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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  June 8, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> beautiful shot from indiana. thank you very much for joining us on this wednesday, "fox & friends" everybody. >> that's a beautiful -- is that a home? it's gorgeous. wow. have a good one. >> bill: good morning, everybody. one of the most liberal cities in america putting progressive prosecutors on notice in a recall vote that will have nationwide implications. pay attention here we go. good morning i'm bill hemmer. these elections teach us a little bit about you and america every time we have them. >> dana: i'm dana perino and this is "america's newsroom." one of the lines i liked from a democrat that worked for third way, an organization centrist democrat said if progressives don't wake up for this they can prepare to be in the permanent minority. for the first time ever san francisco has recalled its
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district attorney. voters blaming boudin for a rise in crime. the mayor will appoint his replacement. >> bill: san francisco, one of the many democrat-run cities where crime is running rampant up 35% this year. in chicago 40%. in new york and voters are taking notice. >> dana: the recall is sending a message to soft on crime prosecutors across the country including los angeles d.a. george gascon. he is facing his second recall attempt in two years. >> bill: easy to see why. the city has been plagued by smash and grab robberies. staffers looked on helplessly. >> dana: people are around to ride the subway in new york. a man threw a woman onto the tracks. the suspect has a long rap sheet, the latest in a string of unprovoked attacks against passenger. >> bill: philly trendy district. gunfire sent people running for
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their lives. an argument escalated into a shoot-out. three people killed and a dozen more wounded. >> dana: for more on the recall vote let's go to claudia cowen in san francisco. is there a wake-up call, claudia? >> well, clearly good morning, dana. this election is seen as a referendum an progressive policies with chesa boudin losing one of the most closely-watched election recalls in recent history. the former now former district attorney here in san francisco lost by a vote of nearly 60% to 40%. it was a heated campaign that divided democrats over crime, policing, and public safety reform. here in liberal san francisco. recall supporters cheered the results as proof that residents wanted change. while boudin blamed wealthy republicans for funding the effort to fire him, residents blamed him for the city's
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lawlessness, drug use and theft and his policies made the city less safe. a blow to the progressive prosecutor movement and sends a message to los angeles where critics are gathering signatures to mount a recall against george gascon, their da. congresswoman bass and developer rick caruso will face off in the race for los angeles mayor. as he seeks a second term, governor gavin newsom will be challenged by brian dahle. the san francisco mayor will appoint a new d.a. boudin has not ruled out running again this fall for the office he just lost. >> dana: thank you. joining us now is a deputy district attorney of los angeles. great to have you. your thoughts this morning as
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these results have come in. >> good morning, bill and dana. today is a great day for san francisco. it's also a promising day for people in los angeles. the reign of boudin is over and gascon's reign should be coming to an end. there is a major increase in homicides, smash and grab burglaries. follow home robberies, fentanyl deaths and gun violence and i believe the voters yesterday resoundingly said no more. >> bill: in los angeles, sir, this is going to be a race that a lot of people will pay attention to. rick caruso came out of nowhere. play the sound with him and karen bass from late last night.
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>> they're upset about the problems of homelessness and crime but also upset that our city government seems to accept these problems as if it has to be this way. >> lock them up in jail. these are failed strategies of the past. no, we will be smart and act with urgency. >> bill: i think one of the surprises of the night is caruso, a republican three years ago, out polled karen bass by five points. here is what i don't get in california. in a typical june primary, open primary now. anyone can vote. your turnout was around 38 or 40% i believe in years past. this year california mailed a ballot to every one of voting age across the entire state and the turnout was 30%. why is that? >> you know, i think so many
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people are disillusioned because we have leaders now who have allowed crime to run rampant in los angeles. we have leaders who have allowed the unhoused situation to become a major crisis. they haven't addressed that. i think so many people get disillusioned. we have a district attorney who won't fully prosecute cases where somebody commits a hate crime. won't prosecute cases where somebody breaks a baby's arm or won't fully prosecute somebody who tortures a child. won't fully prosecute somebody who sexually assaults and molests a 10 yeerd girl or runs over a mom and her baby. and so those aren't reforms. those are not progress. and i think so many people in los angeles and in san francisco get disillusioned. many people are leaving. many people don't understand why leaders allow this to happen. and i think that people just don't feel like the system is
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working for them. i will tell you this, though. i served my country for seven years, i love this country. my father came here from iran. i'm raising my children here. my wife is a police officer here and i believe in los angeles. we all need to stay. we all need to fight. people need to vote. if they want public safety, if they want law and order, if they want the unhoused situation to be handled, then they need to vote for leaders who are actually willing to step up and lead from the front and lead by example. >> dana: that race happened yesterday and we'll pay attention as we get to november. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> dana: outrage is mounting against los angeles district attorney george gascon over a horrific hit and run. the teenage drive who mowed down a mom and baby was sent to a juvenile offender camp for five months. matt finn is live in los
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angeles for us. >> that california mom tells fox news the 17-year-old driver absolutely hit her on purpose. she tells us she made eye contact with that driver. screamed for him to stop. he continued to hit her and the baby carriage she was pushing. the shocking video shows the suspect speeding the wrong way down a one way back street last summer hitting the woman and her 8-month-old son in a stroller. the woman who asked to be identified only as rachel says she has watched that video 1,000 times to review how she reacted. >> did i do everything i could to protect my child? i think i did. but it was very tough to watch at first. made me very sick. >> the driver is now 17 years old and he received a sentence of 5 to 7 months in a juvenile camp which authorities say is less than a military school and tougher than a summer camp.
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la district attorney george gascon's office is being slammed for such a life sentence. the driver's car was stolen and he was on probation for felony poisoning after spiking a girl's drink at a high school in 2019. in a series of tweets gascon's office explained the hit and run we're watching is not an attempted murder under california law and it was fair for the driver to be charged with felony assault and leaving the scene. the mother rachel tells fox news she is a democrat who voted for george gascon but now she has plans to move. >> i voted for this guy because i believed that our prisons do need some reform but rewarding criminals, violent criminals for their actions is very far from any kind of reformation that anybody would think is appropriate. >> the recall for la district attorney george gascon said it collected more than 500,000 signatures. needs 66,000 more by next month to have the recall formally put
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on the ballot. all those signatures do have to be verified. >> dana: thank you. >> bill: quick recap from last night. republicans feel good about some of these results in new mexico. not a race a lot of people talk about. former meteorologist is running for statewide office. they like his chances in november. see whether or not they're on to something in five months' time. senate races not a ton of surprises in iowa. republican senate chuck grassley at the age of 88, dana, will crisscross all 99 counties in iowa over the next five months. what he has done for every term and every election as he seeks reelection in the state of iowa. easy winner there. south dakota john thooum won his primary. kristi noem, how did she do last night? easy winner with 77% of the vote. on the key house races here come over to the board. this is new jersey for the
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reason why we're watching this is because chris smith, a republican, voted for the january 6 commission. he was an easy winner, although some members of the trump team were campaigning for people like others. wasn't even a contest. in a district that's 2-1 republicans on the jersey shore and in toward trenton. let's go to montana. zinke served in the trump administration. too close to call now. adding up votes with 22% of the projected vote still out. zinke wants to get the newly-appointed congressional district in the western half of the state of montana. we'll see whether or not he can succeed. in iowa cindy axne, a democrat will have a battle on her hands. state legislature, air force pilot, easy winner in the republican primary. he will take on axne and what the gop will tell you, congressional district 3 in
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iowa is one of their big 25 targets in areas where donald trump did well and joe biden did okay. we'll watch that. quick recap now. >> every one of these parents wanted and asked us for? they want their children's dreams to live on. that they want their children's dreams to continue to accomplish something after they are gone. >> dana: powerful speed from matthew mcconaughey on a national tragedy that hits close to home for them. rise above party lines and come together as a country to end gun violence. >> bill: national security warning with the country on edge. officials are sounding the alarm on heightened threats to our homeland. >> dana: panic at the pump. gas prices inching closer and closer to $5 a gallon. the white house's solution does not exist.
