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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  June 13, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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yes she has for the whole family. she wore a dress but her doll is here. >> ainsley: so cute. she wants that, do not take that away from her. thank you rachel, thank you valentina. how sweet of a story is that right? >> steve: fantastic. >> ainsley: taking care of someone in a wheelchair 24 hours, that is a commitment. >> steve: have a great monday. >> ainsley: have >> bill: good morning. hope your weekend was fun. >> dana: fun is a great word. it should be used more. nice job. i will incorporate into my day. i'm dana perino and this is "america's newsroom." good to be back with you today. the committee picked by nancy pelosi is focused on holding former president trump accountable for the riot. democrats are ignoring the threat of another violent assault focused on the judiciary. >> bill: you have left wing
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activists still protesting outside the homes of supreme court justices despite last week's arrest out of california threatening the life of brett kavanaugh. pelosi has held up legislation and she says the house will vote on it this week. >> dana: let's go to chad pergram on capitol hill. >> the charge of the committee today is to document what was going on between the election and january 6th. the committee wants to understand what fueled the riots. >> i can say right now the president absolutely tried to overthrow the will of the people and he tried to do it initially through misinformation through the department of justice, through pressuring the vice president and on january 6th. he was told repeatedly by people that he trusted. >> that's why one witness is former trump campaign manager bill stepan. the committee would not say if
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he appears voluntarily. the committee is probing what the president did or did not do during the riot. >> this man had the microphone and could speak to the whole country. his duty was to stand up and say something and try to stop this. so we'll talk about that and what i see to be his dereliction of duty. he had a duty to act. >> members of the committee believe they have enough evidence for the d.o.j. to prosecute the former president but unclear if they will attempt to do that. republicans continue to blast the hearings. gop members plan their own investigation of the investigation if they win the house this fall. >> what -- i want to see all the depositions and the documents and ranking member rodney davis has said preserve all this information to look at it and the american people can get the full story, not a one-sided presentation we got the other night.
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>> today's hearing is not in prime time. it is at 10:00 in the morning. 101 when most normal hearing starts. they'll get a morning hearing today. >> dana: thank you, chad. >> bill: bring in senior political analyst brit hume on a monday. thanks for being here today. the first of six. some have said there might be seven or eight. six for now. how do you think this is playing after night one last week and more today? >> it's a little hard to tell, bill. this one last week was the absolutely extraordinary because the normal way in which you conduct a hearing whether in court or in halls of congress is that you have members of both sides of differing viewpoints and the witnesses are put on to do their testimony and their testimony is challenged by cross examination. there were no such witnesses last week except for a couple. what there wasilewski really
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kind of a televised press release with sound bites. i've never seen anything like it in my life and i certainly never imagined back in the day when i was working for one of the broadcast network news divisions that such an event would ever be put on prime time television by one of the networks. in this case it was done by all of them. remarkable. >> dana: jamie raskin admitted what basically is -- they're trying to do in the hearing, watch. >> our entire investigation is a referral of crimes both to the department of justice and to the american people. i will try to observe that attorney general garland is my constituent and i don't browbeat my constituents. i think he and his staff and the u.s. attorneys know what is at stake here. >> dana: so knowing that is the goal, the stated -- referring to the justice department and the justice department does an investigation and it continues on and on.
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>> the justice department has a major investigation going on of january 6th. it has a long, long list of defendants who have been charged in connection with it. so it is clearly on the case. and it seems to me it is entirely up to the justice department whether to seek to prosecute former president trump. but let's be clear about this, dana. there was not really except for some details, a spec of news in what the committee presented the other day, the other night i should say. what we had was a rehashing of events we already knew about and from my own part, i basically agree with the committee's conclusion that donald trump was responsible for january 6th not so much by what he may have said on that day but by all this nonsense he pumped into the veins of his supporters. the committee goes one step
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further. the chairman said we came critically close to losing our democracy on january 6th. that's an extraordinary claim and widely believed on the left, i understand. i don't think the committee advanced it effectively and certainly did not allow for that viewpoint to be challenged as is normally the case in any hearing either judicial or legislative hearing. >> bill: your first point is well taken. 20 million viewers across all the networks. that's not nothing. an nba game had 11.5 million viewers and they have planned another prime time hearing at about a week and a half and all the networks will take it again today and we'll watch the ratings and the viewership throughout this. the committee members are doing the same thing. that stated you have this issue directed at amy coney barrett and brett kavanaugh that's real and the "wall street journal" said the assault on the supreme
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court. you look at the amount of the attention the big networks gave the issue on sunday. the answer is zero. zero minutes given to the question as to whether or not people like kavanaugh and his family will be given protection. what does that tell you, brit? it tells me this. the broadcast networks have placed themselves, by the way they cover things, at the service of one party, the democratic party. in the hearing the other night, so-called, there were two republicans. both handpicked by democratic speaker nancy pelosi. in the meantime we have what appear to be quite -- one obviously real threat against brett kavanaugh and the possibility of further threats against amy coney barrett and perhaps others. this is a big deal or should be. the fact that it merits so little coverage should tell people all they need to know about what kind of news divisions and what kind of attitude these networks have.
