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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 9, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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find new answers. find new roads. chevrolet. i hated sticking my fingers, then i got the dexcom g6. i just glance at my phone, and there's my glucose number. wow. my a1c has dropped over 2 points to 7.2. that's a huge victory. wow. my agency's dropped over two point seven point two. that's a huge victory. >>ve good evening and welcome t. tucker carlson . tell you what tells you a lot about the priorities of our ruling class that the rest of us are getting yetthre another lecture about january six tonight from our moral inferiors, no less an outbreak of mob violence unforgettably minor outbreak by recent standards that took place more than a year and a half ago. but m they've never stoppede talking about it. in the meantime, in the eighteen months since
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january 6th, gas prices have doubled. drug lords have reachedst their highest point ever. the u.s. economy is now careening toward a devastatingta recession at best and scariest and least noted ofl, all, this country has never in its history been closer to a nuclear war . >> if the other networks can'tca be bothered to covernn any of that tonight. instead, they've interrupted the regularly scheduled b programing to bringri you yet another extended prime time harangue from nancy pelosi and liz cheney about donald l trump and q and on the wholeth thing is insulting. in fact, it's deranged and we're not playing along. this is the only hour on an american news channel that will not be carrying their propaganda lies. they are lying and we are not going to help them do it. w well, we will do instead is to try to tell you the truth. we've attempted to do that since the day this happened. we hated seeing vandalism at the u.s. capitol a year and a half ago and we said sod at the time but we did not think it was an insurrection because it was not an insurrection. it was notctio even close to
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the insurrection. not a single person in theon. crowd that day was found to be carryingger firearms, some insurrection. in fact, the only person who wound up shot to death was a protester. choose a thirty six year old military veteran called ashley babbitt. babbitt was just over five feet tall. shebabb was unarmed. she posed no conceivable threat to anyone but capitol hill police shot her in the neck and never explained why that was justified. those are the facts of january six . but since the very first hours they have been distorted beyond recognitionn, relentlessly culminating with last night, last nightt, cbs nightly newss told its viewers that insurrectionist at the capitol on january 6thry quote caused the deaths of five police officers. that is a pure lie. there is nothing true about it and they know that perfectly well. here's reporter bob costas who should be deeply ashamed to say something this dishonest. >> thursday's prime time hearing will take americans
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back to january six when an estimated two thousand rioters breached the capitol building causing the deaths of five police officers. it's hard to believe, he said, that rioters caused the deathsf of five police officers.ic you just heard cbs news tell its viewers that this must be the big lie theory. the more bewilderingly falsee a claim is, the more likely youb will be to believe it.el apparently that's what i'm betting on . precisely zero police officers were killed by riotersy on january six , not five none . not a single one .id so how they get to fight? well, cbs is countinge the suicides of local police officers. it took place after january 6th in some cases long after january six . suicide unfortunately is pretty common among copsidty. policing is a tough job, as we've noted. but in these specific cases, the one cbs is referring to, the chief of washington, d.c. police department told the new york times that actually he had no idea if his officers were
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driven to kill themselves by january six . cbs just made that up. the fifth death that cbs news is referring to is of capitol hill police officer brian sic. nick, you will remember his name body lay in state at the capitol after the media told us he'd beenia beaten to death by trump voters with apo fire extinguisher. here's w told you. officers second died after being hit in the head with a fire extinguisher. he died after beingng hit in thefi head with a fire extinguisher. officer brianre six nrcc died after being hit in the head with a fire extinguisher during the hours long attack. they beat a capitol policeex officer to death with aol fireworks. english or officer brian cygnet died after being hit in the head with a fire extinguisher during the fight. shee died at the age of forty two after he was bludgeoned, the firefi extinguisherre once again, thats not true . everything you just heard was completely fabricated. the dc medical examiner performed an autopsy and the autopsy report showed
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that officer brian cygnet had not suffered any kind of blunt force trauma. he was not beaten to death.t foe he died of a stroke in his office later. no one has been charged in officer death because officer skurnik wasn't murdered. they are lying to you that is provable, not a single person you just saw has apologized for lying, not a single one . and it's not just the news media. here's congressman pete aguilar of california claimingre that officers lost their liveser on january six .s l these hearings will be a chance for the country to come together to rally aroundtr the truth and unite around r the rule of law. we owe law it to the officers who lost their lives and the officers who were injured to w tell that storyy to ensure that this never happens again. let's rally around the truth,un he says as he lies to me. those words burn your tongue, liar. but what did happen exactly on january six ? what's the truthwh ofat that dat well, that's still unknown fromm
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the extensive video we have ofsi january six . it'sve clear that some in the crowd, more than a few were encouraging protesters tond breach the capitol to commit felonies. we're not guessing that we've showed you the tape. we have pictures of their faces in the case of a man called wrap's, we knowac his name but b they've never been charged. rafe's so standing in exactly the same place that a lot of people who went to jail were standing. but he wasn't charged. his name was taken offt. the fbi's most wanted list. why is that ? it doesn't makese any sense at all. the general security will not explain that after a year and millions of dollars, a thousand interviews, they won't tellnd i us nor will they tell us how many fbier agents and assets were in the crowd that day and what were t they doing there? why can't we know that and why are they still hiding thousands of hours of surveillance footage from withinnofooit the capitol? if the point of the committee was to get the truth out there, why can't we we see the tape? why did authorities open the doors of the capitol to rioters and let them walk in ,
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usher them in the doors? that's utterly bizarre. you saw that live. no one's ever explained it. what's the explanation for that ? and by the way, whatever happened to the mysterious pipe bomber whose bombs we later learned many months later kamala harris is bodyguards discovered kamala harris told us she was at the capitol that day but she s wasn'the. she was at the dnc with a pipe bomb outside her body. guards found that bomb, but she lied about that . she hid that .that why that's got to be one of the weirdest stories ever. what does it mean? liz cheney silence and of course above all, they lienu about the reason that january 6th happened in the first placee . and you know what it is? the entire country watched joe biden get whatt they claimed was ten million more votes than barack obama himselfor. joe biden got 10 million more votes than barack obama and a lot of those votes arrived after the election in a lot of places voting voting was stopped in illinois.
