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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  June 10, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> jason: she was busy. that's it for us tonight. i am jason chaffetz in for laura ingraham, thanks for watching the special edition. for more about me go to you can find my podcast, books, even wildlife cartography. thanks to laura for allowing me to sit in. have a wonderful weekend. "gutfeld!" coming up next. ♪ ♪ [applause] ♪ ♪ >> greg: happy friday, my friday friends. [applause] although, this really isn't friday for us. this show is being taped ahead of time. i am actually speaking to you from the past.
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just like pat boone in those really factor commercials. [laughter] but we got preempted last night for a rehash of the january 6th show trial. i know, it is like getting bombed for an infomercial created for and by buttheads. the upside is by taping this show on thursday, i get friday off, so while you are watching this, i am not really here. i am here. yeah, looks like i am having fun. [laughs] hope i don't get the pox again. even though we were on thursday, we did the show anyway because i did not want to cancel my amazing panel. and brian kilmeade. [laughter] if he is not on the air, people worry that he will want to hang out. >> right.
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>> greg: and if he finds out he is not on tv, he throws more tantrums than joy behar when the zoo forgets her eating time. we also got the amazing tulsi gabbard! [applause] one of the few reasonable people left on this planet. i say that so she will let me stay at her pad in hawaii. >> okay, fine. >> greg: or hawaii. >> there you go. >> greg: you heard about the dude who tried to kill the supreme court justice, and no, he was not one of the terrorists of the school board meetings. apparently he was mad about roe v. wade, and he saw killing kavanaugh as just a really late, late, late-term abortion. [audience reacts] i don't know what is upsetting to you. the creep was also very pro-gun control. so much so that he actually tried to shoot someone. it is like a recovering alcoholic celebrating his first
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full year of sobriety by doing shots of jack. i mean, if anything, he is now the poster child for home defense. a psychopath comes to your house, chances are you will not have cops nearby. it is like the dems who claim our country does not need guns for self-defense while sending billions of dollars in guns to the ukraine for self-defense. anyway, the failed assassin claimed he was looking for a life's purpose. okay, fine. how about joining a bowling league? [laughter] or wash your mom's car? become a big brother? they wouldn't let me do that. i read rick warren's "the purpose driven life" and i do not remember the chapter that said "screw it, kill a judge," but then we did not have today's media to make it so appealing. really, what better purpose is there than killing hitler? and did i say hitler? i mean kavanaugh. but you see how i could make the mistake. the left has made it a common
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descriptor for everyone to hate. if you think it is a stretch, remember, they called larry elder a white supremacist. [laughter] everyone to the left of hitler is hitler. >> there is no room for nazis and neo-nazis in the republican party, then why do neo-nazis and white supremacist feel they have a home in the g.o.p.? >> i find it disgusting, white supremacists roam the halls of congress freely. >> long-standing white supremacist movement in this country rebranding itself as the alt-right. >> this is donald trump's republican party and eight candidate and present who traffics in racism. >> welcoming a right supremacist into the party. >> using racist tactics in order to win. >> what is the difference between adolf hitler and donald trump? [laughter] >> greg: oh, what a -- [laughter] the rhetoric of demonization is brought to you by polls and
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hacks like that who create cliques like steltzer craves hot dogs. extremist labels for people you do not like, right, sunny? >> i am with you, joy, get rid of republicans, get rid of the party. the party as it stands now because it is a party of white supremacy, the party of insurrectionist, the party of massacres, at this point. it is the party that you can't trust -- >> greg: get rid of republicans. like kilmeade's eyebrows, that hasn't aged well. >> why do i do this show? >> greg: i don't know. because you love me. you love me! but for the last four years, the left has normalized this incendiary smear, so why wouldn't their most fervent allies go after people they deem uber evil? it is the same reason people voted for biden as a moderate,
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the false label. so if you believe i am hitler, why wouldn't you try to kill me? unless maybe you thought i was cute. it happens. but now it is fairly illegal to kill cops with a molotov cocktail, so why not be the hero and kill hitler? goes back to jan 6th. if dems and media believe trump is hitler and his followers are nazis, then it isn't legit to shoot a female unarmed protester dead and in a rare show for police make the killer cop a hero. demonization is necessary to defend the murder of an unarmed woman. now no doubt this latest nut is disturbed, and disturbed people, well, they exist on every side. [laughter] the question is, how do you deal with this? we disown and never defend, but the left hires them and puts them on tv, or they blame their crimes on a car, and remember those riots, except for the billions in damages and significant loss of life, it was
