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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 14, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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tonight? are you kidding me? is barry bonds right-handed? is he? no. is he? he is. that's all for tonight. tucker is up next and always remember. i'm waters and this is my world. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. we do not want to deliver another depressing show and we won't but if you're looking at the country and thinking how do we measure the health of the united states there are obvious ways to do it. average life expectancy, marriage rate, the effectiveness of the u.s. military, housing costs, the value of the u.s. dollar, helping the financial markets, the safety of our street. by everything the one of those basic measures the biden administration has failed and on
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so dramatically. i didn't isn't simply incompetent, though he is. single most destructive force in the history of the united states. in a year and a half, biden and ron klain, their strange shadowy chief of staff of dunmore damage to the country than anybody could possibly have imagined. read the numbers but they don't capture it. pretty no one captures it. the story. who in the reliably liberal financial news outlets, here's the second sentence. "a rising number of former californians are migrating out of the country altogether and are instead heading south of the border. many are seeking a more relaxed and affordable lifestyle in mexico." things are so bad in joe biden's america the thousands of americans are voluntarily moving to a third world country in the middle of a brutal drug war. yes, there are human heads littering the side of the road in the local local but least it's not los angeles.
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she says "at least half are coming down from california. the cost of taxes, the crime rate, the politics from all the people are unhappy within california make them want to come down to mexico." another analyst who studies the trend says so many americans are relocating to mexico right now the locals are being priced out of their own neighborhoods. mass migration in reverse. pretty amazing. no matter how bad you thought this administration is going to be, you probably could not have imagined ever caravans of biden refugees fleeing our country the process of an border looking for a better life in mexico. at this rate, the next stop will be port-au-prince. say what you will about haiti, it's better than baltimore. one upside of moving to latin america his like-minded neighbors. hispanics just despised joe biden too. biden's approval rating among hispanic voters in this country is college 24%, the lowest among
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any demographic group. as of tonight, guess who is the preferred candidate for 2024 among self-described latinos? that's right, the taco bowl guy, donald j. trump. donald trump supposing the most anti-hispanic racist this country is ever produced, that man, far more popular among actual hispanics in the cringing white liberal, joe biden. the guy who tried to build a border wall is loved and the guy who use the word latinx not ironically is hated. remarkable. it's also, this is not an overstatement, politically a disaster of generational magnitude of the democratic party. latinos dislike joe biden intensely and they dislike him for the same reasons anybody else does. biden has made things worse, a lot worse. the median income in this country is $44,000 a year, a year. imagine trying to live on that right now. do the math, you couldn't do it
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in any recognizably american way. inflation is too high. it's making you poorer. today in philadelphia joe biden unveiled his plan to fix inflation. watch the statement keep in mind that it's real. we have not edited it in anyway. here it is. >> we can do all this. all i'm asking is for the largest corporations and the wealthiest americans to begin to pay their fair share in taxes. i am deadly earnest. anybody out there think the tax system is fair? raise your hand. >> tucker: this guy. the afl-cio. company private sector labor union member support joe biden? 12%, 15%. it's not 50%. and yet they host the guy? they are so corrupt. listen to the message: higher taxes will make the things you
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buy cheaper. that's would biden just said. inflation is up because taxes are in high enough. it's hardly a defense of corporate america which we would never defend. the economic analysis is completely insane, it's not true. we have lost control of inflation because people like joe biden push these theses of lunacy called modern monetary theory. they printed an endless torrent of fake money to enrich and empower themselves and by doing that they crash the u.s. dollar i made you much poorer. that's what happened. there's not much debate about that. they can even be bothered to pretend to care about baby formula shortages. here is joe biden's publicist yesterday. >> two questions on baby formula. what is the update from the white house on the formula situation? >> let me see if i have anything new for you on that. i think it's been a couple of days since you've asked that
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question. okay. i don't have anything new. i know we have made some announcements last week. i just don't have them in front of me. >> tucker: mothers can't feed their babies. let me see what i have here. somehow the white house communications team forgot to load the baby formula talking points into the binder. leaving the press secretary speechless. i don't have it in front of me. what does that question have to do with trans rights? nothing. okay, next. the one thing jean-pierre can say with certainty is that joe biden is great, energetic, fully in charge of his faculties, planning on running again in 2024 by which time all of suburban chicago will have moved to haiti in search of a higher standard of living. she said "to be clear as the president himself has said repeatedly he plans to in 2024."
