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tv   Unfiltered With Dan Bongino  FOX News  June 11, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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"unfiltered" with dan bongino starts now. [♪♪♪] dab * imagine having your opponents' playbook and til blowing the game. that's joe biden. a massive migrant caravan headed towards the border. biden is ignoring them or avoiding them completely. an actual assassination attempt on supreme court justice brett
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kavanaugh. remember when ma shoe through mcconaughey you ran for office? oh, he didn't run for office. i have no doubt he was sincere. if you have seen "top gun: maverick," you may wonder how they make those nieg scenes so real. spoiler alert, they are. remember the movie "signs." the kid in the movie sees the signs. everybody thinks he's crazy. but they shouldn't have laughed. because in the movie he turned out to be right. people read signs in real life, too. one of the things that make these people great leaders is
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their ability to see around corners. to see signs other people miss and translate them into what will happen. it doesn't mean they can predict future. it just means they can predict the future better than the other guy. >> if he's elected the stock market will crash. >> this is the kind of transsphrition a historic economic recovery against steady, stable economic growth that works for working families. >> if biden got in you will be paying $7, $8, $9 and want to get rid of your car. >> the more money they are going to save if they can afford an electric vehicle. >> we inherited the largest year over year jump in murder in history in 2020.
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the biden administration has proven that they lack any ability to see around corn, but they ignore the signs all together when they are in front of their face. we are not talking about cryptic signals. biden is literally being told what's going to happen. but he's incapable or unwilling to respond. imagine being hand your opponents' playbook and still blowing the game. >> i became a ware of this problem in early april about how intensity was. so we did everything in our power from that point on. and that's all i can tell you right now. dan: folks, he was told it was going to be a crisis and he did nothing. he didn't even mention it until the middle of may. and there is more. remember larry summers,ed the
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bill clinton treasury secretary and former bawm advisor. bawm -- and former obama advisor. >> i think we'll have inflation of a kind we haven't seen in 30 years until the fed takes some significant move with respect to monetary policy or until there is some kind of accident. dan: that not a crop circle. he actually said it. he weir were all told we would have inflation. but biden ignored those signs. now we are facing a shocker of inflation. here is larry summers a democrat with another warning. >> unless of course the economy heads towards recession on its
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own, we need to recognize that a soft landing will be very difficult in the circumstances. dan: you think the biden administration is going to ignore that? not a crop circle. according to them, no sweat, the economy is in great shape. >> we have the fastest growing economy in the world, the world, the world. dan: the economy shrunk last quarter. americans can barely afford to fill up their gas tanks and put food on the table. they claim the economy is in a better place than it's been historically. have you read a history book?
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and biden is about blaming everybody else instead of look in the mirror. >> putin's price hike is hitting america hard. there are 9 major ocean line shipping companies from the ship from asia to the united states. these companies raised their prices by as much as 1,000 percent. dan: now he's blaming the shipping companies. putin, big chicken, shipping companies. remember when the roe v. wade week happened and the left lost their collective minds, including senators who threaten supreme court justices. >> i want to tell you gorsuch, i want to tell you kavanaugh, you have released a whirlwind and you will pay the price. dan: not a crop circle.
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he's saying you will pay the price. is anybody surprised when somebody shows up you outside kavanaughs house with weapons and zip-ties with a plan to kill him. what about the 10,000-person caravan of migrants approaching our southern border. did biden miss this sign, too. >> it can rain, it will thunder, nobody can stop us. dan: there it is. they are telling us what they are going to do. and biden has this magic power to still screw it up. we have seen this before. remember this blaming the american people for their own ineptitude? >> it's clear that the true problems of our nation are much deeper, deeper than gasoline lines or energy shortages.
