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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  June 15, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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gabe and austin thank you very much for joining us live. >> thanks for having us. >> steve: good luck and have a great summer. ainsley and brian what's coming up? >> we just can't wait to tell you what's coming up friday. >> ainsley: yeah. we are going to have the all american summer concert series continuing with gavin degraw this friday. >> brian: a super star who's really nice >> good morning guys. >> bill: she put the border on the ballot, many other policies on the ballot that we've been talking about every day an now she is a winner. good morning, bill hemmer live in new york city. >> dana: i'm dana perino, this is "america's newsroom." we are living through a political realignment. what seems to be happening at the border is that hispanics aren't just going from blue to competitive district and maybe
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a republican can win. skipping over competitive and going red. mayra flores won. the first mexican born woman to serve in the house. >> bill: this is a heavily hispanic district that shares a border 80 miles with mexico. it was created 10 years ago and until now it has been a democratic stronghold. >> dana: what changed? critics are pointing to president biden's border policies. voters witness the crisis firsthand in donna, texas, thousands were held in squall or. >> bill: the world's richest man weighing in. elon musk tweets the following. the first time i ever voted republican. massive red wave in 2022. >> dana: team fox coverage. bill melugin is covering the crisis on the border from texas and we're live in dallas. >> this is exactly what the national republican party was
6:02 am
banking on. it spent a million dollars on television ads alone for the special election in this traditionally democratic district down in south texas. and there is so much to know about this very special candidate. she is now congresswoman elect mayra flores filling the remaining months in office vacated by retired democratic representative. flores is the first mexican-born woman to be elected to the u.s. congress. she is also married to a u.s. border patrol agent. her message was one of conservative values and accusing the democratic party of ignoring latinos. >> the liberal policies from washington are tearing our community apart. as a wife of a border patrol agent i pray for his safety now more than ever. i'm mayra flores and i approve this message. we must stick to our borders and keep our families safe.
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>> the policies right now are hurting us. [inaudible] under president trump we did not have this mess. >> national democrats largely stayed away from this race. nancy pelosi's campaign arm sending in $100,000 in the last days to help boost democrat dan sanchez. washington democrats say they're more focused on the november election when redistricting makes this specific area even more friendly to their party. but take a look at this quinnipiac poll and the president's approval rating among hispanics at 24%. lower than approval among all voters. dana and bill i just have to tell you earlier this year i spent time in south texas talking to democratic strategists on the ground and
6:04 am
voters. they were saying that they feel largely ignored by democrats in washington and they feel they have been abandoned by the more democratic side of the party and it is causing them support. back to you. >> dana: thank you so much. >> bill: so in the meantime same part of the country. fox news alert. they were cleared of criminal wrongdoing but horse back border patrol agents who were falsely accused of whipping haitian migrants in september of last year, they are not free and clear. what is it up with that? bill melugin has the story back on the border in la joya, texas. good morning. >> good morning to you. that's exactly right. a federal source telling me dhs is prem to find some sort of administrative violations done by the border patrol agents on horse back and is preparing to imminently discipline them. what that means is they apparently found some sort of administrative violation.
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they violated some sort of border patrol standard during this widely publicized incident. let's rewind the clock nine months ago in del rio. thousands of haitian migrants were spilling across the border. the horse back border patrol agents were trying to stop them and they were falsely accused of using whips to whip the haitian migrants. they don't have whips they have split reins used to control the horses. maxine waters and the president they said worse than what was witnessed during slavery. mayorkas defended the agents put pulled a 180 days later. >> to insure control of the horse, long reins are used. our entire nation saw horrifying images that do not reflect who we are, who we aspire to be or the integrity and values of our truly heroic
6:06 am
personnel in the department of homeland security. >> dhs launched an investigation into the conduct of the horse back border agents. secretary mayorkas told the public this investigation would be done in a matter of days, not weeks. that was nine months ago. the dhs office of the inspector general previously cleared these horse back agents of criminal wrongdoing. they kicked the investigation to cbp for an administrative investigation and i'm told by a federal sort cbp has found administrative vehlations. what they are we don't know. i'm told it will be announced within a matter of days. border patrol sources telling me they're angry about this and feel the president convicted these agents before there was ever an investigation. take a listen. >> to see people treated like they did, horses running over people being strapped is
6:07 am
outrageous. i promise you, those people will pay. there will be an investigation and there will be consequences. >> i'm told the agents involved have been on desk duty since the incident and haven't had any contact with migrants and told once dhs proposes the discipline to them the agents will have an opportunity to respond to it. they can either accept the discipline or fight it. we'll see what happens. >> bill: sure will. bill melugin on the border. >> dana: let's bring in border patrol council president. it seems like an incredible abuse of power. what could the administrative violations possibly be? >> this is disgusting. every single american citizens should be upset about this. this is a president using his executive authority to go after individuals. he wasn't able to get them criminally because it's out of his purview and can't control what a jury would do but can control the administrative
6:08 am
process. the office of professional responsibility fall under the executive branch. because of what the president said, these investigators had no choice but to find some sort of wrongdoing. i promise you, we'll vigorously defend these allegations against these agents. we know they did nothing wrong. we know it was a powder keg and they were sent to do a specific job and they did that job and now they are coming back to be vilified. this is president biden using his political powers to go after what he perceives as political enemies. that should never happen in this country. >> bill: you are saying that quote we just ran when he said those people will pay, that something has to happen because of that statement. that's the point you are making. >> absolutely. he convicted these individuals without any evidence whatsoever. he had nothing. he had still photos that of course the media blew up to mean something it wasn't. he didn't look at all the
6:09 am
photos. plenty of photos that showed that nobody was strapped and he went after these individuals. that's the executive authority and it should never happen in the united states. again, we don't know exactly what the charges are. we know the charges will come down. it is not going to be announced. the process is supposed to be a silent process but of course it gets leaked to the media and what we see under this president. but we will again vigorously defend these agents. >> dana: it does seem -- we'll wait and see what the charges are but right now it feels like an egregious abuse of power. to me these agents deserve an apology, not more condemnation. and the other thing is don't we need all the workers we can possibly get to be doing their jobs on the border? these gentlemen have not worked since last september. >> we're 2,000 agents under staffed what we're supposed to be now on the border. we're dealing with the biggest
6:10 am
crisis ever seen in this country. right now at this time of year we should be apprehending 30,000 people. we're upwards of 250,000 people right now. and that's astronomical and we need every single resource, every single person that we can have. they knew it wasn't going to be criminal and knew they couldn't control that process. they left them out of the field. as one of the forms of punishment. it sends a clear message to every single border patrol agent that you will be punished if you do your job. >> bill: everybody reported on this at the time, abc, nbc, cbs. >> dana: for days. it's like the only border story the media has covered is that one and they were wrong. >> bill: thank you for your time. this reminds me of some 12 years ago when police were called to the apartment of a harvard professor. he was african-american, the cop was white, and barack obama
6:11 am
was asked about it at a prime time press conference and said it was wrong. it turns out they did the investigation and three sat down with the summit at the white house. when you jump the gun without all the information. >> dana: if anybody at the white house is watching ask to see the president for 10 minutes. go in and make a case. tell them to call off the dog on these guys. i can't imagine an administrative rule that would rise to this level. >> bill: if you are at the dnc this morning the light has to be blinking red. if you go back to this texas 34 district. 150 years first time they ever sent a republican to the white house. the dems won the district by 13 points 18 months ago. she flew a flag for trump policies versus joe biden policies. she is pro-life, supports legal immigration. she talked on the trail saying people in mexico wait 15 to 20 years to do it the right way and she is looking for a better
6:12 am
way to do it. talked about border security and crime and inflation, first female-born mexican born female to serve in the republican congress. that hits every single bullet point that the republican party wants to sell come november. >> dana: quite a pioneer. we'll keep an eye on the race. >> >> bill: flash the light red. house finally passing the law to protect the justices before the controversial ruling on abortion. will we get that next hour? we're waiting on that. it may come at 10:00 a.m. >> dana: stock market loosing money under president biden and we'll have maria bartiromo here. >> bill: the war in ukraine raging on. the u.s. saying it is not clear what russia is fighting for. the leader of a country that used to be part of the soviet union is here to weigh in on the status of putin's army.
