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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  June 13, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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i don't know what will happen and that we cannot just let this be dropped. thank you for watching the miss education of america is up next. we will see you next week when "the next revolution" will be >> a fox news alert, our l be nation's capitol bracing for possible violence as the supreme court could overturn roe v. wade today. left wing activists planning block the high court just hours from now, the group shutdown dc tweeting these unelected extremists are trying to steal our rights and roll us back on issue after issue, they are illegitimate and the people say no. you are watching "fox and
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friends first." >> carley: the nation awaits the ruling, especially after a man was charged with attempting to murder justice brett kavanaugh outside of his home. the media completely burying the story, not one sunday show other than fox news sunday spent even a second covering it yesterday. ashley strohmier joins us. ashley. >> ashley: just one more. the story as you said was ignored by the sunday political shows on cnn, abc, cbs and nbc, instead they focused on the january 6 committee hearing as protesters were seen outside the home of just clarence thomas this weekend and a pro-choice group hinted at targeting justice amy coney barrett after the attempted attack on brett
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kavanaugh. kuns /* chris kunts. >> i am saying all appropriate action should be taken to ensure the safety of supreme court justices and i'll not say this protester or that protester ought to be arrested, that should be made by law enforcement, not a senator on a sunday show. >> ashley: this would protect those in high court. >> their efforts are so intense, they will not pass the senate that passed unanimously. they will not bring it up in light of the fact we had an assassination attempt on a sitting justice of the supreme court of the united states. >> ashley: this is days after a wisconsin judge was shot and killed by a gunmen, judge ester
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salace had this to say. >> already one judge is dead, assassinated just a few days before judge brett kavanaugh's horrific incident. how many more judges have to die? how many more people have to lose their lives because we're not doing a common sense thing, which is stealing our personally identifiable information. the time is now. >> ashley: the court has 29 decisions to release before spring break. the supreme court could overturn roe v. wade as soon as monday. >> todd: lavine. >> why were they threatened? the democrat party and media mouthpieces said some things about this court and about
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kavanaugh that would cause the blood to boil of any cook and psychopath. we've never had a persistent, constant threat on justices of the supreme court. not only that, the democratic party and media types are on record they want to destroy the independence of the court, pack the court, eliminate the filibuster to influence the final decision of the court. this is a disaster. >> todd: turning now to this. a fox news digital review of white house digital log revealing the biden administration invited several activists to defund the police over the last year as the president tried to publicly distance himself from that movement. >> carley: former ice director is here to react. jonathan, good morning. todd is right, the president has tried to distance himself from the defund the police
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movement from his time in office. here are examples, watch this. >> president biden: we should all agree issue the answer is not to defund the police, it is to fund the police. the answer is not to defund the police, it is too give tools, funding, training to be partners, protectors and look at what our communities need and what our law enforcement is being asked to do. it will require more resources, not fewer resources. >> carley: white house visitor logs learned while the president was saying that, behind the scenes, prominent defund the police activist were meeting at the white house. what does this say about where the administration stands on the defund issue? >> anti-police administration we've had in our country. president biden has tried to walk away from this, but they
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have been anti-police whether a 2020 campaign, anti-police rioting they celebrated and endorsed and carry that over to the latest executive order, which is really anti-police executive order and as we've seen in this country, crime has skyrocketed because of the anti-police movement. public rhetoric doesn't match up with the action the administration has taken and they are anti-police in every respect. >> todd: i'd like to juxtapose ashley strohmier's report about the anticipated lawlessness that could happen within a matter of hours with what we just discussed here, president biden's white house meeting with defund the police movement individuals despite the fact he's said i'm a fan of refunding the police. whose side is this white house
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on? on the side of law and order or on the side of lawlessness? >> they are on the side of lawlessness in every respect. they are every time they have a chance to come out in favor of the police, they come out in favor of lawlessness, whether immigration, crime in the street or this latest issue with the supreme court justices being threatened or having protesters outside their home. law enforcement, because of the democratic party, have a big target on their front from the criminalss who are emboldened and big target on their back from politicians looking to harm them, looking to use them to make political points and more than willing to throw them under the bus, put them in danger and don't care about them in the least. >> carley: diving deeper into
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received white house invitations, one people who did is rashaad robinson, he met with an advisor to the president. he celebrated the convicted cop killer on her birthday, saying we celebrate by being bolder in our protest, louder in our demand for abolition and thinking bigger in our plan for evolution. the same time, jonathan, you have chesa boudin just voted out of office for being soft on crime. how do you think this will play politically for the biden administration? >> poorly politically because i think the american public has just seen how horrible these anti-police policies have been for the communities they proport to help. it will hurt them in so many ways and certainly in november. the funny thing about this,
