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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  June 13, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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tried apparently to hide the meetings between maybe hunter, the discussions in his business friends. but they are in league with these leftists and the democrats. >> carley: you have da chesa boudin who just got voted out of office. i don't think this is going to play politically very well for the biden administration today. david, thank you so much for joining us. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> todd: our nation's capitol bracing for possible violence this morning as the supreme court could overturn roe v. wade today. >> this as a bill stalls out in the house that would protect those on the high court. >> for nancy pelosi to suggest that the supreme court justices are safe, how do you know that? >> gas prices did hit a new record overnight. >> a national average topping $5 a gollon. >> it's more likely than not that we will have a recession within the next two years. >> "new york times" reporting many democrats view president biden as an anchor that should be cut loose in 2024.
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>> should he run again? >> we will take a look at it. [laughter] >> bipartisan group of senators say they have reached an agreement on a framework for a bill on gun control. >> the bill would include a federal grant program to encourage more states to pass so-called red flag laws. >> got a black sideline, full head of steam and a touchdown and the it philadelphia stars win their fourth straight. ♪ ♪ come on over ♪ down to the corner ♪ sister and my brother ♪ every different color. ♪ feel that sunshine. >> steve: good morning, atlanta, georgia, this is your 6:01 wake-up call. boy it's going to be a beautiful day today. go outside and live it up 75 degrees. it's nice and clear. you're going for a daytime high in the 90's. lower 90's, probably a little humidity on this june 13th, 2022.
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>> ainsley: i love atlanta. i have just such a love for that city because it's close to where i grew up in south carolina. that was the big city. we gold there christmas time because it was decorated and do a little shopping. it was so much fun. i remember my dad took me to a hotel there. my sister and i when we were little. i remember it was shaped, i believe like a triangle and we went up. he said do you notice there is not a 1st floor. we said why? that's when my dad explained to me why most hotels don't have a 1st floor. >> steve: my first skyscraper in new york city i lived on the 14th floor there was no 13th. so i actually lived on the 13th floor. welcome, atlanta georgia. it's nice to have you. listen, over the weekend, the doocy family convened. >> ainsley: look how beautiful. >> steve: we went to dallas because it was like 125 degrees. >> ainsley: gosh, you have grown. your family has grown. >> steve: everybody can be in dallas from the east and west
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coast. my daughter sally's husband. >> a li turned 30. that guy right there shad today by his personal protect ter peter doocy his body guard over the weekend. ali turned 30. his family from california came. it was absolutely fantastic. peter, there you see ali actually got two birthday cakes. we celebrated his birthday on friday and on saturday. and this was outside. and that was in a lovely restaurant. that's ali's mom to the right and we also celebrated hillary vaughn's birthday. there is peter's wife. you know her from forks business. >> ainsley: they are such a force at the white house on capitol hill. >> steve: no kidding in washington, d.c. if that's not enough broadcasters. the guy to my screen left is mike doocy. the legendary dallas broadcaster. [wow!
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[being. >> ainsley: how are you related to him? >> my father and his father are brothers. his first cousin. there is mary doocy she flew in from washington, d.c. >> look at their beautiful dress he is. >> steve: the doocys were all in. >> sally is wearing a dress all the buttons down the middle. >> ainsley: was it fun. >> steve: it was great. >> ainsley: did you look around the room we did this? >> steve: when the kids are little you worry about getting them to friday. and worry about getting them into college or getting them a job. they are all on their own and doing great. >> ainsley: with my little 6-year-old. i worry. i want ler to learn how to read. and they all know how to read, don't they. they all learn it. >> steve: they get around to it. >> ainsley: we worry constantly, don't we? >> steve: that's right. to everybody celebrating birthdays over of the weekend as the doocys did. happy birthday. >> ainsley: happy birthday to all of them. we are glad you were all born. do you know what the next step
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is? they get dogs and then they have babies. >> steve: mary has a dog. >> ainsley: she is next. >> steve: listen, mary works down in d.c. and i hope she is watching right now. because mary, stay away from around the supreme court because the left wings group shut down d.c. is planning a blockade today june 13th. this is one of the days when the supreme court does issue opinions. they are thinking they are going to kick off at 7:00 stanton block two blocks from the supreme court. they aim to shut that area down. but, you know what? that's across the street from the u.s. capitol as well. the police are standing by. they have already got facilitators so when people are arrested they will immediately process them. and get them out of trouble. >> ainsley: they are hosting this shut down scotus today. attendees are saying wear a mask outdoors and take a covid test before you come. they say the protests will
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consist of smaller affinity groups 20 people per group. each group will have a jail support liaison can meet arrested folks when they're released. psalm group that held a vigil outside of justice alito's house on may 9th after that opinion draft was leaked. this is pretty scary. police are increasing their presence and urging visitors not to bring gowns. i don't know if they have word that is a possibility. they are discouraging violence. and they are covering the neighborhoods and the downtown area they say. >> steve: they absolutely are in the meantime one of the people who works inside that building is brett kavanaugh. and we all know about the assassination attempt last week. what's interesting is yesterday on the sunday shows -- keep in mind, the supreme court someone of the co-equal branches of the federal government. so for this to -- for a member of the supreme court to be targeted i for assassination, that is a gigantic story. of course, last week there were
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so many stories about the january 6th commission, hearings up on capitol hill. and that pretty much is all they talked about yesterday on the sunday shows. >> ainsley: yeah, abc, cbs, nbc, cnn, they ignored that assassination attempt. look at that. >> steve: how is that possible? >> ainsley: only one who did it was "fox news sunday." they were focusing on the january 6th congressional hearings. a former abc news executive was hired to help produce that event. >> steve: right. and there you can see some of the group ruth sent us, i believe that's the group that was marching in front of justice -- or rather -- yeah, justice kavanaugh's house, it's hard to keep them straight. >> ainsley: protested all of them. >> steve: the group that is planning to shut down the area around the supreme court, shut down d.c., that's the same group that held a vigil outside sam alito's home on may 9th. that could be what we are looking at. actually, that's kavanaugh's house after the u.s. supreme
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court draft was published. so today could be the day the supreme court does issue that opinion, but then again it could be in a week or two. >> the smowr, they are making decisions on abortion and gun rights. they are going to wrap up a decision at the expected to deliver opinions with one or more decisions handed down today and wednesday. the fbi and the u.s. attorney's office are saying we will not tolerate violence, destruction, interference with government functions or trespassing on government property. remember last week, nancy pelosi was under fire because she had not passed anything saying we will have equal protections for these justices and for their families as we do for our government officials and as we do for people who work inside the white house. >> ainsley: for her, exactly. she said we will work on this after the weekend. maybe this week we will see something happen. lara trump weighed in on. that was listen. >> i believe the house has had this for somewhere around 30 days now that they have been able to act on this and they haven't. for nancy pelosi to suggest that
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over the weekend, everybody is going to be safe, the supreme court justices are safe? how do you know that, nancy? you have no idea. in fact, there was an assassination attempt as we detailed time and time again against a sitting supreme court justice and, quite frankly it, has not gotten the coverage that it deserved. if this had been a left-leaning supreme court justice we all know there would be a huge difference in coverage. we all know that nancy pelosi and the house probably would have acted sooner on things and they certainly would have taken action after the assassination attempt at least. so there you can see justifiable kavanaugh. those are the u.s. marshals who have been stationed out front of the house, but, nonetheless, that was just on ever since the threat ratcheted up after the sam alito opinion was leaked, you know, the department of justice has posted people outside. it would be nice to have a law where members of the supreme court and their family are
3:10 am
protected just as the other two co-equal branches of government have protections as well they're appear at this time waiting what will happen. the roe v. wade hearing is going to be produced at some point over the next few weeks. so people are nervous about. that i'm wondering in when they will release that opinion. >> steve: could be today. >> ainsley: a could also be at the end of the month when we are going into july 4th holiday and that way a lot of people would say i can't protest. i have got plans with my family. i don't know. but we will see. they are prepared. >> steve: could be today. and meantime they will have the blockade starting 50 minutes from right now and you will see it live here on fox. >> ainsley: 6:10 on the east coast. republicans and democrats coming together for framework on proposed gun safety law. >> steve: president biden praising senators and urging congress to pass the bill. todd piro joins us live here from the newsroom.
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>> todd: good morning. bipartisan group of senators approving a framework of a bill that they're calling a common sense agreement on gun safety. a group of 20 senators, includes 10 republicans reportedly working within the party to bolster support. it could be a big ask if some of the gun laws in the framework actually make it to the final bill. this framework includes major funding to help states pass red flag laws. funding for mental health and school safety. closing the boyfriend loophole. more clarification on laws about who is considered a licensed gun dealer. president biden commending the group last night saying it does not do everything that i think is needed but it reflects important steps in the right direction and would be the most significant gun safety legislation to pass congress in decades. with bipartisan support, there are no excuses for delay and no reason why it should not quickly move through the senate and the house. the national rifle association also issuing a statement saying they want real solutions to stop the violence.
3:12 am
the organization telling fox digital we encourage our elected officials to provide nor resources to secure our schools. fix our severely broken mental health system and support law enforcement. going on to say it does not take positions on, quote, frame works. we will make our position known when the full text of the bill is available for review. actor matthew mcconaughey giving thanks to those senators via instagram saying i do offer a firm handshake and thank you to members of the both sides who came together and laid out this framework that can advance gun responsibility and save lives. now negative yartsd' next challenge writing legs that will get enough votes to move forward. back to you. >> steve: todd, we thank you very much. >> ainsley: i bipartisan, okay. thank you, todd. as gas prices top $5 a gallon nationwide, americans are spending $700 million more every day to fill up their tank. the inpain you our viewers are facing. >> steve: we are going to some
3:13 am
of your comments. it even democrats are losing faith in biden's 2024 chances. >> president biden he is saying is he going to run again in 2024. will you support him? >> steve: find out her answer. we break down the candidates? disarray coming up next. it's monday.
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be. >> carley: a fox weather alert. 70 million americans living under heat alerts as scorching
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temperatures move eastward this week. the alerts which stretch from the lower midwest to the gulf coast will send temperatures into record levels over the next several days. temperatures are forecasted to reach 20 to 30 degrees above average. heat indexes in those areas are easily reaching over 100 degrees some members of the january 6th committee believe they have enough evidence for a criminal investigation into former president donald trump. several of the committee members appearing on sunday's new shows with claims they have enough evidence for a criminal indictment. the any will hold its second hearing today at 10:00 a.m. eastern time. the fine say of journalist will should bebanned from majors like the plays terse and u.s. open. these comments coming after golf
3:19 am
legend gary player defended the pro-golfers who left the pga tour to join the new league. >> playing there now. they need the money. and they have got families and i don't blame them for playing there. >> player also said is he saddened by the verbal jabs taken at those who choose to play in the liv series. the washington state going to play the alleged criminal accused of pushing a 62-year-old woman down a flight of stairs after 100 days without treatment. a judge reportedly ruled for the state to pay $250 each day he does not get treated. he is currently being held in jail and it is reported he may not receive treatment until mid august. this would give the suspect more than $17,000 in taxpayer money. you live in washington. i'm sure you are furious about that story, guys,. >> that video is so hard to watch. he is running up the stairs as
3:20 am
fast as he can to get to the other side so he can just push this lady down the stairs. >> carley: he is also accused of stabbing another woman 10 times this guy is getting taxpayer money apparently. >> steve: unbelievable. all right, carley thank you very much. >> ainsley: see him walking up the escalator and walking to the other side of the stairs. >> steve: unbelievable. speaking of more money, when i was down in texas, the temperature -- two numbers. >> the temperature is so shot in texas. >> north of 100 degrees the whole time i was down in dallas, but the good news is in dallas, gas averages 4.60. 4.65 a gallon. not too bad. here is the bad news. since we last saw you. gas is now over $5 a gallon. >> ainsley: first time since they have been taking this measurement. >> steve: gas has doubled since joe biden was president. remember when ron klain said a year ago oh i high class problems? having gas at $5 a gallon is not a high class problem.
