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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  June 7, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> laura: unfortunately that is all the time we have left this evening as always, thank you for being with us, thank you for making initial possible, we can't do it without you. we hope you will set your dvr so you never ever miss an episode of "hannity." don't forget, for news breaking anytime of the day. in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled. laura is next, we will see you back here tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ >> laura: i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight, thanks for being with us. the real terrorists, that's the focus of tonight's "angle." the democrats have their narratives set, long before biden was sworn into office. there is wasn't a story about how americans would thrive or be safe and happy under the biden policies. because their climate change of session would deeply damage american families. they always knew that. therefore, as kind of a preemptive measure, they decided
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to argue the negative, that electing republicans in the future would be akin to electing terrorists who would seek to blow up our entire system. >> this is just an extra ordinarily dangerous course for republicans to be taking in terms of our democracy. >> the republican party can no longer say they don't agree with the insurrectionist, the bigots, the racists. >> there may now be people aligned with what's a premises or in congress. how you protect the country from them? >> it could be that we have a republican majority in congress this fall, and if that happens, you may see republicans in congress wanting to cut the money to the department of justice to turn the lights out. we may lose our democracy. >> laura: the attorney general issued ominous warnings. >> the top domestic threat comes from racially or ethnically motivated violence, extremist, specifically those who advocate for the superiority of the white
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race. >> laura: they announced new task forces. >> i decided to establish a domestic terrorism unit to augment our existing approach. if this group of dedicated attorneys will focus on the domestic terrorism threat. >> laura: and of course especially after january 6, the media never looked back. so chicago could remain a killing field, a hundred thousand american's could die from overdoses, china could plot against us in the asian-pacific and instead of covering any of that as it needs to be covered, the press focused almost singularly on vilifying the conservative movement with groundless smears about an insurrection that wasn't. and with the wheels coming off the democratic party because, you know, look, because of our crumbling economy, january 6th mess is still all they've got. >> this week's hearing, the january 6th hearing, which surely are the most important hearings since watergate. >> hearings are going to be
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quite compelling. i think they understand the importance of leveraging live television to convince the american public how serious this was. >> we have this committee investigation coming up, which again, if you really love america, if you believe in american democracy, pure patriot, you want to know what happened on january 6th. >> laura: oh, joe, tell us about it. first off, on its face these allegations are ludicrous. the idea that ragtag group of people who smash their way into the capital, that they were the product of some organized effort orchestrated out of the west wing, it's beyond ridiculous. if there was true evidence of any of that, we have already heard about it. the moment i saw what was happening to capitol hill i texted mark meadows, the chief of staff of the white house, told him to ask the president to show everyone to go home, i think i was the first person to do that, maybe one of the first. i knew it was going to hurt the cause and i said the same thing publicly on twitter throughout the afternoon and that might on the angle. it was obvious a group of angry
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people had whipped up the crowd into a frenzy and that's when things became violent. we've always said in many case when laws are broken, perpetrators need to be punished, justice must be done without regard to politics. but that wasn't enough for the democrats. they have attempted, unsuccessfully, to use january 6th to indict the entire republican party and protect themselves. in other words, to insulate themselves from any accountability for the devastation they are currently wreaking upon america. indeed, it is the democrats and their far left faith that are the ones that have been terrorizing america these past few years. we are never going to forget the wild things that masqueraded as protests. [cheers and applause]
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>> laura: can you believe that was america? and of course antifa citizen journalists. >> what the [bleep]! [bleep] [bleep]! >> laura: then there was blm harassing innocent americans. >> no justice! no peace! >> laura: abortion fanatics besieging the homes of supreme court justices. >> laura: showing up at jill
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o'steen's lakewood church in texas. >> it's my body, my choice! if my body, my choice! overturned before! >> laura: if that i that underwear wasn't enough to terrify you, they are upping the ante by vandalizing for crisis pregnancy centers around the country. it started about a month ago in madison, wisconsin. >> we are investigating the fruits of hate and violence in the form of an arson where a specific nonprofit group was targeted for their beliefs regarding the issue of abortion. >> laura: and it continues to this day. this past weekend, a pregnancy crisis center in washington, d.c.,'s capitol hill neighborhood was vandalized with red paint, eggs, and a message reading "jane says revenge." in amherst new york yesterday, more acts of terror. conference seek -- windows broken, it was graffiti then set
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on fire. police investigating it as arson. >> james revenge is a group that is attempting to strike fear into the hearts of pro-life service organizations to keep them from providing care. the intent was for compass care to stop services. we won't stop buried >> laura: when police officers called my next guest, chrissy brown, the executive director of mountaineer pregnancy services to tell her that the clinic she runs have been vandalized, they warned her that it was bad. when she got to the door for clinic this morning, she found threatening messages sprayed in red paint on three sides of the building and the sidewalk as well was broken with windows, painted on the property where the messages "if abortions aren't safe, neither are you." we will show that picture in a moment. understand, these homes are often run by volunteers -- most of them are -- who selflessly try to assist unwed, oftentimes scared, expectant mothers.
