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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 8, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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tout hawaii. >> greg: how do you say it again? "the five" does a show in hawaii. >> i will take you all out. >> judge jeanine: it's a deal. we have all agreed. >> greg: also surfing. >> judge jeanine: i agree. >> greg: surf and ballroom dance? >> judge jeanine: that's it for us. "special report" is up next. >> bret: if you guys are going out there. you need to talk to me. i will just be on the other volcano over. >> judge jeanine: we'll include you. >> bret: okay, good. welcome to washington i'm bret baier. a man warmed a pistol, knife, and other weapons charged for the attempted murder of supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. 26-year-old nicholas roski from simi valley, california telling officers he wanted to kill kavanaugh. he was arrested early this morning neither justice's home. now, we're getting word tonight that the left wing group ruth
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sent us a group is planning on protesting at brett kavanaugh's house again tonight same group that published address of justices from the supreme court. the anticipated ruling on roe v. wade and one day after a dhs warning about potential political violence this summer. correspondent david spunt has our report from the justice department tonight. good evening, david. >> bret, good evening to you. the suspect is behind bars at this very moment after telling a judge in federal court today he was, quote, not thinking clearly. tonight is he charged with the attempted murder of a united states supreme court justice. >> chilling allegations in this criminal complaint. nicholas rosky arrived outside the home of justice brett kavanaugh with the intent to kidnap and kill. federal authorities say he took a taxicab to kavanaugh's maryland home at 1:05 wednesday morning wearing black clothing he got out of the cab and was
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spotted by two deputy u.s. marshals who were guardings the home. marshals saw him walk down the street. about 30 minutes later, he picked up the phone, called 911 and said he wanted to kill kavanaugh and was having suicidal thoughts. when police arrived, they found a glock pistol, a knife, a screwdriver, pepper spray, a crowbar, duct tape and a nail punch. >> >> this is exactly the unhinged apop lit particular prominent figures to the court. >> two years ago senator mitch mcconnell democratic counterpart stood on the supreme court steps following an abortion case from louisiana. >> i want to tell you, gulch, i want to tell you, kavanaugh, you have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price. [. [cheers and applause] you won't know a what hit you.
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>> labeled those remarks reckless and dangerous. release the division of the future of abortion access. security at the court after a leaked draft out of the case in mississippi was made public. fences surround the court. fox news has told the national guard planning to deploy its troops to respond to potential violence and unrest in the wake of a high court decision in that abortion case. the nation's top law enforcement officer told fox news today any threats will bring swift prosecution. >> it's behavior that we'll not tolerate. >> the attorney general met with federal judge ester solace this week, herself the target of an attack in 2020. she survived but her son daniel was shot to death in the family home by a disgun tell litigant. >> these threats are real my boy and his death is a testament to what will happen if we do not do something president biden
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supports that and strongly condemns what happened near justice kavanaugh's home today. bret? >> bret: more on this later with the panel. david spunt at justice, thank you. final preparations are underway for the much anticipated prime time hearing on the january 6th capitol riot. chief correspondent mike emanuel shows us what is happening tonight. >> january 6th select committee members say after months of investigation, interviewing more than 1,000 people and reviewing some 140,000 documents, it's time to start publicly sharing with the american people. >> these hearings will be a chance for the country to come together to rally around the truth and unite around the rule of law. we owe it to the officers who lost their lives and the officers who were injured. >> two announced officers
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caroline edwards the first law enforcement officer injured by rioters who stormed the capitol grounds on january 6th and nic, a film make his or her captured key moments in the capitol riot. republican leaders say it's all about partisanship since their selected lawmakers were rejecteds. >> that's because nancy pelosi broke 200 plus years of precedent by not allowing the republican minority leader to appoint members of a sitting committee. >> the house speaker isn't making bold predictions at this point. >> we will see. >> some critics have called it a made for tv event noting that former abc news president james goldston is working as adviser to house select committee and has been brought in to produce it for a prime time audience. house republican leader kevin mccarthy told reporters there are more pressing matters for congress to address. >> [inaudible] i wish they would have prime time hearing on inflation and rise in crime.