3:21 am
blue collar families can skip vacations but they need the gas to get to work and electricity to cool the houses. they need to eat. this is every time you pay now for a tank of gas, it's like a tax. it's just something you have got to pay for being an american and having a car and living the life these days. >> ainsley: gas buddy guy tweeted this out. americans are now spending $730 million more every day on gasoline than a year ago. june alone could cost americans 20 billion more to fill up their gas tanks vs. last june. and there is a gas station in saint anthony, minnesota. that sums things up pretty nicely with this sign that reads: we hate our gas prices, too. and the owner his name is chuck grass. he says his hands are tied. at least he can help his customers smile. >> steve: if you don't have humor about it you will sit there and cry. we actually got a bunch of email
3:22 am
from you folks and would love to hear your points of view as well rick emailed us he said i'm a semiretired farmer, things are so bad here what we used to take for granted has now become a luxury. he is absolutely right. many things have doubled, including gas. we have to plan a trip to town and do everything at once just to save on gas. i am going job hunting tomorrow in hopes we can hang on. >> this is email from kim half a tank of gas cost me $103. i had to cut down my visits to my mom in a nursing home because i can't afford it i don't know how i'm going to pay all my bills this month. if you listen to the radio shows, if you listen to mark levin or brian's show or sean hannity's show. they get so many callers in i'm a truck driver, this is how much i'm paying they are on the road and call in while they are driving. it's unbelievable these stories, it's affecting every single person across the country. >> steve: i looked it up. the day that joe biden took
3:23 am
office, gas was $2.38 a gallon. and so my tank is 18 gallons. i did the math. when joe biden became president it cost me $43 to fill up. if i fill up today it will cost me, on average, $90.18. will. >> ainsley: we are being told you need to prepare for a recession. it's not looking good and we are going to be in this position for a very long time. larry summers did this. >> inflation as high as it is right now unemployment is as low as it is right now. it's almost always been followed within two years by inflation. by recession. i think the optimists were wrong a year ago in saying we would have no inflation i think they are wrong now if anyone is highly confident that we're
3:24 am
going to avoid recession. >> steve: keep in mind a recession is defined as two quarters of back-to-back negative growth. we certainly are heading that way. on friday the inflation rate came out 8.6% that is the highest in something like 40 or 50 years. stock market futures for today, they have turned so negative, they're down a lot. because the inflation is so high now, investors are worried that the federal reserve is going to have to be super aggressive in raise futures rate. they were down 1 and 2% a little while ago. internationally the stock market in south korea closed down almost 3%. the worry is that the fed will overdo it and just bring the economy to a grinding halt. so if joe biden didn't cause the recession then the federal reserve, which acted too slowly obviously, we were talking about this for over a year. the federal reserve will cause
3:25 am
one on their own. >> ainsley: joe biden should be worried about re-election. and even democrats. >> steve: do you think? >> ainsley: losing faith in joe biden when they look ahead to 2024. look at the cover of "the new york post." it says say it ain't joe. now democrats are speaking out about i don't know if this is the right candidate for us. a approval ratings are down quinnipiac it's 33% right now. they are saying his age weakened political standing and shakiness on world stage. he would be 82 on inauguration day in 2025. aoc was asked about this. you she dodged the question when she was asked. would she support joe biden if he runs again? listen. >> president biden, he is saying he is going to run again in 2024. will you support him? >> if the president chooses to run again in 2024, i mean, first of all, i'm focused on winning this majority right now. and preserving a majority this year in 2022. we will cross that bridge when
3:26 am
we get to it i think if the president has a vision and that's something we are all willing to entertain when the time comes. >> that's not a yes. >> yeah, i think we should endorse when we get to it i believe that the president has been doing a very good job so far. and and should he run again i think that -- you know, i think we'll take a look at it. >> steve: do you know what we just saw right there? she said the president has done a pretty good job so far, right? except i'm not going to say whether or not i'm going to support him because she is insisting that, remember, it was a couple months ago she said unless joe biden cancels a bunch of student decketd, then he is going to lose young people and super progressives. simply what she is saying hey, joe, not too late, cancel the debt. sheila huggins a north carolina fresh bold leadership that can't be joe biden. david axelrod the said the stark
3:27 am
reality the president would be closer to it 90 than will 0. bernie sanders campaign manager in 2020 said he thinks joe could beat donald trump a second time. but if the republicans nominated somebody like florida governor ron desantis, democrats might want to look elsewhere for a candidate. that's why when the "new york times" did this item over the weekend they said a dnc member says joe biden should announce his intent is not to run for re-election right after the midterms. >> ainsley: i didn't think about that. he would be 82 at inauguration. but he is right. he would be close to 90 at the end of his presidency if he won again. he would be 86 years old. >> steve: then we have got the problem for the democrats who is in the wing? >> ainsley: who else do they have? >> steve: kamala harris is the vice president. other names being mentioned amy
3:28 am
klobuchar. cory booker they all lost to joe biden. what this article talks about and there are follow-up reports this morning in the "new york post." we held up the cover is that joe biden at this point in time he looks his age. and age is a problem for democrats for the current president of the united states. >> ainsley: pete buttigieg's name has also been floated out there. >> steve: stay tuned. say it ain't joe they say. all right, meanwhile, still ahead on this monday telecast. legendary rocker ozy osborn is about to undergo major surgery that will, quote, determine the rest of his life. what does that mean? we will tell you what we know coming up. >> caught on camera shocking video appears to show hundreds of illegal immigrants crossing the border in just 40 minutes. the reporter who shot that footage is going to join us new mexico tell us what they saw.
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if you've had or plan to have an organ or stem cell transplant, or received chest radiation. here's to a chance to live longer. ask your doctor about the combination of two immunotherapies, opdivo plus yervoy. thank you to all those in our clinical trials. >> tech: when you have auto glass damage, trust safelite. in one easy appointment... ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> tech: ...we can replace your windshield and recalibrate your advanced safety system. >> dad: looks great. thanks. >> tech: stay safe with safelite. schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ >> carley: back with your headlines, starting with this. u.s. marshals arresting three suspects yesterday in connection with to the beating death of a 17-year-old earlier this month in ohio. ethan reportedly dying from blunt force trauma to the head after altercation that began with water guns. police say tips from the public led them to the suspects. officials found him after being brutally beaten in a parking lot near lebron james "i promise"
3:33 am
school. rock and roll hall of famer ozzy osborne undergoing a major surgery today. his wife sharon says it will determine the rest of his life. ozzy told classic rock magazine he couldn't walk properly and needed physical therapy every morning back in may. osbourne has been diagnosed with parkison's disease not clear what surgery is he going through today apparently a big one. bret baier will moderate a debate between senators bernie sanders and lindsey said graham today at noon kicking off the senate project debate series. the senators will face off on a senate floor replica where they will tackle the biggest issues facing americans who are preparing to make their voices heard at the polls. you can stream the debate live on fox nation. the debate will also be available on demand after it wraps up. and, in the usfl the philadelphia stars take down the pittsburgh maulers in a
3:34 am
nail-biter. filly taking down instate rivals thanks to a touchdown by matt coal bourn late in the fourth quarter. the u.s. breakers clinch the usfl final play off berth with a win over the tampa bay bandits. new orleans face the birmingham stallions when the playoffs begin at the end of the month. those are your headlines. steve, over to you. >> steve: all right, carley, thank you very much. a very thorough report. meanwhile chaos at the border once again. look at this video. these clips taken by our next guest show about 600 illegal migrants running across the border into yuma, arizona in the course of about 20, 30, 0 minutes. daily caller field reporter jorge ventura was at the scene and he joins us now. jorge, explain were you on the american side and those people had raced around the fence? what was going on? >> yeah, presidential around
3:35 am
3:00 or 4:00 in the morning hundreds and hundreds of migrants were running into yuma. anyone that's been around to the yuma massive gaps in theward wall. they were directed by the coyotes to run around huge gaps. we saw hundreds and hundreds. i encountered couple hours migrants from georgia, endia, russia, uzbekistan, brazil, peru, colombia, cuba, venezuela and even afghanistan and i ran into massive amount of groups single male columbus don't see at the border. >> we asked them that. are you afraid you will be deported title 42? what's your reaction? they said no. we know we are here to stay this administration welcoming us. one migrant said if they deport me i will keep trying and trying again. massive amount of groups. that yuma sector what's unique
3:36 am
the amount coming out of northern triangle countries. they fly into mexico airport and from there they take a it cross illegally and walk through the yuma gap. >> steve: graphics that show the number of encounters bisek tore. yuma has 27,000 see at the bottom. that's where you were. that number, we have got another graphic that shows that that was actually up year over year. 401% just in that sector. so, obviously, if it's going like that. that's the easy path lane to get into the united states, it looks like. >> exactly. thesing mys, they have no fear of being deported under title 42. we are seeing yuma is happening nightly, steve.
3:37 am
>> steve: sure, before you go. at the end of last week we were showing people that gigantic migrant caravan started in at that point pew la mexico heading north. over the weekend now all of those migrants have been given some paper where they are now able they don't have to march in a group anymore for protection. they essentially have a yeah, can you use this to get to the southern border by bus or train or uber if you are lucky. and so now that's how they are heading. they are all heading north on their own. the caravan has disbanded. >> the mexican government has completely allowed this the president has not done anything to stolen any kind of illegal immigration, especially the flow of drugs. governor of texas, greg abbott made an agreement with four state governors to stop the migrants. those have been a failure as well as we reported. the mexico con officials haven't done anything. by work vice is as, migrants are
3:38 am
allow toed travel and reach the border a bit faster. >> jorge venture i can't. thank you for joining us from d.c. and sharing your video. unbelievable. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> steve: you bet. coming up on this monday, actor kurt cammeron knows the growing pains of classroom politics all too well. he will tell us why parents are waking up to the benefit of schooling your own kids at your own house. homeschooling. less than 30 minutes. left wing ago activists plan to shut down the supreme court. streets around it ahead of today's high stake decisions. congresswoman nancy mace of south carolina knows what it is like to be targeted after startinged with antifa symbols. she joins us life next. (vo) with armor all, a little bit of this...
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you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today. (♪ ♪) whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. (♪ ♪) >> ainsley: all eyes are on the supreme court this morning as far left activists are planning to shut down the streets of d.c. ahead of a potential reversal on roe v. wade. our next guest knows what it is
3:43 am
like to be a target of political attacks. south carolina congresswoman nancy mace's house vandalized by antifa symbols and profanity last year and she joins us now. good morning to you. >> good morning. thank you for having me on this morning. >> ainsley: thanks for coming on. i know you wrote this was horrible. your children are in middle school. they live at that house. and i'm sure it made you very nervous. and nancy pelosi is stalling on bowl steger the security for our justices. why? >> well, it's hard to say. when my house was vandalized last year and spray painted. it's scary, i will tell you. i had to look over my shoulder for months and also bolster up my own personal security. my kids were scared. i have two teenagers who live in that home. it's scary. we just saw last weekend justice kavanaugh, someone was armed, very close his home. and it was the left that leaked the address the home addresses of our supreme court justices. so no one should be surprised and no one should be surprised at chuck schumer and nancy pelosi and joe biden.
