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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  June 11, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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matching your job description. visit hi, i'm nancy. i've lost over 80 pounds with golo. matching your job description. i have tried to lose weight in the past and i've lost 80 pounds several times, but i was not able to maintain it. with golo, i've maintained this weight loss for over a year. it just works. arthel: while a dismal inflation report rattling the biden administration and the markets as new numbers out yesterday show prices rose last month at the highest year-to-year rate in four decades, 8.6%. the stock market is spiraling downward over fears the fed will have to slam the brakes on the economy to get things under control. meanwhile paint at the pump setting a new record break nationwide average price for a gallon of gas is $5 for the first time ever hello everyone
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welcome to "fox news live" i am arthel neville eric sean is off today but we have two other stories were following at this hour. thousands of protesters gathering at the nation's capitol and across the country to push for gun control laws after the rash of recent mass shootings. president biden signing a joint declaration with central and latin america nations to take on the migrant crisis as the search continues at the southern border we have live box team coverage coast-to-coast. bill melugin is in texas, alexandria hawk is in washington from march our lives rally. at alexis make out as the new york city on the soaring gas prices. first we are starting with lucas donaldson but he is life at the white house, hey lucas ricketts hey arthel after the labor department issued the scathing report on inflation saying it's getting worse not better moments ago in los angeles before departing for new mexico president biden continued to blame russian president vladimir putin for the skyrocketing prices. >> it is outrageous the war in
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ukraine. we are trying very hard to make sure significantly increase the number the gallants being pumped out of the reserve we have. that's barrels as well coming from other nation. >> went president biden was sworn into office he had a 57% approval rating gas was 2:30 nine a gallon today is approval rating has plummeted to 39% even lower in some other polls. gas averaging five bucks a gallon nationwide for the first time in american history according to this chart the price of gas has soared across the country the president's approval rating has dropped the lowest of his presidency the chairman of fedex barack obama once told them a few months ago his popularity was always tied to the price of gasoline it appears to be happening again today arthel, price is
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responsible for driving up costs of the fastest rate in more than four decades inflation costing americans an extra $460 a month according to analysts. gas is up nearly 50%. airline tickets nearly 40% used cars and milk up 15% addition to a nationwide baby's room afforded to the price of baby food is up 13% monthly rent is up 5%. republic is the white house disagree on who is to blame. just want to see the white house press secretary said the economy had an historical best and the inflation was transitory but we heard that for months. but last night reportedly president biden told a group of democratic fundraisers that inflation will be here for a while and the prices will only come down gradually, arthel. >> oh boy lucas tomlinson live at the white house thank you lucas. and as inflation rises at the fastest rate in four decades, gas prices hitting a painful new milestone. the national average for gallon of gas is $5 for this and for
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the first time ever that is up nearly $2 from a year ago. with summer driving season about to get underway, there is little relief in sight. a boy alexis mcadams is live in new york city with more, alex. quick hi arthel i don't have a lot of good news for people because you mentioned there is no relief in sight according to aaa. experts kept a very close eye here at this gas station behind me at a mobil in new york city almost $6.50 for a regular gallon of gas. that is not stop abu from coming here and having to fill up there's been a line here people trying to get in here to the smaller gas station. for the past month gas prices have been climbing steadily so people really are not surprised in the other not happy about it for take a look on your screen this is the news broke this morning that nobody wanted to hear for the first time ever the national average for regular gas hit five bucks a gallon that is up 60 cents cents just from last month announced drivers are paying nearly $2 more a gallon
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then we were just last summer braid the spike in prices as many drivers rethinking their plans to save money. >> i definitely now it is summer time we have the gas maybe it's time to start biking more often. >> americans are almost paying double to fill up their tanks compared to a year ago this is what we are looking for a ford f150 are going to dish out about $130 for a tank of gas pretty of a jeep grand cherokee you're looking at whether to 15 those with a honda >> which is a smaller car you're going to pay more than 60 bucks. >> there just is not the elasticity in the family budget to deal fluctuating gasoline prices such as we are seeing. and it looks like it is going to get worse. >> right now california, nevada, alaska, illinois, washington if you live there you have the highest gas prices in the nation. california you're sitting at $6.43 a gallon bill illinois at
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$5.56, aaa conducted a survey telling us they asked drivers where they ready to pay more? could they pay more or will they have to cut back in other areas? people said before he molesters too much i can't imagine people doing other going to have to get creative gas prices are always more expensive in the summer because demand for fuel spikes. this year experts pointing to global oil prices on the rise. the war in ukraine and pandemic recovery for the high prices back at your life we can tell you it is not just gas you hurt lucas mention pretty much everything you're going to pay for is going to cost more. we are looking at record inflation, arthel per. >> oh boy, the lady had a good idea in terms of biking more this summer but people can't bike to work. gotta figure something out alexis mcadams thank you very much. meanwhile thousands of people are hitting the streets major u.s. cities for the second of march for our lives rally's for they are demanding gun control action from lawmakers after relentless search of mass shootings across the country. like those at robb elementary in
