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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  June 11, 2022 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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♪ ♪ treat dad to father's day at lowe's. ♪ ♪ >> inflation nation. a new report showing consumer prices in may jumping to 8.6%. its highest level since 1981. the average price for a gallon of gas in the u.s. is now $5 a gallon. shipng companies and ing on exxon-mobile for profiting off the high prices. welcome, everyone to fox news live. i'm alita vogel. griff, great to see you today.
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griff: anita, great to see you. let's kick things off with lucas tomlinson from the white house. >> the labor department issuing a brutal report saying inflation is getting worse not better. in los angeles president biden says it's not just putin that's responsible, but exxon as well for skyrocketing prices. >> they have 9,000 permits to drill, they're not drilling. why aren't they drilling? because they make more money not producing more oil. the price goes up, number one and number two the reason they're not drilling, they're buying back their own stock. exxon made more money than god this year. >> when president biden was sworn into office he had a 57% approval rating, gas was just 2.39 a gallon. today's approval rating was presume plummeted to 39%, some
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lower in some polls. and gas nationwide soared across the country and the president's popularity has gone down. president obama once told him his popularity was tied to the price of gasoline and it's happening once again today. soaring energy, housing prices, driving up costs the fastest pace in 40 years. inflation costing an extra $460 a month according to analysts. gas is up nearly 50%, airline tickets 40%, used cars and mik up. and baby food up 13%, monthly rent up 5%. for months the biden administration says the inflation crisis is transitory, but last night at a democratic fundraiser in los angeles the president reportedly admitted inflation is going to be a while and only come down gradually. griff: it does feel transitory.
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thank you. anita. >> gas prices are soaring to record highs for 15 straight days and the national average topping $5 a gallon for the first time ever. alexis mcadams joining us live with the record-breaking prices at the pump and surely they're breaking people's wallets, right? >> anita, yeah, no one is excited to hear about the national average hitting more than $5 a gallon right now, but it's climbing. a lot of drivers say it's not surprising because every single day, the people have either driven past the pump or stopped by to get the gas that's higher and higher. check it out, nearly 6.50 in new york city and let's get to this. this is the national average and right know you see on the screen. today for the first time ever, the national average sitting at $5 a gallon just for regular gas. that's up 60 cents from last month alone and now, drivers are paying nearly $2 more a gallon than we were just last
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summer. >> this is the first time i've seen over $5 and this is 6.39 a gallon. >> yeah, well, gas isn't cheap for anyone right now, but california and nevada, alaska, illinois and washington, you guys have the highest gas prices in the nation, and not something, anita, that people are wanting to celebrate, and especially in the summer when people want to drive a lot. california at 6.43 a gallon and illinois at 5.56. >> some prices at the grocery store, but i don't think we've really made any changes yet although we are starting to make changes in driving the car. that's probably the one area so far because it's expensive. so encouraging our children to ride their bikes more instead of driving. >> and gas prices, anita, are always more expensive in the summer. we just checked in with triple-a and tell us they don't expect to see relief at the
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pump anytime soon. we'll have to see what people start changing in their plans and what they're going to cut back on and if they have to drive for work or car pool. they might have to get creative this summer, it's not just gas, americans are paying more for everything and we're hitting record inflation highs right now. anita. >> you have to pick and choose where you're driving and what you're buying these days, no doubt about that. alexis mcadams, thank you for that live report, griff. griff: anita, thousands are gathering here at the washington monument to protest against gun violence. as a student-led march for our lives returns to d.c. and other cities across the nation for the first time since 2018 alexandra hoff is live on the mall for us, hi. >> yes, griff, this is a student-run organization for our lives. we've met a lot of teachers and the 2018 event, well, that came
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in the wake of the parkland shooting in florida and since then those who attend today the push for gun reform has only become more serious. and urgency following the shooting in buffalo, new york where 10 innocent people were killed in a grocery store, targeted for being black. and uvalde, texas where 19 students and two teachers were killed. today we spoke with mckenzie, a law student who traveled from texas. this is what she said about the n.r.a. >> the second amendment was not for private citizens. it's meant for the militia, and if you would look and interpret it you would get off the band wagon. >> and the limit for purchasing semi automatic weapons from 18 to 21, and cracking down on homemade untraceable firearms known as ghost guns.
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one of the two suspects in philadelphia after a mass shooting used a ghost gun, which are already illegal in philadelphia. the vast majority of firearms used in crimes are illegally. and there have been some bipartisan negotiations between a few members and that does signify that there is some seriousness here, but griff, anita, 10 senators, 10 republican senators would be needed to move forward on that. as for crowd size, it was anticipated to reach 50,000. with the weather it looks like it might be below that. still a lot of emotion on the mall. griff: alexandra hoff down at the mall. anita. >> record high inflation and gas prices hitting everyday americans hard in their pocket books as summer gets into full swing. republican congressman for florida and member of the house committee on oversight and
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reform and the house budget committee is here to weigh in on this. congressman, welcome to the program. thanks for being here. i want to ask you first in light of the last live report we just had about the gunman reform legislation, which is being discussed on the hill, yesterday senator mitt romney came out and said he would support raising the age limit to buy an ar-15 from 18 to 21 and as alexandra mentioned in his report, he thinks if he could get 10 republicans to agree they could maybe pass something. now the house voted last week, along party lines, the measure that would confiscate guns from those deemed by a federal court among other things, you did not vote for this. is there any gun reform that you would support? >> not-- none of this stuff that's being proposed. look the reality if you look at mass shootings that occurred, especially the ones in our schools, the people who
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actually acquired the weaponry went through the federal firearms background check. they passed the check. i think it's heinous what they did, but they went through the legal process to acquire the weaponry. number two rising the age from 18 to 21, what you're really doing is taking away the constitutional rights of 19 year olds, 20 year olds and 18 year olds in the united states. the vast majority of which would not peen -- contemplate such against their fellow man. and one constant between the shootings there are major mental health components that people in schools and family members and people in the community were aware of for a very long time, and that is what's slipped through the cracks. >> how do you put that into policy? how do you put looking at mental health issues into policy, into something that congress could vote on? what does that look like? >> well, actually what that does look like, you have