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mostly peaceful. but here, we deplore all violence, left or right. but as you saw, the legacy media held this attempted assassination like it was hunter's laptop and they did it once again in unison. imagine a trumper in a red hat showing up at justice sotomayor's house. forget a gun, what if he had a sign. they would ashli babbitt the [bleep] out of them. to be a threat as defined by the dems, you do not need real weapons, justin maga hat and a map of the capital. all we are asking for israel assassination attempts of supreme court justices by liberals as crimes on actors we have never heard of. and maybe -- may be less selective prosecution were attacking the white house date is treated as just a file because it happened to be trump. we know why the media and dems
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are running the story, counter program to january 6th, can have a real threat competing against an exaggerated one. also, didn't they encourage this attempt on kavanaugh, chuck? >> i want to tell you, gorsuch. i want to tell you, kavanaugh. you have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price. [cheers and applause] you won't know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions. >> greg: you don't know what will hit you. i would say schumer deserves punishment for that, but the dems would labeled that hate speech and me a white supremacist. don't worry, i am used to it. [applause] let's welcome tonight's guests! he's got a face made for radio but somehow ended up on tv. host of "one nation" on saturday nights at 8:00 p.m., brian kilmeade! [applause]
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she's had multiple deployments, but tonight she is here for your enjoyment, probably representing the tiny nation of hawaii, former democratic congresswoman and presidential candidate tulsi gabbard. [applause] and she is a tiny blonde who is out on bond, fox news contributor kat timpf. [applause] and his pronouns are large and in charge, my massive side kick and champion tyrus. [applause] kilmeade, how are you? >> why do you care? i was feeling great about myself until i heard my introduction. >> greg: aw, it is only because i tolerate you. you protest outside my house, clothing optional, your last name has kill-me.
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should people kill you? >> is that my question? >> greg: i believe it is. >> why did i bring these notes? [laughter] >> greg: i want to hear everything you have to say. >> a couple things. number one, i cannot believe how this story has been buried. page three online on "the new york times," "washington post" put it up top because it is close where they print the paper, perhaps, but this is the biggest story. for chuck schumer to make that statement and not finish it off with "march peacefully and patriotically" to the whirlwind, i find it a little different. at least trump actually coached his statement with this, go to the capital, what happened afterward, that is what they are debating i guess last night. look at this 21-year-old or 24-year-old, that lunatic in uvalde, you know what they are both on? this guy admitted he has on drugs. i'm not feeling good, i feel a little out of myself, i am on prescription drugs vehicle and i'm thinking the same thing with this other guy, was he suffering from depression, so you take a stressed-out
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generation, you put them on some depression medication, and next thing you know, you have a guy in black and a school shooter with -- what did he have? pepper spray, zip tie, hammer, screwdriver, pads for his shoes, a nail punch, crowbar, pistol, duct tape, hiking boots, a heck of a checklist for a guy who has never killed before appeared to be when i feel pretty bad with a zip tie industry. every story comes up with zip ties, this was just for recreational cosplay. i like to tie up my leaves. tulsi, makes an interesting point, the guy over here, there's a lot of variables that go into these events, and one of the thing's age, impression ability, how much do you think the incendiary language plays in kind of shaping and impressionable mind, who -- that
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might be on prescription meds? >> i think the point that he said that she was looking for purpose for his life, was so disturbing. it really proves how impressionable he was. how the administration and department of justice have so completely politicized the situation to where they indirectly were encouraging this by condoning these protest outside the supreme court justices homes, condoning it, and the department of justice not only failing to prosecute these illegal protests, but making that choice not to, and so this goes to the deeper issue of a rejection of rule of law, which is the foundation of democracy, and really puts us in a place where what is there without rule of law? you have mob rule, and you have something that is not america. >> greg: it is incredible, tyrus, that they actually showed up after at the house and there are still people sending people to amy coney barrett's house and where her kids went to school, they put it out on twitter.
