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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  June 9, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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of the caravan. >> sandra: wow. john, another situation we are watching closely. >> john: so many situations in the country that take our attention, and the news is so busy every day, it's just amazing. >> sandra: great to be with you, and thanks to the econ panel, at least tried to dig in from all >> martha: thanks very much, john and sandra. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum. the story live in the nation's capitol ahead of the first public hearing on the house committee probing the breach at the capitol will be broadcast in prime time tonight. five months before the november mid-terms getting closer by the day. speaker pelosi was asked how much democrats will lean on the memory of january 6th in that effort. >> you think that in the fall
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that democracy, that what happened last january is on the ballot or these kitchen table pocketbook issues? >> i think it's always about the kitchen table issues. yes, it's about the democracy on the ballot but they really want to know what we're doing in their interest and how they can manage for their families. >> is here's house republican kevin mccarthy, a few minutes after that. watch. >> i don't see any prime time hearings set for gas price, for battling inflation, feeding our children. making the streets safer. >> martha: jim banks of indiana was nominated to serve on this january 6th committee by kevin mccarthy. speaker pelosi vetoed that nomination back in july saying that it could impact the "integrity of the investigation." he's standing by. first, let's go to chad pergram live with what to expect tonight from capitol hill. hi, chad.
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>> martha, good afternoon. the key for the committee tonight is to punch through to the public. so far the investigation into last year's riot has failed to do that. that's why democrats are hoping for a break through. nancy pelosi disagreed when asked whether or not the public is paying attention. >> i don't know that. i do not know that. i know that there's people that would like it to go away. some of them in this very congress. i don't stipulate to what you have said, no. >> here's what to expect. new video from reported depositions tonight that includes former trump administration officials and family members. that will be an effort to connect some of the violence to a pressure campaign from allies of the former president. republicans took issue with democrats holding the hearing in prime time and bringing in a former executive from abc news to orchestrate the hearing. >> well, we can expect a circus. the democrats have been shameless. the fact that they're booking this on prime time tells you everything you know.
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most of the business in the committee starts at 10:00 a.m. and through the working day. they're trying to change the narrative. >> it's rare for a hearing to start at night. the house veterans affair committee hold some meetings in 2020 to probe the v.a. two witnesses, carolyn edwards and nick quested. more than 840 people have been charged in connection with the riot. martha? >> chad, thanks very much. jim banks joins me now. as we mentioned, speaker pelosi vetoed his nomination to the january situation committee last year. congressman banks, good to have you with us. >> thanks for having me. >> martha: think back to the watergate hearings. it's the most similar example. it was on all day long and reprogrammed some at night to make sure everybody could see it. you had both sides choose the members that sat on that committee. there were three republicans and four democrats on that committee. why were you vetoed and how do
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they get away with doing something where they chose all the people up there? >> it's never happened before. 232 years of congressional history, we've never had a committee that is entirely and completely partisan. that's why the american people have dismissed it. they're tuning out. they're going to flip the channel tonight on prime time tv because they don't trust it to begin with. it's all theater, it's a circus, it's a political witch hunt. they know it. only one side is represented. that's not the way our process, the institution of the congress is supposed to work. it's shameful. >> martha: so what do you think are the lessons learned from january 6? that's a significant question here. what did we learn? what can we do to make sure it never happens again? >> first and foremost, the capitol was not secure that day. there was a systemic breakdown of security and leadership within capitol security. the top levels of the capitol police. >> martha: why that was? >> when pelosi kicked me and jim
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jordan off the committee, we still went to work. we held interviews with capitol security and police officers. we found serious issues related to how intelligence was gathered and disseminated. the head of the union told me that they were not prepared because rank and file police officers were never received the intelligence that was gathered that said something weeks before january 6 that something bad co happen that day. they weren't equipped for it. they had faulty or outdated equipment. some didn't have riot shields. the rioters had better equipment than they did. >> martha: what information should they have had that was already out there to be prepared? several people that died that day died -- were members of the capitol police or metropolitan police. they died from heart attacks. they died from strokes. overwhelmed.