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cooperation between federal government, state government, and local government around mental health programming, where young kids or young people can actually get the help that they need, where you can actually ascertain at-risk populations at an earlier level. that's what you do. some of this stuff is what people talk about with red flag laws, the problem with red flag laws, it violates your fifth amendment protection. your property is taken from you, before you can actually basically address your accusers. it's taken from you before you're actually allowed to enter into a judicial proceedings, that's a violation of the fifth amendment in my opinion. that's the problem there, but we understand that there are mental health issues that do exist in the united states. we can actually get to the bottom of this if you actually take a look at funding in these areas and if you actually also take a look at having real conversations in local communities around these situations. if you look at the shoer in buffalo, the shooter in uvalde, it's clear there were mental health issues that did exist that either were ignored or not
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reported appropriately. >> that is for sure. i want to turn to inflation, the consumer price index came out yesterday, a 40-year high, 8.6% over the previous year. let's put this graph up on the screen, showing the trajectory of inflation over the past decade, it just keeps going up. and then you look at how much, there it is there, you can see it's really spiking in the last couple of years. and then you look at how much basic food items are costing now. one report says if you throw it, excuse me, gas prices with na, families are paying an extra nearly $500 a month. the president spoke yesterday from los angeles and blamed shipping companies, oil companies, he blamed putin for the million th time. shouldn't the president of the united states be able to do something more about all of this. oh, yeah, he absolutely can, but he doesn't want to reverse course on his agenda. that's why he's quick to blame everybody else. listen, the president lied the other day in los angeles. yes, oil companies have 9,000
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leases, but they can't get the permits from his administration because they're either slow walking the permits or when the environmentalists sue in federal court, his administration is not defending the permits that they choose to issue, that's one. number two, if you actually went through the process of making sure we had more pipelines in the united states, that would allow for energy to move more freely, more quickly, more efficiently in the united states. joe biden's administration has stopped all of this, starting with the keystone xl pipeline, when he first came into office. so this is directly at his hand and the last part we already know, his american rescue plan created a labor shortage in the united states because he paid people to stay home. every economist knows this, except the economists on the left who choose not to acknowledge it, and joe biden refuse toss acknowledge that he screwed up, he did the wrong thing and these are his-- this is his fault, but the american people are paying the price, especially poor americans who frankly are seeing the largest tax increase
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in american history through the insipid nature of inflation. >> americans are playing more across the board. the january 6th hearings, the democrats are starting this at the capitol. is this political theater in an attempt to charge donald trump with some kind after crime or is there a goal here, dissecting what happened to prevent it from happening again? you know, maybe they should have had more security in place. what do you think about this? >> it's total political theater. folks, this is the reason why in the united states if you're going to have a trial there has to be a defense, so somebody can defend themselves. because if you just send the prosecution in there with nobody to countermand what they're saying, listen, they cut clips from interviews done under oath and they
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sensationalized them behind scenes, behind music, words, et cetera. it's all political theater. if you want to get down to the facts, the oversight committee, which i sit on last may and last june, were actually getting to the facts of capitol security, the actual intelligence report that was sent from fbi to capitol police, and the metropolitan police department before january 6th, the fact that president trump authorized 10,000 national guard troops on january 4th and the fact as the speak of the house who is responsible for security at capitol complex, it's not the president of the united states. if the democrats actually want today get to the bottom of everything, you would have republicans on this committee, they don't want to do that, their agenda has failed so they want a political show that was all hollywood theater. we saw the other night. they had to hire hollywood theater to put it together. >> they did, it was a highly produced video. representative byron donalds, thank you for your thoughts.
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have a good weekend. >> anytime. >> griff. griff: for reaction on the other side of the aisle, a congressman from texas and member of house financial services committee and homeland security committee, congressman al green. thank you for taking time. i want to pick up just where anita and congressman donaldson left off on the hearing, the 1-6 hearings, your colleague, representative donalds calling it political theater saying it's not going anywhere, what your assessment. will this change anyone's minds? >> thank you for having me and a lou me to extend my sympathy to many who have died as a result of gun violence and to those officers who suffered on january 6th. this is not political theater. i respect my colleague's opinion. i happen to like him, but i differ with him on the issue. if you heard that officer, officer edwards, give her testimony standing in blood,
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knocked unconscious, traumatic brain injury, heard people screaming, said it was like being in a war, indicated that she was not trained to deal with that type of behavior, hand-to-hand combat. now, those are her words. she has no reason to lie, but let's assume for a moment she was exaggerating. what our eyes saw, what we have witnessed is evident enough. there's enough probable cause here to arrest, to bring charges and i think the justice department is on trial now because the justice department has got to take action. you cannot allow this kind of behavior to exist. griff: right. >> with some sort of -- some sort of critiquing and action taken to prevent is it from happening again. it can't happen with impunity.
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griff: correct one more follow-up on that. what congressman donalds is saying, it's not an honest investigation of what happened in these hearings because there are not a wide number of republicans on there. do you feel that this committee in the composition that it exists now is going to fairly give us all of the facts we need? >> i believe it is fairly giving us a fact. i think we've seen the facts, but we also heard the attorney general of the united states of america indicate that he told the president himself that what the president was peddling and pushing with reference to a fraudulent election was a bullseye manure. actually something else, but my mother taught me not to. griff: congressman, a point
9:18 am
well taken. >> may i say this. griff: yes, sir. >> when you get it from the attorney general of the united states of america, you get it from the officer there on the ground, you have evidence that is irrefutable. i dare him and any of his friends, my colleagues, take your evidence to the committee, get under oath and let's hear it. griff: and we'll hear more when those hearings continue this coming week. let me move now to the issue that is impacting americans from coast to coast, now $5 gas. inflation hitting 8.6%, 41-year high. how do the-- how does the administration, how do democrats explain to americans that this inflation is what they have to continue to live with? >> i am-- understand that my constituents are concerned about the supermarket as well as the stock market and prices are
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high. they're much higher than i would like to see them. much higher than the president would like to see them. here is what i think is happening that's important, notwithstanding comments that the president has made, he's going to saudi arabia. he's not going there to shake hands and wish them well. he's going there to see what he can do to get more supply, such that if you flood the market with supply, then you can exceed the demand to the extent that prices will come down. this is the supply problem. we had a bottleneck as a result of the pandemic, we have a war that's going on, that was unanticipated, we need more supply. i agree that we should have oil companies pumping more oil. they have the leases. they have the land that has been leased. let's have them make the requests and let's see them show up with the evidence that they can't lease and drill. griff: we shall see. five months into the midterms. more to come on this, americans
