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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 7, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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can use kardiamobile anywhere. it lets you put your healthov in your own hands. i didn't think anyone could be happier about that kind of independence than me, but independence than me, but my doctor is over the at or amazon. thank you . feel good about your heart health with cardio mobile order yours today at kardiamobile .com or amazon. good evening and welcome to tucker carlson . i'm happy to say it was six years ago and one of those semi hilariouson moments that hs unfortunately been lost to history that janet yellen sat through what must have been the single most uncomfortable congressional hearing of her life at the time. you may remember yellen was running the federal reserve and she r was and she remains today a lifestyle liberal in good standing. it so put yourself in her positiont and imagine the shock she mustho
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have felt whenf members of the congressional black caucus suggested that she janets yellen was in fact a racist, maybe even a white supremacist. what does jenny ellen do wrong? well, they suggested what shest did wrong was she failed to harness the power of the federal reserve to help african-americans specifically now at first yellen seemed confused by this complaint. the point of the fed f is to kep the american economy stable. the point is not to pay off oil blocks democratic voters and she tried to explain this our power she said, can'tnc be targeted at the experience of particular groups. >>th that was her response. but the congressional black caucus did not buy it. r messagt their message to janet yellen was the same as their message. you and every othero person in this country. three hundred and fifty millionn people do it. we say we will denounce as a racist. and finally, janet yellen got that message. boy, did she. within a year yellen had all but abandonedtr the traditional constraints of monetary policy. instead, there she m was p yammering on in public about things like racial equity
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and environmental justice. >> now those are issues unlikeic economics cannot be quantified or even specifically defineds. they are therefore perfect vehicles for power hungry politicians hoping to becomefu more powerful. yellen was supposedly anl. economist, but as she turned 70 , she left the field ofld economics completely o and entered the far more familiar world of political activismd of by the te she became joe biden's treasury secretary. the transformation was j complee . among palin'se, first acts as treasury secretary was ane order changing the mission of the treasury department's financials stability oversight council. now that council was created by congress after the last financial crisis, as its name suggests to prevent something similar from ever happening again. and for about a decade it focused on questions that might prevent another meltdown. questions like subprime lending and automated trading on wall street, relevant questions. but under janet yellen, the council turned its attention to a farng more fashionable issue that she
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was consumed with global warming. quote we must look ahead at emerging risks. yellen proclaimed. b climate change is obviously the big one . the worldeletterr to bank telling them the same thing as for inflation, which f is a core concernnm of government economists. that wasmi the emerging risk j they were worried about yellen just shrug that off inflation if that happensed, she told us n a now famous quote it'll be quote transitoryy in the history of bad predictions fro washingtonon which could fill volumes that might take first place. in fact,n, since joe biden becameas president, the price of gasoline has doubled . and so if the prices of many other key commodities that americans need to lives in , the worst part is that not only did janet yellen the treasury secretary, failed to see any of this coming, janet yellen more than any other single person in america causedse in the first place to reckless loose money policies implemented l during her years t the fed policies that were bound to causewe inflation
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and did so. if you're mad about the current state of the economy, janet yellen is probably the firstes person you should blame. why does she still have her job? it's a good question and we might have heard an answer to that because the almost back in frontt of congress today, but this time there were no tough interrogatories from the congressional black caucus. >> no one calls her a racistes and saidsi kissed up to her as yellen explained to a deeplyll sympathetic room of members of congress, the real problem with the american economy iscoic that she and the democratic party don't yet have enough controlol over watch look over the medium term, the critical thing is that we've become more dependent on the windtun in the sunsetter not subject ton geopolitical influences and passing clean energy c credits that will boostre non renewables is i think really, really critical to to to addressing climate change
