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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 8, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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statement about polly p's reckless driving. saw the sticker on my gas pump today, gas prices higher than hunter biden. that's a good one. we did not get to a window but involves writing a will, am i right? we will have an update tomorrow. tucker is up next and always remember, i am watters -- kat from your to do it with me? and this is my world. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." a year and a half after january 6th, it is interesting that even the most basic questions about what actually happened that day remain mysteriously unanswered. first and most obviously if you have seen the tape, why did law enforcement open the doors of the building and let protesters walk right into the capital? that is bizarre behavior no matter what they say. so why did it happen?
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and then once it did happen, why did authorities lied to the country for months and tell us that officer of brian sicknick had been murdered by the mob when in fact the medical examiner determined he died of a stroke hours later. just tonight on "cbs news," we were informed just a moment ago, as norah o'donnell stared on like it was true, that five police officers were murdered by the mob. on january 6th. really? we know of one killing on january 6th, and that killing was committed by officer michael byrd, capitol hill police officer with a confirmed record of highly reckless behavior with firearms, and yet for some reason he was allowed to shoot an unarmed, nonthreatening woman. why was he allowed to do that? what was the justification? no one has ever told us. why is that? and by the way, just how many fbi agents and doj informants were active in the crowd on january 6th and what exactly were they doing there? why can't we know the answer to that question, seriously?
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and why did kamala harris lie about where she was on january 6? and why are there still no leads on those two attempted pipe bombings and capitol hill, remember those? massive amounts of physical evidence, but the fbi apparently has got to know where come? and so on. so there is still once again a remarkable amount that we don't know about what happened that day, despite the fact they tell us it was the largest fbi investigation in american history. that is very strange. we will address it all in some detail on tomorrow's show. tonight we want to get to the most basic question of all that you never hear ask and it is this: why did so many trump voters to show up at the capitol in first place? somehow, no one has ever really explained that. for a year and a half, democrats have searched for a smoking gun that would prove some sort of preplanned conspiracy to storm the capital. they have not found that because there wasn't a preplanned conspiracy. so instead they have told us the crowd converge on the capital that day because their orange cult leader commanded them to. trump did encourage a protest that day, that is true, but it
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is not a real explanation for what happened next. the people you saw outside the capitol on january 6th were not brainwashed robots mindlessly following their leader, whatever you think of them they were not sociology students from wesley telling you with a straight face they have 400 genders because the professor told them so. this is the opposite, these are solely middle-class people, older, small business owners from small towns far from fashionable coats, mostly passionate and patriotic americans who believe in the bill of rights and know what it says. these are people who genuinely love america, far more then say chuck schumer loves america. so why were they there? why did they go to the capitol? well, because -- again, unlike chuck schumer -- they actually believe in democracy. and they believe that democracy had been taken from them. they were convinced the presidential election was unfair -- which it certainly was. some of them believe the election had been rigged. we will let others debate
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whether that is true, but the fact is many that day believed it was true, and that itself is a huge problem for all of us going forward. the fact that large numbers of americans believe democracy isn't real may itself be the biggest threat to our democracy, because in order for our system to work, the population has to believe that it works. in other words that our elections are fair and transparent, and therefore, legitimate. you can't just censor or arrest people for thinking the system is rigged. you have to show them the system isn't rigged. that is your baseline obligation if you lead the country. and yet the biden administration, amazingly, is doing just the opposite. after screaming out the rest of us for questioning elections, that is immoral, they they said, joe biden himself has begun to do just that. here is biden in january. >> speaking of voting rights legislation, if this isn't passed, do you still believe the upcoming election will be fairly
