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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 8, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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30 people who are dead who were my friends who took their life because of the industry, all of that content still online, being consumed in astronomical rate. >> tucker: now that was an interesting conversation. you can stream the entire thing tomorrow morning, "tucker carlson today." we will be back tomorrow night. our january 6th special. we will see you then. ♪ ♪ >> sean: and welcome to "hannity." tonight it is 9:00 p.m. here in new york from our commander in chief, oh, he is likely fast asleep after a long trip to the west coast. he is tired. meanwhile back in the swamp in d.c., our u.s. supreme court justices, they are probably likely pretty restless tonight because 24 hours ago, a man that was armed with a 9-millimeter handgun and a knife traveled from california to maryland, to the home of justice brett kavanaugh, and that is where he planned to assassinate the supreme court justice, and
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then commit suicide. now this lunatic, who is now in police custody, thankfully, great job for the police, was reportedly upset over the leaked draft roe vs. wade opinion. he knew exactly where kavanaugh lived. why? because democrats were publishing his address and the address of other justices online. liberals have been protesting outside of kavanaugh's home on and off now for weeks, including another demonstration earlier tonight, only moments ago, but of course, for years, the left has, well, brutally and unfairly, they have vilified justice kavanaugh, quite unfairly, but without any corroborating evidence, they falsely accused -- remember, gang rape, then they told people he was an abusive alcoholic, drug addict, he did all women, over at msdnc, that would be nbc news, joy reid published a conspiracy theory that kavanaugh was trying to ban birth control, and top senate democrat chucky schumer even seemingly threatened kavanaugh's life, had
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a speech he gave right on the steps of the u.s. supreme court, you probably remember this. >> i want to tell you, gorsuch, i want to tell you, kavanaugh, you have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price. [cheers and applause] you won't know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions. >> sean: i want to tell you, kavanaugh, gorsuch, you have released the whirlwind, you will pay the price, you won't know what hit you. naturally, a few weeks ago, schumer did not seem to mind at all kavanaugh's address and other supreme court justices addresses were published online and that so-called protesters showed up outside of his house. he does have young children and a family. now, schumer thought it was kind of hilarious. take a look. >> are you comfortable with the protests that we saw outside the homes of supreme court justices over the weekend? >> if protests are peaceful,
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yes. my house, there is protests three or four times a week outside my house. that is the american way, to peacefully protest is okay, and i have been -- that is my wife, sorry. [laughter] maybe there is a protest outside. >> sean: i doubt chuck schumer's home is having protest three or four times a week. not only did schumer refused to condemn this kind of intimidation, this type of harassment, but so did biden's white house. take a look at this. >> so i know there is an outrage right now i guess about protests that have been peaceful to date, and we certainly continue to encourage that outside of judges homes. >> some of these justices have young kids. their neighbors are not all public figures. would the president think about weaving off activists that want to go into residential neighborhoods in virginia and maryland? >> peter, look, i think our view here is that peaceful protest, there is a long history in the united states and the country of that. >> he does not care if they are protesting outside the
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supreme court are outside someone's private residence? >> i don't have an official u.s. government position on where people protest appeared to be one now one blue check mark reporter tweeted "may these people never know a moment of peace or safety until they rot in the ground. one politician from california encouraging protesters to "empty kavanaugh's house and burn his [bleep] in front of him." in a statement, house speaker nancy pelosi, she even applauded the "righteous anger" against kavanaugh and called on her supporters to march and mobilize. for months, she blocked a bipartisan bill, bolstering security for all nine supreme court justices. aren't these the same people saying insurrection every other second of the day? she continues to block security for our supreme court justices and this bill to this very day. why, nancy? why are you blocking what is a bipartisan bill to keep judges
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safe? why didn't you call up the national guard, by the way, now that we are talking about it, that donald trump authorized days earlier, for you on january sixth? because i doubt that committee is ever going to ask you because they have a predetermined outcome. and keep in mind, for the past several weeks, this country has experienced an increasing level of violence against those that oppose abortion. look, for example, in buffalo yesterday, one pregnancy center, it was actually firebombed. in asheville, north carolina, another crisis pregnancy center was vandalized overnight. windows broken, graffiti that read "if abortions aren't safe, neither are you." we recently saw a similar attack that was in a clinic in wisconsin, and yet nancy pelosi is blocking a bill that would step up security for these justices who might soon overturn roe v. wade, really? and just to recap, the party that claims to revere our great institutions, the democratic party, they first vilified, then they smeared, a
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u.s. supreme court justice, then many called for violence against him. you won't know what hit you, right? and then someone, perhaps one of their lackeys inside the supreme court, leaked the courts abortion decision, or at least a draft of one, in an unprecedented effort to unleash an angry mob against the court, and then they lied about what the decision would mean to whip up their base in a frenzy with full of just lies and misinformation and propaganda, because of roe v. wade is overturned, abortion will not be illegal in america, it will be relegated and regulated by the states. in other words, it is not enumerated as a right in the constitution. than the tenth amendment kicks in, the states decide. than democrats published the home addresses of the supreme court justices online. then they refused to pass a bill bolstering their security. and many deranged lunatic shows up at kavanaugh's front door in order to assassinate him?
