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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  June 7, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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this chase cheese wheels down a hill. >> dana: that looks like the mad scramble to get a show on the air. "america's newsroom" team at 4:00 a.m. >> bill: it's all rolling downhill. >> dana: we went uphill today. great to be with you. see you later on "the five". "the faulkner focus" is up next. here's harris. >> harris: even people on the left have had enough maybe. voters in perhaps america's most liberal city have the chance to kick out a powerful progressive district attorney. he is not the only defund the police pro-criminal type prosecutor. that rotten course of action is the creed of a growing list of liberal d.a.s which could be shown the door. i'm harris faulkner. democrats are basing for a reality check as chesa boudin faces the recall vote today.
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his soft on crime policies made him popular three years ago. after living under them, people in san francisco can't take it anymore. critics say boudin often seeks to avoid charging criminals and sides with the defendants over the victims. crime, drugs, homelessness soaring, and now the crayon is on the wall. in los angeles a deputy district attorney says george gascon, his boss, could be next. >> i think tomorrow boudin will be recalled. what i want to tell everybody and tell george gascon is you are next. the people in los angeles have had enough. i do believe that they really now realize that george gascon does not care about public safety. george gascon has poisoned the well so much. >> harris: poison indeed. in new york a former manhattan
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prosecutor with this warning. every progressive prosecutor, manhattan's alvin bragg included, will take note that if a progressive prosecutor in san francisco can be thrown overboard by an overwhelming liberal electorate, voters elsewhere may do the same thing. "washington examiner" reports liberal anti-police billionaire george soros has been making astronomically high campaign donations. he and his group have helped to elect 75 social justice prosecutors. the social justice part is in quotes, you see. it's in cities where they are putting far fewer people behind bars, even as crime is exploding. the report says in the past decade soros has spent $40 million electing dozens of his chosen prosecutors in campaigns from houston to los angeles to philadelphia to orlando. will cain, co-host of "fox & friends" weekend.
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great to have you on the program. you have said before this was a coming storm. i don't know if democrats realize they will get hit by the rain, wind and hail. >> no. you can't simply -- you simply can't mess with someone's quality of life regardless of their political persuasion as you laid out. san francisco literally has streets being used as toilets. disposal for syringes, drug use in the open air, robbery, burglary, all of these crimes up north of 30%. what you see, then, is liberal district attorneys and politicians attempt to pivot and portray the image they're interested in creating a higher quality of life and prosecuting crime. what they do is begin exclusively talking about gun violence. they use it as a place holder for being hard on crime when what we see is a deter areaation of quality of life in
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new york, chicago, san francisco, los angeles. with gun violence only being one part of that equation. so yes, you mess with somebody's quality of life, ultimately you have to pay. >> harris: this was an example that caught people's eye. it didn't just happen. it was from a year ago. what's happening now is a huge amount of backlash as more people learn about it. in l.a. the d.a. there, george gascon, is doubling down on the light sentence which he handed to a teenage hit and run driver who had just mowed down a mom and her infant last summer. the victim called him out. everybody started calling him out. so on his account, george gascon, fired off a series of tweets. one after reviewing the evidence our office charged the minor with the most serious offenses possible under the law. adding unfortunately opponents of the district attorney are attempting to capitalize on this incident and are using the victim to advance the false
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premise that the sentencing is tied to the d.a.'s criminal reform policies. the truth is our office simply followed the california law. a lot of people are pushing back including the sheriff. so i guess that's cleanup on aisle 6, i guess. >> well, including the sheriff and including the victim. the buzz word used in the statement by gascon is no surprise, harris, misinformation. he declares there is a lot of misinformation for the case. the same language that boudin is using in san francisco for his policies and the effect on the quality of life on his residents saying we're suffering from a lot of misinformation and invoking the trump administration for why people are frustrated. not again their streets are being used as toilets. so the trick here is what gascon is saying i did everything i could under the law. which is not true. he has done everything he could under the policies that he put in place. he reduced the threshold to keep strikes off of the record
