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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 15, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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♪ ♪ >> this is "outnumbered." hello, everyone. i'm kayleigh mcenany he with my cohost, emily compagno, julie banderas, kellyanne conway, and raymond arroyo. taking desperate measures -- investing heavily -- democrats, that is -- with mag-aligned candidates hoping that it'll be easier for a democrat to face
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off with republicans no micro republican opponents. in texas last night, myra florez flipped the house seat traditionally held by democrats, and will become the first mexican-born woman to sit in congress. she won back the race by campaigning hard on the fact that she is the wife of a border agent and how the rio grande valley is under attack at the border. >> for me, this is about my life. i am myra florez. the liberal policies from washington are tearing our community apart. as a wife of a border patrol agent, we need change more than
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ever. we must secure our borders to keep our families safe. >> an enormous victory. kellyanne, looking at democrats aligning themselves with "maga" candidates, clinton's team drew up a plan to pump trump candidates up, so that they are in for the leaders of the pack and democrats can take them seriously. they've tried this before. >> they have. for which i sent them a big thank you note, a bouquet of flowers. they never really learn. as i wrote in my book, kayleigh, we never examine what we deeply disdain. the left has -- they don't know
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what motivated this woman to run on border security at the border. that should have seen this coming. two quick things, the mayor of this town in texas swung and it's been paying dividends. to walk into the rnc community centers and learn about the policy prescriptions, i find it amazing that the democrats talk more about president trump than president biden. it really tells you all you need to know. the two most important words going into this fall, talking about the red wave, if republicans win 18 seats, they'll get more majority than 1994. if they win 30 to seats, though have the largest majority in a century. it's within reach. the two most important words "mayra flores." democrats haven't learned about
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the border. >> to underscore mayra flores, that's absolutely the name of the day. she's the first mexican born congresswoman, a republican. the first republican to win in 100 years, texas 34 is 84% hispanic. clinton won it by 33 points. and mayra flores won it on a pro-trump policy. >> if you are a democrat running against her, you might as well throw your resignation letter in now. you are screwed. can i say that? in all honesty, she's a daughter of a migrant worker. she's a perfect example of republicans that are hispanics in this country that hate the democrats, that all that they've done with the borders. the hispanic demographic, by the way, which democrats seem to
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think they have their support. oh, don't they do not. mayra flores is a perfect example of how hispanics are turning their back on democrats and any politician who is soft on border security. as we no, this administration has essentially allowed for every illegal immigrant into this country and really done very little about it. and when border security agents do something about it, which we will talk about later, they get punished for it. >> to kellyanne's point, they mention president trump more than president biden. and this maga-aligned strategy -- the d ccc says when the term "ultra magat" is used -- how do we relate this to the failed democratic strategy with clinton in 2016?
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>> no energy independence, with putin in ukraine, the list goes on and on. they are about labels, style, we are about substance. i think it's a huge mistake they are making, thinking they can poll test and be sally sound bite when people are really hurting in this country right now. i want to say quickly that they are missing something else. they don't understand why there is a realignment going on particularly among hispanic americans. yes, it's immigration but also education. screen time for two whole years was a failed experiment. it's also religious liberty. asian americans, hispanic americans are filling up the pews at my catholic church in the suburbs. i mean, white people are out jogging and having brunch on sundays. they don't like this antireligious liberty or you taking god out of the public square. and there economically upward mobile voters.
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they want their children to know both languages and they believe in homeownership. they are suffering under the biden economy. the only time biden had said much about the border is trying to prosecute people for something that never happened. kamala harris went to the border for one time. and now we have mayra flores there too. >> another big take ray, 1 of 10 democrats -- republicans, rather, that -- >> this is a fascinating, i mean, you laid out the political landscape, kellyanne, we are facing. with gas prices, baby formula missing, the simmering cultural issues the democrats created, it wasn't put on then, they created these wildfires. it's fascinating to watch nancy pelosi enter affiliated
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pacs working against people that supported her attempts to impeach donald trump. she's now advertising against them in races, trying to do me the deal and fix the final runoff here by putting up a more moderate candidates, rather, she wants maga candidates put forward but it's fascinating watching the democrats bend and spend millions to try to outflank donald trump and his vision long before he is even announcing that he's running for president again. you are right, he had a clean sweep last night. >> cnn rarely has words of wisdom but in this moment, they might have pinned why biden is losing support. >> how does president biden's performance rate? >> awful. the answer is awful. i compare it to carter and his presidency at this point. look at the disapproval rating biden hats with inflation right now. over 70%. carter was not even there in mid 1978.
