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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  June 13, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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bernie sanders, two different sides of the ideological spectrum. you can watch the debate to mars from 9:12 p.m. eastern on fox nation by bringing highlights in the debates to run at 6:00 p.m. special report from boston hope he will us. but is it for today i am bret baier. make it a great week we will see you next fox news. >> evening everyone welcome next revolution will allow me to introduce to the concept of the cell phone as you know we prefer policy-based arguments what's fascinating about american politics is the democrat policy agenda is based on owning themselves. like clockwork. tiktok.
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one after the other. this truly catastrophic biden regime along with the carbon copies around the country. there they go shooting themselves in the foot and then on a daily basis they create a crisis and make it worse and then call it progress. we saw that thursday when the committee investigated in the capital riots trying to bring the country together to restore our faith in democracy but what do they do? and i should never have been allowed to happen. they did not even ask how or what might be done to stop it from happening again but on tuesday we saw them in california and the primary election that have all-male
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voting the way to increase participation to get everyone voting. no more voter suppression but what was the turn out? 21 percent half of the turnout from the last midterm primary. let's remind ourselves that racist voter suppression lot in georgia like 212 percent on the progressive saving our democracy in california / china by 17 percent but on wednesday the latest fiasco for the baby formula crisis it is a miracle really big airplanes.
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with the bold and dramatic action. check the data. the week before addressing the baby formula shortage so that 45 percent, the week after the bold dramatic action it was much worse. 70 percent in two weeks after the solution to the problem they created it got worse 63.5 percent. in ten states it was even worse over 90 percent 94 percent georgia arizona after they show up and they launch their solution. on thursday the ruling queen of the self celebrating the competence treasury secretary janet yellen announced okay. we will not have a recession.
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i know people are very upset and rightly so about inflation but there is nothing to suggest of a recession is in the works. >> what happened next the stock market crashed of course politically would've been more reassured if we would have a recession that running a very close second this week increasingly resembling the orchestra playing on the titanic went down. >> we are trying to say the economy is in a better place than it has been historically. >> exactly. that's what we're trying to say. is obviously a historic economy with the worst inflation for 41 years the labor participation rate
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through the pandemic lockdown and now we have learned the lowest consumer confidence in history. so much history being made is what she is trying to say. we've seen it on the border of the dhs secretary while he was saying privately that the democrats will lose the election at the end of calling in the military to deal with it because that's totally normal and then covid which promise to shoot down and improving more people died on the watch. and then the crime crisis apparently thinks too bad policies yes they are your bad
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policies but in the olympics of self owning what the biden regime has become the gold-medal goes to the energy policy. but really it is the utterly incoherent and destructive spasm of extremist ideologies signaling. the white house announced it is invoking the defense production act not for oil and gas but solar power and heat pumps. that will help when the price of gas is five dollars a gallon nationwide. help us understand the historic cell phone going on with the realization and it
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made jimmy carter look like george washington. and as part of this latest move. >> and announcing to the president what emergency is the president using to the defense production act for the korean war what emergency is the solar industry. >> is to make sure he's delivering for the american people it is an important tool he has used a couple of times and it is incredibly effective. >> it better be because the actual answer is what emergency is president using is elsewhere provided with the words "risk to the power grid. and why do we have risks to the power grid?
