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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 7, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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by the way, we are for privacy, but when kid rock says hey, swing by my house, we could not resist, and documentary we think is pretty great. it's on right now, we hope you watch it. see you back here tomorrow night at 8:00 on the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, groupthink, that's our show. sickle musical >> sean: welcome to "hannity." a bombshell new report tonight that you won't get anywhere but right here on the show. definitely not the sham democratic fund-raiser that's masquerading as the january 6 committee, and coming up tonight, and investigative report, john solomon will reveal what actually went wrong inside the capital police department during the january 6th -- well -- incursion, in 2021. along with shock new details about speaker pelosi's epic new failed during that fateful day, also tonight we will turn something much more pressing for
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every american, and that is the economy, gas prices hit another record high today. we are very close to $5 a gallon as a national average. the biden administration, they just want you to suck it up and buy an electric car. how is that going to work out for you? because it's absolutely, according to them, nothing they're willing to do to bring down cost except for energy independence. when we have clean energy. one is that going to happen? first tonight with joe biden obviously cognitively impaired and struggling to communicate, the white house just rolled out a popular actor to help with the messaging surrounding gun violence. today uvalde native matthew mcconaughey, the actor, gave a very emotional speech about the horrific shooting in his own town. take a look. >> in the reality of what happened that day in the town i was born in set in. so the next morning, mark, camilla and myself set out.
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when we arrived a few hours later, i got to tell you, even from the inside of our vehicle, you could feel the shock in the town. you could feel the pain. the denial, dissolution, anger, blame, sadness, loss of lives and dreams halted. >> sean: that pain is real and it's happening way too often on the country. tonight we do continue to pray for the families and uvalde and every other city that will never be the same, along with the families of murder victims all across the country in major cities like chicago, baltimore, l.a., new york, we have dozens of young men and women, our national treasure, shot and killed every single week. but we rarely hear about this kind of violence from democrats, which is where the political aspect comes in. they only seem to really care about gun violence, only when it becomes politically expedient for them. keep in mind almost all of america's most violent cities have been ruled by democrats for
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decades and every one of those cities has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country. unfortunately, democrats, they love passing laws. they just don't like applying them to dangerous criminals. that's a problem. they have 0-barrel laws, lacks prosecution, short sentencing guidelines, defunding, dismantling the police, all directly contributing to the carnage in all of these cities, but the white house doesn't seem to care. they don't even bring in celebrities to give impassioned speeches about the deterioration of baltimore, and they should. there are no dramatic calls for action after a violent weekend in chicago. chronicling all of that since 2009 and scrolling names on this program. you never hear joe biden screaming for lawmakers, for god sakes, do something after another round of shootings in l.a., and by the way, you're never going to hear democrat talking about the 2.5 million
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defensive gun uses each year. they result in countless lives being saved. for the left, this isn't about saving lives or inducing violence. like always, it is political and it is an emotional ploy to centralize their power over law-abiding citizens. and by the way, many of them would like to usurp all second amendment rights. but got to protect her constitution and our right to defend ourselves. there's no doubt that matthew mcconaughey, i believe, with all my heart, he had good intentions today, and to his credit, he wants to help. i give him a lot of credit for that. he also said things absolutely agree with. democrats have shown though over and over again they don't care if they ignored the weekly violence in democratic-run cities and states we only hear from them when they believe they can politicize this event or that event and ignore all the weekly violence that takes place in the cities that they've been running, and it's very sad. you know what, since 2009 we
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have scrolled name after name after name after name after name, people you never hear of, people they never talk about killed in chicago, shot in chicago, new york, l.a., and they haven't lifted a finger. if barely mentioned it. joe biden barely mentioned it, eight years as vice president. and today they were more than happy to hide behind a very well-liked after who to me seemed to have very sincere intentions. he gave a very impassioned speech advocating for new gun laws. here's what he said. >> we know what's on the table. we need to invest in mental health care. we need safer schools. we need to restrain sensationalized media coverage. we need to restore our family values, we need to restore our american values and... we need responsible gun