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deeper even than inflation or recession. i realize more than ever as president i need your help. that's a lesson to the american people. i have been reminded again that all the legislatures in the world can't fix what's wrong with america. dan: remember that infamous malaise speech? it didn't work out for jimmy carter trying to blame americans for america's issues. conservatives get blamed for trying to scare the audience, as if these things aren't happening in front of our eyes. it's not a fear campaign. it's called the news. maybe someone can tell joe biden that instead of ignoring the signs. joining me to discuss is former
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acting i.c.e. director, tom homan. they are telling us they are coming here than is nothing week do about it. there is even a border anymore. >> the united states of america has lost operational control our own southern border. one chief patrol used the term broken arrow. he said we cannot contain what's coming across the border. since joe biden has become president 750,000 people who crossed the border weren't arrested. how do we know that? cameras and the border chiefs said they no longer control their southern border. the criminal cartels in mexico control it and joe biden and
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this administration gave it to them. dan: in this business you probably have forgotten more about border enforcement than most people know. we have drone footage and on the ground footage. we have organizers announce where they are going to go. >> this is 100% by design. i wrote an op-ed saying if joe biden became president we would lose the border. shut down immigration, decision, award amnesty, give free healthcare. when he became president he signed over 90 executive orders, abolishing everything he did in the trump administration. i get up every day disgusted. we finally had a president in president biden and secured the
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border. joe biden is the first president in the history of this nation who came into office and intentionally unsecured our border which made this country less safe. a record number of overdose deaths from fentanyl coming across the border. over 700 migrant deaths on u.s. soil. women are being sex trafficked along with children. the deaths in mexico and central america. the policies are inhumane but they are made on purpose. they are playing with it it's executed 100 percent on open borders. dan: what are your contacts on the ground, what is the morale like? it has to be awful in both of these agencies. >> there is no morale. the border patrol lost faith. they are american hero hospital
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keep putting the uniform on. the secretary of homeland security has abandoned them. the commandern-in-chief has abandoned them. to this day the administration has no integrity to announce these guise accused of horse whipping did nothing wrong and put them back to work. dan: justices and their families need protection more than ever. but nancy pelosi won't allow it. delays stick reason why. (vo) with every generation, the subaru forester has been a leader in crash safety, working to undo the impact a crash can have on your life. which has led the forester to even be able to detect danger and stop itself.
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dan: welcome back to "unfiltered." law enforcement foiled an actual assassination plot to kill justice kavanaugh. he had everything he need, pepper spray, a hammer. but nancy pelosi said justices and their families don't need more protection. >> they are protected.
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it's about staff and the rest. nobody is in danger because of knot our not having the bill. dan: notice when she walks off stage into the hands of her waiting security team. you will see them over her right shoulder. isn't that weird? there is a reason for this. because pelosi would have to admit that the left are the ones who are violent. joining me is washington times opinion editor charlie hurt. thanks for joining us. contrast. it's okay to riot in big cities as long as you claim blm antifa mantel. you can burn a courthouse down in oregon, attack the white house when donald trump is up
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there. contrast. two different systems of justice in this country. >> exactly. it's hard to keep track of all the things the democrats looked the other way on. that's a big reason why there is this strategy of i call this the third failed trump impeachment trial. getting people to watch them go through -- through this charade. it's a shock reminder of the security concerns around the country whether it's school security or the security of a supreme court justice and his family, but the viable real threat of assassination, they don't care about anybody's security except their own. they will drop everything and have these hearings in order to go back 18 months and talk about
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a time when their security was threatened and pay no mind whatsoever to all the security concerns regular voters in our everyday lives, a real and --present danger about securit. dan: i want to get your thoughts on why pelosi is delaying this security package. a story they want out there, january, the insurrection. the republicans are a clear and present danger. vote against them. if she signs the bill it will have to be admitted that a leftist is a danger. >> it's all about narrative. that's what these hearings are
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about. but there are two things going on here. nancy pelosi realizes, all regular normal democrats on capitol hill realize this was a terrifying situation involving justice calf now thank you and they realize necessity dodged a bullet literally near this particular case. and it was all nancy pelosi's fault. she sat on it. refused to allow the legislation to go through. she doesn't want to admit she was wrong and she endangered a supreme court justice's life and not to mention his family's life. what you just mentioned, there are these optics. she doesn't want to admit the real threat to security in this country are not this fantasy whether it's on january 6 where you have grand month mass and the vast majority of people who
