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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  June 8, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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unbelievable, overwhelming. that's part of his plan through this. horrific as it is, i lost my best friend. he kept me sharp. . >> laura: prayer for their loved ones and all those in texas still suffering. thanks for watching us. ♪♪ >> a fox news alert, san francisco voters owing lib rat district attorney and a blow to prosecutors across the nation. you're watching fox and friends first here on a wednesday morning, i'm todd piro. >> carley:. crime and homeless necessary playing our cities. in san francisco alone look at the numbers larceny theft up 20% over last year, assault and homicide each up 11% rates up
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9%. >> todd: this election could send a ripple effect across the nation including in los angeles where da george gas cone is facing his second recall event in two years and new york city where da alvin brag is getting criticism from his liberal policies including from its own democratic mayor. brooke singman has the latest. brooke. >> brooke: good morning guys, the people of san francisco have spoken and bow dean will no longer be the district corner after an overwhelming vote exactly 60% of the votes are in favor of him being removed from office. the associated press calling the race just after midnight and beaudean conceded shortly after. >> people are angry, they're frustrated and i want to be very clear about what happened tonight. the right wing billionaires outspent us 3-1. they exploited an environment in which people are appropriately
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upset and created an electoral where we were basically shadow boxing. >> brooke: boudinwill be removed after they formally accept votes this as san francisco deals with a surge in violent crimes, murders have soared since the pandemic began and crimes like burglary and shoplifting are up. he roan criminals and population fell by 30% during his first six months in office. voters sharing theiring reaction to him being recalled. listen to this. >> for the last 10-15 years we've been tweeted as if we're subjects and we're supposed to do what the city tells us what to do. this brought back our agency, which is so important. >> brooke: the campaign to recall progressive los angeles ga george gascon offered this
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reaction. george gas cone and bow dean fared social experiments destroyed communities while doing nothing to reform the cities. voters signed and returned their recall positions, gas cone will be walking the same plank in the near future. and, the wounded blue, an organization that serves injured police officers also releasing a statement saying the recall is a water shed moment for american law and order restoration in major liberal cities. meanwhile black lives matter organizer molina abdullah reacting on twitter calling him one of the most committed visionary das in the notion also saying big money pro cop interests bought the election. and guys once boudinichlt is officially removed from office they will appointment a temporary replacement until voters choose a new top prosecutor in november. >> todd:. >> todd: thank you. you mentioned the wounded blue the founder of that organization randy sutton will be here to
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talk about the recall coming up later in the show but first that man, jonathan, former ice director and former federal prosecutor. jonathan thank you for being here. in a city where there are two parties, far left and really, really, really far left, what kind of a message does this send? >> this is really a political earthquake because it really shows that the democratic party is so out of touch they've even lost san francisco. and this da is really, you know, indicative of the democratic party's policies nationwide. they fully support these progressive prosecutors and it's ironic that the cricks hesabodn was talking about far left billion airs, they were installed by far left billionaires so it seems just to have them taken out the other way. but the democratic party with its anti-police, anti victim, pro criminal message not only isn't resonateing with the
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voters, the voters have seen the real harm caused, people gave it a chance and it has been devastating to communities and you see all this talk with guns and other stuff lately but the murder rates in these cities or country have gone up 40% due to these progressive prosecutors and anti-police movement and i think the voters are tired of it. they want safe cities for their kids. they don't want drug use open in the streets. they want to be able to enjoy their communities and they gave this a chance and it failed. and it will be interesting to see the democratic party will adjust or they'll just keep doubling down on these progressive policies that have been failed everywhere they've been tried. >> carley: yeah, you just have to wonder what george gas cone and bag and larry krasner are thinking. do you think this sends a message to other district attorneys that mrerns sick of the lawlessness. >> i think it sends a message but whether they will do