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why in the biggest statesst in the country, voter id was optional. why is that okay? a lot of the protesterse on january 6th were very upset s about that and they should have been all of us should be . but the january 6th committee ignored all ofe j that completey instead on the basis of zero evidence, no evidence whatsoever. they blamed the entire riotn on white supremacy. >> here's joe biden for confronting these things remains a deep stain on the soul of the nation. hey, in white supremacy, a the violent deadly insurrection in the capital nine months ago it was about white supremacy in my view. what there's no evidence for that ? none. p the people at the capitol, including the ones who brokeg the law by entering t the capital , which is a crime those people to a person said they were upset because they believe w their democracy had been stolen from them and whether all of their claimso are true or not, that's a valid reason to be upset. t
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but rather than reassure the rest of us that actually our democracy is sound, elections arele fair and transparent, there's no cheating and we can prove it rather than don that , they call half the country names and not. just names. the worst thing you can be a white supremacist and then most bewilderingly of all, virtually no republican in washington push back against any of that effect. vifuslindsey graham, violence worshiper to the endam saidai that hisd only regret was that the capitol police didn't shoot more from voters in the neckic and killed them. you've got guns. use them, graham said. so here you have a sitting us senator, a republican urgings police officers to shoot unarmed americans, many of whom were ushered into the capitol building by law enforcement. how can people talk like that for more than a year they justified rhetoric like lindsey graham shoot more by claiming the january six with an insurrection that's not a word they would use to describe, say, the month longib siege ofho a courthouse
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in portland or the ongoing coordinated effort to intimidate supreme court justice at their homes with guns , a story they ignored today. but january six was different. they reminded us it was uniquequ because it was their offices and because it bothered nancy pelosi. t the president incited an insurrection against congress to prevent a peaceful transition of powerer and then he sat back and watched the insurrection insurrection, a violent mob, a white supremacist president who incited a white supremacist insurrection and insurrection against our government. the violent attack on the u.s. capitol was an act of insurrection. the insurrection that violated the sanctity of the people's capital . this was not a protest. this was an insurrection. it's not a protest. it's insurrection we are not defending and would never defend vandalize , violence,
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rioting. we disapproved ofva what had happened. we disapprove of it now alll riots, not just this one,ri but this was not an insurrection. but but you know, we'll get you to insurrection if you ignore of legitimate concerns of a population, if you brush them aside, if they don't matter when gas goes to five dollar and you say buy an electric car when cities become so filthy and so dangerous that you can't live there when the economy becomes sown distorted that your own children have no hope of getting marriedch and giving you grandchildren when you don't care at all about any of that and all you do is talk about yourself nonstop. you might get an insurrection if you behave like that . speaking of insurrection, so these hearings are going on now this primetime performance we're following them, of course is something noteworthy happensb obviously we will bring it to you immediately, but we're not going to repeat their propaganda unfiltered. so what we are going to do is try tong get to the truth and to do that we've assembled a bunch of very knowledgeable people
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who know a lot more than they're telling youn on the other channels about what happened on january six . we're going to do panels on the show. we never even hear from eachh one individually or to begin with jason whitlock, who's beeno watching how our leadersnd handled january six and it's been learning a lot from it. he joinsleot now. jason , thanks so much foror coming on . so there's a lot going on in this country. they've decided with the collusion of the news media to command our attention in primetime tonight on this issue. whyti? because the democrats and the left are desperate. tucker , i just i loved your monologue, but it just makes me sad as a man, i feel like i have failed and we have failed. we're leaving this next generation a country and a culture that has no respect for truth. this whole t this whole thing is a charade and a lie. a you spelled it out very articulately and accurately. .
