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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  June 11, 2022 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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200-yard hill. i have known about this a long time. >> judge jeanine: what are they doing? they intentionally roll? >> jessica: that's the point. >> rolling race. >> judge jeanine: wrap yourself up in plastic. that's it for us tonight. have a great night. see you back here on monday. ♪♪ [the star-spangled banner] ♪♪ ♪♪
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♪♪ ♪♪
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will: the best tradition in television the, the sounds of the national anthem and the images of americans. welcome to "fox and friends" on this saturday morning on fox square. good morning. rachel: i was at a pro-life event last week and a woman came up to me and said my favorite part of the show is the star-spangled banner, let's had more babies. lawrence: everyone loves americana. has the day off. rachel: we have a lot going on. it is happening. will: i was thinking about the fact you are going to be on the show today, they don't appreciate you are 6 foot to, i don't think they recognize
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that's not only competitive advantage, it is health risk because you target me and it is like going up against a tights needle at all times. lawrence: you roll last time. will: it is unfair and dangerous. rachel: is how girls feel when transgender guys play. will: that analogy -- rachel: there is a danger involved but we are happy to have you nonetheless. >> the president of the united states, gas prices are up no matter who you talk to, the americans are feeling a, the national average, $5 yesterday. it was $4.98. a week ago $4.81 and a month ago $4.40. i was out talking with voters in dallas, dallas for people don't know is pretty liberal, the suburbs are pretty
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conservative but every single person i talked to about the biden administration the first thing they went through is the gas prices, the president continues to say this is pruden. i don't think americans even care, they don't care who is responsible, they blame him. rachel: here's the president blaming pruden. >> president biden: be never seen anything like pruden's attacks on food and gas, sometimes thinking you learn makes you viscerally angry and if you had the person in front you view you would want to pop him. there are tween 9 major shipping companies that ship from asia to the united states, 9. they form 3 consortiums. these companies have raised their prices by as much as one thousand%. that is why i called on congress to crackdown, they are
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foreign owned shipping companies that raised their prices while raking in $190 billion in profits. will: he's playing the overt blame game. he has blamed at various times when we see rising prices inflation, he exclaimed big oil, he has blamed big meat, talking about meat processing is the reason for rising prices and now you hear him talking about big shipping identifying them as someone he would want to pop. if you wants to play the blame game, the number of items in your grocery basket or in your lifestyle that are going up is more than three. if you wants to blame big something he has to go to big air as well because price is up almost 40%, big hotels and motels lodz big butter up 20%.
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rachel: it is so crazy, everyone is talking about it. my kids came home and said their teachers were talking the gas prices, my teenagers, i have been getting up about all their driving they are doing. little stickers that say i did this with biden. we should add a picture of aoc because i definitely believe these gas prices are related to the green new deal, that couldn't be passed legislatively. they have done it through regulation, cutting down american energy, making sure we are not energy independent, making us dependent on dirty oil from venezuela and so forth, our gas prices are driving everything, this is an energy problem, this is intentional and that is what it is about. will: this is the cover of the new york post, $460 a month
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more is what the average american is paying for 8. 5% inflation, this is the effect. $450 more a month thanks to what they call biden inflation. lawrence: i don't think the president with the democrats get how bad it is. they are not talking with people like we do, they are not doing dinesh across the country where you see the heartland of america and what people are going through on a day-to-day basis and when you have a senator saying i just drove my tesla, teslas are very expensive, all electric cars are expensive and you can't get it and if you can't afford the gas prices what makes you think people can afford a new car? inflation doesn't pay for a used car or a new car, you can go on and on and on about this, the thing about ally is you've got to tell another lie to keep up with the lie you just told before but while this is happening to americans all
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across the country they are talking about january 6th, this is what tucker carlson had to say. >> we don't have a choice but to tolerate inflation, to raise interest rates, inflation has gotten so high it is tough to do that. let's say you bumped it at 11 points which you have to do. jerome powell who runs the fed said there is no limit to how it could go. what did that mean for you? interest rates that high would crush americans with credit card debt and that's most of the country, the highest rate ever, makes buying a house basically impossible, would crash markets, would crush asset prices. are we going to do that. that is our option, probably not. record inflation is likely here to stay. want to know why they are talking about january 6th in primetime that is why.
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rachel: they talked about the war on inflation, there' s a war on the american families. i mentioned aoc, somebody from this perspective, the environment trump families the environment is more important and that is why we shouldn't have so many kids, this is a way to achieve this goal, higher prices, be feeling the crunch, the more kids you have the more you feel that crunch. the story i think encapsulates what is happening. aaa, the automobile organization says they have more people stranded without gas than they have ever seen in their life. people aren't able to fill up, they don't have the money to fill up, they are getting stranded or they are like me the other day, i was low on gas, really low but i wanted to get to the town where my kids school is because the gas is a
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little cheaper. as i was going, i was thinking am i going to make it to the town so people are taking chances they wouldn't when gas was $2 or $3 a gallon because if they are going to fill it up it will be $130. will: i took an uber to the dallas and the uber driver talked to me about the fact she's going to stop driving uber. it doesn't make sense anymore. that is motivating her, not what is playing on every news channel in primetime right now. rachel: hazing runs rampant as police issue arrest warrants for 50 members of one new hampshire fraternity. lawrence: a 19-year-old student left disabled and blind after a disturbing hazing incident, and video. will: ashley is here with more.
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>> reporter: three ugly stories from college fraternities, at the university of new hampshire, 50 members are accused of hazing after an initiation for new members in april, there are not many details available about the event, they moved to suspend the fraternity and police should arrest warrants for 46 members, so far 10 of been arrested and charged with hazing. the university of missouri, 19-year-old danny could truly can no longer walk, talk or see after going to cardiac arrest during the hazing event. he was reportedly told to drink an entire bottle of vodka. after several hours of drinking. abc news obtained video of the incident which viewers may find disturbing. the video shows him drinking out of a beer final before
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passing out and then falling backwards. others in the house carried him away and left him on a couch. although the prosecutor who oversees the university was found dead after an apparent suicide his lawyer says local authorities aren't doing enough to hold them accountable. >> it is not individuals, only one person has been charged with a misdemeanor. that is it. not a single fraternity member has been charged with a hazing violation. the question is why is the boone county prosecutor's office not enforcing the hazing law. this is a slamdunk. rachel: at michigan state, three fraternity brothers face, will hazing charges in the death of a 21-year-old student who died of alcohol poisoning last year after attending a welcome party at the fraternity's house, three and others were found unconscious lying on mattresses in the basement. if found guilty they could face
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up to 15 years in prison. back to you guys. lawrence: i will be covering it tonight on my show, one of the attorneys for the use cases. what is going to come into place once you're passed out when you're drunk you can no longer consent. they knew these people were passed out and continued to pour alcohol down their throats. it is sad what is happening with these kids. will: you are not far removed from the age a lot of this happens. i was part of -- and effort into the fraternity but played college athletics which has a hazing culture as well and now that i have sons entering into, they are not there but on their way it is terrifying. terrifying looking back, the way we behaved is terrifying to see this type of thing going on, i am terrified for my son.
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lawrence: once you grow up, how you look at it now, there's a healthy conversation to be had. rachel: i don't understand that culture, it doesn't look fun at all. anyway. will: the police check chief of uvalde the school district did not say he did not -- he said i didn't issue any orders. i called for assistance and asked for extraction tools to open the door. he told the texas tribune he didn't consider himself the incident commander. he assumed another official or officer took control of the broader police response to the shooting the claimed the lives of 19 children and two teachers. >> i can't help but see lawrence shakers head the whole time.
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>> the widow of ashley babbitt ripped the house, before ignoring her death. >> i knew they weren't going to talk about ashley. they know it is murder. they can't admit to it so they have to bypass it and blow by it and act like it never happened. will: babbitt died after being shot by capital police officers. reaction comes as 20 million americans watched the primetime hearings on january 6th outweighing the academy awards by 4 million viewers. tonight the tampa bay lightning and the rangers will play their playoff series, to secure a spot in the stanley cup final with a win as their quest for 1/3 straight title continues. the winner of this series will take on the colorado avalanche in the next round. later this morning we will be joined by eric johnson not just
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because we are hockey fans but he is the nephew of rachel campos duffy. first overall draft pick, 14 year veteran, franchise icon. rachel: in honor of the fact that he is going to win the stanley cup with the avalanche we will do hockey competitions right here on the square. will: you don't want too much rest, you want the eastern conference series to wind up to get back to this. rachel: janice dean is previewing the elmont stakes, you look gorgeous. >> janice: christine more design dispute for hat. she will be with us on "fox and
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friends" to tell us how the races are different, we have the kentucky derby, the preakness and the belmont. what does new york fashion look like? we will talk to her and eric read and his father herbert read. we saw the amazing win at the kentucky derby, the longshot was 80-one. they will be with us on "fox and friends" weekend to talk about how important the race is going to be further fourth strike and i have to tell you the weather is perfect, we could see a little bit of rain but it's going to be clear skies for the whole day today and into the race which starts at 6:49 tonight. next year fox sports is going to be covering the belmont so that's very exciting, back inside. rachel: i love fashion more than the race. you know how to put it on.
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okay. still at last night activist marched outside the home of justice clarence thomas days after a serious threat to justice brett kavanaugh's life, that and the media barely covered it. >> this has been a liberal supreme court justice someone came to kill it would have been on the front page and that is what is so disappointing. will: chris jansen lifts up the all-american summer concert series, today we are having him back for a crash course on how to rock out on the harmonica. ♪♪ ♪♪ go for a run. go for 10 runs! run a marathon.
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lawrence: alexandra is in washington with the latest. >> reporter: start with a pro-choice group we talked about, a major force behind the pressure campaign against conservative justices focused on their homes and churches, now their children. in a tweet group shared the name of justice barrett's place of worship and where her kids go to school encouraging protesters to voice their anger over the potential of roe v wade being overturned as marched outside clarence thomas's home last night and this all comes just days after 26-year-old john roski called 911 from outside justice brett kavanaugh's maryland home following his attempt to assassinate justice. listen to that phone call. >> you came from california. do you know someone from here? >> print kavanaugh. >> were you there to hurt yourself and him? what was going to happen?
3:24 am
>> i need psychiatric help. >> she was upset about the leaked supreme court draft, regarding a portion and the recent school shooting. we wanted to double she wanted to to give his life meeting by murdering justice brett kavanaugh. he was not only armed with:00 and ammo but concerning items like tactical gear, knife, pepper spray. the senators passed a bill to provide additional security to supreme court justices, the house has been delayed in doing so, republicans was frustration, nancy pelosi said no one is in danger this weekend without that bill. will: there are so many different important angles of what you just heard. the fact this young man set on the fox news channel, was
3:25 am
obviously impressionable. here's why that is important. the left spent the better part of two years vilifying in particular brett kavanaugh, the supreme court justice. somehow he became public enemy number one. and impressionable young man said that's how to give his life meaning, society of young men devoid of meaning and he feels it by trying to live out a psychotic fantasy of taking down some what he is told is incredibly evil. last point because these protests continue in front of the homes of supreme court justices against the law it is against the law he saw this as a magnet and an attraction and went there but more people deserve blame in this incident than the sick man. rachel: this is a very intentional deliberate strategy on the part of nancy pelosi to
3:26 am
hold up a bill that could be on the president's desk tomorrow that would offer extra protection to them. she wants this pressure before the decision officially comes out. this kind of pressure on families, on the justices is a warning to them, your life will be hell if you do this and remember chuck schumer only two years ago said about brett kavanaugh and the other conservative justices you will pay a price if you mess with abortion rights. so this is scary stuff and these are the kind of things that happen in third world countries where your justices live in fear, this is stuff we've never seen before in america, this is part of this normalization of things we thought only happened in other unfree countries, corrupt countries, this de-evolution, this disintegration of our
3:27 am
justice system. lawrence: we heard about january 6th a lot but this is a tax on a coequal branch, and assault -- there seems to be absolutely no curiosity on why and they are slow walking up bill to give protection to judges and their families. before we move on to what bill marr had to say about this it is not just the protest. when you protest to invoke change. if we allow this to happen what is to stop people protesting any verdict they disagree with in the middle of a trial. why can't people -- there's a sitting case that is televised, why can't they protest in front of jurors house and judges house to sway their opinion. if this is what we are saying
3:28 am
is okay the judges are entrusted to follow the constitution. they should not be swayed by public opinion. it is against the of their take. they are not politicians. rachel: these are real people with real families in real watch and husband, this impacts people on some level and for you at home that the justices will make their decision based on what they believe is the right thing to do but they are humans too and they have families, this could impact it. remember, a lot of people say justice roberts's decisions were about unifying the country and not dividing the country, that's the way things should be done but you put threats of assassination in front of a family and it can change things which is why nancy pelosi is allowing this pressure to build against conservative justices. >> bill marr talked about this,
3:29 am
the coverage you've seen or not seen when it comes to the assassination attempt. >> the new york times buried this. if this had been a liberal supreme court justice someone came to kill it would have been on the front page and that is what is so disappointing. they wear their bias on their sleeves. if it is not something that feeds the narrative [bleep] >> i'm disappointed in the court. i'm disappointed in the court because it seems there's a lot of silence. when ruth bader ginsburg was on the court she and scalia got along. any attacks on either of them they spoke out. the court has a duty to speak out on this not in political fashion but to protect the institution. rachel: where was the joint
3:30 am
letter when the leak came out where was the joint letter across the board from liberal and conservative justices condemning the leak we would not be here if there was not a leaker and where is the leaker? will: this is the intention. still ahead paris hilton says after the president, the invite she rejected and why. will: our next guest says he watched his home country of venezuela collapse under socialism, his warning to american students after the break. meet ron. that man is always on. and he's on it with jardiance for type 2 diabetes. his underhand sky serve? on fire. his grilling game? on point. and his a1c? ron is on it. with the once-daily pill, jardiance. jardiance not only lowers a1c... it goes beyond to reduce the risk of cardiovascular death for adults with type 2 diabetes and known heart disease.
