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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  June 10, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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monday we will have highlights from that event live on "special report" from boston. plus, this weekend, please join me for "fox news sunday," my exclusive guest, delaware democratic senator chris coons and arkansas republican governor asa hutchison, a throat talk about, thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. busy week. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. "jesse watters primetime" is now. hey, jesse. >> jesse: hey, bret, have a great weekend. >> bret: you too. ♪ >> jesse: ever been in a relationship before where you just have a hunch the other person isn't telling you something? you might not be able to put your finger on it, but you just know something is off. and when you finally build up the courage to ask, you feel like you are not getting the whole story. so you start suspecting the worst. maybe they blew the rainy day fund. maybe they had a wild night out of town. all you know is something just doesn't feel right.
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and that's how "primetime" is feeling right now about officials in california. they won't tell us anything about the dui arrest of nancy pelosi's husband paul. so we're left to assume the worst here's what we know almost two weeks ago while fancy nancy was out of town, pappa paul pelosi thrown in the slammer late saturday night. booked for drunk driving after having drunk drinks at his exotic napa california winery. california insiders admitted there may have been hankie panky going on behind nancy's back but i digress. police were alerted to the pappa pauly after he smacked his $100,000 porsche no an innocent driver and, yet, two weeks later, that is still really all we know about the arrest. the case has pretty much been buried from the public there has been no release of pappa pauly's
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smug shot. believe me "primetime" has been doing everything by the books to get it out. we basically called every office this in napa county like they told us to. and we have just gotten nothing but the run around from him. we have also learned today that paul pelosi deployed a pricy p.r. agency. they actually got back to us. but they say they don't know anything. they told us there might not even be a mugshot. shouldn't they know? or was paul pelosi too drunk to remember getting his photo taken at the station? so, we had no other choice but to commission a sketch artist to draw pauly p.'s mugshot all based on witness descriptions and publicly available information. now, you may have noticed that our artist has blacked all paul pelosi's right eye. this is based on information that we are still unable to confirm but we just have a hunch paul suffered a shiner in the collision. more on that next week.
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since it's clear to us someone is going through a lot of trouble to keep the mugshot hidden, and there has been even bigger cover-up brewing to bury the police dash cam video, we know for a fact the video exists. california highway patrol confirmed with us earlier this week that they have video of pauly p. getting popped. so why haven't we seen it? did pappa pauly get special treatment? did they not follow protocols with him? did they not make him walk in a straight line? hop on one leg, touch his nose? dui stops should look like this, right? >> just going to do a few tests to make sure you are okay to drive. >> okay. >> okay? >> you okay? >> yes. >> keep following my pen. >> oh my god. >> keep your arms down at your side for me.
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okay. no, no, don't start walking yet. >> this is like a nightmare. 1, 2, 3. >> jesse: the public has a right to know what happened that night. clearing up for the public. otherwise we are left to wonder if it went down something like this. >> whoa, barracuda. ♪ ♪ [laughter] [bleep], [bleep] [laughter] will. >> in god we must, sir, please get out of the vehicle. >> you have a great night. >> sir? >> huh? >> please get out of the vehicle. >> you know what? absolutely and thank you for doing your job. i appreciate it. >> also, thank you for releasing me upon my own recognizance.