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when you are doing worse than jimmy carter is doing in the minds of americans on inflation, you know they are holding you responsible. >> brutal. >> ouch. >> if you don't listen to voters, they leave you. the other thing that was not in this polling but is in all the polling we've seen, never happened to bill clinton or barack obama, joe biden's personal attributes are very poor. cares about people like me, has a plan, is inspiring, can lead the nation, has the energy for the job, hello. that did not go well. these personal attributes people like bill clinton and barack obama were able to cash in on and win reelection? gone for joe biden already. >> a lot is gone for joe biden. it wasn't ever there? i don't know. even after an assassination attempt on brett kavanaugh, one piece that only 27 democrats voted against -- they've no problem spending big bucks on armed security.
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>> a bill to protect supreme court justices and members of their immediate families passed the house yesterday, the bill prompted by the assassination attempt on justice brett kavanaugh. the 27 members voted no to beefing up security. all democrats. including the far left "squad," noteworthy is that congresswoman cori bush voted no because not long ago, she defended her own needs for private security. watch. >> they would rather i die. he would rather me die, is that what you want to see? do you want to see me die? that could be the alternative. either i spend $70,000 on
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private security over the last few months and i am here standing now and able to speak, able to help save 11 million people from being evicted -- or i could possibly have a death attempt on my life. >> kellyanne, during the break he said this was one of the most disgusting votes during the break. why did you say that? >> this should not be controversial or partisan, it should be unanimous. i want these people voted out. they talk about advertisement for this fall, i want the cameras rolling, the 27 members should be voted out. there are some in tough districts, tom malinowski against tom kane jr. in new jersey, my congressman is a disgrace. he said that he's a leader of the bipartisan problem solvers caucus. how about solving the problem of brett kavanaugh's life being threatened by a would-be assassin in the last week or
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two? one of the arguments the democrats made, as you no, is that this protects federal judges. okay, drop that bill today. but get this one passed. the people are showing up protesting saying "ruth sent us." she was not a violent person. she would not condone this, justice ruth bader ginsburg. whether they were appointed by a democrat or republican, they all need to be protected. >> and wherewith the democrats, where were they before that? raymond, there are threats than than actual violence. since the leaked draft came out of the potential of return with the supreme court, there've been 17 antiabortion centers that have been firebombed. >> there is a tolerance, for some reason, politically and
9:17 am
certainly in the democratic caucus, a tolerance of violence as a political weapon. this should not be tolerated. i do not care if it's directed toward supreme court justices are public officials or in this case, maternity clinics -- they help women in crisis in their pregnancies and their babies. it helps them with care, housing, they are firebombed. i interviewed one of these guys in buffalo, here in new york, the governor in new york after the -- she said nothing about the firebombed, and president biden, once a pro-life senator when i covered him, i might add, this governor has passed a new bill setting aside $35 million to protect abortion clinics. so we are kind of picking winners and losers and incentivizing and quietly encouraging violence for political ends. this is a ruinous strategy and it's horrible for our society, our children, and our public
9:18 am
life. it has got to end. >> that's right. and now they're our attempted being brought against justice brett kavanaugh. we have the hypocrisy coming from the democrats, security for me and not for thee. can't they see that that is ridiculous? >> if brett kavanaugh was a liberal justice, we would have a very different conversation. i think it would be less democratic congressman that would have opposed pushing forward and actually supporting this bill for this is the problem i have come a 27 members were opposed to the spirit at seven of them were in the state of new jersey. the reason why they wanted to have this push forward is that they want federal judges to also garner the same sort of security. there was a judge, esther salus, her son was shot and killed at their home in 2020. certainly federal judges should have some kind of protection. that was not the question. the question was supreme court justices and their families be protected and free democrat to
