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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  June 10, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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thank you for making this show possible. set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "hannity." let not your hearts be troubled, stay tuned to. "the ingraham angle," laura ingraham is next. don't forget, for news anytime day or night, see you monday. ♪ ♪ >> i'm jason chaffetz in for laura ingraham and this is a special addition of "the ingraham angle." have no fear america, joe biden, kamala harris, nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, and the rest of the democrats have their pulse on america. they control all the power in washington, d.c., that with our policies in place. they have their dream team, they have a plan, and they know what to do. just like jimmy carter. what happens when you shut down u.s.-based energy development,
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print and spend trillions of dollars, go woke, start implementing environmental social governance, open the borders to millions of illegal immigrants, prioritize criminals over victims and go green before green works? perhaps economic catastrophe? we just recorded the highest inflation reading in 40 years, 40 years. >> we did it, we did it, joe. >> jason: yeah, you did it. congratulations. don't believe your eyes or your pocketbook, joe has got this. >> millions of americans are moving up to better jobs and better pay. since i took office, families are carrying less debt on average in america. they have more savings and they've had to. because of the progress, america can tackle inflation from a position of strength. >> jason: position of strength? americans see right through this.
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consumer sentiment plunged again this week dropping 14% in may to a historic new low. of course the whole inflation thing, that's not biden's fault. >> today's inflation report confirmed what americans already know. putin's price hike is hitting america hard, inflation outside of energy and food what economists call core inflation moderated the last to go months. >> jason: lets translate the biden speak for you. it's not really bad but if it is really bad, it's putin's fault so blame him not me. if, in fact, it is bad and is putin's fault, no worries. because core inflation is moderating. core inflation doesn't count food and energy. if you don't eat and you don't drive, everything is great in joe biden's america. i bet they have a plan. here is the energy secretary, the commerce secretary, and the treasury secretary. >> this summer is going to be rough, i'm going to be honest with you. >> the reality is there isn't
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much more to be done. >> i do expect inflation to remain high. i very much hope it will be coming down now. >> jason: it turns out you can't hope away inflation that was exacerbated by your boss and his policies. just to give you a sense of the historical pain in the biden team is subjecting americans to, take a look at these numbers. groceries has seen the biggest year-over-year increase since 1979. chicken is up 17.4%, the largest increase ever. restaurants and oil are also seeing their largest increases ever. but gas prices don't matter, just buy a $90,000 electric car, you too can be as happy as pete buttigieg or michigan senator debbie stabenow. >> you never have to worry about gas prices again, these are the kinds of things that are going to make concrete difference in american lives. >> my electric vehicle, i drove
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it from michigan to hear just last weekend and went to buy every single gas station and it didn't matter how high it was. >> jason: great advice. here's my advice to president biden. since you loved executive orders, why don't you issue something called perhaps operation lightning strike? cut through the red tape, bypass bureaucratic and legal roadblocks and make us energy independent like we used to be a couple years ago. that will do more than anything else to alleviate challenges facing everyday americans. i'm going to lay this out really simple. according to moody's analytics, inflation is costing americans an extra $460 per month. that may not be much when you're spending $12 for each pint of ice cream like nancy pelosi but for the average american, that $460 makes a real difference. joining me now is monica crowley former assistant secretary of the treasury under president trump and the host of
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the monica crowley podcast. sean duffy who is coming in and out of the screen, the former wisconsin congressman and now fox news contributor as well as the current texas congresswoman one of our favorites beth van dyne who is here with us and thank you, three of you, we have a technical problem with sean and peter kalb congresswoman -- there is a sean. congresswoman, i want to start with you because texas, known for energy, public land states like nevada and utah and wyoming and others, we can produce a lot of energy. what are people in texas telling you about inflation and about energy? >> you talk about the numbers, look at the average increase per couple when you're talking about the things that most everybody spends per month. you have rent, gas, groceries, electric. spending about $730 more a month on those things. $9,000 a year for a couple.
