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tv   America Reports  FOX News  June 8, 2022 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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fault, failure, struggle, it's me standing there naked on the pacific coast about to swim into the fog in one of the darkest moments of my life and that was not even the bottom. >> you represent the best of the best and i can't wait to read this. "scars and stripes," great father's day guest. >> tim, honor to have you here and to hear your story. can't wait to read this. now here is "america reports." >> sandra: fox news alert, police in maryland and marshals arrest a man walking armed and with a knife. he was in the neighborhood of brett kavanaugh's house, attempting to assassinate brett kavanaugh. sandra smith in new york. >> john: shocking development, not exactly surprising, though. i'm john roberts in washington and this is "america reports." details are still coming in. it appears violence against supreme court justices is
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realized follows weeks of whitehawk rhetoric as the court considers overturning roe vs. wade. >> sandra: mitch mcconnell has been warning about the heated rhetoric out of washington, reacted a short time ago on the senate floor. >> this is exactly, exactly the kind of event that many feared that the terrible breach of the courts' rules and norms could feel. this is exactly the kind of event that many worried the unhinged, reckless, apocalyptic rhetoric from prominent figures toward the court going back many months and especially in recent weeks could make more likely. >> sandra: we have complete coverage on this breaking story. former supreme court law clerk mike davis who also oversaw
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kavanaugh's confirmation process will join us live in moments. and also republican senator john barrasso. >> john: what are we learning, david, about the suspect and the circumstances of the arrest. >> david: he is in federal custody, we don't have his name, he's from california, he has been in federal fbi custody and expected to appear before a judge in the next few hours. he was picked up outside kavanaugh's home in maryland, the bethesda area, 1:42 the call came in from montgomery county police. arrived on scene, found the man in his 20s from california, not only a knife, but a gun threatening justice kavanaugh.
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juice marshals also assisted. the man was booked at the local police station. we don't know the specific charges he may be facing, however i spoke to the nation's top law enforcement officer, attorney general merrick garland and asked him about the incident. >> this kind of behavior is obviously behavior we will not tolerate. threats of violence and actual violence against the justices strike at the heart of our democracy. we will do everything to prevent them and hold them accountable. for that reason, last month i accelerated the protection of all the justices residences' 24/7. >> david: they don't have secret service protection. senator mitch mcconnell slammed house democrats saying they are holding up the measure to get more protection for the justices
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and john and sandra, you heard mcconnell from kentucky talk about the rhetoric from prominent figures, not only the past few weeks but months, it was two years ago in 2020 when chuck schumer, the now majority leader stood on the steps of the supreme court and specifically called out justices gorsuch and kavanaugh over their vote about a louisiana, or their ruling i should say on a louisiana abortion case. he stood there with a mega phone. >> john: and judge esther salas of new jersey, her son was killed by a crazed gunman on her doorstep. she'll join us next hour what she thinks needs to be done. >> sandra: and we are joined now, very good to have you here, mike. just absolutely horrific to hear of this happening in the wee
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hours of the morning this morning, that man stopped right outside brett kavanaugh's home. what reaction can you give us to that this afternoon? >> so, yeah, this is predictable and predicted and the attorney general merrick garland has completely fallen down on the job. he allowed these protestors to show up at the supreme court justices' homes for weeks in violation of federal law, 18u.s.c.1507, it is a federal crime to protest outside of a federal judge's home for the purposes of trying to intimidate them on a case and it's dangerous, deadly. you mentioned judge salas's 20-year-old son daniel was killed by a lunatic and her husband was mortally wounded. >> sandra: mike, our reporter david spunt detailed some of the
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words we heard from chuck schumer on the steps of the supreme court, march 2020, schumer standing on the steps of the court and said this to a crowd of pro abortion protestors. listen and watch. >> you have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price. you will not know what hits you if you go forward with these awful decisions. >> sandra: ok, to be clear, he did in the hours and days that followed, chuck schumer, say he should not have used threatening words. he should not have said those things. jonathan turley this morning tweeted this while clearing unintended, referencing back to schumer's words, some can take the wrong meaning from words like those from senate majority leader chuck schumer on the steps of the supreme court that referred to justice kavanaugh.
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fast forward to today. is enough being done, a, to protect these justices and b, from lawmakers themselves to calm down the rhetoric to prevent any further violence? mike. ok, and if we have lost mike, we will try to regain him. play out senator earlier today. >> engaging with house members how we come to a negotiated compromise on that bill and move it forward. i think this is something we all need to address. in too many countries around the world the independence of the judiciary is undermined by acts of violence. we have recently had a tragic killing in i believe michigan of a retired judge and i think protecting our judiciary and their staff and families is an important part of protecting our democracy. >> sandra: in the hands of the house to do something about increasing the security for the justices and their families. mike, we have you back.
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we are also looking at a reaction from the white house, putting out a statement, saying the president condemns the actions in strongest terms and grateful to law enforcement for taking him into custody. former law clerk to justice gorsuch, is enough being done to protect them? >> so, i also served as the chief counsel for nominations on the senate judiciary committee and portfolio included oversight of the federal courts including security. i'm not going to go into the details what is provided for judges and justices but if people think they are going to show up to a supreme court justice's home and threaten them with a gun they will end up in prison or dead. so there is security for the justices. increasing security for justices and i hope people don't make a deadly calculation. >> sandra: mike davis, appreciate you joining us on this developing story. we hope to have you back soon and hope there is a conclusion in the house to step up the
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security of these justices because this only seems to be escalating. appreciate your time, sir. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> john: sandra, bring in wyoming republican senator john barrasso, your reaction to this threat against justice kavanaugh. as we started off the show, shocking, but hardly a surprise. >> thanks so the police officers for being there responding so quickly. that man was there, as he stated, apparently, to murder justice kavanaugh and i believe chuck schumer bears some responsibility, he has contributed to this atmosphere of directly attacking members by name of the supreme court. remember talking about abortion, chuck schumer went to the steps of the supreme court and he called out kavanaugh by name. >> john: he said unleash the whirlwind? >> i'm telling you, kavanaugh, you will pay the price, you will
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not know what hit you. that's a pretty direct threat and now with the supreme court ready to rule on abortion, it was the abortion issue we are talking about, we have passed a bill in the senate to provide additional protection for all members of the supreme court, all nine members. nancy pelosi and the house has refused to take it up, and it has been there for weeks. it's bipartisan legislation. they should pass that tonight. >> sandra: the same time, senator, you were doing that in the senate, you had protest groups doxxing the conservative supreme court justices publishing addresses, saying show up in protest. the white house not condemning the idea of going to a justice's house to protest saying well, if it's peaceful protest, that's fine. and then the department of justice refusing to enforce u.s. federal law which prohibits protesting outside of the home of a justice of the supreme court. >> you have all of it right, ought to pass that in the house, get it signed for protection for
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all nine members of the supreme court. >> john: i want to change subject, the president invoked the defense production act to ramp up production of solar panels, wondering as we face a fuel crisis and gasoline is heading northward of $5 a gallon, headed to ten in some, is putting our chips, if you will on the solar basket the right thing to do right now? >> this administration is out of touch, tone deaf and gasoline prices are approaching $5 across the country and they want to use the defense production act, which is supposed to be used for national security emergencies, to build solar panels. they are pretending that green energy is a national security emergency. abuse of power by an administration that refuses to go to the real solutions for the high cost of energy, more oil and gas produced in america. they are so wedded to the
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climate extremists that they won't even say the words oil and gas. that's where we ought to be focused on. you want to use the defense production act, how about pipelines, to get it to markets, work on those sorts of things. more oil and gas exploration, we have the energy here in america. this administration actually wants high gas prices to force people to electric cars. >> john: people thought it was a conspiracy but now more of a control room. senator stabenow drove from michigan to washington, d.c. in her new electric car, saying i passed every station on the road and didn't worry about the price. greens want to get us into electric cars, but we are already warned about the grid. united states won't have enough power to get through the summer heat wave, risk of widespread power outages. national disgrace.