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and our energy costs for households or it might be just for fun if you have five minute rewind the tape, transcribe r and see if oaid you can make sense of the verbal bouillabaisse. what are you looking at? it's called intersectional ism. it's the new religion of government and it allows bureaucrats when it becomes clear they have no idea what they're doing to just pivot and talk about something they know even less about. so here you have janet yellen talking about geopolitical influences, clean energy credits, climate change. t what is janet yellen talking about? well, she hashas no idea. oplet the problem is that there are people out there who actually do understandd t what she's tryg to talk about. experts actual experts havexp studied the sustainabilityertsef renewable energy for years. michael shellenberger, for example, found that from 2011 to 2017 the cost of solar panels dropped by more than 70%.%. in this country there aref more of them. it's a supplyth and demand
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question.. but here's the interesting part. during that same periodterestino the cost of solar panels fell. electricity prices in california went up five times more than they did in the rest of the united states. whymotof are more solar panels, solar panels cheaper? butere the electricity producest more expensive. nd how does that work and how is it helping you? we know it happens because itpp happened in germany at scale from twenty six to 2018. that would be the heyday of peak years of germany's big renewable energy push electricity prices went up 50% wellwhy did that happen?? well, let's compare, it to a neighboring country in francey . electricity prices were much lower than germany's evenwi though france getsce twice as much of its energy from clean energy sources as germany does. what what made france so special, how they pull that off simple nuclear. france gets a lot of its energy from nuclearot power. janet yellen does not consider nuclear power a renewabler . ew
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when she says renewable, she means wind and solar, which by definition are not reliable sources of energy. but they are and this is always the key highly profitable to democratic donors and the government of china. so of course janet yellen isot for them. of course, yellen didn't go into details on why she thinks what she does because if you unpack it, if you slow down and speak clearly, it doesn't make any sense. and janet yellen knows that she's an activist. she gets that logic irrelevant, thinking clearly no, that gets you nowhere. emotionhe is what carries the dt . and that's why during today's congressional hearings she started talking about yet another topic she knows nothing about gun crime. ! >> i am also horrified by gunha violence, what we'vet seen in recent weeks over and over many years. and i do hope that congress will take long overdue action
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and put in place common sense measures to reduce gun violence or more affordable. i'm i'm sorry, ma'am, you're the treasury secretary. >> let's talk about the economy, which is implode. stop with your little abortion talk gun talk, not your area. let's get back into your lane. you're the treasury secretary because she doesn't wantse to the goal always is to talk about anything other than the economy. why can't they distort the economy? the but there wasre one exception at one point, janetet was asked because it's a pretty obvious question how exactly as the treasury's secretary and former fed chair as an economist and a genius, how do you miss y the inflation you caused here i said that inflation would be transitory? what i was not anticipating was a scenario in which we would end up contending with multiple
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variants of covid that would be scrambling our economy and global supply chains. and i was not envisioning impacts on food and energy prices. seen from russia'ssi invasion of ukraine.on so mr. powell indicated himself both of us probably could havee used a better term than transitory. i do expect inflation to i remain high, although i very much hope that will be coming down now. oh , so you didn't see covid e coming even though i was here for twove years and we shut down the entire economy and then made up forhe the gap in productivity with profligate government spending where we just printed trillions of fake dollars. but you didn't think that was going to cause inflationon somehow and you didn't think a war in the breadbasket of europe would affect food prices.