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we can guess how you feel about that but how do leaders of the democratic party feel? he is there guy. even sandy cortez who can defend anything if she has to, even she can't get behind another joe biden run. watch. >> we will cross that bridge when we get to it. i think if the president has a vision and that something that we are willing to entertain and examine when the time comes. that's not a yes. >> i believe the president has been doing a very good job so far and should he run again i think, i think we'll take a look at it. >> tucker: yeah, we'll cross that bridge. we will take a look at it. but they are really saying and this is their latest talking point is we don't like joe biden and we never have. david axelrod, joe scarborough and the other professional liars who foisted this senile
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mannequin on america are trying to run away from him. "the new york times" front page story on sunday. joe biden's mental decline. really? that topic was completely off limits a year ago. he couldn't say it. "new york times" quoted one dnc official advising biden to announce now after the midterm cities not running again. david axelrod, mastermind of the obama administration said the presidency is a monstrously taxing job. the president will be closer to 90 than 80 at the end of the second term and that will be a major issue. in other words, he is too freaking cold. biden has got dementia. who knew! actually they all knew along. they shouldn't be allowed now. their culpability for knowing and lying about it. they committed this crime. these people are cynical, ruthless, morally disfigured and if you need more proof, consider how they are treating poor kamala harris. they have abandoned
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kamala harris completely. it's shocking, given 18 months ago these same people were yelling at you about how lucky you were to have this historically indian black female vice president, the first in history. it was thrilling. they got emotional just thinking about it. kamala harris with that wonderful. >> kamala harris has been sworn in. >> first woman vice president. >> our first woman vice president. it will be a historic day. >> come harris will be the first woman vice president of the united states. >> the first woman in american history elected to national office, vice president kamala harris. don't tell me things can change. >> tucker: don't tell me things can't change. they can change and they have agency of the day we were getting goose bumps but now they are ghosting kamala harris like a bad tender date. they are pretending she doesn't exist. in doing that the democratic party is embracing white supremacy. how?
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well, the democratic party leaders claim to deny harris the job she's earned as the democratic nominee and replace her the next cycle with yet another, wait for it, white man. let's try beto. mayor pete. do you notice the theme? pale and male. they are -- equity and inclusion are fine if you're hiring middle managers at a big company. you never hire a middle-aged white guy at citibank. probably illegal. airlines and hospitals, too many white male pilots and supreme court justices. the biden administration tells that constantly. using the doj to enforce the rules. yet somehow the most antiwhite political party in english speaking world assemblies pushing another white man for president. how does that work? joe biden. ron klain. it turns out the presidency. affirmative-action is essential for vice president's honestly that's how we got, layers in the first place but not for president presidents have too much power so the usual
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diversity sanders don't apply. we had 46 male white presidents in the democratic once you have another. not so fast, racists. hold on a second. the rest of washington may be on board with this coup against kamala harris who again earned the job. they may be willing to stand back and allow america's highest-ranking woman of color to be degraded and humiliated all the pages of "the new york times" what we are not. we believe kamala harris is a human being with hopes and dreams and aspirations. she is a first in so many ways. she celebrated kwanzaa before it was even invented and now that opera is retired, harasses america's main main source of life-affirming aphorisms that don't actually mean anything. watch this montage that we have lovingly collected. ask yourself how anyone could stand in the way this one becoming president of the night states. >> only talk about our children, i know for this group we believe it when we talk about the children of the community.
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they are the children of the community. so what we all experienced is on an electric school bus, an electric bus, no exhaust. no diesel smell. it is time for us to do what we have been doing and that time is everyday. every day it is time for us to agree. this whole thing about the border, we've been to the border. we have been to the border. >> you haven't been to the border. >> and i haven't been to europe. my pronouns are she, her, hers. he would look down at me, what do you want? i look back up and i said freedom. you are going to the literally see the creators on the moon with your own eyes. with your own eyes, i'm telling you. we must together work together to see where we are, where we
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are headed, but also see it as a moment yes together. it is the perspective of a woman who grew up a black child in america, who was also a prosecutor, also has a mother who arrived at the age of 19 from india, who also likes hip-hop. [laughs] what do you want to know? >> tucker: what do you want to know? [laughs] she's unbelievable. you would deny that person a chance to serve? that is the person that democratic insiders are tonight, ladies and gentlemen, trying to remove from the public stage. it's wrong. despite appearances, harris is not a disposable consumer product. she's a pioneer. gina loudon hard she worked? she dated montel williams. he would go that far. kamala harris did.