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of minors. so he made it so that the hardest thing he could charge someone with is what he charged them with, not attempted murder or assault with a deadly weapon. the car being the a deadly weapon. he set his own policies and maxed out his own policies. instead of living up to what the law allowed, which is a stricter policy. real quickly, harris, it is really hard to put into context how radical these d.a.s are. people like gascon and people like boudin. boudin's grandfather was an attorney for fidel castro. the ideology he was steeped in. his mother was a member of the weather underground. she went to prison. she studied in the soviet union. the son and grandson of a long line, a far left radicals. now he holds public office and the people of san francisco are
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paying the price. >> harris: that's interesting. you are right, you don't draw a direct line between where you are from and where you've gone or where you are going but it is all part of your history and it is interesting history to know about. this is also interesting history to know about. the george soros money. it has been there for decades and time to start paying attention to it especially at this point in our history. it appears soros is looking to help tip the scales in the upcoming mid-term election. democrats are losing more latino voters so cue george soros and big cash. according to a recent fox poll biden's approval among hispanic voters has fallen just more than half approving of the job he is doing now. a soros-linked company is going to fund the newly-founded hispanic media company, the $60 million deal buys 18 radio
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stations in 10 of the nations largest media markets. the move gets a clap back from florida's republican governor ron desantis. a quote from him. the soros-funded radical left is running a scheme to manipulate local media in florida. your reaction. >> let's explore for a moment the influence of george soros' money. 40% of the people living in america's largest metropolitan areas are living in a district where the d.a. has been backed by george soros's money and where the d.a. was backed by george soros's money. meaning these policies of san francisco, los angeles, are actually being implemented in almost half of america's big cities. now that money is being turned to another -- for what it's worth most cities like san francisco lost 6% of its population, l.a. almost 7%.
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new york 7% of thaifr population. in the face of that loss, what do they do? invest more. now they are losing hispanic voters. is the democratic party. george soros's money comes in to influence that loss. how do they do it? they do it by investing in media. latino, hispanic, spanish speaking radio stations so they can control the narrative and ultimately the thoughts and then ultimately the votes of a voters they have oef relied and on losing. use the money to influence the group you are now losing. >> harris: information that may be new to people. the old play, right, from the vintage playbook is if you can't tell them the truth, find a way to lie to them. it is really basic. if you can't sell your policies right out. if people now in liberal cities
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will say no to soft on crime policies and say no to these things that these soros backed groups are funding, find a way to lie to them and sell it differently. >> last thought t. problem with the old playbook is what's happening is people's real everyday lives are contradicting the lies they are told. it doesn't matter how many radio stations you buy or d.a.s you elect. if you see your street and people move out. they are of new york, san francisco, california at large. >> harris: those numbers aren't small. 6, 7%. some of those may be the more conservative people in the area is what democrats could argue. why are they facing recalls for liberal d.a.s? if conservatives are the reason why they aren't succeeding that's not true. it is exactly what you said. everybody walks out and sees more crime on the street no matter how they vote. will cain, great to have you in
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"focus" always. thank you. possible change in the law after a drag show for young children. look at that little one. really young children is sparking serious outrage. what one republican lawmaker is not just saying about it, but doing about it. and remember the point here is that these are little ones. plus five months from today americans will head to the polls almost exactly five months to decide control of congress and determine what the next two years of biden's presidency will look like. we'll hear the voters' voices in our special panel. their top concerns, biggest issues and what they plan for november 8th. they're in "focus" next. veteran homeowners, need cash? at newday you can borrow up to 100% of your home's value and get up to $60,000 or more. we called and got $96,602.
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>> harris: americans headed to the polls for primaries ahead of mid-term election season in seven states today. here on "the faulkner focus" we love to talk to lawmakers, newsmakers, candidates, political analysts, but today it's time to hear from the most important voices, the voters' voices. 154 days, we're counting, until mid-terms when the nation will decide which political party will control congress and state houses across america. a new national poll shows the top issues for the vote for congress are the economy and inflation. the list also has with it taxes and gas prices. and a "wall street journal" survey shows a whopping 83% of people take a grim look upon the economy. they don't see good things now or potentially coming soon.