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and the border itself. how can we secure that? what about baby formula? >> maryland democrat congressman jail-time raskin has said these hearings will be similar to watergate and will, quote, blow the roof off the house. that is setting the bar quite high. bret? >> bret: mike emanuel live on the hill. mike, thank you. tomorrow, join martha mccallum and me live for special coverage of the first prime time hearing from the house select committee investigating the january 6th capitol right. riot.we will be fox business ne. coverage available for all fox broadcast around the country and also live streamed on and on fox nation with no restrictions or pay walls there. prime time programs on fox news channel will dip in as news warrants. and then we will be back for a two-hour special at 11:00 p.m. eastern time on fox news channel. martha and i will be joining shannon bream for live news and analysis and reaction to the
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hearing. president biden is in los angeles tonight trying to shore up support for a new immigration initiative at the summit of the americas. but with some of the players absent, it's looking like an up hill battle. white house correspondent jacqui heinrich is traveling with the president in los angeles. >> hosting the summit of the americas for the first time in nearly 30 years, the u.s. is using high profile meetings with regional leaders to launch a new joint agreement on migration as a caravan of thousands pushes towards the southern border. but with presidents from northern triangle countries and mexico all refusing to come, it's unclear what president biden can achieve. >> this is the americas. we should be lock step with our neighbors. >> defending its decision to block cuba, nicaragua and vendz from attending over human rights issues prompting the boycott, the white house says the absences won't get in the way of agreements but they are also on their heels over biden's tentative plans to meet with the saudis despite their record on human rights. >> our pilots have flown with their pilots striking targets
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against isis. and the crown prince isn't just a crowned prince he is the defense minister of that very important partner. >> plagued by confusion over the agenda and attendees putting the biden white house in a bad light says one former obama administration official writing something needs to fundamentally change in how this white house deals with diplomacy. biden needs to reset the whole national security team. back in washington, where gas prices today reached 5.16 for a gallon of regular, biden treasury secretary insists tax hikes on businesses will help with inflation. >> inflation is a matter of demand and supply deficit reduction seems like it's appropriate. >> as democratic lawmakers take fire for sounding out of touch. >> after waiting for a long time to have enough chips in this country to finally get my electric vehicle, i got it and drove it from michigan to here this last weekend and went by every single gas station and
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didn't matter how high it was. >> that is just so out of touch with reality. but that's where the hard left is. >> so, bret, don't expect any tough questions for president biden during this trip. he is not even planning to hold a news conference despite secretary of state antony blinken criticizing efforts in several latin american countries to suppress press freedom just here at this summit. however, the president is making time for an interview with jimmy kimmel tonight. bret? >> bret: those electric vehicles are not cheap, you are right. jacqui, thanks. the migrant caravan moving through mexico is said to be nearing 15,000 and growing on this side of the border a new surge in criminal activity putting border officials and migrants in danger in that area. correspondent griff jenkins reports tonight from the rio grande valley. >> venezuela. >> migrant caravan continues to grow. >> we are 14 to 15,000 immigrants and growing. >> organizer luis also says some
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migrants have begun to receive humanitarian visas valid for 180 days. allowing them to work in mexico and move freely throughout the country. but few intend on staying. to the united states god willing. >> outline of the members of this exodus want to get to the united states. no one wants to stay in mexico. >> on the u.s. side of the border, another typical day of unprecedented crisis. >> early morning foot pursuits in rough terrain. surrendering to agents. high-speed chase with smugglers forcing a elementary school to lock down. four were caught. two got away. >> this is a threat to national security. not only that but to the border community because you have these human smugglers that are in high-speed chases. they are endangering the motoring public. they are endangering these communities.
