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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  June 7, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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ukraine problem and nothing since then, no new permits have been made, all you've had is very strict regulations. i know you have to get out to other people, it's ok, you are coming on "kudlow" at 4:00, we have great ratings and the whole world will see you. >> sandra: if you want more of him, 4:00. >> john: we'll see you soon, larry. "the story" starts now. >> >> ever since the minneapolis police abandoned their precinct ever since it was runover by protesters. remember this night? that is the moment that it all goes back to in so many ways. on may 28, 2021, it was right after george floyd's death.
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since then, america has sought to right the wrong by dismantling the system, by suggesting that our nation is a racist one, that police on the whole are bad, that the nation is not just. during that time we have unfunded police in many places. we've let perpetrators go without paying ball. we watched criminals get arrested to see them let free the next day. we've seen scenes like in from philadelphia again and again. what a sad state of affairs so much is right now, right? so today you have voter going to the polls to vet. let their voices be heard on whether all of this has left us safer or actually in more danger. you can bet that they're watching all of this today, election action at the white house. we're now less than five months away from the mid-terms.
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so in places like san francisco today, los angeles, there may be a bit of an earthquake brewing. seven states today see voters head to the polls for the first time in a long time. what happens in california might be the most significant of all as these leaders and potential leaders are judged today by voters when they walk in to the voting booth. bill hemmer is here with more on what we will be watching tonight. bill, great to have you with us. >> welcome home. terrific work in london. great to have you back. >> martha: good to be back. a lot going on today. a look first at california, what should people be watching? >> i looked at the abc news poll. you nailed it a moment ago. when they talk about the economy and gas prices and inflation, those are the top three concerns among voters across america. it has to be reflected in california as well. especially when it comes to gas prices and inflation also. >> martha: so let's take a look
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at the los angeles race for mayor. you have in rick caruso, somebody that used to be a republican, billionaire, poured millions into this race against karen bass, a long time member of congress. what are the tea leave there's? >> i tell you, california has a jungle primary. the two leading vote getters, whether they're two democrats or two republicans or a democrat and a republican, they'll go on to november to face off against each other. right now the polling would suggest that bass and caruso will advance in november. it's a very interesting race. caruso made a lot of money. he's a billionaire. he was a republican three years ago. l.a. has problems. they got problems like crime that we can show you in a moment. questions about the economy. talk about gas. kelly o'grady, our correspondent in l.a., she's standing at a gas station at 6:00 a.m. the prices are lit up behind her. it's $8 plus. she says $5 gasoline never
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looked so good. think about the folks in california how they're dealing with that right now. clearly has to be an issue. then you have caitlyn jenner coming up here. we just watched what we heard from the white house with matthew mcconaughey. these are social issues. these are questions about how we govern ourselves. and i thought he was able to give a voice to texas in a way that no american has yet. i don't know how that is reflected today or a week from now or a month from now. something that we'll watch. >> martha: absolutely is. i want to take a look at that in a second. i want to run through these. i want to ask you about that. it was very moving what we just saw at the white house. matthew mcconaughey is imploring americans to come together on the things that we agree on. we know in the polls that we see there's a lot that we agree on. we're there.
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let's take a look at this sound bide and get bill's reaction. you could hear a pin drop in the press briefing room that we witnessed. let's watch. >> we need to restore our family values, we need to restore our american values and we need responsible gun ownership. responsible gun ownership. we need background checks. we need to raise the minimum age to purchase an ar-15 rifle to 21. we need a waiting period for those rifles. we need red flag laws and consequences for those that abuse them. these are reasonable practical, tactical regulations to our nation, states, communities, schools and homes. responsible gun owners are fed up with the second amendment being abused and hijacked by
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some deranged individuals. >> martha: very strong words. he was born and raised in uvalde. he started by talking about learning how to use different weapons, different guns as he was growing up as so many young boys and girls do in places like uvalde, texas. he talked about responsible gun ownership. he said we need to have a return of family values in this country. we need to have a return of american values in this country. i think he touched a nerve. i hope we live in a world where touching a nerve can move something, can move the needle five months from an election. i don't know, bill. >> i was at sandy hook ten years ago. on a saturday afternoon, the coroner gave the briefing. they deal with tissue and life and see it in a binary way. what mcconaughey was talking about is the remains of these
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kids. and they have that set of sneakers there, the high topping with the heart on it. it puts a human face on the story the way nobody has yet. ten years ago, if you listen to the coroner talk about these five and six-year-old kids at sandy hook with so much of their flesh being blown a part across the classroom, that's what mcconaughey was trying to do. i know these senators on the republican and democratic side right now. they're meeting. may or may not be progress. the indication earlier today and last night is we need more time. maybe they get something done here. it's far from certain at this point what can be done to get lawmakers to come together to pass something to have 60 votes in the senate and get approval in the house. >> martha: need ten votes in the senate. you have people like pat toomey and john cornyn that are finding common ground here.