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access to cheap abundant energy is a hallmark to r a free society. we don't have enough energy to get through the heat wave. how are we supposed to go to an electric fleet if we don't have the capacity? >> it cannot be done. part of the great fantasy of the democrats. last week talking about high energy prices, pete buttigieg, second of transportation, and the secretary of energy, they said buy an electric car. people in wyoming cannot afford that, they are 55,000 each. they want to force people to electric cars. instead of buying an electric car, if you are in california with the coming blackouts, buy an electric generator, you are going to need it. >> michigan, $57,000 yearly average income, and the electric car 59. do the math. >> administration tone deaf, out of touch, disconnected, they are going to pay a price in november
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when we take the house and the senate and turn joe biden into a half term president. >> senator barrasso, thanks for coming in. >> sandra: you have your electric car on order yet? loans me 60,000, and it's tough to come by one waiting on the lot. does not work like that. as far as the calls to do more to protect the justices and their families, you just heard barrasso saying all right, pass this in the house and pass in the senate, dick durbin spoke to fox earlier in the week of this man arrested outside of kavanaugh's home, and he said, he was asked about the senate, bill passing in the senate, why isn't it happening in the house, he said he discussed it with his staff, timely, it's important the house passes it as well. so, what's the hold-up? >> john: yeah, i don't know. that's a really, really good question. but again, we'll talk to somebody who knows all too well about the deadly consequences of
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actions like the one that the fellow appeared to take when we talk about judge esther salas from new jersey, her son was killed by a crazed gunman, shot her son, shot her husband, the son died. a lot to say on the issue. make sure you stick around. >> sandra: indeed, another day, another high for gasoline prices. cost to top off your tank continues to surge. one of the president's cabinet members says prices are here to stay for a while. so, what is the solution and how can we get the american people relief? a massachusetts congressman has some ideas. he will lay out his party's plan. >> john: emotional hearing on the hill during a hearing of gun violence. survivors of the buffalo and uvalde shootings share their
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>> sandra: americans affected by last month's shootings in uvalde and buffalo, and others testifying on capitol hill off their harrowing ordeals in hopes congress will act to stop further bloodshed. >> my ex-husband answered the phone and let out a blood sce screamed, cried, he is gone, he is gone.
10:21 am
>> i left my daughter at that school and that decision will haunt me for the rest of my life. >> schools are not safe anymore. something needs to really change. >> congressional correspondent chad pergram reporting live on capitol hill on that. hi, chad. >> chad: emotion, tears, and callnswer today. robb elementary 4th grader mia survived the massacre, she played dead. she says she's afraid to go to school and fears it could happen again. >> shot my teacher and told my teacher good-bye, and shot her in the head. he shot my friend and i thought he was going to come back to the room so i grabbed blood and put it all over me. >> republicans on the committee called for hardening schools second amendment advocates also
10:22 am
made their case, one asserted even 1,000 laws would not prevent mass shootings, she said people have the right to defend themselves. >> you don't think that the second amendment doesn't apply to people that look like me? who and you who call for more gun control are the same ones that are calling to defund the police. who is supposed to protect us? >> bipartisan senators are negotiating a narrow bill to address background checks and red flag laws. democrats say it's not enough but it's something. >> if we get a 10th of what we want but it saves the lives of 1,000 americans, how can you vote against that? there's lots of things i would like that don't happen in this building. here we are talking about the lives of children and so even if we make incremental progress, those are incremental lives saved. >> the house votes on a broader package of pills to restrict gun
10:23 am
access today. steve scalise is recommending a vote nay. >> americans are feeling the squeeze from sky high energy costs and record inflation. gallon of gas is inching closer to $five, it's $4.95. up $0.04 from yesterday, nearly $2 from a year ago. host of heat to rising with the double digit increase year over year across all the energy sectors. massachusetts congressman seth moulton joins us, mark. >> at this hour, president biden is on his way to california for an international summit. he gets there, most residents may be more curious what's happening closer to home,
10:24 am
california is the most expensive to buy gas. average to fill up a tank, 6.39 per gallon. the latest national average, 4.95, that's up from overnight to what we have seen the last few hours. the cheapest place to buy gas, great state of georgia, gas at 4.37 a gallon. today the treasury secretary is back on capitol hill, this time testifying before the house weighs and means committee. lawmakers demanding to know why the administration was not more prepared for the risk of surging inflation. today yellen fired right back. >> 8% inflation is an unacceptable inflation rate in the united states and it's president biden's number one objective to get that down. >> recent economic data and polling shows this is an issue that is likely not going to go away any time soon. the latest survey from the wall street journal finding 83% of people believe the state of the economy is either poor or not so good, and republicans say only
10:25 am
one person to blame. >> the sad part about this, a lot of this could have been avoided with common sense policies, made in america energy. what's the administration? go buy more electric vehicles and we need t reduce tariffs on solar panels. that's what you heard from democrats just yesterday. >> we have heard from a number of democrats speaking out, encouraging the white house to get more involved in the issue. you had congressman ro khanna on yesterday, he was saying the white house should talk about this a whole lot more. we have been hearing from more democrats who say it's an issue they want to make sure voters know they are paying attention to. john. >> john: we'll make sure they do, as we introduce some new sound effects from the white house. >> sorry about that, construction on the driveway. >> john: sounds like they are driving posts into the ground. >> exactly. >> sandra: more on this, democratic congressman seth moulton of massachusetts. member of the house budget committee, joins us now.
10:26 am
let's play out senator debbie stabenow on her new electric vehicle. listen. >> on the issue of gas prices after waiting for a long time to have enough chips in this country to finally get my electric vehicle i got it and drove it from michigan to here this last weekend and went by every single gas station, didn't matter how high it was. >> sandra: ok, she was touting her new purchase saying it doesn't matter how high gas prices are. she's got an e.v. well, that's not the case for most of the american public, and they are quite expensive as you know, average price is about $60,000, so is that the right approach to this great transition we keep hearing about from the president where most americans are suffering from high gas prices? >> the problem is frankly the issue has become so partisan because we need to do two things. we absolutely need to be buying oil from americans, not from
10:27 am
autocrats, why the biden administration has expanded oil and gas leases on public lands by significant margin, more in his first year than donald trump, 1,000 more leases than the last president the first year. but the same time, we should be planning for a future where we are not beholden to autocrats and foreign governments who set the price of gasoline. biden administration does not set the price of gas. it's in the international oil market and as a marine veteran myself who has had to go to the middle east, a place we are interested in historically because of oil and i have seen americans die trying to get that oil, we can do both things. do what republicans want, make sure we expand oil and gas production in the united states, the biden administration is already doing that, but we can also make sure that in the long run we are not beholden to the foreign autocrats for our gas. >> john: congressman, at the
10:28 am
same time you say the biden administration is trying to get more oil out ground, the president has sent signals he wants to put oil and gas out of business, and probably going to saudi arabia next month hat in hand, and talking with the maduro regime in venezuela and reupping oil contracts with iran. is that the right way to be going about this? >> john, you say you want to put the oil and gas out of business but the oil and gas has record profits right now under the biden administration. so i think that's -- >> john: his rhetoric is saying several times. >> the right thing to do, i'm sorry, john, i could not hear you. i think it's the right thing to do to talk to, this is the problem. i mean, look. the leader of saudi arabia is responsible for killing an american journalist. the trump administration turned a blind eye to that, biden administration said we don't
10:29 am
accept that. the same time we are willing to talk to them. reagan talked to gorbachev during the height of the cold war, we should talk to people we don't agree with, especially when it comes to oil prices which are set internationally. a myth out there that by saying to the oil companies drill baby drill we will lower gas prices overnight in america and that's just not true. gas prices skyrocketed because of putin's illegal invasion of ukraine. biden administration is trying to address that. >> sandra: to be clear, we have shown we have the ability to produce enough oil that we consume here in the united states and more, we have the ability to become an export market for the oil. >> sandra, you do understand the international price of the oil is the international price of oil. we don't have a price in america. my point is that as long as it's an international market, simply drilling more in the united
10:30 am
states is not going to solve this problem. that's just the reality of -- that's basic economics, how it works. >> sandra: different ways to dig into that. let's take on the plan. >> you have to do both things here. >> sandra: hold on. we invited you on to tell us the plan to bring down gas prices today. we get that you want to see this great transition happen, that's going to take time. the american people are suffering through record high gas prices, suffering through 40 year high inflation, so what is the democrat's plan what is the white house plan you clearly see to address a problem they did not get in front of? >> look, i agree with you. and this is why janet yellen has said inflation is unacceptable. why the biden administration is doing things like expanding oil and gas leases on public lands even more than the previous republican president. >> sandra: let's take on the leases. >> my point is two-fold. >> sandra: the leases do not put gasoline into gas tanks, to john's point. there has been an unfriendly
10:31 am
rhetoric out there for the fossil fuel industry to the point where anybody who is sitting on the leases, they fear taking on the risk and they fear the rules of the game changes in the middle of them putting investment into these leases. to them you say what. >> sandra, expanding leases does a hell of a lot more than rhetoric to actually get gas into the market. and absolutely we should be getting more gas into the market. >> sandra: leases don't pull oil out of the ground. >> two part plan is not that complicated. we should be buying oil from americans and do things to expand production here. i have advocated to the administration to do that. they have already done a lot. i think they could probably do more. but at the same time, we should not be beholden to this for time memorial. and i say that as a veteran. i say that as someone who has put my life on the line in the middle east to defend oil interests. so i think that this matters.