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>> the criminal activity concerns law enforcement. in just the past 72 hours in the rio grande valley sector alone, they have arrested 11 gang members as well as a registered sex offender a honduran national convicted in virginia in 2018 of carnal knowledge of a minor. >> we won't know until they are until we actually capture them. some of them are criminals. some of them do blend in with these groups. >> and tonight nbc is reporting that the department of homeland security is planning to transport migrants from the southern border further interior of the country. a dhs spokesperson tells fox news, quote: no decision has been made. bret? >> bret: griff jenkins along the border. thank you. stocks were off today. the dow dropped 269. the s&p 500 fell 45. the nasdaq lost 89. up next, captivating testimony from recent mass shooting survivors amid a battle to find common ground on gun legislation. >> i wish something will change. not only for our kids but every
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>> bret: an emotional hearing on capitol hill today as lawmakers listen to testimony from mass shooting victims and the survivor the texas school shooting in uvalde. it comes as senators walk a tight rope trying to find a narrow compromise on gun reform legislation. congressional correspondent chad pergram tells us where things stand tonight. >> there was the uvalde pediatrician. >> i will never forget what i saw that day. >> parents who lost kids. >> and we demand action. we understand that for some reason, to some people, to people with money, to people who fund political campaigns, the guns are more important than children. >> and the harrowing tale of a fourth grade his or her survived the slaughter. >> shot my friend. and i thought he was going to come back to the room.
3:18 pm
so i grabbed her blood and i put it all over me. >> new york mayor eric adams begged lawmakers to stop the violence. >> it is high noon in america. >> the second amendment advocates warned about scaling back access to arms amid a crime wave. >> who and you who would call for more gun controls are the same ones that are calling to defund the police. >> republicans contend the second amendment is immutable. >> evil deeds do not transcend constitutional rights. it's the other way around. >> bipartisan senators are negotiating a narrow gun bill that barring assault weapons is off the table. >> reinstating assault weapon ban? >> we are trying to get an outcome. >> progressives could oppose a senate bill. some democrats will take anything at this stage. >> even if we make incremental progress those are incremental lives glafd attorney general merrick garland says the mayor of uvalde requested a doj review
3:19 pm
of how police responded to the shooting. garland says this is not a criminal inquiry. bret? >> bret: so powerful to hear that young girl about what she had to do in that classroom. chad, i want to turn to this topic we did -- mike emanuel did this piece earlier about what's coming tomorrow with the januar. you know, it is pretty rare to have a prime time committee hearing. it's been a number of years. >> that's right. there was certainly a day-night double header as we called it on capitol hill during the first impeachment trial president trump in 2019, the first impeachment theargs there. the last scheduled evening hearlings were by the house veterans affairs committee in 2015. they were trying to cast a spotlight on problems at the v.a., usually when you have a confirmation hearing for supreme court justice, those hearings bleed into the evening but very rare to have a prime time hearing, something that is schedule in the evening. >> bret: all right. chad, thank you. >> officials tell fox news there are no u.s. injuries after an
3:20 pm
apparent drone strike near the u.s. consulate in erbil, iraq. there have been a number of small drone attacks against targets in erbil close to where american forces are working. they have been attributed to iranian backed groups. staying overseas, ukrainian forces are battling russian troops in a key eastern city tonight. the regional governor of luhansk insist the ukrainian military are still fighting, quote, for every serenity meter of the city admitted troops may have to retreat. the battle for donetsk is happening as russian forces appear to close in on the control of the luhansk region. it's one of two that make up the industrial heartland known as donbas. up next, back larch against soft on crime mollies, and it's impact on the midterms coming up. first, beyond our borders tonight. iran appears to sandy message to western nations by turning off surveillance devices used by u.n. inspectors to monitor the
3:21 pm
islamic republic uranium enricherment. the move comes as negotiators seek to censure iran at a meeting this week in vienna for failing to provide credible information over nuclear material found at undeclared sites across the country. police in berlin are working to determine if a man intentionally drove into a school group outside a populist shopping district. the man drove into people on a street corner before crashing into a shop window killing one, seriously injuring nine others. and belgium's king bestows a top honor on the last known surviving veteran of world war ii beginning a six day visit amid ongoing efforts to atone for colonial era abuses. king felipe then addressed congo's parliament and met with congo's president. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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hold on tight and let go! stay two nights and get a free night. book now at ♪ >> bret: the fbi has seized electronic data of a retired four star general who authorizes a claim made false statements and withheld incriminating documents about his role in illegal foreign lobbying campaign on behalf of qatar. court records obtained by the associated press allege retired general violated foreign lobbying laws. allen denies working as qatar agent. will spokesperson allen voluntarily cooperated with the investigation. allen led u.s. and nato forces in afghanistan before being tapped in late 2017 to lead the influential brookings institution think tank. voters in san francisco are sending a strong message to soft on crime politicians across the country tonight after a convincing majority agreed to
