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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 10, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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200-yard hill. i have known about this a long time. >> judge jeanine: what are they doing? they intentionally roll? >> jessica: that's the point. >> rolling race. >> judge jeanine: wrap yourself up in plastic. that's it for us tonight. have a great night. see you back here on monday. >> will: the american won. >> judge jeanine: the american won. ♪ >> bret: good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, inflation running rampant through the american economy eating away at wage gains for millions of americans. the latest numbers show consumer prices in may were 8.6% higher than a year ago. the highest pace since 1981. the national average of price, the average price of gasoline a penny below $5. the president, speaking today at the port of los angeles, addressing inflation and supply chain issues, once again deflecting blame calling rising
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costs putin's putin price hike. as republicans point their fingers to the administration's policies, specifically. white house correspondent jacqui heinrich traveling with the president in los angeles. good evening, jacqui. >> the president left the ground of this summit to go to the port of los angeles to highlight his work, his progress, unsnarling supply chain with shipping containers. the problem it hasn't made a dent in inflation. >> another devastating inflation report stealing the spotlight from president biden hosting summit of the americas. consumer prices rose 8.6% in may from a year ago. the highest increase since december 1981. excluding volatile food and energy costs. corn rose 6%. biden wants america to know he is not to blame. >> today's inflation report confirm what americas already know putin price hike is hitting america hard. >> month after month the white house has said inflation would slow down later this year.
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but six months into 2022 it's still going in the other direction. the white house says forecasters they cite keep getting it wrong because the job is tough. >> my understanding is because it's very difficult to forecast food inflation. so, forecasting is very difficult in this time. which is why i would like to remain humble and not pretend that i have, you know, a perfect forecast of what is going forward. >> biden's advisers uncertain if this is the worst of it. >> hopefully we have reached some peak inflation. >> the economy a tough issue the president's underwater polling a liability for democrats ahead of the midterms and despite hosting the forum with 68 delegations and 23 heads of state, biden offered no news conference. but the woman second in line for his office did. >> we feel very proud to associate ourselves with his leadership, his priorities, the value he places on this by having our press conference. i'm not familiar with his
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communications schedule is, but i know it's a very busy one. >> biden capping off the week with the summit's biggest announcement, original migration agreement asking countries to strengthen illegal immigration pathways, enforce borders and crack down on human trafficking as illegal crossings at the u.s. southern border break record thresholds. >> meteorologist not acceptable secure our borders through innovative coordinated action with our regional partners. >> a total of 20 countries signed on, but the pack has minimal funding pledges and more questions than answers about enforcement, wrapping a week short on accomplishments and long on criticism that the u.s. failed to strengthen its influence in the region of contrast with the president's recent trips to asia. bret? >> bret: jacqui heinrich in los angeles. thank you. the economic news sent stocks into a tail spin today. the dow limited 880. the s&p 500 dropped 117. the nasdaq fell 414.
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for the week the dow lost 4 and three fifth percentage point the s&p 500 dropped 5. and nasdaq three fifth. when i listen to the president talk about inflation, there is this disconnect about what the administration is doing and what is really happening. >> it's so frustrating, bret, because everyone, every time he opens his mouth, even that allergy in the "wall street journal" begins with a preamble these victory laps and you have to wonder is he paying attention at all? i mean every sing goal poll. just about an hour ago i got an email a gallup poll by far innerflation is the number one issue in this country. by far nothing is even close. nothing is close. it is destroying american households right now. and it's sort of, you know, just play it off. blame it on putin, blame it on greedy corporations. not take any is sort of responsibility. it is just -- i mean, we see his
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polls but beyond politics, it's really hurting people now. to the point where you are starting to see these surveys and folks are saying, hey, one parent each week that's skipping a meal so all the kids can eat. i saw one where 9% of families the entire family has to skip a meal now. people are cutting back on electricity. and, you know, think about the last two years. we were confined. you know, we are told we can't work. we wanted to go out. and everyone, i think everyone anticipated this being the summer. you talk about a summer of love this was going to be the summer of love. and now it's looking like the summer of misery. >> all right. here is one of those sound bites from the president's speech. take a listen. >> putin price hike is hitting america hard. gas prices at the pump, energy and food prices account for half of the monthly price increases since may. inflation outside of energy and food, what -- the economist call core inflation mod der rate offed the last two months, not enough but it's moderated and it come down. we need it to come down much
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more quickly. >> bret: charles, it's not true. core inflation did not moderate it went from .3% to .6% and stayed at .6% it did not go down at all not even quickly or anything. >> no. every item go down the list. everything, furnishings, air fares, shelter, which by the way is even under reported. under calculated, every aspect of our living has gone up. it's not just food and energy and to your point, bret, it's the core. by the way, we had the market down almost a dow off almost 900 points. that first 500 was an initial reaction to thinflation report. right after that the market settled, and then another report came out. the consumer sentiment report. and all-time low. this is an 85-year-old report that they have been keeping up for 85 years. it's never ever in history of america been this low. that underscores the devastation that's going on right now.