10:32 am
i mean i know senator barrasso, you just had on, does not have that national security experience but as someone who does, someone who knows what it means to be beholden to the aut cro krats, why was hussein on the map, because he has oil. and republicans what want to do short-term measure, i mean, cut back on rhetoric against the oil companies, that's going to lower gas prices, i don't think that's much of a plan. >> john: congressman you mentioned the future. let's look toward the future. greens want to put us all into electric vehicles and some point in the future that's fine. but in the interim, the electrical grid cannot handle the transition to an all electric fleet. and the greens are against building the one power source that can do it, nuclear power. are you opposed to building new nuclear power stations in order
10:33 am
to fuel this new green vehicle fleet? >> absolutely not. john, i don't think you'll find a bigger proponent of nuclear power in the united states congress than myself. i'm one of the only members of congress with a degree in physics. i get the physics, it works. you can make nuclear power safe and the future of nuclear energy, fusion power, is being developed here in massachusetts. that will make everybody happy once we get there. that's the kind of investment we also need to be making in the future of our economy. >> john: so then what do you say to the progressives in your party who want nothing to do with it but still want to try to force us into an electric car. >> look, i'm saying the same thing i've said for years now, which is that if you derail nuclear power you are derailing not only an incredibly efficient way to make power, but a carbon-free way to make power and in europe now they are building more nuclear power plants. why japan, suffered through the
10:34 am
fukushima disaster, they are restoring nuclear power as well. part of the green revolution and the progressives in my party, you are right, they are wrong about nuclear power. it has to be part of the solution too. the whole point here is democrats nor republicans have a monopoly, and rather than make it a partisan issue, blame the biden administration with high gas prices, come together on bipartisan solutions that make sense, that are based in real economics. based in real science. that's what i'm trying to do. >> sandra: back to one final point about the global setting of the oil price, if we were to produce more oil here at home, and potentially we could have with the keystone xl pipeline, would you support getting that going again? because the more oil we produce here, the more oil there is
10:35 am
globally, the lower prices go on that global market. >> yes, although the amount of marginal oil the u.s. would produce would not dramatically lower oil prices. yes, i have supported that and i've said to you, sandra. i think we should be buying american oil, not autocrat oil. that should be something that we all agree on and it's clearly something that biden administration is trying to pursue. >> john: congressman seth moulton, good to spend time with you. appreciate it. brand-new developments in the suspect arrested and accused of wanting to assassinate justice brett kavanaugh of the supreme court. david spunt at the justice department with breaking details. >> john, we have a name, 26-year-old nicholas john rosski, from simi valley, california, making an appearance in federal court in maryland in the next few hours. fox news will be there.
10:36 am
and another detail. we know authorities came to the area of where brett kavanaugh, justice brett kavanaugh lives in maryland around 1:42 this morning, 911 call came in. we are now told the 911 call was made by rosski himself telling police of his intentions to harm justice brett kavanaugh. they found pepper spray, found a gun and they found a knife. again, nicholas john rosski, he is in federal custody, will appear in federal court and we'll alert you of charges when they come down. >> john: david, thank you. let's bring in former assistant u.s. attorney and fox news contributor andy mccarthy. you heard the news from david spunt, the fellow from simi valley, california, apparently tipped off police himself as to what he wanted to do. that to me as a layperson suggests a degree of mental instability maybe we had not
10:37 am
considered prior to this. >> well, it could very well be, john. and could suggest that you know, they understand because the law has not been enforced that there is not sufficient security at the homes of the supreme court justices to the point that they are flaunting it. they know they can carry out the kind of demonstrations that we have seen and they do it with impunity, and moved from the state authorities to the federal authorities. i'll be interested to see what charge they bring in this case. but the fact of the matter is, at any point since the leaked opinion came out and these demonstrations started, the justice department could have conveyed a strong message to the public that it was protecting the supreme court justices, their families and their homes by simply enforcing the law that's on the books, and they
10:38 am
continue to say that, you know, what they are against is violence and what they are worried about is violence. well, if you allow this to simmer the way they have allowed it to simmer, you are asking for violence and we almost got it today. >> john: and this idea of allowing it to simmer went literally all the way to the top. remind folks at home, former press secretary jen psaki said about protesting outside the homes of justices of the supreme court. listen here. >> peaceful protest is not extreme. obviously want people's privacy to be respected, we want people to protest peacefully. that's what the president's view would be. >> john: we want people to protest peacefully if that's what they want to do. that would certainly be the president's view as well. so jen psaki basically said she, the president, everybody in the white house wants to ignore the law that prohibits picketing or protesting outside of supreme
10:39 am
court justice's home and basically saying go for it, and is it just inevitable that at some point it would lead to what happened early this morning? >> yeah, of course it is, john. in fact, you know, the justice department is currently prosecuting in connection with january 6th hundreds of cases involving people who did not engage in violence and who only committed the crimes that they have not enforced in context with the supreme court justices. parading and picketing, and their stated reason for doing it is that created such a combustible situation, created such a potential for violence that they have to act. so it not like they don't know this and like attorney general garland doesn't know this. he was a federal judge for 20 years. he knows nobody in america knows more than he knows that we can't -- violence is not a red line when it comes to judicial
10:40 am
proceedings. judges in our system are insulated from politics. we don't want political pressure, including protests, picketing, parading, what have you, to affect judicial proceedings. it's not a first amendment right, that's obstruction of justice. >> john: this is really troubling, too, andy, considering recent days with john roemer in wisconsin, his killing, and esther salas's son daniel was gunned down in her doorway in the summer of 2020, and she has been calling for greater protection for judges of all stripes ever since then and clearly that's not happening. >> no, it's not, john. and look, tomorrow night we are going to have this extravaganza, this primetime capitol riot hearing by the january 6th committee, which is going to proceed on the premise that president trump engaged in such
10:41 am
dangerous rhetoric that he created the conditions that made the capitol riot, they'll say, inevitable. ok. what about senator schumer? what about going to the front of the supreme court and saying i'm telling you, kavanaugh, i'm telling you, gorsuch, you unleash the whirlwind you are going to pay the price for it. what about that? >> john: andy mccarthy, good to get your thoughts. if we get more information we'll come back to it. appreciate it. sandra, it's just logical outgrowth of everything we have seen in the weeks leading up to this morning. but when the rhetoric get as white hot as it is that somebody is going to snap, somebody maybe a little mentally unstable, has an axe to grind, will take weapons to the home of one of these justices and he had burglary tools as well in his
10:42 am
possession. >> sandra: united states district court document we have, the actual criminal complaint, probable cause section reveals that the man was dress the in black clothing, carrying a backpack, a suitcase, got out of a taxi cab right in front of the residence of the supreme court justice. he looked at the two deputy u.s. marshals, they were standing next to their parked vehicle and then turned to walk down the street. shortly after, and here is the name that we now know, just in the last few minutes, they fielded a call at the communications center from the individual identified himself as nicholas john rosski, he had suicidal thoughts and firearm in his suitcase. >> john: and number six, in ven tory of what he had with him. >> tactical chest rig, knife, glock 17 pistol, two magazines, ammunition, pepper spray, zip ties, hammer, screw bar, pistol
10:43 am
light, duct tape, hiking boots, and padding on the soles and other items. >> john: the glock 17 and then burglary tools to break into justice kavanaugh's house had he gotten on the property. other news, the nationwide baby formula crisis still has parents scrambling to feed their kids. experts are warning it could be a sign of things to come this summer. could we be entering a summer of shortages? >> sandra: big question, and not unlikely. san francisco voters sending a stark message to the far left on crime after the city overwhelmingly voted to recall district attorney chesa boudin. we will be joined live here on set on that next. >> for the last 10 to 15 years we have been treated as if we are sort of just subject and we are supposed to do what the city tells us to do. this brought back our agency, which is so important.