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>> bill: two l.a. area police officers shot and killed responding to a 911 call yesterday. sheriff's department saying it happened east of l.a. possible stabbing was taking place at the time. when they arrived on the scene the suspect opened fire hitting both men. the gunman also killed in the crossfire. wow. southern california. >> it's unclear what the russians are fighting for except to advance the whims of vladimir putin and the bizarre belief that ukraine is not a sovereign independent country and needs to be taken into russia. i am convinced and confident that at the end of the day ukraine's independence, sovereignty will prevail.
6:19 am
>> bill: secretary of state antony blinken. intense fighting to control the region continues day in and day out. let's get a measure of putin's intent and beyond that. kaya is the prime minister of estonia. that country part of the former soviet union now a member of nato going back to 2004. thank you for your time and thank you for being here today madam prime minister. >> thank you. i have to correct you. we were not part of soviet union. we were occupied by soviet union. >> bill: thank you for that. it is said that moscow continues to make progress by the day. it is said that the west, the united states and nato, are now able to give ukraine a lot of fire in return. but it appears that putin's army continues to advance slowly by the day. is the west and is america moving fast enough?
6:20 am
>> we have done lots of important and big decisions. also the united states but all the nato allies. the problem is that we are not making those decisions fast enough and the decisions we make are not implemented fast enough. ukraine doesn't really have time. every day they are fighting, defending their land and they need military aid we can give them so that they can defend their country. >> dana: how are you all in estonia handling any of the refugees you saw that were fleeing ukraine? and also just the general anxiety of the country, if there is. if you could describe that for us about putin's ambitions after ukraine. >> putin's ambitions have not changed. he has been very open about his aims all along. it is just that maybe some of the western countries who have much better neighbors than we do haven't really believed that
6:21 am
he is also talking and doing what he is talking about. we are part of nato, so we are in a different situation. in nato we have the article 5 which says that attack on one is attack on all and therefore also attack on us would mean that the united states would be attacked and therefore i don't really see any direct threat at the moment so our situation is different. we have a huge influx of refugees, up to 3% of our population is currently ukrainian war refugees. we are helping them every possible way we can. of course, if we want to stop the influx of refugees we also have to stop the war. and the war can only be stopped by military victory. >> bill: the numbers we have here is that ukraine's military uses the 5,000 to 6,000
6:22 am
artillery rounds a lot but putin's army uses 10 times that amount every 24 hours. at that rate, how does ukraine win? >> well, it is very difficult. i think what is the difference between ukraine and russia is that ukraine is fighting for their homeland, for their homes really. for their people, for their nation to survive. so they are morale is much higher than russians who are invading another country. but, of course, putin does a lot with his propaganda saying that, you know, this is a denazfication of the country and he is clearly inciting genocide saying that ukraine is not the sovereign country and ukrainians have to be wiped off the map. so the morale difference is there and, of course, so that ukraine would really hang on, we need to give them military aid because it is not only what
6:23 am
they have but also what military aid they can get. so estonia as a small country has given more military for gdp percentage than any other country but i figure that maybe the bigger allies can also do more who have heavy weaponry so that if you make those decisions, those are implemented and those weapons will arrive in no time in ukraine. >> dana: madam prime minister before we let you go there is new video released or surfaced that shows vladimir putin shaking and there have been questions about his health. there is not a lot of confirmation on any of this but i wonder what you -- any insight or thoughts you have on word about his health. >> we don't know much but the question is what has changed much? if the aims of russia are the same. if you look at their history,
6:24 am
their imperialistic dream has never faded away since the soviet union collapsed putin has said it was the biggest political mistake of the last century and all the other -- the support for this is quite large also in the population. but yes, i don't know about his health. >> dana: it's great to see you and wanting to talk to you for a while and appreciate your insight and the people of estonia, of course, glad to have you. >> bill: your message is very important for people in the west to continue hearing. thank you, madam prime minister for your time today. >> thank you. >> bill: you bet. >> dana: here at home record flooding from torrential rain out west forcing 10,000 people to evacuate parts of yellow stone park. it triggered rock slide and came close to crushing a car and take a look at this. you might have seen this. you have to keep watching it over and over.
