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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  June 12, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> there it is. pete: i got it. all i need is one. one more. oh! will: there it is. ♪ maria: good sunday morning, everyone, welcome to "sunday morning futures. " i'm maria bartiromo. inflation spikes to another 40-year high, gasoline prices surge above $5 a gallon across america and the stock market loses clash 7 trillion in value in the year as the president does his first interview in more than 100 days but misleads the american people about the economy. in look, here's where we are. we have the fastest growing
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economy in the world, the world, the world. maria, no actually, the economy contracted 1.5% in the first quarter. and now predictions it's about to get much worse as the federal reserve moves to the the raise interest rates again this upcoming week. >> it's a hurricane. it's -- right now it's kind of sunny, things are doing fine, everyone thinks that they can handle this. that hurricane is right out there down the road coming our way. >> i think that we're really heading for lehman-type moment here. i think, and listening to institutional investors, the marks on private ec by -- equity and venture capital are potentially off by $600 billion. maria: coming up, missouri congressman and house budget committee ranking member jason smith on the president and the democrats' agenda and the attacks. then, as higher costs and making
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ends meet cost american families, the democrats' prime time show kick off on thursday night. ohio congressman and house judiciary committee ranking member jim jordan on the hearings, the agenda and the november midterm elections. plus, lawlessness at the southern border. giveaways to america's adversaries. decorated military man and lieutenant colonel oliver north on the democrats' foreign policy decisions that have harmed america. plus, the nevada senate primary is this upcoming tuesday, and the race could be the clincher for gop control of the senate. coming up former navy officer and senate primary con end ther adam laxalt on what's at stake. it's all right here, right now on "sunday morning futures." ♪ ♪ maria: and first this morning, bracing for the worst. new economic news as americans
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getting poorer. the may inflation report showed consumer prices up on average a worse than expected 8.6%. but the products that so many of us spend our money on are up much more than that, a dozen eggs up 32 the % year-over-year. the price of an airline six the incompetent up 37%. gas -- ticket up 37%. and yet the democrat agenda prioritizes climate change, the january 6th hearing, gun legislation and proest thing the supreme court's stance on abortion. joining me right now to cuts what the gop can do about it is ohio congressman and house judicially -- judiciary committee ranking member, jim jordan. what did we learn with last week's hearing? >> i don't think we knew anything knew -- learned
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anything new. they had the foreman head of the abc news as the price of this thing. but i don't think we learned anything new even with thousands of hours of testimony, no ability for republicans to do any type of cross-examination, i still don't think there was anything new there. you know, it's kind of like the home team playing at home and the ref's on their side, and they still can't one the game. that was sort of my takeaway, and the american people are focused on the things you just mentioned, $5 gas, 41-year high inflation, a border that's no longer a border and crime that's on the rise in every major urban area in this country. maria: you and kevin mccarthy wrote an op-ed about a week ago in the wall street journaled, and you pointed out a number of things, basically that there was a legitimate -- illegitimate committee. so i guess my question to you and if it's ill he create mate and they're weapon sizing
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majority -- weapon with nicing majority rule, are any of these subpoenas enforceable and legal that they are handing out, and what happens to in the committee should you take the majority in november? >> well, we'll investigate -- i want to the see all the depositions. i want to see all the documents, and ranking member rodney davis has her sent a preservation letter to the committee so we can look at it and the american people can get the full story the, not just this one-sided, choreographed presentation we got the other night. when you think about what committee's done, never in the history of the house of representatives has a minority leader not been able to the put on a select committee the individuals he or she selected. we also know this committee has authored -- altered evidence and lied about a it, so much so that they had to issue a statement that says we regret the error which is government speak for we got caught lying. i think the party sees it for
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what it is, a part saab political activity -- partisan political activity. that's why we wrote the op-ed in the "wall street journal" a couple weeks ago. maria: it's interesting because one of the questions you have brought on this program just last week is why was the cap old so vulnerable in the first place? who knew that violence was going to happen, and why weren't the front-line cops aware of that? what did we learn in term of that? why? why this was allow are to happen, a breach at the capitol. >> yeah, maria, you're right, we didn't learn anything about the answer to that question from the hearing the ore night, and only one person can really answer that question, that's the speaker of the house. and guess what? the chairman of this committee, bennie thompson, has said he's not going to ask her anything, they're not going to depose her. but she's one who was offered the martial guard from the white house, we know that -- national guard. president trump said if you need national guard that day, they're available, she didn't take the him up on that offer a because
