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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  June 11, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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week to talk to her, many leaders from central america didn't bother to show up. we know the people from cuba and nicaragua and venezuela are screaming across the sun the border may be going to los angeles but probably not to protest. >> all right. that's it for this week's show, thanks to my panel and all of you for watching. i am paul gigot, hope to see you right here next week. ♪♪ >> as inflation rises, the past in decades, gas prices hitting a painful new milestone. the national average for a gallon of gas is $5 for the first time ever. that's up nearly $2 from a year ago and analysts say they are in for a long ride. hello, welcome to fox news live, i am arthel neville. >> i am in for eric shawn, nearly someone come in living is supposed to get easier but not if you're filling up your tank, driving season is about to get
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underway. some planning to hit the road are simply set up. president biden says hi prices and inflation are his top domestic priority, here's a live look at the president for he landed in albuquerque, new mexico to get a briefing on wildfires there. alexis mcadams is live in new york city with more. >> here in new york city at this gas station behind me, nearly $6.50 a gallon. nearly $6.50 here in new york drivers who want to pay that, they don't have a choice. people are trying to get the gas and had to different areas for their summer trip in the past month gas prices have been steady climbing, no surprise drivers hit a new record. this is what people walk up to this morning, not the news they wanted to hear. the national average for regular gas is $5 a gallon, up 60 cents from last month and now drivers pay nearly $2 more a gallon than
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we already worked last summer. >> astronomical. hitting our pockets, my pockets. i get it but. [sirens] >> americans are paying double compared to a year ago. if you have a ford f1 50, a bigger truck, you will dish out at least $130 for a full tank of gas. if you have a jeep grand cherokee, around $115 and honda civic, which is smaller supposed to be more fuel conscious, that's already about 400 -- aaa tells us the price of diesel is even higher crossing truckers hundreds of dollars to fill up leading to an increase in overall inflation. >> the empty shelves we are seeing will be re- supplied by diesel burning trucks and diesel
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right now national average is $5.76 a gallon. the average big rigs holding 300 gallons so they fill up at that price, it will be more than $1700 to refuel the truck making deliveries. >> gas is high for everyone feeling up but if you look at california, nevada, alaska, illinois or washington, you have the highest gas prices in the nation, california at $6.43 a gallon, illinois at $5.56. a recent survey aaa found most drivers cutting back in other areas due to the spike in prices overall. gas prices are always higher in the summer so there's the demand for fuel spikes but this your expert or pointing to global oil prices rising, war in ukraine and pandemic recovery for the ongoing spike. it's not just gas prices we are paying more for everything as we have noticed. record high inflation.
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>> across the economy, alexis mcadams, thanks very much. arthel: as mentioned earlier president biden said inflation is his top economic priority. a new report shows prices rising at levels not seen since the early 1980s. the president addressing numbers from the port of los angeles yesterday fighting a spike in shipping costs and russia's war in ukraine. lucas tomlinson live at the white house with more. >> one day after that, reports say inflation continues to get worse in los angeles. president biden continuing to lane flagler putin for the skyrocketing prices. >> is outrageous with the war in ukraine is causing and we are trying very hard, we've significantly increased the number of pounds of orioles being reserve. 240,000 barrels from other
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nations. we will keep pushing on it. >> president biden's warning, 57% approval rating gas was just $2.39 a gallon. today his approval rating dropped to 39%, even though her and other polls, gas averages $5 a gallon nationwide for the first time in american history according to this chart, price of gas soared across the country since being elected, the present approval rating has plummeted, the lowest in his presidency increasing energy, housing, food prices, response, fastest pace in more than 40 years. inflation cost american an extra for $60 a month right now according to economists. gasoline up 50% year over year, airline tickets nearly 40%. hughes cars 15%. nationwide they be former the shortage, price of baby food to feed the hungry babies is a 13%,
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monthly rent 5%. republicans in the white house disagree on who's to blame. >> he's tried to shift blame, he doesn't want to take responsibly for his policy adding to higher prices and energy prices, gas prices, the economy is in a better place that has been historically. >> for months the biden administration says it would be transitory but president biden now reportedly told democratic donors in los angeles he thinks it's going to be here for a while. arthel: lucas tomlinson, thank you. mike. >> the pain americans feel the pump is rippling through the overall economy. businesses across the country are feeling the pinch of the cost of gasoline and diesel to transport goods to stores is rising. the higher fuel price costs are passed on to consumers, prices of all kinds of energy jumped dramatically from a year ago.