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could you imagine if this was a judge on the other side of the political spectrum? >> it just wouldn't have happened. it would have been a hate crime or whatever. they are not just breaking one law, they are breaking two. what does this say about our administration? now it is not just supreme court judges, it is judges, jurors, you are influencing, trying to intimidate, and also, while the police are dealing with these peaceful protesters, the bad actors get time and opportunity to get closer because everyone is on the front lawn. but more troubling than that, i think, is when you want to have the argument with the other side, they are not even prepared anymore. >> greg: right. >> son he had nothing to say. the g.o.p. is nazis, the g.o.p. is white supremacists. g.o.p. is -- [laughter] >> get rid of them. >> they are white! [laughter]
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they are mean. and then... schumer appeared >> greg: yes. >> if you want to wrestle, get some promo lessons. because nobody does "what are you going to do, g.o.p., when we are on you, if you mess with us, you are going down" -- what? you are a senator. he is stuck -- why, because they don't prepare, because they don't have to, because the argument is whatever you said, the opposite. >> greg: you know, kat, one thing people overlook in this story, the justice lives in a modest house. did you notice that? it's a modest house, very vulnerable, it looks like a place for your grandmother would live. >> yeah, i guess the reason people and focusing on that is because someone tried to kill him. [laughs] maybe hdtv would talk about that, but -- [laughter] actually think it is okay.
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>> greg: going to take you on a tour of houses where people were almost killed. not killed, but almost killed. >> why is there a balcony in front of the house, is that relaxing? >> this is going to deeply upset you but kill meat is right. [laughter] >> greg: good night, everybody. >> in a sense it has been crazy to see how much the media does not talk about it. you mention of "the new york times" online edition. the print edition had a note on the bottom sending you to page 20 and the title of the footnote was "arrested near kavanaugh's home," and they explained a little below that there was this attempted murder charge, but if the story was simply a rest near kavanaugh's home, i get why that wouldn't be on any page. but that is not quite the story. >> greg: imagine you are all of our homes, there are many
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arrests. not somebody trying to kill me. kilmeade. >> zip ties. >> greg: we are going to have zip tie control. >> even pat boone could not sell this inside. >> greg: that is my really factor. up next, chicago's mayor claims she is tough, but will the city finally say "we had enough?" >> announcer: if you will be in the new york area and would like tickets to see "gutfeld!," go to fouled and click on the link to join our's to.
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>> greg: will lori get rejected or reelected? she is hoping they choose or at the polls despite all the bullet holes. this week, chicago mayor lori lightfoot announced she will run for a second term. while everyone else in chicago is running for their lives.
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over memorial day weekend, 50 people were shot in chicago. nine fatally. luckily, chicago shooters are as accurate as "star trek"'s imperial stormtroopers. i know, they did that on purpose. "star trek." or consider this case. this week, a 19-year-old named joshua concepts he owned was charged with first-degree murder for shooting a man last r while awaiting trial on a separate gun charge. according to a chicago website that tracks crime stats, talk about a full-time job, he is the 73rd person accused of trying to shoot or kill someone in chicago last year. while awaiting trial for a felony. or as they call it in chinatown, multitasking. basically, chicago replace the justice system with the honor system. that alone should be enough for the mayor to say "i suck, maybe someone else should take over," but not lightfoot, because they say she is tough. >> they say i am tough.
8:22 pm
>> today mayor lightfoot double down. >> they say i get angry. >> tough battles. >> they say sometimes i take things personally. you know what i say? they are absolutely right. >> greg: who is "they?" no one says you are tough. and you take things personally because people say you suck. [laughter] and it is all because you have a terrible record on crime. it is the second worst chicago record after "you're the inspiration." [laughter] it is true, a terrible song, terrible, terrible song. >> not to me. >> greg: kilmeade, you have no taste. we hear this all the time in politics and media, sources say that, some say this, i always wonder, where do these quotes come from?