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according to correspondence and testimony and media reports, i should say, the sergeant at arms said that the speaker's office didn't like the optics of that. and you know why? because you can never forget the context here. in the summer of 2020 the they called rioters and looters peaceful protesters all summer long. so it's kind of tough then on january 6th to say, you know what? we want more law enforcement, we want the national guard to protect the capitol. i think that's the reason they didn't do it, because of their position on defunding the police and the position they took during the somewhere of 2020. but she should be asked that question. that's something that if the american people put us in charge, we get to the bottom of it, and we'll get an answer. maria: yeah, i think to you make an important point because chuck schumer was out and about talking extremists in 2020 the about brett kavanaugh and the supreme court. we know this past week a murder attempt was made on justice the brett kavanaugh's life. we also know that there was
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legislation that passed in the senate two months ago to protect justices and give them security, but here's nancy pelosi when she was asked about that legislation and why it has not come to the floor in the house. watch. >> -- armed man showed up near justice kavanaugh's house -- >> -- but nobody is in danger over the weekend of our not having a bill. maria: what happened with that bill? >> maria, their effort to intimidate the united states supreme court is so intense that they won't even pass this legislation. legislation that passed the senate unanimously. think about that. bernie sanders supported that that legislation. elizabeth warren supported that legislation. every democrat supported that legs, and they won't bring it up in light of the fact now that we had an assassination attempt the on a sitting justice the of the united states supreme court. that is unbelievable, that she
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said, oh, no, not to worry over the weekend. i mean, that's crazy. we were all for this. leader mccarthy talk about talked about in the last week on the floor, why not bring it up? just let this thing pass, but nancy pelosi held this up just like she's holding up any investigation into with why the capitol wasn't prepared, why it wasn't in the proper security posture that was need on january 6th. maria: so the question becomes should you get the majority in november, are you depose nancy pelosi? >> well, we'll see. one thing we're committed to do is the investigations that need to be done so that the american people get the truth the, and we will do it in a way has consistent with the united states constitution. that's what we're focused on. and there are lots of investigations, excuse meing that need to the happen, maria. we need to look at why were thousands of americans' tax the returns made public? if the judiciary committee has to look into the border situation, the idea that we no longer have a border.
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maria: yeah. >> we need to look into the doj targeting moms and dads at school board meeting, the oversight committee needs to examine the whole origin, all the misinformation we got from dr. fauci over the last year and a half. so there's lots of investigations that need to happen. we are committed to doing that but doing it in way that's consistent with the constitution. maria: so who is responsible for all of these failed policies? liz peek wrote a fantastic op-ed on the other day saying that, look, it's not all joe biden's fault here. his cabinet is inept. let's take a look at the cabinet, and i want to know from you who's going to be the left holding the ball? is janet yellen going to continue in her job even though she told us for a year that inflation was transitory? alejandro mayorkas running a wide open border, jennifer granholm not understanding how much oil is needed, anthony and lloyd austin blinken overseeing
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the botched -- withdrawal from afghanistan. pete buttigieg was missing in action when we had a mass supply chain crisis going on. if merrick forwardland, he's not investing -- garland are, he's not investing anything that is clearly issues in plain sight criminality with regard to policies, so who is responsible, congressman? >> heir all responsible, and i think the american people are fixing to make a change come november. you can just feel that happening. you're right, mayorkas said the border's secure, oh, my godness. janet yellen said she's surprised at inflation. how can you be surprised when you drive up the cost of energy? of course, granholm has no idea what kind of energy policies we need. and you can look at every single policy area, it has went from if being good under president trump