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these crisis pregnancy centers offer young women hope and compassion when they need it most. think of how sick those are who threaten the sanctuary. how is any of this not a hate crime? where the congressional hearings? the capitol hill press conferences condemning the hate groups behind these thoughts? we know the answer. if you're pro-life, democrats really don't think you deserve to be protected from hate. in fact, you deserve hate. once again, the democrats have gone so far left that left america. none of this is going to break through, i don't think, or make the slightest difference in november. most regular people -- i don't know, i'm getting the sense that they see january 6th as an awful aberration, not as the event that defines america or the republican party. democrats and their media minions, they are going full steam ahead. they're hoping for a runaway summer blockbuster, the
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definition of out of touch should include blowing countless millions of taxpayer dollars on partisan hearings one american moms still can't find baby formula. so the real terrorists are those seeking to overthrow every american tradition from the apolitical nature of the supreme court to the sanctity of churches, and they are not doing it through democratic processes, but through intimidation, threats, and yes, even violence. and that's "the angle." joining me now, chrissy brown, executive director of mountaineer pregnancy services in asheville, north carolina, one of the clinics attacked this week. i saw the way it looked, you know, the photo of the front of their crisis pregnancy center that you work for. my question to you is, it's pretty awful, will you be cowed by these -- the actions, these criminal actions of the
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radicals? >> thank you for having us on, laura. although we take this as a direct threat to our pregnancy center, we will not back down. we continue today to provide services to a full day of clients. we will be doing tomorrow providing clients, we just have to make a few alterations in light of doors being broken and that type of thing, but we will continue doing what we do. >> laura: and the young women who come for hope and an alternative to abortion -- up at the great privilege of speaking a lot of crisis pregnancy centers across the country, just amazing angels among us who work at these centers. but are they -- you worried that they are going to be scared, which i think is part of the plan here? they don't want these young women seeking the services, they prefer them to go for the quickie abortion down the road at planned parenthood. >> correct. our first thought this morning was our clients. we had to first assess if we
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could even see them. when we realized we could, then we got on the phone we start calling and said here's what happened, but we want you to know you're going to be safe, we have police presence, and our clients came in. so it just means we are having -- we are going to get the paint off as quickly as possible and get the glass cleaned up as quickly as possible. we want a safe environment for clients, volunteers, and staff. >> laura: an anarchist group -- you saw that -- sent a tweet with a link to a proclamation for jane's revenge and the night of rage. it read "we need to get angry, we need to express this map is fully and with ferocity. we need to quit containing ourselves, the next step is carrying that anger out into the world and expressing it physically." that's about as close as it comes to a violent threat. again, when the roe decision ultimately is handed down by the supreme court, are you going to
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be taking extra precautions for your own safety and the safety of your clinic gimmick >> we started last year taking extra precautions for safety in our center, so we have already put steps into place. with today's event, we have been reassessing everything today. we do feel there are a few additional steps that we are taking, we are in constant medication tonight with our local police who have been wonderful with us today. and there will probably be additional steps we need to take. >> laura: thank you for speaking out tonight, there are a lot of folks out there who are truly frightened by what they're saying. you're actually saving lives and they are attacking for doing that. talk about dark, that is truly demonic. joining me now is stephen miller, former senior advisor to president trump, founder of america first legal. also with me, mollie hemingway, federalist, editor in chief and fox news contributor. mollie, what's worse, pretending that the left hasn't been engaging in their own political violence for years or pretending
