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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 10, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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bad. the underlying comeback still looks good, but if the numbers keep going on, it won't be that way long. what is happening at airlines and hotels and vacation resorts it's off the charts. suddenly inflation numbers that are off the charts, too. we debate it, you decide it. here's "the five." >> jeanine: hello. i'm judge jeanine pirro with jessica tarlov, will cain and dagen. this is the "the five." the democrats january 6th committee holding their one-sided prime time hearings last night. members of the committee claim president trump had spurred a mob of domestic enemies to attack the capitol in an attempt
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to overturn the 2020 election results. for more, let's go to chief congressional correspondent chad pergram. >> good afternoon. the committee aimed to tie the riot to former president trump. the panel played new audio and videotape of those close to the president that included former attorney general bill barr who said there was no fraud in the election. wyoming republican liz cheney invoked a painting in the capitol that shows president george washington resigning his military commission. cheney says former president trump did all he could to stay in office. >> with this noble act, washington set the indispensable example of the peaceful transfer of power. what president reagan called nothing less than a miracle. the sacred obligation to defend this peaceful transfer of power has been honored by every american president except one. >> there was dramatic testimony from u.s. capitol police officer carolyn edwards.
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she sustained a traumatic brain injury defending the capitol. >> there were officers on the ground. you know, they were bleeding. they were throwing up. they were, you know, they had -- i mean, i saw friends with blood all over their faces. i was slipping in people's blood. >> house speaker nancy pelosi rejected the picks of house minority leader kevin mccarthy to serve on the committee, so there's two gop members on the panel okayed by pelosi. republicans assert the panel lacks legitimacy. >> this is their desperate attempt to try to revise something that has been investigated by the senate. they didn't have anybody coming in to challenge why the speaker didn't take appropriate security measures. >> the panel wants to show the public that the former president tried to delay certification of the election with the riot.
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three hearings next week that washington democrat jayapal doubts the committee will sway the gop. back to you. >> jeanine: thanks, chad. republicans are hitting back, tearing to the publicized hearings as a circus meant to divert attention from the biden administration's numerous problems. >> all they're doing is try to paint a new political narrative that voters need to think about in november. the democrat agenda has failed. >> i think the country sees that it's a partisan political committee that the american people are focused on a lot of other issues. >> last night's hearing was a prime time dud. nothing came out of it. didn't change anybody's mind. they want to throw donald trump in jail. they can't get that done, they want to prevent his name from appearing on the ballot. it's not about investigating january 6. >> jeanine: i'll start with you. the claim that nothing new was brought out last night.
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they said there would be new ed, new information. what new did we learn last night? >> nothing because it's not an honest pursuit of the truth. i think everyone who was being honest can look at january 6 and say it was a shameful day in part as a riot ensued at the capitol. i don't want to steal any talking points. we have conversations offset and i had a nice conversation with sean about the true nature of this show trial. whether or not it's an honest pursuit of the truth. i'll leave it to sean who served in congress on how this is set all up to be a reality show. if you were looking to say what is a threat today to our country, you'd talk about the attempted assassination of a supreme court justice. you'd talk about another target by a group called ruth sent us. in fact, something that we're focusing on that happened 17 months ago, asks us is this an
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honest pursuit of the truth? >> jeanine: dagen, the fbi new that there was going to be a very large protest. they knew ahead of time but did nothing in terms of heightened security. they claim it was an intelligence failure. august 21, curiously, the fbi had a report that there was scant evidence that the capitol attack was organized to overturn the election as opposed to just being a protest. so there would have been no problem had there been heightened security. >> we've got five more of these shearings. maybe that comes out, maybe it doesn't. it's very clear given the why now of all of this. it's too maybe prevent the gross shellacking that the democrats will get in november. maybe it won't be as bad. you said reality show. i'm a gracious consumer of
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reality television. that abc news dude that they brought in, he's not putting last night on his resume. he had liz cheney talking over graphics and photos and tossing to video. it was intensely boring. and then you always want to have somebody likable, relatable who is fierce in a reality show cast? who do we have on that panel? jamie raskin? we want to watch him? he wanted to get rid of the electoral college when al gore lost or my personal favorite, adam schiff. he pedalled the collusion theory for so many years and talked about there's more than circumstantial evidence in plain sight of the russia collusion hoax. i would rather be locked in a port a john to have to watch
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adam schiff. >> jeanine: even joe biden didn't watch last night. but sean, actually we have sound. let's listen. >> the insurrection on january 6 is a brutal asaulted on our democracy, brutal attack on law enforcement, some losing their lives. we heard about it last night. we can unite and defend this nation, democrat and republican, allow no one to place a dagger at the throat of our democracy. that's what those hearings are about. i didn't get to watch them. i was doing other business. but i tell you what, there was a lot going on. >> jeanine: yep, he didn't get to watch it. former congressman sean duffy, you know, nancy pelosi's name has been thrown around a lot. that she didn't approve or she knew ahead of time. the question that i have is why wasn't nancy pelosi called as a witness?
