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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  June 12, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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h dad with $50 off every kit. arthel: we begin with breaking news from washington this the hour. bipartisan group of senators has reached a tentative agreement on new gun restrictions including mental health and school security provisions. now it would not raise the minimum age of firearm purchases from 18 to 21, something president biden and most americans had supported. welcome to fox news live. i'm arthel neville. hi, rich. rich: hi, arthel. i'm rich edison in for eric sean. the bill would include federal grant for more red states to pass red flag laws after
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horrific state of mass shootings including racist attack in buffalo, new york and massacre of 19 children and two teachers at grade school in uvalde, texas, any new legislation would need at least 60 votes to pass in the senate and simple majority in the house. associate editor of the wall street journal and fox news contributor john busse is standing for analysis but first we go to lucas tomlinson with breaking news. lucas: moments ago the white house putting out a statement from president biden saying that this is a proposal, i want to thank chris murphy especially cornyn synema, there's the word again. does not do everything that i think is needed but reflects important steps in the direction. every day passes more children are at risk to be killed from mass shootings or shootings across the country.
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in 2020 there were 21,000 murders and after spade of mass shootings, buffalo, uvalde, chattanooga and philadelphia. our colleague mike emanuel has put up news, gop republican aide tells him, quote, this agreement on principles is not legislative text. the details would be critical for republicans particularly the firearms related provisions, one or more of the principles can be dropped if text is not agreed to. what we are learning, rich, this is a proposal, the president applauding this agreement from the small bipartisan group of lawmakers. the senators chris murphy and john cornyn from texas cite the horrific mass shootings from uvalde but this is the first step and agreement on principles. we are not seeing full legislation right now but president biden urging that it passes swiftly but the halls of congress, rich. rich: that means it's going to take a little time. you look at the press release going on right now. they say you count the number of
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republicans on it. there are 10 republicans here. that gets you to 60, but there's awful lot they have to drill down here. >> that's the big thing as you mentioned, you need 10 republicans in the senate to break deadlock o filibuster, not quite sure if they have the numbers quite yet. they still do not have the full text before us. right now this is a proposal and certainly it's on the minds of everybody because president biden, of course, wants to make gun control a essential issue in the upcoming midterms elections. >> the ten republicans have to hang the 50 democrats together as well. arthel: definitely a number's game. here we go, john, we have a bipartisan tentative agreement, framework, proposal on legislation that would combine modest gun restrictions, heavy focus on mental health and putting more federal dollars to upgrade school security. i mean, it's definitely a step in the right direction but how
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long is the path in front of them to get to a place that would satisfy most americans? john: well, this is weaker than what the president and a lot of people in congress wanted. it's not much on the way of restrictions. it requires -- it offers essentially support to states to are red flag laws and you have to look whether somebody might be dangerous trying to buy a gun either to themselves or to society. that's a notable step and there would be additional security for schools. it is a notable step because it actually is a step unlike a lot of failed efforts in the past and it's not just republicans, remember, that have to sort of sign onto this, there are conservative democrats whose districts might, you know, not want to have additional gun laws. and so this kind of walks a pretty narrow path down a road that both sides can agree on and
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that frankly is also popular in public opinion polls with the general public. the general public is divided on whether or not to restrict sales of certain guns. but a majority of the public likes the idea of better checks into the mental health of gun buyers. arthel: so you mentioned it's a step and there's a long path ahead but a short path until november. so how much of this is actual sincere efforts to get something done to listen to the american people to do something and how much of it is political, political ploy to say, hey, look, we tried, come november we tried, we didn't get it done but we tried? >> i think it's a really important what you're saying, arthel, this is definitely a political season that we are already in and that congress probably felt something had to move forward. it's not just theater. this is something substantial.