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look despite all of this, i am not blaming democrats for the actions of this crazy individual, just like i didn't blame them when a rachel maddow-obsessed bernie sanders-super fan shot up a baseball field full of republican lawmakers, nearly killing steve scalise that day. i hold the people responsible for their own actions. but for god's sakes, as joe always says, and democrats at least quit their obnoxious moral preening, and can they give these people the protection they need? every official should be protected, republican, democrat, whether they work in the halls of congress or at the supreme court. at least, well, that is what we believe on this show. democrats only seem to care about political violence when they can then use it to their political advantage. anyway, here are the reaction is florida senator marco rubio is with us. senator, do you see a correlation between the rhetoric of say chuck schumer -- he is on the steps of the supreme court, you know, you will be hit with the likes of which you have
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never been hit before. his comments. do you see a correlation to the animosity, hostility, and doxxing of these justices? >> yeah, i have a terrible feeling about this, sean. i think this is headed in a very dangerous direction. the last time i was on the show from this very studio i said that, and this is why, this is a country with 331 million people, if you have people out there basically saying these members of the supreme court are equivalent to the ku klux klan, to nazis, some saying burn the place down. 331 million people. it only takes a couple of them to look at that and say these people are that evil, the next step is to just take them out, and that is just the supreme court justices. not to mention we have hundreds of members of congress that don't have u.s. marshals outside their home, and we want to thank the u.s. marshals for the role they played or we would be having a very different day today in washington. that this is an incredibly serious thing. this is not the only guy in america with these thoughts in their head, and i have a very
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bad feeling about the direction this goes on either side. i am not in favor of this happening to anybody. i don't want protesters showing up outside the house of nancy pelosi or chuck schumer or anybody else. i think there is a time, place, and manner for free speech to be regulated. or you can say whatever you want but there has to be some limits to it and in this particular case it is illegal, these judges they're trying to intimidate to make a decision they want in a court case. >> sean: to me that a straight up harassment, intimidation of these nine justices, or in this case, the six conservatives. my question is, what about posting the addresses, or doxxing, as they call it, and giving out the locations of where these people that serve in government live. isn't that inviting this intimidation? isn't that creating a hostile work environment, to use, well, some of the favorite words of local liberals? >> well, there's only one reason for protesters to show up outside the home of a public figure and that is to send them a clear message: we know where
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you live. now maybe there's a hundred people there and not a single one of those hundred people are going to hurt anybody but i'm going to tell you, someone is watching, someone is taking down note on the internet, and that one deranged person is going to show up at the house of someone and eventually harm them. this is an unfortunate trend we are now seeing. it is a very dangerous one. we should not be playing with this. we are playing with fire. i'm not saying this guy wouldn't have done this anyway as i know mike if he deranged as he appears to be, but when you areg this, calling your political opponents people have blood on their hands, people the same as the ku klux klan coming to rip your rights from you, you are going to have some people take some violent, dramatic, and dangerous action, that is what was averted last night, thank god, but i don't think we have seen the last of this, unfortunately. >> sean: we are going to have his big hollywood presentation, january 6th committee tomorrow night, during this hour, some of it will still be going on. what is fascinating to me as we have actually gone back in time, and in the summer of 2020, senator, we have 574 official
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riots. we had thousands of dead americans. we had thousands of injured cops. we had billions of dollars in property damage. very few people were held accountable, even though we have videotape evidence of people responsible for that. one, why is there no committee for looking into those incidences -- instances? and two, i look at the democrats, either they were silent -- especially the ones on the committee, they were either silent about the summer of 2020, or they lied and said they were mostly peaceful when they were anything but peaceful. what does that tell you about their feigned outrage that we will see on display tomorrow, with the hollywood -- >> sean, from day one i said if people committed crimes on that day they should be prosecuted -- >> sean: i agree. >> and that is what is happening. this is a hollywood paid political advertisement. they hired a producer to put this thing on. the criminal justice system is already dealing with it. here's what it says. it says if you're a member of congress and something terrible happened on the capitol grounds