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>> sir, have you been drinking? >> yes, i have. i have had five or six small batch bourbons. >> that's a lot. i'm going to have to ask you to take a breathalyzer test? >> got a runner. >> jesse: napa county is now tell us our beef is with their district attorney. her name is allison haily. they tell us it's her call to release the mug shots and dash cam video. we have been fielding requests had to her office all week but we have gotten squat. she has blocked any attempt for america to see the footage saying, quote, it would jeopardize their investigation. what's left to investigate? is the porsche still at the scene? are there more witnesses to interview? forensic evidence that needs further expert review? i doubt that. pelosi is lucky live ph.d. pd wt at the site of the stent. why the cover-up? why keep these materials which are very much of interest to the public and public documents
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under wraps? maybe we can learn something from haily's own words. >> what you don't see in the public view went into this business because it matters to me. people want government to -- they want signs that government continues to be compassionate. i think there is almost a that youing desire for there to be instances of mercy. >> jesse: so she is a deeply moral person. and she is also a softy. [laughter] maybe she looks at porsche crash pauly p. and you know what? this guy the d.a. still hasn't
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decided if she will file charges. will she? alli? she may have gotten pressure from us, from all of you, but this story has basically been ignored. even mothers against drunk driving has yet to make a statement on pelosi's reckless behavior. we have made multiple attempts to contact them in the past 48 hours. and they haven't even responded to us. it's kind of bizarre. it feels like there is a serious effort to sweep pelosi's arrest under the rug. opening the lane for this d.a. to easily give him a pass, thanks to his liberal privilege. we don't think that should happen. judging by your texts it, seems like you guys agree. so, we have taken things into our own hands and filed a freedom of information request to have the footage and the mugshot publicly released. the deadline is monday. maybe they will surprise us and give us the goods. but, if they deny it, like they have with all of our other requests, then we will be left
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to assume this whole thing is a big cover-up. but, don't worry, the "primetime" team is hard at work in search of the truth. and we promise to keep fighting the good fight for you. a.j. ladder back is a former jackson county sheriff who joins me now sheriff, is anything about this case normal how long it's taken just to get a simple mugshot of the dui? >> jesse, this is one of the most common cases that law enforcement in this country deal with on daily basis. the process, the protocols, each part of this has been repeated offer and over and over again through law enforcement to the district attorney's office. you know sad that that case appears and leaving perception to the american public that it's being handled differently so,
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therefore, unfairly this is not a good look on the district attorney's office as far as stonewalling the information and not being forthcoming with basic facts and basic pictures of an arrest. these are, again, this is one of the most common cases that law enforcement in the united states has to deal with on a daily basis. it's well thought out. it is a process that has been proven many, many, many years ago. >> jesse: so i'm a producer. my blood is producing. i did it for 15 years before going on air. we would have to call sheriff's office or d.a.'s office. i mean hours, sometimes, after someone was arrested and booked. and we were given mug shots. i got mug shots all the time. it was easy. you call up. you get the mugshot released. boom, it's like that. i have never had two to three weeks go by with them saying
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they don't know if there's a mugshot or pointing a finger at another department. they have the mugshot. oh, no, they have the mugshot. now the d.a. also a the mugshot and she won't release the mugshot because it could jeopardize the investigation. as a law enforcement expert how would a mugshot jeopardize the investigation? >> well, it's actually public information, also. that's routine process that law enforcement goes through, again, on a daily, weekly basis. so, this entire process that they have chosen to go down the path that they are going down on this issue is sad. but it's somewhat predictable under the circumstances and who we are dealing with here. this is where we have to get to the point where professional law enforcement steps up and provides the information on a normal, fair basis that happens in the rest of these other cases where john q. citizen is
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arrested and is not the speaker of the house's husband. >> jesse: yeah, professional law enforcement needs to come forward and do the right thing and provide the people with the publicly available information that we deserve as taxpayers. we expect that to happen if our request is denied through the d.a. we expect real good americans to step up and do the right thing in law enforcement. because i know they are out there at the napa county corrections office. sheriff's department, the highway patrol, and in the d.a.'s office. sheriff, thank you so much for joining us and clearing that up. that makes me feel better to know that our instincts were right about this. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> jesse: coming up, we give democrats advice about how to run a successful "primetime" show. and, later, nbc tries to interview a dead man.