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>> they should have been prepared. there was breakdown of security. at the end of the day -- >> martha: that's what i'm trying to get to. who had the information and who didn't pass it along? >> i can tell you within the bureaucracy of the capitol police. there were issues, there were problems. here's the big point. the big point is this is not what you'll hear on on live t.v. you haven't heard about the serious issues or questions raised at all by this sham january 6 committee because they're not interested in that. changing the narrative away from the political witch hunt going after donald trump and their narrative to try to abolish the electoral college, prevent trump's name from being on the ballot, to go after and intimidate trump's former staffers. that's what it's all about. it's not about the serious issues that would go a long way to securing our capitol and preventing something like this from happening again. >> martha: is it true that both sides had information that should have been shared or what -- >> what i'm talking about and what our report -- we'll come
12:07 pm
out in a matter of weeks with a report, an ad hoc effort. it will show that there were serious issues within how the capitol police gathered intelligence, how they disseminated it and get to the heart of what the capitol police union told us. they weren't prepared for it. >> martha: i know you're going to meet with vice president pence that used to have your job as the chair of the republican committee. that's coming up january 21. we'll have more on that. thanks, jim banks. good to have you with us. senate majority leader chuck schumer previewing how he sees tonight's prime time hearings playing out. >> tonight's hearings will be a watershed moment in the fight to protect our democracy from the big lie of the hard right. the committee will lay bear the truth that the american people must know. that donald trump was at the heart of a coordinated effort to overturn the 2020 elections, to overturn our constitutional
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order and inflict permanent damage upon our democracy. >> martha: so with that, we bring in bret baier from "special report." we'll have more on the hearings on fox business. good to have you with us. >> hi, martha. >> martha: let's talk a little bit about that from senator schumer. he said tonight's hearings will be a watershed moment to protect democracy. clearly that's what democrats are hoping to lay out here. >> yeah, they set the table to have pretty high expectations for this prime time committee hearing. we haven't had a prime time committee hearing since 2015 when the veterans affairs was trying to get the veterans issues to a lot more people. i a unique choice to do that. they say they'll unveil a lot of new things, new audio, new video, no witness testimony that hasn't been heard before. but we know the general story.
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they're going to lay it out in a specific way that comes to a conclusion. whether they can deliver that effectively tonight and the committee hearings to come forward i think is really going to be a test. >> martha: they set the bar pretty high in terms of expectations. they're basically saying that people will be shocked, upset to see and hear what they can see. all right. we're going to dip in here. the president is speaking with justin trudeau and january 6 is a topic. let's listen. >> i'm not going to make a judgment on that i want you to know that we'll probably -- a lot of americans will see it the first time some of the detail that occurred. you and i have a lot to talk about. we're going to be hanging out with each other a fair amount at the g-7, the nato conference in spain.
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but today we're engaged in our hemisphere. i think the presumption is that we both share the same sense. the possibilities are unlimited. we already have -- >> martha: all right. seems like the president wanted to move on from that topic and get back to the source of their meeting there. bret, you heard kevin mccarthy talking about there's no prime time hearing for inflation. no prime time hearing on baby formula. feeling the focus isn't where it should be for democrats even though this is clearly in part a political effort to get everybody's attention back on january 6. >> and it's a potent political argument. they have issues that people carry about at their kitchen table that the people at home have to be convinced to go backwards and say why is this important. from their side, they say this is exponentially important because it was an effort to overturn the process by which we have a peaceful transition of
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power. they think it's it's a potential threat if it was just allowed to fester for years to come and not be dug in to. that's from their perspective. i think it's a tough hurdle. people are dealing with what they're paying for, the paychecks, the baby formula, crime, immigration. these are things that people at home are caring about. i'll be interested to see whether this delivers tonight like they plan on. >> martha: and they have eight more coming up. that's the big question. do people watch? do people tune in to see what happens tonight? there's a piece in "the new york times" by david brooks that says the january 6 committee has already blown it. here's a quote from that. using the events of january 6 are likely to be ineffective. we don't need a committee to regurgitate what happened january 6 but to preserve what happens in 2025 and 2029.
