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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  June 8, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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whole cause. i don't have a problem with them investing in these countries. i just have a problem with us not enforcing our laws and following the law that we have had for decades. >> carley: a there is that migrant caravan heading our way, could be 15,000 strongs. you have to wonder how border is going to handle it. thank you for joining us, "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> i want to be very clear about what happened tonight. >> san francisco out chesa boudin recall. >> these policies have been hurting us. we want some changes. >> we need to restore our american values. >> uvalde native matthew mcconaughey making a passion plea to washington. >> can both sides move above. >> he was absolutely brill glengt president biden's treasury secretary tells lawmakers she expects inflation to remain high. >> i expect inflation to be
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transitory. i was not expecting multiple variances covid. >> hidened threat advisory some of the factors contradicting to the threat are roe v. wade. >> this would be a great opportunity for this administration to step up and lead and to tone things down. >> gas prices hit another record high today. >> now on the verge of $5 a gallon. it would be cheaper to buy cocaine and just run everywhere. ♪ ♪ >> steve: good morning, warsaw, virginia. this is your 6:00 a.m. wake-up call and you have got a beautiful day. right now it is 27 degrees there you are going for a high hey getting towards the summer. it's going to be 88 there and partly cloudy throughout the day. >> ainsley: look at that patch of grass i just want to run. >> steve: we just heard john kennedy talking about using an
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illegal drug and running everywhere instead of buying gas. >> ainsley: that's not what i meant. >> steve: welcome aboard, we are here on the mezzanine level of studio m and pete is in for brian. >> pete: i want to know how we got a shot of random cornfield in warsaw, virginia. who is manning that camera? >> ainsley: good point. >> pete: beautiful looks like a cornfield. >> steve: i think we can thank the internet. because thanks to the internet. we are. >> ainsley: internet world. >> steve: the interwebs. >> pete: if you are the owner of that cornfield, let us know. >> ainsley: who would have the camera there in the middle of nowhere. >> it's a great shot. >> steve: yesterday, you were at a diner taking a pulse of america particularly in new jersey. today primary day. >> pete: talk to a lot of people who supported jeff van drew who changed from the democratic party republican party. he won with almost 95% of the zovment overwhelmingly supported
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by. >> ainsley: in new jersey. >> pete: conservative district there were a couple of challenges. >> steve: remember in new jersey jack ciattarelli almost beat the democrat that very deep blue state. so something is going on across the country. >> ainsley: you are right. it is going on. people are sick of it all, aren't they? >> steve: indeed. anxiously, it's not just in the east it's the west as well. people of san francisco, one of the most liberal towns in the country and have spoken progressive d.a. mr. bow dean has been recalled in a deciding vote. >> pete: clear message even the most left leaning cities. rates up 9%. lucas tomlinson is live in washington with more on yesterday's elections across our country. good morning, lucas. >> the effort to recall san francisco's progressive d.a. has succeeded. it wasn't even close. by a lopsided 60 to 40 margin
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chesa boudin removed from office. succession speech boudin said he understood what the people are feeling. >> people are angry. they are frustrated. and i want to be very clear about what happened tonight. the right wing billionaires outspent us 3 to 1. they exploited an environment in which people are appropriately upset. and they created an electoral dynamic where we were literally shadow boxing. >> the reason he was booted from office skyrocketing crime over the past year assaults are up 11%. theft is up 20%. murder up 11%. and rape is up 9% in san francisco. looking at other notable races across the country, going down south of san francisco in los angeles. billionaire real estate developer rick crouso and congresswoman karen bass will square off in november run-off to become los angeles' next mayor. caruso the former republican is ahead 42-37.
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he ran a law and order campaign which appears to have been successful at least to get himself to this run off. in new jersey mike christie was creamed by chris smith by comfortable margin. christie had been endorsed by michael flynn former new york mayor rudy giuliani and roger stone. in southern knowledge trump endorsed jeff van drew easily won. he was first elected as a democrat in 2018 but switched parties year later. in iowa democrat mike franken will take on republican chuck grassley in november. grassley, of course, has held his senate seat since 1981. over 40 years, guys. franken retired navy admiral to ho outspent 5 to 1 on tv and digital ad, upset victory over franken hour. clearly last night the biggest news. they wants a new d.a. because of the surge in crime. guys?
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>> >> steve: lucas, thank you very much. surge in crime. people don't like the shoplifting and carjacking and don't like people stealing your cars. they don't like getting robbed. they don't like getting murdered because there is just a feeling across san francisco as we have here in new york city that you are simply unsafe today. >> ainsley: they have to leave their cars open, unlocked and their trunks they say unlocked because they are scared -- they don't want someone to break in and then they have to fix their car. >> pete: or notes in the car that say there is nothing in here to steal even evening by evening basis. they don't want to live in open air homeless drug encampment which so many parts of san francisco have become because they refuse to enforce laws because victims are the ones that are favored over people that are trying to live their lives. it's encouraging to see that even liberals who might believe what chesa boudin is saying see how that is lived out. ideas have consequences.
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their lives are worse off. >> ainsley: he fought to undo these harsh punishments. and he fought so that people didn't have to stay behind bars for a long time. he oversaw 35% reduction in the population of san francisco residents in state prisons. a 37% decline in adult jail population and a 57% decline in the juvenile jail population. his parents were too leftist weather underground individuals activists who spent decades behind bars. >> steve: that was what he was trying to do. there are a bunch of woke d.a.s across the country going you know the crime really stinks in my town, too. i wonder if i'm next. because whether it is, and you can think of some cities here in the east and out west as well. and perhaps we got a taste of it. remember it was a couple of months ago when it was announced that in san francisco, the ultra liberal school board, three of the members had been recalled as well. just as mr. boudin was
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yesterday. because of the people are hacked off that during the pandemic, rather than reopen the schools, they spent their time renaming 1/3 of the schools. it's like rather than go to school let's just put a new name on the school where the kids aren't going. great. >> pete: it is. not a single citywide official in san francisco that is a republican. this desperate-controlled town where if they had the opportunity to create the utopia they believed in, they could. instead, their ideas are so radical that not only are people leaving san francisco, the population has declined but now they are rejecting these policies whole cloth. could george gascon be next in los angeles? and could that mayor's race where a former republican turned democrat is running on law and order give that city an opportunity as well? all that optimism makes me look around here in new york city though as well where eric adams was elected potentially to clean the city up and things are still going in the wrong direction. >> steve: regarding new york
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city though. keep in mind. we have got this super woke d.a. alvin bragg. now, new york doesn't have recalls like they do out in california; however, the governor of new york can essentially fire a d.a. if they are not doing their job. and you walked out on the streets of new york city. do you feel safe? do you feel like the d.a. is prosecuting people? >> definitely not in the subways. >> pete: not on the streets either. >> steve: scary. >> ainsley: san francisco, london breed, the mayor, she will have to appoint someone total take his spot since is he out now. is he out 10 days after the election results are official, which should be, what, today, tomorrow? and so she will appoint someone else. in november, the people will go to the polls and they will choose a new d.a. >> steve: that's right. >> pete: earlier on "fox & friends first" lieutenant randy sutton retired law enforcement officer, founder of the wounded blue talked about what these results mean. take a listen. >> boudin has been an anti law
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enforcement, anti-public safety, radical district attorney who has literally cost lives in the city of san francisco. we watched the degradation of this city. we are seeing, you know, it was once a beautiful city now become blighted because of his policies. the people have spoken. where the people of san francisco one of the most liberal cities in one of the most liberal states have said enough is enough. >> steve: and so that's in san francisco. and a couple hundred miles south is los angeles. and we were talking about the mayor's race there. where you have the republican turned democrat, rica rousseau, he actually beat karen bass, the six-time congresswoman from california. she is running as well. the polls were wrong. because, in the last poll, before the election, they had her, karen bass up 38 to caruso's 32. yesterday, according to the
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preliminary results, it looks like caruso is ahead of her. so don't trust the polls, perhaps, but we have heard that before. also, because he was running on we have got to clean up the streets thing, i think it was just a couple days ago here on fox news karen bass said well i'm running now on smart police. >> ainsley: smart on crime. >> steve: i don't know what that means. >> pete: the current policing is dumb. >> steve: exactly. so, anyway, she is getting closer to him because he is getting closer to her numbers. >> ainsley: she won by 38%. and he won by 41%. they will face each other in that runoff e spent a lot of his own money. is he worth $4 billion. he spent 38 million of his own. >> steve: i wonder how much the celebrity endorsements
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♪ >> carley: let's turn to headlines now starting with america's crime crisis. the nypd is searching for a robber who shot a delivery driver in the leg in broad daylight. they say this man snatched an $8,000 chain right off the driver's neck before shooting him and running from the scene. and police say they have arrested the man caught on camera shoving a woman right onto the subway tracks. that hang in the bronx.
3:19 am
and mta worker spotting the suspect at the same station where the crime was committed. he is now facing assault and reckless endangerment charges. gas prices reaching a new record high this morning at $4.95 $4.95 pergallon. the cost of deville $5.71. meanwhile shrinkflation also hitting store shelves honey bunches of oats 17% per box 14.. gummy bears down from 5 ounces to 4 per bag reducing their size by 20%. and angel soft toilet paper cut their sheets from 425 a roll down to 320. i wonder who had to count that? [screams] >> carley: a handful of elite golfers are joining phil mickelson in saudi backed invitational series kicks off
3:20 am
tomorrow in london. 15th ranked player in the world is giving up his pga tour membership and joining the competition. >> obviously at this time it's hard to speak on what the consequences will be. but, you know, for right now, i resign my membership from the tour. i'm going to play here. >> carley: he is not the only one. fellow green jacket holder sergio garcia also heading to the liv series reportedly playing hundreds of millions of dollars to join. tiger woods announced he went be playing in next week's u.s. open saying my body needs more time to get stronger from major championship golf. i'm excited to get out there soon. he is recovering from that 2021 car crash was pulled out of last month's pga championship after three rounds due to leg pain. and guys, apparently he turned down the liv league and he was
3:21 am
offered reportedly a billion bucks. >> pete: a billion dollars from the saudi government to play golf. good for him. >> carley: i agree with that. >> steve: how long is he going to be able to play? >> carley: he could have taken the money and run. >> ainsley: does it say you have to live in saudi arabia. >> pete: take the money and run from saudi arabia, not a good idea. really big golf names. >> ainsley: what's in it for them? why do they pay thatch money? >> steve: people will watch and people will get interested and now we are talking about it. >> pete: they are not capitalists over there they are sitting on piles of oil cash. >> ainsley: billion dollars of them for them is a dollar for us. >> >> steve: speaking of big names. one of the biggest names in hollywood actually showed up yesterday out of nowhere. i don't think of the white house press corps knew that matthew mcconaughey was going to speak. yesterday he went from the big screen to the bully pulpit. what was different about what he did was he told a story of a
3:22 am
number of the children who were killed in uvalde. the reason he came here to the white house briefing room was because he had written in the local paper about how he and his family were impacted because he is from uvalde. it's his hometown. he feels very personal. but unlike other hollywood stars who go to washington and lecture us, he was talking from the heart. and he was humble. and it was powerful. and here he is talking about some of the victims. >> uvalde, texas, where i was born, that's where my mom taught kindergarten less than a mile from robb elementary. uvalde is where i learned responsible gun ownership. now uvalde called me on may 24th, when i learned the news of this devastating tragedy. we loaded in the truck and drove uvalde. when we arrived a few hours
3:23 am
later, i got to tell you, even from the inside of our vehicle, you could feel the shock in the town. you could feel the pain. you know what? everywhere one of these parents wanted? what they asked for? what every parent separately expressed in their own way to camilla and me? that they want their children's dreams to live on. >> ainsley: so he is 52 years old. is he from uvalde. it's very personal to him. he went there and he met some of the families. and he talked to them about their children. camilla brought a green pair of converse sneakers that she brought up to the podium. and she said these were the sneakers that were on a 10-year-old child nate rodriguez was her name and she was killed. she said these tennis shoes turned out to be the only clear evidence that could identify her after the shooting. she said make the loss of her life matter.