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♪ >> jesse: lots of people like to come up to me on the street and ask me questions about fox. some of them are personal. is gutfeld just as grumpy in real life? can you please smack geraldo for me. others are about work hey, jesse, what person, living or dead, would you most want to interview? and since i have already talked to trump and the woman who married her cat, i say nancy pelosi. hey, i need some advice on my portfolio. nbc chuck todd on the other hand apparently chose someone who is sadly no longer with us. alaska congressman don young may he rest in piece. chuck's show on msnbc may have been canceled but he still needs
4:18 pm
guests for new program on streaming platform nbc news next. so his staff contacted don young's former flack, even though the congressman died back in march. does chuck todd have google by the way over at nbc necessary next or do they not even watch their own shows. chucky eulogized young just days after he died. listen. >> i want to note the passing on friday of alaska congressman don young. he was the longest serving ever in the house of representatives. best known for bringing federal projects, earmarks or pork barrel to his state. don young was one of a kind. >> young's staff, to their credit said don would have had a good laugh about the whole mix-up. but it raises an interesting hypothetical. would you rather appear on nbc dead or nbc news next. may they should rebrand this nbc
4:19 pm
news never. yesterday was overnight for the january 6th spectacular. and right from the get-go viewers were hooked by the explosive start. >> i'm bennie thompson, chairman of the january 6th 2021 committee. i was born, raised and still live in bolton, mississippi, a town with the population of 521, which is midway between jackson and vicksburg, mississippi, and the mississippi river. >> jesse: no joke. that was the democrats lead off hitter for the night. bennie thompson, the 30 year swamper who is chairing this charade. thompson rambled on in monotones for 10 minutes about where he was from and the history of the entire united states. if you listened closely you could hear remotes clicking in unison all across the country. the democrats should have started with a bang. if they wanted to know how to
4:20 pm
open a show, they should have just asked us at "primetime." remember? ♪ ♪ [tires squealing] [cow mooing] >> jesse: are you ready, america? >> jesse: now that's how you do it. the committee would have been better off hiring our ep brian kelly instead of the nbc news exec who killed the epstein story. civil or not the show must go on because they had to show videos like this an angry mob storming a building and pelting projectiles with projectiles. a harrowing scene. wait a second, this video isn't
4:21 pm
from january 6th. it's from the may 2020 george floyd protest in washington, d.c. where far left activists assaulted law enforcement right outside the white house. but that's just more of the democrats' double standard of justice. attack your business and it's mostly peaceful. but attack their business and the entire country is forced to endure a show trial for a year and a half. because they believe they are better than you and they don't want you to forget it. this is a hit job just like the russia hoax, the democrats are already fundraising off the hearings and adam schiff is even trying to raise money off this show sending out an email criticizing "jesse watters primetime" for calling him a liar, which he is and asking for $100 in contributions. i just hope my mom didn't donate. the democrats are using the hearing to pressure the attorney general to indict trump on
4:22 pm
sedition charges so he can't run in 2024. impeachment version 3.0. listen to joy behar say the quiet part out loud. >> trump is to blame, okay? attorney general merrick garland promises he will watch, quote, unquote, as much as he is able. then he will decide, after he watches the whole thing, whether or not to arrest him for trying to overthrow the government. now, i mean, that is a -- that scares me. this is like a mueller moment. remember we were all excited about mueller and then nothing. >> jesse: forget the facts, arrest trump. that's the only outcome they want. butnot going to happen. not even rachel maddow is buying it. >> just a key point that, yes, there was a pro-trump rally at which the president spoke and we can absolutely talk about all the things the president said there but the idea that that rally is the thing that got out of hand and that somehow resulted in the breaching of the capitol that rally was very far from the capitol. and people who as you said did
4:23 pm
the initial breach who allowed everyone else to come in they never even went to that rally. >> jesse: the left can't get over the don. a. inflation just hit a 40 year high with prices up nearly double digits from last year. their money is like funny money now especially at the gas pump. we are at $5 a gallon across the country. a gallon was only 2.50 when biden took office. so, what was biden's response to that news today? same thing hillary did, blame russia. >> we have never seen anything like putin's tax on both food and gas. putin price hike is hitting america hard. >> jesse: putin probably opened our border and sugar add crime wave, too. and putin is the reason the rangers lost last night. i will tell that to my bookie and see what happens. again, it's just too much for the media to stomach. what was the forward guidance
4:24 pm
with this administration on energy? we know the answer. maybe they can't get things to happen faster but by giving positive forward guidance by not closing pipelines, by not talking preelection about how much they don't like fossil fuel, maybe things would have turned out a bit different. >> jesse: stephen miller the founder of america first legal and former senior adviser to president trump. miller, did you watch the hearing last night? >> i watched as much as i could stomach. it was petty difficult to watch this pathetic partisan parade of propaganda. you know, i think it was jim banks who said they should shoud rename the committee selectively edited committee. they are literally taking 8 hour depositions and seeing these are the best five seconds. you literally don't know what's happening 30 seconds before or 30 seconds after. it's all just editing parler tricks to try to influence the midterm elections.