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to being terrible under these guys. we went from a secure border to chaos, from energy independence to the president begging iran, opec and venezuela to increase production, we we went to record levels of crime in every urban area and from stable prices to the a 41-year high inflation rate, and i haven't even gotten into foreign policy or the attacks on our first amendment and, of course, last week the attacks on our second amendment rights. maria: yeah. >> there's a reason, maria, more than 7 off the 10 of our fellow citizens think the country is on the wrong track. they think that because it's true. they understand this great country is in a terrible situation because of joe biden and their policies, and it's being done to the the us all intentionally. that's why i think there is, again, a big change coming in this year's midterm election. maria: by the way, we're going to speak with lieutenant colonel if oliver north coming up in the program, but i just should point out some news that happened this weekend because the defense minister of china pretty much
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smacked down lloyd austin and saying, well, who is the mastermind behind the war in ukraine? who stands to gain the most? who's adding fuel to the fire, he asked. and then in a very stunning comment about taiwan, he basically warned the united states not to get involved in anything about taiwan saying that that is a path to death. so we'll have more about the chinese defense minister, but it doesn't appear that the ccp is backing down from america anytime soon, congressman. >> yeah. again, goes back, we've talkedded about this before, when you project weakness f from the oval office, which is exactly what is happening, you get bad things happening. i remember a few months ago former secretary of state the mike pompeo was asked the question would these the things have happened when president trump was in the white house. and i thought mike gave a great answer, he said, well, the short answer is i don't know, but i do the know this: hay didn't happen
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when -- they didn't happen when he was in the white house, and that speaks volumes, that says it all. that's the difference between strength as commander in chief of the united states and, frankly, the unfortunate situation we have now. maria: all right, congressman. it's good to see you. i want to get into your letter to the director of the fbi, director wray, but we'll do that another time because there's so much politicization going on across this administration. thank you, sir, for being here this morning. jim jordan joining us. >> thank you the, maria. maria: quick break and then the technology the industry is cutting jobs at the fastest pace since the beginning of pandemic in 2020 the as costs soar and america's economy teeters on recession. the sting of inflation plummeting stock prices with house budget committee ranking member jason smith when we come back. ♪ they're banking, with bank of america. look at this guy. he bought those tickets on his credit card and he's rackin' up the rewards.
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fiscal are restraint in combating inflation? >> i do. we, our budget proposes deficit reduction. deficits have come down but especially in light of the inflationary situation -- >> so -- >> -- i think there should be further deficit reduction -- >> so fiscal restraint does affect inflation. i appreciate that, you said yes. the deficit is haas year, what was it? -- last year, what was it? was it 2.78 trillion? >> probably, i -- >> yeah. that's what we have from the budget committee. and that is second largest deficit in the history of in the nation. maria: treasury secretary janet yellen on friday in front of the house ways and means committee, struggling to answer congressman jason smith's question about what the deficit is right now. she's also one of the biden officials who told us that inflation was transitory, temporary as the cost of living
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began to the rise a year ago, and she along with others pushed through the climate agenda binning -- beginning with the covid package, the build back better and infrastructure bills. this week dr. yellen admitted she was wrong about inflation. it is up better than 12% since president biden entered office, and as you can see, inflation has steadily moved higher along with in the administration's pushing of more spending which they continue to do right now. joining me right now is missouri congressman jason smith. congressman, thank you very much forking being here. just watched your interview, what struck you most about that hearing and what you learned from janet janet yellen? >> well, she opened up -- maria, it's great to be with you. she open up her statement saying that this administration is cutting deficits. then when i asked her the amount that the deficit was, she, she didn't know those number ifs offhand. and being the treasury secretary
7:20 am
and if you're testifying before a committee that is, has jurisdiction over you, you should know that the deficit was 2.78 trillion, the second highest in the history of our country. the problem is, people aren't holding them to task whenever they make statements that are completely inaccurate. maria: well, i want to get your take on where this is going because american families are feeling the pinch here of the sting of inflation. we have a graphic here of the cost of basic goods in america, and it is an ugly sight. do you think inflation gets worse and why? you made a really important point to me when we spoke about why you think inflation stays elevated. explain why you believe this is going to continue. >> maria, american families are struggling. as we saw on friday, inflation was 8.6% month to month, 12.2% since joe biden took the oath of office. gas prices have more than doubled, 109%. people are paying $5 a gallon.