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the wonder she is sick and tired of being sick and tired. we get it. she unpacked her generational trauma live on television for you. >> there was a little girl in california it was part of the second class to integrate her public schools and she was blessed to school every day. and that little girl was me. >> tucker: yeah, that little girl was me. that little girl grew up in french-speaking canada, not in the jim crow south but whatever. now because she is a moron and no one likes her. the democratic party is trying to throw harris away, toss out the window like a used big mac wrapper. kamala harris may be seen with secret sauce but she deserves more than that. mediocrity is no excuse for firing someone. a low i.q., terrible personality, total inability to do the job, those are not reasons to deny someone a job. the biden administration has
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told us that repeatedly. democracy plays a role in this. you saw the woman who liz cheney tells us got 81 million votes in the last election. the most votes of any vice president in history. more votes than liz cheney's dad got so denying, harris, democratic nominee for 20 for 24 is nothing left is nothing less than a form as insurrection. it's an attack on democracy. it's disinformation. probably russian in origin. we cannot allow it. as long as the show was on the air, we won't. tonight we are endorsing kamala harris for the 2024 democratic primaries. she deserves it and so do democrats. they created her. they should be forced to live with her and anyone who disagrees is by definition a racist. candace owens joins us. it's a little weird to see the democratic party, david axelrod and joe scarborough and the whole brain trust whipped around and attack with great venom the
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highest ranking woman of color in the united states. >> i am black. i am a woman. i like hip-hop. don't have to answer anything that you're saying. apparently. i feel like i have to actually defend these people. i have to defend the left on this. kamala harris did slip through the cracks even for me. i was so focused on the presidential election and joe biden's mental faculties that i didn't realize she was completely daft. it started me after the election to hear her speak. nothing making any sense. they are going whoa, we're no idea. we were worried about biden. we had no idea kamala was such a fool. i'm going to have to endorse her as the democratic nominee. i agree with you. we need more kamala harris. >> tucker: 81 million votes. >> the most popular vice president ever. i do have to speak to what you were saying earlier.
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people say biden is failing america. actually i ask by what metric? by our metrics, yes. we go to the grocery store and see the prices. we fill up our tanks and see the prices. their press secretary, she is black and a woman. we should say that because it's very important that we also knowledge that. saying that we are in the midst of an economic boom. they put biden there for a reason and i honestly believe he is by their metrics a great success. i think he was installed like kamala harris in an effort to deplete the middle class, make people suffer and make sure people were relying more on the government and by those metrics they've been a tremendous success. they keep looking at us like we are stupid and keep gaslighting the american people and say what are you talking about? everything is great. in the midst of the most historic economic boom. by those metrics, they been a great success. >> tucker: you're absolutely right. i was not wise enough to see their intent but it's very
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obvious now. candace owens, great to see you tonight. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> tucker: one of the most important systems built up over the generations in the united states is our system of domestic air travel. in the last year and a half it has collapsed. the biden administration did this on purpose. we have exclusive new details on how they did that and how they are still doing it. hundreds of divers in california managed to get gas for less than a dollar a gallon. how did that happen exactly? we'll tell you straight ahead.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: you may be mad at the airlines. but thank god for them. this country could not work without reliable domestic air travel. everything depends on it in a country this big. the economy depends on it, family depends on it but the system is collapsing. our economy and energy sectors being destroyed on purpose. biden administration is ricky domestic air travel. there's been no media coverage of this whatsoever. if you've travel recently you've noticed. here's why it's happening. the faa informed all traffic employees, people who haven't had the covid backs which doesn't work have to wear masks on the job.
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the estimates are we would applied of 4000 out of 15000 total air traffic control employees, huge percentage. it would save not a single life if implemented. wrecking domestic air travel. air traffic controller stopped going to work. a sick out in jacksonville. jacksonville air traffic control so understaffed that commercial flights had to be rerouted. it caused chaos to airline schedules for days. on sunday more than 9,000 flights were delayed and 800 were canceled. but the manpower shortage which was caused by the biden administration for no reason. wear a mask if you haven't had the vaxxed, seriously? doing that dramatically increase the physical risk to air travelers and likely none were aware of it. to few air traffic controllers at work. it's not safe.