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breztri won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. it is not for asthma. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition... ...or high blood pressure before taking it. don't take breztri more than prescribed. breztri may increase your risk of thrush, pneumonia, and osteoporosis. call your doctor if worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling,... ...problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain occur. if you have copd, ask your doctor about breztri. to help prevent bleeding gums, try saying hello gumwash with parodontax active gum health. it kills 99% of plaque bacteria and forms an antibacterial shield. try parodontax active gum health mouthwash. rachel: welcome back to "fox and friends". as biden's job approval among hispanics sinks to 24% many latinos are waking up to left-wing economic policies. our next guest left venezuela
3:35 am
in 2016 and is currently a phd student in economics at columbia. he has found a new project to teach young people about the horrors of socialism. the founder of the project is here to tell us his story. so great to have you. i had you on my podcast. tell me about this project. i can't think of anything we need more than to tell the truth about what communism and socialism brings to countries. >> 100% agree and that is why i started this. last year florida passed a law that required students to learn about socialism and communism in schools. governor desantis made november 7th today for the victims of communism and the truth to schools will teach a lot of socialism and communism what is a better way than draw on experience in schools and how are they going to afford it, so i created this, we got a
3:36 am
group of donors who came from socialist countries, venezuela, hong kong, cuba, north korea ready to tell their stories, we are going to go to schools and teach students that socialism is not the way to solve our problems. rachel: we are seeing this. inflation, all the economic hardships your family went through many americans are starting to experience. >> when i see a situation with inflation, government regulation, the justice system. we need to wake up and understand we teach children about so many systems but don't teach them the one that has killed the greatest number of people which is socialism, 100 million people have died and hundreds of millions of people live today under socialist regimes. teaching history. >> as a parent there's been an absolute blackout on the death and destruction of socialism
3:37 am
and communism. many polls say young people say they prefer to live in a socialist system than a capitalist system or rank donald trump is more dangerous than pol pot because they don't know about the millions of people killed under those regimes. i want to talk about another topic, we mentioned on my podcast, you haven't seen it you should go back and watch this podcast because i had daniel and another venezuelan on, we talked about the parallels you are seeing between what is happening here and what was happening before everything collapsed in venezuela and something i asked you was when did you know that venezuela was going down and you said on the other guests said the same thing, when the justice system became corrupt which is fascinating because so many americans are starting to see this going on with our own justice system that you can't count on rule of law and there are two tears of justice.
3:38 am
>> it is certainly true. america -- i don't think we should fall on desperation for we are going to go down or she likes things -- american people are in the driver's seat what happens in this country and that is exactly why we need to wake up and teach children about socialism and fix the justice system, convicted criminals, we are seeing with the das san francisco voters, the most liberal city in the nation, chester bodine worked for hugo chavez so this really should bring the point home that there are people tied with foreign socialist regimes trying to break down our country and we cannot allow that. will: for also the son of the mystic terrorists. will: if
3:39 am
rachel: if you can do it in san francisco you can do it anywhere you are doing great work, you said you have a callout for teachers. >> if your high school teacher in the united states, contact us and we will go to your school, find someone who lived in a socialist country, tell their story. it is about teaching history and nonpartisan organization. rachel: disturbing 911 call released of the man accused of trying to kill justice kavanaugh. >> coming there to hurt yourself and him, what is going on? >> i need psychiatric help. >> reporter: a jurist should not have to wonder if he should serve and survive and he's next. with age comes more...
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>> you said you came from california. did you know someone from here? >> brett kavanaugh. >> review coming to hurt yourself and tim? what was going to happen? >> correct. i need psychiatric help. will: the man charged with the attempt at murder of brett
3:44 am
kavanaugh, the suspect it would be assassin surrendering to cops with a plea for help. he also described the weapon he had including the locker 17 pistol, zip ties and duct tape. meanwhile protesters swarm the houses of justices as tensions mount over roe v wade. jonathan turley joins us now. great to see you, we are seeing protests not just at breast justice kavanaugh's house but amy barrett and justice thomas's house. let's start with this would be assassin. what do you make of this plot, this attempt on the justice's life? >> this is a tragedy all around, a tragedy for the legal system, for the brett kavanaugh family, a tragedy for this individual. we see these insights into people who are consumed by hate or mental illness. we saw that in uvalde where we
3:45 am
had to deal with a crisis but really, where we need to focus our attention is what is triggering these individuals. you raised this when you talked about some people are more susceptible to being triggered in this way and a certain percentage of people like that and they tend to be triggering. you can't defame for dead because suggesting, tying ruth bader ginsburg into this really is unbelievably defamatory. ruth bader ginsburg opposed many of these groups, she was constantly squatting down extremist speech and elements like that. i think she would be mortified that her name would be connected by anyone to these types of protests. will: these protests serve as a magnet for those who would do more than simply protest in
3:46 am
front of justices houses. correct me if i'm wrong, this is against the law. why has this not been put down, these ongoing protests in front of the residentss of supreme court there would be a significant first amendment challenge if you try to arrest everyone protesting outside the homes of justices. the courts would narrowly interpret that law. i'm not sure those cases would survive in court because the law says you have to be protesting for the purpose to intimidator judge or juror on a pending matter or proceeding. these protesters would say we are protesting because we disagree with what they have done, we are not trying to necessarily get them to change their view as to protest their viewpoint.
3:47 am
will: they haven't done it yet, they haven't issued a supreme court opinion on roe v wade so this is an attempt to influence what they will do. >> that is a plausible argument bar the problem is if you take it to its full extent you could arrest people protesting at a courthouse because that is also covered under this law. judges would have to grapple with that. will: we went to balance the first amendment, metastasizing into a threat when it comes to justice brett kavanaugh. love talking to you. still ahead, the belmont stakes is today, janice dean is their life and tells us about one group that tells - cares for the horses once they retire. she is next. ♪♪ um, oh wow. um, the future is, uh, what's ahead of us. i don't get it. yeah. maybe this will help. so now we're in the present. and now...
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ci had no idea how muchw i wamy case was worth. c call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ will: today is the 154th belmont stakes. rachel: what happens when a horse finishes the racing career? lawrence: janice dean joins us to find out. >> janice: we talk about beautiful animals racing but
3:52 am
what happens when they retire? where did they go? i talked to two women, a daughter, and the mom who take care of them. we take a look. racing is exciting, the greatest two minutes of sports but we don't talk about what happens after the race with some of these horses and how therapeutic riding can be. the horses are amazing in what they do on the racetrack and the performances they give but after their racing days are over. >> when i was 17 we started an organization called racing from home and it was something i never thought was going to turn into anything big. i wanted to get a thoroughbred off the racetrack, that was a horse named alice in 2009 and she was the catalyst of starting an organization. we do rehabilitation and free
3:53 am
training for second athletic career whether it is a lesson horse, we had one in the past, a therapeutic riding horse. she was kind and gentle and so sensitive. what i have seen horses give back to humans is what we have to give back to them. the heart and soul behind racing. >> reporter: how do you feel about the racing industry? >> there are many, who care about their horses on tracks and off the tracks, these horses have a lifespan after three years. >> they deserve after care. a lot are in various stages.
3:54 am
>> reporter: introduce me to this beauty horse. >> right here. >> this is palace devo, one of the most apt lane name thoroughbreds. what does she do? >> hunter jumper. >> what about her buddies over their? >> we call them the honoraria thoroughbreds. nico and chary. >> janice: you think of the horses you have treated to any come to mind? do you see a big change in their life? if i walk you through this almost every one of them has a story. a solid horse here that gave us an absolute nervous wreck. >> janice: he had quite a career, he won $680,000 and has a big following, super popular horse.
3:55 am
when he was claimed away, started dropping down he found himself at the lowest level in puerto rico and by a lot of people helping us we got him back to the mainland and he is a forever horse for racing for home. we will make sure he lives his best life. >> janice: these ladies are so important and they run their business because of view, donations so if you can their website is they help our horses after they go home from the track. rachel: these horses help people with special needs, those therapy programs are ones i'm looking into because they say it is so amazing especially for children with downs. love what you just said.
3:56 am
thank you. will: see you throughout the morning. still ahead china calls the wuhan lab leak theory a politically motivated lie after a new report says it needs further investigation coming up. rachel: a healthy version of coke taking over social media. what is and it? is in it? top of the hour. ♪♪ you are my candy girl our interactive tools and advice can help you build a future for the ones you love. that's the value of ownership. it's still the eat fresh® refresh, and now subway® is refreshing their classics, like the sweet onion teriyaki sauce, topped on tender shaved steak. it's a real slam dunk. right, derek? wrong sport, chuck. just hold the sub, man! subway keeps refreshing and refreshing and refreshi-
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to your rheumatologist about rinvoq relief. rinvoq. make it your mission. learn how abbvie could help you save on rivnoq. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ rachel: we can see that shot right there of new york city. several parades and festivals going on this weekend including the puerto rican festival and
4:01 am
parade here in new york city. rachel: i thought that was from new york city. there is our shot. i'm sorry. >> there are barriers. lawrence: notice the difference how clean nashville. see how nice and organized? rachel: i love nashville go back to new york. going to have the puerto rican parade i think there is immigrant parade today. a lot going on in new york city. everything is coming back to life. i don't know if you noticed this morning when i was driving in i have seen more traffic than i have seen in forever at that hour of the morning. lawrence: it's finally back in this city. i'm out. will: talked about this earlier in the morning we will have several competitions as we do on "fox & friends" including ice hockey competition later this morning. did i read once to my relief lawrence will be my teammate.