7:21 am
american families are struggling to put food on the table and gasoline in their cars. for anyone to to say that inflation has peaked and it's only going down is not looking at what's happening. out of that $2 trillion american rescue plan that was passed a year ago a, it's all not been spent. in fact, hundreds of billions of collars of that just went out in the -- dollars of that just went out in the last couple weeks. and to take notice, the states and political local subdivisions that received so much money from the american rescue plan are just now starting to spend that money. that's only going to fuel the fire of inflation. but what is this administration trying to do to address inflation, they're trying to continue to rebuy the build back broke bill that would spend another $5 trillion. you cannot spend your way out of inflation. maria: you make a good point. i want to get into that. you say the money hasn't even gone out in the $1.9 trillion package, that's what i want to
7:22 am
look at when we come back. quick break, and then will the lights go out this summer? how much worse can it get as now some lawmakers are predicting blackouts? next with congressman jason smith. stay with us. trading isn't just a hobby. it's your future. so you don't lose sight of the big picture, even when you're focused on what's happening right now. and thinkorswim® is right there with you. to help you become a smarter investor. with an innovative trading platform full of customizable tools. dedicated trade desk pros and a passionate trader community sharing strategies right on the platform. because we take trading as seriously as you do. thinkorswim® by td ameritrade
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>> we're going to have power outages all across the country and specifically california's going to be the hit the worst. and, you know, the president once again has been advised of this, but he is missing it just like he did with the baby formula shortages. we're going to have blackouts, we're going to have higher costs. people are going to be paying more for spotty service. he wants you to buy an electric the car, i say you better buy an electric generator. maria: that was wyoming senator john barrasso on in the program last week warning us about potential blackouts this summer as a result of biden's energy
7:26 am
policies. the senator also believes the administration is driving up energy costs intentionally to the justify the climate agenda. we are back with congressman jason smith, the ranking member on the house budget committee. congressman, what about that? do you expect blackouts? the price of gasoline hit $5 a gallon over the weekend, and the administration's pushing everybody to buy an electric car. isn't that going to pressure the grid? what do you expect in terms of the price of gasoline in the future? >> maria, this administration's more focused on implementing their progressive wish list items than -- and worried about what those actions do to hard working americans. we see that because in his first week in office his executive order with his war on u.s. energy has now caused gas prices to hit record highs, $5 a gallon. filling up my f-150 # just a couple weeks ago cost me almost $150 #. you know what? gas prices are only going to
7:27 am
continue to rise because of the policies of this one-party democrat control, nancy pelosi, chuck schumer and joe biden are causing. this is literally going to be about $5,000 per family this year just by increases in gas. maria: yeah. and we're looking at the timeline, and it's very clear that the policies are have stoked inflation, but he keep keeps calling it putin's price hikes. back to what you said in terms of the money from the covid relief package signed into law in march of '21, much of the money hasn't gone out yet, and that's why you believe inflation stays elevated. can you tell me more about that? >> well, let's say inflation before this bill was passed in february 2021, the first month of joe biden's term, was 1.7%. now it's went up 12.2%, and what has american people got from that? they got the american rescue plan that was passed the following month that was a $2
7:28 am
trillion spending bill. hess than 9% of it went towards covid to kill covid are, but 91% of it went towards random things. 400 with to pay people not to -- 400 billion to pay people not to work. there was 400 billion estimated in fraud. 140 # million went toward luxury hotels in florida, 17 million for a golf course, 2 million to plant trees, 783 million for checks to prisoners. and guess what? if you're a japanese citizen,s you got a $1400 stimulus check. that is why every american is paying more to put food on hair table, clothes on their backs and gas in their car, because of the democrats' wasteful spending. maria: yeah. and i mow in your weekly budget meetings you identify the wasteful spending. we just put a graphic up there. congressman, you're also just back from the border, another wild policy here that has been harmful. tell me what you saw at the
7:29 am
board because we know that we've been to the border, in the program and my show, "mornings with maria" on fox business, we went to the border four times, and we saw that the way the cartels are running the opening to america, the southern board. tell me what you saw when you were on the ground at the border. >> it's absolutely terrible maria. i took the largest delegation to the border just over a week ago. two-thirds of my house budget committee went there. we went to the investigate exactly how tens of billions of americans' dollars are being spent and not being spent. in fact, we saw where the president is violating the budget impoundment act of 1974, the bipartisan appropriation, the $1.4 billion to build the wall, yet we saw over $300 million worth of wall material rusting in a scrap yard with. it was unacceptable. what was even worse is talking to the border patrol and seeing how the criminal cartel is
7:30 am
profiting. $32 million a day by allowing people to crosses the southern border. they're charging them to cross the southern border. it's unacceptable that our policies are enriching mexican cartels. maria: well, i -- that's just incredible. and when we went to the border, the border agents told the us that these cartels are taking home $200 million a week, so that ads up to what you're saying -- adds up. they charge $4,000 a head, might be from the northern tria angle, 20-30,000 a head. the chinese the are paying up to $50,000 a head to get in here, and the cartels are allowing it. and those cartels, they're dangerous cartels. they're, like, 0 miles -- 10 miles south of border. i reported there, there was a merger of two very dangerous cartels, and they've got equipment that is equipment to, like, military-style equipment, right? >> the border patrol showed us a video just 10 miles south of the