3:24 am
>> pete: it was no doubt, steve a very compelling presentation. almost something out of a movie. i was caught some of it live watching it just moments ago. and you felt like -- first of all, is he a better communicator than anyone else that stands at that white house podium. made a more compelling case than anyone else. we and it was very, very personal. you could tell it came from the heart. what i appreciated is that he didn't immediately impugn the motives of people that may have a political -- different political view than he has or the other side might have. now, the next step is what do those so-called solutions actually look like? and he did a lot of scolding congress, which is very popular and rightfully so. it's pretty tough to get together on anything of meaning these days in washington, d.c. the next step is, what measures actually get taken. and here's what matthew mcconaughey laid out from the podium about what he would do when it comes to things like guns. >> need to invest in mental
3:25 am
health care, need safer schools. we need to restrain sensationalized media coverage. we need to restore our family values. we need to restore our american values. and we need responsible gun ownership. responsible gun ownership. we need background checks. we need to raised minimum age to purchase an ar-15 rifle to 21. we need a waiting period for those rifles. we need red flag laws and consequences for those who abuse them. responsible gun owners are fed up with the second amendment being abused and hijacked by some deranged individuals. by people in power have failed to act. so we're asking you and i'm asking will you please ask yourselves can both sides rise
3:26 am
above? can both sides see beyond the political problem at hand and admit that we have a life preservation problems on our hands. >> steve: you know when he did that was so effective remember it was thursday night from the white house, in the cross hall, the president of the united states. he had asked the networks for network time at 8:00 p.m. they said we have basketball tonight so he did it at 7:30. essentially he was asking for his wish list of things that will never happen in congress. what matthew mcconaughey did was say look, there are people on the left and there are people on the right who are extremists. and we are being told that nothing can change. but he said he believed that the people in the middle, there are more of them who want to see change and want to find common ground than there are extremists on the right and left who he said right now have got the microphone. he said don't believe that stop drinking the kool-aid. they can make changes that
3:27 am
obviously would save lives of the kids going forward like the ones he held up yesterday in a briefing room. >> ainsley: what do you think about this? i always think of you when we talk about these assault rifles or ar-15s. because i know in the military this is what our men and women train with right? you get one of these rifles. you train. would you be okay with changing the age to 21? >> pete: me personally, no. i don't like the characterization of so-called assault rifles vis-a-vis other rifles there is no difference how they look. >> ainsley: we are under the impression it's a machine gun, right? >> it's not. what i appreciate what matthew mcconaughey said he started out by saying mental health and say school safety and americans values. even though he said val-us. many of which i would not agree with, many supporters of the
3:28 am
second amendment. it's a lot more difficult to bridge that gap there may be a big middle there hard core reasons on the left why they want to take every gun away. and hard core reasons on the right believe every incremental step telling a responsible gun owner you can't own a gun at 19 because some bad guy did something horrible like they did in uvalde so you 1-year-old, even though you can join the military you can't get a rifle. it becomes a very sticky conversation after the podium. that podium prpx was great going from there is a tough one. >> ainsley: many in the military you will hear them say we trained with this rifle. so we want this rifle in our possession so that if someone comes into my home. >> pete: it's a rifle i own in my home because i can assemble and it disassemble it in the dark without looking. >> steve: in the military you wind up getting training on how to use it you go in to buy it in a store, and that's not the case. there was something i read that said that uvalde shooter and the guy who killed the people in the grocery store in buffalo, they both had something in common.
3:29 am
and that was they both bought these semiautomatic rifles pretty much immediately after they turned 18. and then they started posting images of how strong they were and what tough guys they were online. i read this morning that 60's oe nine deadliest shootings since 2019 were from people 21 or younger. so had the law been you have to be 21, those two mass shootings may never have happened. and those are just the cold hard facts. judge pirro was on "the five" last night and she had just seen matthew mcconaughey make his pitch to america but really to congress, and she said essentially he hit it out of the park. >> i think it was delivered brilliantly. what he did was he had both the intellectual as well as the emotional pieces combined. he did it in a way and i questioned what he was doing in the white house briefing room.
3:30 am
i really did. but then realized he did it better than anyone from congress or certainly the president of the united states could do. he embarrassed congress when he said, you know what? there is no reason why we can't restore family values, american values, responsible gun ownership. he protected the second amendment. >> pete: yeah. think we were just talking about this while this soundbite was going oftentimes there isn't enough emphasis put on the mental health part of things so that the system that does exist to provide background checks actually works. so the best red flag you can have are parents who are there monitoring their kids or grandkids or uncles around them saying we have got a problem over here. i have got to tell somebody about it. that's your best red flag. >> ainsley: if you are so deranged enough to where you are going to take a gun into a school and kill children, there had to have been signs. >> pete: there are signs in almost every single case. >> steve: you look at uvalde, you look at buffalo. and afterwards why didn't
3:31 am
anybody say something? i think he changed some minds yesterday. let's see what happens. we will talk to tulsi gabbard. she is coming up with us just about an hour right now on this channel. >> ainsley: she has had conversations with matthew mcconaughey in the past. we will talk about that. coming up, the man who led the effort to recall woke san francisco district attorney chesa boudin joins us live to react. >> steve: he looks happy ♪ ♪ before treating your chronic migraine— 15 or more headache days a month, each lasting 4 hours or more you're not the only one with questions about botox®.
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>> ainsley: overnight progressive prosecutor he chesa boudin getting ousted from office. he lost his job yesterday. san francisco voters recalling the soft on crime district attorney. joining us now the man who led that effort richie greenberg. good morning, richie. >> good morning from san francisco. i haven't slept since yesterday morning and i'm all caffeinated. let's go. >> ainsley: i'm sure you are. this race was called by the a.p. an hour after polls closed. the voters -- 60% of the voters said you are out. how do you feel this morning? >> you know, it's a bittersweet victory. and the reason is because people died. businesses have been destroyed, families have been uprecord. it's a victory but i'm not going to be, you know, pong any champagne bottles because this
3:36 am
is a recall that should never have had to have been done. chess shah boudin should have never been elected. he was never qualified to do this. so ousting him with this effort that is basically a year and a half in the making to bring it to the finish line last night, you know, it was really tough. this is something that we really didn't want to have to do. >> ainsley: if it's happening in san francisco, you know it's really bad. his policies must be really bad because i know san francisco is so liberal. how is it affecting the tourism industry because some people are saying let's go take a trip to napa, oh, no, no, no, no. i don't want to stay in san francisco are their hotels in the napa area? it had to to have affected tourism because of all the homeless population and the crime? >> absolutely. you hit it right on the head. you know, the tourism industry in san francisco a major tax base how the government can function by the hotel tax and the spending by tourists.
3:37 am
businesses, and so it's been disseminated. it still hasn't come back. there's years away is what they are projecting before it could potentially come back. and now with boudin out, shouldn't even call him d.a. bow dean anymore, right? with bow dean out we look forward to the mayor appointing an actual prosecutor hold criminals accountable. >> ainsley: is there pressure on london breed to appoint someone tough on crime? >> of course. we have gone two and a half years under bow dean who basically never left the public defender's side. that's where he came from. he was -- he had no experience as a prosecutor. he got elected. and we have been sitting here floundering for two and a half years without a real prosecutor. so i am absolutely confident that london breed is going to appoint a real prosecutor.
3:38 am
>> ainsley: who do you think will be appointed? is there someone that is in the works? someone being talked to about this position? >> so there is three or four individuals that have been -- the names have been floated. we have one of the opponents that ran against boudin back in 2019 nancy tung. who else? yeah we have got brook jenkins who is one of the employees that worked under boudin who very capable people and a couple of others. but the point is anyone that she chooses for sure is going to be an actual prosecutor, an experience prosecutor and return normalcy to the d.a.'s office. >> ainsley: richie, you had a movement to save san francisco and. did you hope things are cleaned up in your city so we can all visit. thank you for coming on.