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uvalde and tops grocery store in buffalo, new york. alexandria's live in washington where an ten -- 15000 people are gathering. alex what is it looking like? >> arthel i want to start with what was just a frightening moment about 25 minutes ago. it appeared there is a counter protester caused a moment during a moment of silence for victims. at that point were starting to dread this person may be armed and there is a rush on different barriers. hundreds if not 1000 people trying to duck for cover. luckily the speaker of the stage at a great job told me too come back the event was able to continue on. it really was a frightening moment for manny. as you mention this is a second time march for our lives is taken place. the first was in 2018 following the tragic shooting in douglas high school in florida per the organization sweeping legislation reform to reduce gun violence, listen.
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>> all americans have a right to not be shot. a rights to safety. nowhere, nowhere in the constitution is unrestricted access to weapons of war a guaranteed right. >> now this event happened to take place just a month after two mass shootings happened in less than two weeks you had of course the uvalde, texas 19 students to teachers killed by 18-year-old gunman and then you have buffalo, new york ten people killed simply because they were black. now we spoke with one woman she actually traveled from texas she was struck by what happened in uvalde she told us this. >> i have grown up in a culture of gun violence it is been in social media, my news, my textbooks. it is heartbreaking to learn about every single day. the past two weeks have almost
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200 separate gun violence incidents. heartbreaking to grow up in america right now. >> along with attendees are really urging sweeping gun legislation to take place such legislation has passed to the house it is unlikely in its current form to pass this any of no small bipartisan negotiations are taking place but arthel are doing to say organizers say it's different this year compared to 2018 as they say they have seen more bipartisan support here including responsible gun owners, arthel recollects that's a good start alexander hoff live in washington, thanks alex. meanwhile president biden announcing new programs to manage what he calls dangerous and unlawful migration in coordination with other western leaders at the summit of the americas in los angeles. this, as humanitarian crisis continues at the u.s./mexico border let's go live now bill melugin is there in texas at the border with more, bill. >> arthel good afternoon to you for nothing demonstration is
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done so far slowing anything down here at the southern border. just to give you an idea as of this morning here the rio grande valley, we are just 24 hour span there are more 1300 illegal crossings as well as 123 got a ways. law enforcement really want to catch those people case in point take a look at this photo right here we embedded with texas troopers early this morning, their cameras were hitting all over the place but this is for this camera hits as you can see her this is to illegal immigrants are sneaking through a storm drainage system here in the area after they crossed in an effort get away from law enforcement. it did not take long to find these runners particular cut this video as we were again riding along with texas state troopers in the predawn hours which were going to see here is a group of several young men. these are runners who were arrested placed in handcuffs by texas authorities because these are not asylum-seekers but these are not people willing to turn themselves in. these are young guys trying to sneak past border enforcement to get deeper into the united
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states. they certainly were not the only ones he would take a look at the second piece of video here another small group of runners once again all young men not willing to turn themselves in. was interesting about this group as there was a one man in the group who spoke perfect english he told us he is from el salvador and was actually a dream or his parents brought him to the u.s. when he was nine months old. he grew up here, ended up getting into some trouble, went to jail would not tell us what for, he was deported from the u.s. and apparently tried coming back this morning with this group of runners you see he was caught he will be removed from the country. former ice director has been a frequent critic of the biden ministration border policy. he said things were significantly better down here when president trump was in office, take a listen. >> how many women didn't get raped by the cartels customer company children didn't die how many americans did not die of drug overdoses? how many billions of dollars to the cartels not make question rick secured border saves lives. with joe biden's son along with
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his almost treasonous. >> and again just to put in perspective how nonstop it is been just hear that rio grande valley sector we are in the last 12 days alone, there been more than 18000 illegal crossing as well as more than 1500 known god always. migrants they see on cameras but just cannot get too. again all those numbers you just heard one single sector along the border in the last 12 days i'll send it back to you. i've built you have been down or what happens when they first arrive is her commotion what happens? >> it depends if it is family units that turn themselves and that's usually orderly will come in groups of several hundred that will suck up border patrol resources but they do now to try themselves and their runners will try climbing a wall or sneaking in through brushy areas you'll be driving down the street you'll see people running across the street silhouettes in the middle of the night. just kind of depends. it's hit or miss down here when it comes to the border.