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there's no respect for truth. there was no insurrection. there was a riot, a small one that got a little bit out of hand . but to see these people thrown in dungeons and locked up and treated like the worst human l beings on the planet, it's a joke. it's a joke.. and particularly to see this charade tonight when we have brett kavanaugh, a supreme court justice and his family being terrorized at their home and we're not talking about that . a supreme court justice in his home and his neighborhood being violated the way that it has been with the approval of jen psaki and basically the administration. this isth a joke, but it speaks to the desperation of they hmocrats and the left. they have no policy. they have no solutions.y they have no results to stand on and so they just want to tap into fear and emotion
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and continue with the false narrative. right. this thing tonight , this tvac show fear factorto that they're putting on the night reminds me of the guy that's running against rand paul and him doing a tv commercial with a noosev around his that they're just promoting fear. well, it's interesting you said that because bennie thompson is the chairman of this committeee just gave an a opening statemen. i want to play you a 20 secondse clip from what he just said and get your reaction to it. speaking of here . here he is. i'm from a part of the countryry where people justify the actions of slavery, the ku klux clan and lynching. i'm reminded ofg that dark history as i hear voices today trying to justify the actions of the insurrectionists on january 20 21. >> so why is bennie thompson invoking the memory of slavery as we talk about a dispute
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over the last election? tucker .ke i live in the south right now. i live in nashville, tennessee. i've lived in rock hill, south carolina previously. i don't know what part of the south then he's from, but i just happened people i've not been involved with , people trying to justify slavery in my lifetime. i just haven't experienced that . and so again, it's slender. it slander of the united statesa is slander of a group of people. it istate fear, hey, we have no policies but hey, we're not racist even though we really are racists. and so keep us in power becauseg this other group of people are all out to get you and they're going to lynch you. they're going to put youer back in slavery. there's no truth to we're living in a time where i've never i in the history of america, maybe in the history of planning this much hostilityn to the truth isg going to be lethal to not just america
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but because of america's place as the leader of this planet. this is dangerous for the entire planet for us to be this hostile to truth. i think it's a really smart and scary point to make. nt jason whitlock, thank you . thank you . always looking more deeply at the news. two republicans on the january 6th committee, liz cheney and adam kinzinger, the one and only choice gallagher has their greatest hits . for a little perspective, le he joins us tonight. hey, trace. hey, tucker . adding liz cheney and adam kinzinger to the january 6th committee was nancy pelosi's t meager attempt to add balance to the panel. you know,o seven democrats, two republicans. and remember, it was kinzingerer who after january six was the only republican to say that then vice presidentsi mike pence should invoke the 25th amendment to get rid of president trump. and here he is in july 2020 t one at january 6th hearing about the impact that day
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you're going to tell in a democracy are not definedef by our badin days. it is also notable in recent months kinzinger has voted with democrats seven times, though he is not running for reelection. lizne cheney is in a hotly contested primary and shely appears to be among those who believe the one six committee is an altruisticbr group seeking only noble ends. here she is in july of twenty one , agreeing with how the speaker picked the panel today, the speaker objected tood two republican members. shee accepted three others. she objected to two, one ofy whom may w well be a material witness to the events that led to that day that led to january six . i agree with what the speaker has done. cheney's dislike of formerli president trump has simultaneously resulted in her being shunned by members of
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her own party and embraced by the new york times e and cnn here she is again last july a giving republicans a pep talk was very important, especially for us as republicans, e to make clear that we aren't the party of white supremacy. that was last year. last month she accused herna party of enabling white supremacy, though she was scarce on details tucker . trace gallagher, thanks for that perspective. appreciate it. so given the unprecedented civil rights and human rights violations have been justifiedd by the so-called investigation ,more obfuscation and clarity into january 6th. youvolv have to wonder why liz cheney and adam kinzinger are part of it and why is congressd holding these hearings now as so many fundamentals in this country already feeln like they're beginning to teeter? there's not
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a single person in this nation who doesn't feel on a gut level that we could face some real problems real soon. but we're still talking about january six . tulsi gabbard is a former member of congress from hawaii, ran for president last she joins us tonight with her assessment. congressmans her, thanks so mur coming on . so given everything the country faces right now, bothh domestically and abroad, why are the news networks colluding with a political party to tell us this is the most important thing? ta because whether you're talking about the mainstream media or you're talking about liz cheneye ,adam kinzinger or congress, a franklyda they don't care they don't care about the real threats that we face domestically to our freedoms and our democracy. so instead o they are focusing on this. they don't wantea tol deal with the real issues that americans are struggling with every day across the country, increasing inflation, rising gas prices,ri increasing crime, open borders.
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the list goes on and on about the, the very real domestic issues that we face and frankly they've abdicated on their most important responsibility in congress, the one that constitutes mim says only congress has, which is the power to declare war or not. so you know, you've talked about this , tucker . we just saw how congress rushedt through this additional funding bill of 40 billion dollars towards this war in ukraine. we are we are not only a cold war with russia, we are in a hot war with russia, with ukraine, the proxyas and there was no serious debate whatsoever about really what the consequences of this bill would be and frankly whether or not we should even be in a war with russia or frankly any otherr country. this goes back to what are their priorities? every member of congress takes an oath of office and swears to support and defend the constitution of the united states. dwell, the constitution provids all of us with very specific rights and freedoms enshrined in that constitution.
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right now we've got the biden administration. we've got the department of justice g, the mainstream media, big tech all colluding to undermine our rights and civil liberties and freedoms. i don't see congress taking action to address and deal with that threat. so they really wanted to upholdo their oath. they swore that's exactly what they should be focused on right now. i think the most disturbing i moment a year and a half latermo looking back is the moment whereme lindsey graham turned ti the capitol police and said you have guns, use themto now y they had just shot an unarmed military veteran to death, stood aboutry five feet tall. m and i guess what bothers me the most is that nobody cared. i mean, police take life often is justified. we've defended it on this show.e but to not investigate it or explain it suggests that thes life that was taken was worth nothing. and that is the message they're sending to this woman's life., s didn't mean anything. it wasn't we just w killed her and threw her away. i mean, how can members of congress sit there m and allow
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that members of congress are not again, they don't have their priorities straight. so much of this has been politicized. it's been sensationalized with very specific objectives that have nothing to do with upholding the constitution or what's in the best interestse of the country and the american people. and i think the wayay that this hearing is has been actually not even so-called produced. it's literally being pro producd by somebody i think was from abc news in order to try to come up with an out you know, with an objective that has nothing to do again with what's best for the people, what's best for the constitution. they're trying to achievee their own political interests and it's just really sad that they're abusing their power in order to dot. that . t this is the kind of propaganda showow that we used to make fun of and it's took place in totalitarian state when you were a kid, you remember that ? i mean, we had this vibrant, lively news media and people debated things and we'd look t over at these totalitarian and say, you know, they turn their tvs and they get this pre produced lying.