6:25 am
rising floodwaters are so powerful there right now they washed away an entire house. fox weather correspondent max gordon live in livingston, montana. is anything better today? >> good morning. right now we're standing along the banks of the yellowstone river. the longest free flowing river in the united states. while the floodwaters are starting to go down over the past two days we have seen torrential flooding here. flooding that is unprecedented. what happened is we had heavy rainfall in the mountains near here that started melting the late spring snow pack and it caused the flooding that we've seen causing the banks of the yellowstone river to overthrow, washing away bridges and even washing away that house as you saw in that video right there. this forced the evacuation of yellowstone national park. 10,000 visitors had to be evacuated out of the park. at this hour all the gates to the park are now closed. no one is allowed in. although the national park
6:26 am
service says that one group of backpackers is still in the backcountry there. they don't appear to be in any immediate danger. right now the biggest issue is the north gate of the park. highway 89 which goes into yellowstone from livingston has been washed away by the yellowstone river. so it will take a long time to get that roadway repaired. park officials say they don't know how long it will take but it is a big problem for folks here in livingston, monday monday because yellow stone national park is a huge driver of the economy. this flooding will have impacts for possibly years to come. back to you. >> dana: incredible. i encourage everyone to download the fox weather app for stories like that but the app is very accurate and i appreciate that. last week it said it would stop raining in 33 minutes and it did. thank you so much. gas prices soaring hitting
6:27 am
record high after record high. can a dramatic move from the federal reserve help an economy in crisis? maria bartiromo next. a frantic search for two missing children. an update on both investigations. >> as you can see there is an enormous amount of assets amassed to help look for and find this child and we'll continue those efforts until we do find the child. when a normal day is anything but normal, we fit your schedule, with our unique tub over tub process installed in as little as a day. bath fitter. it just fits. visit to book your free consultation. >> tech: when you have auto glass damage, trust safelite. in one easy appointment... ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> tech: ...we can replace your windshield
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indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit >> bill: :32. markets opened two minutes ago. we're up in the green now on wall street. losses yesterday pushed the s&p and broader markets further into bear territory. all three major industries have lost all gains since president biden took office. maria bartiromo is here. hello to you, good morning. i told dana during the break if you fell asleep two years ago and woke up and looked at that and looked at gas prices you would say what happened here? give us the lay of the land. fed has a big announcement
6:33 am
later today. where are we now in terms of the strength of our own economy? >> good morning to you. you're right, it has been a really, really tough ride for this economy with all of this policy being thrown at it. here is where we are. the federal reserve is ending a two-day meeting today at 2:00 p.m. eastern time and we'll find out how high the fed will raise interest rates. just since the last inflationary report a week ago, expectations have surged to now include the possibility of a 75 basis point hike by the federal reserve. markets are rallying because they think the fed will be aggressive here. i find it really odd that the markets are rallying going into this fed meeting because the fed will be aggressive and make things much more expensive for all of us as borrowing costs go
6:34 am
higher. we'll see an interest rate hike today. the question is, will it be 50 or 75 basis points? whatever the case, the fed's goal here is to slow things down. we are looking at an economy that is slowing but when you look at the mortgage market, bill, we had new numbers this morning. mortgage applications were showing that the rate for mortgages is now up to 5.65% but earlier on "mornings with maria" on fox business i spoke with someone from the "wall street journal" and he said lenders are saying they're out there with a 6%, 6 1/4% mortgage rate and that they are talking to potential mortgage holders and buyers about. so make no mistake, these kinds of numbers will slow down this economy. question is, will we go into recession sooner rather than later? >> bill: president biden yesterday blamed republicans for not passing his large spending. he blamed republicans in washington even though democrats control the senate, house and white house.
6:35 am
and then he said this about the success he has had. as commander-in-chief. >> president biden: under my plan for the economy we made extraordinary progress and put america in a position to tackle a worldwide problem that's worse everywhere but here, inflation. >> bill: that was the comment. here are the numbers right now. the u.s. we have 8.6%. germany 7.9. india 7, italy a tick below 7. that statement doesn't appear to even be factual, maria. >> it's not factual. unfortunately there have been quite a few false statements coming from the president in the last couple of weeks. not just that but he wrote the op-ed and said the u.s. economy is growing the fastest in the world and the world and wrote it in his op-ed. that's not true, either. we're in a contraction. the economy contracted in the first quarter by 1.5%.
6:36 am
we'll get another revision on the first quarter and focused on the second quarter. two quarters of retraction is equivalent to a recession. how bad will things get? you have some lawmakers expecting we'll see black-outs this summer. we'll see power outages because of too much pressure on the electrical grid. that's one issue that we're waiting to watch. the other issue is inflation. have we peaked? i see no evidence of inflation having peaked and one issue is around the covid-19 relief package which was signed into law by president biden in march of 2021. at that time inflation was 1.4%. we're 8.6%. why should inflation get worse from here? because much of that money in the covid relief package has not even gone out yet. i spoke with the ranking member of the house budget committee jason smith and congressman smith told me there are hundreds of billions of dollars that certain states received
6:37 am
from the covid package that have not been appropriated. as long as all that money is still chasing too few goods that's the definition of inflation and we'll be hovering around here for a while if not get worse before things get better. add to that gasoline. we haven't seen the peak driving months. we're getting there. once we see the peak driving months you'll see gasoline go higher as well. another issue for consumers who are facing higher costs on just about everything. >> bill: we'll be watching at 2:00 hour today and see what the fed does. thank you, maria. good to see you. >> dana: two missing children investigations we're following this hour. investigators have a new lead in the 2019 case of harmony montgomery. a frantic search is underway in massachusetts for a 3-year-old boy who disappeared from his babysitter's home yesterday morning. molly line is live in lowell with that. what do we know on boekt of these? >> this is where the search is going on.
6:38 am
law enforcement personnel. 200 people are scouring the woods, swampy areas looking in neighborhood pools and yards for this 3-year-old little boy harry. he was dropped off yesterday morning more than 24 hours ago now by his parents at a babysitter's home in lowell, massachusetts. he has been gone for a little over 24 hours. he was wearing a long-sleeved maroon shirt and gray pants with white stripe. this search absolutely massive. multi-agency, canine units involved. massachusetts state police. dive team. 50 cadets from the police academy are helping. areas are wooded and swampy and a state forest. lowell police are asking residents to search their properties last seen at 9:15 by a neighbor. police were called by 9:30. police ask anyone with information about harry or information about where he could be to call 911 or the lowell police department.
6:39 am
also 30 minutes to the north an update in the hunt for harmony montgomery. she hasn't been seen in more than two years. local investigators are working with the f.b.i. have searched a residents where the father and stepmother lived. news cameras capturing items being removed including a refrigerator. investigators explore sewer pipes with a camera. her father is being held without bail since january facing child abuse and other charges. she was 5 years old when she went missing. a tip line dedicated to finding her. here is the number. 603-203-6060. >> dana: we hope they're found. thank you. >> bill: a man accused of randomly pushing a 62-year-old woman down a flight a stairs. a state is being forced to pay him more than $17,000 in taxpayer money. why would that be? >> dana: i don't get it.
6:40 am
>> bill: we'll take you there and explain why next.
6:41 am
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>> bill: drug overdose rates in oregon soaring nearly a year and a half after that state became the first in the country to decriminalize all drugs up to a personal use amount.