8:23 pm
>> hey, scoops, how are we doing on the deadline for that lori lightfoot story? >> almost finished, boss, just getting a few quotes from my source. >> thanks for calling some say -- diversity includes an officer and only employee deb speaking, how can i help you. ♪♪ never classy, she is so nasty, losing her mind, can't keep her opinions to herself ♪ ♪ with white fragility on her bookshelf ♪ ♪ over educated and under medicated ♪ ♪ she won't be happy until we are all castrated ♪ ♪ she is the one we called dirt pack deb ♪♪ [applause] >> founded by white supremacists. >> that is what we thought, thank you. >> military experts all agree that january 6th was way worse
8:24 pm
than pearl harbor and 9/11 combined. >> great, thank you for confirming. >> we scientists agree that the unvaccinated are causing climate change. [laughter] that is really the ultra -- >> perfect, thank you, doctor. >> thank you. [applause] >> greg: nicely done. >> i look a lot different without hair and makeup. [laughter] >> greg: so, tulsi, is there some kind of blind spot where people don't see that they are -- [laughter] >> i thought you said bald spot. >> greg: that, too. she has this confidence, could she win? >> i don't see how.
8:25 pm
i really don't see how. when you look at her, when you look at her record, she is exactly everything that a leader should not be. you know, identity politics, you know, dividing people based on race. you pointed to her record on crime. it is not safe to live in chicago. you have criminals shooting up neighborhoods almost every single day, during covid, she issued covid mandates then didn't follow them, rules for me, not for the, i don't see how the people chicago don't fire her. i called her resignation months ago. they certainly deserve better. >> greg: what if they don't have any other options? what if they just decide there are no republicans there. it is a one party system, like new york city, this is why we had de blasio. >> oh, yeah, that guy. nobody liked de blasio but he kept winning anyway, so that could happen. but i love that so much of the coverage was about, i know she could win, she has an uphill
8:26 pm
battle, because she says mean stuff sometimes, or she says rude stuff sometimes, and honestly, she does, but when she said for example i have the biggest [bleep] in chicago, i thought that was awesome. i thought that was hilarious. that is something i would say. the problem with that is her big [bleep] doesn't really seem to be helping her too much. [applause] like, nobody cares that she says stuff like that. but even if people don't think it is as funny as i do, people want to not get shot. >> greg: exactly. good point, tyrus. >> it doesn't help you. [laughter] [applause] >> it can only take you so far. >> greg: can we -- >> is this still fox news channel? i'm just curious. are we going to talk to
8:27 pm
bret baier soon for an update? >> greg: what do you mean, she knows how bad she has? >> she knows how bad she is, she just doesn't care. she has an amazing ability to spin stories, like carjackings are way up and she counted that as a new job. [laughter] she also made the statement that tourism was up because apparently murder witnesses count as tourists. those are all wins for her. >> greg: that's funny. kilmeade, she has been called the brian kilmeade of mayors. [laughter] >> can i see those notes? he wrote it down. got to make sure it is legitimate. what do you have as a source? were you the source on that story? okay. >> may be deb was. >> my studio, no idea what they
8:28 pm
did with the place. number two, there are 16 people -- up to 16 people running for her job. they know how bad she is. i can be mayor because she is terrible, and she won all 50 wards last time in a landslide. she will be the first want to lose all 50 this time, and i thought to your point, tulsi, you reminded me of what happened during the pandemic. she got caught getting her hair done at her explanation is phenomenal. people in chicago expect their leaders to look a certain way. [laughter] i mean, right there, i give her four more years. >> greg: it is so hard not to say something because -- no! it's not that. we don't have to go that direction, brian, and i resent you for bringing up her physical looks. anyway, maybe that flies on "fox & friends," this is a family show. >> what family is watching this show? >> all of the stable, happy
8:29 pm
families, they eat dinner together at 11:00 p.m. and watch this show. >> greg: we got to move on. up next, new york leaders sing the same old song, okay with crime, but don't get pronouns wrong. its revolutionary rollerball design delivers fast, powerful, long-lasting pain relief. aleve it, and see what's possible. (children giggling) hey, i was, uh, thinking about going back to school to get my masters. i just saw something that said you could do it in a year for, like, $11k. hmm. barista: order eleven! yeah, see you at 11. 1111 masters boulevard, please. gonna be eleven even, buddy. really? the clues are all around us! some things are too obvious to be a coincidence.