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how shocking is this is this is not america and this is what's so crazy and what's angering because all of these things at the same time is this is not the vision that our founders had for america and these people who serve in the people's h house, members of congress literally go to work every day in the people's house and it just seems like soe. many of thm have forgotten that that's who they work for, that it's such a privilege to have that responsibility. i'm grateful to have had it and to see them going every day and just and abusing that privilege, abusing that responsibility and not at all focused on what's in the best interest of the peopleha should be concerning for every american across the country. and that's why we have elections. we have the opportunity too fire those who are not putting the american people in our country first. i think this every time we talked, you were one of the most temperamentally moderatelk and sensible and even keeled people i've ever talked to. and you were consideredeon a radical congressman just
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tells you everything about them . we're always grateful when you're on . tulsi gabbard, o thank you . > so they supported the blm riots of 2020., almost every member of the january 6th committee did a lot of thempo supported the riots in los angeles in nineteen ninety two . now they're telling you they oppose riots but we have the evidence they've gone on the record supporting political violence when it suits themmnc. so for example, in 1992, jamie raskin of maryland now a member of the january 6th committee, was an assistant professor at american university 6st washingn college of law. college he said he hoped there wouldn't toa quote, backlash the race riots in los angeles in nineteen ninety two now. sixty three people were murdered heavily for their skin color. by the way, there wereth thousands of injuries. there's a billion dollars inju of property damage. reginald denny was ripped out of his truck and beaten to deatherhi on camera. and but jamie raskin wasn'tt bothered by any of this at all. wasn't bothered about this at
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all. he was worried about was the rioters people's sense that justice was not done in the verdict that came down in a state criminal court and you know, i would just hope that president bush doesn't anticipate or encourage a backlash against the rioting which followed the verdict. yeah, reginald denny, what if reginald denny was haulingng a load cinder blocks the wrong neighborhood and he had the wrong skin colornder? beat they beat him almost even brain damage. but that's cool.ain da that samemage. year the chairmaf the january 6th committee today that would be bennie thompson decided he couldn't condemn rioting. instead, he said he was worried about injustices against black officials in los angeles at the time. well, the injustice was a happening on the streets of l.a. as the city was torched and race riots in progress. he couldn't denouncet that slap as the chairman of cpac, he joinsf. thanks so much for coming on . so it's it's a little much for
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the very same the precisely the same people who have no problem with real political violence, grandstanding, hyperventilating, about what happened on january six . why is no one to point this out? yeah, and why does it have to be shown on your show? i mean, the public records of these elected officials is there for the entire media to see the hypocrisy of all the times they've taken toey the floor and taken to the media to say that people like donald trump were nott legitimately elected presidents all the times they have not condemned violencees. or in this case you have the chairman of the committee and this other member from maryland basically saying, oh , riots are fine if you have a social grievance now, why is it okay for jamie raskin to go to the floor of the house of representatives in twenty sixteen and say that donald trump was not legitimately elected, that this rakhi this chairman bennie thompson can say that donald trump is illegitimate
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and boycott his inauguration. but when a retired teacher or a mom or a dad or somebody wants to go to their capital and protest what they saw as an election rife with lots of questions and fraudulent voting, somehow that's something untoward with their desire to speak up. why can't they also speak and why did bennie thompson say that josh holley and ted cruz should be on the no fly list for raising legitimate questions about the 2020 election? this two tiered justice system, this two tiered idea that if you're a conservative or you're republican or you're a trump supporter, you get through this kind of ghetto justice. and if you are somebody else who has these progressive views, it's fine. it's just agreed. but it's not your right to express what most americans don't have the time to kind of follow this . owthey sense something is really amiss. that's why they vote for members united states senate to represent their views.. they're interesting and safe f from the overreach of lunatics like bennie thompson and liz
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cheney. so where is mitch mcconnell and lindsey graham? should more trump voters like don't normal people deserve representation? yeah, absolutely. and i think that's part of the questions and all of this , which is if you want to ask real questions about one sixth ,why don't we ask them?e why don'tfi we find out t the reason why the capital police force we just found out through or forou you this week because of tom fitton that judicial watch that the capitol police going into one sixth so that 50% strength, how come that was allowed to happen? how come that was okay? we all knew it was going to be tumultuous emotional day. these are the questions . r? didn't want to answer why, tucker ? because when the political violence benefits them, they just turned a blind eye toward it. when real americans have p outrage, they want to put them in jail. yeah, i've noticed t that's thank you . well, speaking of putting them in jail, this is an amazingt story that was sort of lost today. so a man running for governor in the republican primary in michigan hoping to
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challenge gretchen whitmer by some accounts the leading candidate in the race was just arrested by the fbi at home. january six ? this happened today. fox is kevin kirk has a story for tonight . >> incredible story indeed. talk our evening to you. michigan gop gubernatorial primary candidate ron kelly, as you point out, wasas arrested at nine thirty this morning by the fbi on ahe misdemeanorly charge allegedly for actions fen taken during the protest at d the capitol back on january six . 2020 one critics suggest that since that event happened a year, five months and three days ago, the timing of today's arrest and the search of his home seems suspicious, to put it mildly and perhaps isd meant to give democrats something to crow about as they staged their made for tv january 6th committee event tonight . now, according to a criminal complaint filed by the fbi, kelly was accused of disruptive conduct, injuring public property d and entering restricted airspace without permission.
