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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  June 12, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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but keep talking about this until we get it done. >> i will keep coming on. thank you so much. trey: thank you for joining us good night from south carolina. ♪♪ hello, i am mark levin and this is life, liberty. you seem to spectacle, i want to dig into this and the threat of assassination against the supreme court justice. you heard these words off in the past few days, insurrection,
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democracy, peaceful transfer of power. what words haven't you heard from this committee? show trial, star chamber, tierney of the legislature, separation of power. in courtrooms, is all kinds of rules, based on the truism justice, truth and fairness, it requires the ability of them to effectively defend himself or herself. we have a joy of peers, government lawyer, defendant has a lawyer, rules of evidence that applies to both sides, discovery a special use the and etc. it's built on 4000 years of human experience. the magna carta, great western reformation and it was refined by the founding fathers in the bill of rights. when our constitution
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established the house of representatives, it was created as a single only federal ranch elected by the people. we have a republican to the extent to which the people have a direct role in the government supposed to be through the house of representatives for at least was. the body in which the people, all people are represented, not just majority. it was to be a body in which the marty had the power, minority had a role. they have a minority number of seats. they have stays in the roberts rules of evidence that applies to the house of representatives, is supposed to be a participatory system. so the minority as the founders believe for 200 years of
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practice while they can't control the floor of the house and other elements, they have a say. what is the purpose? their purpose is to ensure that everyone has at least some voice in the government over their lives, to ensure tranquility even when you have a diverse political system with a lot of voices to avoid the tierney of the majority, tierney of the legislature in the courtroom you want opposition to get to the truth, the legislature opposition not so much to get to the truth but to the other side has say, representation. we have separation of powers among other things, congress exists to raise money, borrow, spend and legislate. congress has no power to conduct
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criminal investigations, none whatsoever. that is not their lane, their plane is to legislate and ensure the framers believe we wouldn't be criminalizing this. the framers of the constitution all over the world, they look to history. the judeo christian experience. they looked at rome, they looked at britton. they looked at germany, they looked at france. they looked at the great philosophers and came up with the most fantastic constitution ever known to man. we have to supreme court, the only court specifically mentioned in the constitution, no mention of the appellate court, district court or administrative court or any other, the supreme court is in article three by name as is the chief justice of the united states, the only one. three branches of power.
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he said over and over how important it is to have three branches of government all set up so we the people can survive in a civil society and that we have rights, too. now none of this has been discussed by this january 6 committee. why? every single thing i just told you is being rejected. hook, line and sinker. individuals are not protected, individuals had no due process rights, this committee conducts unconstitutional parallel criminal investigation going through the back door to get around the bill of rights and other procedures and information to a politicized department of justice and attorney general, it is appalling is outrageous. this committee is made up of all democrats, they keep talking
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about to republicans, these are figureheads. never traverse, the most zealous on the committee. cheney and kinzinger, they are on the outside of their own party and trying to even the score. there's no way possible a committee structure like this with every person disappointed by the speaker of the house, a four -- five vote in the house of representatives, speaker of the house because of their loyalty either to her or their hate for the prior president, donald trump. there's no way we can get to the truth for this committee and what is the purpose of the hearing? the purpose of a hearing is not to present a hollywood produced show trial. the purpose is to garner information. they say they had 1000 witnesses and 140,000 document. 1000 witnesses and 140,000 documents? in order to determine what? had to protect the capitol building? 1000 witnesses but yet they
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couldn't call one more, nancy pelosi to explain what she did or didn't do or more information in for coming out how incompetent and irresponsible nancy pelosi was. her failure to protect that building. this is a sham, it will go down in history as a dark mark on the american political system. we can't see it now, the mob is in control, the mob runs the media, the propaganda is full throated, can't be it now but history has a way of sobering events. we will see this one-day is the outrageous attack on our system on the prior president, on scores of people that it truly is. it's an abomination to the american system not just of justice but congressional and represented system.
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as you know there was was to be an assassination attempt on the supreme court justice capitol, brett kavanaugh. he was turned into the enemy of the state of the democrat party by the washington post, by people bearing false witness and by others day in and day out. kavanaugh, that was the goal. to dehumanize him, destroy him. that was the goal in the war against clarence thomas, is now the goal against the supreme court unless of course the left controls the court and its independent and they worship it to movies about the justices but not now because the left nose is not going to get the decisions it wants. it insisted on winning. kavanaugh's life, potential life as a family was threatened just a few days ago. why were they threatened? among other reasons, the democrat party and their media
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mouthpiece said some things about this court and about kavanaugh that would cause blood to boil of any psychopath, blood boiling of people who aren't psychopaths. we've never had a persistent constant threat from justices of the supreme court. not only that, the democrat party and so many of its members and media are on record they want to destroy the independence of the court, they want to pack the court. they want to eliminate the filibuster so they can influence the final decision of the court. this is a disaster but the democrat party is doing it. reaching back to donald trump, this is third world type, this is what stalin and the other maniacs have done. that is try to take people out of political power and destroy them so they can never come back, so their voices can be heard.