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trespassed, broke the law, whatever, that's fine, i don't think any conservatives object to that. but that's not the physical threat to security in this country. the physical threat to security are whackos who want to break the law. dan: that should be a non-partisan issue. charlie hurt, we thank you so many for your time. we appreciate it. the primetime january 6 charade that was a complete dud. republican congressman who didn't get an invite wears its as a badge off
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ashley: welcome to fox news live. i'm ashley strohmier in new york. inflation continues to playing the nation as the cost of just about everything keeps rising the the consumer price index for may shows prices rose 8.6%. president biden vowed to keep spending for infrastructure spending but so far his proposed solutions have done little to fix our nation's financial
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outlook. >> former envelope play john sax's son was among the marines who went down in a crash. he says he's devastated. welcomo "unfiltered." the january pipe time movie charade is turning out to be quite a dud. here is a question that wasn't answered. >> can you tell us without talking about particular incidents or videos how many agents assets of the federal government present and whether they agitated too go into the capitol and whether any of them did.
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>> i'm not going to violate the rule of law and comment on an investigation that's ongoing. here to react is florida congressman byron donnells. that seems like an important comment from your colleagues. if it's the biggest threat since pearl harbour it' allege important question to answer. >> obviously merrick garland doesn't want to answer that question. and nancy pelosi blocked the question that makes sense like did you have embedded fbi assets. what happened to the intel report the fbi sent to the capitol police three or four days before january 6. the biggest question of all, what happened to the national guard troops donald trump authorized on january 4. how come they were not at the capitol or close by on january
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6. dan: they seem like basic security questions. the fbi locked up hundreds of people involved. if you had a selfie anywhere near the capitol you could have bean suspect. but don't you think it's odd we haven't been able to locate the rnc-dc bomber? >> i agree. there are so many questions coming out of january 6. i'm on the oversight committee. we had two hearings on this june and may of last year. when republicans started digging in to these questions, that's when nancy pelosi should it down. that's when she wanted an independent commission and she wanted to play with the independent commission. that got shut down. then she created her polit
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bureau everybody saw. dan: they said it was a planned insurrection. then they said trump incited it. was it planned or did trump incite it? >> they can't keep their stories straight because they are trying to create a narrative where none you exists. i was there, it was shameful for the country and it must be held accountable. but this political conspiracy that donald trump want an insurrection is insane. ' we found out the only russia collusion was from the dnc and hillary clinton. dan: my expectations are low, too. congressman, thanks for your time. coming up, a blow to george soros's attempt to destroy law and order. but soros has a new target,
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hispanic radio stations.
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the clues are all around us! not that one. that's the one. at university of phoenix, you could earn your master's degree in less than a year for under $11k. learn more at dan: a serious blow to liberal billionaire george soros. liberal voters may be wake up. but the soros effect is still
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going strong. a report showed that he poured $75 million into electing soft on crime d.a.s. with me next, the. welcome to the show for the first time, matt. there is no better expert on george soros. what attracts george soros's attention as a district attorney, and why is he so obsessed with local crime, district attorneys and the prosecutors. >> we all know soros has been a bogeyman figure in american politics for quite a while. he has been interested in our presidential elections where he spent hundreds of billions of dollars. but in local races $100 million
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in a presidential elect might not move the needle that much. but spending that money on a local d.a. race will have an impact and it gives him direct control over people. when a d.a. has choices over sentencing decisions. all those things pertaining to law and order, and you don't have to go through a legislative process. dan: what has been the result of these soros funded prosecutors being elected. surely we have some data. >> the largest chapter in the book is soros goes local. i highlight the d.a.s. what is the information that
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attracting soros to them and they are pretty wacky. they take office. one of the first things they usually do is fire all the current prosecutors who usually have decades of experience. then they fill twhem their own friends, and with the case of boudin, he never tried a murder case before. they stop enforcing a lot of quality of life offenses. they are under a delusion if it's not a violent crime it doesn't count. but in most of these cities you see a near double of the violent crimes and the murder rate. dan: like a reverse broken windows. let everybody get away with little stuff and they will do big stuff later. >> one of the funny things that happens, in san francisco, we have seen the viral videos where somebody walks into a cvs and.