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>> bret: i know there are two characterizations of this economy to hear janet yellen and president biden talk about it is strong and robust. yet, we continue to say here is kneel erwin axios correspondent i keep looking at the line item breakdown of the cpi report searching for silver linings i do not see any. this report is a disaster if you are a fed or biden administration official hoping this will go away without a serious downturn. that's my question, charles. there is hope for a soft landing near and what the fed is going to do going forward. but more and more are we looking towards a possible recession? >> absolutely. now, officially a recession is typically considered two back-to-back negative quarters. we know the first quarter surprisedly was a negative corner. two weeks ago the atlanta fed forecast of the current g.d.p. for this quarter at 2.5%. coming in to today it had fall ton nine tenths of a percent.
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i haven't had a chance to see if they updated it yet. we might actually be in a recession right now. you mentioned the federal reserve. today the odds of them going 75 bases points instead of 50 jumped up from almost zero to 25%. there is a lot of pressure on them to come to the rescue. because, if we don't have a soft landing, at least make it as hard as possible early as possible and get it over with. >> bret: last thing, if they do go to 75. what does that mean in the impact of that for somebody sitting at home? >> >> it slows up the economy between that and taking money out, quantitative tightening without getting too jargony. slow down the economy which is going to hurt. home prices, home housing boom has become a bust wages will start to peak. it's going to be economic pain it also means whatever we have got we will probably completely stop spending and the economy will start to simmer down. i think the stock market might
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actually like it rather than this sort of tepid approach because the slow going is not working and it's pretty clear the administration is not going to do much on their side. >> bret: charles payne, as always, thank you. >> i wish i had -- >> bret: yeah. fox news has obtained audio recordings of the 911 call made by the man charged with attempted murder of supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. this call just come in. senior correspondent rich edson joins us with what we are learning and hearing. >> good evening, bret. roske acknowledges to the 911 dispatcher he needs help. he showed up armed wednesday night to brett kavanaugh's home. they say when he saw u.s. marshals protecting the house, he walked away and called 911. roske tells the dispatcher he had just arrived from the west coast with plans to harm kavanaugh and himself. >> you said you came from california.
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do you know someone down here? >> brett kavanaugh. >> and what were you coming there just to hurt yourself and him or what was going to happen? >> correct. >> federal prosecutors say roske had a pistol, ammunition and a knife among other items like zip ties, duct tape and a crowbar. >> do you have access to any weapons? >> yes. i brought a firearm with me but it's unloaded and locked in the case. >> roske says he had had violent thoughts for a long time and he came to the justice's home to act on them. while the dispatcher waited for police to arrive, he asked roske why he would want to harm himself. >> why did you want to do that if you were thinking of hurting someone else and yourself? >> because i didn't think i could get away with it and also for a long time i have been hospitalized i hear police sirens currently. >> have you thought about this before? >> correct. >> roske also told the
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dispatcher he wanted to be fully compliant with police. the justice department says roske told detectives he was upset about the school shooting in uvalde, texas, and the leak of the draft court decision on abortion. the justice department says u.s. marshals have been providing nonstop security for justices since that leak. congress is still trying to pass a bill that would extend security to supreme court justices and their families. bret? >> bret: just to be clear, we haven't heard president biden or the white house address this? >> we have not. the white house says that president biden condemns it we have not heard from the president directly, bret. >> bret: rich, thank you. critics are ripping the media tonight for seemingly down playing the attempted murder of a supreme court justice kavanaugh. instead, opt guilty to obviously ramp up coverage of the investigation of the january 6th capitol riot. fox news media analyst and host of fox news media buzz howie kurtz shows us tonight. >> the story is chilling, armed man arrested near the suburban maryland home saying he traveled
