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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  June 12, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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hydrated. rich, thank you very much for joining us again. i really love having you and please come back any time. >> thanks very if me. arthel: yeah, i heard you shout-out griff jenkins, that was him in the water. eric sean is back a little bit later at 4:00 p.m. eastern along with me. mike: fox news alert, bipartisan of 20 senators announcing agreement on framework for gun control legislation. ten republicans signed on to the framework showing democrats they may have the 60 votes needed to advance the proposed plan on the senate floor. proposal also includes an enhanced review process for weapon buyers under the age of 21. welcome to fox news live i'm mike emanuel. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell announcing support of the bipartisan talks as well as president biden who likes the framework adding there's no excuse for delay and moving it
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through the senate. we have fox team coverage with alexandria hoff and lucas tomlinson. reporter: the framework is significant in its own right coming to the point in agreement that has not been reached in decades. a statement from the group reads this, quote, our plan increases mental health resources, improves health safety and support for students and helps ensure dangerous criminals those who are adjudicated as mentally ill can't purchase weapons most importantly plans to save lives while protecting constitutional rights of law abiding citizens. it has billions more for mental health and school safety and expanded background checks for gun purchasers under the age of 21. the bipartisan group was led by senator chris murphy and john cornyn, ten republicans in total signed onto this agreement meaning as it's written now it has the ten needed to advance in
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the senatement on the senate majority leader chuck schumer added this, once the text of this agreement is finalized, i will put the bill on the floor as soon as possible so that the senate can act quickly to advance gun safety legislation. and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell issued this statement in part. quote, i continue to hope discussions yield a bipartisan product that makes significant headway on key issues like mental health and school safety and respects second amendment, earns broad support in the senate and makes a difference for our country. this agreement does not include assault weapon's ban and does not raise the age to purchase a semiautomatic rifle excuse me, from 18 to 21. that's what the president and progressives were pushing for but senator murphy did right on twitter while this bill does not end the gun violence epidemic, it does raise 30-year log jam because it's progress. mike: alexandria hoff, many thanks. let's go up the street to lucas
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tomlinson live at the white house, hello, luck's. lucas: president biden applauding the proposal, he says it's a positive first step but just a proposal. quote, i want to thank senator chris murphy and the members of his bipartisan group especially cornyn and symena and tilli, of course it does not do everything that i think is needed but reflects important steps in the right direction. before news on guns it was "the new york times" making shock waves after reporting many democrats view president biden as quote, anchor that should be cut loose in 2024. our colleague bret baier asked on fox news sunday. >> is president biden running in 2024 and should he? >> yes, he is. it is my understand. let me be clear, i'm not speaking on his behalf or announcing candidacy, i'm just
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saying it's my understanding that the president intends to seek a second term. luke luck after inflation report many economists think the crisis is going to get worse. no signs in the labor report friday indicating inflation slowing down. groceries up 12%, the highest spike since 1979. the restaurant bar tabs are up 9%, the largest ever. that is doubled in the past wear. electricity rent and airline tickets are all up as well. ish nation is the biggest issue on the minds of voters heading to midterm elections heading to polls. aoc was asked if biden should run again. >> the president chooses to run again in 2024, first of all, i'm focused on winning the majority right now and preserving a majority this year in 2022. so we will cross that bridge when we get to it but i think if -- if the president has a vision and that's something certainly we are all willing to entertain and examine when the time comes.