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let's say you were a talkul shof hostar on cable channel with no economic experience whatsoever or even the ability to balance a checkbook. and it was obvious to you. well, you're the treasury secretary but you didn't see it coming. maybe you shouldn't call it n transitoryee. it transito and your answer is and we're quoting i do expect inflation to remain high, although i doh, very much hope it will be coming down. you very much hope. ise, i that where we are? we are very much hoping. tellg. us more about abortion and gun violencere. if you would win covid c and putin and call today is. a joke fox is hillary born to her credit was notot convinced. she asked janet yellen whether decision to spend trillions of dollars might have contributed to inflation. n he r when you have something, it's worth less like your currency which is almost worth less. >> and he was janet yellen. you you ever warned the white house that increased government t spending could have contributed to the inflation that we're seeing today decided to go away:
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peasants for your inflation g? m i'm worried about climatema change and gun violence and abortion. >> leave me alone. it's not the treasury secretary bigon. she should be gone. this iss crazy. and in a functioning country, janet yellen would be in a retirement home somewhere writing her memoirs that no one would everoirs read . but that's not what's happening. she's still the treasury secretary and ifecre that what happened today instead democrats took turns bragging about their expensive electric cars, worried about gas prices. >> just get a tesla baby . here's senator debbie stabenow of michigan. >> well, good morning, madam secretary. glad to have you with us. i have to say just on the issue ofue gas prices, after waiting for a long time to have enoughou ships in this country tont finally get my electric vehicle, i got it and drove it from michigan to here this lasta
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weekend and went by every single gas station. didn't matternd how it was. and so i'm looking forward to the opportunity for us to move to vehicles that aren't going to be dependent on the whims of the oil companies and the international marketses i. yes, because electric cars don't actually use energy so they're disconnected from the internationalare. >> debbie stabenow, what's an international market? you have any idea whatsoever? do you know anything you'reng telling us that the oil companies are o so greedyed they somehow canceled their own leases t for drilling. they're so greedy they don't even want to drill oilal and that's why they shut down their pipelines. is that right? and that's why they're talkingng about implementing a gasenti tax because they don't want you toax use oil. >> right. what's the reasoning here, debbie? stabenow? maybe we should contact janet yellen. wave she'll answer us away like the peasants wets are.
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what's going on here?ho how canw this person be our treasury secretary? we're in deep water. is there anyone who can pull us out of them? charlie gasparino has been a lot of times covering t this and thinking about as a senior correspondent atim fox business insurance, i have to say i'm making fun because i'm not really suree what the other answer is. but you think in treasury secretaries, sober people w who at least want to tackle the core problems ofoa the americanl inflation's always going to be a core problem and she waves your the question likee, out of my face, president, what is this ? it is it was horrible. and you know, i can't think of a more inept treasury secretary over the past 30 years based on just what they've done and what they haven't done.ay bc the janet yellen maybe nick bradyk and i'm dating myself when i bring that h.w. bush, but maybe janet yellen is i mean, think of it this way, w tucker .ay you're joe biden and janet yellen. you come into office in january 2020 one with an 80 mile now
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a fastball down the middle ofd the plate and that's called the u.s. economy.. here's why the economy was improving greatly. you know, people forgot this . w they were allas you know, i know the election was crazy. i hope januaryry 6 six is nuts,t the trump economy was pretty strong, particularly as he left office. on top off that , he delivered a vaccine which was effective against those first two very deadly variants, less effectiveb on on the ground. but itut didn't matter. it was basically we were coming out off the pandemic. the economy was going to improve and this is what they did. they turn around and they spent trillions s dollars on nothing and they expected no inflation . they encouraged jerome powell to keep printing money when you need to. it was the very it was the urtext recipe for inflation that you have to be listen, e i the equivalent of a minorco in econ and i could see covid. yes. i mean,, she's obviously a great economist and you know, and everything they've done
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since then increased regulations hurts supply. remember that cutsts back supply higher taxes, cuts back supply. some off the crazy people i put in office that are anti business environmental mandates which prevent supply of oil. and by the way, it's not just or it's the whole team. the word is that she's out after the midterms that gina raimondo might be the commerce secretary might replace her . secr gensler, the snc chair. but you know, these are all a apparatchiks that just have no clue. and you know, the reason why would really bad about janet yellen. i think what's really she supposed to know better? joe biden came in there trying to be more transformative thanar barack, his old boss barackac obama that means he spent you didn't think it is what he was spending on . he just spentdi she should have sat there and told him stop. she should have known better and she obviously didn't. it's just it's lackingg
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seriousness on the most they really and it really is these are not adults and that makes me uncomfortable. charlie gasparino, appreciate your perspective as always. >> thank you soe if you got's really rich, let's just say out of nowhere what do you do with the money? it's a hard question of people wasted. they do nothing interesting with it. kid rock has been the entertainment business t successful for like thirty years. he's taking his money and built what he callslsar a redneck paradise on a farm outside nashville. it p includes a version of the white house in which he wasc a church, a barber shop, a gas station with aa garage and those little vacuums that you is amazing. and he took us on a tour of itt for our latest documentary series came out today on fox, nation. here's an extendedta look you se kid rock on stage and you have to wonder how does he live in his private life? answer in a very tidy way. everything on the ranch is neat, clean and orderly.