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from california to kill the supreme court justice. but, in stark contrast to the relentless run-up to the house january 6th hearing. >> buckle up, folks, big night for american democracy. >> targeting of kavanaugh gunman upset about gun control and the leaked abortion draft opinion drew rather restrained coverage barely last ago news cycle. >> how many times do they have to be threatened? how many people have to be arrested with a gun outside their home? >> the "new york times" ran the story inside the paper by yesterday it was slipping lower on newspaper home pages. including at the hometown "the washington post." even with the suspect alerting police and saying he was suicidal, it is striking how quickly the press moved on. another factor in the fleeting coverage while attorney general merrick garland said threats and actual violence against the justices strike at the heart of our democracy, president biden, who was quick to assail what turned out to be bogus accusations that federal border agents whipped migrants hasn't
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addressed the kavanaugh threat at all. but he has discussed the hearings along with plenty of anchors and pundits. >> one of the things occupy my country tonight i suspect is the first open hearings on january the 6th. >> but what we are about to see is a narrative of sedition by the president of the united states. >> we are talking about the violent overthrow of the united states government. >> most commentators hailed the hearings which drew more than 19 million viewers on the broadcast networks, cnn, msnbc, and fox bit network. the probe of the capitol riot is, of course, a highly important story and many journalists openly agreed with the panel that donald trump and his team sparked a siege. but it practically drowned out a gunman's attempt to murder brett kavanaugh. bret? >> bret: howie, thanks. as the january 6th committee makes its case against former president donald trump and his involvement in the 2020 election, to overturn it, republicans are casting the hearing as a lame duck.
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but, what did we learn and what is next? congressional correspondent chad pergram shows us tonight from capitol hill. [gavel] >> a prime time hearing. >> the select committee to investigate the january 6th attack on a united states capitol will be in order. >> which republicans say was far from ready for prime time. >> last night's hearing was a prime time dud. nothing came out of it that we didn't know before and they didn't change anybody's mind. >> even some liberal democrats agreed. >> i don't think this is going to change the mind of my colleagues. >> at the hearing g.o.p. wyoming representative liz cheney asserted that several republican lawmakers asked the former president for a pardon after the riot. for their efforts to year turn the 2020 election. she called out g.o.p. pennsylvania representative scott perry in particular. that perry characterized the claim that he ask for a pardon for himself or others a, quote, absolute shameless and soulless lie. thompson suggest lawmakers may have worried they went too far.
3:15 pm
>> those members all of a sudden start looking for pardons because they knew they were promoting something that was clearly illegal. >> the initial hearing raises the curtain for six other hearings spread out over the next two weeks. the committee says its goal is to show that myths perpetuated by the former president won fueled the siege. >> those who invaded our capitol and battled law enforcement for hours were motivated by what president trump had told them that the election was stolen and that he was the rightful president. president trump summoned the mob, assembled the mob, and lit the flame of this attack. >> in the coming days, the panel examines the pressure campaign on former vice president mike pence. plus the committee explores possible links between trump allies and exextremists like the proud boys. >> we have a number of witnesses that come forward that we have not talked to before that will document a lot of what was going
3:16 pm
on in the trump orbit while all of this was occurring. >> fox has told the hearings could give the doj evidence for possible prosecutions. bret? >> bret: chad pergram on the hill. thank you, up next crucial primary races in nevada. we will take you live there later a renewed push to provide millions of veterans exposed to toxic chemicals critical healthcare. ♪ at,
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♪ ♪ >> bret: the biden administration is lifting requirement for international air travelers heading to the u.s. to take a covid-19 test within the day before boarding their flights. the mandate expires this sunday with the cdc determining it is no longer necessary. the agency will reevaluate the need for the testing requirement every 90 days. but, if you are coming back home, after sunday, you don't need one. president biden's administration is scrapping former president trump's red, white, and blue design for the new generation of presidential aircraft after an air force review suggested it would raise costs and delay the delivery of the new jets. boeing is currently modifying two planes to replace the
3:22 pm