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it's not an enormous step but it's a small step and so congress felt that given public sentiment over the mass shootings this year and last year and on the increase in the united states something needed to be done. so they'll be able to claim both sides at the polls, we took a step forward. arthel: well, listen, we are not going to rain in this parade because we need a step forward for the sake of our country so good on country getting something going, something cooking. i want to move onto january 6th committees. how significant is it that tomorrow's hearings will focus on former vice president mike pence and how strong could the presentation be without hearing from mr. pence? >> the committee has already made a pretty strong showing of mr. pence's views and lawyers views while in the white house. jacob his lawyer rejected the claims that something could be done by mike pence to
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essentially overturn the election by ignoring, certifying the electors that had been sent to congress. so they -- it's not as if they absolutely need mike pence to testify. they have lots of documentations showing that he resisted efforts by the white house, pressure to overturn to electionly illegally and he's already said that he was a legal election. he has public i will said it's a legal election that attempts were being made to unlawfully overturn it. arthel: jacob will testify this thursday. i want to read a part of this memo from greg jacob, it says, quote, in a 3-page documentary attorney greg jacob concluded that if pence were to embrace trump's demand that he single handily block or delay the counting of electoral votes on january 6th, he would be breaking multiple provisions of the electoral count act.
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the law that has governed the transfer of power since 1887, such a move jacob concluded would shortly failed in court or worst he said the courts would refuse to get involved and leave america in an unprecedented political crisis. 13 million watched prime time hearings and 80 million watched the compilation video online and also as you know just setting this up for our audience here, liz cheney, adam kissinger, only two house republicans to serve on this committee, of course, they are now considered party, party political pariahs. so is it a mistake to undertake and why wouldn't lawmakers want
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in on how it came to be that they stormed capitol building? >> 20 million watched hearing. ha the public heard were officials within the trump administration rejecting the false notions of the president that this was somehow and illegal election and that he had, in fact, won. he was told by his own attorney general that he had lost. he was told by his own political data collectors during the election night that he had lost. so what the committee is doing is building essentially two cases, one is that the president helps or directly instigated the riot that occurred on july 6th and that also there was a conspiracy in advance of
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july 6th to illegally overturn the public vote and this is what you're going to see play out in the next week or two. whether or not pence appears, i think, is -- probably would help if the vice president were there but there are so much material including what you just read from jacob his lawyer, jacob calls pence's lawyers effort to force pence to -- to take these actions bs, he uses stronger words. a district judge calls actions by the lawyer a -- an attempt coup in searching of legal justification. arthel: so to your point basically things that we had heard, a lot of stuff we hadn't heard or haven't been able to report on quite frankly but they layed it out last week there for the world to watch, americans to watch. we will see what happens coming up this week. john bussey, i know we will both be watching and more to report
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next week, associate editor of the wall street journal. >> my pleasure. rich: white supremacists under arrest in northwest idaho for allegedly planning a riot at gay pride parade yesterday. near washington state border say the suspects were part of group called patriot front and tipster called them after spotting the group loading into a u haul truck nearby. they are all charged with conspiracy to riot. police say the suspects wear similar clothing and smoke grenade and they say a tipster may have prevented violence. >> the code for dispatch, it quote, looked like a little army loading up into the vehicle, we had to take adequate measures. rich: christina coleman in los angeles with more.
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christina: 31 individuals from the group were from all over the country, including colorado, texas, south dakota and arkansas. the men were detained around 130 yesterday afternoon, resort town in northern idaho just about 30 miles to spokane, washington, police say some of the men were wearing patches and logos that identified them as members of patriot front. the men were arrested near pride parade and each charged with conspiracy to riot. >> it is clear to us based on the gear that the individuals had all with them, the stuff they had in their possession and the u haul with them along with paperwork that was seized from them that they came to riot downtown. there was at least one smoker grenade and multiple shields, they were all wearing hats that
9:13 am
-- chinguards. christina: officers made the arrest after tipped off by a civilian. >> we received a telephone call from a concerned citizen who reported that approximately 20 people jumped into a u haul wearing masks, they had shields and, quote, looked like a little army. units began to go into the area and we made a traffic stop almost exactly ten minutes later. at that point, 31 people were detained, they were all wearing similar attire. they had shields, chinguards. christina: numerous county detectives and sheriffs deputies on scene during the arrest. local police say they are also in contact with the fbi which is assisting with this investigation. he also says that the men who were arrested are all scheduled to be arraigned some time tomorrow. rich. rich: christina coleman in los angeles, christina, thank you,
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arthel. arthel: all right, rich, well, you have seen soaring food prices at your grocery store and local dinner, what does that have to do with the war in ukraine, grain shipments there are being blocked or even stolen by russian forces. so how can the west stop this crisis from getting worse? we will talk about that coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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rich: another legal setback for president biden's immigration agenda as federal judge in texas blocks homeland security policy that limits arrests and deportations of migrants who enter the country illegally. bill melugin live from the southern border, bill. bill: good afternoon, this is a pretty big blow to the biden administration. this policy was one of their major key immigration policies and a federal judge just completely threw it out. secretary mayorkas created policy who ice can airport, limited to public safety threats or recent border crossers. mayorkas made headlines said