3:44 am
they are not too long anything to protect this institution. the judicial branch is the third branch of government. we have something called the constitution. we have laws we should follow them and we should be protecting our justices no matter their political bent. and that's not what's happening today. >> ainsley: congresswoman i know you represent south carolina. you spend a lot of time in d.c. these protesters are saying they are going to shut down the streets. police are urging visitors not to bring guns. how nervous are you when this ruling comes down? >> we all should be on pins and needles watching this we have had violence from antifa, i'm told anarchists or whatever across this country over the last two years. we have the finn who doesn't categorize antifa, and so, we want -- i want it know where homeland security is on this. where is the fbi. what are we doing to protect the justices? what are we doing to protect this institution? what are we going to do to protect the american people? because we have laws in this country and we ought to be following them. we ought to be keeping our communities safe, our supreme court safe, everybody across
3:45 am
this country, here we have joe biden, every crisis this country has faced has been a crisis of his own creation. we need strong leadership right now. i cannot wait for 2022 to be over and we have a republican majority. we want republicans to be strong. but we have got to win the white house back in 24. >> ainsley: big day tomorrow primary day you are running against another republican. you reasonable doubt incumbent and trump backed your opponent, her name is indicating arrington a former state rep in south carolina. but nikki haley our former governor down there in south carolina actually backed you. what was your reaction when you didn't get the endorsement of trump? >> well, having an endorsement of former chief of staff mick mulvaney, former governor nikki haley. we have been campaigning many and we are on the campaign trail again today. i have a solid record in the congressional district. this is a swing district my opponent lost in 2018 to a democrat. for the first time in 40 years. i have is a great record. i have never voted to raise taxes. my opponent voted for democrats for the highest tax hike in
3:46 am
south carolina history. not once but twice. it was for the gas tax. so, when we say hey joe biden did that you can say katie arrington helped him. guess what? i have can trusted by military. my opponent leaked classified information about our military and had our top secret security clearance suspended at the military can't trust her, then why should voters? i'm very cautiously optimistic about the election tomorrow. i expect a solid double digit win. and we are going to keep campaigning the next # 4 hours and pull out a giant win tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. >> ainsley: i know you criticized president trump after january 6th in some interviews. and i think he was upset about that. but you didn't vote to impeach him. in november the winner of this race will face dr. annie andrews in november. we wish you all the best. thank you so much congresswoman. >> thank you. >> ainsley: meteorologist adam klotz hit the ropes when we sent him rock climbing yesterday in fairfield, new jersey, before we get our fox weather forecast how are you feeling today, adam?
3:47 am
>> adam: good morning, ainsley. i didn't know you were recording. i could have done that once. i did it like 8 times. i'm stiff this morning. it was tough to get out of bed and moving around. arms arms arms are sore? >> adam: can i had a great time. i appreciate it. >> ainsley: is it inside it looks like it's indoors. >> it was indoors because it was a rainy weekend here in new york. and that has now moved off. but it was beautiful to be indoors yesterday. now in the week ahead diving into the weather forecast of the big weather story instead is going to be heat and really seeing it build across the country. these are your current temperatures already 83 degrees in kansas city. that's where the heat is beginning to pile up. heat alerts across a huge swath of the country. expect intensive heat. all of these areas record breaking temperatures that reaches from texas up into the plains across the midwest and over towards the mid-atlantic even the southeast. so a really large area.
3:48 am
triple decision. # 6 degrees in denver. 96 fries in kansas city. all that heat spills off to the east. it's going to be a hot one. definitely feeling like summer. tossing it back into you. >> ainsley: one of the headlines, texas power use tops all-time record as heat bakes the state. hot down there in texas. steve was out there in dallas over the weekend. there he is behind you. 105 degrees in texas. all right. thank you, adam. >> adam: for sure. >> ainsley: still ahead president biden is reportedly turning to saudi arabia to help with the record high gas prices. former secretary of state mike pompeo is going to react to that. father's day is less than one week away. if you are still stuck on what to get your dad, skip bedell has ideas. ♪
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3:56 am
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4:00 am
#. >> steve: left wing activists prepare to shut down the u.s. supreme court with a blockade of the streets. >> schumer nancy pelosi and joe biden are not doing anything to protect this institution. >> capitol hill unveils a major breakthrough this gun we form. >> a bipartisan group of u.s. senators announcing an agreement. >> the bill would include a federal grant program to encourage more states to pass so-called red flag law laws. >> shocking videos appears to show hundreds of illegal immigrants crossing the border. >> migrants from 11 different countries from georgia, india,
4:01 am
russia, uzbekistan, peru, colombia. even afghanistan. ♪ i'm red, white, and blue. >> toby keith revealing he has been diagnosed with stomach cancer. chemo radiation and surgery. so far so good. >> daniel suarez cup winner. >> this will be a celebration we will not forget for quite some time. ♪ ♪ ♪ it don't matter where we go ♪ we always find a way back home ♪ ♪ >> ainsley: beautiful shot of washington, d.c. you are looking at capitol hill. the temperature there is 73 degrees. it's going to be 92 degrees there. and they are planning on a blockade there. the supreme court. it's 7:00 a.m. they are meeting at stanton park, right?
4:02 am
>> steve: about a block to the -- let's see, what would that be the northwest of the u.s. supreme court. just across the street from that. >> ainsley: this group is hosting a shutdown scotus protest today the same group that held that vigil outside of justice alito's house after that draft was leaked. >> steve: we like to say good morning america on this monday, june 13th, 2022. a beautiful day in our nation's capitol. we hope it is great wherever you are. and if you are one of the folks who are sweltering in the mid section down south. >> ainsley: like you were? >> steve: i was down in texas over the weekend. it was north of 100. ainsley. >> ainsley: south carolina. >> steve: sounds like texas power had an all-time high use of electricity over the weekend. >> yes. >> steve: to keep people cool because it was hot. >> ainsley: my nephews turned 6 this weekend we were in south carolina. it was outside. we were sweating but having a lot of fun.
4:03 am
>> steve: that's right. all together. meanwhile. >> ainsley: we start in washington, d.c. this morning. democrats and republicans are coming together on a froim work for a proposed gun safety bill. >> steve: president biden praising those senators and urging congress to pass the bill. rich edson joins us live at the white house with the framework. rich? >> richard: good morning steve and ainsley. you know, this is just a framework. it's not a bill yet. there's a lot of work to be done here before this is final. still, it is a significant step. the response from president biden and the white house he said, quote, obviously it does not do everything i think is needed. but it reflects important steps in the right direction there are next could you says for delay. and no reason why it should not quickly move through the senate and the house. among the senate negotiators, democratic senator chris murphy, joe manchin, kyrsten sinema and republican senators john cornyn, lindsey graham and thom tillis among others. 10 total republicans here. take 10 republicans plus all 50 democrats. , that would just beenough to ge senate. it includes funding to help
4:04 am
states implement red flag laws. that's where it makes it easier to temporarily seize guns from those considered potentially violent. money for mental health and school safety. closing the so-called boyfriend loophole. that's extending a prohibition against domestic abusers having from guns from just spouses to dating partners. enhanced background checks from those younger than 21. and tracking down on those who evade licensing requirements. the nra right now noncommittal says, quote: we encourage our elected officials who provide more resources to secure our schools, fix our severely broken mental health system and support law enforcement. the nra does not take positions on frame works. we will make our position known when the full text of the bill is available for review. we have also got some reaction here in actor matthew mcconaughey. he was at the white house last week. he is from uvalde, texas. he has been pushing washington to react on this. he says i do offer a firm
4:05 am
handshake and sincere thank you for members on both sides who came together and laid this framework out that can advance gun responsibility and save lives. still, details really important when you are writing the specifics of legislation. that begins now off of this framework. steve and ainsley, back to you. >> steve: that's right. now, rich, from what we have seen from the framework we with seen so far that's far from what the president called for two weeks ago. >> absolutely. the president wanted much, much out of this. more in the way of age requirements and other provisions. this does not have that. that's at least the price the framework for getting those 10 republicans on board and getting this through the u.s. senate. >> steve: just one final exit question. do you think that matthew mcconaughey was actually successful in swaying any republicans on to this or were they heading that way anyway? >> you know. i think when you get down to the specifics of it, i'm sure
4:06 am
matthew mcconaughey helped provide coverage for some in the end it's down to where these senators are willing to go. this is an issue that's been around for a while on capitol hill. and after the horrific shootings in buffalo and in texas, that more than anything, really spurred these negotiations. >> ainsley: matthew is from uvalde got in the car with wife and kid and went there to comfort families immediately. thank you so much. >> you are welcome. >> steve: as ainsley mentioned at the top of this hour, 7:00 this mornings they were going to start this blockade around -- of the streets around the u.s. supreme court. the protesters were -- and this is the same group, shut down d.c., that did have a vigil outside 1578 alito's house on may 9th. after the leaked supreme court draft was published. the idea is, and as you can see, they have got the big steel fences around the supreme court. they don't want any craziness goings on with the supreme court.
4:07 am
but what these activists are planning to do is shut down the streets around the supreme court. unfortunately for them, those are also the streets that lead to the u.s. capitol and the police will not allow them to be blocked. so i would imagine a lot of them are going to wind up with some sort of a notice to appear in court because they are going to get arrested. >> ainsley: well, the city is preparing for rallies and controversial rulings. and so they have increased police presence. they're urging visitors do not bring a gun also covering the neighborhoods in the surrounding area. the supreme court is making decisions on abortion rights and on gun rights. and they are expected to deliver their opinions, some of them will be released probably today. at least one or maybe more today and wednesday they will at this point to do this before the end of the month before they break. the big one is roe v. wade. and people are anticipating what will happen. what will happen in the justice's neighborhoods. what will happen in the d.c. area. and basically all around our are
4:08 am
k. country. to your pointed if they are arrested. this group, the shutdown d.c. group, their protest consist of small affinity groups that consist of 20 people per group. each group is going to have a jail support liaison who will meet with the folks after they are arrested when they're released from jail. >> steve: yeah. they know they are going to get arrested. there you can see some of the activity last week around the home in chevy chase, maryland, which is a suburb north of washington, d.c. of brett kavanaugh. he was actually in his house when that guy from california showed up and apparently had plans to kill the justice. since then -- obviously, if there's an assassination attempt and it did not go through. the guy apparently got cold feet and called the scopes and said hey i have suicidal thoughts but i was here to kill brett kavanaugh, obviously if somebody is talking about assassinating a sitting member of the u.s. supreme court. that's a big story. unless you are one of the
4:09 am
network sunday shows because abc, cbs, nbc, and cnn, devoted absolutely not one second to the story that some guy came to kill a supreme court justice. apparently they weren't interested in that. they did a lot of talking about japan 6th and the hearings on capitol hill. not one second about how a guy came to kill kavanaugh. >> ainsley: instead, they focused on the january 6th congressional hearings. we did cover ton "fox news sunday." chris coons, democratic senator from delaware was on with bret baier and said he did not single out the democrats specifically. he called for reduction and level of our political rhetoric. stirring up political violence is not a good or constructive thing. we also talked a lot about bowl steger security for our justices. so that they have the same amount of security as our lawmakers in washington and people at the white house. and nancy mace is one of the congresswomen. we were asking her why, we were asking her this morning. her big primary is tomorrow.