10:44 am
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♪♪ >> john: final preparations on capitol hill for the start of the house january 6th committee primetime hearings. mike emmanuel is on capitol hill and mike, democrats say the future of democracy is on the line. what can we expect in this big show tomorrow night? >> john, good afternoon. we expect likely some new video and audio from the capitol riots. back on january 6th of last year, we also expect some testimony, some key witnesses have been announced, including a capitol police officer by the name of caroline edwards, the first law enforcement officer injured by rioters who stormed the capitol grounds on january 6th. and nick quested, a filmmaker who captured key moments in the capitol riot. likely highly produced, not the typical congressional hearing.
10:49 am
brought in to produce it for primetime tv. democrats say they are trying to take all politics out of it. >> part of our work will be as the chairman just mentioned to lay out legislative solutions that could help ensure this never happens again to the extent that touches on topics, there are committees of jurisdiction involved, but the committee will make its views known and will go from there. >> liz cheney and adam kinzinger were on the committee, but they were not part of kevin mccarthy's selections. >> they are nancy pelosi's appointees and everyone across america needs to know that. every member apointed by kevin mccarthy is not on the committee. nancy pelosi broke 200 plus years of precedent by not allowing the republican minority leader to appoint members of a sitting committee. >> by asking network air time and primetime, there is pressure
10:50 am
on the committee for a big revelation or a very memorable moment. john. >> john: see if they can produce it. mike, thanks. special live coverage of the hearing anchored by bret baier and martha maccallum on the fox business network tomorrow night, 8:00 p.m. eastern and stream on fox nation for free, and fox new audio and don't miss special analysis from our primetime line-up. sandra. >> sandra: we'll be watching, thank you very much. san francisco voters giving far left district attorney chesa boudin the boot, soft on crime policies swept progressive prosecutors into offices nationwide. could others be next? former democratic tennessee congressman and co-host of "the five," and steven law, and president of one nation and american crossroads. welcome to both of you.
10:51 am
>> thank you. >> harold, first reaction. >> voters, when they speak you listen. i think republicans, democrats alike, and in this instance, it's democrats, a heavily democratic area, are saying accountability around crime and public safety, these are issues that people take very seriously. fundamental to your being is being able to feel safe an and confident, take your kids to school and families to places of worship and the other message for democrats, we have to be willing to talk about what the challenges of being -- what it means to be a police officer and a kind of support that they need and shouldn't be afraid. >> sandra: that will happen? >> this d.a. knows that and other d.a.s, around the country, particularly those in big cities that may have very democratic populations or constituents, they have to understand. we want our streets safe, period. >> sandra: amen, steven. >> if you ask your average
10:52 am
american, eight out of tensay it's the wrong track, quality of life, crime, safety of the community, break down at the border and some electoral impacts in the senate races, and in wisconsin, waukesha, and also in washington state, democratic senate murray is running for re-election and seattle, voters fired the democratic city attorney and replaced her with a republican. >> sandra: you think about the events that led up to this, and almost all of these horrific crimes that have been caught on video, they have consequences. this is the l.a. hit-and-run caught on camera, the california mother mowed down by a hit-and-run driver as she was walking her infant son down the venice street, 2021. she blames the liberal policies and blames the los angeles district attorney, george gascon, here she was on tucker
10:53 am
carlson last night. >> sends messages to the criminals, it's ok to do bad things because we are not going to punish you, we are going to punish the victims instead. he's rewriting the laws in los angeles so people can get away with whatever they feel like. >> sandra: she in the interview torched gascon for the light punishment, called the sentence very short of fair, and seeing things like that happen there and many other areas in the country to your point, it has real consequences here. >> without question. i think that any police chief, mayor, governor, has to be cognizant of this. and to steven's point, a party issue only because we are talking about democrats being recalled. but no more fundamental issue in any local community, and all politics is local, if you can't manage the streets, pick up the trash and make communities safe, whichever party is in charge is
10:54 am
going to have trouble. and in a sense, these d.a.s. >> in san francisco, crime is spiking. we have seen the statistics for far too long but they are real. larceny theft up 20% year over year, assaults up double digits, homicides, rapes, these are numbers nobody in the country wants to see and now bret stevens writes this in the "new york times." mugged by reality he writes, and asked this. is a decade of destructive progressive ideology finally coming to an end? progressive overreach has its price, even for progressives. what's going on in san francisco is happening nationwide and not just in matters of criminal justice and urban governance. so, to his initial question, is this finally coming to an end and will we see big change soon? >> it took a long time for democrats to walk away from defund the police but elections are wake-up calls and they have consequence, and certainly voters are expressing their view
10:55 am
and not just republican voters as harold said, it was democratic voters in the primaries who showed up and played a role in ousting the soft on crime prosecutors, and the other dimension to this is the people most hurt by these kinds of crimes are working class voters, often democratic constituents who feel the brunt of the crime across the community. >> voters speak. both parties need to understand. when you are standing to what voters want you are likely going to win. crime, inflation, the border or the issues that will animate this midterm election, whichever candidates can get right on that, they will win. >> sandra: good to have both of you here. harold, steven, thank you. >> congrats on the show, by the way. >> sandra: thanks, i'll pass that on. the armed suspect that
10:56 am
threatened to assassinate justice brett kavanaugh has now been identified. growing calls to protect the highest court ahead of roe vs. wade. jonathan turley, and on the san francisco voters message to soft on crime prosecutors. democratic senator questionable comments on sky high gas prices.
10:57 am
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>> john: fox news alert, tomorrow will mark exactly one month since the senate easily passed a bill to protect the family members of supreme court justices. >> sandra: one month that the bill has sat gathering dust in the house. waiting for members to act while the feds say a deranged man-made plans to assassinate sitting supreme court justice brett kavanaugh overnight. >> john: as the feds are warning of a political violence this
11:01 am
summer, far too close to reality, what has to happen before lawmakers finally act? welcome back, as "america reports" rolls into a second hour. john roberts in washington. troubling news today, sandra. >> sandra: indeed, and learning more details by the minute. sandra smith in new york. coverage continues, as we gather more information on the man arrested near justice kavanaugh's home overnight. he was armed with a knife and gun and more threatening to kill justice kavanaugh. >> john: even before the anticipated ruling of roe versus wade, a leaked draft said it would throw out the decision and let states regulate themselves. >> sandra: they warned weeks ago a powder keg of political violence. despite the warning from the feds themselves, the white house at the time refused to denounce the protests already happening outside of the justice's home.