3:39 am
congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> ainsley: you are welcome. go get some sleep. the committee investigating january 6th pulling out all the shots prime time. even abc news producer to produce it. joe concha reacts to the thee te theatrics next pe the more you ge the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination. ♪♪ you inspired the lexus es to be, well... more you. so thank you. we hope you like your work. ♪♪
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simparica trio! this drug class has been associated with neurologic adverse reactions, including seizures. use with caution in dogs with a history of these disorders. protect him with all your heart. simparica trio. >> steve: the house committee investigating the events of january 6th, has hired a former abc news executive to produce the upcoming public hearings tomorrow night. this report comes from axios and claims that the producer james gold stolen formerly of abc is busily producing thursday's 8:00 p.m. eastern hearing blockbuster special. fox news contributor joe concha joins us now rather than have the house staff help produce the
3:44 am
events of the evening they have brought in this tv produce tore make it more compelling. >> yeah. well, democrats insist, steve, that these hearings are about getting to the truth about what happened on january 6th, 2021. so that's the case. why do you need to hire a former producer and network news president to craft and choreograph and spin a narrative in the most dramatic way possible. don't tell me this former abc news president james goldston has any interest in producing the truth. you brought up this on thursday night as if he completed a bombshell investigation. this is the same guy in goldston who spiked the jeffrey epstein bombshell after nbc news had it first. many victims could have been spared. he never had to answer any questions about that. i'm old enough to remember also just about six months ago, january 6th, 2022, one year after those riots and democrats and many allies in the media were so over the top it was to the point they were almost can a
3:45 am
to an issue. american people tuned out that wall-to-wall coverage. barely a ratings bump despite all the hype. we saw the speaker of the house and nancy pelosi invite the cast of hamilton to perform because this isn't theater or anything. so many americans, steve, and we talked about this after it first happened on january 6th, 2021. many americans, including myself were mortified by what happened at the capitol that day. there should be a bipartisan investigation into what happened so it doesn't happen again. and not whatever this weaponized version is coming up later this week but americans right now are overwhelmingly concerned about inflation, gas prices, crime, border, immigration, about their kids' education and safety far more than political theater at this point. and democrats hope this is going to change the ballgame for the midterm elections? they will be proven wrong, steve. >> steve: well, let's see. folks will be able to see it on our fox business channel. also streaming on fox nation and tomorrow night at 8:00. and joe, even though they have hired this hot shot produce from
3:46 am
her abc, isn't the real producer of this tell s. telecast and this event nancy pelosi? >> well, of course, speaker of the house, right? and it will be liz cheney, you know, will be best supporting actress in this situation adam kinzinger. obviously you have a committee that does not have one person that remotely supported the former president or remotely is considered as a republican by most republicans in the party that's what i mean people are going to go into this knowing this is not about finding truth. it's about finding a narrative that they hope sticks somehow. i don't know any republicans or at this point any serious ones anyway that somehow supported what happened on january 6th. so i'm not quite sure who we are pointing the finger at here. i guess the focus about be on donald trump. maybe they hope to minimize his candidacy in 2024 by presenting evidence to show that he is not fit to be commander-in-chief again. but, again, after what i saw
3:47 am
earlier this year, when so few people tuned in on the anniversary of january 6th, i just can't see particularly as we head into the summer a lot of people tuning in to this despite all the production values that are being poured into it. >> steve: of course the democrats have got to do it before, you know, all the projections are, in fact, "the washington post" even talks about how it's going to be a blood bath for democrats come november. the republicans would immediately pull the plug on any of these things so the democrats have got to get their show on the air and they are going to do it tomorrow night at 8:00. >> they will. >> steve: they will indeed. >> yes, they will. >> steve: all right, joe, thank you very much for joining us live today. >> all right. steve. good to see you. hello from new jersey. even though it says new york behind me. just the view we have from here. >> steve: fake news. all right, joe. >> yeah. >> steve: meanwhile, janice dean is live on what looks like a real new york city street. >> janice: it really is i'm on fox square. the corner of sixth and 48th. it's humid out here today. we could see some showers in the forecast south of us across the
3:48 am
mid-atlantic, let's take a look at it we do have some severe is thunderstorms popping up across texas and oklahoma. the panhandle there. portions of central alabama and then across the ohio river very well that's where we could have the stronger storms this afternoon. already starting to see the potential for hail and damaging winds and maybe even tornadoes. other big story is the fleet california stretching into texas where it's going to feel well over 100 degrees in a lot of these states so, excessive heat warnings are in effect. that's going to be ongoing not only for today but the rest of the workweek as we have this frontal boundary and south of it is where we are seeing the heat or feeling the heat and the potential for showers and thunderstorms again for parts of ohio, the tennessee, the mississippi river valley stretching in towards the mid-atlantic. all right, steve doocy, over to you, my friend. >> steve: thank you very much. it's going to be warm across the country but 13 days until summer. will. >> janice: oh, yea. good job. >> steve: all right. meanwhile, coming up, delay in
3:49 am
care. hospitals across the country are putting some tests on pause as a supply chain crisis worsens. we are going to tell you what you need to know if you have got a test coming up straight ahead. psoriasis really messes with you. try. hope. fail. no one should suffer like that. i started cosentyx®. five years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx.
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3:53 am
>> pete: welcome back. parent in hospitals across the country are facing a delay in care due to a shortage in contrast die. doctors are saving the injections used for imaging tests for urgent cases. internal medicine and pediatrics and joins us. thank you so much for being here. why is this happening? why are, you know, tests that we should be getting not happening? >> all because ever the supply chain ge healthcare zero covid tolerance had to close for two months meaning they could not make contrast die. unfortunately here in the united states. according to the radiological society of north america, there are only four companies that supply contrast. one of them is g.e. healthcare. so without them, we are in a shortage. >> so, doctor, what does that mean for patients? >> it means that they are having to delay procedures which could
3:54 am
mean a delay in diagnoses we could pick up liver tumors and blood clots. if you are not deemed to be prioritized or an emergency even if you have cancer or blood clots, you may have to have a delayed diagnosis because we just don't have enough contrast. >> pete: i have to ask, could we have seen this coming? should we have known? >> well, you know, this is kind of history repeating itself. when we look at the supply chain, we should never be dependent so heavily on just one company or else if that happens, we have a case like this, something unpredictable, like what happened with g.e. healthcare. then it could always happen. we have stein with baby formula when we were so dependent on just one company for making most of the baby formula. so it's all about supply chain and not allowing us to be dependent too much on one company. it is something somewhat predictable. >> pete: if you need care, what are people to do if their case is not deemed urgent but a ct
3:55 am
scan could identify something that quickly could become urgent? , patients have been to be advocates. if you have cancer, it's urgent to you, if you have a heart disease just not the person in severe chest pain, you may be able to have a contrast which could save your life and allow to you have a stent. patients need to talk to physicians about alternatives like ultrasound like mris and really being persistent if there is not enough die today will there be enough tomorrow? a lot of the radiologists are conserving and diluting it down to 57%. and they are being very careful. if they don't need an excessive amount of die, the radiologists are pulling back. patients should talk to their physicians and really be their own advocates so they don't have a delay in diagnosis. >> pete: real quick, almost out of time this may not be your center of expertise. is there a way to get this stuff mferlged here access to it so we
3:56 am
are not relying on these shortages? >> for a long-term goal you probably can however, it won't be quick enough to fix the problem that we are having right now. but certainly the supply chain and relying on sources within the united states in the future could prevent an issue. >> pete: medications as well. dr. fischer breaking down the facts for us. >> thank you. >> pete: treasury secretary janet yellen called the record high inflation unacceptable. thank you. but when fox business tries to ask her about it, she waves us off as tucker said like the peasants. we will bring you that moment at the top of the hour. ♪ ♪ if you have advanced non-small cell lung cancer, your first treatment could be a chemo-free combination of two immunotherapies that works differently. it could mean a chance to live longer.
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you're a one-man stitchwork master. but your staffing plan needs to go up a size. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit >> we have made mistakes. >> todd: san francisco voters ousting chesa boudin. >> with boudin out we look forward to an actual prosecutor that will hold criminals accountable. >> my sense inflation would be transitory. >> treasury secretary admitting she was wrong about inflation. >> she should be gone. this is crazy! and in a functioning country janet yellen would be in a retirement home. >> rise above. >> actor matthew mcconaughey expressing the need. >> responsible gun owners are
4:01 am
fed up with the assessment hijacked by some deranged individual. >> gas prices at another record high. >> moments ago a.a.a. said the price of unleaded regular gasoline is $4.95. >> this is like america last energy policy. >> i resigned my membership from the tour. >> justin johnson the 2020 masters championship giving up membership joining saudi backs liv invitational. >> i'm excited for this new opportunity ♪ oh, i want to dance with somebody ♪ i want to feel the heat with somebody ♪ yeah, i want to dance with somebody >> ainsley: the is sun coming up there in jacksonville, florida, # 4 degrees today a low of 74. it is going to rain a little bit today and it's going to rain every day until sunday. so pack your umbrella if you live that area. but it is florida. >> steve: it will just rain for a minute. >> ainsley: exactly. just to cool things off. going to be hot, 94.
4:02 am
>> steve: it is indeed. welcome to the wednesday telecast. this is kind of our post game show there were primaries as we queue the city cam and dave walks over now. yesterday, in advance of the primaries, pete to a diner down in new jersey and you took the poll of the country in that diner. >> pete: absolutely. my favorite assignment as always having breakfast with friends down there in tuckerton, new jersey, south jersey, yeah, the feeling is real. you can sense it in the diner, too. yeah, there is a, the enthusiasm to finally go to the polls. finally voting on something. we can vote for the change we know we need it. was also, i don't want to use despair this sense between gas prices and inflation. >> steve: frustration. >> pete: frustration is probably a better word of i -- not even the big issues, education on issue, afghanistan is an issue. the stuff hiflght my family right here that hurts the most that i'm most urgently going to
4:03 am
vote. >> ainsley: one couple immigration for her. her husband said it's crime and it's inflation and gas prices. the other lady was wearing all red because she is a republican. she was going to vote red, obviously. >> steve: she was the one that was hugging you. >> pete: a lot of hugs. >> ainsley: they sang happy birthday to you. >> pete: they everywhere very nice enthusiastic crowd appreciate you always. >> steve: speaking of frustration, ainsley. >> ainsley: my word the people of san francisco have spoken. san francisco d.a. chesa boudin i had a guest on. in charge of this recall he said it's bow dean. >> pete: the results sending a clear message that even the most left leaning cities are fed up with surging crime rates. >> steve: lucas tomlinson is live in d.c. with more on yesterday's elections and they were coast to coast on this wednesday morning now we are taking a look. and big impact. >> let's do it. let's go into the videotape, guys. the effort to toss san francisco's progressive d.a. out of office has succeeded by a
4:04 am
lopsided margin. the recall vote 60 to 40 and not so subtle message from the people of san francisco in concession speech chesa boudin the blaming the wealthy not the spike in crime. >> people are angry. they are frustrated. and i want to be very clear about what happened tonight. the right wing billionaires outspent us 3 to 1. they exploited an environment in which people are appropriately upset and they created an electoral dynamic where we were literally shadow boxing. >> booted boudin from office spike in crime in san francisco. assaults are up 11%. theft is up 20%. murder is up 11%. rape suspect 9%. boudin is the son of two left wing radicals convicted for their roles as get away drivers in armored car robbery in 1981. i'm not making this up. was raised in chicago by leaders
4:05 am
of the weather underground including bill ayers. billionaire real estate developer rica rousseau and karen bass will square off in a november runoff to become the city's next mayor. caruso is ahead 42-37. he ran a law and order campaign. in new jersey mice crispy was defeated by smith by a are margin. krispy endorsed by mike flynn southern new jersey the will trump endorsed jeff van drew easily won his primary. republican incumbent first elected as a democrat in 2018 but switched parties a year later. mike franken will take on chuck grassley in november. unseating grassley is a tall order. grassley has held that seat since 1981. that's over 40 years, guys. frankson a retired navy add miller is the former skipper of the u.s. churchill i thought you would like that ainsley after
4:06 am
your trip to london. clearly the big news last night lopsided recall vote in san francisco. the city's population has decreased by 20% over the past year because of the crime surge. steve, ainsley, pete? >> steve: that's the frustration. lucas, thank you very much. i love the fact that mr. bow bon was blaming right wing billionaires in san francisco who exploited the fact that the people are appropriately upset. i think he got the last part right. people are appropriately upset because that town has turned into a toilet. it used to be beautiful. you know, the open air drug markets. you got the homeless problem. the violent homeless problem is the issue when it comes to crime and stuff like that. and the carjackings, and the car thefts and the shoplifting, that town has turned south in a bad way. >> ainsley: that town said finally, enough is enough. and there is just -- this shows you grassroots efforts this just
4:07 am
a guy, richie greenberg who said i'm seeing our city that i love so much go in the tube. >> steve: he is not a right wing billionaire. >> ainsley: no he is not. he said this d.a. is so soft on crime. is he letting so many people out of our prisons. if you look at the stats, 35% reduction in the population of san francisco residents in state prisons. 37% decline in the adult jail population. and a 57% decline in the juvenile jail population. he fought though undo these harsh punishments. created a conviction unit. his parents have been in prison for decades. they were too leftist weather underground individuals. so that was important to him. he wanted to clean out the prisons. and get people back on the streets and reduce their crimes and their punishment. and then we saw crime go up. look at these images. richie greenberg, just this ordinary guy. we had him on our show earlier. he said enough is enough. i'm recalling. i'm pushing to recall this guy chesa boudin. it worked. it worked. this morning is he waking up. he said he is not thrilled.