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although it's important to t point out a lot of people were there. now there isffd video apparently that is being shared by the michigan democratic party that shows kelly allegedly ascending the steps of the capitol sayingg this is war , baby . now for his part, mr. kelly , as previously denied that he entered the capitol building or violated anyhe law. now his arrest i should point y this out, tucker , you'll find this interesting comes after five other candidates in the primary were disqualified, includingg former detroit policr chief james craig. and you'll probably recallhief this too. there have been several otherer gop candidates in other states and jurisdictionssther who haves accused from running because of an issue h filing and the like tucker . i mean, thank you so much. you bet. that's one way to win an election. let's say you're a completely encom reviled governor of a big state like michigan that wouldan be specifically and you think you're going to lose just have the fbi arrest the front runner
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who's running against you. his name is running again arrested today a at home by the fbi.i.e fbi. now he is being accused of encouragingng people to enter the capital and standing on the capitol steps. the funny thing is ray epps did the same thing. he ray was in exactly the same place and he's on camerare repeatedly encouraging people to break the lawaw. but he's on his ranch tonight . ryan kelly is in jail. why is that ? well, it's notot for lack ofk evidence. january 5th, ray epps was caught on video urging protesters as we saiddhe, to enr the capital that we showed you this before. we can't show it enough. watch we can't this little whats
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that ? wer: don't actually know the answer, but it's a completely fair question. the january 6th commission has from day one refused to answeref it. they've refusedo an to answer it and they attacked anyone who asks for a conspiracy that really what's the answeratk ? now they're telling us they interviewed ray apps and ray says he wasn't working with the government. okay, but that doesn't answere the question. why hasn't he been charged? why washargwh he taken off the t wanted list? more bizarre and no amount of name calling is going to get usu to stop pointing out that it's noarre because it is one has covered this story more closely or more carefully, more factuallyerin than julie f kelly . better than anyone of the ., she's the author of january 6th . democrats use"jan the capitol protests to launch a war dro on terror against the political right whichce they have. and she joins us tonight.t. julie, thanks so much foruc coming on to see the man who was apparently the frontrunner according to at leas one poll in the mission, a michigan republican primary
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arrested by the fbirr. i'm not sure what he did. i know it was much lessit what traps did. what is this ? what is this ? i am truly bothered and confused by this. well, i'll tell you, tucker , i read the criminal complaint that was filed today c aft after he was arrested. it hre appears to me that ryan kelly has been under fbi surveillance since the spring of 2020 and here's why he participated in the anti lockdown rallies in michigan. apparently he is head ofhi this conservative that wasative group targeting gretchen whitmer and her emergency declaration. in the criminal complaint today, tucker , they refer towh an fbio informant who identified ryan kelly in public photos from the capitol protest. this fbi informant was working on a domestic terror investigation in michigan in twenty twenty . now what isisichi that ?
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that is what we now know is the fbi contacted wittmerhe kidnaping hoax. so who is this confidential informant? why did he id ryan kelly ? also,, it appears from separate reporting that ryan kelly was in touch with one of the 13 men charged in this hoax, not the six men charged the other men who face state charges. so then this criminal, this fbi informant was hired separately as an informant to look at this ryan kelly situation. so it's veryy likely that ryan kelly was targeted by the same group of fbi agents,an undercover agents and informants who concoctedd the wittmer kidnaping hoax.tmer >> you know, there are goodke peopler: at the fbi. i know some of them.of them, w why haven't they comehy forward to say, turning our main law enforcement agency into an instrument of political repression is not acceptablerumerepr with wire?
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whyn' aren't fbi agents standing up and saying, no, i can't be part ofg't b us ? you know, we really need more to do that .. but what's interesting is house judiciary committee ranking member jim jordan released another letter this week, one fbi whistleblower has come forward and said that he was penalized the agency because he said the agency was not being entirely forthcoming about what happened on january six . so w hopefullye we will getor more information and more whistleblowers toe step forward because this is not what the most powerful law enforcement i agency in the country should be doing. i agreee with that. and for t our viewers who want g know what actual reporting on an actual news story looks o like loo, we really appreciate u coming on . julie,te thank you . thanks, tucker . so it's pretty obvious at this point that whatever the point of the january commission is, it's not to get to the facts. the first thing they would do if they want to get the facts is really thousands of hours of video footage they have. and tell us what is the point,
10:36 pm
the real saga and why did the cops w open the doors for the protesters, etc.? so the point is not to get tos the truth, it's to hide the truth and to create a pretext for the democratic party to declare war against millions of american citizenshec who oppose their agenda. liz cheney isgenda. helpingng that . >> here she is just moments agog screeching about this information. >> president trump ignoredsi the rulings of our nation'sde courts. own campaig he ignored his own campaign leadership, his white house staff, many republican state officials he ignored the department of justice and the department of homeland . curity president trump invested millions of dollars of campaignm funds purposely spreading false information, running and he knew were false and convincing millions of americans that the election was corrupt and that, he was the true a president. as you will see, this misinformation campaign provoked the violence on january six .
10:37 pm
she is off on another planet and a smart person, not an evil person. why is liz cheney a betting the destruction of america's civil liberties and our sacred norms are being destroyedtr on the basis of this investigation? why she participating in this? sean davis has been watching this closely. he's co-founder and ceo of the federalist. we're happy to have him himco tonight . thanks so much for what a sad moment this is and what a what a strange momentwh. t. what do you make of this ? yeah, i kind of feel like we are watching something akin to a dissolution of the republic. i mean, we have people who spent the last four years with their russia folks trying to overthrow the president. they concocted another hoax to make sure a supreme court justice they didn't like didn'ta get confirmed. then youon had the whole covid
10:38 pm
thing which they used as a pretext to just do a massive roll up of m thenassive rol we have the elecn and now they have this committee which they're using really as a pretext to just criminalize opposition to anything they doing. it wasn't enough for them to be trump. it wasn't enough for them to f throw him off of twitter and banned him from social media. apparently not enough forth them to go and arrest his top white house advisers while they're getting on planes and putting them in shackleses. what they really want to do is criminalize the things that you do that i do that everyone watching does when they oppose o democrat policies. i mean, this is kind of an existentiall threat to how ourat republic works. if you can't rep speak out agaie things, if you can't t go vote the way you want about things, run foron't get to office without them comingce and arresting you, we really don't have a republic anymore. it's a really frightening thingc to watch and they're treating it like it's just like a show business.