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>> dana: uvalde texas -- he has been blamed for the botched police response at the mass -- the mayor said this. >> i don't know the miss steps that went on. everybody will be accountable and have to own whatever mistakes have been made and we'll be transparent with that. i won't speak for him. he will speak for himself. i won't go there. >> dana: he skipped what should
6:19 am
have been his first meeting as a town council member so he did not show up for that one. >> we need background checks. we need to raise the minimum age to purchase an ar-15 rifle to 21. we need a waiting period for those rifles. we need red flag laws and consequences for those who abuse them. these are reasonable, practical, tactical regulations. responsible gun owners are fed up with the second amendment being abused and hijacked by some deranged individuals. is this a cure all? hell no. but people are hurting, families are, parents are, and it has divided -- as divided as our country is, this gun responsibility issue is one we agree on more than we don't.
6:20 am
>> bill: emotional appearance at the white house briefing room yesterday afternoon. matthew mcconaughey a native of uvalde, texas, calling for new bipartisan action on gun control. fox news contributor jason chaffetz resident of utah. the point he made at the top of that speech his mom was a school teacher down the street and that he explained at the age of 10 how he got his first bb gun and brought up in the gun culture. what did you think of the presentation, what do you think the effect could be or not on the senators talking about this? >> he was very real. i think that was from the heart and it reflects what a lot of people are feeling, which is the sadness and the frustration and just the outrage of this. and so i thought it was a good presentation. i have to tell you, i think there should be more debate and discussion. i happen to be a conservative republican and a lifetime nra member and six guns, three handguns, two rifles and a
6:21 am
shotgun and i'm tired of these people who think that just putting more laws on me is going to solve the problem. but as a republican and as a conservative and somebody who believes in the congressional process, we should go out there and have this debate and discussion. all too often these things go off in directions they have no idea. usually by people who have never shot a gun, don't own a gun, don't understand guns and certainly don't understand the current laws that are on the books. >> dana: he joins bret baier on special report last night and talking about the meetings he had an capitol hill. >> do you think this is different? we have been through this before. i've covered a lot of them. >> i don't have anything to compare it to up here. but the consensus words that i'm hearing and phrases that this time is different. there is more momentum. on the right there are things they are willing to not staunchly say no to and the --
6:22 am
i'm -- i'm against you. that's not a way forward. that's not a vision. that's go not going we disagree on this issue but are you a father? me, too. now, i bet you and i can get something done about being dads and giving a damn about our kids and their futures. >> dana: you were on capitol hill for a long time as a congressman. what do you think about the prospect of legislation this time around? >> i think mcconaughey is right. just because i'm a republican i don't want to be dismissed. ron johnson, a senator, had a bill on the floor of the senate 24 hours after this attack. it was intended to create a department there within homeland security of best practices. how to deal with mental health and securing schools, how to get grants to the people that need them. and chuck schumer got rid of it.
6:23 am
he denied it. he didn't let it pass. 24 hours later it was a bipartisan bill on best practices. they couldn't even agree on that? come on. >> bill: was schumer playing politics or does he want more in the legislation. >> again, i've been there, i've seen it. i was in congress for eight years. the democrats like this issue. they don't want to solve it. how can you be opposed to lets have a department that has best practices? chuck schumer evidently was. >> bill: more from mcconaughey. i think what he did is that he gave more humanity to this issue in texas than we have seen from anyone especially the president, too, included. watch. >> green high top converse with a heart she had hand drawn on the right toe because they represented her love of nature. wore these every day, green converse with a heart on the right toe.
6:24 am
the same green converse on her feet that turned out to be the only clear evidence that could identify her at the shooting. how about that? >> >> bill: 2018 in florida they made a lot of changes to the law. used to be 18, now 21. you can't buy a firearm in florida unless you are 21. $400 million to mental health in florida. training programs for teachers and security guards. background checks and a waiting period in florida. can any of this work at the federal level? >> i hope so. matthew mcconaughey, if you listen to what he said. what i liked about it. he talked about the breakdown of the family. he talked about the need to secure schools. he talked a lot about family values. and if democrats are going to have a serious discussion about it they have to be able to talk about those things as well. i tell you, as a conservative
6:25 am
republican and gun owner and nra member i'm willing to talk should you have to be 21, should you have a co-signer if you are 18 to 21-year-old. maybe have another responsible adult co-sign with you to allow that. that may have actually prevented what happened in texas. so i think there are some things we should have a discussion about but democrats have got to come to the table, too and say yeah, breakdown of the family is a real issue in this country. >> dana: good to see you. thank you. another migrant caravan making its way to the u.s. border while one major player is missing. can leaders make progress on immigration in gas prices chipping away at american's money and one democrat's response has critics calling the party way out of touch. >> on the issue of gas prices after waiting for a long time to have enough chips in the country to finally get my electric vehicle, i got it and drove it from michigan to here
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>> dana: gas prices hitting another record high. right now the average cost for a gallon of gas is $4.95 and the trajectory is only going higher. in at least 19 states gas prices are already topping $5 a gallon. analysts say the rest of the country could soon break this threshold. we do not provide that information happily. >> bill: caravan of several thousand migrants making their way from central and south america through mexico as we speak walking a long way. president biden hosting latin american leaders for a summit in l.a. today. the mexican president snubbing the invite and a lot of folks are no-shows. what could come of this, if anything? >> good morning to you. president biden is due to leave for los angeles 90 minutes from
6:32 am
now. organizers say the summit of the americas to develop climate, health and economic priorities throughout our hemisphere. not every country will be represented. organizers say they decided to exclude three countries, cuba, venezuela and nicaragua. officials say the countries were excluded because of the poor records on human rights as well as democratic values. not everyone thrilled with this decision. mexico's president boycotting the summit sending the country's foreign minister. leaders of guatemala, honduras and el salvador are skipping the conference but aides say progress can be made. >> the president's position is we don't believe that dictators should be invited. we welcome mexico's contribution to the major summit deliverables. >> on friday leaders are expected to speak about migration and what is causing thousands of people to leave their homes and seek refuge in countries like the united states.
6:33 am
we've been showing this video for the last several days of the massive migrant caravan heading towards the united states. while this will be talked about, critics say the real issue rests with shoring up security here at home. >> more coming into our country illegally because you and president biden are letting them in. enforce the law. do what we were doing the day before you took office. >> while the president is making his way to the summit the first stop in california will be to the heart of hollywood sitting down for an interview with abc's late night host jimmie kimmel. >> dana: let's bring in john kanko. what do you think about mexico not showing up? >> this administration does not have the ability to even operate on a decent foreign policy field. this is the hemisphere, the
6:34 am
americas. we should be lock step with our neighbors to the north and south. when our neighbor to the south doesn't even go to the meeting because they're so disenchanted with our leader says something. >> dana: but do you agree that the state department was correct to say mexico can't say venezuela, nicaragua and cuba could come to the meeting. >> they were right to do that. we have a state department to smooth out the rough edges. mexico has a lot of interests with us. the fact they can't do that is a troubling sign especially what's going on at our border. >> dana: when you look at the caravan now starting i guess several weeks away from getting here, what could change? one of the things that happened last month is that the biden administration was saved by the bell on title 42 by a court order. the waves are not going to stop at least not by the administration's standpoint. >> they won't stop.