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lucas: mike, the keyword if, if the president runs again and if he has a vision, insinuating that he doesn't have one. mike: interesting. lucas tomlinson live in the north lawn, thank you very much. let's turn now to today's panel, jeff, louisiana talk radio show and gop strategist and mike, wisconsin progressive radio host. gentlemen, welcome. >> hey, mike. mike: let's start with breaking news of the day, mike, your thoughts on the principals related to gun control, mental health? >> it's a step in the right direction. the fact that this is a bipartisan proposal as the president is describing is encouraging. red flag laws is certainly a step in the right direction. mike: a number of republicans tell me they like the principals but they do want to see actual
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legislative texts, jeff, your thoughts? >> i don't think we should be taking away second amendment rights. my focus is school safety. i think if we had a secure environment there at robb elementary you wouldn't have had the kind of carnage that we saw. a lot of the shootings were in environments where they were gun free zones. i don't like taking away any kind of rights. i'm concerned of red flag laws. i want to see the text of this before saying i would approve of it or not but i'm leery of anything that doesn't focus on the core issue, that is leaving students without security. the door was opened, we didn't have a security guard there. we had the same kind of security for federal buildings, for travelers, we need security for our students and democrats are resistant to really making these schools secure so i really want to make sure that that is part of any kind of agreement.
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mike: we will see where the talks go. next talk by "the new york times". should biden run in 2024, democratic whisperers nose have to rise, members of congress and voters expressed doubts about the president's ability to rescue his reeling party and take the fight to republicans. mike, what's your assessment? >> well, we absolutely need to take the fight to republicans. with all due respect to your jeff, what a ridiculous answer. of course, we want to stop people that have been identified as -- as people that should be red flagged. to blame it on unmanned schools, unarmed schools, i mean, the cops -- the cops failed us in this case but here is the fight part. joe biden should be out there fighting for democracy every single day. we should be talking about the january 6th hearings that go again lives that this network
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fail today cover because i tell you what, the real fight is for democracy. the real fight is for the soul and the real bull shit is that your network won't cover it. mike: woe, woe, we covered it plenty, we just aired it on the fox business network. >> fox business network -- >> mike: let me set the record straight. i want to be neutral here but when you attack our network i have a problem with that. >> that's the kind of -- mike, let me get in here. mike: go ahead. >> that's the filth we get from the other side using profane language. >> that's exactly the words -- former attorney general bill barr. >> the democrats want to focus on everything but the issue. >> the former -- >> we have historic inflation. american people are not able to keep up with these costs. they are falling further behind every month. the biden administration -- >> mike: all right.
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fellows, we have to run, jeff, mike, slug it out after the break. we have to go. >> their policies, mike, caused this historic inflation. that's what we are -- >> mike: all right, see you later. the cdc dropping its negative covid-19 test requirement for travelers to enter the united states today. charles watson live from the atlanta international airport. hello, charles. charles: yeah, hey, good afternoon, my travel getting much easier for folks flying into the u.s. the cdc dropping testing requirement for international travelers meaning folks can now travel into the u.s. without showing proof of a negative covid-19 test. the cdc saying the requirement is no longer necessary. it says largely thanks to access to covid-19 vaccines and therapeutics lower americans risks for death or severe
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disease and comes as welcoming news for millions of americans who are getting back out into the world and there's a bit of hesitation for some, take a listen. >> i will say not yet because there's a lot of people who are getting sick still. >> i will probably be more likely to travel outside of the country now, you know, and not be -- have to worry of being stuck, you know, for a couple of weeks. charles: yeah, airline and tourism groups are applauding the move after months of pleading with the biden administration to end the testing requirement. industry pros says not only did the mandate weaken for international travel but caused a whole lot of folks travel nightmares. >> they were afraid that they were going to get over there and then what's going to happen? are they going to stay in the hotel that they were initially booked in? there was a lot to think about so, yes, people were freaked out.