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it is really distressing to me as somebody who worked for many years for one of those broadcast networks in those divisions. >> dana: thank you so much. wonderful to have you on our program. >> thank you. >> dana: senate announcing the bipartisan framework of a package to address gun violence in response to the recent string of mass shootings. here is what is in it. crackdown and illegal gun sales. funding more mental health programs and school security. incentives for red flag laws and stricter background checks for people under the age of 21. it wouldn't ban weapons or raise the minimum age to buy an assault rifle. it could be enough to reach 60 votes in the senate but a long way to go. >> bill: we did it again. league leader. gas prices soaring above $5 a gallon over the weekend for the first time in history. today the national average 5.01 a gallon steady from almost --
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up about 60 cents from this time last month. rich edson looking for answers from the white house. are you getting any? good morning. >> good morning, bill. beyond gas prices, there is increases in prices across the economy. something that the white house and federal reserve say they're working to address. they have a lot of work to do. the labor department a few days ago coming out with the latest increases in prices. year-over-year. last year to this year. groceries nearly 12%. restaurants up nearly 9%. fuel oil up more than 107%. electricity 12%. rent more than 5%, airfare more than 37%. in los angeles this weekend reporters asked president biden about inflation, specifically the national average for a gallon of gas hitting $5. >> this is outrageous what the war in ukraine is causing. we're trying very hard to make sure that we can significantly increase the number of barrels of oil pumped out of the
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reserve we have. got 240,000 barrels as welcoming from other nations. we will keep pushing on it. keep pushing. >> the white house and democrats argue inflation is international largely caused by forces outside the president's control. ahead of november's mid-term elections republicans are making the argument president biden's push away from fossil fuels and additional pandemic relief spending has lifted prices. >> this inflation bites american families really hard and we ought to build allies and friends around the world to mitigate the risk and make america work again. >> we may hear more from president biden today. he is expected to return in a few hours from a weekend in delaware. back to you. >> bill: thank you, rich edson from the white house. looking at this computer here, dana. apparently the house january 6 hearing, the start has been
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delayed. why? apparently a family emergency where bill stepan unable to testify. his counsel will appear and make a statement on the record. we'll see what he says then. the hearing will convene 30 to 45 minutes after the previously-announced start time. >> dana: 10:30. >> bill: a bit of delay. what that means we don't know. does it mean anything? we can't say. >> dana: does it say family emergency? >> yes. >> dana: i hope everything is all right. >> bill: his lawyer will be there and make a statement. we'll see what the lawyer says to clarify that. that's what we have now. >> dana: you did a splendid job as a matter of fact. to the border crisis. fox news visiting a migrant camp. families aren't just from mexico and central america. >> bill: stunning new video out of new york city.
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they call it subway surfing. someone died doing it a year ago. how police are responding to that in the big apple. >> dana: the nypd could be facing a record number of resignations as democrats struggle to pivot from the rhetoric fueling a crisis in law enforcement. >> it's really amazing they keep doubling down on anti-police, defund the police, whatever you want to call it but they are always when they have a choice, they always come down on the side against police and law enforcement.
