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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  June 15, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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this is an american-made polo for dad, okay, for father's day. spend $75 to get a t-shirt. everyone wants one. where is it? i don't know how to hold it up. go to [ ♪♪♪ ] >> a major break through for the republican party in texas. look at that on your screen right now. republican mayra flores flipping the seat held by democrats for nearly a decade from blue to red. a special election win given the gop one less house seat to flip on november 8th. that's the race everyone is talking about this morning, including you. you're watching with "fox & friends first." i'm todd piro. >> carley: i'm carley shimkus.
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it's now being viewed as a shot of momentum for republicans, and it signals major gop gains among latino voters in the region with the midterms around the corner. >> todd: griff jenkins in washington with more. >> good morning, todd and charley. it's only one race, and a special election at that, which means the seat is up again in november. but there are signs of a seismic shift in hispanic politics in south texas. republican mayra flores flipping the heavily democratic seat red in the rio grande valley. look at this. flores defeating sanchez by nearly eight points, the daughter of mexican migrant workers. flores' victory is a clear sign that the gop is making significant inroads with hispanic voters. kellyanne conway had this reaction. watch. >> they tried to tie her as an ultra-maga, right-wing
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extremist. >> former president trump notching a victory in south carolina where the first house republican who voted to impeach packing. fryousing five-term congressman tom rice. look at the numbers there. you can insert your own fried rice pun here but the other high-profile target of the former president held on in the country defeating the challenger katy arrington. in nevada, trump-backed candidate and former nevada attorney general adam waxall defeating sam brown for the gop nod in the senate rate in the silver state. afterwards, he had this to say. >> these failed policies are not just the product of joe biden, though he has served as a useful
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pubet, but they lie at the feet of the senator and senators like her who make the crazy woke agenda possible in america today. this election will be a referendum on senator masto and all these elites who look down on us. >> laxalt faces masto in november. >> carley: griff, you know, it will make democrats a whole lot more nervous for the midterm elections. i know you spent a lot of time covering the border. what do you make of the gop making gains in that region? is it a surprise to you? >> it's not a surprise but it's a clear indication of the growing republican influence in hispanic politics in deep south texas. you have to go back -- remember, just last week, carley, i interviewed republican mayor
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javier vee. instead, his entire race has turned into both the situation and crisis at the border. you have to realize a large part of this population work for border patrol, work in customs and border protection and this is something that has just become absolutely unsustainable. it's unacceptable the way it has been handled and hispanic voters are the ones leading the charge saying enough is enough with the crisis at the border and the policies of this administration. that seat biden won in 2020 by some 13, 14 points. now you see flores handily winning it. i think it's not the last we're going to see of those sorts of -- of shifts in politics all along the border. >> todd: griff, your work on the ground tells the story. these numbers also tell the story. joe biden's hispanic approval
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rating sinking to just 26% last month after it was a whopping 55% in the same poll literally just last year. that's a year, folks. that's not that long. why can't this white house understand that latinos don't want what they're giving them. they don't want this sort of woke identity politics stuff. they want a focus on the economy, they want a focus on the border that, basically, every other voter wants. >> they want opportunity, and they don't want the drugs and the gang members and the criminal migrants coming across a border they see, because they see it as a negative reflection. when i was there last week, they seized 22 pounds of fentanyl at the hidalgo port of entry. that's enough fentanyl to kill 5 million americans. on top of that, there were 11
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gang members, nine of whom who ms13 arrested the week i was there. hispanic voters have had enough, along with the rest of the country. and, of course, you look at other places in texas where there will be challenges. henry's seat down there, they tried to go after him, not necessarily having success. take it out to arizona and california. in arizona, it's very interesting because that is a heavily democrat-run state. we'll see what comes there and the sentiment of hispanic voters and the border in those areas. >> carley: griff jenkins live for us. thank you so much for breaking it down so eloquently. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> carley: you're welcome. president biden is out of touch with reality after defending his economy to labor unions in philadelphia. >> todd: the speech included several false claims about inflation and the president declared progress despite
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record-high gas prices. marianne rafferty with more. >> reporter: good morning. well, as everyday americans struggle, president biden is patting himself on the back. >> president biden: i truly believe we've made extraordinary progress by laying a new foundation for our economy, which becomes clear once global inflation begins to recede. there's so much at stake. the truth is, i've never been more optimistic about america than i am today. >> reporter: well, the u.s. currently has one of the highest rates of inflation around the world at 8.6%. many countries like japan, saudi arabia and china at 7.9%. while other european countries like france are closer to 5%. but the president continuing to make claims about the economy that just don't add up like people now have less debt and more savings.