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conducted and its results will be legitimate? >> well, it all depends on whether or not we are able to make the case to the american people that some of this is being set up to try to alter the outcome of the election. >> you were asked whether or not you believed that we would have free and fair elections in 2022, some of the state legislatures reforms, their voting protocols, you said it depends. do you think that they would in any way be illegitimate? >> oh, yeah, i think it is easy to be illegitimate. >> tucker: huh? 2020 was the most secure election in american history, they tell us that endlessly and you are not and probably a criminal if you say otherwise. and they say that because biden won. 81 million votes. but things are different now because the democrat party
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understands they will be severely punished, it will be spanked at the polls five months from now. because they know what the outcome is going to be, joe biden is now telling us that election could "easily be illegitimate." illegitimate? how would it be illegitimate? well, states require voter i.d.s at the polls to stop voter fraud. that would be racism, the new jim crow, remember that? then, when primary elections in georgia, the state most debated, actually took place, those supposedly racist voting laws led to what? a 200% increase in early voter turnout. how did that happen? no one in the democratic party explained or even acknowledge that it did happen. instead they got back to work thinking of new ways to destroy the public's confidence in this upcoming election, the one they are almost certain to lose. in the state of michigan, a political activist called jocelyn benson, now the secretary of state from a former employee of the southern poverty law center, by the way, just
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accused other secretaries of state of trying to rigged the election by spreading "disinformation." watch. >> the very threat of secretaries of state using these increasingly high-profile position as a bully pulpit to spread misinformation and lies, thereby causing citizens to disengage and lose faith in their democracy, is one of the most dangerous and pernicious ways in which this office can be misused. we facilitated a meeting with law enforcement officials throughout the state, the attorneys general office and local election officials in our state, to build connectivity so we can preemptively prepare for anything, and it is a big job of what we have to do in this moment, and if you don't have a secretary of state leading in that way, you can instead open the door for all their pernicious attempts to undermine our democracy. >> tucker: okay, so first of all, people who don't blink enough thought to make you nervous. people who recite premasticated chunks of language handed to them by the dnc ought to be dismissed because they are not begging for themselves, they are
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repeating propaganda. but secretaries of state who do that should be feared because secretaries of state are responsible for certifying elections. so if you are a secretary of state and wanted to restore the public's trust in election results, you probably do your best not to sound like a low iq msnbc weekend host on msnbc. instead you try to come off as competent and sane. but jocelyn benson is deliberately doing the opposite. why is she doing that? why is she trying to shake your faith in the coming elections? you've got to wonder. and of course, jocelyn benson's concerns about election integrity are strangely selective, or maybe not so strange. she never mentioned, for example, a major and supposed the unintentional screwup by the census bureau that just took place, probably have not read about it, the census dramatically miscounted the population of 14 states and you may not be surprised to learn most of the over counted states were controlled by democrats. the undercounted states were heavily republican. why does this matter? because the senses determines
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congressional apportionment, so the mistakes the census just made could give democrats control of the congress. therefore democrats aren't bothered by it. that is not a crisis. democrats also are very interested in making sure votes are counted quickly. counting votes quickly, like delivering justice quickly and certainly, may be the single fastest way and most important way to restore the public's faith in the institution, in this case, in elections. so pennsylvania just held a primary election. and it took weeks to get the answer. france just held a national election, and announce the winner within a few hours using paper ballots. again, the same day. and in pennsylvania, a primary took weeks to decide. so what is the difference? well, in france, there is virtually no voting by mail, no early or absentee voting, either. ballots are hand counted. our system is obviously much slower and critically far more susceptible to voter fraud.