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>> dana: video from new york city get this. subway surfers riding on top of a moving train in brooklyn. it sounds dangerous and illegal. it happened on friday on the j line as it crossed the
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williamsburg prij. eight daredevils are seen on this social media post. witnesses say at least one was break dancing and they have yet to be identified. apparently they all survived. >> bill: skills to do that. the conductor of the train. at any moment that thing just -- >> dana: skills? >> bill: if you ride the subway you know sometimes you're dependent upon the driver of the train. it could stop at any time. that is dangerous. >> dana: i don't know if it's skillful or idiotic. >> bill: i would categorize it at both? can we say it's stupid? now with crime rising in new york there are reports of a mass exodus of the nypd. more than 1500 police officers have been already resigned or retired this year. that would be a record pace. alexis mcadams live in new york city with the scoop on this now, hello. >> the city's police union said not only is the drop in
6:19 am
officers on the streets in new york city alarming but a major threat to public safety as crime continues to rise. look on the screen. the new numbers coming out over the weekend from the "new york post." more than 1500 nypd officers have either resigned or retired just this year. those numbers are up 38% compared to data from 2021 and puts the department on track to have the biggest loss of manpower in decades. the nypd shared much lower numbers with us over the weekend but tells fox news 1,000 officers have left the nypd just this year. experts tell us the difference is because many officers who retired are not yet officially off the roster. the question is why are these officers leaving in the first place? police benevolent association from new york points to low pay, inferior benefits and anti-cop atmosphere. according to one former police officer at this rate it could take years to fully rebuild the spots that are now open.
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>> i have never seen this many resignations and retirements. the big issue that people should be focused on is the resignations are people have given up. you aren't filling classes enough to cover attrition. it's a huge problem. >> as the number of police officers continues to drop the nypd and city of new york have been working hard to recruit hundreds of new police officers rolling out social media campaigns and current police officers are trying to inspire new yorkers to want to be a cop. >> you feel like you are making a difference where you live and where your children potentially will grow up. be the change. if you want to have a safer new york, be that change. >> and registration right now is open if people do want to apply to be a new york police officer here with the nypd and the test they have to take is free. we got new sound in from mayor
6:21 am
eric adams, a former cop himself running on a platform of backing the blue and trying to get more money for police officers but said moments ago when asked about the attrition rate and so many officers resigning or retiring he said he is not worried about it yet. >> bill: a big story here in new york. >> dana: andy mccarthy former assistant district attorney and fox news contributor. the new york city crime from 2019 to 2022 and the increase -- these statistics are terrible. burglary up and robbery up. transit crime 53%. that's on your subway, for example. that means all these other things start to spiral down. people don't want to get on the train or not going to shops, restaurants or broadway. >> what people is forget we had very low crime, probably the low ebb was 2016, 2017. it took 30 years to get there.
6:22 am
close to that. it won't take 30 years to get back up. last year was terrible. i think we had 485 homicides. that's bad compared to 2017. but in 1990 we had 2600. so i think every time you raise this what happens is people say well, you know, we're not in the bad old days of the 70s to 90s. we could get there in a hurry and particularly get there in a hurry if we don't have aggressive policing. you won't have that if you have officers leaving in droves. >> bill: one way to give officer's confidence is hearing it from the top. the president is saying now he has not favored defunding the police and that movement. >> president biden: we should all agree the answer is not to defund the police, it is to fund the police. the answer is not to defund the police, it is to give you the tools, the training, the
6:23 am
funding to be partners, to be protectors and look at what our communities need. what our law enforcement is being asked to do. it will require more resources, not fewer. >> bill: that's what he said over a series of months there. however, biden's white house hosted several defund the police activists over the past year, visitor logs show that aides have met with anti-police activists. the question would be, which is it? >> it's a con job. they have some progressives who are unabashed about saying we want to defund the police. then you have some more mainstream democrats who realize what the electoral consequences of that rhetoric is so they say no, we don't want to defund the police. if you look at the fine print of what they want to do, they want to keep the police budget but want to divert it away from law enforcement to 18 different categories of things that aren't cops on the street enforcing the law.