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>> i think news coverage of what we just saw with brett kavanaugh threat and the assassination threat, the guy was arrested, he had a weapon, said he wanted to kill brett kavanaugh and the coverage of that ahead of this january 6 committee that is getting more coverage ahead of it is just somehow backwards. >> martha: such a good point, bret. i look at the pictures of the swat team on his front lawn. nice home in suburban america. there's swat team. i thought to myself, they're worried about the violence in january. what about the violence i hope that is not coming but could be and what jonathan turley is calling the age of rage as a result of what almost landed on brett kavanaugh's door step. >> martha: real quickly, through the prism if this was a trump supporter that wanted to kill justice kagan, would it be the
12:13 pm
headline -- >> martha: i'm going to go with yes on that. it's a safe honest take on your question. absolutely. bret, thanks for being here. see you in a bit. the disturbing trend that violence that bret and i were talking about against members of the judicial branch and why house members are waiting to hold a vote for extra protection for supreme court justices after the arrest of an armed man that said he wanted to kill justice kavanaugh. jonathan turley on what he says is this country's embrace of the age of rage. that is next. >> madam speaker, how can you say the justices are protected when there was an attempt on justice kavanaugh's life? ruby's a1c is down with rybelsus®. my a1c wasn't at goal, now i'm down with rybelsus®. mom's a1c is down with rybelsus®. (♪ ♪) in a clinical study, once-daily rybelsus® significantly lowered a1c
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>> you said that the justices
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are protected. but there was an attempt on justice kavanaugh's life. >> he's protected. they're protected. this is not about the justices. it's about staff and the rest. nobody is in danger over the weekend because of our not having a bill. >> martha: so after a california man threatened the life of supreme court justice brett kavanaugh, house speaker nancy pelosi says that the house will consider a bill passed in the senate to bring more security to supreme court justices and their families. it will be similar to what other leaders on the hill have, by the way. a u.s. district judge in new jersey whose son was murdered at her home by a disgruntled lawyer in 2020 in a case that she worked on says there was no time to waste protecting members of our judiciary, pointing to the murder of form wisconsin judge john rommer. have you heard about this story? this judge in the beginning of
12:19 pm
this month in june was zip tied to a chair and shot and killed in his home. >> we need to do something to protect all federal judges across this nation. just saw judge rommer assassinated in wisconsin last friday. when is it going to stop? when are the members of congress going to lead, which means lead in a bipartisan way? >> martha: let's bring in jonathan turley, constitutional attorney, george washington law professor and a fox news contributor. good to have you with us today. >> thank you. >> martha: there's something going on in this country. you have called at this time age of rage. so when you put these different pieces together, you hear about this judge in wisconsin, which i think got little to no coverage whatsoever. it was based on a decision that he made as a judge. it wasn't just co incidental that he happened to be a judge. his killer was subject to his own ruling. what's going on right now and
12:20 pm
what should we -- what can we do? >> i think the problem that we have is not just that we have the age of rage, but rage isn't a fever. it's not that it passes. we're a nation that has become addicted to rage. that's what you see in the words of senator schumer when he goes to the steps of the supreme court and calls out two justices by flame, including justice kavanaugh and says you're going to pay a price. many of us objected and said what price would that be? he has life tenure. what are you suggesting? the fact is that i don't think that senator schumer was encouraging violence. i have more respect for them than that, but it's the reckless rhetoric that fuels the mob. this is trafficking in rage. so i'm not surprised at all that you found a man dressed in black with a glock and zip ties and other objects standing in front
12:21 pm
of kavanaugh's home. this will happen more and more until people say enough. it's not that we have to stop simply these attacks. we have to deal with the rage that -- and the fuelling of the rage that led to it. >> martha: here's one of the ways that that could happen. that would be for the president of the united states to say regardless of your political beliefs or your leanings or how you feel about roe v. wade, we cannot resort to violence in this country. here's what he said when he was asked about this topic in a broadway on jimmy kimmel last night. watch this. >> i don't think the country will stand for it. if in fact the decision will come down the way it does, the states impose the limitations they're talking about, it will cause a mini revolution and vote a lot of these folks out of office. >> martha: the president says it will cause a mini revolution. >> senator shaheen says there
12:22 pm
will be a mini revolution, this is the overheated rhetoric we're talking about. many of these same politicians are calling for packing the court. elizabeth warren said we're not going to stand by any longer as you ignore public opinion in how you rule. really, that's what they're supposed to be basing out on? public opinion? so if you don't do what you think should be done, you'll pack the court? what that is doing is attacking the institution itself. we shouldn't be surprised that some unhinged individuals will go further and attack the individuals on that court. that's what we saw with this very disturbed young man. these words matter. >> martha: part of the problem is that people are not articulating these issues in a way that does show and i hate to quote matthew mcconaughey but i think he was extremely
12:23 pm
effective. we have more in common than we realize. there's a lot of rhetoric that pulls us to either side. if you look at the abortion debate, if it goes back to the states, you'll have every state making decisions. you won't have the end of abortion in the country on the whole. that's what everyone is screaming about and being told. unless you have leadership that says let's talk about what is really what has happened here and if you believe it's wrong to overturn this federal ruling on abortion, then you can speak out. you have to understand what is actually going to change as a result of it. >> that's right. the president has been absent without leave on these issues. he's the president of the united states. he can bring us together but he couldn't muster courage to denounce the leak. he couldn't muster the courage to say it may be lawful to protest at a justice's house but it's wrong. we have to say that some things go too far. there has to be a moment of decency that comes out of the
12:24 pm
president that says enough. he's failed that test so far. i think that this rage addiction will continue until we hear from the president and others that we need to come together. we need to move beyond those who are trying to fuel the mob. >> martha: that is what the. -- one of the reasons that he was elected, is to bring people together. you have joy behar saying she's glad that alito doesn't feel safe living in his house. maybe he understand what's a loss of freedom looks like. somebody has to call what on this. >> martha: >> that's right. we had a georgetown law professor say these people should be more aggressive. what does that mean? how about this disturbed young man -- >> martha: jonathan, it's an excellent piece. thank you for joining us. good to see you. the mid-term warning for democrats from progressive senator bernie sanders.