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smear the people who back then and so forth and so on. there is an overlay here. i want you to listen to what donald trump said january 6, 2021. the. >> we have come to defend the congress, do the right thing and only count the electors who have been locally slated, locally slated. i know everyone here will soon be marching over to the capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard, today we will see whether republicans stand strong for integrity of our elections or whether or not they stand strong for our country. >> that's about us passive a statement you could possibly make. peacefully and patriotically. does that sound like a man
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leading an insurrection? even more than that, we have on record numerous people that president trump offered national guardsmen the capitol to pelosi four days before january 6, 4 days before january 6. these two issues alone would undermine completely the entire purpose of this committee which is why they have to have 1000 witnesses and 140,000 documents. they want 1000 pieces to put pics together in e-mails and have music and show the violence from the group break into the capitol and then tried to turn into a donald trump event. that's what republicans do and what hollywood does and what our media does with the russian collision and the rest. i want you to hear what chuck schumer said march 2020 about the supreme court, to justices and keep in mind the comparison of the two, the voice of donald trump, the substance of what he
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said, peacefully and patriotically. now listen to chuck schumer. >> i want to tell you kavanaugh, you have released a whirlwind and you will pay the price. [cheering] if you go forward with these decisions. >> you won't know what hit you if you go forward with these decisions. he's not only obstructing the work of the court and trying to influence the outcome, you won't know what hit you? this is violent language. can you imagine what this committee would do with that language if those words were out of by donald trump january 6? but that's not what happened. there was a complaint filed by the legal foundation with the senate select committee on ethics headed by senators coons
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and langford. talking about specifically the threat made by schumer and how unhinged individual might view this as a call to violence. the select committee on ethics in the united states senate did nothing, absolutely nothing. supreme court today even as i speak threatened violence. finally it's a federal law, most of you have memorized it by now, code section 1507, you're not allowed to quote on quote peacefully protest at the home of justice, that is the law. it took attorney general united states weeks, weeks to beef up security for these justices. weeks and he hasn't prosecuted a single person who's committed a felony, not one. chuck schumer, we have audio,
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video and nancy pelosi with the audio, and the video, both of them interrogated their mob to go to those houses, break federal law, commit felonies and influence the outcome of a supreme court decision that struck the work of the court. i don't believe any of them have been charged with anything, no handcuffs, no. none of that. what we are facing now is the tierney of the legislature's. you are witnessing it to nancy pelosi who failed to protect the capitol building as of today failed to protect supreme court justices from past unanimously by senate, as of my speaking right here for almost two months she's done nothing with it. why? because she wants the supreme court damaged, she disagrees with those opinions. this is tierney, we are staring
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it in the face. i'll be right back. ♪♪
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welcome back, america. my favorite is a hero, great patriot, incredibly smart and a
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fighter. that's what he is, it's an honor to have you on the program. you have written a book so greatly important, i don't know how you timed it so perfectly. battle for the american mind uprooting a century of education, this applies to everything going on in this country today. if radical left has control of education k-12 and brainwash in indoctrinating our children, it's over. why did you write this book? >> i don't want it to be over like you and i realize only an educated populace is a free populace and that's what our founders understood and you know and what the left nose. you wrote a book, american marxism, this book lays out what happened in our country, embargo an original copy, but we hope this book is is basically american marxism for the classroom k-12, full exposé of
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how the lunacy you see, gender resume, gender pronouns for eight euros, critical race theory, 1619 project, it didn't pop up out of nowhere, it was part of an intentional first gradual, then sudden take over of the minds of our kids. you see it in the lunacy and you might think it's just an accident of the 60s were few radical teachers unions or joe biden or common core or barack obama, no. this is 100 year were over 100 year progressive project, names like frances willard and the whole frankfurt school, it ties to current events, straight line from critical theory, ideas that promulgated in places like columbia university and when the marxist landed there have made their ways into first the