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>> greg: new yorkers worry about beat downs while politicians worry about pronouns. new york governor and terrifying eyebrow model -- [laughter] kathy hochul announced yesterday that all state university of new york campuses must update their pronoun policies. by the fall of 2023, all 64 campuses must allow students to use their chosen name and pronouns on all official documentation, including being able to identify their gender on paper with just an x. the quote know my goal, to become the most inclusive state university system in the countrs can put that on the resume before flushing it down the toilet. last year, they required all
8:34 pm
single occupancy bathrooms on campus to be gender-neutral, which has been my policy my entire life. i just wear a lot of perfume. now this sharp as a beach ball governor is doing this amid rampant crime in new york. she could fix the bail law, or they could fix the bail law, whatever, just fix the [bleep] bail law. [applause] and worry about the pronouns later! they said new york's far left d8 alvin bragg and his soft on crime policy, violent thugs are constantly being let out on the streets. i'm thinking of holding update drug still just to fit in. accused of stabbing multiple people and arrested dozens of times for violent offenses and released earlier this week due to legal loopholes that prevent prosecutors time to get indictments. in new york on the inmates are not running the asylum because they are never in there long enough. the good news, if he does kill
8:35 pm
you, hochul lets you use any pronouns for your death certificate. what you always say, about these external concerns, fake issues that they spend their time on while the real stuff just goes wherever. >> they live -- [laughter] first world problems, right? [bleep]. first of all, the whole pronoun thing, i think we are all missing a big thing. you have to know the person to know their pronouns, so when someone -- the first time you walk by somebody and you say excuse me, sir. oh, it's man. [bleep], i just met you! how am i supposed to know? and now they are letting them fill out the emergency contact forms with their pronouns, so get this straight, there is a fire and you are down, okay, trying to get an ambulance, give me some information. yes, it's a unicorn, and its x,
8:36 pm
and they are already burned up, count help you, sorry. >> greg: if you identify as a woman and have prostate cancer, is the guy going to look for prostate cancer? no, i identify as a woman, so i don't have a anymore. >> okay, sir, you have breast cancer in your balls. >> greg: there you go. [laughter] [applause] brian, i heard from doocy that you're pronouns are pompous and jerk face. >> that is just how he describes me. is any of this show going to air? because it is all going to be bleeped. for the most part, you and i are going to be understood -- >> you have no friends -- >> no kidding. >> let's look at this, mr. neck tattoo. >> okay. >> this guy walks up, this is
8:37 pm
how the assault was, he walks up to a guy, charging his phone on 39th and 7th, punches him, and then stabs him. he gets arrested, and in 144 hours, they could not get his paperwork done, so he is back on the streets to do it again. now as long as it does not happen near us, it can't be a problem. that is four blocks from us. so it never used to be our problem, beverly hills problem, upper side of new york city or san francisco san francisco's ritzy areas. now it is known as the smash-and-grab capital of the world. now it is everybody's problem, which gives me hope that things are going to turn around because when it becomes other people's problems, they take action. >> greg: i hope it is your problem soon. i kid, i kid, i want him to maintain health so i can ridicule him every day feared kat, i'm going to posit my theory and you can agree or disagree, this pronoun phenomenon is not real but nobody wants to say so. because it's like people deciding what hat they are going to wear, and what i mean people,
8:38 pm
i mean teenagers and lonely people on tiktok. this is like the satanic cult of the '80s, something that is self propelling -- >> for me, i personally don't care. whatever you want to do, that's fine, and whatever you want to put on an i.d., that is fine, my i.d. says i am ugly. under the picture. but that is not true. >> greg: you only have enough shelf space in your brain as a political leader. >> a driver's license, for example, i get why you need to have certain information on there. i don't see where your genitals come into play. whatever, i was born as a chip, identify as a chick, but if other people -- go ahead, you do you. >> greg: that's not what this is a valid. exactly, it is about priorities. ignore her, tulsi. >> i agree that there are bigger priorities. new york is expensive to live here, and it also sucks, which is a problem. >> greg: we have a city hollowed out by crime,
8:39 pm
homelessness, drug addiction, and this is what the governor is doing. >> it is about priorities, and this is very intentional, what she is doing, because she is taking these institutions of learning and turning them into institutions of indoctrination peered >> greg: right, yeah. >> you have young minds, we are going to put a straitjacket on you, this is what you are allowed to say, not allowed to say, this is what you are allowed to do, not allowed to do, and if you follow the rules, you will be rewarded. if you don't, you will be punished. it is part of this bigger mission of pay, in this society, you must conform, and doing it for people at a young age peered >> greg: they pretend it is optional but it is really compulsory because if you don't do it, they come after you. >> and they grow up to be aoc because they don't necessarily grow out of it. she is their spokes model. >> greg: coming up, lotto winners preferred to keep the prize away from the relatives. il stories of bipolar depression.