7:31 am
border of the mexican cartels fighting with one another with military the equipment. what's concerning is, is that along the southern border the border patrol told us that people from is 74 -- 174 different countries have been caught crossing the southern border. they know that the way they can get de facto residency in the united states is through the southern border. but before they cross that border, they have to pay the mexican cartel the. it's unacceptable that a this is how it's become. maria: i think it's extraordinary that all of this is the happening, and there's no pivot. there's no pivot to the middle. in fact, we know that right now chuck schumer is still driving the build back better agenda, trying to get joe manchin and kyrsten sinema onboard. we'll see about that. congressman, good seeing you. thanks for being here this morning. >> good to see you, maria. maria: and that package, by the way, includes 1.5 trillion in higher taxes, is that right? what he's trying to push through
7:32 am
right now? that is why this market has sold off $7 trillion in value, the stock market. quick break, and will u.s. spending on defense go up? plus, from canceling the china initiative to iran, keeping the southern border wide open, lieutenant colonel if oliver north is next. stay with us. ♪ with best western rewards you get rewarded when you stay on the road and on the go. when you stay in style or stay for a while. with points that never expire, you get free nights, fast. find your rewards so you can reconnect and disconnect, hang out, hold on tight and let go! it's the summer of rewards!
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♪ >> we didn't promise everything, everything we prommed we delivered on, and that's what the world was look. if whether it was the chinese communist party's moves against taiwan or the russians' moves in europe or the iranians' efforts to continue to build up their weapons program, this is what rogue nations, bad actors, dictators will do when you walk away from the fundamental maxim of ronald reagan which is we win and they lose. when you show weakness, when you say we're back and you really go back to barack obama, america will be less secure. maria: that was mike pompeo owe with me here back in december warning us that a weak foreign policy would embolden our enemies. we are now six months later talking about a war on ukraine from russia, and our adversaries on the march including the chinese communist party and iran. we are talking about that this morning with a special guest, and i want to the talk to you about lieutenant the colonel
7:37 am
oliver north. he is joining me right now on america's foreign policy. he is a decorated military veteran, out with a new book. he was embedded with 66 different units over 17 years, and his new book, "tragic consequences: the price america is paying for rejecting god and how to reclaim our culture for christ," explores what's taking place in our country and offers solutions to fix it. colonel north, it is an honor to have you here in the weekend. thank you so much for joining me. >> maria, it's great to be with you again and wonderful to watch mike pompeo owe saying those words. i hope someone at the white house was listening. maria: yeah. what would you say about our foreign policy today? please assess it for us. >> sure. well, look, foreign policy exists to protect the american people, our sovereignty, our economic interests and deter war and win one if we have to, it's a combination of what the state
7:38 am
department does and what the pentagon because. today we are more vulnerable than at any point since the end of world war ii. our add sore shares, russia, china, what's going on in iran and north korea are all in the process of acquiring the means of delivering nuclear weapons. those kinds of things are frightening if you consider that's a major change from what it's the been over course of my lifetime. maria: i want to move on to china because xi jinping moved into afghanistan pretty quickly after the u.s. had that botched withdrawal. tell me about the effects of that afghanistan move, because it seems to have emboldened our adversaries. with we know that lloyd austin is meeting this weekend with his counterpart in china. >> look, the chinese have been watching all of what's been developing from in the administration from the day biden took office. they cheered when biden decided to wreck our energy
7:39 am
independence. they cheered when biden started walking away from the abraham accords that gave us some degree of stability in the middle east. all the kinds of things that were being done well by the previous administration, the chinese are now looking at it very carefully. the people's republic of china, it's the communist china, are watching what we do to help the people of ukraine, and if we back away from anything that we've already stated like guaranteeing the sovereignty of the country, the chinese generals will decide they can go ahead and take taiwan. maria: this administration has canceled the china initiative. they are on the doorstep of lifting the trump-era tariffs on china. it certainly seems thatted this a -- that this administration has a very soft policy when it comes to china despite the ccp making it very clear it wants to overtake the u.s. as number one superpower. and then you've got joe biden planning a trip to saudi arabia. i mean, he hasn't even been to
7:40 am
the southern border, and yet with, you know, he's going to go to saudi arabia after promising he would a make them a pariah, and the saudis don't even want to answer the call because they're upset with the u.s. dealing with the iranians on a new iran deal. >> well, of course. and the reason why biden is doing all these things is because in his disastrous decision coming into office, the first week in office, basically shut down america's energy independence. the inflation that we're suffering right now, kinds of catastrophic results of it you can see every time you fill up your gas tank, and it's going to go up even americans the right now. at one point, more -- maria with, we were talking about the maybe it would hit -- 5 a gallon by the fourth of july. in virginia t going tock the -- it's going to be over $5 a gallon before the fourth of july, so you were right about that. china is watching what this administration does very, very carefully. they know that this is a very weak president. afghanistan proved that if nothing else.