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anything or adjust is the question. you look at larry krasner was reelected last year amazing considering how horribly wrong things have gone in philadelphia but the message to politicians in general is people don't want these policies. you know, people want law and order, they want criminals put in jail, they want police afforded and ethiopian care -- they care about victims of crime. and i think the message to everyone is that. and whether or not these progressive prosecutors will adhere to that, will listen, i don't know. i think that's an open question. but certainly a good question. >> todd:. >> todd: jonathan broadening this out from the public defenders masquerading as das and the fate of them going forward, let's look at the midterms in general. if this result happened in san francisco, what is going to happen in those purple districts, those purple house races, that we're seeing throughout the country. doesn't this portend an even bigger republican sweep coming
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up? >> yeah, i think you're right on that and certainly if the issues are crime, the economy, open borders, things like that, i think the democrats are in so much trouble because i think what, you know, whether or not the democratic party is a far left party as a whole or the far left controls the democratic party i think they're going to have a lost of trouble adjusting to come back to the center certainly quickly enough to deal with anything in november. and i think, you know, they're waiting for just, i think it's going to be a land slide like we've never seen and i don't think, you know -- like i said, they're not going to really adjust and i'm not sure they want to adjust. >> carley: mayor london breed in southeastern conference is going appoint an acting district attorney before voters vote on the permanent da in november. what does that acting da need to do immediately to make things safer in san francisco? >> well, you know, if you were to come in, if i were to come in as a da and say it's time to
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start enforcing the laws again, we're not here to advance political agendas, we're here to keep the community safe and their job, they swore an oath to enforce the laws passed by the legislature and their job is to enforce those laws, not to make social policies. so they need to start enforcing the laws, putting criminals in jail, supporting the police. because the police are not the bad guys, they never have been the bad guys although the democratic party have made a lot of political points out of calling them bad guys but i think that's what they need to do. let's support the community, let's focus on public safety, put the political agenda aside and that will benefit everyone and ironically it would benefit the politicians politically as well. but the idea is public safety first and if they do that, the citizens will be happy and be much better off. >> todd: speaking of safety, jonathan, homeland security issuing a heightened threat advisory as follows, in the coming months we expect the threaten environment to become more dynamic as several high
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profile events could be exploited to justify acts of violence against a range of possible targets. some of the factors contributing to the threat are roe v wade the decision expected in that case any moment now, surge in illegal border crossings, midterm elections, cope caps of uvalde shooting attacks. how concerned should every american be that the violence could hit that neighborhood? >> i think we should be very concerned. and, you know, the think that's kind of funny about that warning or whatever you want to call it, it's basically a warning that something bad is going to happen, but we're not going to do anything about it because the department of homeland security, they're sending so many of their resources at the border processing migrants and not doing anything to prevent terrorists from coming through. and when you think of the roe v wade issue, yeah, this will certainly lead to protests that will likely become violent and this would be a great opportunity for this administration to step up and
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lead and say however this comes out, we'll support the decision or maybe we'll respect the decision and work through the legislative process and to not be violent and to tone things down, but i don't think they're going to take the high road on this. they're going to use this as political, you know, wedge issue, because they know, like you said, how bad things are going and hopefully get some mileage out of the division. but i think people should be concerned because there are so many things going badly now, and there doesn't seem to be any plan to deal with it, any plan to stop it, any will to stop it. and the democrats got so much mileage out of the riots in 2020 that they actually encouraged that they may see this as another way to get political benefit, at least from the protest aspect of it. >> carley: the heightened threat alert could be a great thing for the president to lean on to try and lower the temperature. things on the top of mind for many americans, clearly we're learning that this morning. jonathan thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> carley: you're very welcome.