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i just heard the comments about -- won't ever have to worry about gas, just plug your car in. electricity rates have gone up double digits. i live in texas, i can't wait to find out what my bill is going to be. we hit 106 degrees this sunday, i can't wait to find out what our bills are going to be this summer. the biden administration will tell you anything but the truth. up they don't want to talk about these crises americans are facing every single day. $9,000 a year, let that hit home. >> jason: this white house to me reeks of incompetence and they don't have a plan. they are admitting it out loud but this is an administration a year and half into it, it doesn't have a plan. >> i adore you, i'm going to have to disagree with you. i don't think it's incompetence at all and i do think they have a plan, this is the plan.
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joe biden has repeatedly talked about this incredible transition of the u.s. economy and while there is pain right now on the american people, what we are going to get on the other end of this transition is going to be basically be green new deal. this is all of a piece. a normal president given all of this economic blowback astonishingly catastrophic economic numbers on inflation and gas prices and the labor crunch, he would change course. there would be a course correction and a change in policy. you're not getting that. that tells us all of this is deliberate. to inflict maximum pain on the american people in order to get us through this incredible transition in order to move the economy into a more collective marxist kind of model. they do have a plan and this is exactly it work out >> jason:
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i think there's a lot of truth to that. i think democrats and greenies want high gas prices to justify exorbitant expenditures into these green new deals. you served in the state of wisconsin local government, county government, state government, they can't go print more money like the federal government's. you have a county in michigan they can't sent out to their police cars because they've already blown their entire budget on fuel periods >> tripoli is reporting they have to pick up more people because they can't afford to fill up their tanks. people are trying to stretch their gas tanks and they're running out all over america sending tow trucks out to. people can't afford gas but i think this panel agrees. this is part of a strategic plan to move into the green new deal. the question becomes how many americans have to be thrown into poverty before they accomplish
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this agenda. what concerns me is democrats have a bigger plan here, the poor are the are, the more they rely on the federal government. >> jason: that's the problem here. joe biden has promised more money. literally he just promised more money. not for the hardworking americans who are paying their taxes and doing their things. listen to what joe biden said about what he wants to do for the countries that are sending us their illegal immigrants. >> we are providing economic support. for example, more than 300 million in new funding humanitarian assistance for countries in the region, we are going to provide millions more including to the world bank to support countries and communities that are carrying the greatest responsibility for migrants. >> jason: that's a lot of money they're going to be sending these countries.
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>> that's all they know how to do is spend money. they spent trillions and trillions of dollars since joe biden has been an office. it's going to be gone hardworking taxpayers and hardworking families the most. he's bragging about this as if it's a good thing pick out you have moms who can't find baby formula, people who can't pay gas. you have police departments that can't even respond to calls and he's out of there bragging about what we are going to give to the world bank? this is an administration that is out of touch with reality and if they think they can blame it on putin? that got to look internally at the policies. americans are facing us every single day, they are stupid to. we have been out there as republicans as news and media talking about if you do this it's going to happen. guess what? they've done this and it happens but to what we are experiencing right now is not a shock and i agree with monica. this was strategic and they are
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doing it on purpose. >> jason: to hear and read some of the news reports, joe biden is upset at his staff. i can't believe he's getting bad press and the answer to this is they want more cowbell, more joe out there speaking. they seem to be a little out of touch with america and reality. >> a little bit? a lot and they simply don't care. the president is out there whining about his press coverage and he can't believe the negative coverage he's getting. joe biden would not have survived 5 minutes of what president trump had a deal with him until he paces from the press and from all quarters. the truth is when it comes to the economic crisis in this country, it is all part of a grander plan. they simply don't care about the pain that is being inflicted because they have the i on a much bigger prize and that prize is reengineering the u.s. economy again into a more