9:19 am
that just being in the u.s. illegally should not be grounds for deportation, the states of texas and louisiana sued dhs over the policy saying ice was being stopped from doing its job and on friday federal judge agreed with the states and threw out the policy, though, it does -- the ruling does not take effect a week and giving the administration time to appeal if they want to. we would like to show you the video we shot in reynosa, mexico, border city directly across from us in hidalgo, texas and what we saw were thousands of haitians migrants who are waiting there, some of them standing outside of a migrant camp, waiting in line to try to get into the migrant and several other thousand haitian migrants living inside of the shelter. the haitian migrants have the intention of coming into the united states and right now they are waiting in the mexican border city to try to get here. we actually spoke with the director of that shelter, he
9:20 am
told us right now the numbers he's dealing of migrants are exhausting and overwhelming. i also want to show you this wild human smuggling situation out of tucson, arizona sector. take a look at this. border patrol stopping a pickup truck near douglas, arizona, believe it or not, there were 20 illegal immigrants crammed into that single pickup truck. you can see the photos right here. most of the adults were wearing ma'am flange, and two unaccompanied children crammed inside with adults as well. that big-time human smuggling bust from arizona. take a look at what the governor of new hampshire has to say about the information. border patrol resources are being sucked out of the northern border and being sent to southern border because it is out of control. >> we have seen the northern border agents being shifted down to the southern border because the administration will not put the additional resources need today take care of the crisis down there. we talk about a southern border crisis but it's a national
9:21 am
crisis. bill: as usual the number in the rio grande valley they are not slowing down. dhs source telling fox news that just in the last 24 hours alone in the rgv there have been more than 1,200 illegal crossings. we will send it back to you. >> bill melugin live at the southern border, thanks a lot. arthel. arthel: disturbing update out of ukraine as intense fighting continues in eastern donbas region where russian forces have been shelling civilian targets nonstop for weeks. officials in the besiege city of mariupol are now concerned of outbreak of cholera after water became infected by dead bodies. mike tobin in the capital of kyiv. >> a big diplomatic marathon.
9:22 am
usually what we see by president zelenskyy ensuring up to secure weapons to fight against russia. what we have seen him do is sure up support for membership of ukraine into the european union. he did that yesterday meeting with president of the european commission as she made her way to kyiv. zelenskyy will learn june 24th if ukraine has been approved as a candidate for eu membership. >> i am sure that we will soon receive an answer on the candidate status for ukraine. i'm convinced that not only can this decision strengthen our state but the entire european union as well. >> in his nightly address zelenskyy pointed out that russia stated in may it would quickly claim the eastern region called the donbas. fighting has been severe in town
9:23 am
of donetsk and the town has been blown to bits, if ukraine abandons it, that would give russia control of an entire province. ukraine has launched counteroffenses in the south with small progress. one of the towns that russia has conquered is the town of mariupol. that is to the far south. it's near the sea of azaf, a bloody sustained battle for control of that particular city. in that city is a square that was called freedom square until today. the russians have renamed it lenon square and hoisted the russian flag, arthel. arthel: lenon square, mike tobin live in kyiv, ukraine. thank you, mike. rich. rich: arthel, the war in ukraine is causing grain shortage as the country known as europe spread basket remains under siege. here at home the labor department says prices at the grocery store are nearly up 12% from a year ago while restaurants are charging around 7% more. president biden says russia's
9:24 am
blockades are to blame. he and other countries are trying to get that grain moving again. >> i'm working closely with our european partners to get 20 million tons of grain locked in ukraine already in their silos now. the russians are blocking the export, they are not allowed out to the black saw and we are trying to figure out how to get it out of the country to get it around to world. it would bring down prices. rich: joining us the british ambassador to the united states, karen pierce, ambassador thank you for joining us. i want to begin by asking how bad is this situation and how bad can it get? >> it's very bad. the russians have blockaded it's where the grain would be exported from. there are two problems, one is getting the grain out, lots of developing countries need the grain and the second problem is
9:25 am
being entered into the silos so they can be put in silos. we have a double problem if you'd like. we get russia to lift the blockade. rich: what's the best way you are doing that and is the west, the uk, the united states looking at trying to find other sources of grain while trying to dislodge that grain in ukraine? >> yes, the u.s., the uk and the un can get different sources and -- [inaudible] >> it's very important that we can access that. we are looking -- relatively small amount and want to get 25 billion pounds out of the silos. it's very important that we stop
9:26 am
blockade. rich: it's not a problem in the united states and europe with higher prices, this is causing major shortages and potentially starvation around the world, isn't it? >> that's right. are the ones suffering most from russia's war in ukraine. the russians need to think about that. president putin needs to think about things that his war is having on developing countries. rich: probably the most effective way of getting the grain moving again would be to end this war to have ukraine expel russia from its territory. president zelenskyy has been asking for more long-range weaponry, do you think that's something that the west should be providing? >> we are looking at -- we are looking at how best to do that and how best to train ukrainian soldiers so that they can make the best use of that artillery.