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>> all right, actor matthew mcconaughey making an emotional plea to washington after visiting his home town devastated by the school shooting that claimed the lives of 19 young children and two teachers. >> todd: mcconaughey also sitting down for an exclusive interview with our own bret baier where he urged both parties to come together for the common good for our country. mary and rafferty with the details. >> good morning todd and carley, actor matthew mcconaughey met with the president and lawmakers on capitol hill in which he called for tighter gun laws to avoid teachers tragedies like the one that devastated his home town of uvalde texas. he became emotional as he recalled meeting families whose children were killed and ma men toes from grief stricken parents at yesterday's white house press briefing. >> would in some way keep her
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alive. now, this particular drawing is a self portrait of alicia drawing with her friends in heaven looking down on her drawing the very same picture. her mother said of this drawing, she said, you know, we never really talked to her about heaven before but somehow she knew. >> the acc for stressing the need for common sense changes to gun laws, what he calls responsible gun ownership. >> we need to invest in mental healthcare, we need background checks. we need to raise the minimum age to purchase an ar-15 rifle to 21. we need a waiting period for those rifles. we need red flag laws and consequences for those who abuse them. >> the actor spoke exclusively to our own bret baier on special report begging americans to put aside political differences for the sake of protecting our
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children. pfrjts i think we're becoming -- we've become a little bit of a nation of counter punchers. that's not a way forward. we disagree on this issue, but you a father? >> oh, yeah, two boys. >> me, too. now i bet you and i could get something done talking about being dads and giving a dam about our kids and their futures. i bet we could come to an agreement on that. on some issues as well. >> and you can watch brett's full interview with mcconaughey that drops on fox nation today. back to you todd and carley. >> carley: marianne thank you so much, encourage everyone to watch matthew mcconaughey's speech the goal was to honor the little babies and the two teachers who died and make their lives matter. goals achieved. and before we get into gun violence, gun control conversation, just imagine being one of the parents who lost their child and you feel like
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nobody fully understands your pain because nobody fully understands how perfect your child was. and then you have matthew mcconaughey giving that speech. it's better therapy than money can buy. i thought the 5 did a really good job yesterday of analyzing his speech. take a listen to what they had to say. >> he had both the intellectual as well as the emotional pieces combined. he did it in a way, and i questioned what he was doing in the white house briefing room. i really did. but then i realized, he did it better than anyone from congress or certainly the president of the united states could do. >> i did not see that as anything about gun control. i saw that as about the united states. he's untethered to any ideology. you can't guess which way he's zigging or zagging half the time and when he talks about middle ground he's becoming from a position of good faith. he's persuading as someone who can appeal to both sides. >> we all want to make sure that
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criminals and those who shouldn't have their hands on guns don't and that we do not in any way undermine our second amendment right, those law abiden american citizens who own guns should not see their guns taken away. >> i think gutfeld really hit it on the head with his analysis. at his core mcconaughey's calling on government to do its job, something that can be applied to all issues, not just this issue. put aside your differences, come together, get something done. you heard mcconaughey appeal in that interview with bret baier to being a dad. if we all view ourselves through the light of being a mom or a dad and not a republican or a democrat, maybe we can come together. again not just on this issue but on all issues and hopefully this is a turning point. >> carley: yeah, you know, what happened after the shooting happens every single time. people are stunned, they're horrified and then the partisan lines start, the beta o'rourke
1:16 am
breaking into a press conference accusing republicans of not caring about children and then republicans get into a defensive posture about gun control because they know it could start off small and then snowball into what's going on. in canada the only way you can really break that down is to have somebody who is non-partisan with skin in the game, he grew up in uvalde, lower the temperature in the room. and you know, really appeal to both sides and say there is common ground here and highlight those elements of it. i thought he did a great job of that. >> todd: moving on, big night in the primary races around our country decided on tuesday, some of them, most of them. starting in new jersey, a state carley and i are somewhat familiar with. republican congressman chris smith cruising against crispy and congressman jeff van drew who switched to the gop in 2020 won his rye marry against the two challengesers. those results from a newly drawn
1:17 am
electoral map leaving 1.4 million in new districts. >> carley: that's right, jeff van drew on our show later this morning. meanwhile a retired admiral wins the democratic nomination for senate. he'll take on republican senator chuck grassley in november who also won. and in the los angeles mayoral race, congresswoman karen bast and billionaire investor rick caruso head for a runoff after no candidate won more than 50% of the vote. stay tuned when congressman van drew will join us to break down his new jersey primary race. lots to talk about with him. >> todd: so nice he did it twice. secretary jan he will yellen set to face another tough round of questioning on capitol hill today. >> carley: today's testimony comes days after she admitted she was wrong for calling inflation transitory while offering few solutions to cool. luka tomlinson is live in washington this morning. lucas good morning.