existing air force one aging fleet. ♪ >> bret: final day for early voting in nevada. a state with two high stakes primary races on tuesday. republicans are fighting for the chance to face two vulnerable house democrats in november. and serging prices appear to be having impact on elections there as they are around the country. correspondent aishah hasnie shows us from las vegas. >> 45 commute work to work hurts. >> the first time i let it go down, i almost put $100. >> the nevada native took us along for the ride as she told us about the rising price of just about everything. >> i went to go look for eggs. i have to spend what used to be $8 now it's $16. $1. and i'm not getting nothing. i can't afford organic nothing. >> this is what voters in the silver state are thinking about as they go to vote if they vote
3:23 pm
at all. >> according to the secretary of state's office only about 111nevada,. >> nothing can do about it. >> those who do vote ditching their party. unaffiliated voters are now the majority statewide over registered democrats or republicans. those are tough challenges for democrats who face losing their seats in november, first, they have to get through tuesday as incumbents in the competitive first and third congressional districts face primary challenger. >> i fear that it is only getting worse. >> while saguria registered republican for tuesday's primary. she calls herself a swing voter who could be swayed and she wants to see less talk, more action. >> the bottom line is doing what
3:24 pm
you say you are going to do. >> and, bret, in the race for u.s. senate here in nevada, trump favorite adam laxalt isaging out sam brown for the g.o.p. nod. whoever wins that primary will likely go head to head with democrat incumbent senator catherine cortez mass astro. issue that she reallyt been tackling here in recent days is inflation. of course, that now has campaign ammo for republicans bret? >> bret: a state to watch. aishah hasnie in las vegas. thanks. harrowing stories for ukrainians returning to their homes in a city devastated by the russian invasion. first, beyond our borders tonight, a looming deadline for the special legal status of israeli settlers in the occupied west bank is putting israel's government on the brink of collapse. if israel's parliament does not
3:25 pm
act, the measure will expire at the end of the month. and this is a live look at tokyo. one of the big stories there tonight, japan is easing its borders for foreign tourists and is accepting visa applications for those on guided packaged tours who are willing to follow mask-wearing and other antivirus measures. the japan tourism agency says applications are being accepted from 98 countries, including the u.s. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ hello from the other side ♪ i must and what better way of spending time than traveling, continuing to educate ourselves and broaden our minds?
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3:31 pm
here is national security correspondent jennifer griffin. >> former army combat engineer andrew miat fought an aggressive leukemia three years and skin cancer diagnosis and now a problem with his lungs. his doctors think likely from smelling toxic fumes during his time in iraq. >> i have seen probably just about every specialist you can think of. >> like andrews, many of the millions u.s. service members exposed to burn pits in iraq and afghanistan are just now suffering from cancer. next week congress could pass legislation to help them navigate the frustrating bureaucracy while getting treated for exposure to chemical toxins. >> this legislation i'm going through that will effectively help, if not save 3.5 million veterans that served in the middle east over the last 20 years. it's hard for me to just put a single. >> burn pits were commonly used by the u.s. military to dispose of trash, including plastics but also toxic substances like
3:32 pm
paint, metals and human waste. >> when i was initially diagnosed with leukemia, burn pits was the farthest from my mind. i probably would have never made that connection on my own. i was told i had a very low chance surviving the next two months and that was my focus was getting through it and trying to stay alive and not where did it come from or why. >> andrew was more concerned then about surviving eids than cancer. jerry more ran ranking member of the veterans affairs committee has fought for the bipartisan bill with senator jon tester of montana. they managed to cut the cost in half from half a trillion dollars over 10 years to now just $278.5 billion. >> whether it's agent orange in vietnam or a burn pit in iraq and afghanistan, difficult to get the necessary documents from the department of have been defense to demonstrate to the v.a. that they are entitled to assistance. >> president biden promised to sign the bill immediately.
3:33 pm
>> veterans are the backbone, the spine of who we are as a country. >> senator more ran said for a long time physical consequences of war and mental cons sense asks and now on the effects of exposing troops to chemical substances while they were in combat. bret? >> bret: jennifer griffin at the pentagon. jennifer, thank you. fox news is getting a firsthand look at the devastation left behind in the ukrainian city near the belarus border. residents are returning to the once besieged town and are now sharing their stories. senior correspondent mike tobin is in ukraine tonight. in cher kyiv. woodland cleared for the new burials. only 42 graves fly the flags that identify the dead as soldiers. 946 of them civilians killed by the russian army.