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hannah cox with the foundation for economic education, welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> gasoline prices up $5 a gallon, more than a and at least 20 states. what is the economic impact big picture? >> it's devastating for people living on the margins already, president biden and his administration continues to take the care about these people but the care about inflation but everything they are doing went to the opposite. they continue to make choices that lead to this crisis that continues to make people poor to make them trapped and stagnant wages and make hard for people to get ahead. these things don't naturally occur in a free-market economy, they come from a government waiting against us we have to start to question, who's working for who? it's clear the left is not working for people struggling, they don't care about lower income people, they care about their pet projects and getting their agendas served. >> i want to play a clip from rick perry, let's listen.
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>> you can overregulation and i think they want to overregulated on purpose to strangle the fossil fuel industry, cut to out like we did during the trump of administration and you would see the energy industry forge. >> is a a possible solution going back to domestic from the energy policies? >> it is, there are choices to be made, we need to become more energy independent, we need to find ways to cut regulation and in short the market can thrive oec people putting things like climate change agenda before the needs of the american people first, they want to push people into electric vehicles and push people away from gas vehicles and have this kind of society and i think they're willing to throw people under the bus short-term to do it. we know the things that create a prosperous society. they're not doing those things. we need to deregulate and make sure we work to develop our own resources here.
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in the past month biden administration canceled over a million acres in alaska, obvious choices they are making and it's time. >> and people wake up and this is not something they don't understand the result of what they are doing, they just don't care because they want their agenda to go through. >> at the cost more for businesses to get supplies they need and distribute what they reduced, where does this and? >> it doesn't end well for us and it's something people have pointed to for some time. when you try to spend a ton of money and force businesses to jump through hoops, there's this narrative only the billionaires suffer or the corporations suffer but we know that's passed down to the consumer, higher prices, inability to get things you need and this is something a lot of people in society cannot sustain. we look at $5 a gas to get to work and some people make less than $15 an hour, it doesn't
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matter minimum wage, the prices getting higher, purchasing power decreases so we have to look at the root economic issues in society and how we can fix them and we know it traces back to deregulation and getting out of the way of businesses and letting them get back to fixing our economy after they shut down. >> we are nearly out of time but the question i get everywhere is are we heading for recession? >> we know anytime gas prices rise twice in one year, we see a recession in 12 to 18 months so absolutely, all signs show recession. people need to take precautions and prepare for that because i see no other way. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you. arthel: everybody is feeling the pain of inflation including nevada, they vote in senate primaries tuesday. trump endorsed former state attorney general adam, retired captain dan brown and republican
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while critics claim democratic incumbent catherine masso for avoiding inflation. aishah hasnie is live in las vegas with more. >> voters fear across nevada are in a lot of pain because of inflation because of gas prices, prices about everything is hurting them right now. some of the folks at talked to have told me their happy to work two jobs thinking about getting a second job to make ends meet. this raised among others is important, voters are watching closely and adam, the gop hopeful for the u.s. senate seat is making rounds right now on the campaign trail here in las vegas, he got a huge endorsement from trump and had a huge show of support from donald trump jr. last night and he's hitting hard on inflation.
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>> joe biden pledged voters he would kill american energy independence. that's exactly what they did. we are now $6 a gallon. >> right now he's leading the most recent polling against retired army captain dan brown, the winner of the gop primary will likely go head-to-head with incumbent democratic senator catherine cortez masso, she is probably the most vulnerable democratic senator right now according to ellis, republicans are slamming her big time for not recently confronting inflation and rising gas prices. these are the top two issues for voters we've been talking to on the ground who are wondering ourselves, if anyone in washington is listening to them. >> it's like $20 every time
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develop. i carpooled to go to work. >> i am watching what i'm doing. >> these are big challenges for democrat in the house like dena titus of nevada's first congressional district, incredibly competitive, she's being primaries by amy who's not endorsed by senator bernie sanders and it got to mention the interesting thing and nevada is democrat and republicans are throwing, they are now unregistered, changing their registration to not affiliated, they do want to be part of the parties anymore what they want to vote independently so now the voting block is the majority here across the state of the estate that usually goes blue or purple so now is putting a lot of the democrats in a vulnerable situation if they lose the democratic voters.