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ownership responsible gun ownership. we need background checks. we need to raise the minimum age to purchase an ar-15 rifle. 221. we need awaiting period for those rifles, we need red flag laws and consequences for those who abuse them. >> sean: and a follow-up interview right on fox, he gave his take on the current negotiations on capitol hill, and here's what he said. >> you had a number of talks on capitol hill. do you think that this is the time? do you think that this is somehow different? because we've been through this before. >> yes. >> i covered a lot of them. >> i don't have anything to compare it to up here on the hill, but the consensus word that i'm hearing is that this time is different, that there is some more momentum that on the right there are some things they are willing to not staunchly say no to and consider and i'm on the left there willing to say, you know what, we may want the whole loaf, but we will take a
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slice. >> sean: as he just said, democrats are content to get a slice now, then, what, another slice next year, then another and another and another until they have the whole loaf and your gun rights under second amendment rights are gone. here to debate these marks, host of unfiltered, dan bongino, along with the cohost of "the five," geraldo. >> hey, dan. >> sean: dan, you know this about me, my mom was a corrections officer, she was a prison guard, and i learned the safety and use of a firearm when i was ten years old. and i take gun safety really, really seriously. i can agree with matthew mcconaughey on mental health issues. i can agree with him on restraining sensationalized media coverage. i can agree with him on restoring family values. i can agree with him on the issue of restoring american values and yes, i tell anybody that called the radio show, what kind of gun should i get, i know you have a big gun collection.
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i say whichever one you want to get trained in the safe use of buried we are to have background checks. as to raising the minimum age to purchase an ar-15 rifle to 21, that's a debate the american people certainly can have. i do have a bigger problem with red flag laws because i believe people would abuse those, and i don't know how you stop that but there's one other thing that he didn't mention that i would add to his list, and that is we ought to offer every kid in every school the same protection would provide our elected politicians. i'd like to add that to the list. meaning undercover armed guards, retired police, retired military in every school in the country. your thoughts? >> well, listen, i don't disagree with you that -- and i want to be careful not to pile on this guy. i'm obviously a second amendment advocate. he does, he sounds like he genuinely cares and i don't want to just sit here and say you know what, forget this guy, you
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know, he's an actor, it's all meaningless. speaking about the lives of these kids that were lost as i was going to deeply impact all of us, but having said that, sean, we do have to keep in mind just the facts of the situation. the guy is an actor. i'm not suggesting he was acting there, i'm just saying that, you know, this has been an issue that meant a lot to me -- >> he's from uvalde. that's his town. >> can i get a word out edgewise? >> sean: go ahead, geraldo. >> sean: left and finished, we will have a discussion, and then we will let you go. >> my gosh. seriously, control yourself for two seconds? the guy is an actor. i spent ten years plus of my life, more than that, starting this issue, police officer on the streets, federal agent, got a little experience here. some of the things he said are just hyperbolic. we arty have background checks. does he not know that? you're at the white house
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podium. i'm sorry, you have the business to be actor and red flag laws -- i'm not for red -- we already have red flag laws. you know what they're called? they are called parents. really, you want a red flag that my kid is in trouble? and don't let your kid go buy a gun. think the laws going to save you from an 18-year-old who wants to go and murder children? i mean, red flag law. any idea of universal background checks, if you studied the issue anymore, he figure out that there aren't background checks, the just private sales. the reasons democrats want what they call universal background checks is because they want a list, they want to know who has the guns so one day when they come and get them, you can't say hey, i gave the gun to my kid, it was a private sale, i'm on a farm and i passed him a rifle. that's the reason they want universal background checks. i will just leave it on one more -- do you really believe a criminal is going to go in for a background check? if you believe that, please go get a frontal lobe lobotomy. these are criminals, they know they can't buy a gun. you think is going to go into an