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like what happened that day they are going to put a fence up -- they will not do that for a country, but they will put a fence up, have metal detectors in the house chambers, they will do all these its ordinary things and mobilized the national guard, but if you are among the hundreds of small businesses like a burnt to the ground, the people that were killed, harassed, suffered from bad, but we don't care about that. that we are going to condone, that we are going to excuse, that we are going to have a now vice president raise money to bail people out of jail. now we are going to have prosecutors that refuse to prosecute you. by the way, does not matter if you torched a police car, killed a security guard, did whatever you do, that is not a big a deal and it does not matter as much e national mood marshals or anything else that is nothing but the gestapo, that is their attitude, it reveals hypocrisy and the good news is people see it for what it is. that is why they are it handed to them all over the country and i think you're going to see that in november -- thank god, as well. >> sean: thank god for that, as well. your election is really crucial for the republicans to keep control, get control of the senate fear i want to ask you specifically, in the days
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leading up to january 6th, there was the meeting with president trump in the oval office. there were four other people there. chris miller, the acting secretary of defense, kash patel, chief of staff, mark meadows was there, and general milley, chairman of the joint chiefs was there. at that meeting, four of the people -- that would be the president, mark meadows, kash patel, chris miller, all told me on the record that donald trump authorized up to 20,000 troops to be used, if, in fact, they had problems on january 6th. i was able to get in contact with people around general milley and they confirmed for me today in a phone call that in fact issues involving security in the days leading up to january 6th, he did discuss with the president. so the question is, once the president authorizes those guard troops, if they would have had 10,000 or 20,000, we wouldn't talk about january 6th.
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but the president then the authority to call them up once he authorizes that as legally as required, that goes to nancy pelosi and muriel bowser. they failed to call up those troops. my question is, how do you blame donald trump for that when it was their responsibility to take advantage of the resources he was offering them? >> well, this is a real congressional hearing and not a kangaroo court or circus or made-for-tv production and infomercial for political purposes, those are the questions they would be asking him exactly the question, why didn't capitol police and the sergeant at arms take advantage of these resources that were available, that is what you would be focused on. but they are not going to be focused on fat. this is -- they move this thing to prime time, hired a producer to put it on, this is not a fact-finding mission, this is a 2-hour documentary sponsored by virtually every network except for this one, the thing is most americans are not going to watch
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us garbage. people know what happened that day -- >> sean: not even one opposing voice, not even one person that would have asked a question of muriel bowser and nancy pelosi. you are right, it is like a kangaroo court. senator, we are watching your reelection very closely. thank you for being with us. tonight, our supreme court justices now are facing active threats of violence but house democrats, they are preoccupied with this riot. only one riot, not the 574 riots in the summer of 2020, on january 6th, 2021, and as we have been saying, a made-for-tv show hearing that does nothing to improve security at the capital and it appears that democrats care more about cheap political winds and actually protecting our republic. that would be nice if they changed course. in fact, we can find a single person on the january 6th committee, not one, who has condemned the doxxing of supreme court justices. here is a reaction, ohio congressman jim jordan come out kick founder clay travis, congressman jordan, that is a pretty amazing statistic, isn't