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>> yeah, we are hearing from some of the major airlines on this. a spokesperson for delta airlines telling us in a statement, quote, removing this pandemic-era policy is not only welcome news to travellest who o are ready to get back out and see the world but would aid in the economic recovery of the u.s. and the travel association -- the u.s. travel association certainly believes the same thing, mike, they estimate that the resención of the bill could bring additional dollars. mike: just in time for travel season. charles watson, atlanta, thanks very much. a number of major decisions expected from the united states supreme court in the coming weeksment more on the most-watched cases next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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mike: dozens of white nationalist group facing charges after being arrested near pride event in idaho. police saying they were planning a riot. christina coleman live with the latest, hello, christina. christina: fbi is assisting local law enforcement with investigation. police say 31 individuals were arrested in this group and that
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they were from at least 11 states including colorado, texas, south dakota and arkansas. the men were detained around 1:30 yesterday in afternoon, a resort town in northern idaho just about 30 miles of spokane, washington. police say some of the men were wearing patches and logos that identified them as members of patriot front. a white nationalist group. they were arrested near a pride parade yesterday and each charged with conspiracy to riot. >> it is clear to us based on the gear that the individuals had on with them, the stuff that they had in their possession and the u haul with them along with paperwork that was sieged from them that they came to riot downtown. there was at least one smoker grenade, multiple shields, they were all wearing hats that had flask inside of them, chin guards, things of that nature.
10:17 am
christina: detectives were on scene during the arrest. police say there was evidence to support this group planned to riot no multiple locations and the men were detained after police were tipped off by a civilian. >> we received a telephone call from a concerned citizen who reported that approximately 20 people jumped into a u-haul wearing masks, they had shields and, quote, looked like a little army. units began to go into the area and we made a traffic stop almost exactly ten minutes later. at that point, 31 people were detained. they were all wearing similar attire. they had shields, chin guards. >> the local police chief also says the men were arrested are scheduled to be arraigned some time tomorrow. mike. mike: christina coleman live on the west coast, thank you so much.
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blockbuster ahead, for more on this legal panel civil rights attorney robert botello and constitutional attorney mark smith. he also served on former president trump's 2016 transition team. gentlemen, welcome. >> thanks, mike. >> mike: so it is crunch time for the united states supreme court here in june. some hot issues ranging from abortion, gun rights, religious liberty, immigration and climate change. robert, want to lead us off on abortion? >> well, i think we have gotten a lot of consternation of drafted opinion on what the supreme court will rule on and right to privacy which was inshrined in roe. so many people have the false idea that the constitution gives them a constitutional right to abortion and that's what roe versus wade was about and whether or not the government
10:19 am
has ability to intercede medical decision between doctor and patient. if that is overturned, i think we could see a cascading effect thereafter. i think many people may not intend so i think that's going to be hot-button issue that many people are watching in this term. mike: mark we we saw unprecedented leak and we have seen protests outside of homes of conservative judges, what are you expecting at this point? >> well, i think in the dobbs case, we don't know what the decision is going to be but certainly if i were the supreme court i would like to get the decision out as soon as possible. every day goes by where a decision is not issued, you are risking the justice's life. we had an attempt where he's been charged with attempted murder of people court justice and every day a decision is not released really you're putting justices at risk. it seems that whatever the justices will do in abortion cases specifically in dobbs they
10:20 am
should do it fast and not traditional end of june where they release blockbuster decision. mike: firearms case out of new york state, robert, what are your expectations? >> the question is whether the state really has the ability to regulate these issues. whether or not heller is governing and supercede state law. let's remember that the second amendment says well regulated should be necessary for the security of the state. shall not be infringed part at the state but have the right to determine what individualized state laws exist with regard to the ability to keep firearm, the grip on them, the stock size, the ammo, magazine capacity, those sorts of things. it's interesting to see whether or not that's upheld or supercede or simply say the heller decision is governing on all states giving everybody the same constitutional right those that's you see in southern states like georgia, texas, et cetera. mike: mark, what are your