6:24 am
so where they are going with this is the same place. they want the funding stream to be exactly what it is now but it is not going to the kind of activity, the kind of proactive law enforcement activity that we know drives down crime. >> dana: have you heard anything since last week's recall of chesa boudin in san francisco, the progressive district attorney there, the consequences you're hearing? >> i think we need to have some balance about this. that was a very good thing for law enforcement that the people of san francisco, who are not republicans, right? these are not like -- they moved him out. remember larry crassner, the east coast version of chesa boudin, he was reelected with 75% of the vote. it's a long way to go here. >> bill: while we have you. are you surprised that the security for u.s. supreme court justices hasn't been given to them and their families thus far? >> no, i think the simple
6:25 am
answer is usually the answer. they want to intimidate the justices not to decide the dobbs case the way the alito opinion says. they don't want to annoy their base supporters by ratcheting up security for the justices. but the blunt fact is they don't want the case decided. >> bill: you will get a decision either way and the president of the united states hasn't given voice to this issue. >> if you intimidate to change the decision the time to do it is not. after the decision comes out it's out. from their perspective it's now. >> dana: it is a shame. it's against the law to protest at a justice's house and they do nothing. that's not good. >> bill: another blow to president biden's immigration decisions. what can ice arrest and deport from the u.s. and who can they not? latest from the border on that decision. are some democrats giving up on president biden before 2024? some of these voices on the left are growing louder by the
6:26 am
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6:32 am
thousands of haitians waiting to get into the shelter. they left haiti years ago and living in south american countries, chile and brazil and they decided now is the time to get to the u.s. we talked to the director of the shelter and said the numbers he is dealing with right now are overwhelming. take a listen. >> this is the result of people thinking the border is open. we are not equipped to handle this capacity to thousands of families. >> this video you are looking at now sent to us by one of our contacts in a mexican city across in del rio. you look at bus loads of migrants that started showing up late yesterday afternoon. these are migrants from that caravan we've been talking about over the last week or so. buses started pulling up promptly met by mexican law
6:33 am
enforcement and immigration officials. they were detained and taken elsewhere. not allowed to cross. we'll keep tabs on that. we want to show you this video of the rio grande valley, over the weekend tracking down runners in the pre-dawn hours. more than 20,000 illegal crossings in the sector the last two weeks alone. the group of young men arrested. one of the guys spoke perfect english and said he was from el salvador and a dreamer. his parents brought him to the united states when he was only 9 months old. grew up in the u.s. ended up getting in trouble, went to jail, got deported. he tried coming back and got picked up and will be removed. another typical weekend down here in the rio grande valley, guys. send it back to you. >> dana: appreciated how you get a chance to talk to people on the ground. one of the only reporters who is there and we thank you. >> if the president chooses to
6:34 am
run in 2024. i'm focused on winning the majority now and preserving a majority this year in 2022. we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. >> bill: dana bosch tried. aoc refused to commit to support to biden's reelection. dem doubts mounting on biden 2024 reelection run. marc thiessen former bush speech writer and harold ford junior, gentlemen, great panel. great to have you both on board today and good morning. so marc, i guess it would be no surprise to you that she has withheld her support thus far. likely all. >> not at all. democrats are saying not just progressives like ocasio-cortez a lot are staying he is an anchor of the democratic party that needs to get cut off. he is literally the least
6:35 am
popular president in the history of polling. no american president from truman to trump has been more unpopular at the 500 day mark. the problem is the democrats don't seem to know why that is. they think it's because according to the "new york times" article this weekend it is because he failed to pass these big ticket items. that's not the problem. his failure to govern as a harold ford moderate and failure to compromise, reach across the aisle, try to get things done with republicans. he has gone so far to the left that it's not what the american people voted for. >> bill: harold, he gave you props. we found this quote in the hill. it's simple says a democratic strategy be the fing president. i believe he thinks he is the only one who can beat trump. i don't think he thinks there
6:36 am
is anyone in the democratic party who can beat trump and that's the biggest factor. >> thanks for having me on. marc is a good speech writer. a nice way to -- there is credibility to the notion the president has to shift and pivot. numbers don't lie. if you believe in numbers when you are ahead, you have to take account when they say that you are behind and not ahead. i think inflation as we pointed out, crime, border. things the president can try to show that he is indeed the president. i won't use the word. i think that strategist might have been using. people want to see a different kind of leadership. this happens with president. this president has the lowest rating as marc pointed out. reagan, clinton, obama, all had difficult numbers in their first two years in office and were able to turn it around and got reelected. the question now for president biden more so than those three
6:37 am
president, can he reassure an unsettled democratic electorate that he is the right person to lead the party? he has time to do it. the question is will he be able to? >> bill: to finish the quote, harold. there are things you can do to control the public perception and they haven't done any of that. i think you agree with that based on the comment. on the republican side don bacon was on a sunday show from omaha and parts west to the suburbs and rural nebraska talking about donald trump and moving on. >> we need someone that has conservative policies but i think we have to acknowledge that the american people don't like name calling. they like folks who treat people respectfully. i think that's what cost president trump in 2020. we should take that as a lesson, conservative values with optimism, respectful behavior like president reagan.