12:25 pm
wait till you hear about what he has to say as gas puts a strain on american families. marc thiessen joins me next. >> inflation is the bain of our existence. bike noobie. and i've gone from zero to obsessed in like... three days. instructor: come on milwaukee! i see you! after riding twelve miles to nowhere, i'm taking a detour. and if you don't have the right home insurance coverage, you could be working out a way to pay for this yourself. get allstate and be better protected from mayhem for a whole lot less.
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>> martha: price of gas creeping ever closer to $5 a gallon. now averaging $4.97.
12:29 pm
it's going to be there in a couple days. i feel safe predicting that unfortunately. the average american makes $68,000 a year. it's expected americans to cost 18% more of the money that they have to fill up the tank than last year. that's about $455 that is now gone from your pocket in 2022. so while the price of gas continues to surge, one of the most progressive members of the senate, bernie sanders, says democrats need to figure out a better way to explain this. telling politco "you really can't win an election with a bumper sticker that says you can't do much but the other side is worse." let's bring in marc thiessen, a fox news contributor. great to have you with us, marc. >> great to be here. >> martha: this is impacting everybody. i want to read to you from "the
12:30 pm
washington post." they spoke to people about their personal experiences with this. alina hilley had never run out of gas until a recent monday. she was sidelined on a street with her son, 4 and her daughter, 7, in tow. they trudged to the nearest fuel administration where they told the loanor gas can had been given to another customer. >> i had this conversation with a friend that was walking with a gas can trying to go to the gas station. she needed help. it's appalling. bernie sanders is right. you can't win with that message. what could they to? tonight they're having a hearing on gas prices, right? oh, no. wait. they're not. it's a hearing on january 6. this is why joe biden officially at 500 days, just last friday, is the least -- lowest approval rating of any president in the history of polling.
12:31 pm
lower than jimmy carter. lower than harry trueman. he's the most unpopular president. not only is it the prigs of gas, it's the crime rage. and now power outages across the midwest. what are we north korea? we don't have enough power for homes? is it because -- they've shut down fossil fuels. john kerry said we're going to get rid of all coal powered plants by 2030 at the cop 206 conference. the plants are shutting down early and there's not enough wind and solar to make up for them. we're going to have blackouts because of the biden administration's war on fossil fuels. >> martha: i talked to charles payne about this. if you live in your house and you're going to build a new house, right? you don't move in to the new house -- you don't tear the hold house down and wait around to
12:32 pm
move in to the new house, right? so that's what they've done. they tried -- they tore the house down and now they don't have a place to live essentially. this is the ramifications of it. >> that's right. why can you not replace coal with wind and solar right now? because there's no commercially batteries available to store wind and solar. so if you want wind and solar power, you have to have wind and sun. when there's no wind and sun, there's no power. the technologies are not ready yesterday. they're so desperate -- honestly, a lot of americans are starting to suspect that joe biden welcomes high gas prices. they don't want the blame. they don't want the political blame which is why they're blaming putin, this is fuelling the incredible transition. they think it's like when the government intentionally raised the price of cigarettes to stop people from speaking, they think of fossil fuels of cigarettes. they think it's great that the prices are high. more people will buy the
12:33 pm
electric cars, if they can afford them. they're 50,000. it will push people in this new age. the country is not ready for it, the technology is not ready for it and it's not proven yet. so it's political engineering by the elites in washington that is ruining the lives of american citizens. >> martha: an average electric vehicle cost $61,000. we just said the average salary is 68,000. i love that analogy of cigarettes. it's like they're giving us a syntax for energy. >> that's right. and energy sin tax. thanks. >> martha: good to see you in person. >> absolutely. >> martha: the former obama official that says that president biden's foreign policy gaffes are dragging down america's standing on the world stage. he wrote this piece for a former obama official. we're going to talk to him next.