9:19 am
say no is absolutely disgusting. i go back to the double standard here, because if brett kavanaugh was a liberal justice, i guarantee those 27 democrats would vote much differently. especially if it was one of their family members that was potentially in the scope of an assassin. >> and amy coney barrett. >> absolutely. >> her family and church was targeted. imagine any other female justice and during this period a representative that sits back and says nothing? >> no big deal. >> they could be followed into the bathroom. there is the hypocrisy about violence or overreaching when it is condemned. kayleigh, no person has illustrated that willingness to condemn violence than our president. where -- >> where is president biden? he's had 16 public speaking remarks, he had one with jimmy kimmel, the comedy hour. 16 opportunities to condemn violence. none of which he took an opportunity. he could have stopped, he could
9:20 am
have done any number of things and he has not done it. why? the 27 democrats -- i should call them lunatics who voted against security -- you should look at what some of the things they said. roman predicted a civil war if democrats don't win in november. ayanna pressley called for unrest in the streets. rashida tlaib said she welcomed activists at these homes. cori bush of course, we displayed the clips, all in different context but these are individuals that have not shied away from using violent rhetoric or confrontational rhetoric in the past and now they won't vote for security. >> passing that legislation is part of their job. there's no limit on how much legislation they can pass. why didn't they vote that, protect the supreme court, and then do their job protecting federal judges? that's what we are paying them for. >> democrats dropped a bill to
9:21 am
have more gender-neutral bathrooms. they could have taken that time -- you want that? great. but do the federal judge bill first. you know what is free? condemning violence. coming up, the media pushed a false narrative that texas border agents on horseback whipped migrants at the border last year. it was quickly proven false. but that's not stopping the biden administration from punishing the agents involved. that is next. ♪ ♪
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you see, son, with a little elbow grease, you can do just about anything. thanks, dad. that's right, robert. and it's never too early to learn you could save with america's number one motorcycle insurer. that's right, jamie. but it's not just about savings. it's about the friends we make along the way. you said it, flo. and don't forget to floss before you brush. your gums will thank you. -that's right, dr. gary. -jamie? sorry, i had another thought so i got back in line. what was it? [ sighs ] i can't remember. >> the biden administration is preparing to punish mounted border patrol agents -- even though the agents were cleared of any criminal conduct in an incident. for those agents are now likely
9:26 am
facing administrative violations. critics say this is just a move for president biden to save face after promising to make the agents "pay." >> i promise you, those people will pay, there is an investigation underway now and there will be consequences, there will be consequence and, ends in embarrassment. beyond embarrassment. dangerous, it's wrong. it sends the wrong message at home. it simply not who we are. >> earlier this morning, raymond, you spoke with members that border patrol. what do they think of this? >> i've covered this crisis and here's what's so galling about this. the biden administration has basically turned border patrol into search and rescue operations for migrants and child care specialists. that's really what they spend their days doing. checking people in and rescuing these migrants. to say that they were somehow whipping these migrants were violently acting out against
9:27 am
them is counter to what they do day in and day out. they feel so divorced from what their mission is, which is to protect the border. sealed the border. that's all these agents on horseback were trying to do, repel these migrants and say they can't be here, it's a dangerous spot, back off. the fact that he had his reins in his hands, that was not whipping, it was controlling his horse. it was the border patrol that saved those children in uvalde, texas. let's not forget that. no matter the individual, that's at the heart of what the border patrol is about. it's enraging both the president and media that forwarded this narrative would push the spirit >> absolutely right. julie, how members of border patrol reacted when their leadership came to town. watch. >> we don't give up. we continue to do the job and the mission that we signed up for. we all signed up and raised her hand.