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the things that drivee enough like cemetery. my friends will come over my pictures bothds know just turn them a little bit just to watch me walk around, straighten t thm all out. i mean people that don't push their chairs and when they get the dinner table. yeah. you know we got a nice glass door with gold leaf on it and they just pushed the glass just stuff this stuff drives me nuts. i don't let bother me at the end of that kind of crackhe and get w windex and wipe it of. but you know, i'm a very real person like but things clean, tidy, organized and i've always th been like that with everythingat that's so interesting. yeah. it's probably not t doing muchng right now for the american bad image related to it. i mean you you like orderer even though you know, i create chaos. >> yeah exactly. which we're leaving e the property. o no it's still part of the property. we're just going to i don't have the interior road system. the centerpiece is a version ofe the white house. he's built on a hill
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overlooking the rest of nashville. it's enormousssh architecture and designed and driven up to twenty years. got l to leave your mark somehow right? uc and save seven mailshot directly to downtown nashville. there's just one when i walked up to get this property, we've got our truck stuck to picksh all over us. this snake goess to let's get out of here. i'm like i said, just, you know, putut on your big boy pants. we get to hear like write him a check. >> he's puthe a greatck deal of thought and energy into all the details very much including the bathrooms. >> what a better it is i've done yet. this iset okay. can i just know how hard to find gold toilets? no gold toilet seat gold process. every man in america is like oh i wish i had a in my house. >> zach brown found me this bedc
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that i had it all. it's like, you know, eagles stuff solid gold leaf the eagle up here pretty crazy. so zac brown found your bed for you. he likes dancing too. so y you found that eagle out front and top of the house too. butt it was a surprise. you and i had a twenty four carat gold plated and well i traded him small guest signsol for him and blah blah. so you're going from a double wide to this ? yeah, with just baby steps. oh , that's cool to tell you about. i love the bowl gets cold. michigan was bowl out in winter. you know g, really it was kind f userspace because it was a shooting range at first likeo a two hundred acressh to shoot guns. right. i was like, you know, so i started researching how much footage do you need forrc a bowling alley? mainly the length and it turned out that i had the perfect space for my this is a fox news election alert. i'm marianne rafferty live in los angeles. the l.a. race for mayor shaping
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up to be a fight between republican turned democrat rick caruso and democratic congresswoman karen bass who was on president biden's shortlist for vice president. neither caruso nor bass 50% setting them up for a november runoff battle. caruso has spent nearly forty million dollars of his own money to fund his campaign. he's flooded airwaves with ads promising to quote, clean up homelessness and add more officers to the police force. that is an already well-known democratic congresswoman with a long history of activism in both l.a. and the state capitol . many voters and heavily democratic l.a. are upset about rising crime and homelessness, which could potentially prompt the city to take a turn to the political right for the first time in decades. stay with fox news channel for the very latest election news regular programing continues after the break. >> the fact with the returning chefs i don't know 20% you
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how to pay for goes to new masterchef back to win tomorrow on fox tubi three movies and tv want you to meet my friend this summer. all your friends cram screaming three to one free saturday maga hats so that just private candace owens then devinney but this is the life of
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rock embedded with his rock france and on this tour get a better understanding of how exactly he lived, how he became nobody before he left the country. interestingly enough, you can you can stand before commentariat street to my friends, i love you very close and so good looking across the country. what are you going like where he sees himself the you see myself. i'm up for a glass of half of a rock star. kid rock is now exclusively on boccanegra. >> got that on tape. hey everyone. i'm mike huckabee, former governor of arkansas. part time musician and longtime
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a lesson? it waso so awful that we hesitated before putting it pif on terrifying a hit and driver in los angeles last august, -o 16 year old student stole a caro and intentionally ranve over a a woman who was pushing her eight month old son in a stroller. we'll show shooting and it's disturbing. before we put i it on the scree, though, we should tell you that the mother and child are
10:26 pm
well, but it's still awful to see and also the l.a. back ,he the l.a. suspects attorney george gascón att is announcedei the guy who did this who received a sentence of only five months to quoters diversionary program. now the mother who is injured in that attack is of coursege outraged obviously. what does that say aboutou the value of her life? she's requested referred to only by her first name, rachel . we're honored u to have her join us now. rachel , thanks so much forw,w, coming having me, tucker . so that tape is really we actually debated whether to put it on it that awful? i can't even imagine how you feel when you how do you feel when you see that , you know, at this point i'm pretty numb to it. i watched it about you know, i'd i a hate at least a thousand times. i've still shot at it to to see did i do what i thought i did? o did i do everything i could to protect my child? and thankfullyy i think i did. i but it was very tough to watch it first made me very sick, but i'm watching it.