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>> good morning guys, another record setting day for gas prices with the price now on the verge of $5 a gallon nationwide. moments ago triple a said the price of regular unleaded gasoline is now 4.95 up from just over three bucks a year ago. that's a 60% spike in just the past year. gas prices have more than doubled since president biden took office. they've been increasing since election day in 2020. as you mentioned in the intro three words you don't hear often, i was wrong. that's what biden's treasure secretary last week. yesterday janet yellen shifted the blade. >> i said that inflation would be transitory. what i was not anticipating was a scenario in which we would end up contending with multiple variants of covid. i was not envisioning impacts on food and energy prices we have seen from russia's invasion of
1:19 am
ukraine. >> yellen was pressed by lawmakers asking if the massive 1.9 trillion covid relief bill signed into law by the president was responsible for today's inflation crisis. she says inflation is a global problem. the white house says the president understands the pain many americans are feeling when pressed by our colleague peter doocy. >> 51% are saying now they are generally pessimistic about people having an opportunity to achieve the american dream. how's that going to look a bumper sticker? >> i guess what i'm trying tours peter is that we understand that people are feeling this. they are feeling the increase of prices. what we're trying to say, what i'm trying to say to you is that the economy is in a better place than it has been historically. >> and we heard that from other biden aids on fox news sunday, a senior economic advisor to the president said quote more people are saying they're financially okay. many republicans disagree.
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>> president biden continues to campaign for more economic chaos. meanwhile, i don't know about where you live, jesse, but in my state the price of gas is so high that it would be cheaper to buy cocaine and just run everywhere. >> new inflation numbers for the month of may will be released friday morning at 8:30. carley, todd. >> carley: all right, lucas tomlinson live for us. thank you >> tucker carlson reacting to secretary yellen's testimony yesterday saying she should resign or be fired. watch this. >> not only does janet yellen, the treasure secretary fail to see any of this coming, janet yellen more than any other single person in america caused it in the first place, whose reckless loose money policy introduced her years at the fed policies that were bound to cause inflation and did. so if you're mad about the current state of the economy, janet yellen is probably the
1:21 am
first person you should blame. why does she still have her job? she should be gone. this is a crazy. and in a functioning country janet yellen would be a retirement home somewhere writing her memoirs that no one would ever read but that's not what happened she's still the treasure secretary and not what happened today. instead democrats took turns bragging about their expensive electric cars. worried about gas prices, just get a tesla baby. >> carley: and there is no relief in sight as americans wake up to new record high gas prices. commerce secretary gina ramon dough says the white house is powerless and once again put the blame on russian president vladimir putin. >> it is in large part caused by putin's aggression. you know, since few continue moved troops toss the border of ukraine gas prices have gone up over 1.40 a gallon and the reality is there isn't very much more to be done. >> carley: really? raymond 0 warns that prices will not go
1:22 am
down until the end of the war in ukraine which has been raging for over three months. >> texas attorney general ken paxton just launched an vision into twitter power outages and we're going to talk to him about that when he joins us later in the show. >> we're also going to talk to sean duffy and brian bremberg. shoe show. don't go anywhere, jump around. why do nearly one million businesses choose to mail and ship? no more trips to the post office
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♪ >> todd: welcome back. we are awaiting a business house hearing on gun reform this morning where house lawmakers will hear testimony from robb elementary fourth grader mya who covered covered herself with the blood of her classmates and played dead during last month's slaughter but some are taking school security into their own hands including the board of education in middletown new jersey which just voted to hire retired police officers to protect their schools. jocelyn is a parent from that district and she joins me now. jocelyn, as you know, here are the retirements from this new plan there in middletown, it includes the following. one, they're going to begin working in september, obviously school starts there again in september after ending in a few weeks there in new jersey. officers will carry duty weapons. one officer will be assigned to the district's 16 schools, the
1:28 am
officer must be retired within the last three years. shouldn't that be the standard in every school in america? >> i think so. i'm really surprised we haven't done this already and it's taken a tragedy to get us to consider this. but, yes, i think it definitely should be the standard. >> todd: i'm thinking about this from the parent perspective. i know when the events of uvalde happened i e-mailed my mayor and said what's the deal in our schools even though i'm a few years away from quite frankly having to worry about that. as a parent how much peace of mind does this new measure by middletown give you? >> it gives me more peace of mind. i'm still not a hundred percent confident that things are going to be smooth but it gives me enough confidence that i feel comfortable sending my kids to school now. i second guessed sending my kids to school after the tragedy quite frankly, and i did and i feel better than i did now that this decision has been made. >> todd: completely natural reaction. meantime the reaction in the town to this, is everybody on