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arthel: just vote for the best person. mike. >> thousands of people in major u.s. cities for the second march of our lives rallies demanding gun-control action from lawmakers in response to relentless search mass shootings across the country. alexandria hoff has that story. >> student activist and gun violence survivors say everyday shootings that don't get coverage in the mass shootings. this is the second march of our lives valley here in d.c. and around the country following the 22 shooting marjory stoneman douglas high school and water. student led demand sweeping legislative reform to reduce gun violence. >> all americans have a right to not be shot, a right safety. nowhere in the constitution is unrestricted access to weapons of war guaranteed right.
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>> this rally comes in the wake of to mass shootings in less than two weeks last month. buffalo new york, ten people were murdered in a grocery store because they were black. in uvalde texas, another 18-year-old shooter shot and killed 19 schoolchildren and two teachers. cory bush spoke nearly killed by an abusive partner with a gun. >> it could have helped save and illegal encounter with gun violence. >> was different from 2018 is a have earned more bipartisan support and support from responsible gun owners. >> there is no issue here. >> frightening moment occurred during a moment of silence for the victims, it appeared the counter protester had commotion in the crowd the cost hundreds to fear that person had a gun, they discharge for cover, thankfully the person speaking on everybody down. arthel: president biden making a deal with the american countries
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in an effort to curb the historic number of migrants crossing our southern border.
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president biden getting a handle on what he calls dangerous
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unlawful migration. the announcement of this week's americans in los angeles comes as the humanitarian crisis continues at the us-mexico border. bill malaysian is live along the southern border in texas with the latest. >> good afternoon. just an idea of how busy it's been where we are looking at these numbers, since october 1, there have been more than 3,150,000 illegal crossings to give you a little perspective, both like the entire city of anaheim california across the border in one sector since october 1. i want to show you this photo, this morning we embedded with texas dps troopers here in the rio grande valley and we were on the hunt for runners and they were getting hit costly, this is a hammerhead showing to illegal immigrants who have come across using drainage pipes storm systems to move in to evade law
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enforcement and it didn't take long to find the runners. we were out here in the predawn hours before the sun was up embedded with texas dps and this was a group of several young male runners encounter, they were arrested because they are not turning themselves in, these are not asylum-seekers, these are guys actively trying to evade and get deeper into the united states and they weren't the only ones. look at this video, another group of young men, runners not willing to turn themselves in. what's interesting about this groups, one man spoke perfect english, he said he's el salvador and he was a dreamer, his parents brought him to the united states when he was only nine months old, he grew up here and got into trouble, went to jail didn't tell us what for, was deported and tried crossing back into the u.s. this morning. he was caught, he's going to be sent back. it's happening all along the border. fox news went back to the
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sector, west texas, extremely remote, hot, dangerous, desolate terrain almost like a martian landscape where migrants will go way out of their way to avoid apprehension. basically in the middle of nowhere on a cliff in a mountain where you will see we came across eight illegal immigrants hiding under a boulder in the middle of nowhere, several of them wearing camouflage. a reminder of how far out of the way migrants will go to avoid apprehension. also since october 1 here in the rio grande valley sector, a source telling fox news there have been more than 32000 known getaways, migrants they've seen on cameras or sensors but they don't have the manpower to get to. the numbers, one single sector here at the southern border. >> bill melugin, thanks very much. arthel: more on president biden convincing latin american
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leaders to take more action against mass migration. together they signed what they called a declaration on migration and protection of the americas in los angeles yesterday. president saying immigration and border security not just the u.s. >> they depend on one another security is linked in ways that i don't think most people in my country fully understand. we know safe migration is good for all but we need to hold dangerous unlawful ways people are migrating, a dangerous way. arthel: let's bring in brandon judd, president of the national for patrol, president biden's newly planned decoration on migration. >> we will have to wait to see whether or not they are paying dividends but right now we know nothing out of the plan will
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immediately help what we are dealing with right now. when you look at the people he says he will let come in as desks workers, how many will come in as refugees, we deal with that many people into a half days. when you look at that, that's not going to slow down the number of people to continue across the border illegally, it doesn't give incentive to mexico to stop illegal immigration and that is the problem, it's a plan for the future, it does not deal with illegal immigration in the short term and that could be up too as many as two years. arthel: how you. arthel: president biden to ease the crisis short-term to get a handle on this? >> what we have to do we believe in legal immigration, the asylum process. we don't believe in is releasing people into the united states after the cross illegally. if we hold people in custody pending asylum hearing, let them, present themselves before a judge and make their case.