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classroom and everything but now it's in our streets because they are breeding a new class of radical leftist activists at not just universities but high schools, middle school and elementary schools. what i want to do is equip parents and grandparents to understand the depth of the problem so they can be part of the solution and radically reorient how to educate their kids first and then get to how we address the larger system as well. >> i spent a lot of time studying this get i learned a lot from your book. it really exposes the underbelly of what's taking place in this country and i would strongly encourage parents and grandparents and everybody who cares about the future of this country to grab a copy and medical for the american mind. you and i were talking before the program with the closing of the american mind, focused on
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colleges and universities, a very important book at the time that resonated throughout society. it's my deepest hope battle for the american mind, the focus on the public school system and because on in the classrooms and how we got to where we are, what's happening today and what we can do about it that this resonates as well, it's important when people show up at school board meetings they have this book under their arms. i touched on it in the book, you expand on the issue like nobody i've ever seen, it's very important. as you pointed out in the book, there is a reason they are pushing critical race theory, a reason they attacked the nuclear family. there is a reason they don't want parents involved. the safest started 100 years ago or so which is true, what was the goal of john and these other so-called early progressive's in the early part of the last century? >> it was a reversal of western
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christian british and, they mask it under the idea of more vocational didn't need a generation of rural american law, you need to train them all for industrial economy, a future economy in the house spent it. in reality everything i've listed from france will will and john do their own atheist, socially in the manual marxist. with a new is they wanted radical societal humanist change, a future utopia of what they call equality, now they say equity which is total crumbling of the capitalist system and western style republic had to undermine freethinking and had to replace the key ingredient, what is most key ingredient? they new parent would have revolted if they did that so like a precious artifact, they
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took it off and replace it with something that looks just like it and what they replaced it with and it's shocking for people like you and me who revere our flag, they replaced it with patriotism and the flag and put in the bellamy salute after the roman salute that did not include under god when it was first instituted by a socialist, a brand-new network of schools, one call the gary plan in gary indiana. fast forward 80 years as their pipeline progressive marxist thinking, they never cared about patriotism in america, they are happy to get rid of it it was incremental steps toward an atheist societal change of humanism and secularism the belief that goes back to the marxist battle although it
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didn't work as you wrote about with class so they moved in to race and gender and cultural marxism in real quick on frances willard, a socialist feminist in the 1870s and wanted to get rid of alcohol she put in anti- alcohol curriculum in third grade classroom across america. a generation later not only was alcohol band, there was a constitutional amendment passed to prohibit, progressives in the earliest 20th century studied that and said the classroom is the most powerful tool we have societal change so they started to create new schools that could do those things and wrote about it openly in the new republican. i wrote this with david goodwin,
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an expert on classical christian, he's amazing. looking at the new republican what john and other atheist progressive socialist were talking about who openly talked about how important education was toward their goals and had to remove god and freethinking aspect they believe it's the same condescending view today, average people don't need to think about philosophy or politics or economics, give them that and make them go away. they become easier to control, the liberal arts idea was a liberated mind, you know this and that's what they wanted to get rid of. >> well for the american mind, any major bookstore, it really is a book about education for our time as far as i am concerned. we'll be right back.
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looking to fox news live, i am in new york, a major breakthrough, new bipartisan agreement, red flag gun laws. school security enhanced mental health support. twenty senators including ten republicans under the framework. chuck schumer says the bill will be put on the floor as soon as possible once finalized. the white supremacist group patriot friend are said to be arranged in court on charges of
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planning for a riot. the 31 suspects arrested yesterday while traveling in the u-haul carrying flight gear. the group gathered at least 11 states in describing lgbtq pride event. i am molly, back to life, liberty and living. ♪♪ >> welcome back, america. battle for the american mind, battle for the american mind. what you seem to be describing his patriotism toward government, not the countries, ideals of the founding and the devouring of the side, a country by government. his impact today, is that right? >> that's exactly right, never about celebrating the ideal in
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the classroom, judeo-christian tradition, is elevated the state and they use the word democracy, who knows that word was on the list of progressives and the pipeline never stops in this even those who started couldn't have known her and, they knew where it wasn't going to end, it wasn't going to end the founding ideals of our country and judeo-christian western values so arriving at the columbia university, the teachers unions which used to be patriotic bayfield teacher associations, they were gobbled up by the union movement, got stripped out there as well, supreme court rulings occurred, who created the become of education? the teachers union. who founded to the amount of progressives and honorary life chairman at the end. marxist sutter group which were