4:02 am
lawrence: on the same team? will: lawrence and will vs. the duffy. lawrence: normally rich chilly and i on the same team. are. rachel: duffys against you two. rich history. he is playing for the avalanche and going to the stanley cup. that's exciting. another piece of exciting family news that is my two daughters one graduated from jr. high and one graduated from high school. there they are. they graduated from catholic classical academy. our lady of mt. carmel. we are so excited for them. lawrence: they look just alike, too. rachel: one is going to be a freshman and the other is going to be a freshman in college next year but they are best friends. will: you will have a lot of graduations. rachel: thanks for showing them. will: absolutely. china is calling the lab leak theory a politically motivated a
4:03 am
lie. why is that back in the news? because a virologist with the who said this on thursday. said we recognize that the market may have been an amplification event of the early outbreak but it's not clear where all those animals came from and we need to follow up on. that was in other words, the w.h.o. now recognizing that the natural origin of covid increasingly unlikely and need to look at other potential sources. the w.h.o. scientific advisory board said this, it remains important to consider all reasonable scientific data that is available either through published or other official sources to evaluate the possibility of the introduction of covid into the human population through a laboratory incident. rachel: wow, the w.h.o., you know, on it two years after we have all figured this out. i think tom cotton was on that a few weeks into the pandemic that
4:04 am
there was a lab that deals with, you know, covid and this type of virus and there's a leak but, oh, we should think that it came from the market. look, this is important stuff. one, because we do need to get to the bottom of it. in terms of, listen, i don't need the w.h.o. to tell me. i believe it came from the lab. and we need to hold china accountable. and everybody else who participated in, i think, the greatest cover-up in modern history and something that caused lawrence devastating, catastrophic not just death but also economic destruction. lawrence: can we talk about the fact that they always do this? they wait until the end of a crisis to start all of a sudden investigating. but the interest of the american people, we already moved on. it's true we most of the evidence existed is probably gone. china has probably wind all that stuff out. the time to do that is when we
4:05 am
were in the height of the pandemic. when it was still surging all across the world. but i just hate that our leaders wait until the end and it's intentional. with every single crisis they wait until the toned admit after telling everybody else they were crazy. first they called us crazy and then finally years later oh, it may have existed and then they want to conduct some full investigation but we moved onto the next crisis. rachel: if you try to look back at it, china will say you are racist. here's a quote from the foreign minister, spokesman here's what he said thursday. the lab leak theory is a total lie. concocted by anti-china forces for political purpose was which has nothing to do with science. again, will, i think it's important to go back. we need to know how this happened. and we need to hold people accountable. and this goes back, will, to the hunter biden's laptop because i think that joe biden is very soft on china. i think there's -- our government is not working hard to hold china accountable and
4:06 am
there might be some very good reasons why and it might be on that laptop. will: yeah. there needs to be accountability. there needs to be accountability when it comes to one of america's foreign adversaries when it documents china. also needs to be accountability back here at home not least of which those who attempted to cover up this -- we will call it a potential truth. but it has been in the past increasingly an obvious truth that this was a lab leak. and those that attempted to quell that truth, like dr. anthony fauci need to be held accountable. so it doesn't matter how much time passes, it does matter to your point how long it takes us to get to the truth but that can't stop us from eventually getting to the truth and demanding accountability. lawrence: accountability comes with action and a larger conversation we have got to have as a country all the stuff that is made in china. it can't just be one person stands up to china. all of us have to make a concerted effort to say we are going to find somebody else to make the products and goods we
4:07 am
want. obviously we want it to be made in america. there is a premium associated with that but if you really want to take them out, you got use their pocketbook. and just to be clear to the foreign minister, it's not americans hating the chinese people we just hate your government. rachel: right. we hate the lies that allowed this virus to spread across the world and cause massive destruction. and so i do think we have to get to the bottom of it. we can't let this go. lots of questions about the vaccines, about some of the injuries. we just need transparency across the board on all of this. and, you know, there is an article in the -- in ireland about increase in explosion in children with heart disease. heart issues. so, these are things that we need to talk about and as you said, will, it's not just the people in china, there were people in our own government who will part of this conspiracy. will: so the biden administration is now attempting, to at least retorque rickly with their words,
4:08 am
announcement they will take in 20,000 refugees for what he would call lawful migration. first his words on unlawful migration. >> unlawful migration is not acceptable. and we'll secure our borders, including through innovative coordinated actions with our regional partners. working these efforts simultaneously though humane policies a secure borders and support people representing groundbreaking integrated new approaches. it addresses the needs of vulnerable migrants and the needs of countries hosting those migrants. will: there is the words on unlawful migration. this comes at the same time of the announcement as i mentioned. it will take in over the next two years. 20,000 refugee migrants from
4:09 am
countries like venezuela, which is, i believe triple average. creating another magnet for unlawful migration here is what tom homan had to say about that. when you make it easier and more efficient to get into the interior of the united states, that's an enticement to bring more. so, i wait for an enforcement strategy and never see it secretary every week says something stupid like it's not illegal to be illegally in the united states and ice can't arrest you. and ice can't do enforcement operations and we are not going to detain people and catch and release and change the asylum rules now so you don't have to be in fear of your home government. now move you interior not be detained a single day on the border. everything they do entices more people to come.
4:10 am
lawrence: tom is so right. rachel: so lies in that statement by joe biden. he is saying that he we are going to stop smuggling. cracking down on human smugglers. that is not true. our u.s. government is actually coordinating with -- doing the last leg of the trip making money off of these people. we are flying them, once they get here across the country on taxpayer funded flights and buses. and by the way, lawrence, you know this because you were in the same place as i was at which i went to the border. i watched border patrol, he said joe biden said we have these joint missions with the mexican government. i was on the rio grande, across the river i saw the of mexican government and their military. over here on our side i saw our national guard and then i saw border patrol say no cross over here it's easier. i saw it in spanish.
4:11 am
they didn't want the people crossing to talk to me. so they said cross over here. so don't tell me that you are trying to stop crossing because you could have said turn around. >> lawrence: nobody believes them. they biden created a climate for them to come. this is why there is such a surge. look at their t-shirts where they have biden written all over them literally come across the border. look at the flights being paid for by the united states government. homeland called the police on us when we tried to follow the bus when they were unleashing the migrants into the interior of the country. i mean, you can go list from list, example to examples. the president may say that, but he has never been to the border. he has never sent a clear message to the migrants coming across the border. on his first day he decided to rip up all the plans and agreements between the united states government and mexico. he decided to stop the funding of the border wall. he decided he was going to get rid of all of the technology that the border agents were
4:12 am
using. he is not allowing them to do foot pursuits. only doing processing right now. should we go on and on about every single thing this president and administration has done to impede mexico law enforcement from securing the border. i mean, it's just a joke. will: the biden administration doesn't understand or understands very well the power of incentives and tom homan is pointing out the incentive. you take into account the new item in the news cycle which is increased in the number of refugees that lil' will take in up to 20,000. it is an enticement. it's another reason to travel north illegally in the hopes that you will get to migrate illegally into the united states of america. and you keep putting into place incentives it works not just in illegal immigration. it works in the economy. it works in anything we do. you give someone an incentive and you 8 see behavior change. you will see behavior change as you see people mass at our southern border in the hopes of arriving and achieving that benefit which he is laying out.
4:13 am
20,000 don't come i will legally. 20,000 don't come illegally. rachel: why would do you 20,000 right now? all the others lining up. why would you do this right now as america wradges just eroding with inflation. you are going to bring in more low skilled workers to further erode the wages of america's poorest. the ones that are feeling the inflation costs the most. it's -- it makes zero sense. and again this week is a week of lies. lies around the january 6th hearing. lies at that latin american summit. lies with the w.h.o. lies, lies, lies. and the erosion of the institutions of our trust in these institutions, will, is what really concerns me. will: go ahead, lawrence. lawrence: you got it, brother. will: to tie a ribbon on it hurts the poorest among us.
4:14 am
the democratic party held itself out as a party that helps the working class. the party that helps labor. we can look at several policies that are hurting the poorest among us, inflation is a regressive tax. it hurts the poorest. crime takes place primarily not exclusively, primarily in poorest neighborhoods. now you look at illegal immigration and it takes jobs away from entry level workers into the workforce. the poorest among us. active policies destroying the working class. lawrence: i think that they are betting on the compassion of the american people. we are very compassionate. but, it's either us or them right now when it comes to the wages. we are already being hit by inflation as you correctly noted in the segment above. we are already being hit by crime. we are already hit by multiple issues. you have cannot continue to say and i always put this in this prism. the reason they were able to do
4:15 am
strictly by emotion because financially everything was going well for a lot of them there and you are able to go, based on people -- you don't have that luxury anymore. it's really, really bad for average day americans and they are going to look at this issue much different this time. rachel: here's what the biden administration's answer is to all of this. they will say well, we can't do anything about oil and gas, which they can, another lie. but what we can do is bring down your child care costs. we can bring down your prescription costs. so all of these are government subsidies. so what their answer is make you poor, make you dependent on them, and they will throw you some scraps. some crumbs off the government table. that is what happened in latin america. hispanics are on to it. i think that is what is behind the cratering numbers with latinos. will: turn now to a few additional headlines. start with this. the five marines killed in a military aircraft crash in california wednesday have been identified. corporals nathan carlson and seth rasmussen, captains
4:16 am
nicholas losotho and john sak's. and evan strickland were killed. all five were based out of camp pendleton in san diego. officials are investigating the cause of a crash training mission in the desert 150 miles west of san diego. a chicago police confirming a domestic dispute at the home of chicago's state attorney kim foxx. police say foxx's husband called the cops after she allegedly slapped him over quote something posted on facebook. foxx denies ever slapping her husband. no arrests have been made in the alleged assault. a tiktok trend is going viral which supposedly healthier ways to drink a soda. the drink called healthy coke on tiktok combines just two ingredients, ball sal mic vinegar and water. marching the dark brown color of coca-cola classic. naturally it's time for a "fox & friends" taste test.
4:17 am
>> looks like jirng rail. will: smells like basal mic sin garr. many. lawrence: i can't taste the vinegar. >> i can't touch my nose without smelling the vinegar. rachel: don't believe everything on tiktok not good. lawrence: take the apple cider vinegar. rachel: this is ba bass sal mic. will: tipping our hats to the
4:18 am
154 belmont stakes which starts today. lawrence: fans sporting if he has been hats for the race. how different is the belmont styles from the ones we saw at the ceshed? kentucky derby? rachel: i'm taking his line. join janice dean who joins us live from elmont. janice: you guys are out of control. let me take over right now, okay? let's talk about the beautiful fashion designed hats for the belmont and the preakness and now -- i'm sorry kentucky derby, preakness and belmont. different hats for different races. >> exactly. really goes up the coast and gets cleaner and more chick.
4:19 am
chic.starts with southern bell d gets to the middle states and then we get to new york where it's like clean, you know, crisper fashion. it's like more solid colors like what you are wearing. and more tighter silhouettes. janice: tell me about the fascinator. >> it's also a hot item here at belmont because it's smaller. new yorkers like that. and you know, traditional fascinator is like feathers on a comb. and we vex anded it to like the trim of the hat on a comb. i mean a comb or head band. janice: i heard what you said or i understand. hats for the men. tell me your website. >> cam janice: we love her because without her i wouldn't like like this. back inside. will: lawrence and i did revert to our texas style.
4:20 am
rachel: i want you to know that the brits don't have anything on those beautiful hats that janice has. the brits think they had it all going on with the jubilee with their fashion. i like the hats there better. everything is in america is better. lawrence: that is true. rachel: including the men so thank you, both. lawrence: that's a nice promo. rachel: national gas price average just hit $5 a gallon. stuart varney reacts as president biden blames everyone but himself for inflation. will: los angeles residents are fed up with george gascon soft on crime policy and just like biden, he thinks other policies, not his own, are the problem. our next guest lost her son to gun violence and she has a message for george gascon
4:21 am
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>> think that people feel their safety compromised. the problem we have today the result of many of the bad policies that have over criminalized communities without really looking for a math to reduction of crime, the prevention of crime and put in the community in a better place. lawrence: just clueless. embattled district attorney george gascon blaming his city's surge in crime not on the left
4:25 am
agenda but tough on crime policies of the past. handers a -- progressive policies her son david silva shot and killed in february in 2020 and she joins us now. ma'am, thank you so much for joining the program. tell us a little bit about what happened. >> thank you. lawrence: what happened with your son? >> my son was in los angeles county visiting a friend, doing some things and gang members approached him he didn't feel kosher about it. as he was leaving in his car they decided to shoot at him and they shot him in the head. he was pronounced dead on february 22nd of 2020. lawrence: ms. hernandez, what did the d.a. do? >> so in my son's case at the beginning, because i had my own really good district attorney on
4:26 am
our side and good judges on our side, they kept all the enhancements and bailed the way it should. now going into august, the defense attorneys are thriving everything in their power to remove the gun and gang allegations from my son's case and also trying to dismiss the case overall. so, it's just been heart wrenching ever since december of 2020 since he was elected, everything has changed in the court system. there is just such a big -- a thick cloud in the courts. it's horrible. lawrence: ms. hernandez we know a lot of these deputy district attorneys like the one that was assigned to your case, they don't agree with gascon on this. they try to do everything that they can do in their power and as you novi lent crime is up 7.2%. arrests are down 5.7% in los angeles. my question for you though, did you ever hear from the district attorney himself?