3:28 pm
recall progressive district attorney chesa boudin. senior correspondent claudia cowan has the story from san francisco. >> election aftershocks on the streets of san francisco. fed up with rampant lawlessness, drug use and theft, voters overwhelmingly recalled district attorney chesa boudin, one of the most progressive in the nation. >> this is a movement, not a moment in history. >> despite his defeat, boudin sounded like a winner, telling his supporters the progressive movement would continue and blaming his loss on billionaire republicans. >> we have two cities. we have two systems of justice. we have one for the wealthy and the well-connected and a different one for everybody else. >> that's exactly what we are fighting to change. >> his decisive defeat sends a message to other soft on crime das even the motor liberal of cities won't tolerate progressive reform that favor
3:29 pm
rehabilitation and second chances over locking people up. >> people are going to take a very hard look at any candidates that are running as a progressive d.a. to see whether or not they really have mall intentions. >> l.a.'s progressive district attorney may be the next to go. george gascon is facing his second recall attempt in two years. quheem billionaire dropper rica rousseau tough on crime approach to public safety and homelessness saying he will hire 1500 new police officers to patrol the nation's second largest city. and as he seeks a second term, governor gavin newsom will face republican brian dolly. >> back here in san francisco, no word yet on who the mayor, a more moderate democrat, will appoint to serve out the remainder of boudin's term. but the next election is in november and boudin has not
3:30 pm
ruled out running again for the office he just lost. bret? >> bret: claudia cowan outside of city hall. looks like a wedding is going on up there good things happening. all right, claudia, thank you. fox news obtains new jailhouse recordings on an accused murder suspect and the audio the man says he wants to cut a deal. before los angeles d.a. george gascon is potentially recalled. you just heard that mentioned in claudia's piece about gascon. correspondent bill melugin shows us more tonight from los angeles. >> the campaign to recall progressive los angeles d.a. george gascon is almost on the ballot with more than half a million signatures collected. and some criminal defendants in l.a. are getting worried. this is wily wilkerson, a gang member charged with murdering a man with a home invasion burglary in l.a. county last year. fox news has obtained exclusive jailhouse audio of wilkerson telling a loved one his attorney wants to make a deal quickly
3:31 pm
before gascon potentially gets recommend. eric is the pp of the lapd union. he says defendants are becoming increasingly eager to make deals while they still have gascon in office. their big esther is george gascon it's not their defense lawyer it's george gascon that's hot biggest cheerleader right now. for the first time the los angeles mom run over with her baby by a hit and run driver is speak out exclusively to fox news. >> he did it on purpose. i made eye contact with him. >> that 16-year-old driver was on felony projection at the time yet gascon's office opted to file lesser charges against him leading to a lenient five month
3:32 pm
sentence in diversionary camp. >> i voted for this guy because i believed that you know, our prisons do need some reform but rewarding criminals, violent criminals for their actions is very far from any kind of reformation that anybody would think is appropriate. >> bret, that mom tells fox news she feels like gascon's policies have enabled criminals to essentially feel like they can get away with close to whatever they want. she tells us she is now planning to move out of the state of california. we will send it back to you. >> bret: bill melugin. push for gun control legislation where we're on capitol hill. first is here is what some of our fox affiliates are covering tonight. fox 2 in detroit where former olympic gymnasts are among dozens of assault victims seeking more than $1 billion from the fbi. alleging it mishandled its investigation of former team
3:33 pm
u.s.a. doctor larry nassar. they say the botched probe allowed him to continue to sexually abuse them even after they reported him to the bureau in 2015. fox 6 in birmingham, alabama where flash flooding leads to nor than 40 water rescues. just in one day and significant problems for drivers. the birmingham fire department says they are working to stabilize affected areas. no serious injuries fortunately have been reported. this is a live look at los angeles fox 11. out there with bill. one of the big stories out there tonight the fighters announce a pair of tribute tours to honor late drummer taylor hawkins. both show also take place in september with one in london the other in los angeles. hawkins died march 25th during a south american tour with the band. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report," we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ >> this kind of behavior is obviously behavior that we will not tolerate. threats of violence and actual violence against the justices, of course, strike at the heart of our democracy.