9:27 am
one thing going on fighting in the east but the blockade -- russia could lift even without dispatching war in the east. end this war and get out of ukraine completely but also possible -- [inaudible] rich: more of the international consequences of russia's invasion here. british ambassador to the united states, karen pierce, thank you for joining us. arthel. arthel: rich, the u.s. is stocking up on the monkey pox vaccine as more cases pop up around the country and around the world. doctor who has been working on monkey pox for years in the republic of congo weighs in
9:28 am
next. ♪ ♪ ♪ noo
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>> starting today international travelers to the united states are no longer required to have a negative covid test to enter the country. charles watson live in airport, hartsfield jackson airport in atlanta. >> travel got a whole lot easier to folks traveling into the u.s. cdc dropping requirement, folks can travel to the u.s. without showing proof of negative covid-19 test. the cdc saying the requirement is no longer necessary. it says largely thanks to access to covid-19 vaccines and therapeutics helping to lower americans' risk of death or developing severe disease. it comes as welcome news for millions of americans who were just getting back out in the world but there are still some who have a bit of a hesitation, take a listen. >> i will say not yet because
9:33 am
there's a lot of people who are getting sick still. >> i will probably be more likely to travel outside the country now, you know, and not be -- have to worry of being stuck, you know, for a couple of weeks. charles: yeah, airline and tourism groups are applauding the move after months of pleading with the biden administration to end the testing requirement. industry pros say not only demanding weaken for international travel but also caused a whole lot of folks to have travel nightmares. >> we were afraid and what's going to happen, are they going to stay in the hotel that they were booked in, there was a lot to, you know, think about so, yes, people were freaked out. charles: we are hearing from one of the major airlines, delta airlines, spokesperson for delta airlines telling us in a statement removing pandemic era policy is not only welcome news
9:34 am
to travelers who are ready to get back out and see the world but will aid in the overall economic recovery in the u.s. and the u.s. travel association seems to think so as well. rich, they estimate that removing the travel mandate could attract an additional 5.4 million visitors to the u.s. and $9 billion in spending throughout 2022. that's if everything goes right. the cdc says it will revisit its decision every six months and it could reinstate that mandate should any troubling new variants pop up, rich. rich: charles, plenty of stories of americans going abroad and catching covid and having to spend money to stay across the sea for ten days to come -- before coming to the united states. charles watson, major story, thanks very much. arthel. arthel: but wait there's more, rich, the u.s. government is buying hundreds of of thousands more monkey pox vaccine dosage
9:35 am
as outbreak has grown to 1300 cases. before i show you images i want to let you know it is difficult to look at. the virus typically not found outside of africa has turned up in 16 states across the u.s. and dc. >> the risk of monkey pox becoming established in countries is real. the risk of virus for vulnerable groups including children and pregnant women. arthel: let's bring in now dr. anne, professor at ucla department of epidemiology. she spent 20 years guys working on monkey pox including experience in africa's democratic republic of congo. you are one of the very few epidemiologists with the focus on monkey pox. so what should we know about monkey pox and are you surprised that it has reached the u.s.? >> well, arthel, thanks for having me.