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arthel: more sticker shock for american drivers as a national average for gallon of gas climbs to $5. aaa says it is the first time it has gone that high since they began tracking the data 22 years ago. it comes as american households are feeling the squeeze from the steepest inflation for decades for the latest consumer price index reports on the price for everyday goods went up last month 8.6% rate that was from one year ago. any relief in sight question rick let's bring in economy jon norton. jon let's start right here. it is the perfect storm for skyhigh gas prices and inflation. how can we get out of this cycle and how soon? >> well, arthel the laws of economic are very much like gravity. if you ignore them it is going to hurt. that is clearly what the biden ministration is done here and constraining american oil and gas production which they have done.
11:18 am
they've been borrowing and spending money we did not have not with inflation 8.6% the highest it has been since december of 1981 and core inflation at 6%. so what you need to do. arthel: before you go on, hey jon, hang on for second or so we can file you along the way you said we are spending more money than we have more than we need to what you're talking about there so we know what you are referencing? >> i'm talking up a six and half trillion dollars that were spent during covid for example 1.9 trillion that was spent during the first parts of the biden ministration that is money we do not have. that is money chasing fewer and fewer goods while we are raising costs on energy. energy just is not paying at the pump, arthel energy goes into everything we make from meat to metal not just transporting up but processing and as well. not to mention plastics and packaging birds of energy is involved in everything we do. when you reduce the amount of
11:19 am
energy and dis- incentivize production costs are going to go up. >> while at the summit of the americans in los angeles president biden chastised the oil industry he gave a special shout out to the largest u.s. oil producer that is exxon mobil corporation as you know basically saying listen while we are paying at the pump, they are pumping up their profits and then president biden said u.s. oil companies are using higher profits to buy back stock, not to drill more oil. in fact here's a quote for you imparts, president biden said exxon made more money than god this year. why aren't they drilling? because they make more money not producing oil exxon pushes back on the state's thing of course it has continued to increase output. if we take a look at this reuters report i was reading earlier this is from yesterday it says quote exxon posted its biggest quarterly profit in seven years when it reported fourth-quarter earnings in
11:20 am
february after halting share buybacks several years ago it resumed them this year end pled she spent up to 30 billion through next year. numerous companies have said they are holding down spending that could boost oil output to lower $100 plus per barrel oil prices because that is what investors are demanding. all right, jon there is this notion which get your take on this. there is a notion more oil is produced is not necessarily going to be used by us here in the u.s. it will be consumed by the global market as well. what is your take on all of this? >> absolutely. this highlights a disingenuous of the administration but even janet yellen cannot tow this light of the administration with a straight face because she said it's not in fact the oil companies agreed after all. the fact of the matter out is in the loss of economics require incentives matter but yes the oil companies are not drilling as much because it's not just a
11:21 am
question of having the leases it's having the permits it. being able to navigate the regulatory scheme of drilling, often times horizontally and hydraulic fracturing which is despite all the hysteria nothing more than cooking oil various types of soaps and plastic pellets there's an enormous regular tory burden oil countries have to go through. drilling is an normally capital-intensive and very risky if not a question of punch a hole in the ground in the oil comes up. most oil wells drilled are very expensive in about 80% end up being holes. unique swivel to demonstrate before they make that investment they can extract oil and bring it to market. arthel: so john i get your analysis. >> are making impossible transport by canceling pipelines with methane restrictions and using the clean water and clean air act to make it more costly if not impossible for oil companies to extract and bring oil to market. arthel: so do you think i heard all of those problems that you
11:22 am
laid out there, and missteps if you will buy the biden ministration. and i ask you this because unfortunately everything is divided according to democrat and republic. do you think a republican president could do better? and if so how if you can be concise for me. >> it does not have to be partisan, arthel that's a great question but i think what you can do is you need to have a president that understands the laws of economics and does not want to remake american society into some sort of green utopian dream. or on the other hand be ignorant of the laws of economics we have to have someone who lives in the real world for that person to be a republican or democrat. sick of our rate we have more to talk about as always, mr. jon jordan. you take care, thank you very much for joining me here today on the saturday. take care jon. >> see you next time. arthel: high prices or make it hard on everyone including people in nevada. he will vote in senate primaries tuesday among republicans former nevada attorney general adam