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boudin tried to claim, it's going down understood me, it's because it's not being reported. dan: george soros has a new target, hispanic voters. he's buying more than a dozen hispanic radio talk stations. conservative voices are fighting back and reportedly revolting. some staff are reportedly planning to leave if the sale goes through. joining me is the deputy editor of beltran. they are interested in hispanic conservative talk radio. is it the poll numbers? what's going on here? >> there are a lot of factors.
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the main thing about latina media network which is partially owned by the soros fund investment. soros is a very smart man. he knows big changes occur from the grassroots. they know biden and the democratic party are losing a lot of hispanic voter. and it has to do with the fact of radio stations that are starting to do voices within the hispanic community in the u.s. it's not that i progressive anti-american message that's completely woke that hispanics don't identify themselves with. dan: i guess if you can't beat
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them, buy them. thanks a lot for your time. we appreciate it. coming up, actor matthew mcconaughey takes the stage in the white house briefing room. why should we listen to an actor on guns. you don't want to miss that coming up.
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dab * welcome back to "unfiltered." you probably saw matthew mcconaughey giving an emotional speech in the white house briefing room. here is a portion what he said. >> we need responsible gun ownership. we need background checks. we need to raise the minimum age to purchase an ar-15 rifle to 21. we need a waiting per idea for those rifles. we need red flag laws and consequences for those who abuse them. dan: let me be clear with you. he's a talented actor and i'm certain he was sincere.
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that was not an act. he was a uvalde resident. no one can see what happened in uvalde and not be moved. it's earth shake what happened. but i don't take my advice on civil liberties -- from actors. we already have red flag laws called parents. red flag laws give the government the power to come knock on my door because somebody thinks i shouldn't have a gun and i don't have due process and haven't been accused of a crime. i am going to take a hard pass on that. universal background checks. you have to get a background check to buy a gun now. the real reason they want private to private background checks, farmer jones gives his
9:46 pm
rifle to his son when he's getting older. they want to know where all the guns are. without private to private background checks they won't have the list when they show up at your doors with the red flag laws. how about we enforce the gun laws we have now. with all due respect to mr. mcconaughey. i believe he's sincere. i ran force of, it didn't work out for me. you can do that, too, and sell those ideas to the public. see how it works out. joining me, charlie kirk. those are serious policy prescriptions. he can run for office if he likes. >> i agree. i think he was totally sincere. i like matthew mcconaughey. he loves his state and he's a good american.
9:47 pm
don't go to biden's white house and start talking about public policy solutions when you have no idea what you are talking about. red flag law sounds good. let's say they push a red flag law and say terrorists should not be able to own guns. you show up at a school board meeting, according to the fine and the department of justice, the definition, who gets to enforce this. the same government that uses more force against moms and dads who show up to complain about curriculum. i don't like where we are right now as a country. but i don't trust this government. i don't trust the government that covered up their tracks. i don't trust the government that smashes cell phones and gets away with it. that many the same government we are supposed to give more power to register guns which as you
9:48 pm
said is a prerequisite to confiscating your guns. dan: who gets to determine who a domestic terrorist is is what matters. it's time for hot takes. outrageous stories you may have missed this week. joining me, lisa boothe. topic number one. liberal cities strike again. in seattle they had to refound $5 million in parking tickets because it screwed up who could write and hand out the parking ticket. kind of a big fail. >> you know, seattle residents were promised a summer of love, so maybe they are finally getting it by not having to pay these parking tickets.