6:45 am
that includes meth and fentanyl and heroin. dan springer to let us know how the experiment is working out now. good morning. >> good morning, bill. the idea behind oregon's measure 110 that voters passed overwhelmingly in 2020 is treat people drug addicted and not throw them in jail. 16 months into the experiment and drug overdose deaths have never been higher in the state and a little surprise, very few people have gotten themselves into drug treatment. the streets of portland are sadly filled with people in crisis. the number of homeless drug addicted or mentally ill or both has been rising for several years and it is not just the state's biggest city. officials throughout oregon report more people battling addiction. it has the second highest drug abuse rate in the country. measure 110 was supposed to get those people help but apparently it didn't mean getting them off drugs. >> it was never designed to reduce addiction rate ordeal
6:46 am
with our addiction crisis. always meant to deal with the war on drugs. >> because it shifts $300 million from cannabis tax revenue it can't be used to expand treatment beds. the money can only go for so-called harm reduction. things like needle exchange, peer counseling and supportive housing and narcan to revive someone having an overdose. but even that is not working very well. last year there were 1069 overdose deaths in oregon. 41% increase and all-time high for the state. 25% higher than the national jump. only 100 people have called a hotline designed to get them into services. very few have gotten into treatment which is completely voluntary. a former assistance at two federal drug czars is not surprised. >> it is predictable, was predicted and now unfortunately is coming to pass in front of our eyes. it is a tragedy and a self-inflicted wound, i fear. it is the wrong path.
6:47 am
>> as you would expect drug arrests have plummeted in the state of oregon. other types of crime have gone way up. we have a lot more arrests for property crime and we've never seen more violent crime in the state of oregon with murders way up. a lot is connected to drug turf wars. >> bill: thank you, dan springer. >> dana: to keep the shock going a story out of seattle. a man who pushed is 62-year-old woman down a flight of stairs at a train station is set to receive more than $17,000 in taxpayer money. why? a washington state judge is ordering social services to pay him $250 for each day he is not admitted for court ordered mental health treatment. jason rantz is a seattle radio talk show host and more to the story about this suspect, right? >> 30 minutes after he allegedly pushed this woman down that flight of stairs he ends up being accused of stabbing a random woman 10
6:48 am
times. it was caught on surveillance footage. it is some of the most brutal footage i have ever seen. and they were able to catch this guy and he ends up getting charged. as a judge noted he was incompetent for trial and ordered into a psychiatric treatment center for three months. the problem is the state determined that he is too violent to be put into your standard facility so you have to go to western state washington hospital. problem, they don't have any beds. washington state have long, long decided we're not going the pay attention to this issue and put funding into it. they don't expect a bed to be available until mid august he is getting that $250 a day up until they put him into that bed. >> bill: so you have second degree assault, first degree assault, same guy, right? same day. you are lacking 400 beds so those people wait where? in jail? >> well, it depends. in this case there is some good
6:49 am
news in that the prosecutor's office would generally release these people. this guy is clearly a threat so we'll keep him in jail this time. the judge agreed to that. again with that carve yet of the $250. often you see charges getting dropped or the person just getting released back onto the streets which means they are recommitting these crimes over and over and over again when they deal with a drug addiction or in this case a mental health issue. >> dana: that was interesting. dan springer's story shocking to me the video is unbelievable of this devastation that people are living in and the addiction. that's also i imagine you see the same thing in seattle? >> absolutely. part of the issue is as you were watching that video and like oh my gosh i can't believe this. i see this all the time in downtown seattle especially where you have folks openly using on the streets. they're very clearly high at the time and seem close to having and overdose. sometimes passed out and it is not just in downtown seattle, it is on the bus. that has been a huge problem in
6:50 am
seattle in particular because we have this permissive environment where we're saying we won't call it out. we aren't even going to judge you because it might put a little too undue person. no one is stigmatizing the individual. we're stigmatizing the addiction because it will kill these people. >> bill: come back to the judge and the mental health system in the state of washington, all right? so he can't get a bed until mid-august, right? which means the judge says you have to pay him taxpayer dollars that will amount to $17,000 by mid august. >> double the minimum wage. >> bill: the judge is sending a signal to people in charge of less than full faculty to do something about it. and what has the state said about that. >> they are not saying anything other than acknowledge we have an issue with the lack of beds and working with the legislature to get more funding.
6:51 am
but again, this has been a long issue in the making. a long problem in the making. the democrats who have total control in our state capital aren't doing anything. they do training for de and i -- it is insane. >> bill: doesn't end. >> dana: it is insane. really good to see you. thank you for the work you do. a ton of great reporting and a great story about what america is going through now. >> bill: look at our town while we're here and let us know how we're doing. in a moment. is big tech turning into big brother? how social media companies might be taking a page out of the biden administration playbook. the winners are in from last night's primaries. who won where? a closer look at the results and the influence of president donald trump sway in those races. qulipta™ can help prevent migraine attacks.