4:27 am
a lot of victims that i talk to say they try to reach out to him but they just don't hear anything from him. >> so, first of all, i mean, gascon's criminal friendly policies are not working. los angeles is worse off. parents of murdered children knew that this was happening. we can see the future. and we're here. and it's horrible. i am one of the mothers at the beginning get on facebook live or zoom call i did it twice for him. is he like the deer in the headlights. he just reads from a prompter. he does not listen. we reach out via emails. he disregards us. he calls us stupid and ignorant. so, no, we have tried everything. he will not have a round table with us. but he has round tables on weekly basis. it has no value or substance on what he says or to los angeles
4:28 am
county itself. lawrence: ms. hernandez truly disgusting criminals literally behind bars championing him. they say he is the guy that is there xavier and going to get them the good deal. not advocating for the victim. ms. hernandez we continue to mourn with you as well and you are in our prayers. thank you so much for coming on the program today. >> thank you, thank you. lawrence: as you guys know we have been covering crime forever on cross-country. we are going to be covering it today. talking with residents in new york. what they feel about the crime. do they agree with the d.a. here and is there some hope for them with the ousting of chesa boudin. that's coming up on cross-country. also charles payne, joe concha. if you are just waking up the national gas price average is $5. even though prices haven't stopped rising under president biden, is he blaming everyone but himself, we do a deep dive on the numbers with stuart
4:29 am
varney, that's next. ♪ ♪
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will: national gas price average just hit a record $5 per gallon. president biden doesn't think the rising prices are his fault. >> putin price hike is hitting america hard. there are 9 -- nine major ocean line shipping companies that ship from asia to the united states. these companies have raised their prices by as much as 1,00. will: so, here to react to that is the host of varney and company on fox business stuart varney. stuart and i are going to walk through some numbers together with you today as inflation hits 8.6% over the past year. but stuart, as we come in, we hear the words of president
4:34 am
biden and i know you have a response. >> we are in the middle of a national economic crisis. and the president's speech yesterday was weak and divisive. he has no plan that will work. we're at sea so to speak in a national economic crisis. i mean, look at that graphic right behind you. will: let's do it. >> stuart: 8.6% inflation in the latest 12 month period, that's the highest in 41 years and it's going up. food prices, can we get to that? because that dramatic. will: food prices they have moved the chart food prices. actually, can you go back really quickly, i want to ask stuart a question about the inflation. look at this, i just want to show you the markers on this over time. stuart, you and i talked about this. look when it starts, joe biden takes office. and you and i were talking about. the economy was shut down during lockdowns, the fed starts printing money and this stark line up begins why? >> it begins because we have cut
4:35 am
out energy production starting at the beginning of president biden's administration. the fed was printing money, you can see it right there just as he is taking office, then you go up the inflation scale, it's getting worse, american rescue plan, that is trillions of dollars to the economy. another spike. and then you get to putin invades ukraine way up there. remember, inflation has already taken off all the way up there to blame putin is just not right. will: monetary policy, energy policy, stimulus plan get you to the point where he actually starts talking about somebody else to blame. >> stuart: that's where we are. will: food prices to your point put those up. this is what you are feeling. >> stuart: remember, that's just basic food prices and they keep going up. rippling through the economy. add in rent and other basics, and you have got the average family paying more -- an extra $467 a month on basics. each family.
4:36 am
$467 each. now, standard of living is declining. and the president has no answer for this. he hasn't got a plan. is he divisive. and he is blaming everybody else. will: really quickly, stuart, i have heard this anecdotally. look at these prices eggs 32%. milk and lunch meet. this doesn't take into account what people actually feel like they are paying. >> stuart: time after time you will find something has almost doubled or gone up 50%. it happens all the time. that's people's perception of inflation. they know we have got a huge problem. then you get $50 gas on a national average today, that is astonishing. $5 now. a week ago it was, what, 4.81. a year ago 3 bucks. will: quite the marker. it almost feels like a weigh station not an arrival point. we are at $5 gas. that's my point, stuart, this is not where we are going to sit. >> stuart: no. will: it's going to go higher. >> stuart: it is. what do you think people are talking about this morning? $5 gas, food prices through the
4:37 am
roof or january 6th? what do you think it is? will: i will tell you what they are talking about i have the conversations with them. what they are terrified of is how high does that number go. when you and i have that conversation you tell me by the end of the summer many economists are expecting what? >> stuart: $6 a gallon as a national average. that is a distinct possibility. will: wow. there you go. we worked through it stuart is always here to enlighten us we appreciate it. >> stuart: thanks for having me. will: rachel visits a one of a kind playground built for kids with special needs. will: plus, up next valentina's dad, sean duffy right there. ♪ ♪ ♪ make way for the first-ever chevy silverado zr2.
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which may mean a life-threatening reaction, or uncontrollable muscle movements which may be permanent. high cholesterol and weight gain, and high blood sugar, which can lead to coma or death, may occur. movement dysfunction and restlessness are common side effects. sleepiness and stomach issues are also common. side effects may not appear for several weeks. you are greater than your bipolar i. ask about vraylar and learn how abbvie could help you save. >> i knew they weren't going to talk about ashley in this thing. truly believe in my heart they know it's murder. they can't admit to it, so they have to bypass it and blow by it and just act like it never happened. lawrence: that was aaron babbitt the widower of ashley babbitt who was killed on january 6th. speaking exclusively to fox news. he took the house committee to task after she was shot by a capitol police officer. will: we learned the hearings
4:42 am
drew in. rachel: here to react is my husband sean duffy. welcome, sean. sean: good to see you guys. rachel: good to see you, too. how do you have a hearing on january 6th don't talk about the only person who actually died ashley basht. >> we are not here to talk about the fact of what happened on january 6th. listen, there was good, there was bad, there was ugly, but we should explore all of it that's why you see the videos of bill barr or ivanka trump, you are not hearing their testimony, you are hearing a cut of the testimony that they gave, we all know that they can pick a sentence or two that make a colin that's what they are doing at this hearing. i wish they were looking at the
4:43 am
truth. was the fbi involved. >> were they on the ground and incentivizing people to go into the capitol? what was their role? we deserve to know that. this is modern. donald trump actually called up the national guard. that was nancy pelosi's job. she board of directors capitol to actually activate them. if donald trump wanted to have an insurrection at the capitol why do you call up the capitol guard to go to the capitol? this makes no sense. lawrence: i'm curious and that's an important point back to the facts of this entire thing. why isn't it not going through the typical procedure process the members of congress typically govern themselves by which is the committee process where there is bipartisan appointments whether you like the person or not minority gets the collapse to appoint who they want. sean: this goes back to the funding of the country. this is not new. minority puts their members on every committee. nancy pelosi doesn't tell republicans who can serve on the
4:44 am
committee and kevin mccarthy doesn't say what democrats can serve on the committee. i served on the select panel of the sale of baby body parts. democrats didn't agree with us. democrats put on a radical pro-abortionist on that committee and we allowed them to do it. they will didn't have to agree with what we are doing. they put the members they wanted on the committee. nancy pelosi says you can't put jim jordan or jim banks on this committee because they may have a different perspective than we have on january 6th. and if you are so confident in your perspective on january 6th, why won't you let jim jordan come in and ask questions. jim banks says we want to call different evidence, but this is all a presentation to the american people. rachel, you mentioned 20 million people watched this, but it was on 11 networks. the awards ceremonies are on one network. you couldn't turn on tv unless it was tucker carlson which is what rachel and i watched that night. you couldn't turn on the tv without being forced to watch january 6th. which tells you all of the media is involved in presenting this narrative. and all of the media is involved
4:45 am
in silencing the shooter that went to brett kavanaugh's house. this is all about politics. will: you know, sean, you point out this is in essence a reality show and show trial the way they selected the cross examiners the republican members of this committee didn't allow republicans to select members themselves. you talked about the editing process. we haven't yet seen much, much in the way of live witnesses. we have seen presented presentations, craftsmanship. i also wonder why won't we -- the other thing people are saying this is an entire show trial designed to focus on the role of donald trump. not necessarily the entire truth of what happened on january 6th. meaning will we learn why there wasn't a greater law enforcement presence that day at the capitol? meaning will we learn what happened happened to the pipe bomb that played such a large role in the beginning? there are so many actual other questions about january 6th beyond donald trump. will this committee show any interest in a truth? sean: no. or if republicans take control of the house and say we are going to tell the full version
4:46 am
of what happened. will there be 11 networks that cover it? probably not. we are lawyers, right? and we have trials in courts where both sides present evidence. and juries and judges decide the truth. and we don't do show trials in congress. we don't convict people in the court of public opinion through congress. congress is there to lengths late. distinct roles for each branch of government show trial is not the role of congress. legislate. there is no legislative purpose behind anything doing. this to your point is about convicting donald trump in the mind of the american people. rachel: can i say something real quick. two things. can't release all the videotape because of security of reasons. not a security threat. introduce the capitol many, many, many times. sean had a pen, he could walk right through. if i didn't have my spouse pin i had to wait in line and go through a metal detector. no one has answered to me why
4:47 am
people could just walk in. i have never in the 10 years you were in congress ever seen -- i saw staffers who have been working for 15, 20, 30 years in congress still had to wait in that line go through the metal detector in order to get into the capitol. it doesn't make sense how all of these people were just wandering in. you can't do that unless somebody let you in. what happened? sean: it was pretty chaotic that day. law enforcement is not used to a group of people a mob of people coming up to the capitol this was unique and different for them. we have to look at this and say do we trust the presenters? so you had adam schiff for four years lie to us that he had information about russian collusion. lawrence: still lying. sean: still lying. he was part of this investigation. we were told that brian sicknick was hit in the head with a fire extinguisher. completely false. that was to drive a narrative to the american people. most people don't even know that that's not true. that information didn't get out
4:48 am
there. american people, why should we trust the show trial. will: way to go sean promoting the will cain podcast. you need to check out the kitchen table podcast. sean and rachel, where this week. rachel: this week we talk about january 6th. we talk about what's going on. and all of the distraction. they are doing this to distract what the role of the congress is we desecond it and show how off base this show trial really is and how it doesn't fit the norms of the congress. we dive in deeper and great podcast. from the kitchen table. rachel: sean is going to stick around duffys vs. lawrence and will. rachel: texas boys. sean: we will take texas on. will: hockey and text not like we grew up on the ice. father's day is next weekend.
4:49 am
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♪ ♪ being ♪ blame it on the ♪s. lawrence: all right. welcome to "fox & friends" this morning. this is the third hour. i'm in for pete today, rachel, will. coming up in honor of corn on the cob day we are having corn shucking rematch. we have got the corn. is there a certain way to peel
5:01 am
this? will: it's called shucking. rachel: i have thought you were from texas. he is a city guy. will: you weren't in the first competition. lawrence: i wasn't. will: i won this competition. lawrence: that's why you won. rachel: look at us going to town there. will: there is some technique. i forgot the technique. rachel: they did say -- you know, you just kind of tear it apart. are we doing this now? will: no, we are not. lawrence: look at that. will: what's going on there? lawrence: at the end of the hour. all right. rachel: that's how cheat. lawrence: he is always accusing me of cheating. will: you literally an hour early. lawrence: i don't know. will: i'm not accusing anyone of anything except gas prices hitting another high overnight.
5:02 am
officially $5 a gallon. that's where we are as the you wake up this morning. up 19 cents from a week ago and almost $2 from a year ago. absolutely natural gas prices hitting new averages my fault. vladimir putin's fault, big oil's fault, it was big meat's fault, when meat prices going up. and now when you see prices, for example, supply chain going up, it's big shipping's fault. listen. >> we have never seen anything like putin's tax on both food and gas. every once in a while something you learn makes you viscerally angry like if you had the person in front of you would want to pop them. there are nine, neighbor major ocean line shipping companies that ship from asia to the united states. nine. they form three consortiums.
5:03 am
these companies have raised their prices by as much as 1,00. that's why i called on congress to crack down on -- and they are foreign owned. foreign owned shipping companies that raise their prices while raking in $190 billion in profit. lawrence: so, i mean, look at this. you got fuel up 106%. air fare 37%. hotels and motels 22%. it goes on and on and on. first of all, if you are explaining, you are losing. and, number two. they pick probably the most terrible person to explain the policies coming out of the administration but, it also goes down to the bottom line americans just don't care, they are going to blame the president. this is a president that promised to fix things that weren't actually broken. he broke them and they are going to hold him accountable. they don't care about the virtue
5:04 am
signaling or identity politics. they care about their pocketbooks and how it's impacting them. i haven't seen haven't seen people so bad until this baby formula thing. rachel: absolutely. it's a war on families. a war on big families in particular, if you have a big family you are even more. you can blame putin. let's pretend it is putin's fault. what have you done to stop this? you knew that putin wanted to invade ukraine. i presume our government knew that ukraine and russia were making massive producers of wheat for the world. that russia had control over huge amounts of our oil market what did you do to stop that once the war happened, what have you done to bring about some sort of peace negotiation so these countries could get back to doing business. that's not happening because our government is actually giving
5:05 am
$40 billion to the ukrainians which is actually fueling this war. so, even if you took his premise that it was putin's fault, are he's done nothing to stop it. this is absolutely the biden administration's fault. this is a deliberate result of the green policies he has done. they want to raise the prices of oil and gas. and they will be damned, they don't care if it raises the price of your food. because they care more about those issues than they do about you. will: you can't accept the premise because it's not plausible to blame what we are experiencing, to blame inflation or fuel prices on vladimir putin. we had stuart varney on the program earlier and take a look at the graphics of which inflation began and when vladimir putin invaded ukraine, listen to stuart varney. >> stuart: that's just basic food prices and they keep going up rippling through the economy, add in rent and other bakes, and you have got the average family, paying more, o -- an a extra
5:06 am
$4.67 a month on basics, each family, $467 each. standard of living is declining. we have cut our energy production, starting at the beginning of president biden's administration. the fed printing money, just as he is taking office, then you go up the inflation scale, getting worse, american rescue plan, trils of dollars, another spike, and then you get to the putin invades ukraine way up there. remember, inflation has already taken off all the way up there, to blame putin, is just not right,. rachel: that's a fair point, will, obviously seeing that graph, the president said exxon is making more money than god, well, joe biden printed and spent more money than god which is absolutely continuing to talk about the role of monetary policy of the fed printing so much money. talk about the effect, here is the cover of the "new york post"
5:07 am
today. $460 a month. that's what you are paying because inflation is at 8.5%. that's how much more you are paying if inflation were at 2% by the way when it was traditionally holding after the last several years you would be paying $350 a month less than if inflation were at what it is at 8.5%. lawrence: do you know what i can't understand? even after laying all of that out and you guys beautifully laid it out they won't change their policy at all. rachel: will it it's intentional, lawrence. it's totally intentional. they want the price of gas higher. they are willing to make you poor in order to achieve these goals. it's not just the energy. it's not that they want you to consume less energy for the environment by making gas more expensive. i believe, lawrence, that they want to make you more dependent on government. that's part of the socialist policy. make you poor, make you weak, make you more dependent on them. lawrence: it's truly sick with
5:08 am
you they do have a track record of doing things like that. rachel: of course, socialists do all over the world. lawrence: one pro-abortion group is now calling out children supreme court amy coney barrett as protests it the justices' homes continue. rachel: new details on the man who was was charged with the attempted assassination of justice brett kavanaugh. will: alexandria hoff is live in washington with the latest. >> good morning, yeah. according to the criminal complaint, 26-year-old nicholas roske was, quote, thinking about how to give his life a meaning when he drove across the country to carry out an alleged murder suicide plot targeting justice kavanaugh, thankfully he reached a brief moment of clarity by the time he made it to kavanaugh's maryland home. roske toward are the thwarted the alleged assassination plot as he sat outside the curb of the justice's home. listen to some of that audio here. >> you said you came from california. did you know someone down here?