10:21 am
expectations? >> dealing with the second amendment is far more important than even the dobbs decision because what the brewing case is about where you and i and americans have the right to bear arms which means to carry guns outside loaded, unlocked in public for potential self-defense uses and right now there are tens of millions of americans that exercise this right to bear arm every single day of the year to protect themselves and their families except there are some major states like new york and california and new jersey that do not respect the text of the second amendment. they say you have the right to bear arms and not just the right to keep them or possess but the right to bear which means to carry and i think the supreme court when they do issue this decision is going to say that we as americans have the right to carry guns outside in public loaded and ready to protect ourselves and our families or our communities. that would be the decision and that will be a major ripple effect to bring the outlier states like new york and california into line and respect the text of the supreme court --
10:22 am
the text of a second amendment itself. mike: last i checked we were awaiting 29 decisions. robert, what else is high on your watch list? >> one thing we will see litany of things. what's going to be in question, cover the macro part the republican party did to on the supreme court. they start getting liberal over time. would the conservative justices vote in line to what they were appointed for or judicial independence. justice roberts has stepped in being the swing justice. we will see if that continues going forward and if we will have a conservative leaning court going forward or kind of strike the balance when the court goes either way. mike: mark, another red hot issue illegal immigration, a case pending before the court. your thoughts on that? >> yeah, there's actually several supreme court cases dealing with the question of immigration and i think what's quite interesting, if you read the congressional statutes that
10:23 am
exist, it's clear that the biden administration has to enforce immigration laws because, remember, article 1 of the constitution specifically says that it is the congress that sets the immigration and naturalization policy for america, not the president. and yet what we have here repeatedly is the president of the united states, joe biden, and his administration is repeatedly refusing to enforce congressional statutes that are in law and the supreme court is being asked, well, when there's a disconnect between the statute and what joe biden, the president, wants wants to do, who wins? you will see a series decisions in various ways to say that if the law passed by congress says thaw you have to enforce the immigration laws then the president must do so. mike: robert, let me give you a chance to respond on that one. >> particularly what we are talking about the remain in mexico policy which is before the court. that was created during the trump administration. i think the biden administration has invested interest and assure that they continue to have the ability to govern as -- as
10:24 am
deemed fit and mandated in 81 million people who voted for him. i think it does push the needs to have comprehensive immigration reform where congress does come together and reform the system in ways that we haven't seen in 1986 in order to bring things back in line. as long as congress keeps kicking can down the road, we will see administration and administration creating executive orders instead of having overriding policy. mike: what's high on your watch list? >> i think the timing of the supreme court decisions is very important. we have 29 decisions and only about 3 weeks to go in the term. i think that is extraordinary. that suggests that there is a backlog of cases that we have never seen before. i'm assuming it's because of the consequences of this leaked opinion. so i think the other thing the supreme court people are watching carefully is what will the ultimately fallout be from the leak and how would it affect the business of the supreme court in terms of hiring clerks and timing decisions and will
10:25 am
they let, for example, let the timing of the decisions slip into the month of july and maybe even after the fourth of july, that would be almost unprecedented. i think that's kind of the housekeeping component of the supreme court that everyone is watching carefully because we have never been in a world where we had such a leak take place in such a huge case, any case for that matter but the blockbuster case like the dobbs abortion case. mike: gentlemen with different views speaking nicely, making our cases before our audience, how refreshing, thank you. >> thanks, mike. >> thanks, mike. mike: border officials still seeing soaring number of migrants as the summer heat sets in, we will have live reports from the rio grande valley after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪
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mike: to the crisis at our southern border where the flow of migrants into the u.s. has continued to rise despite the triple digit summer heat. this as the caravan to the u.s. has dispersed for now. bill melugin tracking the latest
10:30 am
developments from the ground in rio grande valley, texas. hello, bill. bill: mike, good afternoon to you. the biden administration has suffered yet another setback in court as a federal judge just threw out one of their key immigration policies which essentially limited who ice can and cannot target here in the united states. as you take a look at video we shot in the rio grande valley this week, we will explain what happened. so last year dhs secretary mayorkas issued policy which limited who ice can arrest and deport in the united states, limiting it to just national security threats, public safety threats and recent border crossers, you'll remember, he made headlines when he said just being in the u.s. illegally is not enough of a reason to deport somebody. well, the states of texas and louisiana sued dhs over that arguing that mayorkas guidance was forcing ice to essentially go against what u.s. law is and
10:31 am
on friday a federal judge agreed with those states. he threw out this policy from dhs, argued that it was stopping ice from doing its job, however, this policy or this -- this is not going to take -- this ruling won't take effect for another week as the judge is going the give the biden administration time to potentially appeal that ruling if they'd like to. we would also like to show you this video we shot in reynosa, mexico earlier this morning. take a look. this is the mexican border city directly across from where we are in hidalgo right now. what you're looking at thousands of haitian migrants who have gathered in reynosa, thousands waiting outside migrant shelter hoping they can get there inside. inside living are many hundred haitian migrants who have all arrived there hoping to cross illegally into the united states. we talked to the director of the shelter and he told us the numbers of migrants he's dealing with are exhausting and overwhelming. i also want to show you the
10:32 am
photos out of border patrol tucson arizona sector. take a look at this, major human smuggling bust. believe it or not, 20 illegal immigrants crammed into the pickup truck in douglas. you'll see adults wearing camouflage and two unaccompanied children who were mixed into that group of 20 being smuggled in the truck. take a look at what the governor of new hampshire had to say about the control cartels have not just here at the southern border but really how their tentacles reach out. >> they are flooding the markets not just with illegal drugs but drugs at a whole different level of purity, a whole different level of effectiveness. they are putting -- we are finding fentanyl in marijuana and fentanyl in cocaine and finding ways to bring it in. when you divert resources off of one area, they will find a way to do it.
10:33 am
>> the numbers here in the rio grande valley are not slowing down. just in the last 24 hours alone there have been more than 1,200 illegal crossings just in the last 13 days in the sector, there have been more than 19,000 illegal crossings, mike. we will send it back to you. mike: bill, i'm struck by the visual of the haitians getting ready to come across the border. a lot of folks a lot of mexicans looking to cross the border but you're dealing with folks from a wide variety of countries and want to remind folks at homes some of the various countries where they are seeing crossing the border these days. >> yeah, they are coming from all over the world, more than 120 countries have shown up here at our southern border and a lot of people will specifically ask about the haitians, well, how are they getting here, are they take a boat, many haitians left 80 years ago and south america where they have been predominantly living in chile and brazil.
10:34 am
that's where most of them came from. they for whatever reason have decided that now is the time to try to come to the united states from those south american countries. mike: great context from bill melugin. thanks very much. the average price for a gallon of gasoline reaching a new record for the 16th straight day. for more on this and the staggering inflation impacting many everyday items i'm joined by capitalist founder and fox business contributor jonathan honick looking sharp in suit. >> great to be with you, mike. this is a crisis, not wall street story and monthly inflation report. this is hitting everyday americans. in fact, inflation is really -- it's hallowing out the economy. it's a reason gerald ford called it public enemy number 1.
10:35 am
so the inflation is hurting the economy but this really might be at the early stages. mike: obviously viewers are feeling it at the gas station. five dollars in a penny per gallon, the new record as of today, the highest it's ever been but not just gasoline, meat up 12.3%. eggs up 32%, fish up 12% and milk up nearly 16%. fruits and veggies up 8% and coffee up 15%. what should working or middle-class or fixed-income folks do, jonathan? >> well, the damage is done, mike, and i hate to say it, there's really no way to avoid it. this was done by government. inflation is caused by government, all the 2,000-dollar check that is were sent out, the paycheck protection program, artificial of the money supply, freedman said it best, there's no such thing of a free lunch. every american is paying for it right now. it's destroying the savings. mike, consider unless you're getting an 8% pay raise year after year after year, your