11:02 am
here is a bit. >> justices have young kids, their neighbors are not all public figures. would the president think about waiving off activists to go into residential neighborhoods in virginia and maryland? >> peter, look, i think our view here is peaceful protests, a long history in the united states and the country of that. and we certainly encourage people to keep it peaceful and not report to any level of violence. >> john: jonathan turley joins us with reaction to the arrest, made him recall some controversial remarks on the supreme court's own steps two years ago. >> you have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price. >> john: unintended consequences
11:03 am
of comments like that in just a moment. >> sandra: david spunt live at the department of justice, 26-year-old nicholas john rosski. >> he's supposed to be in court the next few hours facing a charge of attempted murder of a united states supreme court justice. sandra, the top of the show you mentioned a knife and a gun. also zip ties and a crowbar showing he had some intention to potentially kidnap one of the kavanaughs, if not justice kavanaugh, break into that home. we are getting some really, really sordid details coming out of this criminal complaint that was just unsealed saying he arrived outside the home of justice kavanaugh at 1:00 in the morning before calling police on himself shortly thereafter, saying he had suicidal thoughts. about a couple hours ago i had a chance to ask merrick garland,
11:04 am
the nation's top law enforcement officer about this. watch. >> this kind of behavior is obviously -- is behavior we will not tolerate. threats of violence and actual violence against the justices strike at the heart of our democracy and we will do everything we can to prevent them and to hold people who do them accountable. for that reason, last month i accelerated the protection of all the justice's residences 24/7. >> he is in fbi custody, will appear before a judge shortly. 26 years old, from simi valley, california, we are told he called the police on himself at 1:42 in the morning. montgomery county police arrived, found a knife, they found zip ties, pepper spray, also that gun specifically a glock pistol, they took him into custody, u.s. marshals insist he was booked at a local police station. also told that he had some
11:05 am
thoughts, some suicidal thoughts. so clearly he was dealing with some mental issues at the time of this. but still, still minority leader mitch mcconnell in the senate says no excuse for specifically what happened. listen. >> this is exactly the kind of event that many worried the unhinged, reckless apocalyptic rhetoric from prominent figures toward the court going back many months and especially in recent weeks could make more likely. >> we are waiting for this court appearance and senator mcconnell did not say by name, but i think the clip from senate majority leader chuck schumer is very telling. that was two years ago on the steps of the supreme court and notice he used the word promment names when talking about some of those, some of that inflammatory language towards supreme court justices, john, sandra. >> sandra: david spunt live at the justice department for us. keep us posted on new details as
11:06 am
they come in. >> john: bring in jonathan turley, george washington law professor, constitutional law expert and a fox news contributor. i want to take you back a few weeks, jonathan, to something that jen psaki said in response to our peter doocy, asking about protests outside of the homes of these justices. listen here. >> peaceful protest is not -- obviously we want people's privacy to be respected. we want people to protest peacefully if they want to protest. that is certainly what the president's view would be. >> john: so the white house saying look, if it's peaceful protest, protest is okay. we are not going to enforce a law which prohibits it, and then adds protest groups doxxing the supreme court justices, publishing their addresses and listen to what rosski told investigators. he stated he began to give his life a purpose and decided he would kill the supreme court justice after finding the justices montgomery county
11:07 am
address on the internet. >> this is precisely what many of us were worried about when they were targeting the homes of these justices. a person should not have to wonder if he can both serve and survive on the united states supreme court. but it's getting to a point where this age of rage is putting all of our justices and judges in fear of themselves and their families in terms of an attack. and that has an impact on the rule of law. it is something that is going to discourage others from serving on the court. what disturbed many of us about the white house response, they could not muster the courage to come out immediately to condemn the leak itself, to condemn the targeting of these homes, including justices that have young children. how tough is that call? most americans would think that would be easy for a president of the united states. it's at times like that he has
11:08 am
to speak for the nation and not just speak to what's legal or what is illegal, but what is decent, what is -- what is called upon for all citizens to act in a way that shows respect decency. this fits the profile of an unstable person but reckless rhetoric and actions can fuel this type of violence, it can be a call to arms literally for those unstable and consumed by hate. >> sandra: and we are reminded us about chuck schumer, his words, i want to tell you, justice gorsuch and kavanaugh, you have released the whirlwind and will pay the price. you won't know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions. he did try to walk that back in the hours and days that followed in multiple ways, perhaps it was too late, i don't know. you tell us. but it did prompt a rare
11:09 am
statement as we are reminded by our supreme court reporters this morning from chief justice roberts, i have it in front of you, rebuking schumer, he said "justices know the criticism comes with the territory" but threatening statements of this sort from the highest levels of government are not only inappropriate, they are dangerous. this warning has been out there for quite some time, to the point we had former clerk to supreme court neil gorsuch and he said this. >> predictable and predicted and the attorney general merrick garland has completely fallen down on the job. he allowed these protestors to show up at the supreme court justices' homes for weeks in violation of federal law. this is unacceptable. the attorney general needs to make arrests of the people showing up at the supreme court justice's homes. >> sandra: a lot of pressure, particularly on the house to do something to problem tebt the
11:10 am
justice's family members. it passed in the senate, gathering dust. what needs to happen to prevent another instance like this, jonathan? >> well, first of all, our politicians need to understand that this type of rhetoric that we saw from senator schumer has consequences. we had senator shaheen saying if the court reversed roe vs. wade there would be a revolution. other members have used the overheated rhetoric and that, i'm sure, is not intended to be a call to violence but it can be heard in different ways and i think the members have got to take that to heart. but there's been attacks on this institution for years, coming particularly from democratic politicians a.o.c. saying they did not really understand the value any more of the institution itself of the supreme court. and so it's -- the institution has been under attack, now we are seeing individual justices
11:11 am
who are under attack. the image of this black clad assassin standing outside of the home of one of our justices should be a sobering moment for the entire nation this has gone too far. this age of rage. we are becoming addicted to rage as a nation. and we have to come together as sensible people. >> john: and this happened a few days after a wisconsin judge was killed in his home by a gunman who later shot himself. and let me put up on the screen the inventory of things that was inside the gunman in this case's backpack, a glock 17, 2 magazines, ammunition, tactical knife, pepper spray, zip ties, very reminiscent of what happened with judge roemer in wisconsin, he had been zip tied to a chair and then shot. hammer, screwdriver, duct tape,
11:12 am
clearly had what was needed to break into the justice's home and then kill him. >> can you imagine being the kavanaugh family and seeing that list, and knowing that man stood outside your home and thank god there was security there that may have been what deterred him. i'm sure that the prosecutor is going to argue that's what prompted his call. but this case is obviously likely to come down to a question of mental illness and mental capacity. but it really does show a level of chilling and detailed planning. we have seen this in attacks on judges. i talked to you earlier i came back from a conference out west and struck by speaking to the judges out there how concerned they were about themselves and their families, that they feel like they are targets now of threats, and these are people, decent, principled people that
11:13 am
want to do their job. we shouldn't make a condition on that that you have to put your entire family in harm's way in order to serve the rule of justice in this country. >> sandra: brings you to the final part of chief justice roberts' reaction saying all members of the court will continue to do their job without fear or favor from whatever quarter. we'll see if there is more information, more details, see if the man is in court soon there in maryland. jonathan turley, appreciate your time. thank you for joining us. >> john: thank you. >> sandra: far left district attorney chesa boudin is on his way out in san francisco, and says it not his own soft on crime policies at play, but billionaires on the left. even though a billionaire helped put him in number. >> john: a hard number how many district attorneys george soros
11:14 am
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11:19 am