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collectivist kind of model. they can't make a socialist omelette without breaking a few eggs and that means even if they have to lose control of congress in november and believe me they would rather stay in power -- but even if they have to lose like they did in the first obama midterms, they will do that in order to advance the ball down there socialist track. they will do that because they want to go to go steps forward even if they have to accept one step back. >> jason: the socialist omelette makes a lot of sense to me. sorry about the technical problems with sean duffy. thank you so much for your time tonight, we appreciate it. >> we are suffering. inflation is hitting us really hard. >> it's painful to go to the gas station and we are feeling that. >> incredibly high expense. >> it's hurting me bad. >> everything is sky-high. i used to fill my tank for $50, now it's $80. >> jason: a new quinnipiac poll released wednesday showed
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americans like the ones you just heard from ranked inflation as the most urgent issue facing the country over gun violence by a margin of 2-1. this as president biden keeps hitting his lowest approval ratings yet to. joining me now is jim mclaughlin, polster and president of mcglaughlin and associates and tom bevan cofounder of real clear politics. thank you for joining us. i don't think it can be any clearer that the democrats are completely out of touch with america. what are you seeing in the numbers? >> you mention that quinnipiac poll, that is of a piece all that we are seeing, "abc news" washington post poll, 7580% of americans say the economy, jobs, inflation, gas prices are the number one concern, an order of magnitude above anything else. democrats keep thinking maybe they can change their fortune on the january 6th committee or guns or abortion. it's not going to happen.
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it's very clear, the data is very clear that inflation is the number one issue. on that score joe biden's approval rating is in the high 20s. he's under 30%. 39.4% on the economy it's 34% and on inflation it's below 30. he's paying a political price and democrats are going to pay a political price if they can't turn this around what time is running out. >> jason: you studied this for a living, what are you seeing in the numbers and how they are feeling about democrats and specifically the biden-harris administration? >> this is a disaster for democrats. this affects every aspect of people's lives. you know the old jim carville saying about it's the economy, stupid. this is as bad as it gets. and i'm going back since the summer of last year even before afghanistan, we have had the
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president's job approval rating upside down nationally. the reason why it was so bad and it's getting worse since them is because we are in an affordability recession right now. when we took our last national survey, 55% of americans say we are currently in a recession. the white house is telling us everything is great and what is even worse for the white house, 70% of the voters say things are going to get worse and that's a lot of democrats and biden voters. >> jason: listen to what brian deese told the world, this is his take on it. >> you say families can't afford all their groceries right now. >> i would say you have a president who is focused on saying how can i bluntly increasing gas prices and oil prices and how can i bring down the other costs that they are looking at when they are trying to figure out their monthly budget? >> jason: it's hard for me not to giggle when he says that because their policies are exactly the opposite.
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is that playing in peoria, are they buying that? >> no, and biden keeps her to tell people we are in a better position than the rest of the world -- it's like telling someone who's having their arm amputated at things are fine, 75% of your limbs still work. technically true but grossly inaccurate. it does not match the perception people are feeling. the biden administration has a problem because they want to spin the numbers as best they can but the public is not seeing it, they're only seeing the downsides. it doesn't look like any of this is going to change, certainly not in time to help democrats for november. >> jason: these numbers can only get so low if you're losing actual democrats and more importantly to how elections go, independence. i don't see independents going anywhere but to the right. >> his disapproval rating on the economy with independents is
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above 70%, that's a huge number. you even saw this in the quinnipiac poll, 60% plus of hispanic voters disapprove of the job he's doing and the big reason for that, hispanic voters come here for a better quality of life, for pocketbook economic issues as well as things like crime and they are seeing the american dream isn't what it used to be and they blame joe biden and his policies for that. >> jason: what you have all the levers of the policy, the house, senate, presidency, it's hard to start going into blaming vladimir putin and come back and don't have a plan, america sees through that. jim and tom, two of the best in the business, the one person who should have been called in front of the january 6 committee last night but wasn't. i'll explain with professor jonathan turley coming up next.