9:28 am
it's not hard to see. i've been doing this for 31 years. it's not hard for me to say, every day i wake up and i'm committed to this organization and i'm committed to each one of y'all. you are getting bogged down in the policy. >> so we do nothing? that's exactly what's happening here. you are allowing -- >> wow. >> these men and women are out there every day, put in the line of fire too. they are in dangerous positions dealing with transnational narco cartels in addition to being caregivers and trying to save people's lives. and now they've lost support? not that they have or had to begin it, they've lost the
9:29 am
support of the american public y the amplified false narrative im media. and they say it's all about -- >> it makes my blood boil. good on them to speak up. they never have the backing of this administration or any democrat in office. law enforcement have to do their jobs just like cops on the street need to have the reinforcement from democratic lawmakers and governors who did not give them the power to do their job. here's border security saying to the democrats, screw you, we are going to go ahead and protect our border even though you do not care about it. we do. we put our lives on the line. this guy you put on the border for 30 years, risking life and limb. you don't have to be an expert on whips to know about horse whipping. it's funny that you laughed about it. >> [laughs] i laugh about you bringing it up. >> rains and whips, there's a huge difference. the reins control the horse. whips -- that's a completely
9:30 am
different story that raymond probably knows about more than me. >> now wait a minute -- >> it's just... >> there should be accountability for a president who has demonized these guys from day one. there was never supposed to be an investigation, and "they will correctly unnecessarily be met with our nation's order." anytime we have an issue, ayanna pressley called this white supremacy behavior and waters said this was worse than what we witnessed in slavery, she said. the cowboys that were running down haitians to whip them with their reins. at least she got the reins part right. >> these border agents, largely
9:31 am
hispanic, i might add, or heartbroken. >> i've been down to the border. they do an amazing job even with their hands tied with this administration. this is the white house that lies constantly and never apologizes. never sets we got this one wrong in the heat of the moment. we did not. we are sorry. they never say we are sorry. there's no course correction. the same joe biden that said in september that they will pay, there will be consequences, this is an embarrassment. they will not say that about the brett kavanaugh assassin. they won't say this person will pay. there will be consequences. kayleigh, 16 opportunities, like you said. mallorca won't call the border of the crisis. he is lied on the podium consistently. they should send kamala harris if she still looking for the root causes down to the border. they are anti-cop, anti-border
9:32 am
patrol. they don't respect the military and veterans the way our administration did. it's really sad really sad. >> due process only exist for democrats when it serves them. that's why they engage in this lip service to it, for example, like with brett kavanaugh's would be assassin. but by the way, that unit was disbanded, so there's a ripple effect. a real ripple effect of their efficacy. this administration only need to accept what they think is progressive, left talking points. >> leaked audio of hunter biden is reigniting concerns over who really calls the shots in the white house. that's next. ♪ ♪ for every veteran homeowner who needs money for their family, it's a new day in america. air force, pararescue, five years. home values are at record highs.
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9:37 am
revealing just how much sway he claims to have over his dad, president biden. >> talk about anything that i want to that he believes in, if i say it's important to me? he will work in a way in which to make it a part of his platform. my dad respects me more than he respects anyone in the world. i could do anything. >> so hunter biden runs the platform. >> i think president biden should be asked if hunter is telling the truth, for one, does he respect him more than anyone? we would all like to know. what's so alarming about this story from the latest leak of this laptop, he's yelling at his ex-sister-in-law, current girlfriend at the time, haley biden. he is screaming at her, cursing at her for disposing of a gun outside of school in delaware. she put in a trash can and he's
9:38 am
f this, f that. and then he said he's really sad that he slept with his dead brother's wife, widow. he screaming to her about the gun. no respect for women, i'm sick and tired of hearing about democrats and their respect for women. we already no, we have confirmed that the contents of the laptop and other public documentation, hunter biden has no energy experience -- joe biden has no energy -- but he's from the border of paris smut and rakes in millions and millions of dollars, because of his father's position. you are me, if we were to take cory booker looks like -- once i said elizabeth warren lied about
9:39 am