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biden also says massive government spending which has contributed to out-of-control inflation has helped americans. >> president biden: when they come to you and talk about big spenders, let them know almost $2 trillion in deficit reduction. i don't want to hear any more of these lies about reckless spending. we're changing people's lives. >> reporter: the white house now in cleanup mode with the republicans hoping the gaffes continue as the president continues to say he'll run again in 2024. >> age is the least of the president's problems. if he doesn't run for re-election, in my opinion, it will be because of his unpopularity. he and his administration are constantly telling the american people how to live their lives. >> reporter: and democrats may be getting a little nervous with midterms right around the corner.
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three white house official will head to the hill on thursday to discuss messaging on fighting inflation and reducing costs for the american people. >> todd: everybody is getting the message every time they get gas or buy anything. thank you. here is jesse watters' response to the president. >> the country, unfortunately, we have a delusional leader who thinks he's doing a great job for america. biden came into office with a vaccine handed to him and a recovering economy. then everybody got covid and now the economy is shrinking. now joe's donors and big backers, they're starting to feel it. they've seen the gaffes, bad decisions, and poor performance so they're bailing on biden away ahead of the next election. no one wants to back a loser and the democrats are no different. >> the founder of rob's automotive and collision center.
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i'd love to get your reaction, your thoughts to what the president had to say yesterday about the economy. he says that his administration has made extraordinary progress when it comes to the economy. are you feeling any of that progress? >> it's -- we have felt it in the past, and it's starting to go away very quickly with the price of fuel, the price of employees, just the price of doing business. >> todd: take a look at these numbers. may cpi report shows fuel and oil costs up 106% since may of last year. obviously, fuel, a critical component of your business. literally, it drives you, it literally drives you. how do you get by right now? >> it's rough. you got to realize -- i mean, to give you an idea, we're probably spending an average of anywhere from 70,000 to $100,000 extra a month to keep the trucks on the road, keep servicing our customers, which does have to pass the cost on, which makes it
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harder on the consumer. >> carley: yeah, when you hear about the president saying he's going to bring prices down by importing solar panels and clean energy tax credits, what goes through your mind? >> i think with the new green deal, with the solar panels, they don't take into mind the cost it build the solar panels and the fuel it uses to build them. >> todd: there's spin and then there's literally outright falsehood. what joe biden said yesterday in your city was an outright falsehood when it came to inflation, when it came to the economy doing well. i'm frustrated and i'm not a small business owner. i'm just running todd piro incorporated. but you're trying to run a business, and you're responsible for other people and they
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livelihoods. how responsible are you when you that? >> it's real frustrating. it's the american dream to start your own business. you know, we had to first deal with the pandemic that put a lot of people out of work and then with the people not working, it was a struggle to get them back to work and we're still struggling with that. on top of it, you know, fuel prices have almost doubled. on top of that, it's one thing after another that you just have to keep adjusting and try to make it happen. >> carley: one thing after another, absolutely right. he is the owner of rob's automotive and collision center in pennsylvania. thank you so much for waking up. we appreciate hearing your story. >> thank you. >> carley: all right. the house finally passing a bill offering around the clock protection to the families of
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supreme court justices. the action more than a month after the leak of a draft opinion showing the court could roll back abortion rights. that sparked pro-abortion protests outside conservative justices' homes. 27 democrats voted no on the security bill, including aoc and her squad members less than a week after a plot to assassinate justice brett kavanaugh. the bill now heads to the president's desk. senator josh hawley thinks more should be done. you must immediately stand up and enforce the law, prosecute those who break it and condemn the violent rhetoric from the left. >> todd: detectives say shots rang out when the officers arrived on scene. the suspect was also killed during an exchange of gunfire.