1:29 am
board? >> i feel like this is a subject that everyone is on board with. i have yet to come into contact with someone from middletown at the softball fields or hockey rink that doesn't agree with this policy. i truly do. this, i don't think this is snag crosses party lines. i think every parent thinks that this should be done. that's just what i think. >> todd: i think you're right about that. and i think that that's just not in middletown, new jersey, i think that's across the nation. so a follow up to that is, why doesn't the federal government do something like this? >> they absolutely should do something like this. we have security at sporting events, concerts, and we send our kids to school with no security after all these things happening, you think they would jump up, step in and, you know, make the right decision for the safety of our kids. it just doesn't make sense to me but i hope that this is a step forward and maybe other towns
1:30 am
and boards will get involved and do the same. >> todd: if for no other reason, what is more precious than our children? you can't answer that question with any other answer. our children are the most precious. speaking of those kids, what's their reaction to all this? are they worried that there's going to be a cop in their school? are they happy about it? what's their take. >> my kids personally, i have three, and they all love seeing the police in school. it makes them feel safe i think. i think it will teach kids maybe to respect authority a little bit more seeing them and knowing that they're there to help you. and i just, i think in general it just makes everyone feel safer. you know, my three kids, speaking for them, i know they like the idea of having them in school. >> todd: you mentioned that respect for authority. that could be a nice side benefit of all of this. but to your earlier point, let's hope the federal government wakes up and makes this the rule and not the exception. jocelyn, thank you so much. enjoy your day. >> you're welcome. >> todd: there in middletown new
1:31 am
jersey. carley. >> carley: florida governor ron desantis has signed a new school safety bill into law in the wake of the tragedy in uvalde. the legislation requires school safety officers to take crisis intervention training. those officers will also have the authority to make arrests at charter schools. plus 80% of school staff will be required to go through youth mental health awareness training. sounds like a good idea. >> todd: yes. >> carley: all right, if you're just waking up this morning, san francisco's woke district attorney chess abu teen was just fired by voters who are sick of his dangerous crime policies. we're going to talk about what this could mean for deep blue cities across the country. >> todd: and take a look at this. absolute chaos on the streets of new orleans. one stunned city councilman said this isn't gotham city. he's here to tell us how he plans to clean this up. ♪♪ a boudin
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alert, the people of san francisco have spoken, chesa boudin will no longer be their da after a decisive recall vote. 61% of the votes counted so far are in favor of removing boudin from office. the associated press calling the race just after midnight eastern time and boudin conceded shortly after that. listen. >> people are angry. they're frustrated. and i want to be very clear about what happened tonight. the right wing billionaires outspent us 3-1. they exploited an environment in which people are appropriately upset. and they created an electoral dynamic where we were literally shadow boxing. >> carley: the recall vote coming as san francisco dealt with a surge in violent crime, murders, shootings and property crime like burglary and shoplifting have soared since boudin took office. the progressive da vowed to find alternatives to incarceration while campaigning for the job
1:38 am
and his policies lowered san francisco's jail population by, get this, 38% in his first six months in office. boudin will be removed from office ten days after the vote is officially confirmed by san francisco's board of supervisors. mayor london breed will choose a temporary replacement before voters choose a new da in november >> meantime in new york law enforcement officials are expressing frustration as multiple illegal street stunts wreak havoc in the city, drivers doing donuts in the middle of intersections backing up traffic as crowds gather to watch. in one instance a man jumped on top of a police officer as officers are helpless to act. new orleans councilman oliver thomas reacting in disbelief saying, quote, this is not gotham city. the joker and pinning win don't unthe city. councilman thomas joins me now. councilman, good morning to you. this is crazy. can you describe what we are he
1:39 am
seeing in this video? what are these people thinking? >> well, i mean, you have groups, many aren't even from new orleans, they organized called takeover where they came to our city to stop traffic. they stopped emergency lanes in case people had emergencies to get to the hospital. they had no regard for businesses. and in a couple of the videos some were taken down, these cars that were spinning out of control actually hit and hurt a couple people. it was total disrespect not just for the law but for every citizens who lives in the city of new orleans. >> carley: the video also shows people jumping on police cars with a police officer inside the car. so that kind of behavior means that these people feel like they can commit a crime without facing any consequences and that's not good. >> well, and i think that's what we've said and our chief said it, press conference, he said along with myself and council