4:10 am
she obviously is the incumbent. and we said why is nancy pelosi stalling this? the senate passed it. it.>> the judicial branch is the third branch of government, we have something called the constitution. we have laws. and we should be protecting our justices no matter their political bent and that's not what's happening today. >> think it would have been a slam doesn't. the supreme court -- rather the u.s. senate did it a while back. you would think that nancy pelosi would say, you know what? we have got to put politics aside. let's just do it. it is still lingering. let's see if anything happens today. meanwhile, 7:10 here. and stuart varney the host of varney and company on fox business. stuart, we are going to talk about gas prices. once again another record north of $5 a gallon. if people got up early and
4:11 am
started looking at the stock market futures today. given the fact that the inflation number was another new record on friday. it's very clear we have not even come close to peaking on inflation and now the worry is the federal reserve is going to do something scary when it comes to interest rates. >> steve, ainsley, we are in a financial crisis. i don't think that's hit home yet. but we are in a financial crisis. inflation at record highs. heading towards a recession. probably. that's according to former freshry secretary larry summers there has been a crypto crash this morning. bitcoin, ethereum falling out of bed and the stock market will open way, way down. we got news from gas buddy this morning that americans are spending an extra, what is it $730 million a day extra on gas because gas has now gone to $5.01 a gallon. i think it's 22 states where you are paying $5 already. the okay? now, that has to be answered by the federal reserve. they meet this week.
4:12 am
it is their job to cut down on inflation. odds are, they will raise rates significantly and precipitate a recession. >> steve: what do you mean significantly? in the past they have done a quarter of a point. maybe half a point. some are thinking three quarters or 1? >> yes. up until now the expectation has been for 50 bases points as it's called not to be technical but that's half a percent. now because the inflation news is so bad there is a feeling maybe it goes to three quarters of 1%. that is 75 bases points. there is even talk of 1% straight up like that. that's what paul volker did back in the early 1980s. >> steve: it didn't work very well. >> it gave us enormous inflation it did bring inflation gradually out of the economy are we going to pay the price this time? the president has no answer for inflation. is he blaming everybody including of all people the shipping companies last week. he has no plan. he has no answer. we have inflation roaring. our standard of living is
4:13 am
falling. we are in a financial crisis like it or not. >> ainsley: this is very scary. larry summers, the form everywhere treasury secretary, he said that he predicts recession within the next two years. i think we have that soundbite. listen to this, stuart. >> when inflation is as high as it is right now, unemployment is as low as it is right now. it's almost always been followed within two years by inflation. by recession. i think the optimists were wrong a year ago in saying we would have no inflation. and i think they are wrong now if anyone is highly confident that we are going to avoid recession. >> steve: and recession is defined as two quarters of back-to-back negative growth. remember it was just a year ago when inflation was starting to take off and they said it's transitory and ron klain the chief of staff said high class problems. these are not high class problems. these are across the board
4:14 am
problems. because everybody needs gas to get to work, get to school. get home, do everything. >> larry summers has credibility. is he a former treasury secretary and a year ago he was saying you spending all that money. you ever printing all known. you are going to end one with inflation. he was pooh, poohed by everybody. you have got it wrong. now, is he absolutely right. and now he is forecasting recession. >> ainsley: stuart, we know now gas prices are high, food prices are high. people are trying to save money in prediction you have what is ahead. what is it going to look like in two years for us? what can we expect? >> in two years. that's a very hard prediction to make. >> ainsley: what advice do you have for us? just save our money. >> yes. that's what i would do. not putting any fresh money of mine into the stock market. i'm putting it all into a bond fund which pays me about 1% and which is dead safe. >> steve: what about crypto because prices are finally coming down and maybe are going maybe i can afford that now. >> it's a crash. that's a very strong word to use as of this morning it is a crash. bitcoin is falling last time i
4:15 am
checked a couple minutes ago it was down to 24,000 bucks. >> steve: it had been. >> 68 was the high. so it's tumbled. >> ainsley: we all know people that invested a lot in that they were banking on using that money for retirement it's gone significantly down. >> another thing can you remember. with the stock market falling as sharp as it has. it's down about 30% from its high. that means that most people who have a 401(k), puts most of that money into stocks, they are down about 30% on their pension money 30% down in a matter of months. somebody has to put the political blame on probably on the democrats or on president biden because he has no plan, middle america is getting hit. low income america is getting hit. investors are getting hit. everybody is getting hit. and he is going to take the blame. >> steve: well, i don't know anybody who fills up their tank and says oh that darn vladimir putin. >> exactly. >> ainsley: we read those
4:16 am
stickers that say i did this. >> this monday morning are you talking about january the 6th? no, you are talking about gas, groceries, recession, stock market sell off crypto cash that's what you are talking about. >> steve: you have to plenty to talk about your show kicks off 9:00al eastern time fox business. >> big show, baby. >> steve: you are right, baby. >> stuart: intor that. >> ainsley: carley shimkus has more headlines. >> carley: economy to the crime crisis, another deadly weekend across the country. a wave of 12 separate shootings leave at least 11 dead in and 47 injured in major cities this marks the fourth consecutive weekend in which police have responded to multiple incidents involving four or more victims shot. the gun violence archive reports 306 shooting incidents from friday to last night country singer toby keith revealing he has been diagnosed with stomach
4:17 am
cancer. the 60-year-old sharing the news on twitter yesterday saying i spent the last six months receiving chemo, radiation and surgery. so far so good. he says he first got the news in the fall. it's unclear if keith will be able to continue his 2022 summer tour. wishing him the best of luck. president biden has hosted several defund the police activists at the white house over the past year according to visitor logs. biden has voiced a support for law enforcement as democrats are criticized for policies that critics say undermine police and embolden criminals. last summer the president of a left wing radical justice group visited the white house. he previously celebrated a convicted cop killer's birthday by calling for bolder and louder protests. and the new jury ravish movie leaving $143 million footprint in massive had movie weekend.
4:18 am
you made a promise to a dinosaur. >> yeah, why? >> over 10.5 million people turned out to lift jurassic world dominion it knocked off top gun maverick which made another 50 million over the weekend. the film's success has us asking what classic movies would you want to see for a big screen sequel? email us your dream reboot to "fox & friends" -- friends at >> carley: look below. don't trust what i'm saying. see the little banner. >> some reboots i think greece deserves a reboot. that should be included. >> ainsley: yeah. >> carley: did i see the
4:19 am
jurassic movie. >> ainsley: how appropriate is it for little kids. >> steve: don't take them. >> carley: i saw a 7-year-old sitting next i wonder if it's too scare request for him he loved it if i was little, i would are terrified. >> ainsley: my nephews loved it they are 6. but my daughter, i don't know if shield like it. i don't know if she would have nightmares. >> carley: i would say wait a couple years. >> steve: what is it rated? >> carley: does depend on the kid. >> ainsley: child and personality. >> steve: rated pg 13. >> ainsley: not going to see that yet. >> carley: can you do top gun twice. >> steve: that's probably rated pg&e 13 too. just saying. >> ainsley: we will stick with the cartoons. >> steve: indeed. coming up on this monday after actors protest speaking event. florida governor ron desantis says he will not be canceled.
4:20 am
governor desantis is going to join us live in the next hour with his message. look who else is coming up on this monday "fox & friends" ♪ ♪ my asthma felt anything but normal. ♪ ♪ it was time for a nunormal with nucala. nucala reduces asthma attacks it's a once-monthly add-on treatment for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occured. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your asthma specialist about a nunormal with nucala.
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4:24 am
aption ains gas price averages breaking the $5 mark first time in history. everyone filling the pain. one illinois man started lawn mowing service to help others during covid says is he being driven out of business due to the skyrocketing cost. owner of andover lawn care kevin clarke joins us now. good morning to you, kevin. >> hey, good morning. >> ainsley: we found out about your story because you wrote our show and you said i'm one of the people affected by these high
4:25 am
gas prices. are you having to completely shut down your business now? >> >> no. not completely shut it down. but i'm having to pass along all of the gas prices to continue to rise. i have to pass that along to people, obviously, that i'm servicing. and by and large i started this three years ago just to help the people that were the first responders, and folks that we were going to be counting on, frankly, and so i wasn't looking to retire and move to the island. i was just trying to help folks out. for the last three years i have essentially mowed the same yards and lawns like this wonderful facility. everybody? a pinch. not just me. i have got to get the mower to the location to mow. that's gas in the car. but once i get here, how does any business have a plan that keeps doubling, perhaps, how does u.p.s. do it? i don't know how they do it. but i can tell you it's more than difficult for me. like i said, i have got to pass these costs on to folks in
4:26 am
wheelchairs, it's just seems like it's never ending and not right. >> ainsley: i was talking to a single mom i work with here she has to have a yard guy and he has gone up in prices significantly when we were talking about your story before the show. what are your customers saying? are they willing to pay the prices? she is. she loves this guy and she has to have her lawn taken care of. >> well, yeah. you know, like i said, i tried to help like the nurses and the first responders, and the folks that are going to be tied up during the covid crisis. and so, that was the whole plan behind this, frankly. and so i enjoy what i'm doing it doesn't hurt to do a little work for folks that doesn't bother me at all. this machine that i'm on right now. >> ainsley: looks pretty sophisticated. >> it's up $1,000 from last year. it's not the gassing it's everything else. i don't know where it stops. >> ainsley: you are a hard-working american trying to help out people and make their lives a little prettier and their yards beautiful.
4:27 am
i love that machine. that being loose nothing like the riding lawn mower we had at our house it was passed down from grandfather. what is that. >> toro. zero turn. it mows the lawn in about 12 mile-per-hour. so you can tut a big place like this relatively fast. you know, like i said, the blades spin at 15,000 rpms it really does a fine job. it's a commercial machine. with commercial machines come commercial costs. without it, you don't have a warranty. so then you have got a problem there it's just some of the pit falls that i found out along the way trying to help folks out. like i said, i'm happy to be doing it i hope things change for everyone, not just me. but everyone. i mean, it's time, obviously, to get these prices back in line and stop all this foolishness. we are passing the blame on to people and no one is taking responsibility. we didn't do this. i don't know why it's keep coming back on us.
4:28 am
>> ainsley: kevin, thank you so much. i wish you all the best with your business. if you are interested in hiring him andover lawn care kevin clark. thanks for writing us. if you have a story idea emails us >> god bless you. >> ainsley: parents are waking up to the freedom of homeschooling. actor kurt cammeron left behind growing pains classroom politics and shows us how you can do it too. say it ain't joe. democrats are reportedly hesitant to back a biden 2024 run. newt gingrich is going to react to the party's disarray ♪ ♪ you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences.