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♪ ♪ >> jason: showtime, that is what last night's january 6th hearing basically was for the democrats. i was fortunate enough to serve in congress for eight and a half years. i was chairman of the oversight committee. never before have i ever seen a committee hearing where the chairman and at the vice
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chairman have used a teleprompter. last night it was at the hearing, there was no representative from the minority or the accused. it was a made-for-tv press event. nancy pelosi is in charge of the capitol hill police and i know she has some stuff going on outside of congress like her husband's dui charges and her congressional district is in shambles, one of the most crime rated in the country. but if she had this intelligence that liz cheney said was available before january 6th, why wasn't the capital secure? i wasn't nancy pelosi hauled in front of the committee last night? while we are at it, why didn't they talk about the pipe bomb found outside the dnc headquarters? that seems pretty significant. we have no idea who was behind that. here to break it all down is jonathan turley george washington university law professor and fox news contributor. you are one of our favorites. this seemed much more like a tv
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production then an actual hearing where you were trying to expose facts and hear from both sides and have probing questions. >> it was a production of course. they got a high ranking abc media figure to come in to frame and produce this hearing. it had that feel to it. the most glaring omission is the fact that there was any opposing view. as you know from your time on the hill, there is a long tradition over 230 years of having a bipartisan membership of these types of commissions. they add legitimacy, they add credibility and authority. nancy pelosi decided to shred that tradition. she put on only two republicans who are obviously very anti-trump but she rejected the right of the minority to go ahead and put their own members on the committee. you can see it from the evidence
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and how it was presented to. him >> jason: it would've been a more interesting hearing to have a bank's or a jim jordan asking actual real questions. there are other viewpoints to this. i want to play -- newt gingrich was on the ingraham angle last night, i thought he had to go salient points. listen to what the former speaker of the house had to say and i want to get your reaction. >> liz cheney who said openly "they've had intelligence reports three or four days earlier." how can you blame trump if, in fact, there were intelligence reports three or four codays earlier that there were extremist gangs who wanted to come and cause violence. second the photographer they brought it and said he was with the proud boys and he was surprised that they did not go to the trump speech, they went straight to the capital. >> jason: what's your reaction to that? the speaker is on to something, isn't he?
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>> what is really disturbing is how the committee has tailored its mandate. they are not aggressively pursuing the decisions on how they staffed and equipped their own personnel at the capital. many of us remarked on that how light the security seemed to be. "the washington post" that other newspapers said it's untrue that the national guard was offered to people in the house and they turned it down. their documents suggested that might not be true and the offer was made to. here you have cheney herself saying they were told days before this very well could get out of hand. those witnesses said, those same witnesses said i saw hundreds of proud boys march in the capital said when they approached the capital, there was one officer at that barricade. the other person who testified was an actual police officer said they were overwhelmed.
7:27 pm
they didn't have many people on the barricade. the question is why? and those of the questions that don't seem to be a relevant focus for this committee, those of the questions that would be asked if there was an opposing side. of both parties present in force the way they usually are. >> jason: that is what is so stunning about this, there was an obvious security breach. even the video they showed showed people walking by police who were putting on gear for the very first time and that was stunning. professor turley, you are one of the absolute best, i appreciate you joining us tonight. speaking of january 6th, liz cheney was the belle of the ball after last night's hearing. >> liz cheney's presentation was remarkable. she laid out to some really compelling evidence in a way that didn't come off as overly politicized. >> she has covered herself in
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glory. she has covered herself in character, she has risked her political future. >> they come and go, most of them are forgotten by history. she will not be forgotten by history. >> jason: joining me now is harriet hagemann wyoming congressional candidate and the challenger to congresswoman cheney in this primary is coming up. thank you for joining us on "the ingraham angle." it seems that the congresswoman was more interested in getting support from the media rather than her own constituents. what is your take on it? >> thank you for having me this evening but that's what this entire thing is about. i was in casper last evening with over 100 patriots, people who are wanting to discuss the issues that are affecting all of us. inflation and an open border, war on our oil and gas