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ff l and say hey, cannot buy a gun, so you can flag it in the computer? i mean, come on, man. think this thing through. >> sean: geraldo. >> i think that this was a brilliant, heartfelt speech. i thought it was the best speech on gun rights and gun responsibility maybe ever. i was deeply touched, the fact that it is his hometown, he was born there but he packed up his family and they went to uvalde to console those grieving families. 19 families lost third and fourth graders to an 18-year-old. an 18-year-old. when i first came here to ohio, passing through, 1963, had to drink 3.2 beer because i was 20 years old. it's about half the alcohol content. so i wasn't responsible enough to buy a full beer but i could buy a machine gun or rather an assault weapon? it is preposterous. it is. i mean how many more -- we lost 31 people to 218-year-olds
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within the last several weeks. listen to this -- an actor, you say it as if to diminish in, his sincerity. >> i just had the opposite buried >> and we have to wait -- we have to -- we have to rather raise the age for buying an assault weapon from 18 years old to 21 years old. rick scott did it in florida, the governor just did it in new york. we can do it. we can do it because it makes sense, and i see all of the speeches and i see john cornyn and ac murphy and the senator saying this time is different. that's a lot of baloney and i would use stronger linkage. they are going no place with this. this is going to slip ray through our fingers, this opportunity, because we want -- each side wants everything and are going to get nothing. >> sean: let's let dan respond. >> a couple of things here. number one, what you said is inaccurate, you can't buy a machine gun, i don't know why so that.
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that's just totally inaccurate. you corrected yourself, but it's wrong, what is an assault weapon? you probably can't even define it. >> i corrected myself. >> assault weapons is not real -- 18 out, you keep each using the beer analogy. you're a lawyer. i have not seen amendment to .5, the right to buy a coors light shall not be infringed. these are legal adults in the country. having said that, if you're going to infringe on a constitutional right, according to the court system, you have to do it -- it has to be a compelling government interest. we all agree preventing mass murder is a compelling government interest, point taken. >> i'm glad that we agree on that, dan. thank god. >> waste, not done. there's a second part of that. you're a lawyer, i think you know this. it's through the least restrictive means. the least restrictive means is not to tell every single 18-year-old in the entire country who's done nothing wrong you can no longer purchase a rifle because of some not. >> why do you tell them they can't drink beer?
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why do you tell them they can't drive a semi? that's baloney, dan! we restrict -- our brains aren't fully developed. 18 years old, 18 years old, we don't have the same -- always talk about cognitive ability on the show, what about the cognitive ability of someone who can barely shave? and they get two of them. where the hell is the sales clerk mike two assault weapons. >> you haven't met every 18-year-old in the country and you have so little respect for the american citizen that when you become a legal adult, you stigmatize them all. dangerous murderers who cannot get -- and you keep using a ridiculous example. >> then we cannot pass any law restricting an 18 year old from doing anything. >> geraldo, just set -- >> wait a second, dan. wait a second. i gave you -- do you concede that at 18 years old you are less mature than you will be at 21 years old? do you concede that? >> it depends on the 18-year-old. if you're a snowflake
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18-year-old -- >> generally speaking, don't be cute. >> sean: i got to jump in. this is the debate the country frankly does need to have, thank you both. all right. musical physical >> day 297. >> sean: day 297, abandoned behind enemy lines, americans abandoned by joe biden, he has turned the page, he never mentions them. we have not on this program, we will not forget those that joe left behind, nor on my radio program. sadly joe is not lifting a finger to bring those americans home, which frankly is par for the course, and tonight he's employing the same strategy with the economy. look at these numbers today. gas prices, inflation continue to rise and spike. the biden administration, they want you to know there's absolutely nothing they're willing to do about it, not a thing. take a look. >> what is actually still on the table though to bring gas prices
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down at this point? because the president has said and made very clear that there's not much left that he can do. >> yes, good morning, thank you for having me. unfortunately that is the brutal reality. you know, this is in large part caused by putin's aggression. the president is asking for congress and others for potential ideas, but as you say, the reality is that there isn't very much more to be done. >> with respect to energy, the administration has done everything that they can to bring down energy costs. >> sean: no, they've done everything they could do to stop energy independence. they could approve more drilling permits, pipeline permits, lift restrictions on shell, lift domestic shipping restrictions in the jones act, they could open up new leases on federal lands and expedite the process. they could warp speed the