4:29 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> steve: when you are at the beach you don't want to hear no sad song. you want to hear happy beach music. >> ainsley: even when you are not at the beach. i don't want to hear a sad song right now. really happy. that's clearwater, florida. so pretty there. 78 degrees there now. it's going to be 88. it's not going to be 100 there. normally in florida this time of year it's hotter in texas where you were. >> pete: it was over a hundred
4:33 am
in texas every minute i was there. >> ainsley: birthday party outside. >> steve: but i also had -- i think i had pieces of five birthday cakes because we celebrated my daughter sally's husband ali's birthday and peter's wife hillary vaughn's birthday. my wife had a birthday last week. so, right now, if we did some sort of a blood test, i would probably test positively for the upon can't variant. >> ainsley: for by deet, right? my brother his twins my nephews turned 6 on friday. we celebrated yesterday outside in the heat. >> pete: i spent my whole day in air conditioning hosting the show and hosting a young girl's dance competition. my the-year-old and 4-year-old daughter danced together to a frozen song. i will have to show the video. >> steve: which frozen song one of their favorites. >> pete: one of their favorites not "let it go." >> steve: were you singing along. >> pete: i was more nervous.
4:34 am
4-year-old girl bright lights big stage would she freak out? no. she was a performer. so happy. everyone was there for her according to her. >> steve: as a good father you knew all the moves. here comes the triple axle. prosecute. >> pete: do it. it was adorable. >> ainsley: recitals are so cute when he they're little. carley has headlines. >> carley: i certainly do. unfortunately have some tragic news to report here. a maryland police officer is shot and killed in the line of duty last night. officials say deputy first clad glen hillyer was gunned down while attempting to arrest a fugitive on the state's eastern peninsula. the suspect was captured after an extensive manhunt by dozens of law enforcement officers. a wildfire near flagstaff, arizona forcing evacuations after exploding in size to more than 4,000 acres in just one day. the blaze, which officials are calling the pipeline fire was first reported around 10:00 a.m.
4:35 am
yesterday, firefighters are still working to contain it. a suspect has reportedly been taken into custody in connection with that fire. though charges have not yet been made public. listen to this. this florida teen making a big college decision picking between every ivy league school. ashley aderica got into princeton, harvard, yale, all the rest. she was also accepted to stanford, vanderbilt and emory. what is she going to do? at the end of the day she is heading to cambridge, massachusetts and will attend harvard next fall. the first generation nigerian american says she wants to study social policy. those are your headlines, guys. congratulations to her. >> steve: quite an accomplishment. >> pete: under achiever. >> ainsley: remember those application fees. will. >> steve: thank you, carley.
4:36 am
>> carley: you bet. >> steve: meanwhile the cover of the "new york post" say it ain't joe. new reports revealing more democrats are losing faith in president biden's white house future as one squad member is pressed on her support of joe. >> president biden, is he saying is he going to run again in 2024. will you support him? >> you know, if the president chooses to run again in 2024, i mean first of all i'm focused on winning this majority right now. >> that's not a yes. >> yeah, i think we should endorse when we get to it i believe the president has been doing a very good job so far and should he run again, i think -- you know, i think it's -- we'll take a look at it ha ha ha. >> pete: fox news contributor newt gingrich is the author of the upcoming book defeating big government.
4:37 am
>> left wing democrats generally unhappy. normal democrats who are just terrified that the election results are going to be so bad this fall that it's going to disseminate their party. we just did a survey at the american majority project. 87% of the country wants to return to an america that works. and they didn't say liberal or conservative. they just mean you can afford to buy gasoline. you can, you know, find infant formula. you can have a border that's controlled. you can walk a street without worrying about car jacks you, murders, robberies or rapes. i think that biden has a real problem. because none of the policies is he following are going to create an america that works. and as it gets worse, people are going to become even more unhappy with the democratic party in general and with president biden in particular.
4:38 am
>> steve: that, newt, is why one dnc member told the "new york times," they said that joe should announce his intent not to run right after the midterms. they also, part of the article, one of the articles today in the "new york post," bernie sanders, 20 to campaign manager, he said that he thinks joe would beat trump if trump ran a second time. if the republicans nominate a -- somebody like florida governor ron desantis democrats might want to look elsewhere for a candidate. if it's trump, they feel that biden could beat him. but, if it's somebody else, they got to get rid of joe. >> well, i think biden's biggest problem is things like 5 or 6 or $7 a gallon gasoline. i think in some parts of california over $8 a gallon. things like, you know, 15,000 people in a caravan. that's a world war ii infantry division coming north to cross the american border illegally
4:39 am
against a government so weak and so incompetent that you can't figure out in advance how to stop them. i think people are worried, as we just saw in the san francisco recall where 60% voted to recall a communist district attorney who was literal lay communist who had been releasing prisoners. so, you have all these real policy questions. you just had a conversation about homeschooling vs. what's happening in our schools. i think every time you turn around, americans find things aren't working. and i don't see any likelihood that biden is going to change the way that solves any of these problems. it. >> ainsley: if you read the article in the post. it says the reasons poll numbers are dropping. his age, he would be 82 on inauguration day. 86 when he leaves office. if he wins again. >> a weakened political standing and shakingness on the world stage. who do the democrats have though? would it be pete buttigieg? would it be kamala harris? >> hook, vacuums attract
4:40 am
candidates. who could have sat there at this stage, in 2014 and told you donald trump was going to run and win? i mean, it was inconceivable. nobody would have said it. the democrats have lots of governors. they have lots of senators. they have ambitious people. who are, you know, hollywood stars billionaire entrepreneurs. /emerge. the vacuum attracts somebody. the problem they have got is if they emerge as a left wing big government socialist candidate, they are just going to lose. we have crossed a watershed where people have been reminded for the first time since jimmy carter that this stuff doesn't work. and that's why it's such an enormous burden for the democrats. >> pete: i hope you're right, mr. speaker. nobody knows it better so we are glad you are here. >> ainsley: we thought we were getting that with biden. we thought we were getting a moderate and then he comes in and is swayed by progressives.
4:41 am
>> pete: one thing to campaign and another to govern. >> there are no moderate democrats. >> pete: that is true these days for sure. all right. we are 40 minutes after the top of the hour. as gas prices remain at all-time high joe biden is reportedly turning to saudi arabia for help. former secretary of state mike pompeo next on. that was announcer: type 2 diabetes? discover the power of 3 in the ozempic® tri-zone. in my ozempic® tri-zone, i lowered my a1c, cv risk,
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4:46 am
until saudi arabia makes a radical change in terms of its human rights. i wouldn't want anything to do with him. what's your reaction? >> it's pretty straightforward. we need the kingdom of saudi arabia as an important security partner as an important economic partner. the fact that president biden now is thinking about going way too late, you turn to some really bad guys. turned to the iranians. turned to the venezuelans. before he even turned to the kingdom of saudi arabia and qatar to the emirates provide us with kudo and natural gas as well. i hope he delivers on it he promised in the campaign he wouldn't do it. we would be willing to have pain at the pump and have people suffer. every action they have taken have intended that the american people suffer from high prices so we can convert to solar panels and wind mills. i hope he does go there and have good constructive conversation about how to manage these prices. >> it's not just about cars. i was with families this weekend who said that their kids travel soccer team playing only half of
4:47 am
their games now because parents can't afford to drive their kids to games that are a little ways off. it's not just cars kansas farmers can't afford fertilizer for crops. manufacturers inputs that are really expensive. this inflation bites american families really hard. build out allies and friends across the world who help mitigate that cost and risk and make america work again. >> steve: mr. secretary, you know when joe biden was running for president joe biden referred to the saudis as pariahs now he wants them to be our gas buddy. they remember what's going on. the prices are so politically toxic to him he is willing to get in bed with somebody he didn't like a while back to try to bring down the price of gas. if they make a deal at the pump will it bring down the price of gas? >> so it does suggest he also gets not only the impact of having on families they care less about he can see the
4:48 am
political dynamic coming up to november. this is deeply political. he no more wants to go visit the crowned prince in saudi arabia than the man on the moon. he called him a pariah, radical left has said that the kingdom under mbs's rule ought to be punished and pushed away from. partner for four years we did that for four years we delivered for the american people. if you get this right, can you increase global supply of crude oil. we should not only travel to saudi arabia but we should travel to midland, texas, shale, recall new mexico. i was in dallas, texas they can't financing because of the esg rules. federal land licenses have been delayed. we should produce it here first before we go anywhere. and then when we do our job, when we produce the 11, 12, 1 trillion barrels a day. we did it before we had energy american dominance during the trump administration. when we get it here we should look to our friends and partners
4:49 am
in the region in the middle east and help them get to a place where they can produce the energy so we can drop these prices and get our economy back on track. >> pete: we were energy independent at what feels like forever ago just a couple of years ago. mr. secretary, thank you so much for your time we are out of time. appreciate it. >> thank you, pete. >> steve: pete, what's coming up? >> pete: parent who want a say in their children's education making it happen. actor kurt cammeron tells us about this home school awakening. that's next. ♪ born in the u.s.a. ♪ ♪ new york to l.a. ♪ (man) [whispering] what's going on? (burke) it's a farmers policy perk. get farmers and you could save money by doing nothing.
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>> ainsley: if parents across the country look for solutions to woke public school curriculums, a new documentary is highlighting the benefits of homeschooling. >> the freedom we had was so worth the small sacrifice it was to teach the kids. now, 12 years later, i realize it wasn't a sacrifice. it was a total gift. >> pete: the home school awakening is in select theaters today and tomorrow only. >> steve: here with more a homeschooling parent kirk cammeron. good morning to you. >> ainsley: good morning. >> hey, guys, good morning. great to be with you. >> steve: great to have you as
4:54 am
well. initially you sent your kids to a private school. why did you decide to go homeschooling? >> well, i had a healthy fear of homeschooling and after sixth grade we weren't crazy about our local options and a friend introduced us to this incredible world where you could choose curriculum for your children. you were free to pass on your values and your faith in a community of like-minded parents with the flexibility that you were looking for and we dove in. and that's what the american -- the home school awakening is all about a deep dive into the every day adventures of american home school families who are on a mission to put faith, family, and freedom back into learning. >> ainsley: what did they all say, kirk, about the social aspect of homeschooling and what did they say about being equipped? i might be really good at math but not so good at chemistry how do we teach our kids? >> right. great question. so, the documentary explores what these families have to say and what the students have learned about socialization,
4:55 am
about academic rigor. how do you home school your kids if you are a working parent all of these things are addressed and by the way my dad is a public school teacher. my grandparents are public school teachers. we have experienced all of these things. and i think people's eyes will really be opened to find out when you are in community with other families, you have all the resource was you need. you are not stuck in this little silo. the whole world becomes your classroom. and there is lots of people there to help you succeed. >> pete: what do you say my public school is okay if i need to i can deprogram them a little bit whether they come home? >> yeah. i don't think that you can. this is -- seven, eight hours a day 40 hours a week to try to combat that after sports and homework maybe for a little time at the end of the night maybe for an hour on the weekend? that's just not going to happen. we have one chance to raise our kids. and their little hearts and minds and souls are precious.
4:56 am
and parents are finally waking up and this great awakening among parents gives me great hope for the future not only of the family but of the entire nation. >> steve: pete, at your house, you have the hegseth academy. >> pete: i temporarily this the hegseth school for higher learning. it's not easy. i found out in hour community there are home school podz, there are co-opts, ways to work with other families, too. >> absolutely. that's what is so exciting about it is that this is millions of students across the nation who are coming out of the public school system because their parents actually care about their education and about their character. not only that, yahoo news just came out with an article i saw where so many public school teachers are exiting the system and as they have done it providing fertile ground. >> steve: kirk thank you so much for more information go to homeschool >> ainsley: ron desantis at the top of the hour.