3:39 pm
we will do everything we can to prevent them and to hold people who do them accountable. >> bret: attorney general merrick garland about this threat, real threat to justice brett kavanaugh. "the washington post" writes it this way: man with weapon arrested near brett kavanaugh's home officials say. according to the affidavit roske told police he was upset over the leaked draft of an opinion that would overturn the constitutional right to abortion and also the recent school shooting in uvalde. the prospect of overturning roe v. wade has amplified tensions at the court where justices are circulating drafts of opinions and dissents. a final decision is expected this month or in early july. he said he wanted to kill justice kavanaugh. he is now in custody. but it's bringing up a lot of other questions. let's bring in our panel syndicated radio host hugh hewitt. mara liasson national political correspondent of "national public radio." fox news senior political analyst brit hume. brit, this is a big story. >> brit: it is a big story. it's nice to see that the
3:40 pm
attorney general has finally decided that the justice does have a role to play here and this is intolerable these kind of threats and attempts at violence. he could have enforced the law that forbids the kind of protests we have seen outside brett kavanaugh's house and in his neighborhood. maybe he will do so in the future. that would be a welcomed development. it would also be a welcomed development, bret, i think, if people who have uttered public threats against you have been justices, politicians who should know better, schumer in particular started to tone it down. i guess i'm not sure we have heard anything like that interest from chuck schumer since but it left an effect. this kind of behavior has got to stop and it's sad to say this is happening in our country and sad to say we need guards outside of the homes of the justices of the supreme court and perhaps at the homes of other justices and judges around the country as well. we seem to need them. >> bret: yeah. meantime, there is this bill that is stuck up on capitol hill, mara, it's cornyn-coons
3:41 pm
bill about security for justices and their families. i just have some news from how this all started. the supreme court originally wanted police powers for supreme court officers the same as capitol police. in other words, if there were protesters that they could make arrests. that was turned down by the legislators. they didn't put it in the bill. they also wanted their force to have the same benefits as capitol police in order to kind of make their force whole. they are down 15%. that was not put in the bill either. but, the protection for the justices and their families was basically the bill from coons-cornyn. but it's over in the house and the house said we're not going to move this forward unless there's also protection for the clerks of the supreme court. well, the senate said we're not going to do that but now the bill is in limbo and, you know,
3:42 pm
leader hoyer has put out numerous statements on this. but, you know, leader hoyer has protection but does his staff up on capitol hill have the same protection he has? >> well, look, we don't know about threats to clerks. we don't know what the needs are but, this is a bipartisan bill. i would expect that something will get passed to protect the justices. we just had a retired judge in wisconsin murdered. there is lots and lots of violence right now. i would expect that something is going to be passed to give the supreme court justices, maybe other employees the protection that they need. >> bret: yeah. hugh, bret mentioned this but this is back at the confirmation hearings and this is senator schumer outside the supreme court. it got a lot of attention and seems relevant now. take a listen. >> i want to tell you, gulch, i gorsuch,i want to tell you, kav, have you released a whirlwind and you will pay the price. you won't know what hit you if you go forward with these awful
3:43 pm
decisions. >> bret: so we spent a lot of time and we will tomorrow with the january 6th committee which was a horrible day analyzing what president trump's statements on the mall meant to the capitol rioters, but what that statement meant and the message that was sent, what about that? >> well, that was the most irresponsible statement that chuck schumer has made in a career of irresponsible statements. i want to echo what leader mcconnell said on the floor of the senate, republican leader today. this is exactly, exactly, he used that phrase three times exactly, exactly what was foreseeable, indeed it was predicted and an attempted assassination of a supreme court justice is a republic thundering event in order to change the law it is a seismic event and the proximate cause was the leak, another proximate cause was the publication and geo data on where justices lived. and it's not just the justice. it's their family, it's their
3:44 pm