9:20 am
are upset about it. congressman in 30 seconds we've got left. you heard anita and congressman donalds, whether any common ground exists, and the high bar is the senate, but even in in the house, is there a high ground we could see legislation forth coming? >> well, i hope so. the senate is still working on something and perhaps they will reach some common ground, but i think that we still need to know where everybody stand on the critical issue of should a 18-year-old who can't rent a car, who can't buy a drink with alcohol content in it, can that person buy a semi automatic weapon that can create the kind of karn animal that we saw at elementary schools and top's grocery stores. that's a question that we've got to answer the best way is people vote so that the people in this country can make decisions. griff: that's indeed, a lot of
9:21 am
people considering that question. congressman al green, new for your time and being up for us on a saturday. thanks, sir. and a rangers fan gets sent to the penalty box for sucker punching a fan from a rival team. that's next. for strength and energy. woo hoo! ensure, complete balanced nutrition with 27 vitamins and minerals. and ensure complete with 30 grams of protein. ♪ ♪
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>> chicago's top prosecutor, anita, take that one or i'll take it. chicago's top prosecutor under fire for reportedly slapping her husband during a domestic dispute and they kent to the home of kim fox last weekend. fox's husband told she asked him to leave. when he didn't, things got physical. foxx told officers she didn't slap him, but put her hand on him to guide him out of the house. anita: now it's my term. blasting boston celtics fans for unsportsman-like conduct at the nba playoffs. and in new york city, a rangers fans has been banned for life after punching a rival fan. charles watson is live in atlanta with the latest on this. charles, what on earth prompted
9:26 am
that punch? >> well, anita, there may have been a dispute or some sort of altercation before that punch landed, but really bad fan behavior caught on camera following game five of the nhl eastern conference finals at madison square garden. take a look at the video you see a new york rangers fan now identified as 29-year-old james anastasia, and cold-cocks a fan and knocking him out cold and he was running away and punching a witness who tried to stop him. the officers did arrest a man charged with number of counts. and madison square garden calling it abhorrent before saying that the fan responsible will be banned from the garden and all other msg venues for life. this follows less than kind behavior from boston celtics
9:27 am
fans during game three of the nba finals at t.d. garden wednesday night. fans could be heard chanting expletives to draymond green. >> and we've heard this in front of children, good job. >> and just last month nba superstar chris paul treated this after a fan allegedly assaulted his wife and mother, and players saying enough to the fans, but the fans can put their hands on our families at that. clearly the players are fed up, and you know, is it really worth it for the fans who some are, you know, having to go to jail and face, you know, court dates and all types of legal troubles after finding
9:28 am
themselves in these behaviors because they couldn't behave themselves. is it worth it, anita. anita: i don't think so and that video was unbelievable. that guy went down cold. you know, people should be cognizant there are cameras everywhere. look at that, at that guy went down and could have cracked his head open on the way down. >> he's okay. anita: thank goodness, charles watson, thank you for that live report. you know, griff. sporting events are family affairs, right? you like to bring your kids, your whole family, but it looks like they're turning violent now. griff: yeah, when fans behavior badly, it's getting worse and worse. i think the thing that's important, in the case of hockey playoffs or championship games, you know, you pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars for this. nba games if you're close enough for players to here expletives, you're paying a lot for the seat.
9:29 am
at some point professional leagues have to reconcile outrageous behavior that's obviously not being penalized enough because it keeps happening, with the capitalist part of the fact that people are going to pay money to bring, particularly their children, not an environment i would pay a lot of money for and stand for. anita: and good move to ban that fan for life. we don't need him coming back. the surge in migrants in the southern border is showing no signs of stopping. we'll go live on the ground in the rio grande valley coming up next. this mom's one step closer to their new mini-van! yeah, you'll get used to it. this mom's depositing money with tools on-hand. cha ching. and this mom, well, she's setting an appointment here, so her son can get set up there and start his own financial journey. that's because these moms all have chase. smart bankers. convenient tools.
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9:34 am
i can tell you that absolutely nothing is slowing down here at the southern border, specifically the rio grande valley sector where we are right now. in the last 24 hours alone a dhs source telling fox news 1,350 illegal crossings and as well as 123 got-aways. people never caught and those are the ones that law enforcement really wants to catch the case in point take a look at photo from earlier this morning. we embedded with texas dps before the sun came up. they were getting camera hits all over the place as runners were moving through the area. this is one. camera hits, two runners, two illegal immigrants moving through drainage systems and storm pipes in the area, they'll sometimes do that in an effort to get away from police. didn't take long to find some of the runnersment take a look at the video. again as we were riding along with texas state troopers earlier before the sun came up and found a group of several young men, runners, these are not asylum seekers, they're in
9:35 am
hand countries. these young men are not willing to turn themselves in, not look to go give themselves up. they're looking to sneak further into the state of texas and further into the united states. they're not the only runners we came across. take a look at the second piece of video. mission, texas, another group of young men, what was interesting about this group is one. guys spoke perfect english. from el salvador and told he was actually a dreamer. his parents brought him to the u.s. when he was nine months old. he grew up here and ended up getting into trouble and went to jail and deported from the united states. and ended up here in the rio grande valley and he was caught by the texas wore border patrol and likely be expelled under title 42. >> and griff has been here and he knows what i'm referencing, the activity nothing slowing
9:36 am
down. over 1,000 people alone, more than 18,000 illegal crossings here in the rgv sector as well 1500 got-aways. that's important to keep in context. that's one single sector here at the southern border, there are a whole lot more with big numbers as well. just goes to show, even with that title 42 rule with title 42 still in place, absolutely nothing is slowing down here at the southern border. we'll send it back to you. anita: bill, incredible pictures there, just showing people trying to sneak through storm drains, anywhere you mentioned and the border patrol agents in one sector just crushed. bill melugin, thank you for bringing that story. really appreciate it. griff, i know that you have been down there quite a lot. griff: yeah. anita: and you have some breaking news on that ccaravan. griff: bill is reporting, bell melugin is covering it better
9:37 am
than i used to do it and better than do i and he's putting it in perspective. if you think about what bill just said, 18,000 in the last 12 days, 18,000 that have crossed just in the rgv sector, the caravan is 15,000. the breaking news, the caravan is ending, it's now officially ending, about an hour ago, the organizer, sent me a video in a message saying that more than 80% or more than 9,000 of those migrants who were stopped at a city that is just about 25 miles from where they began their caravan, had received the multiple migratory forms, the temporary 30-day visas to allow them to travel freely. i asked where are they headed? he said every single one of them will soon head to the border. we will have a big problem this coming week, mark my words, with these migrants from that caravan now streaming right to the u.s. border to cross in places like where bill was.