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production of oil, gas, coal, but they don't want to do any of that. joe said that in the campaign. instead, remember joe inherited $2.39 a gallon gasoline, today it was $4.92 on average across the country. they want you, the american people, to spend, what, your annual salary on average on electric car and just like this giddy democratic senator, take a look. >> i do have to say just on the issue of gas prices, after waiting for a long time to have enough chips in this country to finally get my electric vehicle, i got it and drove it from michigan to hear just last weekend and went by every single gas station and didn't matter how high it was. so i'm looking forward to the opportunity for us to move to vehicles that aren't going to be dependent on the whims of the oil companies and international markets. >> sean: good for you. what about the rest of us? for some reason many democrats think i guess it's funny gas
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prices are now at a 42 year high, it is crushing poor people in this country, the middle class in this country, americans on fixed incomes, they are dying under these policies, and apparently everyone in america, just go out and buy 50,000, $60,000 electric car. according to the white house they can afford it because our economy, they say, is so distortedly good. it is not. they are living in a fantasy world. take a look for yourself. >> what we're trying to say, what i'm trying to say to you is that the economy is in a better place than it has been historically and so we feel here at this it administration and other experts as well, we feel that we are in a good position to take on inflation. we are in a good position to really start really working on lowering prices. >> sean: i have no idea what planet they're living on but according to "the wall street journal" and their paul, a vast majority of you, the american people, disagree with that statement. 83% now describe our economy,
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rightly so, as poor, not good at all. herewith reaction is the host of the monica crowley podcast, monica crowley, along with former massachusetts -- just the opposite is true, isn't it? >> that's exactly right. their spin puts the gloss on reality when it comes to with the politics involved in the need to put a certain spin on things, but then there is outrageous blatant lies, which is exactly what this white house is doing and what they have done utterly since day one, particularly on the economy. you cannot put lipstick on a pig and then convince the american people that it's something other than a pig wearing lipstick. the american people are living this catastrophic economy every single day, sean, they are being squeezed between skyrocketing inflation, record high gas prices, and a drop in real
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wages. they are struggling every day to make ends meet and if the democrats don't care. what you saw from the senator today, sean, that kind of callous disregard, that cavalier attitude about high gas prices, i'm just in my electric car. this is like a modern version of marie antoinette, instead of let them eat cake, let them buy a tesla. and all of this indicates that it is all intentional. rather than trying to work to alleviate american suffering here, because they could change tomorrow, if they wanted to. particularly on energy policy, but they won't. so what that tells you is this is all intentional as part of the fundamental transformation of the nation. >> sean: and that's a good point. if that's the alarmist cult aspect that i talked about and they're all indoctrinated into it. scott brown, americans are reminded every single day that what they're hearing from the white house is an outright lie, every time they go to fill up the gas tank on every store they go to, they are paying a fortune
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more than they were paying even a year ago, so all of the dash all of the, you know, b.s. that they are trying to paddle in the narrative they are selling is not going to fly. >> it's not flying. i just drove end, i paid $5.05 and that's for the cheapest gas i could find on the way into manchester. in new hampshire, diesel prices are the highest they've ever been and six, seven, eight days in a row, as you know, it's going up, up. we were energy independent less than two years ago, the administration made it crystal clear, you referenced if they were going to do away with fossil fuels and crush the coal and oil industries, which they are doing, they're doing everything in their power to do so. they are trying to really shape the economy to go into a green economy, and is not going to do anything because he wants that green vote. all the aocs and all the others. respectfully to the senator, listen, she's a multimillionaire, she probably paid cash. the average citizen can't do that, you can't find a cheap hybrid car because by then there already, you know, not reliable,