her being native american for 36 years. fact-checked, true. this guy is cashing in on his father's vice presidency and would be presidency. we are paying for that. he's obviously unqualified. he had a nice conversation with his current girlfriend at the time. >> raymond, spending $200,000 a month? that's a lot of money. >> joe biden said early on, the most brilliant person i know is hunter biden. i think he believes that at this point. it's amazing to me, as we watched this policy rule out of the administration that joe biden would turn to a, degenerate, under federal investigation for policy decisions and choices, at this point, i'm waiting for amber heard to be named comms director and maybe social outreach at the white house. anything can happen. >> hunter biden said my dad thinks i am a god. >> i don't even think of my
9:40 am
children as god. are you kidding? absolutely not. i don't think joe biden actually believes this of his son. i think his son was high at the time or on something. what's actually sad is that i think he wishes that he was beau biden. beau biden was clearly the brains and the sun that sadly lost his life, i believe his father truly did turn to him and did think of him as a god, if any of them. imagine, by the way, if this was donald trump jr. this will be the lead of every single newscast everywhere if this was trump jr. that was actually saying this about trump. >> certainly. >> another double standard. >> wall-to-wall. >> this audio, 77 minutes of sound from an encrypted iphone with a secret password, there's more to come. we wait on bated breath. >> clearly hunter biden is a broken individual. when we get more information
9:41 am
about how he treats other individuals and what he says, it's absolutely devastating, the amount of people use it hurt and vitriol, this toxic -- this toxicity that comes from this individual. but why we should care, the democrats say this is a private family matter but our tax dollars are paying for a potential influencing that we've yet to understand. there's a criminal investigation that needs to be undergone so we know the extent of this conflict of interest. all of this is underscoring the fact that this troubled individual attempted to use his father's name and position for benefit at the taxpayers expense. don't let them try to make this a show game that this is just someone's private addiction. >> he is hunter biden the god, emily. jennifer aniston calls out stars who are "famous for doing
9:42 am
nothing," shaq picks up the tab for diners during date night, and we even have a story in there about cursing. we will talk about that, in case you missed it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ entresto is the number one heart failure brand prescribed by cardiologists. it was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto for heart failure. ♪ baby got back by sir mix-a-lot ♪ ask your doctor about entresto unlimited cashback match... only from discover.
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>> mayra flores flipping a democratic district in south texas paired what does this mean for the midterm elections? and the big republican win, plus, larry kudlow reacts as we await a federal reserve decision. what it means for your money. join us on "america reports" at the top of the hour. ♪ ♪ >> in case you missed it, jennifer aniston is facing backlash for claiming that hollywood is full of people who are famous for doing nothing. take a listen. >> people becoming famous for basically doing nothing, but yet having these incredible careers, and then pam, paris hilton -- >> critics are shooting back and
9:47 am
call jennifer aniston a nepotism baby, because her parents were hollywood actors. last time i checked, she's not exactly doing shakespeare. >> let's take it down a notch here. what i think she's trying to say is there are an awful lot of people in the public space who don't have a lot of talent. whatever you think of jennifer aniston, she was funny, she kept a hit show going for years, she's a movie star. and a lot of us find her attractive. let's leave that aside. she is someone who made her name and her bones by not over exposing herself indecently or doing something shocking in the public eye. i think that's what she's talking about. it's because she did overexpose herself, she would wear a bra on set but she was a cast member on
9:48 am
"friends," i think she had the so-called hollywood "hot character." it's because somebody liked her. [laughter] >> every girl in america loved her haircut. >> i only find her to be articulate in interviews. practice on your interviews in your $21 million house in bel air, so when you come out, you have something other to say then criticizing other people. some people in hollywood have talent but a lot have extra time. she starts the jennifer aniston center for women and girls? i have a continue but a lot of people throw stones in glass houses.
9:49 am
>> a lot of her fame may have been her in tandem to brad pitt. >> and complaining about others -- she was born into a great keep family that seem to have connections, well done. >> less kardashians, more anistons in my world. it's because was spotted dining out with a woman in new york city where the hall of famer picked up the tab, not just for him and his date but for the entire restaurant, e bill came to more than $25,000. he even bought dinner for the restaurant staff. that's certainly one way to impress a date. kayleigh, do you think it was for an altruistic purpose or trying to impress his date? >> i love that you wanted to keep it secret. i remember rush limbaugh doing something similar when he came to the super bowl in tampa.