3:34 pm
one is it brother of volodymyr brita. >> young boys, children, and women died. >> there is nothing to talk about. the russians must be destroyed. >> a school principal, in the early days of the evasion she turned the school into a shelter, marked it to show children were inside. now she can see out of only one eye. carries shrapnel in her body and limps from the leg broken when russian forces blew up the school. >> whole families hid here. grandparents, little kids, and students of our school. >> valentina sheltered her kids and grandchildren in her house. the kids, the in-laws all died. she somehow survived when she says putin's army put a bomb directly on her house. such a nation must be destroyed they came to military people. we are not military. they killed my whole family. >> the shrapnel scars you see on that wall mark one of the tragic
3:35 pm
incidents of this war. march 16th there was a van here handing out bread to the people in this town who so badly needed food there was a line of people extended this way when the rounds struck. official accounts say 10 civilians were killed. >> i turned my head in the direction people on the ground. >> and with the blood shed now grinding through a fourth month officials in kyiv have expressed worry that the west is starting to get fatigued by this bar and that could the support helped them hold the russians to this point. bret? >> bret: mike tobin early saturday morning in kyiv, mike, thank you. up next, the panel on the january 6th committee public's hearing and the dire outlook for the u.s. economy when it comes to inflation. first, here is what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 45 in baltimore where there is growing doubt over the future of the orioles major league baseball team within the city. newly filed lawsuit reveals divisions within the team's
3:36 pm
owners and it alleges the team could move to tennessee. and this is a live look at new york, one of the big stories there tonight as dust settles in from fox 5, concerns over justin bieber's ability to perform his upcoming new york shows after the singer reveals he has been diagnosed with ramsey hunt syndrome paralyzing the right side of his face. bieber canceled his show tonight in washington. one of our producers very sad about that. he is scheduled to perform at madison square garden next week. we wish him the best. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ >> the economy is in a better place than it has been historically. we are in a good position to really start, really working on lowering prices. we leave that piece to the federal reserve. >> because of the progress, americas can tackle inflation from a position of strength unlike any other country in the world. >> when you look at opinion polls and see what households have to say it's pessimistic how
3:42 pm
they are given that we have about the strongest labor market than we have in in the entire post war period. >> >> bret: the disconnect is really something. there is a lot of mechanism about the economy because people are having -- they have less. they are paying more out of their pocket, $460 average per month that you are paying more than you paid for the same goods and services last year. fox business has inflation hits fresh 40 year high in may. consumer prices surging 8.6%. rampant inflation has become a major political liability for biden ahead of the november midterm elections in which democrats are expected to lose their already razor thin majorities. here is art laffer. >> inflation is not only not peaking and not coming down it is accelerating. this is the worst news of all that the biden administration could have. this is not even a catch up back to where we were before. >> bret: 10-year chart of inflation the cpi, this goes
3:43 pm
back, obviously, to 2010. but you see the last year and a half and where that mountain is climbing. that's us. let's bring in our panel mollie hemingway editor and chief at the federalist. juan williams, fox news analyst and "the washington post" columnist marc thiessen. what about the communicating around, this mark, for the administration? >> it's been a disaster. the -- i mean, the president goes out and says the economy is doing great. we have great growth and all the rest of it they say we have the strongest labor market in his industry we actually have the largest worst labor shortage in american history. the reason we have inflation right now is because the demand is so high and businesses can't find workers. so, when you -- one of the things i learned as a presidential speech writer is that when you go out and say things that are contrary to the lived reality of everyday americans, they shut you out. and that's what this administration continues to do and the american people are shutting them out as the polls show.