neighbors. it's law enforcement officers and that the house did not convene to pass that bill, which passed the senate unanimously almost a month ago, coons-cornyn is a shock to me and i hope it passes tomorrow. >> bret: mara mentioned, brit, the judge in wisconsin. there is also this judge whose son died after getting threats and she was on with john roberts this afternoon. take a listen. >> i always knew that threat was somewhere behind me. i always thought about it but the day my son was killed in our foyer, the day my -- i watched my son's life fade away, now, now i know that it's right here. it's right, front and crencht but i will tell you right now, mark and i don't worry about ourselves. our lives is pretty much set in stone at this point. i worry about all the judges that want to do one thing and
3:45 pm
one thing only. serve this country and protect democracy. and we shouldn't have to give, you know, give up our lives to do our jobs. >> bret: pretty compelling, brit. >> brit: pretty hard to argue with that point of view and she is absolutely right. and, you know, it appears not only that the judges around the country, as well as on the high court in washington and other courts, higher courts need protection but trial level judges do, too. maybe their families do, too. this is where we are. it is utterly distressing to see this in our country. the respect for lack of respect for the rule of law rage. we live in an age of rage and is it is incumbent on those of us who have a voice to tone it down. to stop with the name-calling. to stop with the hateful rhetoric. to say stop with the threats. it's very unhealthy and if we saw today once again as if we didn't know it's very dangerous. >> bret: obviously comes, mara, as this dhs bulletin is
3:46 pm
suggesting in coming months. we expect threat environment to become more exacerbated. meantime there is this effort on capitol hill about guns. do you get a sense of where things are that a framework is developing? >> well, you know, everybody who has been involved in these talks said that this time feels different. that they are -- they feel optimistic that they are going to get somewhere. that might be a triumph of hope over experience because we have been there before. i mean, toomey and mansionen tried to get a gun bill and failed. we do know people want to do something republicans in particular are hearing from their constituents that something needs to be done about gun violence. look at the polls 80% say background checks would be good with 60% say age 18 to 21 for assault weapons. so, you know, this would be the moment to do something. we will see if they can pull it
3:47 pm
off. >> brit: hugh, last word on. this i do think we are very close. last night when matthew mcconaughey said i'm dad you are dad we ought to be able to talk. he spoke to the country of not only parents and grandparents but families. there is a moment. there is an opportunity. i hope -- it's up to cornyn and his colleagues to make it happen. i'm not sure the house bill that passed today or tomorrow is what is on the table. but i think we are very close to something. >> bret: panel stand by if you would. voters up next overwhelmingly reject soft on crime policies. what that may mean for the midterms. >> but first today's throw back. 40 years ago today, president ronald reagan became the first president to address both houses of parliament. prime minister margaret thatcher looked on as president reagan spoke about how to defeat the soviet union peace through strength and fight for democracy around the world. >> there are threats now to our freedom, indeed to our very
3:48 pm
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>> people are angry. they are frustrated. voters were not asked to choose between criminal justice reform and something else. they were given an opportunity to voice their frustration and their outrage and they took that opportunity. >> the people of los angeles have had enough and i do believe that they really now realize that george gascon does not care about public safety. >> the d.a. of san francisco has just conceded he has been recalled. [cheers] >> george gascon, you're next. >> bret: wow, the district attorney of san francisco did lose the recall effort chesa boudin was overwhelming. it wasn't even close. if you look at the vote there 60, 40 yes to recall him. and now, there are sights being
3:54 pm
set on the los angeles district attorney. "wall street journal" editorial board says crime and punishment in california, mr. boudin blamed right wing billionaires for his defeat which is amusing since he and other left wing prosecutors in new york, philadelphia and elsewhere were elected with the help of billionaire george sore soros. voters are catching up with the harsh reality of what progressive policies have wrowt. this is what always hand happens, takes power but voters have had to relearn that lesson the hard way. what do we learn from this lesson? we are back with our panel, brit, your thoughts? >> brit: well, when voters in these cities, no matter their political leanings are not going to put up with crime waves and they see these scenes of rampant crime in the streets. people looting stores, running away. very soft prosecution of them a lot of things formerly prosecuted are not being prosecuted. they are not going to put up with that anywhere.