1:40 am
member green and the state police and levy police that we're not going to tolerate it, it's not going to happen anymore. but we're seeing too often all across this country including new orleans where men and women who wear the badge have total disrespect for many of our citizens. you know, criminal justice reform doesn't mean criminal justice respect. system reform doesn't mean disrespect for human life or the laws that govern our country and our city and too often that's what we're seeing. >> carley: the big story of the day is chesa boudin's recall in san francisco. do you have any thoughts on that? >> absolutely. i think this outburst of indis crumb and in crime in too many cities including new orleans. people want response, people want to reform the system we want 21st century policing we want respect for the laws just
1:41 am
like we want respect for our citizens but we don't want to see anything goes and when i use the term gotham city too often people think in our city that in new orleans they can do what they want when they want how they want where they want and to who they want. totally unacceptable. we're not going to continue to tolerate it here in new orleans anymore. >> carley: not going to fly. like you said, it's not gotham city new orleans councilman oliver thomas, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> carley: you're very welcome. todd. >> todd: the mothers with this graphic surveillance footage being mode down by a driver while burke her baby in a stroller is railing da george gascon. she joined tucker blaming the prosecutor for 'em boldening criminals by just a slap on the risk listen. >> it sends messages to criminals that it's okay to do bad things because we're not going to pun perp you we're going to punish the victim instead i'm beside myself with the comments on twitter citing
1:42 am
that california law says that the punishment is fair when in fact it's his policies that he put into place that prevent us from getting appropriate justice. >> the now 17 year old daughter got a really light sentence if you can even call it that. 5-7 months in a juvenile probation camp even though he was on probation at the time. that victim rachel that was speaking with tucker says she regrets voting for gascón in 2020 and is now thinking about moving out of the city because of the impact on his soft on crime policy. far left matt hatten da dodging blame after new york city mayor eric adams saying criminals are laughing at the criminal's justin system. >> no one takes criminal justice seriously anymore. these bad guys no longer take them seriously. they believe our criminal justice system is a laughing stock of our entire country. >> we are law enforcement partners rowing in the same
1:43 am
direction. i'm focused on new york city. i'm focused on crime here. >> brag refusing to respond adams criticism as a new poll showing the overwhelming majority of new yorkers says their city has become less safe since the pandemic. polls showing three-quarters fear being the victim of a crime >> would you take your family to a drag show for kids? lot of people pretty shocked to find out this was happening in their neighborhood. a texas lawmaker just introduced a bill to help protect the kids in his state and he's next. >> carley: you laugh until you don't cry. plus gas prices hit, another reason to cry, another record high overnight and if you needed more proof that democrats are totally out of touch, here it is. >> after waiting for a long time to have enough chips in this country to finally get my electric vehicle went by every single gas station, it didn't matter how high it was. ♪♪
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♪♪ >> carley: welcome back. as gas prices hit yet another record high of $4.95, michigan senator debby is facing backlash for bragging about how it doesn't affect her at all. watch this. >> i do have to say just on the
1:49 am
issue of gas prices, after waiting for a long time to finally get my electric vehicle, i got it and drove it from michigan to here just last weekend and went by every single gas station, didn't matter how high it was. >> carley: must be nice to have that $60,000 car. the democrats controversial comments came during yesterday's senate finance committee on inflation. stabenow getting heat on social media from what many conservatives are calling a tone deaf remark >> also a group of private equity firms hitting the pause button on financing for elon musk's twitter takeover. the move comes after musk's threat to back out of the $44 billion deal. he says the social media giant is refusing an outside analysis of the number of spam accounts on the platform. musk is calling it a breach of contract. he was partnering with several firms to provide up to $3 billion in equity financing. so far musk has sold roughly
1:50 am
eight billion in tesla shares and raised seven billion from co-investors. texas attorney general ken paxton is launching an investigation into twitter's bot problem. we'll have him on the program to talk about it later this morning. todd. >> todd: looking forward to that carley. meantime outrage in texas after this look at your screen, a drag show in dallas texas inviting children to walk the runway. that event entitled drag your kids to pride has now drawn the attention of state lawmakers in texas the state representative ryan says he is introducing legislation to make sure scenes like that don't happen again in the lone star state and he joins me now. state rep how insane is it that a bill like this is even necessary? >> thank you for having me todd. yes, it is. it's sad that we're at this point. you know, we look, we have a lot of laws to protect kids in texas we don't let them get tattoos.