3:44 pm
so messaging, juan, is essentially, you know what? we don't really deal with inflation. here is brian deese, economic adviser to the president. >> the fed has the space it needs to do everything that it needs to take on inflation. that is the most important thing that we can do that a president can do, and we can't take that for granted. our past president was aggressively tweeting at the federal reserve chair but prior presidents were more quietly politicizing the process. you are not going to see that out of this white house. >> bret: juan, it doesn't fit on a bumper sticker. let the fed deal with inflation. >> yeah. i think that's right. and i think what mark said is right about people's lived experience being contrary. what you are really talking about is how much power do presidents have to affect economic outcomes. i think that's open to debate. not clear they have much. but, i will say that if you look at the policy options, and i think that's what people are looking at, and that's where the real disconnect comes because, you know, people aren't really
3:45 pm
into the policy. they are just into the fact that they are paying more for gas or more for eggs. but, when you look at the policy options, you know, the president was out in los angeles today speaking at a port. well, guess what? he has had some impact in stopping the kind of backup at the port helping with the supply chain issue. if you are thinking about well, what else has he done? you know, you think about the fed. and has the fed taken any action? yes, they have taken action. they are likely to take more as you heard earlier in the show tonight. so, you know, those things are real. but it's just bad news for the democrats. it's bad news for president biden. and it looks like, you know, in terms of the war issue, he often points at russia as a reason, it is a reason with regard to the gas prices and the food prices. but he is not going to change because he thinks he has got to keep his foot on putin's neck. is he not going to lose that war even if it means that we're going to pay a little more
3:46 pm
inflationary prices at home. >> bret: yeah. mollie? last word on this. >> well, we do know that inflation is a result of some of these biden administration policies that have not been opposed by any democrats. republicans were also prof will he cat in their spending. democrats passed two massive bills flooded system with money. inflation is always phenomenon as milton freidman would say. this is the direct result of those policies and everything from the biden white house has he tone deaf. biden said that he would let the fed figure things out. he would begin to think about the supply chain issues. and he would raise taxes. these are not the things people want to hear they would really like people to focus on what's happening and what is affecting their pocketbook every day. >> bret: meanwhile, hours after the first "primetime" hearing for the january 6th committee, take a listen. >> >> for anyone who didn't understand how violent that event was, i saw it, i documented it. and i experienced it. >> i don't think this is going to change the mind of my
3:47 pm
colleagues. unfortunately. >> the democrats are ignoring really what is affecting the american people. the highest inflation in more than 40 years. record high gas prices. doubled since president biden has taken office. >> bret: mark, about 20 million people, according to the ratings watched on all the different networks. your thoughts in the day after and the fallout? >> so, i [inaudible] what happened on january 6th was a disgrace and president trump's conduct on january 6th was a disgrace. it shouldn't be pushed under the rug. and there should be a bipartisan impartial inquiry into it. but when you have a prime time hearing into this, the message you are sending to the american people is that this is the most important issue facing our country today. this is more important than 40-year high inflation. more important than record gas prices, more important than the worst border crisis in american history.
3:48 pm
more important than the worst crime wave in american history and those people as you point out are out there paying $460 a month more for the same' stuff under month people under $50,000 a new "the washington post" poll that it's had a major impact on their finances, they are looking at this and saying i think it's important, i was discussed about what happened on january 6th. this is not the most important issue on june 10th, 2022. >> bret: mollie? >> political violence is always bad and it's bad whether it affects the hundreds of people in the capitol on january 6th. americans know it was bad during the summer of 2020 when the white house was besieged, federal courthouses, cities across the land. this democrat congress and their uniparty hearing is not addressing political violence for real. they are not answering the real questions people have about why the capitol was left unguarded or what the role of the fbi was. we know there was a limited role of the fbi in terms of people who were there that day. this is not a real hearing and there is no republican appointed
3:49 pm
representation which makes it completely illegitimate and the politicization of january 6th i think is repulsive to a lot of americans who condemn all political violence whether it comes as it does predominantly from the left or whether it came from the right that day. juan? >> well, i think i differ in that to me it's very important to preserve american democracy and our constitution and i think what we saw last night was, you know, the congress, the panel, saying, you know what? on that day, january 6th, 2021, american democracy was hanging by a thread. and it's still hanging by a thread to the extent that you have people who still believe that, in fact, president biden stole the election from president trump and you have people running for office in the upcoming midterms and potentially 2024 who think there was widespread fraud. that continues. and so, for this panel to make the case that, in fact, on that date, and they presented this case last night, to the jury, to
3:50 pm