>> john: breaking news inside the beltway and the threat against supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. esther salas joins us, her son was tragically killed by a crazed racist gunman who came to her home in the summer of 2020. judge salas, i know this is a difficult moment for you because i'm sure hearing about the plot against justice kavanaugh brings back stark memories of the worst day of your life. >> hearing about justice kavanaugh, hearing about judge rommer who was killed this past friday in an assassination, hearing about all the deaths of judicial officers going back to
11:20 am
judge woods, deronko, vans, leftcall, husband and mother were killed in 2005, the judges and our justice system, the rule of law mandates that we pass the judicial and security privacy act and pass it now, mr. roberts. the fact of the matter is i have to say that the rule of law is not different for republicans. the rule of law is not different for democrats. the rule of law is not different for an independent. the rule of law is what this country has been founded on, and we as judges, our democracy, it mandates that we pass the daniel andoril bill and do it now. enough is enough and i think members of congress can see the escalation in the numbers of threats against judicial officers. it's just got to stop. >> john: the man who took the
11:21 am
life of your beautiful son daniel compiled information from you and your family from public records and things posted on the internet. this is included in the criminal complaint against nicholas roske, a man allegedly making the threats against justice kavanaugh, what he told investigators. roske stated that he began thinking how to give his life a purpose and decided he would kill the supreme court justice after finding the justice's montgomery county address on the internet. we know, judge salas, that protest groups had doxxed the supreme court justices, published it so protestors could show up outside their house and then the who us seemed to condone the action. >> mr. robert, i'm not here to talk about what everybody has agreed on both sides. what i'm here to talk about, the
11:22 am
one thing we can all agree on, the one thing we can all agree on is these are real, clear and present dangers, and we as the america, citizens of america, i don't care where or who you, you know, where you feel you stand with certain topics, this is a bipartisan, bicammeral bill. supported by republicans and democrats. the bill has been ready to go for months. i lost my only child, my only child. i had four miscarriages. daniel was a gift from god, and i lost him 22 months and 20 days ago. yes, i'm counting. i'll be counting for the rest of my life. and i tell you now that we have to do something. our leaders have to work together. this is an issue that we all agree on. this is an issue that we can all
11:23 am
stand behind, and i say as americans we have to think about the rule of law and the protection of our constitution and constitution hinges on an independent judiciary, and i say to everyone that quite frankly i understand that, you know, we all have strong beliefs. i also understand that at the end of the day we are all americans, and i understand that we know that these threats are real. my boy is, and his death is a testament to what will happen if we do not do something to protect the judiciary. your last guest, mr. turley, talked about the chilling impact this is having. it is having a chilling impact. before july 19, 2020, i knew that threat was somewhere behind me, you know, i always thought about it. but the day my son was killed in
11:24 am
our foyer, the day my -- i watched my son's life fade away, now, now i know it's right here, right front and center. but mark and i don't worry about ourselves. our life is pretty much set in stone at this point. i worry about all the judges that want to do one thing and one thing only, serve this country and protect democracy, and we shouldn't have to give, you know, give up our lives to do our jobs. so i -- i remind everyone now the time is to rally together, the time is to stand together, the time is to stand united, united in this passage of this bill that should happen right away today. >> john: and the fact that it has not passed i think is very puzzling to many people in this country. but let me bring you back to something you said a moment ago. you said leaders have to work
11:25 am
together on this. yet at the same time, we see some congressional leaders pushing whitehawk rhetoric that only seems to polarize our society. >> you know what i say, i say the judicial security act is bipartisan. there is not a lot of controversy with this bill. there is not a lot of disagreement with this bill. this bill is a common sense bill. this bill is narrowly tailored to address this compelling government interest, and i tell you and i say to you and i beg our members of congress to realize that this is one that they can do together, and the irony of all of this is had daniel's bill been passed months ago, all judges addresses would have been sealed. let's think about common sense solutions. let's think about working together. let's stop casting blame on
11:26 am
anybody else and let's look at today, today is a new day, today we have, and we now unfortunately with this latest threat, we now have another wake-up call. how many judges have to die before we do something about this clear and present danger. how many? >> john: judge salas, we got news he has been charged with attempted murder, nicholas roske. we will follow the case against him. judge salas, thank you for coming on today and sharing what i know is a daily horror for you and we really appreciate you sharing your thoughts with our audience. >> thank you, mr. roberts. >> sandra: wow, we will certainly continue to bring you the news on the 26-year-old who was found outside of the justice's home as the news comes in, he is expected in court shortly. thanks to the judge for joining us. meanwhile, while americans have to reach deeper into their pockets to fill up their cars,
11:27 am
one democratic senator is bragging about breezing by the gas stations because she is drives an e.v. >> on the issue of gas prices, waiting a long time to have enough chips to get my electric vehicle i got it and drove it from michigan to here this last weekend and went by every single gas station and didn't matter how high it was. >> sandra: ok, one thing she did not mention, how expensive electric vehicles are in the country and how difficult they are to be found, short supply of them. all right, he needs no introduction, pete is here, hard not to comment. >> how compelling and how the house cannot move on judges. >> sandra: marie antoinette meets a meme, mocked and dragged on twitter, that senator, for
11:28 am
basically saying well, to heck with it, you guys suffer through those prices, i've got my $60,000 electric vehicle and brain room tells me, $65,111, more than the median household income in her state, pete. >> which is $59,000. so if you want to, i don't know, leverage your life savings to pay for a battery-powered car and join the real 1%. you know how many 1% of people drive a fully electric in america, 1%. stands from on high and says i don't care about all of these gas prices that the other 99% of americans pump into their gas tank right now. it's about as revealing a statement as you can have. she did not know she was condescending. she thought this is my
11:29 am
contribution, we were talking about the reality of taking a road trip of that length right now. >> sandra: wall street journal, spent half the time charging the electric rather than vacationing. >> i have a buddy who is thinking about doing it. i said think twice. you drive that far and you spend how much time charging it, don't run your heat. >> sandra: you know, there are people listening, they love their electric vehicle and that's absolutely fine. if you are wishing death on the fossil fuel industry it's important to remind everybody, pete, put the e.v. fact sheet back up. 2021, 61% of all electricity generated was from, guess what, fossil fuels. so you are still using that for the electricity for your e.v., and by the way, china is still among the largest producers of lithium that goes into those e.v. batteries. >> so we are relying on china to still use fossil fuels to drive for the 1% our electrical vehicles are not doing barely putting a dent into what they call the so-called climate
11:30 am
crisis that's going to end the world in what, eight years or whatever a.o.c. said. the whole thing is a -- it's made up, it's -- it's their religion and their world view, though. and so they say what do we have to offer, the pain is what it's worth. the pain is what you must feel in order to move to our green new utopia. that's why they don't have solutions. i saw the previous conversation you had with the democratic congressman. there is no ability to particulate a solution, ultimately it means we have to end every form of traditional form of energy in the country, not plausible, and enemies are building coal plants and refineries and we are not. >> seth moulton likes to put himself out, and another says it's a glacial change to come down the road, we have to deal with the gas price crisis today, inflicting a lot of pain on the
11:31 am
american people. we'll ask him about that. where does all this go next, bloomberg quote. oil prices are nowhere near their peak as an impending rebound in chinese demand threatens to strain a global market already pinched by tight supplies, pete, looks like prices may only go higher from here. >> nowhere near their peak, you are seeing the dollar amounts go up, and nowhere closer to even remotely getting an answer from anyone in leadership about something of any substance to bring prices down. from the -- they would love to pass the green new deal if they could, throw another 2, 3 trillion if they could, and complete war against the domestic energy production. >> sandra: and already said the quiet part out loud, the big transition. >> the big transition. that is pain, they are activist
11:32 am
