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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  June 12, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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>> supernatural breakthrough in washington after carnage of the recent mass shootings in our country. a bipartisan group of senators announcing a group that would encourage stronger gun measures bolster school security and enhance mental health support. trying to get the agreement passed into law over the next two weeks before the senate goes into a july 4 recess. welcome to our brand-new hour of fox news live. >> hi, eric. hello everyone.
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this framework deal comes after a devastating string of bass shootings and country including a recent attack at a shooting in buffalo and at school shooting in texas. putting the bill on the floor as soon as possible once it is finalized. ten republicans have signed onto the framework that would be enough to reach the 60 vote rush holt needed to pass if all 50 democrat senators also support it. >> they are working on that. alexandria hoff has what is included and how both sides are reacting. >> the final bill has not yet been written. this is significant in its own right coming to a point of agreement that has not been reached in decades. the statement reads "our plan increases needed mental health resources improve school safety and support for students and helps them as adjudicated mentally ill cannot purchase
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weapon speared saving lives while also protecting the constitutional right of law-abiding americans. it includes funding to help state implement and pass red flag laws billion more for mental health and school safety and extended background checks for gun purchasers under the age of 21. raising the age to being pushed for by the president. >> we should not take a victory lap yet. i am so grateful for the leadership that senators like these have shown in getting to this point. ten republicans meeting at principal they have the support needed to advance the senate. chuck schumer wrote once disagreement is finalized i will put this bill on the floor as soon as possible so the senate can act quickly to advance gun safety legislation senate minority leader mitch mcconnell issue this statement, i
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continued they give a bipartisan product that makes headway on key issues like mental health, school safety, respects the second amendment and makes a difference for our country. if lawmakers want action before the july 4 recess they have until the end of next week to advances to the house and senate. eric. >> thank you. >> we will go over to lucas tomlin live at the white house with the president's response to this bipartisan agreement. >> the president called the proposal of positive first step and thanked bipartisan group of senators that helped make it happen and added ," obviously it does not do everything that is needed but it reflects important steps in the right direction and would be the most significant and safety legislation to pass congress in decades". it was a new york times making shockwaves that reporting many democrats knew president biden as an anchor that should be cut loose in 2024. our colleague asked a friend of
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the president about this earlier on fox news sunday. >> you are a close ally. as president biden running a 24-inch should he? >> yes, key is said i will tell you it is my understanding, let me be clear, i am not speaking on his behalf or announcing a candid and see, i am just saying as of now it is i understanding that the president intends to seek a second term. >> after that inflation report friday any economist inc. this crisis will only get worse. groceries up 12%, the highest spike since 1979. the restaurant tab is up 19%. fuel oil, that has doubled the largest spike ever. inflation of the biggest issue on the minds of voters headed into the midterm election according to polls. aoc was also asked if biden should run again. >> if the president chooses to run again in 2024, i mean, first of all, i am focused on winning
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the majority right now and preserving the majority this year in 2022 so we will cross that bridge we get to it. but i think if the president has a vision and that's something we are all willing to entertain and examine when the time comes be met that keyword if. if the president runs again. if he has a vision. insinuating he does not have one. >> old boy. we will see how this all unfolds thank you. eric. >> bipartisan gun agreement in washington a good difference and potentially stop? the type of mass shootings and other tax we have seen at the point of a gun. someone that knows a lot about this is our next guest. serving under mayor rudy giuliani and faced a flow of weapons coming into a city for years. commissioner, welcome. under the framework we are told stronger red flag laws, clamping
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down on weapons buyers or 18-21 years old. mental health issues. what is your reaction to this announcement of framework? >> it's the first step, and it certainly is not enough. i am a supporter of the second amendment, but when it was passed, we had weapon fired one shot at a time. i think it is interesting to note that none of the school shootings or mass shootings involved in machine gun yet they are legal in this country. in order to possess a machine, you have to pass a background check, you have to be fingerprinted, you have to be photographed, you have to be vetted by the local police and that is where you can own a machine gun. the reason machine guns are not used is because they are in responsible hands. why not take weapons of mass destruction like ar-15's and put them in the same category? that way a young man cannot go into a store and get a weapon