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why? because democrats like it that way. they want you to distrust this fall's election results, and that is why they are going on television to warn you that white supremacists, a term they never define, because its power lies in its ambiguity, but somehow white supremacists are going to hunt down election officials and "attack the election." watch this. >> we all should be concerned about the midterms being harmed and all public officials should be concerned about their own safety, i fear. jonathan martin, our friend who wrote "this shall not pass" makes it clear in his book this is something that is a continuing part of american government, american politics, the big lie continues, the fealty to trump continues, and the encouragement to the white supremacists and terrorists to be involved continues. >> tucker: white supremacists and the terrorists. terms they never define. the most powerful words in the english language, by the way, were they used to suppress the
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vote and terrify you. but steve cohen is telling you it is the white supremacists you have to worry about, and by that, he means anyone who disagrees with him in any way. what you don't have to worry about is blm, the democratic militia who torched court houses are shot people in the streets or people who show up at the horse know marcos is of supreme court justices with guns, none of that is a threat to democracy because all of that id helps the democratic party. very few people say any of this out loud. one of the very few who has been brave enough to do that is, of all things, an nfl defensive chlorinator called jack del rio. he was attacked relentlessly for pointing this out, here is what he said in response. >> i think we all as americans have the right to express ourselves, especially if you're being respectful. i am being respectful. i just ask a simple question, really, did i just get right down to it, why did i ask? a simple question. why are we not looking into those things, if we are going to talk about it, why are we not looking into those things? because it is kind of hard for
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me to say, i can realistically look at it, i see the images on tv, people's livelihoods are being destroyed, businesses are being burned down, no problem. and then we have a dustup at the capitol, nothing burnt down, and we are not going to talk about it. we are going to make that a major deal. i just think it is kind of two standards and if we applied the same standards and we are going to be reasonable with each other, let's have a discussion. that's all it was. >> tucker: yeah. exactly. but ultimately what matters long term for all of the is that people believe our system is real. that democracy is not a charade. the outcome is not predetermined. that everything in this country is not controlled by a small group of people, billionaires, and the people who work for them in washington, that everybody has a voice, that we are all equal and that all citizens have an equal chance to choose their leaders. that's the core promise of
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democracy, and people no longer believe it. so the question is, can we now, with the current rules in place, have faith in november's election? that really matters, not just bees because the outcome of november matters but becausee system itself matters more than anything. harmeet dhillon is the chairwoman of the republican national lawyers association and has looked very closely at this question. harmeet, thank you so much for coming on, it is because i democrats want to all of a sudden undermine the public's faith in elections. it is pretty low and partisan, but the deeper question is can we actually trust the outcome of these elections with the system we have been changed? it was changed a lot under covid. where are we now? >> well, thanks for having me, tucker, and the answer is we are definitely moving in a much better direction and we just had primary elections throughout the united states, we have a few more to come, and what we have seen is in fact, americans are coming out to vote and in georgia, for example, after they passed the second of the major election reforms, iowa did one, as well, they had record
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turnout, as you mentioned, so despite all the fearmongering and stacey abrams claiming this is a racist plot to undermine black people from voting, in fact the opposite was true, so throughout the country we have seen legislatures, including some by partisan in virginia, coming together to pass reforms to increase public confidence in our elections, and it is important not just at the elections be safe and secure like you said, but that people believe them to be, and yet democrats, including the president, are working very hard to guess like the public tell them they should not trust the outcome of an election that hasn't even occurred. talk about evil and cynical. so, we are working with legislatures to make sure that in fact people do have confidence in the outcome, whatever it is, and that includes having transparency, so some of the things that we saw in the 2020 election that can never happen again would include billionaires like mark zuckerberg using their cash to affect the outcome of elections in swing states, so i am pleased to say that today,
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numerous state legislatures have passed laws that banned soccer box or anything like it from influencing our elections in th. democrat governors, including the governors, including the governors of pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, and north carolina, have vetoed those measures to increase security and confidence in our elections, so you have to wonder what they are really looking for there. some of the other reforms we have seen have been either elimination of drop boxes or heavy regulation of them. when you look at all of that we are definitely moving in a much better direction, voter i.d., other things that really increase the confidence of citizens, and we have to keep going at it, tucker, so i feel confident myself about our vote in november of this year. >> tucker: good, that is reassuring to hear. effect a tech oligarch, a partisan democrat, was able to control the mechanics of our election in swing states is so shocking and wrong, i don't agree spend enough time considering that. i'm glad to hear it is not meant to happen again.