6:35 am
mexico is becoming come mrisent to some extent. they'll get a work visa from mexico. they are saying face-wise they want to incentivize and stay in mexico but it gives them status in mexico and easier for them to come to the northern border. we should be calling the mexican president on that. we don't have enough relationship to get him to come to a meeting we won't get to the bottom of problems like that. >> dana: the united states provides a lot of foreign aid to the countries. what do you mean, we gave you x amount of dollars you'll do this or the money goes away. it seems like a simple transaction to me. >> you are spot on and right. usaid and all these places help build up the economies and help people struggling in the economies. we have a very strong economic tie to mexico. the fact that we can't iron out these details shows the
6:36 am
ineptitude of this administration again. a crisis they created they aren't able to solve. this administration is loefded with these types of crises. the southern border isn't going away. we have to be on our toes about that. >> dana: the department of homeland security put out a new threat assessment. the u.s. is at a high threat environment. several high profile events could be justified and i don't have this for the screen but i thought it was incredible. they say that the potential targets include public gatherings, faith based institutions, racial and religious minorities and media and perceived ideological opponents and others. isn't that everything and everyone. >> butt covering to some extent. they threw everything in but the kitchen sink.
6:37 am
the threat environment is worse and the internet is allowing it to do so. bad actors on the internet applauding what happened in buffalo and uvalde and foreign actors trying to formeant it in the united states. anything that happens this summer could be a touch stone for more violence. i agree with them in that statement. we need to have unwavering resilience with respect to all of this and make sure federal, state and local are working together. now is not the time to vilify law enforcement but embrace law enforcement and help them give them the tools they need to do their job. >> dana: and stay vigilant. good to see you today. >> bill: crime wave gripping d.c. mass shoplifters robbing a grocery store near the capital. a big change on the ice. will a doping scandal sideline many of our young olympians. tyrus is on deck on that. >> dana: there he is.
6:38 am
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>> dana: a brazen robbery in the nation's capital. mass shoplifters are caught
6:43 am
dump things into garbage bags in broad daylight. >> the nation's capital is in the grips of a very violent crime wave like multiple other cities across the country. right now here in d.c. it's up 25% overall from last year according to the f.b.i. we are just now as you mentioned getting some new video into the newsroom. look at this. just about a mile from the u.s. capitol multiple shoplifters caught on camera tuesday afternoon robbing a giant food grocery store, a chain of grocery stores on the east coast. very popular in the area. the images you are looking at show at least three people on the scene stealing laundry detergent into a shopping cart and grocery bags. listen to d.c.'s mayor, democratic mayor muriel bowser talking about the crime wave a few months ago. >> residents are rightly concerned as we are and we've been talking about for months, if not for years, making sure
6:44 am
that we are attacking crime all the way across the spectrum from law enforcement efforts that we're talking about today, to opportunity programs that we have talked about as well. so our focus is making sure that every part of our ecosystem has what it needs, police certainly, and are showing up in person, stepping up to deal with the issues of crime as urgently as we can. >> robberies in d.c. so far are up 38% this year. as you know we're just halfway into 2022. not a very good prognosis looking forward. >> dana: incredible. thank you. >> bill: we've got a democratic senator being slammed as tone deaf after comments yesterday on record gas prices. >> on the issue of gas prices, after waiting for a long time to have enough chips in the
6:45 am
country to finally get my electric vehicle, i got it and drove it from michigan to here this last weekend and went by every single gas station and didn't matter how high it was. >> bill: okay, tyrus host of fox nation. fox news contributor. hello. >> got the chips right. must be nice to have chips. all of our chips are going to inflation. so high gas prices. she got her chips together and good for her. >> dana: this idea that you drive up gas prices so you force people into electric cars. the cost of the electric cars are so high. it's not a solution at this moment. the transition can happen ore time but it won't happen immediately. >> this is like the day ford came out. everyone who owned a horse walked butter cup out to the forest. okay? it takes time, okay? it takes time. you do it together. when you sound as out of touch
6:46 am
that's why they are going to be a blue drowning because of statements like that. people who are making decisions right now on whether they will even consider a vacation or consider having extra things or cables or streaming because they have to pay electric. they are spending gas -- they are working for their check to pay for gas to get to work. >> bill: janet yellen sounded similar yesterday talking about the transition to renewable energy in her hearing on the hill. it is 2022. you wish it were 2032 or 2042 but it is not. >> it's also a cop-out. it's like making an excuse, the reason why the bengals didn't win is the rams were working an extra four days. the refs were in their back pocket instead you have to make first downs and it is on you. they would rather say we're doing this because it takes the fact of how horribly they've managed everything. stop checking boxes and start
6:47 am
checking resume. >> dana: how out of touch a senator can get with their people. >> people have to start paying attention who they vote for. if the person you vote for talks about chips when everyone else has maybe a chip you need to not vote for that individual. forget the party. vote for what's best for you. >> bill: we could go over $5? >> it's $8 in parts of california. >> bill: a big change for the olympics. you can't compete unless you are 17 years of age. >> dana: i like the rule. it takes a ton of pressure off. it will be over the next three years. you have to be 16 a year before the competition. it will take a lot of pressure off like what we saw the situation with the russian girl where she was under so much possibly was being forced to dope just to make the competition. hopefully we'll see less of that. and give them an extra year to
6:48 am
get ready, an extra year to get mature. the mental stress it puts on the kids is unfair. >> dana: these are the figure skaters winning under the age of 17. i don't know if i love this rule, though. because, you know, part of this is happening because the russians doped that girl. but if you are a 15-year-old in america but talented enough to compete and that might be your shot, i don't think there should be age limits. i don't know. >> when i look at it, the kids training today railroad dealing with so many outside kids that kids weren't dealing with so many years ago. no social media. no all eyes on you when you are training. sometimes you have to step some things back to protect the children. >> bill: i hear your point, though. if i'm 12 and really good i will take my shot. why not case-by-case? >> dana: because it's the russians. they get kicked out and they
6:49 am
get to compete anyway. >> a scandal they actually did. >> dana: and invading ukraine. you ate a lot of egg whites. 10? >> i'm defending my world television heavy weight championship and i have a book signing during the day and a big event june 17th and june is opening up. i didn't miss a leg day. got ready for the show. getting my squats in. >> dana: you will be in point pleasant beach, new jersey on june 17th 4:00. percy will show up. good to see you. >> i do expect inflation to remain high, although i very much hope that it will be coming down now. >> dana: a warning from treasury secretary janet yellen as we await day two of her
6:50 am
testimony. does the biden administration have a plan to reduce food and gas costs for america? months of mistake by seattle police will cost the city $5 million all due to the defund movement. why officials are being forced to forgive hundreds of thousands of parking tickets. jason rantz has a rant and will join us next. >> the day you get your clearchoice dental implants makes every day... a "let's dig in" day... >> mm. >> ...a "chow down" day... a "take a big bite" day... a "perfectly delicious" day...