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what did she know, when did she know it? we know she's in charge of security. after all, she brought in the national guard. she ultimately put a metal detacters but not for that. >> i'll give you the answer to that. i did reality tv. i was on the real world on mtv. >> you weren't the likable relatable guy? >> i was not. but the bottom line, you can edit anything you want and make people believe what you want in the edit bay. here you have nancy pelosi that says i'm going to edit this production and present it to the american people. by the way, the theory of my case, the theory of january 6 is so weak that i can't allow jim jordan and be there and look for evidence. we can't get the videotape from the congress. we don't know what involvement law enforcement had. we're not going to talk about whether donald trump authorized the national guard to protect the place that he allegedly wanted an insurrection.
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we have trials in courtrooms. this is a show trial. we don't have show trials in america where you tray to convince people in the court of public opinion. if we're going to talk about overthrowing an election, why are we talking about russia collusion? you had the democratic party law enforcement and the media working together to overthrow donald trump. four years, wall-to-wall coverage. two impeachments where they tried to undo the 2016 election. talking about thousands of people around the country coming into the capitol. this was child's play compared to the orchestration of russia collusion. why aren't we having that hearing? >> jeanine: okay. jessica, we're going to come to you on this. i want to ask you a question. the chair, bennie thompson, says that the job of the january 6th committee is to make sure that they put together the evidence and make recommendations to
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congress. it's not their job to prosecute. he said i hope the attorney general is listening and i hope the attorney general if he wants evidence, we'll be happy to give it to him. he said that donald trump probably committed a crime and the judge is an obama appointed judge and he was only there to look at discovery. sounds one-sided. tell me what you think. >> i think basically the opposite of what everyone has said so far on this table. i was on air last night with bret and martha to discuss this this. i thought there was a lot of new information. everybody seems to agree with that right and left people are commenting. here's some things that are new. donald trump knew that he lost the election. he knew it lost it because bill barr told him he lost it. if you saw his testimony, it was animated. he used the b.s. word. he said enough with this. ivanka truck, his daughter, she knew he lost the election
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because she said i trusted a.g. barr on this. jason miller, 1 of his most trusted aides also testified that he knew he lost the election. a campaign lawyer also knew that he lost the election and testified to that. that is new information. donald trump was -- you never saw a video -- >> jeanine: a video as opposed to reports. >> you knew that ivanka trump agreed with bill barr and not her father? you knew about yeah son miller? you know the gop congressmen asked for pardons because they knew that they would be in trouble. did you know that? >> jeanine: who are they? scott perry. that's the one name that they gave so far. president trump said he didn't know if it was a bad thing a if mike pence got hanged. that's a big deal. there's a seven-point plan -- i thought liz cheney did a good job. i don't know if she's a lawyer --
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>> that's the problem. it was prime time. >> this is not meant to entertain you likes desperate house wives. this is supposed to tell you about something -- >> why did they hire producers from abc news? to give it pizzazz. >> i'm sorry -- >> that donald trump spread lines. we know that. we saw the footage of him saying let's hope mike pence comes through for us. spreading lies and the election. he had a plan to oust the a.g. that a.g. will be testifying next week. corrupt pressure on mike pence. mike pence last talked about that directly. corrupt pressure on state officials. now we know clarence thomas' wife was in on it. she called 29 individual arizona officials and asked them to support state electors to overturn the results there. there was the false elector's plot, which i talked about. he summoned the mob. you saw him calling it there. we know what role the oath
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keepers -- >> jeanine: he summoned the mob? >> yes. there's a stop the steal rally. i -- he ignored pleas for help. the vice president of the united states knew that the president would not help him. he was communicating with nancy pelosi, with general milley -- >> jeanine: why didn't nancy pelosi allow the national guard? that is a setup. >> this is crazy that you think nancy pelosi was the one that was responsible for what happened that day. >> jeanine: why didn't she allow the national guard out? has she testified? >> i don't know. >> jeanine: she has not. >> and she won't, by the way. >> general milley testified -- >> jeanine: coming un, president biden putting the nation in the word spot in 40 years. the shocking new inflation numbers are in. ♪♪