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planes were rerouted. the faa lied, as it often does, and blamed connected weather. is not a weather problem. it's a systemic problem. since vaccine mandates took effect for airlines and air traffic controllers, air travel in this country has been a mess. it's been a disaster. they did it on purpose. from the start of the your through june 13th canceled more than 120,000 sites. 20% of all domestic air flights in this country were delayed or canceled. passengers waiting an average of 48 minutes. routes becoming so unpredictable that airlines are just canceling them. jetblue is canceling 27 regular routes permanently. it dealt eliminating 100. what is the administration doing? deliberately making it worse. why are they doing that? your guess is as good as ours but they are.
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for the three and a 50 million people in this country it's more pain, more suffering, closer tod world than ever before. someone should say something about this. gasoline is nearly $10 a gallon in some parts of california but several lucky drivers in california managed to get a good deal. >> 1978 was the last time gas was $0.69 a gallon in california. greece was the number-one movie but now at a shell station in rancho cordova where gas was supposed to be $6.99, the station manager misplaced a decimal and suddenly you could almost hear the bee gees singing "stayin' alive" because gas was $0.69 and the guy you're about to hear from filled up for 14 bucks. >> you know what i did. i hit that button and it started pumping. >> everybody had a smile.
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everybody had a big smile. they were not looking at you in your eyes. >> that man and others started calling friends and family and posted on mr. graham and soon te shell station was a mob scene. took the manager three hours to catch the mistake and by then the station had lost $16,000. the manager had lost his job but instead of blaming putin, the manager admitted that mistake and he and his family even started a gofundme page to help pay back the $16,000. by the way, for the record, back in 1978, shell tv commercials featuring the answer man. now the slogan is "together, anything is possible." i really should have kept the answer man. >> tucker: unbelievable. trace gallagher, great to see you. nothing affects the life of the average person this country more profoundly than the price of gasoline and thus you living on inherited money in brooklyn
5:28 pm
which accounts for 80% of all working journalists. everybody else is affected the same day when gas goes up. the average price of a gallon of gas in this country set a new record. $5.02 a gallon. more than $2 per gallon higher than last year. >> while inflation is also pummeling consumers, average gas prices are topping $5 a gallon nationwide according to aaa. >> it's outrageous. it cost me 30 to fill up. now it's at 55. >> tucker: a gas station in amherst, massachusetts. he's run the station for nearly 50 years but he's had to close. thank you both for coming on tonight. >> thanks for having us. >> tucker: you have run it for almost five decades. can you be specific and tell us why you're closing now. it's sad. >> the reason why i'm ready to
5:29 pm
close is because of the high price of gas that i refused to pass onto my consumers. >> tucker: yeah. >> more than half are senior citizens that have been with me for 48 or some odd years. >> tucker: what a horrible story. jeff, you've grown up around this business and now you're in it. you talk to people who buy gas for $5 a gallon. there are a lot of people on fixed incomes. what does it mean to them? >> it is gut wrenching honestly. like my dad said, started working for my dad when i was 1n saturdays and holidays and weekends and that was the highlight of my life. it being side-by-side with him and being out here. most of those customers back in the late 70s, early '80s were in their 40s and 50s and now as we've all moved on in
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our lives, now we are getting them in their twilight of their lives. we had a lady come in the other day crying because her husband died years ago. she's never put gas in her car. she was like, how do i put gas in my car? my dad and i and my son have offered to take any senior citizen in our area that's one of our customers to one of our competitors to fill up their tanks because we love our customers so much. >> tucker: but you're closing. three generations working there. your family has revolved around this business for 48 years and you're closing it. how do you about that? >> it's heartbreaking. but we are closing the gas portion of it, repair wise and the used car business, we will try to keep aboard as long as we can. but the bread-and-butter for us is gas. we've been in a bad contract
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with our supplier for the last five years. we've asked them to get out of the contract and they are holding above us to not let us out. now mobile is leaning on them because of all the negative publicity that's come from this so they sent up their territory manager as well as the vice president of operations the other day to ask us how they could fix this. how can we make this stop. my us out of our contract and they said we can't do. let us give you gas a little bit cheaper than what you're paying now. maybe extend the terms of your d some new gas pumps. how feel about that and my dad said we are done. we are done. that's it. we are no longer going to supply you gas. >> tucker: another family business goes under. gentlemen, good luck to you. thank you for sharing your story tonight. that's the saddest thing. thank you.
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>> you back. >> tucker: that is what the green new deal looks like. it's not a deal. it's not ideal for you at all. you may remember the video of the homeless man pushing a woman down the stairs and seattle. awful. there is an update to that story. he said he has decided to pay the apparent victim of the crime and the victim is not who you would imagine. that's next.