11:23 am
leads retired army captain sam brown in the polls. has earned former president trump's endorsement. incumbent catherine cortez masto is expected to clinch the democratic primary even though she is taking heat for avoiding the word inflation lately. aisha is live with more. >> hey arthel adam the gop hopeful for u.s. senate is making the rounds here in las vegas today. it's really throughout the weekend. fresh off the heels of a big endorsement from former president donald trump. and also a big show of support from donald trump junior last night, watch. >> make sure to get up there to vote on tuesday. make sure to bring your friends. make sure to stand up for what you believe in and if you do
11:24 am
that guys we can actually take back our country and make it everything it deserves to be. >> is still leading in the most recent polling against retired army captain sam brown the winner of the gop primary will likely go head-to-head within come but senator catherine cortez at masco parade republicans are slamming her hard for not recently confronting inflation rising gas prices the top two issues for boaters we talk to wonder if anyone in washington is listening. >> well, i'd drive that big dooley truck over there so it cost me less similar to the pump 195 bucks. books what is happening around us. we knew this was going to happen will be cap giving money out. >> and arthel, early voting turnout has been pretty poor across the state of nevada. it ended yesterday as we watch
11:25 am
something else very interesting happening here. more and more democrats and republicans are switching to independent or unaffiliated, registering that which of the point independent and unaffiliated voters now make up the majority here across the state of nevada, arthel. >> somehow that does not surprise me. we have some really unfortunate things to report now professionals have identified the five marines killed in a military aircraft crash earlier this week in california the victims are corporal nathan carlson, captain nicholas, corporal seth, lance corporal evan strickland and captain jon, son of onetime los angeles dodgers great steve sacks. the marines were on a training exercise on a wednesday when air crash crashed. that investigation that
11:26 am
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arthel: the warning crane grins out the intense fighting in the eastern donbas region for the control of the kids key city russian forces unleashed another round of attacks on the area overnight. ukrainian and british officials accused russia of using weapons meant to destroy aircraft carriers and their ground attacks. his life in odesa, ukraine with the latest from there. steve. >> arthel some real concern raised by british and ukrainian officials about the type of missiles that russia is using in the eastward they claim russia is using antiship missiles per these are an enormous 6-ton missiles that are not very accurate and can create a lot of civilian deaths in their use. the fight in the east has really become a war of attrition. both sides relying on our work
11:31 am
chiller he. however ukraine at this point despite receiving enormous amounts of western aid, russia outgunned them by about ten -- one when it comes to artillery. that grinding or goes on in the east with russia having the advantage. it comes as more and more refugees to flee. at least 50000 have come here to odesa. many of them arriving really in a state of shock with a little more than the clothes on their back. >> everything i have in my life nothing i have no food, i have no money, i have nothing. i cannot understand my future. >> the un says since the start of the war in february, more than 7 million ukrainians have left the country, arthel. arthel: such a crisis, steve harrigan thank you so much be safe. meanwhile back to america's crisis the nypd releasing surveillance video of four
11:32 am
suspects outside a new york city pharmacy moments before they allegedly shot and killed an la-based wrapper in broad daylight. this happened thursday. police say they were after the man's gold chains. and in maryland a factory worker is charged with the murder and other felonies after prosecutors say he opened fire on his colleagues thursday. three people killed before he was captured after a shootout with state troopers professionals a violent crime is rising in big cities and even in rural america. let's bring in ted williams of former d.c. homicide detective also defense attorney and fox news contributor. so listen, crime has no boundaries these day ted. remember easter warp report about crimes in big cities almost exclusively. now it seems things can happen anywhere. what is the cause, ted? >> there something going on in this country that needs to be explored, i believe by social scientists. because as you said crime and
11:33 am