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it? >> it is, and i think you talked about the right -- we are glad he is safe in the bad guy has been arrested but this is a pattern of intimidation. you rightly mentioned the kavanaugh confirmation and schumer's speech on the steps of the supreme court, that of course last april it was jerry nadler introduced this bill to pack the court, then clarence thomas, sustained effort to -- his wife and harass him. the address of his home. and of course just a few weeks ago we had a hearing on the very subject matter in the judiciary hearing, the same where it democrats had men can get pregnant, we had a hearing on the subject matter pending in front of the court. it is all about bullying and intimidating the court and when you do all that, we probably shouldn't be surprised if this terrible thing -- that this guy was willing to do something terrible to one of our supreme court justices. this pattern of intimidation is
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frightening. senator rubio was right. it needs to stop. but the left just keeps doing it. >> sean: let me ask clay, it's interesting, because they are not condemning the doxxing that has gone on, which is extraordinarily dangerous. it is to intimidate and harass. there are families involved here. that is number one. and then when we go back and look at all the people, the january 6th committee, they were either silent, or they were lying to us, saying the riots, 574 of them come again, that killed thousands of americans and injured thousands of cops, they said they were mostly peaceful. that doesn't sound peaceful to me. >> sean, think about where we are. there was an attempted assassination of a supreme court justice early this morning that was thankfully stopped, that was designed to keep a supreme court opinion from being released. that is an insurrection against our courts.
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and think about what would have happened if justice kavanaugh, god forbid, had been murdered, if he had been assassinated. suddenly joe biden would be able to appoint a new supreme court justice in order to overturn and keep from ever being released, potentially, this opinion? i mean, this is a revolutionary, insurrectionist direct attack upon the supreme court, and while i was sitting here getting ready to talk, it is the 20th story on "the new york times" website. the 20th! imagine the reaction of a right wing zealots had been grabbed outside of ruth bader ginsburg home, outside of sotomayor, ketanji brown jackson. everyone would be talking about it. it is crazy, this is unbelievable we're talking about this guy. >> sean: well said. congressman jordan, same question, though. when you look at the people, for
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example, on the jan sixth committee, they were either silent or they said the protests in the summer of 2020 were mostly peaceful. nobody is out there condemning all had violence with all the damage and all the dead people and injured cops. i find this fascinating. they won't condemned the doxxing, either, so how do they with a straight face go before the nation tomorrow and say, donald trump because this, when donald trump, we now know ordered up to 20,000 guard troops to be called up if nancy pelosi and muriel bowser wanted them. >> because they are smarter than us, sean, they have a disdain for regular americans who actually believe in the constitution, believe in the rule of law, and those of us who have been willing to condemn the violence when it happened in the summer of 2020 and when it happened on january 6th, 2021, they are so much better than us, the disdain they have for folks who live in flyover country and our conservative, and this intimidation pattern, it is not just with the court, this is the same thing the justice department did to moms and dads, it was designed to chill their
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speech and intimidate them so they did not show up at school board meetings to defend their kids and stand up for their children. it is the same thing with the disinformation governance board designed to chill speech of all-american so people who are not as smart as the elite who run this town, we don't get to speak out at all. clay said it was so on target, this is frightening with the left is up to. >> sean: we know the real motive, number one, clay, it distracts away from's failures. that is a plus. him and it gives people in jamie raskin the opportunity to talk about getting rid of that constitutional -- electoral college. states like new york, california, and new jersey will decide the future. >> you are exactly right on that emma congressman is right. we still don't know who leaked the draft opinion. this is exactly what they hoped to do, either to intimidate a justice into changing their mind or to potentially unleash
6:21 pm
violence upon them, which is why chief justice roberts, i don't know if you agree, congressman, i bet you do, sean, too, he needs to join this opinion so it is a 6-3 decision to ensure these five judges not justices -- >> sean: good luck with that. >> i know, he should if he had any bravery at all here. and they also need to immediately release this opinion because there are justices that have targets on them. their families are in danger. >> sean: we need to get security -- >> kill them. >> sean: we need securities for kids in school, the same as politicians have, and every one of those nine justices all need security. nancy pelosi needs to push forward this bill. thank you both. all right, coming up, the left continues its trend of preaching tolerance but yet spewing hate. senator ted cruz has been accosted now multiple times in public, and he will join us to outline their dangerous rhetoric and potential consequences as we