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>> will: president biden in damage control after another disastrous inflation report. consumer prices soared 8.6% in may from a year ago. the fastest increase in over 40 years. biden offering no solutions while at the port of los angeles. instead, blaming putin for the millionth time and threatening to physically fight shipping companies. >> we've never seen anything like putin's tax on both food and gas. every once in a while, something you learn makes you viscerally angry. likes if you had the person in front of you you'd want to pop
2:19 pm
him. there's nine major ocean line shipping companies that ship from asia to the united states. nine. they form three consortiums. these companies have raised their prices by as much as 1000%. that's why i called on congress to crack down -- and they're foreign owned shipping companies that raise their prices while raking in -- >> will: basically fighting shopping companies. pop them. since this spiral of record inflation has begun, president biden has blamed the big meat, big oil and now big shipping. i would suggest if you try to explain a why, economiwide inflation is a few more industries to go. this is affecting everything. >> jessica: the list is crazy. grocery is up 12%. chicken up 17%. air fare up 37%.
2:20 pm
i went to book a trip. we're not taking it. rent up 5.2%. gas 48.7%. it's bad. inflation is a global problem right now and the president did reference that. this is obviously a nightmare for the average american. >> will: judge? >> jeanine: was hoping you'd say that. thank you. you know, joe biden keeps telling us inflation is a global problem. everyone is experiencing it. and you know what? that's a lie. i'll tell you why. because not everybody has the same inflation nation. we only got 8% of our gas to begin with. i tell you who has lower inflation than the united states, china, no kidding. saudi arabia, japan, switzerland, france, singapore, south korea, south africa all below 6%. we're at 8.6 and rising.
2:21 pm
you know what? if he weren't so incompetent, he wouldn't be at that level. if he weren't so favorable to china or russia ling them have their pipeline and shutting down ours, we won't have to pay 32% more for eggs. that's all i have to say. >> will: why was inflation worse in the united states than it is across the globe. >> dagen: because we have the worst stimulus. joe biden said -- he vilified exxon mobil today. how will that look when he goes gravelling to saudi arabia to beg on his knees figuratively to the crown prince to pump more oil, which the administration did last august after taking a hatchet to every corner of our energy industry? his position is still calling it putin's tax or price hikes. that says nothing will get done
2:22 pm
out of this clown. nothing will happen. there's no plan to fix this. it's important that on the fiscal side that the white house and the left wing liberals running the senate and congress for now do something to pull back like get rid of the moratorium on the student loan payments. that is literally a handout to rich lawyers and doctors. but they're still dolling out that money. schumer is talking about another trying to cobble together some bits and pieces of build back better to the tune of $1.3 trillion. that is terrible for inflation. what is happening is because they won't do anything. i don't know why i'm looking at the judge because she looks so fantastic. the danger is it's all falling on the federal reserve. that means there will be as if we already haven't seen it this year, financial armageddon. when you burn money, then you're
2:23 pm
going to have a complete and utter financial and economic collapse. so we're hurting now and we're going to keep hurting months ahead. >> will: sean, i want to pick up about the forgiveness of the college loans. inflation is a regressionive tax on the poor. the brand of democrats being the party of the working class has to have expired. >> sean: absolutely. you feel good the donald trump company, the middle class expanded. under joe biden, it's big government that brought united states here. 1.7 million in covid, attacking oil and gas to dagen's point. 12% for groceries. i pay like 50% more. 80% more for groceries. i would love to pay 12 more. that's not the real prices in our stores. something is wrong.
2:24 pm
>> dagen: that's the highest for groceries since 1979. to compare biden to jimmy carter is an insult to jimmy carter. >> sean: take responsibility and come out with plans that will fix the problem. you can't blame everybody and say nothing i can do about it. >> will: big meat, big oil, big shopping. a teen girl is shot while doing her homework and is now calling out liberal leaders. you have to hear it next.