metropolitan cities. but now it is beginning more and more to touch rural areas in this country. and that is one of the sad commentaries. i would have to believe that at some stage or another there will be massive studies about crime in these rural areas which is very necessary that is where crime seems to be unfortunately moving. arthel: it seems a bit out of control. wheat reported everywhere. how can we step-by-step get a handle on this crime spike? >> it is not going to be easy. in order to get a handle should be say on crime anywhere and specifically in rural america, you are going to have to have a law enforcement officers involved with the citizens. citizens need if they see something they need to be able
11:34 am
to say something. and they need to have a report with the law enforcement officers in their community. what is also is going to have to happen, arthel, is there is a need for more law enforcement officers not less in these various communities around the country. >> absolutely community policing has always proven to be successful. and you are right police departments do need more resources as officers are asked to do more things and as many people are calling for more training that does take money. money well spent indeed. of course we have to look at the mental health that cannot be ignored. a lot of people are on edge. they are at a breaking point. how can we offer more mental health treatment to folks who cannot access this? >> what we are going to have to do is come to the reality in this country that there is a mental health problem. what we are going to have to do is pour more money and resources
11:35 am
into these various communities that are having mental health problem. because clearly i have been on air with you and i have said it a million times, when you look at violent crime when you look at crimes with guns it is a dangerous concoction to have mental health individuals having access to some of the firearms in this country. so yes we do have to look at mental health. arthel: we are talking about more spending. not saying that it is not deserved, many things need to have money spent on. we just heard i was on the jon jordan earlier he's an economist saying already did by administration has spent too much. especially when we were in the middle of the pandemic. he pumped in a lot of money into the economy for this, that, the other thing. so where can this money come from? and are americans willing to dare i say have more in taxes to foot some of this needed?
11:36 am
>> i absolutely believe that law-abiding citizens want to be safe in their communities around this country. and i think those individuals are willing to pay more taxes if it is going to make them safe. they are looking toward law enforcement to be able to do their jobs in these various communities. and because we have had unfortunately a morale problem in this country's law enforcement, law enforcement officers have left. so we have to replace those law-enforcement officers with officers who want to do the job in the community and establish a rapport with the various citizens. arthel: spend the money to hire good people spend money to train your people as well. alright, as always appreciate your time in conversation former homicide detective ted williams, thank you ted see you next time big. >> my my pleasure my friend. arthel: thank you the biting
11:37 am
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hi, i'm william devane. did you know there's only been two times in american history - two - when the national debt was larger than gross domestic product? world war ii - and right now. that's a deep hole. and i don't know how we'll climb out of it. that's why i buy gold from rosland capital. rosland capital is a trusted leader in helping people acquire precious metals. gold bullion, lady liberty gold and silver proofs, and premium coins, can help you preserve your wealth. call rosland capital to receive your free rosland guide to gold, gold & precious metals ira, and silver brochure. with rosland, there are no gimmicks, no hassles... and they have fast, reliable shipping. ask yourself. are you safe? make gold your new standard. call rosland capital today at 800-630-8900,
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800-630-8900. that's 800-630-8900. arthel: another sign and return to normalcy from the pandemic the biden administration is lifting its requirement that international travelers tested negative for covid within a day of entering the country. that takes effect at midnight tonight. ending with the last pandemic travel mandates health and human services secretary is saying quote this step is possible because of the progress we have made in our fight against covid-19. right now we have a life-saving vaccines in widely available treatments, effective against prevalent variance. preventing serious illness and death but let's bring in doctor freda fisher now paid she is certified pediatric and internal medicine. always good to have you. so what do you think, will lifting a negative test for
11:42 am
international travelers coming into america keep us safe? should we be concerned about more infections been brought to our nation, what you think? >> i will tell you arthel so my people are celebrating this is one more step toward being normal. you have people see the pandemic as an attack they're really excited this will help the economy it will help her international travel. however i am one of those people who sitting in the corner not really excited at this party because i do think there's a possibility it will bring more infections. not only were not lifting the testing requirements but we also have a note mask and mandate. and so combined i feel there is a chance that we will have more covid-19. the other thing, arthel, our numbers are going up the cases are up for over 100,000 cases in this country each debris that is up 8% from last week. it is up almost five times from what was lester at this time. >> because of everything you