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that january 6th is really something that's defining the republican party at this point? >> to some extent they are the same thing. we know the left has engaged in political violence for decades, and it has not been condemned, unfortunately, by democrat politicians. you remember in the summer of 2020 that people all the way up to and including kamala harris and joe biden were encouraging riots when people were attacking the white house, federal courthouses. people's businesses, police precincts. this was -- and this was coordinated and this was nationwide and you didn't hear much pushback and conservatives and republicans have been pretty consistent in condemning political violence, and aberration, as you point out, of one day of rioting versus this ongoing campaign of threatening people and intimidating them, there's not really a comparison. >> laura: stephen, this is serious. looking at these clinics, these are amazing women -- and some men, but it's mostly women, mostly volunteer effort to help these young women who feel like you have no choice to either get
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an abortion or their life is over. to do that to them at this moment, i found that particularly chilling, dark, i keep saying word demonic because that's where the captors of the most. >> the doj is a deeply corrupt organization. they put all these resources into protecting these clinics, these women and protect those that they are serving. it should also be in our cities, in chicago, in detroit, in new york, in los angeles, breaking up his criminal street gangs that are dealing drugs, that are using illegal weapons, that our laundering money and putting them behind bars for decades, but instead, all they want to do is -- you can all sleep safely because they got like i irons on peter navarro while you have real criminals running amuck. >> laura: warning about height and threat environment the months ahead, listed potential
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targets to include public gatherings, safe space institutions, schools, racial and religious minorities, government basilicas, personal, u.s. critic linford structure -- media -- everything is on the list. it's like they don't want anyone to leave their homes before the midterm elections. i'm sorry, but the list is pretty much everything. >> or maybe they have a sense that the left will again to another campaign of violence like we saw in 2020 leading up to the election. but i think it's so true that the biggest crisis facing this country is that we do not have a there is department justice or serious department of moment security that treats people the same regardless of their political positions. these agencies have been going after their political opponents while protecting their political allies. i mean, you list all these things that are happening with pro-life pregnancy centers, pro-life groups, churches, dozens of attacks, including three firebombings that we've heard about. the doj a couple years ago sent like a dozen agents to investigate a garage at a nascar
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race because they falsely believe that had something to do with a race crime. why is nano task force being put on these attacks on pro-life groups and christian churches? >> laura: can you imagine if the same thing was done to any type of pro lgbtq organization? and i would support their launching an investigation into them, but if that happened at any left-wing group, they would be going crazy! >> thousands of agents. you wouldn't even know the alphabet soup of agencies you would see outside that organization. law enforcement has been politicized in this country. >> laura: this is disturbing. >> they will put innocent republicans in jail while letting guilty democrats walk free and again, letting terminal street gangs rampage freely across this country. and also not investigating democrats for clear violations of the law that influence our elections, and i would hope, for example, that a competent doj
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would investigate every claim and mollie spoke what marks are mark zuckerberg did in the last election. >> laura: they are playing into all of this dynamic, watch. because one of her folks watching at home, should they be concerned with these midterms coming up, that they might be marred by violence? >> we all should be concerned about the midterms being harmed and all public officials should be concerned about their own safety. if the fealty to trump continues and the encouragement to the white supremacist and the terrorists to be involved continues. >> laura: mollie, is the translation of that not if her republicans win, white supreme assist when matt? >> that's what they've been saying for decades and is january 6th commission itself has been saying that they would like to overturn the electoral college. they have not done any real investigation into what happened on january 6. i think a lot of people would like to know why the capital wasn't protected. this has always been a reelection protection idea that
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nancy pelosi had that maybe if she could gin this up into a much bigger deal than it was, she could somehow retain the majority for democrats, and i don't think it's going to work. i mean, turning this into a production including hiring a news producer, it's just not what people want to hear as they are suffering so much with the economy, with border problems, with border unrest, ashamed on a global stage. >> laura: maverick is the summer blockbuster, what you think this is going to become a prime time, they are all upset that fox isn't covering it live. we actually do something called, you know, katie to our -- our audience knows what this is. we will cover it. >> its political convention. >> laura: it's total theater. >> tv advertising for the midterms. but here's the thing, it's not going to work because people are suffering from inflation, they are suffering from an open border, suffering from runaway, rampant crime, and they are not going to be swayed by this ridiculous theater when their lives and the lives of their neighbors are deteriorating