4:25 pm
americans are worried about they can't afford gas or energy they can't heat or cool their harms. they cannot go down the street safely without worried about being robbed or mugged or beaten. worse the border is wide open our kids are being killed by deadly fentanyl and lethal opioids. flooding across. supply chains are broken. we can't feed our children because we are still completely out of formula. and all the wage gains that happened during the trump administration have been erased and we have gone backwards in time. we are living through an economic national security and public safety catastrophe and all they have is one more witch-hunt. >> jesse: now, did you testify in front of this committee? are they going to leak out a little snippet of miller? >> i would love for them to play any part of my tape in which i vociferously defended president trump. i made a clear-cut argument for the manifest fraud that took
4:26 pm
place in 2020. and i outlined how the conspiracy theories they are pushing are harming the country. and i was emphatic on those points. but the reality is they don't want to play the tape that exxonner rates this president. they don't want to produce the reams, the mountains of exculpatory information because this is a completely fabricated, fictionalized account one purpose sink a party that is sinking like the titanic. the russian hoax witch-hunt, ukraine witch-hunt and now the january 6th witch-hunt, they are not going to save this party from the verdict of voters who are suffering this endless train of abusive and calamities from joe biden and the democrat majorities in the house and senate. >> jesse: all right. you heard it from stephen miller who is now going to go feed his baby some formula and change
4:27 pm
some diapers. thank you so much, stephen miller. >> thank you. >> jesse: meet the most muggable man in america. what he tells you next could save your life. ♪
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we're in the future. the all-electric chevy bolt euv with available super cruise™ for hands-free driving. - dad. - yeah? do fish get thirsty? eh. find new answers. find new roads. chevrolet. >> jesse: in biden's america you always have to look over your shoulder. liberals have turned our streets in a crime playground. at this point nobody is safe. all you hear about all the time innocent people getting shoved into in front of subway cars. stores getting robbed. stray bullets hitting bodies the list goes on and on. sadly we see more and more scenes like these. bad guys preying on innocent bystanders, beating them. taking their cash and nobody can relate to the victims in these videos better than my next guest. ron lane for over a decade he has been known as muggable ron, why? because it's happened to him
4:33 pm
over 100 times while he was a plain clothes police officer with the atlantic city pd. watch. >> what are you doing? what are you doing? wait. >> come on. >> just give me something to eat. please, i don't have nothing. i don't have anything. >> jesse: he went under cover and got jumped over and over again. it was his job to get jumped. so, if you want to avoid being a mugger's next victim this is the guy to talk. to say former atlantic police officer ron lane joins me now. so, ron, why did you ever want to get into some job like this in the first place? >> well, many years ago when i was young, my mom was a victim
4:34 pm
of a robbery and she was robbed and beaten for just $7 that she had on her at the time. and they never caught them. they got away. and so that kind of stayed with me. and years later, when i joined the police department, i just had something inside of me that said i have got try to do something about that. and so i talked a partner of mine into going along with it he was young and crazy like i was, and i decided to -- i decided to hang out in the areas where people got mugged. and i just put myself in the same position they were in. and then sooner or later i started getting mugged. >> jesse: so, to the audience, tell them what people can do, i mean it seems like a real science the way these guys come up to you, they test you, they touch you, they feel you out first. what's the deal? >> well, the thing is, most robbers, all of them, actually
4:35 pm
are cowards. so they are just waiting for you to make a mistake. they have to be in control. so, you know, if you are in the area, you are not familiar with or, you know, you are on vacation somewhere, you should be with two or three people. especially today the way the way it is all over the country. just don't be alone. because that's what they're waiting for you to make a mistake so they are in control. then you have got a problem. >> do you want to fight back? or do you want to just give them everything you got and have it cool down? >> well, you want to fight back but there are times where, you know, if you are by yourself and there is a couple guys they got weapons, whatever it is, you know, you just -- you want to survive first. do you know what i mean? you are not going to have a backup like i did. >> jesse: right. what have you learned about human nature doing this job and getting mugged more than 100
4:36 pm
times? >> >> well, i don't trust people anymore. i stopped trusting people for a long time i think because of that. you know, i never initiated conversations when i was on the street. i just walked around and like a normal person. and then robbers would pick up on me and follow me and then start kicking my butt. but you can't trust anybody anymore on the street. so,. >> jesse: all right. well, thank you for joining us and thank you for sharing some of these tips with the audience. in this country at this point in 2022 we are all going to need it. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> jesse: and thanks for your service. you know his books. now learn about the man behind the stories. the world's bestselling author
4:37 pm