10:39 pm
i think this all the time.the so they control everything democrats tim control everythinw both branches of congress, the executive, the corporations, the media is everything and yet any dissent oneintolerable to them. like, you know, one guy stands up to up and i'm not sure that that's right. families destroy him. what impulses? that's a totalitarian impulse it is. and it's an interesting dynamic that you see that the more theya control, the more they hate the people that they can't control because when there's a cacophony of voices, it's too much to deal with. one personnbue just speakingt t out, when you're w the lone voice speaking out, when you're the only outlet peoplehe have, they hate you evp more and they're eveneoev more determined to crush you. soso this isn't going to m get better as they get more power. it's not like they're goingor to somehow be sated with the power and control they have. they're just going to hatet the dissenters more and more and want to crush them.m. r that's soe smart and true .ee that's why when they wonhy in twenty twenty it got
10:40 pm
angrier. a it wasngri the one of the weirdt things i've ever seen. so thanks so much.thank you so great to see you tonight .you t. thank you . so not these people sinister.seo they're also kind ofple neurotic and pathetic. they're telling us about the terrors of january six .nuar but in realityy 6th but just hd and narcissistic they actually are. they can't bring themselves to t denounce real and present threats of violence in our nation's cities. they're everywhere. one people chronicle them closely is michael tracey, who is an actual independent journalist. his work is on subsect and we highly recommend. but he's been following us since the first day. we interested in his views on michael. tracey, thanks a lotss for comig on . what do you make of this ? on that very first day chuck schumer stood up and said something pretty incredible. he said that januaryso six tweny twenty one will go down in infamy just likeell pearl harbor went down in infamy. so he likens the magnitude of
10:41 pm
january six immediately to pearl harbor. so already this process of mythmaking was underway hours afteras congress reconveneson and they evadedve that momentary trauma of having their legislative business interruptedment for a couple ho. that's what we were told was tantamount to pearl harbor. i remember very well you were one of the very few pointed it out, isn't it the role the legitimate role of the newsi and a little bit of n perspective. maybe you don't editorialize, but i don't knowed three thousad people killed on december 7th, 1941, actually babic killed on january six like pearl harbor. why nobody pushed back against that ? well, because most of the media probably would only push back from the standpoint of saying that pearl harbor isn't of mtreme enough a comparison. they might have to invent some you alien invasion or something to like in januaryua six to given how emotionally
10:42 pm
traumatized they were by the whole experienceotot. you know, it's interesting that democrats continue to ineluctably on this issue because who were the purported victimss of january six ? who are the people that they'ret claiming really suffered the most? well, mainly it's the politicians and journalists who are in the capital that day and those happen to be two of the most despised groups in america. and yet generally the democrats have now apparently calculated that keeping this front and center is going to benefit t them in the midterms. and you know, there is a certain political logic to t perhaps however warped becauseha if you notice a progressives and people maybe who are aligned with berniegrpl sandersr kind of had to be cajoled in supporting joe biden in 2020 ,they're becoming a little bit disillusioned because the democrats really aren't delivering much of anything legislative and so adam schiff and co. want to keep this show going until fall because
10:43 pm
that will enable them tose pressure potentially t weary democratic base voters by saying, look, whatever gripes you might have about how we've governed w, you must support democrats. you must vote to re empower i democrats because if youf don', that will empower the existentially threatening republicansia and so therefore it's your solemn duty to vote as always for democrats becauseb the country will collapse. we will all face this world cataclysmic destruction if the democrats are not in power. that's basically boils down tore and before i forget because this is something that was very interesting and i recall thi asu were talking about the civil liberties component of january 6thg last summer, i covered the plea hearing of one of the defendants of the first defendant, paul hodgkins, who pleaded guilty to a felonyde chargest
10:44 pm
the first defendant who was sentenced related to d january six . and when the department of justice was arguing for an even harsher sentence for a this individual who had committed no violent crime, the government readily concededi that this individual did not do anything that entailed physical violenced . but nevertheless the doj wanted him in prison for a harsherse sentence because they claimed he was responsible for inflicting emotional injury h on who are the politicians who were assembled in the capital that day. the federal law enforcement apparatus had to inventwh this new paradigm of what supposedly constitutes an injury in order to i keep nonviolent offenders in federal prison for longer. now, i don't remember anybody really ever talking about that . tat to notice it because i looked at the documents. but there are so many other civil liberties implications to this story that are just totally ignored. ast someone
10:45 pm
so i'm glad at least someone is beginning to talk about them. it's it's unbelievable. t meanwhile, lindsey graham should trump voters u. michael tracey, i appreciate your reporting always. ,thank you . so we should tell you and as we said at the top, this is the only hour on american televisionon that is not broadcasting unfiltered propagandaroad into the homes oo unsuspecting viewers on the screen you see eight boxes or eight different tv channels taking nancy pelosi feed unfiltered. now, if at any time in your life you've ever made fun off totalitarian regimes that broadcasts lies into the homes of the populations, they can't turn off. t take a look at that . that's happening right now. meanwhile, gas is over five bucks. inflation is higher than it's been in the lifetime of most americans. violentim most crime is making s impossible to live in and