11:43 am
just said, doctor freda i still wear my mask on airplanes and airports. a lot of people don't, they don't have too. but reality is, people are exhausted from restrictions. what is the best way to keep us safe, keep the economy going and keep us all well traveled? i mean how do we make it all happened in the best way possible? >> yes it is going to take balance and compromise. and so yes i want the world to return to his normal as possible as much is the next person. but that means wearing masks i still recommend wearing masks on airplanes, and crowded rooms, especially with cases going up and when you are indoors you are with people when you really don't know their immune status put on a mask. also people need to watch the numbers. there is a time when the transmission rates were down it was felt to be pretty safe to be in some places. but just like i described how numbers are going up, people are still dying from covid-19. if you are in a place for there
11:44 am
is high or moderate transmission put on that mask. get vaccinated still practice good hygiene. >> eyewear at my mask. some people look at me like i'm crazy. i don't care. meanwhile let's talk about this. covid vaccinations for kids under five, are they safe? >> well, we still had not seen all of the data that is still being reviewed. but from the preliminary reports from pfizer and moderna does look promising but it looks like we will have potentially a three dose regiment from pfizer and a two dose regiment from internet. again we still have to review the data and it looks like the safety as they are. we do know children ages five -- 11 not only can they get vaccinated they can get boosted and that data has proved to be safe. and so we shall see. works cited their 28 million kids lesson five of the united states a could potentially be vaccinated and protected. arthel: is not apparent at all let alone a chive under five i'm thinking if you are saying or
11:45 am
they are saying doctors and medalists are saying that data is still not there but here's a shot you can take if your kid is under five. that does not give me a lot of confidence that it is okay. >> the data is they are it has not fully been reviewed by all of the parties the fda needs to review it. so from the preliminary data we are being told and if it bears out just like it gives ages fivt can be trusted. i do not want to skip a step i do not get ahead of the fda at the cdc. want to wait and make sure everyone reviews it's in its entirety and then we shall see. arthel: under said thank you for clarifying that. doctor freda fisher thank you very much. take care. we will be right back. it's made them fiercely determined and more innovative. just because they can navigate the obstacles doesn't mean they should have to. citi is committed to investing in opportunities
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genesys, we're behind every customer smile. arthel: new york rangers fan is banned for life from madison square garden for knocking at tampa fan unconscious. with eight vicious sucker punch after the rangers lost the hockey playoff game. my word. the nba's also seeing unruly behavior in the stands the golden state warriors calling out celtics fans for obscene chance during two finals games in boston this week. charles watson, what is wrong with people?
11:50 am
[laughter] arthel, really crazy stuff. but really bad fan behavior caught on camera following game five of the nhl eastern conference finals at madison square garden earlier this week. take a look at that video arthel just mention the new york rangers fan now identified by the nypd is 29-year-old james, it turns around just cold clocks at tampa bay lightning fan absolutely knocking him out cold. not seen on video police say is running away and allegedly punching a witness of trying to stop him. the nypd said officers did eventually catch up with an arrest the stetson island man who is now being charged with a number of crimes including two counts of assault. at madison square garden releasing a statement calling the attack upon the warrant before going on to say the fan responsible will be banned from the garden and all other msg venues for life. this of course less than kind of
11:51 am
behavior from boston celtics fan during game three of the nba finals at td garden wednesday night. fans could be heard chanting expletives at the golden state warriors a green. was not shy about calling fans out on their behavior, take a listen to this. >> they are just talking not really my job to react to them bring. >> it was not a factor. we play in front of rude people before. dropping f bombs with children in the crowd, real classy good job boston. >> that behavior certainly a behavior that seems to be frustrating players purchased last month nba superstar chris paul tweeted this after he fan assaulted his wife and a mother quote want to find players for sinks up to the fans but the fans can put their hands on our families. arthel, players are clearly fed up. after the tampa bay lightning
11:52 am