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under biden on a daily basis. >> laura: mollie, how much does liz cheney lose by in wyoming? >> i used to live in wyoming and it -- >> laura: how did i not know this about you! >> if she had actually spent time in wyoming she wouldn't be in the trouble she is now. she's never really represented her constituents. >> laura: msnbc or cnn, where does she go? >> yes. >> laura: which one! i say cnn. >> i will take msnbc. >> laura: cnn will say we hired a republican. but they're perfect or republican. great to see you both. remember, if you can't watch us live, make sure you set a series record in your dvr, so you don't miss every episode every weeknight at 10:00 p.m., "the ingraham angle." but up next, my any angle on the shameless governance of illinois j.b. pritzker, his days numbered, stay there.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: like california and new york, illinois is a state at a crossroads. what i thought that high taxes and high crime don't just drive public discontent, they drive residents to pick up and leave for better, safer, saner states? illinois has seen a serious population erosion. just last year it lost 122,000
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residents. that's the largest decline in state history. according to census data, only new york and d.c. saw a bigger percentage drops than illinois. who can blame folks? the teachers unions run the states, kids were hurt immeasurably by the school closures, which by the way, governor j.b. pritzker was all for. >> protests out here this morning and parents were crying screaming like oh, my god, -- as governor, you should -- they are a low risk group. >> as a supposed reporter, you should probably stop the misinformation, thank you. you know how you prevent schools from being closed? you stop complaining about mask wearing. >> laura: what a jerk, he just hides behind his staff, what a complete wimp. of course chicago has become a sanctuary for violent, depraved criminals. i think the gangs kind of a great deal of gratitude to pritzker, who touted his idiotic criminal justice reform law
7:26 pm
endlessly. remember it eliminated cash bail, meaning more thugs go free pending trial. and as a liberal billionaire with a big appetite for luxury, pritzker just doesn't give a rip. >> all illinois inns will live in a safer and more just state with his law on the books. this legislation marks a substantial step towards dismissing the systemic racism that plagues our communities, our state, and our nation, and brings us closer to true safety, true fairness, and true justice. >> laura: oh, my god, does anyone else want to throw up after watching that? the only way things are going to change in illinois is a political tidal wave. only someone as arrogant and delusional as pritzker would think he deserves to be reelected in november. our next guest aims to sent them packing. joining me now is richard irvin, mayor of aurora, illinois, and
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g.o.p. open its oil. great to see you. back in march, there was something described as a scared straight incident in a house democratic caucus meeting. a poll was floated showing pritzker was facing big suburban headwinds and even trail and you end poll also showed that crime was driving this push for change. it's only gotten worse since then. does any of this surprise you? >> first of all, thank you for having me on and absolutely none of it surprises me. i've got two words for you that pritzker disregards. and that's protect and respect. protect our residents in the state of illinois and our children, and respect our law enforcement try to keep us safe every day. he doesn't do that. you know, he doesn't protect. he wants to protect criminals more than he wants to protect the innocent victims of crimes. and he shows this disrespect and disdain for our police officers constantly. just last week we had three
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officers, three police officers that were shot in the line of duty. in the last year we fed ten police officers, killed in a line of duty. we prefer those three officers were killed we had a young man in millenia park, a wonderful tourist location that many people visit every year. you know, kids are killed. a week before that a kid was killed because while walking down the street with his cell phone he wouldn't give it to a robber and give him the code to get in the phone so he was shot three times, once in the face. a week before that a 71-year-old woman walking down the street enjoying the night air was mowed down in a drive-by shooting in a nice area of north chicago. >> laura: what about the criminal justice reform? the governor says that that is making the state safer, that you eliminate cash bail. he says basically the whole system is racist. >> my gosh. >> laura: so racism is the reason the state is in the mass.