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as you know. and we can do better. we shouldn't be having to go to venezuela and actually saudi arabia on her knees begging for oil. this is america. and the and the vice president, the administration, janet yellen especially, inflation, the border. i mean, we could go on and on, we got to get our act together here. i'm hopeful they wake up somehow and it's going to be in the next election cycle. >> sean: i hope so. that's coming soon. the next two election cycles actual amount the most. monica, thank you, and scott brown, always good to see you. when we come back, john solomon has an exclusive investigative report that will chronicle all the failures of the capitol police made on january 6th. also ash patel will chronicle all of nancy pelosi or's failure that day. as we continue, news you won't get from the mob, thanks for being with fox. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: the democratic led january 6th committee is preparing their multimedia political theater for thursday night, orchestrated in fact by a former liberal abc honcho, incidentally, by the way, that's the guy that spiked this story on jeffrey epstein before it became big news. i think he should have reported that. according to multiple reports. the sad part is the sham investigation has nothing to do with protecting the capital from future attacks. that should be the number one priority. they already have a predetermined outcome, they had that from the outset and rather than finding answers as to what did go wrong on the sixth and how to prevent it from ever happening again, they're going to use slick sleight-of-hand hollywood style production to
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once again limitless lee attack and smear and slander, besmirch donald trump and all of his allies. this committee is ignoring the single most critical facts. instead they will be pushing false narratives, there will be gaping holes in the story on purpose and i predict this committee will purposely ignore all the witnesses, all the evidence that we know they have that shows donald trump approved up to 20,000 national guard troops to bolster security at the capital days before the sixth. well in advance of that rally. they will lie by omission, they will keep this critical fact out of their hollywood circus presentation, they will ignore nancy pelosi and muriel bowser's clear failure to call up the guard, that trump, as required by law, authorized. the committee chairs the nancy pelosi is off limits. how convenient to them. also breaking tonight, and i'm certain they will ignore this too, we have a brand-new report,
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breaking moments ago from john solomon revealing the capitol police compiled an after action report following that riot, laying out widespread response failures, 53 of them. her to explain more is just the news founder, investigative reporter john solomon, along with former chief of staff and the acting defense secretary, cash patel, who will talk about nancy pelosi's failures. john, let's start with your article that just broke, internal capitol police from sweeping intelligence and security failures on pelosi's watch. they identified 53 specific areas of failure that needed corrective action. i dealt over talking about this in their hollywood presentation on thursday. >> yeah, listen, they've had a chance in earlier security to get into these issues, and they don't, like you might because nancy pelosi is the mayor of the capital. it was her job to make sure it was secure that day. what this report shows is a
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police department's leadership was woefully unprepared for the day. how woefully unprepared? it's right units were deployed to other activities unrelated to writing, a few that were available, couldn't get their equipment because it was locked in the bus and nobody had the key. the intelligence units that used to monitor social media for threats, which by the way, the best way to monitor medical extremism is through social media, they disbanded unit in november of 2020 under the new leadership that pelosi-schumer team brought in. they weren't monitoring social media, they didn't have real-time intelligence suggesting that there was a boiling pot. they didn't have equipment, there can indication systems couldn't talk to each other. the masks that they wore for protection wouldn't allow them to talk on rios, they had to take the mask off to talk to on the radio, 53 -- things like the doors didn't lock in the house and senate chambers. the elevators that went to a very sensitive part of the capital, the fourth floor, where very sensitive intelligence -- they didn't secure the
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elevators. anybody can press a button and go on to the floor and people did, a portrait of a police department which gets a half billion dollars a year in taxpayer money, ill-prepared to protect a 1 mile complex despite normal warnings in the most important thing, the warnings that the fbi and homeland security department gave that hey, there might be violence, the leadership of the capitol police department, deputy chiefs in those realms, did not filter that down until their commanders and officers that there was active threat information, a glaring omission that this report points out. >> sean: john, let me ask about the capitol police chief, reports that he had requested at least six separate times for the guard to be called up, both before, during, and afterwards was asking why they weren't called up. is that confirmed? >> this report doesn't address that but i have confirmed it in other documents. i've interviewed over two dozen capitol police officers and commanders the last few weeks, i have over 10,000 pages we are going to be making public over the next few weeks.