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with president trump lever net energy exporter we have risks because someone, decided it would be a smart idea to wage war on american energy and block the pipelines and cancel drilling leases for anything to do with energy or anything green energy slower and more complicated. there are new rules and regulations all in the name of extremist and then to increase as biden flies to saudi arabia to be shipped across the world in the most polluting form of transportation bringing about the new green future we were promised rolling back out across the country which is that biden declared a national energy emergency in the first place. self owning democrats. tell us what you think and share the message from a
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post-it joining us now is our friend monica crowley. every time we talk we think it cannot get worse but it does. >> yes. i was a brilliant layout about the catastrophes being generated and for those who are still wondering why president biden doesn't have a plan to fix all of the catastrophes he created i have a newsflash his is the plan. any normal president out of sheer political survival to obtain political viability and that's going into a major election would course correct and we saw there were a lot of comparisons between biden and jimmy carter actually think it's an insult to jimmy carter. believe in him at the end of his first term and was only one term president, even he
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began to course correct with economic policy and national security. you see none of that with president biden. so this is a controlled demolition of the us economy, and the united states. period. this is a long-term project by the left to take down the united states all of it is intentional. dynasty people and congress actually using the word intentional. you have to know what your enemy is to know what they are doing if you counter it and they do use the word enemy because it most americans to understand the president and the whole major political party is intentionally destroying and crippling the united states. but that is exactly what is happening. until we understand that we cannot counter that in an
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effective way. >> it's hard to explain it. what else is there to explain it? where is this coming from? the desire to hurt the country? >> it has been a long-term project by the left and it came out of the kgb originally a kgb operation to destroy the country then after world war ii they change their tactics. and to infiltrate of the major pillars of us life. and then with the control of academia and then it was all the way shot down through kindergarten and younger.
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and then to control the news media. and now we are at a tipping point the useful idiots on the left to collapse the pcp to step in to take over the grand project to destroy the country from within? that is exactly what is happening. now if they are in the highest levels of power including the white house and congress, you are seeing an acceleration of the tipping point. to the point where almost at the point of no return. >> if only they were useful to us. but sadly that's not the case. thank you. check out her podcast and we will see her later in the show. a couple of months ago the biden regime talks about the
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ministry of truth that would operate within the department of homeland security cracking down on misinformation run by who is one of the leading spreaders of misinformation in the country. also the inevitable outrage before she was sent out to defend all of this the dhs secretary doing the tour of the sunday show where he flatly dismissed any concerns. >> in dhs we don't monitor american citizens. we do not have any operational authority or a capability. >> we now know things to newly released whistleblower documents published this week, both of those statements were lies. here is a planning memo on how the dean gb it sounds like the
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kgb to be given operational components. here is more from the same document laying out what they would target under this heading. americans view the biden regime including the pandemic and the conduct of elections. we have said for years that establishment tries to label anything to contradict misinformation but now we have proof they were intending to set up a branch of the federal government to enforce exactly this kind of orwellian authoritarianism. these documents reveal they plan to partner with big tech to make it happen another document in april from public-private partnerships to propose that twitter become involved in disinformation government. doesn't change for domestic
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violence extremism. twitter handed over the user base. there it is again. domestic violent extremist. like the parent to go to school board meetings but then to be forced out. but can we even believe that? what a scandal from start to finish with the brazen lies and they really do see americans who disagree with them are the enemy in that is the most shocking aspect of all. former congresswoman from hawaii with reaction. what is your reaction to the documents quick. >> it's not a surprise but it should be a concern to all americans. this is not just something that biden administration is pushing or supporting.
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if you remember when it first came out we heard from republicans those that karl rove who said this is an important mission for dhs. they just chose the wrong person to the. so the permanent washington establishment and then that means to control what we see it what we say and what we think. it's really because they reject the constitution and they see our freedom of speech as a threat to their power. it sounds more like a dictatorship and a democracy which is why we have to get back to the constitution to make sure something like this cannot continue teeseven the mindset it reveals and the total arrogance that it is okay that we are fine to label
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anyone is an enemy is shocking. >> it is the americans that loses out of them and they don't seem to be aware of it is just as disturbing. but the constitution that exist to protect our rights and freedoms, they are partnering with big tech social media and to say you will do the dirty work. you work on the censorship and to make sure people are not saying things we don't want them to. they know if they did it out right. if the government did, what they are talking about, there would the protest in the streets. the facts and this is how much regard they have for the constitution and no interest to work for the constitution