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harmeet dhillon, thank you so much. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: so, if you are looking for reassurance that democracy can work, look to san francisco. last night, 60% of the city's voters decided to oust chesa boudin dean, that is the district attorney who refuse to enforce the law in san francisco and turned our prettiest city into a pretty speech 20 fourish for a place, for example, @shannonbream is one of the reason people feel free to defen the streets. >> does that mean is district attorney you can't do anything about human feces on the street? >> sorry to say, the best i can do about it is use whatever platform i have, all of you on twitter, to demand more public toilets. i think public toilets are a great solution. to that problem. [applause] i will tell you what is not a good solution is having police
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could be investigating unsolved rapes and murders get distracted with paperwork to give citations to people who do not have any where to use the toilet in private. >> tucker: oh, so there is human feces on the sidewalk but it is it is your fault for not building toilets. that is the message san francisco voters sent yesterday and the reason they were able to trace this back toa man called david sacks, one of the people who funded this recall election. he is the cofounder -- also the former ceo of paypal and happy to have him join us tonight to celebrate the triumph of democracy in the city of sentences go. congratulations. were you surprised by the margins here smack they seem huge given the city. >> yeah, thank you, tucker, great to be here. boudin tried to frame this as a republican recall and called it trumpist, but only -- it is a
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90% democrat city. a 60% majority shows you mainstream democrats and moderates throughout the city ejected the radical progressive agenda. some boundary lines are being drawn inside the democratic party were average democratic voters are starting to push back against the activists and the woke billionaires, the donor class, the unions, the special interest, who are trying to push an agenda out of step even with the liberal citizens of san francisco. >> tucker: well, exactly. this is some sort of trumpist effort, whatever your politics are, you stepped in and gave voters the opportunity to weigh in because it is an emergency what is happening in your city, i think it is fair to say. you just allowed democracy to take place. how could anyone complain about that? >> right, and it was not just me. there were many other organizations and individuals who contributed, who are registered democrats. it is very much a broad-based effort, people in san francisco
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rejecting their sort of radical d carson ration us agenda where chesa boudin dean had this idea they could make san francisco safer by decreasing the prison population as much as possible, they call it decarceration. we are living with the comes once is that and san franciscans from all walks of life are rejecting that agenda. the activist wing of the democratic party commitment to take more than one election for them to reject it. this is going to have to be replicated across the country. >> tucker: really? you honestly don't -- and you follow this closely -- if they lose in san francisco, that's not a clear left message for them? >> well, you know, i think you have the sort of decarerceral prosecutors elected in l.a., they are backed by billionaires,
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not going to change their minds because of one election, they may change -- it's going to take effort in many of these cities. to try and make a change. >> tucker: yeah, it is meant to take democracy. david sachs, congratulations, you made that city better. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: so "the new york times" almost didn't even notice, somehow, but a crazed partisan tried to murder supreme court justice brett kavanaugh today. he knew where kavanaugh lived because democrats including top officeholders including chuck schumer have encouraged protest outside brett kavanaugh's home. more on that next. plus we are learning more details about joe biden's ministry of truth. senator josh hawley just got leaked memos from the disinformation board. he joins us straight ahead share them. we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: just after midnight this morning a man called nicholas roski was arrested outside the home of supreme court justice brett kavanaugh, his home. he took a cab to kavanaugh's home where he lives with his children, then ran away when he saw u.s. marshals.
5:26 pm
when arrested, he said he was planning to murder brett kavanaugh, authorities saw he was carrying a glock pistol and zip tie, only a matter time before something like this happen. for months, thugs have gathered outside brett kavanaugh's home. that is a crime. but the doj has completely ignored it. they have been busy arresting trump officials for noncrimes. in fact, the democratic party lawmakers have encouraged the thugs to show up at brett kavanaugh's house. watch. >> bottom line, you don't condemn it, you think these protesters should continue to be outside supreme court justices homes and interrupt church? >> interrupted and protested all the time. i welcome it in many ways, as long as it is not, you know, violent rhetoric, talking about harm and all those kind of things, i think it is important to understand that happens. we are in public service. >> this supreme court said back then protesters should be able to get right in people's faces. now they are erecting barriers to try to keep protesters as far away from themselves as
5:27 pm
possible. i think that is fundamentally wrong. >> do you think these protesters should be prosecuted for breaking federal law? >> what is the federal law, i'm sorry? >> u.s. code 1507, prevents picketing operating in a building housing the court or in a building or residence occupied or used by such judge. do you think they should be prosecuted for breaking federal law? >> the supreme court itself has heard this argument, and they have themselves said it is protected by the first amendment. >> tucker: kind of weird, they are defending all this on the eve of the january 6th protest hearing. just to be completely clear, this is not simply a question of whether you are allowed to protest, which of course you are, peacefully, we support that right and have supported that right consistently. this is a question of whether or not they are trying to intimidate judges interchanging their decisions. the leak we got from the
5:28 pm