10:27 pm
it seems very obvious and i'm a just looking on the screen right now. for him to avoid you and your son .ik but he looks he did it on purpose there. absolutely. he did it on purpose. it on you i made eye contact with him as he was approaching us . i screamed for him to stopyo there. there wasu , there plenty of roo cars can say it's a one way street. so it's meant foror just one ca buton there are cars that canhe park on the side of the road and there's still plenty of room for another car to pass. so anyone who mowed down a mother and her baby in b the stroller on purpose is someone who should be locked far away fromhe the rest of us . no, absolutely.y. and i just learned from bill meluzin on sunday that the kid had a felony recordt already and was out on probation when he hit me. so how do you i mean it'son almost a rhetorical question. how do you feel about what george gascon has done? h what message does that send? en
10:28 pm
sends a lot of messages. it sends a message toge the criminals that , you know, it's okay to to do bad things because we're not goingng to punish you. we're going to v punish the victims instead. you know, i'm justu k beside myself with the comments that he's come out with onn twitter citing california law says that the punishment is fair when in fact it'sis his policies that he put into place that prevent us from getting appropriate justice. yeah, i mean, he has no value i to your life or your son's life at all. it feelst like no, no. i mean, he, he can take the time to to tweet about it and make this a political thing ,which it's not. i'd like to admit i'm a democrat. i voted for george gascon as a republican family. soge i'm pretty centrist. but i lean left and his i voted for this guy because i believeve that our prisons do need some some reform but but rewarding criminals, violentth criminals for for their actions is is very far from from any
10:29 pm
kind of reformation that anybody would think isan appropriate. yeah, i mean it's a i mean, it b was basic duty of government to protect its citizens, particularly moms with babies and toddlers. i mean, obviously the court the courts are here to protect us and he's rewriting the laws i essentially in los angeles, youp know, so that people can get l away with whatever they feel like. are you going to stay in the t state, do you think? not long term now we have plans to move in the short term like the very short term will stay in the state for a little while. but our long term goal the is to leave the state and sof the future of the state erodes . sora sad and you are brave toll come on , especially since as you admittedy y, it's not a political thing. yeah. so yeah,hi everyso every personu in los angeles should be concerned. our crime rates are through then roof and weee need all s the support we can get from from both sides of the aisle,s,
10:30 pm
all the voters. it's very non partisan and we've done a great serviceon in telling your story. thank you for that . ebthank you for having me. ofha course so is if we need more chaos in the country, the body administration is doing everything it can to encourage huge waves of illegalt aliens to continue into this country. they're still fighting to end e title forty two that is the last line of defense against just fully open borders . a caravan off at least fifteen thousand people has formed. it is headed here is getting bigger every day. ali bradlees, an independent journalistieis just spoke to on another story, did great work on that. so we wanted toogr ask her what she's found in covering this story. ali, great to see youg again. so tell us about this caravan. so tucker , this caravan, it only lasted about two days realistically and they only made it about twenty six miles. it started in tapachula as youu mentioned, about fifteen thousand strong with a very familiar facee. let's take a look at some video
10:31 pm
here that we have from another journalist that has boots on the groundd down there. and this is luis via grant explaining that they are all getting humanitarian visas over the next couple of days t they're going to be able to transit freely through mexico and whatat that really means is they're going to be able to go fast, pass right to the u.s..s mexico border and from there they'll claim asylum. so we have a some other videosyu where did start yesterday in tapachula? as i mentioned, they only madeya aboutnd the twenty six miles. m i walked with a caravan back in october. they made it about one hundred miles before that humanitarian visa really landed in their lap and gave l the opportunities across our border. is there any stopping this and compound question and where's the mexican government in this? so the mexican government, you know, they kind of act like weem are doing something. we're allowing them to stay and work in mexico with this humanitarian visa. but again, all itut is is realle allowing them to bypass c these checkpoints that they are going to inevitably hit and need immigration papers forat the caravan kind of. protected