9:36 am
as you said, i've been working on monkey pox for two decades mostly in the democratic republic of congo and here is the thing, it's viral which means it is a virus that normally lives in animals, sometimes spreads to humans. monkey pox is a misnomer, it's carried by rodents and monkeys are incidental hosts just like humans are. should we be worried? i think it's always important when you see a virus change venue that when we start seeing it spread in a place that we haven't seen it spread or do something that we have normally seen it do. this is what we are seeing. should we have expected this? well, you know, the biggest achievement in public health was the eradication of smallpox in 1980 as a result we stopped vaccinated -- >> arthel: if i may, let me jump in there, to your point, the biden administration is buying 500,000 of these two dose monkey
9:37 am
pox vaccines but the president says the risk remains low. so is he buying the vaccines because getting vaccinated decreases your chances of getting monkey pox? >> absolutely. the smallpox -- the monkey pox is related to smallpox and so therefore the vaccines work against all pox viruses. better to be safe that sorry. it's a vaccine that works and for people that are at risk it's a great option to have to reduce the potential spread of this virus. arthel: so i was reading the la times, i think it was wednesday, i'm not sure but the headline in the times article reads this, california's likely monkey pox case tally rises to 12. la county identifies second case. now the article specifies second probable case but, you know, we are getting used to expecting more, once we report on the first one or two cases.
9:38 am
so do you expect more monkey pox cases here in the u.s.? >> absolutely. i think that we will -- as we start to really look for it, we will see it. it's like if you don't -- if you look into the dark, you don't see anything. if you turn on the lights, you will see things you weren't noticing before. we haven't been looking nor monkey pox in the past. as we start to look for it, we will likely see for more cases. arthel: we didn't have to look for it in the past, it wasn't usually here in our country. >> well, exactly. it's not endemic in animals here in the united states as it is in africa but we have seen cases rise in africa over the last -- since eradication of smallpox. it's been rising steadily and once we started seeing cases in places like nigeria, places where there are -- it's an economic hub, you see travel back and forth, of course, the infection anywhere is potentially an infection everywhere and as a result it makes sense. we no longer have immunity and
9:39 am
people travel more than than they did before. arthel: but you heard charles watson story in atlanta at hartsfield jackson, as of midnight international travelers coming to america will no longer be required to test negative for covid-19. i mean, so is that a safe move, we are talking about people coming back and forth from different countries? i mean, are we safe? >> well, everybody has the opportunity to protect themselves at this point. so i think rather than focusing on what is -- what the government is doing or not doing or what the restrictions are which aren't always, you know, held very well. i think people that really want to prevent getting covid or spreading covid should wear a mask and very good mask on an airplane because you're more likely than ever to be in contact with somebody who has and it's always a good idea not to travel if you're sick. arthel: well said dr. anne, i wear my mask when i travel. people look at me like i'm
9:40 am
crazy. but i don't care. yes, it's our personal responsibility to take care of ourselves and each other. thank you for joining us as always and continue the great researching and work that you do. thank you, dr. anne. >> thank you. arthel: take care. rich. rich: arthel, crime is increasing in new york city but the ranks of the nypd are reportedly getting smaller. so what's behind the so-called max exodus, that's next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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arthel: this might be my favorite story of the morning. houston police are searching for 3 men who thought they were stealing a pricey bottle of lika. that was actually a cheap decoy. take a look at the surveillance video from inside the liquor store. the men walked up to locked display and asked about the 4200 bottle inside when the employee unlocked it, one of the men swiped the bottle while another grabbed a box of the same
9:45 am
liquor. police say the stolen box was empty and the bottle that was taken was a cheap prop. the 3 men are still on the loose, though, and police are offering a real 5,000 $reward for information leading to an arrest. >> that's fantastic. the nation's largest police force appears to be shrinking just as crime is on the rise. the new york post reports more than 1500nypd officers have left so far this year. alexis mcadams in new york city with more. alexis. reporter: hi, rich, as the crime rises in new york city, the new report suggests that there's a declining number of nypd officers in the department. according to new york post, more than 1500nypd officers are either resigned or retired this year, that's up 38% compared to data from 2021 and put the department on track to have the biggest loss and manpower in decades. so not good news for public safety. those numbers are much higher than what the nypd has.