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the 21 issue i think is a huge one. when i look back at the ages of all of these shooters, i think there's maybe one or two exceptions. but 90% of them i think it's safe to say are under the age of 21. you talk about a waiting period. a waiting period is something that americans seem to agree on in this country. nobody is talking about taking away the gun rights away. maybe just make it older for things like drinking and waiting a waiting period. from 18 to 21, that is a cooling off period that might have changed the trajectory in the children's lives that you covered. i remember when you came back from sandy hook. it was a very, very rough time. >> one more point on that. he may be able to swing the argument here in a way that the president can't. because joe biden cannot -- 20 years ago, joe biden could do
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that. at age 79, he can't. 20 years ago joe biden would have been able to fill up that room for an hour and deliver that same level of humanity that mcconaughey did. i thought it was effective. i don't know in the end if it will move the lawmakers in washington, but it was a smart move today to bring him in. >> martha: it was. a final thought. back on the elections. obviously the prices that we talked about are a big factor but crime is a big factor. >> sure is. and boudin is against it. took office in january of 2020. and show you -- pardon my back if that's what you're seeing. boudin took office in january of 2020. that's right before the pandemic. what has happened since then? the crime in san francisco. look at this. aggravated assault from 20 to
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2022, it's up. auto theft is up as well. you see people loading up garbage bags. that's what's happening in san francisco. karen bass in san francisco, six-time congress member, she said i want to represent the city of l.a. in the next way. did not see this coming. rick caruso, we'll see how well he does. pelling is very close. we'll see throughout the night what happens there. in l.a., very similar story. this is the crime year to date. this is 21 to 22. total crime is up. this is not -- this is not the direction you want the be going when you're running for office and people are deciding your fate. that is san francisco. that's los angeles. this is your $6.37 for a gallon
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of gas. whether you're paying $5 at the pump or $10 or filling your entire s.u.v. you're feeling it every time you do. that's what is on the line in california. >> martha: that's for sure. thanks, bill. great to have you here. on this theme as we go forward here, it wasn't that long ago that caitlyn jenner, we went out to california to cover the potential recall of gavin newsome. she had hoped to overturn newsome in that recall. today his controversial d.a., boudin, who we just heard about, who has already lost a lot of the attorneys under him who have backed this recall vote. so we're going to find out if california voters have had enough. caitlyn jenner is one that believes that california can be the state that it once was, a great place for businesses and for people to live. she joins me exclusively coming up next.