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continue. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: now unfortunately tonight, the violence of the left is becoming all too common, all too real. an armed man has now been charged with attempted murder after being arrested today near justice kavanaugh's home. sadly, too often, when the far left rage mob does not get their way, they resort to more lies, more smears, more unhinged behavior. now someone that knows about this all too well is texas senator ted cruz. you might remember back in 2018, he was out with his wife, and confronted by a large mob at a restaurant amid the brett kavanaugh confirmation hearings. take a look. [chanting "we believe survivors"]
6:27 pm
>> let my wife through. [chanting "we believe survivors"] >> sean: here at the reaction to all tonight's breaking news is texas senator ted cruz. senator, i remember that incident well and i also remember another incident where it was you, your wife, and your young children confronted by a mob. i have had my own instances. i don't talk about it. it is not fun at all. tell us about it. >> well, listen, the left is angry, and the rhetoric that comes from their political leaders, from the radical extreme, is getting more and more heightened, and the problem is, what we saw early this morning, with the lunatic that came to murder justice kavanaugh, that is a lunatic following through on the
6:28 pm
deranged rhetoric from elected democrats, and when you say it is now becoming more and more common that leftists scream, curse, harass, as you know, maxine waters instructed leftists to do that, and it is deliberately inciting violence. you know, when this opinion was leaked, i believe this opinion was leaked by left-wing law clerk who wanted precisely this to happen, who wanted the justices of the majority to be threatened, to be believed. you saw the left encouraging protesters to go to the justices houses, where their kids are, where their family is, and what is disgusting is this is what the democrats have called for. as you know, chuck schumer to stood on the senate -- on the steps of the supreme court, and i want to tell you, gorsuch, i want to tell you, kavanaugh, you have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price. you won't know what hit you.
6:29 pm
that was inciting precisely this kind of threat, and just as bad, jen psaki from the white house when asked about the potentially violent protesters at the home of the justices, here's what she said. she said, quote, "and we certainly continue to encourage that outside the judges home -- homes, and that is the president's position." now it is a crime, it is a felony to protest outside a judges home while a judge is considering a case. you have the white house, you have joe biden's white house urging people to commit felonies, and we are seeing the fruits, the effect of their rhetoric and it is dangerous. >> sean: so, tomorrow we got this, you know, hollywood production, january 6th committee. they will withhold critical information from the american public. information we have confirmed and corroborated, and people
6:30 pm
that gave testimony to that committee that in fact donald trump signed off on up to 20,000 guard troops to be called up if, in fact, nancy pelosi or muriel bowser needed them. they decided not to do that. it was outside of the president's purview at that point. he did what he was legally required to do. he can't do anymore. here is the question. these very same members on this committee that are going to be lecturing america with a phony hollywood narrative, without a license to lie and omit key, important facts, silence on doxxing, silence on the riots, the 574 of them in the summer of 2020, or they gave their approval, like kamala harris. they are not going to stop, they shouldn't stop, they won't stop, we are not going to stop, if you remember, or tweeting out a link to contribute to a bail fund for the people that are rioting. so what does that tell us about the democratic party? they only care about, what, one riot if they can politicize it
6:31 pm
and the hell with the riots that killed hundreds of americans and injured thousands of cops? >> the radical left hates their political opponents and they condone violence as a means of getting what they want, and you are right, the antifa and black lives matter riots, you saw a democrat after democrat excuse it. you remember the summer of love, that was one of the euphemisms to cover up the cha z ansi hed, there were murders and rapes, and those were -- >> sean: mostly peaceful, senator. >> the building burned behind them, the media celebrates income of the democrats celebrate it and they embrace the use of violence for their political ends. it is fundamentally wrong. but in particular with regard to the supreme court, it is not just use of violence, it is destroying the institutions of our society and constitution.