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right away. i am supportive of attempting to pass in the legislature, but the fact is it is not a law that will stop mass shootings. what i just suggested will take part in the congress. >> the machine guns, you think of the tommy guns back in the 1930s but in ar-15 is a weapon of war on the streets of our cities held by citizen. those that have them defend them. they say they use them. at the same time we see the destruction being cause. they were banned at one point under president clinton. you think assault weapons should be like ar-15's, should be completely banned or at least not sold. if you have them now, keep them, but they should not sell ar for teens. >> well, i would like to see that, but that is the ideal situation. if you are realistic it will not
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happen. if you have a licensed ar-15 it would prevent where people can just going get them. that is what people should be doing. it is a solution. it is not rhetoric. this is political theater going on with the second amendment attempts right now. somebody has to step up and say let's protect the children, let's make sure ar-15 and those weapons only get into the hands of the people that have been really vetted. the databases we have right now are just not enough. >> as commissioner of new york city, i covered you as a reporter here for many years. we saw the destruction, we sell the deaths, these types of weapons in the hands of criminals and drug dealers in the city. now we have had spikes of crime. what do we do about crime in our cities in these guns. it continues in new york. new york city mayor adams trying to make that. >> you have to go back to what we made new york.
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there were a lot of shootings but there if you assault weapons. none were handguns. we got the handguns off the street. when i left we had the fewest shootings in decades. the fewest homicides in decades. commissioner kelly continued it. you have to go back to broken windows, you have to go back to arresting people jumping over turnstiles. carrying guns and drugs. we have to go back to playing close units, not cap uniform units. the police are only one third of the criminal justice system. yet to do something about no bailey district attorneys who refused to enforce the law. >> you saw the recall in san francisco. those type of progressive prosecutors, especially here in manhattan who have been pursuing those types of criminal justice policies that critics say are
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soft on crime. >> well, i think the governor is the only one that can remove the district attorney of new york, he cannot be recalled. i think she should absolutely do that. san francisco is one of the most liberal cities in the world, but they got tired of crime and homelessness and assaults and aggregation in san francisco that they took that step. it is a message, i hope to all the liberal district attorneys that are not enforcing the law. >> do you think that here in new york, for example, there will be more stringent types of policies by the criminal justice system gear and in chicago, san francisco and other cities that will finally try to bring more law and order back to our streets? >> the only way it will happen is when voters go to the voting booth and vote for people that want to enforce the law. every day there is collateral damage in new york city. the young girl got shot in the
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door just sitting there doing her homework. that is outrageous. people being thrown in front of subway trains. mayor adams has to take real steps to do it. >> is not just new york, it's another cities. what would you suggest we do? >> we have to go back to making sure people that fear police are criminals. they have to make sure there is enough police presence. seeing the recent budget for the nypd, there are 35 cops in new york. it makes a huge difference. >> commissioner of new york city, thank you for your insight and your suggestions. we will see if they are eventually taken up in washington. good to see you. >> nice to be with you, eric. >> of course. >> the police have arrested 31 white the premises to northwest
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idaho for legibly planning a riot at a yay pride parade yesterday. officials say the suspects were part of a group called patriot front. live in details. what more can you tell us about this? >> police said 31 individuals arrested in this group were from at least 11 states including colorado, texas, south dakota, utah and virginia. a concerned citizen called police after they saw the group loading into a u-haul truck alerting officers to the situation. the men were detained around 130 yesterday afternoon in a resort town in northern idaho just about 30 miles east of spokane washington. chair's deputies and state troopers were on scene during the arrest. the local police chief said they wanted to make sure they had adequate resources after receiving a call that there were at least 20 people in a u-haul. >> we received a telephone call from us concerned citizen that
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reported approximately 20 people jumped into a u-haul wearing masks. they had shields and what looked like a little army. units began to go into the area and we made a traffic stop almost 10 minutes later. at that .31 people were detained. they were all wearing similar attire. they had shields, shame guards. >> police say some of the men were wearing patches and logos that identified them as members of patriot front, a white nationalist group. there was also evidence to support that the group plan to write a multiple locations. the men were arrested near pride parade yesterday. they were each charged with conspiracy to riot, a misdemeanor. >> it is clear waste on the gear that the individuals had with them, the stuff they had in their possession and the u-haul along with paperwork that was seized from them that they came