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>> bill: seattle times lays out the results of defunding the police calling it a botched experiment that made things go so much worse. jason rantz radio host from seattle with me now. good morning. i know seattle is a mess and you are here constantly to tell us why. these results in california down the coast i just watched and gauged how they filler up through oregon to your state. i did not realize the city of
6:56 am
seattle moved those who were responsible for parking enforcement away from the police department. i did not realize that the city of seattle moved the 911 call center away from the police department and towards civilians. why would they do that? >> that was part of the defunding movement which was to take away the budget from the spd and part of that is to create these civilian-controlled centers not just for parking enforcement but also for the 911 call center. ultimately the reason why they want to do this is use those folks to be able to implement council policy not necessarily in line with policing. for example when you call 911 you end up getting a social worker who shows up. on the parking enforcement side oops, they rushed it so quickly they forgot to reauthorize these civilian employees to give tickets. so all of the tickets that have been given out up until they caught the error have to be refunded. >> bill: let me come back to
6:57 am
that. columnist in the seattle times writing, whether you think defund the police has merit to it or not it is becoming clear that no entity in the country has bungled the idea more than the city of seattle. i mention that because the city council wanted to cut the police department by 50%. they never got there. they are down about 17%. how is that working out? >> let's study how it is working out. 17% and now we're down since 2020 coming up on 450 to 500 cops who have already left the department. by the end of this year, we're on tap to lose 200 officers. 75 so far this year. and when we go into june and july, those are the months due to some of the back end stuff with pay-outs, that number explodes. at the same time we've seen a huge surge in crime. we are talking about violent crime and non-violent crime. of course, pretty much every day goes by you will end up getting a notice from the spd
6:58 am
there was a stabbing, a shooting. it is getting really, really bad. we have someone who just broke onto an elementary school campus. police couldn't get there for some 30 minutes. there is some back end stuff behind that. the 911 call wasn't as clear as it should have been. where adequately staffed, someone gets to a school will be there immediately. they couldn't get that done. >> bill: total violent crime up 23%. no numbers are good. homicide 54 1/2, robbery 22, aggravated assault 26. city wide shootings and shots fired up 82%. it is like quality of life issues, right, like san francisco. the reason why people in l.a. like caruso break through and post what he did last night in los angeles. who is giving voice to these issues in seattle?
6:59 am
>> good news is we have a seattle city attorney. first time a republican has taken that position in 30 years and doing her job. the problem is unless you truly have a fully-funded and staffed police department, even if you have someone who is starting to talk about the crime surge and the mayor is doing a little bit more you can only do so much. if you can't respond to the 911 calls or get the calls picked up to begin with. we're trending in the right direction as far as the public getting upset similar to what happened in san francisco and l.a. but we aren't yet seeing the big results on the crime side. we've seen a lot of the results on the homelessness crisis, council is still trying to push back in ways that undermine everything that is going on but still at the end of the day we're tip toeing in the right direction. at any given moment if we have a surge of violence from bad guys who want to commit criminal acts we push ourselves
7:00 am
back. >> grade.
7:01 am
>> treasury secretary janet yellen, who was also captain of team transitory inflation, announced that she is really sorry, but inflation is not going to be transitory. it is going to be with us for a long while. in other words, get used to it. meanwhile, the price of gas is so high that it would be cheaper to buy cocaine.
7:02 am
>> bill: edward lawrence picks it up from there. >> we don't know how to start from there. senator kennedy has always interesting comments. treasury secretary janet yellen said we're facing an unprecedented level of inflation right now. the world bank has slashed the global outlook to 2.9% for growth around the globe and even says that some countries it will be impossible to avoid a recession. the u.s. has seen one quarter of negative growth. second quarter estimates keeps falling. two quarters in a row of negative growth are the definition of a recession. i asked the white house press secretary about this. listen. >> they looks at a snapshot point 9%. it has gone down for the second quarter. two quarters in a row of negative growth is a recession. are we there? >> we have the right tools and we are in a strong place to
7:03 am
continue to get -- to be in this transition where we have stable -- stable growth and that's what's important and so that's going to be our focus. >> she would not define stable growth. the feeling in the white house among economic advisors is that you can't look at one month of data and show slower growth for the second quarter but republicans say this white house does not have a plan for inflation going forward and refuses to open up energy independence in the u.s. and on top of that throw in all the government spending. >> for janet yellen to say last week this inflation problem surprised us. are you kidding me? when you spend like crazy and pay people not to work and drive up the cost of energy you have to know you will have inflation. >> we get another inflation reading on friday. it is not expected to be good. back to you. >> bill: we have some -- edward
7:04 am
lawrence, thanks, new hour begins there. >> dana: former reagan economist art laffer. anything you can tell people when they are going to fill up their cars or going to the grocery store today, is there anything on the horizon that tells you that there might be some easing in inflation in the future regardless of what the biden administration does? >> no, there is nothing i see that would tell me that inflation is going to be brought under control any time soon. but what i do think is very important, dana, is what you guys raised in the issue about janet yellen, secretary of the treasury and comments she was wrong. there is nothing bad about admitting you are wrong when you are wrong. nothing bad. god knows i've been wrong a lot of times in my life. the question is why was she wrong? and why was she wrong? is it because she is an employee of this administration and tilting her views toward what they want to hear rather than what she actually believes? if you are wrong because the
7:05 am
facts don't could ob rate what you said. with new facts you should have new policies. i change my mind when facts change. they don't appear to be changing their minds when facts changed. i have never taken a job with any administration ever since the nixon administration. once you become an employee and take a paycheck you have to support the party line and that's where i worry very much about janet yellen. all she is doing is supporting the party line and that's not a good thing for biden, for the country, or for anything. >> roe khanna is a progressive from california. his ideas. >> i have called for doing a lot more with the strategic petroleum reserve. we consume 20 million barrels a day. the president is releasing 1 million. they need to do it in a much bigger scale and they need to do it with selling it back at a much larger quantity. i think if they did that, they could stabilize prices for the
7:06 am
short term for three to four months. >> bill: it's pennies on the dollar, art in the end. what struck me about yellen is how many times she came back to climate change. your point talking about the policies of this administration. she said it is basically bad everywhere, all over the world. everybody is having the same problems we are. and don't blame us for the spending that took place last year. >> that latter part is completely false. we are the leaders of the world. we are causing it everywhere else and they are following our policies. selling oil out of the strategic oil reserve is not the right thing to do. the reason we have the strategic oil reserve is in case there is a national crisis of international proportions. it is not to ease the numbers for a political party to gain an election. that's not what this is supposed to be. what they need to do is allow drilling. need to put in the keystone pipeline, friendly to energy, not anti-energy. solve the problem in the long
7:07 am
run and you will do a much better job. they never should have done what they did. now they see the damage they caused, they should change their policies and undo the mistakes they made. but no, no, no, they don't seem to have any inklinlation to go in that direction. >> bill: on that last point you are exactly right. back to yellen from yesterday and the word transitory. >> i was anticipating a scenario in which we would end up contending with multiple variants of covid that would be scrambling our economy and global supply chains, impacts on food managing prices we've seen from russia's invasion of ukraine. >> bill: there it is, art. it is there, it's there, it's there. everywhere they look. >> it's gobbledygook, bill. >> dana: they are forecasting the grain shortage and the food problems. i don't think they're
7:08 am
effectively working all the angles. maybe turkey can help today. to get the shipments out of ukraine to come. the administration, did they underestimate the food problem that's coming is one thing. i hear in the press secretary's comment and secretary of the treasury and from the u.n., a little bit of acknowledgement it will be a really big problem. that one is on the horizon as well. you add food shortages and it could be volatile in places in the world that are already on the edge especially. >> it's an add-on problem. they have a fundamental problem of stagflation. they're lowering the forecast of gdp numbers. raising the inflation forecast and problems with food and oil reserves and silly things on top. they have a fundamental problem with the model they use for economics. it is not this, that or the other that i can explain away.