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order today at weathertech. made right in america. five hours a week replaying the video of awful crying. we don't do that because it's depressing. we did tell you the story about a homeless man accused of throwing a woman downstairs. we wondered whatever happened? jason rantz with an update. >> why work a minimum wage job when you can assault women? every day alexander j's in jail he's making $250 thanks to a
5:38 pm
ruling. she claims his right to process are being violated. he's accused of throwing a 62-year-old nurse down flight of stairs. near downtown seattle back in march. was terrifying, it was completely random. as you can see from the footage, he doesn't simply throw her down the stairs. he goes to where she lands, picks her up and then throws her down again. she breaks three ribs in her clavicle. they made an arrest. then jay gets charged in court but the judge deems him incompetent for trial, ordering him into a three-month session of psychiatric treatments. they chose not to prioritize funding for the state department of social and health services over the last several years. as a result, they don't actually have any bed for him so now because he's accused of being so
5:39 pm
violent, he is being basically put on a waiting period for western state hospital. they are better equipped but they don't have beds and they don't anticipate having them until mid-august. alexander jay stands to earn around 17,000 taxpayer dollars during all of this. what's terrifying, 30 minutes after he allegedly assaulted this nurse, he nearly stabbed a woman to death. he stabbed her ten times, three times in the neck, three in the arm, three in the back and once in the shoulder. surveillance footage frankly is some of the most disturbing i've ever seen. the alternative to paying him and keeping him in jail would be to drop the charges. in a rare instance of taking a homeless criminal seriously, prosecutors decided we are going to keep him in jail but that means with at least 22 convictions to his name, this degenerative is going to make about $17,000 just so we can keep him in jail. >> tucker: so many stories that you bring us, hard to
5:40 pm
believe that's real. appreciate it. one of the reasons we are having a legit energy crisis is because wall street has stopped funding domestic energy exploration. we had the biggest energy reserves in the world. why did they stop funding it? something called esg. esg is driving major investment decisions on wall street. stands for environmental social governance, words that have no meaning that the idea is to push corporate america left and punish companies that disagree with the orthodoxy. marlo oakes is the treasurer of the state, longtime investment manager. he says we have inflation in large part because of esg. he laid it out in an amazing conversation. here's part of it. ♪ ♪ >> if you think about value-based investment
5:41 pm
strategies, historically there's been socially responsible investing and impact investing more recently. socially responsible investing is really the idea that you avoid certain companies that you don't want to participate in so it might be tobacco, firearms, gambling. >> tucker: because they don't align with your social values. >> correct. on the other side, impact investing coming looking for innovations to solve a problem so it might be cancer for example. if you're worried about cancer or interest that you might look for companies to invest in that have innovation that can help solve that problem. esg is an outgrowth of socially responsible investing and instead of just avoiding companies, esg actively engages with companies and engages with the market to drive a political outcome. that's why it's so problematic. >> tucker: interesting. just to be clear we are talking about money in retirement funds,
5:42 pm
big state retirement funds across the country. investment funds that retirees on fixed income have their money and so we are really talking about something that implicates or involves every american. >> absolutely. today's inflation really starts with esg. because if you think about why gasoline prices are so high, a lot of it is a supply issue and the reason we don't have enough supply in this country, one reason why is we don't have enough capital going into oil and gas projects. so in 2015 there were 59 funds raised globally among institutional investors. $46.6 billion was raised. six years later in 2021, 11 funds were raised. $4.6 billion. a drop of over 90% in the face of improving economics and oil and gas. the only explanation that makes sense is esg. people have decided that they do
5:43 pm
not want to participate in the fossil fuel industry and so are cutting off capital. there is an active drive we have heard it from this administration, to cut off capital to the fossil fuel industry. very troubling. >> tucker: you say people have decided. you're talking about a small number of people. it's not the people who are participating in the fund at the retail level. ordinary people. like larry fink of blackrock. >> tucker: marlowe oakes, hard to believe he's the treasurer of the state of utah. that's tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. on fox nation. democrats are head of the upcoming midterms. they are blaming the inflation they created on insurrectionist. larry summers said that. unbelievable quote. we've got it.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: for most of last year and one of the most brazen
5:49 pm