9:50 am
>> the telltale indicator -- >> how many drinks did he have that night? i too become generous. i was just wondering if it was alcohol speaking. but i appreciate that he is private about it. >> how did the story get out? this smells like good p.r. to me. charity like prayer should be practiced in private. i know a lot of sports stars, big stars that do this stuff all the time and i don't get spreads in "the new york post" about it. >> i am going to praise shaq. the simple acts of kindness, the $25,000 may mean little to him but it means so much to the people he touched. it does not mean that one of the 40 tables will go and pick up dinner in a restaurant but they will be kind to other people. >> paying it forward. >> and social media amplifies easily. all it takes is one post.
9:51 am
next, five out of every 1,000 americans -- it's not always to use bad words according to this author that points to research the saying that associated with honesty, less lying, and simply feels good and provides relief. >> i'm so relieved to see this article. [laughter] i must've had a potty mouth during one of the breaks. i wrote in my book that my mother famously was a very self-denying woman that wore a gold cross and no other jewelry but boy, she had a potty mouth. it's a way that people get out frustration, they get a little salty. the increase has really been among women. i read this in the atlantic, the increase in the number of women is increasing. about half the country never uses curse words either.
9:52 am
no harm, no foul, unless you are directing it at someone. >> it helps alleviate pain. >> i don't mind adults or comedians used it but i have a problem when i hear children or young people in public, older ladies or older men -- we aren't looking at you, julie. [laughter] i'm going to leave that one right there. >> i love this story paired the reason why, it does make me happy. it brings me joy and i don't even say the word. i get it. i think it's fun. my mouth got washed out with soap in eighth grade. but i get it, don't use god's name in vain. absolutely, the letter f-bomb? >> kayleigh, you don't curse. >> i have a 2-year-old.
9:53 am
she did pick up the word "shoot." she goes around saying shoot, shoot. and then she also says shooty patooty. [laughs] >> while many people enjoyed looking at themselves in the mirror, the same is not true while looking at themselves during a video. it is bad for your mood and the longer the call last, the mercer mood gets. >> no one looks good on zoom. i don't know why people do zoom even though we are post-pandemic. pick up the phone and make a phone call. >> for the attorney accidentally had the filter with the dog? [laughter] >> get that light and put it on the brightest setting. and then you won't hate yourself
9:54 am
as much. >> now we know why actors and tv people are so unhappy. they've been staring at themselves for too long and it's a bad idea. look at others, not yourself. >> looking at zoom is like looking at about a selfie for an hour. people do their emails on zoom and i noticed more people don't turn their cameras on. they are over it. >> all right, guys. we've got to leave it here. more "outnumbered" in just a moment. ♪ ♪
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♪♪♪ >> last but certainly not least, we want to tell you about kellyanne's new book, you've got to check it out. "here's the deal," and kelly anne opens up about leaving the trump administration in 2020 and
9:59 am
inside look behind the scenes of the white house. and kellyanne has a new special called "here's the deal" available now. check it out. tell us about it. >> thank you so much. you remember when i left the white house, famously said less drama, more mama for my kids, i made good on that. it was a difficult decision, obviously. i loved the job and work in public policy to kayleigh, but working moms will reality to the book. dads also, but working moms, it's a different thing. and i looked around the meeting and saw ivanka and others and kayleigh and said it's a great place for working moms. 19 kids between us, 12 daughter, seven sons, ages at the time 2-16. you are not going to find that in corporate america you can do that. this book is about you are the
10:00 am
best judge and women can have it, just not all the same time. but work in all 50 states i heard the wisdom of people, it's a great gift to have, you are not ir redeemable and deplorable, you are amazing. >> amazing. number one "new york times" best seller. check it out. "america reports" starts right now. >> sandra: voters in south texas, republican mayra flores flipping a seat in a district where 85% of residents are latino. flores the campaign focused on far left policies and the importance of legal immigration as an immigrant herself. the first mexican-born congresswoman. >> what does it mean for the balance of power in washington, we will talk with the number


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