3:55 pm
i don't know how these prosecutors thought they were going to be able to do this stuff and stay? office it turns out in san francisco at least they can't and it's very likely this will be repeated else somewhere. >> bret: hugh, it could have reverberations for the midterms. >> very much so. in california the republicans nominated in congressional districts everyone that they preferred. they got chen nominated for controller very center right republican. nathan hockman attorney general. going back to the pete wilson model the dan lundgren model libertarian on social issues and tough on crime. governor wilson won back-to-back when they first moved to california and you can have the golden state back but you have got to vote for people that enforce the law. i think that's coming. >> bret: mara, the l.a. mayor's race is now focusing, it's going to be a run off, focusing on crime and homelessness as it heads to this run off. take a listen. >> they are upset about the problems of homelessness. they are upset about the problems of crime, corruption. but they are also upset that our
3:56 pm
city government seems to accept these problems as if life has to be this way. >> we will stop the crimes of today by responding to neighborhood calls for more officers on the beat. and we will also prevent the crimes of tomorrow by investing in proven prevention and reduction strategies. stop the crimes of today and prevent the crimes of tomorrow. >> bret: this is much different sounding democratic candidate or pitch than we have heard over the past year. >> well, wait a second. in the primary. >> bret: in new york mayor adams. >> yes. the democratic party voters have shown again and again that they are not as left as the right caricature rises them as. look what happened in san francisco not long ago they got rid of the school board, why? because they messed around with tests in high schools which is the elevator to the middle class for immigrant families. eric adams, why even in super
3:57 pm
blue places, crime homelessness are things that people don't put up with. and karen bass is not someone that's been calling to defund the police. you just heard her. joe biden hasn't been calling to defund the police he is wondering why all the billions of dollars he sent american rescue plan haven't been spent on hiring more police. >> bret: right. >> i think that, you know, we are seeing the true colors of regular democratic voters and, you know, they are making a correction. >> bret: speaking of president biden, obviously as a candidate, brit, he campaigned more as a moderate. he campaigned more in the middle. and arguably a lot of critics of this administration say he has governed more with a hat tip to the left and the progressives. right now, a poll out today, quinnipiac has independence giving president biden a 25% job
3:58 pm
approval. and disapprove 61%. those are the lowest numbers. he is now at the lowest point that the rcp average of all polls for approval at any time. >> bret: you know, it used to be that if you could win your party and win the independents, win the independents you would win the election. recent years democrats have come to believe that they didn't have to necessarily win the independents and now i think though when you lose them as badly as this 61% to 25% you are in real trouble. democrats widely recognize this. but, biden really has governed more to the left than he seemed to indicate he wanted to during the campaign. so, although during the campaign he did say some pretty lefty things like i'm going to end fossil fuels, he said that. he also said at one point he wanted to defund the police
3:59 pm
although he reversed himself. so it was a little -- not entirely clear he was a moderate but he did sort of pose as one. >> bret: quickly, hugh, to turn the aircraft carrier if you will before the midterms for this president and this party,. >> have to secure the border, bret. i have really do not think it's possible if you continue to see the stories that we saw earlier on "special report" tonight of a border that is essentially open to people who are returning who have done heinous crimes in the united states before. so, everything this administration says about crime and everything every progressive democrat wants to repudiate or forget is made up when we talk about the border. >> bret: all right, panel, as always, thank you. ♪ ♪ >> bret: finally tonight a special day. >> order arms. [applause] >> greeting for a police officer released from chicago hospital. officer fernando was shot in the
4:00 pm
head during a traffic stop last week. she left the hospital. she was greeted by bagpipes and mariachi band an hundreds of officers. she thanked her partner are for having her police and chicago police for caring for her family. great story. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. fair balanced and still unafraid. "jesse watters primetime" is right now. hi, jesse. >> jesse: hey, bret. thank you so much. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jesse: our president famously said i'm not a mind reader. i cannot predict what will happen and what people will do. well, mr. president, you don't have to be a mind read tore predict what happened today. when a left wing lunatic flew across the country to try to assassinate supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. but, was he just following orders? remember what chuck schumer said. >> i want to tell you