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voters' voices now, natasha, assistant professor of environmental medicine from louisville, kentucky. left screen to right. joe, a musician and podcast producer from glendale, california. a small business owner from athens, georgia and janet, an educator from atlanta, georgia. a couple people from the peach state. a lot going on there politically. left to right let's start with a baseline of where everybody is on the most important issues and what you are experiencing and feelings now. natasha. >> thank you so much, harris, for the opportunity to be here. i am thinking i should not offer criticism without also offering opportunity. and so things that i see great
8:19 am
opportunities right now are around profession of health. i think the establishment and commitment to having an office of climate health and equity, having a white house advisory council on environment all justice and within health and human services show commitment to help our health. protecting the air we breathe, the water we drink. now the concerns that i have right now and the factors that i want to see policymakers take on as we go to the polls this fall to elect new policymakers gun violence brings out very prominent to me. too many other places to name with reports of 13 to 18 mass shootings just this weekend. we should be able to send our children to elementary schools. we should be able to go to the grocery store. we should be able to visit a
8:20 am
movie theater and we should be able to worship in church without the fear of gun violence. of course the economy is also a major concern, gas prices are making people make decisions that could impact their health as well. certainly impact their economy and their economic outlook. i have a friend that shared with me just yesterday that they are considering asking their job for more telework time so they don't have to drive in so often. the threat of extreme weather is the third major concern. each of these affect health and i want policymakers to be able to focus on prevention. >> harris: you have given us a complete answer. we want to give everybody else a chance to chime in. phillip, i come to you. natasha was very careful as someone who votes democrat to start with the good and move into the thing that no one can say is working, and some of those things.
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i want to get your views what you are feeling and experiencing right now, phillip. >> it's the debt that the entire nation is under that trickles down to me as a small business person. we have $30 trillion in debt. i don't think the average person like myself can relate to what a trillion dollars is. i actually googled it and if you put 30 trillion in this room and put it in a money machine to count one bill per second guess how long it would take to count a trillion dollars? we have 30 trillion in debt. 33,000 years to count those trillion dollars. so it can't be paid back. it's an impossible feat to bring that amount of money in to cover the debt. this administration wants to add $5 trillion more to that. it is money that people can't even spend.
8:22 am
it is being thrown at them so fast. that's my biggest concern is we're watching this nation go downhill from an economic stand point and all their solutions just make it worse. >> harris: interesting what you say because while people may be feeling the immediate effects of gasoline prices, you are looking down the road and what the administration wants to do to try to alleviate the immediate to make it down the road untenable for future generations. an interesting point. i want the move to this and come to you joe and janet. the "wall street journal" poll shows 86% of americans say they are deeply divided when it comes to our most important values. only 13% say they are united and in agreement. if our families were like that, they would be busting up. janet, your thoughts. >> my thoughts are simply the quality of life that we have in america under this
8:23 am
administration is of deep concern to me. what i see is a ball of confusion when it comes to the morality wars. we look at rowe, transgenderism and whenever we're under a democratic administration. you add in the economy and inflation, massive amounts of money we're sending to ukraine we could use that to build up our own infrastructure these are concerns i believe have a daily impact on the american citizen. sometimes we don't know whether we're coming or going and that is -- results in a lot of what you have now is challenges that people are experiencing because our quality of life is so unstable right now. i think when we need to focus on individuals in america and move forward in doing other things. >> harris: in my notes, joe and my team has spoken with you, you are independent on some issues, democrat on others. listening to what janet just said, what are your thoughts? >> i think the economy is a
8:24 am
very important issue. but the environmental issues. we have one plan elt. economy doesn't matter if everything is on fire or under water. the cultural issues are very divisive and it does divide families. my relationships are strained. issues like gun control are extremely important to me. the repeated slaughter of children does not make you reassess your gun rights i question your morality. people want simple answers to very complex problems and i think that participation in our democracy is such an important issue. >> harris: very wise statement. people want the pop tart culture type of doing things and sometimes things are more than one answer, more than 15 answers, and time. i know that's tough. i don't want to gloss over this because uvalde, buffalo, shootings are things that have touched all americans and it is
8:25 am
never fair to say that one political party owns more heart than the other. i want to give janet and phillip, either one of you who would want to speak on what's happened. both of our other guests have to get your point of view. i will come back to you, janet. >> okay. >> harris: your thought on it. >> gun control? >> harris: what happened in uvalde and buffalo and how we go forward from this moment. >> it's a tough one and not a new problem. i own several guns. i am a hunter. so i don't want the government to come knocking on my door to take those guns away from me but i also have feelings for those children that were lost. what i would hope for is a bipartisan agreement that covers both security at the schools, don't take guns away but make them harder to get. what i think we'll end up with is a setup where the
8:26 am