10:32 pm
them. but now they have these humanitarian visas. they can get on a bus, a plane r p ,whatever they need to do in order to get to our southern border. he i mean, it's amazingon the economy of mexico is whollye dependent on the united states. weted can stop this tomorrow, t we don't really appreciate your reporting. youngthank you . thank you . so the washington post is maybe the most loathsome news organization in the news organization exists to hurt people who speak up against a the democratic party . the good news is it is a place to work. it's almost unbelievable. working at the washington post turns out to be its own punishment. and the story of poor dave d weigel will explain justav how bad it is that film criticd cleanas aspirin could be hurting your stomach. vasalore three twentyyewza five liquid filled aspirin capsule is clinically shown in his 70s studyrspi because ifu were ulcers, that immediate release aspirin fasullo the liquid filled aspirin capsules amazing wealthy's.
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10:38 pm
probably quiten s on the basis t our conscience, though they haven't figured that out. no, they're upset because one of the paper's reporters thoroughly beat a character calledte dave weigel retweeted a joke. now here itig is before we read it, we want to warn you this is a joke, not the result of some longitudinal study. . 's a joke j here's the joke.ev every girl is bi. you just have to figure out if it's polar or . >> well, another reporter at the post's felicia sonmezle flipped out and publicly demanded that dave weigel should be punished s for liking the joke. and of course, the post caved and issued the statement from matea gold, the managing editor or something that wehe toleratet doesn't work. >>ee and they suspended for dave weigel with pay. he has so little dignity that he didn't resign. he's just n waiting at home on xbox to get back into the post newsroom. what's amazing is that dave weigel previously defended the same reporter who got allll mad when she was f in trouble fr a tweet about kobe bryant. anteo
10:39 pm
well, what a story. the we wanted to get to the bottom of this .his dangerou we want to talk to the mann who wrote this dangerous unauthorized, cruel and insensitive joke against oppressed womenag kampala's and we found him and he joins us now. and if youyo know if you would recommend a career with this joke when you wrote it,nd w i didn't know that . but if i had known i'd done it, i probably would have done itt earlier.hink i think. it was an unintended benefit. now y when you wrote this show, did you meann to attacktt with verbal violence and dehumanize half the population of the united states? not not no. itedi was i was i was talking to some friends in a group chat and someone said this and it i was the first time i heard it. apparently this is an old joke, something from the 90srom. but the first time i heard it,an i chuckled. i thought i'm going to tweet that the first day of pride pride month, why notll seeee what happens? ho i thought thirty thirty likesug
10:40 pm
right. i think tm i like twelve and a half thousand now and i neveran expected that i could help set fire to the washington post and to start a civil war . i , i'm , i , i felt bad for like half a minute when i found out that he was suspended and i don't think i don't thinknk anyone should be punished for retweeting a joke that i tweet. that's where they go. but at the same time i'm really happy that , you know, i'm profoundly against wars. en so when i found out that wigoas was very pro iraq war , i was like maybe it wasn't such a bad thingot that it was this guy that got that . know what i mean?t. why is it always the weakest in the most craven that are most in favor of sending other people's kids to die in pointless conflicts? i've never noticed the i don't absolutely. i mean it's and there's so manyt of them. it'she like i was when i was
10:41 pm
on the drive over here, i was talking to the driver and weav were having a conversation. he's from a place where a lot of that stuff has happened. and i was just like, you know, i can't apologize to you because, you know, i didn't dod this and i don't want toi be someone who would claim that . but it's heartbreaking. not k only do we send our kids o die, but there's also gross negligence and collateral damage. i mean, there's so much of this that happened. i know it's him that's notot paying from the real problem ise sexist jokes on twitter. okay,m jok you're absolutely ths the moral equivalent of droningi 50 villages in sudan. so i want you to i want you to live with that on your conscience. so i wantr to thank you for joining us . criminal. good to see you on the criminal . the washington post is a place to work, but it's one of many itt turns out that there are a lot of sinister people in workplaces all over the