7:29 pm
that's what he's really been touting for the last couple of years in illinois. >> that's idiotic. >> laura: what do african american voters need to know tonight about j.b. pritzker's criminal justice "reform"? >> that's idiotic, what he suggests. he calls this the safety act, his criminal justice reform, but it's absolutely unsafe. it's "i hate the police" act and i "i hit the community of minority living." you talked about no cash bail. on january 1st, the most dangerous parts of this bill go into effect where there's going to be a purge from all our jails from all the folks that get out of jail because they no longer have to post a bond as well as the folks that get arrested after that. don't have to post a bond. where do you think of people are going to go? they're going to go back in the communities and they're going to wreak havoc. is going to be a purge in crime is going to escalate even worse than it is now and it's going to continue to spiral in the lawlessness. >> laura: ken griffin, who is a very well healed billionaire
7:30 pm
himself, he's a republican, he's decided to throw in to try to help you because he wants to stay in the state. he loves illinois and he wants to remain in illinois, keep his business in illinois, so he's really -- he's backing you big time in his primary. but the regular rank-and-file republican voters in the state need to know about you versus some of your opponents who i imagine are also well intentioned and want to throw pritzker out of office? >> what folks need to know about me is i have a record of working with our law enforcement and reducing crime and i am the mayor of the second largest city in the state of illinois with a record of reducing crime, a record of reducing property taxes and attracting business and economic developing. that's what they need to know. look at the record, look at what we can do to make this state a better state. and crime is the main issue. when i driver on the state talking to the voters, they tell me that there's concerned about crime, there's concerned about
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their sjogren's lives and their children's children. they are worried about the fact that no one is stepping up to do anything and murders and crime have been so much no one even comments on it anymore, they pretend -- >> laura: we do. we do. we've been covering this for years. >> of course we do. >> laura: we've been doing town halls in chicago in englewood and the west side and people are like no one ever comes here, like we are here. nobody ever comes here, no democrats come, biden, the obama crew rarely showed up, and this is something that's affecting every member of the community and i'm so glad that you're highlighting this. we wish you the best of luck in this primary and we are going to be watching this very, very closely. it's a wonderful city, chicago, in the state of illinois and needs to stop the bleed figuratively and literally. up next, "ingraham angle" exclusive, what whistle-blowers inside the fbi are telling congressman jim jordan about january 6th. wow, he's here to tell us next.
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>> if you're going to do it, do it right. i don't mind what you did, and mind the way you did it. >> laura: of course robert redford and bob woodward in "all the president's men." broke at the watergate scandal as young reporters for "the washington post" and they've been dining out on it ever sense, can't really blame them but if woodward was ever interested in doing it the right way, and that's debatable, today he clearly is not. >> what is the legacy going to be of attorney general garland who has to make some critical decisions? do they bring criminal charges against anyone for this insurrection? what do they do about trump is going to reflect on biden's legacy. can there -- is there justice in the biden presidency? >> laura: so how did woodward go from pulitzer prize winner eager democrat poodle?
7:38 pm
what happened to just factual reporting? bring criminal charges against whom exactly, and for what? and the lunatic left notion that unless merrick garland puts donald trump in cuffs, biden's legacy is finished, that's hilarious. his legacy is finished because of what he's doing to the country, how he handles the national disasters that he created. there was a time were bob woodward would break news on the current of administration, but now he just issues ultimatums, demanding retaliation against the last administration, or else. but in 2009, woodward had a different standard for holding the powerful accountable, especially richard nixon. >> he was using the presidency as an instrument of personal revenge and reward. >> laura: personal revenge. can you say january 6, the committee. and if he's worried really about personal reward, i will take hunter biden for 50 million yen
7:39 pm
please. woodward has lost the narrative in his place in it. he went from too far left. somewhere along the way the unterman aerial reporter became a lobbyist for liberals. but you're supposed to hold the powerful accountable with facts, bob, not bully them into submission to show your own power, your own gravitas. speaking of january 6 this derricks, we're learning exclusively about what's going on inside the fbi. whistle-blowers have full congressman jim jordan that the agency is in full-blown retaliation mode, referring to what's going on as a purge of agency employees who hold conservative views. one employee reportedly had a security clearance taken away and then he was indefinitely suspended from his duty and got his pay taken away for disagreeing with the january 6th narrative. jim jordan, ranking member of the house judiciary committee, joins me now. congressman, this specific fbi
7:40 pm