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one officer, a 22-year veteran of the force, the other with the department for less than a year. their identities have not been released. dhs is pressing punishment for mounted border patrol agents falsely accused of whipping haitian migrants. the disciplinary will be response to administrative violations. those agents will then have the opportunity to respond. false claim was pushed by several major media outlets in the aftermath of the incident. horse whips quote/unquote were later to revealed to be long raining. the agents were taken off their normal duties and not allowed to have contact with migrants since then. it's extremely frustrating. dhs is trying to save face. the president wrongly said that these agents did something wrong. we can't have the president look
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any worse than he already has, you know, throughout the entire 17 months of his administration so far, so we will find a way to punish these individuals. let's look at the paperwork because that's what administrative means. >> carley: the photographer who took these pictures that we're looking at said at the time he didn't see any of these border patrol agents whipping migrants. they were cleared of criminally charges. i would love to get information what they will get punished for. from the outside looking in, it does look like the agents were found innocent, um, but they have to be punished somehow because president biden jumped the gun and said they are going to face some sort of punishment before the investigation was over. and now dhs has to find a reason to punish them. if that's the truth, that's not how this country operates, and i can smell a lawsuit coming. >> todd: to be clear, these agents were doing their job by the book. every border patrol individual, whether it was a manager, an argument, whatever said this is what we are told to do.
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this is how we are instructed to do this work. >> carley: yeah. >> todd: so, what are they in trouble for? >> carley: remember a couple of months ago, dhs secretary alejandro mayorkas went down to the border and spoke to agents and turned their backs. by and large, these border patrol agents, they're working their butts off. they're just trying to keep the border secure and they're being painted as not only the bad guys, but, also, they feel like they are being used by the real bad guys, the mexican drug cartels who are actually using them in their plan to make money. all they have to do is get the illegal immigrants across the border and they know they will get paid as a result. how frustrating must that be for a border patrol agent who is a law enforcement officer just trying to keep our country safe. >> todd: and somebody who is working, what, 18-hour days seven days a week, and they have
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been for months now and they're making nothing. >> carley: thankless job. absolutely. we will turn to a fox weather alert now. officials say the extensive damage to roads and bridges in yellowstone national park could keep some sections off limits to tourists for months. >> oh, my god. holy [ bleep ]. >> carley: wow. yellowstone river turning into roar rapids rising by more than a foot above normal levels. the surge is from a combination of heavy rains and melting snowpack. the flood destroyed several structures and stored 10,000 people to flee the park. thankfully no injuries. an oregon mom is pulling her kids out of public school after
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making a shocking discovery in their school library. >> we as parents no trust you as a board to protect our children. you have proven to remain silent when situations and pornographic material have been exposed. parents, wake up. pull your children out as nothing will change here in our district until we decide no more. >> carley: you will hear from her. that outraged mother will join us next. >> todd: we are learning more about who is pulling the strings inside the biden white house. here's hunter in his own words. >> we'll talk about anything that i want to and he believes in. if it is important to me, then he will make it a part of his platform. >> todd: well, that's terrifying. we'll tell you more. sean duffy and others coming up live. do not go anywhere. [ ♪♪♪ ]
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the overwhelming majority of americans do not think transgender athletes should compete in female sports. 58% of respondents in a poll say biological males should not be allowed to compete at the professional or collegiate
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level. 55% oppose trans participation in girls' sports at the high school and 49% are against transgender athletes at the youth level. >> todd: a mother is pulling her kids out of public school. she made the decision after discovering books like these, the ones that include pornographic content were being shown to middle and high schoolers. she joins me now. thanks for being here. what was the final straw for you? >> um, just ahh finding the sexual/condidn't, pornographic material in the books that our children can see in the school libraries. i found 187 books. >> todd: what are some of the most egregious examples of content that you saw? >> um, one of the most disturbing books is called "gender queer" and it depicts
1:25 am
two middle schoolers performing oral sex on each other. >> todd: i mean, that's a lot for adults to take. why are kids that should not be exposed to this stuff being exposed to this stuff in the first place? >> that's a really good question. um, you know, these should not be seen -- it -- it is pornographic material and it -- there's no place in our school libraries for this material. >> todd: the question i keep coming back to is, why are these so-called educators pushing this so hard? what is their agenda? >> um, i -- i believe there is an agenda, and it is to -- it is to confuse our children of their gender, it is to strip them of their identity, um, it is exposing our children, um, to