fan we are told he is okay he was offered a medical attention at madison square garden but we are told he refused, crazy stuff arthel. >> first about someone getting knocked unconscious. who knows what the residual effects will be as far as what chris paul said i am down with what he said. because this is ridiculous what about the fans having sportsmanlike conduct? these are guys are there working let's have some better decorum, my goodness. they are people at the end of the day i agree. >> people get it together frederick charles watson thank you very much. meanwhile the american lifeguard association, it is sounding the alarm on a severe lifeguard shortage that could make for a dangerous summer. christina coleman is live on the beach in santa monica, california where lifeguards are needed year-round. tell us about it. >> hi arthel. they are needed year around here we have's more than 70 miles of coastline thousands of rescues
11:53 am
every year. and i have got to tell you this lifeguard shortage is very severe right now. ends up closing tens of thousands of pools and nationwide. one of the reasons for that is because a lot of the aspirant lifeguards end up finding higher paying jobs to make other things where the pools were closed during covid. that is just one of the reasons we are dealing with the shortage right now. also the cancellation of lifeguard certification courses due to covid in 2020 is playing a big factor but some existing lifeguards were not able to renew their certifications and they expire every two years. and, as you mention the american lifeguard association expects the shortage to get worse in the coming months. a spokesperson for the organization tells me the war in ukraine has also taken a toll on the number of people who used to come to the u.s. for seasonal work is lifeguards. >> we are having problems with obtaining the ukrainians and russians due to the war which is something that we benefited from over the years.
11:54 am
a larger portion of our j1 visas were coming from those regions. and now of course we are not seeing that due to what is happening. it's very unfortunate. >> here in l.a. county most of the seasonal emotional lifeguards are college age and many of them move on to other work when they graduate. so this county is constantly crooning and hiring lifeguards but right now the demand for life-saving work is huge for l.a. county lifeguards rescue thousands of people in a rip current every year. during the holiday week it was a big surf there's about two -- 300 rescues at venice beach alone. >> being a very good swimmer jeff really helps. but we have also rescued olympic water polo players and great swimmers. rip currents, they move as fast as a river and they go out to sea. and if you have eight rip current combined with large waves it can just create a very hazardous situation on the surfline.
11:55 am
>> yes we have some busy summer months ahead for these lifeguards as they deal with the shortage it can get very busy here during the holiday weekend we've got fourth of july coming up and asked for the public pools and the waterpark tens of thousands of them may have to close or limit their hours due to the lifeguard shortage, arthel. arthel: 's could be so hot the center people are going to want to jump in the ocean or go to the local pool. lifeguards do save lives. all right christina coleman live in santa monica on the beach, christina thank you very much and we will be right back. (sighs wearily) here i'll take that! (excited yell) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health. the unknown is not empty. it's a storm that crashes, and consumes, replacing thought with worry. but one thing can calm uncertainty.
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an answer. uncovered through exploration, teamwork, and innovation. an answer that leads to even more answers. mayo clinic. you know where to go.
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arthel: well, millions of the southern u.s. are bracing for a blistering heat wave with triple digit temperatures ten -- 20 degrees above normal. meteorologist adam is alive at the rest of the forecast hey adam. >> hey arthel it's hot across the western half the country were are to begin to see with a couple of spots of the triple digits on the map across texas. this is a far north 95 degrees currently in denver. some real heat piling up especially western half of the country where your sing high pressure system settle in paired with that's going to do is let all that heat to funnel and across the brick large area good 15 -- 25 degrees above the seasonal average that is going to be today and tomorrow. so, likely some record-breaking heat from the eastern side of texas back off across portions of the dead others southwest were again temperatures to date likely getting up to 105 degrees or more in las vegas.
12:00 pm
107 degrees in phoenix and a whole lot of other spots they're climbing up into the '90s be 93 degrees in sacramento. a lot of heat and arthel unfortunately it is staying hot once again tomorrow. so get inside this weekend. so well, i don't thank you very much back at 4:00 p.m. please join us then. ♪ ♪ ♪. paul: welcome to the journal editorial report. consumer prices reaching a new four decade high in may, dashing hopes inflation is peaking. labor department reporting friday the consumer price index rose higher than expected 8.6% driven by soaring gasoline and food prices. and, as americans continue to feel the pinch at the gas pump and grocery store treasury secretary janet yellen defended the biden administration's


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