7:09 am
they got it wrong and they were wrong and now they need to change the policies to reflect that their model didn't work and now they should put in something that does work. that's what reasonable, rational people would do with new information. that's not what they are doing and it is terrifying to me. >> dana: great to have you, thank you. >> bill: call on you again very soon. >> thank you very much. >> bill: you bet. fox news obtaining new jail house recordings of an accused murder suspect willie wilkerson heard telling his mother from jail he wants to cut a deal before the l.a. d.a. gascon possibly loses his job. we have the details on this now. bill melugin. >> at least one accused murderer is concerned about l.a. d.a. gascon's future. we obtained audio of him sounding fairly worried if
7:10 am
gascon gets recalled his progressive policies will go away. willie wilkerson. law enforcement telling me a gang member charged with murdering a 21-year-old man in a home invasion burglary last february and charged with the attempted murder of two other people shot in the home invasion and survived. now under l.a. d.a. gas con's policies he was not charged with any gun or gang enhancement or special circumstance allegations that would carry life without parole. fox news obtained a call between wilkerson and a loved one after a court hearing last week where he says his attorney wants to make a deal to plead down murder charges as soon as possible while gascon is still in office. take a listen. >> i talked to you last time he wants to do this before they reelect gascon and bring back the life without parole. if he can get the manslaughter
7:11 am
that only carries 6, 9 and 12. >> prosecutors tell fox news as the campaign to recall gascon continues to gain momentum, defense attorneys and defendants have become increasingly eager to cut deals quickly while gascon is still the d.a. one of gascon's biggest critic the vice president of the l.a. d.a. union says criminals know they have to capitalize on what he says and soft on crime policies while they still can. >> if you are a violent criminal in los angeles right now your biggest ally is not the defense lawyer, judge or jury, it is george gascon. that's who your biggest supporter is and the reason why criminal defendants all throughout los angeles county want george gascon to give them a deal because they know that he is their biggest cheerleader. >> the campaign to recall george gascon is now feeling a wind at their back with the
7:12 am
recall of san francisco d.a. chesa boudin last night. the people in los angeles can get the recall on the ballot gascon will be walking the same plank in the near future. >> bill: when you hear the sound and audio it makes a difference. bill, thank you. bill melugin in los angeles. >> dana: it's the bluest of blue cities but voters in san francisco ousting a far left prosecutor sending message on crime to progressives nationwide. we have the big picture next.
7:13 am
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>> dana: we're expecting emotional testimony on capitol hill. house oversight committee holding a hearing on gun
7:18 am
violence following the mass shootings at robb elementary school in texas last month. 19 students and to teachers killed in an attack that shocked the nation. chief congressional correspondent chad pergram is live on the hill. the hearing will get underway. >> it is underway and three big things on guns today on capitol hill. the emotion from that hearing is gripping the capitol. robb elementary fourth grader will testify. she smeared herself with blood and played dead after the slaughter. later the house debates the bill to enhance background checks and raise the age to buy semi automatic weapons but liberals doubt the bill goes far enough. >> their package doesn't go far enough. we should ban these assault weapons. they are weapons of war and belong on the battlefield not in the schools and neighborhoods of our children where they play and work. it is a scandal.
7:19 am
>> bipartisan senate gun talks continue offstage today. democratic senator chris murphy leads the conversation. >> this to me feels like a moment where doing nothing is simply not an option. now, we have to pass legislation that saves lives. none of us should be interested in just checking a box. but i'm encouraged by the discussions that we have had with republicans over the course of the last week and a half. >> senators are studying a plan to make sealed records of juveniles available in their attempt to buy a firearm. >> to be able to look at the records and determine whether or not if they've been committed as an adult they would have been a disqualify event. that's what we're looking at. >> steve scalise was shot during a 2017 congressional baseball practice but he recommends that gop members vote no on the gun bill and the
7:20 am
mental health bill tomorrow. dana. >> dana: thank you so much. bill, yesterday we had matthew mcconaughey joined the white house briefing and very powerful and we'll show you a little bit of that today. >> mental healthcare, restraining sensational media coverage. family values, background checks, need to raise the minimum age to purchase an ar-15 rifle to 21. we need red flag laws and consequences for those who abuse them. this should be a nonpartisan issue. we're stuck on the invalidation of the other side to give our own selves identity. we're a little stuck on that and become too much of a nation of counter punchers. that's not a way forward or the vision. are you a father? >> yes. >> i bet we can talk about being
7:21 am
dads and our children's futures. i bet we can come to agreement on that. >> bill: powerful day. senators are still talking and making some level of progress apparently. they said they need more time. they will have that time and see if anything comes of it. >> dana: the hearing will continue to today. >> we have this. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez deepening a riff within the democratic party. she is backing a primary challenger against fellow new york representative sean patrick maloney. he is chairman of the party's congressional campaign committee and has a lot of power. here to talk about it is sean duffy. they did a redistricting deal in new york that did not go in the democrats' way causing a huge scramble among democrats. moderate and progressives to try to hold onto a job somewhere. how do you see that, sean? >> it's interesting, bill.
7:22 am
this is an internal civil war democrat on democrat fight. this is a big one. you have maloney, the chair of the dccc all the millions of dollars that come into the democrat party he controls, right? he is in charge of it. it's a huge power position for democrats up against aoc and you see this battle. mahoney is not a moderate democrat. a far left democrat going up against a socialist communist candidate from aoc. i will tell you that aoc is more powerful. the reason we're all paying $5 a gallon for gas the aoc. the green new deal she was able to get the administration to implement her ideas that attack oil and gas bring us higher gas prices is -- mahoney has no power like aoc. interesting to see how it breaks out. i think aoc has the edge.
7:23 am
>> dana: zooming out you have massino saying everyone is worried about gas prices and crime and we're fighting internally and they will end up in a position of not having any leg to stand on and you look at what happened in san francisco, the progressives also losing there yesterday. >> interesting where democrats are fighting democrats they spend money at each other as opposed to republicans. they need that money to maintain the house and senate. boudin, san francisco had to devolve into mad maxx where families weren't safe. they threw out a george soros-endorsed d.a. they have incredible power how crimes are chargeed and if they aren't aggressive on crime and progressive they don't charge the crimes and americans aren't safe. san francisco residents aren't safe. these prosecutor take the side
7:24 am
of defendants as opposed to victims. the city had enough. >> boudin did not concede on his policies last night. he said it is a movement not a moment. roll this clip here number 5 from san francisco. >> people are angry. they are frustrated. and i want to be very clear about what happened tonight. the right wing billionaires out spent us 3 to 1 and exploited an environment in which people are appropriately upset. and they created an electoral dynamic where we were shadow boxing. >> bill: boudin loses. >> dana: we have breaking news we want to stand you by for a moment if everybody could pay attention to this. this has just happened. law enforcement sources are confirming to fox an armed man was arrested near the maryland home of supreme court justice brett cavanaugh that happened early this morning. just the reports we're getting
7:25 am
in. we know the justices -- there were protests outside of their homes and know those were encouraged. nobody was encouraging violence but there was a great concern about violence. and thankfully the person has been arrested. your thoughts that an armed man has been arrested near justice kavanaugh's home in maryland. >> when you don't tamp down the energy of your movement the pro-abortion movement you encourage people to break the law and protest outside of supreme court justice's homes which is breaking the law. people become radical and do radical things and when you get folks to pick up a gun and endanger the life of steve scalise on the baseball field or supreme court justice. it is a time for democrats to say we may disagree with court's potential ruling on roe v. wade but we have to stand down, peacefully protest in places where we are allowed to protest. go to the mall of the capitol.