4:57 am
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muscle pain, tiredness, headache, shivering, fever, and upset stomach. ask your pharmacist or doctor about shingrix. shingles doesn't care. but you should. ♪♪ our nation's capitol bracing as the supreme court could overturn roe v wade today. >> no matter what they do biden is not going to do anything about the protests. >> capitol shin. >> a bipartisan group of u.s. senators announcing an agreement. >> the bill would include a federal grant program to encourage more states to pass so-called red flag laws. >> gas prices did hit a new
5:01 am
record overnight. >> a national average topping $5 a gallon. >> americans are spending an extra, what is it, $730 million a day extra on gas. >> say it ain't joe. even democrats are losing faith in biden. >> should he run again? we'll take a look at it. >> biden has a real problem because none of the policies he's following are going to create an america that works. >> one barbecue joint in florida knows you're getting burned by inflation lowering their menu prices. >> anything i can do to give back would be a great thing. ♪♪ >> steve: the inflatable water slide's not blown up yet but will be soon. that's a live shot of clear water beach florida where steve as you said it will be 88 degrees today, about perfect. you know, people we showed this picture. we're just talking about what
5:02 am
we're looking at right there. it would be great if we had somebody that grew up not far away from there to to talk a little bit. >> ainsley: great idea. >> steve: here is governor ron desantis. you grew up not far away >> gov. desantis: i grew up not far from clear water beach. i will tell all americans out there you can do so much worse than those beaches in pownall op county and clear watch beach is a great place to be. >> what a way to bring in the governor of the great state of florida ron desantis. >> sometimes you just throw a fastball. >> steve: good morning >> gov. desantis: great to be here. >> ainsley: so glad to have you here. >> steve: here in the streets of new york city things are quiet but down in our nation's capital one hour ago a group started a blockade of the supreme court area. what they're trying to bring is attention to the fact that the supreme court may overturn roe v wade later today or then again the coverage could come out next week when they ultimately do issue their opinions. >> gov. desantis: well, i think
5:03 am
that we have a rule of law in this country and you don't get to just have a mob descend on a supreme court justice's house or try to impede the operations of government because there may be a decision you don't like. that would be considered an insurrection to stop a court from functioning, and yet they seem to be able to get away with a lot more than if the shoe were on the other foot. so i think it's been really problematic to watch the behavior there. >> ainsley: lawmakers unanimously in the house said we need to bolster their security and nancy pelosi is stalling and said on friday maybe we'll deal with that after the weekend but they should be fine, they have security they should be fine for the weekend >> gov. desantis: well, you have someone travel from half way around the country to come and murder justice kavanaugh. and that was like not even significant news in a lot of the main stream media. and not only was it significant because it's an attack on somebody's life. they're trying to change the outcome of decisions that they
5:04 am
are concerned that they don't like. and that is just totally antithetical to a rule of law. >> not significant news, it was no news, abc, cnn >> gov. desantis: page 820. >> page zero a lot didn't hear about it. we want your thoughts as well on gas prices hitting another record high hitting everybody in their pocketbook hitting every state, every business is affected. this administration seems to not have any proactive solutions to it other than blaming putin. what do you say? >> gov. desantis: they're the cause of a lot of it. joe biden came into office and declared war on america energy. we were energy independent for the first time in my life. when he came into office he had sweeping executive orders to try to kneecap american energy production. look, this is a global market, it's not just the u.s., but he has made it way worse here in this country and they will not reverse course. this is just a religion for them
5:05 am
to be attacking energy production in the united states. and people are paying at the pump like never before. it's hammering blue collar people, working people. but as you said, it impacts everything in the economy because when those energy prices are sky rocketing, transportation, the cost of goods. and so you're seeing that is the number one driver in the inflation. also the fact that they printed trillions of dollars that we didn't have, but those two factors have created really a hellish scenario and now we're on the precipice if we're not already in a formal recession. maybe that won't happen now but i think everyone's looking at it and saying under biden with his policies he's going to plunge this country into recession. >> steve: right now the dow futures are plunging right over there close to down 600 points and the reason for that is because it looks like on friday the new consumer product index came out. it was 8.6%. that is the rate of inflation year over year. never been higher in the last 40
5:06 am
years. now the worry is the federal reserve is probably going to jack up interest rates three-quarters or one percent because they were so flatfooted. they didn't do it last year when they should have and now if we are not in a recession on the verge of that, we're going to be in one in no time, that's why it's selling off >> gov. desantis: it will absolutely slow the economy down what they're doing, no question. and i think the market if that sell off is happening, the market will close lower than when biden took office. i think we're right at that point. so he had been bragging about the stock market last year. well now you're seeing all those gains have been given back. so i think it's unfortunate we're in this situation. sometimes things happen in the economy you've got to deal with but so much of this was self-inflicted based on what they were doing in washington. >> ainsley: there's so many nice people that live in your great state of florida, steve white was interviewed on fox and friends he has this barbecue joint, porky's barbecue and he
5:07 am
said because my customers are getting so burned i'm actually going to lower prices. listen to this. >> food's just going crazy all of our paper products, everything is just sky rocketing every day and just changes every week, it gets higher and higher. and i don't see anybody doing anything. lunch sales have been going down so i returned to the old prices and the volume is just making up the difference for us. a lot more people are coming out now and our business has like tripled. can't hardly get in the door now. so it's working for us. >> ainsley: so it actually helped him. he was nice to the customers and in return they're all showing up because the prices are the original prices, they're cheaper >> gov. desantis: well, god bless him and i'll tell you we see the gas prices a lot, but the grocery is unbelieve ab how much things have gone up. when they say 8.6%, the things that matter is way more than 8.6%. >> like gas >> gov. desantis: yeah, but like you go to the grocery store,
5:08 am
you're paying way more for basic items compared to what you were two years ago. and so that is hitting people. and so for him to step up and do that, you can see why people would appreciate it. they need relief. >> for sure. we're here in new york city where we're used to not so warm a reception every once in a while. you were invited to speak to a jewish group about jewish life in florida. originally, the original location cancelled it because of they said backlash to the so-called don't say gay bill. you still gave the speech down at chelsea pier yesterday or on friday, i believe. talk to us about why they still continue to mischaracterize that bill down there and the support you've given to the jewish community seemingly not sufficient >> gov. desantis: well, let's just be clear. yeah, they demi god that bill but if it wasn't that it would be something else. these are leftists and they're having a spasm about me because
5:09 am
we're winning in florida, they see that and they don't like that. so they would find something to pitch a fit about but you know what i am not going to let them cancel me. so we spoke and we were happy to do that. and after all, as the governor of florida, me of anyone should be able to speak in front of all these future florida voters that are moving down to my state. so we weren't going to let that deter us. there was a protest outside chelsea piers but honestly i was a little disappointed, i was hoping to have more protesters >> ainsley: is that what we're watching that's the protesters? >> i think it is. >> steve: speaking of that legislation's house bill 1557, what is the latest on your, you know, your disagreement with disney on the fact that they got a special tax deal for decades? >> gov. desantis: so we work with the legislature to nicks that so we're going to have to make final what happens beyond that but basically disney had its own government in florida. that's going to be gone. disney had ability to be exempt
5:10 am
from laws that everyone else has, those exemptions are gone. they're going to live under the same laws as everybody else. and massive tax breaks, those tax breaks are going to be gone. so we took the action, we'll make that final in the ensuing months. but at the end of the day, these woke corporations, honestly they do have a right to say what they want but they don't have a right to force me or my citizens to subsidize that behavior and they were getting massive subsidies basically using subsidies to attack parents in florida and our school kids that was unacceptable. >> ainsley: everything's's a business. what are you hearing from insiders at disney? i'm sure they're furious they're going to lose a lot of money >> gov. desantis: the minute they got involved in this until now their market cap has gone down 50, 55 billion. now the market is down but disney's down way more than the market and i think they hurt themselves with their image by doing this. it was not a smart fight to do. first of all when you're talking about parents and kids and that's your brands but then to
5:11 am
accept some of these phoney narratives that the media was doing, that i think bugged a lot of people. when corporations virtue signal but they're doing false narratives, just like the atlanta companies did on the georgia voting law they said it was restricted voting. we just had an election there last month record turnout. those were lies corporations were telling and i think people get frustrated with that. >> when the news is breaking about your disagreement with disney and putting the kibosh on their sweet heart deal they've had for decades then the stories were being floated that the people in those two counties would wind up having to pay all the -- thousands of dollars per household >> gov. desantis: yeah, just total ridiculous, total fiction. and it's interesting because a lot of these people had acknowledged that disney was getting unfair benefits but because i was the one that did it they had to come and support disney's benefits. so they want you to believe that disney has been harmed by this arrangement and they're actually
5:12 am
going to get a massive tax cut. give me a break. not going to happen. >> governor let's cut the small talk. 2022's coming up, 2024. we know president trump is considering a run we know your name is atop that list as well. where does that all sit in your mind right now? >> gov. desantis: it just sits when people bring up my name. we've got a lot going on. the thing about this anyone 22, obviously i've got to win my race, but we're invested in congressional races, state legislature and school board races and i think this gives us such a huge opportunity to do so much good, especially because, you know, you've got biden, he's the least popular president in my lifetime. i think you have an opportunity to have a really big red wave. so we're focusing our attention. i think people will say after 2022 that florida with our performance, they're going to say florida is a red state now, not a swing state. i think we have an opportunity to really take it off the board. so that's been our focus. look, the policy has driven the success because we've
5:13 am
capitalized on opportunities and done well. interesting stat when i got elected governor, there were almost 300,000 more registered democrats in the state of florida than republicans. today there's 176,000 more republicans. that's a massive shift in just 3.5 years. >> ainsley: you've done a lot because so many people are moving to florida >> gov. desantis: it's a combination. i think the people moving are tending to be overwhelming republicans but then we have way more democrats switching to r than vice versa and i think it's because they see florida's done well and they appreciate what we've done and then they see biden's not doing well and that's not a party they want to be a part of. >> i don't see anybody moving to delaware but everyone i know wants to move to florida. in the number one move any the last couple weeks has been top gun and now you've got something that is merchandise that looks a lot like top gun, it's top gov. tell us about that. >> gov. desantis: well, first of all i haven't seen the movie yet. i'm a big fan of the original but we are just in a situation, we're very pro military state,
5:14 am
i'm a military and navy veteran and so we wanted to have a little bit of fun with it and people really responded. >> steve: but you approved >> gov. desantis: it's fun. it's something that i do want to get into the movie theaters and see at some point. maybe i'll wait until it comes out streaming. >> ainsley: it's genius idea. what's your reeks when you go around the state of florida where you grew up and you see, the little kid inside of us and see someone wearing one of these t-shirts that has your face on it top gov now you're the governor of the state you grew up in >> gov. desantis: it's interesting, we have a lot of great support and people will come up and they have, being able to meet me's like a big deal. that's not what i anticipated when i was a kid. but i'll tell you, the genuine appreciation that people feel for sticking up for them really is meaningful. and it's like, you know, i deal with a lot of incoming all the time, i'm a big target and people say, oh, does it bother you. honestly it really doesn't,
5:15 am
partially because people really do appreciate it. if you're willing to fight for them they'll walk across broken glass to support you. >> for sure. that's the same mentality when donald trump said i could shoot someone on sixth avenue because he supported them. if he runs >> gov. desantis: these are few tal few al opportunities. >> you should see top gun. it's amaze. if he runs do you run? how do you make that decision >> gov. desantis: nice try. we're having fun here. it's all good >> ainsley: when will you announce or most candidates announce? not until after midterms? >> gov. desantis: i have no idea. at the end of the day the interesting thing about me is people always inject my name into it just based on what i'm doing in florida. and so, you know, we've really gotten more notoriety not because i'm out trying to do that just because i'm getting things done for people in my state. so it's a little different for me. there's obviously people the minute 2020 and have been basically running going around doing all that stuff, that's not
5:16 am
just what i've been doing, i'm focusing on the defrock at hand. >> you saw it last night we ran a special miseducation of america on the channel and behalf of parents i want to thank you for standing up to the wokeness because a lot of parents, i'm in new jersey, look around going i've got no help. and in florida at least they've got someone looking out at the schools. >> ainsley: the people in florida don't want you to run because they don't want you to leave the state >> gov. desantis: i think the parents rights are very important because the school system is there to support the community support our kids and parents not super seed the rights of parents and i think we've gone down the road in many communities where they almost want the parents out so that they can have the kids and impose what they want. that doesn't fly in the state of florida. we empower parents, and our school system is for educating kids not for indoctrinating kids. >> steve: he has merchandise that has top gov on it. >> ainsley: how' these done >> gov. desantis: really good appreciate it >> ainsley: thank you for coming on governor >> we started the segment
5:17 am
talking about, this is a fox news alert at 8:16 in the east, as you request see right there in the background, union station, the big train station where amtrak travelers who, from new york and throughout the eastern seaboard come into washington, dc, that is where this shutdown dc started just about an hour ago and the whole idea is to have a blockade of the streets around the supreme court. so they are marching. and as you can see some of them are going through some of the barricades on capitol hill. it looks like those are the, those are probably some of the barricades that lead to the u.s. capitol and i would imagine, if people do blockade some of the streets. >> ainsley: they will be arrested. and they're prepared for that. they have groups broken up into different groups and they have one representative per group, which is per 20 people, that are jail support lee ace sons who can meet arrested people when
5:18 am
released from prison. dc police have increased presence, urging visitors not to bring guns, covering the surrounding neighborhoods as well as the downtown area, too. >> you know, this is what political intimidation looks like. it started outside the homes of individual justices. we saw a very unfortunate attempt to take a justice's life. and then a protest happened outside that justice's home the very next day. that's kavanaugh. and now we're seeing an attempt to block the proceedings of the court and all of this is because the most anticipated supreme court ruling could come out today, steve, as you mentioned, today or another monday in the month of june. >> ainsley: or wednesday. >> or wednesday. we still don't know who leaked that preliminary draft, but that gave a tip of the hat to what the outcome might be. that's why these protesters, who are prepared to be arrested, are outside the supreme court. >> ainsley: yeah, people are worried, when that ruling comes out, what's going to happen? how will these protesters react.