4:08 am
they are not popping champagne bottles because when he was the d.a. so many people died and the city really became a mess. listen to what he said. >> it's a bittersweet victory. and the reason is because people died. businesses have been destroyed. families have been uprooted. it's a victory but i'm not going to be, you know, popping any champagne bottles because this is a recall that should never have had to be done. committees e. chesa boudin never should have been elected. he was never qualified to do this. ousting him with this effort that is basically a year and a half in the making, to bring it to the finish line last night. it was really tough with boudin out. we look forward to the mayor appointing an actual prosecutor that is going to hold criminals accountable. >> pete: good for him on this effort. they emptied the prisons and effectively the entire city became a prison environment. as you pointed out. huge percentage of the people up to 20% left the city.
4:09 am
those people would have voted to get rid of the woke d.a. presumably, too. that margin of 60-40 could have been even bigger a resounding rejection of these pro-criminal policies that exist. he talked about a right wing billionaire, steve. it was a left wing billionaire in george soros who had been installing d.a.s across the country that brought them to this point. >> right. he and others were these woke d.a.s were swept into office a couple of years ago with, you know, the progressive wave of a new kind of policing. and a new kind of justice. and now people have had a good look at it. and they don't like it. >> pete: swift turn around. >> steve: that's why so many people are forecasting there is going to be a wave election this november this time it will be the republicans taking over. and ainsley, one of the contributing factors, probably the biggest one is people have less money in their pockets. whatever they are buying it costs so much more than it did a year ago. >> ainsley: affecting every
4:10 am
single person, democrats, republicans, independence. >> steve: right wing billionaires. >> ainsley: they are paying more to put gas in their cars. today it is up to 4.95. that's just the national average. in california, it's higher than $6. and yesterday, it was 4.91. so it went up 4 cents just in a day. a year ago we were at 3.06. >> steve: right. it's going to be 5 bucks. >> pete: crime and costs. people are talking about crime and costs. i want to be safe. i want to be able to live. i want my kids to achieve an american dream. i have a 22-year-old living at home ultimately would like to get out but can't afford a home. can't afford based on his. >> geraldo: salary or wages just to live or to get ahead. that starts to become way more important than academic issues about, you know, social justice policing and all -- it starts to hit home. >> ainsley: it is affecting our companies, too. you heard this they are calling it shrinkflation. if you go to buy a bag of chips there are fewer chips in that
4:11 am
bag now. >> pete: already mostly air. >> steve: the manufacturers don't want to raise the price, so they're going to keep the price but they are going to give you less stuff in the box. for instance, honey bunches of oats. >> ainsley: the cereal. >> steve: before 14.5 ounces now it's 12. doesn't sound like much. that's two bowls of cereal not in the box. folger's coffee, got a rid of a bunch of that facing lawsuits impossible get the number of cups promised on each karen. folger's said we are using a different, lighter weight coffee, same number of cups. that's what they say. >> ainsley: wonderful gummy bears fewer in the package. instead of 5-ounce getting 4-ounce. angel soft toilet paper instead of 425 sheets now 320. >> steve: they say they are chicker sheets. >> ainsley: kleenex ultra soft 65 tissues you used to get now
4:12 am
60. arm and hammer detergent. 65.5 ounces. doritos even though you are right a third the bag is already air, 9.75-ounce bag is going to 9.25. >> quantified there are five fewer chips. when you think about it, the slogan you can never eat just one? there are 5 missing. >> pete: 5 missing. we know they play these tricks they always have. shrink it. talking to producers recipes change too. call for a box of something. if it's not the same box, it's not the same recipe. >> steve: kathy and i are finishing up another cookbook, the editors wanted to make sure okay you are calling for a packet of lipton onion soup how much does that weigh? in the last cookbook it weighed 1.12 or 1.1 ounces. yesterday i went specifically to the grossry store to see how much is in a single packet now,
4:13 am
it's just one ounce. for whatever reason it is a smaller package. >> carley: you need to put one bag in with a little bit more with a second bag. >> steve: maybe they under the intensity of it i don't know but there is less in the bag. anyway shrinkflation. it's impacting all of you. you are not paying as much or more. >> pete: paying the same. >> steve: you are actually paying more because you are getting less. 5 chips. >> ainsley: last summer joe biden said the price increases they were temporary. >> steve: yeah. >> ainsley: janet yellen was saying i don't anticipate that inflation is going to be a problem. then she and the preserve chair changed that they said it's going to be transitory. then last week she admitted she was wrong about inflation. she faced the senate finance committee yesterday. and she said what we're facing is just unacceptable now. listen. >> we currently face macroeconomic challenges including unacceptable levels of
4:14 am
inflation. as well as the headwinds associated with the disruptions caused by the pandemic's affect on supply changes and the effects of supply side disturbances to oil and food markets resulting from russia's war in yurik e. ukraine. i said that inflation would be transitory. what i was not anticipating was a scenario in which we would end up contending with multiple variants of covid that would be scrambling our economy and global supply chains. i was not envisioning impacts on food and energy prices. we have seen from russia's invasion of ukraine. >> steve: you know, something else she did was she defended the administration, all that government spending. even, you know, she blamed putin, she blamed coronavirus. of course, you can expect that
4:15 am
but she defended the fact that the government has put so much money into the economy. even though we told you last week the federal reserve of san francisco said that 3% of the inflation number was caused by the high government spending. so, if it's 6%. that's half. so, she is not obviously looking at the numbers. but then again, why trust her? she said twice now in the last week, yeah, i blew it. why should we trust them going forward? >> pete: we shouldn't. but there is almost never any accountability. not just in government but in the media. one of our reporters, fox business' hillary vaughn tried after the hearing to actually ask some of the questions and get follow-up on inflation and her responsibility. here's how it went. >> secretary yellen, if you admit that you were wrong about inflation being temporary, how can you be confident that government spend something not the cause of inflation? >> heading to the car right now. >> did you ever warn the white house that increased government spending could have contributed to the inflation that we're
4:16 am
seeing today? >> ainsley: she waves her off. >> steve: she is a really good reporter. ainsley: she is your daughter-in-law. between your son and daughter-in-law they are really shaking up washington. >> steve: asking a lot of important questions. >> well, anyway, tucker last night on his program was talking about how this administration is handling the fact that everything you're buying costs so much more. >> not only did janet yellen, the treasury secretary, fail to see any of this coming, janet yellen, more than any other single person in america, caused it in the first place through reckless loose money policies implemented during her years at the fed. policies that were bound to cause inflation and did. so if you are mad about the current state of the economy, janet yellen is probably the first person you should blame. why does she still have her job? she should be gone. this is crazy. and in a functioning country, janet yellen would be in he a
4:17 am
tirmt home somewhere writing her memoirs that no one would ever read. that's not what is happening. she is still the treasury secretary and that's not what happened today. instead, democrats took turns bragging about their expensive electric cars. worried about gas prices? just get as at thela, baby. >> steve: drive by the gas station is what she said. janet yellen also said and this is not going to make your morning. she said essentially that inflation will remain high throughout the year. up there close to 5%. >> pete: spent time talking about climate change and gun control as well because that's what we need from our treasury. >> ainsley: solutions and budgetary stance needed. clean initiatives and reform the drug market that could help lower costs for all americans. >> pete: that will do it. >> ainsley: no mention of don't spend as much or less''s become energy independent again. >> pete: i was for the $2 trillion in emergency spending after we still had a trillion that hadn't been spent maybe printing money adds to
4:18 am
inflation? >> steve: had she only said we are working as a government to get those five chips back in the bag america would rally behind her but no, just saying. >> pete: we can rally behind her. >> ainsley: carley has headlines. >> carley: i rally behind you always, too. got some more news to get. to say starting with a fox news alert and a serious one at that. one person is dead and at least 30 injured after a driver plows through a crowd near a church in berlin. that, according to local fire services. policen in germany saying, quote: a man is believed to have driven into a group of people. it is not yet known whether it was a an accident or a deliberate act. actor john borrowman sharing live video from the scene. watch this. >> it's really pretty bad, guys. there is a lot of police. there is a dead body in the middle of the road and there is a lot of people walking with limps and injuries. i heard the bang and the crash
4:19 am
when i was -- we were in a store and then we came out and we saw the carnage. >> carley: we're going to keep you updated on this as this story develops. check this out. three masked shoplifters caught on camera loading up a cart and trash back with laundry detergent. happened in a supermarket one mile away from the u.s. capitol. we are told store security didn't do anything about it the store says it is investigating after seeing this footage on twitter. a wisconsin school district is closing the title ix probe against three middle school students accused of sexual harassment for using improper pronouns. the three boys allegedly used gender pronouns when referring to a fellow student who preferred to be called they or them. >> the conservative legal group representing the boys celebrating the decision saying quote the district may not be willing to admit it publicly but it has recognized that it has no legal basis to demand that our
4:20 am
clients refrain from mispronouning other students. and check this out. taco bell opens up a futuristic drive-thru restaurant in minnesota. the location just opened its doors yesterday. the concept restaurant features a vertical list designed design. ground level using tiny elevators. there are fewer things in this world than i like more than taco bell, guys. >> steve: sour cream and black olives. >> steve: three drive-thru lanes. >> like a bank. >> carley: that may be what's going on exactly. >> steve: there are three drive-thru. that is awesome. >> carley: pretty, too. >> ainsley: looks like an atm. >> pete: don't get many things right in minnesota but taco bell. >> steve: minnesota is the land of 10,000 tacos. >> pete: something like that.
4:21 am
>> ainsley: tell your parents to go check it out. >> steve: come up, uvalde texas native matthew mcconaughey asked americans to rise above party lines on gun violence. more from his emotional plea coming up. >> ainsley: tulsi gabbard is here. talked to matthew mcconaughey and we will hear what she says. ♪ rheumatoid arthritis. and take. it. on... higher can even significantly reduce ra fatigue. that's rinvoq relief. with ra, your overactive immune system attacks your joints. rinvoq regulates it to help stop the attack. rinvoq can lower your ability to fight infections, including tb. serious infections and blood clots, some fatal; cancers, including lymphoma and skin cancer; death, heart attack, stroke,
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and tears in the stomach or intestines occurred. people 50 and older with at least one heart disease risk factor have higher risks. don't take if allergic to rinvoq as serious reactions can occur. tell your doctor if you are or may become pregnant. talk to your rheumatologist about rinvoq relief. rinvoq. make it your mission. learn how abbvie could help you save on rivnoq.