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>> martha: so are we about to once the beginning of the end of the progressive prosecutors' movement in america that was borne out of george floyd's killing and the blm movement, the backlash has left cities like san francisco in a mess of homelessness, drug use and crime that has made even some staunch liberal voters want change in their state. tonight district attorney chessa boudin will learn if he's been recalled by voters. now he's in trouble after going soft on everything from smash and grabs to drug dealing. if he goes, los angeles da
12:17 pm
george gascon could be next. he's facing his second recall effort by voters there, and even one of his own prosecutors says that gascon has to go. >> george gascon, you're next. the people in los angeles have had enough. and i do believe that they really now realize that george gascon does not care about public safety. >> martha: in moments, we'll talk to caitlyn jenner. first, claudia cowan live with the back story. hi, claudia. >> you're right. all eyes are on this recall. it's seen as a test case of national criminal justice reform. san francisco's embattled direct attorney chessa boudin says he field confident he will survive and it's part of an effort of wealthy republicans to block
12:18 pm
progressive reform. >> see republicans from coast to coast in virginia and philadelphia and los angeles attempting to roll back victories at the ballot box of democratic reformers. they cannot beat us in head-to-head races so they attempt to undermine and prevent the progress that we've committed to make. >> critics say boudin's policies aimed at reducing mass incarceration is a left san san francisco unsafe. the city has seen a surge in overdosing and drug-related thefts. homelessness and public safety are the defining issues in the mayor's race in l.a. karen bass is the more progressive candidate with endorsements from the l.a. times and labor unions. polls show her in a dead heat with rick caruso, a republican turned democratic. he says as an outsider, he's the best hope for the second largest
12:19 pm
city. after defeat ago recall last year, governor newsome is facing two dozen mostly unknown challengers running for the chance to stop him from winning a second term. and voters will choose the run-off candidates for u.s. senate and state attorney general. even though every registered voter got a mail-in ballot, turnout will be lose. if boudin is recalled, the mayor will appoint a new district attorney to finish his term. we should know the outcome this afternoon. >> martha: thanks, claudia. let's bring in caitlyn jenner. a fox news contributor. thanks for being here. >> my pleasure. >> martha: let's look at this attorney general story in san francisco. chessa boudin. yale graduate. son of two weather underground members who did a lot of time in
12:20 pm
prison while he was growing up. i think we have images of them. they later said that they regretted their actions and now their son is sort of trying to hang on as attorney general in san francisco. what do you think will happen here? >> well, i'm hoping by the end of the day they will be no boudin as the attorney general up in san francisco. it says a precedence for the rest of the country. we have to get rid of these people that have very soft on crime throughout the year. he's really to blame for the city's crime, drug, homelessness. he's pretty much legalized drugs. the campaign, i was in san francisco a couple of days. i stood there on the street and watched on the other side of the street, probably 40 people leaned up against the wall. there was a drug deal going over on the right-hand side.
12:21 pm
a drug deal going on. you could see the money being passed, the drugs changes hands. one guy on the street shooting up while i'm there. half the others were passed out. there was nothing going on, no law enforcement. boudin is the one directly responsible for trying to clean that city up. do you know fentanyl deaths outnumbered in san francisco covid deaths in 2021? he's lost 40% of the people that work for him. why? they're disgusted with his lack of prosecutors. i hope at the end of the day, we set the precedents of boudin gone from government. we're having to same problem down here with gascon. you know, we tried in 2021 -- >> martha: he's -- boudin is the d.a., i should say. so you know, i wonder what your sense is? you've been in california a long
12:22 pm
time. they had ronald reagan, pete wilson. arnold schwarzenegger, this is a state that has over time had republican leadership. what is your sense about where your state is move something you think there's actually an earthquake happening in california? >> i sure hope so. i hope the democrats are moving over to the other side. why? because you walk down the streets and any major city in california and what do you see? you see drug use, you see homelessness, a system that is absolutely broken by the democrats. this is become like a bipartisan issue. down here gascon who has been -- we tried in 21 in recall him but they did get enough ballots. monday, they had over 500,000 signatures. they need about 67,000 more
12:23 pm
signatures by july 6 to actually put him on the recall in the mid-terms. i think they're going to get it. they're very positive about that. the quality in life in los angeles has really declined because of the drug use, the homelessness and everything. it's even reached the wealthy people down here in san francisco. i mean, beverly hills has turned into gotham city because of gascon's process that he's done. it's a shame to see. you can't drive a nice car. first of all, gas is so expensive here in california. you can't wear jewelry on rodeo drive. you have to dress down. the whole city has changed so drastically. it's a shame. it has turned into gotham city. >> martha: it will be
12:24 pm
interesting to see where the tide is here in california. even if it's in little pieces. thanks for coming on. see you soon. >> martha: my pleasure. how does the price of gas jump 5 cents overnight? if you had to work for an hour to buy a gallon of gas. that is a reality in some places. charles payne joins me next and trump media technology group devin nunes on the arrest of peter navarro who unlike eric holder got handcuffed and thrown in jail for not honoring a congressional subpoena. what is going on here? >> let me go to the airport and take me with five agents like i'm an al-quaida terrorist, locked me into a car. next thing i know, leg irons, handcuffs, strip searched.