10:36 am
quality of life is going down. so it's hurting people's quality of life and it's always hurting production. the economy rolls on productions and it's very hard to make investments 3 years, 5 years out when inflation is raging and you don't know what your cost inputs are going to be. mike: jonathan, i'm here in washington, if a president or house leader or senate leader were to call you what should lawmakers do to try to curtail this? >> for one they can learn a lesson from jimmy carter. we never think of that. jimmy carter not only cut taxes but deregulated massive parts of the economy. reagan continued that. that's the only thing that will solve problems here, mike, it was created in washington and needs to be solved in washington. all americans can do right now is basically tighten their belt and hope that washington cuts spending, cut regulation, that's what prompted the inflation, that's the only thing that can solve it. mike: folks looking at 401k's, retirement accounts, investment accounts and noticing deflation there. what should investors do at this
10:37 am
point? >> well, i mean, again, don't blame the messenger and i don't want to be a cassandra, if you lack at market, dow went down 40% because of the inflation. that was if t early days. that was lost decade. just as you're talking about price of commodities doing up a lot of commodity investments are going up. more than anything you have to tighten belt and adjust to standard of living. the biggest thing to do to change talk to congress, man or woman and that's what needs to be cut. mike: little bit of good news. is there value for the small investor? >> here is a bit of a good news. americans are not idiots. in fact, consumer confidence is at the lowest level ever. that's a bullish signal for
10:38 am
stocks when americans get too pessimistic sometimes that can be a short-term lows. i would never bet against america and against american capitalist spirit but what happens in washington it makes it so difficult not just to invest, forget invest but just save the money that you already earned. this is a very difficult dark time for the american economy. it's not because of big tech, it's because of washington and big spend right there. mike: jonathan honic. vermont senator bernie sanders has endorsed amy villela against incumbent dina titus. aishah, are democrats facing a whole lot of challenges? >> hey, mike, good afternoon to you. that's right, they are because hourly workers in the state of nevada are really struggling. i met a man the other day naming
10:39 am
salvador muñoz, he's a father of two, he's got two jobs, working two jobs to make ends meet and the day that i met him he didn't know if he was going to have enough gas to get to work, watch. >> i wasn't able to make it to my second job today because of gas prices. i do still have my night shift coming up that i will be going to work, luckily a mile away, even without the car i can make that. >> even without the car you would make that? >> if i had to walk, i can do that. aishah: it is instain out here. two of nevada democrats are being primaried including dina titus of, redistricting handed her more red voters in a sort of stacey abrams like moment. titus at one point called her district the worst in the state. >> the left targets certain districts that are site
10:40 am
districts so that they can win the primaries and home free in the general. turns out you're not home free in the general in this district. this is the worst district in the state after being been the best district it's now the worst. aishah: not menacing any words there, titus just got purposed by progressive senator bernie sanders who has now endorsed her primary challenger amy valela. this is all interesting, mike, because nevada has really become a race to the middle as independent and unaffiliated voters now make up the majority, so it would be very interesting to see how that particular race shakes up on tuesday. mike. mike: my fox weather app says it's about 100 heading to 108, but aishah hosnie always looks cool. aishah: try to keep it cool. you bet. mike: bret baier will monitor hour debate from republican lindsey graham and independent
10:41 am
senator bernie sanders from vermont. don't miss the senate project debate tomorrow at 12:00 eastern streaming live exclusively on fox nation. the crime surge in major cities now pushing voters to send a strong message to their democratic leaders. more on that next. ♪ ♪ ♪ okay everyone, our mission is to provide complete balanced nutrition for strength and energy. woo hoo! ensure, complete balanced nutrition with 27 vitamins and minerals. and ensure complete with 30 grams of protein. ♪ ♪ "peace of mind." such a big, beautiful idea. and for us at this means - free cancellation on most bookings. it's a bit functional. but we'll gladly be functional. so you can be free.