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6:57 am
could be taking their cue from the biden administration and putting a puzzle on the cost of switching to green energy. climate change censorship phase two. climate advisor jena mccarthy. joining us now is the president of the copenhagen consensus center. you are an expert here and this has happened to you. >> it has. look, a lot of tech companies are now saying we want to make sure people only hear one side of the climate story. gina mccardy was telling us we need to know it's terrible and our solutions will cost almost nothing. if anyone else says anything, they should be barred. but the reality is she is talking about at the end of the interview she talks about billions of people dying. there are 60 million people that die from all kinds of
6:58 am
other things and wants to till it is cheap. the reality is that even bank of america tells you this will cost more than $5 trillion every year. not being able to say that is just simply not a good way to get good policy. >> dana: it is terrible. what's the reaction been from the tech companies when asked to do something like this? >> it seems to me the tech companies would love to simply say we're only saying nice, good, politically correct stuff. but that's not what the tech companies in a free debate is about. it's about saying the true stories. sometimes the true stories is exactly the opposite of what the standard narrative is. global warming is real but it is not the end of the world. we should not scare our kids wittless and likewise it won't be cheap. it will be fantastically expensive. all almost studies show this and we need to be honest about this. most people aren't going to put up with actually doing that. of course, it leads to bad policies that will ultimately
6:59 am
both fail and not deal with climate change and take money away from everything else. >> dana: i can't imagine that it actually helps one, get you to a greener source of energy or lower the price of gas. all it basically does is let's stifle debate which is clearly being rejected by the american people. do you look at the support for elon musk for the most part the majority of people saying they want him to buy twitter to make it better. there is a sea change there and the administration is on the wrong side of it. >> i certainly hope so. we aren't going to make these grand changes not to climate and everything else unless we have free speech and good conversation. >> dana: you provide us both of those. thank you so much. we'll stay in touch with you. nice plant. very, very well done. >> i love them. >> dana: impressive. thank you so much. >> bill: top of the hour here we go waiting on the u.s. supreme court. will today be the day, two
7:00 am
significant cases outstanding. several. two we're waiting on. one could have a significant impact on the authority you have as an individual to hold a handgun. that may affect eight different states across the country. of course, the abortion rights case is out there. dobbs versus jackson women's health is that the ruling that could overturn roe v. wade? waiting an both those decisions. we might get them today. some decisions would come out. we're on stand by in case the justices announce. >> dana: all hands on deck on those. primary voters casting their ballots in maine, nevada, north dakota and south carolina selecting their candidates to run in november. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm dana perino. i'm great. how are you? >> bill: it's like summer in new york bam, like that. >> dana: take advantage of it. >> bill: puts me in a good mood. candidates across the country fighting for a chance to shape
7:01 am
the future of america. now two of the most closely-watched races one in nevada, one in south carolina. adam laxalt the republican favorite won the republican primary for the senate. in south carolina the republican nancy mace defeated a challenger backed by the former president donald trump. >> you look at inflation, double digit inflation in the last 90 days and the cost of gas, grocery store prices that are record high and look at the border and how we exited afghanistan and it has been a disaster in joe biden's administration in just the first year and a half and you'll see a lot of voters particularly independents and moderates crossing over voting for republicans. >> dana: mark meredith is live in charleston, south carolina with the story. hi, mark. >> good morning to you. with the primaries wrapped up south carolina republicans have a new job ahead of them. unite the party behind the nominees. it is clear there are still
7:02 am
some divisions within the state. five term republican congressman tom rice lost his seat to a state rep russell fry. rice was a critic of president trump and trump did all he could to force rice out of office. it worked. rice made the call to admit defeat to his opponent. >> russell, tom rice. you ran a great race and you will make a great congressman and we'll do anything we can to help you. >> meantime here in the low country essentially the opposite of myrtle beach where trump's preferred candidate katie arrington came up far short in her challenge of nancy mace. mace kept her campaign on issues like the economy, immigration, trump extending an olive branch telling her congratulations in a statement last night. as for mace she says now is the
7:03 am
time for republicans nationwide to get on the same page. >> the only way republicans will get a majority in november is if we win swing districts, purple districts just like south carolina's first congressional district. >> mace will now face off against pediatrician dr. andrews in november election. both candidates promise to shake up the status quo. i checked with our cue and we're willing to stay on the ground in charleston until november. >> bill: here is the race in south carolina, they were on the trump train early and they -- they pulled it off and rice, one of 10 republicans in the house who voted to impeach donald trump, has now lost his office. we'll watch that come november. jimmie come over here. that was happening in south carolina. the race in nevada last night. adam laxalt good name
7:04 am
recognition throughout the state defeated brown in the senate race there in the nevada. republicans believe in nevada they have one of the best chances of flipping the state come november for the u.s. senate. meanwhile in texas this is really -- this is the political story of the day. maybe of the week, maybe of the month. back over here, if you could. flip it one time for the house race in south carolina. this is house district 34 in texas. and mayra flores, a democrat seven years ago, running as a republican in a district that has not elected a republican more than 100 years. she campaigned on a number of things. she talked about border security, she talked about trump's policies versus biden policies. she is pro-life and she is now a winner in that district which is really a stunner now in the political world and as we mentioned last hour red lights
7:05 am
going off on the dnc as a hispanic wins, born in mexico, the first woman born in mexico to serve in congress as a republican. stunning stuff. >> dana: more to come as we parse through that. the numbers are stunning. stay tuned. democrats are trying a new strategy to win over voters in november. they spent more than 20 million to support maga aligned primary candidates in hopes that will block gop candidates from winning senate and governor's races. how is that going? mike emanuel is live with the details. hi, mike. >> bill: good morning. true blue illinois democrats have spent more than $15 million on the republican side. they are attacking african-american veteran richard irvin, the establishment favorite. democrats are trying to boost darren bailey hoping he will be easier for incumbent democrat
7:06 am
governor prytzger to beat. clearly national democrats are panicked by the worsening political environment in states run by democrat governor. colorado race a state president biden won by more than 13 points a super pac has spent a million on the more conservative representative ron hanks. construction company o'day is seen as the most electable in november. they're trying to protect michael bennett. a senate committee spokesman said democrat panic underscores their historic weakness and at this point no amount of money will save them. gop leaders believe picking a favorite in an open primary is fundamentally unfair. >> the rga isn't spending money in illinois. they aren't spending money right now in colorado. the democrats are almost taking advantage of the fact that the rga has a policy not to get involved in the primaries. it left them helpless while the
7:07 am
democrats play mischief and may end winning some races in the primary season. >> if it's a big year for republicans it could backfire on democrats with more conservative people elected to office. >> dana: mike emanuel, thank you. >> bill: james freeman, fox news contributor from the "wall street journal." let me read you elon musk's tweet. i voted for flores, first time i ever voted republican. mass red wave in 2022. i don't know if you agree with him? >> that's what all the indicators are telling us. several months to the election. they could be wrong. stuff can happen. inflation could plunge and maybe we get a new political environment. you look across the polls. gallup reading sobering in terms of presidential approval rating, what people think of congress, what they think of the economy, all at historic lows. typically they're saying the president's party in an off year election loses a couple
7:08 am
dozen seats in the house. they think it will be bigger. >> dana: one of the reasons is inflation and here is what if you call for number two this is what president biden said yes trying to blame the republicans. >> president biden: under my plan for the economy we made extraordinary progress and put america in a position to tackle a worldwide problem that's worse everywhere but here, inflation. the problem is republicans in congress are doing everything they can to stop my plans to bring down costs on ordinary families. that's why my plan is not finished. and why the results aren't finished, either. >> dana: "new york post" not buying it. the editorial saying joe's inflation delusion. he pretends the economy is strong thanks to him and workers are getting better pay by denying reality and opposing steps to fix the mess he made. he is digging america deeper into the hole. how do you see it? >> it is disturbing. it means he still doesn't understand the problem. by now we've gotten a whole
7:09 am
bunch of these reports. you think last friday would have gotten through to him. it is a general inflation problem in the economy. this is not about what he wants to do which is to say the meat industry or energy industry or pharmaceutical industry is to blame. it is an inflation problem. too many dollars chasing too many goods. the comments suggests the president still doesn't get it. it suggests the heavy lifting as expected is going to have to be done by the federal reserve and that continues today with their expected meeting. >> bill: the reflection of that is on the primary races. you think about texas and the campaign this woman ran. she talked about inflation, talked about crime, she talked about border security. remember she was born in mexico. and she campaigned and went out and said i have people in mexico city who are legally waiting 15 to 20 years to come into america. not cross the border illegally. and she won. so what republicans in washington will tell you of the
7:10 am
four or so districts on the border area with mexico, they think they are firm in one race to win it and they think they are well in the game for the three others. think about how much of a sea change that is in american politics. >> it is huge. i think it goes well beyond this fall's election that seems to be going in a certain direction. i'm hoping maybe this is the end of the democratic obsession with identity politics. what you've seen in this race and lots of races is they have an approach is we'll define you as a latin voter and assume your big issue is a more open border. and as you point out, this is a diverse community and this community, like all other american communities, tends to care about inflation, schools, crime, all the normal stuff that a voter would care about. >> dana: a lot of people who
7:11 am
work in the district. oil and gas is a really big part of those jobs. the democrat party whistling past the graveyard as we look at the election. >> bill: with all the normal stuff. thanks. >> dana: the world health organization calling for a new investigation into the origins of the coronavirus. why that is drawing a fierce response from china. >> bill: also dana we're playing shocking audio of hunter biden claiming his father will adopt any policy position that he tells him to. we'll play the tapes for you and you can hear it for yourself. >> dana: the house finally passing the salt bill to protect supreme court justices and their families. does it do enough? we'll ask the democratic congressman ahead. >> we're sending a clear message to the left wing radicals you can't intimidate the supreme court justices. and get up to $60,000 or more.