7:29 pm
companies, i would describe an open grand jury, any type of evidence that is helpful to the defense or is contrary to their merit if they are going to ignore and shove under the rug. this is really a show trial. it's obvious from the way they are approaching it, obvious from the questions they are asking, obvious with the witnesses they are bringing in. this isn't about getting to the truth, this is about presenting a story line. it's about presenting a production, it's about making sure that donald trump is never able to run for office again. it's a total abuse of power. liz cheney is a part of that, democrats are a part of that, they are using it to deflect attention from the failures of the biden administration and it doesn't have anything to do with truth because we can get to the truth, we know how to do that but this panel, this committee isn't focused on that. >> jason: i'm one who believes there should be a vibrant investigation into what happened
7:30 pm
on january 6, i'm totally for that. should be prosecuted, no matter who you are coming should be prosecuted to. at the same time i think liz cheney and adam kinzinger should have walked away when nancy pelosi denied minority rights to appoint republicans that kevin mccarthy wanted to appoint to have the balance of power so that there can be probing questions. when they delegitimize the entire process by allowing just cheney and adam kinzinger who had already made up their mind on the panel, that was wrong for nancy pelosi ads don't tell me that liz cheney is a woman of integrity when she doesn't walk away based on that fact alone. >> that's absolutely the point that i'm making. there's always two sides to every story. i agree with you. under our government we have to respect the rule of law and we do that to. if someone breaks the law we have statutory provisions and this addresses that.
7:31 pm
what this committee is about is pursuing a narrative. adam kinzinger, liz cheney, that is what they are working on with the democrats in this particular case. this isn't an investigation about getting to the truth. if you want a robust discussion and find out what actually happened that day, you lay it all out on the line. you bring in the witnesses that have a contrary view. the other thing you don't do is you don't make this a production where you are actually distorting what actually happened on january 6th. for example, the voice overs. i'm a trial attorney and a constitutional attorney. i don't just play one on tv. the fact is the evidence and what they are putting in at this particular hearing, you would never be able to do before a court of law, because there would be the objections about the fact that it isn't what happened that day, the voice-overs, the production, all of that again is about a narrative and an agenda, it's not about getting to the truth. >> jason: you're running for congress in wyoming and i'm
7:32 pm
telling you, second only to utah of course, wyoming is one of the most beautiful, one of the most fun states and good luck to you in your rotten, thanks for joining us on "the ingraham angle." the fentanyl pouring in across the southern border has killed countless americans and the problem keeps getting worse. you want to believe the size of the latest bust on the border. is the biden administration's into groups of illegals to your city? stay tuned.
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>> jason: numerous significant sentinel bus have been happening on the southern border and in one case border agents seizing 22 pounds of the drug, it's enough to kill millions of people. foxes bill melugin is in hidalgo texas with all the details. speak of the amount of fentanyl pouring into the country is astronomical right now periods
7:38 pm
ebp is able to stop so that, their seizure numbers are up about 30% over the same time last year. one of the recent busts happened a few hundred yards away from where we are standing. this is that the hidalgo port of entry, agents able to stop a car coming in from mexico that had 22 pounds of fentanyl hidden in packages that was attempted to be smuggled into the u.s. that's enough lethal doses to kill several million people. but is not the only major bus, take a look at these photos out of arizona. agents they're making there making back-to-back busts. what you're looking at is 208,000 fentanyl pills that were being smuggled in the transmission block in the bed of a car. we pull up the second photo, the exact same day in a separate bust 184,000 fentanyl pills that were found in a compartment inside the rims of a vehicle. you're looking at in a 24-hour span, about 400,000 fentanyl pills recovered by cbp. human smuggling still a major issue, take a look at these
7:39 pm
photos out of dell radio. this is a group of 60 illegal immigrants being smuggled in the belly of a dump trailer, ended tragically as you can see in this photo. one man's body was found in the bottom of that trailer, he was deceased, incredibly hot, dangerous conditions for human smuggling and smugglers have no regard for human life. we would like to show you these photos out of the rio grande valley which continues to be overwhelmed. agents reporting they encountered three large groups totaling around 550 illegal immigrants and as you can see they are reporting that included over 300 family members as well as 153 unaccompanied children. the rgb sector has had about 350,000 illegal crossings since october. that trend is not slowing down. a dhs source telling us as of this morning and a 24-hour span, they had more than 1600 illegal crossings as well as 98 got away. we'll send it back to you.