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if they are found to have a legitimate reason to be in the united states and they can be released by a judge but we re- release them from our custody prior to seeking a judge, as the magnet that draws so many people to cross the borders illegally. president biden re- implanted what we call catch and release program, something president trump was able to do away with and when president trump did away with it, illegal immigration dropped to 45 year lows. arthel: to questions for you so if indeed president biden does maintain migrants at the border until they are properly processed, and border patrol handle it and where you put them if they come inch by the drove stressed. >> once they know they will be held in custody and not released into the end state that they stop coming, we saw that under the remain in mexico program. the moment they knew they weren't going to be released,
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they stopped coming and that's why we were brought to 45 year lows so we start holding people in custody, is like a light switch, they will stop coming, we have the resources to deal with ten to 15000 every month, we don't have resources to deal with to 30,000 but we are because we continue to release them into the united states. arthel: i want to break down the southwest border encounters this year by citizenship. from el salvador, 58000. guatemala, 134,000. honduras 118,000. mexico, 483,000. other -- 502,000. i want to ask you, where do you think the countries of origin can do, how can they help? >> obviously this economic opportunities for the individual, there's a chance they will stay in their countries. the vast majority of the people we see coming to the united states are coming for economic purposes, they are not fleeing violence or because they are seriously afraid for their
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lives, persecution, they are coming for economic reasons so countries want to keep people in their own country, they will create economic opportunity. the problem is these are corrupt governments, we know that we seen that time and time again, anytime we give it to these countries, it doesn't go to where it needs to go, it goes to the pockets of the rich and politicians and that's why we see people coming to the united states illegally. arthel: interesting can't stop them at their border before leaving their border because you say the government is not doing what they should to make the place richer for them to have access to jobs and better their families but when they get here, we don't hold them in the end up in our country and you don't always get them back to the courtroom.
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>> and that is catch and release, that's what draws people here. we know we can't control what happens in other countries, we saw with afghanistan and have seen it time and time again. what we can control is what happened here in the united states and if we have a legal orderly process and we can control illegal immigration. then we can go after the cartel and all of the drugs entering the united states. but when we are causally tied up dealing with illegal immigrants, that's when the cartel cross higher value products and what's so dangerous to the american public and that's the reason is so important we get this issue under control. arthel: we leave it there, thank you very much. take care. >> russia trying to seize a city in ukraine has become the focus of his ruthless invasion from vladimir putin's forces sparking a fire at a chemical plant where hundreds of civilians are reportedly sheltering. steve harrigan is live in ukraine with the latest. >> that city is taking pounding
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from the russians. in the east what we are seeing is the war of attrition. both sides relying on artillery. the problem for ukraine is russian artillery outnumbers ukraine by about ten to one, russians firing about 50000 shells against ukrainian side each day. ukrainian officials say they lose up to 200 soldiers every day, more refugees continue to flee moving east as quickly as i can here in odesa, at least 50000 have come, many live here have stopped the business to try to help those who arise. one volunteer told us those who arrive often just have the clothes on their back and are shattered.
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>> they are concerned here in odesa, the real fear is russia does take full control in the east, this city could be the next target. >> steve, thanks. arthel. arthel: superstar justin bieber says half his face is now paralyzed because of a rare syndrome caused by the chickenpox virus. how common is his condition and how serious can it get? doctor marc siegel has those answers coming up next.