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of the country. >> so the way that messing around with voting i live in california and then we went above voting set up. but all these changes that are undermining a great civil ritual to go vote together and then to count on one day and it results in one day is the way to restore faith in elections. >> when you look at voting in different reforms that both democrats and republicans, the criteria is simple. make it as easy and straightforward as possible for registered voters to vote. some people prefer that the same day folder registration? there are so many different
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initiatives that encourage engagement because the more people who are engaged more people's voices are heard and make sure they are serving the interest of the american people. >> exactly we saw the complete opposite in california with a historically low turnout after the changes
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>> it looks like even the most liberal part of american democrat voters into the blue cities of the nation in my home state of california may a clear verdict with the real life consequences of the pro crime policies to defend the police allies and local government and it's a much bigger margin than predicted billionaire republican shopping center development is switch the registration to democrats came out on top in the primary for mayor. this weekend peggy noonan caption perfectly with the
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ideologues. high iq stupid people should understand the consequences of their ideology. and she is absolutely right and the most important question is to strike any event bigger blow. not meet one of the leaders of the organization trying to make that happen. chair of the recall campaign. and not yet guaranteed to happen and you are doing incredibly well so tell us
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what about the impact on your efforts quick. >> thank you so much. and to people and los angeles to recognize the voices can be heard. we will turn in all the signed petitions. and over 566,000. and we have a pathway to do that. we have also sent out and then to get a very good return on the mailers so we have a pathway to get the number of signatures we need and assuming we get that number we are confident we will then be
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on the recall ballot. >> that is even a bigger story and a bigger deal. a few weeks ago with 400,000 you don't want to give out any numbers now but it felt like this was a realistic prospect just remind us why it's so important. >> because he is failing miserably and doing his job 98 percent of the prosecutors who work for him vote in support of the recall. more specifically this recall is victim initiated and the crime victims murder victims families who started it is bipartisan and not political they are tired of being
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ignored and for the rest of us we want to make sure he's doing his job because he sent failing so miserably and at an all-time high to make sure she is kicked out of office to get a district attorney who actually protect the people and enforce the laws because that is what the prosecutor is supported on —- supposed to do. >> i can give the number. as of a few weeks ago we were at 500,000 we do feel this is a very reasonable goal to get at 566 the signatures to turn in but it will only happen if everyone has gotten a petition
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so if you have a petition don't wait we needed sent and immediately to make sure your voice counts. >> get a piece of paper and i will ask for all the information. went to point out to the national perspective biden was in los angeles this week. spent the voters sent a clear message last night both parties need to do something as well as gun violence. >> one of the parties, the democrats they have encouraged it. >> mailing people out of jail as fast as she could and saying no to defined the police financially emotionally and voted for these
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prosecutors that are so soft on crime. you want to prosecute the people who are committing the crimes. it's not that complicated but if you are pro- victim and that is an easy equation that people have to wake up just because somebody is well-funded doesn't mean they are the right person. look at the policies prosecute those that break the law. >> we will see later. with more craziness from the hillary clinton story so you have to be in a los angeles. >> you can go to the website that has all the information.
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of course we would love more donations but also has the address to send in your petition to be registered voter in los angeles please mail it in and we very much appreciate your support especially the victims appreciate the support knowing justice will be served. >> we appreciate you and your colleagues organizing and running the campaign. it's a great job. don't forget you can follow the recall and the california craziness every day on my podcast. podcast. we will be right hi. i'm wolfgang puck
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over the last three years establishment media has taken a fashion to senator feinstein over her age and mental capacity. here's what they have been saying. >> this is an 87 euros woman with severely diminished mental capacity. >> and thinking that joe biden
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could answer a wide range of questions with detail. >> and is doing well with the metrics of mental and physical fitness. >> compared to donald trump bo jackson and albert einstein. [laughter] okay. a long profile and then even thinking of getting shafted by the on and three they put in the blue saying she was mentally unfit so i democrats okay calling the females senator so what is going on?
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>> it is interesting to watch and that he at the mental that this sheet is a and you can be that age and still be mentally sharp. but according to the reports she is not and not functioning the way a us senator should. why we getting the articles now? it seems you only get the stories when members of your own party want you gone. seems like the democratic powerbrokers do want to see her remove. they love to see governor newsom replace her and appoint her successor so they could run in the next general election as the incumbent i think that's the calculation.
12:39 am
meanwhile president biden there trying to put a block on his mental incapacity but it is clearly an outrageous lie everybody can see with their own eyes the president is not up to the job when you start to see articles about that even including "the new york times" article having democrats starting to question whether biden should or can run in 2024 but the quote that stuck out for me was david axelrod not questioning if he is senile that whether or not he is simply too old which is a euphemism and that is code he is on the record coming from the obama's. >> you have the clip from aoc that she was saying the weight was put to her to say i'll take a look at it.