7:26 am
we don't attack judges personally fam leagues and their homes and the right message from all of them. i don't see it coming any time soon. they think the political pressure and anger toward the justices may move them away from the ruling that may come on roe v. wade. >> bill: sean, we're getting more details here. david spunt, bill mears, saying the man -- one report out there suggesting it was from california. that's out there. the man's name is being withheld. we're told he is in his 20s. he was picked up on a street nearby. did not get to the kavanaugh home and u.s. marshals and montgomery county police department in maryland have responded to that. we were just doing a story yesterday, dana, where a professor at georgetown tweeted encouraging people to go to the homes of supreme court justices and make your voices heard. as far as i know, sean, that professor at georgetown still has a job.
7:27 am
>> yeah, it's insanity. i think it is important to note supreme court justices, members of congress don't have the kind of security that the president has or the speaker of the house has. there are moments where if you have some crazed individual with a gun that wants to do a justice harm, there is opportunity for that. that's why it is so important again to encourage your side to stand down. you can't have professor or left wing activists we're willing to resort to guns to take the justices out. this is scary stuff. >> bill: "washington post" is reporting a bit more when he was in custody he shared with police his desire to kill kavanaugh according to the post now. the individual i mentioned described mid 20s, man found to be carrying at least one weapon and burglary tools. these people speaking on the condition of anonymity. the man didn't make it to the
7:28 am
home. two people familiar said the initial evidence indicates the man was angry about the leaked draft of an opinion by the supreme court with regard to overturning roe v. wade. so also angry over a recent spate of mass shootings according to those who are talking with the "washington post". >> dana: it's interesting. we've been -- we've been waiting in june when you get supreme court decisions. we expect some decisions announced around 10:00 a.m. today there was only one announced and we know this roe v. wade will be coming. we don't know exactly what it says. the leak would have you assume it will be overturned. but you did not get that today and in the meantime you have other judges for example another judge talking about the need for protection of judges who are basically trying to do their jobs. brett kavanaugh and others have armed security and thank goodness they do.
7:29 am
other judges across the country do not. this culture of wanting the take out grievances for something you disagree with even if you don't have law degree. you don't know the constitution. that's what is leading to a lot of this madness. >> i think it's interesting, too. you mentioned the decision did not come out today. i wonder if the justices are trying to make a decision if roe v. wade is going to be overturned are they working on the final draft of that decision or thinking about the politics. is it better to actually let some steam burn off with this decision out there before they release their opinion or did they think it was better to release it early? they think letting it sit without a decision is better for the american people and the violence that will come later in the month. but to pick up guns, come from california because you are mad about gun violence and mad about mass shootings and take a gun and go after a supreme court justice?
7:30 am
the lights and sirens are on for dam -- democrats to get their side to stand down. peaceful nature. stay away from the judges. don't try to influence the judge's decision. >> dana: the investigation of the leaks. thank you so much, stand by, sean. we appreciate you being here. david spunt is live at the justice department as this news has broken this morning. what do you know? >> we're told this happened early this morning near the maryland home of justice brett kavanaugh. the suspect is from california. i'm told in his 20s. no name released. we're told via law enforcement sources this man had a knife and gun. he did not make it on the property of the kavanaugh home but we're told there was some sort of clear intent that he wanted to inflict harm either on justice kavanaugh or members of his family or both.
7:31 am
we're told he was picked up by the u.s. marshals and montgomery county maryland police department outside washington, d.c. that's where the justice resides. we're also told the justice is safe, members of his family are safe. that's the good news right now. still no comment from the u.s. supreme court. we're waiting to find out this man's name to see if he will be charged in federal or state court. to wrap it up again early this morning u.s. marshals and montgomery county police arrested a man in his 20s from california with a gun and knife. arrested near the home of brett kavanaugh. there was something that he may have told investigators, may have been some sort of tip where he said something specifically about inflicting harm on kavanaugh and his family. waiting to get those details from law enforcement. good news justice kavanaugh is safe and so is his family. >> dana: he has two daughters and a lovely wife. any updates on this
7:32 am
investigation that the supreme court is conducting about the investigation into the leak that has led to this? >> great question and one we ask all the time. it's interesting because chief justice john roberts tapped the marshal of the court with leading this investigation meaning this is strictly a u.s. supreme court investigation run by the police department inside the u.s. supreme court building. not the u.s. marshal service involved in the arrest outside the kavanaugh home. they track down suspects across the country. there is the marshal of the supreme court being tasked with this huge project of finding out who leaked this draft opinion from february to "politico" about roe v. wade. as far as the actual update, we only know that some of the law clerks who are leaving after this summer, they do a year and leaving just in a few weeks we're told they have been asked to turn over their private cell
7:33 am
phone logs. their private cell phone logs from their personal cell phones. we aren't sure if some comply or some may not. clearly the u.s. marshal of the court is getting on a granular level and not clear it came from the law clerks. we don't know who it came from at this point. it will be difficult for this investigation to continue into the summer, dana and bill. some of these employees that work at the court that may have had access to these opinions are going to be leaving the court and will not longer work there and not as much incentive to come forward. >> bill: this man may have had a host of grievances. we don't know. there are two lists in the reporting that's out already. we don't know how close he was to the home of kavanaugh, is that clear? >> that's correct. i'm told he was arrested on a street close by. >> bill: that could be broad. dana, stand by and we'll let you go to get more information. >> dana: the neighborhood where
7:34 am
they live, though. like a maryland neighborhood somebody who is strange not of the neighborhood carrying burglary tools and weapons you would be noticed. >> bill: jason chaffetz back with us. you worked on a policy of keeping supreme court justices safe. >> i was chairman of the oversight committee looking into abuses of the secret service. we worked on the security of the supreme court justices and met with chief justice roberts about security details. don't confuse u.s. marshals with the marshal of the court. two different things. they have a security apparatus for the supreme court. they have are a separate branch of government but they also have marshals, u.s. marshals there to protect them. their security is more robust than most people know. they picked somebody up before they got to the house is a very
7:35 am
good sign. but they do have a pretty robust security apparatus. >> dana: take us back to a couple of weeks ago when jen psaki was the white house press secretary she was asked several times will you condemn the violent protests. of course the violence but the protests it's legitimate. you had even senator chuck schumer from the steps of the supreme court. do not make these rulings or you will pay the price. i'm not saying he is advocating violence but people out there that don't respect the court that might have a host of grievances and a tendency toward violence would hear it the wrong way. >> if you listen to the messaging, the messaging from the democrats was an encouragement to approach public officials. it goes above and beyond just the supreme court. they did it this members of congress. they did this with cabinet secretaries. they wanted to go after these people. again, people have to take their own personal responsibility but at the same
7:36 am
time isn't it ironic here we have all these hearings about january 6 and what donald trump didn't say and at the same time democrats -- this is not an acceptable first world nation way to do things. bringing a gun towards a supreme court justice, there is a reason why they apprehended this guy. >> bill: we were running video from a month ago. it was an active protest. 3 1/2 weeks ago, active protest headed toward -- i don't know whose home it was that day. it might have been barrett, it might have been kavanaugh on the 18th of may. there was not -- there was not a voice of condemnation to these people to say don't do this. >> there is a right way to protest. protesting in the united states of america is the american way but not at their home. not towards their family. we had this -- i had this discussion. he has passed away now.