class 1. they believe the pain is necessary for average people in order to force them, maybe take a subsidy, whatever it is, to buy an electric vehicle, we know our electricity comes from somewhere, and it mostly comes from fossil fuels. >> sandra: not just a gasoline prices, or oil crisis, this is natural gas prices, experienced high heating bills with the oil spike over the winter and now natural gas, including your home this summer, it's going to cost a whole lot more. for anybody on a fixed income in this country right now, pete, it's difficult. >> the most regressive taxation moment we have seen in our country in decades. since jimmy carter. idea that your income is staying stagnant and everything you are paying for costs more. stuff you need to live, you need to move, you need to eat. and democrats don't -- it is marie antoinette, you are right. deal with it people and we don't have an answer for it. >> sandra: and the book "battle
11:33 am
for the american mine" and it's on our screen. an about the 100 year progressive takeover of the k-12 classroom. you wonder where the wokeness came from today, it's not an accident. it happened gradually and then quickly. >> we all have kids and grandkids. and once you understand the depth of the problem, you real lize how more resolute to dig ourselves out of it. >> sandra: john. >> john: fox news alert, live look at capitol hill, word house lawmakers may act on senate legislation to protect families of supreme court justices. congressional correspondent chad pergram has more, somebody lit a fire under somebody, chad. >> chad: john, emerged just over the past 2 or 3 hours here after this threat against justice kavanaugh. the house majority leader
11:34 am
indicated he is having what he termed very positive discussions about moving this bill in the house of representatives, he says we are making sure to dot our is and cross our ts here, and passed by unanimous consent. that would extend protections to supreme court justices and their families. the reason congress has to act is they have the power of the purse. they need to extend money to the justice department -- excuse me, to the supreme court to protect the justices. the hold-up here has been that some in the house of representatives want to extend those protections to clerks and their families. now, chris coons, the democratic senator from delaware, one of the ring leaders passing by unanimous consent through the senate, meaning nobody objected, moved it through without any opposition whatsoever. he indicated that the independence of the judiciary is
11:35 am
undermind by violence, and i got off the phone from a senior source in the house of representatives thought there was no chance this bill would move 48 hours ago or maybe 12 hours ago but now stepping on the gas. whether or not they can do it today or tomorrow, the house of representatives is scheduled to be out on friday, but the trick here then is they have to bounce it back to the senate because the house presumably if they stick to their position will have passed a different piece of legislation from what the senate had passed if they say we are going to extend protections to clerks and their families. so, maybe they actually take the senate bill, and then in alignment, call that ping pong, they bounce the bill back and forth. otherwise they have to make a change and send it to the senate to align. this has changed the contour here on capitol hill just over the past couple of hours, john. >> john: as we were talking with judge salas a few minutes ago,
11:36 am
another bill named for her son, extend protections of personal information to all people in the federal judiciary, not just supreme court justices. chad pergram on the hill, thank you. >> sandra: president biden a few moments ago reacted to last night's primary results, including in san francisco, where people voted to recall the far left district attorney chesa boudin, that as rising crime plagues cities nationwide. j.b.a., about a minute. >> i think the voters sent a clear message last night, both parties have to step up and do something about crime as well as gun violence. and i think as you recall with the first major bill we passed, gave the states and localities, billions of dollars to hire and reform the police headquarters.
11:37 am
very few have done it. in addition to that, sent the congress request for $300 billion to deal with hiring cops, retrain cops, as well as to make sure they are adequately dispersed around the community. it's time they moved, time the state and the localities spend the money they have to deal with crime, as well as retrain police officers, as well as provide for more community policing. >> sandra: ok, so that was the president a few moments ago, first reaction from him. j.b.a. and also this just in, john, while we are both here, gillian turner send out an email, update to fox, government source familiar with planning the national guard headquarters is planning for potential violence and unrest on the dobbs versus jackson decision, could overturn roe vs. wade.
11:38 am
the guard headquarters is messaging to states for the potential to fly guardsmen into the district. >> guys, you are about to go on camera. >> sandra: it happened for the roe opinion. that's news, obviously in the wake of what just happened with justice kavanaugh's home. >> john: sorry for the interruption there, say hello to richard fowler's back. more on chesa boudin and the far left prosecutor, thanks to a far left billionaire, he's blaming right wing billionaires for giving hip the boot, mecca by everyday citizens of san francisco fed up with him going soft on crime. >> sandra: and critics say boudin blaming billionaires takes irony to a new level, considering the contributions to his campaign, came from george soros, as a new report shows the democratic mega donor has spent
11:39 am
$40 million to get hand picked prosecutors into office. now one in five americans, includes los angeles d.a. george gascon. >> john: and begin our team coverage on the pushback against progressive prosecutors. bill. >> one murderer is concerned about george gascon's future, we have obtained an exclusive in custody audio of him sounding worried if gascon gets recalled, his progressive policies will go along with him. willie wilkinson, he's charged with a home burglary and murder, and two other people shot during the home invasion and survived. under the progressive policies, wilkerson was not charged with gun or gang enhancements or special circumstance allegations
11:40 am
to carry life without parole. fox news has obtained in custody calls between wilkerson and a loved one after a court hearing last week where he says his attorney wants to make a quick deal to plea down murder charges as soon as possible while gascon is still in office. take a listen. >> told you last time try to get something did before they re-elect somebody else besides gascon and brings back the [bleep] life without parole and the death penalty. [bleep] manslaughter only carries 6, 9 and 12. >> and prosecutors tell fox news as the campaign to recall george gascon has gained momentum, defe attorneys and defendants are increasingly eager to cut deals quickly while gascon is still the d.a. here. one of the biggest critics, says criminals know they have to capitalize on what he says are
11:41 am
gascon's soft on crime policies while they still can. >> if you are a violent criminal in los angeles your biggest ally is not your defense lawyer, not the judge, not the jury, it's george gascon. that's who your biggest supporter is. that's a reason why criminal defendants all throughout los angeles county want george gascon to give them a deal because they know that he is their biggest cheerleader. >> and guys, the campaign to recall l.a. d.a. george gascon is feeling the wind at their back after chesa boudin. they say soon he will be walking the same plank. >> john: bill, thank you. sandra. >> sandra: here in manhattan, far left district attorney is refusing to respond to the mayor's complaint that the city's criminal justice system has turned into a laughing
11:42 am
stock. thanks to prosecutors soft on crime policies. alexis mcadams has more on that for us in new york. >> sandra, the mayor says the criminal justice system is a joke, they think anything goes in the big apple. what did the manhattan d.a. think about the jab, he didn't want to talk about it. watch. >> can you answer a couple questions for me? just one moment. >> he said he was on the phone there. mayor eric adams says overall crime and homelessness in new york city is just rising and rising. pointing to the criminal justice system as the root cause here, calling new york city dysfunctional. the d.a. is trying to steer clear of the mayor's comments. >> no one takes criminal justice seriously anymore. these bad guys no longer take them seriously. they believe our criminal justice system is a laughing stock of our entire country.
11:43 am
>> we are law enforcement partners, rowing in the same direction. focused on new york city, focused on crime here. >> how do new yorkers feel about how things are going in the city? according to the new poll released this week, more than half of new yorkers feel the city is moving in the wrong direction. now, also in that poll, 70% of new yorkers believe they are less safe than before the pandemic and 76% say they are concerned they could be a victim of crime. so, a lot more that we'll have to continue to washington there. >> sandra: it's a lot of people who don't like the way things are going. john. >> john: bring in our panel, marc thiessen, and richard fowler, american radio show host, both are fox news contributors. much better to see your front than your back. >> magic of leftovers. >> john: well sculpted back there. so the recall of chesa boudin in san francisco proves, richard, even in a place as uber liberal
11:44 am
as san francisco, it is possible to be too progressive. >> listen, when you talk to the voters in san francisco and look at many of the pieces written about both san francisco and the election last night, what local residents want is less about ideology and more about how the government delivers basic services. right, and they want people to say how do we deal with homelessness and criminal justice, that doesn't mean it's mutually exclusive from how do we deliver reforms to people in the city, whether black or hispanic, white also feel they are not being targeted and feel safe. >> john: when it comes to inequities in the criminal justice system and reform, chesa boudin's views were formed by visiting his parents in jail, they were members of the weather underground involved in a 1981 brinks robbery just north of new york city, two police officer and a brinks guard were killed.