10:42 pm
country, particularly in big companies that almost all of theme t work in the h.r.ep department. here's a video fromar canadag showing an actual human resources executive informinge the ottawa truckers and their supporters that they could o never work again because she holds caitlyn jenner . >> well, look at you freedom fighters, freedom fighters, weathertech freedom chartersed and rights and freedom would tell you that .om ou to forgetu seem that and you're all loud a and proud that your big thoughts and your big, bignd p ideas and you want to whatever set of hot tubs in ottawaa, i'm a recruiter so if you're looking for a job or if you're trying to keep job, maybe just maybe thinkre what you're putting on social media recruiters are watching. hrrr is watching everywhere and we hate you.
10:43 pm
so even if you're not religious, even if you're an atheist, you'll have to concede that satanic candace owens is the founder of the charity blasik. us tonight. hey, candace.ha rieythat's the person in controf your future. what is it about tiktok, tiktok that brings out these adult messages? i can't get out. what is about this app that people that are mentallyll unstable go on ity and must say hi, i'm a crazy person h and listen to me speak about these issues. i by the way, it's the weirdestss works everues.. i'm h.r. recruiter and i'm going to be able to control your entire life. she's bonkers. she's out of her mind. e but she's also so emblematic of the west increasingly having this issue with mental illness just fullystal on display and we pretending that it's not everywhere around us . shshe's angry because people lie freedom. she's using the word freedom like it's a dirtyke i word. we're going to find you. we know you like to be free.outa we know you like to breathe out of mask. hcontrol you know you like to havey control over your own body and not be forced back safely by your government. to
10:44 pm
we know you like to move across state lines that your a government telling youm know, and i'm a job recruiter and i'm here to stop that sucker. i mean, what an absolute crazy person. such a nice description and yet she has all the power. h i mean, she's not exaggeratingg, . she has the power to prevent your kids from getting jobsen. . are you from keeping your job? how would we want to speak of democracy? out as about as undemocratic as i can imagine. well, this is why it's not an exaggeration at all to that the left is in a cult because what you're looking at right there is somebody that is committedtt to an ideologicaloe cult. she doesn't know why kno she's saying these things, but she knowssayi that people that t to go outside and enjoy their lives like in her cult that's not allowed in her existence, that's not allowed and she needs to exert powererxe and control over those people in the only way that she knows how , which i guess a is the h.. recruitment center or wherever it is that she works. you know, in reality, if we lived in a fair society, the washington post wouldn't
10:45 pm
be putting somebody on suspension over liking a tweet. but this woman, of course, would be fired. you would say, hey, you arey mentally unstable. you are not fit tons hold a job over other human beings. e but we don't live in thatie same society, tucker . don't even think about it. we don't d candace owens great. thank you . you're welcome .ot in totally unrelated news, weal a long interview with the catholic exorcist and as protestants were still skeptical of its exorcism with demonic possession, we'll watch the interview. well, a legal scholar just resigned from georgetown university law he was suspended and investigated by the school for criticizing joe biden's decision to nominate supreme court justice based on her color. an actual legal scholar was brave enough to join us after the break to tell his story. k we'll write that everyone on mike huckabee, former governor of arkansas, part time
10:46 pm
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with america? he's listening at and he has failed to speak english,
10:50 pm
it can be prevented and in fact less than be silly. ilya shapiro was a lecturer at georgetown law, one of the mostt prominent. then he criticized about the decision to nominate a supreme court justice on the basis of race becausef race is irrelevant to judicial
10:51 pm