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12:29 pm
$5.35 here at this station on the north side. pennsylvania is one of the states that has not joined that club of $5 on average. $4.98 for an average in pennsylvania. three states overnight did join the club. that would be maine, massachusetts and new jersey. that makes 13 states plus the district of columbia now selling gas for in excess of $5 a gallon on average. as you report, $4.91 is the national average right now. up a nickel overnight. 29 cents in the last weeks, 69 cents in the last month. can you believe it? this time last year we were at $3 a gallon. those that know about this stuff like charles payne say it's only going to get worse. listen. >> gasoline prices are going to continue to rise until we see a significant amount of demand take place to get the world's supply and demand back in
12:30 pm
balance. we're already seeing gasoline demand in the u.s. down about 2.5% compared to this time last year in response to higher prices. >> as andy reports, demand down compared to last year, martha. but compared to a couple weeks ago, demand continues to build for the summer. i guess we got money so we can afford to pay right now. i don't know how much longer our money will hold out. >> martha: you're looking for the most expensive place in philadelphia? i'll drive by there. i'll keep going until i find the one that is cheaper. thanks, jeff. >> momma didn't raise no fool. >> martha: exactly. thanks. charles payne joins me host of "making money" on fox business. janet yellen was on the hill today. hillary vaughn tried to catch her for a quick question. here's what happened there. >> if you admit that you're were wrong about inflation being temporary, how can you be
12:31 pm
confident that government spending is not the cause of inflation? did you ever warn the white house that increased government spending could have contributed to the inflation that we're seeing today? >> martha: you know what, charles? last week we were going to hear less from janet yellen and more from other people. she's like i'm not saying anything. she did play this real quick. we'll go to charles. watch this. >> when i said the inflation would be transitory, what i was not anticipating was a scenario in which we would end up contending with multiple variants of covid that would be rambling our economy and global supply chains. i was not envisioning impacts on food and energy prices we've seen from russia's invasion of
12:32 pm
ukraine. >> martha: charles? >> yeah, it's kinds of sad that she's stuck on that line. i understand she's part of the administration, she has to. last week felt like a mea culpa but wasn't. i was wrong but i wasn't wrong. it's putin's faelt. that's what she said. one thing, martha, that a lot of people are missing, they're not trying to really bring prices down. i mean, the whole point of these higher prices is to change behavior. they have a much larger goal. now, when you're the president, you talk about economics. your real desire, you wrap that in the veneer of economics. they have this utopian world in their mind to get us to. a world of free money. a new book is coming outs "empathy economics." it's sort of like let's give people money, pay them not to work. let's give everyone in solar cars and be helpful to the
12:33 pm
planet. that is economic. that's social. that's social. that takes greater presence over the economic. it's destroying american families right now. >> martha: and you might lose the election. let's take a look at gas prices over consecutive days. i asked you about something that you mentioned in the break before we went on air. we said we're doing everything wrong. we're not building refineries, we're not putting a shovel in the ground to build a refinery, which would put futures down a little bit. you said china is being brilliant on energy. >> china is doing it all. they're building a gazillion nuclear power plants. they're buying all the fossil fuels they can buy. we spent two decades getting under the thumb of saudi arabia and give it back to china. it's nuts. >> martha: it's a scary --
12:34 pm
>> it is. it's nuts. >> martha: it's shocking that the president doesn't pay attention to that. he's been around a long time. he knows the dynamic with saudi arabia and with china. so it's shocking. charles, thank you. >> thank you. >> martha: so former trump white house economic advisinger peter navarro was dramatically arrested and handcuffed at an airport. devin nunes says the drama is quite intentional ahead of this week's january 6th hearings. >> dhs came with the full force of the federal government and put the hammer down trying to intimidate me. uh, how come we don't call ourselves bikers anymore? i mean, "riders" is cool, but "bikers" really cool. -seriously? -denied. can we go back to meeting at the rec center? the commute here is brutal. denied. how do we feel about getting a quote to see if we can save with america's number one motorcycle insurer?