7:37 am
i miss him in y elijah cummings. don't go after their families or the person. that's not acceptable. >> bill: would brett kavanaugh have 24 hour security? >> absolutely. his family would as well. the transport. that was one of the things we were very concerned about is the transportation of these justices. some of them back in the day i can say with confidence they don't do this now but back in the day they used to drive themselves to the supreme court. >> bill: not too long ago. >> that's gone away. unfortunately that's the way the balance of power in this country is largely affected by the supreme court justices. there have been novels written about this. you can't afford to have a person be taken out by a deranged psycho. >> dana: we didn't get the
7:38 am
opinion today. it is only june th. they come through the month of june and maybe they are waiting. the leak investigation to who leaked the draft opinion is ongoing. you have other opinions coming out. a gun case and several others. roe v. wade decision is likely to be so explosive even though a lot of people know what the result is likely to be. perhaps it won't be as shocking. but at that moment all the groups are preparing and getting ready for this. you would hope to see some condemnation of this behavior immediately from leaders who are going to be disappointed with this decision. >> it should not be a difficult thing. everybody should come out including the president of the united states, by the way, to say there is a proper way to protest in this country. this is not it. they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. >> bill: if they were serious about it the president would appear alongside merrick garland. >> the attorney general. president of the united states,
7:39 am
chuck schumer, republican leaders, mitch mcconnell should all be out there condemning this. in the next two hours. you don't need to think about this all day long, folks, it is either right or wrong. a pretty easy one. >> dana: it is kind of strange. back on may 9th the senate passed a bill to fund security for families of supreme court justices. it is being blocked in the house. why? >> i don't know. look, nancy pelosi tends to hold these things and say all right, i will use them for something else. i don't know what she is trying to leverage. providing security for the nine supreme court justices and their family? why would you hold back on that? >> bill: a significant story throughout the day today and work for more details. what we know now that a california man got close to the home of brett kavanaugh. he was upset about the roe v. wade leak and upset about the recent shootings as well in different parts of the country, uvalde could be one of them.
7:40 am
not specified in the report but entirely possible. according to the reporting that we have confirmed, that he told officials he was upset about this and he was near the home of kavanaugh when he was picked up and arrested and apparently he is talking to some degree with officials now. >> dana: was also carrying at least one weapon, maybe more. and had burglary tools on his person as well. the f.b.i. would have been coordinating, i would imagine, on this? >> based on my experience it would -- the primary jurisdiction would be with the u.s. marshals. they protect -- fugitive apprehension. they're the ones that protect prosecutors, protect judges, federal judges across the country and also have a big role in protecting the supreme court justices. >> bill: it would really be interesting to see if we can learn how these justices feel about the past month of their lives. because it has changed.
7:41 am
>> dana: there was also the -- i was reading this morning about the pro-abortion group that firebombed the buffalo pro-life pregnancy center. you could see a summer of a lot of violence, jason. >> unfortunately i think that's the case. i think homeland security has their hands full in getting out that message. i think there needs to be an expansion of what the u.s. marshals are doing. i'm a huge fan of the u.s. marshals. i think they should be looking at security details for members of the united states senate and the house. not saying everybody gets a protective detail but how do you investigate threats that come say online? i can tell you having been on the receiving end of those in congress the capitol hill police have no resources to do that. the supreme court marshal of the supreme court, their small security staff, when you get outside the capitol they have no way to protect people. the reason we got involved was
7:42 am
the death of justice scalia. why weren't there u.s. marshals right next to him when he passed away? it was pretty stunning. there were hundreds of miles away. he had no security detail. you had people the reports of justices going to the mall in maryland by themselves. not even with their spouse for goodness sake and those days have changed unfortunately. >> bill: the security fencing is up around the u.s. supreme court over the past couple of weeks. based on reporting like this they'll stay. jason, stand by. jonathan turley, fox news contributor and law professor. i don't know how much you know at the moment. maybe we could get an idea and shed light on the feelings of these u.s. supreme court justices and sort of how their lives have changed for them and their family members. >> this is quite chilling for everyone on the court and all those who believe in the rule of law. you can't have justices and
7:43 am
justices who fear for their lives and the lives of their family. it's a very serious development. we don't know all of the facts. i just got back from a conference where i spoke with judges and lawyers about this concern. many of the judges were very concerned about the increase in threats, the chances they could be targeted and homes could be targeted. this is a very serious problem. it is not that these judges or justices are going to change their position. these are people of great principle but we owe it to them to make sure that they are safe. so, you know, we've all been expecting that these threats would continue even increase this summer. just yesterday i testified on violent extremism in the senate. unfortunately, this is the type of fear that many of us were discussing in that hearing.