7:40 pm
>> jason: thanks. >> we witnessed 800 migrants crossing into the united states, walking through this wide-open border. just walk through here -- we have been meeting migrants from all over the world from uzbekistan, georgia, russia. from brazil, nicaragua and colombia, hundreds of migrants the border patrol has to deal with here in yuma. >> jason: on top of those illegals already here, thousands upon thousands are crossing mexico right now in a massive caravan, heading right towards our southern border. the biden administration finally wants to start alleviating the stress on our border agents by moving everyone further into the country or kill not locking down the border, moving them inland. according to documents obtained by nbc news, the department of homeland security is using federal funds to send migrants to cities further inside the
7:41 pm
country. like los angeles, albuquerque, houston and dallas before they go on to their final destination. joining me now is tom homan, former acting ice director and fox news contributor. is abided making room for the illegals coming from this caravan? they are doing nothing to secure the border, they created this magnet and now they are trying to clear out the space so they can deal with the surge like we never have seen before. >> i get disgusted every day, 16 months, still haven't done one single thing. no enforcement strategy, no consequence, no deterrence -- every effort has been how quickly can we send agents down there to process quicker. now this genius plan, they're going to move into the interior quicker. they've got to understand when you make it easier and more efficient to get into the interior of the united states,
7:42 pm
that is an enticement to bring more. i wait for an enforcement strategy and never see it, the secretary every week says something stupid like it's not illegal -- and i can't arrest you. i can't do enforcement operations and we are not going to detain, catch and release. we aren't going to detain the asylum rules now. we are moving to the interior right off the border so you aren't going to be a single day on the border, everything they do entices more people to come. this is by design, it is sickening we went to the most secure border of my lifetime under president trump to historical immigration, they don't care. >> jason: this is a plan to pour as many people by the millions -- i talked to so many times but if you dedicated your career to this, put your life on the line doing this stuff. can't thank you enough for that. but talk again -- we have talked about this before but we are
7:43 pm
talking human trafficking, drug trafficking, potential terrorism coming across the border, these aren't some sweet ladies who are looking for a better way of life. there are some real, real concerns on that border. >> absolutely and joe biden an end leandro mallorca's says we have much more humane policies -- we have a record number of migrants dying on u.s. soil, over 700. over seven hubbard have died, drowning in rivers, being left in the desert. we have a hundred thousand americans dying in overdose deaths we have a record of migrant deaths, record american deaths. we have record profits and they are stepping up to make more than ever but it before. we have a record number of women and children big traffic. how many women didn't get raped
7:44 pm
how many americans didn't die of drug overdoses, how many millions of dollars to the cartel not make? a secure border saves lives. when joe biden -- it's almost treasonous. if they take back congress and the next election, day 1 they need to impeach alejandra mallorca's for violating this country -- less safe and he has failed for 16 months straight, this administration is lawless. >> jason: he's saying we have operational control on the border. we don't head we don't on purpose. that is disgusting from all of this is avoidable. we are failing people try to come here legally and lawfully pick of the constitution we need a uniform rule of how we get here and it's an absolute disaster. thank you for your service to this country and joining us tonight. stay with us, there's always
7:45 pm
somebody doing something stupid somewhere and we have examples, we will bring on lisa boothe. stay with us.