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8:44 pm
are lucky, but their idea of sharing is sucky. true, people admit they would rather not tell their fam about the jackpot. 83% of people say they would not tell a single person if they won the lottery, according to a new survey commissioned by play pennsylvania. but they would be able to guess when they see my new shark tank. [laughs] love those sharks. meanwhile, 10% said they would quit their job immediately, while 3 out of 5 said they would be within six months, which is what employees said when they gave kilmeade a weekend show. the same survey found that if the win was at least a million dollars, more people would expect to get a chunk from their coworkers than from their family. 58% versus 38%, that is a difference of... 20%, kat. which i guess makes sense. if i won the lottery, i would definitely share my winnings with my coworkers feared kat
8:45 pm
come if i win the lottery, i'm going to buy you a car. do you like matchbox or hot wheels? >> it's fine, just put me in the will. [laughter] >> hopefully you don't have -- [laughter] >> greg: tulsi, do you ever play the lottery? >> i don't. this is not a question i have to worry about or my family to worry about. >> greg: you are just saying that because you won the lottery and this is an amazing front. >> think the worst of people. >> greg: just you. >> hawaii is 1 of 2 states where gambling is illegal and even the lottery does not win. we have people from hawaii here? right? yeah. >> greg: what is your currency like there? [laughter] >> it's green. you don't need a passport to go there. contrary to your introduction, it is part of the united states, not its own nation.
8:46 pm
>> greg: you would think it is part of the united states. i don't know if we signed that contract yet. you are still in united states purgatory. or united states limbo. kat, would you quit your job if you won the lotto? i don't think you would. >> i cannot quit my job. i didn't have a job, i would die probably within a month. b1 well, let's hope you win the lotto. kilmeade, you actually do play the lottery, you will keep playing your social security number which is 664 -- [laughter] 2121. >> real life story. >> of god help us. >> so the guy walks into my dad's bar, and he says i don't have a tip for the bartender but take my lottery tickets, he scratches it off, the bartender wins. >> greg: what does he win? >> $10,000. talking about in the '70s, so kat was not there. he wins and the guy is like we will work something out, and he immediately sues to get half the
8:47 pm
money. the end of lawyering up and spending more than the lottery ticket is worth. this is why hawaii is the place to live. they don't have this issue. >> greg: but they do have cursed tiki dolls. >> a real problem out there. >> runs rampant. >> greg: almost died surfing because of a toxic tiki dog. tyrus, you remember that. it is a 3-parter. [applause] thank you. >> is that your question? >> greg: the only question, i want to talk about relatives, a global phenomenon, i have relatives that i've never met, that i have never met, hey, we should go get lunch, and i am like your 30th cousin. >> yeah. >> greg: i don't want to have anything to do with it. it is just like the lottery. >> your cousin, greg.