9:38 am
more on this now. let's join with texas dps lieutenant chris olivares. i was with you the past 10-plus day. your reaction to the news that mexico has effectively given these almost 15,000 strong caravan a pass to head straight to the border across from you. >> good afternoon, griff. that goes to show you right there, there's no accountability or not fulfilling their agreement to stop these caravans from making it to the u.s. border. we know for a fact, griff. we see them we know they're going to branch off into smaller groups and when the smuggling organizations take over and for the most part we'll probably see the people make it to the path of least resistance, eagle pass and del rio and trying to make their way across into the sector. again, we're out here this morning, and again, it's been nonstop and you were here this past week and saw all the
9:39 am
activity in the rio grande valley. and the runners that we're talking about, overwhelming for border patrol and essential to have dps and national guard with them to provide at that support. griff: i was there through thursday. on that morning, there at the port of entry, 22 pounds of fentanyl apprehended. that's enough to kill five million americans according to dea. let me show our viewers, lieutenant, if i can, what the border patrol chief ortiz put out this week alone. the entire u.s. border, 800 plus pounds of cocaine, almost 500 pounds of meth. almost 200 pounds of marijuana. sex offenders, gang members, felons, two murderers. do americans fully understand what's coming across the border? >> at some point in some perspective, i believe they don't. that's why it's important especially when there's coverage showing what's taking
9:40 am
place and a good example when you're here with us and actually being out there, on the ground and showing what's taking place and bill melugin has been doing it since last year and taking place and actually showing the hard work, from border patrol, dps troopers and national guard and chasing down the single adults and large groups coming across and the drugs and criminals coming across. it's a compounding effect when you see mass migration, because, what comes with that is again, as i mentioneds the single adults, the runners, criminals and coming through the ports of entry and how it affects not only the state of texas, but the entire country. again, it's just going back to show how essential it is in providing perspective to the american people, what's really taking place along the southern border. >> lieutenant, this past week, we saw vice-president harris travel out to the league of nations, out to california and pledge nearly $2 billion for the root causes in the northern triangle, central american countries 6 honduras, he
9:41 am
guatemala, el salvador. is it your view they need to be more where you are, at the wore der to address the unprecedented crisis. >> allocating billions of dollars to the northern triangle countries where 90% of the immigrants coming across the country are coming across the border, including mexico. that has not done anything to slow down the mass migration and single adults and criminals coming across. they should divert the resources to the southern border where they're needed. it's more than just money and funding, they need to enact the policies that were effective prior to 2021, that was working. and that's what they need to do now is focus on the policies as far as enacting those policies what's 0 working and provide the support to border patrol because they need it right now. griff: lieutenant chris olivarez, i want to commend you after the nearly two weeks, i spent with you and lieutenant
9:42 am
lupe and everybody down there, despite the surging numbers, i've gone out every single day after the sun comes and and gone after them and i know the morale is suffering, but you've stayed strong, well done, sir. >> thank you. griff: anita. anita: hats off to all of our border patrol agents. and we'll go where the midterms are starting to heat up next. d when you stay on the road and on the go. find your rewards so you can reconnect, disconnect, hold on tight and let go! stay two nights and get a free night. book now at [♪♪] stay two nights and get a free night. if you have diabetes, it's important to have confidence in the nutritional drink you choose. try boost glucose control®. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost® today. dad, when is the future?
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>> g.o.p. and nevada senate seat has a possible pick-up seat in the midterms. making final pitches ahead of the tuesday's primary election as the democrat incumbent avoids addressing the one issue affecting all nevada voters, inflation. aishah hasnie joins us on the ground from the silver state. >> hi there, griff.
9:47 am
good to see you. that's right, so the senate seat in nevada is a big one, it could shift the balance of power in the u.s. senate and as you mentioned, the g.o.p. hopeful is making the round right now in the las vegas area today, and he's doing that fresh off the heels of a big former president trump endorsement, as well as a big show of support from donald trump, jr. last night. he is hitting hard and hitting hard on inflation. >> and joe biden said he could kill american energy independence. that's exactly what they did, we're now $6 a gallon. we were two and change under president trump. >> now, he's still leading in the most recent polling against retired army captain sam brown. the winner of that g.o.p. primary will likely go head to head with incumbent senator
9:48 am
cartez-masto and they're looking at rising gas prices and the top two issues of voters that we talked to in nevada wonder if anyone in washington is actually listening to them. >> fill up $20, car pool. >> i'm luckier than most, but i'm being cautious and watching what i'm doing, how i'm running my errands. >> and griff, these are all big challenges for incumbent democrats that are being primaied like in the congressional district, and amy got an endorsement from bernie sanders. early voting closed yesterday to a very, very low voter turnout and the challenge for
9:49 am
democrats and republicans really both those major parties right now is that a growing number of voters are deregistering or switching to unaffiliated to independent, where independent and unaffiliated voters are now the majority in the state of indiana. an interesting race to watch in the next few days. griff: interesting, indeed. ash. >> brad pitt accuses angelina jolie accuses-- of going behind his back and selling her share of a french vineyard where they got married.
9:50 am
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>> and welcome back. actor brad pitt is accusing his ex-wife, angelina jolie of intentionally harming him by selling her stake in the vineyard. joining us now to help us break down the latest in the celebrity legal drama, andrew, okay. they owned this vineyard together and earlier this year, angelina jolie sells her share of the vineyard without telling brad pitt. they apparently had a verbal agreement they wouldn't sell without telling the other, and
9:54 am
to boot, she sold it to a russian oligarch and there's pushback. and he says that she's seeking to harm him and his represent the value of the vineyard. does he have a case? >> no, it was relate today a nasty divorce. this winery is profitable by all accounts and reasonable for angelina to no longer want to be in business with her ex-husband. and i think he's upset and wants to pull a johnny depp-amber heard situation. anita: he owns her part. one wonders if she had a crystal ball if she would have sold to this guy.
9:55 am
they make a rose, and he just wants to make the best possible. but apparently pitt says he was very involved in building the vineyard and he doesn't want his investment to be tainted by this affiliation to what's happening in ukraine. your take on that, very quickly? >> it sounds like a fabio novel. some of the allegations, poisonous relationship, it sounds like a bitter ex-husband who is trying to get his pound of flesh from his wife. we'll see in litigation what happened. anita: yeah, we'll see. you know, interesting case. everybody wants to follow these two. i want to turn and ask you about something else. you used to work in chicago. are you familiar with this story coming out today about the state's attorney there kym foxx and her house placing a 911 call saying that she slapped him. there were no arrests and we don't know what's going to happen there. what's your take on why there were no arrests? >> i think because it's kim
9:56 am
foxx, the lead cook county prosecutor. this is the final nail of her coffin, from jussie smollett and increase in crime. if any one of us did what she did, we've got to see how bad this activity is, certainly the initial allegations are extraordinarily troubling. anita: it's a strange story indeed. andrew stoltmann covering hollywood for us today. thank you. a political panel weighs in on the big voter pushback on the progressive d.a.s who don't prosecute criminals coming up next. ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! (sighs wearily) here i'll take that! (excited yell) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health. hi, i'm denise. i lost over 22 pounds with golo.