7:12 am
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7:17 am
>> i want to remind the american public why they brought this bill to the floor. it is not because it really does anything. it is simply a talking point. >> you have to be kidding me. they report where a supreme court justice goes -- where her kids go to school, where their family goes to church, her daily routine and the left
7:18 am
calls it a talking point? >> that's a fiery exchange on the house floor on tuesday when the dust finally settled lawmakers passed a bill to bolster security for supreme court justices and their families and now heads to president biden's desk. david spunt live from the justice department with more on this today. good morning. >> good morning to you. we're told through a white house spokesperson president biden will sign this into law as soon as possible. i reached back out about an hour ago to the white house. no updates yet but it could happen as early as today. this is a significant step forward to protect supreme court justices and members of their immediate family. also members of their staff if deemed necessary by supreme court officials. the house voted 396-27 yesterday to move this measure to the president's desk. all 27 who voted against are democrats. the bill came to the senate floor a month ago and house
7:19 am
democrats are under pressure to explain why it took a month for the house to actually pass this thing. >> let me tell you why it took us a few weeks rather than just one week to pass this legislation. it's because republicans refused to protect the families of supreme court employees who are at risk. shame on you for not doing that. and by the way, there are threats to justices across the board. >> house majority leader steny hoyer said democrats wanted to offer protection to family members of court employees if deemed necessary by the court. not only, for instance, would justice gorsuch's family get protection but the families of his staff would as well. ultimately that did not make it into the bill. >> it should not have taken a threat against justice kavanaugh to force action. a threat that even speaker
7:20 am
pelosi dismissed in her press conference. she said everybody will be fine. but at the end of the day, this is the better bill. >> senators proposing $10 million and $9 million to the marshal service and the supreme court to help protect these justices and their families. >> david spunt, department of justice. >> dana: as david spunt reported 27 democrats voted against that bill. one of them new jersey congressman josh gotheimer and he joins us now. thank you for being here. i want to set this up a little bit with something the "wall street journal" said and also something very important from the democrats who voted against. the "wall street journal" said 27 democrats versus supreme court protection and president biden will be able to call out the intimidation to the supreme court. i did find this interesting. we have gotten to know the
7:21 am
judge on this program and network. part of the statement from new jersey democrats who voted no. we stood alongside our friend just solace and voted no today. we couldn't support passing legislation that continues to ignore the pleas of all judges for greater security. the republicans said if there is another bill that comes forward that addresses that, it's a different bill or additional bill they would consider that. will that be underway? >> i hope it's the case. rand paul in the senate blocked action from us putting in provisions to protect judges -- federal judges at the lower court levels including as you mentioned dr. salas from new jersey. her son was killed and he posed as a fedex driver came to her
7:22 am
house and killed her son and shot her husband. what we feel strongly in new jersey we stood up and said you have to include protections for judges, federal judges at every level because what happened in new jersey is just horrific and there were 4500 threats to federal judges last year. i feel strongly that we have to protect the justices of the supreme court and also judges in our state. >> dana: in addition we've seen since the leak of the possible decision on roe v. wade from the supreme court that protestors that are in the neighborhoods protesting outside the home of justices like kavanaugh, barrett and alito. it is in federal law that it is illegal to protest outside a justice's home and yet no arrests. would you support the justice department moving forward trying to arrest and say we will enforce the law? >> of course. the bottom line is you are
7:23 am
intimidating or threatening judges at any level or justices or their families these people should be arrested. you can't threaten judges and justices or federal officials that way. it is outrageous. it is one thing to speak out. another to go to their homes and threaten their families which is totally unacceptable whether it's in new jersey or washington, d.c. we need tougher measures also for law enforcement. we've talked about whether it's a bill i support the best protect act in congress with democrats and republicans behind it came out of the judiciary committee and senate to fund, not defund law enforcement but more resources so law enforcement have what they need to take action against people who are threatening judges and justices. >> dana: the country is on a hair trigger waiting to see if we get an opinion today from the supreme court. it doesn't appear the roe v. wade will be today. just one last question a gun bill moving through seems to have some pretty good
7:24 am
bipartisan court. aoc is concerned with juvenile background checks. how do you plan to vote? >> i think the package is a critically important step in the right direction. democrats and republicans in both chambers should get behind it. i am waiting to see the details an language. bottom line we know there are a lot of juveniles with mental health issues. we should be able to flag those with red flag laws so we don't give weapons to those and i feel strongly about that and we know there has been instance after instance in the country including at so many schools where young people are involved in the shooting of their classmates where if we had more information we would have been able to help stop it. so i believe that as we saw in texas and the heart wrenching attack, there are steps we can take and we should take them. the bipartisan bill is a critical step in that direction
7:25 am
and i will stand strongly behind it. >> dana: congressman from new jersey, thank you. >> bill: about 25 past now. police feel under siege. two officers shot and killed and ambushed in cold blood. another cop shot and wounded in a separate attack. that troubling trend continues. plus will we ever know the origins of covid? why would a team from the world health organization finally turn their attention to a lab in wuhan? >> there is every reason to believe that the jumping of species from an animal reservoir occurred. home pricese breaking records. now is the time to turn your home equity into cash. you can get at least 25% more cash at newday than you get at a bank. 25% more cash to make home improvements. 25% more cash to pay bills. 25% more cash for retirement. call now and get an average of $60,000. veterans get more at newday usa.