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2:29 pm
adams. she was doing her homework when a man fired a barrage of bullets. she said this about mayor adams. it's crazy how he thinks just getting homeless people off the subway will do anything to help the crime rate. it's hard. there's not much you can do to get rid of these problems. it's terrible that we say we can expect it. that story comes amid other examples of crime. telling video shows the knockout punch that led to a 61-year-old man in "the new york times." police are looking for two suspects. another brutal video from phoenix, arizona shows a woman attacked while working at a wireless store that man was arrested and she's recovering from her injuries. we talk about this issue a lot. the randomness:what is going on right now feels insur mountable. >> will: the video shows the man died. it's awful. randomness is something good to focus on. what you're talking about is the
2:30 pm
complete deterioration in people's quality of life. the victims are not the people we see on the video. the victims walk around in fear. the one thing that you cannot do is mess with people's quality of life. we just did one of them. we talked about economy. all we talked about is gasoline prices and the price of everything rising. we continue to conversation. quality of life. crime. you can't -- kids, don't miss with people's kids. you saw that in loudoun county. don't use trans philosophy to kids. people don't want that. don't make people fear for their life. you need evidence of it? look at boudin's recall in san francisco. even in san francisco. as liberal as it gets. 60% said i don't want to walk around in fear in the middle of a toilet, and open their drug market. don't mess with people's quality of life. >> jessica: and on the chesa
2:31 pm
boudin front, sounds like we could get a recall for gascon. you think this is something we'll see across the country? >> jeanine: i don't think there's any question. will, you put it eloquently. people are fearful. even if they don't think they'll get hit by someone, who knows what will happen if there's a gun fight in you're collateral damage. but i think that the chesa boudin recall and the future recall in l.a. is an indication that people are paying attention because they're afraid. let's move it to right where we're -- the topic. we're talking about eric adams right now. the mayor of new york city. a police captain was elected because everybody thought he would take care of crime. one of the things that he's good at is being part of the night life in new york city. i've gone to several black tie things in new york city. everyone i've gone to he is there dappered up and ready to make a speech and how great
2:32 pm
new york is. i don't want to see him in another hot suit with another hot tie. i what -- i want to see him with his sleeves rolled up. i want to see him at every crime scene and call out andrea stewart's cousins that would change the bail law in new york and governor hochul. i want him with a sign with all three. every time there's a crime, mayor adams, if you give a damn about victims, i don't want to hear you talk. start walking the walk. >> dagen: i'm with her. >> will: wow. >> dagen: you brought up the real house wives. you brought up the real house wives. he's rubbing elbows with two from new jersey. the least he could do is hang out with people that live here in new york city. i lived not far from here. speaking of not fighting crime,
2:33 pm
not enforcing the law, there was a serial stabber town the street from here. he was released on bail because bragg's offers didn't file the indictment fast enough. it's happening over and over again in these areas. the liberal leaders are governing cities where hard working tax paying people don't want to live in a dangerous violent filthy expensive hell hole. whether it's san francisco or here. the only way this changes and i'll point to daniel enriquez shot dead, goldman sachs employee. to have these large corporations stand up and say we are leaving. your tax base is disappearing. when the money not only talks, but walks, then they start doing
2:34 pm
something. stop inviting major adams to all of these glittery openings. >> jessica: openings? >> sean: i agree with will. 76% of new yorkers are in fear that they will be a victim of a violent crime. if you don't have safety, you have nothing. liberals have taken on this new role saying we want to reimagine everything. genders, families. no cash bail, sentencing reform. we've seen the consequences of reimagining law enforcements. our cities are unsafe. we're letting violent criminals out of jail and not holding them on bond. people get hurt. the problem with liberals is, if your policies don't working change it, joe biden. change your policies when you hurt people. what is amazing, they've sit back and are tied to the liberal policy as opposed to doing what is best for the people they're elected to serve. i don't get it as a conservative. >> jessica: you don't get it? we'll talk about it in the break.