6:32 pm
this threat, politicians unleashing violent threats on supreme court justices is designed to tear down the supreme court and -- are bill of rights. that is what schumer and biden want, they know what they're doing and even now they are not stopping, even now, they are not condemning, they are not telling their supporters to go home. by the way, all the people who self-righteously said that donald trump should have told people to go home on january 6th, well, chuck schumer and joe biden need to stand up and tell the protesters outside the justices home, go home, and merrick garland, the attorney general, needs to show up and arrest them because they are violating federal law. >> sean: all right, senator ted cruz, thank you for being with us. now, last night's primaries in california proved to be an unmitigated disaster for the radical left. is this a preview of coming attractions in november? we will check in with the great one, mark levin, as we continue.
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♪ ♪ home >> sean: interesting, last night, san francisco voters, they ousted a far left d.a., named chesa boudin, for his failure to take the issue of violent crimes seriously and failure to fulfill his duties as the city's top prosecutor. the recall vote is now sending shock waves across not just california, but the entire country, because you have big city democrats now being put on notice that there defund, dismantle, no bail laws are failing and failing miserably, and their agenda is very unpopular. it turns out the american people want to be safe and secure, so they can pursue happiness. what a shock. anyway, are democrats going to finally get the message?
6:38 pm
we will see, or will they continue to double down on stupid and this failed pro-criminal policy one after another? here to talk about this, the threat to the u.s. supreme court justices, this hollywood-produced show they are going to put on, a clown show tomorrow, is the host of "life, liberty & levin," right here on the fox news channel, massive best seller, american marxism, nationally syndicated radio host, i call him a great one, mark levin. great one, i will let you take this whatever you want to go. you have free reign. >> well, first of all, to the people of san francisco, get rid of pelosi. i don't give a damn what they do, frankly, no offense. nancy pelosi, america, has been sitting on a bill passed unanimously by the senate to protect supreme court justices for two dman months, you know why she would not bring it up for a vote? because she did not like with the supreme court was doing on the roe vs. wade case, so she was prepared to allow these
6:39 pm
supreme court justices to be threatened, to be subjected to violence. that is what the speaker of the house has done. she has a record on this. she failed to bring in the proper authority to protect the capitol building on january 6th. why? because she hates federal police. remember what she said about the federal police in portland, federal courthouse, stormtroopers. so nancy pelosi has a problem and she will never be questioned because liz cheney has given her cover. nancy, what did you do on january 6th? and we see your text, your emails, your documents, can we talk to your staff under penalty of perjury and if you don't respond maybe we should put you in handcuffs and leg irons and throw you in jail with your husband. the drunk. i'm just saying, just being honest. but no, that won't happen. never in american history -- except maybe the salem witch trials -- have we had a court of law, or more recently, a congressional hearing, with just one side. just one side.