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>> martha: the president welcoming leaders from latin american today in california. the focus is immigration. the heads of eight countries including guatemala, mexico and honduras are skipping the event and sending lower cabinet officials. my next guest recently wrote an op-ed in "usa today" titled "biden's careless comments are hurts his presidency. he needs a reset." and now we have the president of the global situation room. brett, good to have you with us today. you said you used to singe when the vice president at the time, now president, went to the podium. >> why did you decide to speak
12:39 pm
out as someone that was part of the obama and biden administration? >> these are very polarized partisan times. national security requires us to speak up. if we see something that is heading off the rails and especially something as repeated as the problems that this team has had on the foreign policy front, it is necessary to say we have to course correct. i was hoping in january when president biden gave his state of the union, we would hear a different message, a different strategy. we didn't. we have just continued with the summit of the america's this week but the comments on taiwan, the comments on the war in ukraine. all of this adds up. it undermines our influence, undermines credibility with our allies and we need before we see the u.s. in a major conflict to act and make some changes. >> martha: here's the comments
12:40 pm
that you pointed out. let's play these from the president. >> depends on what it does. it's one thing if it's a minor incursion and we have to fight about what do and not do. >> are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan if it comes to that? >> yes. >> you are? >> that's a commitments we made. >> ukraine will never be part of russia. for god's sake, this man cannot remain in power. >> martha: what is the damage of these comments on the world stage? >> for the lay observer, some of these may not seem so serious. we have long intimated that we would come to taiwan's defense. we have long said that people like putin shouldn't be allowed to govern. yet at the same time, for a president of the united states to utter those words so directly, so carelessly and we have heard just in the last couple weeks nbc news had a
12:41 pm
report suggesting that biden's upset with his staff because they tried to walk back some of these comments. if you're going to say something like that, something as serious as we're coming to the defense of taiwan, we stand for removing putin from office, you had better have a plan, you better back it up and we have not seen that on repeated occasions from this white house. >> martha: and the frustration from the president that he doesn't like it when the white house walks it back. he says he's the president. who do you think needs to go in this national security team? >> last summer with the reckless retreat from afghanistan, i is a i'd this falls on the national security adviser. now with the summit of the americas,just an absolute unmitigated diplomatic disaster. that is not just the national security adviser, it's on the whole team, whether it's the cabinet level, those responsible for latin america and other
12:42 pm
regions. i think you take something like this decision not to invite cuba, nicaragua, venezuela, that ought to have been taken six months ago. we should have done the ground work to prepare mexico, guatemala, honduras and others for this reality. you don't do it days before and the network says these countries are not showing up. >> the american people are told we would have this much more favorable face on the world stage if president biden was elected. you know, it appears you feel like we're in a more unstable position perhaps. >> i think we have a process problem. quite frankly, this team is not acknowledging the errors. if they can't acknowledge them, they can't fix them, which is why we're continuing to make the same mistakes. >> martha: we'll see if we heard changes that might be coming. we'll see. bret, thank you.
12:43 pm
the new plan from the biden administration to keep tensions with china under control as they expand their military power in a big way. a new secret base in cambodia put there by china. general jack keane is next.