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deal a blow on soft on crime policies and force the left to evaluate their approach at the midterms draw near. welcome to hour two of fox news live, everyone. i'm anita vogul, griff. griff: great to have you, and i'm griff jenkins. voters in san francisco expressing their frustrations with chesa boudin to fox digital several weeks ago. watch this. >> the right-wing billionaires outspent us 3 to 1.
10:01 am
they exploited an environment in which people are appropriately upset and they created an electoral dynamic where we were literally shadow-boxing. >> the da has to go that's how people feel about it and he's not doing a job and everybody is pissed off about it. a lot of voters for who voted for him actually felt duped felt like it was bait and switch. >> we begin this hour with political panel, former obama campaign adviser and author of patriots of two nations and national republican congressional committee and targeted victory vice president matt, thank you for being there. spencer, i have to go straight to you, in the woke come lot of progressive you see voters rejecting outright policies on
10:02 am
soft on crime approach that chesa boudin had. what does this mean. put it in context for us. >> the thing that i would emphasize that for every complicated problem there's an answer that's simple and wrong and this is true on the right and the left and it's true the whole attitude of thinking we only have right approach and left on approach and soft on crime approach and tough on crime approach. i spent years working successful effort in reducing violent crime in salinas effort which is a national model and it brought right and left together and it's a mixed of what you might call soft on crime and what you might call hard on crime but what's really going on is it's smart and it's led to a dramatic reduction in crime. we have seen the same thing in san jose and other cities and what you're seeing in san francisco pragmatic liberals who want to do what works and don't want to stick with a particular ideology. i don't know, spencer, matt, you
10:03 am
can answer this. you see the recall happening in los angeles, you see an effort in new york, all da's as well as philadelphia. it seems from coast to coast even liberal voters do not want to see shop-lifters running loose in stores, do in the want to see people attacked on subways, do not want to see aggressive homeless encampments in their cities where they walk the streets do you believe, matt, that this is larger than spencer says? >> i think it is. i was in cvs and clerk and i noticed guy full of arm walk out in broad daylight and the clerk looked at me, it's our policy not to chase them but it's frustrating. i was there 24 hours and saw that. imagine living there. but whether it's san francisco, la or just, you know, regular folks, they see things like homelessness open air drug using
10:04 am
shoplifting as you say, car break-ins and that's the stuff that you see regularly and police can throw every criminal in jail all you want, arrest anybody and everybody but if these far-left da's are letting them out in a matter of hours, what the heck does it matter? griff: spencer, it's june 11th, i want to hit record on the tape here. i am going to predict to you that you will see the word progressive washed out, wiped out, deleted from the political campaigns of liberal democrats between now and november. you're 5 months out. how do the progressives deal with this issue and not get just wholesale thrown out of office? >> let me just start by pointing out that while those anecdotes that matt just cited stick in our minds, they don't reflect the actual situation across the country. i live in monterey california, much of california close to paradise, we never see things like that. furthermore if you look at the
10:05 am
data across the country, violent crime actually happens to be worse in many republican controlled jurisdictions. this does not mean it's the fault of republicans. it means this is a complicated problem that isn't going to be solved by one single magic bullet on the basis of anecdotes. as far as progressive i mean, wo reclaim the word, they are the grand tradition of progressivism to roosevelt and frankly to teddy roosevelt that represents progress that all americans are on board for and that's what we need to do is talk about real progress and get away from this the ideological tribal war far e that doesn't do any good. >> i didn't mention violent crime. they're not second amendment progun. it's not what chesa boudin
10:06 am
recall is about. that's what you're going to see. >> quality of life is amazing here and there's a meth epidemic. it's a crisis in lifestyle issues and violent crime issues that we need to address by recognizing that there's no one simple magic bullet answer like getting rid of liberal da's that will solve a problem like that. griff: spencer, i don't want to pick on you, california paying 6.43-gallon, nationwide 5-dollar gas. no american living has ever experienced that and neither one in history. inflation at 40-year high at 8.6%. high, spencer, do democrats make a pitch that their voters that this is acceptable, this isn't okay standard of living which is
10:07 am
people are having to make sacrifices at the grocery store, at the pump and elsewhere? >> i suggest it's not going to be the center piece of the message going forward. inflation is spiking across the world at similar levels to the united states and why there are multiple causes some of which are not fully understood by economists yet and they can be defeated by a single image of those gas prices you're talking about. so my advice to democrats is to somehow get out of their heads and stop lifting bullet points and confusing policy with politics and realize they need to not just tell people what they're doing about inflation, they need to show them and this is something that republicans have been better at for decades now. really since the dawn of television and politics in the 1960 and democrats have been scrambling to catch up with the
10:08 am
exceptions like bill clinton or barack obama. for the most part democrats need to stop confusing policy with politics and communicate image of actions -- >> griff: that's such a great point. today for the first time we saw when the president biden was out in california being honest about inflation that we will have to live with inflation for a while. a stark contrast about it being transitory. >> true. notice who he is blaming for. blamed putin like putin injected trillions of dollars and devalued the currency. they have all of the boogiemen and he's the most powerful man in the world. when there's problems, he seems helpless. that's why all of the excuses, all of the blaming puts republicans in a very good position in november.
10:09 am
>> matt gormon, kicking things off with the political panel. have a great weekend. >> you too. griff: anita. anita: inflation rising 8.6% in may highest since 1981 while the average price for a gallon of gas has hit $5. we have 5 team coverage with alexis mcadams live in new york city and lucas tomlinson from the white house, lucas, let's begin with you. yesterday the president spoke and he blamed shipping companies, putin, everyone and everything except his own policies. >> that's right, anita, and places continue to skyrocket contradicting optimistic economic predictions from the biden administration. in los angeles as you mentioned the president blaming putin in addition and now adding exxon to the mix for the soaring prices. >> they have 9,000 permits to drill. they're not drilling.
10:10 am
why aren't they drilling? because they make more money not producing more oil. the price goes up, number 1. and number 2, the reason they are not drilling is they're buying back their own stock. exxon made more money than god this year. lucas: when president biden sworn to office, 57% approval rating, gas 2.39 a gallon, a year and a half ago, today approval rating has plummeted to 39% even lower in some polls, gas now averaging 5 bucks a gallon nationwide for the first time in american history according to chart price of gas soared across the country the president's popularity has dropped to the lowest of the presidency. the chairman of fedex says barack obama once told him popularity was always tied to the price of gasoline. it appears to be happening again, anita. soaring prices and food prices driving up cost at fastest pace in 40 years.