republicans are set up to look like the bad guys when they don't agree with sweeping program that overreaches. so it will be a political show at the end of the day. >> harris: janet, when it comes to the american dream only 38% say they are optimistic that most people can achieve it. 61% say they are pessimistic. i hear it going back to what you were saying the slipping away of who we are as a country. what do you think of that statistics? >> i think that statistic is representative of how we feel as a country. we have just come out of a pandemic and all of a sudden there is no baby formula on the shelves or we see our food supply going up in flames. and i question the competence and the sanity of this administration. at the end of the day this falls under the present administration. what are we doing on a
8:27 am
day-to-day basis by way of policies and legislation to give americans hope in their future? this is what concerns me. all the morality wars, the confusion, this impacts our daily lives. there are a lot of mental health challenges going on. i can't begin to question on that. but it is just very, very concerning to me about the health of the americans here in this country. our day-to-day is very unstable and the policies that they are trying to enact whether it's transgenderism, gun control, it is very disconcerting. >> harris: natasha, a last word. >> absolutely. i think there are many pressing concerns that are affecting the health. i think protecting our health absolutely provides a path forward to achieving the american dream because our health is our greatest asset as i shared with you before. without that we can't achieve it. so we need protection for the climate. we need protection for air and water quality and need
8:28 am
protection of our basic human rights so we can have autonomy to make the decisions to protect our health. >> harris: when politicians have in mind who is sitting around that kitchen table, i hope they will see your very eloquent voices, all of you, joe, phillip, janet, natasha, all of you and think of you as representing so many millions of americans who really do care about the issues. voters' voices. great to see you all. god bless you. >> thank you. >> harris: well as you just heard, our voters' voices saying we are experiencing crisis upon crisis upon crisis. but president biden is reportedly very angry about his poll numbers being even lower than president trump's were. big questions over biden's priorities. >> when gas is approaching $5 a gallon on average across-country, the fact that the biden white house is
8:29 am
focused on solar energy as opposed to getting gas prices under control tells you where their priorities are. >> harris: the president has decided to invoke the defense production act very quickly. it took him forever on the baby formula and got right to it on this. critics say the timing could not be worse for american families. rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel in "focus" next. home, and need cash, call newday usa. i'm tatiana, here to say you can get an average of $60,000 with the newday 100 cash out loan. that's at least 25% more cash than you get at a bank. it lowers your payments by an average of $600 a month, too. with today's soaring home values, the time to turn your equity into cash is right now. >> tech: cracked windshield? make it easy and schedule with safelite, because you can track us and see exactly when we'll be there.
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>> harris: deja vu all over again. we broke another gas record. now $4.91 a gallon on average for regular unleaded. that's up just a nickel overnight. a quarter of the country, as you see in this map, now seeing gasoline more than $5 a gallon. economist steve moore says president biden, you own it. >> this is a result of policies that were implemented.
8:35 am
self-inflicted wounds. not a result of covid. because covid is basically over we should be seeing less inflation, better growth. >> harris: president biden is insisting he is taking gas prices and inflation very seriously but as americans are getting crushed by it all, he is now changing his tune and wants to talk about solar power. you have one of those in your backyard. he invoked the defense production act to spur domestic manufacturing of solar panels and clean energy technologies. the "wall street journal" with this warning. it's becoming mr. biden's household economic remedy. the constitutional risk is the president will increasingly resort to emergency powers to deputize private industry to do his political bidding. the economic risk is that the government will misallocate resources and make the u.s. economy even less competitive. in "focus" now rnc chairwoman
8:36 am
ronna mcdaniel. those are dire warnings from the "wall street journal." what do you make of it? >> i think it's right on target when you look at biden saying we will import solar panels from china instead of tapping our domestic energy production, which we know we have the capacity to end this crisis that the american people are dealing with. we know that everything joe biden has done is intentional. he cut off the key stone pipeline. ket off drilling on federal lands. he did it intentionally. this is his plan, deliberate. he does not care and part of the progressive roadmap to a new america. and the american people are paying the price. it is a green new deal. it is all of our green is paying for it through our dollars. >> harris: just quickly on the next one, at the rnc you look at the big picture of the mid-term elections and so on and so forth. some of it has to be more than
8:37 am
just messaging. what can republicans do? because we can't just sit here for the next year, two years and lame duck when the red wave hits the democrats and doesn't appear anything will slow it down? >> winning back the house and senate is huge. it is a message to the democrats the american people want a shift. they want to see the biden administration course correct. that's the best way you send a message to them that they are off track is by switching leadership. we saw it with bill clinton and we saw him course correct. biden despite all the pain he seeing with the american people. he isn't seeing it. he is in delaware and doesn't want to talk to people. you look at the border, drug crisis, kids as an aftermath of the pandemic with suicide rates and mental health issues and gas prices and inflation. we have a whole country that's hurting on top of the formula issue. joe biden that's decided to ignore it and say it's not a
8:38 am
problem. everything is fine here and going well. the best way to fix it elect republicans. the best way to send a message to biden he is failing the american people. >> harris: president biden is very angry over his dismal poll numbers as americans are facing so many crises. "politico" with the headline on sunday. biden wants to get out more, seething his standing is worse now than trump. okay, let's pray that's not really his priority. it goes on to report, quote, biden also recently erupted over being kept out of the loop on the baby formula shortage. as you might expect, a white house spokesperson calls the report divorced from reality but critics have had it. a new op-ed head lined exasperated biden has only himself to blame as poll numbers sink below trump. chairwoman.