employer mentioned, what can you tell us more about him or her? >> decorated iraqi war veteran being run out of the fbi, his allegiance to the country is being questioned because he had the gall to say something that offended the fbi leadership about the january 6th investigation. the other one is also having the same thing happened to them simply because on an anonymous questionnaire they said something that the leadership disagreed with them about january 6 buried and i would point out, laura, that we now have had agents come forward as whistle-blowers, two on the school board's narrative, on the school board issue, an end four regarding january 6th. that is a concern to us but we have had literally half a dozen fbi agents come to our committee. >> laura: it's happening all over government, is it not, jim? it happening at the fbi, we know it's happening in our military with the whole stand down order,
7:41 pm
remember, in the spring of 2021 after january 6th, so we have to make sure there are no unsavory people in our military. that was a warning shot that they fired across the bow for our young military men and women. >> exactly, it's the weaponization of government against her political foes. the legacy -- to go with her monologue, the legacy with -- the school board issue, writing a memorandum that treats moms and dads as domestic terrorists. that's the legacy thus far in his tenure as attorney general, but this weaponization of government against her political foes is exactly what's -- so much so we had a disinformation governance board and but for your efforts and others pointing this out, that still might be in operation. that is how the left is operating -- in the context here with the fbi, renumber, few years ago this biden president trump, the actions they took against parents regarding the school board situation, and then two whistle-blowers last month had come forward who attended the
7:42 pm
january 6 rally on their own time with their spouse, didn't go in the capital, haven't been charged, but they've had their security clearance taken from them too, which is always the first step in termination. again, one of those individuals was also a veteran in our armed forces. this is happening, and it is as wrong as wrong can be. >> laura: congressman, on the issue of january 6, here's the cnn reporter ryan nobles, with i thought what was a stunning emission, watch. >> is largely going to be a controlled message, even though there are republicans on the panel. these republicans and democrats are working in unison. that means that's going to be no opposition voices during these hearings. >> laura: that is laugh out loud hilarious, jim. this is theater, and they are upset that we are not running it live on fox? if there is theater, if their production, their props, their wardrobes, their makeup, whatever the hell they're doing.
7:43 pm
it's all on them, that's what they wanted. >> and they've used taxpayer money to hire the former president of "abc news" to choreograph the document or that they're going to present on thursday night and over the coming weeks. so yeah, this is exactly what it is, choreograph, brought to you by the taxpayer -- the taxpayer expense. it >> laura: to we know how much it's costing, by the way? mothers who can't find baby formula. we have people struggling to put fuel in their gas tanks. how much is this costing? this little show? >> i don't know, but i do know you're right, there will be no cost -- is the only committee hearing i've ever seen in congress where there was not an opportunity to cross-examine witnesses because there is no or republican and on that committee who will do it, so this is worse than what adam schiff did in the bunker in the basement with impeachment back in 2019, at least i got to be in that room and depose witnesses and then when they have a hearings, we got to cross-examine witnesses. but in this situation come up that's not even happening, so this is completely choreographed presentation, completely partisan, the good news is the
7:44 pm
american people have figured all that out. >> laura: kafka would be very proud, great to see a varied primary polls in california close at the bottom of the hour and the results of a couple races and recalls in the state could give us a sense of the backlash that progressive governance is facing. trace gallagher has a full report in moments.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: do you feel it? i do. lyrical storm clouds are beginning to gather out west. years of failed progressive leadership in california, oregon, washington state, voters looking to shake things up. fox news chief break news correspondent trace gallagher has all the details about how republicans hope the west can be re-won. of trace. >> one of the big ticket items in his primary battle is the los angeles mayor's race were billionaire real estate mogul rick caruso is running against democratic progressive u.s. congress woman karen bass. if an because conservatives don't tend to resonate in the nations second largest city, caruso come along a republican, is running as a democrat, promising to rein in l.a.'s skyrocketing crime and homelessness problems. if caruso or bass picks up more than 50% of the vote, they become the mayor outright,
7:50 pm
although a runoff appears more likely. up the coast and even blue or san francisco far left district attorney chesa boudin, who does not like sending people to jail, is now waiting to see if he will be recalled. under his watch, crime has gone up in 40% of the attorneys in his office have gone away. he may soon follow. speaking of soft justice, remember when oregon decriminalized all drugs last year? now the state's overdose rate is up 700%, democratic governor kate brown is the most unpopular governor in the country, with a 54% disapproval rate, and since brown can't run again in the fall, her unpopularity could hurt the current democratic candidate for governor, former oregon house speaker tina go to get help from a republican state legislator christine grayson, who has a slight lead in the polls, which is interesting considering oregon hasn't had a g.o.p.