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>> we have to take a sober honest look in the mirror and rebrand ourselves based on what we truly value. what we truly value. we have to get real courage and honor our immortal obligations
12:39 pm
instead of party affiliations. not for the invalidation of the other side. find middle ground. the place where most of us americans live anyway. especially on this issue. i promise you, america, you and me, we are not as divided as we're being told we are. no. how about get inspired? give ourselves just cause to revere our future again. maybe set an example for our children. give us reason to tell them hey, listen, watch these men and women. these are great american leaders right here. i hope you grow up to be like them. we have make choices, make
12:40 pm
stands and preserve the traditions that can create true, true progress for the next generation. with real leadership. let's start giving us, all of us with real leadership, let's start giving all of us good reason to believe that the american dream is not an illusion. >> martha: that was matthew mcconaughey, actor and uvalde native. he gave an impassioned speech. you heard him there. you heard his speech. we'll get to that in just a moment with our next guest. we're also going to talk about this situation with former trump white house trade adviser peter navarro. he was arrested by the fbi at the airport and brought before a grand jury. they could have taken him at his house. they said he was defying a
12:41 pm
congressional subpoena for the january 6 committee which starts later this week. peter navarro cited executive privilege that he didn't comply that it was the former president's privilege to hold, not his. so why was he charged when eric holder was not? he claimed executive privilege in the fast and furious case after the killing of border patrol agent brian terry in 2010. we'll hear from devin nunes has thoughts on that. first, david spunt reports live from our justice department. hi, david. >> hi, martha. as of this afternoon, around 900 depositions done by the january 6th committee looking into that attack on the capitol last year. 10,000 documents, not 10,000 pages, documents with multiple pages. two people have been charged officially by the department of justice facing criminal charges. they are steve bannon and peter
12:42 pm
navarro who you just mentioned. both charged with contempt of congress. the other two men, mark meadows and dan skavino, also top trump aides were referred for charges but they will not be charged. chairman bennie thompson and vice chairman liz cheney released a statement, a joint statement expressing some disappointment there saying we find the decision not to charge them puzzling. the department has not provided any clarity to us on why they are doing that. steve bannon goes to trial next month. peter navarro will be arraigned later this month. >> there's no way for us to really decipher what makes a difference between that var -- navarro and bannon. >> you mentioned eric holder.
12:43 pm
he's on a list of executive officials that were held in contempt of congress by congress, not officially charged by the department of justice. joshua bolton, lois learner. you remember bill barr and wilbur ross. thursday evening in prime time, the committee will hold a hearing for millions to watch being produced and being advised by former abc news president james goldsten. that happens thursday. that hearing will be next week, which is not during prime time but we're told there will be another prime time hearing this month. martha? >> martha: we'll be on that. thanks, david. let's bring in devin nunes, ceo of the trump media and technology group. good to see you, devin. what is your reaction to -- actually, i whatn't to play this first, this is a sound bite with peter navarro and tucker talking about what happened to him. watch this. >> leg irons, handcuffs, strip
12:44 pm
searched. it was not without comedy. at one point the fbi agents couldn't find the door. the fingerprint machine didn't work. but you know, people do not want to sit in solitary confinement, denied food, denied water, denied an attorney. >> martha: so why is peter navarro's situation different than as he said last night, he said they knew where i was. i was in contact with them. they could have easily come to my house but they waited until i was at the airport in the middle of a public place for this very aggressive takedown. >> i think what you're seeing, martha, is an attack on your political enemies. peter navarro, prominent member of the trump administration, very outspoken, very anti-china. this is not somebody that was a threat. in addition to that, if you go back when i was in congress or nearly two decades there, we always tried to not get to contempt because we knew as
12:45 pm
republicans, once we had a contempt vote on the floor of the house, it was essentially hey, we give up. we knew we kick to it the department of justice and we knew the department of justice wouldn't do a dam thing about it. so we would try to do as much -- try to get as much as we could out of these witnesses, we would work with their attorneys to try to figure out do they actually have anything worth while to our investigation. so you know, this was -- the fact that now the department of justice, this selectively enforcing contempt charges made by what is -- i wouldn't say arguably. without a doubt the most unusual committee, special committee set up in the history of congress where i think it's the first time that i'm aware of that the republicans and the republican leader were not allowed to put on the people they wanted to put on. so who is the judge in this matter? why would they not step in? what the hell is the fbi doing or the department of justice doing here? as the reporter just said before
12:46 pm
i came on, they've done 900 interviews and you're telling me the only two people that they can find to indict happened to be the two people that probably the left hates most, which is steve bannon and peter navarro. it's ridiculous. peter navarro is not a threat to this country. >> martha: there's a rule of law in this country and seems to apply differently to different groups of people. that seems clear. i want to ask you before we go, because you, as you said, you spent decades on capitol hill is. there an opportunity here to pass something that most americans seem to agree on with regard to guns? 21 as an age that legally you can have a gun, a waiting period? are these ideas that you would get behind? >> look, i think the quick answer here is very simple. republicans and conservatives believe this belongs to the states. i think washington getting involved in this is a bad idea. if you look, where are the
12:47 pm
strictest gun laws? they happen to be in the states that are very blue, very democratic and have the most dangerous cities. i trust the states and that's where the congress should end up and we'll see what happens. >> martha: well, we have to do something because we can't have these situations happen like what we saw in uvalde. we know rick scott maybe needs to come from the states. he comes from a 21 gun law in florida after parkland. so that's something to look to as well. devin nunes, thanks. good to see you here. >> always a pleasure. >> martha: thank you. we continue this story with adviser peter navarro. we'll speak with him tomorrow at 3:00 about where things stand in his case. an exclusive report from the pentagon on the millions lost as afghanistan fell. an important update next.