8:39 am
>> i think it's funny that biden wants to get out and that his priority is his poll numbers. i think that's incredibly shameful as people are really suffering. i know my brother can't find formula for my nephew in texas. we're struggling with gas prices across the country. people are wondering how to make ends meet. biden is worried about his poll numbers. who will want to be seen with him? what democrat now wants to campaign with joe biden? nobody in his party wants to be around him. i don't know where he will go. maybe that's why he has to go to delaware every weekend. nobody in his party wants to be seen with a president that has failed this country, turned america into a disaster in less than two years. the reagan line are you better off than you were four years ago? every american in november will say am i better off than i was two years ago when joe biden took office? and the answer across the board through every poll, everything we're seeing is a resounding no. >> harris: wow, from 4 to 2. that really means something.
8:40 am
these were supposed to be the better months and years coming out of some of the worst months and years that this country has seen under the coronavirus pandemic. one last quick question for you because i know fundraising is something that both political parties are talking about. it is also as you taught me in the past an opportunity to do some door knocking. what are people saying to you? >> i hear the same three things all the time. really concerned. there is true angst out there. sad we have a president and vice president won't talk to the american people like you did on your show. people are concerned about gas prices and the grocery store being empty. i will tell you as a mom we're dealing with the aftermath of our kids being out of the classroom for two years and the education lost during the pan demic and crime is a big issue we're hearing over and over again across the country. i think you will hear about that today in california as you have an important recall in san francisco on this crime issue.
8:41 am
>> harris: my goal is to just rack up. we had voters' voices on. have you on. you always give me good information what people are saying. those are the best indicators as to how much pressure and enthusiasm we'll see in november. good to see you. thank you so much for being in "focus." >> great to be with you. thanks. >> harris: some professional athletes are sparking a big debate. they refused to wear pride month logos on their uniforms saying it is not bias, it is about faith. plus did president biden know yesterday was the anniversary of d-day? 78 years. he actually was born back then. >> he has missed multiple engagements to try and show sympathy or honor and respect for our fallen heroes. the biden administration is failing us every single way. >> harris: i ran out of words. the president did finally
8:42 am
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>> as long as the federal government continues to encourage the immigrants to make this journey and rewards them by releasing them to the united states we'll continue seeing the immigrants coming across. federal government needs to step in and do its job at the border and support border patrol so we don't see what's happening right now. >> harris: he hit the nail on the head. an urgent warning now as a massive caravan is making its way to the united states. these are illegal immigrants hoping to get in because the government has said it will let them in. it's expected to number some 15,000 by time it gets here. they have been growing by the hour. critics are placing blame directly on the biden administration and today's "new york post" with this front page. let us in, joe. griff jenkins reporting from the rio grande valley in texas.