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this is a classic example, you play stupid games, you win stupid prize. seattle, they returned out for a find the police movement, trying to outvirtue signal. what they failed to look at was they fail to understand is by transferring the authority from the police, they put it in the authority to people who don't have the legal authority to write those tickets. while this example is hilarious. there are real consequences for seattle residents, namely that the police aren't investigating sexual assault cases because they don't have enough police officers. the parking tickets are hilarious when they aren't able to prosecute assault cases. dan: gas prices hit another record. yet a democrat senator outraged
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the entire universe when he said no big deal. i got my electric car. then a "wall street journal" cool up tonight wrote this piece where she spent her time going across the country in scene electric car rental and spent more time sleeping. but listen to this from senator stabenow. >> on the issue of gas prices after waiting a long time to finally get my electric vehicle. i got it and drove from it michigan to here this last weekend and went by every single gas station and it didn't matter how high it was. dan: she is the new marie antoninette. >> you peasant go out and get a- get a $60,000 car which is the
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average income of a family. this is the whole point of the liberal agenda. they want americans to feel pain. the suffering ineven continuesal. you can go back to 2008 -- the suffering is intentional. if you want people to stop using fossil fuels doesn't it make sense to make it as painful as possible. they want you to feel the pain. dan: the pain is the point. coming up on "unfiltered." "top gun: maverick" soared to the top of the box offers. ever wonder how they made the supplying scenes so real? >> only man to shoot down three enemy fleants last 40 years. and you can't get at promotion.
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you won't retire. despite your best efforts, you refuse to die.
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>> good morning aviators this is your captain speaking. ♪ ♪ in three, two, one -- ♪ ♪
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dan: welcome back to unfiltered "top gun: maverick" is full of high flying aerial maneuvers but possible in real life joining me now is blue angels pilot frank wiser the flight scenes in this movie are incredibly realistic i love the first one this is a great movie the second one, they're realistic sir for a reason. apparently this was filmed these are actual planes this is not computer animation at all these are actual planing flying and doing these maneuvers. >> that's exactly right. the movie is entirely filmed with our navy airplane. dan: now commander, this seems inside the cockpit you see the g force on the pilot on these faces. how do they film those? how exactly did they film these
9:58 pm
actors inside these jets? it was who was flying these things? >> in every case the airplane is flown by a navy fighter hornet pilot and actors are in backseat a two person aircraft actors are in the back so there's no way to fake it. there's no way to pretend that you're under 7 or 8g's so they flew with us and put themselves in the airplane with us. dan: so it looks real because it is real a real world experience because in the movie again without giving away any of the film there's a unspecified they don't tell you country with fifth generation fight nearing's the movie and without getting into again the details -- there are fifth generation fighters through the. people that can match our aerial technology. are we still the world's superpower in the air? or do we have rivals that are matching our air power now? inch we're still the superpower there's no question about it and we have rivals who are i would say at least attempting to match
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our air superiority. dan: commander thanks a lot for your time we really appreciate it. >> you bet. dan: before we go remember you can catch the dan bongino show every day on fox nation. here's a clip from the past week's show. >> but it is a are in this casee does media hits as peter navarro e had doesn't go on as samuel or joe he goes under actual name. not a numb -- or he goes under peter navarro he's not hard to find. you had to go arrest anymore an airport put him in the leg shackle and lock him up because he didn't comply with the subpoena you know why you did this please stop the nonsense. you did it for one reason and one reason only. you did it to spend a message. >> listen like my aunt used to say but that's a clip. you have yo to check out the dan
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bongino show fox nation weekdays from 12 to 3 don't forget to follow unfiltered facebook and unfiltered that does it for us here tonight unfiltered see you next saturday 9 p.m. and don't forget to set your dvr if you can't make it live. see you back here. ♪♪ ♪ ♪ lawrence: good evening everyone i'm lawrence jones welcome to cross country in missouri where university of missouri insighted outrage across the country. 19-year-old danny can't walk or talk after being forced to drink an entire bottle of vodka this shows near death tragedy unfold at the plemg pledge part and


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