supreme court was not the decision, it was an opinion. they have yet to render the decision. the point of showing up at brett kavanaugh's house and the house of other conservative justices inns to intimidate them indicating their votes. that is a crime. it should be a crime. and yet democrats are abetting it, encouraging it. as far back as march 2020, the democratic leader in the senate, chuck schumer, of all people, threatened concert of justices they ruled the wrong way on his sacred right of abortion. watch this. >> i want to tell you, gorsuch, i want to tell you, kavanaugh, you have released a whirlwind, and he will pay the price. [cheers and applause] you won't know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions. >> tucker: so don't touch partial-birth abortion or the tax loophole. that is chuck schumer's full political career. miranda devine is a columnist for "the new york post" and has been watching all of this and she adjoins us to assess what we
5:29 pm
are seeing. what do you make of this? >> hi, tucker. it is absolutely, perfectly ironic to be happening on the eve of the january 6th committee nonsense theater. because, you know, this was chuck schumer, this was the democrats encouraging protesters to break the law, to break federal law and parade and picket in front of judges houses. now those are exactly the same judges that the doj has locked up hundreds of trump supporters for. they have accused them of sedition. when is chuck schumer going to be charged with sedition? none of those trump supporters at the capital on january 6th committed sedition. they paraded and picketed, just like those protesters did outside judge kavanaugh's home and the other supreme court justices, with the full approval of merrick garland and the president. the president and his press secretary were repeatedly asked during may, when the
5:30 pm
protesters were out there harassing and intimidating supreme court justices, they were repeatedly asked if they would condemn it, and they repeatedly did not. there was not a word of condemnation from the president or his pulpit people against those protesters, and it is against the law, it is the very same law that they locked up trump supporters for. all you can take from this is again the dual system of justice that works in the democratic party. and faye wanted those justices to be intimidated because they didn't want them to do anything about roe vs. wade. >> tucker: equal application of the wall really has to be the red line for all of us, i agree with that completely. miranda devine, thank you so much. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: so we are about to see a huge change in who leads the country. it is going to begin this fall and it may extend into 2024, you can start asking questions you
5:31 pm
would not have otherwise asked, like will kid rock run for something? we asked him that in our newly released documentary, which is out this week, here is how it went. >> he is 51 now and lives on his own ranch, he does not have to go anywhere, but he does, and he puts everything into it. but it makes you wonder, how much longer is he going to do this? you are very much a product of michigan. you and uncle ted, eminem, and lot of famous artists. currently run by a character called gretchen whitmer. would you ever run against her? take over michigan, bring it back to what it was? >> i would run behind her trying to trip her up. >> [laughs] >> no, i like my day job. >> you are not running for office. >> no, not now. one day i was bored and sitting around and really thought i could serve my country and help them out, stir things up a little bit and do what is right, i would have to take a hard look
5:32 pm
at it, but nah. >> where do you see yourself in ten years? >> in ten years i see myself on the front porch, glass of whiskey, cigar, rocking chair, my grandkids are going to come over and walk up and say "grandpa, what are you doing?" and i am going to say, "still rocking." ♪ ♪ >> tucker: that was a pretty good line, obviously. there are a lot like that. in that documentary, just out on fox nation, we recommend, get a free trial on so, in cities across the country, murder and violent crime is soaring. got the numbers and also the video of what is happening and is being encouraged by prosecutors backed by george soros and the democratic party. it is beyond belief.
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straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: in a small but important triumph of democracy, chesa boudin dean was bounced out of his job last night in a referendum but there are more district attorneys like him all across the country and backed by soros, of course, one call jason williams, the d.a. in new orleans, under him, homicides were up 80% last year. here is a news report. >> from 4:00 p.m. friday to 4:00 a.m. sunday, 12 people were shot in seven different incidents, resulting in three people being killed. suspects pulled up in a truck, got out, and began firing at a group of people, hitting three of them. one victim, a 22-year-old male, was pronounced dead at the hospital. less than a mile away, around 3:00 a.m., police that a 16-year-old boy got into an altercation with someone in the french quarter and was shot. >> video shows mayhem in one new orleans neighborhood, dozens of shots send people running. >> my wife and i hear assault
5:39 pm
rifle fire that seemingly was not going to end. >> one neighbor told fox she things more than 70 rounds were fired. >> tucker: the french quarter used to be wild and always has been but you could go there. camp now, too dangerous. out of control is new orleans? at a time they're telling you they need to take your deer rifle away because someone shot up a school, downtown new orleans, filling themselves weaving handguns and rifles on the streets. watch this. [indistinct shouting] >> yeah, man. >> tucker: just parked right in the middle of the street in the convention center in the middle of the day. what are new orleans police doing about this question we check their facebook page and about the anything at all, no rest, they don't care. what have they been doing? well, new orleans police
5:40 pm
department office doing something called a drag brunch. we reached out to the end opd, they said drug brunches are "essential to their mission" and would not tell us if the offices run drag queen duty in the whene video happened. they worry about the collapse of new orleans. they are glad no statues were taken down. instead of telling you the biggest threat this country faces is something called white supremacy. >> each week brings new tragic incidents, increasing number of individuals who hold whites promised us ideology. >> can strike a balance that preserves treasured civil liberties while against a rising tide of white supremacy ism. >> white supremacist terrorism being restored is one of those categories >> white supremacist violence is a nationwide proble. >> tucker: so what exactly is white supremacy?