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4:25 am
glo we need to raise the minimum age to purchase an ar-15 rifle to 21. we need a waiting period for those rifles. we need red flag laws and consequences for those who abuse them. responsible gun owners are fed up with the second amendment being abused and hijacked by some deranged individuals.
4:26 am
>> steve: yesterday afternoon, actor matthew mcconaughey went to the white house podium and called for stricter gun laws in the wake of last month's deadly shooting in his home down of uvalde, texas. >> ainsley: his emotional plea comes as the house oversight committee will meet today to discuss gun control. >> pete: former democratic congresswoman and presidential candidate tulsi gabbard joins us now on the couch. tulsi, thank you so much for being here. >> ainsley: great job on "the five" yesterday. >> pete: see great things in washington but don't see that from the white house podium. a conversation happened a thousand times over that changed this dynamic at all. >> i think what was so powerful about matthew's remarks you could tell it came from the heart. i have had a chance to know him, camilla kids and his mom. they are a wonderful, wonderful family. i know is he very sincere and he cares deeply for our country and for the american people. so, you know, people may disagree with some of his positions or whatever, but i think the most important thing
4:27 am
that i strongly agree with that he said is that we need to come together as a country. we have to be able to have these discussions with respect, not demonizing one side or the other. politicians in washington not, you know, completely politicizing this issue just to win the next election or to try to dig on the other party. but actually just have a conversation that is literally the only way that we will be able to make some progress towards solutions which i think everyone agrees on is we don't want to have guns in the hands of criminals or people who seek to do harm to others. and we have to respect the constitutional rights of law abiding gun owning americans. >> ainsley: we are hearing different solutions. if i go through a few of them with you could you explain what the solution could be or how that could actually -- let's start with mental health. if you have anything in your background, or any red flags in your past, then let's don't give you a gun, right? >> yes. however, and this is why the conversation needs to take place is because, you know, we had a
4:28 am
bill that came through congress when i was there that basically said that an administrator in the v.a. who says a veteran who comes in and says, you know what? you have got post-traumatic stress, we are going to take control of your finances and you are not allowed to have a firearm. an administrator. so the details really, really matter as we go through this conversation. and that's why, you know, there is a lot of kind of buzz words being thrown out around the second amendment, legislation, potentially. the details matter, the conversation matters around this. in order for us to actually get to a place where we can find some common ground that can hopefully make some progress in raising the solution. >> ainsley: what about raising the age to 21? >> that's one i'm looking into. again, i heard you talking earlier both pete i and i know people who enlist in the military at 18 years old. yes you go through as i did when did you go through basic training you go through a lot of, you know, safety training, you know, dry fire before you
4:29 am
ever handle any kind of live rounds. the kind of security that exists in the firearms being locked up and not accessible, et cetera, et cetera. but we have 18-year-old and 19-year-old americans who are going and putting their lives on the line for our country and for them to come home and to not be allowed to exercise their own second amendment rights is. >> ainsley: that would be a problem. >> that's the problem. >> ainsley: that's the gun they are comfortable with and know how to shoot. >> steve: congress are meeting and people are demanding something happen. let's see what they come up with. meanwhile, yesterday, there was a u.s. senator from the great state of michigan, seemed a little tone deaf because, while we are all struggling to pay for high gas prices, she is driving a very expensive electric vehicle, laughing as she goes by the gas stations, watch this. here is debbie stabenow. >> i just have to say on the issue of gas prices, after waiting for a long time to have enough chips in this country to
4:30 am
finally get my electric vehicle, i got it and drove it from michigan to here this last weekend and went by every single gas station and didn't matter how high it was. >> steve: that's a little tone deaf because these cars are so expensive and the average american can't say hey, i can't afford five bucks a gallon so i'm going to buy a $70,000 car. >> i do. i think she probably meant well, good for her she can afford an electric vehicle. as we are seeing skyrocketing gas prices. i think most americans have heard that and said yeah, okay. no shot for me. thanks a lot. let me go back and figure out how i'm going to ration my gas budget because that's what it is. i'm not going to idle my vehicle anymore. i'm going to figure out where do i actually need to go if i need to go to town to do grocery shopping hit the post office and the bank at the same time because i can't make a few trips. in hawaii right now gas is almost $6 a gallon. i know those are the decisions that a lot of folks are facing
4:31 am
across the country. >> steve: no kidding. well, tulsi, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. great to see you guys. >> ainsley: enjoy new york we need to come to hawaii. >> i will take care of you guys. >> ainsley: tough story coming up. we told you about this family a lot. the daughter of the beloved new york city police detective murdered on the job is now fighting with the city over her mother's pension. she is now raising her siblings and she can't get her mom's pension. her plea after becoming the full-time caretaker to her mother's siblings. i grow all my own vegetables shingles doesn't care. we've still got the best moves you've ever seen good for you, but shingles doesn't care. because 1 in 3 people will get shingles, you need protection. but, no matter how healthy you feel, your immune system declines as you age increasing your risk for getting shingles. so, what can protect you?
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4:35 am
if leqvio is right for you. lower. longer. leqvio. ♪ >> ainsley: nearly five years ago tragedy struck the family of a hero in new york city a police detective. 12 year veteran of the force and mother of three was ambushed, shot execution style while she was sitting in her patrol car in the bronx. her daughter, genesis, was forced to drop out of school and take care of her younger siblings and has since been stuck in a five year financial battle over her mother's pension and she joins us now. genesis, great to have you back. i'm sorry some of these circumstances. we have covered your mom's story for years. i know frank sillers helped you out tunnel 2 towers and i was at that event when he presented you with a home. you are taking care of your
4:36 am
siblings now. tell us about your story. what's happening and your mom's pension what you are trying to do. >> my mom was brutally executed on july 5th, 2017. and ever since that day, i have been taking care of my younger twin brother and sister peter and delilah who are now 17. ever since. i was only 20 years old when my mom was killed and peter and delilah were only 12. and my mom was a single mother took care of us. worked really hard to, you know, give us the best life that she could give us given the circumstances that we were under. and now i'm here and i'm filling her role after she was tragically taken from us. >> it's basically you are the other parent. you are taking care of -- basically in some sense, i guess, because you are the parent now, the pension would go to a spouse, right? if your mother were married, it would go to her husband or her
4:37 am
parents. but it doesn't go to the children. why is that? >> i don't know. there has never been a case like ours before in the history of the police department or anything close to this in the city ever hang. there has never been a case of a single officer being killed and having the eldest, you know, daughter taking care of the younger siblings like a spouse. i'm really like a spouse. i'm in this position where i'm taking care of my mom's kids as if i, you know, were to be a parent. >> ainsley: right. you need the money. >> i do. >> ainsley: you had to drop out of school to take care of them. >> i did. when my mom was killed, i was going to school overseas. and i was here for the summer and i had to drop out and take care of my brother and sister and protect them the way that i needed. to say not only emotionally but also in a way that a parent would. i made a lot of sacrifices. i made all the sacrifices that a spouse would in this kind of
4:38 am
situation and more. and i did it willingly for my mom and for my brother and sister. because i love them as if they are my children. >> ainsley: how are they dealing with all of this? >> it is tough on our family this grave thing that happened to us. and we miss our mom a lot. but this pension situation is so pension situation is horrible and i'm not able to take care of them fanly the are way other children are taken care of by the way parents are there. in the position i'm in we don't have that. >> ainsley: your mother is incredible. she is a hero. she not only was raising three beautiful children she was a single mom and serving our community. she was killed as a result of that because of the uniform she was wearing and now our state is not taking care of your family. how can we help? what do you need to do? who can change these laws and make these decisions? >> my mom loyally and faithfully
4:39 am
served the city of new york and the state of new york. and to wait to get this changed for us is for people to contact the new york state senate, contact new york state senators, new york state assembly. the only way to get this changed and to get this done is through albany. >> ainsley: have you talked to any of our congress men and women? >> to a few there has never been a situation like ours ever. i don't know if people understand the dynamic where i have had to become the mother and i have had to bear all the trauma the way a child would and the way a parent would in this instance. >> ainsley: do you have a go fund me page? i know the parents would love to help your family. >> i don't. i would love for people to contact the new york state assembly and senate and contact new york state senators and assembly members. >> ainsley: okay. well maybe we can talk to frank siller too and maybe can he do
4:40 am
something. i know he has been so instrumental in helping your family. >> yes. >> ainsley: god bless you. your mom was a hero. even though i never met her i love her because she was protecting my child and my community so thank you for the sacrifice. i'm so sorry. i know your faith is strong and you will see her again. god bless you. >> thank you. >> ainsley: we remember detective nia, may she rest in peace. stories of bipolar depression. i just couldn't find my way out of it. the lows of bipolar depression can take you to a dark place. latuda could make a real difference in your symptoms. latuda was proven to significantly reduce bipolar depression symptoms and in clinical studies, had no substantial impact on weight. this is where i want to be. call your doctor about sudden behavior changes or suicidal thoughts. antidepressants can increase these in children and young adults. elderly dementia patients have increased risk of death or stroke. report fever, confusion, stiff or uncontrollable muscle movements,
4:41 am
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i'm steve, i lost 138 pounds in nine months on golo and taking release. a very good thing. since taking release, my sleep is way better. my inflammation has gone way down. i'm nonstop now, i feel way better than i did before. i don't sit down in life anymore. >> steve: far left candidate for texas' 28th house district seat jessica cisneros, she want a recount. less than 300 votes separate her from congressman henry cuellar. the incouple intent confident a recount will not change the outcome. he is ahead as you can see right there. he joins us now from capitol hill. congressman, good morning to you. >> thank you and good morning to you, steve.
4:45 am
>> steve: okay. so, you know, you have been in congress for a very long time. why was it you got primaried? >> you know, simply there is a left sector of our party that feels that the only standard that should be out there is that you should agree with me 100 percent of the time and that far left is trying to purify members just like the tea party did back some years ago against my republican colleague. so it's the fringes are doing this and, in my party, you got the far left that just don't understand reality. >> steve: well, and i think you are talking about aoc. she campaigned upon behalf of your opponent. who, as we just mentioned a moment ago, is trailing. but, when you look at, you know, aoc put a lot of effort into trying to get her elected. what does it say about that super left movement across the country right now? >> you know, the super left movement is not good for government because if you start setting up a circular firing
4:46 am
squad and start going after people that you just don't happen to agree with, that's not good. you know, i always saw the democratic party as the big tent party, you know. it's interesting when you look up the word liberal, you know, progressive, it talks about looking at diversity and looking at the diversity. the only thing is some of those progressives don't believe in diversity of thought and idea. the marketplace for ideas. and that's -- i think that's one of the deficiencies that they need to understand the word progressive. >> steve: you know, you had a target on your back from the progressives because you were tough on migration. because the people of your district don't feel safe. and when we are waking up this morning the news out of san francisco is their very woke d.a. got recalled yesterday because essentially san francisco has been turned into open air drug den. rampant crime on the streets and
4:47 am
even the people of super liberal san francisco are saying we want to be safe, which is what the people of your district have been telling you for years. regarding the migration. >> yes. i mean, even in san francisco, a very liberal place, they even send a strong message. they want law and order. in my district, 28, certainly they did not believe my opponent's position on defund the police. they did not support her position on getting rid of ice or border patrol and they certainly didn't agree on open borders. and that was a strong message. if you look at the votes along the counties on the southern border, i won by 80-plus percent of the vote. because people understood that law and order, law and order is key to any function that government provides. >> steve: all right. well your opponent has called for a recount. let's see what happens. congressman henry cisneros, thank you for joining us live from washington, d.c. >> thank you so much. >> steve: a dozen minutes before the top of the hour.