deception campaigns ever attempted in washington, no less than the chairman of the federal reserve and secretary of the treasury assured the country the inflation was not a big deal because he would be "transitory." calm down, america. then larry summers, former treasury secretary under bill clinton, former head of harvard. some predicted inflation would stay. now because partisan politics is the most important thing the democratic party and washington, summers is blaming inflation on america's suffering working-class, people who are at the capitol january 6th and anyone who doesn't think it was an insurrection, it's their fault. watch this. >> i think the banana republicans who are saying that what happened on january 6th was nothing or okay. they are undermining the basic credibility of our country's
5:50 pm
institutions. that in turn feeds through for inflation because if you can't trust the country's government, why should you trust its money. >> tucker: imagine that guy's table. there is partisanship at a level that is self discrediting and insulting. january 6th deniers responsible for inflation? charlie gasparino is a senior correspondent at fox business. thanks for coming on. you think of summers as smart but what was that? >> i thought that was initially the onion but it's not. it came out of his mouth. it's probably one of the most patently dumb things i've ever heard. about economics. forget about coming from an esteemed economist. larry summers is being quoted by republicans. it's a campaign message that joe biden screwed up and that we
5:51 pm
have inflation now that isn't transitory. because larry summers said early on that spending, not even necessarily the feds. mentioned the spending with the biden administration was jamming through a democratically controlled congress would lead to massive inflation. and he was right i know he's playing catch up with his own party and that's essentially what this is. everybody on wall street saying. >> tucker: i'm sort of sympathetic in the sense that it wasn't just the democratic party. mitch mcconnell did it. everyone who signed off on the budgets. everyone thought quantitative easing would go on forever. why doesn't he say it's a bipartisan problem. why blame it on january 6th? >> everything is january 6th. that's a talking point right after the democrat party. if two guys get in a car accident, blame it on january 6th. that's essentially what's going on here. it is a diversionary move, it's not going to work. americans are really feeling this inflationary business.
5:52 pm
here's the thing. tomorrow the fed is going to meet. they are talking about not just the 50 basis point increase but a 75 basis points because it is jerome powell also along with joe biden totally missed the boat. here's the thing, we are going to go through some rough times and there's nothing they can do about it because they set us up for this. it's horrible. it's a bad situation. >> tucker: in one sentence, we are about to see a crash in asset prices, correct? >> we're seeing it. it's likely to get worse. the real question is do we bite the bullet and raise interest rates dramatically and get this over with, let the market puke fast, something like the early 1980s. or do we bleed it slow like the nasdaq crash. i don't know which way they're going to go. i'm feeling they're going to go the slow way because that is
5:53 pm
jerome powell. it's horrible for the american people. it's really horrible. >> tucker: its water torture. thank you, charlie gasparino. the friend zone makes a triumphant return to the show. who will join us? you are going to have to wait and find out.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: our friend in the friend zone is pete hegseth, celebrating his new book "battle for the american mind." pete hegseth joins us. congrats on the book. >> thank you very much. before we start looking at gender pronouns for 8-year-olds and critical race theory, the key to understanding the depth of our educational problem in k-12 schools is the kita -- the solution is understanding the depth of the problem and it doesn't go back to critical theorists. although that's part of it. it goes back to progressives who
5:59 pm
were the preeminent political movement of the early 20th century. they look reasonable compared to the anarchists and communists of their time who had political control on the mind. they knew that the affections of our youngest kids, not just lunacy of higher education but k-12 was critical to that social control. you know what they paid attention to? frances willard and the prohibition movement of the 1870s which through third grade curriculum in classrooms across america able to bring about the 18th amendment in 1919 which prohibited alcohol across america. teach young kids alcohol bad, get political outcome in the future. they studied about it. they didn't hide it. they wrote about in the new republic and then they that philosophy in our classrooms and proliferated it. it wasn't a conspiracy. they didn't know where it would end. they knew it would not end at our founding values or biblical values and so here we are today
6:00 pm
with drag queen story hour and we should not be surprised. >> tucker: that's the most interesting thing i've heard in a while. pete hegseth, congrats on the book. thank you. here's a question, are the nazis in the battalion vaccinated? we will look into it. back tomorrow night. welcome to hannity. we are tracking multiple major stories including president biden's upcoming trip to saudi arabia. 2019, candidate joe biden vowed to make saudi arabia pay the price for killing the journalist jamal khashoggi. referred to the crown prince is a pariah. proclaimed "there's very little social redeeming value of the present government of saudi arabia." all right, joe. you go to saudi arabia, are you going to stand up and say to his face? write to the crown prince? are you going to make and pay


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