10:11 am
gas is up nearly 15%, used cars and milk up 15% in addition to nationwide baby formula shortage we have been hearing about. the price of baby food is up 13%. monthly rent is up 5% and tuesday when the white house press secretary says the economy and according to reports president biden had fundraiser in los angeles last night telling democratic donors that inflation is going to be here for a while and the prices are only going to come down gradually. anita: interesting about barack obama telling the chairman of fedex that his presidential popularity was attached to gas prices. i guess he didn't pass the message along. lucas tomlinson, thank you very much. live from the white house. griff. griff: anita, gas prices, average cost exceeding 5 a glen
10:12 am
for the first time ever. marking the 15th straight record day of high gas prices at the pump. alexis mcadams live in new york city. alexis, i'm guessing you're seeing stunned faces and frowns at the pump. reporter: not a lot of happy people at the pump but that doesn't stop them from fill up. here at the mobile gas station behind me, you see cars moving in and out, it's about 6.50 a gallon for regular gas but although people aren't happy, griff, they aren't surprised because it's been climbing steadily for months. take a look at your screen. this is what we are talking about today. the news this morning, for the first time ever the national average for regular gas hit 5 bucks a glen. that's up 60 cents from last month. and now drivers paying nearly 2 bucks more just per gallon than we were last summer. >> cost me 30 to fill out and now see where it's at now, it's 55. reporter: right now california,
10:13 am
nevada, alaska, illinois and washington, you guys have the highest gas prices in the nation. california sits at 6.42 a globe. illinois, you guys at 5.56 a gallon. triple a conducted a survey telling us that drivers said before when they asked them in the gas prices were going to continue to climb, griff, that they were going to have to cut back in other areas as gas continues to rise, listen. >> and 75% of the respondents said that $5 a gallon was a serious problem, that they would have to do things to -- to pull money from other parts of the family budget to be able to pay for gasoline at that price. they would drive less if they were under 35 they would carpool and if they were over that age, they were going to combine errands with their commute, they are going to eat out less if at all and they are going to put off making a major purchase like a big appliance. >> gas prices are always more expenseny the summer, people like the hit the road and go to their summer homes and take
10:14 am
advantage of the beautiful weather, so the demand for fuel always spikes but this year experts are pointing to global oil prices that are rising, the war in ukraine and pandemic recovery for major price hikes, back live in new york city although price of gas is almost 1.50 behind. people still have to fill out and heading out because there's not a lot of options in new york city. it's not just gas, lucas mentioned everything that you think of paying record inflation. i wish i had better news. griff: it is a reality. no good options. i actually took a pictures two weeks for the first time in my life i paid $101 to fill up my ford runner. anita: pain at the pump. the mainstream media moving on quickly from attempted murder from supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. howard kurtz on what's going on
10:15 am
in the lackluster coverage. >> an armed man arrested telling police he traveled from california to kill supreme court justice but in star contrast to the relentless runup to january 6th hearing. >> big night for american democracy. >> the targeting of kavanaugh by a gunman upset about gun control and the leaked abortion draft opinion drew rather restrained coverage, barely lasting a new cycle. >> how many times do they have to be threatened? how many have to be arrested with a gun outside their home? >> the new york times ran story inside paper yesterday it was slipping role including in the washington post. the police saying he was suicidal it's striking how quickly the press moved on. another factor in the coverage, attorney general merrick garland said threats and actual violence against justices strike at the heart of our democracy,
10:16 am
president biden who was quick to assail what turned to be bogus accusations that federal border agents had whipped migrants hasn't directed kavanaugh at all. >> one of the things that can occupy my country tonight, i suspect is the first open hearings on january the sixth. >> what we are about to see narrative of sedition by the president of the united states. >> we are talking about the violent overthrow of the united states government. >> most commentatest hailed the hearing. the probe of the capitol riot is important story and many journalists openly agreed that donald trump and his team sparked the seem but practically drowned out a gunman's attempt to murder brett kavanaugh. in washington howard kurtz fox
10:17 am
news. anita: all right, thanks, howie for that. much more on media buzz at 11:0. well, judges nationwide are facing an increase in threats and in the wake of the recent disturbing events such as the arrest of an armed man near the supreme court justice brett kavanaugh's home many are calling for more security. john, thanks for coming today. so according to the u.s. marshals, federal judges received 4500 threats last year. that's up 400% in the last 5 years due to things like nasty politics, disgruntled defendants and latest threat against justice kavanaugh. there's a bill sitting in congress aimed at providing stronger protections for judges and their families, the senate passed it but it stalled in the house. how would the bill help with
10:18 am
protection? >> well, anita, the bill would help because it would provide more vast majority for our supreme court justices. right now, justices have protection details, they may be driven to the court but what about their families, their children, when the justices travel likewise, those persons don't have protection when they're say on vacation, the kids go to school, those are the things that we need to protect. we operate obviously for the president, the vice president, the supreme court justices with the tenure of american today need to have the same protection. anita: yeah, seems to be so. yesterday i had a chance to talk to asa hutchison, the governor of arkansas. he said one of the things that is needed is for -- is to bring down divisive rhetoric, rhetoric like this from chuck schumer. listen. >> i want to tell you gorsuch, i want to tell you kavanaugh, you have released the world-wind and you will play the price.
10:19 am
[cheers and applause] >> you won't know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions. anita: he made the statement on the steps of the supreme court back in march of 2020. he did apologize, but does he need to say more in light of the fact that an armed man did show up to brett kavanaugh's house with some sort of a plan. we now have the 911 call made by the suspect nicholas roski, listen to this. >> i came from california -- >> brett kavanaugh. >> hurt yourself and him, what was going to happen? >> correct. >> do you have access to any weapons? >> yes, i brought a firearm with me but it's unloaded and locked in the case. >> so thoughts on that and are we scaring competent legal minds out there who aspire to be supreme court justices, do they really want to get involved with this if their life is going to
10:20 am
be threatened? >> that's one of the reasons i think the bill is being sat on at this point. the reality is that justices now have to worry about not only their own safety but the safety of those around them and it would give pause to think twice whether or not they want to take on these lifetime commitments to serve the american people. essentially, we could be changing the dynamics of the court by making it more dangerous to be on the court. anita: yeah, it is a scary prospect in this environment for sure. john, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us today. we really appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. anita: griff. griff: anita coming up, my video dairy of last ten plus days, the migrant crisis at the border. that's
10:21 am
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griff: you are looking live in los angeles at lax, marine 1 gassing up. president biden leaving la after his visit to major port there amid record-high inflation and gas prices. now he's heading to new mexico next to meet with the new new mexico governor grisham over
10:25 am
wild fires. it'll be an interesting moment where we watch and we want to see, if, indeed, anita the president will take any calls as we have pointed out in the last hour for the first time president biden addressing that the inflation may be here to stay, that americans may have to feel the record gas prices that hit $5 now. inflation hitting the 41-year long hit. now we are just watching the door as the president, anita, will soon step out. anita: he did hold the press conference at the port yesterday where he blamed shipping companies, oil companies, putin, of course, but not his own policies but then again later statement that came out at least acknowledging that inflation is here for a while and we haven't heard that from him before. griff: if you grab them by
10:26 am
pocketbooks, hearts and minds will follow and the president when things are good in the country whether it is good or not and if it is bad, he takes blame whether it is appropriate or not. we see now a casual president biden without a tie walking now from marine one and go to air force one to make the short trip to new mexico. but as we know, wild fires while devastating parts of that state is not what's on the majority of americans' minds in these scenarios, our white house will have an opportunity to do so under the wing moment. let's see if he will indeed, come and talk to us. it looks like he might go up those stairs. maybe we will get a moment. it's hard to hear him. the pool gathers. let's listen in if we and see what he's saying.