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♪ ♪ >> jason: there's always somebody doing something stupid somewhere and to prove that we are bringing in lisa boothe, fox news contributor and host of
7:50 pm
the truth with lisa boothe. since i'm in new york, let's start with what happened in an album in the courthouse, it was fumigated this week after someone released hundreds of cockroaches won an altercation broke out at a hearing. >> are we sure it wasn't just andrew cuomo walking around? we are talking about cockroaches in albany after all. i feel like there is a lot of irony in the fact that this arraignment was for anti-eviction activists, yet they somehow managed to get everyone evicted at the courthouse. >> jason: that's pretty good, rapid fire here. a girl and a guy are doing the will be in a car. the guy apparently has an std. the girl gets the std, she sued, now geico is on the hook for $5.2 million because geico was insuring the car. i'm not sure if those 15 minutes are worth it, what do you think?
7:51 pm
>> 15 minutes can save you 15%, 15 minutes can get you $5.2 million, it comes with the catch, and catching an std. >> jason: that's an unbelievable amount of money. now on to britney spears, her wedding this week turned into a circus won her first husband jason alexander -- not the one who played george costanza, he decided to crash the party, now there's a restraining order in place. >> we were told britney spears was the crazy one. this guy shows up at her wedding pick out they were married for 55 hours 18 years ago. that doesn't even count and it was in las vegas of all places. the dude walks around live streaming it on his instagram and told that some guy he had been scoping it out for three weeks and we were told britney was the crazy one. >> jason: maybe that first marriage wasn't the smartest thing ever.
7:52 pm
>> a few things work the smartest like shaving her head but i digress periods people let's go to the u.s. men's national soccer team, i'm a huge soccer fan but what they are doing right now is absolutely -- it's ridiculous. they issued a letter and they are urging congress to vote yes on every single gun bill they get. it doesn't matter what's in it, they want everyone to vote yes on everything. rather than actually winning soccer games and focusing on the game, they are issuing these letters to congress. >> i'm not gonna lie, i wasn't planning on watching, i don't watch any ways but now this gives me an excuse to say it's by protests -- i think as conservatives we are so and tired of this woke being shoved down our throats and everyone thumbing their nose at us and this is why we can't have nice things and why everyone is so divided. >> jason: they tied uruguay 0-0, they aren't exactly the best team on the block.
7:53 pm
>> i don't know if they're good. >> they are terrible, maybe they are spending a little too much time on writing letters to congress. it's ridiculous. last one here, harvard are hosting segregated graduation events. they have been doing this for a while but this year the schools of chief diversity and inclusion officer spoke at them and how did they not understanding at the irony here? >> she should get fired, she's not very good at her job. all these people are so woke, they are so liberal. they don't care about inclusivity. they want to be victims and they want everyone to submit to their well if you disagree. the inclusivity crowd is garbage, they don't care about it. this shows that in clearly -- he or she is not very good at their job. >> jason: that's why we shouldn't be spending taxpayer dollars to go for all this woke stuff. was always the somebody doing
7:54 pm
something stupid somewhere and it's always fun to point it out with you. if you liked that segment, we do it all the time on my podcast, just type in jason in the house. check it out, i think you will enjoy it. up next i finally have figured out why nancy pelosi did not appear at the january 6th hearing last night. the last bite explains it.
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>> jason: i asked earlier in the show why nancy pelosi didn't explain herself at the january 6th hearing. well, this came out today. >> before in the workroom, there is someone i want you to meet. freeze. please give a warm drag race welcome to the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi. [cheering] >> welcome back. >> my honor to be here.
8:00 pm
>> jason: she was busy. that's it for us tonight. i am jason chaffetz in for laura ingraham, thanks for watching the special edition. for more about me go to you can find my podcast, books, even wildlife cartography. thanks to laura for allowing me to sit in. have a wonderful weekend. "gutfeld!" coming up next. ♪ ♪ [applause] ♪ ♪ >> greg: happy friday, my friday friends. [applause] although, this really isn't friday for us. this show is being taped ahead of time. i am actually speaking to you from the past.


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