5:41 pm
it is the most powerful phrase in the english language, you can lose your job and be arrested for it, so what is it? well, they keep it ambiguous just so you will be terrified into obeying them because you do not want to be accused of it. they never define it. turns out, you have to accept the ebl's definition of white supremacist, a paid arm of the democratic party, but even if you believe the definition, there were all last year a total of 13 deaths in the united states due to white supremacy. that is their accounting. by comparison, there were 22,900 murders overall. what lesson should we draw from this? victor davis hanson is a historian and senior of the hoover institution. thanks for coming on. what conclusions do draw? >> well, i think usually in normal times, tucker, that we don't do insane things like let people out with no bail or do not prosecute people who are arrested or let felons out of prison, but these are confined
5:42 pm
to the campus, critical race theory, critical penal theory, i don't know if it was covid or the lockdown or george floyd or the 120 days of rioting in summer of 2020, or the strange 102 mail-in ballots defining the left-wing agenda, but these academic theories got mainstream into actual policies of defunding the police and letting criminals out of jail, and we lost deterrence, so the c the cl today says in a cost-benefit analysis, it is in my interest to commit a crime because i am not going to pay the price for it. and then we can't deal with that reality. if you are talking about white supremacy, we would like to go to search and data areas to confirm that, so when we look at very interracial crimes, which are pretty rare, african americans by a great number disproportionately commit them against whites versus whites versus black. that would not be possible under a white to premises nation. or if you look at murders and violent assaults, african americans, cases of
5:43 pm
murder are between 50 and 60%, even though they only make up 12% of the population. and whites are underrepresented. if you look at hate crimes, african americans are overrepresented and whites are underrepresented. i am not trying to justify any of this, i am just giving you the data, but that data is toxic to these theories, so they try to contextualize it, but we are never going to get to helping the people who really need the help in the inner-city, the innocence, if we do not stop this crime wave and a lot of it has to do with african american males who feel one way or another there is no deterrent left, and as far as the white supremacy, remember lloyd austen and mark milley gave us a lecture after lecture about it, but one thing they did not do, they never gave us any data, they never said here is the pentagon's data, here is the enlisted ranks, we have an epidemic where white soldiers are committing acts of hostility at a greater number
5:44 pm
than hispanics or latinos, they never told us that. but since they wanted to dwell on race, race, race, and proportional representation, which i think is very dangerous in a multiracial society, maybe whites are more violent in the sense they are more likely to be in combat units, but doubled the numbers of the general population and white males died at twice their numbers in afghanistan and iraq. nobody ever talks about that. if that is what they mean by they took a gun and went after the enemy and that makes them dangerous, i don't know if that is what they intended. finally, tucker, they don't -- the left doesn't have an agenda in november so we are going to hear roe vs. wade, we are going to hear the electoral colleges racist for the filibusters, white supremacy, white supremacy, and we are never going to hear, here is what we can do for energy, here's what we can do for deterrence of foreign policy, what we can do for inflation -- none of that. so this is what it's all about. >> tucker: it's pretty simple, if you improve people's lives,
5:45 pm
no matter what color they are, they will vote for you, and if you don't, they won't come i don't know why they haven't figured that out. >> they don't want to go back to a tribal, racial society, we want content of our character, not the color of our skin. >> tucker: amen. thank you. it turns out the biden administration's disinformation -- suppress comment content, to censor you,s illegal. center josh hawley just obtained documents and he's got them for us next. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: calm down, conspiracy note, joe biden told us recently. my disinformation board is going to focus on foreign sort of sources of disinformation, not focused on the domestic population. thank heavens for senator josh hawley because he got documents that show that is of course a total lie. the board was printed in part two monitored domestic speech, conspiracy theories about the validity and security of elections, covid vaccines. [laughs] if you question the covid vaccine. right. you need to be monitored. the board was also working on a partnership with twitter to