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>> bill: it is 10:32 in new york. to l.a. police officers shot and killed investigating a reported stabbing at a motel. a phoenix cop now listed in stable condition. she was ambushed and shot several times by two masked men. let's begin in los angeles, west l.a. with jeff paul.
7:31 am
what happened, jeff? >> bill, these latest shootings here in california and then over in arizona only add to the growing number of officers who are being shot in the line of duty. you take a look at these statistics right here. 156 officers have been shot in the line of duty since the start of the year. 24 of them have been killed. 20% jump compared to figures from 2020. that doesn't even include the most recent shootings, two officers who were investigating a possible stabbing at a suburban l.a. motel and were killed yesterday. this happened in the city of el mon tee. officers confronted the suspect. shots fired in one of the rooms. authorities believe the suspect took off into a parking lot where more shots were fired. the suspect was shot and killed. two officers hit, later died at the hospital. >> they do what hundred of thousands of men and women do
7:32 am
every day across the united states. get up with an oath to protect people and to serve them and these two heroes paid the ultimate sacrifice. today they were murdered by a coward. >> their deaths come just a day after a california highway patrol officer was shot multiple times during a traffic stop in the studio city area of los angeles. that officer was citeically wounded is expected to recover and over in phoenix a detective was ambushed while sitting in her unmarked car by two shooters. they were caught making it the 9th police officer shot since december in phoenix. >> as a city, we need to do better. our department is committed to working internally with state, local and federal partners to address the rampant increase in violent crime. >> it is unacceptable.
7:33 am
these are people who go out every single day and put their lives on the line to protect us, to protect this community. >> now that detective police say likely is saved from wearing a ballistic vest during that shooting. >> bill: stunning news there, west l.a. today. thank you. >> dana: the world health organization is calling for further investigation into the coronavirus lab leak theory. it is an about face for the agency. you will remember just last year it published a study calling the theory extremely unlikely. here to talk about it is former cdc director robert redfield. this is officials dismissing this idea, watch. >> this could not have been artificially deliberated the way mutations evolve. >> the possibilities that most coronaviruss we know of generally come from an animal origin. >> the most likely reason,
7:34 am
mechanism by which sars arose was a natural process was transfer from an animal to humans or a possible lab leak. we don't have evidence to say what that lookly hood is. >> dana: now the w.h.o. will look into the theory. what do you make of all that? >> well i think, dana, this is important there is more hop enness for scientifically evaluated both hypotheses. i've always said it has been relatively antithetical to science the way it was approached initially where there seemed to be a pretty aggressive movement in n.i.h. and w.h.o. to try to say there was only one hypothesis that was credible, an evolution from nature. i'm of a view that it is much more likely this virus evolved from a bat into a laboratory,
7:35 am
got educated how to infect humans and escaped. i would like to see this committee be a little more independent. most of the people on the committee are part of the global project that is a group funded to study the evolution of viruses from animals into man and to do that, so i do think still the group is somewhat contrived within w.h.o. i have would like to see a more open group conduct this investigation. >> bill: it took them long enough and the chinese are blaming the americans saying we have labs here in north carolina and maryland where this started. the foreign minister was quoted saying the lab leak theory is a lie concocted by anti-china forces for political purposes which has nothing to do with science. we also supported and participated in science-based global virus tracing but opposed any forms of political
7:36 am
manipulation. is that even true, that statement? >> no. i think it's unfortunate. really, people like myself that are advocates for the hypothesis this leaked from the lab in wuhan, this is not something negative to china. china was the lab that we are looking at but the research was funded by the united states, d.o.d., c.d.c. this is a research platform, the gain-of-function research supported by the scientific community since 2012 aggressively. it would be incorrect to say that somehow the blame for this is somehow at the foot of the chinese. this is really something that was engaged the scientific community at large. engaged the united states government groups that funded science and so i think it is important to push back and say this is not an anti-china perspective. this is really a perspective of trying to get to what are the true origins of this path again which i said before is now
7:37 am
probably the second most infectious pathogens for humans. when viruses come from animals to man it takes them a long time. i reminded people before. sars came in 2003. it still doesn't know how to efficiently transfer to humans. this virus comes in and immediately one of the most infectious viruses in man. the only plausible explanation for that is that this virus was educated in a laboratory to increase infectivity for human tissue which we have documented evidence and published papers in 2014 and it was an accidental laboratory leak. i don't think it was intentional. i think it was accidental. i said this before. if anything it's a consequence of scientific arrogance that they felt somehow they could do this high-risk research in a safe and responsible way and this is why in my "wall street journal" op-ed i called for a
7:38 am
moratorium on gain-of-function research until we can do it in a safe and responsible way. >> bill: you wonder why it took so long for them to get curious. maybe we'll find out. thank you for your time today. >> dana: thank you. >> bill, i think at the end as i said before, i think we will get to the truth of this. i do anticipate some people don't agree with me but i think the chinese government will in the next year or two become extremely co-optive and we'll get to the truth of how this really happened. >> bill: we shall see. thank you for your time, doctor. a new poll revealing what americans really think about transgender athletes competing in women's sport. check it out. will cain reacts. plus the diplomatic and legal battle to free britteny griner. the latest bad news from moscow. >> she should not be detained for a single day longer.
7:39 am
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7:43 am
>> dana: detention of wnba britteny griner in russia has been extended again. they say she will be held through at least july 2 on drug smuggling allegations. remember in february russian authorities stopped her at a
7:44 am
moscow airport claiming she was carrying vape cartridges containing cannabis oil. is the state department says she is wrongfully detained. >> bill: a new poll show americans oppose transgender athletes in female sports. 58% saying they shouldn't be allowed to compete in college or professional sports with other women and girls with 28% who said it should be allowed. will cain "fox & friends" weekend co-host. good morning, sir. i want to show you something else in that survey. university of maryland high school sports now should transgender women and girls be allowed to compete in high school? 55% say they shouldn't be allowed. we both think that number should have been higher. >> so i was prepared to come on onto your show and apologize for being a pessimist. i don't look at this poll and
7:45 am
conclude a number of americans are opposed to a biological truth. i wish and think the number should be higher. the reason for that is we have to hope our fellow americans can be able to parse reality. reality is a biological male whether or not in high school or at the professional level has an advantage on average from birth over a biological female. it is an injustice for us to i guess the pursuit of come compassion for one over many you should be able to jump in and dominate the girls. the number should be 95% or 100% of americans saying it is not right. >> dana: we've covered this story a lot. the story might not be on the minds of everybody or they might not be covering it as closely and might not have had a personal experience with it, right? relatively new but growing situation for women's sports.