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instead of this administration, they try to make it political, instead of dealing with issues in a serious way in good faith, they are playing political games. why not try to deal with the issues seriously and try to look for the best interest of the american people and that would be to their benefit politically. it is amazing they keep hammering down on anti-police or defund the police, they always come down on the side against police and law enforcement. >> todd: there are questionable actions along the border, a federal judge friday ending an ip -- immigration policy that limits who can be deported. a federal judge says it is enough to be deported, what does this mean for the border and won't the biden administration keep who they want, basically do
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nothing to deport people even though there is a federal judge who has given them the ability to? >> yeah, i think you're right. the one thing this does, brings more attention back to the lawlessness of this administration, puts lawbreakers ahead of law enforcement. your point is really good in terms of they can't force them to enforce the law and they are not going to. this administration doesn't even want to deport and their main goal is to encourage more illegal immigration. look at the line level with ice agents and border patrol, about six months ago border patrol agentss were doing this job and this administration called them racist and other names. even if there are agents that want to enforce the law, they
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know they will pay the price by this administration and they are discouraged from doing their job. tell bring more attention to their support for lawlessness, farming law enforcement officers? yes, which may get to the point of a change in policy. >> carley: there is update on the migrant caravan, i was reading this group of 10 or 15,000 strong are passing through police checkpointss in mexico and mexican national guard is letting them go freely. it seems like this is an appropriate time for the president biden to get on the phone with president of mexico and remind them we are their number one trading. >> that presupposes the biden administration doesn't want them to come. they do want them to come. they have been encouraging them. the summer of the americas was a
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debacle, but they are celebrating getting money for other countries and they have leverage, carley, to pick up the phone and say this needs to stop, people need to be stopped from coming here. this goes to the point they would if they didn't want them to come here, they do want them to come here, they will not discourage the policies, it is to send a message as clear as they can be. once you get here, you will be given every right and benefit american citizens are given and sometimes even more, which is the disgraceful part of this. a lot of times illegal immigrants get greater rights and say than american citizens. >> carley: leverage is a great word, they have it and are not using it. jonathan, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> carley: coming up, national
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rifle association says they want real solution to stop gun violence after bipartisan group proposed a gun safety bill. the organization telling fox digital, we encourage elected officials to provide more -- resources to support law enforcement. the framework includes much more, including major funding to help states pass red flag funds, closing the boyfriend loophole, federal law against gun trafficking and straw purchases and enhanced background checks for buyers under 21. nra says they do not take position on framework, adding, we will make our position known when the full text of the bill is available for review. >> todd: actor matthew mcconaughey saying something has been done in the effort to stop some of the deranged individuals
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that without every horrific acts, abuse and hijack the second amendment, i offer a firm handshake to members on both sides who came together and laid out this framework to save lives. last week the actor spoke out about his hopes for common ground on special report. >> we disagree on this issue. are you a father? me, too, i'll bet you and i can get something done talking about dads and giving a damn about our kids and their future. >> todd: matthew mcconaughey, a native of uvalde texas has been outspoken about change following the deadly attack last month. gas prices are at levels never before seen in america with national average at record high of $5.01. >> carley: the cost of
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everything soars, one "washington post" reporter says it may be too late to reverse course. doug luzader, good morning. >> doug: gas prices did hit a new record reaching just over $5.01, up slightly from the day before, up $.60 from a month ago. the president is expected to travel to saudi arabia next month in hope the saudis will boost oil production to bring prices down. this is about bringing peace and stability to the middle east. >> president biden: our commitment from the saudis on the negotiations. no, no, the commitment from the saudis don't relate to anything having to do with energy. it is larger meaning taking place in saudi arabia, that is the reason i'm going and has to do with national security for
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them and israel and having to do not with energy. >> doug: inflation ticking up well beyond price of gas and fuel oil, it is just about everything, food, used cars and trucks and clothing up 5% year over year with republicans blaming out of control spending. >> republican and democratic economist like larry summers warned this endless amount of spending would lead to inflation and that is what we're seeing and joe biden is attempting to pass the buck issue the american people are smart, it is the number one driving issue because people are struggling on a weekly and monthly basis. >> doug: there are political implications to this with approaching midterms. >> you are starting to see democrats shift messaging to talk more about and have that empathy, but whether that is a little too late, we're still a couple months away.