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to riot downtown. there was multiple shields. they were all wearing hats, shin guards, shields, things of that nature. >> also, the fbi is assisting local law enforcement with this investigation. >> live in los angeles. thanks, christina. eric. >> a federal judge in texas, a big blow to president biden's border policy. the limits on hill federal agents can arrest and deport. standing by at the border in texas. hey, bill. >> good afternoon, eric. a major loss for the biden administration in court. this is one of their key administration policies. they through that entire policy out. take a look at video that they just shot. last year, dhs issued new
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guidance which as you mentioned told i.c.e. the only people they can target for arrest or removal our national security threats, public safety threats and recent border crossers. the secretary made headlines when he said just being in the country illegally should not be grounds for being deported. the states of texas and louisiana sued over that arguing that that guidance was forcing i.c.e. to violate the law and not be able to do its job, essentially. on friday a federal judge agreed with those dates, ruled against the biden administration and through that policy out. however, it will not take effect for another week or so. the judges giving the administration time to appeal that ruling if they'd like to. we would also like to show you this second piece of video right here. we shot this in mexico. the mexican border city directly across from where we are right
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now. what you are looking at are thousands of haitian migrants who have gathered in that city. over 1000 of them waiting outside of a migrant shelter hoping to get in. there are many hundreds more of those already living inside that shelter. a large majority of these migrants already with the goal of trying to get into the u.s. at some point in the future. the director of the shelter actually told us right now they are overwhelmed and exhausted with the number of migrants air dealing with over there. last thing we are like to show you if we can show these photos for border patrol, human smuggling bus. leave it or not illegal immigrants crammed in a single pickup truck near douglas, arizona. almost all of them wearing camouflage. there were two unaccompanied children mixed into that group of 20 who were being smuggled. a big bust there. i want to show you the new hampshire governor about the situation at the border.
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what happens down here at the southern border does not stay here. its impacting resources on the northern border as well. take a listen. >> we seen a lot of the northern border agents being shifted down to the southern border because the administration will not put in the additional resources needed to take care of the crisis down there. it is a national crisis. >> the numbers are not slowing down whatsoever here in the rio grande valley sector where we are. this morning and a 24 hour span, there was more than 1200 illegal crossing. keep in mind this is one single sector here on the southern border. back to you. >> it keeps coming. thanks. >> the iran nuclear deal is on the brink of collapse after they move to cut surveillance at its nuclear plant. how long before the whole thing falls apart and can the u.s. play a role in bringing ironic back to the table?
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the horrific scenes continued to come out of eastern ukraine as russian forces have been shelling civilian targets
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nonstop. the president of the european union making a visit and saying the union will soon announce its position and ukraine's potential membership in the eu. mike tobin is live with the latest on that. >> hi there. he has been on a big diplomatic marathon. usually what we see with the weapons to be used to fight with russia and against russia. trying to garner support to for the -- that is what he did yesterday when the president came here. he will learn by june 24 if ukraine has been approved as a candidate for eu membership. >> certainly receive an answer on the candidate status for ukraine. i am convinced that this can
1:23 pm
strengthen our faith but the european union as well. >> and his nightly address he pointed out that russia said in may it would quick lay claim the region. fighting has been most severe they are. trading control of streets are blocked there. an artillery war where the town has really been blown to bits. they called it a dead city. if ukraine abandons that russia gains control of a entire province. they have lodged some counter offenses in the south. he also said that although the end of the war is not insight, ukrainians need to make russia regret what they have done here and pay for each life lost. >> thanks so much. >> thank you. the un's nuclear watch dog group said they may have dealt a fatal blow to nuclear deal negotiations after it began
1:24 pm
removing nuclear monitoring equipment last week. >> the agency services would not be available to the parties after four weeks? >> we would not be able to give them the accuracy that they require. >> so it is that if it is not done within the next four weeks. >> this would be a fatal blow. >> all right. let's bring in doctor rebecca graham. a national security and security analyst. doctor grant breaks it down for us. what is iran really doing? how could their actions lead to a nuclear crisis? >> iran nuclear blackmail is back and it is worse than ever. over the last several months, the u.s. and britain and france and others have spent time negotiating an updated iran nuclear deal. it has been done since march and i ran will not sign it.