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the full benefits of turmeric. the brand i trust is qunol. ♪♪ >> sean: a little poison there. senator lindsey graham and bernie sanders are set to face off in the senate project. streaming live and exclusively this monday at noon eastern on fox nation, bret baier will be moderating the debate and joins us to tell us more. bret, get to see you. i've done a lot of these debates. what are the rules of the debate and are these politicians be able to dig in to the issues so where we can see both sides and
2:40 pm
have them spar? >> i love the introing these senate debates with poison. that's really a good thing to do. but lindsey graham and bernie sanders are poised for this. you can't think of two figures that are more far apart and their ability to articulate it, i've dealt with both of them before. this format is oxford style. it is opening statements and rebuttals and then there's a q&a session with me as the moderator. basically i'm keeping them in the guardrails. the whole process here is to try to get the old way that the senate operated with discussion and substance, backing up what you say, not just tweets against the wall or sound bites that get picked up. and i think it's going to be refreshing. it's an hour.
2:41 pm
it's a collaboration with the bipartisan policy center. the edward m. kennedy institute and the orrin hatch foundation. it's based on the premise that senator ted kennedy and orrin hatch were different in the way they looked at the world and politics but they got together and argued about things that they disagreed about. >> sean: dagen? >> dagen: allow me one to apologize for the poison. the chevy vega of american rock bands. and lindsey graham and bernie sanders hate each other deep down. will that bubble up? >> there will be sparring. when you get into the issues, they're so far apart on some things, they will be some, you know, pointed jabs, i'm sure. but it's much more of a discussion about a conversation. i'm steering it.
2:42 pm
as i prepare for this, it is more about getting them to engage and less about me probing them and following up. that sort of thing. >> will: i know you have several bucks. we talked about it on "fox and friends" weekend. i'm curious how hard it is to book these debates. there's a little sentiment, not exclusively, but primarily on the left to not give honor to your opponent's ideas but confronting them or debating them. has it been difficult to book? >> no. senator sanders has always been good and engaging. one of the things that senator sanders supports says he believes who he is and stands by it. people that deal with senator sanders say that. senator graham i talked to him about it the other night. so they're unique figures. senator sanders is one of them. as we go forward, we'll see how this develops. i think there's going to be interesting characters along the
2:43 pm
way. a set of series of three planned. we have not unveiled other things. we're going to take part in this one and do more in the future. it's streaming on fox nation live. we'll put a piece of it on "sport report" and more on fox news channel afterwards. >> jeanine: bret, i'm curious what you think tend game is with respect to this january 6 commission. >> judge, that was my big quest in the postgame analysis on shannon's show. where the blueprint that they have. are they looking for a criminal charge or looking to try to prevent former president trump from running from office again. i agree with jessica. there were new nuggets, several of them throughout that the committee is going to back up with testimony. bennie thompson said afterwards
2:44 pm
in an interview that there will be witness testimony that ties the proud buys and oath keepers to trump's inner circle. if that happens, that is significant news in that regard. i think some of the things said about inner workings while it was going on are new. but the biggest question is, how can they keep everything together in seven committee hearings and where are they going at the end. >> jessica: bret, thank you for having me last nights and backing me up a little there. it's lonely at this stable. i wanted to add on to janine's question and ask you about the end game, but as far as the mid-terms. if you think this will have any mediate political effect on what people are going to the polls for in november? >> i think you know the answer to this. i think that most people
2:45 pm
decide -- first of all, we're in june. right? we have a long way to go till november. what is the thing that is driving most people's angst? it's how your putting food on the table, how you're paying bills. the fact that your check may have gone up, but you have less because you're spending the average, according to moody's analytics, that a family is paying $460 more per month than they were nor the same amount of goods and services. $460 more per month per family. that trumps anything else. so is it significant in the big picture? it was a dark dismal day for the country and on capitol hill. they need to remember it and they will. but i'm not sure how much it affects the mid-terms. >> sean: you agree with jessica? we won't take offense at the table for that. thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. fan mail friday is next.