12:40 am
but what is amazing is they are so rude about feinstein really rude that they are protecting biden. the stories you hear from people have been around, good days and bad days. people talk about that he can't remember a conversation he had with them a few weeks before. none of this you hear the stories about biden about feinstein. i don't understand that. >> it's much easier to share of a us senator one of 100. it doesn't really matter they want to see biden come but they have to be more sensitive and delicate because he is the
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president of the united states president of the united states we will be back after t
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>> i have an official us government position on where people protest. >> administration does not have a position. now position where they can purchase. wherever you like and be fair they have consistently upheld the protest provision they don't care if you protest outside the supreme court justices they don't care if you protest on the streets or
12:47 am
inside a target or outside of police station which then becomes inside the playstation because you burned it down. we don't have a position on where you protest except what was this? so then there was a teeny tiny with wrinkle but these democrats are total hypocrite on —- advocates and how they
12:48 am
justify the riots when they thought it was they are riot. >> largely peaceful demonstration. >> peaceful protest. >> peaceful protesters. >> mostly peaceful protest. and then to those multiple celebrities and in the peaceful protest financially. and the vice president is such a piece lover she told them to be the piece file on —- and why pro- profile and pro- criminal aimed at threatening supreme court justices and then to go up against is.
12:49 am
>> that was on a momentary lapse and then to try and burn federal justices homes. they want you to break the law and intimidate others and as a pride and in the middle of the
12:50 am
night? ultimately intent on the asian and then we have a built to protect those and policy said it might happen this coming week. that's okay. and security advice encouraging urges
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>> welcome back. time for this week's closer. they cheers for jason who we
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brought back. the list of individuals concerning the trump russia hoax by hillary clinton. her own campaign manager has said going from the declassified documents on brennan that hillary led the entire hope to distract from her own scandal but then "the wall street journal" detailed many instances of clinton corruption and confirming guilt in the matter that she led the entire campaign against trump. people may thank you are flogging a dead horse but it is so infuriating we have so much evidence that she led the whole effort to undermine a candidate when that didn't work to overturn an election in these are the people that lectured us endlessly about democracy but there has been zero accountability for her on any of this.
12:57 am
>> exactly. the four years donald trump was president every morning i wake up and look in the near to say i am so happy only clinton is not the president of the united states. i'm glad she did not get they are. we just went through how many lectures from so many people about democracy and the integrity of the ballot and protecting the integrity of the electoral college. meanwhile a candidate is flogging totally made up story with no accountability nobody out there to say use the levers of government of which her own party was in charge. her staff was there. people that she worked with. the 90 plus percent of the democrats that vote in the federal government and the fbi. it is disgusting. >> jake sullivan heavily
12:58 am
implicated now the national security advisor. if i had here i went hear it out. on —- tear it out. brennan told obama in the office that hillary cooked up the whole thing in order to distract from her e-mail scandal. >> her own campaign manager testified and said yes she do about it. we talked to her about it it would have stuck if you had a strong leader who believed in principle and they put it to stop is a totally different story but it was a green night. go forward and dried the country through years of unfair attacks on donald trump. tore the country apart.
12:59 am
we had to spend tens of millions of dollars to clean it up with the mueller report and what do we have? somebody who truly has nothing and then it makes a guy like me feel pretty good. >> that's five russia hoax is the worst no sign the trump. they are the ones that lecture us to save our democracy. >> that is the preceding you get the then national media and those that suppress the people and those that say i have a question about this.
1:00 am
i don't know what will happen and that we cannot just let this be dropped. thank you for watching the miss education of america is up next. we will see you next week when "the next revolution" will be >> a fox news alert, our l be nation's capitol bracing for possible violence as the supreme court could overturn roe v. wade today. left wing activists planning block the high court just hours from now, the group shutdown dc tweeting these unelected extremists are trying to steal our rights and roll us back on issue after issue, they are illegitimate and the people say no. you are


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