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♪ >> jesse: fox news alert we just learned police were called to the home of kim foxx the soros backed states attorney in chicago after she allegedly attacked her own husband. matt finn broke the story and joins us now. >> all right. jesse, a new police report obtained by fox news reveals police responded to cook county state's attorney kim foxx's house in suburban chicago last saturday. kim foxx's husband said foxx slapped him in the face. kim foxx said it's true she got physical with her husband but she denied slapping him. the police report reads that kim foxx was upset with her husband about something posted on facebook. kim's husband says she grabbed his collar and snatched a game controller out of his hand. police say they saw no reason to make an arrest. the police report indicates there is police body camera video. we have requested a copy of that video and will keep you updated and moments ago a source from inside kim foxx's office tells
4:43 pm
me fox's employees were aware of the incident right after it happened and were, quote, waiting for the corruption to start. how it would be made go away. we reached out to kim foxx's office days ago for comments on this incident. we reached out to her again today, and so far no response. jesse? >> jesse: thanks, matt. >> sure. >> jesse: he's the best selling writer in the world known for his suspenseful thrillers but may have just written his most interesting book yet, a book about himself. in his new autobiography james patterson talks about his humble combines, his dad grew up from a new york poor house. most people don't know this but he worked in advertising. and wrote the famous jingle "i'm a toys are us kid." he has golfed with several presidents. they are laughing at me because my voice is terrible. and he actually likes jesse watters. i interviewed him last year about his investigative book into the life of jeffrey
4:44 pm
epstein. so welcome back james patterson. >> terrific to be here. you know, one of the things that is really shocked me about the book, jesse, so many people have said that it's the best thing i have done. better than alex cross and murder club. i like that. >> jesse: it is the best book have you ever written i say that not having read all of your books but most of them. it was really enjoyable. it was a pleasure to read. it read easily. it was a page turner. it made you feel warm and fuzzy at the end. i highly recommend the book. you grew up in a kind of a blue collar situation, newburgh, new york, and. >> yeah. >> jesse: you worked at insane asylum, you call it a coo coo's nest, you met some interesting characters i saw. >> yeah. that was in belmont, massachusetts. well, one of the most interesting was james taylor, the singer, who was there as a patient. he was a young guy. he wasn't famous yet. but he had already written fire and rain and sweet baby james and he used to sing them in the
4:45 pm
coffee shop. i got to listen to james taylor for free and get paid for it. >> jesse: then you went off to college and that's a whole other great story in your book. you went to manhattan college. you were a basketball player. you could actually dunk, which i'm extremely jealous of. some of the games got rough, didn't they? >> yeah, i got my nose broken once and a tooth knocked out. i went to the hospital and the doc came -- really old guy about 80 years old. came in the next morning and i couldn't breathe through my nose. and the tooth was broken. it really hurt to breathe through my mouth. he said well go on downstairs i will take care of it i swear to god he pulls out these pliers, he puts them on my tooth, he yanks, he goes double twirl oh, i didn't get it. >> jesse: then you go off to advertising but you say you are clean now. [laughter] >> yeah. i was in advertising but i have been clean for over 25 years.
4:46 pm
i didn't write the jingle i'm a toys r us kid but i did write the line i'm a toys r us kid. >> jesse: as you were riding the ads you started novels it terrific writer churning out hit after hit after hit. you became so famous you golfed with presidents. tell us about the presidents you golfed with. >> i have jesse. i'm thinking of changing my name to prolific patterson. that seems to be everywhere. if it's a newspaper article. the prolific james patterson. yes, i have golfed. i golfed with president clinton. i golfed with president trump. and i golfed with 41, bush. and oh, yeah, great time with all of them. >> jesse: didn't you say something -- >> -- do you know whole best golfer of the three was? >> jesse: yes. >> by far president trump. by far. he is a legitimately is he a very good golfer. >> jesse: i think you were putting or clinton was putting and you kind of let something
4:47 pm
slip, didn't you? >> yeah. i don't know how to tell that one on the air but, yeah, well, you know what it was? president clinton had about an w if you play golf you don't leave it short. he left it 3 or 4 feet short. i said you -- a word you would never say to a president. he said did you just call me a word you would never say to a president? and i said yeah, he said well, i am a word you would never say to a president. [laughter] >> jesse: so not only presidents, you got to meet all kinds of famous people, tom cruise you got meet. >> yeah. tom cruise, dolly parton, obviously. it was interesting because creative artists who represents both of us i'm with the writers counsel on the other. way, way low. they called and said tom cruise wants to meet with you i said great. we have a car down waiting for you outside the hotel but don't tell the driver where you are going. i said don't tell him, you know, that you are going to -- anyway. we get to this gate, and the
4:48 pm
driver looks back at me and goes oh, this is tom cruise's house. >> jesse: all right. it great james patterson prolific patterson i will go with it. they call me jesse watters a rising star. i think evan called a rising star too many times. i think when do i stop rising? when do i become a star? we will never know. >> i don't know. your show is doing great. thank you so much. >> jesse: i really appreciate it. i have the book here "james patterson by james patterson." i love it. thanks for coming on "primetime." coming up, judge jeanine and geraldo rivera go one-on-one. we're playing sink or swim. ♪ you got to feel it ♪ get down on it ♪ get down on it ♪ check out this backpack i made for marco. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.♪ "peace of mind." such a big, beautiful idea.