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sexual content, and it is to shame our children of their race, and it is breaking our children across america. >> todd: yeah, i just can't ever understand the why to all of this. what is the ultimate goal? is it part of this marxist vision that pete hegseth will talk about later in the show? is it something else? i just can't wrap my head around that. when parents like you speak up, bad things happen. what happens to parents that speak up and what happens to their kids? >> well, we are shamed. um, we have been called domestic terrorists for speaking out against pornography. the police have been called on us for trying to come into the building and just for asking for transparency, asking for what is our children learning in the classroom and what books and content are our children exposed to? and we are seen as domestic
1:27 am
terrorists. >> todd: it's unbelievable. i mean, i come from a family of public schoolteachers and administrators, and i can tell ya, they're not part of this. i don't understand how this started, why it started. but what is your advice to parents who see their kids being exposed to this stuff? >> i would recommend speaking out, gathering your other parents that you can collaborate with. um, we as a group collectively, um, submitted foia requests for transparency on who put those books into the classrooms, who put the books into the libraries, and who purchased the books and when were they placed in there. we're still working on that because a reply was that even though we have an online system, that they don't know. so, it is a blatant lie, and they're denying who put those books in there. >> todd: if they're so proud of
1:28 am
all this, why are they lying to you? >> that's a good question. [ chuckling ] >> that's a good question. i think they're trying to cover up who is paying for this material and content and where it's coming from. >> todd: before we let you go, joe biden is starting a parent council, the administration is launching this to sort of help bridge the gap between what they say is, you know, parents and being upset what is going on in their kids' schools. is this a political ploy with the midterms around the corner because they lost parents? >> absolutely, absolutely. i mean, this is coming down from the federal level to put this content into our classrooms, so that's where it's coming from. >> todd: look, there's a lot to worry about in today's day and age, crime, inflation, that worries day in and day out, the stuff that keeps me up at night is the stuff you're talking about. we appreciate your time. >> todd: a former american express employee says the
1:29 am
company's desperate attempt to be woke wound up costing him his job. he's here to share his story next. >> carley: -- they are banning second amendment supporters from adopting pets. you will not believe this story. [ ♪♪♪ ]
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[ ♪♪♪ ] >> carley: hunter biden bagging about his influence over his father released by the washington examiner. >> he'll talk about anything i want to. my dad respects me more than he respects anyone in the world. the man i most admire in the world, he thinks i'm a god. >> carley: well, that tape is from a 77-minute recording from december of 2018 found on an iphone backup stored on hunter's
1:35 am
infamous laptop. this comes after a former biden associate told the "new york post," hunter is the president's closest adviser. they confirm what we already knew about hunter's influence. >> joe biden has said that hunter biden is the smartest man he knows, and we know that they're very close and that joe biden has sort of created a kennedy-esque dynasty with his family where he takes advice from particularly hunter, on all sorts of things, whether to run and on his political career, and hunter spends quite a lot of time since joe became president either in the white house at the beginning, or just visiting with joe and jill back in delaware. and, as we know, joe goes back there every weekend. so, we know, also from hunter's friends that they have discussed around the dinner table the
1:36 am
finer points of whatever state issues are around, including ukraine. hunter biden is currently under federal investigation for possible money laundering, tax, lobbying violations and involving his work with a ukrainian energy company. >> todd: we have a new leader. hunter is running our country. president biden will meet with the saudi crown prince next month flying in the face of the campaign pledge to turn the kingdom into a pariah in response to the killing of jamal khashoggi. he denies involvement. mike pompeo warns it is having the opposite effect. >> president biden has become closer to making america a pariah state with middle eastern friends than saudi arabia. we have to get these relationships right. they matter for american trade and security. >> todd: pompeo highlighting that attempts to alienate saudi
1:37 am
arabia are likely to push the kingdom closer to china and isolate the united states from a key ally. the widow of a 9/11 victim is teeing off on phil mickelson after the golf star expressed sympathy. here's what mickelson said over his decision to join the saudi arabia-backed golf series. >> to everyone that lost loved ones, lost friends in 9/11 that i have deep, deep empathy for them. i can't emphasize that enough. i have the deepest of sympathy and empathy for them. >> todd: telling the "new york post," yote, he's aware that he's sports washing and he's trying to evade that, but he's involved in it. they also called the golf star's remarks disappointing. >> carley: american express is being called out for racially