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it is irrefutable that he wanted those forces there, but let's put it this way, they might not have not even needed the forces if they followed the normal police preparation that police departments like nypd, the secret service, know how to do. his police force had a half billion dollars, all they had to do is protect the 1 mile square area. they were ill-prepared. the basics of security went out the window and it's because of their leadership. they have political leaders, not security leaders. >> sean: it's on just the if you want to read the report. cash, let me go to you. as you told us last night, testified before the january 6th committee. i have you, the acting secretary of defense, was on with you last night, mark meadows, the president himself, before review and general milley had a meeting on january 4th. at that meeting, all four of you have confirmed to me that in fact president trump as required by law, authorized up to 20,000
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troops to be called in because of the large crowds coming to town, tensions were high in the country and we just came off a summer of 574 riots. my understanding also is the fifth person in the room, the chairman of the joint chiefs, general milley, in a memorandum, also backs up that this in fact happened, is that all true? >> you are 100% right and thanks for publicizing the truth about this matter. you don't forget events like that in the oval office when you're protecting this nation and charged with the duty of protecting the members of congress and the capitol police grounds. and what happened that day in the oval days before january 6th was unequivocal. there's no chance that secretary miller and myself, chief of staff mark meadows, president of the united states would commit perjury or go to congress and lie under oath. they serve for 16 years in democrat and republican institutions, there's no reason to lie here unless you want to place as a matter and president trump authorized that. going to the memo that you're talking about, that memo is a
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delegation memo, that's what we call it in dod, when the secretary of defense wants to execute the chain of command and remove bureaucratic hurdles by delegating to the secretary of the army the duties to deploy and employ the national guard, someone that request comes in, we can move with great haste. that request did not coming from nancy pelosi in the capitol police on june 4th or 5th grade when it finally came in a generally sixth nancy pelosi -- nancy pelosi's final concern was when the food services would open. i told her we had another concern. >> sean: was the president authorized this it then became -- it came under the decision-making, comes from either nancy pelosi who had jurisdiction to protect the house as part of her duties, or muriel bowser, and muriel bowser, in writing, said she did not want the guard called up. i don't know why. my question is, how is this going to -- how does this weave
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into the narrative that donald trump planned this, donald trump wanted this, if you wanted it why would he authorized 20,000 troops to be called in and why didn't they ask bowser and nancy pelosi why they didn't call him? >> you got to release all the documents, transcripts, the memos, everything at dod, you've got to release it all come of the truth is there but they are politicizing it. >> sean: incredible work, both of you. that's a story you will not here thursday night. that's because this is about bludgeoning trump, it's not getting to the truth, it's not protecting our capital, it's not protecting our elected officials. that should be their goal. this should not be about politics. anyway, straight ahead, seven states holding their primaries today, big races in california, we will tell you about it next. bill hemmer at the big board and herschel walker will join us live. also later, a massive migrant caravan, the largest on record, as we speak making their way to the u.s. border. is biden going to do a thing to
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stop it? coming up. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: also breaking tonight, primaries in multiple states, including the great state of california, highest taxes in the country. crime, homelessness, high costs are all of living at the top of voters minds. here with the very latest, he's at his own big board, our own bill hemmer. what's interesting out there is what's going to happen with these very liberal das in a couple of races going on out there. are they going to get tough on crime in l.a., san francisco? that should be interesting. >> i agree with you, that's really where the action is tonight and the screen behind me now, devon states where there are primaries being held. you mentioned california down to south dakota, a moment ago it
6:41 pm
was called, kristi noem, she has won her primary race to be -- to run again in november as governor of the state of south dakota. really an easy win for her as you scan the screen here, i will take you are in a moment, chuck grassley won is primary as well in iowa, so at the age of 88, he will visit all 99 counties in iowa between now and election day. the same thing he's done for a very long time, the senator there from iowa. what's going here a little bit, you mentioned california. we will start out there in the golden state. this is san francisco, so much attention for the progressive policies that he's initiated going back to that january of 2020. what's on the ballot? crime and homelessness right now, the fate of this progressive d.a. and look here, sean. this is 2020 in yellow and 2022 in red, you see where the assaults went up a little higher, auto theft went higher, larceny theft is just off the charts for a total crime right