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10:46 am
in new york, with alvin bragg, the da, up 38%. gaskon, 11.9%. kim fox in chicago crime is up 34%. should these other progressive da's get the memo and change course in a hurry? >> they should, george gaskon and chsa boudin are gaslighting the state of california and the country and are saying that crime is in our imagination and we fear crime and crime is not real. i will tell all of the progressive prosecutors specifically george gaskon, why don't you talk to all the moms and dads of murdered children, talk to imelda, rodriguez, talk to jessica and lawanda hopkins,
10:47 am
talk to so many moms that have lost children in violent crime. follow-home robberies have increased, shootings have increased, armed robberies have increased and gun violence increased in los angeles. i'm here to tell you crime is not just a fear, crime is a reality in los angeles and many of the states that are run by progressive district attorneys. mike: i would like to play a clip from george washington professor turley that happens to be fox news contributor, let's listen. >> liberal cities, san francisco, los angeles have said enough. the crime is just getting out of hand and homelessness is getting out of hand and there doesn't seem to be a lot of solutions. mike: does that suggest in most progressive cities if they don't see progress they want change.
10:48 am
>> you should never reform the system and sacrifice public safety and the safety of our children and the safety of our families. releasing violent murderers, not charging certain crimes, that's not reforms. that doesn't help the system. you can -- you can reform the system and make it better but you should never sacrifice public safety in doing that and many of these progressive prosecutors run by georgia gaskon and his group have sacrificed public safety, have made the situation here in los angeles and throughout the country worse. mike: how optimistic are you that the da there in los angeles will be recalled? >> i am very optimistic. every signature matters and we have about 25 days left and so everybody really needs to bear down and get as many signatures as they can during this last, last month of june, but i'm going to tell you, the clock is ticking on george gaskon and on
10:49 am
all of the progressive prosecutors. los angeles has had enough and america has had enough on soft on crime crimes that have endangered our children and families. mike: thank you so much for your time, have a great day. >> you too, thank you. mike: fear fighting taking place in eastern ukraine where russian shelling resulted in a massive chemical plant fire. we will have live report from kyiv with the latest coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪
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mike: russian invaders have renamed freedom square in mariupol as lenon square and raised flag against backdrop of burnt houses in the city center this has german reports that leaders are to travel to kyiv before tend of the month. mike tobin live from kyiv with the latest. mike: to use president zelenskyy's words he's been on a big diplomatic marathon lately, usually what we see to sure up support. what he has been doing in recent days is making the case to pull ukraine into the european union. he did that meeting with president of the european
10:54 am
commission. she made her way to kyiv. zelenskyy will know by june 24th if ukraine has been approved as a candidate for eu membership. >> i am sure that we will soon receive an answer on the candidate status for ukraine. i'm convinced that not only can this decision strengthen our state but the entire european union as well. >> in nightly address zelenskyy pointed out that russia said in may it would quickly claim the eastern region known as the donbas fighting has been most severe in the eastern town. russia have control of the streets as this has evolved in artillery war. that town has been blown to bits. zelenskyy.
10:55 am
they have launched the counteroffensives can limited success. mike: seems like a negotiated settlement in that perhaps the ukrainians will have to give up some of that eastern territory. are they ready for that? mike: they are not ready for that. to ukrainians that is unacceptable and their belief and their feeling is he got -- he being vladimir putin got the crimean peninsula. they believe that if he is to get the donbas region, the lunskt region, that will not satisfy him and they believe that the only solution is to drive russia back across the border. mike: their instincts may be right. after all they are neighbors for russia forever and so we will see how it all plays out. but mike tobin, glad that you are there all over it, the ukrainian capital, thank you for the reporting also always. >> you got it.
10:56 am
mike: that's all for this hour of fox news live. it's been a pleasure, fox news sunday with bret baier hosting this week. well, that's up next. i'm mike emanuel, thank you so much for watching, have an awesome day and a great week. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [♪♪] if you have diabetes, it's important to have confidence in the nutritional drink you choose. try boost glucose control®. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels
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i am bret baier. nation divided over some of the biggest issues of our time it raises questions about the future of americans freedom, security and democracy itself. ♪ >> january 6 was a culmination of an attempted coup. violent's was no accident. basics on capitol housebuilding blame for what happened at the u.s. capitol on january 6 on donald trump. while republicans claim the committee lacks credibility. >> it has permanently damage the house and divided this country. >> divided over


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