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>> dagen: it's fan mail friday. we're answering your questions. first up, judge jeanine. >> jeanine: why am i always first? >> dagen: if the last thing you ate is the only thing you get to eat again, what are you stuck with? the last thing you ate. what do you have to eat for the rest of your life? >> jeanine: i had cale and spinach. >> will: oh, my god. >> jeanine: the -- that i actually ate. >> dagen: you can use them as straws. did you know that? >> jessica: red vines are easier to use as straws. >> sean: i got peanuts with raisins in it. >> will: had doritos cool ranch. >> jeanine: how about you? >> dagen: mine was an omelette. i'm good to go. except for the sky rockets
2:51 pm
prices of eggs. up from facebook, sherry sent this. what do you always have in your pocket? will cane. >> will: phone in one pocket and money clip in the other. i'm not a wallet guy. credit card in the middle. >> dagen: that's a $5 billion. >> jeanine: fancy pants. >> dagen: you have to have a hundred on the outside. maybe not in new york. >> sean: i do a band. clip is too big. i have a 20. i also have my phone with the will cane podcast on it. >> will: that's my good. >> dagen: you already promoed "fox and friends" weekend and the podcast. i'm sure he has some book in the works. >> jeanine: they're going to go right past us. >> dagen: what is in your pocket? >> jessica: my phone is in my back pocket. >> jeanine: and a credit card.
2:52 pm
>> dagen: one credit card? >> will: one credit card? >> jeanine: if i have two, i'll lose one. i have a phone and a credit card. >> dagen: what is always in my pocket? the paper from a straw. it's always -- always put it in my pocket and it gets washed. >> sean: ear buds. >> dagen: i don't use them. i don't make phone calls. i don't have any friends. that's my problem. one more thing is up next. ♪♪
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>> judge jeanine: time now for one more thing and the judge goes first. i just read that the tulsa firefighters rescued seven puppies after a dog gives birth. look at this picture. these oklahoma firefighters got
2:57 pm
down and dirty when they shimmied underneath a house to rescue a litter of newborn puppies. the concerned homeowner called her dog averyry daisy gave birth under her home. she made it out from under the house while the puppies were still behind. the crew arrives fire truck on the scene crawled under the home where they found seven newborn puppies. daisy and her pups are reunited and getting all the love and cuddles they can stand. our hats off to these guys. we love you tulsa firefighters. >> why wouldn't the homeowner crawl under the house himself? >> that's a good question. jessica, hit it? >> jessica: so i love dogs and puppies. i have got kitty stuff going like k-i-t-t-y stuff going. pulled over to rescue a kitten he saw crossing the road. the food samaritan was shocked to discover the adorable kitten
2:58 pm
wasn't alone. the whole litter stormed out of the branches. took all the kittens in his car and until he can find homes. >> they all came running out like they were hiding. oh, that's so sweet. okay. all righty. who is next, sean? >> sean: i'm a big fan of facial hair but my wife doesn't let me grow facial hair like a mustache or a beard. this guy he went to the barbershop and he got the wrong die. got the wrong grooming than beard. this is why every man should shave and not go to the barbershop. that's you will, isn't it? >> will: that's hair? it looked like it's painted on died and groomed. doesn't look good. >> will: awful. >> judge jeanine: i feel bad for the guy you talk about how bad he looks. >> sean: i think he agrees. >> judge jeanine: dagen? >> dagen: jessica, this is a little late for you but in ikea norway they have built a name
2:59 pm
bank with 800 listings where you can look up the names of like that ikea furniture but their nordic name for your baby. so, here's one. i'm going to start using this one. adla which means extremely thirsty for coffee. daf dafne, edvad and figge. names after swedish towns and lakes and other geographic. >> you may have another one you may need to know. you only have 9 or 10. how many do you have? >> sean: i have 9. i have to shop at ikea. >> jessica: ikea is a lot of fun. jeep jean will, your turn. >> will: abby lamp, north carolina state wolf pack graduate went over to england how do you pronounce glouster? that's how we do it in massachusetts but i don't know
3:00 pm
about england. 200-yard hill. i have known about this a long time. >> judge jeanine: what are they doing? they intentionally roll? >> jessica: that's the point. >> rolling race. >> judge jeanine: wrap yourself up in plastic. that's it for us tonight. have a great night. see you back here on monday. >> will: the american won. >> judge jeanine: the american won. ♪ >> bret: good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, inflation running rampant through the american economy eating away at wage gains for millions of americans. the latest numbers show consumer prices in may were 8.6% higher than a year ago. the highest pace since 1981. the national average of price, the average price of gasoline a penny below $5. the president, speaking today at the port of los angeles, addressing inflation and supply chain issues, once again


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