1:25 pm
they are also weighed out of compliance with the terms of the deal. they are reaching too much iranian and here we see the top nuclear official at the un saying basically we cannot even monitor a deal if it goes more than a few more weeks with iran having turned off its cameras. this is really, you have to at this point be thinking that iran may have just decided they want to go for a nuclear weapon. >> well, i want to touch on that in a couple things you just mentioned. got to get back to those cameras as well. what happens if the deal is not fully restored? what is the fallout? >> what we see going on now is iran is very far out of compliance. if the deal is abandoned coal completely, then there is no way for them to monitor any activity
1:26 pm
at the various sites in iran had that is a problem that the un authority has already said, they have caught them with radioactive isotopes that should not be there at various locations. if iran does not turn it back on, we are done with any nuclear deal. it is just gone. >> because the plan was to put their viable limits on the nuclear program. they are hiding stuff. so, as far as we know, how potent, how dangerous is the arsenal? >> we think that at this exact moment, they do not have a nuclear weapon. our intelligence officials say that it would not take them long? how long is that? we do not really know. possibly a year, maybe less. there starting to highly enrich uranian. there up to 60%. they need 90% enrichment to make a small bomb and then they need
1:27 pm
to store enough fuel. they are, technically able to do it if they choose to end if the deal goes away completely and the ia yay is not allowed to track and monitor, that means that the breakout time is up to iran for when they would have an actual nuclear weapon. >> it is my understanding that iran has not removed the 27 cameras yet that are used to monitor the nuclear facilities. if they do, it would leave 40 cameras in place. what should, you know, the u.s., britain, france, germany, what should we do now and are the options doable or are they dicey >> dicey. we have to keep on the diplomatic pressure. pulling back, this is always a problem with iran. they don't want to really be in compliance. if they were only doing a
1:28 pm
peaceful nuclear program none of this would be happening. it worries me that they will not sign this deal. maybe they are trying to extort more sanctions, relief or monetary payouts. at this point they have gone so far they have done so much worse even under the biden administration which has been very keen to get them back in a deal. iran's compliance has just gotten worse than it was even a year and a half ago. >> why? >> if only we knew. the long-standing ambition is the avenue clear weapon or the prestige in the region because they hate the u.s. and they hate israel and now we just have to ask ourselves how they made that decision to really go for that weapon at this point or if there is any chance if they can be talked down from that ledge. >> it sounds like president trump should not have withdrawn from the deal in the first place back in 2018. >> the deal would have expired in about five years anyway. it was not a strong enough deal.
1:29 pm
>> it was something. it was something. four years ago. just saying. >> that is right. the issue is, i think, if iran had stopped the noncompliance, but they have actually gotten worse in the last year and a half. >> doctor rebecca grant, i always appreciate your expert analysis. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> yes. thank you. back here at home it is not just progressive prosecutors in their so-called soft on crime policies. in bold and criminals, the policies also deemed lame for causing police officers to quit. we will take a look at that next for strength and energy. woo hoo! ensure, complete balanced nutrition with 27 vitamins and minerals. and ensure complete with 30 grams of protein.
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"peace of mind." such a big, beautiful idea. and for us at this means - free cancellation on most bookings. it's a bit functional. but we'll gladly be functional. so you can be free. booking.yeah democratic divide in las vegas. on seeing their longtime
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incumbent whose district includes this trip. facing a primary challenge from liberal activist. she has been endorsed by big name on democratic left. voters going to the polls on tuesday. live with more on this race. she is in las vegas. hey there. >> hey there, eric. nevada is a very interesting landscape year. a lot of hourly workers struggling to make ends meet. i just spoke to man a few days ago, he has a father of two working two jobs just to make ends meet. just to survive and feed his family. the day i met him he did not know if he would able to make it into work by driving because gas prices are so high. watch this. >> i was not able to make it to my second job today because of gas prices. i do still have my night shift coming up that i will be going to work locally.