6:38 am
>> bill: read the tea leaves. how many people in the republican party are like don bacon now? >> i think the republicans look at donald trump and say first of all they love him. they think that he was a great conservative president. they think he was treated very unfairly by the media but you also -- they also understand that we have to win this election. we cannot afford another four years of joe biden or worse depending on who might follow him. so you look at the head-to-head match-up. joe biden is the least popular president in american history in the history of polling. if you look at the rcp average trump is tied with him. how can trump be tied with the least popular president in american history? i think that's a red flag for republicans. if we will win this election, we have to pick a nominee who is not going to alienate swing voters and win people back over. the democrats are setting us up
6:39 am
for victory. the democratic party said the era of big government is over and now he proposed the largest expansion of government spending since world war ii. joe biden said this isn't your grandfather's republican party, it isn't the grandfathers democratic party. the democratic party has gone so far left they're setting republicans up for victory and we can only snatch it away ourselves by nominating the wrong person. >> bill: i want to give you 15 seconds here, harold. >> i think marc is trying to put the best light you can on this. donald trump's nominees in the states he is winning senate primaries are only winning 36% of the vote. almost 2/3 of the republican party are opposed to what president trump is putting forward and the candidates see putting forward. they will have a question to answer. do you want to win primaries or generals? i can be partisan and say i hope they win primaries but the country is healthier when both parties are able to put forward
6:40 am
serious, dynamic, forward-looking answers to problems we have. we should not kid ourselves also. this compromise they've worked out on guns is a good thing for the country. i hope democrats and republicans support it when it comes up for a vote. >> bill: thank you, gentlemen on the monday. dana. >> dana: several big primaries taking place tomorrow. one is the nevada republican senate race by adam laxalt is holding a commanding lead and joining us straight ahead. lloyd austan accusing china of provocative behavior around taiwan meeting with his counterpart. general jack keane will tell us more next. thanks, dad. that's right, robert. and it's never too early to learn you could save with america's number one motorcycle insurer. that's right, jamie. but it's not just about savings. it's about the friends we make along the way. you said it, flo. and don't forget to floss before you brush.
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>> dana: defense min esther. retired four star general jack keane is a senior strategic analyst and one of our best friends. secretary austin was in the region. didn't sound like he got what he wanted. listen to what he said. call for number one. >> so our policy hasn't changed. but unfortunately that doesn't seem to be true for the prc. we've witnessed a steady
6:46 am
increase in provocative and destabilizing military activity near taiwan. that includes pla aircraft flying near taiwan in record numbers in recent months and nearly on a daily basis. >> dana: general breaking china maintains the taiwan strait is not international water. what happened over the weekend? >> the taiwan straits are indeed international waters regardless of what china has to say. under president xi, 10 years, it is very obvious that he has increased the military harassment of taiwan to intimidate and coerce them. the objective has been to force their capitulation so they would become a part of mainland china. the irony is it has failed miserably. it stiffened the resolve among the people in taiwan who identify themselves as more
6:47 am
taiwanese than chinese and they want to maintain their independence in terms of their a democratic capitalistic society. and i think frankly austin's visit there is obviously a good one, it is timely. this is about shoring up our allies and public statements very pointedly at china for their aggressive behavior is a good one. but dana, i believe we're in a window of vulnerability here. frankly, the chinese have a military advantage over the united states and the region and they have had it for a number of years. we're in catch-up since the trump budget in trying to bring back the deterrents that we had. the chinese outgun and out man us. 355 combat ships going to 460. we have 298 going to 280. they have more airplanes and
6:48 am
offensive missiles that we have the ability to cope with in the region. we're in catch-up. it will take us a number of years to right size ourselves. that's why i think xi is incentivized to do something sooner rather than later and knows he has economic head winds in fronts of him as well. >> dana: another part of the world and it was revealed over the weekend that venezuela and iran have signed a 20-year agreement from iran will help develop their oil economy but also we find out that the administration continues to try to get this nuclear deal agreement with iran but iran has turned off its cameras inside its nuclear power plant. what's going on there? >> it's not surprising that iran and venezuela will come together like minded authoritarian regimes, both being sanctioned by the united states. so they have some common interests. look, i think we should have never even entered into renegotiating a nuclear deal
6:49 am
based on the principles this administration was putting forward, which were essentially the same ones of the flawed deal in 2015 that president trump did the right thing and walked away from. what we should be doing now is scuttle the deal. it is not working obviously. the iranians don't want to back off an designating the irgc as a terrorist organization. the united states stated policy. and what we should be doing is doubling down on their sanctions and covering the bases on any loopholes that may be there, strengthening the relationship with saudi arabia and the uae and gulf states and it's good president biden is going to go there, i think, in an upcoming visit. that alliance, the abraham accords began by president trump really was the first time the nations came together in their own common interest with israel to stand up and confront the iranians. that is a better pathway forward than the one we're on
6:50 am
now with another flawed nuclear deal. >> dana: you always make a lot of sense and kicking us off on a monday as we get this week started. >> great talking to you: >> bill: top gun maverick flying higher and on track to be this year's biggest domestic movie and could be tom cruise's biggest domestic hit ever. globally it's made $700 million and top a billion. the question is when. went the saw it over the weekend. run, don't walk. >> dana: you loved it? when can i watch it at home? >> you don't want to watch it at home. >> dana: yes, i do. >> bill: you want to find the best theater possible with the best sound system because the audio is 36 years improved of technology. >> dana: can i go by myself? >> bill: you can do that if you like. i don't know why you would. if you want to it will make you feel good about the military. really good message out there.