7:41 am
xi is more impressed by zelenskyy than he is by biden. he fears the effects of the u.s. and nato weapons being provided to ukraine, and he knows the taiwanese would use these same types of weapons to make an amphibious assault on taiwan very costly. zelenskyy is a better leader than biden. maria: i don't understand why this administration is keeping -- pushing back on sending long range, certain missiles to the ukrainians because joe biden doesn't want to trigger vladimir putin? i mean, it's pretty obvious he's been trig therred. there's been -- triggered. there's been massive death and destruction in the last six months. >> yeah. well, and it's it's not going to get better either. what putin knows and what xi knows, in fact, matter of fact, the supreme leader in iran knows and north korea knows is biden is a very, very weak leader. it's not the just his cog anyive
7:42 am
the disarray -- cognitive. he has a weak foreign policy, he has weak people around him. for example, he's going to saudi arabia to beg for an increase in food production. all of this is the consequence of his banning fossil fuels and wedding himself to, obviously, chinese-made windmills and solar panels. what he ought to be doing when he goes to saudi arabia so the beg them to reinvigorate, if you will, the abraham accords and bring india aboard. joe biden is paying the price for eliminating u.s. energy independence. the saudis aren't going to bail him out and, certainly, the iranians won't either. maria: well, lieutenant colonel, how is all of this contributing to, you know, the spike in crime that we're seeing in america? i mean, let's not forget there's political it rhetoric that is triggering people many in america. chuck schumer back in march of 2020 was with talking about the, threatening two the supreme court justices into doing what
7:43 am
he wanted, and of course this week a california man in custody for saying that he wanted to assassinate if justice kavanaugh. >> well, you know, not only do we have poor leadership in the white house, we've got poor leadership in the democrat party, and we saw that with the schumer comment threatening two of the justices two years ago. if you look at what's going on right now today in america, it is proof of what we wrote about in that book. this country is in a cataclysmic decline because we've driven god out of our lexicon, out of the public spaces. we drove god in 1962 i was the last class, by the way, in high school, 19 of 1 -- 1961, that could actually say a prayer in the public schools. the prayer was almighty god, we acknowledge our dependence upon thee and beg your blessing on us, our parents, our teachers and our country. that was it. and that was deemed by the supreme court in 1962 to be
7:44 am
unconstitutional. then we went on to create a, quote, right, a choice for abortion and drove the sappingtity of human life -- sanctity of human life out of our lives. what we've got to do is return to fundamental values that founded this nation by the great fathers who created the constitution, the deck la -- declaration of independence. maria: lieutenant colonel, thanks so much for your great service, for writing book and, of course, for joining us weekend. thank you, sir. >> bless you. pray for our country. thank you, maria. semper fi. maria: semper fi, love that, and love having you, lieutenant colonel oliver north. thank you. we'll be right back. see, we're from here, and there... give dad a gift worth sharing, at
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>> we are running an america first campaign here, you know? we've got a wide open border, double-digit inflation, crime just going through the roof. the democrats in charge are completely blowing it, and i
7:48 am
think it's the not an overstatement to say the future of america is at a stake with this election. you know, if we don't take back the senate this year and the white house in two years, our kids and grandkids are not going to grow up in a country that we recognize. so we need that 20 the 16 mag a georgia agenda. maga agenda. maria: masters was just endorsed by president trump who is also supporting my next guest, nevada's gop senate primary happening this upcoming tuesday, and president trump has supported former nevada attorney general with adam laxalt. he is leading the pack by double digits, and if he clinches a victory on tuesday the, will compete in what is being call one of the most important races of 2022. adam joins me right now. good morning, adam, thanks for being with here. give us the sense of your platform. >> look, you're right, maria, this is the absolutely the majority making race in the u.s.