10:46 pm
one hundred thousand americans who died on drugs last year. why isn't there a prime time hearing about any of that ? charlie hurt is the opinion editor ofe the washington time. he joins us tonight . great to see you. y i mean, if you three suspect what we're really watching is members of congress talking about themselves again. yeah, absolutely. because the alternative is for them to have to talk about policies and if they talk about policiesf they have to talk about there. and it's not justot their failures. you know, all the failures we see right in front of us , you know, gas prices, crime, an open border, fentanyl deaths you can go through the list is endless. and if anybody got out of washington, any of these people got out of washington to talk to normal people, they would realize that american people are very, very concerned about a lot of things. this is not one of them.this ist but then but then step back even further and you look at the just a cavalcade of lies that democrat politicians have
10:47 pm
made in their promises to get elected over ever since even before joe biden ele became came to washington. whether it's solving health care problems for poor people, ending poverty or providing public education to people they failed on all these frontse .son, i and the reason i call this thee third failed impeachment trial of donald j. trump, the reason they have to talk about this stuffav is because they can't talk about those other issues. they have to distract everybody fromomue. t then it i but thens it's even crazier thn that because when you get to the issue of securityhen and you start thinking about what people whose businesses were destroyed in these riots that democrats supported in the year running up to the election and you think about the security, think about the parents whose children they fear for their children g going into an elementary school today and democrats controlot both chambers of congress and the white house. they have not done a a thing to protect children in schools. yeah, beyond that , the third
10:48 pm
branch of government, the judiciary, we have supreme court justices living under j their family being assassinated and nancyt. pelosi will do nothing about it all she can talk about is this day a year and a half ago when she was afraid or they were afraid of some goofball trespassing, nutty rioters coming through the capitol . i think that what we're seeing and i think all this is goings to backfire and i think what we're seeing righti here and i think it's great t i mean image you just showed of all the networks of obedient people, obedient networks showing this thing on command, i think what we're seeing is the final swirling of credibility for the media and democrats going downlity g the drain. i think they're going to pay a price and i think this this spectacle right here is going to make it even worsese fr them because the difference between their concern here and
10:49 pm
the concern of anybody else, including schoolchildren in elementary schoolsls , it's breathtaking. you and i entered journalism about the same time over 30 years ago, seemed honorable then it seemse completely shameful now. it really does shameful. so i appreciate you coming on . thank you . great to see you.e so let's say the republican party wins a majoritysay in the house this fall notot becauset they earned it but really by default. then told happenfaul the january 6th committee on that? some ideas. > ceo of american majority joins us tonight and that's what i thought about this iss, interesting question of what would happen toin the committeeld if republicans take over . well, first ofer all, i have to make this point and put a point on this. this is a show trial in the truest soviet sense of the word and nobody not the good guys have never conducted show trials in the history ofe the world and they're meant for two purposes one to silence dissent and the other to cover up.
10:50 pm
and nancy pelosi has noy interest in actually getting to the truth of the mattereres in o what kevin mccarthy needs to do to morrow is hold a press conference in which he announces that when republicans take the majority back , he will continue the january six committee inue chaired by congressman jim banks. that reform committee will then go and try and find all fourteen thousand hours of surveillance footage, make them public. also find out how many confidential informants and undercover agents, fbi agents were in the crowd that day understandd why trump's request for twenty thousand national guard troops was rejected and what was nancy, pelosi's role in that? but but also, tucker , why did the doj and the fbi feel compelled to have what are essentially fbi commandos deployed to quantico with kill to shoot authority, shoot to kill authority who was thenoy deployed into d.c. on january 6th? and what happeneded tonja the pe bomber at the rnc and the dnc? i mean, tucker , the left likes to sanctimoniously lecture
10:51 pm
us that democracy dies in darkness, which it does when you don't have the truthie in facts but also guys and duplicity when the left is colluding with bureaucrats to silence and attack political oppositions sil but ae duplicitous in the aspect of equal justicect. ce and to me this is a very dangerous place where we are as a nation as john davis just referred to. ofou don't law havele and equal application of justice, it throws everything intoalon o the absurd. and soso i think kevin mccarthy and republican leadership need to standyhi tomorrow and say we are going to s continue this and it is our solemn commitment to the american people that they will finally get to the truth and factso of what took place on january 6th. no more lying on the kennedy assassination just declasse but notice the two people they hatet and want to kill. it's a sanj and ed snowden y gets spilled the secrets right. it's great to see you tonight .