5:09 am
>> brett kavanaugh. >> and when were you coming there just to hurt yourself and him or what was going to happen? >> correct. i need psychiatric help. >> on the full call roske said he had moved a suitcase he had brought with him out of reach it contained a glock 17 pistol. ammo, a knife, pepper spray and zip ties and duct tape among other items. he told police he was upset about the leaked supreme court draft opinion that holds a potential to overturn roe v. wade. he was also upset about the shooting in uvalde. shortly after police were called to investigate, protesters showed back up at the kavanaugh residents as they have for weeks. last night protesters also descended on clarence home? now children, too. pro-choice group ruth sent us shared the name of justice amy coney barrett's place of worship and also where her kids go to school. encouraging protesters show up
5:10 am
and provide additional security to supreme court justices, the house has been delayed in doing the same. house speaker nancy pelosi brushed off republican frustrations saying this week that no one is endanger this weekend without that bill, guys. lawrence: thanks, alexandria. how trashy it is to be in front of those kid's school. it's one thing to be in front of the justice's house. protests literally means to influence a decision. you cannot -- judges aren't supposed to be influenced. their job is to look at the law and give it to the interpretation of the law. so, go in front of the house, go in front of members of congress, can you do that. that is policy. judges aren't supposed to be influenced this way. but to go to the kid's school. i mean, that's just nasty. >> the decision has not come out yet. it has not been released even though we saw a draft of it. and this is intentional. what nancy pelosi and the
5:11 am
democrats are doing by not coming out and very forcefully saying this is wrong or using the doj to arrest these people because it is illegal to do this in front of some justices house. they are not doing that. and they are not giving them extra protection. and they are not sending a clear mess sarge because they want this pressure, these threats on the justices. they want to them to think about this. if you make a decision, overturn roe v. wade, this is the hell that your life will be like in perpetuity. this is deliberate. and don't think that nancy pelosi is holding up that bill because she is so concerned about the staffers and the clerks at the supreme court. this is -- she is absolutely allowing this to happen so the justices can feel the pain and the threats. will: no doubt. exercise in influence. also a magnet. it's a magnet for crazy. it's a magnet for someone who could come all the way from
5:12 am
california who believes that brett kavanaugh is public enemy number one and he should not just join these protests but give his life some meaning by attempting to assassinate a supreme court justice. lawrence: who can going to call off the dogs though, chuck schumer summoned them, he literally did. and he is yet to say. they are so worried about roe v. wade being overturned. for democrats on this, especially for those on the really radical wing of their pro-abortion agenda, this is like a sacramento to them. sacrament to them. abortion is. it means a lot to them and will to go to these lengths as you said even to intimidate the children of a supreme court justice. this is third world stuff. and. lawrence: meanwhile, they are talking about protecting democracy. protect democracy and going after another institution, a co-equal branch of government. but no hearings on. that was.
5:13 am
rachel: no, none at all. all right, well, we are going to turn to your headlines, a suspect has been identified in the thursday shooting at a maryland factory that left three dead. joe louise is now facing multiple charges including first and second degree murder victim for all the employees of the factory he retrieved the gun from his car and then he attacked his co-workers. police have not yet revealed a possible motive. the biden administration announces starting tomorrow the u.s. will no longer require predeparture covid tests to enter the country. hooray, awesome news. however, according to officials the cdc will reassess the decision in 90 days. so not permanent. most non-citizen visitors that come to the u.s. will still have to show proof of covid-19 vaccine before flying into the
5:14 am
country tri and the usfl two weeks left of the regular season. the beginning today the post season bound new jersey generals will face off against the michigan panthers at 1:00 p.m. and the undefeated birmingham stallions look to keep their perfect season intact as they go up at 6:00 p.m. tonight. and tomorrow on fox at 4:00 p.m. the new orleans breakers could secure their place in the post season with a win against the tampa bay bandits. then the philadelphia stars battle the pittsburgh maulers on fox sports. lawrence: we will be watching, so this morning, we are putting the special focus on new playground with a powerful mission. will: the r.w.j. health field of dreams is a first of a kind playground in sports complex tom
5:15 am
rivers, new jersey for hit-and-run which of all abilities. rachel: that's right, i took valentina who has down syndrome and some of my other kids to go check out first hand what this park was like. take a look. ♪ ♪ rachel: it's not always easy to find a playground that meets all of my kids' needs including baby valentina. but we found here right here in toms river. it's called fields of dreams. ♪ ♪ rachel: it's not just a pray ground the three and a half acre facility features a baseball field, basketball court, a zip line, even a miniature golf course and all of it is wheelchair accessible. >> when you go to typical playground, a lot of the items aren't really, you know, fully equipped for people that have a special need. and that's what this complex is all about. these experiences and these memories for these families, you know, in one place. rachel: math teacher and his
5:16 am
wife mary were inspired to build the park for 11-year-old son gavin. >> i think you are a great friend. >> very nice. >> when he was only 19 months old gavin was in a terrible car accident. >> on july 12th of 2012, we were waiting to make a left hand turn at the school when a fully loaded beer truck hit us from behind. when i was finally able to get out of the car i heard dead silence. gavin suffered a traumatic brain energy. a right front temp roller stroke and a right orbital fracture. >> what did the doctors tell you. >> they basically told us to find him a home. >> my wife knew he was inside. >> what happened to gav wasn't fair. my wife and i thought it wasn't right just because you have a limited ability that you can't participate with others. it's just not right. and so we took it upon ourselves. rachel: the teens rallied around their son working with the town to raise money to build an inclusive environment where everyone of all abilities can have fun. >> yea valentynna.
5:17 am
>> you have multiple types of swings, bench swings, special needs swings. mommy and me swings. the idea is that you are going to have varying degrees of people with special needs. rachel: sure. >> you want to make sure you have all different types. rachel: also have places to play sports. >> play baseball in a wheelchair and wheel around the bases. just be like everyone else. rachel: pavilion for different activities. you want to have events so families can come and meet each other. rachel: can you say goodbye valentina? >> bye. rachel: tailored for special needs family including a nonverbal communication board. wheelchair charging stations and a quiet corner designated for those with autism. rachel: so simple and, yet, it's so important just how easy it is to wheel a chair through here. >> you take things for granted how easy it is when you are
5:18 am
typical. you between the realize the things in life are so important. rachel: truly felt by all of those who come to enjoy it. >> it's amazing. just to see the things i couldn't do before and could do now. >> she feels like she can do. she belongs. >> i love it i know she loves it she has things she can actually go on now. rachel: field of dreams. if you build it they will come. we came. i can't get valentina out of here. rachel: as a mom with a child with special needs, i can't tell you how incredible i think you are. >> i'm not the only one grateful for the kaines for what they built. >> whoever invented this or came up with this was a very good idea. thank you because it gives my daughters some place to actually just go and just be happy to be honest with you and not feel excluded from anything. >> this is amazing place for children like me. it just feels, you know, to have an outlet, have a way of
5:19 am
enjoying. will: that's great. rachel: it was awesome. christian, the dad told me what happened to his son gavin was not fair. i will tell you one thing that gavin did win the lottery in parents. he has the most loving, amazing parents who care for him every single day, take care of his needs, and then have even more to share with everybody else. i was literally blown away by what they have done. by the way they are still short. they owe about 300,000 more on this facility. so if people out there want to support this, what an amazing place. again, just to wheelchair around the park, it's not easy, you know, unless you have that made up. lawrence: when you are blessed with the activity of all of your limbs, you don't think of this type of stuff. rachel: that's right. lawrence: i think everyone should support it i definitely am going to start supporting it. rachel: field of dreams. will: there is the website at the bottom of your screen rwjbh field of
5:20 am
will: biden now says illegal immigration is not acceptable. his new announcement on the border crisis and reaction from former acting dhs secretary ken cuccinelli next. ♪ ♪ let's get it started in here ♪ let's get it started ♪ let's get it started in here ♪ let's get it started ♪
5:21 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ treat dad to father's day at lowe's.
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5:24 am
>> unlawful migration is not acceptable and we'll secure our borders, including through innovative coordinated actions with our regional partners. working these efforts simultaneously though humane policies and secure borders and support people representing groundbreaking integrated approaches. will: president biden in los angeles groundbreaking summit of americas with the warning of migrants crossing unlawfully into the u.s. meanwhile the leaders of latin american countries summit. so did biden address fall on deaf ears. here to react is ken cuccinelli.
5:25 am
ken, great to see you this morning, there we have the rhetoric. the rhetoric of discouraging unlawful migration. well, let's compare that rhetoric to the announcement as well that the united states will be taking in an increased 20,000 refugees over the next two years. >> message people around the world have gotten from this president beings including and you mentioned that mexico is boycotting the summit but so is guatemala, honduras and el salvador. there is your illegal immigration challenge right there that's the vast majority of it is those four nations and they are not participating. two of them the presidents of guatemala and mexico have previously left wing presidents from central america have criticized this president, joe biden for just how bad their open border policies are and what it does to concrete a stampede across those nations, there is consensus, it is consensus that this president is failing to oppose illegal
5:26 am
immigration. they won't even call it illegal immigration. will: we talked about the power of incentive and magnet. for example, that increase in the refugee status. the president of those central american countries look at the incentive of the united states of america and say you are turning us into essentially a highway? you are creating a stampede through our country to your border? >> yeah, and to have two of those -- of the four main with presidents relative to illegal immigration actually say that independently of their own of this -- of our president is just incredible. it's historically unprecedented. and, you know, you think of sort of this ideological synergy left and right. these, again, were leftish presidents of guatemala and mexico, criticizing biden because of just how bad the policies and how overwhelmingly the illegal immigration spawned by this president. let's not kill ourselves he
5:27 am
mouths the words don't come here illegal migrants he won't call you illegal aliens which is what our law calls them. those presidents even recognize how bad our president is. it's really historic, it's incredible and literally it's not just american political rhetoric. it's on the world stage. will: ken, there is a conversation you and i have had here on "fox & friends" with the president as well center for renewing america on the will contain cod podcast what states should be doing to take over the illegal immigration crisis texas should send back migrants. let them come across and give them the feds and feds release them anyway. texas, instead, should send them back across the border. that would be the states enforcing laws as have you encouraged. >> absolutely. he literally encapsulated in a couple of sentences what states on the border have the power to do and we have been urging them
5:28 am
to do. the most logical places to see this as governor desantis himself noted are texas first and arizona second. but governors abbott and doocy have so far avoided this solution. i will tell you we know this from our own history without returning people back across the border, all of the other steps they take are photo ops, they are photo ops. they know they're photo ops. even building more wall, which is so popular on the republican side only helps if you actually back it up with the manpower to return people across the border. that's -- it's part of a system as my former colleague mark morgan would say. it's border wall system. and governor desantis gets it he gets it it's just too bad governors abbott and doocy don't. will: okay. so i had this full conversation with russ for the center of
5:29 am
renewing america. can you see it behind him on the will cain podcast. it's fascinating. it talks about the constitutionality of the argument ken is making and logistical and practical applications essentially a face off between the state and federal governments if they follow this path. the interview is up on youtubes as are all interviews of the will cain podcast. >> well worth it. will: appreciate that. >> good to be with you. will: pro-life pregnancy centers are being targeted by violent activists. former nfl player ben watson says they don't realize how much damage they are actually doing. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing the all-new infiniti qx60.