4:48 am
and janice dean is out on the street with some folks who watch the fox news channel. >> janice: i think. so what are your names? where are from you? >> debra,. >> carrie and robert. >> do you watch "fox & friends." >> yes we do. >> janice: do you know who steve doocy is. >> yes. >> janice: very good those are the questions and you answered them well. take a look at the maps and i will show you where there are severe storms. pretty warm out here. 72 in new york. humidity feels warmer than that heat advisories in parts of texas and southwest of california. and severe storms for parts of the panhandle of texas in towards oklahoma, some of those storms could turn severe with hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes. so there is your severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 11:00 a.m. local time for parts of the panhandle in texas in towards oklahoma and the severe storm threat extends across the tennessee, ohio river valley in towards the mid-atlantic and here's the other big story that high pressure is just anchored across the southwest. and that's bringing those temperatures up towards 30 degrees above average.
4:49 am
multiple days of potential record breaking heat. we certainly saw records broken yesterday and today as well as tomorrow. so just keep that in mind. fox for all your latest details. do you want to say hi to steve again? hello steve. >> steve: hello. [laughter] >> steve: thanks for stopping by. >> janice: he says thanks for stopping by. can i have a hug? >> steve: she is my translator. there you go there is a lot of love on that street. j.d., thank you. still ahead, the laughingstock of the country. that's how criminals described new york city according to mayor eric adams. but a majority of big appear hell residents say it's his policies that are to blame. lawrence jones reacts to that. he's coming up next. ♪ from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b.
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call the barnes firm now, and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million
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4:54 am
wait and see. >> pete: i think you have to be. how could it get worse? >> lawrence: i just thought that he was elected on a mandate. he wore the police badge. he said that he was going to be aggressive towards the criminals. the problem is when he got into office he said a lot of the right things but when it comes to implementation he didn't do a lot. he did bring back the anticrime unit which he named the anti-gun unit. they are getting all these guns off the street. the problem is as you can see on the screen robberies are up, burglaries are up. the violent crimes are still up. the weapons that they use is much different. maybe they use knives and they are still committing crimes with guns. but as far as the shootings, they are not up. so i guess he can go on a victory lap. but i was out there talking with new yorkers yesterday. they are just not feeling it. >> pete: you can't go on a victory lap when people still feel less safe. maybe there is less gun violence, which is good. the violence that is being
4:55 am
committed. criminals keep getting let back out. >> lawrence: problem adams is running against he tried to be this political chameleon and not attack the d.a. you can't empower your cops and say go out there and get the bad guys if the d.a. is just going to put them back on the street. i mean, a perfect example is the guy who set our tree on fire he was back out. >> pete: watching the relighting. >> lawrence: as we are all out there. the criminals make fun of the mayor. they make fun of the citizens. i was just yesterday in, you know, in the soho area where someone just went up a bunch of guys with guns blazing everybody give me your watch and change in broad daylight. in broad daylight. the criminals feel empowered. i hope the mayor sees what happens in san francisco okay, i have the political will now to take on the d.a.? that's the only way he is going to save himself. one thing. >> pete: no recall here. >> lawrence: no recall here. >> pete: he would have to make it clear in city we are
4:56 am
enforcing the law. >> lawrence: he has to go hard against them. one thing i think and i talked with voters about this yesterday in new york. they think the mayor has become a show boater. and you will see that package on my show saturday. they think he is so much into himself. they want to give him the benefit of the doubt. these are democrat folks. they think he is so invested into the parties the show boating and suit making. i love a nice suit, but there is a job to be done as well. it doesn't seem like the mayor is doing that job. >> pete: yeah, there is only so far image will take you which he has probably taken up to the breaking point. >> lawrence: neat meat and potatoes. >> pete: lawrence cross-country. don't miss it. >> lawrence: thank you, brochure. >> pete: another billion dollars for central america to address root causes. another caravan is coming our way. a live report. ♪- each lasting 4 hours or more you're not the only one with questions about botox®. botox® prevents headaches in adults with chronic migraine
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5:00 am
. >> progressively d.a. have succeeded. it wasn't even close. >> it's a bitter sweet victory and the reason is because people died. businesses have been destroyed. >> we need to restore our american values. >> evolving matthew mcconaughey making an emotional plea to washington. >> what was so powerful about his remarks was that you can tell it came from the heart. >> you agree that nearly $2 trillion spending panel was a significant factor of inflation. >> it can be the case.
5:01 am
>> they haven't done their job and that's why people are paying. >> these investments. >> kamala harris announced a $1.9 billion investment in central america. >> that can solve hundreds of thousands of people crossing our border every year. >> gas prices hit another record high today. >> the national acreage is up to $495. >> it would be exceptor to buy cocaine and just run everywhere. ♪ >> picturesque here. >> they call it iop. it's the same bridge that connect mt. pleasant. hurricane hugo really hit that area long time ago.
5:02 am
evening i was in fourth or fifth grade. right there on the beach. it's a fun place to go. >> well, minnesota. midwest. the heartland. >> there you go. or miley cyrus, of course. pete, filling in for brian today. great to have you. >> thank you. >> you feel a little out of place right now. why? >> because i know on the weekend show you used a booster street. >> i can hear carley laughing. >> carley, how tall are you? how tall are you? >> come on out here. >> i'm 5'10". >> you sit here and look -- well, you're pretty tall. >> i'm long -- >> sit down for a second. i'm a short guy. >> right. >> you need two booster seats.
5:03 am
>> you got to hide it. >> is that what they do? >> you push it in more. >> let me be clear about this. this was a plot hatched. >> hold on. okay. you need two pillows. >> yeah. you know what it is? pete, i also think you also kind of slouch a little. >> a little bit. i could have a better posture. is that better? >> that's better. >> you ought to wear your hair down. >> i'm sitting up very straight. >> you got to get up there. >> brian tells me he's apparently just squishes this side of the couch. >> you're a tall guy, too. >> i'm short waisted. >> brian is -- >> it's like your sitting in a hole. >> brian does have a -- because he sat in that space so long, this is a hole there. >> try it. >> is there a hole? >> okay. this is as nice seat. >> ainsley, sit here.
5:04 am
it's much more comfortable. >> well, i'm glad -- >> it is. >> it is, right? >> in my defense, it's squishy. >> i'll tell you what, pete will sit in your square. >> i'll try that. it's beautiful. thank you. >> carley, thank you. >> thank you for totally emasculating me. i'm good. i'm going to sit like this. >> and now we appeal the way a little -- you know, the behind the scenes stuff. this is what they do because nobody has a phonebook anymore. you can't sit on a phone pook. >> that's a good point. >> you could sit on your new book. >> i could sit on my new book. >> we're going talk about it in a moment. >> it's out on tuesday of next week. >> congratulations. >> don't sit on it. buy it. >> it's coming out. >> there is a battle for the american mind. >> there really is. >> right now we have our booster seats, let's start. >> now that i've been thoroug embarrassed, we will move on.