7:44 am
>> dana: there is just -- while we have you hear, scotus blog have a little more information saying that the supreme court spokesperson confirms reporting by the "washington post" that at approximately 1:50 a.m. today a man was arrested near justice kavanaugh's residence. he was armed and made threats against kavanaugh and transported to the police maryland district. what is your sense of the supreme court at this point as they gear up for this decision to be released? we did not get that decision today. it will have to come out before june 30th, is that correct? >> that's right. and part of the problem, of course, is the superheated rhetoric that we have become accustomed to including our own leaders. we had majority leader chuck schumer stand in front of the supreme court and issue what
7:45 am
seemed to be a threat against these justices by name saying that they would be held accountable for their decision. we have people who want the pack the court. and so we have to look at this rhetoric and wonder how it does fuel this type of extremism. >> bill: professor, thank you for jumping on the phone with us quickly by way of skype. thank you, sir. we'll move now to capitol hill. an 11-year-old from uvalde is testifying before this committee and we wanted to drop in here and catch you up on this. >> the same little girl i used to play with and hang around with and do everything because she was daddy's little girl. i have five kids and she is the middle child. i don't know what to do because i think i would have lost my
7:46 am
baby girl. my baby girl is -- she came back to us. she is everything not only for me but her siblings and her mother. i thank you for letting me be here and speak out. i wish something would change. not only for our kids, but every single kid in the world because schools are not safe anymore. something needs to really change. thank you. >> thank you for your testimony and i understand, we thank you for sharing your story. thank you, mr. and mrs. rubio, you are now recognized for your testimony. >> we are the parents of
7:47 am
alexandria, known as lexi and five other children who all attended uvalde public school this school year. one completed high school this year. isaiah and david and our two youngest children 8 and 10 who go to robb elementary. the morning of may 24, 2022 i dropped them off at school a little after 7:00 a.m. my husband and i returned to the campus at 8:00 a.m. for julian's award ceremony and 11:00 for lexi's award ceremony. lexi received a good citizen award and recognized for receiving all as. at the conclusion of the ceremony we took photos with her before asking her to pose for a picture with her teacher. that photo, her last photo ever, was taken at
7:48 am
approximately 10:54 a.m. to celebrate we told her we loved her and we would pick her up after school. i can see her walking with us toward the exit. she turns her head and smiles to knowledge my promise and then we left. i left my daughter at that school and that decision will haunt me for the rest of my life. afterward felix dropped me off at my office. and returned home. it was a rare day off for him between normal shifts and security gigs he takes to make ends meet. i got situated on my desk when the news office started hearing
7:49 am
commotion on the police channel. a shooting near robb elementary. it wasn't long before we received word from my son's teacher they were safe, secure in the classroom. once evacuated from campus the children were reunited with parents and guardians at the civic center. my dad picked up julian and took him to my grandmother's house. one of our kids was safe. we focused on finding lexi. bus after bus arrived and she wasn't on board. we heard there were children at the local hospital so we drove over to provide her description. she wasn't there. my dad drove an hour and a half to san antonio to check with university hospital. at this point some part of me must have realized she was gone in the midst of chaos i had the urge to return to robb elementary. we didn't have our car and traffic was everywhere. so i ran barefoot with my
7:50 am
flimsy sandals in my hand. i went to the school. my husband with me. we sat outside for a while before it became clear we wouldn't receive an answer from law enforcement on scene. the firefighter gave us a ride back to the civic center where the district was asking all families who had not been reunited with their children to gather. soon after we received the news that our daughter was among the 19 students and two teachers that died as a result of gun violence. we don't want you to think of lexi as just a number. she was intelligent, compassionate, athletic. quiet, shy unless she had a point to make. when she knew she was right as she often was, she was firm,
7:51 am
direct, voice unwavering. but today we stand for lexi and as her voice we demand action. we seek a ban an assault rifles and high capacity magazines. we understand that for some reason to some people, to people with money, to people who fund political campaigns, that guns are more important than children. so at this moment we ask the public, we seek to raise the age to purchase these weapons from 18 to 21 years of age. we seek red flag laws, stronger background checks. we also want to repeal gun manufacturerers liability immunity. you have all seen glimpses of who lexi was but i want to tell you a little bit about who she would have been. if given the opportunity, lexi would have made positive change in this world. she wanted to attend st. mary's
7:52 am
university in san antonio, texas on a softball sklarship and major in math and attend law school. that opportunity was taken from her. she was taken from us. i'm a reporter, student, mom, runner, read to my children since they were in the womb. my husband is a law enforcement officer. an iraq war veteran. someone out there, there is a mom listening to our testimony thinking i can't even imagine their pain not knowing that our reality will one day be hers unless we act now. thank you for your time. >> thank you for your testimony.
7:53 am
you are now recognized for your testimony. >> for all the distinguished members of the committee thank you for allowing me to be here today to address the violence in our country. i have four children and nine grandchildren. on the night of april 2, 2016, my family got a phone call that would change our lives forever. my ex-husband answered the phone and let out a blood kurdling scream, a scream of pain from the depths of his soul. he cried he is gone, he is gone. our 19-year-old son emmanuel went to a party early that night. after we got the call we were frantic. we called his phone, no one answered. we called even the police. i went to facebook and i had to
7:54 am
ask is my son dead? i found out that he was shot point blank in the head and killed while playing dominos. no one spoke up for weeks and the killer was on the run. no one was going to snitch but that is the street life. words can't describe how hard it is to bury a child. i ache for anyone and all who have done the same. my son was -- son's death was a justice system failing to hold him accountable for the laws he had already broken. you see, a convicted felon killed my son with an illegally-obtained gun. our gun control lobbyists and poll situations claim that their policies will save lives and reduce violence. well, those policies did not
7:55 am
save my son. the laws being discussed are already implemented in cities across this country. we have decades of evidence proving they do not work. >> bill: this testimony will continue for some time. we won't leave it for long on the house side. other news to get back to. for that -- >> dana: we want to bring in carrie severino. a suspect has been arrested near the home of brett kavanaugh. you might have more details around 1:50 a.m. this individual carrying burglary tools and one weapon was taken into custody. he wanted to kill brett kavanaugh and the roe v. wade we're decision we are expecting this month as well as shootings that happened. not specific which one. we can unfortunately know there
7:56 am
have been many. carey, what do you have on your plate this morning as you think about the situation? you recently tweeted the roe v. wade decision should be released immediately as the justices' lives are in danger. >> we've known that. the danger is now very clearly not theoretical. we've known this for a while. even if you have people who say they are peaceful protestors. the houses are on camera all over. people can find them. this is not the way we should be treating our public servants and why we don't have protests at their houses and why we should have it at the court and why this decision should be released immediately. until it is the justices are under increased threat until the decision is finalized. i would call on the chief and all the justices at the court to release this decision immediately. i would call on president biden to finally condemn the outrageous protests and intimidation of the justices happening at their private
7:57 am
homes. this is the reason we've been saying it is a dangerous thing to be playing with giving out the justice's addresses like this. >> bill: we heard from mitch mcconnell speaking on floor of the senate. we'll do it if we get a chance to turn it around. we mentioned roe v. wade. this person could have had a list of grievances. gun control was another one he talked to police in the middle of the night about. >> yeah. we don't know all of the motivations. unfortunately we've seen there are crazy people out there. we need to protect our justices, protect their privacy, protect their families. and we need to condemn any act of intimidation of the court. i just can't -- it is chilling to remember when senator schumer was standing on the steps of supreme court shaking his fists saying i'll warn you kavanaugh and gorsuch, if you do this, you don't know what hit you and reap the whirl wind.
7:58 am
that language will only encourage people like this. i'm so grateful for the security the justices have but we should not be putting our public servants at risk in this way. the court needs to speedily finish the decisions and why the leak was so dangerous. other decisions on the docket but it puts into focus the threat and intimidation against the security. >> bill: listen, it should be condemned and you are exactly right about that. just yesterday we were doing a story on a professor at georgetown that left his job for fear of intimidation based on what he may or may not say but another professor at georgetown tweeting about going to the homes of justices and protesting outside their homes. in certain aspects of the left this is something that is acceptable, karrie. >> yeah, it's been normalized and encouraged. the white house has been applauding this.
7:59 am
that is really shocking to me. we have had thankfully one statement from the attorney general. attorney general merrick garland served for over a decade with justice kavanaugh in the d.c. circuit. i would have expected a much stronger response from this administration to protect our justices. instead we've seen people like jen psaki saying they're very passionate. bring your passion to 1 first street to the supreme court itself. there is a place for that absolutely. i've gone there myself to protest decisions. that's great and fine and peaceful protests should be encouraged. but not taking to the justices' homes and it is threatening and opens the door for individuals like this man that was arrested last night who did not have peaceful protest in mind. >> dana: thank you for coming on with us since the news broke in the last 40 minutes. we appreciate. i'm sure we'll see you later today. >> bill: one point of clarification. we were talking about this in the middle of the night at 1:50
8:00 am
a.m. picked up by police, transported to montgomery county police second district. we'll hear from law enforcement later today. >> dana: that took a turn. the hearings on capitol hill on school shootings as congress wrestles if anything what to do on gun control. harris faulkner is up next. >> harris: a fox news alert. with woke san francisco waking up to a new day after voters kicked out their progressive district attorney. their decision has national implications putting liberal prosecutors and defund the police democrats on notice. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". it wasn't even close. san francisco voters were fed up with d.a. chesa boudin. the vote margin 60 to get rid of him, 40 to keep him. he is gone. resounding


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