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friend competition again like sink or swim. let's take look at the leader
4:54 pm
board. gutfelt for some reason still in the lead we can't explain it. we don't like it. but we do like felt that brian dead last at the bottom. we like him but we like him when he is at the bottom. >> that's terrible. we have some five insideers let's see if friendly competition. all right. okay. >> category is -- what texas politician said this? we all agree that we will border to better. i think borders pretty great right now. is it sheila sdwrak soly or beta. i mean again you are guessing? both guessing. sheila jackson. let's see the answer. >> we all agree we want to border. i think border pretty great
4:55 pm
right now. oh you are an idiot. border great. you guys are not off to great start though. still 0-0 but tied. >> next category. who has this to say about skyrocketing gas prices? >> i don't know about where you live, but in my state the price gas so high they would be cheaper to buy cocaine and just run everywhere is the. category business booming. president node out to their
4:56 pm
clishments. you need to boat a little built when things are going well. so who said this? my plan have produced strongest fastest most widespread economic recovery in american has ever experienced. with record jobs record small business and wages rising. what did joe biden or with a donald trump? >> i would say abide and answer is. >> my plans produce strongest fastest most we spread economic recovery american has ever experienced. with record jobs. record small business and wages rising. all right, very very lively by joe biden. all right. let's see about that next category is question is, which blow hard talk show host said this about the gun debate on our show? once black people gets guns the gun laws will change.
4:57 pm
1234. and. i don't want to win. i -- we have another question. >> that's it. he has taken lead permanents. judge i am sorry. it is not over. keep going. >> you have lost. how do you feel? >> you want to let the judge have shot here. >> i don't any favor. >> let's gets interesting we have one more. we will make it interesting. here is the next question. we have next question. italian stallion is category. they are both out of work. this does not mean they are he not working which brother now the now selling t-shirts mugs and hats with word free agent on them? >> you guys are both going with
4:58 pm
chris. >> what is it? >> let's get the answer. it is chris. sorry judge. you won. that's okay. is it okay? you are look you are about to tear his throat out. >> that means that he wins. what does he get. johnny for a day. is that what that is for. johnny for a day. you have also johnny for more than a day. you have had johnny for month. i want johnny. it will but your names on it. >> okay. are you sink or swim racism? >> yes i am. but you got my name over there, too. good match. all right. we will get rematch one of these days. thank you. >>. water windows just abiker his safe patiently paralized.
4:59 pm
he ramsey hunt syndrome here he is in his own words. >> as you can see this eye not blinking. i can't smile. on this side of my face. this nose will not move. so this it is frozen on this side of of my face. we hope he is doing better. i am believer. he a good christian kid. all of the best to him. for speedy recovery. michelle. writes this. from oregon my favorite memory of january 6th of 2021 was gas 2.19 a gallon. i guess pa pa pelosi was set up just like nancy pelosi was when he got more hair down on lockdown. >> always getting set up. judy says jesse why wasn't paul pelosi driving tesla he should have been driving self driving
5:00 pm
ones. more reason who ties your ties. perfect every time. >> well i tie them. and i wouldn't say they are perfect. but. you know. >> they are what they are. you should see me after the show. less than perfect. that would be an understatement. thank you for everybody watching. tucker is up next. and remember i am waters and this is my world. >> welcome tucker. thank heaven it is friday. yesterday was thursday. data will live in shame in history of the american nice bus. yesterday plant night every new network in this country but in one, surrender did hits entire prime time line up to nancy pelosi. so in place of news coverage people could tune in got two straight hours of


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