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before up about 10%. this is really the story in places like san francisco, polls close their an hour and 20 minutes, we will see if he can hang on to his or not. that is san francisco. go down the coast about ten hours, this is l.a., the mayor's race. it's going to be very interesting. karen bass has been in congress for six terms. she wants to be the mayor of los angeles. she was looking really good in this until rick caruso came along. he's a billionaire, he's a developer. three years ago he was a republican. his running as a democrat. california's rules in the jungle runoff is that if you don't get to 50%, well, then you have a -- have a runoff in november, meaning you could get two democrats on the ticket, two republicans on the ticket, democrat, republican. whoever the top two vote getters are, they advance for the election november. sean, los angeles in 2020 was carried overwhelmingly by
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bernie sanders and now they are considering the possibility of electing a former republican as their mayor. why would that be? check out the crime statistics in los angeles. 2021 to 2022, robberies are up in red. aggravated assault up in red, total crime up in red as well. and that's what people are voting on in los angeles. we will see how it turns out, at 11 eastern time, an hour and 20 minutes from now. gas? california? cross the country, $6.37 in california, national average $4.91. i paid $5.20 the other day in new york. again, the economy and what california wants is a future. quickly i will go through this. this is the 22nd congressional district in california. why do i point this out? this is a republican, he voted to impeach president trump, he's got several challengers, three on screen. president trump has not endorsed any of these challengers here in
6:44 pm
california. take you here to iowa, this is a target republicans think super vulnerable seat they think. democrats, up for reelection in november but they redrew her district a little bit, des moines is right here and down here in the area in iowa, she has some big challenges on the republican side because of what happened in 2020. she won her district, but donald trump clipped joe biden in the same district and they think this could be a pickup for republicans in november. we will be looking, sean, for the next five months now at these republican targets. some people think it's 25, some people think it's 35. some people think it could be as high as 50. we will find out the coming summer month end into the fall but that's where we are as of now. california one hour and 16 minutes away tonight. >> sean: bill hemmer, phenomenal job as always. used to be that hannity big board but you stole it, you took it away and you're better at it. great job as usual.
6:45 pm
>> thank you. >> sean: down in georgia, gubernatorial candidate stacey abrams is in more hot water tonight, we are now learning that marjorie casey, the foundation she worked on, board members said stacey abrams serves on increased their anti-police funding shortly after she joined the board and with her approval, that's despite her campaign saying she disagrees with the foundation on these issues. here with reaction as republican senate candidate in georgia, herschel walker, who had a huge won in his primary. great to have you back, i'm supporting her candidacy. you are a friend and i think it be a great senator from the great state of georgia. where do things stand there tonight? >> things stand well right now. the big race is on in your 100% correct, it's going to be a tough race. stacey abrams, you see what she's done in georgia, since one
6:46 pm
of -- the state is one of the worst place to live in the guy running maybe believes the same thing because he did say and she said that they're running on the same ticket, meaning that they believe in the same thing. that means that they like these high gas prices. i don't. they like the milk and eggs to be as high as they are. i don't, and we ought to get this back together. all of these states that are ran by democrats, they have crime that is going outrageous, and even right now you look at the border. what is going on with the border? they were talking about earlier a couple of months ago, now they don't seem to be caring about. right now they've gotten onto something also we got to get these things solved, we got to get people in office that want to solve problems rather than get a sound bite. >> sean: record gas prices, record high inflation. we now have the largest caravan heading our way since these caravans started. right now that's happening. the disaster in afghanistan, every single day people paying more for every item they buy,
6:47 pm