temperament, knowledge, experience, wisdom, t fon saying that georgetown law putg shapiro on leave. they announced that, georget a g investigation. now the probe ultimately cleared shapiro a on as technicality, but he says he's leaving the school anyway. we are t honored to have ilya shapiro, formerly of boston. he's the author of supreme disorder judicial nominations the politics of america's highest court. his career joinsth us . thank you very much for coming on . followedpeople this outside the legal world outside the world of georgetown . are we leaving anything out? was your crime just pointing out that racism relevant tor whether a judge is good or not?a look, i had a tweet that i didn't phrase as well as i would have liked. i'm sure all of us are guilty of that at one time or another. my underlying point is exactly as you stated and i it was unreasonable or with bad faith to read it as being misogynistic or racist. it's ironic i'm beingt
10:52 pm
criticized that i was criticized that i was put unders investigation for criticizing joe bi racialcien and gender based test for his supreme court nominees. but here we are and four monthst later i waser cleared on a technicality. last week it took themm four months to investigate at the diversity office and otherwise to see that i was not an employee when i tweeted and they cleared me on that. but insinuated that i or anybody else who said or wrote anything that would offend anyone would be creating a hostile educational establishment and i could not work undert that arrangement. and so i hadad to resign yesterday. well, you made the honorable decision and i admirera that working interest and law is considered a big deal .ry i think what's scary about the story is this didn't happen at nike.ik right. r orig the nfl or something just happened to georgetown law where there are a lot off serious people i know a lot of people who work there. re weren'tn' they embarrassed to be investigating you for
10:53 pm
expressing an entirely mainstream and defensible position on twittern? s i mean,pe i'm not going to speat for anyone else, but i think nationwide and as georgetown specificallynwid, there are a lt of cowardly administrators who refuse to e stand up to the activist radical woke mob who insists that there is no deviation from a progressiveho orthodoxy. i mean, contrary to the diversity equity inclusion offices that have proliferated throughout the landof, they're t encouraging they're discouraging intellectualur diversity, preventing equal opportunity and excluding anyou voices that would dissent from the prevailing view. so i've been i've been really disappointed. i'm sad that this all happened.t i don't think i was butly i mean, it's really, realy bad if i don't think any faculty members, staff member, a student at sucher an institution can really thrive
10:54 pm
because there's a sort of damocles and that's why i that's why i left. i could not stay at a place where if i'm commenting on a supreme court opinion orr teaching a class and someone says they're uncomfortable or claims they're offended and all offocl a sudden i'm back in the chamber. yeah, i mean that's t that's>> the end of a great americanic institution after hundreds of years. and it's it's bigger r even than your particular case. it says something really ominous. i think o o . wi and i appreciate you be willing to talk about it and the principled stand that you have to let you talk about my next move. i'm now goingng to be the director of constitutional studies at the manhattan institutestit, which is a wondea organization based in new york.i i'm going to stay in the d.c. i area, northern virginia wheren i live and they do a lot of the make a lot of great g counterintuitive points on policyre and i'm delighted to expand their constitutional program and i work with a lot of people who have been friends for a long time. we'll see youuc again. thank you so much. a b thank you . we'll be right back .
10:55 pm
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news channel. that's it for us tonight. by the way, we are for privacy.. we don't like buggingbut peoplt home. but when kid rock says, hey, swing by my house, we could nota resist. and the commentariat , which ise pretty greatat on fox nation .cm right now. we hope you'll watch it.or we'll see youro back here tomorrow night. at 88:00. the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. that's'sat our show. that's i'm going to have and welcome to hannity. >> mus and tonight, a bombshell report that you won't't get anywhere but right here on this show definitely not t the sham democratic fundraiser that's masqueradingmo as themm january committee. and coming up tonight , an investigativeto report john solomon will reveal what actually went wrong inside the capitol police department during p the january six . well, incursion in twenty twenty one along with shocking new details about speaker pelosi's epicith fail during that fateful day. also tonight , we'll turn to d


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