5:19 am
the fbi and us attorney's office says we will not tolerate violence destruction interference with government functions or trespassing on government property. >> steve: okay. and so what they did, they were supposed to be at stanchion park looks like they did that and started march ping towards the capitol. right now just a block or two short of the supreme court. we saw behind them the russell office building, they're on the senate side with the big buildings that support the senate and then on the other side of the avenue is -- are the house buildings as well. that is ultimately where they're going. they want, i would imagine they want to get arrested in front of the u.s. supreme court. so they're not going to do anything before they go to the supreme court to get arrested because they need a dramatic showing there. >> barely off the bottom right of your screen there's already a wall around the supreme court. so there are attempts to disrupt the actual activities, there he goes, he dropped the banner, is
5:20 am
limited and you've got to believe there's security protocols for these justices as they go back and forth. they're trying to make a point. if you don't rule the way we like, things are going to go sideways in washington, dc. that's what shut down dc and ruth sent us from the left is trying to say. >> ainsley: police officers there, the police chief says he has even more police officers on stand-by if they need the additional coverage. . >> steve: they're heading to the supreme court. when they get there we'll take you back. in the meantime. >> ainsley: our home is on fire their sign says. >> steve: it is 8:20 here in the east. >> that's right. exposing the proceed degrees i have push happening inside the classroom we'll talk about my new book the battle for the american mind that comes out tomorrow finally next. ♪♪ my asthma felt anything but normal. ♪♪ it was time for a nunormal with nucala. nucala is a once monthly add-on treatment for severe eosinophilic asthma that can mean less oral steroids. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur.
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5:25 am
>> we are back with a fox news alert and here is a look from washington, dc where a group of protesters are marching towards the supreme court. this is, of course, in anticipation of potential rulings today on a handful of cases. one of which could overturn roe v wade: we will be monitoring this and bringing you updates as they come in. that footage coming in to us moments ago. guys over to you. >> thank you very much >> you ever wonder how we got to a place in this country where that's happening around the supreme court. i got curious and that's why my new book battle for the american mind comes out tomorrow finally. last night there was a special on the channel called miseducation of america and it was an update because when our sear yays came out in january, so much has happened in just five, six months even more radical. here's a quick clip from our special that aired last night. it's also in full now on fox
5:26 am
nation. watch. >> we've all sensed for quite some time that there was a left wing tilt in our schools. but when our team, guided by david goodwin started digging deeper, we uncovered a full blown 100 year progressive plot to indoctrinate our kids and remack our civilization. >> pete: go ahead. >> steve: no. we've been talking about your book the last couple of months. people think, oh, you know, i never really paid attention to what my kids were learning until the pandemic and then i'm standing over their shoulder going hey wait a minute this has been going on. it's been a plan for a hundred years and here we are. >> pete: we call that our covid 1619 moment when the classroom came into our homes during covid-19 but so did the 1619 project and gender pronounce for seven years olds and parents are going what in the world. we started our project and started uncovering and it goes
5:27 am
back over a hundred years. so while we were busy raising families and fighting wars and protecting free markets as conservatives the left was hard at work boroughing into the educational institutions from the highest levels now to the local levels to create a pipeline. it's effectively a marxist atheist pipeline they have created and they now control the teachers union, they control the teachers colleges, critical race theory, where did that come from? a theory known as critical theory that landed a mile up the road at columbia university which was and still is the pre eminent teachers college in america. so if you teach teachers how to teach this way, pretty soon it makes its way into your local school districts. so hemingway once said things happen gradually and then suddenly. that's i think what we've seen. we've seen this sudden exposure of all this left wing lunacy and parents are caught off-guard and understandably so. >> ainsley: what is your advice for us parents worried about our schools? can we change the schools? >> pete: i personally think that most government schools, public
5:28 am
schools, are beyond changing at this point as far as reflecting the values you have as a family. and as a result, we are argue, get out. find an alternative. we had kirk cameron talking about home schooling that's an option, david goodwin and i argue for classical christian education. we're going to talk tomorrow, it's how our founders were educated. the brilliance of 1776 was a confluence of 2,000 years of western civilization, a very intentional way of training the mind to think freely. we can rediscover that. it's out there. it's not in our public schools. so part three of this book is five chapters, it's the longest part and it's the solution section, what you can do as a parent to seek alternatives. because i love parents protesting at school boards, i think it's amazing and important. but ultimately that's not going to be sufficient. my mom did the same thing in the 1990s and the schools didn't change there as a result. my life was better, the system didn't change. so this is meant to be a road map, a battle plan for people that love this country. because our kids are the key to
5:29 am
saving our republic. >> steve: plus families need to understand what they're up against with the public education system and this lays it all out. miseducation of america is available at fox nation and pick up the book battle for the american mind up rooting the american education, on sale tomorrow, you buy it today wherever you buy your books like amazon places like that you'll have it tomorrow. thank you bill. >> ainsley: congratulations we're proud of you. >> steve: you and david have been working on this for a while. >> pete: absolutely huge shout-out wonderful partner. still ahead a parring executive takes a swing at the new gaudy funded golf league. pierce morgan and his uncensored reaction, that's next. ♪♪ bipolar depression. it made me feel trapped in a fog. this is art inspired by real
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♪♪ >> ainsley: staying on top of this fox news alert, a live look from washington, dc where a group of protesters are marching towards the supreme court. this is in anticipation of potential rulings today on a handful of cases one of which could overturn roe v wade. we will continue to monitor this and bring you the updates.
5:34 am
>> and staying in dc fox news chief political anchor bret baier will monitor a debate between senators bernie sanders and lindsey graham today. >> steve: the debate kicks off the senate project series which you can stream live on fox nation. rich edson joins us live from the white house. rich. >> hey steve and asly pete what we have is something called the senate project a series of debates between leading democrat and republican senators to talk about the issues of the day. the first installment of that is at noon, bret baier will be hosting it from boston, he'll be speaking with senator bernie sanders and senator lindsey graham. graham previewed the discussion with sanders last week on special report. >> i like bernie, we're going to see what capitalism and socialism has in debate form. we're not going to have a food fight but we'll have real serious disagreements. you do an hour news every night we're going to have a chance to spend an hour with democrat and republican talk about what are the real problems facing the
5:35 am
nation. >> two senators who are more idealogically split apart on big issues. the idea is to not only highlight the differences, but also maybe get to some places where they agree. >> going to be oxford style, it's a long form, ted kennedy institute's full size replica of the u.s. senate chamber. there will be a second debate bipartisan policy centers hosting that one next month here in washington, and then the r and g hatch foundation puts on a third in utah this fall. for today's event, graham is part of the bipartisan team that just released that framework on potential gun legislation. sanders is not part of that group. sanders recently tweeted on guns, quote, americans are demanding real gun safety reform. ban the sale and distribution of assault weapons, prohibit high capacity magazines, expand background checks, end the gun show loophole. if we can't get 60 votes in the
5:36 am
senate then we must end the filibuster. sanders looking for much more than what the framework has it so we'll get his opinion on what that framework has very likely with bret baier among a host of other issues the economy what's going on at the supreme court and the january 6th hearing. back to you guys. >> steve: and somebody's backing up at the white house. >> we get a lot of that. >> steve: thank you very much >> meanwhile switching gears, the pga commissioner jay monahan expressing his displeasure over pga golfers who have joined the saudi bag series. >> ainsley: in a statement he says those players have chosen to sign multi year lucrative contracts to play in a series of exhibition matches against the same players over and over again. >> pete: these comments coming after golf legend gary player defended the golfers who left the pga tour saying some may need the money. pierce morgan hosts pierce morgan uncensored on fox nation he joins us now. pierce this the kind of issue that people don't know where to
5:37 am
stand on it because is it about the money? is it about the human rights record of saudi arabia? they're playing most of their matches not in saudi arabia, and the pga tour being accused of not paying their players sufficiently. what's your take? >> i think it's really about hypocrisy, isn't it? because the pga lost business in china, for example. have we heard anything from them about the repression of the uyghur muslims in china? it reminds me of the debate of the nba when they poked their heads up about certain moral issues but never speak out against china because it doesn't suit their financial interests. i'm afraid that, whatever your view of the players, the way that they've been gone after by the world's media is such an aggressive hostile manner, i just find rankly hypocritical. you know, only yesterday formula one had its raceage a which has an appalling rate.