6:40 pm
the purpose of the hearing is to get information out to put on a hollywood spectacled with the media are all in and we know what we are going to get. my advice, boycott them. boycott them. so a couple of things -- and by the way, why are there 11, i'm told, federal prosecutors on the staff of this committee? the constitution's separation of powers. of the executive branch handles criminal investigations. why are there 11 or whatever the for the number is, former federal prosecutors on this committee. what, to violate the bill of rights and the rights of those called in to testify? that is exactly what is going on here. this is not a clown show, this is a stalinist show trial. google it. duck duck it, bing it, go see what i mean. something you can't know my donald trump set on january sixth, 2021, that woodward and bernstein said are. we have come to demand congress to the right thing and only count the electors who have been
6:41 pm
lawfully slated, lawfully slated. i know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard. wow. what an insurrectionist. now i'm going to read to you what you played, chuck schumer, i want to tell you, gorsuch, i want to tell you, kavanaugh, you have released the whirlwind and will pay the price. you won't know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions. now, if donald trump had said that, then i can understand all the rigmarole. he didn't say that. he didn't threaten anybody. so this committee has to have a thousand witnesses and 140,000 documents? what, that basically 100,000 possible pieces where they try and put things together and use people's texts and emails without any opposition objecting and so forth, this is a disgusting disgrace what is going to happen tomorrow and the phony media has been in on it since he came down the elevator,
6:42 pm
russia collusion, now we have to deal with this. but there is more. chuck, were you inciting violence? were you promoting violence, chuck? if you are choosing trump of doing this, who never said anything violent, then we have to conclude chuck was singling the mob, he was signaling the mob to act, and wants people to protest the justices and nancy pelosi said it, is also. well, you know what, bad news, they assisted in criminal activity. we all know about 18 united states code 1507, you are not allowed to parade and protest and threaten and hassle judicial individuals, particularly supreme court justices, and threaten them the way they did. psaki did it. schumer did it. pelosi did it. are they going to be indicted, mr. garland? in fact, mr. garland has not indicted a single person was violated a federal statute, not one! how about them in hand cuffs and
6:43 pm
leg irons, mr. garland? these are federal violations, and i have not heard a damn thing from liz cheney tonight, have you, sean? has she put out a statement condemning nancy pelosi, condemning shooter, the democrat party, every 71 of them and their democrats in the media, they said the same thing schumer said, trashing the justice system and the supreme court. they have been at war with this court for years. its independence. the numbers of justices. threats like schumer. this has become a serious, serious problem! no commission on any of that. gee, i wonder why, liz, i wonder why, adam. people need to put this stuff in context. these people are absolute, 100% tax, and by the time the republicans take over the housei hope they will investigate this committee. i hope they will subpoena nancy and hoyer and all the rest of them come and get their texts, get their emails. what did you do on january 6th,
6:44 pm
pelosi? did you do anything? and by the way, chuck, have you been in touch with these groups like -- this group with dark money sending people to protest the justices. let me ask you something, garland, he went after the proud boys, fine, he went after the oath keepers, fine, are you going to go after this roots send us, which is promoting violation of federal law for intimidating justices? i have had enough of this crap, sean. the president said you want the national guard, you can have it, what happens, they did not bring in the national guard, why not? we won't know after this hearing, that's for sure. well, anyway, that's about it, i'm done. >> sean: you can always add some more. the great one, that is why we call you the great one, mark levin. you know what, these are troubling times. mark, you said america is in a post-constitutional period. i think you have been vindicated
6:45 pm
in those remarks. mark levin, thank you. coming up, another day, another outrageous comment from the ladies on "the view," you will not believe what joyless behar said this time. we will show you that. we will get reaction from newt gingrich and his thoughts on the november midterm straight ahead. ♪ ♪
6:46 pm
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♪ ♪ >> sean: all right, now the far left agenda on the issue of guns and the second amendment is hitting new lows tonight. on that hard-hitting "abc news" show "the view," we have joyless behar claiming gun laws will change once african americans get them. she said it. take a look. >> let me get you a story. there is a man in connecticut that watches neighbor had a home invasion and the whole family get killed. he built his own ar-15 because connecticut will not let you buy them, abide by rules that will allow you to build them and he
6:50 pm
had them in his house to protect his family because he never wanted to see that happen again. he is a black man. most ar-15 owners are former military. that's all i'm saying -- >> here is the thing, once black people get guns in this country, the gun laws will change, trust me. speak of that is what happened with the black panther -- >> sean: okay, of course, that kind of bizarre rhetoric does nothing to keep our schools and city safe and secure, only further divides and inflames tensions across the country. anyway, here with reaction from a former speaker of the house, fox news contributor newt gingrich. i will let you respond to that and then more broadly, i have a question about november which is a little more serious. >> while go, i mean, the answer there, it is a lie. it is typical of the left. they lie constantly. what she said is a lie. african americans and, in fact, have been buying guns in considerable numbers, and if you look at places that are really, really dangerous, like chicago, like san francisco, like
6:51 pm
philadelphia, the great threat is to african americans, not from whites, not from white nationalist, but frankly from fellow african americans. and i think it is fairly reasonable to suggest that a lot of african americans are buying guns to protect themselves because the police have been so weekend by left-wing cuckoos that in fact they don't have the kind of protection that 20 or 3t those cities safe. >> sean: all right, so it is june 8th. election day in november will be here in a blink of an eye. the democrats, they obviously can't run on a 40 year high of inflation, they can run on $5 a gallon gasoline, they can't run on open borders and the disaster down south, they can't stay they are for law and order. they don't want parental input in education. so, what, they run on abortion, guns, january 6th, and let's see, republicans are racist and sexist, which they always say?