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taken over which he created of education, enter a people's history of the most popular textbook in our classrooms today written by letter of the soviet union, totally into american history, who know about and government and how can you put up your laptop and lucy cleanup project and while kids are inherently oppressed and white kids are inherently oppressors and gender pronouns and studies in your elementary and middle school, he didn't have an accident, it was academics and they have proliferated theory, ideas have consequences and they understood the abraham meghan asked his leftist government so
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as parents, as look at this, i celebrate the people who go to school board meetings and protest and i do think it's important, my mom watched my public school but ultimately that doesn't change the dynamic of that school board, the school system and teachers unions and what is taught, diversity equity and inclusion, all of the money democrat party and educational complex, you have to make a radical choice as a parent or grandparent to do something different and eventually down the line policymakers have to give choice so parents can but with the money and feet and defend the union, these are the things we have to do now but if we talk about classical christian education, there are on my options, homeschooling options and things you must do because if you count on the program your kids out of middle school and high school, it's not going to work. you send your kids to democrat camps eight hours a day, 40
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hours a week hoping one night at church or over dinner you can reprogram it, that's not the kind of citizens we need. >> i noticed the federal government department of education which is the teachers unions, you're right want more control over private schools, the? >> they sure do. they tried to help homeschooling in the 1970s, they want more control over private schools in christian schools to outlaw the schools decades ago. they want full consolidation, complete monopoly of government schools, that's what the teachers unions believe they deserve even though they don't deliver and they don't know they don't. look for closing the american mind, johnny can't read, there are others, a lot about how our school system fails kids. it's ultimately failing to understand why, creating america haters.
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you can't keep a republic when that happens. randi weingarten in the teachers unions during covid-19 is an example. we talk about the solution, that's what is, form of warfare of the week against the small, public school unions have the power, parents can have the knowledge to fight back. there are five chapters on the solution the book and we focus on the solutions. we want parents equipped as well. i'm grateful you've given me the time to talk about it. >> a great public service, a great patriot. i hope every american gets a copy of this book not because we want to solve it but we are on a mission as you have been on many missions, the battle for the american mind uprooting a century of miseducation david goodwin. here it is. good work. we'll be right back. ♪♪
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welcome back, america. kayleigh mcenany, you all know who she is, kayleigh mcenany, you are one of the great press secretary is because you're very honorable, you've written a book about your life, how it affected your job then and after. you've written a book where you are angry after the fact and then until all book about your former boss and the can't stand books like that, i never wrote a book like that. it's just a wholesome thoughtful inspiring book for such a time as this so tell us about such a time as this and this time time it seems to me are very grave. >> thank you, i am humbled by your words. i came in to this job and arguably one of the most aberrational periods, and monitor history.
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covid-19 no one had ever seen anything like it, the entire country shut down and walking into this job of being chief communicated to the country at this time under my boss, the president was a no communicator was quite something. i was nervous, scared i was honest about that in the book but i grew information for such a time as this, god put people in certain positions for just such a time. i had an amazing boss, i couldn't write a tell all if i tried because president trump was a wonderfully, almost like a daughter and this was kind but more important, the way he led our country i think everyone now joe biden at 33% approval, a period of time baby formula, who were anticipating rolling blackout. his a great leader for this country. >> let's get into that a little bit because we hear and the
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attacks on donald trump every way, people who stabbed him in the back, people who stabbed him in the front, the media has had the hate on donald trump, never traverse like liz cheney's and others. you have this portrayal of a man that you and i know who is nothing like what they say about him, he's a kind man, a funny man, he looks at you when he talks to you, isn't that the donald trump you know? >> it is, no doubt about it. he's fun to be around, it hard to walk into a meeting without laughing at least once or twice. make no mistake, was hard on people, i remember they talk about this, one of the toughest times i ever saw him was the aftermath, the iconic across the white house burned the summer of riots, i watched him be tough on people in the room, department of defense, i was in not secure?