1:35 pm
even without the car i can make that. but as far as it goes, it has devastated everybody. if i had to walk, yeah, i could definitely do that. >> these are the challenges they are facing. two of house democrats are being primary including the first congressional district. redistricting really transformed her area and added more red voters. titus at one point called her district the worst in the state. >> targeting certain districts so that they can win the primary as it turns out this is the worst district in the state after having been the best district it is now the worst. >> she also just got burned by progressive senator bernie
1:36 pm
sanders who was now endorsed her primary challenger. she has also just received a big push by squad member representative cory busch who was campaigning out here in nevada with her. this is all very interesting, eric, because nevada has become a race to the middle. this particular titus race will be one to watch because we have independent voters, unaffiliated voters that are now a majority here in nevada. it will be interesting to see what happens with that particular race. >> bernie has placed his back. we will see if he hits the jackpot. thank you. >> i don't know, eric. anyway. america's crime crisis continues to grow in the big apple. the new york post reports a nation's largest police forces shrinking with more than 1500
1:37 pm
officers leaving so far this year. that would be on pace for the biggest exodus from the department since statistics have been available. alexis mcadams is live in our newsroom with the latest. >> the city's police union says this drop in the number of officers out of the streets as a threat to public safety. according to the new york post, more than 1500 nypd officers have either resigned or retired this year. that is up 38% just compared to last year. this puts the department on track to have the biggest loss of and power decades. the nypd has much lower numbers that they shared with us this morning, but still tells fox news at least 1000 officers have left the department within the last year. the question, why are these officers leaving? the police benevolent association points to loaf a, inferior benefits and in anti-cop atmosphere, just to name a few. the nypd and the city of new
1:38 pm
york have been working hard to recruit hundreds of new police officers, even rolling out social media campaigns to try to get new cadets. watch. >> don't just say i love new york, live it. take the exam for free. visit nypd ♪♪ >> that is just a short snippet of the videos have shared to try to get people involved. overall crime is up 38% compared to last year. police searching for these five men on your screen accused of killing a 27-year-old dropper that came in to visit from out of town over the weekend. the group chase down this guide to a pharmacy over in the bronx and shot him several times. right now police are still searching for the suspect. their recruitment for this officer training which is free started this month. it wraps up in july. they are helping more people sign up. >> alexis mcadams live in our
1:39 pm
newsroom. thank you. eric. >> americans looking to beat the heat this summer. cities are being forced to shut down thousands of pools because, guess what, they cannot get lifeguards. in a moment we will tell you about the shortage. the american lifeguard association is here next to cf summer swimming can be saved. w, and we'll come to you to fix it. >> tech vo: this customer was enjoying her morning walk.
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1:44 pm
water polo players and great swimmers. they go out to see and if you have rip current combined with large waves, it can just create a very hazardous situation on the surfline. >> spokesperson for the american lifeguard association. he is at the beach, as you can see at cocoa beach florida. how serious is this shortage of what does it mean? >> thanks for having me, eric. we consider this a critical lifeguard shortage due mostly to the pandemic. the j 1 visa where we had exchange students from russia and ukraine so the war is not helping. we are competing with big retail and restaurants. it's hard for people to come back to that when they can stay at those jobs and make the same money. >> what are they doing to try to track young folks to stand on the stand to take a look to make
1:45 pm
sure there are no jaws or to protect the swimmers? >> new york first responders. there are some incentives out there. some of the current employees are going out of recruiting people and if they make it, they get a bonus. their sign-on bonuses. a little bit better pay being offered in some areas. as well as we are actually reaching out to the retired lifeguards or even some police officers or first responders that would come out and be capable of doing the job. >> let's take a look at some of the numbers. more of a staggering number of drownings that than one would think. fatal unintentional drownings each year. eleven a day. eleven people a day drown. that really is kind of shocking. more children, of course, drown ages one-four than any other cause. 40% have to go to the er that are in those situations.