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justin bieber canceled a two or
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from performing say he's suffering from a rare disorder called ramsey syndrome, he took to social media to explain it. >> justin here. you can see this i is not blinken, i can't smile on this side of my face. this nostril will not move. full paralysis on the side of my face. >> doctor marc siegel joins us, professor of medicine at nyu langone, welcome. >> that is you. >> if justin bieber for your patient, what would you tell him about his likely prognosis? >> first of all, talk about what it is. this occurs because the chickenpox virus goes to your nurse and doesn't go away completely and it can react and what's fascinating is that in canada they didn't get the chickenpox vaccine routinely
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into the 2000. he was born in ontario in 1984, chances are he had chickenpox. this is a message to people that vaccines work because the chickenpox vaccine pretty much prevents this from occurring. you get a rash on your ear or one side of your face, probably he had on his right here to get paralysis on your face, if you get really early and you see the rash, you can get a drug that's an antiviral and a steroid and then you do rehabilitation of the facial muscles, your chances of a full recovery and everyone wants to hear this, 70% of a full recovery if it was done right and i'm sure he got tremendous care so i am optimistic about this. the vaccine pretty much prevent- >> hopeful news there. if it comes from the chickenpox vaccine which many of us have a certain age had, does it mean those of us who have had
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chickenpox are all at risk? >> it doesn't come from the vaccine -- those of us who have had chickenpox are at risk and we are at risk if we have it again before the vaccine came out in 1995 but here's the good news on that, were over the years of age, we make a terrific vaccine like the nova vax vaccine, it prevents this from occurring and well over 90% of the time, a phenomenal vaccine if you had chickenpox like you and i had without we were done with it, we can get this vaccine over the age of 50 and for sure over the age of 60 to prevent this, the vast majority of the time. >> thank you for catching my mistake, my bad. complications related to this syndrome, blistering rash,
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during loss, facial weakness, i damage, pain, neuralgia according to the mayo clinic. your thoughts on that? >> this rash is pretty characteristic, if you had, you can see it, it's the red and angry and painful it is got the blisters, we call them physicals. you could have this without the rash, vast majority of the time, if you don't have it, you might think it's bills policy policy or lyme disease or another virus but since he says he has ramsey hunt which is only a couple thousand cases a year of a very rare, since he says he has it, somebody probably saw the rash. i rushed to the antiviral, i would give steroids, too, it has a predominant effect. optimistic and i can see signs of recovery in the video you showed, i'm not his physician
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and never examine maybe i could retire then but he had return of function to the right i there, i saw it so it looks like the rehab may be having an effect. >> that's great news there. how rare is this and young people? >> it's very rare and young people because of the vaccine. it's interesting the vaccine came out in 1995 pretty much prevents this. we are not seeing it in young people because of the vaccine preventing it but if you had chickenpox, it's common when you're older because your immune system is breaking down as you get older and the viruses to surface as you get older. you know what brings it on? stress. when you are under stress and a singer like him under tremendous stress, it allows the virus to overcome the immune defenses keeping it down. over 60 is much more common. >> we wish justin bieber of full
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and speedy recovery. thank you for breaking this down for us. >> great to be down with you. arthel: we wish justin bieber well. a new york rangers fan is banned for life for a vicious fan knocked out cold. he loss of the playoff game. nca -- that of the hockey game the nba is also seeing unruly behavior in the stands, the golden state warrior is calling out fans during finals, the games are in boston this week. charles watson live in atlanta and i don't think -- i don't care if it's hockey or foosball or basketball or baseball, they need to stop it. >> a lot of bad behavior going on, scary moments falling the altercation between two fans of the nhl eastern conference finals at madison square garden
1:41 pm
look at this video. a new york rangers fan identified as 29-year-old james just turns around, a fan knocking him out cold not seen on video, police say he's running away and allegedly punching a witness who stepped in to try to slow him down. nypd says officers eventually caught up with the man and arrested him, he's facing numerous charges including six counts of assault, madison square garden releasing a statement calling it a parent before going on, they will be banned for life. this follows behavior from boston celtic span during the nba finals wednesday night fans could be heard chanting expletives, f you toward a warrior while his wife and son
1:42 pm
for independence, he kept his cool postgame but his teammates had choice words to say. >> the crowd response classic, very classic. >> we've seen them dropping f bombs with children in the crowds, real classy, good job. >> bad behavior is clearly something frustrating players. last month chris paul, the nba super star after a fan allegedly assaulted his wife and mother, he said they are saying salzman to the fans but the fans and families at that. clearly the players are fed up and it's time to go back and evaluate the old lessons. if you don't have anything nice to say can be quite keep your hands to yourself. arthel: keep your hands to yourself and keep your hands off his mother and wife for certain. we will continue behaving
1:43 pm
nicely. kind of. maybe. take care. mike. >> beaches, pools and water parks never opened the summer because so many places are struggling to hire lifeguards. that story is next.