11:45 am
old french saying, means the apple does not fall far from the tree. so when you are talking about radical views, sometimes they get passed along. >> said in a fine french canadian accent. you are right. irving crystal said a conservative is a liberal mugged by reality. in san francisco, liberal voters have been mugged, assaulted, robbed, smash and grabbed into reality and they obviously had enough. and one of the things that boudin said last night in his concession speech, if you can call it that, we are winning because this is a national movement. he's absolutely right. what's happened the judicial left has decided it's too hard to do the work of convincing democratic officials, democratic city councils to do the radical criminal justice reforms. the easier thing to do, easier and cheaper, elect one prosecutor, often off year elections, don't get a lot of attention, they fly under the radar and elect these guys and they just won't prosecute people
11:46 am
and they'll implement reforms unilaterally, and it's not just in san francisco. there is a 50 million americans are living in cities that have self-described progressive prosecutors that are just like this guy. >> in fact, we had a fancy graphic made up of that thing. these are prosecutors backed by billionaire george soros, helped put in office 75, representing 57 of the most populus cities in the united states, that's a lot of soros. the>> to blame this on billionaires is an overstatement, it's about the voters. >> democrats, too? >> on either side here. one thing we did not blame on billionaires. blame it on billionaires is silly. >> john: blamed for everything else. >> it's important to look at how protestorers feel about this, and when you look, i think it's important for folks at home to know that when you see gascon go out or the prosecutor in l.a.
11:47 am
possibly get recalled, it does not mean they are going to go all the way to the right or the theory of broken windows. what you are going to see likely elect a prosecutor or a mayor that is going to have sensible policies that are balanced with the ideal of public safety, and also holding the ideal that you could have criminal justice reform. you are going to see reforms like st. louis, the mayor has decreased the homicide rate by 25%. how did she do it? working hand-in-hand with community and police. how did she do it? closing cold case files. putting counselors and police officers, these are things mayors are trying to do and it's important prosecutors are with them to do it. >> john: you take a look at these liberal prosecutors across the country, you have gascon in los angeles who could be recalled. alvin brag in new york city, there is no recall process. but now the mayor is kind of getting fed up as well. what's the future of these progressive protestors?
11:48 am
>> when is the last time we covered on fox a local prosecutor election in this way. it's because these things fly under the radar. they are not national issues. there are things that happen in off years, low down on the ballot and no one pays attention. now we are paying the price for these policies, prosecutors are running on a platform of saying i will not enforce the law. the job of a prosecutor is to prosecute, literally the name of the job, and we are running not to do the job you elected us to do. >> more people died of fentanyl last year in san francisco than covid and not one prosecution of a fentanyl dealer. kavanaugh, the guy has been charged with attempted murder, rhetoric is white hot, we saw what schumer said about you have unleashed the whirlwind you don't know what's coming for you. are we at a point now where we are actually putting the lives
11:49 am
of these supreme court justices in jeopardy with our political rhetoric? >> i think we are, and math mat on our air with bret baier said it best yesterday. people in the middle want the mic back and want to say there are things we could do together. we can do police reform together, we can pass bills that will keep our schools safe and take assault rifles out of the hands of crazy people. we can do that together. we could make sure that the police are equitable together and i think the middle wants the mic back from both the extremes on the right and the left, that's what the reporting shows, that's what the polls show and that's what the electorate shows. >> john: i don't know if you heard judge esther salas, there's an act out there named after her deceased son to prohibit information about judges being posted in public. that seems like a simple hill to climb. >> sure, and so does a bill to provide security for supreme court justices currently under threat in the house for all this time. also in addition to new laws, we
11:50 am
should be enforcing existing law. same problem with the liberal prosecutors. >> 18sc1507. >> exactly. when merrick garland gets a letter from the school board association saying parents are coming and being mean to us and not a single federal law is involved, he immediately within days sends a memo to the fbi saying i want you to look into this, form a task force, get them to swing into action. but supreme court justices, their addresses are doxxed, it's against the federal law to protest in front of their house and nothing, and now all of a sudden a guy shows up on justice kavanaugh's law with weapons and burglary equipment. >> and the same, the department of homeland security released a memo, this week, rather, this summer is one of the most dangerous summer because of rage and folks have guns and mass shootings and we are still waiting on congress to act.
11:51 am
>> i don't understand what he is so hard. we were talking about this before, like just take the stuff we agree on. right? and put all the controversial stuff -- stuff everybody agrees on, put it in a bill and pass it. how hard is that? >> that's what the american people want. >> john: number of adults that there are in the room that they might be able to -- >> we have to have school security, who opposes that? every normal person supports and we could pass in two minutes. >> sandra: john, great discussion and another fox news alert, more breaking news coming in, i should say in the beltway. a source is telling fox news, we brought it to you a moment ago, the national guard is now preparing for deployment in the wake of the upcoming supreme court ruling on abortion. gillian turner has the details in a first on fox. she'll join us when we come back. we'll be right back.
11:52 am
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11:57 am
>> sandra: a source telling fox news is that the national guard is getting deployed in the wake of a supreme court decision. >> a government source familiar with the planning going on says the national guard headquarters is preparing for violence, unrest in a supreme court decision on the pending dobbs versus jackson case which has the potential to overturn roe v. wade. we're told the guard headquarters is planning to fly guardsmen in to the district, washington d.c., for the roe opinion. we're working to get more on the timing of the deployment but we're told right now the plan is that troops won't be flown in unless something happens meaning an adverse security event in the wake of the supreme court decision.
11:58 am
now, over the last two years, the d.c. national guard has been stretched very thin with comparisons of states across the country. they have fallen behind on federal training requirements. this new comes in the wake of the protests outside justices >> sandra: thanks. john? >> john: as investigators continue to investigate the threat against the life of justice brett kavanaugh. before we go, it's worth hearing again from judge sallis of new jersey. her son was killed by a racist gunman in july of 2020. listen here. >> and we as the america, citizens of america, i don't care where or who you stand with on certain topics, this is a bipartisan, bicameral bill supported by republicans and democrats. this bill is ready to go. it's been ready to go for
11:59 am
months. i lost my only child, my only child. i had four miscarriages. daniel was a gift from god. i lost him 22 months and 20 days ago. yes, i'm counting. i'll be counting for the rest of my life. and i tell you now, that we have to do something. our leaders have to work together. this is an issue that we all agree on. this is an issue that we can all stand behind. and i say as americans, we have to think about the rule of law and the protection of our constitution. our constitution hinges on an independent judiciary. i say to everyone listening, that quite frankly, i understand that, you know, we all have strong beliefs, but i also understand that at the end of the day, we're all americans. i understand that we know that
12:00 pm
these threats are real. my boy is -- and his death is that testament to what will happen if we do not do something to protect the judiciary. >> john: very powerful words there from a judge who suffers the horror of her son's death every day. >> sandra: absolutely. chad reporting that there's more considerations now to move up that bill to protect these supreme court justices and their families. thanks for joining us. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. "the story" starts right now. >> martha: thanks very much, john and sandra. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum in new york. in minutes, on the eve of the january the 6th hearings, we'll be joined by peter navarro, the only official that faces jail time over his decision to not comply with this committee. he joins us in just a moment. first to the story breaking this hour. a court hearing for the suspect arrested a short time ago near the home of supreme court


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