9:46 am
we reached out to them this morning and this is what they gave us telling fox news about 1,000 officers have left the department. there's about 500 officer difference there. so the question are why are the officers leaving, well, the police association of the city of new york points to low pay, fewer benefits and police sentiment and this is staffing crisis that will ultimately hurt public safety and this comes as nypd says overall crime is up 38% compared to last year and investigators are searching for 5 men, they are accused of killed and shooting 28-year-old rapper that came from out of town. the group shot the man in the bronx and died at nearby hospital. now the nypd and the city of new york have been work to go recruit more cops to the department for months trying to
9:47 am
hire at least 1,000 officers, registration is open and recruitment which is now in full swing is going on. listen. >> don't just say i love new york, live it. take the exam for free. visit reporter: and that's just one of the ways, rich, that they are trying to do recruitment which is through social media. the police officer which is for recruitment is now open through july 15th. rich: alexis mcadams, thanks very much. arthel. arthel: all right, thank you, guys, well, if it happens in vegas tuesday it won't stay in vegas as tuesday's primary in las vegas could mean trouble for incumbent congresswoman after democratic challenger got big endorsement from the party's left and what it could mean for the control of congress. that's up next.
9:48 am
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rich: sarah palin has taken an early lead in special primary election. alaska voters will choose this saturday from 48 candidates running for the state's only house seat.
9:52 am
it was held for 45 years by republican congressman do you d. arthel: dina titus facing primary challenge from vallela. aishah hosnie with the details. aishah: inflation, of course, is spiking, people are having to work two jobs just to survive. it is not a great situation for those incumbent democrats especially those who are being primaried and that includes democratic congresswoman dina titu of the first congressional
9:53 am
district. stacey abrams moment here. titus called her district the worst in the state. >> and the left targets certain districts that are safe districts so that they can win the primary and then home free in the general. turns out you're not in the home free in the general. this is the worst district in the state after having been the best district it's now the worst. aishah: things not looking good for her as she just got burned by progressive senator bernie sanders who has endorsed primary challenger amy vallela. vallea got endorsement who held rally for her. nevada has actually become a race to the middle as independent and nonaffiliated voters are now becoming the majority in the silver state. i actually got to speak with a nevada voter, salvador muñoz is
9:54 am
his name who is working two jobs just to feed his family and the day i met him, arthel, he didn't know how he was going to get to work because gas prices are so dang high. what can congress do for a nevada dad that is thinking about walking to work because he can want afford gas? >> i mean, what can they do, spend more wisely so that we don't end up paying the price at the end of the day. aishah: and arthel, early voting turnout was poor in the state. that ended on friday so it's interesting to see how it all shakes out for those democrats who are trying to hang on. arthel. arthel: all right, well, we will be hanging onto your reporting aishah hosnie live in las vegas, take care, my friend aishah, rich, take it away. rich: you know, arthel, in the south this week it's going to be a hot one. if you live near the beach, you
9:55 am
may want to take a trip. right there that's hampton beach. go there. is that griff jenkins surfing? triple digits starting tomorrow, we will tell you where. some places could break records. ♪ ♪ ♪
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rich: more than 70 million americans under heat alert. take a look at forecast map. triple digit temperatures are expected in the south this week combined with very high humidity. some areas could see temperatures 20 to 30 degrees above normal including nearly all of texas, parts of oklahoma and kansas. dozens of cities could break records tomorrow and tuesday. you can find the complete forecast on our fox weather app. arthel: this heat can be really dangerous. we like the song by martha, heat
10:00 am
wave but it's real, stay hydrated. rich, thank you very much for joining us again. i really love having you and please come back any time. >> thanks very if me. arthel: yeah, i heard you shout-out griff jenkins, that was him in the water. eric sean is back a little bit later at 4:00 p.m. eastern along with me. mike: fox news alert, bipartisan of 20 senators announcing agreement on framework for gun control legislation. ten republicans signed on to the framework showing democrats they may have the 60 votes needed to advance the proposed plan on the senate floor. proposal also includes an enhanced review process for weapon buyers under the age of 21. welcome to fox news live i'm mike emanuel. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell announcing support of the bipartisan talks as well as president biden who likes the framework adding there's no excuse for delay and moving it


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