10:27 am
all right. we are working on getting the sound from this, the path and we will turn it around. as i pointed out, anita, he came and walked over to air force one, this is hitting home. this is an issue. the cost at the pump, the cost at the grocery store. when americans widespread are suffering whether they expected to or not, if they've been following politics, they are now feeling a decline in their standard of living and in the small microcosms of their life as we all have you go and feel the challenge of trying to figure out, how do i pay for this, i have to pay that much for that and that is why you will see the president continue to take questions on it. obviously -- we will get that to you as soon as we can. but anita, a lot facing the president this weekend. anita: no kidding. griff: all right. meanwhile the surge at the border continuing this past week
10:28 am
alone over 10,000 migrants illegally crossed our southern border. bill malugen live in rio grande valley with the latest for us. bill: as you know very well, it's nonstop at the southern border where we are here in the rio grande valley sector just since october 1st there have been more than 350,000 illegal crossings, just to put that in perspective for you, that's like the entire population of the city of anaheim, california coming across the border in one specific sector just since october and those are only the ones that we know about. griff: bill, bill, hang for me if you will. i apologize, stay right there. we will come back to you. i want to go back to los angeles. we do now have the sound of the president. let's listen in. >> we are trying very hard to make sure that we can significantly increase the number of barrels that are being pumped out of the reserve we
10:29 am
have. we have 240,000 barrels as well coming from other nations. we are going to keep pushing on it. >> thank you, guys. thank you. griff: that was the president taking some quick calls. we can i believe go back if now we can rejoin bill back down in the rgv. we will bring you more of the sound of the president when we get it. bill, i apologize for interrupting you, it's a newsy morning here in washington. bill: no problem at all, griff. totally understand. we will go right back to what we were mentioning. pull up the photo. embed it with texas dps in the rio grande valley earlier this morning as they were on the hunt for runners and getting camera hits all over the place. this is one of the camera hits showing two illegal immigrants moving through drainage system in the area, through storm pipes in an effort to hide from law enforcement and it didn't take long to find the runners. so if we can pull the piece of
10:30 am
video right here in the predawn hours as we were riding along with texas state troopers, young men, runners who did not want to be caught. that's why they are handcuffed. keep in mind these are not asylum seekers, not people willing to turn themselves in. instead they are trying to sneak further into the country but they certainly weren't the one that is we saw earlier this morning. take a look at second piece of video. another group of runners. once again, young adults and what was interesting of this group of men, one of them spoke perfect english and talk today us and said he's from el salvador and he used to be a dreamer. he told us that he is was brought to the united states by parents when he was 9 months old and he grew up and got into trouble, went to jail and didn't tell us what for and ended up getting deported. he tried coming back this morning, he got caught and will be removed from the country yet again. tom homan blast the biden administration for their handling to have border. he says things were magnitudes
10:31 am
better when president trump was in charge. take a listen. >> how many women didn't get raped by the cartels, how many children didn't die, how many americans didn't die of drug overdoses, how many billions of dollars did the cartels not make? a secure borders savers lives. what joe biden has done along with alejandro mayorkas is almost treasonous. bill: griff, as you know, law enforcement puts a lot effort down here into trying to catch these runners before they turn into got aways, people who are never caught. we are with texas dps as they are trying to track runners down but still the numbers are significant. just since october 1st, dhs source telling us that just here in the rio grande valley sector there have been more than 32,000 known got aways here in this specific sector. those are migrants they see on cameras or on sensors, they simply just simply don't have the manpower to get to. griff: startling numbers. bill melugin in the rgv.
10:32 am
anita. anita: russia's war on ukraine from land and sea, we will go live on the ground to the city of odesa coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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side effects may not appear for several weeks. you are greater than your bipolar i. ask about vraylar and learn how abbvie could help you save. anthony: the european commission president visits kyiv to discuss ukraine's bid to join the european union with president zelenskyy. our steve harrigan has the very latest live on the ground from odesa, ukraine. hi, steve. steve: anita there's been no-let up in the east, in the donbas region. it's turning into a war of of -- russians are firing 60,000 shells each 24-hour period. ten times as many as ukraine is firing. ukraine losing up to 200 soldiers each day in that fighting in the east. in the meantime refugees
10:37 am
continue to stream out especially here along the coast from embattled cities, more than 50,000 refugees have come in here to odesa, we talked a to the a lot of volunteer who is dropped everything in their lives to help people. they say that many of those refugees are arriving traumatized with little more than the clothes on their backs. >> when we hear the air raids alarms, we in odesa don't think about it, the people from mariupol, they fear, they really -- they try to hide themselves somewhere. steve: terrified of the air raid sirens after what they have been through. more than 7 million ukrainians have left the country. griff, back to you. griff: steve, let me follow up on that, you were there in the beginning in kyiv. you felt what it feels like to
10:38 am
have a population in the case of kyiv and now the gentleman that you spoke to in odsa, do they feel the weight that odesa may be a key target of vladimir putin? steve: i think they feel they could be a target very soon if russia continues to grind away in the east with massive fire power if they do take control in the east their next stop many people here fear it's likely to do odesa. griff: steve, great reporting, stay safe my friend. when russian shelling bombarded her country, 26-year-old ana knew it was time to act. her organization the ukrainian volunteer service has mobilized 100,000 volunteers across ukraine this week ana accepted national endowment for democracy 2022 democracy award right here in washington and we are very fortunate to have her join us
10:39 am
right now. ana, thank you for being here. i was a reporter in ukraine and much like steve and spent 8 weeks there and got to interview president zelenskyy and i'm very stunned and impressed by the will of the ukrainian people and when they told me of your story, i said, we have got to share this with the american people because you so embody it, but for our viewers, you went to school here, you went back realized ukrainians don't really have a volunteer service, you created one, explain. >> well, that's an amazing story because i was 15 and i was a shy little girl in jamestown, california and i was volunteering for my first time in my life, doing community work like animal shelter and stuff and i kind of felt this major volunteering when you have an opportunity to help but also to develop yourself, to meet so many amazing people and i came back to ukraine and i felt that it was something that i want to bring back home to make people feel this freedom of
10:40 am