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it's not summer yet but it certainly feels like it out west for dangerous heatwave building, scorching temperatures are expected to move across the country next week. here's our fox weather forecast. adam. >> it is hot, hot, hot across the country. the western half of the country's week for the week for the coming days but current temperatures outside, 102, 103 at el paso, as far north as denver, a lot of heat in the west, this will eventually flow
1:48 pm
toward the east driven by high pressure, that's the way this circulates, it's very warm air in the mountain state pulling toward texas. temperatures today to the weekend and tomorrow likely 15 to 25 degrees above average across this large area, we could be talking potentially record-breaking temperatures as far as east texas only back across the southwest into portions of southern california where we will see numbers coming up into the triple digits even as we sit now 110 degrees in phoenix, 106 in vegas, 92 in salt lake city and we are still heating up today, expect the numbers to climb a little higher, dollars 13 in phoenix. 108, 94 in salt lake city. close to 100 in sacramento, very warm air similar temperatures across the area for sunday's forecast. the high-pressure system will
1:49 pm
drag its way toward the east by early next week to the middle of the week record-breaking temperatures come along with it. we are looking at a large area, 20 degrees above is not average. definitely will feel like summer now. look at the radar across the country most of the action here in the eastern half of the heavy showers across florida and we are seeing a couple of rounds of rain in the great lakes, the northeast, the first found another round of showers will sweep through, perhaps a soggy sunday for the great lakes and northeast but i do think the big story the next three or four days the extreme heat. >> adam, thanks very much. we'll be right back.
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every search you make, every click you take,
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every move you make, every step you take, i'll be watching you. the internet doesn't have to be duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine, web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. swing for citizen towns across the country struggling to hire lifeguards. officials warned it could make for dangerous summer. christina coleman is live on the santa monica beach in california details.
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>> school is out for summer and kids want to play in the pools and splash around the water parks but due to the nationwide severe lifeguard shortage, tens of thousands of public schools may have to close or have limited hours. why is this happening? here are some reasons, many aspiring lifeguards take higher-paying jobs at retail or restaurants while pools were closed during covid and many chose to stick with their new line of work. the cancellation of lifeguard courses due to covid in 2020 plays a big factor. lifeguards were not able to renew their certification and they expire every two years leading to the shortage entrained lifeguards this summer. >> we arty have lifeguards already trained, sometimes a year early. we start a year early where we have to swim out and grab people into rescue hold and cpr up
1:55 pm
close and personal self social distancing heard that. even though there aren't restrictions now, we just now getting into the training. >> in austin texas, half of the city pools are closed due to the lifeguard shortage offering hundreds of dollars in incentives to beef up staffing and that's just a fraction of this facilities impacted. a third of the country's 309,000 public schools end up closing or having limited hours due to the lifeguard shortage. proper supervision is needed to keep the facilities open. since drowning cases remain a big concern. >> it remains the number one cause of death for children between the ages of one through five. that's resulting in nearly 400 deaths. year as well as nearly 7000 emergency services elated to drowning as well.
1:56 pm
>> here in l.a. county, there is more than 70 miles, they are constantly hiring and recruiting lifeguards. they do thousands of rescues every year. arthel: lifeguards do save lives. christina coleman, thank you and we will have more news in a moment.
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♪ ♪ products exclusive interviews on fox news sunday. brett bears hosting this week is a sound democratic senator from
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gulliver chris cohen's class at alia biden. also's talk with arkansas governor. tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. eastern here on the fox news channel. so that doesn't for a spirit i will see you in about an hour for the fox report at 6:00 p.m. eastern. a pleasure working with you arthel. arthel: always a pleasure thank you very much i would back at noon eastern for "the big saturday show" next thanks for joining us. it ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hey everyone i am alicia acuna along with guy benson lara trump and jimmy failla. welcome to "the big saturday show". >> thousands of migrants making their way toward the southern border right now. biden delivering mixed messages on the border is it open or not? >> plus. stopping hazing incident reveals after one college student is forced to drink an entire bottle of vodka another


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