7:46 am
we had a woman who joined last week, a runner upset about this and taking a stand. here is what she said. >> i think that we really just need to get back to focusing on having fairness in women's sports. i think so many are afraid to see the end of women's sports with having male athletes competing within our sports. fighting this fight now is so important so that future generations of women don't have to. >> dana: will, i asked her if she felt a little lonely and perhaps abandoned by women athletes who have come before and fought so hard to make sure women's sports were taken seriously and they were allowed especially when you think about for example equal pay as the women's soccer team has been trying to advocate. this is a young woman, one of few people brave enough to get up and say something and stand
7:47 am
up for herself. where is everybody else? >> let's try our best to explain the mindset which we all agree of the 28 to 30% think it's okay. how can they settle outside the fact that biological males have greater bone density and muscle density. whatever it may be to give them an advantage in sports. i think, dana, you are right in a third. your explanation a lot of americans may not be familiar or have experience with this issue is a third of the explanation. the other 2/3 would be this. i think that this should be something we should celebrate to some degree. americans are very compassionate and people can say we're not but americans are. that doesn't mean empathy and compassion should drive the way we view the world. it is also part of who we are. we also have to be reality based and look at the outcomes of it. we can't let our kids drive their life decisions because we want to feel for them. we have to guide them like we guide society in some degree with reason and logic.
7:48 am
second, fear is playing a huge role in this and in polling. people are afraid because they'll be called a trans phobe and lose their job. the third is they haven't thought through it. talking about the 30% again. they haven't thought through it to see it does represent the end of women's sports as you lay out is something that many people for decades have fought for very, very difficultly and in the end is the destruction of women's sports. >> bill: if they met the runner we met they might change their mind. she doesn't stand a chance. >> dana: bombshell audio of hunter biden and his relationship with his father. >> all of those years of people not liking me was i don't love myself. i don't fear that. i don't fear that because the man i most admire in the world,
7:49 am
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♪♪ >> dana: the ex-wife of a murdered micro soft executive hired a criminal defense attorney. the couple's bitter divorce. phil keating has the story from miami. >> even though jacksonville beach police have not identified anybody as a suspect much less a person of interest, one has to presume in a case like this the ex-spouse will definitely be somebody that detectives want to look at. the tragic murder mystery and the ex-wife has hired a well-known criminal defense attorney. this as the former microsoft executive was shot and killed in mid february in jacksonville beach, florida. murdered in front of the 2-year-old daughter in the car. pictured on the right is
7:55 am
shannon fernandez the ex-wife who also remarried. they divorced in 2015 and included having twin daughters. a nasty divorce constantly fighting with each other. who got to keep the house, who paid who alimony and who got primary custody of their kids. he even accused the ex-wife of having an affair before the divorce. >> if anybody has half a brain they see that somebody wanted him dead. then the next conclusion is okay, who wanted him dead? first and foremost -- i'm not saying she did anything -- the police would have to start looking at the ex-wife. they had a vicious divorce. >> police believe somebody, the killer, placed a tire in the middle of the road forcing the man to stop to get out and move it and that's when he was shot to death. four years now. still a mystery. >> dana: thank you for the update. >> i mean four months. >> let's talk about anything
7:56 am
that i wanted that he believed in. if i said it was important to me he would walk away and make it part of his platform. my dad respects me more than he respects anyone in the world. so this won't be my dad thinks it will affect his politics. >> bill: the voice of hunter biden newly released recordings talking about his relationship with his dad. "washington examiner" obtained the tape and one of the reporters is with me now. some of the recordings we're playing, this is december of 2018, two years removed from the big election. what did you hear on that tape? >> thanks for having me on. i think the tape speaks for itself. filmed five months before joe biden announced the 2020 presidential campaign and hunter is speaking as back in december of 2018 it was a conclusion his father would be running for president and hunter is saying that yeah, my
7:57 am
father will take any policy decisions that i want to adopt, he will adopt them to his platform. this came as hunter was addicted to crack cocaine. it's possible they may have been exaggerating his influence with his father. we did reach out to the white house and asked them what role hunter played in the months leading up to joe announcing his presidential campaign and we didn't receive any response. >> bill: an interesting point. another clip. december 3, 2018, same conversation we would assume. listen. >> everyone else talks about how can you be -- i'm better than my dad. you know why i'm better my dad? my dad told me i'm better than him since i was 2 years old. >> bill: on it goes. the impression i got was how surprised i was by how involved he was in his political life and career on conference calls, etc. that's the way hunter describes his relationship.
7:58 am
is that how you heard it? >> yeah, numerous text messages we found on the drive where hunter is talking about being actually involved with joe biden's political team talking about polling in the months leading up to him announcing his 2020 presidential campaign and being in calls with the political team. the way hunter describes it he was talking to his associates he was absolutely directly involved in his father's political career. >> bill: andrew, was there anything on this that surprised you? >> i think just the -- how candid he was being in that recording. i will note that this file did come from a copy of hunter biden's hard drive. my colleague jerry and i have been working with a former secret service agent and gus found the password on the hard drive to an encrypted iphone file that this file was
7:59 am
contained it. it is a treasure trove within the hunter biden hard drive that hasn't been looked into yet. a lot of interesting files in there that we have just begun to dig through. >> bill: this all comes back to the laptop then. >> yeah. >> bill: thank you, we'll see what's revealed next time. andrew ker, "washington examiner". >> dana: they are two good reporters to follow. they are always breaking things left and right. it was one of those as well. before we go. >> bill: what have you got there? >> dana: you ever seen a dog have to wear a cone head when they've had surgery or something and don't want them to l*ik it. the feeling of getting the cone off your head. clark is an aggie bulldog. >> freedom in the morning. >> dana: one time i made a mistake flying to california and i wanted to be comfortable on the flight so i was in a rush, of course, picked up this
8:00 am
neck pillow from my pile of all my travel stuff. got to the airport. put it on and it felt strange. i took the jasper's dog cone. it was like an inflatable one and i wore it on the plane. embarrassing. >> bill: others notice? >> dana: people were very polite. "the faulkner focus" is up next. >> thank you. more g.o.p. candidates backed by president trump winning and approving the former president's influence in the republican party. this is "the faulkner focus" and i'm sandra smith in for harris. in south carolina trump backed russell fry trounced tom rice who was one of 10 republicans who sided with democrats to impeach donald trump in his second trial and in nevada former state attorney general adam laxalt


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