volunteering and helping and that's how we started to volunteer, to organize different events and that's how eventually ukrainian volunteer services was launched. griff: ana, you were doing this before the war, before the invasion began? >> yeah, our mission actually was to promote a culture of volunteering so our goal was to create country where every person can have an opportunity to volunteer, you know, regardless of their age, social status, religious views, political views. when we had the full-scale war on february 24th, we were actually prepared for that. we had the network of volunteers all around the country who had been working before and we had to learn how to manage them in the more effective way to kind of be able, you know, to change our activities and respond faster. griff: when the bombs began to fall in february, was the response enormous, how was it in those days? >> it was extraordinary. we were like 100 days in a war
10:41 am
we feel how ukraines are united to help civilians and help military. people are helping people who are missing, working with kids. it's a tremendous support from ukrainians to ukrainians in the country and then the occupied territories. griff: i want to ask you, ana, are you concerned that the west, americans are -- are losing interest in what's happening in there? >> it is totally understandable. of course, you cannot talk about ukraine all of the time but it's really important to understand about ukraine is that it's not going anywhere. on the one hand we have the thousands of volunteers who are helping, on the other hand the situation is getting really bad especially in occupied territories and people are persecuted not because they are activists but they are ukrainians. it's important to learn more about ukraine and learn about the culture, about our people and then you get it and you
10:42 am
understand what you're fighting for. griff: you talked about culture. i learned during my experience talking to ukrainians that you had a culture shift, 5 years ago they were very prorussian parts of ukraine, now it's changed. >> the revolution has changed for many people and last invasion on february 24th has made it even more. we don't have prorussian sentiments, we don't have people waiting for russian army because russia has existential threat to all of us. we fight back or we do. we are not ready to die, we are not ready to leave our people, we are not ready to leave our territories and that's what makes us such a good fighters. griff: i'm starting to run out of time ana, i can talk to you all day long. are your volunteers in harm's way, are they okay? >> we are holding on, we are working and we have volunteers all around the country who are doing this hard job in the local leverage. griff: lastly, ten seconds that
10:43 am
we have left. how can someone read more about this help you and possibly go involved. >> google volunteer in ukraine and find us and we will help you to understand how ukrainian volunteers are doing the job and how you can be a part of tremendous movement. griff: that was amazing remarkable story, anna, thank you very much for being here and our hat is off to you for what you have done. >> thank you. griff: thank you. hot temperatures sending children to pools and beaches there's a shortage of life guards to keep them all safe. more on that coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ for strength and energy. woo hoo! ensure, complete balanced nutrition with 27 vitamins and minerals. and ensure complete with 30 grams of protein. ♪ ♪ right now, we're all feelin' a little strapped. but weekends are still all about grilling.
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anita: well, the u.s. faces nationwide life guard shortage and the american life guard association warned it will only get worse in the coming summer months. christina coleman has the latest live from a beach in santa monica, california where it looks like the sun is struggling
10:48 am
to come out there. [laughter] christina: we are definitely dealing with june bloom. all the kids that want to splash around and play in the pools and water park but due to severe life guard shortage some of the facilities may have to close down or limit their hours and here is why, here is the reason for this. many aspiring life guards chose to take higher-paying jobs at restaurant or retail while pools were closed during covid and many of them chose to stick with new line-up of work and canellation of life guard certification courses during covid is a huge factor and some not able to renew certifications and they expire every two years leading to dire shortage in trained life guards this summer. >> this time we have life guards trained. sometimes we start a year early. we start a year early where we
10:49 am
have to swim out and grab people and do rescue holds and pretend to do the cpr, so you have to get up close and personal so obviously the social distancing hurt that. well, even though they are lifting some of the restrictions now, we are just now getting into the training. christina: in austin, texas, more than half of the city's pools are closed due to shortage and offering hundreds of dollars as incentives. a third of the country's 309,000 public schools could end up closing or having limited hours due to life guard shortage. proper supervision, of course, is needed to keep the facilities open since drowning cases remain a big concern. >> it remains the number 1 causes of death between ages 1 and 5 and that is resulting in nearly 400 deaths per year as
10:50 am
well as really 7,000 emergency room visits related to drownings as well. >> and here in la county alone where there is more than 70 miles of coastline there's always a need for life guard. the county is always recruiting here. during big holiday weekend when there's a huge surf in venice beach 2 to 300 water rescues. about apt thankfully griff jenkins was a life guard also in high school and he said he's willing to jump right in. griff: i'm ready to come out of retirement. drop my name, i'm willing ready and able to serve. christina: come and join us at the beach, yes. anita: he's on the next plane. christina coleman live in los angeles, thank you so much, christina. griff: that's right, oops, she did it again. britney spears walks out the aisle for a third time and has a
10:51 am
surprised visitor that had to be tackled outside of star-studded wedding. we have that for you coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪
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every search you make, every click you take, every move you make, every step you take, i'll be watching you. the internet doesn't have to be duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine, web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. griff: well, fresh out of her controversial 13-year legal guardianship, britney spears got married to sam and it was quite
10:55 am
the star-studded affair with guests like madonna, selena gómez and versace. you see her here with sam, she's 40 year's old, she's gotten out of the conservatorship and now here at her third wedding she is drawing all of the headlines in hollywood because her first husband jason alexander to whom you see there she was married for 55 days, sorry, that's paris hilton. my eyes fail me. but jason alexander, the first husband of 55, simple day she was married, he crashed the wedding. anita: it was kind of scary. he did show up with a knife so i don't know what he was planning to do. they were only married like you said 55 hours back in 2004 and now he has a protective order against him. there he is. that's jason alexander. griff: yeah. anita: there's a protective order, he has to stays 100 yards
10:56 am
away from the newlyweds. griff: for the last year as conservatorship ended she has taken to social media posting crazy videos out there, many of them with fully naked dancing with crazy captions, we are wondering what does this mean, is this the renaissance of britney spears career, are we getting a new album or are we stuck with listening oops she did it again and toxic on the radio driving around? anita: i think she's expressing her freedom because she finally has her freedom. we were showing picture of paris hilton because she chose to go to britney spears wedding instead offer from the president to dj while he was in los angeles. griff: that's it for us. fox news live continues with eric and arthel. i'm griff jenkins. anita: and i'm anita vogel.
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