1:51 am
they can't go in sexually oriented businesses or liquor stores. and then of course children just need to grow up and be children, they don't need to be sexualized or presented with this where they're putting money noon men's underwear. it's just not appropriate for children at all. >> todd: to that point, how did we get here. how is this concept of sexualizing our children acceptable to some people in the year 2022? >> you know, that's a great question. i'm going to say it really starts with just our culture and the lack of faith with the people, and lack of leadership behind the pulpit in the church. and we've gotten away from family values and we've gotten away from teaching children, you know, what it is to be just children and teaching them basic skills and knowledge. instead we have adults pushing agenda, in many cases it's this
1:52 am
perverted agenda that's just there to manipulate or harm the child, and like i say, totally inappropriate for where they are in their development. >> todd: let's be clear. i think it's very important to note that this is not an anti gay bill. kids should not be allowed to go to strip clubs. they shouldn't be allowed to go to those sex shops you were talking about. kids under 18 shouldn't be allowed to do any of that because, like you mentioned earlier, kids should be allowed to be kids. how does anyone, anyone, have a thought opposite of that? i don't get that. i don't see where there are two sides to this issue. >> yeah, so far there's been people just trying to make up, you know, lies about what i'm wanting to do. i'm not trying to ban drag performances across the board. i'm saying leave children alone. just like here in texas i'm also saying we need to get porn out of our school libraries.
1:53 am
we need to stop gender modification of children. and, in this case, we need to stop this sexualsation of children being presented to these, basically sexually oriented performances. leave them alone. they are just children. >> todd: i couldn't have said it better myself. bryan lay slayton thank you for illuminating us on this topic it's hard to imagine we need these conversations but we do. carley. >> carley: did you hear about this? a player from the tampa bay rays posting a message of support as some teammates face backlash for declining to wear prime month themed patches on their uniforms. relief pitcher nick anderson tweeted it's astonishing to me people don't understand different beliefs exist and because you have different beliefs in no way shape or form does that mean you look down on that individual or think they are lesser. you can love everyone and have differing beliefs.
1:54 am
the players who decline to the pride patches call it a faith-based decision. >> todd: and talk about a topic that a lot of people are talking about, a handful of elite golfers join phil mickelson in the saudi backed invitational series that kicks off tomorrow in london. to me this is the biggest name. dustin johnson, 2020 masters champ number ranked 15th player in the world giving up his pga tour membership, giving it up and joining the competition. >> obviously at this time it's hard to speak on what the consequences will be but, you know, for right now, you know, i resigned my membership from the tour, i'm going to play here. >> todd: fellow green jacket holder sergio garcia also headed to the series which is reportedly paying golfers hundreds of millions of dollars to join. tiger woods said he won't be playing in next week's open said his body needs to get ready for championship golf.
1:55 am
i'm excited to get out there soon. he's still recovering from that 2021 car crash also pulled out of last month's pga championship >> woke prosecutor chesa boudin, the san francisco da is recalled. people say this is a watershed moment to restore law and order in cities. >> we talk to the found of the wounded blew plus congressman jeff van drew brian duffy ken paxton all coming up. ♪♪
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