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it could be too late for people saying, we need help now. >> doug: initial messaging was this is temporary and transitory and the president says it will be with us for a while. todd and carley. >> carley: all right. doug luzader, thank you. steve hilton tear intoing president biden over the energy crisis, watch this. >> we have risk to our power grid because someone, i wonder who, decided it would be a smart idea to wage war on american energy, to block pipelines, cancel drilling leases, including green energy, slower, more costly and complicated with endless rules and regulation and taxes in the name of extremist climate, will actually increase them as biden flies to saudi arabia to beg for dirty oil to be shipped across the world in the most polluting form of transportation known to man and
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bringing about the green future threatening rolling blackouts across the country, which is why biden declared national energy emergency in the first place. like i said, self-owning democrats. >> todd: meantime, progressive congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez refusing to give a straight answer when asked if she will support president biden if he runs for re-election in 2024. >> if the president chooses to run again in 2024, first of all, i'm focused on winning majority right now and preserving majority this year in 2022, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. >> that is not a yes. >> yeah, i think we should endorse when we get to it, i believe that the president is doing a very good job so far and should he run again, i think that i think we'll take a look at it. >> todd: she did the kamala
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laugh there. her remarks follow a weekend report from the "new york times" saying many democrats are panicked biden could run again. >> carley: renaming kg. national politics, successfully advances in a special election for late congressman don young's seat. tomorrow is a big day for primaries, republicans face off in south carolina. trump-backed state representative katie arrington and catherine courtez-masto facing off against trump-backed candidates in november, in maine, janet mills looks to lockup the nomination today and will face a tough battle against the former republican governor paula page and in north dakota senator john hoven expected to win his primary and shift focus
1:20 am
on locking up a third term in november. >> todd: did you hear this, calling for bret baier, moderate debate between senators bernie sanders and lindsey graham. the senators will tackle the biggest issues at the polls. stream the debate live on fox nation, the debate will be available after it wraps up on demand. tackpayers forced to pay $250 everyday to a homeless man accused of pushing a 62-year-old woman down a flight of stairs, yet it makes no sense to us either, we'll try to explain the outrageous reason why. >> carley: this is not the headline want to read if you live and work in new york city, police officers are set to
1:21 am
retire, where is mayor eric adams? partying with celebrities, we'll be talking to mike lawless about it.
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criminal accused of pushing a women down the stairs. the suspect was ordered to stay in an in-patient facility. a judge ruled the state must pay him $250 each day he does not get treated. he's being held in jail and it is reported he may not receive treatment until mid-august, this would give the suspect taxpayer money. carley. >> carley: nypd officers are reportedly on track to quit or retire in record number as anti-cop sentiment soars, "new york post" shows 1500 of new york's finest have retired as of may 31. mike lawler is a state asem -- assemblyman.
1:27 am
what does this mean when it comes to the crime crisis that mayor eric adams is trying to alleviate? >> good morning, thanks for having me. it is not good news for the people of new york and surrounding suburbs, which i represent in the state assembly. we've seen one bad policy after the next in new york state, starting with carbless bail, raised the age, the effort to defund the police, elimination of the anti-crime unit and mayor adams inherited a mess from de blasio, but he hasn't been able to turn the tide here. i think more and more law enforcement officers as soon as they can retire are taking the opportunity to do so or if they can transfer to a department in the suburbs are doing so and that is problematic for the city
1:28 am
of new york. we've seen record rise in crime. you have people being tossed on subway tracks, a baby being shot in broad daylight and it is unacceptable and mayor adams needs to act, he's got to stop spending time partying and start focusing on the job at hand and crime is number one. >> carley: certainly is. "new york post" spoke to a police officer in queens, he said the last few years, so many people have been leaving and manpower is so low, you answer 25 to 30 jobs per day, no time for law enforcement, it would be radio, run, radio, run, all day long, even when this police officer made an arrest, they were back in the precinct picking up property the same way.