6:52 pm
what do they run on? >> i think, first of all, look, i think the politics of what happens in your own life absolutely overwhelms the politics of washington below me. so whatever the democrats are doing right now, they can't fix gasoline prices, as you know, my wife melissa played $104.50 to fill her tank on saturday, it was a shock to her. that is happening all over the country. they can't fix gasoline, they can't fix diesel fuel and that is driving up the cost of everything delivered by truck, they can't fix the cost of food, they can't fix crime in the big cities, they can't fix the border. take every single thing, if we start having electricity blackouts this summer, which is very likely in places like california, because it turns out electric cars require electricity. >> sean: [laughs] >> something we have not been investing in an electric grid -- >> sean: you mean they didn't
6:53 pm
think about that part? and you may need petroleum products to build a lot of the parts of the electric cars? what a discovery you have made. >> well, look, i think you cannot overstate how out of touch with reality the left is. how much they don't understand what really goes on in the world and truly, big government socialism just doesn't work. it is not a question of ideology, it just doesn't work. i always tell people, you can put an egg in a freezer and you can get a hard egg, but it is not boiled, and this is where the left is. every single one of their policies is based on things that don't work. now what is that going to mean? it is going to mean that by november, americans are going to be so sick of the democrats and so sick of their inability to deliver anything that you are likely to see the largest republican victory since 1920. that is 102 years ago. and i think it is very likely to
6:54 pm
happen. >> sean: look, you are talking about the house and the senate? i think the house is easily winnable -- >> of course. >> sean: look at the states for the senate, florida, georgia, north and south carolina, new hampshire, you got ohio, you've got wisconsin, you've got missouri. arizona, nevada. i mean, those are all bellwether states, aren't they? >> right, and washington state, we have a great candidate for the u.s. senate in washington state -- >> sean: that's true. >> i think almost certainly adam laxalt is going to win in nevada. i think you are going to see us pick up state after state because what happens, you saw last year in new jersey, you had a guy win, beat the senate president, ed dunn jr., won the race, only spent $2300, most of it at dunkin' donuts on his volunteers. >> sean: [laughs] >> but what happened was people walked in and said not him,
6:55 pm
about the state senate president. when they said "not him," they voted for ed dunn jr. by the way, the state president four years ago, won the most expensive race in the country, he got beat last year for $2300. you are going to see that all across the country. you could have -- i just saw a report today from one of the analysts that you could have an all-republican congressional delegation from iowa when this year is over. every place you look, the guys who really study this and the men and women who study this are saying the trend line is toward the republicans. i think they are right. >> sean: every time every american goes to a store, they are reminded. every time they fill up their tank, they are reminded. i think you are onto something and probably going to be proven right. mr. speaker, thank you. more "hannity" right after this. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: unfortunately that all the time we have left this
7:00 pm
evening. thank you for being with us, thank you for making this show possible. we hope you will set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "hannity," and don't forget, for news anytime, anyplace, anywhere,, but have some good news. in the meantime, let not your hearts be troubled. the news continues, "the ingraham angle," laura ingraham is up next, have a great night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> laura: i'm laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle." thanks for being with us tonight. from the moment the decision leaked five weeks ago, i told you it wasn't just protests that would follow. it would be a constant threat of violence, and actual violence. the addresses of conservative justices were released by a group called ruth sent us and soon mobs of abortion not descended on their homes. democratic leaders were given numerous chances to condemn this dangerous escalation, but they refused to do it.