1:38 am
divisive policies and our next guest says corporate wokeness cost him his job there. he is that former american express employee and he joins me now. nick, good morning. you know, you have an interesting story because you worked at american express for eight years and when you were let go, you turned down a six-figure settlement so you can expose what is going on inside american express. so, tell us, what is going on at the company? >> well, good morning, carley. thanks for having me here. it's an honor and privilege, especially the day after flag day to speak about the un-american express company, the corporate giant. really, what american express and other corporations are doing is they are sacrificing their top talent on the altar of trying to be woke, trying to avoid systemic racism, trying to make themselves look like they're doing what they should
1:39 am
be doing when they're doing it at the expense of good, wholesome people that have families that they care about. as the father of four multi-racial children, you're the last person, american press, to tell me how to behave and see people of color. >> carley: what made you uncomfortable there? >> you know, american express was putting folks through a series of crt trainings, including myself, where they were talking about microaggressions, telling us that we couldn't say, we don't see color when, why can't you say that? that's a microaggression, according to american express. american express was telling white males in these trainings if we have african american colleagues in a team meeting in a national call, a regional call, that we need to sit back and allow them to speak first and hear what they have to say, and then we can speak afterwards because we are white privilege.
1:40 am
>> carley: you say you were the top sales performer at sales express. you were the three-time winner of the chairman's award. so, why were you fired? >> yeah, i brought those awards with me here today, carley. it's hard to image that a chairman award representing the top 1% of 1% of performers at american express, somebody who gets an award from ken and steve himself who carries a black card that says american express company nicholas williams. how can that employee be terminated after a perfect eight-year running, leading the country, leading national calls, training his peers, actually mentoring an african american colleague at the time i was dismissed because i told an african american woman-owned business, who i did not know at the time was african american, that she could not get set up with american express unless she followed our protocols for risk and credit.
1:41 am
and after she was speaking to myself and my colleague in a horrible way, in a horrible manner, i said, this is violating the blue box values and i'm going to take myself and my team and set-aside and we're no longer able to service your account. you can still continue to set up and we still need the articles of incorporations. >> carley: they say mr. williams is spinning a false narrative of possible reasons other than his own misconduct for his involuntarily termination from american express. we will comply with all laws and regulations and do not tolerate misconduct. if we identify potential misconduct, we thoroughly investigate and will take appropriate actions including and up to termination. what is your response to that statement? >> yeah, well, i'm sure american express knows about spinning a false narrative because it
1:42 am
obtained 11 counsel to fabricate the story to get rid of myself and my three superiors, one who was a 25-year, highly decorated veteran vice president at the company. they used kgb tactics to interview us for 73 days to scapegoat us to regulators and ultimately terminate us which lead to a giant tsunami inside american express. there are still employees through june 30th but just terminated over 200 employees who should be out servicing small businesses, who should be an extension of these companies, one million to five hundred million in revenues helping their finance team close the funding gap, get discounts, use a corporate card. these employees are now gone. >> carley: you know, nick, where's all this coming from? you know, this woke ideology?
1:43 am
is it a reactive measure at the executive level out of fear they won't include inclusive enough? what do you think? >> you know, this is my personal thought. it's hard to know the true answer. ken was an extraordinary leader for american express. ken was african american. how could his company be so horrible that when steve squery comes in that everything needs to change. we need to get rid of white employees and give hiring managers. how is the company so horrible? it was black lives matter, it was the george floyd movement, it was american express' chance to be a leader. in order to make these changes in the company. at the families' expense who
1:44 am
have bled blue for this company. we have given up so much so that american express can be at the top and we were just wiped into the curb, thrown down the gutter and treated like dirt. >> carley: we've done investigative reporting on contract and corporate america and he says american express is one of the worst offenders. nick williams, thank you. go to" we'll be here to support you. if you're so willing to put a donation in there to help me fight american express, i will bear this cross. >> carley: all right. there you have it. nick, thank you. all right. also this, on the same topic, wokeness is also a problem in america's classrooms and pete hegseth has been diving deeper into how it's gotten so out of happened. he'll be here with the roadmap to put our students back on
1:45 am
track, and it's gotten so hard to live in liberal california that some americans would rather move to mexico. did you see that? chuck is here to tell us what is going on in the golden state.