1:29 am
what this officer is describe suggest unsustainable, revolving door for criminals, police officers are retireing and crime goes up. is there appetite to change the laws? >> i mean, sadly my colleagues have their heads in the sand and it is really their communities that are being most impacted by this rapid rise in crime and the idea somebody could commit a crime, be arrested and be put back on the streets within hours to commit the same offense or worse is really outrageuous. there needs to be due process, people need access to a speedy trial and ability to get before a judge, but should not be able to go back out on the streets, especially if they are committing a violent offense and putting people in harm's way. what that particular cop described is accurate and what i've heard from law enforcement
1:30 am
officers and union leaders from across the state and city and needs to be addressed. >> carley: quickly, you mentioned the mayor partying and "new york post" has an article that says the people are dubbing this mayor the mayor of night life. he goes to all the popular clubs and bars, he was at j.lo's after party over the weekend. this is a serious time in new york city which deserves his total attention. is that fair criticism? >> i think it is, i don't recall mayor giuliani or bloomberg acting like this and frankly new york city saw a 20-year period of public safety and economic growth under their leadership because they took the job serious and spent their time focused on what needed to get done. so far this mayor has spent more
1:31 am
time partying than he has really cracking down on the issue at hand and when you're talking about record levels of inflation, highest in 40 years, talking about supply chain issues and baby formula shortages, talking about crime requires a serious level of attention and i had high hopes for him, but so far he's been a big disappointment. >> carley: mike lawleshg r, thanks for joining us. did you hear this? not just a republican talking point, bill maher ripping the media for ignoring the brett kavanaugh assassination narrative. watch. >> carley: an author who wrote the book on the paper's biassed track record meets us next. >> todd: and ozze born /*
1:32 am
osborne about to undergo life-changing surgery. we'll tell you what we are learning after this.
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>> carley: comedian bill marer accusing "new york times" of burying the assassination plot of supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. >> the "new york times" buried this, if this had been a liberal supreme court justice someone came to kill, it would have been on the front page. they wear their bias on their sleeve and if it is not part of the narrative [bleep] it. >> todd: the author of "the gray lady," how "new york times" fabrications radically alter history join us now. ashley, how dangerous for the
1:38 am
paper that some consider the paper of record completely dismisses story like the kavanaugh assassination attempt by kicking it off the front page strictly because kavanaugh is republican. >> ashley: it is a horrible trend and the biggest issue, we no longer trust the media we need to trust. we've lost trust in them and i'm not talking just among conservative viewers and readers, i'm talking across the board. it's become painfully obvious to everybody what is going on here. >> carley: news of this assassination report wasn't just ignored by them, it was ignored by cnn, abc others. targeting amy coney barrett's children. i was looking online yesterday and the only outlets covering
1:39 am
that are fox news, daily mail and cbn, in that instance we're talking about kids. >> ashley: yeah, what we're seeing is pernicious. they are not covering the stuff because it disrupts the prevailing narrative about january 6. everything is pinned back to january 6 and if it doesn't get pinned back to that, it can't exist and that is the reason we're seeing this close out. take it another way you want, politically or not, this is major news, somebody coming armed to a supreme court justice's home, that is front page news no matter what. you can see just how far the desire and need to protect the narrative goes when something like that is crowded out of the front page and gets barely below
1:40 am
the fold and that is too generous. got barely any mention on the times' home page and shut out of sunday morning news and the rest of the ne media. >> todd: why has the media chosen to ride this far, far, far left horse where that is not where the american people are when you look at every single poll? >> it is just an ideological set of prejudices they come in from. i think this comes from the economy, from elite colleges where journalists come from. they drink in this stuff and haven't had to contend with the real world and what is out there waiting for us and especially some who are older have seen things and seen cycles play out and you end up with huge echo chamber, it is self-confirming and if it is not self-confirming, those people get booted out and we've seen that time and again over the
1:41 am
last five years, not necessarily conservative people getting booted, leftist people just don't subscribe to the ideology and they are gone. >> todd: people like weiss. >> ashley: exactly. >> todd: florida congressman ron desantis says you can't silence me. congresswoman karen maloney labeling the governor home phobe and said it is disgraceful for chelsea to host him. >> carley: $200,000 of taxpayer money sends drag queens to visit schools. nyc earned contracts just last month, the group is a nonprofit
1:42 am
organization that brings cross dressers to interact with children as young as three years old. the group organized 34 public elementary, middle and high schools since january. >> todd: we'll be educated in drag queen knowledge. marxist ideas, here is what was found. >> secular marxists started unions which were taken over and they openly, union created department of education of jimmy carter, and the textbooks written by lover of soviet union, totally anti-american history, you know that, move into common core and social learning, it didn't happen by accident. >> todd: stream miseducation of
1:43 am
america and battle for the american mind will be available tomorrow. backlash facing this morning. >> carley: a restaurant owner is throwing his customers a bone. what he's doing to make sure families can take the kids out to eat.