8:48 am
griff. >> harris, lt is right. the caravan on day two moments ago the organizer telling me that they estimate some 3,000 children are in there, 126 pregnant women and 67 handicapped individuals. they will get shown preferential treatment if they get to the border. one of the business owners in the mcallen area. he was born and raised here and says what they are already seeing year after year growing, surging numbers. what americans need to know is it's coming beyond the border the their town. take a listen. >> what we've been living with here for some time is coming their way. it's coming their way. if this government doesn't do something to stop this influx, it is coming their way. >> let me show you the video. we were out early before the sun was up with lieutenant
8:49 am
olivarez, we're crawling hands and knees through the brush to get the runners. they didn't want to be caught. they do it every day in dawn and the heat of the day. hitting the 100 degree mark here finally. the number of apprehensions since i've been on the ground in the last eight days almost 12,000. number of gotaways, ones they saw and didn't bring to custody almost 1,000. just let that sink in for a moment, harris, the problem is not getting any better. >> harris: and we've had lawmakers and border patrol agents and leadership tell us that the number is north of 800,000 in terms of gotaways. griff jenkins, thank you very much. president biden finally issued a statement last night 8:45 p.m. eastern marking the 78th anniversary of d-day after failing to mention it in all of
8:50 am
his earlier remarks. his tweet time stamped as i mentioned. that was tuesday morning in normandy, france, where thousands of u.s. and allied troops gave their lives on june 6th, 1944. that's why you kind of like to do it earlier in the day so you get it in there before the countries where this played out make it to the next day. his tweet came after media outlets calling him out for hours and several members of congress were giving floor speeches to recognize the historic day already. last year the biden white house failed to issue any statement on the anniversary of d-day. jimmy failla, host of fox across america, fox news radio walked in here levitating on the floor he is so on fire. >> i am. this is so disrespectful to d-day. when it is issued this is the july 5th happy birthday america tweet where he got reminded by
8:51 am
facebook at the end of the day. oh, i forgot the birthday. 8:45 doesn't ring true like there was a genuine attempt to honor the troops. we give him the benefit of the doubt if there wasn't a pattern. he didn't acknowledge it last year. memorial day what did kamala do? enjoy the long weekend as if that's what they thought of memorial day. democrats can say it isn't that big an issue. the indifference to the troops is an american issue and biden and kamala are polling behind monkey po*x. nobody cares. i will defend biden on one thing. his parents probably report to d-day as his report card arrival. but he owes some type of acknowledgement to the troops at normandy. he stormed the beach every friday in delaware. show some respect to the troops. d-day is the reason we aren't all speaking german right now. they deserve a shout-out.
8:52 am
>> harris: you hit every single point of that. every single point. what is his team doing that they can't remind him we missed it last year or is this on purpose? we don't know the answer to that necessarily. it bears questioning. >> when you hear 70 people are running his social media team as some reports asserted and we don't get an acknowledgement. younger staffers in the white house. >> harris: they took history. >> you would like to think. understand -- >> harris: we have to go. several tampa bay rays players are sparking an online debate because they refused to wear rainbow colored pride month uniforms over the weekend. critic call it a joke and say there is a special ignorance on sports on this topic, end quote. but outkick's clay travis is backing the players. refusing the wear the uniforms and take the sports media crushing they will get is far
8:53 am
braver than merely acquiescing. they call it a faith-based decision. >> i'm glad the rays have controversy to deal with it. i think it is ridiculous. we got through a pocket of years if athletes have an opinion on the national anthem we're supposed to shut up and let them voice their opinion. in this instance they have -- now we are told they shouldn't have an opinion. the rays play in the american league. anything less american than taking away their freedom of expression or choice not to express? the way i see it is it's a non-issue because they aren't saying i hate these people. they are saying i don't push your agenda. that's all. >> harris: when you do the reading on it that's what they say. they love everybody. they support all of that. they don't want to be forced to wear something they consider to the to their faith. a state representative is
8:54 am
moving to bag drag shows for little kids in his state. he says the events of the past weekend were horrifying and show a disturbing trend in which perverted adults are trying to sexualize young kid. a dallas event called drag the kids to pride showed some kids walking the runway holding out cash and posing with drag queens in front of a lewd sign. my team promised me i wouldn't have to read it again today. it was kind of like that. that was the problem. >> it's disfussing. there was a time in this country of more decency. if someone voiced the idea of taking your kid to a drag show they would be arrested. this is disgusting and sexualizing children. i have seen a fair share of dancers but not with children. it is disgusting. >> harris: how are we supposed to know that from the cobalt
8:55 am
jacket? >> another story for another time. next hit. >> harris: thank you so much for watching "the faulkner focus". we hit on a lot of things. no matter what day it is, we appreciate and love all of our veterans from the wars that america has fought in. we have lost some, and gained so many pride and so much freedom. we are grateful to you. "outnumbered" is next. to all time highs. ave cld and so has your equity. turn it into cash now. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out more than $60,000. use it to improve your home. pay off high rate debt. pay for big expenses. or put it in the bank for real peace of mind. turn your equity into cash with the newday100 va cash out loan call now.
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