6:51 am
i think top gun has the ability to make even a cheesy line sound good. check it out. >> dana: splendid. >> bill: it is. it is better than splendid. today the house committee holds hearing number two delayed 30 minutes because one witness can't testify. we'll explain it as we continue. stay tuned right after this. with merrill. moving his money into his investment account in real time and that's... how you collect coins. your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company. (mom allen) verizon just gave us all a brand new iphone 13. (dad allen) never stops working we've been customers for years. (dad brown) i thought new phones were for new customers. we got iphone 13s, too. switched to verizon two minutes ago. (mom brown) ours were busted and we still got a shiny new one. (boy brown) check it out! (dad allen) so, wait. everybody gets the same great deal? (mom allen) i think that's the point. (vo) iphone 13 on us for every customer. current, new, everyone.
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6:57 am
nancy mace. haley is putting up her endorsement against president trump. mace is facing a challenge from katie arrington. trump is backing arrington but supported mace but changed after the 2020 election. trump supporters are questioning her credentials. she says she is focusing on issues, not presidential endorsements. overnight a statement from trump who says don't forget that katie arrington is running against a terrible nancy mace who really let us down. trump is trying to get another south carolina republican out of office. congressman tomorrow wright representing the myrtle beach area. he voted to impeach trump after 2020 and criticized trump since then campaigning with house speaker paul ryan former house speaker in june. rice is facing a challenge from trump candidate russell frye. trump held a rally in south carolina in march. frye now campaigns heavily on claims the 2020 election was unfair.
6:58 am
early voting in the state has wrapped up and down from the previous mid-terms in 2018. we don't know what tomorrow will bring except for one thing. it will be hot. >> dana: mark meredith, thank you. >> bill: let's move to another part of the country and race. my next guest is a trump-endorsed candidate in nevada. latest polling show that adam laxalt leads sam brown in 14 points. he is with me now. welcome to our program. nice to have you on with us today. reading a lot about nevada, transient state. a lot of people moving in and out. what do you think is the issue for voters there? >> look, this is going to be the epicenter of what the 2022 cycle will tell us about president biden and democrat leadership. i can tell you, people are ready for massive change here. we are number two in gas, number two in inflation, we are in the top of every single bad
6:59 am
list. crime is rising, people care about the open borders, and unfortunately senator -- i can tell you someone who a the former top cop of the state we have no race like this in the country. two former attorneys general in a giant clash for what we believe is the race that will make the majority in the united states senate. >> bill: let me set you up with the following question. cook political report writes. nevada is a marquee senate race. first term senator kathryn masto is endangered. why? you look at where the state ranks nou. it is a toss-up. biden won by 2 1/2 points. that's within the margin of what a lot of people think can be contested between republicans and democrats. i mentioned that donald trump endorsed you. what do you think that
7:00 am
endorsement does in nevada now? >> look, he has received more votes than any republican ever in the history of our state. people love our former president and honored to have his endorsement. people have such a clear option of what it looks like just two years ago in nevada when gas was $2 and it is over $5.50, $6 in reno today. it doesn't stop there, bill. people are fed up with all of the leftist policies that are being shoved down our throats here in nevada and they just don't feel like washington represents us. they don't feel like senator masto has done anything for our state. when we could have had a former a.g. stand up for law enforcement and stand up for a secure border, she has been nowhere to be found. that's why all the law enforcement in the state had to switch from her and endorsing me. they know we need


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