5:30 am
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5:33 am
♪ ♪ rachel: a pro-life pregnancy center reportedly fire bombed by left wing activists this week as those against abortion fear they are being targeted ahead of the roe v. wade decision. our next guest says pregnancy centers like these are critical to women's care in low income neighborhoods. former nfl player and super bowl
5:34 am
champion ben watson is the vice president of strategic relationships for the national pro-life group and he joins us now. welcome, ben. i'm such a fan of yours on so many levels. glad to have you here to talk about it. the work of pro-life centers crises centers are going to be more important than ever if roe v. wade is overturned. i think they are practically domestic terrorist groups. are they sending a message to these organizations. >> thank you, rachel. great to be here with you. and you are exactly right. as we sit here on the eve of what we hope is overturning of roe v. wade, pregnancy centers but also the pro-life community in general has a lot of work to do. there are 2700 pregnancy resource centers around the country. these centers provide essential care. they provide counseling and real life tangible needs.
5:35 am
they meet their needs when it comes to housing or financial assistance, they provide ultrasounds. so these care centers are vickets when it comes to promoting a culture of life to see them vandalized is very disturbing and disturbing for the -- it should be disturbing for everybody who cares about the issue of life. rachel: absolutely. where is the doj on this, ben? >> i don't know. your guess is as good as mine. we can't sit here and say that we're not in a very politically extreme time in this country. look, 50 years of roe v. wade is going to raise emotions on both sides but i think that many people who are somewhere in the middle, they want life to be preserved. they want to serve women, they want to care for people children. i think what you are seeing is really the loudest voices polarized and on the ends. i believe there are a lot of people who see this and say this isn't right. rachel: you know, ben, it's the women themselves. 80% of women who have had
5:36 am
abortions say they would not have had an abortion if only one person had cared about them. and that is what those volunteers by the way most of those people who work in the pregnancy centers, the crisis pregnancy centers you talk about are volunteers, compassionate people when they see the images that we just showed of these blown up places, this is meant to convince them that this is not worth it. do you think it's going to work? >> it's meant to terrorize. it's meant to create fear. nobody wants to be bombed. i think that's the point. how can we create fear? how can we intimidate those who are trying to do good works? i think that's why it's imperative for all those who understand the importance of life. all those who want to make abortion only not only unthinkable but unnecessary that we surround these pregnancy centers. we support them in various ways. that we pray for them. that we write our congress men and our centers and let them know that we won't stand for this. the work there is vitally important.
5:37 am
my wife and i have been involved supporting pregnancy centers for some time now helping to purchase ultrasounds and those sorts of things. we understand the importance of their. rachel: yeah, they provide help all the way until the child is born. they provide invaluable service. they are going to be needed even more when and if roe v. wade is overturned. ben, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thanks for having me. rachel: all right. the january 6th committee isn't letting up after last week's prime time special steve scalise is here to preview next week's hearing. plus, chris janson lit up the all-american concert series today. today we will have him back for a crash course on how to rock out on the harmonica. oh, that's going to be fun. ♪ ♪
5:38 am
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5:42 am
the day of the riot. >> joining us to react g.m. steve scalise two days in, what's your reaction so far to the committee on january 6th hearing? like most of america who seemed to tune out that hearing once it got two minutes in to them droning on about hatred of donald trump not any type of new news. it showed everybody in america who wasn't already aware this is just a political witch-hunt. most americans that i talked to they go where are the hearings during prime time on inflation, on high gas prices on border crisis. why doesn't indianapolis care about ordinary americans. every day that's all they care about is donald trump. speaker pelosi and all of her minions who vote right down the
5:43 am
line for big government socialism. rachel: you make such a great point americans are talking about something totally different than january 6th. sean and i had a podcast this week from our podcast from the kitchen table. sean says and i would lo to hear if you agree, sean thinks this will actually backfire. these hearings will backfire on the democrats because it just proves that they are out of touch and don't care about what americans are dealing are right now which is a lot of economic pain. >> sean is right. you can tell him i said that. rachel: i will. >> when you look at where most americans are, they are angry about these policies. they know where it's being caused. i mean, joe biden keeps trying to blame everybody under the sun. it's russia, oil companies, yesterday he is blaming trucking companies. he only wants to blame american people and american companies. he doesn't want to look in the mirror and blame himself for what he has done to destroy some fact bricks of this country and
5:44 am
raise prices they know he did it. and bloomberg business report he is recognizing that or willing to admit it. it doesn't matter. the voters figured out. they want somebody to fix it which is what republicans are going to be laying out over the next few months the things we will do if we get in the majority to actually confront and fix these problems. how to lower gas prices how to secure the border. how address inflation, how to get parents more involved in kid's education and how to control this run away crime in cities all across america where democrats defunded the police and elected these d.a.s that are letting criminals out of jail committing more crimes. that's what we are going to be focused on, clearly speaker pelosi and her democrat allies are not concerned about those problems. lawrence: congressman, i'm actually curious about the security measures at the capitol. i think our enemies saw what happened on january 6th and i guess they can just walk through the door as well. why wasn't there some type of written report? why didn't we turn over the investigation to an actual
5:45 am
investigative agency that can give us meat and not just hype? >> yeah, and why did nancy pelosi take off the table in these hearings a look into whether or not she turned down help from national guard and others to harden up the capitol well in advance of january 6th when there were signs there would be a lot of people coming. she supposedly was presented with other alternatives and turned it down. she won't let the january 6th commission look into the things that she may have played a role in to weaken the posture at the capitol. so, again, it just shows you it's all politics. and all about going after her political enemies. surely not looking objectively at other things that may have played a role. rachel: yeah, there are so many things that left out. what happened with the pipe bombs. you know, what were the role of -- many people think are associated with the fed. what is going on? a lot of things left out. even the death of ashley babbitt. that wasn't covered at all. the only person who died in the riot not a topic of the
5:46 am
january 6th hearing. you are right it proves it is a narrative that they are trying to push and obviously with 20 million viewers because they took over all of the networks proves that, you know, they are in collusion with the media on this as well. >> they hired a hollywood producer to make this documentary or whatever it is you want to call it. rachel: yeah. absolutely. i have never seen anything like that before, will. will: congressman, thank you for coming on this morning. >> always good to be with you. rachel: thank you, congressman. we will turn now to your headlines starting with this. realtime host bill maher ripping into hollywood for romanticizing gun violence while demanding lawmakers take action. >> when liberals scream do something after a mass shooting. why aren't we also dealing with the fact that the average american kid sees 200,000 acts of violence on screens before the age of 18? it's funny, hollywood is the wokest place on earth and every
5:47 am
other area of social responsibility but when it comes to the unbridled romanticization of gun violence, crickets. weird. the only thing we don't call a trigger is the one that actually has a trigger. rachel: mar went on to criticize the left for hating kyle rittenhouse but will, quote, make 500 movies about vigilantes fox news chief political anchor bret baier will moderate a debate between senators bernie sanders and lindsey graham this monday at noon. particular kicking off the senate project debate series. you can stream this amazing debate live on fox nation. the debate will also be available on demand after it wraps up. bret will join us live on this show tomorrow with a preview. and, steven curry leading the charge for the golden state warriors in game four of the nba finals against the boston celtics. curry scoring an incredible 43
5:48 am
points in is 107 to 97 wins that includes performance from the three point range and rebounds. tie back to home to san francisco for game 5. against the celtics. [laughter] when they have me read sports it's like me reading chinese phonetically so there you go. in the sports world janice dean is live ahead of the belmont stakes today. ahead live she talks to trainer of rich strike who won the derby. remember this? our "fox & friends weekend" corn shucking competition? we are gearing up for a rematch as we celebrate national corn on the cob day. ♪ ♪
5:49 am
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5:52 am
♪ >> i need to check the tape and review what will did to be so fast. rachel: you say will won? [laughter] will: he doesn't know what to
5:53 am
do. rachel: that was will winning our corn chucking competition at talladega back in april. his title is still disputed? will: what? lawrence: national corn cob day. we are shucking corn to see who is the real winner. will: they wrote that somewhere in the building. i'm the winner. our judges philip and avery powell are the owners of awe shucks along with corn on the cob. you crowned me champion. do you question me questioning your judgment i don't. rachel: i want to thank everybody from the corn. sue leonard brought the corn and thank him for that. last ruling. rachel: lawrence wasn't there give us tips on the west b.s.
5:54 am
best way to written. >> grab the hairs it he top and rip it straight down. lawrence, i'm pulling for you and rachel. you have got to do it the right way. grab the hair and put it on your hip like we did last time. will: do we have a clock? rachel: our producer needs to let us know. will: there it is 30 seconds. ready, go. are you ready? will: put it on my suit this time. lawrence: come on, rachel. [laughter] lawrence: go, will. will: take everything off of it, lawrence. the hair, the silk, everything, take it all off. >> let's go. let's go rachel. >> will, break a nail. borders about.
5:55 am
lawrence: 1, 2, 3. 4. 5. >> let's count them off. will: that's a shame. lawrence: six. will: did you that last one after the bell. no way. look at lawrence's compared to mine though. look at that. rachel: that's not shucking. are those aren't even shucked. rachel: i won second place. will: go to the judges. philip and avery. lawrence: six and six. >> i don't know what that is, lawrence. that's a whole bunch of nothing. will is the win, apparently. rachel: is he the winner. lawrence: he paid him. rachel: i just want to say i have acrylic nails which affects my ability. so, next time. and then we will do it. will: avery, philip, thank you so much we appreciate you guys
5:56 am
being with us as always. lawrence: thanks, guys. will: go check out aww online. aww shucks online. rachel: how delicious that corn was alabama amazing. another competition coming up. stay tuned for hockey. we will be with my nephew eric johnson. will: this is sad. ♪ i didn't realize my dna could tell me if i had a higher chance for type two diabetes. so when my son gave me a 23andme kit,
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6:00 am
♪ ♪ born to be wild ♪♪ will: down in birmingham, alabama. cornelius is celebrating my second corn shucking win in a
6:01 am
matter of six months. i'm continuing that title on a semiannual basis. lawrence: you were -- the before we even touched it. he was. before we even started, he started pulling them apart. you can't do aha. and he just put 'em back down. will: take a break, cornelius. thank you, i appreciate the support. rachel: i usually have your back on these competitions, but you -- have you ever shucked corn before in your life? lawrence: no, i leave it on there. rachel: because you left all your leaves on, and essentially me, with i my acrylic nails, i could only do two of them, but i actually beat you because all your corn stilled had leaves on it. lawrence: you didn't beat me. rachel: yours don't count can.
6:02 am
lawrence: it's easy to shuck them when you have them pulled apart before the competition -- will: you're accuse canning me of doing that. lawrence: producers, y'all have the tape the, right? rachel: i will say this -- [laughter] there's going on another competition. there's actually going to be two more competitions coming up. will: really? in one hour? we're going of a a harmonica demo, we're going to compete on that, and then we're going to compete in hockey as well because as i've been telling you guys all morning long, my nephew, eric johnson, is going ott the stanley cup. hook at us. ♪ will: all i did is move it this way. lawrence: some rhythm. will: i would love how to play. in blues, it's a harp.
6:03 am
health insurance lawrence -- lawrence: okay. the producers are saying we've got to stop playing with this. rachel: they want us to bring in someone who can whoop both of your asses -- [laughter] sorry. dan bonn question know -- whoops! [laughter] >> rachel, you are so fierce. that's perfectly okay. you know, listen. you are fierce. the competitive spirit -- [laughter] i watch the show, so i'm a fan of the show. you know, i love your show. i watch your show religiously on the weekends. competitive juices between will and pete and lawrence when he's there and rachel, and people -- the it's just incredible to watch. i gotta tell you, it's like stanley cup semifinals with will, lawrence and rachel
6:04 am
checking. will: you're right. throw dan into any physical endeavor, and lawrence is 6-5, 2 the 25 the, so lawrence has some weight to throw, but what about dan telling you he's going to whip our rear end -- rachel: he actually could. [laughter] by the way, dan -- >> i don't know. i'm getting a little old, man. i want the make one other comment, lawrence, i'm really digging the no the tie look. you are like the young blood concern i know. i did not invent the no tie look, but i have to say it works on you, and i think you and i, we're the young bloods here. i think we're changing the whole corporate dress culture at fox. but here's the thing, you can never put a tie on again because once you -- unless it's some formal wedding event, you can't put a tie on again. i go from that to a t-shirt. will: you can't go back. >> no, you can't go back.