5:05 am
>> thank you, steve. i love you. >> you're not at short guy. >> no. it's all legs, though. >> okay. torso on a couch. >> that's true. >> talk to your worry doctor about this. it's true. >> my self-s steam is low. >> the people of san francisco is -- progressive district attorney chesa boudin recalled in a decisive vote. >> the recall vote sending other woke d.a.s a clear meant. even the most left leaning liberal cities are fed up with living in fear of crime and criminals. >> lucca is live in -- >> good morning, guys. speaking of squishy the movement of getting rid of san francisco progressive d.a. out of office have succeeded by a lopsided margin. the recall vote 60-40, a clear message from the people of san francisco where the vast majority are democrats, of
5:06 am
course. in his concession speech, he blamed the wealthy, not the spike in crime. >> people are angry. they're frustrated. and i want to be very clear about what happened tonight. the right wing billionaires outspent us 3-1. they exploited an environment in which people are appropriately upset. and they created an electoral dynamic where we were literally shadowboxing. >> the reason he was tossed was skyrocketing crime. theft is up 20%. murder is up to 11%, rape, is up 9% he was raise in chicago by the leaders of the underground, including bill heirs. let's look at some other raises. in los angeles, billionaire developer will square off in a
5:07 am
november runoff to become the city's necessary mayor. caruso from a republican he ran a law & order campaign. in financial, mike christy was defeated by a wide margin. he was backed by trump advisory. in southern new jersey, trump endorsed jeff van drew easily won his primary challenge. the republican was first elected as congress d.a. democrat in 2019. in iowa, mike franklin will take which you can grassley in november, but unseating grassley is a tall order. he has held the seat in 1981. franklin is a retired navy admiral. clearly, the biggest news from last night that lopsided recall vote in san francisco. the city's population have decreased by 20% over the past year because of the surge in crime. steve, ainsley, pete. >> all right. lucas, thank you very much. >> thorough recap of yesterday's
5:08 am
primaries. >> yeah. >> meanwhile, outside of the white house briefing room. >> normally we see a white house press secretary, yesterday we saw the actor, matthew mcconaughey. he met with joe biden and he went in the pressing room. he's from uvalde and he's holding a picture of one of the victims from that school shot. and he talked to the press just challenging us about our gun laws and saying we need to work together. that doesn't need to be a partisan issue. we can come together. any -- just had an emotional plea. and he had some solutions. listen. excuse me. this was when we found out about uvadex. >> where i was born. it's where my -- my mom taught kindergarten less than a mile from rob elementary. uvadex is where i -- when i learned the news of this tragedy
5:09 am
when we arrived a few hours later, i got to tell you, even from the inside of our vehicle, you can feel the shock in the town. you can feel the pain. you know what? everyone of these parents wanted, what they asked us for? what every parent separately expressed in their way to us, that they want their children's dreams to live on. >> and so he appeared yesterday. we hadn't seen anything like that before, but you know what as we heard from the president last thursday night in the cross hall making a pitch for gull control and he had a wish list that would never pass congress in a million years. but matthew mcconaughey is trying to find middle ground. he made it very clear. in washington, these guys come to washington and first thing you know -- i'm paraphrasing -- is they start about getting reelected and raising money and
5:10 am
stuff like that. there are people who are extreme on the right and the left and they will never change. but he was addressing the people in the middle. you got to figure if 20% are extreme to the right, 20% extreme to the left. he's looking at the 60% of the country who is looking for common ground to make sure that what happened that that school two weeks ago never happens again. it was no doubt a compelling presentation. it was almost like you were watching a movie. i looked up and said what is he doing at the white house podium. he knows how to give a performance. you can clearly tell it was heartfelt as well. then he did the difficult task of the attempting to talk about how you address it. i do think he started the right way by saying you start with mental health, you start with family values, you start with school safety. and so you start by not impugning the approach of the other side 'cause that's what happened so quickly oftentimes in our discussion. the next question is, what are the things that we could agree on that ought to be done in the
5:11 am
short-term and should they right back done at all or should we be focusing on these first three issues. that's the water he's going into which is going to be difficult 'cause once -- once you get into the details, the reasons why, you look at mental health, who do you flag? you get into some very dangerous territory very quickly for supporters of the second amendment. i thought he made a good plea. i don't know it was p -- >> that's sounds like a great idea. there's a red flag. they shouldn't be able to use an immunize but then she gave a good example. what ptsd they're going to take his fwun. >> that was a direct example. i remember working with her office on that, on red flag laws. you go in to get treatment for ptsd. good for you for doing that. but that puts you on a list where you can't own a gun. >> right. >> same can happen with relationships gone bad. your ex-husband or ex-wife says well this person shouldn't have a gun. well, then, do they come in and when take it away? what happens to your second
5:12 am
amendment rights. >> or raising the age to 21 to buy the guns. >> she said they go to war at 18 years old, they come back at 20 and we're going take away their guns. >> it's going to be difficult. >> exactly. >> but the people who go to the military who get training. you can go to the store and buy it with no training and what happens with uvalde and the buffalo shooter both turned 18 and posted things online. >> that's a red flag. >> plus you got the age thing. here is matthew mcconaughey laying out -- he's been. this is what i think we should do to make sure it never happens again. here he is. >> we need to invest in mental healthcare. we need safety for schools. we need to restrain sensationalize media coverage. we need to restore our family
5:13 am
values. we need to restore our american values. and we need responsible gun ownership. responsible gun ownership. we need background checks. we need to raise the minimum age to purchase annar -- we need a waiting period for those rifles. we need red flag laws and consequences for those who abuse them. responsible gun owners are fed up with the second amendment being abused and hijacked by some deranged individuals. but people empowered have failed to act. so we're asking you. i'm asking you will you please and yourself can both sides rise above? can both sides see beyond the political problem at hand and admit that we have a life preservation problem on our
5:14 am
hands? >> so now washington is trying to figure out how they can come together, really. and i think matthew mcconaughey probably changed some minds, or at least opened some minds to what the problems are for a lot of people. you were watching that, ainsley, i want to hear what this guys has to say. he was much more effective. he was much more better yesterday than the president was before. >> then anyone else stood at the podium for quite some time. >> ultimately. that's why he's got the invitation to make the case. what's washington going to do? they heard from him. i'm sure they heard from their constituents. some want change. >> what a good person. i think he lives in austin. he drove to uvalde to be there for those families for his neighbors. i'm sure they love him there. he's so involved in the texas community. his wife brought green shoes, green tennis shoes that belonged to that 10-year-old little girl.
5:15 am
it turned out she said the only clear evidence that could identify her after the shooting. >> the challenge becomes, yes, it's emotional and he told the story very well. but if emotion is what drives that you do something, it doesn't necessarily mean you're doing something that will prevent the next shooting. and it doesn't necessarily mean you're doing something that doesn't present a law abiding gun owner of having access to guns as well. it can become a partisan debate. she talked about it from her perspective. as someone who has famously listened to and talked to folks from all sides, here's what she said. >> i think what was so powerful about matthew's remarks was that you can tell it came from the heart. i know that he is very sincere and he cares very deeply for our country and for the american people. so, you know, people may disagree with some of his positions or whatever, but i think the most important thing that i strongly agree with that he said is that we need to come together as a country. we have to be able to have these
5:16 am
discussions with respect, not demonizing one side or the other. politician in washington not -- completely politicallicizing this problem. we don't want to have guns in the hands of criminals or people who seek to do harm to others. >> right. >> and we have to respect the constitutional rights of law abiding gun owning americans. >> so where does the congress go from here? stay tuned. they're meeting again today. >> carly, have some headlines for us. >> i do. including that update that took place over the weekend. philadelphia police are offering a $30,000 reward for information leading to the arrest in this weekend's deadly shootout on south street. police have not released name of the individual. but he's described as armed and dangerous. two suspects are already in custody. the shooting saturday night left three dead and 12 injured. >> former olympic gym any are
5:17 am
among 90 sexual assault victims seeking more than $1 billion of damages. the claimants say the bureau was aware of abuse allegations against sports doctor larry nassau in 2015 but they failed to act leading him to target other athletes. he was sentenced to 60 years in federal prison. under federal law, a government agency has six months to respond to the tort claims filed today and lawsuits can follow based on the sbi's response. >> a group of private equity firms hitting the pause button on for elon musk. it comes after he threats to back out of the $44 billion deal. he says the social media giant is refusing an outside analysis of the number of spam accounts on the platform. musk is calling it a breach of contract. he was parenting with several
5:18 am
firms to provide up to $3 billion. so far he raised $7 billion from investors. twitter says that 5% of their accounts are fake. musk says that number is higher. >> i think it's higher than 5%. >> he said i want to see the information. they said we gave it to you. >> show your work. >> right. show your work. >> carly, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> a week from yesterday, an exciting day -- >> well, i get to show my work a week from yesterday. here's a book. the book is battle for the american mind. >> we're fighting hard to that american mind. >> it's about our k-12 education system. things that -- i think it was -- i can't remember who said it. things happen gradually and then suddenly. that's a hemingway quote. that's what happened. over 100 years progressive worked very hard to infiltrate the way our kids are educated.
5:19 am
then covid happens and suddenly we look around and where did all this come from? and if you want a playbook to understand the depth the problem and also have as solution as a parent or a grandparent, i would humbly suggest this as summer reading. it's going to square you and infuriate but hopefully motivate you. >> what can we do empower our children. >> take control. and radically reorient how you view education. we just assume our kids should go to the local school. when you understand the strength of the pipeline of the educational complex, it's like charging a machine gun northwest
5:20 am
>> and it's all detailed in this great new book, battle for the american mind. you can preorder it today. if you preorder it today, they will actually deliver it to your house on tuesday. >> on tuesday. indeed. you'll get it on the deed. >> reserve your copy today. >> congratulations. >> the battle for the american minds. thank you, pete. >> thank you. >> coming up, we are still awaiting a decision from the supreme court as homeland security warns us mass casualty violence if roe v. wade is overturned. >> plus, gas is about to hit $5 a gallon and the biden administration claims they done everything they can to lower prices. wrong answer. the shocking comments from the u.s. treasury secretary, ahead on this wednesday fox & friends. ♪ we need to reduce plastic waste in the environment. that's why at america's beverage companies, our bottles are made to be re-made. not all plastic is the same. we're carefully designing our bottles
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>> a live look from the supreme court where we are waiting decision this morning on about 30 cases, including one that could overturn roe v. wade. but as tensions rise over the abortion bait, president biden's department of homeland security jumps into the fray. they are sending out now a threat advisory. here to react is fox news contributor and author of the war on the west. douglas murray. good morning. >> good morning. >> what do you think about this? is this necessary to have this -- they're issuing a heighten threat advisory. >> obviously, they do think it's a possibility. the advisory makes it quite clear they think that, depending on the judgment, of course, and they're anticipating that if roe v. wade were overturned by the supreme court there would be mass casualty violence, as they said. it's a horrifying thing that we come to this, isn't it, that the
5:26 am
department of homeland security could be issuing such a warning in america today about the risk of americans committing designs against other -- committing violence. it's a very sobering thing for the department of homeland security to announce. >> it's interesting that we're talking about this. we shouldn't even know what's going on inside the supreme court. >> right. >> but we do because of this leaker. >> that's one of the thing about this. too much of the media and other jumped over the issue of the leak. the leak was unprecedented, as you know. it was obviously directed. it was obviously a directional thing. the leaker wanted there to be a reaction to the leak and then the negative reaction. for things like this, for the threat advisory to come up, the justices is influenced in their judgment. now we have -- now we know one of the possibilities happen, it must be weighing on the justices
5:27 am
minds. obviously you would hope that the supreme court justices aren't fluorescenced influenced by the application of the law. but who could look at the situation that the threat risk , the risk assessment issue of the department of homeland security and not feel some kind of additional weight on their shoulder. >> do you think any of them will change their mind of the result? >> nobody can say. i would -- again, we would hope not. but rather in -- the juries in some of these high-profile cases in a we had in the last couple of case, like the rittenhouse case. derek chauvin. you do have to think -- there is just the narrow application of the law and then there is looking out why and thinking is our country going to go up in flames. is this thing going to burn down? this must be on people's minds. we hope that it wouldn't influence the supreme court
5:28 am
justices. that would vindicate and actually justify the leaker's actions. it would show the leaker was correct in thinking that they could influence the direction of the united states and its laws. but any justice looking at the situation must just feel this morning an additional burden on their shoulders. >> right. i just hope they don't intimidate and i hope there's no violence when the decision comes out. >> absolutely. >> douglas, thank you for coming on us. >> it's a great pleasure. >> still ahead. a massive migrant is heading to the states. we have a live look from the border. that's next. well look at you! those cheeks! i love them. with juvéderm® voluma® xc, you get instant results. why didn't i do this sooner? and just like that your volume is back. say hello to a younger looking you. i look 5 years younger! say hello to juvéderm® voluma® xc and reverse the signs of aging
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5:32 am
. >> our vice president kamala harris has broken our silence on the border crisis to announce nearly $2 billion in private sector investment will go into central america. >> the vice president's latest attempt to solve the root causes of mass migration comes as a massive management caravan that could be the largest one we've ever seen. they're continuing the march toward our southern border right now as we speak. >> give jenkins is at the borrowed. griff. reporter: good morning. let me show you what vice president harris doesn't want to
5:33 am
come to the border to see and that is agents overwhelmed. i'm still sweating, covered in dirt. look, we just a happened apprehended this group of runners. you can see the joint operation it took. now, let me also bring up our drone which is just west of us. you can see a large group of more than 50 migrants, it is just absolutely pouring over. it is a combination of dps along with border patrol. this individual right here, this gentleman on the end, ran for nearly a mile. let me bring you here for a second. explain to our viewers what happened and what it is that vice president harris chooses not to see. >> well, you've been out with us for the past three days. you've been seeing what has been taking place and how border patrol is out here. these are the runners. these are not your asylum seekers. you saw another large group of 14.