10:52 pm
thank you so much. thank you , tucker . so it's hard really to overstate the failure of toanlican officeholders protect their voters and to protect the country and to maintain our norms and keep o civil liberties in place, makeac america different and better than the rest of the world. ahethat was their job and they failed. should trump voters as lindsey graham. so the hope is this november, five months from now, the republicans will elect better people who actually care about their own voters who care about the country, not just themselves at the very top at least from our perspective is joe kent. iv oforformer member the army special forcesme is running for congress in the state of washington and he joins us tonight. joe , thanks so much for coming on . so you it almost makes you sick just to keep repeating it, but none of this would be happening or would be happening in a much more restrained way if there were somebody defending the rest of the country up there. but there doesn't seem to be . no and that's supposed to be the republican party. whyhy a big reason
10:53 pm
i jumped have decided to run for congress. the woman who i voted for, the republican that i voted for voted for the impeachment of president trump, which gave this januaryth six narrative which is being smeared against every conservative or anybody who has an issue with the way things are being conducted in the country or the way the last election went to beingl used to turn the national security state against that she votedec for that impeachment and then she voted for the formation of this very sham trial soviet kangaroo court we're seeing right now. she voted forurt the january six committee. she also voted to hold people in contempt, private citizens who weren't even present on the steps there on the ground during january six . so we have to hold these this republican leadership accountable. it is their job to standlicaca lead in the breach and defend their people from this type, overstep from the democrats and the national security state. nd t that , fail to do they deserve to be primaried. and that's exactly what i'm doing. well, that's for suree>> tucker talk about a failure of democracy. democracy is a system in which
10:54 pm
elected representatives represent the people who elect them. i think the most republicansheo. in this country i think is wyoming. there's one member of congress from wyominge here and it's republican . here's that republican abouts two minutes ago. awa watch this . democracy is fragile. peoples in positions of public trust are duty bound to defend p it totr step forward when action is required in our country, wean don't swear an oath to an individual or a political party . take our oath to defendun the united states constitutionit and that oath mustat mean something. stonight i say this to my republican colleagues who are defending the indefensible. . there will come a day whenn donald trumpde is gone. >> your honor will remain so that's the iraq war lady who told us there are weapons u of mass destruction. i believe you fought w in that war lecturing us about honor and truth. how could that person claim to represent the voters of
10:55 pm
wyoming? it's it's absolutely absurdol and insulting. she thinks that we can't gout back and look at absurd her reca that she's been lying tot the american people basically for her entire career and profiting off of it. but also she has to bring up this whole oh , it must be a big trump thing. no, it's not a trump thing. t there is the fact that the only reason that people were there on that day of january 6th is that the american people, a vast majority of them did not feel p likeeo their voices were heard t the election box and therefore they started to get a littleet bit dicey. and if our ruling class won't c go back and actually adjudicated what happened with our elections? our system is going to continue to decay. and no matter how much peopleon in congress lecture us or ignore these problems, our system will crumble until we get people in there like i think we're going to havepe this november that can actually sayay, hey, we hear yoe we're going to w go back . we're going to look at20 the election of 202028. we're going to have a full committee. we're going to keep the january six committee going. we're going to disclosee, to the american people once and for all what actually happened, release all the footage, disclosehapp t
10:56 pm
the government's involvement. we have to start respecting our people once again. everything liz cheney just saido everything. the woman that i'm running against, jamie herera, butlervei is toons afraid to come faceaf her constituents or face me in a debate. everythingrara we stand for, wea have to cast that off if we are going to preserve this republic . that's exactly right.o oh , really? t the senile guy got ten millionn more votes than barack obama. tell really? tell us how that happened. u shut up.s up, you're going toyo jail. that's not an adequate answer.r. i went to ken. thank you . thank you , douglas. well, we've gone without a commercial break for almost 50 seven minutes.go to and to wrap up tonight , we're going to go to darren beadie, our friend who runs revolverve news. and it's a amazing reporting on january 6th. darren, thanks so much for joining us .o what do you make what do you make of this ? you've been following this sincece the day it happene. it culminates tonight . your view? important to's keep in mind what the stakes are. . t the stakes are the repurposing and reconfiguration of
10:57 pm
the national security apparatus against the american people. incidentally, the department of homeland security has spearheaded this and among his other duties, chairman bennie thompson is none other than the chairman of the homeland security committee as well.essdudu he's the dhs is stooge in congress and the dhs is conducting the patriot purge that you've spoken so well. and so there's a reason that people like us when we talk about federal involvement in january six , it's met with the most vicious and hostile response from i a regime imaginable. ns matter how dark and uncomfortablein these truths are, the american people need to learn about them for themselves. i encourage everyone if you're skeptical, if you're notrnrn ifu know someone who is skeptical, go to revolver news right now, read our report and challenge others to do so as well and tell them to look you in the eye and say that the y feds weren't involved in this.
10:58 pm
it's a clear hoax.this. we know what's happened, but there's unfinished business and we need to expose the feds for what they've done because as i've said on your show before, until we bring the national security state t heel, our politics will be nothing but fake and performativel. and i think people feel if they are even now it's i willi say breath's takingly audacious of a committee whose stated purpose is to get to the truth a ,notns to answer even the most basic questions. if you sat through this entire thing and didn't learn why the cops opened the doors to d the rioters like what's the point? no, it's ridiculous. there are five or six absolutely decisive questions that get to the core ,the beating heart ofha what really happened that day and the committee will explore o none of those questions and in fact the committee's purpose other than just to grandstand and distract is to obfuscate and obscure and silence those
10:59 pm
questions from being asked, you know, it's just remarkableow how many people are going along with this. a it's absolutely shameful. you are not one of i appreciate your comingto tonight . thank you so much. thank you . so we don't often spend an entire hour talking about the same topic the with no commercial break.e and of course, att the outset we pointed out that there's awful lot going on in this country. the economy isnomy in a legitimately perilous placef and if you make less than say three hundred grand a year, you definitely t feel that you're n doing things that you did sayar last yearou that is bad and a lt of other problems we are at the brink of a full scale war with russia. we-s should be talking about that . so why do we spend an hour talking about jan six ? because as you just heard darren beattie say underneath all ofai this is an agenda that will change the country and your life. youu can't weaponizes national security agencies nat againstie your own population. that is the definition of an
11:00 pm
authoritarian state. that is the destruction of democracy. and we can't let them do it. we're doing our part. thank you for joining us for this hour. have the best evening b with the ones you love.see you we'll see you tomorrow. and welcome to hannity. and we start with the fox news alert breaking tonight . we have all three major broadcast networks, fake news, cnn, msnbc, all happily broadcasting well, the dullest the most boringel. there's absolutely nothingng nothing new . multi hour democratic fundraiser masquerading as a january six hearing. going to and by the sounds of it, they're going to do hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours of t us produced by a former abc executive, 100% hollywood production with all the creative licensesere


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