8:48 pm
>> feel bad for him, as he tells the story, a guy who has never met his dad, this is awesome. i never met my 30th cousin. >> greg: i don't want to meet them! that's what i'm saying. it's like the lottery, they find out you've got something -- >> i don't know what the world is coming to. i grew up, we said things like i'm going to play in the nfl and buy my mom a house and a car. every boy's dream was to buy's mom something, and they have to work hard and one day you get to that and buy your mom a car and now they are saying if i get free money, [bleep] them. that's where we're at at in america. >> greg: the survey depressed you? >> i hate these. this is not real. nobody is going to hide they won the lottery. when they scratch it, the first thing they do is come in here, flipped his chair over, tell him he is nothing, revive him just so they can knock him out again, then go around and say i am free, i can do whatever i want!
8:49 pm
>> greg: that is the life -- >> so i've heard. >> exactly peered >> greg: up next, would you make a stink abt attendants showing off their inc.? to reach the top. it's made them fiercely determined and more innovative. just because they can navigate the obstacles doesn't mean they should have to. citi is committed to investing in opportunities for 10 million women globally by 2025. ♪ ♪
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>> a story in five words. >> greg: here is a story in five words from a flight
8:53 pm
attendants showing their tats. tyrus, i should go to you first since you are the most hated person i know. virgin atlantic is going to allow flight attendants to display their tattoos when serving customers, is this unprofessional or the new normal? >> yeah, i have a problem with people showing their tattoos. i have hand tattoos, gutfeld. >> greg: how many tattoos do you have? >> one real big one. >> greg: okay. [laughter] >> he wants to. >> greg: you know what i want to say. does it get bigger? >> come closer. >> greg: [laughs] okay, tulsi, our standards -- with every generation, standards change. is this a good thing or a bad thing? >> i don't care. i honestly don't care, and as somebody who lives in the most remote island chain in the world, i am on planes a lot. all i care about is the pilot not being drunk or drugged. making sure they know how to fly
8:54 pm
the plane, they weren't hired because of their race or gender or sexual orientation or anything else, and that they take off and land. that's it. those are the standards. [applause] >> greg: you are right. kilmeade, i know you have a tattoo of me on your back. >> right. i'm in the process of getting it removed. it is very painful. just one trunk might between my shoulder blades, it seems to make sense. a couple of things. this story is amazing because i have people who wanted to be flight attendants because it is the best job i know one ever quits that but virgin atlantic comes out and says we are going to relax standards, we no longer demand women wear high heels and skirts. really? the irish are making flight attendants wear high heels and skirts? what is this, 1950? >> greg: all i know is it isn't as fun as it sounds. i've got to watch this show back
8:55 pm
and find out. >> he likes to rhyme. >> you will explain it to me later? >> greg: you don't get it? kat, we have talked about this before, you don't have any tattoos come i think that is wise because people don't think how they are going to look 20, 30, 40 years ago with tattoos all over their body. embarrassing. >> no, people look really hot with tattoos. they are all going to get hotter, so i think it is great. to be when you do? >> neck tattoos are super hot. >> greg: [laughs] a guy with a net tattoo, does not matter if he is a mass murderer? >> that is for me a deal breaker. >> greg: all right, that i won't set you up. don't go away. we will be right back.
8:56 pm
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psoriasis really messes with you. try. hope. fail. no one should suffer like that. i started cosentyx®. five years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infection, some serious and a lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reaction may occur. best move i've ever made. ask your dermatologist about cosentyx®. >> greg: final thoughts, tyrus? >> my hometown, louisiana, during a book signing at
9:00 pm
barnes & noble. >> greg: awesome! kilmeade? >> if it is friday night, shannon bream's next vehicle if it is saturday night, i am next, wearing a different outfit and different cologne, "one nation," 8:00, repeated at 11:00. >> greg: thank you, brian. >> greg: anyone, always great to see you! brian kilmeade, kat timpf, tyrus, our studio audience! "fox news @ night" with evil shannon bream's next. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello, and welcome to "fox news @ night." i am shannon bream in washington. ♪ ♪ breaking tonight, electric protests outside the home of supreme court justice clarence thomas, and now the pro-choice group ruth sent us calling out justice amy coney barrett's children, her church, leaning many


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