5:34 am
one individual ran. >> we did. it was this gentleman right here. >> exactly. it shows you the determination that some of these imgrants have to try to get away and avoid apprehension. when we talk as far as the federal government and what they're not doing as well as addressing the problem, we talked about progress, there hasn't been any progress made. we're 15 months in this crisis, nothing has been done. it's very important that they do visit these border and talk to the agents and hear firsthand what's taking place. this is taking place every single day and every single morning. it's not only affecting law enforcement and the agents in the field, but also the people that live in these communities. reporter: you're overwhelmed with this. the numbers i've dean, guys, in just the nine days i've been on the ground, i just got the numbers. 13,466 apprehensions, 1,123 got away. meaning they saw them like this group but they were the able to bring them in. how much of a problem is that? >> it is a problem that's happening every day. it's overwhelming the agents in the field.
5:35 am
everybody working together, they're doing an extraordinary work being out here on the frontlines. again, we don't know who they are. we don't know who these individuals are until we take them in and process them. this is where you see criminals that are mixed in with these groups. it shows you how dynamic the situation is and how it's happening every single day. this is one smaller area we're working right now. there's so much to cover. reporter: just lastly in the -- and i know you don't make policies, but what can more of that money be used to deal with resources. >> of course. she was not just talking about, you know, doing something about the root cause, it's actually taking action. we're 15 months in. nothing has been done. it's been complete opposite. it's gotten much worse since i've been here. not only with the -- something needs to be done.
5:36 am
they need to divert some of the resource to the border. reporter: thank you very much. that's the situation. it's just as sad of what's happening every single day on the border. the vice president doesn't want to see this firsthand, apparently. guys. >> apparently. all right. griff, great job. >> it's not any better from actually seeing from what they're doing. >> and that was it. every day. >> that's right. >> coming up, inflation at record highs, but joe biden's administration says their massive spending plan has nothing to do with it. senator steve davis disagrees and he joins us next. we hit the bike trails every weekend shinges doesn't care. i grow all my own vegetables shingles doesn't care. we've still got the best moves you've ever seen good for you, but shingles doesn't care. because 1 in 3 people will get shingles, you need protection. but, no matter how healthy you feel, your immune system declines as you age
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5:41 am
high increasingly broad base with the inflation that we observed. >> senator, we're seeing high inflation in almost all developed countries around the world, and they have very different fiscal policies. so it can't be the case that the bulk of the inflation that we're experiencing reflects the impact of the ar pay. >> we got treasury janet yellen denying senator's claim the massive government spend something leading to inflation. this as americans grapple with the rising cost of everything, including gas and food. montana senator, we just saw this. he's live from capital hol. senator, good morning. >> hi, good morning. >> you asked her a great question because the san francisco fed came out and said in the last quarter of last year, i think it's 3% of the inflation. it was close to 5% or 6% at that
5:42 am
point. 3% was from the government spending and there she is yesterday said there has nothing to do with it. again, last week she said she was wrong about inflation. so why should we even trust what she said? >> the biden administration is living in a fair fairytale. remember, last year when the democrats ran a jam through this massive multitrillionan dollar spending package, we warned them. we warn the treasury secretary. we warned the american people. at the same time, the president shuts down pipelines. he stops making american energy. this is going to cause massive inflation. don't just take my word for it. larry summers who was clinton's secretary of treasury, larry summers, a democrat said the exact same thing as they were jamming through these massive spending bills that really lit the fire and create the inflation that's going on today. when i go back home to montana,
5:43 am
the three biggest issue is inflation, inflation. it's the price of gas and grocery store. >> and then jaime diamond in the last couple of days talking about how the course we're on right now, we're heading for some sort of economic hurricane, something bad. elon musk said he had a super bad feeling about what's going on. but in the meantime, senator, it was a year ago when the administration was asked about inflation. and i remember joe biden saying it's transitory. we got like 40 nobel peace prize -- or nobel prize winning economists who were saying it's just going to be temporary. this is the advice the president is getting. he needs new people coming up with what's going on because all you got to do is watch the news. >> they have to take those nobel prize propeller heads and get them out to montana and explain that to a mom who is trying to fill up her pickup right now to get her kids to school. this is a reality that the
5:44 am
administration is living in. it's not real. it's truly an alternative reality. it is a fairytale that they're living at the moment. here's the problem. it's having a significant harm to hardworking americans. they don't know what to do. we're now $5 a gallon for gas. it's going up. it's already $0.40 in the last two weeks. i think we're heading to $6 a gas here by the time we hit the summer. we never seen prices like this. sad part about this, a lot of this could be avoided by common sense policy. what is the administration doing? they say go buy more electric vehicles. that's what we heard from democrats yesterday. >> senator, there are a number of people on the environmental left who would love gas to be $15 a gallon so nobody ever turns on their car. >> don't ever forget when they wake up in the morning -- when i say they, the democrats and the climate crazies. climate change is a religion for them. they're focused on climate change. i'll tell you what the american people is focused on, the change
5:45 am
in the gas price at the pump. that's the change that worries americans the most at this moment in our history. >> well, the thing that worries the white house the most are the midterm elections because given all the prices for everything, you know what, come november 8th, people are going to be thinking you know what, this person who voted along with joe biden for all this stuff and supported him, he didn't have my best interest in mind because look at the ditch we're in. >> no doubt about it. we're seeing a red wave that's building, unlike anything we've ever seen in our nation's history. that's what the numbers are showing us if we look at numbers, what the american people are saying. they know who's to blame for this. they know the elections have consequences. it is time to elect new people to washington, d.c. and in '24 we got to elect a new president as well. >> thank you very much for i didn't think us live. >> thank you. >> meanwhile, what kind of day to we have in store for montana.
5:46 am
our senior meteorologist knows montana and the other 49 states as well. >> the nest northwest is going to to get a lot of rain. wherever you live, we got you covered. we do have the potential for severe storms, unfortunately, for parts of texas and oklahoma happening right now in towards arkansas. and then we have the potential for flash flooding over the deep south. there's the severe storm threat from the southwest all the way up towards the mid-atlantic, the ohio valley across the south as well. and then we have the heat, a potential record high. yesterday, we did. we set them in laredo and sang anglo and austin, texas. that's going to continue today and tomorrow stretching from california in towards texas with heat indexes that is dangerous. make sure you're taking care of the elderly, pets and your kids. speaking of the northwest, we have this atmospheric river. that means we got a lot of moisture pumping and that's going to bring quite a bit of rain for this region with flash
5:47 am
flooding is going to be the main concern. so we will keep you up to date. again, is covered. over to you. >> absolutely. i look at it all day long. thank you very much. >> you dpoit. >> sled on this webs, more golfers are following in fill mikel son into the steps and dieching the pga. clay travis on what this means for the future of golf in this country, coming up next. >> first, let's check in for dana. >> 12 minutes. thank you for counting and we will count as well. far left progressives got a wake up call in yesterday's primary election. one democrat saying either get the message or prepare to be in the permanent minority. what does aoc and the squad think of that? we'll have results and analysis. bill will be on the board as well. and there's a new government report about what can make you the victim of terrorism? it turns out pretty much everything you do in a day.
5:48 am
representative will be here. lots of questions about inflation and gas prices. will they have any answers? also joining us today -- we'll see you at 9:00
5:49 am
5:50 am
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5:51 am
. >> big names in golf and an
5:52 am
handful of other elite golfers are following phil mickl son in leaving the pga and going to an invitational series which is paying them hundreds of millions of dollars to join. johnson address the move. >> obviously, at this time it's, you know, it's hard to speak on what the consequences will be, but, you know, for right now i resign my membership from the tour. i'm going to play here. >> this coming up that tier woods says he won't be playing in next week's u.s. open. lets bring in clay travis. clay, thanks for being here. the pga tour felt like the only standard, now you got huge names moving to another league. is it all about the money? >> yeah. it's often all about the money in pro athletic. let's be honest. i don't think there's anything wrong with that. these players are capitalists
5:53 am
and the pga tour has had a default monopoly for basically all of our lives in terms of where you're going to play pro golf in the united states. and i think what's going on now is the pga is trying to attack these players for leaving the pga and going to lyiv. and the way they're saying is how dare you play for a saudi-backed league. when the reality is when you're a soccer fan and you pay attention at all to who owns english premier league teams, these guys have been the middle eastern, oil oligarchs in many ways, have been buying up sports rights for a very long time. i personally, as long as you haven't been athlete on your personal beliefs, i don't think you should be held accountable as a golfer that you decide to
5:54 am
join a league who pays you more even if it is owned by a saudi ownership. especially, when we're talking about joe biden going on bended knee soon to the middle east to beg for saudis to give them back -- give the united states more oil. so hopefully our gas prices come down. so i really don't have any issue at all. phil mike elson got attacked for it. but if you're not going to attack the nba playing in the eu, but they have no issue going to the uae where you can be killed in you are gay, don't be woke in the united states and not woke elsewhere. as long as you're consistent, you just say we're going to do best for our business, which are these golfers are doing. i don't have any issue. >> i get the argument. the shift have already sailed in other sports. it doesn't feel right when you lose players. i get what you're saying. i get to -- >> the tournaments, by the way,
5:55 am
are taking place in the united states. >> interesting. >> it's not necessarily just an international league at all. in fact, they're in london right now this week but they're coming back to the states, i believe, in the next couple of the weeks. >> let me get your take on this, the nfl. billionaire wal-mart heir is set to purchase the denver broncos for a staggering four.65 billion. it would be twice as anyone is paid for a franchise since the last nfl team was purchased. what do you think? >> look, when you're super rich, an nfl franchise or a prominent sports franchise in general, is equivalent as a portrait that you can hang on your wall. it really doesn't necessarily have to justify the economic reality. so i believe the broncos sold for around $75 million and now they're selling for $4.5 billion. that is the prior owner and what he's able to sell for now. much like high end art.
5:56 am
nobody, pete s losing money in the nfl. there's only 32 franchises. and i believe it's the equivalent of being able to go out and buy an picasso and hang it on the wall. it's partly because of what you can pay that makes that so valuable. rich people want to own franchises and hang it on the wall. >> i mean, new owner, new quarterback. it could be an interesting new day in denver. >> great city and great franchise. >> we'll see what russell wind merica. air force, pararescue, five years. home values are at record highs. the newday 100 va loan lets veterans borrow up to 100% of their home's total value. and take an average of $60,000 cash. 25% more cash than they'd get at a bank.
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>> beautiful shot from indiana. thank you very much for joining us on this wednesday, "fox & friends" everybody. >> that's a beautiful -- is that a home? it's gorgeous. wow. have a good one. >> bill: good morning, everybody. one of the most liberal cities in america putting progressive prosecutors on notice in a recall vote that will have nationwide implications. pay attention here we go. good morning i'm bill hemmer. these elections teach us a little bit about you and america every time we have them. >> dana: i'm dana perino and this is "america's newsroom." one of the lines i liked from a democrat that worked for third way, an organization centrist democrat said if progressives don't wake up for this they can prepare to be in the permanent minority. for the first time ever san francisco has recalled its


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