6:05 am
[laughter] will, i know we're supposed to get to the topic, but i filled in for hannity once, and i put the tie on because sean wears a tie, and i got the tell you guys, the whole show i was like this. my wife paula was, dan, you looked so nervous. i wasn't nervous. she was like, it must have been the tie. i look the tie off next time the, it was dan bongino time. you can't put it back on. [laughter] rachel: you have to feel yourself, i got ya. lawrence: dan, we want to talk about the covid originses. things -- seems like the w.h.o. is finally getting onboard, admitting that they need to look more into the lab leak theory, further investigation. what's your thoughts on that? >> well, listen, this is obviously a communist regime. i mean, it's called the chinese communist party. and, you know, one of the things on the radio show i talk about a lot, because i like to get to
6:06 am
the big 64,000-foot issues. it seems fairly obvious that the evidence is leaning heavily towards this coronavirus, this covid virus having emerged from that lab. i mean, it seems fairly obvious if you're an a evidence-based researcher and not an idiot, right? but what's the essence of communism? it's control of the means of production. it's not just an economic system, it's a political system. because one of the things about communism is they're figuring out now we are going through the biggest experiment in human history in not just controlling the means of production, you know, the factories, services, farms, right? think about this, guys, we're witnessing the chinese communist party try to introduce a new era where they control the means of information flow too. and people, useful idiots to the united states played right into this, and this story is ground zero for. fact checkers, the american media, american liberals, when this story became obvious that
6:07 am
it was likely a lab leak, what happened? it wasn't the chinese communist party that lied. of course they're going to lie and say it wasn't a lab leak. it wasn't them who did it. it was fact checkers, the american media. remember when, like, tom cotton came out and suggested it and others, and they were, like, you guys are crazy, they were the ones who did it. useful idiots here. we are witnessing a dangerous era where useful i yachts usher in control of the means of information flow, and that's even worse hand controlling the means of production. will: on top of the useful idiots in the media, in between the two layers, the chinese commune communist party and the media, you had a conspiratorial layer in terms of medical journals, dr. anthony fauci, francis collins, everyone should know -- we reported on this concern they were talking the actively how to suppress the truth when it came to lab leak origins. >> will, that's a fantastic
6:08 am
point. the government bureaucracy, you know, we jokingly call it the swamp, but it's real, okay? not a literal swamp, but you are absolutely correct. the government health care bureaucracy in the world's most powerful constitutional republic. guys, we're supposed to be a representative democracy. you had the faucis, francis collins of the world cavorting around with scientific the journals to suppress, what? science. will: right. >> i mean, again, it is the one thing to control the means of production, that's been one of the dangers of communism therefore. but control the means of information and to usher in that era with useful idiots in the american media and what's supposed to be a representative democracy? i've got to tell you, it's the whole reason i got involved in creating a parallel economy. it really scares the hell out of me, i'm not kidding. rachel: and you have to ask the question, why? why would all these people conspire to cover up this, probably one of the worst things
6:09 am
that's ever happened in modern history was this pandemic and the arrives -- lives that were lost and also the economic devastation that it's caused and it's continuing to cause. we're continuing to feel the repercussions of it. i believe, dan, it is to capture our elites. they've done it -- fauci has ties to the chinese government, corporations do, big pharma does. all of these people who were conspiring to cover up for the chinese, bill gates. all of these people who are trying to censor us have eyes to the chinese government -- ties to the chinese government. that is why it all comes back to the lamb chop. right now our president should be clamoring to get to the bottom of this, of the origins and also of holding china accountable, and they haven't. why? because he is soft on china, and we have to ask why? it's the laptop. >> you know, they have this thing in economics called regulatory capture, right?
6:10 am
when you regulate an entity and then that entity goes and hires former government bureaucrats, right, to get the connections to the regulator so they get captured and you get all the advantages. the chinese communist party figured that out a long time ago. all they do is buy people rachel, they've been doing this in academic institutions for a long time. there are republicans, good republicans, you know, gnat -- the not swampy ones, that have been trying to focus on it. buying off companies. think about the it, right? you just covered the celtics, which was great, by the way. [laughter] think about the nba, right? if you have this entity that is, like, the most woke organization on planet earth, you have coaches calling for gun confiscation, wearing black lives matter. they're doing business in china where they literally torture their the political opponents
6:11 am
and uighurs, and you're, like, we're taking lessons from you idiots? are you kidding me? is this real? what cosmos are we living in? the chinese communist party knows it. even that top gun thing, where they pressured him to take the taiwan flag off the jacket, and they finally stood up and said we're not going to do it. this isn't new. lawrence: this is a little tease ther of what's coming up on unfiltered tonight. who have you got tonight? >> tom homan, charlie kirk, the great lisa boothe, and then i have a segment i think you all are going to like about george soros. and i know you've heard a lot about soros, but it's the really meat if on the bone stuff, what he's up to with these local d. the a.s, but why? why is george soros interested in local district attorneys? why because the he care? i got a guest tonight who literally wrote the book on it. it's a fascinating show.
6:12 am
then your awesome show which has been slay aring after me. i thank you for keeping my audience around in that d and e block. i'm there. close it out, man, that's the way it rolls. so i appreciate you keeping audience. rachel: the better you do, dan can, the better he does. lawrence lawrence bingo. >> likewise. it's a great show. will: two great shows on saturday night, unfilteredded and cross country. make sure you stick around to watch tonight. thanks, dan. rachel: we love you. take care. >> likewise. see you. rachel: we're going to turn now to your headlines. the national average gas price officially hitting $5 a gallon today. up nearly 20 cents from the last saturday, 60 cents from a month ago and nearly $2 there this time last year -- from this time last year. one gas station in arizona is selling gas at a nearly 50 cent loss. that the owner says he's losing
6:13 am
about $500 a cay, but he says it's worth it to help others who are struggling. what a nice guy. gift bags distributed at a summit of western leaders reportedly contained some items made in china. according to u.s. chamber of commerce, attendees getting metal water bottles and sun glasses made with made in china labels clearly stamped on the product. in the happening at the summit of the americas, a three-day conference concluding yesterday with meant to high to light private sector and global business prevalence in the western hemisphere. they probably need to read that memo a little closer. everything is bigger in texas, it's not a state the, let's face it, it's a country. especially the hats. look at this, will and lawrence don't know this, but we posted a who wore it best for cowboy hats that they sported earlier. i guess you voted on in the on instagram, and they declare
6:14 am
lawrence the winner, it's not even close. lawrence: a landslide. rachel: so, will, you win the corn contest, the corny contest -- [laughter] and he wins the fashion hat -- will: i don't like it. i don't like it. lawrence: listen -- will: i smell a rat. lawrence: anybody who knows -- listen -- will: it's not right. [laughter] lawrence: listen, will, i am -- will: you went to instagram. lawrence: i did not. i didn't know anything about this. will: something's not right, i feel it. lawrence: is -- 1-1. rachel: what would you rather win, the hat or the corn shucking? lawrence: the hat. will: we both would rather win -- the. [laughter] he knows that too the, that's why something's not right. rachel: i'm going to tell you who could beat both of you in the hat contest, and that would be our own janice dean.
6:15 am
of. lawrence: heart. today is the 154th belmont stakes. rachel: all eyes are on rich strike to see if he can pull off another upset after that big win in the kentucky derby. will: joining us live from belmont, new york, is janice dean along with eric breed and eric's father herbert who's had enough of that sun right there. janice, good morning. [laughter] janice: good morning. how you doing? tell me. >> fine. i've never done better and had less. janice: i see is where you get it. how's ritchie doing? >> he's taking a nap. janice: i know what a good nap does, and if he naps well, he might win in the race. [laughter] i've got to tell you, your son speaks so highly of you. what was it like seeing the kentucky derby winsome. >> oh, my gosh, i thought i was going to pass out. janice if: i think america pelt
6:16 am
the same way. >> never been -- it's the greatest thrill i've ever had in the my life. only thing i can compare it with is when he was born. i was -- i guess i just turned 17, 18, and i was going around the track that morning, and i felt like i was the luckiest man on earth. janice: oh, my goodness. he loves you so much. this is a family affair for you, right? you've been doing this a long time the, your dad was a trainer, right? >> oh, yeah. he's the reason i'm here. i could have been a painter, a farmer, anything else, but i wanted to be the like him. mis: you put out the bucket and said, go do it. >> yep. every morning, i mean, be up seven days a week ready to go to the track with me. he knew if he was late getting up, he was going to be left at home because i told him i won't put up with that. so every morning i'd get up, he'd be waiting on me. janice: how does it feel having your dad here?
6:17 am
>> oh, it's the best part of the whole deal, and i've got the rest of my family here. even by daughter jesse's coming today. it's a big family thing -- >> they wearing their -- >> everybody has the gold. >> still a little bit on there the -- >> got in late last night. janice: the deal is eric's daughter martha, 10 years ago, couldn't be with her dad, so she said, dad, let's paint our finger gold, and he's been doing it ever since. >> it's brought a lot of good luck. janice: i can't wait. you guys are salt of the earth people. any horse can win, but i'm kind of rooting for yours. >> thank you, janice. we're going to need all the rooting we can get. janice if: oh, you guys, i love these men. they're amazing, salt of the everett. it's the reason why horse racing is so great. will: thank you, janice. >> everywhere i go, people want
6:18 am
my autograph. janice: i want your autograph. does anybody have a pen? >> they're $50, honey. [laughter] janice: okay, there's the patch. >> oh, my gosh. will: deal's done on air. now if we can just give him some shade, everything will be all right. all right, thank you, guys. rachel: thank you, janice. well, still ahead, late, late last night activists marched outside the home of justice clarence thomas days after a serious threat to justice brett kavanaugh. that -- by the way, that the media barely covered. >> this has been a liberal supreme court justice that someone came to kill, it would have been on the front page. and that's what's so disappointing -- [applause] rachel: we're going to discuss the media's bias next. will: and ahead of our hockey
6:19 am
competition, we're going to get some trips from nhl player and rachel's neff jewish -- feoff jewish eric johnson -- nephew eric johnson. ♪ ♪ sweet child of mine ♪♪
6:20 am
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6:23 am
will: one pro-abortion group is now calling out the children and church of justice amy coney barrett as protests at the justice's home continues. rachel: and new details on the man charged with the attempted assassination of justice brett kavanaugh. lawrence: unbelievable. alexandria hoff has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. it was roske himself who thwarted this attempt. he drove across the country and sat on the curb in front of justice kavanaugh's home early wednesday when he dialed 911. >> you said you came from california, do you know someone down here? >> brett kavanaugh. >> and what were you there to do the, husbander yourself and him? concern hurt yourself and him? >> correct. i need psychiatric help. >> reporter: he says his
6:24 am
suitcase contained a glock pistol, a knife, pepper spacious zip ties and duct tape the among other concerning items. he was upset about the leaked supreme court draft the opinion that holds the potential to overturn roe v. wade. police took roske into custody without incident, but just hours later protesters showed back up as they have for weeks. last night protesters also descended upon clarence thomas' home. churches have been targeted and children as well at this point. in a tweet the pro-choice group ruth sent us shared the name of justice amy coney barrett's place of worship and also where her kids go to school, encouraging protesters to turn out and voice their anger. now, this week republicans were really looking to add to protection for supreme court justices. democrats, hay pushed back on that. they wanted a little bit more time, and this week house speaker nancy pelosi says she
6:25 am
doesn't believe that any of the supreme court justices are in danger this weekend. guys? rachel: alexandria, thank you. will: so that story's, obviously, huge. a supreme court justice the target of an assassination. you would think then that would earn significant media coverage, however, it didn't. it was sort of like a page 6 story the on the new york timeses, the number 26 story perhaps if on it didn't earn top billing, and bill maher on his show last night, real time, pointed that out. >> the point i would agree with is "the new york times" buried this. >> yeah, below the fold. >> if in the had been a liberal supreme court justice that someone came to kill, it would have been on the front page, and that's what's so disappointing about a paper like the new york times. [applause] because they just wear it on their sleeves. and if it's not part of something that feeds our narrative -- rachel: he's so right.
6:26 am
it's these people doing, if the perpetrate ther had been a pro-lifer, he would have been labeled immediately a domestic terrorist, there would have been an investigation opened. in this whole thing would not have happened. again, you have children's schools being, you know, put out by in the organization, ruth sent us, or whatever they're called. it's just so outrageous because, you know, these are human beings, lawrence. they are worried about their families and the message being sent by these protest ors and by their enablers many congress and at the doj and this administration by not forcefully calling it out, by not getting the protection that they need is that that's okay. lawrence: and apparently it's okay to leak as well -- the. rachel: that's right. lawrence: -- a government document before it was actually released to the public. and i think it's important to note that this is what the leaker wanted. have there been any protests at the liberal justices' homes?