12:44 pm
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>> martha: it's a question upsetting the guardrails with china. that is how a senior u.s. defense official is characterizing one of the goals set by lloyd austin in his first face to face with his chinese counterpart. this is a very important meeting in singapore slated for tomorrow. encompasses the chinese and cambodian officials. they have broken ground on a naval part expansion process on the gulf of thailand. with that, we bring in jack keane, former vice chief of the
12:48 pm
staff of army and fox news sister strategic analyst. general, very good to see you. when i hear there's a secret base being built in cambodia by the chinese, the influence is growing in that entire area. what does it mean? how concerned should we be? >> china has stated what their objectives are. president xi has been quite clear about it the last ten years. he wants to dominate and control the endo pacific region and this base is part of that strategy. he also wants to replace the united states as the world's global leader and to be able to do that, he has to project power beyond the region and to other parts of the world. i think we'll see many other bases being built as a result of it. he has one afghanistan. keeping an eye on the radicals there. we'll see bases in south america, see them in the east coast of africa, in the solomon
12:49 pm
islands, i suspect. look, the united states as a global power has 800 bases and facilities in 70 countries. we don't look for territorial control. what we want is influence. to protect the united states national interests and that of our allies by making certain that the global economy is thriving, that its moving on the sea lanes of communication and we want to ensure that that continues. that's in our national interest and allies national interest. china, i think, as their bases expand and they will expand because they want to be a global power, they're more interested in the same things that we are in terms of those sea lanes staying open. they're interested in control. that's very different than what the united states is doing. now, many of our bases are small radar site facilities. a lot of them are very flush bases in europe and the middle
12:50 pm
east and in the pacific, which we're all very familiar with. it's taken us decades to be able to attain that kind of base strategy that we have in support of our overall strategy in terms of what the united states wants to do, maintain peace and stability in the world. >> martha: i think about world war ii. we saw the expansion of nazi germany in to northern africa, the expansion in japan, the solomon islands. names that people don't talk about every day. we look if the history books, that's where you'll see the japanese expanded and took over. are there parallels now? >> yeah, most definitely. china's presence in south america and africa is rather significant. we've talked about it here in terms of their mineral extraction and mining extraction, rare minerals, et cetera. they're going to protect their
12:51 pm
interest levels. that's why the military bases will be there. this expansion will continue. it's a national evolution of what is taking place with china. our interest and their interest are very different. as a result of it, we talked about guardrails in the production here. while our national interests are different and we're obviously competing with them and we're trying to actually contain some of their ambitions because it steps on our national interests, there's potential here for conflict. right now sitting in the indopacific region, martha, most of us that watch this on a close basis believe we're in a window of vulnerability. we do not have the military deterrence there that we're used to having. it's eroded as a result of the 9-11 wars and decreased defense budgets. it's a serious deficiency. they have 355 ships going to
12:52 pm
460. we have 298 going to 280. they outgun us with air power. they outgun us with offensive missiles. they have an extraordinary strategy to hold back the united states military in the event of a conflict over taiwan. so we have to catch up. we have to be honest with the miles per hour people about the seriousness of it. >> martha: we'll see what the seriousness is of secretary austin keeping those guardrails up in this meeting with his chinese counterpart and what he's been authorized to say to them in this situation. we just talked about the security operation at the white house and how forceful it is or is not. general, thank you. we'll see what happens in that meeting. good to see you. >> good to see you in washington d.c. >> martha: good to be here. more than a dozen people -- an extraordinary story -- are cancer-free after that all took the same experimental drug. an amazing development.
12:53 pm
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>> martha: great development for these cancer patients. 14 of them in remission after they took the same experimental drugs. the results are from a small trial. so far it has a 100% success rated. gerri willis has more from new york. hi,gerri. >> patients are cheering the results of this drug that eradicated rectal tumors in 100% of the patients tested. results of the six-month trial were made public sunday at the annual meeting of encology in chicago. the drug is one of the new class of cancer meds that they use the body's own immune system to fight cancer. it's notable the trial was very small. just 14 patients participating.
12:58 pm
but none needed planned follow up care like chemo, radiation, surgery. while the group was diverse, all of the patients had the same abnormality, which prevented the body from repairing mutations. it's called mismatch repair did efficiency. the patients will continue to be closely monitored to make sure the tumors don't recur or spread. the study's authors say it could be utilized for patients with other tumors like pancreas, stomach, bladder if the patients have the same abnormality. when the author presented her findings sunday morning, the room broke into applause. tears emerging as the audience read the findings. 100% clinical complete response. martha? >> that is incredible. very encouraging. i love the photos of those people that went through that trial. i encourage everybody to read their individual stories because they are so inspiring just like
12:59 pm
you are,gerri. thank you. >> thank you. >> martha: coming up on this week's episode of the untold story podcast, i'm joined by laura stack, the best selling author of the dangerous truth about today's marijuana. laura's 19-year-old son died after dabbing high thc marijuana concentrate. she's formed a nonprofit to shed light on this issue. take a listen. >> our children have being used like a giant science experiment on their brains. if we wait another 60 years like we did with big tobacco to sound the alarm that this stuff is not only a duckive but destructive, we will lose generations to mental illness, depression, bipolar, schizophrenia.
1:00 pm
i know, martha, 100% that if marijuana had been here in colorado, my son would still be with me today. >> martha: i encourage all parents google "dabbing". it's very important. and we'll see you tonight brett and i for special coverage on the hearings on capitol hill. >> i believe that tonight will be sort of an opening of the narration, the narrative of what happened as an assault on our democracy, on our constitution, on our capitol, on our congress in a very violent way. >> all the while the democrats are ignoring what is affecting the american people. the highest inflation in more than 40 years. record high gas prices. doubled since


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