us the american people, that guess what? the president was attempting a coup, they showed video of violence, the police officer there said she was knocked unconscious, slipping on blood. you heard from the president's inner circle, his daughter is attorney general is vice president? that's a strong case. >> bret: there were new things and we have talked about that. new nuggets that have come out. i don't want to follow all of it but to your pointed if you are making your case to the jury the american people, there is no defense side in this particular committee to mollie's point. we are going to continue to cover all the elements of it. up next, the friday lightning rounds. we will see what we get. to say stay with us. ♪
3:51 pm
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is ♪ >> bret: take a look at the real clear politics average for the president's job approval. it's down to its lowest level yet. 39%. there are some polls that take it lower. the quinnipiac poll had independents at 25% this week. it was a bad week for polling for president biden. we are back with the panel. mark, as democrats look at this. as the time shinks towards the midterms, how do they change the dynamic? >> they don't have a chance to. they are focused on the wrong thing. it's going to get worse for them. what's driving those poll numbers. worst inflation in four deck
3:56 pm
case. record high gas prices. people are making decisions between filling their tanks and feeding their family. now what's going to happen this summer is blackouts. because of the biden war on fossil fuels, "the washington post" reported this week we are going to have widespread blackouts across the midwest because coal plants are shutting down because of the war on fossil fuels early. the indy bra breast s.e. set a goal john kerry said no coal in this country by 2030. and so they are shutting down before there is other sources to make up for it so, on top of that ever everything else that's going wrong in this country we will have blackouts this summer. >> bret: okay, good. as we purchase more electric cars. that sounds good. >> exactly. >> bret: let's do winners and losers. juan as we run out of time winner and loser. >> the winner is the january 6th panel and the american people who had the chance to hear a serious sober presentation about what happened that day and they can make up their minds. but they have it now the information in front of them. in terms of a loser i would have
3:57 pm
to chesa boudin the attorney out in san francisco who was defeated this week by a liberal san francisco electorate who said they are fed up with the crime and i think it's a message to democrats across the country. >> bret: yeah. mollie winner and loser. >> my winner the colorado avalanche headed to the stanley cup. the loser would be the corrupt and fraudulent january 6th committee which conducted a soviet style show trial and which people are asking are they going to have any effect on people's opinion? i think they have an effect on people's opinion that they will make it so that democrats lose by even more. and that people see that criminalizing opposition to how the election was administered in 2020 is unamerican. >> bret: we got to use the graphic twice. marc, winner and then loser? >> my winner is brett kavanaugh. no person in this country has gone through more. he suffered a maligned attack on his character and now an assassination attempt in order
3:58 pm
to serve his country. we are blessed to have someone like him on the federal bench. and my loser is jimmy kimmel who had the first interview with joe biden in months and months and months and just threw some softballs you think out of self-respect he would ask one tough question apparently this is why greg gutfeld is number one. >> bret: there you go. a little plug. thanks, make it a great weekend. thank you. >> thank you. >> bret: can you believe it's friday? it is friday. that's time for "notable quotables." >> come back try to grab blood and put it all over me. >> i mean, what's the hell is wrong with this place? >> why are young kids committing more violent acts? why shouldn't would he be asking that question? >> what contributes to that social media? >> sure. >> coverage of the splits. >> sure. >> between the two parties. >> we have become too much of a nation of counter punchers. >> threats of violence and
3:59 pm
actual violences of course against the justices of course strike at the heart of democracy. >> this is exactly, exactly the kind of event that many feared. >> did you ever warn the white house that increased government spending could have contributed to the inflation that we're seeing today? >> they weren't there for president trump's speech. they left that area, marched toward the capitol before the speech began. >> saying the election was stolen and putting out this stuff which i told the president was bull [bleep] >> here at the beaches of normedy 78 years ago all walks of people from all walks of life came together to serve the cause of liberty. >> bret: one week covering this place and around the world. monday, the senate project's first debate between senators lindsey graham and bernie sanders will be streamed live exclusively on fox nation 12:00 p.m. eastern time it will be available on demand after that. also air on fox news channel
4:00 pm
saturday june 18th. monday we will have highlights from that event live on "special report" from boston. plus, this weekend, please join me for "fox news sunday," my exclusive guest, delaware democratic senator chris coons and arkansas republican governor asa hutchison, a throat talk about, thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. busy week. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. "jesse watters primetime" is now. hey, jesse. >> jesse: hey, bret, have a great weekend. >> bret: you too. ♪ >> jesse: ever been in a relationship before where you just have a hunch the other person isn't telling you something? you might not be able to put your finger on it, but you just know something is off. and when you finally build up the courage to ask, you feel like you are not getting the whole story. so you start suspecting the worst. maybe they blew the rainy day fund. maybe they had a wild night out of town. all you know is something just does