reporting from the front lines which they like on the ground because we need to know what it's like in ukraine, gets horrifically wounded. team on the ground, one of our operators from save our allies is an absolute hero, got him out. this is like stuff of movies and books. how to get benji out is just the most beautiful heroic story of selflessness. >> brian: it's all in your book. i think this line is the best. "you only feel alive before you are about to die." >> tim: yeah. man, i grew up an extra ordinary a father that stole cocaine from pablo escobar. a little backbone where i had to cover for him. if i made a mistake of filling my dad might get killed. that's how i grew up. by the time i became a firefighter and a police officer and ultimately make my way to special forces i knew it looked like to serve your country.
6:00 am
>> ainsley: that's a small portion of the start and we will talk to on radio. "scars and stripes" thank you. >> steve: also go to . what a great interesting. >> ainsley: thank you for what you do. >> tim: what a great entrance see you tomorrow >> bill: inflation is on the ballot, crime is on the ballot. gasoline is on the ballot. we're on the ballot >> dana: we're glad you voted to stay with us. i'm dana perino. >> bill: what all the elections taught us we're moving a little forward each time to what the story is in america >> dana: crime, watch that in all


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