every time you fill up your gas tank, americans are feeling the pain. question is, okay, let's assume the republicans can take the house. let's assume people like you can win and bud can win and we can pick off a state like new hampshire, nevada, arizona. assuming all that's true, j.d. vance, minute oz -- if that happens, what will republicans be able to do with joe biden as president? >> one thing is got to do is get this country back together and try to get the gas prices down. one of the things that most people -- when i'm going around talking to georgians, they are worried about the gas price. if people forget about when we lose our energy, that's a national security problem. no one seems to be talking about that. we've got to get these gas prices down, with got to continues to support our men and women in blue, with got to get this country back together and how in the world can we forget about baby formula connect talk about -- they forgot about baby formula, we got to get those
6:48 pm
things together. so when i get into office and i want everyone to go to, put herschel walker in that seat because the big race is on now. >> sean: all right, we are supporting her candidacy. watching it closely, thanks for being with us. we talked about the largest migrant caravan to date on its way to our southern border. will biden do anything about it? we will ask sara carter next. ♪ ♪is ening. i love to be outdoors. i have jaybirds that come when i call. i know how important it is to feed your body good nutrition. i heard about prevagen and i heard about the research behind it. taking prevagen, i have noticed that i can think clearly. my memory is better. i can say that prevagen is one of the most outstanding supplements i've ever taken. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: as we mentioned earlier, we are also tracking tonight another massive migrant caravan. as a matter of fact, the largest to date, marching to the u.s. border is biden's open borders agenda is now a full-blown threat to u.s. national security. this caravan now has upwards of 15,000 migrants, mostly from
6:53 pm
central america, venezuela, and cuba, and don't forget it comes as many on team biden still want a full repeal of title 42, the border protections, which could take this catastrophe a really bad to worse. here's more reporting from the border the entire time, investigative reporter, fox news contributor sara carter. this is the biggest so far to date. the policies have not been to enforce the law. we've not had illegal immigrants respect our borders, our laws, our sovereignty. it's been processed and released, free transportation, free phones for illegal immigrants. are we going to do this yet again all summer long? >> we are not only going to do this yet again, and this is the biden administration, because remember the movement of these migrants, the 15,000 that you're seeing headed this way, the roughly 10,000 -- they already left mexico, which is on the border of guatemala, they are
6:54 pm
heading this way along with the scattered other thousands and that's just what we are hearing about, sean. that's not the tens of thousands that are still migrating their way to the united states. border patrol is expecting literally 2.4-3 million people to enter the united states this fiscal year. right now border patrol facilities, just to put this in perspective, sean, are over 203% at capacity. they just can't even hold anybody else, and when we think about the biden administration, you would think like wow, they would say let's put a stop to this, let's find a way to make this work so we can close off the border so that there isn't a humanitarian crisis, so that these children aren't dying on the road here by these, you know, human traffickers, and the drugs coming into the united states like fentanyl. no, instead with the biden administration is actually doing, which is absolutely incredible, is they are planning a policy to remove immigration judges, the judges that would be
6:55 pm
checking everyone out and sending them back if they are not qualified to be here under credible fear, and they are leaving it up to asylum officers, so they're basically saying to the asylum officers under united states citizenship and immigration services, go ahead and process all these people and grant all of them clemency into the united states, grant them all of -- they are basically going to allow the majority of them in. i've been talking to sources in ice that are devastated over this. after talking to sources in the border patrol, there was a lot of concern about the national security aspect about this, sean. we have folks right now coming through the panama area that are from all parts of the world and there is no national security to vet them. so this is going to get far worse, i don't see it getting better. >> sean: no national security check, no health checks in a pandemic, no means testing that they can take care of themselves. free transportation and a free biden phone. we will watch it closely. thank you, sara. more "hannity" next.
6:56 pm
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>> laura: unfortunately that is all the time we have left this evening as always, thank you for being with us, thank you for making initial possible, we can't do it without you. we hope you will set your dvr so you never ever miss an episode of "hannity." don't forget, for news breaking anytime of the day. in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled. laura is next, we will see you back here tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ >> laura: i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight, thanks for being with us. the real terrorists, that's the focus of tonight's "angle." the democrats have their narratives set, long before biden was sworn into office. there is wasn't a story about how americans would thrive or be safe and happy under the biden policies. because their climate change of session would deeply damage american families. they always knew that. therefore, as kind of a preemptive