1:46 pm
is there way that we can try to bring those numbers down? we had to drownings of two teenagers off the beach in new york city just a few days ago. they were out there on the sandbar with their classmates having fun and suddenly the sandbar dissipated and these two teenagers drowned. >> that is tragic. learned to swim, america. swim in front of a lifeguard at all costs. if you do find you are in an area that does not have a lifeguard, assign a water watcher. someone who know cpr that will not be distracted and put lifejackets on the little ones. all of these things will help us have a great summer and that's what we are looking for. >> if you are in the current, sometimes you are battling against the current they say that that is the worst thing to do. just flow with it, maybe. >> learn to swim.
1:47 pm
get water confidence. what gets people the most is the panic. if you do not have the water confidence, that is when you will drowned. the most important thing is not to panic. swim parallel, left or right out of the rip current, they are usually not that large, and make your way back to the beach safely. we have to get more confident in the water in america. learn to swim. >> that is a great point. if you go to the beach and they are not lifeguards there, go up to your ankles or your knees, as much as you would want to go, what is the safest way to do this? >> when in doubt, don't go out. assign a water watcher. if you know there are not any lifeguards, if you did your homework, the beach that you normally go to that has a lifeguard that does not, prepare for that. have them assigned like your own personal lifeguard and put lifejackets on the little ones.
1:48 pm
these kinds of things will help us. >> that is a great point. make sure the kids are always being watched. finally, lifeguards, they are iconic. remember baywatch. ronald reagan he had he was a lifeguard out in dixon illinois on the beach. you can be a lifeguard to become president of the united states. >> i heard ronald reagan say some of the best times of his life was when he was a lifeguard because lifeguards provide. we can stop people before they get injured. we see the danger we get people out of the way. it is an awesome job. we need more lifeguards. >> it is an awesome job. we are so thankful for lifeguards. we do thank you. thank you for your service and all the lifeguards around the country. we all stay safe hopefully this summer. thanks for joining us.
1:49 pm
>> love that segment. starting today, travelers from overseas will not need to show a negative covid test to fly into the u.s. and travel experts think that could mean a huge boost to the industry and our overall economy. we are live at one of the nation's busiest airport with reports coming up next. cu♪♪ to verizon two minutes ago. (mom brown) ours were busted and we still got a shiny new one. (boy brown) check it out! (dad allen) so, wait. everybody gets the same great deal? (mom allen) i think that's the point. (vo) iphone 13 on us for every customer. current, new, everyone. on any unlimited plan. starting at just $35 all on the network more people rely on.
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>> starting today, air travelers on flights to the u.s. are no longer required to have a negative covid test to enter the country. charles watson has more. he has lived that one of america's easiest airports in atlanta. this kicks in at midnight tonight, right? >> it happened already. it happened early this morning at midnight. things are slowly getting back to normal for folks flying into the u.s. the cdc dropping its testing requirement for international travelers. folks can fly into the u.s. without first showing proof of a negative covid-19 test. their requirement is no longer necessary. largely thanks to access to the covid-19 vaccine and vaccines of
1:54 pm
therapeutics for the lower risk of death in developing disease. at comes as welcome news for millions of americans that were just getting back out in the world. there is still a bit of hesitation for some. >> it is about time. not many other countries require it. yeah. i am happy with that. >> that being a requirement. wise it any different now? >> they are applauding the move after months of pleading with the biden administration to end the testing requirement. they not only did the mandate for international travel, it also calls a whole lot of folks. >> they were afraid of what would happen. there was a lot, you know, to think about. people were freaked out.
1:55 pm
>> we are hearing from some happy industry leaders. removing this policy is not only welcome news to travelers that are ready to get back out and see the world, but will aid in the overall economic recovery of the u.s. in the u.s. travel association the today marks another huge step for the recovery of inbound air travel and the return of international travel to the united states. you talk about the economy, the travel association believes this will should attract more visitors to the u.s. at $9 billion in spending through 2022. that is if everything moves through as planned. they will revisit this decision in the coming months and could reinstate this mandate should any trouble variance pop-up. >> we did have to be patient and
1:56 pm
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>> hey everybody, guy vincent and welcome, two years on what is untapped tonight to, as a group plans to blockade at supreme court tomorrow, had democratic senator defense sooner chuck schumer's past rhetoric against supreme court justices. >> okay guys. >> a lot of's happening in america's largest police department


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