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>> carley: the face of the prince of darkness is up in the air. ozzie osbourne is undergoing major surgery today, his wife sharon says it will determine the rest of his life. he couldn't walk properly and needed physical therapy every morning back in may. the rocker had neck and back surgery in 2019 after falling in the shower. ozzie osbourne has been diagnosed with parkinson's, no word on what specific surgery he is going through. and country singer toby keith
1:49 am
says he has been diagnosed with stomach cancer. he's received chemo, radiation and surgery, he says he got the news in the fall. it is unclear if keith will continue on his 2022 summer tour. todd. >> todd: americans get burned by inflation with groceries spiking 12% and cost to eat at restaurants shooting up 7.4%. one barbecue joint in florida are trying to lower menu prices. owner of porky's original barbecue, steve white, joins me now. steve, how the heck are you affording this how are you able to slash your prices and stay afloat when everybody else is raising theirs? >> i notice the difference in lunch sales had been going down and returned to old prices and volume is making up the
1:50 am
difference, more people are coming out now. >> todd: look at the numbers, here is how barbecue joints are getting grilled. i went there. pork up 13.3, chicken 17.4. relishes up, condiments and sauces up 10%, bread up 11%, cheese up 8.7 and potatoes up. you mention volume, how are you able to lower that price point and increase volume to level you become the costco of barbecue restaurants? >> exactly, since we mentioned it on facebook, business has tripled, can't hardly get in the door, it is working for us. everybody is excited. i'm getting phone calls from
1:51 am
everywhere. >> todd: looking at inflation on the whole, do you feel like the white house and the government is doing enough to lower the cost to the average american? you are doing your part, what are they doing? >> i don't know. i keep looking for it. every time i hear the news, it is about something else. gas and food. paper products and everything, it is skyrocketing and changes every week, it gets higher and higher, i don't see anybody doing anything. >> todd: you made a smart call for your business to do this, why did you do this initially for the people? what was it about your desire to feed people that led you to say hey, people got to eat, i got to lower my prices. >> i've been in -- for 19 years
1:52 am
now, a really tight-knit community. i care more about the people there, they have kept me open this many years, i felt anybody i could do to give back would be great for both of us. >> todd: think it will catch on with other restauranteurs and barbecue shops? >> it already has, popeyes down the road is giving a $.59 special and couple other places are doing things to get people in. i hope it spreads like wildfire, people still have to eat out. almost everybody is two-working family and they are out everyday and it is expensive to eat everyday especially when you are paying $2 more per gas. >> todd: steve white, i love this story. >> carley: good man, cool stuff.
1:53 am
more on the biggest golf controversy of all time. golf legend gary player says he does not blame the golf players joining the liv invitational series. watch. >> the players need the money and they have families and i don't blame them. there are not a lot of them that can win on the tour anymore, they are wisely taking the money. >> carley: mickelson and dustin johnson are the biggest names that have joined. jamaal keshogi's family is speaking out against the golfers, the fian ce says they should be banned from playing in the world's major tournament to show there are consequences for
1:54 am
supporting murderers, golfers who join the liv series can compete in major tournaments that are not operated by the pga tour. several star players are set to play in golf's third major of the year. >> todd: daniel suarez bringing home his first cup series win at sonoma. >> turn 12 and daniel suarez is nascar cup winner. >> todd: the first mexican-born driver to win a sprint series race and in south of the border fashion, punching the pinata, the taco, congrats to him. >> carley: he ripped that apart. >> todd: president biden working to distance himself from this democrat rallying cry. >> not only do we need to defund, we need to dismantle and
1:55 am
start anew. >> talking about defunding $6 billion nypd budget. >> i support the defund movement. >> todd: got our hands on the visitor logs, you won't believe who is meeting at the white house. >> jeremy hunt and rachel campos-duffy all on deck, don't go anywhere.
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>> carley: our nation's capitol bracing for left wing activists planning blockade the streets around the high court just hours for now. the group shutdown dc tweeting unelected


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