7:49 am
senate, and we have been on offense against senator maas tog of this race, and let me tell you, she's wrong on every single issue. nevadans are at the top of every single bad list whether it's gas, inflation, crime, fentanyl overdoses, human trafficking, and the bottom line is that she stands with the biden administration every single step of the way. and so we have an incredible contrast in this race. she's been labeled the most vulnerable senator in america. i can tell you chuck schumer spent his first political dollar in cycle in this state. george soros has already spent $2 million in one of these outside groups against me. so they understand that the control of the senate is going to come down to nevada in november. maria: yeah. we've got a graphic up of the five most 2022 the senate toss-up races, and clearly nevada is one of them. there are 34 seats up in 0 the
7:50 am
22 the -- 2022 of which 20 the are held by the gop, and the gop can retake control with a net gain of just one or more seats. what is most important to the people of nevada? is it the inflation? is it crime? is it foreign policy? what do you think will bring people out to vote? >> well, as i like to tell everybody, it is everything, and our voters are more than capable of understanding every single thing is going wrong in their daily life. but no question, gas and inflation are still right at the top. nevada is number two for gas prices in america. we have gas in reno that's $6 a gallon, vegas is about 5.50. and i have to remind people we're not california. and so gas was in the $2 range in the trump the era. that is the spike we're experiencing. we're number two in inflation, we're over 12% in our state the,
7:51 am
not the 8.6 of the country. so people are hurting really, really badly. and i always ask people whether it's taxi driver, uber, whether they know who's responsible, and they always say, yes, joe biden is responsible whether they're a democrat or republican. and they also understand that our senator, senator masto, has not broken from her party ever for nevada. maria: all right. let's take a short break. i want to get your take the on foreign policy being a former navy officer. more with adam laxalt after this short break. that i -- stay with us. you immt your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today.
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maria: welcome back. i am back with nevada senate candidate adam a lax are at. and, adam -- laxalt. i want to get your take on some breaking news from bill melugin.
7:55 am
another blow to the binden administration as a federal judge in texas has issued a major ruling that throws out a policy that dallas theically limited who i.c.e. is -- drastically limited who i.c.e. was able to arrest and deport. we know in the administration has limited the number of people that border agent as can deport. now they're getting a federal judge pushing back on that. we don't the know if they'll follow this, but what's your take theover what's going on at the border? >> my take is this is one of the top issues for voters in my swing state of nevada. people cannot believe we are over 2 million encounters. that is the size of the greater las vegas area. and look, maria, you mentioned a judge stop thing this. think of where we'd be if we didn't have a number of judged opinions that slowed down the biden administration's open border policies. people are absolutely fed up. we have fentanyl overdoses coming. i did a press conference with rural sheriffs that have no
7:56 am
resources to combat this transnational crime, these the dangerous people bringing drugs through our state. and, you know, senator masto's one of the worst records on open borders, nowhere to be found. and independents, moderate democrats, everyone wants a secure border. they the understand the importance of it. but the democrats will not adjust course. maria: well, you are a former navy officer. we just heard from lieutenant colonel oliver north about the china threat, and we know that in biden's recent budget defense spending was down. we are expecting defense spending to go up. how would you assess the u.s. military right now with regard to the its readiness, particularly the navy? >> i can tell you, you know, yes, i served in the navy, i also served in iraq, and we can't believe what a can disgrace in the commander in chief has been. and none of us want a president d even if it's a democrat -- to
7:57 am
be the someone that cannot be -- that cannot lead our troops. it started with afghanistan, we lost all the will, and we have -- maria: adam, thank you. all right. adam laxalt joining us from nevada. we'll be watching tuesday the, thank you. that'll do it for us, have a great sunday, everybody. i'll see you this week on "mornings with maria" on fox business.
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