6:27 am
i mean, clarence thomas, amy coney barrett, kavanaugh. who's next, gorsuch? roberts? i mean, let's have a royal flush of all the justices. and i think it bears mentioning these protests are meant to influence the decision of the court. rachel: right. lauren:s i mean, the court -- this is not out yet which means it can change. and, first of all, it's already illegal, we mow that to be true. but just on just the premise of the coequal branch understanding that they're supposed to interpret the law. heir not politicians. they're not supposed to be swayed. the law is no different than it is today the versus yesterday unless congress wants to pass some new law. so what they're doing right now is tampering. and if we allow it now, any other case, any other case where a judge has to make a decision or a juror has to make a decision, why not protest the at their houses as well? this is what the left is saying is okay. will: that's right.
6:28 am
meant to influence and the intention of the leaker. still ahead, chris janson sole the show on fox square yesterday with his incredible harmonica riff are. is this a serious question, can we match the country star? we're going to find out with chris janson who joins us live next. ♪ ♪ with age comes more... get more with neutrogena® retinol pro plus. a powerful .5% retinol that's also gentle on skin. for wrinkle results in one week. neutrogena®. for people with skin.
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♪ ♪ will: that sounds like a great start to the weekend. it's your shot of the morning. iowa ray that's country music star chris janson riffing on the harmonica yesterday. lawrence: we decided to invite him back for an encore. how you doing, brother? thanks for joining the show. >> thank you very much, guys.
6:33 am
i appreciate you having me on. good morning to you. we sure enjoyed our time in new york. it was a quick trip, we were right back for cma festival in nashville, had a soldout show yesterday. my harmonica skills, needless to say, i think they were right on par this morning, we're ready to do it. [laughter] will: chris, we're big fans. you know, every kid, i think almost every kid has had a harmonica placed into his hands, it's the most annoying thing in the world when kid has it in your house constantly blowing on it, like lawrence and i have been during every commercial break. how do you work a harp? >> okay. real quick, this is the most simple thing ever. if you -- is your harmonica numbered on the top? should have -- lawrence: oh, i never noticed it. >> first of all, the number sides go up. i'm a honer harmonica player. i got my first one at cracker
6:34 am
barrel years ago when i was sheeping -- sleeping in the back of my car in nashville. this is one of my customses. put the numbers side up, okay? before you play the harmonica, go tick-a-tick-a-tick-a -- can you do that real quick? if perfect. put your mouth onto the harmonica about middle way up, close your lips and go tick-a-tick-a- ♪ >> just like that. just like that. perfect. now when you walk on the streets of new york and somebody's like, hey, can you play johnny cash train beat? you can go, yes, i can. will: chris, do you breathe in and out outside of that ma move, or is that all exhale? >> great question. sometimes when i'm playing a blews riff or -- blues riff, i'm going out, i'm coming in, that kind of thing. so on an exhale, for instance,
6:35 am
on a blues riff, you pull out and get one of those good bends like -- ♪ rachel: ooh. >> and all you've got to do the, the greatest part of harmonica playing, simes if you get stumped on ftion the, you go what do i do next with my hands, so i just go -- and people are like, oh, my god, that guy can really play the harmonica. lawrence lawrence are i want to learn how to play that. what was that? >> okay. so all you've got to do -- the. lawrence: you have to do the hand thing. >> so lawrence, get your numbers on the top, close your lips over the middle of it, raise your hand and wave like this, that gets people going. all you've got to do is just exhale and also restrict the air so it kind of gives that kind of motor sound.
6:36 am
will: whoa. lawrence: whoa. >> that's it. and all of a sudden, all of a sudden you're a blues player, and it doesn't matter what key you're playing in, and people are, like, oh my god. harmonica's one of those instruments if you think back honestly, in your lives if somebody played the harmonica, you're like, now that kauai's the real deal -- guy's the real deem lots of guitar players, drummers, bass players, piano, what have you, when somebody pulls one up, it's time. will: and you know what? harmonica looks cool. rachel: just practice, practice, practice. >> practice makes perfect. will: chris, i think i won that one. rachel: no, chris won -- [laughter] >> thanks, guys. will: all right. thanks, chris. our next guest wants to raise money for his new independent school, so he's heading to the roof. he explains next. i bet we'll be plague our
6:37 am
harmonicas during the commercial break. lawrence: yes, sirment. ♪ ♪ quit cold turkey. kidding me?! instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette with best western rewards you get rewarded when you stay on the road and on the go. find your rewards so you can reconnect, disconnect, hold on tight and let go! stay two nights and get a free night. book now at
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6:41 am
dollars. he joins us now. king, obviously, so proud of you, man. what made you decide to get on the roof until you raised that $1 million? >> well, i just wanted to bring a lot of awareness to the whole nation for the city of albany. we've been ranked one of the most dangerous cities in the country, and we've been helping these children for the past three years, some of my students with me. it's been well over 100 degrees, but i want to give awareness. we have a lot of things to do to open up our school, and we have work to do. so we have a lot of things we've got to take care of such as getting the roof redone, getting our floors done, classrooms ready, and we open august the 3rd. this will be an all boys-boarding school, and we're ready to make this happen. our students are excited, nation is excited, and this is what i believe is going to start helping change.
6:42 am
lawrence: you help these boys how to fix cars, how to do pluming, gun safety. it's not just about the traditional education, but this is about the next generation of men to leave their households, right? >> absolutely. our motto is let are us make men. that's extremely important to us, and we believe we have to make a full man. not just taking them academics, but teach thing them how to grow their own food, how to be a husband, how to take care of your family. teaching them how it is to be a full man that's involved in this community that's a family man, that can take care of all of the principles in his life. with us boarding them here, they'll have is routines every day, and they'll be creating a full man. every child that's come to our program from jail virtually has never been back, that's extremely important. so we want to expand this and is have a full school. we battle with our local school system, with local liberal
6:43 am
leadership, and we're still the making it. we're till here. no government funding. this has been pleatly people-funded -- completely people-funded. lawrence: yeah, they tried to shut you down, and you still prevailed. a great man that has joined it all, someone we both look up to, the producers decided to work up a surprise. pastor corey brooks, come on to the show. >> what's going on pass or the -- pastor? how you doing? >> i'm doing great. [laughter] >> proud of what you're doing. lawrence lawrence pastor, you inspired king to do something like this. what do you think about what he's doing right now, pastor to have? -- pastor? >> oh, man, it's very encouraging. this is exactly what we need, young leaders across the country who decide to do the something impactful in the lives of young boys, and that's exactly what king is doing. i couldn't be prouder of anyone just like he was my own son. he's doing a great job, and he's
6:44 am
going to continue to braise -- raise up a lot of leaders across the country. lawrence: king, what do you think about pastor brooks? >> i love passes to have brooks. he's been one of the most just special people in our lives, especially ever since i met him going to sleep on the rooftop with what him in chicago. he's been just a beautiful person. i can't say enough about him. he's like a grandfather to me, so that's extremely important, and he's just awesome. i love pastor the brooks. we just wanted to replicate his fundraiser he's cone in chicago and bring it down here in chicago, so i went to go get the blessing from him in chicago, and here we are. lawrence: it's amazing, because people always ask what can they do to impact the community. supporting these brothers that are from chicago all the way to outside of atlanta and albany, making an impact on the next generation. i'm so proud of both of you, honored to know both of you. king randall, pastor corey brooks, thank you so much for
6:45 am
joining the program. >> thank you so much. let's go, king. [laughter] >> let's go, pastor corey. [laughter] lawrence: all right. over to you, will. oh, i guess this is me. all right, i got it. straight ahead, swim at your own risk. a lifeguard shortage is forcing many pools to close for the summer. our next guest has been a lifeguard for 30 years, and he shares the threat to your summer plans, next. treat dad to father's day at lowe's. ♪ ♪ bipolar depression. it made me feel trapped in a fog. this is art inspired by real stories of bipolar depression. i just couldn't find my way out of it. the lows of bipolar depression can take you to a dark place. latuda could make a real difference in your symptoms. latuda was proven to significantly reduce bipolar depression symptoms and in clinical studies, had no substantial impact on weight.
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by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. ♪ rachel: warning, swim with at your own risk. pools, beaches and water parks are facing a lifeguard shortage again the summer as officials tell fox news it'll be, quote, a total disaster come august. our next guest has been a lifeguard for 30 years, american lifeguard association spokesperson wyatt cornish, and he joins us now. wyatt, thanks for joining us this morning. i have is experience, i went to a water park -- this was the years ago. i was by the pool with my husband, all of a sudden i hear the whistle go off, it was my kid, and i was stand thing right there. i think a lot of people don't realize how quickly these things can happen. >>, no absolutely. i'm glad that was a happy outcome -- rachel: it was. because of the lifeguard. >> without lifeguards -- that's
6:50 am
right. we need 'em. rachel: absolutely. what can we expect this summer? tell us what communities are facing. you know, there's 309,000 public pools around the country, people are going to the beach, go to water parks, what are people facing? >> well, we consider it a critical lifeguard shortage primarily due to the pandemic and also something that we consider was the j-1 work visa where we would get exchange students over from europe, believe it or not, russia and ukraine. the war doesn't help. as well as we're having a competitive salaries with the retail stores and restaurants where there's extensive training that goes into being a lifeguard, and we're not seeing as many people come out because they're gravitate thing towards those other professions. rachel: yeah, it totally makes sense. can you just on your own as a regular parent who has a pool or goes to the beach go and take this train are thing yourself if you think there's not sufficient amount of lifeguards in your
6:51 am
area? >> well, you know what? learn to swim america, yes. what we're recommending and we're trying to adjust just like whenever we had the pandemic, wear a mask and everything, something we don't used to do, is assign a water watcher, someone that knows cpr, someone that can pay attention to the group and be a self-lifeguard. another thing is put life jackets on the little ones if they don't know how to swim. your chance of driving in front of a life -- drowning in front of a lifeguard are 1 in 18 million. so do your research. rachel: great advice. by the way, our former president, ronald reagan, was a lifeguard who saved many lives. be a lifeguard, maybe you wind up a president. wyatt, great to have you on the program today or this morning with a great message about water safety the, something everyone should be concerned about. up next, my nephew, erik johnson, will play for the
6:52 am
stanley cup. he joins us live with tips and tricks before our "fox & friends" shootout competition in fox square with. ♪ ♪
6:53 am
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6:57 am
thanks for having me on, aunt rachel. good to see you. nice to be on your show, thanks for having me. it's super exciting. i mean, this is what we've worked for our entire lives when we're little kids this is all we ever wanted. so just to have a chance to do it is really, really special. at lot of the guys on my team i've been teammates with for a long time, so it's super exciting. will:, it's funny to hear you call rachel aunt rachel -- [laughter] number one overall craft pick -- [laughter] sean, when did you and your family know that erik was special? >> well, he's been special his whole life -- the. [laughter] rachel: he has. >> since he was a little kid, he was an awesome hockey player. why are you guys so great -- rachel: look at him right there the as a kid. >> what's so special about this team? >> my mom must have old you that
6:58 am
or something. [laughter] just i think the guys on our team, we're all pulling the same rope, we all have the same goals. i think we've had a plan and a goal, and we're almost there, only four wins away. we might be in new york seeing you guys, but we're super excited. lawrence lawrence erik, congratulations. if you could give us one tip, what would it be? will: we're shooting. >> we want to keep our teeth, erik. mark: i know. i forgot to put my dentures in for you this morning. [laughter] a couple tips. spread those the hands out a little bit, don't get too tight up top and give it a whirl. sean, i know you did some hockey growing up in wisconsin, so maybe you can help them too. rachel: we're going to do this.
6:59 am
i have to just say, we love you, erik, we're so proud of you. >> thank you. the i appreciate it. will: thank you, erik. rachel: so watch us, erik. >> i don't know what the game is here but -- oh! rachel: sean won! [inaudible conversations] lawrence: rachel -- the. [laughter] will: i love hand -- lawrence: no, no, no, no! [laughter] >> into the net. yes, yes! oh, almost. a little more power. come on. there we go. will: lawrence, i've lahr won.
7:00 am
[laughter] [cheers and applause] will: thank you, erik. ♪ ♪ neil: fox on top of the fury from democrats pushing outrage and prime time hearings over something that happened 18 months ago to republicans pushing outrage over sky-high prices and sky-high crimes very much gripping the nation right now. what are voters focused on? today we're going to try to find out because odd the we are focusing on -- today we are focusing on both, always fair, always balanced with top repuic


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