5:38 am
i didn't see reporters ganging up to terrorize the drivers about their morale deficient sis. so when they say to these golfers, look, if vladimir putin had a tournament next year, next month, would you play? well, ask everybody that question who's in world sport who's already playing their sport in countries with bad human rights records and guess what there wouldn't be many places they could end up playing sport. so i think you've got to try and separate sports and politics and that's really what this is about for me >> ainsley: does pierce have the money to pay like the liv is paying? >> certainly the commission itself gets $4 million a year he should take some of that and give it to the top players. i watched, interestingly i watched some of the liv tournament and i watched some of the tournament last night at that rory mcilroy won and there's no doubt for me personally as a golf fan i preferred the canadian open and
5:39 am
loved watching our guy rory win it was brilliant and the thrilling end with justin thomas at the end was fantastic. so personally that would be where my eyeballs would go. but once you get into declaring moral judgment on sportsmen, you've got to be consistent. you know, and it goes back to what we've discussed before, doesn't it? about disney who takes a position, for example, i watched the interview with ron desantis and quite rightly pointing out the hypocrisy where disney wants to take a moral position about certain issues, say involving gay rights or lgbt rights in florida, but they don't want to have any issues with where they screen their content to countries where it's illegal to be gay. i think it's the same thing with sports. if you're going to be consistent then fine, i'll listen to you. if you're going to rankly hypocritical which the pga are, we had the china olympics and the pga formants china. so what's the different rallies? to me there's not much moral
5:40 am
difference. >> steve: and our president, pierce, it sounds like is going to saudi arabia to beg them to pump more oil. >> right. by the way, you know, saudi arabia remains an ally of both the u.s. and the uk. so i think it's the second biggest energy supplier to the united states. and with what's going on with ukraine and the war there and russia and all that, you're going to need energy from other places. and probably led by saudi arabia. so i think as long as the u.s. government is prepared to trade with saudi on energy and arms, i don't think you should be going after individual golfers for making a decision based on what they think their government finds acceptable. >> ainsley: well, pierce we miss you. i worked with you in london, i loved every moment of it so when you come here to the states you have to call. you have to come in studio and we would love to see you. >> but we're going to sensor you unlike fox news. >> it is the hottest weather this week in the uk and you'll
5:41 am
be unsurprised to hear that we're all moaning about it, the pollen count is really high and people like me have bad hay fever so in classic brit style it's lovely and we're all whining. >> steve: the pollen count. >> ainsley: piers your show is on fox nation at 4:30. you have to watch that >> coming up dr. mehmet oz victorious in pennsylvania primary, dr. oz is making a house call. from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination.
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5:45 am
>> all right, a fox news alert, new video from the area around the u.s. supreme court this morning where far left activists have organized to shut down the street or blockade the streets of dc in anticipation of a potential reversal on roe v wade. that decision could be released today or shortly. pennsylvania u.s. senate
5:46 am
candidate for the republican party dr. mehmet oz joins us right now. dr. oz, good morning. >> dr. oz: good morning, my friends. >> steve: so what do you make of the fact that they're trying to shut down the area, trying to bring washington, dc to a standstill over the fact that roe v wade may be overturned by the u.s. supreme court? . >> dr. oz: steve, i think roe was wrongly decided. this is a correction of an error that states should be making these decisions gives people the power which is exactly what i would like to see more of as a u.s. senator. federal government controls too much, to authoritarian too overreaching give states the rights to make decisions that way citizens people viewing the show right now can be more involved. >> steve: sure. you know, speaking of the supreme court, it was last week when an assassination attempt was thwarted by the guy who traveled from california to do it, apparently he chickened out or got cold feet and called the cops and said i came to kill justice kavanaugh. that's a big story. and yet yesterday on the
5:47 am
saturday -- on the sunday shows that is to say they did a lot on the 1/6 hearings on capitol hill certainly a big topic on capitol hill last week but they did not do one second of coverage about how somebody came from california to kill brett kavanaugh. what's up with that? . >> dr. oz: i mean it's traditional intimidation undermines the rule of law, something we've tolerated already too much. here in philadelphia we're seeing gang land style shootings in areas of the city that are fairly cosmo to taken tourist attractions, south street which is a very popular place, i took my wife lisa, who you know, on our first date there. we had a big time shooting with five different perpetrators and they actually chased the cops out trying to clean it up. we're tolerating this issues far too commonly. it normalizes which should be completely stung to the entire nation a complete court justice for doing his job. >> steve: yeah. over the last week or so david
5:48 am
mccormick who you were running against there in that state of pennsylvania, he conceded and then threw his support behind your candidacy. next stop is november and democrat john fetterman obviously between now and then you're going to be talking to the people of pennsylvania about the differences between the two of you. >> dr. oz: and they're quite stark. i want to defend hard working families from intrusive big government such as we've seen from joe biden for the last year and a half. fetterman actually pulls biden to theest will, to the left of joe biden and he doesn't understand the private sector because he hasn't worked in the private sector. for example when we spend trillions of dollars throwing money at problems at the federal government which causes inflation he says it's not enough. i want to stop that reckless spending. he's crippled our energy industry with policies that don't make any sense. i'm for all of the above with a solution. the one coming up a lot now is the soft on crime. he's on the parole board he wants one-third of all criminals
5:49 am
including violent offenders to be released. our streets aren't safe as i described philadelphia broke the all-time record for murders. people don't like what he's talking about, they don't like open borders and sanctuary cities which he pushed for. i'm for securing our borders and cutting off the cartel for returning a human trafficking and narcotics operation into our country. this positively ar rises the nation but he is so far to the left of biden the rest of the population has me to pick. >> steve: mehmet oz who won republican nomination in pennsylvania. dr. oz thank you for joining us. good luck. >> dr. oz: thanks steve. god bless. >> steve: coming up on monday the first of its kind playground making it possible for children of all abilities to have fun t rachel campos duffy and her daughter valentina there they are took a tour they join us next. first let's check in with bill and dana for a preview of what happens on the channel in 11.5 minutes. >> i think valentina got the best assignment. >> no kidding. >> she's so cute thank you
5:50 am
steve. >> where are the voices protecting our supreme court justices great question. brit how many is here to talk. >> and this is the big story of the weekend democrats starting to turn on joe biden's future. >> great panel there. >> yeah. >> republicans think they can flip the seat in the senate in the american west. can they? we talk to leading candidate about the chances of that. >> and what's the american appeal to top gun we show you in this hour coming up. it's a brand new week, we'll see you soon. what's guy fieri doing at the neighbor's house?
5:51 am
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♪♪ >> ainsley: well, this morning we are getting a very special look at a first of its kind playground with a powerful mission. the rwj barnabas health field of dreams is a new jersey sports complex for children of all abilities. rachel campos-duffy took her daughter valentina who has down's syndrome. take a look. >> rachel: it's not always easy to find a playground that meets all of my kids needs including baby valentina but we found one right here in toms river. it's called fields of dreams. ♪♪ it's not just a playground, the 3.5 acre facility features a baseball field, basketball courts, a zip line, even a
5:55 am
miniature golf course, and all of it is wheelchair accessible. >> when you go to a typical playground, a lot of the items aren't really, you know, fully equipped for people that have special needs and that's what this complex is all about. experiences and these memories for these families, you know, in one place >> rachel: math teacher christian cain and his wife mary were inspired to build the park for their 11 year old son gavin. >> i think you are a great friend. >> very nice >> rachel: when he was only 19 months old gavin was in a terrible car accident. >> on july 12, 2012, we were waiting to make a left-hand turn into the school when a fully loaded beer truck hit us from behind. when i was able to finally get out of the car i heard dead silence. gavin suffered a traumatic brain injury a right front temporal stroke and a right orbital fracture >> rachel: when you got to the hospital what did the doctors tell you. >> they basically told us to find a home and my wife knew he was inside.
5:56 am
what happened to gavin wasn't fair and my wife and i thought it wasn't right just because you have a limited ability that you can't participate with others. it's just not right. so we took it upon ourselves >> rachel: the cains rallied around their son working around the town and raising money top build an inclusive environment where everyone of all abilities can have fun. >> so you have multiple types of swings, you have bench swings, special needs swings, mommy and me swings. and the idea is that you're going to have varying degrees of people with special needs. so you want to make sure that you have all different types >> rachel: they also have places to play sports. you can play baseball in a wheelchair and wheel around the bases. >> yeah, and just be like everyone else >> rachel: and a pavilion for different activities. >> and that's the idea. you want to have now events so that families can come and meet each other >> rachel: can you say good-bye valentina? there you go good job. the entire complex is full of details tailored to special needs families including a
5:57 am
nonverbal communication board, wheelchair charging stations and a quiet corner designated for those with autism. so simple. >> yes >> rachel: and yet it's so important just how easy it is to wheel a chair through here. >> you take things for granted how easy it is when you're typical. and you don't realize the little things in life are so important >> rachel: the importance of this park is truly felt by all of those who come to enjoy it. >> i was like wow, it's amazing, like just to see the things i couldn't do before and can do now. >> she feels like she can do -- she belongs now. >> i love it, i know she loves it. she has things she can actually go on now. >> rachel: field of dreams if you build it they will come we came. >> right >> rachel: as a mom with a child with special needs, i can't tell you how incredible i think you are. and i'm not the only one grateful to the cains for what they've built. >> whoever invented this or came
5:58 am
up with this, it was a very good idea. >> thank you because it just gives my daughter some place to actually just go and just be happy, to be honest with you, and not feel excluded from anything. >> this is an amazing place for children like me. it just feels, you know, to have an outlet, have a way of enjoying myself. ♪♪ >> ainsley: what a beautiful story rachel and look at cute valentina, she is darling. that just is so touching and to see these stories and what that man has gone through and what he's doing for other people. what is it like? >> rachel: well, i have to tell you, it was great meeting christian cain and his daughter was there and i tell you it's a tragedy clearly but it brings out the best in people. it brings out the best in families. they took this tragedy and they decided that they're going to do something amazing for other people. and you can see these hero moms bringing their daughters with, you know, cerebral palsy and all
5:59 am
these difficulties yet they make it easy with their moms to have a respite to have moments of joy with their child something as simple as not having grass so a wheelchair can go through or so kids can play baseball in a wheelchair. even that little thing that valentina was jumping on ainsley, you can put a wheelchair on that and bounce with the person on the wheelchair so they can enjoy that as well. so amazing what they're doing. there's about $300,000 left in their fund raising efforts and boy would it be great to have our viewers help to pay off the rest of this park because it's really a joy for so many families. >> ainsley: that is so great. yes, you don't think about that when you're jumping on a trampoline but every child should experience what that feels like >> rachel: yes. >> ainsley: how can we raise money for the park? i know they need more money >> rachel: rjwb field of you can donate there. i took valentina ainsley, she didn't want to leave. >> ainsley: i'm sure. i'm sure. she is so cute. what a blessing she's been in
6:00 am
your life >> rachel: thank you. yes she has for the whole family. she wore a dress but her doll is here. >> ainsley: so cute. she wants that, do not take that away from her. thank you rachel, thank you valentina. how sweet of a story is that right? >> steve: fantastic. >> ainsley: taking care of someone in a wheelchair 24 hours, that is a commitment. >> steve: have a great monday. >> ainsley: have >> bill: good morning. hope your weekend was fun. >> dana: fun is a great word. it should be used more. nice job. i will incorporate into my day. i'm dana perino and this is "america's newsroom." good to be back with you today. the committee picked by nancy pelosi is focused on holding former president trump accountable for the riot. democrats are ignoring the threat of another violent assault focused on the judiciary. >> bill: you


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