5:51 pm
express unauthorized opinions. josh hawley is a senator from missouri and joins us tonight. thank you so much for coming on and doing this. this was aimed, tell me if i am mischaracterizing this, at our population. >> that is exactly right. as it turns out, tucker, the people but biden administration think are a real threat to america, it is not the drug cartels or foreign threats, it is you, it is the american people. if you have questions about covid, but would go in masks, questions about the covid vaccine, this administration wanted you to be monitored and this disinformation board was set upr you. election integrity, same story, the documents specifically mentioned there needed to be a disinformation board because some people were having questions about election integrity. some people had questions about january 6th. we couldn't have that. this board was set up to monitor that. that is what was in their sites, and i tell you, tucker, gives the lie to what they were saying in public. >> tucker: so the federal
5:52 pm
government partnering with private companies to censor americans who criticize pfizer's unconstitutional, isn't it? >> yeah, you would sure think so. this idea that the government is going to stand up, and institution that is going to monitor americans speech, americans political speech, tucker, core political speech about political issues is something that needs to be monitored and countered. this is going to be a state propaganda machine. this board was supposed to push out counter information to americans who are raising questions -- and yes, to partner with big tech. the whole idea here and the documents show this is the government would get together with big tech and collect information on americans who were raising these questions. i mean, how dare you. that is the whole idea here, the government and big tech, these companies would partner together in this massive censorship campaign. it is truly, truly chilling. >> tucker: it is beyond belief. thank you for proving what
5:53 pm
everyone suspected beyond a shadow of a doubt fearless senator josh hawley of missouri, thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: so the cia is spying on you, reading your text. that is illegal but don't worry because they're celebrating pride month. we have the documents! ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: so let's say you are a federal bureaucrat with a critical job that you have repeatedly proven unable to accomplish, like let's say you were in the military but you have shown you are to win wars against poorly armed insurgencies. but you don't want to answer questions about why you failed! what do you do? you celebrate pride month, obviously. that is with the marine corps just posted a picture of a helmt with rainbow colors bullet attached to it. the cia, which is spying on you in making americans less safe than they would otherwise be if the cia did not exist, has posted this picture of a rainbow flag along with the word "pride"
5:59 pm
and added this note, "the cia is a proud lgbtq+ -- a term no one ever defines -- allied. we are committed to maintaining a safe environment for all." so that means -- [laughs] at the very least, the next drone will have a rainbow on it. great to be here come america. we had a very interesting conversation with a porn star turned preacher and his description of what the industry he once worked in does to people and how it exploits and kills them, you can watch it on "tucker carlson today." here is part of it. ♪ ♪ >> literally leading to death. like people are taking their lives because -- like, part of the legislation being passed, like, people are raping people and putting it on the internet and there is no checks and balances to see where it came from -- >> some people are getting rich from it.
6:00 pm
>> yes -- 30 people who are dead who were my friends who took their life because of the industry, all of that content still online, being consumed in astronomical rate. >> tucker: now that was an interesting conversation. you can stream the entire thing tomorrow morning, "tucker carlson today." we will be back tomorrow night. our january 6th special. we will see you then. ♪ ♪ >> sean: and welcome to "hannity." tonight it is 9:00 p.m. here in new york from our commander in chief, oh, he is likely fast asleep after a long trip to the west coast. he is tired. meanwhile back in the swamp in d.c., our u.s. supreme court justices, they are probably likely pretty restless tonight because 24 hours ago, a man that was armed with a 9-millimeter handgun and a knife traveled from california to maryland, to the home of justice brett kavanaugh, and that is where he planned to assassinate the supreme court justice, and


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