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tough on the d.o.j. but the toughness was merited. but by and large, this man is great to be around. i remember being on marine one with him taking off and he asked me an odd question, why are you here? i'm press secretary, it's odd. he said no, why are you here? he found out my husband was playing a baseball game, he told me at the end of the trip, i'm honored you are here during your husband's baseball game but sent one of the young kids and go to my private dining room and propped up your feet and enjoy the game. i didn't but it tells you about how he was. i didn't agree with him on every tweet or everything he did, you never do but i tell you one thing, he was a great president of united states. >> have people in public office now who attack the country and the people of the country who don't believe in the founding
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principles and he defended every aspect of that. >> even when it was difficult. you know, you've seen this play out over and over, oftentimes with opposing presidents they didn't and they don't do it. everyone waited as president trump went into the white house and the media said how dare he get out of the climate accord? temporary pause for hotbed countries, how xenophobic of him amid the coronavirus. all these things he followed through, pro-life, the justices, he's put in place and the media each said we can't believe he's keeping true to his word but he did because he was a different kind of president and it wasn't about them changing him, it was him staying true. >> will be right back. ♪♪
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welcome back, america. kayleigh mcenany, real class act. here's the book, for such a time as this. i know he will love this book, it's inspiring, it's about belief and how it affects your everyday life. you have to reach down deep into your face when you would come
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under attack. they didn't treat you like jen psaki. >> oh yes indeed i did. you look at kate and collins or any of these reporters, i went back and was watching a briefing where i was flipping through pages my binder and i'm asked this question by a serious reporter, quote unquote. the question was, is the president glad the south lost the civil war? you could see me stop in my briefing book, look up totally amused by the question and they say there's no such thing as a dumb question, that is done and i was asked a lot of questions like that as i spoke and it's interesting to watch the difference, jen psaki someone shouted over her in the white house press corps got together and said we may punish this person, you may out of the
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association, i believe that was the punishment and i'm like where were you during the entire duration of my tenure when people were yelling? leaning on first peter 35, it says we need to be great in our responses for why we believe the things we believe. >> it's an interesting lesson about the confederacy, i guess biden would never be asked to that he was a racist and segregationist, good buddies with two racist out of mississippi so he will never be asked that the matter of course not. >> so tell us about your faith and how you practice your faith. >> it's instrumental to my life. i lean on it especially during very hard times. before my first reading for instance, my parents got on the phone and we prayed together, i went into the private west wing bathroom and the last thing i did was get on my days and say a prayer and i walked to the podium and i have this so many as if i had been there my whole life and that's how i handle it,
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a conversation, a relationship, not even religious, issues my savior and i was raised southern baptist, and all-girls catholic school i went to but my safe beta so much more, is something i lean on and at times when it was most heated and there were a lot of tough times, covid of course, is something i found refuge and in the most powerfuln the world. >> you are a cancer survivor. >> i have a genetic mutation, never had breast cancer but i had 84% chance of it so preventive action, a double mastectomy and the same thing when i find refuge in my face, thousand time as well which happened to be my first briefing, may 1 my double mastectomy. my mother had a double mastectomy before me and i went
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to many strong women, a quarter million of women go through breast cancer every single year. i'm thankful for all the women who came before me on this. >> what you say to people who are facing life and death decisions about faith? >> i say this. ask god, ask if he's out there i've heard a powerful story recently about an underground church and someone who's not a believer but challenged god and was encouraged to do so and he stood up in a pretty powerful way, a healing so if you're on life and death, challenge him. what you have to lose? are you there? asked the question, show up and i promise you he did that for me and one of the my life, that's when my faith became real and i was in a lonely spot, my parents weren't available to talk on the phone and i said god if you're there, be here right now in this moment
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and i got a phone call and they said it's a church that i had contacted, i don't even know who the person was but they changed my life, i got that call it forever changed my life, even more than the call from the president to come to the white house. >> i want to thank you for your service to the country, outstanding. i want to thank you for how you dealt with the media, you did it with class and grace and always prepared. he came with your notebook, you are a harvard law grad and you look like it. okay, next question, boom boom boom look fantastic. the book is for such a time as this, my faith journey to the white house and beyond, you're going to love this book. any major bookstore. she wrote this from her heart. a fantastic book. thanks for everything. >> thank you. as a young conservative, i've looked up to you for a long time and i followed you and an entire
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generation of conservatives. people are doing what they do because of you and you alone. thank you. >> you are very, very kind, very sweet. god bless you. we'll be right back. ♪♪
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let me tell you about donald trump, my brother-in-law passed away last october, he was very ill in the hospital, it wasn't clear he could hear us near the end and i called president trump because he was a huge trump fan they asked if he would say something to him, if he could hear something encouraging. ninety seconds later, president of the united states called, speaks to my brother-in-law, joe, didn't know joe at all but
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joe was a trump fan from day one. these are the sorts of things donald trump does every single day. he's nothing like lizzie cheney, his anger, nancy pelosi and. >> evening everyone welcome next revolution will allow me to introduce to the concept of the cell phone as you know we prefer policy-based arguments what's fascinating about american politics is the democrat policy agenda is based on owning themselves. like clockwork. tiktok.


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