7:51 pm
governor since the first top gun movie back in 1986. finally, in seattle, the only thing harder to find than a police officer's baby formula. if bad news for u.s. democratic senator patty murray, who heads up the senate health committee. the committee in charge of addressing a baby from a crisis. back in january, well before the baby formula fiasco, polls showed murray in a dead heat with a hypothetical g.o.p. candidate. very good news for actual g.o.p. senate candidate tiffany smiley. laura. >> laura: trace, interesting. staying in washington state, tiffany smiley is a form of triage nurse veterans advocate who, as trace mentioned, is running for senate in the hopes of unseating the dinosaur known as patty murray. great to see you tonight. i think of washington state, it is a wild and woolly place, it is such a cool state of so many ways, it's been through a lot
7:52 pm
politically, a lot of progressive tumult out there. so can a republican really win in washington state, tiffany? >> yes we can, and i know we can because i'm out every day talking with thousands of voters and look, patty murray is chairwoman of health committee, which has direct oversight over the fda. you know, 30 years ago she ran as the mom in tennis shoes and now she has failed moms and babies not just in washington state, but across the nation. and look, joe biden was just here in washington state about a month ago. he opened up saying i'm joe biden, and i work for patty murray, she is the boss. so right now in washington state, we have an out of stock rate that is exceeding 90% in baby formula. that is uncalled for. that is absolutely unacceptable and we need leaders, not politicians, who are willing to roll up their sleeves and solve these issues. >> laura: tiffany, back in april, senator murray was -- she
7:53 pm
was aware of this baby formula crisis, but she was thinking to make other things priorities instead. watch. >> it makes absolutely no sense that legal cannabis businesses are being forced to operate entirely in cash. so i want this to be the year we finally get that bill across the finish line in the senate and to the president's desk to be signed into law. >> laura: so tiffany, the big priority is giving the weed industry funded to the tune of multibillion's of dollars, give them the banking privileges that other businesses get. is that the winner, what washington state voters really want? >> it's a lack of business foresight. she waited until the shelves were empty before she even tried doing something. she could have relaxed regulations to increase production, she could have incentivized other manufacturers to increase their production. not only that, she could have held hearings.
7:54 pm
you know what? if we can use the defense production act right now for solar panels, why can't we -- >> laura: that's a sham. >> to feed hungry babies in america. >> laura: tiffany, i hope you win the primary, and then i hope -- >> i will. >> laura: and i hope you take her on. maybe i will fly out to see the debate. i will be there. >> please do. >> laura: when we come back, a message of inspiration amidst an unspeakably horrific tragedy. you do not want to miss this in moments. [ kimberly ] before clearchoice, my dental health was so bad i would be in a lot of pain. i was unable to eat. it was very hard. kimberly came to clearchoice with a bunch of missing teeth,
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struggling with pain, with dental disease. clearchoice dental implants solved her dental issues. [ kimberly ] i feel so much better. i feel energized to go outside and play with my daughter. i can ate anything. like, i don't have to worry. clearchoice changed my life.
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>> laura: mark collins and four of his grandsons were brutally murdered last week by an escaped inmate in texas, but through the pain, mark's brother gave us a message of inspiration. >> let me tell you how we make it through this. i have seen god's hands through this continued to, there is an
8:00 pm
unbelievable, overwhelming... that is part of his plan through this. as horrific as it is, i lost my best friend, he kept me sharp. >> laura: prayer for their loved ones and all those in texas still suffering. thanks for watching us. [applause] ♪ ♪ >> greg: wonderful! [laughs] oh, yeah. happy tuesday, everyone. oh, man, we have a classic show for tonight. we have both patti ann browne and mike baker on. [applause]


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