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[ ♪♪♪ ] >> carley: the biden administration's climate adviser is feeling the heat from critics after demanding big tech companies sensor climate change disinformation in order to promote the, quote, benefits of clean energy. watch this. >> we need the tech companies to really jump in. we have to get better at communicating and, frankly, the tech companies have to stop allowing specific individuals over and over again to spread disinformation. >> carley: also praised congress directly for pushing social media companies to sensor americans. a california pet shop is sparking controversy for banning people from adopting pets if they do not support strict gun control measures. the shelter hope pet shop is even threatening legal action against anyone who hides pro-gun beliefs on their application. a note on its website, we do not support those that believe the
1:51 am
second amendment gives them the right to buy assault weapons. if your beliefs are not in line with ours, we will not adopt a pet to you. if you lie about being a nra supporter, we will sue you for fraud. they are offline after getting a ton of criticism from law-abiding gun owners. >> todd: california exodus continuing as residents flee democrat policies and high prices for republican states and even mexico. in fact, approximately 200,000 people are commuting between california and mexico each day. chuck devore, former california assemblyman who left the state for texas, not for mexico, he joins us now. chuck, how much more evidence do they need that their policies are not working? >> well, todd, this is, of course, a problem that's been going on for some 20 years as far as the cost of living in
1:52 am
california largely due, not entirely, but largely due to left-wing policies that make houses more expensive, that make fuel more expenses, make electricity more expense. and because of these regulations from the left, people just can't afford to live in california any longer. now, todd, it used to be that just retirees would move down to be a -- to baja california and seeing more working californians essentially living in mexico for cheap rent and working remotely. >> todd: let's look at some stats here. obviously, gas is what everybody is talking about. right now, average is 6.43 in the state of california. think about that. that is absolutely insane. if you want to buy a house, it will cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars more in california than it would in mexico. if you want to rent, it's going to cost you three times as much in california and in mexico. and if you wanted to buy a house in california, only 25% of the
1:53 am
residents in california could afford the median home price last quarter of last year. think about that for a moment. only a quarter of the state could even afford to live there. you say, chuck, there are some costs that come with living in mexico for people that want to get out of california. what are those costs? >> well, there are a number of things i would be concerned about living in mexico. first of all, the rising crime in mexico is increasingly a systemic problem with the drug and human trafficking cartels. now, so far they've generally not targeted americans unless you're somehow connected to the drug trade, but this could all change very, very rapidly. number two, the very low cost of fuel in mexico, people have to understand that that's due to heavy government subsidies and right now with the world price of oil going up so quickly, the mexican government is losing a
1:54 am
lot of money with every gallon of gas they sell. and if they reduce those subsidies, not only will the price of fuel go up in mexico, but you may see some unrest in mexico. you know, it's not all that it's cracked up to be. lastly, todd, i think it's really important that americans understand that what you're seeing in california is simply the policies that the biden administration are trying to implement nationally, it's just that they've been implemented first and most aggressively in california. so, biden's just kind of the tired, old face of american left-wing ideology, but what he is implementing in the country has already been tried in california, and it's not working, todd, which is why people are leaving the state in droves. >> todd: and they have been for years, quite a while, chuck, yourself included. tax and spend liberals keep getting elected. we'll see if that changes. speaking of elections,
1:55 am
republican mayra flores sending a major warning to democrats. >> carley: the other big story is the senate race in nevada which could upend the entire power structure in washington. we're breaking down primary results with sean duffy, plus brian brenberg and pete hegseth will join us in the final hour of "fox & friends first." [ ♪♪♪ ] ♪ my alligator boots, slipped a ring on my finger ♪♪ [ ♪♪♪ ] ♪ (queen - we will rock you) ♪
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>> carley: a major breakthrough for the republican party in texas. myra flores flipping a seat from blue to red. the special election upset gives the gop one less seat to flip on november 8th. you're watching "fox and friends first"s, i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: i'm


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