12:48 pm
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>> martha: the taliban took over afghanistan, tens of millions of dollars vanished from government bank accounts. that is a new report from a u.s. inspector general. the evacuation of afghanistan led to the deaths of these 13 american service members whose loss their families still suffer. that happened in kabul airport in august. by then, the former afghan president left. now we're learning more of the cash he's accused of taking with him. jennifer griffin joins us live from the pentagon. hi, jennifer. >> hi, martha. when the afghan president and his national security adviser fled kabul last august and the tall been entered the capitol making their way into the presidential palace, hours after the fall of kabul, a rumor began
12:53 pm
that president ghani and his team took $170 million from the afghan treasury before they fled. a new 18-page report suggests the rumor was unfounded and may have been the respect of russian disinformation. >> we know that they came from the embassy in kabul. >> in an exclusive interview with fox news today, i asked the ambassador if he and the president left afghanistan with $169 million as the country descended into chaos. >> absolutely not. this was a smear campaign. the report came out from the russian embassy who had no proximity to the presidential palace. this was russian disinformation to smear the president of afghanistan who was an ally of the united states. >> the report prepared by the special inspector general of
12:54 pm
afghan reconstruction said president ghani was bare foot when his wife and national security adviser said it was time to go. ghani didn't have time to get his passport. few had luggage. the ambassador had his laptop and a suit. the special inspector general interviewed 30 witnesses including those on board four helicopters that carried then't and his wife to uzbekistan. they carried $500,000 which had been kept in cash at the presidential palace. >> 169 million in $100 bills is a lot of money. 7 1/2 feet by 3 by 3 which is about the size of a cord of wood or a good living room couch. helicopters had a weight problem already because they had to go over to the hindu push to get out of the country. >> among the questions
12:55 pm
investigated is what happened to the $5 million in cash that was kept at the presidential compound. members of the presidential productive service who were left behind fought over how to distribute the money as the tall again closed in. that according to this new report. >> martha: thanks, jennifer, very much. jennifer griffin reporting from the pentagon. now a sneak peek at a special project that debuts tonight. rugged 33-inch tires, and front and rear electronic locking differentials. dude, this is awesome... but we should get back to work. ♪ ♪ this good? perfect. if you're gonna work remote... work remote. find new workspaces. find new roads. chevrolet.
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>> martha: tonight at 8:00 on fox business, i join host stuart varney, for "american built", the weapon that changed war forever. >> it was a massive engineering project. >> it's really unprecedented. >> it required unimaginable precision. >> everything has to work exactly correctly. >> holding this secret for a
1:00 pm
couple years. >> they might as well been working on the moon. >> how they built the most powerful weapon on earth. >> it's an extraordinary moment in science. >> the atom bomb. >> it's a great series. check that out tied. i'll see you back here at 3:00. "your world" starts now. >> it's incredibly high. >> it's painful. >> luckily i work from home like a couple days a week. so i don't have to fill up as much. >> i think it's going to get worse before it gets better. everybody needs to brace for that. >> it's too much. it's ridiculous. >> neil: unfortunately jesus is busy to help at the pump. so for a lot of people dealing with this, a reminder that it keeps happening. it's groundhog day almost every day. i'm neil cavuto. this is "


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